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They Said Sophomore Year Was Killer

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  1. The Heart of Cloud Tower





The Winx, Lucy, Morgan, Mirta, Valkyrie, and Crystal walked into Ms. Griffin’s office, having been summoned earlier. “Did you girls sleep well? You’re going to need your strength today.” Griffin told them.

“I think some of us did…” Stella yawned. “Though I could have done without the hallways screaking.”

Griffin shook her head. “Cloud Tower does as it pleases… Most days.” She frowned. “Unfortunately, Icy, Darcy, and Stormy are trying to gain control of Cloud Tower through its heart…”

“What would that mean for us?” Bloom asked. Valkyrie felt herself growl.

“It means we’ll be fighting Cloud Tower too.” Valkyrie put her hands on her mother’s desk, anger rising. “We need to find them. Fast.”

“Calm down, dear. Your temper isn’t needed right now.” Griffin warned, getting to her feet. “I’ve already told the teachers to stay on guard, and I have a task for you.” She handed off rubies. “These will detect strong dark magic, which means you can use them to track Icy, Darcy, and Stormy.”

The rubies were glowing brightly. “Are you sure? Because they’re already glowing…” Layla asked, concerned.

“That’s probably because Valkyrie’s here… She practically radiates negative energy and dark magic.” Crystal placed a hand on her friend. “But we love her anyway.” She teased.

Valkyrie shook her head, moving away from Crystal. “Now’s not the time…” She looked to her mother. “I’m not going to be able to use the rubies, how should I track them?”

“You won’t be.” Griffin looked to her daughter. “You’re not hunting them.”

“Aunt Griffin… All due respect… But… Why? Valkyrie and Bloom are some of our heavy hitters… And we all know how much Valkyrie can’t stand the Trix, so keeping her from fighting them may not be a good idea.” Morgan mediated.

“Valkyrie isn’t helping locate the Trix because I want her to guard Discorda. She’s the only one at Cloud Tower who knows where the codex is, and she’s constantly moving it. And while I would normally consider her powerful enough to fend for herself… That’s not the case today.” Griffin looked to Valkyrie.

“Guard Discorda. Do not let them have the codex.” Valkyrie crossed her arms, looking away.

“Fine… I’ll keep Discorda safe.” She turned to leave, giving Flora’s hand a quick squeeze before she headed out the door and toward the library…




“I always wondered what was up…” Valkyrie coughed, waving cobwebs and dust away from her, “here.” She was in the fourth spire of Cloud Tower, hidden away from the world, up in the hidden tower.

Discorda was with her, poised for a fight. “It was my room when I first arrived here a millennia ago… But as you know, I’ve since moved into the library… But I kept my piece of the codex here…”

Valkyrie leaned against the wall. “And do you think they’re smart enough to find us here?” Valkyrie asked.

“I don’t know… Darcy was always the brains behind the group… But unless Icy wants to hear it…”

“Nothing will come of Darcy’s ideas.” Valkyrie shook her head. “So glad I’m an only child. It makes things so much easier.”

“The entire dimension is glad for you to be an only child… One witch like you is one thing… But two or three like you? No thank you.” Discorda half-teased. Valkyrie snorted.

“I don’t know, Discorda… I think I’m pretty great.” She teased back.

The tower began to move and shake, Valkyrie wrapped herself around Discorda. “The hell was that?”

“The castle is alive… And fighting itself… Griffin must be trying to regain control of the tower…” Discorda shoved herself away from Valkyrie. “And you’re not my bodyguard, you’re just back up… So keep your hands to yourself.”

Valkyrie rolled her eyes. “Yes, Pixie. Whatever you say…”




The quakes continued off and on, and Valkyrie had to keep herself braced against the wall to keep from being slung around. Discorda had herself in a ball to keep from getting hurt by the debris.

When it finally stopped, Valkyrie gave a sigh of relief… But it was short lived.

The wall burst open and Discorda growled, crossing her arms. “You’re not getting a damn thing here, Icy.” The little pixie seethed.

Icy cackled. “Look here girls, this pixie thinks she can stop us by herself.” Valkyrie flew out, crossing her arms.

“Funny, I don’t think she’s alone.” Valkyrie glared at the Trix. Darcy snarled.

“I was wondering where you went. Normally you’re sniffing around with those fairies. What’s wrong, Mommy keeping you on a short leash?” Darcy snarked. Valkyrie tilted her head.

“More like, she knew you’re only half as dumb as you look.” She drew power from the negativity around Cloud Tower and from Discorda, sending a powerful dark energy blast toward Darcy.

The brunette dodged, but Stormy wasn’t fast enough. She got tossed into the air, saved by Icy’s grip. “No one hurts my little sister.” Icy sneered.

“You sure about that?” Stella called. Valkyrie couldn’t help but smile as the seven fairies arrived, wings fluttering fast.

“Cause I’m pretty sure we kicked her ass last year. Just like we’re doing this year.” Musa created a sonic boom, sending the witches scrambling.

“Oh please, you pixies can’t hurt us. Not with our Gloomix powers.” Stormy growled. Valkyrie snorted.

“Not even sure how those are a thing, considering Darkar pulled it out of his ass.” Valkyrie snarked.

“Yeah, it does seem a bit made up… Maybe he just wanted to make them feel better about themselves? They did seem to keep losing to us.” Morgan taunted.

Icy growled, sending a wave of ice toward Morgan. Tecna flew in front, creating a shield that sent them back.

“We need to converge girls!” Bloom ordered, starting up the spell. Valkyrie swore, feeling the energy change.

“Don’t they know they need harmony for that?” Discorda hissed to Valkyrie. Valkyrie shook her head.

“Pray it works.” She whispered back. Icy snorted.

“A meditating fairy is an easy target.” She and her sisters began to power up. Valkyrie and Discorda joined hands, sending a blast toward the Trix.

“Boasting witches are too!” Valkyrie combatted.

An explosion happened, forcing the fairies out of their fairy forms and sending them flying downward. Valkyrie swore, feeling frozen. Icy cackled.

“Oh what a conundrum, Valkyrie. Stop us, or save your friends?” Icy cackled. Valkyrie growled, feeling her body and aura changing, the flames licking up through her veins.

“Save them… It’ll be okay.” Discorda whispered. And that was all Valkyrie needed.

Her dragon consumed her, became her. She flew down, swirling around each fairy, catching them in her stream of flames, lowering them to the ground.

Flora was the last one caught, and Valkyrie held tight to her as they landed on the front steps of Cloud Tower. Valkyrie groaned, spent as her power waned and the dragon disappeared, revealing the fairies Valkyrie saved from the spikes down below.

She fell to the ground, slipping out of consciousness…




“We’re sorry we weren’t much help… I can’t believe we let a spell screw us over…” Layla rubbed the back of her neck. “We should have fought it more…”

Valkyrie shook her head. “Don’t worry about it… Okay? You were right about convergence being the answer… You just have to work at it.”

“Still… We caused you to lose the codex… You… You had to pick us or it.” Flora looked away. “You shouldn’t have had to make that decision.” Valkyrie walked over, wrapping her arms around Flora and kissed the fairy.

She pulled away, giving a smile. “I’ll always pick you guys… Always.”

“More like she’ll always pick Flora.” Stella faux-whispered to Bloom, snickering. Bloom shook her head.

“I don’t know Stel… She did save all of us… We could have been stuck in that chasm forever.” Bloom reminded her.

“We’re still bummed we weren’t able to stop them though…” Musa kicked at the ground.

“But at least Aunt Griffin has control of Cloud Tower again….” Morgan tried looking on the bright side.

“And we have our lives…” Tecna added. “Which means we can fight again, another day.”

“Sounds like something my mother says…” Valkyrie chuckled, snapping her fingers and letting her hair form a shorter spiral bun. “Retreating is perfectly okay when you find yourself in duress. It’ll give you the chance to live and fight one day more and find reinforcements.” She mimicked her mother.

The girls couldn’t help but laugh, the air becoming a bit lighter around them. “Come on, guys… We should head back to Alfea before it gets too dark.” Mirta finally broke the group up, pulling away from Lucy.

“Be careful.” Valkyrie warned Flora. “Let me know you’ve made it back.” She kissed Flora’s cheek.

“I will. Hopefully I’ll get to see you soon?” Flora asked. Valkyrie gave a smile.