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Title.. What Title?

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The first time it happened..

It was less than a week after defeating Krall.. The Enterpise was being rebuilt..

Jim was out exploring what entertainment that Yorktown had to offer.. They had an actual old style theatre.. With actual old style Shakespearean Plays.. And Jim likes Shakespeare in an "okay" way but he isn't like obsessed with it but for some reason, some part of him knows pretty much every word Shakespeare ever wrote even though he hasn't ever really "learned" all that himself but he somehow knows it.. And before he could think too much over it, Jim found himself taking a seat in the darkened theatre.. He didn't know why he thought it was ironic that the play was Macbeth.

Jim left the the theatre feeling haunted as something, some other presence, in his mind stirred to life and he began to catch glimpses, whisps, of memories and thoughts, that couldn't be his own..