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They Said Sophomore Year Was Killer

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  1. Who is Professor Avalon?





Valkyrie ran down the halls, the screeching getting louder and louder in her ears. She tried to focus on her power, searching for that familiar heat, but it was no use. “What’s the matter? Out of power? Isn’t that sad?” A taunting voice called.

She stopped, surrounded by the Ancestral Witches. “I don’t know… Is she even useful to us without her power?” One asked.

“Hearing her scream could do wonders for us.” The other replied. Valkyrie backed away, turning tail and trying to run.

Claws gripped her tightly, the Shaa creature holding her down. “Let me go!” She growled, trying to struggle free. But it was strong, much too strong.

She tried to find her power, tried to feel the heat. But it was gone… Turned into a frosted ember.




She landed on the floor of her room with a thud, her covers twisted around her. Cheshire gave a screech, upset at having been disturbed. “Valkyrie… you okay?” Crystal asked, rushing over.

Valkyrie groaned, getting to her feet. “I’m fine… Just… Fine.” She closed her eyes, giving a smile when she could feel her inner flame burning. “Just a bad dream…” She waved her hands over the covers, putting her bed back together.

She grabbed her journal, writing down the nightmare and then the truth. Valkyrie had her power back. And no one could take it from her. No one. Crystal placed a hand on her friend’s shoulder.

“Okay… Just making sure you’re going to be cool tonight. It’s Alignment Night and we’re all going to be waiting to hear what bad luck befalls the dimensions.” Crystal studied her friend. “You’re going to be there, right? I know Lucy and Rubis will be…”

“I’ll make it. I mean, it’s just in the student lounge. If I can’t be there, something is wrong.” Valkyrie smiled. “What am I supposed to bring again? The chips? Or popcorn?”

“Chips. Rubis is bringing dip and Lucy is sneaking ice cream from the kitchen. I’ll be bringing drinks. Oh… Shilly has blessedly told us she’ll be ordering the pizza.” Crystal grinned. “Which we all know is perfect, since Shilly’s dad owns the pizzeria.”

“Oh family connections. Aren’t they wonderful?” Valkyrie laughed, getting to her feet. “I’m going to start getting ready for breakfast. Classes still cancelled today?”

“Of course. It’s like Friday the Thirteenth around here. A celebration for us lovers of bad luck.” Crystal winked. Valkyrie hummed.

“I was born on Friday the Thirteenth… In October… Wonder what that should mean for me?” Valkyrie pondered. Crystal snorted.

“It explains a lot, actually.” Crystal teased. “Bad stuff always seems to go down around you.” Valkyrie rolled her eyes.

“Some witches got it, some don’t.”




Valkyrie was on the terrace with her mother, observing the ever changing sky of Cloud Tower. “I take it this will be the front row seat?” Valkyrie teased. Griffin chuckled.

“Something like that… When these planets align, something nasty usually occurs… I know you witches have your watch party in the lounge…” Griffin was setting up her telescope. “I’m glad to see you’re moving better. Your powers nearing full strength again?”

“They are…” Valkyrie paused. “I’m still having the nightmares though… About being powerless… I can’t stand that feeling.” She crossed her arms, being careful of the scars on her left, the feeling of claws digging into still fresh.

“I know what you mean… Relying on others, feeling weak… It’s seldom a fun experience.” Griffin walked over, hugging her daughter carefully. “But those experiences seldom last.” She looked at her watch, frowning.

“You said your friend was on her way…” Griffin had her impatient tone in. Valkyrie shrugged.

“It’s Tecna…” She paused when she heard a familiar revving noise. “That must be her and Timmy…” Griffin powered down the shield around Cloud Tower, just long enough for the levibike to make it to the terrace.

Timmy and Tecna got off the bike, three pixies floating around. Digit, Valkyrie recognized… But the other two… “I’m sorry to bother you, Ms. Griffin… But Livvy over here learned from Discorda that you’re an expert on astronomy.” Tecna gestured to the little blonde pixie.

Griffin waved her hand, a bit casual. “I wouldn’t say expert… But I do know how to use the stars and planets for predictions. Valkyrie said this was an urgent matter…” Valkyrie stepped forward.

“Yeah… What’s going on, Tecna?” Valkyrie asked. The pink haired fairy bit her lip.

“I know it’s going to sound crazy… But I believe that our new professor at Alfea, Professor Avalon, is a being known as the Angel of Destruction. He fits all the criteria and we need to know when the planets of Orez, Fallot, and Rot will align and give him his power.” Tecna just blurted out there.

Griffin and Valkyrie both paused, sharing a look before looking to Tecna and Timmy. “Timmy?” Valkyrie asked.

“I’ve never really met the guy… But from what Tecna has told me… He is suspicious.” Timmy pushed his glasses up, fidgeting a bit. Tecna frowned.

“You don’t believe me?” Tecna asked.

“It’s not that.” Griffin spoke. “It’s just that I know Faragonda. I’ve known her since we were teenagers. She may be naïve and more gentle-hearted than she should be, but I know how much she cares for her students and how intensively she researches anyone who applies to teach at Alfea. I find it hard to believe that she’d bring such a creature anywhere near you girls.”

“That’s just the thing though, Ms. Griffin, the Angel of Destruction lures you in and makes you trust him. It’s no surprise that Ms. Faragonda fell for it.” Digit explained.

“I want to hear about these signs you’re seeing.” Valkyrie asked. Tecna pulled up her minicomputer, showing the data.

“He shares retractable wings with the beast… And his wings are the same length as those of the beast. His power is strong. And he’s been isolating Bloom, the strongest of us all at Alfea.” Tecna pointed out.

Griffin gave a hum. “If this is true, Tecna, then you need to be on your guard and keep Bloom safe.” She went to her telescope, making a few more adjustments. “Leave the pixies with me and I’ll send a message to you when I can tell the alignment time… Right now it’s still too bright out.”

Tecna gave a nod. “Thank you, Ms. Griffin…”

“And Tecna…” Griffin paused “If Avalon is the Angel of Destruction… Take care not to let him escape into Magix… It’s bad enough we could be dealing with Darkar, I’d rather not add an evil angel into the mix.”

Tecna gave smile. “Of course.” She turned to Valkyrie. “Want to help nab him?” She asked. Valkyrie thought for a moment.

“I would… But I sort of already made plans. Next time?” Tecna gave a thumbs up.

“Next time.”






Valkyrie shook her head, listening over the phone as Flora talked about the stern talking too Ms. Faragonda had given them. “It was a bit humiliating… But… I guess I learned to be more careful what I trust.”

“Hey, don’t be hard on yourself. Had Avalon actually been the Angel of Destruction, you’d have nailed him. And it’s always better to be safe than sorry.” Valkyrie tried to put pep back in her fairy’s voice.

“You’re right. And at least we proved how close we are by being willing to take on our own teacher…” Flora hummed. “You know… The magic sessions he does with Bloom are to help her remember her birth parents… If you wanted, I bet he could help you with your own history…?”

“I’m good. My dragon tends to let me know whatever he thinks I should know… And I’m fine with that right now.” She gave a smile. “My powers are back to full strength.”

“Wonderful! That means we can go to the White Horse soon? Maybe this weekend?” Flora’s voice went back to being its usual cheery self.

“I think that’d be wonderful.” Valkyrie grinned. Then she felt it, unnerved. Like she was being watched. “Flora, I’m going to let you go… I’m going to find Crystal and see if we can finish this Coven’s project.”

“Okay. I’ll talk to you soon, Sweetie.” Flora spoke. Valkyrie smiled.

“Goodbye, Dear Heart.” She hung up, looking around. No one but her and the arachnid spy monster. But that could explain the feeling of being watched… Right…?

She sighed, putting her phone in her pocket and making her way back inside the castle to find Crystal. They really did have a project to work on, it wasn’t going to finish itself.