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They Said Sophomore Year Was Killer

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  1. Summer Bummer





She was packed, ready to leave for the summer. Valkyrie cast a spell over her things, sending them to her pocket dimension until she got home. “So you headed straight home or what?” Crystal asked, teasing.

Valkyrie smiled. “I’m about to go and meet with Flora and the others… Stella is forcing them on a shopping trip for her Princess Ball thing… So I’m planning on whisking Flora away.” Crystal laughed.

“Good luck with that… We all know what Stella’s like when she’s in party mode.” Crystal grabbed her bag, picking up Patches. “Anyway… See ya back on Rancor… I’m going with Kota.”

Valkyrie rolled her eyes. “Be careful on the levibike.” She teased, hugging her friend before grabbing her own bag.

Cheshire stuck his head out of the bag, giving a mew. Valkyrie chuckled, petting his head. “Don’t worry… Most places in Magix allow familiars.” She assured the cat, making her way down the stairs…




Valkyrie was thrilled she was able to get Flora and Chatta away from Stella for a few moments. The princess was in breakdown mode and Bloom was doing her best to bring her mood back up. “She always that intense?” Valkyrie asked, sipping on her soda.

Chatta shrugged. “It’s her Princess Ball that she’s worried about. I can’t blame her for already wanting it to be perfect.”

Cheshire stalked out of the bag, sitting beside Valkyrie in the booth. Valkyrie sighed, pulling off pepperoni bits and setting them down for him to eat. “Still, she has to understand that most people here are just doing their jobs…”

“Stella’s just… A fashionista.” Flora gave a soft laugh, finishing off her plate. “She’ll be back to herself soon.”

“I hope so. I’d hate to see what would happen if her princess ‘tude got her kicked out of the mall.” Valkyrie chuckled. Cheshire gave a mew, his answer in solidarity. Chatta stood on the table, eyeing him.

“I don’t understand why your familiar had to be a cat. Dogs are so much friendlier.” Chatta spoke. Valkyrie shook her head.

“Witches don’t get to choose. Just like fairies don’t choose their pixies.” Valkyrie explained.

“That’s right, Chatta. Besides, Cheshire is lovely.” Flora reached over and pet the cat’s head, Cheshire leaning into her and purring.

“He’s got charm… I’ll give him that.” The girls laughed, until a familiar face stopped by their booth.

Jolly’s wings were worn from flying so fast, but she had a look of determination on her face. “Valkyrie… I know you don’t like to have it done… But I have to give you a reading. Now.”

Valkyrie looked around, searching for Morgan. “Where’s your fairy?” She asked. Jolly groaned.

“Morgan is with Helia… They’re nearby, I promise… I just… I have this compulsion to tell your future.” Jolly shook. “Please.”

Chatta frowned. “Jolly, I’ve never seen you like this… Did something happen?” Valkyrie paused, taking a sip of her soda.

She could feel it too… Something wasn’t right. Something was disturbing the balance of things. “Okay Jolly… What’s in your cards?”

Jolly summoned the cards, three of them, gasping and shaking at each one. ‘Just what I was afraid of.’ Valkyrie thought to herself. She had no future… Not a real one. Not a good one.

“I see you will meet an estranged family member… One you’ve never met. And I see that because of this family member, you’ll be brought to a dual path… One of good and one of evil, though it won’t be easy to spot which is which. And I see that you’ll be pushed to a limit you didn’t know you had…” Jolly’s cards disappeared and the pixie panted, laying back on the table.

Valkyrie sighed, about to speak when her phone went off. A simple text from her mother. SOS.

She stood quickly, grabbing her bag. “Flora, I’m sorry… My mom needs me and…” She kissed Flora, pulling the fairy close. “I promise I’ll explain everything.”

Flora smiled, shooing her off. “Go. I’ll be fine. I can wait for an explanation.” She waved Valkyrie off, turning her attention back to the pixies…




Valkyrie walked into her mother’s office at Cloud Tower, feeling even more wary when she noticed Faragonda, Saladin, and her uncles by her mother’s side.

Her mother looked visibly distressed, her hair down and eyes looking to Valkyrie, like she can’t believe she’s real. “Valkyrie… We really need to talk…”

“I can see that…” She set her bag and cat down, walking over to her mother and taking her hand. “Mom…What’s going on?”

“There’s been a breakout.” Faragonda started… “In Omega.” Valkyrie felt her breath catch.

“Omega? Isn’t that where… My dad is?” Valkyrie asked. Saladin looked away, gripping tightly to his staff.

“It is. And…”

“He’s the one who escaped.” Griffin finished for Saladin, squeezing her daughter’s hand. “Your father has escaped Omega… With Icy, Darcy, and Stormy… He’s weak due to being in ice for so long… But he won’t stay that way…”

“Then we should attack him now. Right? Finish him?” Valkyrie looked to Saladin. “We can get him while he’s down.”

“We could… If we knew where he went. We know he started off on Andros, but… We can’t pinpoint where he is now.” Salvador explained.

“Which is why we want you to be on high alert, Valkyrie. We don’t want…” Faragonda started.

“You don’t want me to be my dad. I know.” Valkyrie sighed. “I’ve heard it all my life.” She paused for a moment, now able to detect a weak feeling. “Does he have the Dark Dragon still?”

“No… Not really. You have the power of the Dark Dragon… But he does have what is known as a remnant. Your dragon, and potentially Bloom’s, will know him simply because of the wavelength you share… But that’s all that remains of his former power.” Palladium told her.

“Which is something we could use to our advantage… At some point.” Faragonda admitted. “You and Bloom could stop him in his tracks.”

“If we only knew where he was and where he’d strike.” Valkyrie growled, looking to her mother. “Can I know his name? He’s already out, I might as well know what to call him, because I’m sure as hell not calling him ‘dad’.”

Her mother opened her mouth to chastise her for her language, but thought better of it. “Your father’s name is Valtor. Valtor Drako....” Griffin took a breath. “I don’t know how we’ll stop him, not yet… But I promise we’re going to try.”

“Good thing I have my own Company of Light formed.” Valkyrie half-teased. “Between the Winx, the specialists, Crystal, and I, we can stop him.”

“Not alone. We’re here too.” Faragonda promised.

“And this time we’ll make sure he’s done for.” Saladin vowed. Salvador took Palladium’s hand in his.

“If we get the chance…”

Valkyrie took a breath. “Can I tell the others?” She asked.

“You may have too… Sooner or later, if we can’t catch him now, they’ll end up facing him later.” Palladium admitted.

“Okay… And let me guess, I’m not to engage him yet? I’m to train but keep myself to a low profile?” Valkyrie asked. Griffin took her hand.

“Please… For my sanity if for no other reason…? I couldn’t handle losing you.”

Valkyrie squeezed her mother’s hand. “I’ll do my best… But if he attacks first, I can’t make any promises.”

“That’s as good as we’ll get from her.” Salvador half-joked. Valkyrie relaxed a bit, looking to the teachers.

Summer wasn’t going to be carefree this time, not with her father on the loose. But she would be stronger when she faced him, stronger than he’d ever been.