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𝕀’𝕞 𝕨𝕒𝕥𝕔𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕪𝕠𝕦

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"Katsuki Bakugou, 19 years old, lives at 1A Residence, Heights Alliance, UA University. Code name: Kacchan."

His voice lifted at the end at such a soft sounding name.

Izuku took a seat in the desk chair of his new job. It was a padded with thick, comfy cushion. It was perhaps one of the few redeeming qualities of this place. Resting his broken arm on the side, he pretended not to notice the hundred or more other cubicles lined up around him.

To make the many dim electric blue screens more visible, the lights were off and the room was dim. Izuku looked up from his paperwork to the computer before him. It was identical to all the others - a good model about as large as four of his heads - but not massive  

Admiring the screen, he found it was already on. Already split into three. One, a black screen - the outer camera. Two, a white ceiling, the inner camera. 3, a YouTube video of study music on the screen camera. Izuku tilted his head, pulling back each screen to reveal a spot for notes behind them all.

"You'll be expected to record and report any suspicious footage. You can pic and choose the adds displayed to him if you think they'll promote a reaction and get him to spill more information. Any more questions, don't hesitate to stop by me."

"Ok. Thanks."

The man behind him sighed as the young agent tested the keyboard, easily getting accustomed. Years of gaming and stalking heroes paid off. He was fairly skilled at typing with one hand, better than the average person at least.

"Oh and- I'm sorry about... all of this. This is such a downgrade from your last job... I was one of those voting to let you keep your job in field but-"

"It's okay. Thank you for your concern."

Izuku cut him off with a smile. The superior gave a shrug and walked away. Once he left, all was silent and soothing but the hum of a dozen or more typing keys throughout the room. 

To the side, there sat a huge pair if headphones. Izuku pulled them on, leaning in to click play on the audio titled ‘phone mic’. Just like that, he was pulled into another world. 


Izuku's target enjoyed singing. That was the first thing he learned of the so called 'Kacchan'. Information and detail only built after that. His target had a low voice that was somewhere between raspy, somewhere between smooth. He hit the notes well, kept his tone level. It was a very boyish voice, occasionally dropping to hums with no words at all or disappearing into silence. Whenever it did, Izuku would hold his breath until it returned. 

When the calm voice returned to his ears, Izuku sank his shoulders and relaxed.

His target sounded nice; he was glad. Listening to him sing otherwise might have been a chore. Instead, the FBI agent thoroughly enjoyed his first day on the job.


Izuku had been lulled to sleep but woke at the sound of a click. It was the familiar click of selecting a task bar. Only the volume was up so high it was deafening. Deku squinted bitterly, watching as the screen finally moved after rushing to turn the volume down. It didn't look like anything out of the ordinary, though it was somewhat odd to watch a screen move without himself clicking it. The teen was researching word definitions. 

Limerance: the state of being infatuated with another person.


Just as he skimmed over the words, Izuku saw Kacchan for the first time.
He appeared in the front camera, face looking into his phone unguarded. Izuku held his breath because it was like those scarlet eyes were looking right at him. But they weren't. Izuku was protected by the barrier of the internet, unseen and unnoticed. Kacchan's face was too close and too relaxed. The screen showed something intimate; a beautifully sinful invasion of privacy. It was a part of the boy the world would never see, other than Izuku. 
His heart burned, oddly thrilled by the power this gave him. 

For a long time the agent did nothing more than study the boy with mild curiosity. Kacchan's hair was almond and his skin looked like untouched vanilla ice cream. It brushed down around his eyes, which were a dark molten colour. He wasn’t sure if they were brown or red in his bedroom lighting, he’d just have to wait to find out. Kacchan typed on his touch screen almost violently, mechanical clicks tripping over each other, forcing Deku to turn the volume down with haste when-

"WHAT!?" His screams broke over them. 

It was just in time as the blond looked over his shoulder and screamed.
Oh. It seemed he had quite the temper. Deku's good hand moved to type notes without even being told too. All the while, emerald eyes refused to stray from the performance before him. Whoever it was that had disturbed him, Kacchan was not happy to see them. 

"If you fuckers don't get the fuck away from my door I'll personally tear a whole in each and every one of yours!"
At least with this character, Izuku's recovery wouldn't be as boring as he’d feared.

Izuku walked home that night, successfully linking the software to his phone. It was an elite piece of technology only available to certain officials like himself. It was one of the few luxuries he accepted however, choosing instead to ditch the flashy car and live a normal life. The greenette enjoyed the slow walk and the dark wind that surrounded him, invisible to all but his skin. Kacchan had gone to bed at 9:30. For some reason, that was adorable. 
Kacchan was interesting, cute but not too cute. Depth. Depth was good! It meant Izuku could fully invest himself to exploring Kacchan. 
Dark eyes looked up at the stars peeking through building tops. 

Izuku was a genius in observing people, he always had been. It was a job he enjoyed. He took pride in the fact that if he wanted to know everything about a person, he would in a matter of days. Sometimes less.

That was if the governors would let him.

But no, Izuku was here for a break from work in the field. Izuku was here for recovery. It was him who refused a vacation and wanted a compromise where he was still in some form working so he would have to limit himself to just... this. 

Kacchan sat through four hours of class everyday with a free hour in the middle for lunch and yelling at his friends. 

Once he reached home he'd work out and shower. Then he'd take the train to work. He did this every day but Friday. Fridays he'd meet his friends for whatever it was university kids did, either staying out all night or heading home before nine.
A workout and some homework later, he would find himself in bed.

Izuku was a little annoyed honestly, he'd really thought he'd been onto something with the aggression in this boy but he was just that. A boy. An ordinary, uninteresting boy with a nice face, nice body and some unexpected anger issues.
That was all.

He couldn't help sneak glances at the screen of the agent beside him, wondering if he'd gotten a better case. He was shocked to find his eyes locked on a clearly r18 scene.
Deku flinched, scrunching his nose and looking back at the agent who watched the screen with a smirk full of interest.
"Do they really expect us to sit through... sexual activity?" Izuku cleared his throat.
When the male spoke up, he had a lisp.

"Well hey I'm not complaining. You're about the only guy I know who would. Here's a deal, don't interrupt my fun time and I won't interrupt yours buddy. Unless your target is a busty girl heh."
Suddenly the greenette found himself almost butted out of the way so the creep could slide over, greasy hand on his computer and lustful eyes on his target. Now he understood the need for huge barriers between each cubicle. He'd seemed to have broken some unspoken rule when he'd peered out of his. 

"Ew it's a guy. Sucks for you dude. It's a shame, stick some big tits to match his pretty face and he might be worth a good f-"
The man Izuku would later learn to be named Mineta never got to finish his sentence.
Midoriya didn't kill him, but if this weren't a fellow agent the story would have gone very differently.

He was the FBI's famous wild card after all. Some said he was too heroic; others side he pushed the lines to the point of being almost a villain.
Izuku couldn't care less for his reputation as long as he got the job done. 

That being said, breaking a colleague's jaw for no good reason was a little too cruel and unlike him. Izuku accepted the punishment, but remained uncertain as to what had come over him. 

So Katsuki Bakugo wasn't so bad after all.

One Friday night he returned from an outing of heavy music and flashing lights completely shitfaced drunk and climbed into bed. Instead of sleeping, Deku watched as he grabbed a tub of ice cream, choosing to watch All Might cartoons until one in the morning. Izuku studied him curiously as he slept. The next Tuesday he came home and threw on a nice surprise.

An adorable All Might onesie. It caught Deku's attention because he had the same one. 
It was limited edition so only a few people did have this in common with the two of them. It was launched exclusively in a low profile event for serious fans... Kacchan must have been there too in the same room.

Deku’s chest felt warm. Seeing someone else enjoy his beloved hero brought a smile to Deku's face, staring lovingly into the flat screen with hands tracing the curve of Kacchan's sleeping cheeks. That was the perk of falling asleep watching a screen - the screen could continue watching you. The boy had done a great job hiding all his merchandise behind clean white walls and neat cupboard drawers.

But Izuku had been allowed to see through it all~

It wasn't until that Wednesday that Izuku discovered just how amazing this boy was. Katsuki met with two of his most hazardous friends that day after class; Mina Ashido and Kaminari Denki. Deku was intrigued to see them head somewhere he hadn't seen before - it was a dance studio. Before he knew it, the three were in comfy sports clothes, rehearsing a dance to the ALL MIGHT theme song. 

It was a childish song that half the kids in the continent knew the words to, but Kacchan and his friends danced to it like professionals. They laughed and bickered, pushing each other and going off on tangents of competitive break dancing, ballet and Izuku had to chuckle at Kaminari's 'belly dancing.'

But when they got down to it, Deku couldn't look away. Not as they moved in sync with each other as if connected by one grand puppeteer. Not as they arched and kicked and with fluidity and attitude. Kacchan was probably the best dancer of them all. Izuku could tell he was having fun. That made him have fun as he watched them. 
Admired them. Observed them. Izuku gawked as the blond glared at the camera, bit his lips, dipped down, high kicked, turn around and incorporate a whole world of iconic All Might poses. 
When they were done and breathless, Kaminari collapsed dramatically.

Izuku stopped recording.

He pulled up a fourth tab to replay the dance over and over. Each time he watched he saw something new. Maybe a slip of Kacchan's navel from beneath his shirt as it raised, maybe a sharp dip of the hip or a sway of blond hair as his head tilted.
By the end of it, Izuku's mouth was dry.

It was the agent to his left, a lethargic guy named Shinso. Most people in their occupation had bags under their eyes but this guy was on another level.
"What's got you smiling so wide?"

Izuku shook his head, unable to remove his smile of disbelief. "Nothing. Nothing. I just...found out my target is possibly the most amazing person ever... but that's all." Izuku mumbled. He chuckled and Shinso did too.

"Alright, try not to fall for your target though."
A green eyebrow raised.
"I'm not joking. I see that look in your eyes. People have gotten too attached to their targets before. You have to remember that these aren't ordinary civilians Deku. They're people suspected of high class crimes. It's our job to find evidence of that and put them behind bars, remember that.."

The more he spoke, the heavier Izuku's smile felt. 

"You won't believe it but people have fallen in love with their targets before. It never ends well for either of them. You know what I mean, right?"

The eyes on him were sharp. Izuku felt like a scolded child. He did know. Erasing faulty agents like that had been his job before after all. Now Izuku had no smile at all, the dance paused and Kacchan was busy in the showers as his phone sat alone in the dark. 

"Don't tell me what to do."
It was enough to make Shinso blink and keep his mouth shut. He was by no means afraid of a challenge, but Izuku was usually so nice it came as a shock.
"Fine." The other breathed, "Just be careful. I like you but I will report you if I have to."

Had Izuku fallen in love before?
Of course not. He was the child prodigy that raced through school, rushed into special services by the government before most other kids learned algebra. He'd never had the time to explore the valour of being a teen. No first dates, no high school dances and no loving kisses. 

Izuku's lips rubbed together, lonely in the cold air. 
He'd had plenty of sex. Girls seemed to love his money, mind, biceps and scars.

He was more than aware that his personal experiences with love lacking. Due to this, his knowledge was suffering. No amount of movies and novels could teach him what real thing could. With his father never home, and his mother an only child, he'd had few relationships to look up to growing up.

In fact, he couldn’t name a single relationship without some form of flaw.

If there was one thing Izuku hated, it was to not knowing.

Now that he was on break from real work, it would be the perfect time to educate himself.

The agent would make it his mission to understand love, not just know it. He'd make it his own personal project. 

When Izuku motivated himself, there was nothing he couldn’t do.

Midoriya was glad that the first time he heard Kacchan's moans, he was at home in bed. The crammed office had made him nauseous for the day. Watching Kacchan eased the blow a little but that didn’t stop him from itching to leave. He watched Kacchan hum his way to sleep before packing his things and heading home. 

It was around 11:30 on a Tuesday night. This was quite a while after Katsuki usually went to sleep.
That's why Izuku was so surprised to hear the click of typing from his phone. He picked it up, squinting at Kacchan's screen as the blond quickly pulled up a result. 
It was a video.

Izuku frowned and pulled on his glasses to read the blurry title. 

Hot redhead blows best friend. 

The greenette shot up quickly, grabbing his headphones and turning up the volume from Katsuki's mic.
Gasps of breath hit his ears, muddled between Katsuki and the two men he was watching. He turned the phone output all the way down and the mic up. For a second, all was silent. Then a gentle breeze of a seductive breath wafted against his ears. 

Katsuki threw his head back, thighs bare and soft under his own roving hands. The red head touched his lover's thighs tenderly, Katsuki's following suit. He ran his tongue along the bottom of the cock and Katsuki lifted his fingers over his arousal in a slow, deliberate stroke.

"Ah..." He exhaled so quietly it was painful. His milky eyelashes fell shut, cheeks flushed in the dark room.

Emerald eyes reflected the tan body on the screen. He closed the other tab, enlarged the front cam so his target masturbating was all he saw. Fuck this was twisted, screwed up and wrong. The porn was so gentle - so slow and soft and loving. 

Did Kacchan crave that kind of sex? Or was it the love he craved...?

Izuku's hands ached to make notes but he resisted, the porn star opening his lips to suck his lover's cock inside. Katsuki gasped. The porn star slurped down around the cock, swallowing it into his throat and bobbing up and down. Katsuki imagined those lips were as soft as his were. Izuku watched as  Kacchan's tongue swiped over the dew above his pink lips, hand pumping faster. Katsuki started moaning and pumping harder soon after, working himself to an orgasm inside inside a nonexistent mouth.

Kacchan’s pleasure was simply too bright. The agent was trying not to drool, forgetting anything and everything about the rest of the world beyond Kacchan's voice in his ear and the private show before his eyes.

He didn't know a thing of his spectator, didn't put on any fake expressions or creative angles. Just a boy and his pleasure. A boy and his orgasm, hand over his mouth exhaling seductive puffs in an attempt to keep quiet.
When he came, the phone fell to the sheets and Izuku didn't see.

He didn't get any conclusion or satisfaction, because Kacchan cleaned up off camera and went to sleep, thrown discarded somewhere dark and blind within his room.

In the dark of the room, his come fell emptily into cold tissue. One desire was filled, the other felt even more absent.

But Izuku didn’t see this underlying sadness.

Because Kacchan’s pleasure was just too bright.

So Kacchan liked men.
Deku had to pinch himself to make sure he hadn't dreamed the whole thing. He was awake. Kacchan was gay. He looked down at his stomach, his erection neglected above a belly of butterflies and tightly knit nerves.

He honestly didn’t know what to do with such a feeling. He certain it was far more than just sexual. 

Was this what everyone else called love? 
Whatever it was, It was the prettiest feeling Deku had ever felt.



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Kacchan was gay like Deku. Kacchan loved All Might like Deku.

Izuku had watched the blond reject drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and late nights - all with an strong, aggressive growl of his voice. For someone that appeared so bad, Kacchan was secretly good. So, so good. Kacchan was such a good boy. He was the good boy Deku never was. The good boy that everyone thought Deku was. The good boy the only Deku himself knew he wasn't.

"You're just so cool... In many ways my opposite." 

They were spoken with reverence in a lonely room. He laughed at the end of his sentence, as if to mask the self pity. His words hit the empty screen, heard only by his own cold ears.

"Kacchan's the bad boy on the outside... Kacchan the meanie. The boss. The arrogant king of kings. But his insides," Izuku could've sworn the blond shivered as he brushed over his navel on the screen. "Are so sweet and pure~"

It was adorable. Deku chuckled again, humoured at the warm feeling he got from spending time with Kacchan. It was fun to have Katsuki in his hands like this without the boy even knowing. Though, Deku was certain that deep down his target must be able to sense Deku. He must! The feeling in Deku for Kacchan was so overwhelming, there was no way Katsuki didn't feel at to.  The greenette hadn't even realised he'd spoken aloud. His voice soft and airy, so lost in watching the screen with love, free hand fiddling absentmindedly with the dry bandages of his broken arm. Izuku was so lost in counting Kacchan's breaths, he didn't notice his own voice grow dark and hoarse.

"He's not like me. We're opposites. He's everything I should be. Everything I want to be. Everything I can't be-"

Images of the boy's innocence, of his own notes on him flashed rapidly behind unblinking mossy eyes.

"Kacchan never masturbates with the lights on. Kacchan never misses a daily workout. Kacchan never fails to eat his five fruits a day. Kacchan never stalks and kills. Kacchan has never broken a man's neck with his bare hands-"

Deku hitched in a sharp breath, struggling to understand the boy. Unable to take his eyes off the boy, unable to stop talking about him. He knew this wasn't right but Deku just wanted to know why? Why was he so fascinated with him? What was it about Katsuki Bakugou that Deku couldn't stay away from?
Perhaps, he was just a freak.
Sweat slipped down Izuku's head despite the cold, the anxious nerves of his own self loathing creeping up on him. He sucked in a breath and cooled it down. Watching Kacchan, dreaming of living that perfect ordinary life himself. What if he'd gone to university like a normal kid? What if he'd gone to UA and made friends with Katsuki? 

These thoughts comforted him. Him and Katsuki together.
There was that connection again. They were both sweating. 

The boy had bead of clear sweat dripping down off his impossibly round shoulders and off his neck past the sharp dips of his collar bones. He stood up after his 328th push up and aggressively grabbed his water bottle, drinking it down as his work out music played airily.

"Fucking dumb thirst! AHH!"

With a shriek, he was back down to push ups again. Izuku chuckled. They were both struggling to improve themselves, as if tied together on the same journey. The water bottle Kacchan had drank from was All Might themed. 

So, so pure. 

Kacchan may have a bad boy's look but he had a heart of gold. A few clicks later and the screen was covered with a certain file. It was the FBI profile on his target. It was the confidential document on Katsuki Bakugou. 

For a boy so good, Deku couldn't understand why the government suspected Katsuki in such a long list of awful crimes...

It was study night that Friday, a nice change from strobe lights and beer pong.

They were in the famous Shoto Todoroki's bedroom. It was just him, Kacchan and Sero. With Izuku as an unknown visitor too, of course. The agent snuggled up close to his screen, a mug of hot chocolate in his good hand breathing soft steam on his lips. His eyes looked up, eyes narrowed in excitement for what he was about to see.

He didn't expect to gain much useful knowledge, but at the very least, watching their interactions proved very amusing.

Shouto's bed was huge; all three of them sat on it with room to spare, somewhere near each other but not too close. Workbooks, stationary and three pairs of legs were sprawled out in a mess between them. Katsuki's phone moved constantly. He could never see them straight like a recording from a reality TV show. Instead he caught glimpses, blurred with motion, fingers covering the way and held at dodgy angles. That's why Deku needed the audio on its loudest, ensuring that he could catch every breath and every scratch of pen on paper. 

So far, the topic had stretched from maths, to study buddies, to the fact that Kacchan was actually offering to help them for once. When Sero insinuated he only did it because he was bored and lonely, Katsuki snapped at them. 

"...It's not our fault you're all grouchy 'cause your boyfriend's gone."

Katsuki dropped his phone, Izuku plummeting as the blond charged to headlock Sero. Long anticipating the attack, the sly raven moved, using a book as a shield and his smile as a weapon.

"Kiri's not my boyfriend you fuck."
"Who said anything about Kiri? Did I say Kirishima's name Todoroki? That's strange, it's almost like hearing the word boyfriend, Kirishima was the only boy to pop up. Isn't that interesting..."

Sero's smile was so smug it broke the barrier of Katsuki's self control, barring his teeth like an angry dog.

"If you don't shut the fuck up that book's going down your throat."


The male took cover behind Todoroki as Katsuki dived.  

Shouto and Kacchan were the calm verse the storm. He stood between the bickering too like a solid wall. 

"What's Sero's trying to say," He paused to look down at the other with a lingering threat in his flame like eyes, "Is that Kirishima is the only partner you've kept for more than a week. As your friends, we can't help but be suspicious."

From the noises Sero made, he was clearly thrilled at the fact that the red and white haired male was on his side. Katsuki on the other hand sounded so spiteful.

"You saying I sleep around, icyhot?"

"We all know that you do." The way he said it, without even blinking, breathing, backing away or breaking contact was infuriating.

"Yeah, you might be right" Bakugou chuckled, "That reminds me, say hi to your brother for me."

Izuku's face fell.
What!? What did he mean? Katsuki wasn't like that? Katsuki wasn't the type to stay up late let alone sleep around? He'd been watching Katsuki for nearly three weeks now! Three weeks?! Had he just landed on three zen weeks? Was this a religious occasion? Was this some sort of rest or purity strike? NO. They had to be lying. Katsuki was the type to want a bad reputation but not actually have it. Izuku bet the blond was still a virgin. He wanted the blond to still be a virgin.

He shot up in his desk, elbows on the desk and nose so near to the screen he could hear the computer hum. His eyes wavered, as if Shouto Todoroki's bedroom was about to go up in flames. 

Instead, all that happened was the corner of a stoic mouth lifted into - of all things - a smile. 
"The fuck did you just call me?"
"Your favourite name."

Not once did their eye contact break. Not once did Kacchan's voice rise above the husky growl Deku - and probably a few other guys - loved. It didn't take Deku long to realise the hidden subtext to this conversation. There was something between Katsuki and Shouto. 

"I know you, the raging King of Sluts-"
Sero snorted in the background.
"-Can't be trying to call me a slut."

"He has a point Todobroki." Sero chipped in, one hand patting on Todoroki's shoulder as if to soften the blow.
"Is there even anyone left in this building you haven't hit it off with?"
"Aoyama and Kouda."
Both other boys looked taken aback, horror on their faces.
"That was way too quick." Sero deadpanned. 

The invisible thread drawing them closer had snapped. Katsuki backed away, irritation clear on his face. 

"What the fuck half n half do you keep a list or something?"
"Are you trying to collect bodies like Pokemon Todoroki?"

Sero started laugh but Bakugou only glared in disbelief. 
Todoroki's mismatched eyes looked off out the window as he shook his head, completely immune to the jokes directed at him.
"It's all for fun. You won't know your favourite ice cream until you've sampled every flavour."

Bakugo groaned so hard Izuku flinched. Meanwhile, Sero's laughter rained through the dorms. Deciding he'd head enough, Katsuki lifted his book and slammed it hard for attention.
"I wish I never fucking asked. Question nine. Answers."

With those demands, the conversation finally moved on. Izuku was finally allowed to breathe. Rapid clicking caught his attention to the right of his ear. With no surprise at all, the spy realised his had been taking notes the entire time. 

Izuku had already known Todoroki before meeting Kacchan.

He might be able to call the boy his friend. Although, it had been way too long since they'd met up. With Izuku away, he believed the last time they'd met had been during Shoutos high school days. It was clear to him that Shouto the typical rich boy gone wild. College freedom appeared to have done him some good. He was far more relaxed and sociable, far more open then the closed off, depressed boy Izuku had known and vowed to help. 
Still, seeing him interact like that was weird. The tension between the two was somewhere between sexual and aggressive. He couldn't tell if they had already slept together or were still trying to. He couldn't tell if they were a second away from punching each other or kissing each other. Either way, Izuku's gut told him he didn't like it. 

A quick search on the boy pulled up all the information he'd expected to see. 

Izuku had actually been hired by the boy's father before. Endeavor the political monster and media acclaimed 'hero.' His job: befriend my son and act as an undercover body guard to keep him safe. 
Shouto wasn't stupid. He knew that Izuku was paid to be friends with him, but that didn't stop them from becoming close. Shouto Todoroki had no connections to the crimes accused to Katsuki. Neither did Sero. They weren't a lead. 

Now the other issue. Shouto had two brothers, Touya and Natsuo. Which one would Katsuki sleep with? They were both attractive, both boring school kids on their government records.
Izuku had only met one of them; the radiant Natsuo Todoroki with a smile as big as his muscles. 

Kacchan had to be bluffing. He probably just wanted to get under Shouto's skin. 

On to the next issue, perhaps the most pressing. 
"Kirishima Eijiro" He read grimly.

The boy had to have a profile somewhere, perhaps in the hidden documents of UA University? Izuku had access to it all. There he was - the boy Katsuki thought of when he'd heard the word boyfriend. The only boy Katsuki had supposedly slept with for more than a single week. 
Izuku frowned as he pulled up the picture of cute boy. Big smile, Big muscles. Did Katsuki have a type?

He was red haired.

Deku took a look sip of his now cold drink and exhaled slowly. 

Kirishima lived next door to Katsuki, so where was he now?

Kacchan's face was close to the camera as he set it up. It was just above him, cute cheeks and soft lava eyes covering Deku's view of his bedroom. The teen was half undressed in boxer shorts and a plain black vest. Izuku had long since accepted that Bakugou's muscles hugged his body perfectly. They were at the ideal ratio of fat to muscle to skin, of curves to harsh lines, of softness to hardness. Izuku didn't know such perfection could exist until he saw Kacchan. His thighs too were the perfect balance of toned yet soft.
Kacchan always looked like he had a softness to him, as if outlined in a golden halo of light~

The sight of Kacchan now only amplified this. Maybe it was the gentle lighting or the sparse clothing, or the fact that he held his body like he was about to blow Izuku's mind.
The agent watched intent.
Katsuki hit record and his smirk lit up the room, eyes dark and playful, voice low.
"Hey fuckface."

The way he said it, Izuku was sure he was looking right at him. That the words were for him. The agent sadly pointed to himself in the dark room. Katsuki's eyes dipped down and then back up to Izuku's eyes. 
"I've been practising this dance for you." He said, talking slowly, enchantingly. "Since you've been taking your fucking time getting your ass over here, I thought I'd show you what you're missing out on."

Katsuki walked back, hands behind him and eyes dancing like flames. He was gorgeous; every single part of him - over every inch of skin and under every curve of muscle.
"Keep your eyes on me."

With that, the music struck hard. Bakugou's hips jerked down, the melody something of a seductive lullaby as he rolled his hips to the flow and came to a perch on his thick thighs. Bent like this they were the definition of ripe and juicy. They looked so smooth and full-
Katsuki slapped them as if he knew exactly where Deku was looking and the sound rang out.
Deku's breath hitched in his throat.
The vocals swiftly came in. 
Kacchan started to rise, moving his hips in circles on his way up. The moment he stood his body was infected with sensuality. It was like the music took control of him, moving him and making his hips twist like that - his chest arch up and his head tilt, making those faces.


Sliding his hands up his torso, not stopping the sway of his hips and the dance in his legs, he lifted his shirt in time to the movements, a strip of sinful skin revealed. Deku wanted to taste it. To run his tongue up it until hidden territory and make Kacchan throw his head back in pleasure the way he- oh the way he just did!
A flash of bass and his back curved up, shirt removed. He threw it, threw his hands down on his hips and ground them before bending back so far it highlighted every dip of his abs and every smooth, kissable stretch of his skin. Katsuki bent his body so elegantly, moving his hips and thighs in ways Izuku didn't even know were possible.

Then his eyes hit the camera. Hit Deku. They were deadly. Staring at him daringly, licking his lips and running his fingers down. Izuku watched them, following sharply on a path down to Katsuki's-
A full moan escaped Deku's lips.
The music reached it's peak, fast paced so Bakugo was moving like waves of water and Deku was thirsting.
This was too much - Kacchan was too sexy. His body was perfect and flexible and strong, a master in hypnosis and Deku was helplessly charmed. His thighs, his hips, his long legs and the round curve of his ass were all amplified with every move - every grind and spin and slap and smirk.
The singer was moaning, Katsuki playing along with his spine jerking up erotically, head swaying and hands touching every part of his body. He bent forwards sharply with his ass exposed to the camera and did a move that Deku couldn't name- a move that made his ass shake and his body follow through as if the motion was infectious. It was too beautiful. 
Izuku thought he was going to die.
Then the music fell to a soft but sudden end. The lullaby continued to the off beats of a heart and Katsuki draped his body over the floor, sending the camera wink as the song fell to an end.

The deity that was Kacchan stood. He brushed back his hair as if that was nothing then brought his body closer to the camera. Leaning coyly near, he flashed his bare, plush chest before bringing himself eye level to day, "If you want this,"

There was a pause where Deku swallowed, the boy he watched licking a streak of gloss across his bottom lip.

"You know where to come."
Deku's world flashed. Katsuki's camera stopped recording but Deku's didn't. The agent reeled, hands scraping along his desk and knocking many pens to the floor with rough chaotic clatters and sharp hitches from his lips. 

He finally came back to the real world. Kacchan's colour's faded and Izuku's room was dark and lonely without. The real world was a sad, dark office late at night, where he sat alone, pants shamelessly soiled from coming untouched.

After that, the Kacchan obsession took a sharp turn. Izuku's body would only respond to Katsuki's signals for arousal.
It was both a blessing and a curse. The pleasure he received from it was amazing. At first there was confusion and panic; his favourite memories and exciting porn did nothing for him. But when he touched himself to Kacchan...Oh. Something must have been wrong with Deku, because his dick was as in love with the boy as the rest of him was. He couldn't stop from chasing it after that, masturbating to Katsuki's sleeping face, touching the screen, craving his skin. Orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.
No matter how hard he tried to recreate that pleasure, it was never enough. His body needed more. His body needed Kacchan.
Kacchan's body wanted him too.
He'd said it himself - Deku knew where to find him, 'where to come.' Katsuki was calling him. 

3:45 AM. Saturday Night.

Katsuki's phone rang, waking him from sleep. He answered it with a groan, bringing it to his ear. "What?"
"Not happy to hear from me Bakubro?"


There was the shuffle of movement, then a beside lamp switched. Bakugo was revealed through the thin reach of the orange tinted light, sitting huddled up in his blankets in nothing more than a white vest shirt.
"It's three in the morning you fucking dumbass."
"I can call back later if you li-"

A pause of silence spread over them. Katsuki's lips formed a closed mouthed smile. It was softer than the inside of flower buds. Izuku had never seen anything like it before.
"What's this call about Shitty hair?"
"Is it wrong for me to want to hear your voice? Besides, you're the one who missed me~"
"Shut up." He scowled, the brightest of looks on his tired face. "I did not miss you."
"Yes you did~"
"No I didn't."
"Yes you did~ You can't fool me Bakuboo."
"Don't call me that- I'll fucking smack you."
"Good luck trying!"
They stopped to laugh, Bakugo's only a breath one might mistake for a huff. 
"I uh... I got your video."

At this, the blond leaned back, resting in a position that was pure cockiness and confidence.
"Facetime me."
Kirishima laughed.
"Ah-I Believe me I'd love to but I really can't. I'm in my grandma's house dude and I'm scared of what you might show me. Besides, it's broad daylight here. Timezone differences and all."
Something in Deku's heart shifted as the smile vanished from Kacchan's face.

"I'll make it up to you! I swear!"

"You'd better." He said, but it lacked bite. "Or I might just have to hit up Tetsutetsu-"
"Do hit up Tetstu! I don't know why you haven't already. No- in fact go to Kaminari, I mean this in the nicest way possible when I say the dude needs it." He laughed, as if taking care of his friends sexually was just another friendly duty. "I'd give it to you both myself but well, I'm still here."

There was no mistaking Katsuki's bitter mood now. Kirishima wasn't jealous. That was the problem. 
It meant Kirishima didn't want him to himself. He didn't want Katsuki to himself. 

As solemn as he was, Kirishima was quick to cheer him up. 

Izuku felt heavy hearted knowing what Katsuki was keeping back. The conversation went on - for too long actually. They spoke in banter more than saying anything actually useful. They teased a lot, they mentioned dumb things they saw that reminded them of each other and reminisced about old times as if Kirishima had been gone for years instead of less than a month. Anyone else and Kacchan would've chosen to sleep. Anyone else, and Deku woudn't have felt like a dying fire. But he stayed on the phone that night.

Deku listened irritated, cursing Kirishima in his head because Katsuki wasn't the only one who had to stay up to listen to this shit. He just wanted it to come to an end.
Finally, about three hours later when Bakugou's sky was pink, Kirishima brought his call to an end.

"...For you to reach out to me like that, I knew you had to be lonely."

Bakugou didn't say anything, tucked up in his bed with a cosy look on his face. His brows shifted into a slightly troubled look, staring at Kirishima's picture on his phone with something in his eyes Deku couldn't read.

"You can blind every other dude with your body like that but I know you Bakubro, you can't hide shit from me. That's why I need you to let me know whenever you're feeling down like that. That's what best friends are for."

Katsuki sucked in a breath, they continued to talk but Deku had zoned out. 

Those words sounded so challenging. So insulting. Izuku had been one of those men who were blinded by Katsuki's body. Izuku had failed to see it as a cry for attention and help. It was like Kirishima was accusing him of being inadequate. 
Deku swallowed his rage even though it made his blood boil.

He swallowed it as the call ended and Katsuki hugged his cushion, silently beginning to cry. All the while Kiri sat oblivious to it on the other side of the world.
For someone who 'knew Bakugo,' he really was an idiot for not seeing how hopelessly in love with him his best friend was.
Izuku's fingers traced the tears, wishing he could wipe them from Katsuki's face.

He could. If he were to go there right now.
But he didn't, he just watched the boy cry himself to sleep.

Izuku's bedroom walls became littered with his favourite screenshots of Kacchan, often taped over his All Might posters. That was something, as through years of phases, no one had come near to his love for All Might.
It was just-
Sometimes he remembered a very specific picture he had on his phone. Whether it was Kacchan's eyes going incredibly pretty as he glared at Sero or Kacchan's sleepy face as he first woke up in the morning.
Deku wouldn't be able to focus until he found the exact picture in his mind. If that meant searching through his phone's gallery of 2,420 pictures (90% of which were Kacchan related) then so be it. He learned the hard way that flickering through a few hundred pics of Kacchan was a sure way to lose time. Sometimes he'd get so distracted by them his thoughts would occupy him for hours. So he printed them and put them on the walls instead. There! 

No more searching, it was all laid out in front of him, his gaze quickly memorising where each photo was.

Now his room looked a bit creepy but he found it actually helped him sleep. Yes, it made him hornier more often, but that was a perk more than an issue.
It wasn't like he could go out anyway with this job so he may as well enjoy his time here. 

Kacchan's social media were easily found. Instagram, twitter, tumblr and facebook. There was something gorgeously artistic about the way Katsuki photographed himself.
It was as if he was a piece of art and knew exactly how to frame himself; the right angles, the right lighting, the perfect expressions and so much emotion in those eyes it made his heart leap.
He could be a model - no - he could shame models.
Izuku shuddered, applying more of the creams he'd seen on Kacchan's shelves to his own skin. They smelled sweet and made his skin soft.
Was this how Kacchan smelled, was Kacchan's skin really as soft as it looked?
Izuku could only frown, knowing that the cold, flat photographs of Kacchan could never truly compare to the boy himself.

"Will I ever get to touch you, Kacchan?"

The screen was silent. Katsuki's phone was on his desk, camera looking up at a dark sky. The boy himself had long since fallen asleep. With a sigh, the greenette finally managed to force himself from his trance.
His bedroom was cold so his sweater was thick. Izuku sat before his computer desk with a square of blue light reflected in his eyes. As long as he was responsible for researching Kacchan, he'd always remain one screen apart. That was comforting in a way. 

Izuku pulled up a new tab, doing what he did best. The world faded to darkness with the loss of day light around him, Izuku only existing in the world of records of Kacchan's life.
His mother and father were married in April. They were large figures in the fashion industry, who went on holiday to Italy nine months before their baby was born. That was the only child they had. Like Deku, he was born in Musutafu hospital. He wondered if they were placed beside each other? If hey were right next door? 

Was that how soulmates were made? Was that why fate brought him near to Katsuki all these years later, and made him feel all the same feelings as him- He was getting distracted. Deku was a professional. He was here to do a job. He made quick work of hacking into Katsuki's confidential medical files. Examining the medical records revealed that Katsuki was a child of good health. What a relief. 

More than disease and illness, his admissions were injury related. The boy liked to fight it seemed, especially during his younger days. 
After several searches on his Kacchan, he found a single article that would interest a less... invested agent. 

It was a local newspaper crime report. Title: High schooler kidnapped in broad daylight.

Izuku's heart froze but his eyes read on. In Kacchan's first year of high school, he was kidnapped from a train station on the way to school one morning and reported missing for 48 hours. When they eventually got him back, footage was revealed of an older man in a black coat leading him away by the neck. Izuku scanned the photograph - a blurry screenshot from the camera recording and a dark feeling sank to the bottom of his chest.
It was familiar. The same rage he'd felt when he'd hit Mineta.

Seeing Katsuki round that corner with that man, body rigid and tense even from a camera so far away was terrifying. He could easily imagine Katsuki never coming back. Never being seen again. He knew if he were that kidnapper, he'd do everything in his power to make sure Katsuki never made his way back.

Izuku had to dig his nails into his palms to calm himself. Unfortunately, the article gave little more information. Not a location, who investigated, who took him, why, if they were arrested or how they'd even gotten Kacchan back. Not a single piece of vital information. There were no public comments at all, almost as if an investigator had kept certain details out of the news. Almost as if half of the article had been omitted. 

Someone else had researched Kacchan. His Kacchan. 

Another person knew things about him that Izuku didn't.
Izuku's pencil snapped in his grasp hard. The sound was loud, making him jolt almost as much as the unceremonious ringing of Katsuki's phone did as it followed.


He pulled up Kacchan's tab to see pale skin, red eyes blearily squinting and hitting answer. It was 12:50 in the fucking morning. Who was interrupting their-
Who was interrupting Kacchan's sleeping time?


Of course.

"You fucking bastar-"
"Is that anyway to greet a guy who just got off a five hour flight?"
Bakugou's eyes went wide.

"I'm home," the smile in his voice was tangible.

Katsuki jolted up so fast Izuku's face fell and he leaned into the screen struggling to see. The blond's phone was wavering fast, showing flashes of him climbing out of bed without even pulling on pants, without even turning on a light.
"You dumb piece of shit-! Why didn't you come to my room?"
"I don't know, the romantic in me thought a dramatic phone call would be sweeter!" Kiri said with the brightest laugh in the world.
Izuku's expression was sour.

Suddenly the call ended and Izuku's body shot up, racing to pull up the tabs for the two other screens. The sound of the door slamming open and the distant hum of two people talking could be heard.
Then, a door closed and everything fell silent.

"No... NO..."

He typed frantically, raising the volume, raising the sensitivity. There was nothing, no noise other than the cold silence of the lonely room Katsuki had left him in. Left Izuku in! They were gone. To Kirishima's room next door?!

"You... you've got to be kidding me!" The spy whispered in shock.
Kacchan had left his phone to run after Kirishima in his underwear.

While the thought was cute, the reality was as dark as the look in Izuku's eyes. He sucked in a breath, exhaling slowly before sitting back in his desk chair. 

His heart was still racing, still waiting in the anticlimactic still for some sort of sound or reaction to follow. There was nothing. 

Izuku didn't know what Kirishima did to Katsuki that night, but when the blond finally returned for his phone in the morning, he had a mellowed out look in his eyes that made Izuku crave blood.

Chapter Text

Bakugo had his back turned to the rest of the coffee shop. Behind the safety of the counter, the teen was essentially in his own world.
His hands made quick work of preparing the hot drink, almost a year of practice coming into play. Pouring steaming brown liquid from one container to another, the soothing slosh of running liquid was all to be heard. Bakugo smiled softly as a puff of pleasant smelling steam crowded him. With the click of a lid in place, the drink was ready. 
"Here's your coffee. Don't burn your tongue," He warned, turning to hand the drink to Kirishima. Despite all common sense, the fool went and took a sip straight away. Bakugou didn't even have time to face-palm, the redhead pulling an awful face at his now burned tongue. 

"Wh- Did you loose your last brain cells on vacation shitty hair?"

He couldn't help but laugh with his accusation, the sound infectiously spreading to Kirishima who smiled back in response.
"Hey! It's not my fault you make it taste too good to wait Bakubro~"

"Tch. Idiot. you're acting like I put in a special ingredient." Bakugo wiped the counter, Kirishima watched him move, body leaning over the counter as if he owned the place.
"I give you the same shit I give everyone else."
To anyone else, Bakugou would've looked like he was aggressively wiping the shit out of the table. Kiri was used to the blond enough to know that this was nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, the blond was in a better mood than usual!

"Nah," He refused, red eyes bright enough to light up the dim golden room, "I think you're the secret ingredient."
The blond couldn't help but smile back.
"The fuck is that supposed to mean?"
"That you poured your heart and soul into making me the perfect cup! Aw, thanks bro!"

Kiri tried to hug him and he swerved, lifting his apron off of his head and placing it away for the day. It was late, approaching the end of his shift. Kirishima was waiting for him so they could catch the train and get dinner together.
"Sounds gross."

He left the counter, changing the sign to closed so no more customers would come in. He stopped to look out at the sky beyond the glass. The moon was shining bright, a happy crescent much like his own thin smile.
"Hey! Where are you going, don't you have time for your best friend~?"
Kirishima said the words with a teasing edge in his voice, as if the term might make Bakugou blush. They were long past that stage, to the point where the term wasn't so much as cute as it was an annoyance. Bakugou wanted something more.

He shoved Kiri in the shoulder. 
"I gotta clean up, dumb ass. Like I don't give you enough time already."
"Oh I see how it is..."
"Hey, you've got five minutes." The blond politely informed their last customer. He was a regular, headphones always in and always busy with work. Katsuki felt no issue talking to Kiri openly with this customer there. As he turned, he found the red head and his bright smile up in his face yet again.
"...You see spending time with me as a chore." He said in mock pain, "And here I thought you enjoyed it. You seemed to enjoy it last night anyway-"
"Kirishima," Bakugou warned, voice a low growl. Though, the customer didn't appear to have heard.

"Yes Baku~?"
"Do us both a favour and shut the fuck up." His voice was low. "Besides, you're the one who ditched me to take a vacation mid year without me."
The male seemed to hum as he considered this before bashfully rubbing his head. For a second, Bakugou thought he'd finally got him off of his back, lifting the stools upside down on the tables for the cleaning that night.

"Okay, deal. Next vacation I'll take you with me, how about that?"
It was so ridiculous, Katsuki stopped just to look at him. All that came out was a dumb stutter of "..what?"
"I'm serious! Next year I'm taking you with me bro. Where do you wanna go, the Bahamas? Thailand? Maybe to the mountains in Europe!"

As the red head spurred on in high spirits, he failed to notice they way his best friend had frozen. His eyes were down, heart racing and a faint smile forming on his lips.
"That's... fucking stupid." It was barely a whisper.
Kirishima knew then that Bakugou was more than fucking game. He just had to be a tsundere about it.
"Sure it is, when are we not doing stupid shit?" Pounding his two fists together with excitement, Kiri's face formed a million dollar smile. "So, what do you say?"
"Fine. I'm in."
"Nice! We can all go, you, me, Mina, Sero and Kaminari too!"

Bakugou almost threw the chair at him but his glare conveyed just as much rage.
"Or just you and me! Heh, that might be better actually, you won't have to record a dance for me 'cause I'll get to see it live." He whispered, lips near Bakugo's ear. The blond responded with a playful nudge of Kiri's shoulder, slamming the back closet shut and locking it with a key.

They were behind the counter again. It took all of Bakugou's strength to lock the door and not shove Kiri in it with him. He would not make out with Kiri in the store cupboard! Or on the floor.

...Or on the counter. He shouldn't be thinking about this shit!
"The FBI agent stalking my phone enjoyed it too~" The redhead joked. It was so absurd, it was enough to cut through his daydreams and have Bakugou roll his eyes and send him a look. 
"Have you been listening to Sero's conspiracy theories?"

"He's got a point Baku." He said, with no real severity. Bakugou had long since learned to take every word his idiot friend's spoke with a pinch of salt. "Imagine if everyone did have an FBI agent stalking there phone? Think of all the weird shit they'd see you do."
"Uh huh. Bet your FBI agent enjoys Tetsutetsu's dick pics."
Kirishima wheezed so hard he nearly stumbled over.

Bakugou left the counter, pleased to see the last customer had finally moved his ass and gone.
"Dude, what the fuck- I don't need Tetsutetsu's dick pics he'll whip it out for me whenever I want."
"TMI Kirishima."
"Oh come on! Like you don't have a whole list of cute boys who'd do the same for you. Hey that reminds me, are you going to Todoroki's party Friday night?"
"Todoroki's what?"
"Party. He's throwing it at the Todoroki mansion, can you believe it?"

"Is he fucking idiot? His dad will kick a shoe so far down his throat it'll come out of his ass."
"Uh I think that's why he's doing it..." Kiri snorted, "He says he wants to make a huge mess and leave him to clean it all. He'll probably be grounded for like a month but I think it'll be worth it. The poor guy... he never got the whole high school experience since his dad's such a dictator. I think it'll be nice for him to let loose for once. Everyone's going."
Bakugo tugged his jacket over his shoulders, running his hands through his pockets to check that he had all of his shit. Wallet, phone, keys. Check.

"... You're not gonna let me say no, are you?"
When Kiri shook his head, he had a shit eating smirk.
"The squad offered me $50 dollars to convince you, but I said I'd get it done for free~"

"Hold your chin up a little."

Bakugou's phone sat upright, watching over him as he sat on Mina's bed. The girl stood before him, face serene in concentration and voice soft as she did his makeup.
Their face-time with Sero had long since ended. Neither bothered to move the phone, far too unaware of the green eyes that watched them even as the call came to an end.
In this situation, the blond was surprisingly obedient.

He raised his chin, hair clipped back out of his face with two pins. Mina's pink fingers were soft, her brushes and blenders were even softer. The whole room smelled of gentle perfume and the girl herself emitted a soft kissable fragrance every time her body came a little closer.
There were times when Mina was the idiot of the group. Then there were times were Mina became soothing and mature. She was always there to give one on one sessions, always there to give the best emotional advice.
Times like now, Mina reminded Bakugou of a caring big sister.

Her hands gently urged his eyelids to flutter shut, painting a flick of inky black around his eyes. It faded into dark blue, then made an ombre into turquoise, framing his beautiful features.
"... so Kiri didn't say anything back?" There was concern in her voice. Her words were slow.
"He said he loved me too, the idiot."

Neither of them spoke above a hum. It was barely loud enough for Izuku to hear.
The female chuckled to herself softly. She then pulled back to inspect her work, before drifting her unique set of eyes to the side to find what makeup she needed next.
When she'd found it, she opened the lid with a pop.

"Kiri can be dumb like that. You have to spell everything out and even when you do," Her hands tilted his face again, they were warm. He felt the gentle brush of colour on his eyes. "He can still read the wrong thing."

Katsuki snorted and allowed his eyes to fall shut.
"...I'm thinking of telling him the truth. In a way that he can't misunderstand it."
"I'm thinking you should go for it!"

Bakugo smiled slightly, his lips already glossed and slowly shook his head as her hands left him.
"Not tonight-"
"No, I'm serious. I'll let tonight be our last night as friends. I don't want to stress him out Mina. He just got back so he... deserves to have some fucking fun."
"Then tomorrow?"

Mina smiled warmly and pulled away one last time to inspect her work. If Kirishima didn't fall in love with this adorable blond, she would.
"Tomorrow I'm gonna tell Kiri that I love him and... ask him to be my boyfriend."

Mina squealed, grabbing him by the shoulders and pulling him into a tight hug.
"Ooh ooh watch the hair-" She remembered, pulling back and tapping over her own head to make sure everything was still in place. Once everything was okay, she smiled.
"You two are such dorks! It's adorable. It's a shame you're not gonna tell him today though, 'cause you're looking INCREDIBLY cyute!"

With a flick of her mirror, Bakugo came face to face with himself. His breath hitched in.
Bakugo grabbed the mirror, standing up just to stare. There wasn't a lot but, it was just enough that for a second, he didn't recognise himself. The high flicks of eyeliner really shaped his eyes and mascara did wonders for his already long lashes. His skin looked smooth all over, traces of highlight making his features appear sharp and bringing out the red glow of his eyes.

"Am I the best or am I just beyond human~?"
"You're a fucking goddess Mina."

"Good! Now, you better pick up someone hot tonight. My makeup look is only worth the hottest of hotties."
"Oh, I plan to." Bakugou said with a smirk, letting down his hair scruffing it up.

Izuku's throat was dry as Katsuki slammed his phone into the dark depths of his pocket.

The music was so loud even the floor vibrated as the pair walked in. Mina all but screamed. She ran in her high, high heels to three of her friends and caught them all in a huge group hug. Bakugo took his time walking in, just appreciating the way the traditional home did a complete 180 with the right lighting and the right people. It looked like an actual party. Todoroki had somehow done a great job.

"Hey Bakugo~" Ochako, one of the girls sang flirtatiously, leaning in. Bakugo let her give him a kiss on both cheeks.
"Watch the makeup." He growled and Ochako chuckled, "I almost didn't recognise you there! Mina did a good job of making you look hot."

But Bakugou had stopped hearing any more than the first word. Through the hover of several bodies and the open square of a door, he caught sight of Kirishima. He was facing the other way, leaned against the Kitchen bar they'd set up with Kaminari (concerningly) behind it.

"Save it Ochako, Bakugo's not even hearing you. He's got that lovestruck look in his eyes." Jirou whispered to her.
Bakugo's head turned sharply and the girls shrieked, fearing they'd been caught. 

"I'll chat to you dorks later, I'm gonna go find Kirishima."

The second the faux redhead said it, all four of the heads around them perked up to stare at the blond now standing before him. As if everyone wasn't staring already.
"Holy shit dude- is that even you?" Sero narrowed his eyes, walking around him in circles.
If anything the attention made the blond even more relaxed. He cocked his chin and leaned back, eyes not leaving from Kirishima's as he drawled, "I look fucking hot, I know."

"Hey guys," A familiar voice said with a laugh, a certain blond sauntering over. The way his voice dropped to a purr would haunt Kacchan's nightmare's for weeks, "who's your hot friend?"
"Use that fucking voice on me again Denki. I dare you."

"Ah! Bakugo!?" Kaminari's eyes almost bulged out.
He was quick to recover however, passing off his flirting attempt with jokes, joined in by Tetsutetsu, Sero and Juzo. 
"You know, I'm starting to think you'd make a pretty good trap one day Bakugou."

Rolling his molten lava eyes, he shot forward passed all the idiots and brushed his shoulders ever so slightly with the hard rock of his best friend's muscle. He knew he'd said he'd let him have fun, but just being with Kiri, his heart was racing. Part of Bakugou wanted Kirishima to choose him tonight. With his makeup, he did stand a high chance.
He flicked some ash blond feather's away from his eyes, tilting his head to get a better look of the red head. He'd been sneaking glances for over a second but Kirishima's eyes were always away. They followed who was talking, Kaminari with his bold movements, Juzo with his laughs and Sero with his comments. He only turned to Bakugou every time he snorted or laughed. So Bakugou made sure to laugh twice as much.

"People are gonna be hitting on you all night bro, I'm actually jealous."
"Maybe you should've gone to Mina then."
The four idiots, Kirishima excluded, made a universal wince.
"Oh Bakugo, you and your pretty boy problems."

"It's not JUST the make up okay, it's the BAKUGO as well." Tetstutetsu exclaimed, hands out in a frustrated gesture.
"Yeah I mean, even without the makeup you're a solid 9."
"Nah, I'd give him a 9.5."
"9.5 pushing ten!" Kaminari settled, "but with it it's like you've broken the sexy meter, give us other gays a chance bro!"

The cringe worthy conversation somehow jumped to everyone saying how Kaminari is a 'pretty good pretty boy' himself, then onto ranking each other's hotness. 
More faces popped up to join the ranking. Some familiar, some unfamiliar. It turned into a bustle of too many loud voices and boisterous movements. Any time you guessed your ranking right, you had to chug.

Katsuki backed away until he was caught by Kirishima.

"Not feeling it bro, Maybe a drink will help lift your mood?" He said the word drink like it was a magic potion.
"You know I don't drink shitty hair." He growled in response. 

"We know, that's why your boys hooked you up!"
Diving over the kitchen table, he pulled out a whole selection of non-alcoholic drinks.
"We got Monster, Coke and Reeed bull!"
Kirishima dabbed, the action would probably knock years off Katsuki's life if Kirishima's smile wasn't there to add them right back. His laugh was infectious as he lifted back up and playfully patted Bakugo's shoulder. The spiky haired blond clicked open a coke.

A good song played, drowning most other sounds out and making him ever so slightly sway his hips to the beat. 
Kirishima looked up at him and grinned, "You looking to go late tonight Katsu?"
There was a suggestive lift in his tone, one that implied sex but... didn't give away his own interest. It made Katsuki exhale a sigh as the cold drink sat on his tongue. He swallowed and worked up the nerve to speak only to be beat to it.

"Todoroki knows so many models it's actually unfair. He really hooked this party up, I've never seen to many tens in one place. It's like there's a circle of hot guys and they all go to hot guy meetings and stuff just because they're all hot and...ugh"
"He invited us Shitty Hair, guess that makes us pretty hot?"
"Yeah! Maybe you're right."

He tried to talk again but Kirishima was buzzing with energy, chatting away. 
"You and Denki are unbelievably hot and you don't even know it! Well, you might know it but you don't... you're not a fuckboy you know? And I appreciate that?"
Katsuki eyed the drink in his friends hand. It was a light liquid, but it was fizzing in one spot.
"Sure," He laughed, taking the boy to the side. "Did you put something in your drink shitty hair?"

A dark cloud of concern had wedged it's way between his eyebrows. Katsuki watched Kiri's face frown in confusion and instantly thought someone might have spiked his drink. His eyes darted around, examining all the faces and all the smiles. They were in a wave of people, so many movements and laughs. Every single one of them could look like the enemy in a mindset so uncertain. 

But it all cleared away as Kirishima spoke up.

"Ohhh yeah! Shoji Broji hooked us up! I didn't think you'd want any but I can get you some-"
"No. It's cool. Just make sure you guys are looking out for each other if you're doing shit."
"It's fine. We're all in Todo's house anyway."

The words should have been a comfort, but to Bakugou, they weren't.

"it's not like we could get far. Hey, I'm gonna go... gonna go.."
His hand patted Bakugou's back, the touch shivering through his clothes before it trailed away, following gently off of his shoulders. Katsuki couldn't look away as Kiri turned and walked away from him. His figure became smaller and harder to discern in the flickering lights. His loose jeans, his ripped shirt that appeared to be all but sleeves wrapping his body.

Katsuki realised why he was focusing so hard when he realised that Kirishima was walking away. The redhead had found Tamaki Amajiki. He snuck up on the male and made him blush, already talking and flirting naturally.
He felt like a hot knife had been wedged between his ribs.
Katsuki snatched his gaze away.
It had to be Tamaki. Of all the fucking people, it was someone small, cute and quiet. It was someone Katsuki could never be. The music didn't sound so good anymore. The room felt like it wasn't filled with friends but filled with irritating people he wanted to get away from. He glared down at his drink, pretty face soiled with subtle sadness, already regretting coming out here. 


The sound came from just behind his ear. It was close but not for long, disappearing playfully so when the blond turned around, there was nothing. His ear tingled from the chill of breath. His mind trembled from the seductive song of that voice.

"I hope you're enjoying my party."

When the voice came again, it was behind him. Again. Its owner was sneaky, light on his feet and effortless in his sway like a thief in the night or a seductive spirit. Bakugo turned and came face to face with the host of the party himself.
Todoroki Shouto.
He might have a heart for Kirishima, but other parts of his found this particular boy very enticing. He was, without a doubt the most beautiful boy in their year. Maybe even the whole University. Standing at slightly taller than himself, with mismatched eyes; one the colour of cool diamonds and the other an onyx storm, Bakugo (and his body) knew the reason for this.

"I hope you're not too busy thinking of him."
He was so well dressed it made Katsuki's insides flip. It was like talking to another person, like his calm friend had been switched away and the incubus awoken. It was in the way he moved. To Shouto, seduction was an art. His fingers brushed cool against the bare skin of the back of Katsuki's arm, finger by finger touching down on his nerves.

"There are other people in here who want to play with you Katsuki. Monoma, Shindo," Somehow, his voice was so much louder than the music yet so much softer, lips coming near and pressing in from behind him, dropping an octave to say, "Me."

Katsuki caught him by the arm, the gritty challenger to Shouto's elegant calm. Though, Bakugo felt far from calm around him. He turned to face him, so the fucker was no longer behind him, and he could actually glare into his mesmerising eyes.
Bakugo held him still, knowing that if he didn't, the boy would only slip away again. Somehow. He'd find a way to escape within that mysterious Todoroki gleam of his. All Todoroki's had it, they moved and spoke like they held a secret, like they were royalty and making people shudder was as easy to them as releasing a breath.
Maybe it came from the fact that their father was one of the sneakiest politicians in the game. Maybe they were all secretly criminals hiding blood behind their closed door-
"Is your brother around?"

Katsuki's question was neither suggestive nor teasing. Half of his friends were drunk or high and the last thing Katsuki wanted to worry about was him. If Shouto picked up on his severity he chose to ignore it, stepping in even closer.
"I kept him away. That way I can have you all to myself~"
"Who says I'm going anywhere with you?" His voice was low and his eyes were narrowed. Shouto was undaunted, if anything the corner of his perfect lips even raised a notch.
Hot fingers brushed against the front of his pants.

Katsuki bit his lip, fighting back the sharp hiss threatening to slip out. Shouto looked down as sunset eyes looked him over, clearing of all tension.
"I always did have trouble sharing my toys."

Of all the people he'd invited, the host of the party had come to him. Shouto Todoroki, son of one of the most famous men alive, part time model and face of all that was sexy in this world was unable to look away from him. After Kirishima had left him like that, Katsuki really needed the boost to his ego.
He knocked back his drink, slamming the empty can behind Shouto on the counter so hard it compressed into itself. He licked the liquid from his lips before shooting up his gaze.
"You wanna play huh?"

Katsuki backed away, hips beginning to move and Shouto wasted to time at all to follow. The people already dancing paled in comparison to Katsuki's smirk. He joined the crowd of dancing, swaying body. Katsuki's lifting, dipping hips catching a lot of attention. His subtle movements and 'fuck me' eyes. He wasn't performing, just teasing. The music was an addiction that entered his body from all angles, almost taking over him if he wasn't so keen at taming the song with his far sexier body.
After the first song Shouto caught him by surprise. He managed to sneak closer and slide his hands around his hips, brushing his naked hip bones. Katsuki threw his head back and ground his ass down.
He almost felt sparks the moment their skin met. He certainly felt tingles all the way down his neck as Shouto released the most delectable groan in response to the soft ass pressed against his cock. 

Anyone looking could see who was really in control. Shouto may have been the one tempting to bewitch but Bakugo's body had him captivated. They were dancing together but competing two, grabbing each other, roughly controlling each other, trying to force the other to fit to them and submit to their opposing tempos. 
When the fourth song ended and people were pushing how much they could stare, icy hot lips kissed the tips of Katsuki's ear. They travelled down to his neck, the blond's head rolling submissively to let him near.
The energy piled up from their dance escaped with an ensnaring moan.
"This isn't quite the game I had in mind."
It breathed.

Any doubt was swept away, Kirishima long forgotten. A hand swept within his waistband and tugged his hips around with force, releasing so the elastic snagged against his skin.
Katsuki gasped, turning to bite the cockiness right off of those fingers only to find Shouto gone. He'd flickered to the first step of the stairs a hall away, eyes haunting as he watched him. Challenging.
Katsuki followed.

He vaguely remembered catching a glimpse of dark eyes watching him. The eyes looked away the moment he moved on to pursue a certain male.
Katsuki was too dizzy now with adrenaline and lust to see properly. When he got to the stairs Shouto was at the top. When he got there, he heard a door click shut. Katsuki went to it and wrenched it open, entering a private room he'd never seen before. The lights were off and nobody in sight.
"Where the fuck-"
"Right behind you."

Katsuki couldn't even jump as strong hands shoved him back against the door, locking it shut as Shouto dipped low, a hot mouth sliding right along the clothed outline of his cock.

Katsuki failed to moan, the pleasure of the touch continuing on up to his hips and through his centre until Shouto had licked through his torso entirely. In the space of about a second, he'd risen to full height, slamming Bakugou onto the door with his legs lifted off the ground. Shouto's lips were devouring him, licking stripes over his nipples that had Katsuki's back arching unexpectedly and his thighs tensing in Shouto's hold.

"Fuck you're quick-"
"Only to catch you."
"You're not even fucking human-"
"I don't fuck like a human that's for sure."

Katsuki groaned at the words, dick pulsing in his pants. Shouto was hasty to tug off his shoes, hands clenching under his ass and tearing the pants off of him in seconds.
His lips finally came down on Katsuki's only when he reached up and yanked him in. Once they met they were inseparable, parting with gasps to massage together in a world of moist lips and wet tongues rolling over one another.

Bakugo didn't want the kiss to end it was so fucking good, the fresh, hot memory of this lips blushing around his dick making him even more eager and turned on. His own shirt was yanked over his head, lipstick smudged and lewd kiss marks spilled onto the side of Shouto's already red lips.
Katsuki raised an eyebrow at the sight, not expecting it to look anywhere near as sexy as it did. That was just Shouto for you. The fucker could make anything look sexy.
Even getting pushed back by Katsuki's own hands until he stumbled and fell against his bed.

Katsuki ripped down every last silver button of his casual black shirt before he tore it off, straddling Shouto with two long thighs. He gave a good show of his tight muscles and abs, leaning forward so his lips were near to his cock as he slipped his own boxers off. He then turned around and heard Shouto audibly shudder at the sight of his ass above his head alone.

The male breathed eagerly, hands slapping over Katsuki's ass and parting his cheeks, bringing his thighs around his head and instantly biting marks into the nearest skin on his inner thigh he could reach.
Katsuki tried not to groan at the thought of Shouto's face directly under his arousal alone, instead slipping the male out of his pants and boxers so he could directly palm his perfect cock enough to make his tip drool.

"Fuck you're sexy, fuck-"
Bakugo must have had him in shock, because a coy roll of his own hips was all it took for Shouto to grab his ass cheek so hard it would bruise and press his open mouth underneath his balls.

It vibrated into Shouto's cock. The blond reciprocated by slipping his hands down the base and cupping Shouto's balls instead, allowing his mouth to take in all of his length.
"Oh shit~"

He got straight to the base on first try, his throat opening up to accommodate all of Shouto's length like the good slut Shouto knew he was. His hips bucked up, cock wet with saliva and heat as Katsuki's throat started to suck and swallow him in.
He continued this even as Shouto ravished his ass with his tongue sliding up and encircling his hole, making him drip so wet his hole was gaping. He let his tongue slide into a sweet tasting ass curled it up against the heat of Katsuki's inner walls. The moan that it shocked from the blond's lips was straight from paradise, shocking its way down to Shouto's balls so fast he almost came.

But he managed to hold on, even as his own cock was smothered and Katsuki's ass was the juicest he'd ever seen. They were both breathless and grinding in a lost haze as Shouto fingerd him open two at a time, pressing above his prostate, to the left, right and below it.
All of it stimulated him in the slowest, most awfully teasing way. He felt his ass cheek nibbled into a hot mouth as he was spread apart and Shouto bit him with a deadly purr of, "I know you want me inside you."

Katsuki stopped.

His eyes fell shut and felt every touch and tingle of Shouto's touches from his ear down to deep within his ass.
He pulled his thighs off of Shouto's face and spread them over his cock instead.
He grabbed Shouto's wrists but the other manoevered quickly and caught Katsuki's instead. A whine fell from him, Katsuki's bottom lip quivering with need and wet with Shouto's precum.

"Beg for me."

"You're underneath me. I don't need to beg." He growled, grinding his soft ass down only to be caught by the hips and pulled so his cock dragged pleasantly against Shouto's own. Katsuki threw his had back and swore, eyebrows knit knowing that he wouldn't last long at this rate.
Slowing the grinds to a deliberate, too slow dance of the hips, Shouto asked again. Their was humour and pride in his eyes that Katsuki just wanted to eat right up.
"Beg me for my cock in your ass like the slut you are."

His chest trembled and Katsuki closed his eyes to whine, "Please. Please put it in me Shouto~"

"Good boy."

Katsuki moaned only to have his breath hitch. Shouto pushed into him, he thought that was all but he kept pushing in more and situated his cock right where he needed it to be. A shudder rippled through his cock and Katsuki came in sharp bursts but he wasn't done. White ribbons littered Shouto's chest between them but Katsuki was already half hard a second later.
Seeing Shouto locking his eyes, splitting his ass and licking the white seed from his own fingers with it staining his naked chest was all it needed to make him hard again.
"You're such a good boy Katsuki."
" Yeah...I'm a good..."

Shouto started to roll his hips up and down, the pressure leaving him then striking him then leaving him all over again. His own hips worked relentlessly, riding him with a mind of their own in time to the deep gasps and moans that left his lips. They rained over the distant vibration of the music downstairs.
"A good little slut, perfectly tight around my cock."

"Yes- shit~"

His voice and his face were pure sin that Katsuki couldn't' stop himself from grinding up and down. Shouto was getting hot at the sight of a  dazed blond loosing himself to him, his ass hole tight and moist, clenching him up and down even with a condom between them. He was so tight, so snug. He looked so pretty with a dick between his ass.
Shouto leaned up and grabbed his hips, helping slam them down against him so hard the sound of slapping rang out and Katsuki's thighs felt week. He caught himself a fist of blond hair and pulled it back harsh just as his cock struck the deepest part of him.
"Hm-AhH!" Katsuki's moan rushed through him as if he'd tasted it.

He watched those pretty painted eyes and hurried to pull the blond near, lacing their lips and tongues togehter messily again. Breathing harshly, pulling each other's hair and fucking each other so hard.
"Ah.. I'm gonna cum~"

"Do it... cum for me Cum for me!~"

Shouto shoved Bakugo onto his back and pounding him hard, thighs spread eagle so his muscles were stretched and stung and caught his cock in his palm as well.
Shouto gave out first because Katsuki's ass clenched as his head fell back and his hands clenched around his shoulders. Heat blinded his vision as he shot into Katsuki, the blond quivering and coming too not five seconds later. The rode out their orgasms, falling into each other stained with cum on too expensive sheets and a bed too big and too soft.

Shouto ending the fuck with his head tilting to kiss Katsuki and his sweet lips and tongue one last time.
As the waves of heat died down, Katsuki finally relaxed his ass and Shouto pulled out with a pop, disposing of the condom.
His whole body was mellow from a dance and a chase and an amazing fuck. Shouto cleaned him up and caught his chin, tilting it towards him.

"You can spend the night here Katsuki, I'll tell your friends you're safe."

Red eyes looked up tiredly between hazy lashes. He nodded before his eyes fell shut. 

Chapter Text

When Katsuki woke up, there was something softer than his favourite teddy bear cuddled in his arms.  
It was bed sheets. Thick, luxurious, white bed sheets that couldn't have been better if they were made for a Queen. He twisted sleepily and brought them to his lips, inhaling a scent of pure heaven. For a second, he thought this was heaven. His ass did hurt. 

Fuck, Katsuki wasn't dead - just fucked out. Shouto had bitten his shoulder like a wild fucking animal when they'd woken up in the middle of the night. He'd then bent him over and fucked him, teeth still grasping onto his neck with each thrust. He saw the male beside him now, hair a mess of silky red on the sheets and body bare. He looked good on the white, the pale of his skin abnormally bright in contrast and his crimson side drop dead gorgeous.
He was still asleep, face wearing the expression of a pouting child.

Bakugou snorted.

He lifted his phone and turned on the camera, inspecting himself for damage. He saw his own face and cringed. It could've been worse. If this wasn't sex hair he didn't know what was, but at the very least, there were no makeup smears. He raised his brow, noticing a bottle of remover and a heap of wipes.

Todoroki must've attempted to clean up his face as he slept. Sweet gesture.

Bakugou put a hand over his mouth to keep back his chuckles, opening his messages and scanning them over. It was clear that half the college knew he and Todoroki had hooked up. Fuck did word spread fast. Kaminari had sent him smirking emoji's along with many others. Surprisingly there was nothing from Kiri. Ignoring everyone else, he sent a quick text to the faux redhead.  

"Hey fucker, we still on for dinner tonight?" 

No reply. He stared at the screen for way too long despite being able to see that he wasn't online. His stomach churned at the thought of Kirishima not responding. It was more than likely the red head was in a similar predicament; barely clothed in a bed with another guy. The only difference was, Bakugou was thinking about Kiri while Kiri was... not.

"Texting your boyfriend?" A velvet voice whispered from way too close to his ear. The blond had been so busy sulking he'd barely noticed the other wake. Upon waking, the first thing halfie did was curl his long, intoxicating limbs around Katsuki's behind, trapping him like prey to a sea serpent.

"Fuck off."

Bakugou swatted at him.

"Don't make me teach you your manners again." Shouto threatened, mirth in his voice. He coyly reached over Bakugou's tight muscles, slowly pushing the phone out of his hands. It landed with a soft thud on the white sheets out of reach. Katsuki made no objections as he was pulled back into the world of white sheets for another round of hot morning sex.

When they were done, Shouto had his teeth in the skin between his shoulder and neck and Katsuki was panting for breath. The bastard seemed to really enjoy abusing that one fucking spot. 

"How come I don't get to mark you up pretty boy?" He asked, thumb stretching back. He poked Shouto's forehead, smearing his thumb across the snow-white, untarnished skin of his neck. 
Halfie pulled back for only a second, leaving Katsuki cold. He quickly came back however, his abs warm and moist with sweat as they pressed into Katsuki's back. Then, he nibbled down Katsuki's arms unhindered. 

"Don't. I have an underwear shoot soon. I don't need that kind of publicity and neither do you."
True. The media wouldn't stop without an answer as to who marked their pretty boy up. 

"They putting you in a thong?"

"No." He deadpanned.

With that, Katsuki cockily kissed every inch of Shouto's skin that only he would see. 

Kirishima still hadn't answered his fucking phone. Had his last night fuck been that good? Was he still fucked out? Or worse, had he stayed to get breakfast with whoever the fuck was that good. Whoever wasn't Katsuki. 

Shouto tried to make him breakfast but Katsuki was quick to take over. The whole house was empty and messy; really messy. Katsuki could tell that the rest of the party had been wild. Somehow he'd slept through the whole thing.

He munched down his traditional breakfast, legs jittering up and down as he did.

He couldn't take his mind of Kirishima. Today was the day he'd have to fucking confess to him and the universe wouldn't let him get it over and done with. 
After leaving a voicemail asking Kirishima to 'pick up his damned phone' he finally stormed out of the Todoroki mansion. He hit someone hard, the scent of ash striking him and a sultry hum of "Woah there" barely registering in his ears.

Katsuki shoved rudely past, not in the mood for this right now.

Not today. 

He felt blue eyes on him as he left, but he swallowed hard and refused to turn back. 

His dorm room looked like shit compared to the Todoroki mansion so he headed off to the campus, desperate for a distraction. People were lounging all over the place, some on the canal in boats, some playing music, some on the grass eating picnics or making out on the fields under sun umbrellas. 

Despite the cheer and cacophony of different songs and laughs, it was a humid grey day.
Katsuki sank down in the library, distracting his mind with studying.

Katsuki hoped it would be enough to keep his fears away. 

It was four in the afternoon.
Kirishima still hadn't shown. Katsuki was glaring up at the library clock. Enough hiding. Time to find Kirishima. He checked the bedroom. Nobody was there. He checked the common rooms, the sports halls, the class rooms, social media, anything. Soon he was walking in circles and it felt like every face was unfamiliar. 

His friends still wouldn't pick up. Kirishima wouldn't fucking pick up. Katsuki was beginning to feel strangely alone. He raced out of the hall with thunder, door slamming and feet heavy as he knocked right into a squealing girl with skin as pink as candy.
"Racoon eyes-"
"Katsuki!" She whined, "You nearly knocked me into next week!"

The jokes faded from her voice as she looked up, still seeing the boy glare. She was just perceptive enough to tell that something was wrong. Katsuki's expression was too stiff. Her hands reached up to his arms as if holding him together. Her voice was gentle.

"What's wrong, want to talk about it?"

Rejecting comfort, he shoved her off. Mina followed him, not giving up so easily as she followed him out under the secluded shade of a line of trees. 

"None of you fucking dimwits answer your phones that's what," he growled.

"I'm sorry, I actually left my phone at Shinsou's. It's not even on me right now. I'm guessing.... it didn't go to well."

Katsuki turned and narrowed his eyes at the shorter female.
"What are you talking about?"

"Kiri. You confessed to him today, didn't you?"
He shook his head incredulous.

"I haven't fucking seen the dickhead since last night. I don't even have a fucking clue where he is since he refuses to pick up."

"Oh," She hurried to comfort him. "I assumed he was with you this whole time."

Once she noticed she was frowning, she stopped herself and gave him a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry, he'll probably be back home by now, did you check?"
"Seven hours ago, yeah."

"Then he's probably just passed out in bed. I bet his phone's on silent too. Want me to come by with you?"

"No," The blond huffed. That was a lie though. Bakugou didn't want to be alone. He wanted to stay near Mina because even though she could be infuriating, his emotions were building up like a tidal wave and he blamed it all on nerves.

Bakugou knew that he was overreacting. He was being to careful; too responsible, too clingy. 

He was going to confess to Kirishima today, that's why he was so sensitive. That's why he felt like something in the world was wrong. 

"I'm gonna let him sleep."

So he did.

Later that night, Kaminari, Sero and everyone else scattered by the aftermath of the party showed up. There was still no Kirishima.

Katsuki spent three minutes looking for the spare key Kirishima had trusted him with but ended up not needing them anyway. The door was unlocked; the room behind it cold and empty. 

"Kirishima?" he called. No shoes were beside the door, the curtains were still drawn.
On his bed, a bottle of cologne sat alone.


The dorm was only a bed and a bathroom. It was clear the redhead wasn't here, but that didn't stop Katsuki from stupidly calling out. Of course, there was no response. The clothes in his washing basket weren't from last night but the nigh before. 

Katsuki sank down, bringing the bottle of fragrance to his nose. It smelt of Kirishima - of the scent he'd worn last night. Kiri hadn't been back.

"Are you afraid?" Deku's voice cooed, fingers brushing the live show of Katsuki shaking at a dozen miles an hour. He wasn't crying, not yet but Izuku could tell he was close. He just needed a gentle push. 

Izuku didn't give him one, cradling him instead. 

"This is the side of you only I get to see, isn't it Kacchan? These vulnerable colours in your eyes, the soft trembles in your lips ah~"

Izuku closed his eyes. He had a finger pressed to his own lips, believing firmly that the only thing keeping Katsuki together as he sat in his best friend's empty bed, was his own fingers, caressing the blond through the screen. 

"It's gonna be okay." He whispered warmly, though his expression was cold and his skin almost blue. 

"I'm here for you."

They were all saying the same thing. All saying the same damn thing with their calm voices, over and over again. They heard their own voices and it was like they didn't hear Katsuki at all no matter how hard he screamed. He was pacing up and down the common area frantically. 

"Relax Bakugo, he hooked up with a guy and I can bet he's with the dude right now having fun." Kaminari drawled over the phone.

Cold sweat covered Katsuki's exposed skin. He only wore a vest with his loose sweatpants - Kirishima's loose sweat pants that had been given to him that he-
That he hoped he'd be able to give back.

"Yeah, well you're all fucking saying that! But none of you can say it for sure!"
"What- what evidence do you fuckers have?! How are you telling me some made up bullshit when none of you know? When- when he's not answering any of our fucking calls. How can you say that for sure when-" he cut himself off with an almost sob of his gravelly, furious voice.

There was some hesitation and then, "Fine- fine. I can say that Kiri is just off having fun for now. Look, he'll be back by Monday the latest for his classes."
"Bullshit." Bakugou snarled, glancing at the clock that had just struck midnight.

Kirishima had vanished on Friday night. It had just turned Sunday. It had been twenty four hours and none of his bullshit, fake fucking friends had batted an eyelash.

"You're just trying to shut me up and I'm not fucking stupid Kaminari, did he tell you he'd be back by Monday himself or not?!"
"Well maybe I am just trying to shut you up Bakugou! You've been yelling in my ear for an hour now! In all of our ears! Just take a break dude!" He snapped, pain in his voice as he yelled right over Katsuki's question, not hearing a word of it. 

"Just because you're in love with him it doesn't mean you get to keep him to yourself."
Katsuki almost dropped the phone from his fingers, feet jolting to a halt.

"You know Kirishima's been going through a lot lately with his grandfather's death and his trip for the funeral and... and all you've done in all of this is selfishly think of yourself."

Bakugou's mouth opened to object, but his throat felt as if it had been stuffed with needles. It was strange. In the last 24 hours, he hadn't shed a single tear, but his throat hurt as if he'd been sobbing for weeks. 

"We all missed him Bakugou! We all did but we let him have his peace and spend the time with his family. So if... if he wants to go off the map for a few days and have fun with other guys, it's our duty as his friends to let him have that. Goodnight!"

Three notes sang from the phone.
Kaminari had hung up.

Sero, Mina, Awase, Tetsutetsu; everyone was the same.

Nobody was worried and everyone thought he was overreacting. Honestly, Bakugou thought he was too. They didn't know what he knew - they had never been.... kidnapped.
They didn't know how easy it was to go missing in the night and never be seen again. He was shaking all over but deep down, he knew it was only  his own insecurities acting up.

With a sigh he clicked open his balcony window that night, staring up at the bright stars above his head. The sky lifted so much higher above their heads - so many stars and so many places out there that Kirishima could be.
For some reason, the cool, thin air slipped into his throat and made it easier to swallow. His tensed muscles gripping the banister slowly relaxed, finally taking in a breath and accepting what his friend's had said.

He was tired. He wanted to stop stressing. He wanted to think of waking up to Kirishima being right next door.

The angle of Katsuki on the balcony was bad, but just visible enough for Izuku's heartbeat to tickle that way it did whenever the blond was in sight. 

"That's it, you need rest baby. Forget about him. You don't need him."

The next day, Kirishima Eijiro was declared missing.  

Everything was in chaos. Mina was sobbing. Kaminari had wide eyes. The police had asked too many questions but too few of them had answers to give. The others had been drunk and three of them had been on illegal highs.

Bakugou was the only one who could remember anything. Bakugou was the one they all stared at with six - no seven sets of unblinking eyes. His chest felt tight - not given any time to take it in and sob alone before he was being wrenched in front of a crowd of people that blamed him. 

After all, he had nothing to say. He hadn't kept an eye on Kirishima. He had nothing to recall. 
He'd left the party early. He'd admitted shamefully that he'd gone upstairs with Shouto. But even though he felt like shit, even though he felt like crying so hard the world would break, Katsuki was too good at keeping his emotions inside. He looked confident as he gave his answer. He looked proud to say that while Kiri went missing, he was upstairs getting fucked. 

Everyone, from the police to the university staff to his friends looked at him with disgust.
He turned his gaze sharply away and then-

It was like a volcano of lava erupted from in his throat. 

"NO. NO fucking way can you bastards blame me! You were the ones who offered him that shit even though it's fucking bad for you! Don't try pin the fucking blame on me when you were the ones with him all night - you supposed to be looking after each other but you can't remember shit and that's not my fault!"

"Bakugou no one blames you for-!"
He jumped for Kaminari, Sero jolting up in the way and two other pairs of strong hands holding him back from behind. His eyes were blurry.

"You fuckers wouldn't listen to me! I told you... I told you he was fucking gone but you wouldn't listen..! If we'd done this two days ago we could have found him! Instead you..."
Tears spilled from Kaminari's honey gold eyes. He was shaking his head, silent but frantically insisting 'No.' He already regretted his cruel words, he was already hurting and he didn't want Katsuki to remind him of what he'd said.

"You said I was fucking selfish. Well I hope you're fucking happy now."

The door slammed behind him. 

Katsuki was a disaster of emotions. 
Izuku could only watch him in shock as he tore up his own dorm bedroom in a fitful tantrum. His muscles were taught and his shirt ripped like he was feral.

If anyone saw Katsuki Bakugou this way, they'd be in for a shock. He wasn't as rigid as everyone thought he was. In fact, he had a scared child in him just like everyone else. Nobody else knew this. Nobody got to see this. This was their little secret~
Izuku could hardly blame Katsuki for his rash behaviour. He was a kid. Without the numb that came from Izuku's profession, most kids were emotional disasters. Izuku could recall a time in his early teens were he was the same.

Only, instead of violence, Izuku had exploded into gentle tears.

That's what made Katsuki's display of power so beautiful. He converted rage and frustration into destructive power like an art. As though, by some miracle destroying his own bedroom would make things better.

Oh the irony. Izuku hollered loudly with amusement as Katsuki's eyes finally seemed to realise that he was only making things worse for himself. Then, he sat down with a huff on his bed and stared up at the ceiling.
"Did that feel better Kacchan?" He wondered.

The other was still shaking in the shoulder's from his sobs. Sobs Izuku had caused.

"I know, I know. It hurts, but what doesn't kill you will make you so much stronger Kacchan. I just want what's best for you baby~"
Katsuki's still stared up at the ceiling blankly, cheeks puffed in a sad pout.

"Aw, you're so cute~!" Deku laughed, spinning around in his chair and hugging his smartphone for joy.
"You are so, so, so, so unbelievably cute Kacchan! I can't wait to have you."

"I can't wait to..." Izuku sobered up quickly, whispering to himself in a mumble, "It won't be long now."
Katsuki's phone dialling interrupted his plan.

"Hello?" Katsuki's voice was soft and raspy.

Who the fuck was that he was talking to? Kirishima was-


What washed over Izuku wasn't quite dread, but it could certainly be described as a smack of reality. A reminder of his own stupidity. Of course. Katsuki Bakugou, like most other people, had parents. His contact with Mitsuki and Masaru was so minimal, Izuku had almost completely forgotten they'd existed. Katsuki seemed to have that effect on him in numerous situations. 
Now Katsuki was venting to her. He whispered and relieved his torment to someone else - someone other than Deku. He shared emotions that should be Izuku's alone to feel and made the greenette's expression all the more bitter. His fingers were tapping on his desk faster and faster and faster and faster. Katsuki was still talking. Mitsuki was still comforting. 

It was stupid but Deku felt disgusted. 

Deku had his own mother so why couldn't Katsuki have his? His mind saw the logic and saw the Mitsuki wasn't a threat but his soul - his soul didn't like this. 
Izuku drummed his blunt fingernails on his desk in envy as Katsuki spoke to someone who'd known him for far longer than Izuku. Someone who shared far more secrets than him. Someone who Izuku saw as a threat. 

When he was done and dusted, his mother suggested something that made her Izuku's worst enemy. 

"Katsuki... maybe you should come back home and live with us for a break?"
Izuku tires came screeching to a halt, sitting upright in his rolling chair.

"WHAT?! No! Kacchan no! You can't go with her that will change everything! I'll be back to square one! I'll know nothing about your routine and your life and it will be all over for me! I'll have to wait months again before I can do anything - before you can be with me~ Don't go with her, stay with me Kacchan!! STAY WITH ME!"

Don't leave me. Please don't leave me.

Katsuki's mouth hung open, pausing and registering the words for a moment, nodding his head as his eyes fluttered shut.
No. No. No.

All of Deku's hard work would amount to nothing! Katsuki could never be truly isolated if he was with his parents. 
If Deku had to kill them he would. His hands were trembling and his heart wept for the love of his life's future sorrows but Deku would do it. Izuku had grown too fond of watching Katsuki all the time, he couldn't bare to lose him. 

He'd stop at nothing to keep him right there where he could see and stalk and breathe him. 
Green eyes darkened to almost black. 

Then, Katsuki spoke. 

It was barely more than a breath.

"Thanks but, I'm not letting this beat me. I'm not that.... I'm not that fucking weak." Despite his words his voice sounded so tired. 

"I've got my job and I've got to get this fucking degree. I'm not letting... I'm not gonna be the guy that stopped short of success because of this."

Izuku almost moaned in relief. Bless Katsuki's sinful pride and drive to achieve. He saw it in those lava eyes; Katsuki had a complex for success. He refused to let his trauma beat him, and by this mindset, he could never truly beat his trauma. It was like watching a boy try to escape the spider's web whilst sinking even deeper in. Izuku loved him for this, because he was interesting. 

"You sure you're gonna be alright brat?" Even his mom sounded surprised, "Want us to come visit you?"

"Don't you fucking dare. I'll come over another time," his red eyes flickered, "and I'll keep you up to date when they find Kirishima."

"If-" Mitsuki and Izuku both said, but Mitsuki carried on while Izuku smiled his way to silence. "If  they find him sweetie."

"No." It was the growl of a lion, "When, mom. Kirishima is alive. I refuse to accept that they won't find him."

It was this line, that truly made Izuku sad.


The greenette stopped laughing so quickly it was a shock. Shinsou paused, eyeing him with wariness. This fell however, as Izuku sent him one of his typical, disarming smiles. 

"They want to talk to you," The taller agent said, head jerking briefly towards the manager's office. His eyes may have looked bored but Deku knew better than to let down his guard. As someone who worked the same job as Izuku, Izuku knew Shinsou was sharp. The smallest slip up could reveal it all. 

"About what?" he frowned, scrunching his nose just a little at his watching time being interrupted. 

"The missing kid close to your target." He deadpanned, as if it were obvious. When Deku failed to respond, he explained. 

"Your target is suspected to be involved with criminals, Midoriya. A kid with close connection to him goes missing on the night of a party he was at and well, it's obvious they'd link it back to him."

Emerald eyes glared at the ground, rising up from his seat and nearly knocking over his drink. 

"That's absurd-! Kacchan had an alibi the whole night and Kirishima was his friend so he'd never hurt hi-"

"Yeah," he huffed, "but that doesn't excuse the rest of the league."

At that name, Izuku swallowed and knew to shut up. This was bad. He couldn't let them think Katsuki was with the league. He couldn't let them think there was an immediate risk to their target's safety or more people would be put on the case. That would mean more eyes on Kacchan. Grabbing his USB, he hopped out of his cubicle and winced at Shinso from several steps ahead. 

"Make sure Mineta doesn't touch my files."

The bored male gave a slow nod, swinging to face the monitors in his chair at the pace of a sloth and taking a sip of his bitter, black drink. 

When Izuku was gone, Hitoshi stood up. He clicked on Izuku's screen, Katsuki's stream lighting up the small space, the settings were zoomed in to focus on a pretty face. Purple hues scanned the screen leisurely, clicking 'back' and taking a look at all the audio's the other agent had saved. He scrolled down. Then scrolled down even more. Then even more after that. 

There had to be at least over a hundred. 

He then moved on to videos. 

Shinso had just been nosy and curious at first. He wanted something to tease the other about. He wanted to explore another case since his own was so boring. But this gradually became real intrigue and real concern when he saw over a hundred videos lined up. Each displayed the same blond boy sitting in his bed. 

Shinso's heart was racing. 

Their job was already unethical, but this was taking it too far. He clicked on one of the videos, a random one where the 19 year old was in an explicit state of undress. The screen went black, a buffering circle spun, then the screen lit up and the blond moved for all of one second before everything blurred and the monitor beeped. 

Password required. 

Shinso went to another video. It was the same. They all were. Whatever was on these files, Izuku did not want other people to see them. Shinso thought back to the USB the boy had carried away with him. It was more than likely the male had all these videos saved personally on his own devices. 

By now his eyebrows were fixed in a worried frown, glancing back at the hundred other computers in the dark room around them. 

Izuku, please don't let this be what I think it is. 

Katsuki woke up with a gasp. 

His hands jumped for the lamp, filling the room with pale, yellow light. 

Nightmares. He hadn't had nightmares since he was a teen, yet the memory of a cold hand on the back of his neck was vivid now. 

Katsuki shuddered, opening up his phone and reading 11:24 PM. It was Wednesday. It had been five days since Kirishima's disappearance. Three since the investigation. He checked his phone but there was still nothing. He checked the official police website, but there were still so many figures missing in this city. Katsuki was getting sick of waiting. 

His pillows were cold but his blanket sheets were too warm. He kicked them off with legs hot from sweat and looked at the wall between his and Kirishima's empty bedroom. 

The blond didn't have a lot of faith in the police. It was cruel to say but, Katsuki knew that when an organisation wanted to find someone, they would. Kiri just wasn't a high priority for them. Why would he be? He was just some random kid. One of many who wasn't richer or more important than any others.

Katsuki sighed deeply and dug his fingers into his face, pulling at the tight muscles as he sunk his head into his lap. 

He didn't keep his head down for long, afraid that a shadow from his empty room would grow arms and attack him. He had so much on his chest, he was so sick of being stuck like this, unable to do a thing. Bakugou groaned again and tilted back his head, looking up at the ceiling blocking out the stars. He shook his head no, telling himself that he wasn't about to do this. That he shouldn't. 

Then, he did it anyway.

The phone picked up after only three dials. He heard the hum of an engine through the line on the other side. 

"Finally in the mood to answer my calls?" 

A voice said, comparable to the rumble of a panther. It should have filled him with terror but Katsuki only sensed the resurfacing of an old, guilty comfort. 

"I need something from you." He said, straight to the point and lacking the usual play. The man paused. 

"Tell me what you want." His voice raised with humour in the end and Bakugou's pride took the blunt of the way he said it. He didn't like asking for help, but here he was. 

"It's not something I can say on the phone."

In other words, it wasn't something legal. 

"Can we meet up?"

"Go for a walk."

Bakugou knew that code. It meant he'd meet him in the usual place, somewhere they wouldn't be seen. 

"I'll pick you up in less than an hour. Do you have something for me in return?"

There it was; the inevitable he knew was coming. His eyes clenched shut and his heart stammered in his chest, his instincts begging him not to say what he was about to say. But Bakugou knew that what he was asking for would have a huge price to pay. 

"Anything. I'll... give you anything in return."

If it was possible, he could hear the smirk of the other through the line. 

"I'll see you soon."

He hung up and Bakugou's body wrenched forward, repeatedly thudding his soft head into his even softer bed. The blond had just woken up from a nightmare, yet here he was, turning his reality into one that was even worse.


Chapter Text

For some reason, Katsuki was expecting Kirishima's face to appear around ever corner. He hoped to run into that smile, and not have to go on. As if Kirishima really was the guardian angel the blond imagined him to be. 

But of course, with every step he took and every corner he turned, he was alone. 

It was cold that night. The streets were empty. It was a week day and this was a university town so most students stayed on campus. Even the ones with no classes tomorrow didn't stray far. After less then ten minutes of walking, he was the only student - no - the only person around. The walk between campus and the city was hell. There were no people, no lights, nothing interesting to look at and no comfort. Just a single, straight line that gave him shudders. 
When he reached the city expecting the comfort of human life, he was met with silence. 

It was two in the fucking morning, of course it was silent. All the street lights were blinking or dim, all the shops closed with shutters painted with graffiti and all the people-

Well, Bakugou wouldn't no about that since the only people he'd passed were those with only the streets to sleep on. Tugging his sleeves over his hands, he looked up at the stars for comfort. Despite how dark it was, he saw nothing. Bakugou looked over both shoulders, avoiding all street cameras and lights before stepping into a familiar, empty road. 

At long last, an all black car crept up beside him.
For all he knew it could have been some murderer or sex offender. The man he was meeting never kept the same car for too long so their was no way of knowing until-
The car slowed to a stop. 
Katsuki lowered down slowly, and two blue eyes grinned up at him. With that, disappeared inside, grateful for the shift from cold to warm. Though, the goosebumps never did disappear from his skin. The car picked up pace suddenly with no kind words shared, forcing Bakugou's back against his seat as they accelerated down the ghost town. 

A feeling akin to instant regret and discomfort stirred but Katsuki refused to let it settle, clenching and unclenching his fists. Tired red eyes turned to the windows instead, squinting at the black streets behind blacked out windows. They passed so fast all images blurred. He could only sit back and watch as he was driven further and further from safetly. 

"Were you followed?"

The teen almost flinched at the voice but, it was low and soft, the only sound above the gentle hum of a smooth engine. The car was fucking gorgeous, smooth and lavish from bumper to boot, roof to wheels. Everything about it was sleek and the interior glimmered soothingly in the aching darkness. It was so beautiful, Bakugou had to keep his mouth shut because of all the things to stare at, he couldn't take his eyes away from Touya Todoroki. 

The man was made like he was born to test Bakugou's self control. He'd spent years admiring his pale skin, dreaming of touching that perfect jaw, staring into those ethereal cyan eyes between lustful spikes of black. 

"No," He answered, "I'm not fucking stupid."
After several seconds of silence, he added, "I made sure nobody saw me leave."

"You're getting good at this."

The wheel turned and the vehicle swiftly shifted to the right with it. They were on a highway now. Katsuki saw the hidden meaning in it all. Katsuki was good, but not good enough, not good enough to trust.  
They needed to get far enough that nobody followed. Katsuki glared at the tiny orange digits on the dashboard.
They drove like that in silence. Five minutes turned to ten, ten turned to fifteen. Dabi looked as relaxed and confident as he always did. Almost like he didn't care. Why should he?
Bakugou was the one in danger. Bakugou was the one who should know better; who shouldn't be here.
When the older male finally spoke, Katsuki released a breath that made his chest feel tight.

"So, you'll do anything?"

For the first time, his voice raised with some emotion, finally giving away that he wasn't dead inside. There was humour in his voice, amusement and curiosity.
"What exactly are you gonna ask me to do?" He almost snorted, speaking as slowly and dauntingly as he always did.

The dam within Bakugou finally broke open.
"My friend's been missing for days. The police aren't doing shit so I want you to find him."
"That's it? I thought it'd be something more fun."

He turned the wheel boredly. His eyes were still half lidded and he reeked of ash and smoke so thick, Katsuki was certain he was getting a bit intoxicated off it. 

"Listen you fucking psychopath," he growled, "I haven't seen him since the party you showed up to twelve hours fucking later. I think whoever took him did it because he knows me and because... I know you."
Dabi didn't have the respect in him to look concerned.
"You think this is connected to the league?"
"To one of their enemies or I don't fucking know what." He snapped, glaring out the window because looking directly at the other pissed him off too much. He looked too good. Good enough to punch. "All I know is I need him back."

Need. he hadn't meant to say that. He could feel burning eyes hunting him. 

"Fine. I'll do it." The older said in what was a sing song voice for him. Slowly, the car rocked to a stop.
"He must be pretty important to you."

The humour in those all seeing cyan eyes felt too intimate. Bakugou wanted to look away but was never one to back down from a challenge.
"He is."

Some would be afraid to show their loved ones to criminals. Some would back down in fear that they'd be used against them. Katsuki didn't want to be that guy.
"If anything were to happen to him I'd..." His teeth grit and his fists clenched, "You wouldn't want to find out."
The blond felt he had growled, but Dabi breathed a laugh as if he'd mewled. White mist slipped from his lips with the wispy sound. He was facing Katsuki now. Somehow, the blond had failed to notice that they'd stopped somewhere entirely dark and desolate.

He glanced around but saw nothing other than a brick wall, the concrete and a dark patch of grass.
Orange hues shot back to the criminal wearily.
Car door aside, Bakugou's back was to the wall. If he tried to make a run for it, he'd be trapped.

"So uh..." He felt the eyes run down his body and back up to his eyes. Dabi's attractive face formed an intrigued smirk, "how do you plan on paying for it?"
"I can transfer mon-"

His voice was so dead. Katsuki was cut short.

Dabi moved his body in a slow, agitated way, bringing Katsuki's awareness to the white shirt he wore and the nice fitting grey jeans covering his... his...
Lava eyes looked up. They met with blue and Katsuki swallowed before brushing a tuft of blond hair behind his ear.

There was a pause of silence. Almost like the car itself was holding its breath.

Leaning forward, Bakugou closed the distance between them. His head dropped beneath the wheel, with his head explicitly close to the button on Dabi's jeans. It tasted of cold metal between his teeth. Their eyes locked and Bakugou cocked his brow, before tilting his head and releasing the button. 

Dabi didn't smile until he tugged the zip down over ever ridge with his teeth and pressed his nose and lips flat to a firm, straining cock. 

A slow exhale of smoke fell from Dabi's lips as Katsuki opened his, sucking over the cock through a wall of cloth. His tongue licked up, feeling it fill to life under the heat of his mouth. In no time at all, he had his boxers down and his lips parted by something thick and warm~

Dabi sighed content above him, his voice a deep, seductive rhythm. He leaned back casually in his seat, letting his hands fall into a pretty head of blond as Katsuki sucked him off in his car.
His lips were hot and his throat agile, his tongue eager and his cheeks hallowing perfectly to suck his arousal deep, deep down.

"You're such a fucking slut..." he laughed, "Have you been practising?" He hummed, pulling his hair as he slurped off of his cock with a pop before lapping his tongue at the slit like an obedient pup. Bakugou nodded his head and demonstrated his talents once more by rushing down to the base. He felt a hard twitch in the back of his throat. 

"Look at you," He said darkly when Bakugou's lips were a tight ring just above his balls. "Imagine your momma seeing her baby like this? Sucking off some older piece of shit in a car?"
He laughed cruelly at Katsuki, but his voice was as lazy as it ever was. His fingers scooped into his scalp and wrenched the hair upwards, so Katsuki was forced off with a cry.
Wet saliva connected him to the swollen cock before him. It was fully erect now, standing tall between but not inside Katsuki's flushed, wet lips.

"But you like it don't you? You like being made into a whore for purchase"
Katsuki moaned, his hair pulled and suddenly, something a little too sharp pressing at the vulnerable skin under his jaw.
Before he could even gasp, Dabi hushed him slowly.

His eyes were gleaming- they were glowing before but now they were fucking shining. That was never a good sign. If Bakugou's Adam's apple wasn't trapped, he would have gulped. Instead he was stuck like a fish on a line, pulled up high on his knees with the taste of cum and his own saliva pooling in his throat. 

Dabi brought him close to his chest, and in this position, looking up from here was painful. But those eyes were so entranced by the beautiful sight of him. The taste of dick on his tongue and the burn of violence in his skull had his eyes teary. They looked up at Dabi with a confused twitch of his brow. He watched the arousal wash over Dabi's face, the older man flexing his knife against Katsuki neck backing his breath hitch. He flinched, struggling to see the weapon in his vulnerable spot, struggling to move away with such little space. 

Then he snorted with power and pulled Katsuki's lips to lick his cock once more before bringing his lips to his ear.
"Aha ah, you said I could do anything."

The were the words of a demon. Regret almost gagged the blond but he swallowed it down. There were fingers tracing up his thigh right below his ass.
"That means anything, princess."

Dabi weird shit. Admiring him in the car, he'd almost forgot why it was he chose to avoid the bastard more often then not these days. Knives, blood, leather, smoke and torture. They were things that made Katsuki ill from all the bad experiences he'd had in the past. 

But worst of all, there was fire. 

As if on cue, Katsuki felt it. Something hot but entirely unpleasant tickled the naked nerves on his skin, walking up his thighs and spreading fast. 
He looked down to see a naked flame licking at his clothes, heating up and scorching him through his jeans and turning them black. 
"No sudden movements," He sighed dreamily, "You wouldn't want your pretty neck to get cut."

He sang, twisting the knife a little and drawing a thin line of blood. Bakugo's eyes clenched shut, heart erratic with fear but trying to keep his cool. He'd agreed to this, he'd agreed to this. Trying to free his legs only brought his neck closer to being cut. Trying to free his neck only brought his thighs closer to obliteration. He was frozen but terrified. He was deathly still but his heart was shaking fast, real fear creeping into him so fast it killed all the arousal he'd worked up with Dabi's cock in his mouth.

"What the fu-" He started to whimper but Dabi was quick.
That was more aggressive, almost unlike the Dabi he knew. It was the darker side of him that only his victims got to see. This time blunt hands closed around his throat, holding him upright by just the neck. 

All time froze still. Dabi's cock was harder than ever, as if enjoying the look of fear and concern in Katsuki's usually confident eyes. He did enjoy it, way more than he should if the eager twitch of his cock was any indication. He was hard and his smile overpowered all his senses when ever Katsuki managed to look up.
All was helpless and Bakugou's heart was beating hard, not enjoying the slow torture as Dabi's eyes consumed him.

"Get up and ride my cock."
He almost missed it he was so out of it.
So shaken up in a mess of fear and-
Before he knew it he was scrambling, tugging off his pants with the help of strong but not violent hands stripping him bare, tearing of the shirt he'd slept in. Dabi's hands - the ones that had threatened his life less than a second ago were touching him on his hips and ass all over and spreading tingles of lust and heat through his skin. 
When his abs were free the knife slipped down the slope of his cleavage, leaving him shuddering and his voice whining with apprehension.

"You're fucked up," the blond mouthed, bottom lip quivering just the slightest bit.
"You're the one who got yourself into this, princess~"

He spoke pretty but his actions were dark, eyes focused on the dance of Katsuki's ripe ass hovering just above his wet, licked cock.
"You dance like a pro." He snarled into his ear, grabbing it with his teeth and biting it so hard it felt black and blue. 
With than, both of his thick thighs were grabbed and his body pulled flush so Dabi's cock pierced his insides.
"Ah~ fuck!"

"Mh~" Dabi hissed, his voice sizzling and his cock pushing hard through Katsuki's resistance. His inner walls were tight and warm, clenching every time the knife got too close or his nails scraped across a flawless back. 

"Fuck you're beautiful, fuck you look good riding me, go on. Ride."

He ordered, slapping his ass like he was a fucking horse. 
His thighs were already involuntarily dragging him deeper, rocking back and forth with the knife now burning into his skin.
Blood dripped down his white shirt in a little trickle but he didn't care.
His cock felt too good and the fire threatening to turn his jeans to ash made his fucking toes curl as Dabi's spot hit him there.
When blood stained his hands, Dabi grabbed katsuki by the hips and slammed him back up against the car.
"Don't fuck around-"
He sank his teeth into his collar, just below the sore bit where Shouto had did the same and Katsuki felt a stab of pain fall sadly to the pit of his chest. The steering wheel pressed into his stomach hard and his thighs were up high around Dabi's hips.

He pulled out, then fucked him from behind. It was brutal, the whole car shaking and Katsuki's eyes zoning out at the black sky above him. Fingers in his hair, a tongue on his skin. Blood pouring out and self hatred trapped in.
It was strange to think that this Dabi that fucked him to his guts was Touya. To compare the brother that fucked him in a bed of silk to the other who...

Who did this in a car parked in a dirty corner of a street. 
Bakugou didn't want to acknowledge what this was. Bakugou couldn't without something in his chest giving out and making him sick. 

Dabi was good to him.
Dabi could have been so much worse. Yeah, he asked for a lot but he gave a lot too. Even still, there was something raw about the way he fucked him that made Katsuki feel ill and infected for days.

Once Dabi found Kiri, he'd leave him behind. He'd leave all of this behind, for good this time.
It was strange to think that this Dabi, who fucked for favours in the dark was the still just Touya Todoroki. The sexy older brother of Shouto, the annoying, obnoxious kid model his fashion designer parents kept hiring. When they were kids, Katsuki didn't care about Shouto. In fact, he hated him but his older brother was something else.
Katsuki had liked him from the stared. 

He'd liked how dark his hair was, how mysterious he looked; how Touya looked so good Katsuki felt it in his body every time he caught his gaze. Touya was the first person to ever make him feel that. 
All those years ago, he'd wanted Dabi and it had been something pure.

Now his skin had been torn and his blood spilled.
Katsuki thought he'd been crying, but when he looked up at his reflection, straightening up his clothes and catching his breath, his cheeks were dry.
The drive back was serene.
He didn't care about the filth in his pants, staining his clothes and his soul from the inside. He'd done what he'd had too and Kirishima would be back soon.

For every drop of blood that spilled from Katsuki like a rose, an equal drop was cut from Izuku, as if they were connected by the same thorns.

Listening with his headphones in that night, curled up in a ball on his sofa, popping little chocolates into his mouth, Izuku had the volume turned all the way up. His eyes were wide but not with fear or sorrow. It was a crazed look of fascination and fantasy. Izuku didn't burn the world like he'd expected he would.
Izuku didn't cry or scream or even make a sound.
Instead he watched.

And when Kacchan was back at his dorm, he backtracked and deleted all the footage he'd recorded.
Here was the footage that would end Deku's job. Here was the evidence to take Katsuki away from him.

When he pressed delete, he thought he'd be able to pretend the events didn't exist. It had been too dark to see what was happening anyway but-
Izuku didn't realise his hands were shaking until they finally fell under the light of Katsuki's screen.

He was trembling. The world was shrouded in darkness and his only light was dwindling. His own light was in need of him. Izuku hadn't felt this dark since...
Memories of blood on his hands flashed before his eyes. 

He jolted up right and forcefully slammed his head back into reality. This wasn't like then. This wasn't like those missions his country sent him to abroad. Izuku knew as he cracked the joints in his fingers one by one, that he was completely in control. 

The perfect Kacchan wasn't as perfect as Deku had initially thought. 


Kacchan may be even more disturbed than Izuku himself. For some reason, he liked it. Though right now, the blond was begging to be helped. 

Light triggered his migraine as morning came.

Katsuki couldn't bring himself to leave his bed. Kirishima could have motivated him but the boy was still not here. So Katsuki huffed and hid his head in his blankets, not letting any light filter in so he could fall back to sleep. 

He missed first period. Then study session. Then a lecture, then lunch then a dance meet and-
Somehow it was already afternoon. 

Izuku was thrilled, because Katsuki couldn't be hurt if he stayed home where Izuku could watch like a good boy. This didn't last long though, as soon long legs threw themselves over the bed and stood. To his credit, he didn't buckle, keeping his thighs strong enough to pop a pain killing pill between his lips. 

He was so fucking hungry he thought his stomach would eat him. 

The kitchen cupboards slammed shut, revealing a sleepy, fluffy haired blond teen. Everyone else was out but he was eating cereal. It was too quiet, the aura of UA without Kirishima was depressed. 
Izuku watched sympathetically, knowing the boy used to love UA. He'd gotten into one of the best schools in the country after all. Now everything was falling apart and he had no one to run to.
What memories did this room bring to him?

Izuku could imagine Kacchan and Kirishima up late baking cookies or cooking meals in the kitchen area. He could imagine Katsuki's heart beating as he watched the other crimson eyed boy. He could imagine him sitting on the counter and the room filling with laughs. The pain of unrequited love was one Izuku was familiar with, of loving someone more than life and existence and heaven and earth itself when that person barely noticed he existed...

Deku felt that. 

Finally, sick of being cooped up and realising he was losing his shit, Bakugo stood up.
He'd been about to call in sick for work but ended the call. Wash up, worked out, blared music, showered, dressed up.
When Katsuki pulled on a pair of light, loose jeans and a designer nude sweater that worked wondrously with the gentle colours of his hair, he looked like there was no problem at all.  Izuku's heart was warmed.

He smiled and kissed the screen goodbye before the two of them got up and left. 

The train had been so fucking loud it still burned in his memory. Fucking migraine.

The coffe shop was quiet though. It wasn't the awful silence that hung over his dorms for once, it was the delightful kind. That day, the coffee shop was filled with the comforting normalcy of life. 

A set of twins, no older then seven were bouncing up and down at the counter, choosing what cookie or muffin or brownie they'd like. The regular guy on a computer was working away with the sound of typing, the regular girl with a book was reading away with frequent flips of pages. A pair of teens had come in to gossip loudly about their drama and constantly giggled over the cute employee every time Bakugou so much as breathed. 

Katsuki had to say he missed this as he handed a drink to an older guy who tipped him generously.

It wasn't the money, or even the free treats that was so great. It was the ambience, the feeling of fitting in somewhere comfortable but new every day. He no longer felt he was hiding from the world. At the same time, he'd felt the world had been crumbling to bits in Kirishima's absence. Yet here, where he was making a salary and making people smile he finally felt productive. 
"I never said that!" A high voice exclaimed.

Katsuki jumped, scowling at the guy squawking into his phone. He would've marched over there to tell him to shut up, but the guy was clearly busy with his frantic struggle to explain something to whoever he was talking too. The jittery, flustered motions he moved with amused Katsuki. 

He should have asked him to quiet down, but this guy was a regular.
Besides, everyone had left once more and the sunset skies were desolate. Focusing on the stranger's voice was the only thing stopping Bakugou's mind from collapsing. So he leaned on the counter with one eyebrow raised and watched. 

"Mom, mom listen please."

The regular all but begged. He was struggling to keep his voice calm. His shoulders were hunched, phone to his ear and for the first time in basically forever, he wasn't hiding behind his laptop.
"I'm supposed to be working right now-"

Even though he was only hearing one side of the conversation, it was enough to make him chuckle.

"I do have time for you mama but work is occupying all my other time!"


"I get to see him during work hours."


"That's because this is my only break! I don't have time in this slot to come and visit you since it's only a few hours but- one day. You'll get to meet him one day."


"I know, I know you want to meet him." He huffed, eyes looking at the floor in ten different angles. 

"I want you to meet him too."

Slowly the terror faded from his voice and the blushed left his olive skin rather smooth. His voice turned low and gentle. It had a very calming quality to it. Bakugou allowed his eyes to fall shut as he listened, guard completely down. 

"I know, and you're gonna love him when you do meet him but right now we still need to sort some things out."


"Yes..." A bashful squeak returned to his voice, "But he's working right now. I don't want to disturb him."

Whatever his mom said in response, the man chuckled like a little boy. The sound was sweet, almost as sweet as the nectar in his drink and the smell of sugar that accented this place. Nothing could compare to the sweetness in this customer's voice as he said back, "I love you too mommy. Bye! Love you!"

When the phone call ended, Bakugou couldn't help it. An evil chuckle of amusement burst out. He hadn't even noticed he'd been smiling but now he was.
The customer eyed him, eyebrows dipping up as if he'd been caught doing something embarrassing.

"What..?" The guy frowned, "You too old to tell your mom you lover her?"
Bakugou only shrugged and went back to the rest of his work.

He heard silence again, and then the characteristic sound of frequent typing that followed this one particular guy. Bakugou had his back to him, hiding the smile had failed to leave his face. Lifting a glass, wiping it clean, placing it face down in the cupboard and moving on to the next, he couldn't seem to get over how unexpected that had been.

Working in this place for so long, he developed an almost one sided relationship with each regular customer. He knew it was too weird to say, but he felt he knew them based on his interpretations and expectations. 
Mr average business man had never come across as so bashful and cute. From far, the guy looked like a regular adult with a deep voice and maybe even a touch of sexiness.
It was strange how seeing him talk to his mom changed Katsuki's impression of him completely.

He turned around, coming face to face with the tall male; unique forest eyes, chestnut freckles and a nervous smile hidden behind a ridiculously huge pair or nerd glasses greeted him.
"What?" Bakugou said maybe a little too gruffly. Oh well, his cute face would make up for it. 

The guy fumbled with his money as he ordered one last drink to go. It was always crumpled notes he paid with. Never a straight note, never a card. Despite being a regular, he didn't accept any loyalty cards for free drinks. Despite coming here every time Katsuki did, he still insisted on tipping at least 50%.
Bakugou raised an eyebrow when the guy twitched as their skin touched to give him his change. He then fumbled once more to put the change in his pocket, before uttering a, "Thank you Kacchan."

Katsuki's lips quirked down.
"The fuck did you call me?"

Like a deer caught in head lights, green eyes blinked before tilting towards him over the counter. 
"Kacchan..." He leaned forward, adjusting his glasses and squinting at Katsuki's label. "D-Does your tag not say Kacchan?"
He answered, not moving an inch.

"Oh~!" Then the sweetest smile glossed over that chiselled face, making his cheeks look almost chubby. "It's nice to meet you Kaccha-eh Katsuki!! I'm Deku."
Deku. He snorted.
Like useless.

Katsuki hadn't fucking asked for a name in the first place. He eyed the guy from the side and listened to the whirring of the coffee machine as it made its final drink of the night.

"Sorry if I keep calling you Kacchan. It's just... I've been calling you that in my head for a while now."
"You been thinking about me that much?"
He said it half boredly, not intending to flirt but maybe letting his guard down a little too much as it was late in the day and today had been an off day. 

"Yes." He answered too quickly, too hungrily with his voice too high. He then swallowed and spoke up again with a more level voice.
"I spend a lot of time in here on breaks and you're always here so I wanted to know your name. It's kinda funny I've had the wrong name this whole time- stupid thick glasses." He mumbled, straightening up his ridiculous lenses once more.

"It's fine." Bakugou hummed, "You can call me Kacchan."

It wasn't like he wanted some dork calling him by his first name. Even if he was a green eyed dork with thick curly hair, dark lashes and a sexy smile.
Katsuki turned away again, 'boredly' making his drink again but now feeling a fresh wave of something he hadn't felt for this customer since he'd first laid eyes on him months ago.

"Here's your drink."
He said it curtly, handing it over and letting them touch again.
"Thank you."

The man looked unbelievably happy with it, a light in his eyes as he took a long, grateful sip. The drink was so filled with milk, sugar and cream it wouldn't burn, unlike Kirishima who'd-
Bakugou cut himself short, gaze sharply flickering to an almost dark sky.

"You should get going. We're closing up soo-"
"Of course. Oh!! I meant to give you this."

A small, scrunched up piece of paper rolled across the counter. It almost fell over the other side but Katsuki caught it with disinterest, assuming it was either a piece of trash or a number.
When he opened it up, familiar handwriting tugged on his heart.

I like you a latte Bro ;) I'd frappe dat ass!

A goofy smiley face was drawn beside the message with two extra hearts. It was so stupid, even without the handwriting and the fucking awful drawing of Kirishima, it could have only belonged to one boy. 

"Where did you get this?" Bakugou barked, eyes almost teary as he grabbed Deku by the collar. The boy looked lost for words, terrified as dread filled every part of him and he answered in a frantic voice.

"It rolled out of your pocket when you were cleaning... I sweat I didn't steal it!"

Bakugo didn't want to believe him. Bakugou wanted to find a lead! To find someone to beat the shit out of and vent his frustrations on. He released the greenette with a sigh but it was far from passive, filled with aggression and pain as he glanced down at the message and-

An emotion hit him so hard he almost cried.

Everything had been so normal. Everything had been so perfect and warm and things had changed so suddenly. Bakugo couldn't deal with this. He curled the message right back up to a tightly scrunched ball between his fists. Then, he slipped it into his pocket to keep. His red eyes may have been down at the floor, but he could still feel Deku standing there and staring. 

Slowly, the male spoke up. 

"A-Are you okay Kacchan?"

When he said the words with that tone, Katsuki couldn't stay mad. It was the end of the day, his bruises hurt, his pain killers had worn off and... fuck it. 

"No..." His breath hitched in, shrugging and shaking his head in confusion. "I don't know."

Katsuki had to be fucking desperate and fucking lonely. He had to be the saddest looser in the fucking world for talking to this dork but-
Deku had a voice like melted honey and his eyes healed him like the gentle glow of the sun. 

"This drawing is from Kirishima, isn't it?"

Red eyes looked up at him, jolting with surprise. 

"H-He comes in a lot during your shifts. I paid attention to your conversations because... it's usually only us three here when he comes. He's a very friendly guy! I-I'm sorry for eavesdropping."

No. Eavesdropping wasn't a problem at all.

This person knew Kirishima. Of course he did! The redhead was sociable wherever he left. He walked as if his shoes were made of sunshine and brightened up the lives of people wherever he walked.

Deku knew Kirishima and he wasn't Kaminari or Mina or Sero or Tetsutetsu. He wasn't aware of the drama, he wasn't swimming in his own pain and he wasn't hopping for the first chance to judge Katsuki and find someone to blame. 

Katsuki had been in need of someone to talk to about this for so long and it was like that god's had finally answered his silent prayers. 

He stormed around the counter and fell into a chair. With Deku sitting opposite him and the sun rapidly fading, Katsuki opened up the safe, and told the stranger everything

Chapter Text

Deku listens to everything as if Bakugou's words are holy scripture. Seeing him intent and focused like that, eyes down and curly head nodding every so often is a strange, surreal experience. For someone he'd just met... no, out of everyone, he'd never met someone who valued his words so much. 

Of course he would, Bakugou was beautiful down to every rise and fall of his chest, every degree of temperature emitting from his live, breathing skin and every intonation spoken from the most beautiful lips in the world. Izuku had to keep his eyes away and focus on his love's voice because he knew that if he really allowed himself to look at Katsuki, he may never look away again. 

He'd want to take him, perhaps by striking him in the back of the neck and dragging his cold body out to his home. 

Deku's eyes were intentionally fixed away in the false facade of a daydream. 

Katsuki fell for it, watching relaxed with his guard down. 

Izuku's dark hair made flicks and shadows over his bright eyes, intent and looking down. They flicked and kissed against his freckles. A dot of foam lay sweetly across his lips from taking a sip of his drink. He licked it off before he could even notice Kacchan staring, as his eyes were focused up ahead in thought.
"So he hasn't come home.."
His voice was low, thoughtful. He was talking to himself more than Katsuki and the blond could only watch. Suddenly Mr business man was moving. He pulled his laptop to the side, between him and the cute blond so they could both see the screen.

Deku pulled up a word document, writing a header of 'Kirishima' so fast it was a blur and starts to type bullet points. If Katsuki so much as blinked, an entire new line of words would have appeared. To say Katsuki was impressed was an understatement. 

He'd only told Deku the details once but once had been enough. Izuku typed out a profile of details Katsuki doubted the police had even noticed, extracting more information from the words Katsuki had said in the last half hour than the police had gotten from several witnesses. Bakugou didn't even know how much information his words had given away until Deku was typing what he'd gotten. 
Time of disappearance, people he was last seen with, places he frequented, places near the party, the time it takes to get between these places, the locations their friend group frequented. He wrote details on Kirishima's outfit, details of his mental state, perceptive comments with deductions and possibilities dotted around the screen in brackets. Suddenly red eyes were staring at a dozen leads on where Kirishima might be, what he might have done. The darkness Kirishima had vanished into suddenly splitting off into many bright paths.

Bakugou's chest had already started to feel lighter just from talking to someone, but now his was chest bubbling with actual hope. Red eyes continued to watch, silent among all the typing and muttering.
Everything was neat and organised.
When Deku was done, he had almost two and a half pages intent on finding Kirishima. 

The blond's memory couldn't help but flick back to the pathetic sticky note the police had taken notes on. Considering how many sources of information they'd had, their lack of interest made him ill. As if sensing this, a gentle pair of forest eyes turned on him. The emerald flecks in his eyes sparkled thanks to his huge, ridiculous glasses.
Katsuki swallowed as Deku spoke.

"Were you dating him?" He asked. Katsuki half considered this might be a ploy to get that information out of him, but shook it off with a shake of his head.
"No. More than friends but not exclusive."

He felt comfortable saying this, because the man he was sitting beside felt like a professional more than a flirting customer. Though, he couldn't deny that the subtext of Deku's interest in him was there. 
As expected, Izuku put getting information down first.
"Was he dating anyone else?"
"Flirting with anyone else?"
Katsuki gave him the entire list he was friendly with.

"Did anyone express any interest in him?"

Yes. Kirishima was Kirishima. That was a long list too but Katsuki had to add that everything, even all low-key relationships he had with classmates. Kirishima wasn't the kind people fiended for, he wasn't an object of lust or possession. He was open and loved by all, like a brother.

"But, he did joke about a stalker," It was a half-hearted comment. Katsuki's mind had flashed back to the convoluted theory of FBI phone stalkers Kiri had shared with him. That wasn't like Kiri but, Bakugou had brushed it off as something the others had gotten him into.

"A stalker?"

He wished Deku hadn't said the words so seriously, so full of concern. Now Bakugou was doubting himself for brushing it off and felt nervous. Deku's brows had gone right up and he looked worried. 

"No... not exactly. He didn't say anything personal but in normal conversation, he kept making jokes about the existence phone camera stalkers and all of that sceptic shit. This isn't usually like Kiri but, stalkers were clearly on his mind."

Maybe Kiri had had reason to believe he was being stalked? If so, why hadn't he out right told Bakugou? Why had he been keeping secret from him?
For once, Izuku didn't write anything at all.

"Tell me everyone you saw him with at the party."

So Katsuki did. His mind was fuzzy now, not just from the loud music and flashing lights blinding his memory, but the fact that it had been so long since then. He'd forgotten a lot of details. He hadn't spoken to his friends about it since he'd been avoiding them, he hadn't even let himself think about it cause he'd been running away from himself. By the end of his list, his teeth were grit and his rough hands threaded nonchalantly through his blond hair. 

"And Neito Monoma. That's everyone."
Writing the name, Izuku gave him a once over and asked, "You sure?"

It hit him hard.

It was like those eyes were magic, somehow managing to plunge his mind back in time.Before Todoroki had drowned him in lust and made his night a fog. Katsuki remembered suddenly in painful detail the last time he'd seen Kirishima. He'd walked away from Katsuki to a raven haired male - one with dainty features and a shy smile. One with dark eyes and a quiet voice.
"Tamaki Amajiki."

Katsuki almost choked the name. Izuku wrote it, but he then turned to Kacchan and asked again if he was okay.
Katsuki stood.

"Fine. You need to get going. I shouldn't keep you here this late."

"It's no problem. Helping you is my first priority Kacchan- a-after work that is." He stammered quickly, rising to a height just as tall and following.
"Who is Tamaki Amajiki?"

"I'll tell you tomorrow."
Izuku froze and a tremble moved his lips. He wanted to smile. He really did, but managed to keep it in.
"So we'll talk again tomorrow?"

From the sheer passion in his voice alone, Katsuki knew the man was excited and rolled his eyes with a snort.
"Yes, dumbass. Now get out of here."

A smile was biting at his lips, but Katsuki kept it back. Soon enough Deku was gone, the shop was shut and being alone suddenly didn't feel so painful.  

Kacchan had been next to him. Really next to him, leaning against his table and looking at him with his eyes. Did he know he was looking at his soulmate? Did he feel it? Of course he did, because Izuku felt it too. Bakugou was interested him and the image he'd portrayed. He knew he'd made himself look good, and despite the falsely reassuring depiction of a nerd to make the blond feel more comfortable, Deku had faith in his own ability to make and break hearts. 

After stumbling away hiding his sore erection under his over sized jumper, Izuku had to stop in the nearest alleyway and furiously pleasure himself. When he went home it hit him again in violent waves and his hand was sore from masturbation. 

Kacchan's eyes. Kacchan's stare. Kacchan's breath. Kacchan's drink. Kacchan's fingers touching his hair in thought. Kacchan's chest puffing out and his chin raising and eyes narrowing in such an unbelievably sexy way because he loved to look aggressive and powerful. For all the power and seduction he radiated, Izuku found Kacchan overwhelmingly cute. 

His erection did too, enjoying the memories and defiling several of his photo's of the blond rather violently. The desire to consume the blond down to every last speck of his flesh was growing just as rapidly as his fourth erection of the night. 

When he was done and gasping and ejaculating, he flicked open his laptop in a dark room and pulled up Kacchan's scree. What he discovered was a scene that interested him. 

 "I-It's late-" A frantic voice struggled to say, one eye peaking through the peep hole of a closed apartment door. 

"Yeah no shit, I have a fucking watch now open up."

The door was pulled open violently in seconds and Bakugou's head was forced to look up at the unexpected height. It wasn't the dwarf-like Tamaki who answered the door, but his 6'2 beef cake of a boyfriend with his eyebrows furrowed in anger. Anyone else might have taken a step back but Bakugou glowered his gaze just as much and took one forward. Mirio may have been big, but he had a heart so soft it made the other blond sick. 

"What do you think you're doing?"

"I have something important to ask your boyfriend."

"Not with that tone you don't."

Bakugou looked right over his shoulder at the anxious raven in nothing but an over sized T-shirt. His hand was out like he wanted to talk, but behind the fucking wall-like Mirio, that was almost impossible. 

"You were the last person to see Kirishima, do the police know that?"

He watched in real time as Mirio's eyes widened in realisation, heart sinking in what looked like pity for Bakugou. Pity. The same pity everyone on fucking campus kept giving him, beacuse they thought he was going through some mental breakdown. Just like that, the hulk of a male's shoulder's shrank and he looked back at his roommate with gentle eyes. 

"Yeah. I've had my interviews." Tamaki bit, eyes glaring off at the side unable to make contact. 

"Well now you're giving one to me."

"Bakugou wait," Mirio said, tone softer and one hand pressing lightly on Bakugou's chest. He had to be one of the most well known guys in the entire uni. He was the face of a lot of events and a peace maker who loved to play hero. To say Bakugou didn't respect him would be a lie, but that by no means meant he would kiss the ground the guy walked on. He threw the hand of his chest impatiently and locked eyes with the taller, older student. 

"I imagine Kirishima's disappearance has hit you the hardest. Why don't you come inside and have a hot drink instead of staying outside here in the cold?"

"What? Are you fucking serious? I'm here to get answers not to waste time-"

"I insist."

That's how Bakugou ended up sitting on the couch of the boy he was supposed to be intimidating. Though at the very least, he managed to reject the hot drink. 

"It's better like this anyway, we wouldn't want you waking up all our neighbours. So, what was it you wanted to ask?"

"Enough of the sappy shit," it was the early hours of the morning, but instead of being angry at the disturbance, the pair sat opposite him with only eyes of all warmth. "You left with Kirishima right? What time, where did you go, how long did you spend there and what state was he in?"

"Bakugou, I've already given my answers in interviews-"

"Well I need to fucking know."

Mirio put his hand on Tamaki's back but the raven didn't need any comfort. He almost seemed to through himself down on the couch opposite and tugged a cushion to cuddle over his long, naked legs. Kirishima and Tamaki had been close, and this knowledge made the pain in Tamaki's eyes enough to make Katsuki sick. 

He sucked in a breath before saying, "We took the train here and arrived around midnight or a little earlier."

Just hearing that Kiri had been here with Tamaki made the air smell sour and his heart feel foul. He could imagine them kissing and loving and being all fucking warm on these couches and it made Bakugou's hands and gut shake with disgust. 

"There was nothing out of the ordinary about him, if anything I think he sobered up a while here. He...he seemed fine so I had no concerns. We'd planned on him staying the night but then he got your text, I let him leave to walk home alone at around three-thirty. The dorms aren't far so-"


"Hm?" Tamaki stopped and his navy eyes flicked up to look at Katsuki. 

"What did you just say? My text?" Bakugou stammered in confusion and Mirio spoke up. 

"Do you not remember sending it?" He said it lightly, as if such a thing were normal. For anyone else at the party, yeah but Bakugou hadn't been drugged up or even tipsy. At three in the morning he'd been either asleep or had his mouth stuffed with Todoroki's cock. Not to mention that he'd read his chat with Kiri almost religiously and did not send him any fucking message. 

Bakugou's hands jerked up and he pulled up his conversation with Kirishima rapidly. It felt eerily cold to see their last messages had been shared several days ago. To see the unread mark on the many messages he'd sent since then and the lack of response. He barely scrolled up at all and he was there. There was no trace of the message he'd supposedly sent, looking up at Tamaki and scowling, "What the fuck are you talking about? I didn't send him any text." 

What Tamaki did could have been described as a scramble. His hair was flying and his hands trembling which made everything slower but his voice was low and level as he spoke.

"T-the police even confirmed that you did and I sent them screen shots. They confiscated your phone for a bit and checked just like they did with mine. Look."

Bakugou knew this all, so he narrowed his eyes and leaned in, seeing the police conversation with Tamaki. They'd removed him from being a potential suspect as soon as they'd found this evidence. Looking at the photo of said evidence, Bakugou narrowed his eyes. Bakugou watched with narrowed eyes, seeing a profile of his own mobile credit record with his name written in the top. 

To Kirishima, sent at 3:35am. Read at 3:40, deleted at 3:42. 

Kaminari's overdosed and he needs emotional help shitty hair. Get over here, we need you.

Kirishima: You at the party still?

Bakugou: At home.

Kirishima: Be right there x

His eyes kept looking between his phone and Tamaki's, seeing the interaction between Kirishima and him - the ghost of him - the messages his phone had no memory of sending just like him. How Kirishima's last recorded action was supposedly with him

Not Tamaki. Tamaki had been telling the truth. That night, Kiri had gotten a message from Bakugou. 

"Bakugou?" Tamaki asked shyly. 

"I-" His voice was sore, his heart afraid. "I didn't send this fucking message."

He must have sounded genuine, because Mirio stood up. 

"That's ok. There's no need to panic, you've told that police that, right?"


The police hadn't even fucking asked. They'd taken his phone and then they were done. No questions about the message, not even informing him that it existed! They hadn't even informed him of the fucking updates yet Tamaki had the investigator's fucking phone number. They had a whole fucking conversation and Bakugou had received NOTHING. As if Tamaki was somehow more important to Kirishima's investigation than him. As if he didn't live next to Kirishima, as if he wasn't his best friend as if-

As if he were a fucking suspect. 

Bakugou's blood ran cold. 

"I didn't send these messages." He repeated pathetically, his hands were cold and shaking, so confused. "I didn't send them."

"I believe you." Mirio started and Tamaki nodded his head. 

"We all know you weren't with Kaminari that night and you had an alibi because you stayed at Todoroki's." Tamaki said softly. "Why would you want Kirishima to come to your dorms when you weren't even there yourself?"

A cold feeling washed over him as realisation surfaced in his mind. 

"Someone wanted Kirishima at... at our dorms at three in the morning. My dorm. My cold, empty fucking dorm that he was heading to-"

"Calm down, calm down. Working yourself up won't achieve anything." Mirio said, urging him back into his seat and keeping a hand on his shoulder that Bakugou just wanted to burn. 
"Someone used me to lure Kirishima-"

"Now I know why everyone's giving up fucking hope-!" 

No one had told him about this! No one had the decency to tell him that Kiri's disappearance was more than him just taking a fucking spontaneous trip whilst drunk and high but a fucking crime. Someone had intent to hurt him and they'd used Bakugou. Had he made it home to their dorms? Or had whoever just been waiting for him in the trip between? 

No one had fucking told him but... 

Could he really blame them? He was the one who'd isolated himself. 

"Bakugou," Tamaki's eyes were so earnest, it made Bakugou feel childish for forcing all the jealous hostility between them. The older boy put his hands on Bakugou's blond hair and looked into his eyes.

"Nobody suspects you, if anything we're all concerned about you. The police are moving on with their investigation and we're working to find out where Kirishima is. You don't... you don't have to hold the burden of finding him alone. You don't have to spend your nights awake interviewing the rest of us. Trust me, you're not alone in this. We're gonna find him."

Bakugou sucked in a breath and nodded his head but, on the inside he knew that it was too late. He'd taken measures into his own hands, he'd resorted to the worst thing and he'd paid-



He hadn't meant to say it out loud, but having his mind connect the dots so quickly, he had.

Dabi fucking Todoroki. 

Bakugou'd had a bad feeling that night but he'd pushed it aside knowing Dabi wasn't there. Dabi hadn't been until the morning but... Now this was happening.

There was only one person near Bakugou's phone at 3am the morning the message was sent. The police knew it, their friend knew it, everyone in the fucking UA university knew it. This person just happened to be Dabi's younger fucking brother. 

For someone who apparently loved going through phones at 3am, Shouto Todoroki wouldn't answer his at 3am today. After leaving a dozen furious messages and getting no response, Bakugou stormed upstairs to that mother fucker's bedroom. 

The door wouldn't open even as he pounded and yelled. 

Dorm walls appeared to be fucking thin as Sero and Satou were out in seconds, rushing to him and trying to calm him down. 

The half and half was fucking grounded back at his old man's house. Of course. Bakugou should have known that. He did know that but rage was rage and Bakugou had an awful habit of being blinded by it. 

He looked up at Sero and opened his mouth to yell but forced himself to turn away. Seeing the boy and his familiar smile after so long resurfaced a wave of awful emotions. He felt the male's arm on his shoulder, calling his name calmly and attempting to take him into his dorm for comfort. 

Bakugou fucking ran, tears streaming down his face until his dorm door was shut. 


Why when things were just starting to look better did everything have to fall apart?

 Izuku wouldn't even pretend he enjoyed this because he did feel bad. Yes, he wanted Bakugou to suffer because it would bring that closer together. But that didn't mean he wanted Bakugou to suffer

He whined helplessly and watched the boy shudder and cry unable to sleep. He'd be skipping another day of school tomorrow at this rate, since seeing Sero's face alone had hit him so hard. Poor Kacchan. It must be so overwhelming. But he deserved it. Kacchan was never meant to find out about that message. Deku had thought he'd made sure of it by keeping him away from his friends. 

How ironic, that the reason Kacchan had come to know this secret was because Deku had jogged his memory. Stupid fucking Izuku. 

Izuku should have never let himself comfort the blond face to face, he knew he slipped up more when face to face with Kacchan's beauty. But it was too late, because now he was addicted. 

Gone were the days were he could watch him sob and feel content brushing his cheeks through the screen. 

Bakugou emitted spells of healing when Deku was beside him, and Deku was addicted to being at Bakugou's side like a drug. 

 "I've never had reason to suspect Shouto of shit like that." Kacchan bit angrily, feet pounding into the pavement at Deku's side. He was angry, but it annoyed Izuku the way the blond was a bit more composed around him than everyone else. Why did he cry because of fucking Sero when he acted so touch in front of him. 

"Well, you did sleep with him." Deku mumbled numbly. 

"The fuck are you insinuating? That Todoroki's on some possessive shit?! That he'd hurt Kirishima just because he knows that I'm-"

In love with him? Deku said it in his head after the blond cut himself off. 

Katsuki looked away, so distracted by inner turmoil that he didn't notice the grim line of Deku's lips beside him. That he completely missed the rage of the dark eyes penetrating his thoughts. Kacchan was so off guard around Deku now. So off guard it was almost painful because Deku could show more of his ugly self and get away with it.

They were walking side by side in the late night glow of city lights. They were far from all crowds, strolling the pavement path beside a closed park. Couples were around them and a few stalls getting in their last sales of street foods, hot drinks etc. It was beyond the time of Bakugou's cafe closing. Instead of staying there to talk that night, Izuku had insisted that they get some fresh air and go for a walk. 

They were almost there, almost to the heart of Izuku's list on how to make a boy fall in love, step by step. 

He'd gathered the information from stalking and researching and analysing. It wasn't some sappy magazine shit. It was the real, gritty dark shit no matter how unethical. The fastest way to get a boy to fall in love was to psychologically fuck with him and Deku loved fucking Katsuki in every way.

The first step was getting Kacchan comfortable around him. He'd sat quietly in his coffee shop for over 50 days now. Every day at the same time, predictable and dressed cute so Kacchan knew what to expect from him. Now his face was one that was familiar to Kacchan. Even without talking, he meant more to Kacchan then another random stranger. 

Secondly, he needed to attract Kacchan. 

Dressed in his work clothes and brands, hair dark and eyes keen that was no challenge. Even now, dorky glasses, thick scarf and dark jacket Izuku appeared attractive. It wasn't overwhelmingly so, but it was enough for Katsuki to put him above other customers. Enough to get the blond's interest. He maintained this, stuttering, wincing, mumbling and blinking repeatedly in a way that was cute and nonthreatening and forced Bakugou to let his guard down. Without even realising it.

Bakugou had no idea that every interaction between them was calculated down to Deku's own genius. 

However, this was only the basics. This was barely physical. To make Katsuki fall for him, and Katsuki would fall, he needed intimacy. A deeper emotional connection between them. Trust. Dependency. 

Deku arranged this intimacy in many ways, fooling the blond's emotions into making him think there was more between them than he thought.

He stayed as the last customer, he spoke to Katsuki when nobody was around, just them. He brought up Kirishima, he connected himself to Katsuki's personal life. He isolated the blond from his friends and spoke to him while all his friends were away and relieved the tension from him. He spoke to Kacchan at night, because Kacchan was vulnerable at night and the intimacy of sharing the dark together creating comfort that would endear him to the greenette much faster. 

In short, at night Katsuki's heart was open and his walls had fallen down. He'd penetrated Kacchan's walls and seen this side of him that almost no other people had seen. With Kirishima, his mother, Kaminari and the rest of them out of the picture anyway. It was fun! Deku's endeavours had been incredibly successful so far but they were only half way down his list. To make Katsuki fall for him there were other things they needed to do. They needed to go through something traumatic together. 

That would create a bond between them. That would fool Katsuki into associating Deku with someone he could be with at his most vulnerable. 

He needed to increase the attraction. 

A second glance was not a crush and Bakugou was like any other young adult male. He yearned for everything sexual. Deku could be sexual. Deku could link himself with Katsuki in that way and before they knew it, they'd be in love. 

Last but not least, Katsuki needed to associate Deku with more than just therapy, arousal, safety and intimacy. They needed fun, new memories and experiences. That's what he was doing right now, walking the streets of a beautiful scene at the blonde's side. It was purely psychological. Deku applauded himself for being so smart and decoding what the majority of fools believe was magic down to a few basic steps. 

"Is he not like that?"

His voice was intentionally sweet and soft and low spoken so Katsuki's ears were forced to train hard on him. Katsuki couldn't even venture too far from Deku, having to stay near to be able to hear him. As if connected to him by an invisible leash~ 

"No." Bakugou hissed, but on the inside he wasn't so sure.

Riddled with the fear of the unknown, his mind was linking Shouto more and more with a villain. Shouto wasn't like that but Dabi was. They were fucking brothers. A pair of brothers he felt like a fool for trusting, for playing with and thinking they'd never get him back for it. They appeared in his mind like serpents now, one luring him away while the other... 

Dabi had shown his face in the morning and Bakugou's heart had felt that something was wrong. He had known. He had the instinct to be cautious and yet, he'd stupidly let his fucking guard down. Just because he'd known Shouto since he was a silent, insecure kid. 

Had Dabi laughed when he'd asked for help finding Kirishima? Had Shouto fucked him with bad intentions, knowing that as he lured him away Kiri was...

Bakugou staggered and strong arms caught him. 

"Careful!" Deku gasped, voice more whisper than words and his arms reassuring supportive. 

"Thanks." He muttered before proceeding to slap Deku off. It was such a Kacchan gesture. He looked so pretty with weak legs. He looked so cute pretending to be strong and wearing his surface of manly pride.

Boy did Izuku love him. He loved knowing what Katsuki was thinking just from the look on his face. He loved the way the blue lighting of cold lamps and the cold moon made his skin look like art and his eyes bright with contrast. 

He'd lingered his touch for too long and Bakugou smirked at him. Deku pulled away quickly, stuttering and nervous in his oversized clothes. He was such a dork, it was kind of cute. 

"Enough about me." The blond finally breathed. "What's with you? I'm having a rough week but you have no excuse to be out this late."

"Maybe I just want to spend time with you, I mean, anyone would be crazy to turn down an opportunity to spend time with you." The idiot said it fast and low, hoping it would only be heard by himself, but the streets were so quiet, the only sound the occasional car passing that Katsuki heard it all. 

His eyes rolled but, it was the confidence boost he needed. It reminded himself that he was Katsuki Bakugou and gave him the courage to continue pretending that everything about him was perfect. 

"Aren't you mr full time business man? I heard you on the phone to your mom. Don't you have to be in at work really early?"

"I don't mind," He chimed happily, strolling beside him with a subtle skip in his step. He looked so dark and mysterious but acted so cute. Bakugou couldn't say he disliked the contrast of it. "I wouldn't have been able to sleep anyway. I'm kind of an insomniac. I work through the night most of the time too."

"On your laptop?" 

"Yeah." Izuku patted the bag at his side fondly. Katsuki's eyes saw more attachment to the thing than he'd seen before. He studied Deku, curious as to why. 

"I'm actually working whilst in your coffee shop too-"

"Don't call it mine. I just work there-"

"But it is! I only go there to see yo-ah!" Izuku blushed and his shoulders came up, trying to hide the words as if they weren't already passed his lips. Seeing this, Katsuki chuckled brightly at Deku's expense. 

"Dork." He joked, poking the male in the thigh before walking ahead. He was looking up past the trees and buildings to the stars. He was walking ahead as if he didn't know Izuku's eyes would absorb the sight of his ass from behind his thick, fake glasses. 

"What's your job anyway? Lawyer, Accountant, journalist..?" Bakugou listed, his voice wafting back in the cold towards Izuku's ears. 

"I'm a media analyst," He said, voice bright and smile wide enough that Katsuki had to turn back just to watch him with his quiet, pretty amber eyes. "Which basically means I'm a professional nerd. I used to be a journalist so you're pretty sharp for getting that. Now though, I get to analyse TV shows and media reports on crimes, world affairs, politics, gossip, the whole lot. It's really interesting to me!"

"That explains a lot." Katsuki snorted and Izuku rubbed his head. 

"Ah... Do I come off as very nerdy?"

"Yes." He said abruptly and rudely with a sadistic gleam in his eyes. "But that's not what I was talking about. I was talking about the other night, where I told you about Kirishima..."

His voice trailed off. 

"Kacchan," Deku said, it was Katsuki believed was the dork's best attempt a stern voice, "I thought you asked me to distract you from him."

"Yeah," He sighed. "It's not that easy."

"From now on, you're not allowed to say his name, got it?"

Deku couldn't hide the dominant flare of anger that burned in his chest. Katsuki nodded his head and agreed without looking at him. The greenette was glad for this, because he wasn't sure he could hold his real personality and all of it's sinful filth back in that moment. 

"Yeah. I... I'm surprised you were a journalist before Deku. How old are you exactly?"

Oh no. Was that apprehension in his voice? Kacchan couldn't be nervous of him! He wasn't any older! He really wasn't. 

"We're the same age." He blurted. 

Katsuki raised a brow, "I never told you my age."

Fuck.Fuck.Shit. Fuck. No! He hadn't meant to- He hadn't meant to let that slip and it wasn't on his name tag or available to any other customer and how was he going to get out of this-

"'Come on Bakubro, you're eighteen you should live a little' Kirishima said that once." Izuku quoted, voice calm in his impression and his eyes looking Katsuki straight ahead and still. Sadness distracted those eyes enough for him to buy the shitty lie. Just as intended, Kirishima was a weak point. An easy way to pull the wool over Kacchan's eyes. 

Bakugou couldn't remember Kiri saying that exactly but, that did sound like something he'd say. 

"Oh, right. I'm not supposed to mention his name either. Let me save this! I can still save this! I can ramble - rambling is my talent. I seem older because I never went to high school. I got a job as a journalist right after middle school at about 14 or 15 thanks to my dad's connections with working in media."

Lies. lies. Lies. 

He didn't want to lie to Kacchan. 
It wasn't fair that while he got to see the deepest depths of Katsuki, he had to keep himself hidden away. 

"It all started with my obsession with All Might cartoons when I was little! I couldn't stop watching them and making fan theories! I loved heroes! I still do, even media heroes like that police and crime stories."

"Me too." Katsuki hummed, eyeing Deku with a slight smile. "Great. Knowing you like All Might cartoons too means I have something in common with a nerd. Just great."

"Well," Izuku giggled, "At least I'm a cute nerd~"


Not expecting Katsuki to agree, in that low tone with that smile keen on him, Deku's smile fell and his eyes went wide, cheeks obviously hot. 


"I said you're cute Deku. You are." Katsuki said, taking a step forward and fuck- Deku had been acting before but now his heart was beating for real.

"You're fucking cute you know that," He said it so confidently. He felt Katsuki's hands reach out and smelt his fragrance. He felt them tug at his scarf playfully and suddenly every muscle in his body was yearning. "The way you stutter and blush all the time despite looking like you should be so confident. It's cute."

"Y-You shouldn't say things like that Kacchan." The male swallowed and stuttered and attempted to get away, foot sliding back. "You're a... an insanely good looking guy and it might give the wrong idea or false hopes to people like-"


Cutting him off with a relaxed look on his pretty face, and his eyes locked on Deku's, he stepped in and brought their mouths together for a slow, heartwarming kiss. It meant nothing to Katsuki. Deku was cute, fun and easy. He needed some stress relief and Deku looked like he'd be interesting to fuck. But when they pulled away, Deku was looking up at him with his head tilted and his heart practically pouring out of his eyes. 

He melted in Katsuki's hands like putty. Too easy. 

Bakugou didn't mind playing with him. He didn't mind breaking away from the stress of his life and having some fun. 



Chapter Text

Katsuki was willing to take the train home but Izuku had other plans. 

There was a hotel much nearer. Deku was willing to pay. The man was so whipped he'd have paid double if Katsuki had asked. He didn't abuse this though, setting his sights past the grandeur of the hotel and on Izuku himself. 

The second they got in Bakugou was on him. He oozed dominance, slamming Deku back into the door before he could even inhale the room's cleanly scent. Katsuki kicked the door shut, trapping Izuku between him and it.
Katsuki was all over Izuku and the greenette was falling into him. Their lips crushed together, the feeling of their mouths and bodies close consuming. It gave Izuku almost no time to absorb every detail, every taste and shape of Katsuki's lips as so much information was gushing to his brain at once he was dizzy. Despite his reaction, the blond was kissing him gently because Deku was gentle. That didn't mean it lacked passion. His tongue infiltrated his mouth and his lips savaged his. There were no teeth but the curious, furious sliding of tongues. Deku was kissing back and moaning and twitching and tilting his head as if Katsuki's taste was slowly poisoning him in the best way.
Kacchan loved it.

He loved every second of it, of turning to Deku to mush in his hands so effortlessly, because Deku was just that into him.
"Fuck," he breathed at the taste of the nerd, which was had a surprising spice despite looking so soft and sweet. Moss green pools looked up at him helplessly, lips wet and kiss bitten and freckles flushed. His hands were gripping at blond hair until Katsuki grabbed at his wrists and pinned him flat against their door, crushing his weight with his body. Their eyes locked and he watched as Deku's Adam's apple dipped down with his swallow. 
"You want to touch me Deku?" He asked, leaning into his face with their lips near and their tongues still burning from the taste of one another.
"Yes." He pleaded, begged already. So fucking easy.

"You want me to touch you here," He asked, grinding their hips and chest together through the thick, restricting layers of their clothes. Deku gasped but didn't moan, his voice was so soft. As if he was constantly afraid of being loud.

"You fuckin perv." Katsuki accused and their locked eyes.

Deku looked at him, a whine lost in his throat as if he wanted to resist but stopped himself. He wasn't quite bold enough to deny it, when he wanted the heat and burn of Katsuki's touch so desperately. Katsuki could read him like a book, wrapped around his finger. 
Suddenly they were kissing again and the wet sounds of lips on lips flooded the room, fingers threading through hair and over tight asses and up and inside shirts beneath clothing. Clothing that soon became nonexistent.

Katsuki was a fucking animal with how efficiently he tore at Deku's clothes, stripping him bare and Izuku was just as eager. When they weren't sucking the saliva off each other's tongues they were biting at each other's necks and fuck- Katsuki sucked it just right, just there where he wanted.
"Ah~" He breathed with Katsuki behind him, ass trapped before a hard cock with one hand up inside his shirt, pinching his nipples hard. "Kacchan~"

"Stupid fucking nickname." Katsuki bit but he said it so perfectly and cruelly with a violet tug of his hair and a snarl in that low, gravelly voice. Deku almost came right there, expression strained and thighs tensing. His teeth clenched and his jaw was tight under Katsuki's biting teeth. 
Suddenly he was spinning, pushed down onto his back on the bed as Kacchan appeared in all his glory was above him. Deku was pretty sure he sat forward just for a better look, mouth hanging open and eyes wide. Katsuki had straddled him and trapped his legs in such a way, it made it impossible for him to move, entirely at the blond's violent, unforgiving mercy.

This was the perfect position to worship him, the perfect position to show Kacchan his loyalty. To show him all the extents he'd go through to make the blond feel good. Katsuki saw this in hazy green eyes as he held the other's face between his fingers and tilted it up for show. He looked so fucked out already. 
Katsuki realised this with the cruellest of smirks and a bitter, sadistic sort of laugh. Deku wasn't sure if it rushed faster to his heart or his dick.

Crawling up to him with surprising flexibility he grabbed Katsuki, legs still crossed beneath the others hips and kissed him on the lips, hugging him around the chest. He was so cute, hugging him in the middle of such a rough scene.

"Deku," Katsuki ordered but didn't need to say anything more, grabbing the nerd by his vest - the last of his damned layers and pulling it over his head.
Deku flinched and tried to hide. His tan skin was a gorgeous colour. It was off at points where his skin was criss-crossed with scars. Scars.
Katsuki stopped and stared, Deku's vest still in his hands because he'd paused mid motion. Clothes on, Deku didn't seem like the type for battle scars and muscles. 
Without clothes, he was like a completely different man.

His clothes did well to cover how well built he was. His muscles were wide and tight as if Deku could lift three times his weight or grab Katsuki and pin him like a fucking doll. His abs were another story, even with him flinching and hiding into himself and fuck-
Deku was affecting him in another way now. He could feel his cock grow hard and needy just from the sight of Deku's golden abs. Just from the ever so slight kiss of friction pressing up against it as he straddled Deku's naked hips. Like this, his length rested right between two carved muscles in the cleavage between. 

"K-Kacchan?" He asked, voice small and so much like Deku it broke him from his trance.
At the sight of him naked, he'd almost forgotten that this was Deku. The shy, bashful Deku he knew who'd sat silently in a coffee shop, too shy to approach the guy he liked.
He'd need to take control for this but that was okay.
Hot hands brushed suddenly over Deku's pecs in a slow deliberate way, as if admiring the texture and strength of his skin. He shuddered all over. Katsuki's expression was mysteriously still. It was an expression Deku had never seen on the blond's face before. It was almost like when he was studying something, but different. His eyes were half closed behind a thick set of blond and honey lashes because they were lowered down. Deku couldn't have been more grateful to be appreciating the blond from this position.

The intimacy of the stare was unnerving, making him shiver in ways he couldn't believe and making the silence between them thick with tension and arousal and then-
Rough fingertips curled around both of his nipples at the same time and Deku keened, arching off the bed and whining high. Katsuki watched heat flood over every speck of his fawn coloured freckles and wanted to taste him.
So he did.
Sucking on his nipples and taking the sweet buds into his mouth, his fingers spread down over nude hips with sparks in his fingers from the thrill of touching Deku. Of moving him and lifting their hips slowly together in gentle rocks to the pace of his tracing tongue.
Izuku's own tongue slipped from his lips and drooled with the heavenly moans he struggled to keep back.

"I'm gonna fuck you Deku," Katsuki sighed against his lips, fingers clenched around the meat of his tight ass. Izuku gasped and pushed Bakugou away, eyes clenched shut and breath heavy. He watched confused, grabbing the arm Deku had used to push him over only to stare intrigued.
"S-no..I'm gonna cum."
One of Bakugou's brows raised with interest.
"You gonna cum?" His asked, voice low and controlled and dripping with darkness.

"Stop!" Deku gasped, rolling over and covering his own leaking cock. "I-I can't- I'm gonna-AH!"
Kacchan grabbed his dick for him in annoyance and held it tight at the tip to keep all the cum in. He was half tempted to reach down and lick at the tip, just to watch those emerald eyes roll back. He didn't though, resisting his urges with only a sadistic glance down directly at Deku's cock, which may as well have been a lick anyway with how the nerd reacted.
"Please- I- I can't keep it in."
He had his hands covering his face now, hiding away when Katsuki suddenly realised what he was saying.

"Oh." He leaned back, "You want to put your cock in me, Deku?"
Fuck. Blood rushed south so fast Deku's head fell back and he felt dizzy, breathless.
It was all he managed to say and he sounded half strangled, not breaking eye contact. His fully aroused cock still tall at his hips on the brink of orgasm. He was literally in the palm of Katsuki's hand, and the blond would be lying if he said he didn't love it. He wasn't sure at first and took his time deciding. He was in control here, nobody waiting for him and not a drip of his skin that wasn't confident.
He'd been looking forward to watching Izuku squirm, this was his thought process for making Deku take it but- Who was he fucking kidding? Katsuki could make this fucking nerd squirm even as a bottom.

It wouldn't even be a challenge but he'd fucking enjoy it like one anyway.
The moment Izuku peeked out and saw that dirty smile, he knew it was game over.
Katsuki sat up and switched their position in a single, easy swoop of his legs. Now Deku's were free and Bakugou's legs were squatted above him, ass in the air just above straddling him.
"You want to fuck this, Deku?" He said dangerously with a harsh slap of his hands on his own, perfect beautiful ass. The sound was crisp and clear and solid and probably made his own ass cheeks sting.
He was still marked up from Dabi but Deku could hardly bring himself to care. He was far too busy trying not to come or die of happiness. 

"Yes." Deku said, saying the words as if they were water and he was thirsting. He tried to lean forwards again but Katsuki pushed him down. His words were so few but his eyes said it all, overflowing with words and praise and adoration. 
Kacchan could barely keep back the mouthwatering smile from his face as he said, "Fine," and spread his ass around Izuku's straining, pulsing cock.

"A-Ah~!" Izuku's squirming was instant and Katsuki hadn't even touched him yet. He ground his ass with Deku's pre, getting it sloppy and wet before ripping of a condom with his teeth and stroking it on.
When he penetrated himself on Deku, it was sudden.
"If you fucking cum I'll strangle you."

Izuku looked up at him like the words made him want to cum even more. Katsuki felt perfect inside and Izuku was torn between closing his eyes and relishing in the sensation of Katsuki's insides sucking on his hotly. The pressure between his inner walls so tight, he wanted nothing more than to grip the boy's hips, spreading those thighs around him and fuck him so hard he screamed.
But Deku held back. His hands were planted flat on his own face to hide his blush and when Katsuki finally sank down to the base and released a slow, breathy moan Izuku choked on the air.

"Fuck, you're big~ You're lucky you've got such a nice thick cock for me Deku or ah~"
He begun to rock his hips without losing the ability to talk despite having his ass fucked so full and fuck! Kacchan was not making it easy for him! How could he look so fucking good doing something so vile and dirty? How could his skin look so flawless whilst scratched and burned from the knife of some fucking piece of damned shit?
"Y-you good~!" Deku moaned, as Katsuki suddenly started to work his hips up and down.

"Like that? Hm- I would've never let a dork like you fucking top me."
It was an insult but it hurt so good. Everything about Katsuki did as he picked up pace and suddenly, his ass was clenching Deku in like a fucking suction cup. Every time his ass slammed down on his base he felt a shudder of heat ripple through him to his tip and his balls draw tighter and tighter. He wouldn't last long but he wanted Kacchan to come first.
He wanted to make him feel good. He wanted Kacchan to remember him on hot nights alone. He wanted Katsuki to dip his hands under his covers at night and stroke himself to climax with the memory of his soulmate's cock planted firmly inside his guts. 

"Hold me, hm, fuck you hit it good hmm~" He ordered, grabbing Izuku's hands and holding them firm on the intimate dips of his hips. Izuku's hands almost fit around them entirely and they stroked up to his waist until his finger tips met. Fuck.
"Ah-" Katsuki was working himself, changing the angle so he was spread wider before Izuku and the greenette watched the blond work himself on his cock as he should. Katsuki's free erection bounced with the movement of his hips and Izuku wanted to suck on it but knew he couldn't quite reach. In his crawl he must have shifted his hips just right because the blond above him shuddered from his hips right up to his spine and-

"Ah-Ohh fuck- right there!" The sound shocked Deku and his gritt his teeth so he wouldn't spill his seed inside the blond. "You feel that Deku?"
The friction of pure lust made his voice hoarse and silky all at once. He hit himself at that angle again and Deku felt his cock strike something that had Katsuki clenching and a high whine emitting in short from his throat. It sounded so vulnerable and raw and sexy.
His penis quivered inside the boy's ass and Deku had no idea what sounds he himself was making as he was so lost in staring at Katsuki. Deku did feel it. He felt the knot of Katsuki's prostate tight and warm and deep inside him, throbbing with his touch and making the blond's cock twitch. 

"Fuck- yes, hit it again~"
Deku did, jerking his hips up once though he kept himself slow and Katsuki gasped, almost falling over from the sudden strength that hit him there.
"Deku fuck-!" He moaned incredulously, voice growing in volume and wildness.
"Fuck- do that again, do it. Fuck me. fuck me uh-!"
He wasn't going to but how could he not, how could he not when Kacchan asked so nicely? Izuku's hands were digging into smaller hips hard, not only to touch the boy but to keep himself restrained as he jerked his hips up and down at a controlled pace that he didn't let get too fast.
It was enough.
It was enough to put continuous pressure on Kacchan's prostate and make his toes curl and his voice shrill and feral and sexy as fuck with every spread of his warm ass around Izuku's dick.

He couldn't breathe. He was going to cum. he was going to cum inside Katsuki and the blond was so beautiful he was-
Deku was fucking sobbing but Katsuki was too high to pay attention or care. Deku hit it so fucking good, his ass slammed in pace to his cock stroking roughly between the two of their hard abs and he wanted to cum.
He wanted to cum all over Izuku's sexy ass body and his abs. He thought about how many times the fucking pervert had longed for this whilst watching him serve coffee, maybe checking out his ass as he turned and fantasising about slamming Katsuki over a table in the middle of the fucking cafe.

He thought about how dark, handsome and mysterious the stranger had been and how his cock was inside Katsuki now. His own walls clenching down hard only made it harder to resist. His orgasm was creeping near and Deku's rough, exploring fingers helped it as the traced his hips and waist and pressed down on the bulge in his navel from where Izuku's cock hit him deep.

"Izuku I'm gonna cum!" He cried out, not believing he was really there before Deku but his skin was hot and it felt so fucking good, so different to the violence and domination he was used to from Dabi. So new and refreshing from the competition of Shouto. So fucking exhilarating to hear Izuku's moans and breathy gasps right against his ear as his back arched had and ribbons of cum exploded with heat from his pounding dick.
Izuku didn't stop and suddenly picked up pace so unexpectedly Katsuki almost came again. His prostrate was fucking battered and his ass cheeks pinched so hard as his hole was stretched. The orgasm spread right down to his fucking toes and when it was done, he felt Izuku whimper and wet heat spill in the condom inside him.
He slumped forward and grabbed Deku to give him a slutty, sloppy hormone driven kiss, holding his mouth near with the tugs of his violent hands.

As it turned out, the hotel Deku had got was fucking nice. Katsuki had just been too distracted to pay attention to it. 
When all was said and done and he wanted to roll over and sleep, Izuku surprised him with an order of snacks to the room. By snacks, it was only Katsuki's favourite fucking spicy noddles served as if it were some expensive shit but he was grateful.

"Thanks sugar daddy." He joked, joining Izuku on the balcony to nibble away.
It was chilly out, and both of them were still naked apart from the boxers they'd tugged on. Izuku only nodded at him with a dreamy look in his eyes. As if agreeing that he was a sugar daddy without even an issue. Kacchan saw it for what it was but didn't want to deal with it now. These noddles were fucking good. He ate them up and not once did Izuku look away from him as he did. He had no food for himself. Katsuki on the other hand had a small feast with two fruity drinks to choose from, a small dessert and of course, strawberries and cream.

The cliche food for your significant other.

Bakugou had never been so fucking spoilt on a one night stand. He humoured Deku and licked his cock under the table under the sunrise, making him cum on his cheek without warning after no more than a handful of sucks.
What a fucking dork.

With sunrise, and sensibility, Izuku lost his charm quickly. He started saying weird shit and his muttering got annoying. Bakugou was half certain he was just grouchy but when Izuku gripped him by the hips and started to lavish at his neck without asking, sickness arose in him.
It reminded him of Dabi. Of the burns and stings on his skin reminding him how much of a filthy fucking slut he was.
He could shower at home.

Katsuki was going home. He was dressed before Izuku could even breathe a complaint but the doe eyed male followed him like a fucking puppy to the door.
"You're going?" He sounded disappointed, opening his lips to say something more but his lips fell shut again in a straight line without another word. Whatever he'd wanted to say had been held back. Even without knowing what it was Deku would say the blond was glad. He didn't want to hear it right now. 
"Yeah. You're forgetting I'm a student."
"Yeah." Izuku said, in that forced tone of his again.

He was definitely acting different. His eyes were somewhat narrower without his bright glasses. Deku's lashes were thick and the charm of his emerald eyes was gone. In the dim room, they looked close to black.
Katsuki turned to leave without a word, but then a high whisper of a voice caught him by the throat and made his gut twist and churn with sickness.
"I love you Kacchan."

The words hit him with a chill. 
Bakugou stood there, eyes wide as flashes of something foreign and awful filled him. Was it pity? Disgust? Self hatred for leading this fool on or... was it something worse?
As if the words hadn't frozen him, he rolled his eyes and brushed Deku off, leaving the hotel and its mistakes without another word.

Part of Katsuki felt sick. At the very least, he'd stopped giving a shit about missing school. His bed was warm and clean and most importantly, empty. He'd scrubbed himself clean in the shower, some of his cuts rubbed raw but he didn't care. The scent of Izuku was gone and only his own soap and Kirishima's shampoo comforted him. 
Instantly after that, he passed out for the next 11 hours.

He woke up at three in the afternoon to quiet, almost nervous tapping on his door. For some reason, a wave of apprehension washed over him. He kicked himself up out of the bed and strolled to the door in his pyjamas. He pulled the first bolt, then the chain then twisted the actual lock.
When he opened the door, it was Kaminari's familar nervous face that greeted his eyes.
He tried to slam the door but Kaminari was already inside and hugging him tight.

"Fuck. Shit. I'm..." He sounded so ashamed, pulling away from Katsuki but still lingering the touch on his wrist as if afraid to let him go. "I'm sorry."
His eyes were averted.
"Sorry about the hug I just... I haven't seen you in so long bro. No homo." He whispered quietly and sadly. Bakugou was still half asleep and confused. He rubbed his eyes and stepped back, watching as the other blond fell apart at the seams and began to ramble. 
"But not just about that. I know you don't like to hug but I mean I'm sorry about everything. I-"
Before he could start his speech, Bakugou brushed him off and walked away.
"I forgive you."

"You do?"
Kaminari was bad at hiding how happy he was to hear that. He tried to recover quickly. 
"Cause if you don't it's okay. I've been a really shitty friend and I have a whole speech-"
"And I have a head ache so I don't want to hear it. Come sit."

The other blond shut himself up and sat beside Katsuki in the small dorm. He looked around and saw the unmade bed and fixed his gaze just above red eyes, where Bakugou imagined his hair was wild. 
He'd had sex, then a shower then slept without brushing or drying it.
"Did I wake you up?"

Having Denki here felt surreal. It felt like a memorial of a previous life, one he'd thought he'd lost. 
"I would've gotten up soon anyway." He muttered.
Honey gold eyes were all over him actually.
"Did you... hook up with someone?"

"Yeah." Bakugou said, shifting uncomfortably. He hadn't even examined the state of his body for more marks. For a second there, he almost felt the burning shame of a slut. But when Denki continued without judgement, he remembered that this was Denki.
"With who?"

He seemed incredulous, as if annoyed at whoever had the audacity to fuck Bakugou in this sensitive time. Now that he was awake and sore with regret, Bakugou appreciated the incredulity in Denki's expression. Bakugou had been stupid to fuck someone with his mental health in such a state. 
"Some nobody I know from work."

Hearing it wasn't another student, Denki visibly relaxed. 
And that was that. Somehow, Katsuki ended up yawning and sitting on the floor. Kaminari sat on the bed behind him, brushing out his hair tenderly and catching him up on all the things with college. And by that, Bakugou of course meant the people there, not the actual work. Mina had handed out missing persons posters of Kiri like he was some fucking dog. The girl's netball club had been busted for hooking up with their rivals from another college. Some girl had blown up the science lab and a whole load of other things Katsuki didn't really care about. 

But hearing Denki's voice and hearing these stories grounded him, slowly pulling him back to the world of UA that he'd almost forgotten. He missed it, he realised, with the sudden vigour to get his schedule back on track. 

"Sero told me... about the other night. Are you and Todoroki fighting?"
"Me and everyone are fighting."
"You're not fighting with me." He announced happily, stroking the brush through his ash blond hair with a chirp in his voice. "Or Mina."
"I haven't spoken to Mina."

"Does that automatically mean you're fighting with her?"
"No but-"
But what? Kaminari actually had a point for once, and the shock of it made it hard for Katsuki to form words.
"I haven't... spoken to her. I haven't apologised."
At this, Kaminari laughed. "You? Apologise?"
"Shut up!" Bakugou flushed.

"That't not what I meant, it's just funny to me that you want to apologise when all everyone's been thinking about is how to say sorry to you! I don't think it's even crossed anyone's mind that they should be expecting the opposite."
For some reason, those words made the blond feel warm.

"We should go up to Sero's and talk if you're free. He misses you. We all do."

Strangely, he'd forgotten it was that easy. He'd forgotten that he could just go knocking on his friends doors to talk whenever he felt like it. Kaminari's words made him realise that he was literally living in a building between all of his friends.
The only one closing doors had been him.

Just like that Sero's door was open and they were walking inside. They didn't joke at first, but they did talk. They talked about how worried everyone was and how they thought Bakugou was sick. For way too long, they spoke until Bakugou had to call up work and cancel his shift because he was 'sick.' He admitted, he did walk into the room both looking and feeling ill. But by the time he left, he felt so much better. 

For the first time in too long, he was smiling. An actual smile, not a fake expression used to hide anything. He called Mina and met her in the common room once he'd had enough of Sero and Denki's antics. Just like Denki, the second she saw him she caught him in a hug. More, a hug and a squeeze and a kiss on both of his cheeks. Mina won't let go of him and people were staring and smirking, Bakugou wanted to fight. She cancelled her plans with the other girls and offered to take him to dinner and-

He gave in. He fucking gave in and forgave all his friends and opened up to them. All this time imposer syndrome had been burning him from the inside out. He'd thought these were Kiri's friends and not his.
But when they talked to him and looked and him and comforted him like this, he realised how good to him they were. He realised how fucking stupid he had been. 

What Mina said really struck. They'd lost Kiri and felt like they were losing Bakugou too. They felt like they were unable to do a thing about it. 
With a dry throat, Bakugou realised that he'd been hurting all his friends when he should have been helping them. So for the first time in a long time, he apologised. He apologised and Mina started to sob loudly until he had to comfort her in his Bakugou way. Then they were laughing and ordering drinks and the world felt so bright. 

That only left Shouto. 

The boy was no where to be seen of course, hidden away under Enji Todoroki's house arrest. None of Bakuogu's messages had even been read. His dad must have confiscated his phone too with the rest of his freedom. 
Embarrassed, Katsuki deleted the voicemails in a flurry but couldn't bring himself to forgive Shouto just yet.
Not without knowing who'd used his phone that night.
Not without finding Kirishima.

For all the light that shined on Bakugou today, when he went back into the room feeling refreshed and caught up on studies, muscles fresh from a shower and a dance, the darkness of Kirishima's kidnap still lingered over it all.
He looked out of his small balcony and saw the bins and cars below. It was a small alleyway. Without all the balcony windows peering down on it, it would be the perfect place for a crime.
If the dorms were empty that night, say, everyone was at a party - conveniently, Todoroki's party - it would be a different story.
Had Kirishima passed this alleyway on his way back to Bakugou's that night? Had he not made it that far?
Stars above his head behind a cloudy night sky, Bakugou heard a quiet tune. He turned back his head into the dark of his door and saw the outline of a glowing square on is bed.
It was a call from an unknown number.
Sitting down on his bed and leaning his head back on the wall, he answered, "Hello?"


It was Dabi's voice but so low and stern he almost didn't recognise it. After the therapy of today, Bakugou didn't want to be nervous but knowing it was him made his heart skip a beat of hope. Dabi never called Bakugou by his first name.

"Yeah?" Was all he could say dumbly, hopefully. If he wasn't already sitting in the dark, his knees would have gave out. He knew not to give too much information away on the phone. Why was Dabi using an unknown number anyway? He was prepared for the worst, prepared to cry and kick and scream but his thoughts were cut off by three simple words.

"We've found him."


Chapter Text

Bakugou pressed the phone firmly to his ear, turning his back to the light of the balcony. Darkness faced him inside, lighting only the dots in his eyes. 
"You found him?"
"There's no time for questions with who is involved. You need to come to the meeting place."

He didn't specify where that was or a time and Bakugou was nervous but his heart was jittery with hope. At least, he wanted to hope. Dabi's voice was so grim it was really putting him off.
"Come alone. Don't tell anyone."

Those were orders, he realised. Not requests. Dabi wasn't talking to Bakugou as a friend the way they talked when they were alone. He was talking as if he had the boss beside him with a gun to his head. Bakugou's ears strained to listen for more, for the telltale whispers that it was a trap. The hairs on his arms and neck stood upright but no plots were heard. His Adams apple bobbed down as he swallowed and his eyes slowly fell down. 

"Most importantly," Dabi paused, his voice so slow it was like he wanted Katsuki to die listening. "Don't bring a phone."
Suddenly, his phone weighed a thousand tons. It slipped from his fingers, jumping down against the covers and landing faced down. 

"Fuck!" He cursed and stumbled after it, hands shaking and sending it further. Even as he rushed to pick it up, he was too slow. He turned it,faint screen brightening the ever darkening room. Too late. Dabi had hung up and an empty feeling settled. The light of his phone faltered and the room fell to darkness once more. Bakugou stood above, still staring it at as a cool breeze washed in. The room was dark now, so dark he could barely see his reflection in the black screen before him. His own eyes stared back at him. His chest was tight, half leaned forward, half stiff. 

Don't bring a phone? Don't bring a fucking phone?

They'd never asked him not to bring one before. 

Were they... going to do something to him?

Logically thinking this was a perfect trap; one that he'd been in motion for a long time but this was the final piece. Yes, Bakugou's brain decided that sounded about right as his imagination rushed to fill in the blanks.
Todoroki had hosted a party so nobody was in the dorms - the dorms would become the crime scene. While Dabi took Kirishima away to do fuck knows what, they'd distracted Bakugou, sent the text. Kiri had been deceived and without him Bakugou was vulnerable; backed into a corner; forced to rely on the fucking bastard he wished he'd never second glanced now. Now he was here. In this situation. If Dabi was the mastermind of this, this was the end. What was his end goal?
He'd lure Katsuki under the guise of something about Kirishima and Bakugou would never be seen again.
It was the perfect crime. It was-
It was terrifying. Bakugou was scared down to every alarmed bone in his body but Bakugou didn't look it. He was up and dressed to leave in seconds, even as paranoia swirled in his mind. His jacket was on and he was ready in seconds. Wallet, money, phone.

Katsuki had left it on the bed.

He looked at it, approached it cautiously, wondering whether or not it would be worth the risk of bringing it. There was no reason for them to tell him not to bring it. Not unless they were going to kill him or take him away or- 
His phone had GPS and the government could be watching him.

"Imagine if everyone did have an FBI agent stalking there phone?"

That was Kirishima.

Bakugou stopped dead in his tracks. That was Kirishima's voice randomly replaying in his head. It was loud and clear - clear as a fucking ghost whispering in his ear and the air was so cold he wouldn't be surprised if there was one. If Kiri was trying to tell him something!

Something wasn't right.
Bakugou lifted up his phone and looked into his own camera, really looked at it. He half expected to see an eye. He half expected a hand to reach out and pull him in. All he saw was his own haunting reflection.
Something wasn't right.

Bakugou ripped the card and battery out of his phone and left it dismembered on his bed. He was about to leave and be done with it but fuck, a wave of anxiety chilled him and he stumbled back inside, yanking out a notepad and scribbling a long, messy note.
It read today's date and the time he left, the place he was going, the people he was meeting, their names their address, Todoroki, Kirishima and the vortex of thoughts threatening to implode his brain. 
The sight of it made his knees weak because if it were found it could put him in prison. But if he were already missing, it could save his life. It was only a thin sheet of paper, but it could ruin the League and everything about them. 
Only then could Bakugou bring himself to leave.

Izuku was panicking from the moment Katsuki looked into his soul. It only increased as he watched helplessly as the blond destroyed his phone- destroyed the link between them - destroyed Izuku's ability to look out for him! It had been a spiral of bad events all day ever since he'd slept with Kacchan. He knew he shouldn't have! He knew he shouldn't! He knew he shouldn't! He knew he shouldn't! He knew he shouldn't! He knew he shouldn't!

He knew he shouldn't have met Kacchan because he made errors in real life. He fucked up in real life! He made mistakes and ruined his own well devised plans just because he couldn't resist going to Kacchan. A real, living, breathing, sweating, blinking, moaning Kacchan. 

Izuku fucking hated himself now possibly more than he'd ever had.
He shook his screen and pressed every button, resetting, rewiring and disconnecting and reconnecting the link between his and Kacchan's phone in hopes of being able to see Kacchan but there was nothing! No Kacchan! The screen remained dark. 

It was worse than rejection. Worse than Kacchan nudging past him and refusing to acknowledge Izuku confessing his love. Yes, that day had hurt but it hadn't mattered. After all, Kacchan had let him fuck him, he was hardly going to complain. Besides, that was a very Kacchan gesture. Brushing him of, acting mean, shoving and glaring. They were all so Kacchan. 

What wasn't like Kacchan was skipping work. 

No. That wasn't like him at all and earlier that day, sitting in the coffee shop watching some other employee, Izuku's insides felt rotten. He felt personally responsible, certain that it had been him to ruin Kacchan. One touch was all it took to contaminate Kacchan - the boy who never missed a workout or work because Deku touches him once and boom-

Kacchan is skipping work. Oh, but it was worse. It was so much worse. Turning on his spyware and listening in to every one of Mina and Denki and Sero's pretty fucking words and Kacchan surprised Deku once more. He approached his friends. He approached his fucking friends and Izuku's plans crumbled in seconds. Why had Kacchan had a change of heart? Deku could only blame himself. He threaded his fingers through his webs of hair and pulled at his scalp hard, hiding his face and pressing his fingers in until his fingertips turned white. 

Instead of his love making Kacchan realise Deku was the only one for him, it had done the exact opposite. It had made him miss his friends. It had made him miss human contact. FUCK. If he'd just waited longer things would have been different. All because he couldn't resist the temptations of a real Kacchan. 

"This wasn't how it was supposed to be," He growled and then sobbed. "You were- you were supposed to forget about them Kachan. I was supposed to," He breathed a sigh.

"I was supposed to hold back and take things slow so we could get used to each other and you wouldn't need anyone else. You were supposed to think about me Kacchan, not wake up and talked to fucking Denki." 

His voice turned menacing again, his own dark eyes looking back at him in the blank reflection of his many screens. He pushed a button and the light flicked on again, his notes coming up, but Kacchan's live stream still missing. It flashed again. Then again. Then again every three seconds or so as he spoke. 

"You were supposed to wake up with the memory of my fingers on your skin and my erection inside you," he whispered intimately. "You were supposed to warm up and feel blood rushing to your cock and touch yourself on camera for me, thinking about me, moaning to me."

Izuku swallowed, feeling his own face flush hot. Not only with arousal, but with shame. Real people weren't so easy to manipulate. Real people weren't predictable in social activity and it Kacchan certainly wasn't an easy toy. It was ridiculous, how much Izuku had underestimated Kacchan. It was ridiculous and he only had himself to blame.

"FUCK!" Izuku stood up and slammed his heavy screen violently to the floor with a single, restrained movement he hadn't meant to be that rough. He watched it strike the floor hard with the sad, desperate whirr of dying machinery, the glass screen shattered into a cobweb with colours glitching before it slowly died. Just like all the other things that had died because of Izuku's hands. His fingers were itching, scars dry and veins popping. 

Kill, hurt and destroy as he might, Deku had no control over anything. Least of all, his emotions. Nothing amplified emotions like a dark, lonely room. 
As if to pour salt in his wounds, Dabi had made that call. What had he found out? What did that scarred up piece of scabby fucking shit know? Was he going to take Kacchan into the darkness of his car again and-

Over Deku's dead body. Suddenly Kacchan was gone. 
All of his screens flickered off.
His mic dead.

For the first time, no amount of typing and scheming could save him. His door slammed shut behind him, heading out with his gaze dark. 
For the first time in months, he couldn't see Kacchan. Without him, his room was cold, empty of all life. The hundreds of cold, lifeless pictures of Kacchan at every angle stayed silent on his walls, mocking him, doing nothing to sooth him.

If he couldn't see Kacchan, he'd just have to see Kacchan.

Dabi's car was faster than it had ever been, Bakugou's hands digging into the sides. The sky was grey above black. Thunder clouds lingered above the blur of darkness. The night was dark and the storm coming even darker. It was going to rain soon but all he could hear was the thunder of an engine. He feared he was already being kidnapped, watching the signs of roads, highways and towns rush boy. At this rate he couldn't do anything about it. He'd been told not to ask any questions but wasn't sure how much longer that would last. The more time he spent in silence, the heavier his chest felt. The invisible duct tape over his mouth already burned at his skin and his finger jittered up and down and up and down. 

Soon enough they slowed. Seeing the place he'd been fucked bloody in in this very car a few nights ago made his stomach churn, red eyes narrowing at Dabi but the male made no comment. He drove right passed, deeper. Into an alleyway that was all trash cans and no windows. Like the one outside his dorms but creepier.
"When the fuck am I gonna-"

Dabi turned to him and his eyes were sharp, his hands coming to rest on both sides of Katsuki's shaking arms. He hadn't even known they'd been shaking until they older male held them still.
"If I say this quickly it will hurt less."

That was all Bakugou was given. No say in how he was told, no time to prepare, just a shock of irritation before a bomb dropped on his head and killed his heart.
"We found Kirishima's body."

Rage and resent rose up in Bakugou's chest like lava.


"Yes. I know it's a shock but-"

He wanted to explode, hands tearing out to grab at Dabi and the male looked at him genuinely surprised, rushing to hold him back as Katsuki fought.
"Bakugou-" He snarled, authority and annoyance in his voice but Bakugou didn't care. His heart was exploding and he wanted to take the car and Dabi's life with it. He screamed so loudly he didn't care who was listening or what neighbours he might be shocking the fuck awake. This was exactly the scenario he'd feared playing out in his head. The one where it's awful and Kiri is dead and he's going to be... Going to be...

He started trying to explain all the links and theories he'd put together about Todoroki's text and Dabi's plot to get him. The more he said it and the more he tried to make it make sense, the crazier it sounded. The crazier he sounded, the more frustrated he got and the angrier he felt. He screamed louder and struck at the male wanting to hurt. Wanting to make someone, anyone else feel as awful as he felt now. 

"You're lying..! He's not...!"

At last Dabi lost his patience. Grabbing Bakugou's arms and pinned him down, he slapped the student hard across the cheek. 
"What are you fucking smoking?! Snap out of it! This is no time to be losing control!"
Never in his life had he heard Dabi or Touya shout.

Bakugou lay back, frozen and afraid with hot tears streaming down his stinging cheeks.
He saw what resembled pity in blue eyes for a split second as Dabi went on.

"You've got to trust me on this Katsuki. I'm doing the best I can for you."
When he said it like that, it was impossible not to believe him. It was filled with emotion he didn't want to show. It reminded Katsuki of the old Dabi. But it was gone the moment Katsuki was considered calm.

"Kirishima is dead and we can't track the guy who did it. It's fucked up, so fucked up I can't even let you see the fucking body. Worst part is we don't know who the fuck would do that to the body. I tried to keep it out of the league but I had to tell them. The guy that did it has connections to the FBI."
Bakugou's body felt cold.
For the first time, he was able to notice that Dabi was nervously looking over his shoulders just as much as him.

"That means no phones. Even this car is a risk and no..." He sucked in a breath and trailed off.
"You've got to believe me Katsuki. I could have kidnapped you at any fucking moment if I wanted but I haven't. Why the fuck would I pull this whole scheme you think.." his blue eyes looked around incredulously, "When I could have just taken you?" 

Suddenly, those blue eyes, bright enough to stop traffic fell on him. 
"I got you back, remember?" He said, a touch of tenderness in his tone as his fingers brushed on Katsuki's cheek.
Of course, Dabi was right. Dabi had gotten him back. All those years ago when he'd been 'kidnapped' Dabi was the one to make sure he got out of it okay. But Bakugou wasn't a kid anymore. Throat too sore to talk, he looked up at blue and his red eyes - now red from tears as well - said it all. 
Dabi's eyes clenched shut, as if he didn't want to see the look that was about to fall on Katsuki's face.

"And I'll get you back again," He said, eyes still shut and hands clenching his, "I promise."
"What?" Bakugou whispered hoarsely before Dabi's eyes flashed open.
"The league want to make you disappear. To get you somewhere safe, it's the only way to save you from the guy that killed your friend. I'll drop you somehwere safe and then I'll leave you alone, okay? You've got to stay there and stay quiet. Most importantly, don't leave there. I mean it, don't let anyone take you away not Shigaraki, not Toga. Not even the fucking postman. If you leave where I've taken you it's over, I can't get you. Do you understand?"

It was so much information. Hard to imagine the hell they might take him too and hard to imagine the world becoming his enemy, Bakugou stopped trying. 
Too cold to talk he nodded.
He'd gotten himself in too deep again. Bakugou felt like he'd blinked and was back home in his apartment again. Tears streamed down his face but now his expression was sullen. Kirishima's empty dorm sat beside his but the blond tried not to think about that, not to think about how alone and empty the entire college felt. 
Dabi's warning lingered in his ears. 

"Go home, get some rest. You have 24 hours to pack your bags and make it look like you were never there. Don't call your parents. Don't talk to your friends. Don't stop for coffee, don't even make up a lie about where you're going."

He opened his suitcase and slammed things in. Everything. His entire life in one bag. 24 hours away from walking into a living hell.
It would be like he'd never escaped at all. With all his clothes neatly folded up in his bag, and his room basically empty he was running out of distractions, running out of things to pack when his eyes landed on two smiling orbs of read. 

It was Kirishima. 

Kirishima and him, posing in a picture Bakugou couldn't even remember taking. It was like looking through a portal in time, back when his biggest worry was trying not to get caught smiling too widenly. It was cute picture, taken with Kiri's bright, sharp smile and the pretty scar above his eyes. His hair was half hard half soft from getting battered by the wind.
That was a day he'd been tricked into going to the local theme park with Kiri.
The room was dark now, Kiri's smile failing to light it up. Katsuki's eyes were dim, devoid of emotion and slightly red with the memory of tears. He placed the photo beneath his other possessions, tucked away under clothes and clothes, where it would be safest. All his other pictures of them followed. All of them. Every last one from the shitty outings they'd done, the stupid dances, the study dates, parties, socials, hangouts, the ridiculously cheesy old-fashioned collage of their selfies Kiri and Kaminari and the rest of the squad had put together as a birthday gift. Bakugou packed them all.

He turned to face the slight breeze from the balcony when there was a timid knock on his door.


Word that he'd finally stopped acting like a gremlin must have made its way around. One day - if Dabi had told him this one day earlier it wouldn't have hurt as much. Back then he hated his friends and now, all he could think of was how they'd cry waking up to find him gone. They'd blame themselves, wondering why he'd vanished after they'd all made up. How they'd feared they were losing him and had tried to do something but still failed. 

Bakugou's heart was freaking out, unable to face them. But, with the clarity of a deep breath he realised something. 
He knew how all of his friends knocked and this wasn't one of them. Part of him told him it was Kiri's killer out there. This part of his was irrational, because it could just as easily be anyone of his neighbours in the student dorms knocking on his door to borrow sugar. 
He yanked open the door suddenly without a yell or a glare. His gaze fell on the person standing there, and pulled them in without a word, slamming the door shut as if the halls were filled with enemies.

Deku's presence was as nervous as it was unwanted.
Katsuki didn't have time to fend the nerd of now. There were a million things on his mind and ten times that amount to do in just a few hours.
At least it was Deku though and not some murderer. 

"I'm so sorry to disturb you like this Kacchan. You haven't showed up to work for two days now and you never do that. I worried that something might be wrong with you. Maybe your sick or...." He mumbled, eyes down and voice sad, talking too fast for Bakugou's mind to be able to process right now.
Even without looking at the male he could feel the high flinch of his shoulders, the sweater pulled up over his lips tried to hide his face and every timid detail about the male but failed. A scared Deku was still visible. He was getting sick and tired of it - of everything about Deku and he just wanted to disappear without confrontation. 

"Especially after the other night-"
Because hearing a lecture about that night is literally the last thing he'd ever do, Katsuki sucked in a breath and says, "Kirishima's dead."
The air went still.
Not even a flinch or tremble moved between them.
Then, in an airy, almost pained voice Izuku whispers, "What?"
Red eyes clenched shut. he knew he wasn't supposed to talk about this, but Deku had a right to know. Deku had known Kiri too.
"His body was found."

"Oh no- that's terrible are- are you okay Kacchan?"

Katsuki breathed out a laugh. 
Why was the first thing he asked about him? Why did he have to be so damned nice and put his hand on Katsuki's arms as if he were the most important thing in the world? Katsuki slammed him off with anger but he swallowed down beneath a shaky breath.
"I'm fucking fine damn it." He whispered, refusing to look at the other. "I'm fine."

He repeated, the words hurting because he didn't deserve to be fine whilst Kiri was not. Someone had gotten Kiri because he was connected to the league. That shit didn't happen to good people like Kirishima. That was the type of shit that should happen to Bakugou, that only happened to Kiri because he was affiliated with Bakugou.

"You don't seem fine, why are you packing?" Deku's brows pressed downwards in concern, "Where are you going?"
In that moment, Katsuki could no longer hide his face. Their eyes met and he couldn't back away, Deku was standing before him. He was way too close, almost trapping him if the boy weren't so small and easy to push over. His stomach churned as if Dabi's flames might engulf him the moment he tried to disobey and tell Deku. He wasn't even allowed to make up a lie.

"That... that doesn't make any sense. Are you lying to me?"
"I just want to be alone Deku. No offense but can you fuck off for a bit."
He slammed his case shut and turned to face his balcony. He was just trying to avoid Deku when he saw it. Outside were rows and rows of other accommodation buildings. They were in the dorms. Deku was in the dorms.
"Are you a student here?" he asked, face crinkled in distaste. 

"No, I told you what I do Kacchan."
There was a pause. Call it instinct. The same instinct he'd felt back at Todoroki's party that something wasn't quite right. When he spoke next, he made sure he sounded nonchalant. Made sure his body wasn't stiff as he continued to work his way slowly and effortlessly around his room, packing his things.
Katsuki did a pretty good job of it. He was talented.

"How the fuck did you get in here if you're not a student?"
Another pause. It Deku had answered instantly it would have been less suspicious. He might've been able to ignore the aching in his gut telling him that something was wrong.
He'd never told Izuku where he'd lived.

"Ah-" The stranger before him reached up and rubbed at his dark curls nervously, a smile on his face and his voice light despite the fact that he'd just been informed an acquaintance was dead. "I come here to visit Todoroki all the time. He let me in."

Katsuki was studying him, the bed between them. Having put the last of his belongings in his bag, he was holding it and looking up at Deku with an unreadable expression on his face. His eyes wouldn't look away and it was so terrifying and beautiful, it was making Izuku jittery.
He still couldn't believe Katsuki was real. Still couldn't believe that he was standing right in front of him. That he was in the room where the boy slept and sweated and showered and masturbated~ He could touch Kacchan, he could jump on him and pull him and play with him like a toy if he wanted. If Kacchan let him. If Kacchan broke the normalcy between them. 

"You know Todoroki?"
It was all his said, his voice low and intrigued. Deku's words started up again but it was all bullshit and Katsuki knew it for a fact.
Shouto Todoroki wasn't in his fucking dorm. He was home grounded and he hadn't let this man in.

"...In fact, Todoroki was one of my first real friends since I grew up so antisocially, not going to high school and all..."
This man-
His voice became a background blur. Every other detail came into harsh focus. The yellow of the light, the breeze from the open balcony, his half broken phone on his bed.
Katsuki looked up at Deku and the outline of his shape and it all clicked into place.
He wasn't lying about knowing Shouto. He did know him and he had been there at Shouto's party the night Kirishima disappeared.

Deku was still talking when Katsuki pretended to go and get something from the balcony. From the corner of his eyes he saw the note he'd written in case Dabi had kidnapped him. He grabbed it, scrunched it and dumped it, pretending he was still cleaning up. He placed the notepad in his case and ripped a bit off the bottom as silently as he could.
Deku was still muttering, still distracted and Bakugou's eyes were fixed on him. He slipped the paper under his sleeve.
Deku was smiling at him sweetly.

Katsuki remembered his dark eyes from the party, the black turtleneck he'd been wearing and the way his eyes hungered for Katsuki so much he had almost felt it. But he'd looked so good that night everyone had been staring. Katsuki had forgotten. Now this man - who knew Kiri, Shouto and him - was in his apartment the night he was supposed to disappear. 

The emptiness of his surroundings haunted him. The fact that Kiri's room was dead and empty on one side and there was nothing but a wall on the other. His useless dismembered phone tormented him, trapping him. Taunting him. 

"Huh. I never knew you two were that close." Katsuki deadpanned.

"Oh- We're not really that close-" just like that Deku was fucking rambling again.
Pretending to have forgotten something on the balcony escaped. Instantly, cold air hit him hard, his short lived freedom coming with shivers throughout his whole body. It was only then that he realised how suffocating it had been in there with Deku. With the killer. With the stranger he'd fucked who had been sitting in his fucking coffee shop for months that he'd never fucking questioned.

He saw the balcony of Awase up ahead and the boy's figure behind his curtains moving. Freedom and help was just ahead. If he could just get Awase to talk to him it would be a witness but there was no way he could signal him without signalling Deku. There's no way throwing a piece of paper so light would make a sound that would alert him and no way Bakugou would take the risk of screaming for no one else but Deku to hear. 

He scribbled words way to quickly but they were barely clear.

Deku killed us.

He didn't even know Deku's fucking name.

The paper scrunched up to almost tiny but it was enough. He watched it fall and prays the wind won't carry it to the trash.
When the wind hit it, Bakugou's stomach dropped with self pity. However, rather than carrying it astray the breeze tucked it into the balcony of the ever neat Iida tenya below. It landed softly. Silent. Iida would find it. He'll find it and know Deku is the killer but-
That wouldn't save Katsuki now.

The voice came from right behind him and her jerked, seeing that Deku had stepped out onto the balcony, pinning him there. Even with the surge of anxiety he kept cool, looking up at the stars and pretending he was sad.
"Sorry I... zoned out."
"It's fine." Izuku sighed sympathetically and walked to stand beside him. The blond didn't miss the way green eyes scrutinised around them. All the witnesses, all the places to hide, all the ways Katsuki could've asked for help. He knew the small paper he'd dropped couldn't be seen from here but was more anxious than confident. 
Looking into that freckled face, Bakugou realised just how much he fucking hated this man.

"You must be so stressed-"
"I'm not gonna fuck you Deku."
"I know that!" He winced. He looked strange. His body was standing taller, as if unfurled from hiding with his head held high and his chest large. It was such a change it was terrifying, so far from what he was used to it confirmed every one of his nonsensical fears and made the floor beneath them unsteady.

Fear blanketed his rage. He was afraid. His hands twitch, wanting to throw Deku off this balcony and end it all but Dabi's words of caution remind him that the killer was skilled.
Almost untraceable. He thought back to all the scars over Deku's body and his muscles. His rough hands and the skill they'd need. He couldn't fight him. He couldn't fight him. His body was preparing him to run. Every pulse of his shaking skin is telling him to run.

"Shit." The blond sighed and rolled his pretty head back in a false display of how comfortable he is. His long neck was exposed and it grabbed Izuku's attention better than a hypnotised could have. 
"What is it?" Izuku said sweetly, though the high tone of his voice was slowly but surely fading. It was like the a ticking clock, counting down. Katsuki didn't want to be around when the timer reached its ends. He didn't want to be here to see who the stranger Deku really was. 

"Speaking of getting fucked," he laughed and locked eyes with the man that killed Kirishima just because he knew it would hurt him, "I left a nice fucking jacket at one of my neighbour's places. I need to get it, wait here."

With that he made his leave, picking up pace as soon as the words were out there and hurrying forwards. Bakugou had no plan of returning. Deku grasped his shoulder and no matter how hard he might try, Bakugou couldn't move. Amber eyes glared back and his breath was too shaky. He was too afraid, facade crumbling but he wouldn't let it fall, struggling to play pretend and keep it cool for fear of the unknown that would come from breaking the trance. 

"I'll come with you."

There was no smile on Deku's face.

Katsuki tried to smile but felt no reaction or ease in tension.

Deku's black eyes were low. He's picking up on things. Katsuki knows this and Deku knows Katsuki knows this. It's almost like... it's almost like he wanted to continue playing this lying game. Playing cat and mouse. 
Showing his face to Izuku would be the worst thing to do right now. Talking in his shaky voice would be just as bad. Katsuki silently let Deku follow. They step out into the corridor. Suddenly, the narrow line was so much huger than he'd remembered.
Out of the four rooms here, both beside him were empty. Shouji's looks further down than it had ever been. The walls were thin and he could scream but-
One witness would only result in another casualty.

With cold sweat pouring from his skin, he turned sharply at the door to face the killer and winced, "Deku."
He had to pause to calm himself. His voice shook just a little but he doesn't want it to shake at all.

Izuku was tall. Taller than he looks and definitely taller than Katsuki. His form was bigger too, blocking out the light from the door. Taller, stronger, bigger and his skill level was enough to-
Enough to kill Kirishima and make it almost untraceable.

"I can't take you to someone else's room Deku. I'm not supposed to have guests who aren't students here."
When Izuku steps forward his shadow cast over Deku. The look of his straight expression mde Katsuki regret ever insulting his smile.
"You're not going anywhere."
"I don't even know who you are- I don't even know what your real fucking name is-"
"Kacchan please," Izuku was getting closer skill and Katsuki was backing up. 


"Please," Izuku whispered and his voice broke a little, as if begging Katsuki not to do this. As if he is the one fearing what's about to happen between them. As if confirming that what is about to happen was Katsuki's death.
No. No. He can call Dabi he can hit Deku, he can run he can-

"I'll scream." In the end all he could do was whisper, a threat that was barely a threat. A victim who knew he was one. His vision blurred, in a public place with no one around and no hope of being saved. "I'll scream and everyone will hear. Everyone will come out and see you and-"
Katsuki shouldn't have threatened to scream. 

He should have flirted, or lied, or tried to cling to the last thread of normalcy. He should have screamed without threatening to - he should have just screamed. 
Izuku came towards him fast and Katsuki ran but suddenly he was caught. Before he could even hope to fight or strike or struggle, something pushed cruelly past the skin of his neck and electricity flooded him.

Kacchan collapsed in a crumble of weight, pain and fear beautiful on his face. 
Izuku caught him with love at how soft he is, caressing his sleeping cheek and kissing his forehead slowly, relishing in the perfect intimacy of the scene whilst in the public hallway.

It's was so anticlimactic. Izuku turns around expecting the police or Shouji or someone else he'd have to kill but, the halls were perfectly quiet and empty.
It was just them. 

Just Kacchan and him. 

With a smile, Izuku took his prize.

Chapter Text

Something loud wakes Katsuki and it shakes his heart. 

His head jerks towards it but his eyes don't see a thing. He moves his head the other way, trembling, thunder in his ears because his heart is pounding that loudly.
He can't see. There's something covering his eyes, soft but heavy enough to force them shut. 

Bakugou comes up on his knees and pain flickers down his bloodstream. It stops him in his tracks, fingers instinctively tensing to be freed. When they stop after barely an inch, Bakugou realises they're tied in rope behind his back. 

He doesn't know where he is. 

His lips part to whimper but no sound comes out. 

That's for the best, he realises quickly as he has no clue as to what environment awaits him beyond the blindfold. His breathing is more even know but his stomach drops.
For all he knows, there could be a gun to his head right now. An audience watching him. A stranger staring at him. 

Katsuki freezes up. It takes a moment to remember how to breathe. To calm himself down and listen. There's no sound. No sound at all. Not a breath or a rumple of clothing, not the sense of being stared out. 
After several moments too long, he dares to whisper a faint, "Hello?"
He increasing in volume.

The blond opens his mouth and calls out again.


Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. 


Bakugou staggers up so quickly his knees stagger and he stumbles back down. He's up again quickly enough to leave himself no time for second thoughts. His legs wobble this time and he stands slowly, balancing, blindly and rising onto his feet. The motion hits his head and makes it spin. His legs feel like jelly, making him question how long he's been out. There's no time for fear. Bakugou doesn't want to die. 

Bakugou doesn't know it but he's in a luxury room. He imagines a dirty cage, standing up and staggers up instantly. He falls towards the nearest wall, caught by it and managing to press himself up to it, horrified by how hard it is to scope his surroundings without sight or hands. He can hear his own breath now, his own footsteps stumbling forward. He's more falling than he is walking, his weight leading him across this room. He's lucky there's no furniture in the way, as he follows the wall as his only line of support. With every step forwards, he fears he'll step on glass or a trap. He fears he'll make a sound a wake a dungeon monster up. Eventually, the handle of a door finds him and presses up against his ribs. 

Katsuki manoeuvres so his back is to it and his tied wrists are facing it. His fingers grab it, bending it, wrestling it, standing on his tiptoes until finally, it bends and the door clicks open-

Whatever gratification he thought he'd get from opening the door, it didn't come.

There was no change in the atmosphere, sound or temperature. No more clues and no pathway to help. He's breathing heavily, still worn out by nothing at all. Still lost. After a moments pause he  Katsuki ventures out. He stubs his foot against some sort of furniture and howls out. 


He had to remove the blindfold. He had to get this fucking thing off then at least he'd be able to see. Bakugou drops to his knees, slowly pressing his face to the sharp corner of what he'd struck. 

It was a low cabinet or a set of draws or a little table. It had an edge. It had little handles he could hook the blindfold too. He presses his face to it several times like an idiot, trying to get it caught so he could pull it off. It did a few times only to untrap itself frustratingly. Bakugou was growing hot and his time was running out. He didn't know how long his surroundings would be empty, he didn't know how much longer he'd be alive.

At long last the blindfold was hooked tightly on the little knobs and he strained to pull it off.
Up just a bit, he felt the cloth lift, up onto his forehead, tilting up over his brow. It moved just a bit and artificial light flooded his vision.

It was paralysing but it was hope. Katsuki's one eye was teary. It blinked and looked around. He was in a neat hall with mahogany walls and fancy little lights. The 'prison' behind him was an empty room with magnolia carpets and walls. It was a home. 
Bakugou didn't have time to question it or fuck around with freeing his other eye. He needed his hands back, frowning in confusion because this is a far cry from the torture chamber he'd been imagining. 

The blond sped up, far quicker now that he could see where he was going and his frustration grew more apparent. The apartment was lovely. Lovely and expensive and this was the son of a fucking designer saying them. It had to be some sort of suite. A kitchen sat in the left corner behind three or four stools and a large, open space occupied the centre. There was an L of dark wood bookshelves to the right, forming a cosy library around an all white rug and a beige bean bag. There's a lounge area to the left behind the kitchen with leather couches, an arm rest, a rocking chair, and an egg shaped spinning chair framing a large TV. What stopped Bakugou the most was that behind this all, there was a window larger than the fucking sky. 

His mouth hung open, almost forgetting all else. His naked feet strolled across the laminate wood floor, ignoring all else and taking him to the window. If it could even be called that. It was more like a wall. A wall of glass almost three times bigger than a bus. Behind it, the world looked breathtaking. He was up high, so high it had to be the top floor as all he could see were the rooftops of the many other buildings around them. It was a familiar city not too far from what he considered local. It was local. It was so near that it confused him further.

He'd always imagined a kidnapper would take him across the country. Would take him abroad and on some wild goose chase. Bakugou was less than an hour away from home. Looking down, he saw the busy street of people like bugs, darting across zebra crossings, driving and talking on the phone.  
It wasn't night, despite the dark of the window, as no building lights were twinkling. It was evening and the sun was looking him in the face. The windows had been darkened; tinted so much they were a few shades off of black. He could look at all of the people he wanted, so many of them near. So many of them lounging on their own balconies and several chilling in pools on rooftops with martinis in their hands. He could stare all he wanted, but they wouldn't see him.

If someone were to look into this window from the outside, they'd never see him. They'd only see their own reflection bouncing off of the black window he was trapped behind.



In one word, one voice, everything came rushing back. 

Bakugou had been caught of guard one too many times and he wasn't going to let it happen again. Deku was far- all the way back at the end of the hallway but Bakugou wasn't going to let him get any closer. 
"Stay back!" He hissed but this made Deku walk. Fine.
He swung his feet up to the nearest table with a violent kick, sending the huge lamp that had been sat there smashing to the ground before Izuku. It broke violently, hitting the floor and smashing into a dozen pieces.
"Kacchan!" He whined, sounding hurt. 

"You fucking bastard - come near me and the next one of those is flying at your head!"

Izuku scurried like he wanted to pick up the bits of glass, but at Bakugou's words, he actually stopped. Bakugou spoke big and his voice was loud, Izuku was on his knees, a wall of glass stretched out between the blond and him. It was a defence barrier, one Izuku could step over easily in his hard shoes but didn't. He could see the blond had backed up, his shoulders were high around his neck and his eyes fearful and feral, like a kitten in sight of a pouncing fox. He was prepared to run, breath unsteady and afraid even if the rage in his eyes was sturdy. 

Bakugou didn't have to be afraid or uncomfortable. Izuku backed up a bit but the UA student shrieked

"Stop where you are and don't fucking move!" He yelled.

Red eyes flickered down to a particular chunk of glass. They returned to Izuku's quickly but the greenette could read his thoughts. He could use it to cut free his hands.

Izuku leaned back more comfortably and closed his eyes. 

Bakugou dipped down carefully but quickly and caught it, cutting through the rope around his sore wrists in a matter of seconds. HIs hands were out! Sore, numb, lacking blood but out. He tensed his fingers and assessed the damage victoriously, only then turning his gaze back to his attacker and-

The blond visible flinched.

Izuku's wide eyes had gone from helplessly upset to something narrower. He wasn't sure what that meant. If the male was impressed with his skill or if he was about to ring Katsuki's fucking neck in his bare hands. Katsuki swallowed, refusing to let that look in those eyes deter him. 
"Who are you?" His voice asked of all things. When it came out, he hardened himself and went with it. 

"Who the fuck are you Deku and don't even fucking think of lying to me, I know you're the bastard who killed Kirishima."

There was a growl in his voice, but the growl of a cub could never shake a grown lion. Green eyes didn't move or waver or even blink. They were staring at him. At the unsteady stir of his legs and the blindfold he finally pulled off of his other eye. He was breathing heavily, he was scared. 

Was it because of his last kidnap? Had the league hurt him badly before, enough to traumatise him and make him tremble?

"Calm down," Izuku closed his eyes and sighed. His voice was low, gentle like the flow of a stream but firm. 
Katsuki watched with teeth grit in confusion as the agent stepped back and sat cross legged on the floor. His palms tilted up in a show of piece, his head lifted to show a slight smile and Bakugou locked eyes with his best friend's killer.

Izuku was upset that Katsuki had broken his lamp. He wanted to be angry but that was fair. Poor Kacchan was afraid.

"There's no need to be scared of me Kacchan. I'm not going to hurt you and you're not in anyway unsafe."
His green eyes looked up, no longer excessively wide and sparkly. His voice was warm, no longer high and jittery with fake innocence and sweetness. Of all the different sides of Deku he'd seen - the mysterious, the dorky, the cute and the terrifying - only this Izuku felt real.

"Breathe," he ordered and Bakugou's lungs sucked in air involuntarily, "It's okay."
Everything about him was strong, capable and soothing.

"I'm not taking any fucking risks," the blond hissed with a voice that was much more level. A shard of broken pottery pointed at the greenette, his only weapon. 
Izuku closed his eyes and tilted back his head, guard down and body relaxed. 

"My name is Izuku Midoriya. I work for the FBI."

Katsuki knew this. He knew this but he hadn't yet taken the time to acknowledge it. What it meant. 

"I was hired several months ago to investigate the group of criminals known as the league. I'm part of a wider network researching them, but my job in particular, was to research you."
His eyes snapped open, the colour of an entire jungle. Katsuki felt a shiver run through him at the words and his stomach lurched.
"Don't say it like that." He growled, because he had to say something or his whole body would plummet from the sheer force of those eyes.
Izuku's eyes widened a fraction, surprised as if he genuinely believed Katsuki would sit quietly and listen to his shit. He recovered quickly though, eyes closing again as he listened to everyone of Katsuki's accusatory words.

"Don't say it like this is some fucked up romance. Don't act like you didn't knock me out and drag me here and murder my fucking friend-"
"Why do you think Kirishima is dead? Did the league tell you that."

That cut Bakugou's words right off. It almost cut his heart too, but he forced it to beat, trying not to get his hopes up. 

"What are you trying to say?" He hissed the words as if Deku was scum. It shivered through the blond and he couldn't say he hated it. Having all of Kacchan's passionate emotions directed at him, it was exhilarating. 
It sounded so good he had to open his eyes. As expected Katsuki was looking down at him with hope, so much hope buried away behind aggression. 
"Kirishima is alive." He lied. He had to. Katsuki's reaction to it would be so good~ So juicy~ He'd have the blond right in his hands. He could play with him now. He could distort the truth and bend the world.

"Kirishima is alive," He chuckled. "You didn't really believe the league when they told you they'd found his body, did you?" Midoriya almost mocked, eyebrow raised and lips struggling to keep back an infuriating mistake.
A silent war was raging between them but Midoriya was confident that he could win. His words were obvious lies and he was sure part of Bakugou knew it. But, the vulnerable human brain had a habit of always believing what it wanted to. 

"What, you thought you could trust Dabi?" He said the words with a hint of malice, rising to his feet and stepping over the broken glass with his hard shoes. Katsuki was so out of it he didn't notice the male drawing nearer. He was thinking of Kirishima. Izuku heated.

It wasn't until Katsuki was touched at the elbow by a feather light grip, that he flinched back and shoved Deku in the opposite direction.
Izuku caught his wrist and brushed off the attack with ease, eyes soft despite the cruel stab of his words.

"I didn't hurt Kirishima, Dabi did. Dabi did it and tried to blame it on me when I'm an agent of the law." The words had bite. Bakugou was snarling now and trying to swat him off. Izuku was stronger, Izuku grabbed him and pushed him back until his head lightly hit the cold, dark glass.
"Did you think he loved you? Did you think Dabi really loved you more than all the other pets he fucked to seduce into the league?"

Izuku drew nearer so he was towering over Katsuki, his grip on the blond the only thing holding him up, and Izuku saw pure fear when he looked into those eyes. 

Deku withdrew sharply. 

Bakugou sucked in a breath, hands trembling now that he was free to move again, contemplating running and screaming because he knew this conversation wasn't leading anywhere. 

"You're insane." He accused, the words enough to augment the size of green eyes. Izuku shook his head. 

"I'm not," there was a sad smile on his face. Bakugou didn't doubt Izuku had been called insane before. "It's because of you that we brought down the league Kacchan, you were a loose end and they knew it. Did you really think they would just take you in~?" 
He looked up and Bakugou's brow twitched upwards apprehensively, hating the way Izuku looked at him. Looked all over him. Seeing things Bakugou didn't want to be seen. 

"Of course not, they were going to kill you. That's why I took you in. The league never stood a chance. Dabi was right to look over both shoulders because the moment he tried to drag you to your death-"

Izuku was spitting lies but he couldn't stop them from flowing. Dabi hadn't tried to kill Katsuki, that might have been forgivable. Dabi had tried to save him. To love him. 

"It was over for him."

Suddenly Bakugou had darted across the fearful gap between them, grabbing Deku by the collar of his shirt and shaking him hard. "You're lying!"

Humourless satisfaction was evident in Izuku's eyes. They were as cold as a lonely night but the rest of his face remained so warm, it was confusing.
"You're smart enough to know that I'm not, Kacchan."

This time, when he spoke Izuku really wasn't telling lies, "The FBI has taken your favourite league members in. We've arrested three of the four leaders and they're on trial. It's all because of you."

He watched the boy panic and sadism coiled into his core. His voice dropped to a sulry whisper, his eyes lingered on Katsuki's expression in what was almost lust.
"Death row for Dabi~ Death row for his girlfriend~ Death row for his boss~" Izuku sang so sweetly the air felt heavier. 

It was Bakugou's worse fear. It shook Bakugou's entire world enough that when he stepped back, he forgot all about the glass and pain shot through his feet up. 
"I- fuck-!"

It was too much information- it was too much all at once!  Izuku was with the FBI, Izuku had been stalking him to investigate the league. The league found out and tried to kill him but Deku saved him? Deku arrested Dabi and other from the league because of him...?

"You're- you're not fucking serious." 

Izuku ran to him to nurse his leg but Bakugou dug his toes into the floor even deeper, feeling the sharp itch of glass invading his skin and his warm blood pouring out. When Izuku got near, he slapped Deku's shoulders hard, his expression furious.
"Stop talking shit and start making some fucking sense! Everything you've just said clears your name and that's how I know it's bullshit. You're not with the FBI, Kirishima's not alive and you're the fucking killer! Why else would I be here?"

"Ah," Izuku sighed, looking almost pleased that Katsuki was spitting in his face, "That's because if it weren't for me bringing you here, you'd be dead"

"Unfortunately not," The air around the greenette changed from play to business as he brushed Katsuki's attack aside again as if he weighed less then cloth.
"This is where it gets serious, okay Kacchan? You're going to have to listen to me to understand this."
"Don't patronise me." His eyes narrowed, but Izuku only continued on. 

"When an associate such as yourself lies to the police in a report after a kidnap and hides information about the identity and location of murderers, he is guilty by association." He started to walk in a slow pace across the room, backing up to give Katsuki the space to breathe, to listen. 
"There's a list of crimes you're charged with, actually. It goes back to your involvement with the league before you quit." He bit, locking eyes and saying in a dry voice, "When little Touya Todoroki brought you into the league with him, grooming you, convincing you it would be cool if you did this for him and that for him."

Bakugou's face burned hotly because there should be no way Izuku - no way anyone knew about this. About how Katsuki brought the kidnap on himself. About how he'd involved himself in the league even though he knew they were bad because... because he was young and he looked up to Dabi.

"The list goes on. From theft to lying to the police, watching murders, hiding the murders, watching them arrange high profile thefts, transporting drugs and even watching Dabi commit several of his serial arson murders... you're legally just as much of a criminal as them. I'm not sure if it would be death row but, you'd certainly be in for life at least."

Izuku wanted to break Bakugou down. He paused and watched the blond's reaction from the corner of his eyes. He wanted Bakugou to fear the outside world more than him, he wanted the blond to realise he was safer with him. That's why he said it. That's why he lied. The law saw Katsuki as a victim. They would look after him, but Izuku didn't need Bakugou to know that. 

"The only solution to this, was to take you here with me. It took a lot of fighting; I fought for you Kacchan. I fought and bargained with my superiors until they agreed to let me take you here with me."
"So the FBI let you legally kidnap me?"
"In order to prevent the league from hurting you." He nodded. "In order to keep you safe but away from prison."
"Do the FBI know that you fucked me?"
Izuku's lips formed a genuine smile, "I didn't think it was important."

"It's not fucking professional." Katsuki spat and Izuku giggled as if it were a joke.
He started rambling again, about how the FBI trusted him to keep Katsuki here with him. How he would take care of Kacchan and reshape his attitude, bending him and improving his mind until he turned to a perfect fucking citizen-
Bakugou didn't listen to a word of it, mind already a dozen steps ahead and looking around his surroundings. Izuku had a few screws loose but so did a lot of his ex-boyfriends. He was an officer of the law and in many ways, this meant Bakugou was safer than he thought. He wasn't a risk of being killed. He wasn't a risk of being harmed in a criminal away. Izuku was an FBI member, a morally high prick and Katsuki could abuse that. Feeling more comfortable, he folded his arms and interrupted the other male. 

"So where's Kirishima?"
"Is that it? Not even going to ask about your parents or your education first-"
"I asked you a fucking question, now answer me."

Izuku's lip quivered like he wanted to cry. How he'd love to scream that Kirishima was dead. To break Bakugou's heart and confess he'd lied and made up the whole thing just to watch Katsuki sob and miss his precious fucking Kirishima. 


No, he needed to earn his trust. He needed the blond to feel comfort. Izuku decided he would be more patient. He would control his emotions so he wouldn't mess up again. He still felt guilty about pressing Bakugou to the window like that, his insides still churned from the awful fear in Katsuki's eyes as he looked up at him. Izuku resisted the urge to clutch his heart, happy that the blond had relaxed around him now that he thought he was a law abiding agent. 

"He's in a protection programme just like you, though, his isn't quite as special-"
"I want to talk to him-"
"You can't."
Izuku turned sharply and his words were fatal. Bakugou narrowed his eyes but didn't break the peaceful, lack of violence between them. 
"I wasn't asking." This time his growl made Izuku uncertain. He may have been able to beat the blond in strength but in aggression, Kacchan had reason to be as confident as he was. 
"That's not how it works, Kacchan. I wish I could. I really wish I could but i-it would go against everything. It would put you both in danger-"
"Why would it put us in danger if you've taken care of the league?"
There was a pause. Ah. Bakugou was sharp.

"They're still out there. With their leaders gone we've arrested a few of the lower members but there was so much about their networks we didn't know. We need to be cautious. We need to keep you away from public to keep the league away from you. To keep the league away from Kirishima, we need to severe all his contact with you."

Lies, but clever ones. Izuku was proud of himself, as what he'd just said, he'd come up with on the spot. When Bakugou looked blankly he went on with emotion falsely coating his voice. 

"I didn't make these rules, I know they're harsh but that's just protocol to keep you safe. Both of you. It pains me to see you hurt-"

"Please." His voice fell to something quiet and Izuku's heart skipped a bit. 

Katsuki's voice was an almost whisper.

It was vulnerable.

It was worried, loving, desperate.

It was filled with emotions Bakugou only reserved for when he was thinking about Kirishima. Kirishima and his fucking fake red hair. The urge to tell the blond his love was dead resurfaced again but Izuku was getting more used to swallowing it.

He looked up, biting his lip and glaring. Katsuki's head was down, as if his pride wouldn't allow him to say this whilst looking anyone in the eye, and his voice was oh so hoarse and quiet. 

"I'm not asking to see him, just for a call."

"No." Deku bit. It was harsh. It was cold. "No calls, no phones, to screens at all are going anywhere near you."
Katsuki's eyes widened, now shouting, "What the fuck!? What is this a fucking prison!?"
"No," Izuku said firmly. "It's not it's to keep you safe-"
"It's abuse of human fucking rights that's what it is."

"No-" Izuku whined desperately but wasn't aloud to explain as Bakugou demanded for Kirishima yet again. 
"No Kacchan no- you won't be able to talk to him while you're here or-"

"Fuck this." Izuku turned to him sharply, because they way he'd said it was so final. So done with him. It hurt, as if he were rejecting everything Izuku had to offer him even when it was so perfect. When he'd put so much thought into the decoration Bakugou would like, the large window, the dancing space, the vast kitchen and neat interior. 
"Wait-" His voice trembled but Bakugou was already gone, racing past him and running towards the exit on his bloody feet. 

Oh god. Katsuki would rather run away from him on bleeding feet then stay. 

"Wait- wait!"
"I'm getting out of here-"

Deku panicked as Katsuki reached the door, suddenly so far despite the wobble in his legs a few minutes before. Izuku watched and lept after him, terrified that even with every system he'd put in place to bind his dear Kacchan here, the blond might still get out. He chased after the blond, only stopping to watch as he pulled the door hard and it failed to move an inch. 

It was closed. Katsuki wouldn't get away.

"You're not." Izuku sighed, standing still, happiness tinted in his tone.
Bakugou looked up at him with a look that was fierce.
"Open the door."
"No," He said cheerily, "You're stuck here."

"Open this fucking door Deku or so help me-"
He cut himself off and Izuku actually swallowed, because strangely, those words were an incredible turn on. Kacchan was here. Kacchan could see him and touch him and do things to him. Not knowing what he might do next was... exciting. He swallowed. 

"I know you're angry because this is new to you but you'll realise soon enough that it's not so bad."
"Not so bad?! Not so- how long until my sentence is done?"
Had Izuku not been clear on that before?
"Forever Kacchan. Life!"

Red eyes looked at him blankly.

Izuku blinked but Kacchan was still glaring and he balked.

"Are you telling me," his voice was a growl now and his steps were carrying him closer, so close that Izuku felt himself take a step breath and felt the smell of Katsuki's soap from his shower several hours ago and the smelt the sweat from his frantic struggle to escape. "That I'm gonna be stuck watching people from behind a fucking glass, like I'm some sort of pet. No. Like I'm some sort of wild fucking animal in the zoo-"

Izuku's heart was racing, eyes wide as Katsuki's face came right up to his so he could see every fleck of amber and gold in his feral eyes.
"For the rest of my fucking life?"

The agent nodded dumbly, swallowing a lump in his throat and speaking up with a shaky voice.
"Y-You'll have me. I'll be with you, I'll be happy to take care of... every need you have."
"The only need I feel right now is the need to fucking strangle you."
"That's fine."

Katsuki stopped and narrowed his eyes, backing up after several seconds in disillusioned disgust, as if touching Deku was the last thing he'd ever want to do.

Ouch. That was actually quite upsetting. 

What Bakugou did instead was scowl loudly and shove Deku back heard, turning around and screaming.
"Go fucking die."

The door of the room he'd been locked in before slammed shut and Izuku stood there in shock.
His hand reached up to where Katsuki had grabbed him and-
Katsuki had grabbed him.
Shudders flooded him, the man covered his cheeks and blushed like a little girl, happy that Kacchan was finally where he belonged despite it all. 


Bakugou wouldn't stay here. 

He wasn't weak and he certainly wasn't the type to give up. He'd wait for Deku to let his guard down, and then he'd be gone. 

Chapter Text

Eyes watched him. He felt them physically as much as he sensed them. There were eyes blinking under his skin, inside his clothes. He laid on a mattress made of peeking eyes and writhed uncomfortably against their moist, wriggling. He felt their wiry lashes stroke against him and poke him. Bakugou knew they were looking at him, at his every curve and inch of skin. He was trapped under their stare, no matter how much he tried to toss and turn, it was to no avail. The eyes haunted him. They refused to leave.

Katsuki twisted as he woke, a soft groan falling from his lips. He twisted on his side to find comfort, fingers stretching out for his covers. He quickly realised there was no cover. Not even a cushion. He'd slept curled up on the floor in a tight ball. As he sat up, his side stung because of this.

It was the same bland room he'd woken too yesterday in restrained. Now his hands were free and his vision clear but-
It was Deku's house. Deku's fucking house.

Even without eyeballs rolling out of the walls, it was a nightmare. 

The moment he heard Katsuki's heavy breathing stop, he scurried away from the door fast. 
Deku's feet were silent on the laminate wood floor, sliding in his thick furry black house slippers. He made his way behind the counter, almost slamming into it. At the last moment, he twisted and fell perfectly before the stove. Deku straightened up, lifting his pan and tossing his sizzling mushrooms up in time. 

To his surprise, Kacchan slammed the bedroom door open, shaking the whole apartment. Izuku pretended not to notice, though internally he winced as laid a healthy breakfast down on the counter. The toast popped, golden brown just how Kacchan loved it and Izuku smeared a line of syrupy butter against it. His eyes were down. Nervous. 

"Morning Kacchan," He hummed shyly, looking up at his 'guest.'

Bakguou was eyeing him warily, still glaring as if his eyes were ticking time bombs. For one, his jacket was finally off, so he couldn't be that uncomfortable. At least, Izuku hoped he was getting adjusted. The blond swung his long legs beneath the counter and sat opposite him. He was still wearing the loose jogging bottoms Izuku had kidnapped him in. 


That was it..? No explosion. 

Izuku had told himself he wouldn't be nervous but things were going unpredictably. Silence stirred between them as Izuku poured the final ingredients out before Kacchan onto two plates. His brain stirred too with thoughts of what to say, how to begin, how to attempt to fill the silence? 

"I'm sorry about... about taking you so suddenly yesterday. I think we got off on the wrong foot. Why don't we start over? I made us breakfast?"
Izuku flashed one of his closed eyes, big dimpled, freckled smiles. His lips were closed but the sweetness in his expression was so sincere Kacchan didn't feel sick. For all the darkness of their circumstance, it was evident that the Izuku before him was the real Izuku. He was no longer a false friend or a facade, no longer a government agent on the job or a villain creeping in the night. It was the real Deku with his confident stance and warm voice, his eyes were dark and they told Kacchan that Deku knew everything.

Bakugou was never one to back down from a challenge. 

"First thing's fucking first."

His hand slammed down on the counter, seat screeching across the floor as he stood. Izuku didn't back down so Bakugou lifted his chin higher, disliking how the action brought Izuku closer but didn't show it.

"If you're gonna keep me in this shitty agreement, there are some rules you're going to follow."

He was so affirmative Izuku just blinked.

"One, you don't fucking talk to me unless I've spoken to you. Two, you don't fucking bother me if I tell you to fuck off. We're not fucking roommates and we sure as fuck aren't friends. Three, if at any point I make up another rule I decide you have to follow, you'd better fucking follow it or I'm tearing your precious furniture to shit."

"Eh- Kacchan this is my house-" He began bashfully. Katsuki stood like a tall volcano keeping in his lava and Izuku was shell shocked still before him. But, conflicted. The blond wasn't threatening at all, the only thing he had over Deku was the greenette's compulsive desire for the blond to like him. This was the blond's sharpest tool perhaps. Izuku realised, with a pout that he would not disagree with Kacchan. 

It was cute - like a frustrated house cat tearing up toilet roll in their claws to get what they want. 

"Okay Kacchan, we'll operate by your rules if it will help to get you to trust me but.." Green eyes darted down sadly, a pout befalling his expression. He ran a hand through his hair and looked so confident in himself Kacchan narrowed his eyes and realised that this was a deception. A false display of submission. 

"...Why aren't we friends anymore?" His voice broke a little when their eyes met again. "Did all of our nights in the coffee shop mean nothing to you?"

Bakugou hardened his jaw not to answer. His eyes were so fixed, so closed off and intent not to open up. It was a drastic change from the old, vulnerable coffee shop Kacchan. The change felt like a cold, hard slap. 

"I really meant it when I spoke to you then Kacchan. I meant every word of worry about you. Seeing you so hurt was the reason I looked into Kirishima and got him to a safe house like ours, Kacchan. I wouldn't have done that if it weren't for you."

Izuku was a good liar. So good that Kacchan believed his sincerity and softened just a little. Thankfully, his stomach rumbling interrupted them both. Bakugou glared off to the side and Izuku smiled sympathetically. Bakugo hadn't eaten since his dinner with Mina - a life time ago. It had been almost thirty hours since then. Pushing the plate towards him, Izuku wore a chilling smile.

"Eat up Kacchan, I made it just how you like~"

The blond huffed before he gave in of course, hunger his first priority. An instinct even Deku couldn't deter him from, and picked up his fork. Izuku couldn't have looked happier. He had the form poised between his parted lips, when he stopped and narrowed his eyes. 
"This better not be fucking poisoned."

"Why would I want you poisoned Kacchan?" Izuku's words were slow, "I need to keep you alive and safe. You can have mine if you want? Or maybe I should feed you some from my plate. That way you'll know they're both the sam-"
"Not happening."

Izuku's heart melted in the best was as Kacchan's cheeks puffed from the food in his mouth. He watched his lips move and chew and the adorable effect it had on the real Kacchan. He still couldn't believe that he was real, 3D, in Deku's home. Where Deku could do anything.
Noticing his stare but refusing to acknowledge it, Bakugou snapped, "taste's like shit."

He then swallowed and ate even more.

Wanting to chuckle but keeping it in, Izuku grinned in proud satisfaction. He turned away so Kacchan wouldn't see it, presuming the blond wasn't quite ready for the overwhelming love in his eyes just yet. He was aware that it was pervserse, his enjoyment relating to the fact that something of his creation was inside Kacchan was far from pure.

"Oh yeah... do you want a coffee Kacchan?"
"You know this is a change," the greenette responded, back turned, mug in his hand. "Usually you're the one behind the counter making drinks for me. Oh how the tables have turned."
He looked back at Kacchan with a playful grin but the blond was far too busy eating to care. Izuku  flipped open the cupboard and grabbed a handful of a small handful of pills, dropping them into the cup with the quietest of clinks. He watched them vanish under the hot coffee, pouring in above it. By the time hot steam hit his nostrils, the pills had completely dissolved.

Izuku spun to face Kacchan at the counter again with two mugs, one in red and the other in pink. Bakugou had his head tilted to the side, looking up at the view of the early morning city streaming in from the oversized window.
"Pick a cup?" Izuku offered, wanting to give Kacchan the illusion of a choice. Of course he chose red, taking it into his hands and slipping the fluids down his throat.
He swallowed, throat bobbing and pulled back with a lick of his lips, blowing softly at the hot drink. Izuku was staring. Staring so hard he was loosing sense of his surroundings. Bakugou noticed this, because as much as he'd let his guard down, he wasn't stupid.

"You gonna eat?"

Izuku stared at him a while longer. His stare would have unnerved any other but Kacchan just jerked his head at the other rudely. 
"Oh, yes." 

He spoke the words softly, clearly distracted and Bakugou was thankful for that. Whatever was on the Agent's mind, it was stopping the male from bothering Bakugou with any attempts at conversation. 

"I'm gonna have to go to work soon. Will you be alright?"

Bakugou refused all eye contact. He didn't even grace Izuku with a glance. The male pouted at the door, eyes hopeful but heart knowing not to expect too much.
"OKAY." Bakugou spat, making it clear that Deku shouldn't expect him to give a fuck, "I'm an adult not a fucking kid. I can take care of myself in a room for a few hours."

He sipped more of his coffee and Deku's eyes narrowed.

"Drink up and we'll see if you can still do that."


Finally looking at him with challenging red eyes, Izuku smiled and tilted his head innocently. "I'm off."
Bakugou glared at him suspiciously but Deku was already zipping away. He disappeared behind some door and Kacchan finally fucking relaxed. He sat up straighter, tucking his legs behind the counter, shoulder falling far more comfortably. That said a lot about Deku.
Now alone, he threw his cup in the washer and stood up. A sharp wave of pain struck him from his stomach. Bakugou's eyes went wide, freezing up to stop the pain but it was gone as soon as it had came.
Strange. It must have been side effects from that thing Deku had used to knock him out. 
The memory of that alone repulsed him, sickening him to his stomach and ruining his mood entirely. He went to the door Izuku had slipped out of and glared at it, wrapping his hand around the knob and tugging sharply. The frame shook but it didn't budge. When that failed, he pushed but of course, it didn't move. It didn't look like an exit. It looked like a normal door to a cupboard of some shit. Maybe it led to a hallway? The place was so fucking huge he wouldn't be surprised. Bakugou pressed his ear to it and listened. It was eerie and quiet, he felt cold as a breeze brushed through it mysteriously against him.

Half bent, cheek to the wood and adorably focused, Kacchan listened for any sounds.
Still behind the door, Izuku smirked and caressed the blond from behind the door, as if he could see him. With that, he headed off.

Bakugou drew back several seconds after Izuku had gone. Frown on his face he went to get a butter knife and slipped it down the side. After some twisting and turning, he deemed this useless and checked the main door. Unlike the other one, this was entirely secure. There were no cracks in the side for him to dig around in and the key was the kind he couldn't slip a bobby pin into. Not that he had one.
Frustrated, he pushed at it and the little card holder beside it flashed red - refusal to open. What kind of bullshit house locked from the inside and wouldn't fucking open? Was this place designed to fucking trap him?

"UGH." Frustrated, he struck at the door violently. It achieved nothing but Bakugou hadn't expected it to, moving on to the window he already knew he couldn't smash open. He pressed his finger to it and it was thick. It was so thick it might have been able to fight back a fucking whale. 
He considered screaming, but his pride objected so much it made his legs shake. Bakugou needed to blow of steam. He needed control. Control of his life and the illusion of being productive. Halfway between the library and the window, there was a small gym area, with weights neatly put away and a mat on the floor. Well, all were put away but one. 

Great, on top of it all the fucker he was trapped with was messy.

Bakugo moved to lift it up and failed entirely, slipping his fingers under it and lifting nothing more than his own fatigue. Irritated, he adjusted. His thighs parted, feet firm, stomach tensed, back loose. Bakugou tried again, slowly, working his way up to lift the weight. This time, its lack of movement was painfully obvious. 

"..The fuck?"

Bakugou's knees trembled, somehow already sweating and already breathing harshly. His back was sore beneath his shoulder blades and his arms felt thin. He shuddered and all but dropped to the floor, almost lying flat to look down at the number on the weights frantically. 
It blurred before him, the number in KG engraved in the the side of the black weight. 50. Deku was lifting a weight of fifty but there was more than one of them. 50..100...150 Bakugou's stomach dropped.


Deku was lifting to 300 fucking KG in one go. 
He thought of Deku's massive arms and suddenly, weight lifting wasn't fun anymore. Bakugou didn't want to look at the weights. His irrational mind wanted to kick them away but that might break his fucking foot. How many reps did Deku do? Did Deku work out every day? Could he carry Katsuki over his fucking shoulders? He knew he wouldn't be able to lift the weights at this level, or even stand a chance fighting him. 

He dropped to his knees and then slowly lowered himself onto the floor. Bakugou did sit ups until his vision was too blurry, at only fifty. Why was he so numb? He turned and tried to drop into push ups but there that pain was again. It struck him harder this time but not unbearably so. It was just enough to make his face falter. He fell into the floor, tucking his knees underneath him and curling into a ball with a gasp. 

He'd never felt this before.

The lights of the apartment were gold blurs above him. He rolled onto his back on the cold wood that stuck to his bare arms. Still breathing heavily he wondered if this was punishment for sleeping on a cold floor. For not eating in so long or from that thing Deku had stabbed him in the neck with-

Bakugou looked at the kitchen and his stomach churned. He got up so fast his head spun out of his body but he kept struggling forwards, feet slipping. All he could hear in his pounding ears was his own struggling breath and the violent slam of the cupboards opening. He tore his fingers through the shelves, ripping down boxes he couldn't read until his fingers touched a cold hard tin and-
Words had blurred to numbers and numbers had morphed to letters. He brought it to his eyes and saw only an R and an y and a z. The pictures on the tin were enough to tell him all he needed to know. 

"Fuck!" His grip faltered and his legs trembled, almost making his fall. It was enough that he dropped the box he'd been holding to the pile below him and in his state, it was as if he'd dropped it in the ocean.
Bakugou slapped into the door and slipped down onto his knees. He forced himself back up and hurried to the bathroom door but it felt so far away. The floor was slippery a, the layout of the apartment morphed into a horrific maze. His fingers pressed onto a cold door that wouldn't open so he slid to the next and then the next until the vivid smell of Deku made him want to hurl. He almost did, rolling over with a hand over his mouth and his vision black and blue. Katsuki's world whirled and twisted as he fell onto the carpet of Izuku's bedroom. 
He was wheezing for breath, every muscle aching and getting heavier when he finally saw the bathroom door before him.
Bakugou dropped all caution and sprinted. Pain leapt after him far quicker than he'd expected. He'd only made it to the door when the effects of the drug tripled. His body seized, back arching and throat constricting. His knees slammed brutally against the bathroom tiles as he fell down. 


The blond held his stomach with his arms as if it might help the pain, feeling as if a vortex had opened up inside him and was sucking up his organs. The poor thing. 
One hand pulled himself forwards until he was before the the toilet seat. His fingers gripped it and he pulled himself up, opening his lips to heave but only clear split fell out.
He was stupid. So stupid. Deku had fucking poisoned him and he'd fucking seen it coming.

Now he was fucking dying. Feeling as if he really would die he slipped his fingers into the back of his throat and pushed down hard. He needed to gag - to throw up and hope the drug would be expelled from his system. But fate taunted him. Bullied him. Bile rose in his stomach as his throat relaxed, letting his fingers slide in deeper.
No. No. No. Not now.

He prodded again, adding a third finger, working open his fucking throat on his knees with drool running down his lips and shirt like some slut but nothing came out. So used to swallowing his sickness nothing came out even when he basically had his whole fist in his mouth and desperate sobs whining from his throat.
Everything was going black when a hand grabbed his head from behind and slammed his face forwards, choking hard on his own fingers. Bakugou finally heaved up, coughing and choking and forcing his entire breakfast from his stomach as the hand grasped at his head and bobbed him up and down, holding back his hair.
It was disgusting. Disgusting and Bakugou tried to slap him off but his hands were like melted rubber.


"Shhh, you wanted this, didn't you Kacchan? You looked like you were really struggling."

Izuku pulled him back slowly, fist buried in the back of his hair. Ruby eyes were hazy, rolling up between Deku,  the ceiling and everything between. Izuku brushed his cheek and smiled fondly, loving how utterly wrecked and unfocused those orbs were becoming. From Katsuki's wet, brutal sounds alone Izuku was rock hard. The excitement at what was coming building and tossing and turning in the greenette's core. 

His smile was sweet but his eyes were darker than onyx. His fingers brushed at soft blond until Kacchan objected aggressively, backing up into him and shoving him back hard.
He moved only a step, haulting himself so he could to watch Kacchan. He watched as Bakugou's elbows hooked over the sink's edge. He could barely hold himself up, a staggering mess of sharp breaths and whines and wobbly legs. His fingers brushed and missed the tap, frustratedly breathing, struggling and fighting. Finally they caught the tap. Finally they moved and a stream of water gushed out. 

He lowered his damp, dirty lips to it, head tilting, gasping and parting his lips to allow the cool liquid to released on his cheek and inside of his cavern. Kacchan looked so relieved. It washed the filth away and down the sink, cold water spilled over his eyes and hair, turning the ashy colour dark and wet. Then he was drinking and gasping, not realising how his ass looked bent over like that. Not realising that Izuku was still right there watching it all displayed before him, seduced by the blonds terror and lack of control. His ass looked so ripe as he sucked on the flow, it took everything in Izuku's power not to fuck him right there in the bathroom. 

But he did make a mental note to do it at a better time.

"Look at you," Izuku tutted, finally intervening with the little show. He flushed the mess down the toilet and took a towel, wrapping it around Bakugou's head. He pulled the blond up off the sink with ease, Bakugou's muscles had gone soft and willing. It let Izuku do what he wanted. In this case, brushing his hair dry under fluffy white and pulling him close to his chest. When the blond was dry enough, he pulled the towel off of his face and over his hair, revealing the blond's face. His cheeks were flushed and eyes half open, lips parting like a confused baby chick~
"Haha, you're so cute~"

It was entirely condescending, his voice and strong hands the only thing Bakugou sensed beyond his sickness and dizziness. He was too sick to be afraid. When Izuku dropped the towel over his eyes again, he couldn't see where he was going. The hands slid under him and pulled him off the ground against a broad chest. Bakugou's fingertips fluttered up to pull the towel from his face, concerned at where he was going and why he couldn't see.
His fingers prodded and touched uselessly but his muscles were too relaxed to lift even that. It was an awful feeling. An awful, terrifying feeling that was even worse as the scent of Deku and his cologne came back from before.

He yelped as he was laid down on the bed, rolling over to get far away but firm hands on his shoulders held him down.
"Relax, Kacchan." His voice was way too calm and reverent for the situation, as if whispering prayers within a church. His fingers slid up the alter of Bakugou's forehead and his body bowed, pressing an obedient kiss to his lover's matted head.

"I won't hurt you. You're safe here."

"Fuck-fck you..." He breathed, hoping it hadn't come out half as blurrily as it had sounded in his head. The room was dark now and nothing could be seen. Sleep was pulling him back but Bakugou wouldn't let it take over him. He would let himself pass out with Deku over him like this, in Deku's bed unguarded to Deku's fingers.
Bakugou gasped after his own words, head falling back against the bed helplessly with a mess of hair around his head. He looked perfect, perfect all over apart from his struggling legs and burning skin.  Izuku frowned, because the temperature of the blond really was far too volcanic.

"Ah, maybe three was too many."

Cold dread barely penetrated the blur of Bakugou's daze. He remembered wondering three what? He remembered trying to decode the words like some sort of puzzle and remembered the hazy weight of Deku's outline crawling on the bed above him.
That was the last thing he did, before all consciousness melted to away. 

Chapter Text

Izuku's tongue rolled over every nerve and under every throbbing, begging crevice of his body. Hard hands held him down to stop him from rolling and arching too much in pleasure. From the cool contrast of that wet tongue rubbing him to the brutal waves of sexual energy washing over his insides.
One moment everything was dark and pleasure was high, the next his eyes opened up to a room alone. 

The lights were too bright, blinding and burning against his aching brain. 
Kacchan gasped as he woke, instantly slamming his hands down to his own cock. Everything was wet, his whole body damp with sweat and saliva and pleasure. Cum and slick lube moistened his thighs and the burning world between.
It was throbbing; still throbbing and pounding with his tip sore and oversensitive. It wanted to spill, to spurt cum and release. His fingers nudged at his cock instantly, palming at it desperately with the memory of his wet dreams enough to make him moan. Even if he tried to stop it he wouldn't have been able to. His vision was blurred, pleasure drowned inside his head. His hips lifted up, all the way up and high in the air as he touched himself as if everything was not enough.
He wanted to cum. He wanted to cum. He wanted to cum. 

"Ah- ah..."
His fingers weren't doing it, asshole still puckering and parted with wetness staining his insides and dripping out. The memory of something bigger was taking over him. He needed pleasure, he needed-
"Dekuu..!" Bakugou whined, voice hoarse and petulant and pleading.
"Deku please- Deku- Deku!"
He didn't know what he was begging for. He barely remembered who. His body felt so much pleasure when he said that name though, his insides blushed and quivered and moaning that in a voice so filthy just felt so right.

"Ahh..." his fingers slipped under him and darted into his empty insides, feeling little to no resistance as they ducked inside of him and prodded in and out, massaging himself open. The ring of his ass was hot with nerves, tingling and twitching from the moment his finger touched them. The tingles followed as he slipped them deeper inside, arching in search of his spot. Frantically in sync, his other hand worked at his cock.
It wasn't enough.
It wasn't enough-
Where was Deku?

"Where-?" he looked up helplessly, twisting up his hips so he was on his knees and arched his ass into the air.
"Deku- where?" He whined, growled in frustration because he was begging so nicely but Izuku wasn't coming to him.
Fuck this. Fuck this. He wasn't getting off. He needed to come.
He needed to-
To stand up on legs like jelly and stumble his way out of the large room. He wondered out of the soft bed, wearing nothing but an oversized shirt that wasn't even his. 
With the shift of gravity, cum started to drip down his legs, in a pretty path down his ass and thighs, drizzling downwards like rain but he didn't care to hide anything. He didn't care to question who had left their cum still hot inside his ass or when. He didn't even stop his fingers from digging himself out as he walked, stopping on every corner and every wall to masturbate and gasp and throw his long limbs around in a mess.

Fuck, he was a mess. 
He wanted to find Deku but he wanted pleasure more. Pleasure was consuming him, numbing his mind from recalling every memory. In many ways, Bakugou was lost to the pleasure. Confused as to where he was but not caring to question it or why his feet knew where to carry him. Each table he draped over and door knob he fucked he thought would give him the answer but no.

Suddenly, he remembered.

Deku was the daddy who'd fucked him in the hotel a few nights ago. It had been a good night. This must have been an extension of that, another hotel. But if that was the case, why wasn't he here?

Bakugou was ready to fall over and give up. With pleasure blazing inside him like a fire, Bakugou would need to spend every second of his time on it to stop from burning. That meant forgetting about... 

About that man. Who was it he wanted to fuck again.. oh yeah..
"Deku-!" He moaned, arching his hips and fucking into his fist in desperation. "Come and fuck me..!"

Something clattered violently to the floor. Katsuki jerked, looking up to see a male standing there, not one or two or even five feet away from him but further. Izuku stood still in a doorway, eyes as wide as a deer caught in head lights. His eyes were all over Katsuki, distracted by the display before him, paralysed by the want that surged with him. The door was unattended, Izuku so lost the blond might have been able to shove him out the way and escape but-

The presence of another human was too much for Bakugou's flaring, drug induced hormones. The door clicked shut, and Katsuki, still fucking himself in a puddle on the floor looked curiously up at his roommate. 
Izuku watched red eyes look away from him boredly, a moan shaking from the beautiful blond's throat. A second later, realisation took over and Bakugou's head jerked back to face him. His eyes alone made arousal rush to Deku's cock. He hurried towards his prisoner, dropped bags of groceries left neglected on the floor as he travelled towards his pet.  Then, the blond was on him.

He expected lust. He expected a kiss, a moan, a desperate plea if the blond's physical appearance was any indication. To his surprise, right when the blond reached him a flare of anger flashed in those ruby eyes. Izuku backed up too late as the blond pounced, grabbing Deku by the throat.

He had no time to react or recover. Protecting Kacchan so he wouldn't be hurt as they fell, he left gravity pull them back into the floor with a thump. The blond barely seemed to notice as he had Deku pinned. Drugged up, he was so strong. His chest so broad and his eyes so intent. Pinning Izuku with his thighs and eyes, he let his naked cock fall near his captors face as they hit the floor. He had him in a choke hold, With his... hot, damp, tight thighs. 

Izuku swallowed thickly. 
"Fuck you!" The attacker growled, "I was so- I was so horny and you didn't fucking come to me-"
Izuku's green eyes were on his dripping cock. Oh? That wasn't the reaction he'd been expected. 

"You were horny..?" He whispered dumbly, his lips were drooling, his hot breath making the slick pre from Katsuki's tip even creamier.

"I was aching for you, argh.. nearly ripped my fucking ass to shreds thinking about impaling myself on it." Bakugou moaned, only to catch himself and glare. "Well. Don't fucking talk dipshit."

His body was pure sexuality, every arch and quiver of his husky words, every slide of his hips and tilt of his waist. 
He didn't know what to say, lost for words and amazed by the incubus before him.
"I-I'm here now."
He swallowed, penis tenting painfully in his own pants.

"ohh," A low rude chuckle growled beside him. "You fucking better be. Hm- you- you're gonna take responsibility-"
Katsuki lowered his pert ass down and pushed his cock between Izuku's nervous lips, grinding his ass down slowly to engulf himself inside Izuku's lips.
"Hmm~" His head tilted back as he moaned, chest poking up before Izuku opened his mouth and sucked him in. 
"Ahh! Fuck- Deku suck me-"

Izuku did, sitting up so his entire face was pressed into the pit of his blond's arousal and opened his throat around his cock, swallowing around it and sliding his wide tongue up and down the base.
Katsuki was gasping again, grinding his face and pulling at Izuku's hair. All the blood in his body was poured into his cock, sucking inside Izuku's mouth as he whimpered cruelly and let Izuku pull his shirt over his head.
Yes, being naked felt right. It felt so good- he opened Izuku's buttons, throwing apart his jacket. He struggled Izuku's clothes off and laid his body flat backwards, arching his spine lucking a performer. Izuku whined helplessly, still stuck in a choke hold, still laid flat on the floor with a cock down his throat and he wouldn't have it any other way. 

At this angle his tight, fat thighs were even stronger. Izuku felt every buck of Katsuki's naked hips right before him. Ash blond hair tickled Izuku's cock when the blond bent so gorgeously and whoreishly. Izuku knew he was perfect. Knew nobody else could ever compare. 
Ass cheeks naked on his naked chest, he rested his head beside Izuku's throbbing cock. Like a little tease he touched it with his fingers. Izuku shivered, slurping up and drooling unable to talk. Like a tease, Katsuki sucked them into his mouth, licking on his own fingers and letting Izuku hear all the wet, drippy sounds. He let Izuku feel his breath on his painfully hard cock and even brushed the wet strands of saliva onto Izuku's pants.

"Mhmm!!" Izuku pleaded, whined. 

Katsuki hummed in appreciation of the vibrations around his cock and Deku obediently licked up the underside of his shaft inside his mouth. Then, the blond nudged his pants away, stripping Izuku's boxers down. 

Shit. Don't cum don't cum don't cum.

Deku groaned, Katsuki nuzzling his face beside his cock and letting the length stretch up from his chin to his hair.
Izuku whined into Kacchan's cock, wishing he could live with his face between the blond's thighs. Wishing he could see the pretty face that felt so good beside his cock, lapping at the underside of his cock with his fair features contrasted beside dark, mossy hair.
"I can't- deku I can't-" He moaned helplessly, breath hot on his cock.
"I need you to fuck me I need-"

At his voice alone, Izuku was going to cum. 

Then Bakugou stopped talking, sitting up again and leaving Izuku's cock neglected and cold. He didn't leave the greenette time to rest though. Bakugou grabbed the larger hands and placed them on his hips, grinding again so he could feel every muscle in his slim waist and tight hips twitch. He was such a good slut~

"C'mon c'mon...mhm... please.." 

The constant mumbles the blond hadn't even realised he'd been releasing stopped abruptly. Izuku's eyes went wide, sitting up and looking at the boy on his chest. 


Bakugou was looking at him. The real Bakugou, not the drugged up sex slave. He looked at the boy who's lips were still around his cock and Deku's hear beat. He was frozen, scared that any move would wake up the blood from his trance. Scared that Bakugou might hit him.

With no sound at all, Bakugou grabbed Izuku's fingers and took them around his hips to the mouth of his ass. All sense left Izuku's brain as his fingers were guided to Kacchan's wet insides. They pushed into his ass, the hole clenching and testing him with resistance. 

"Ah...ah-!" Izuku gasped. 
Inside, his and Kacchan's fingers pressed together - inside of Katsuki- inside! 

His insides were twitching, the insides of a boy so hot Izuku was almost burning and- Izuku came.
He came and his eyes rolled back, swallowing in the salt of Kacchan's pre and gushing all over. His body would have jerked hard but Bakugou's weight held him down. His hot relief stained nothing but himself. It didn't deter him or dizzy him or stop him from sucking in Katsuki to the base and thrusting three fingers brutally against his lover's pretty, swollen prostrate. 

The sound Katsuki made had Deku's cock bouncing up rock hard again. 

Izuku's fingers slammed at it- his cock twitching and pulsing. All of his pleasure was in Izuku's hands - in Izuku's mouth under his tongue and between his fingers. Izuku's grip on his hip and prodding fingers were hard enough that Katsuki half came, shooting juice down Izuku's throat but then he whimpered and rolled his hips almost as if in a tantrum.
They both gasped sharply, Bakugou wrenching away from him with a hand over his mouth. He rolled over onto his back and came a little more, curling his toes and gasping heavily. He rolled on the floor like he couldn't handle it and Deku, still gasping turned to his side to watch the show. He took off his pants completely now, throwing it beside Kacchan's soiled shirt and stared. 
The blond was writhing helplessly, still cumming in tiny spurts and looking half exhausted when his thigh was grabbed. Izuku's hand fit entirely around it above the knee and he pulled Kacchan towards him, sliding him across the smooth floor so all his hair tilted up. Planting the blond beneath him, Izuku chuckled darkly. 
Red eyes looked up at him in fear.

"D-Fuck you!" The blond looked pained, as if realisation and clarity had crept up on him. "Fuck you- get off!"
Izuku was taken aback. 

Katsuki had jumped on him. Katsuki was hard but- but saying no? Poor thing. His mind and body were at war. He was saying no but mumbling about how much it hurt. It only hurt because Izuku's cock was the cure and he wasn't inside him yet. Deku didn't stop, reaching out to touch the boy and remind him of why he begged for this in the first place.

Bakugou was quick to fight him, slapping at his hands, glaring, biting. 

"Fuck- no. Please- please fuck me... no arhh...what have you- what have you done to me-"

"Stop your complaints." Izuku hummed in his ear, grabbing the blond by the cock. Katsuki writhed like Izuku's hands were electric, his voice went high, screaming then moaning loudly, throwing back his head and exposing his neck as Izuku's hands pumped at his sobbing cock.
"Ah-ah~" His hands fell down to his sides, using them as leverage on the floor to fuck himself into Izuku's hands, his eyes shut and lips parted.
Shit. Izuku didn't even have to move and Katsuki's cock would rock into his palm. He really was strong, holding up his weight and fucking his twisting hips on Izuku's fingers like a dildo. Deeper, deeper, dragging himself over his skin and ohh~ It was almost too much to resist, almost hypnotic the way he moved.

"Fuck- Deku ah- feels good~" Despite his words his eyes were teary.

Izuku smirked, pulling his hands right off the blond just to be a tease. There was a dark look in his eye but Bakugou didn't see it. He grabbed Deku, cursing in irritation and locking around him, legs and hips together and his fists grabbing cruelly at Deku's hair and shoulders. He didn't care if it hurt Deku. More of his personality was showing through, more of his strength was reappearing.

The drugs were wearing off but Izuku was glad the blond's libido was still enhanced.

There was no way he was getting through this without Izuku fucking him sorry. 

The poor thing - his cock was throbbing, almost red at the tip and his veins were shining almost blue. Izuku stroked him and he breathed a huff of delight by his ear, pulling himself up so his weight was hanging off Deku. 
Deku didn't mind. Having him cling to him like a hugging koala was incredibly cute and endearing, he didn't mind as he slid his thumb down the blond's sweat slicked spine and pinched a ripe globe of his ass.
Sharp teeth sank into his ear and Izuku winced.

"Ah-" It was bordering between sexual and violent. He had no doubt Katsuki was in the mind to hurt him as much as he intended to get himself off.
"Like that?" He hummed, eyes twinkling with a light way too fucking bright considering Katsuki had just bitten him. The blond rolled his eyes viciously and growled.
He was cut off suddenly. Izuku, addicted to inflicting that sickening look of unparalleled arousal on Kachan's face, interrupted the blond by swiping his cock into the narrow passage of his ass.
Katsuki's nails scratched along his back and Deku's hips pushed in deep, striking Katsuki to the core. The drag of pleasure, of pressure came so suddenly his ass cheeks trembled and his passage clenched down creating a deep suction. It almost made Izuku die - he almost fell but slammed one hand into the floor. That one hand supported both his weight and Kacchan's clinging off of him, and hands clenched the blonde's ass, pulling him apart to force himself deeper.

The moan from Bakugou's chest was of pure, guttural pleasure. It ended with a gasp, going high and then quiet before an almost whimper exited his system.
"Bastard..." He whispered, eyes teary.
Izuku watched him like he was a ticking bomb. Cock intruding inside the blond, red eyes looking up half mast. Time stood still and Izuku would remember this forever, this mix of fear and fascination and the liberating power to do anything muddling up inside him.
Then Katsuki moved closer, putting their naked chests together and ran his tongue up the underside of Izuku's tan neck, "Fucking bastard...fucking fuck you..."

Izuku was confused, not turned on by Kacchan's sadness. Almost worried because he wasn't making any sense.

"You better fuck me sore." 

Izuku's eyes went wide. 
Just like that, arousal shot through him and tripled. Izuku wanted to stop himself from hurting Katsuki as much as he could but one moment they were together on the floor, the next he was fucking him like an animal. Bakugou's body was arching and he was screaming. The whines from his lips were so visceral, so evocative and animal. He strained against the restraints of Izuku's arms but couldn't move, rising his chest with each harsh breath as pleasure pooled over his every expression and every craving whimper from his lips.
Izuku pulled himself almost out and then slammed back.
He felt it too. The expression of pleasure on Kacchan's face, it was relatable. It was beautiful. It was everything he'd ever wanted and more. Izuku stifled a groan, eyebrows knitting as he resisted kissing his lips sore.
Instead he went to his neck, under his perfect jaw and licking the salt of his sharp collar bone as his body tried to grind up against his. Bakugou's lips fell shut as he bit them closed but the moans didn't stop. They fell from his lips in heated spurts, toes curling and legs kicking helplessly underneath Deku's big-amazing-


Even he couldn't believe that moan (so high and desperate) was his own. But it was. Green eyes looked down at him in that mysterious cloudy was as the agent consumed him but Katsuki was far too busy to fight the silent dialogue between them. He was reading him, enjoying him, mocking him and his weakness but fuck, Bakugou didn't stand a chance against this.
He knew sex.
He knew sex well from the fervered flush of skin to the deep rush of lust and arousal. He knew sex but this-
Bakugou stopped paralysed as pleasure tore through him from the insides, breaking apart every ounce of control he thought he had. It took over him, drowning him. Coating his self control and restraint in pure heat. This was so much better than sex. Sex had never felt so good and he didn't know whether to blame the drugs or Izuku. Izuku who pinned him down to the floor of his dark apartment.

That's right. The haze of it all had come back, sharpened into focus so all of his senses were prominent but second to the hypnosis of sexual pleasure. Eyes to see Deku. Skin to feel his thrusts rocking him back and forth. Ears to hear his moans, his own moans and the hot gasps of breath between them as they fucked.
"Deku-D-Deku!" He whimpered, cried, tears sliding down his face because he'd never felt something so intense. He was scared. Terrified that it would never end. That his autonomy would end here and he'd be a slave to overwhelming pleasure for the rest of his life. Izuku made a gasp of a moan as if Katsuki's words had been delicious and dipped down, grating his hot abs against Katsuki's to lick up his tears. He stopped at his mouth and tried to get in, striking his hips with his cock. 
But Katsuki groaned and tilted his head so he couldn't. His back arched. He was made weak again. He moaned out and his lips parted against his control, moaning loudly into Deku's apartment.
When the greenette kissed him he bit, but his jaw was numb. Deku moaned and planted his cock deeper inside his guts, against his abused, swelling, throbbing prostate. It felt so close.
So close.

He must have said it aloud because Izuku pulled back and lead Katsuki's arms, which he still had in his control up above their heads and pinned them. His face was near and his breath hot on his cheek. He was inside Katsuki, looking so fucking hot as he tore him open in the best way and satisfied the deepest, burning urge within his core.
"You're gonna cum Kacchan~?"

Fuck. Why was it that name... that name in that tone of voice that did it for him.
Deku didn't get to finish what he had to say. Katsuki's eyes closed and his world exploded into fragments as pleasure engulfed him. It was searing - blinding, dominating and-

He writhed so hard Deku almost released him, his muscles convulsing. A panic hit Izuku in the dilemma of where to look - his face, his lips, his shuddering core or abs or ass or-
Katsuki's cock twitched and spurted pearls of glimmering white up against his nipples. In a fit, another stripe of cum stretched in a ribbon up to his neck and face and the floor above them and-
It was so beautiful Izuku's insides coiled and he released his third load of the night into the mess he'd already made in this beautiful boys insides.
Katsuki had stopped writhing, stopped struggling and was now stretched out and still, a permanent look of bliss still etched into his face. Izuku let go of him and gasped, swearing and shaking in his thighs from a pleasure so fulfilling. His gasps continued, cooling down as the life returned to Katsuki, allowing him to breathe.

He was on his back, naked body exposed, legs parted and gaping hole a mess. Izuku pulled out and Katsuki's legs collapsed. His everything did actually. Even his eyes couldn't stay open.
So cute~
"I hope that- satiated your need," Deku hummed, breathing still fairly heavy. He watched his words register on the young blond's face.

The UA student caught his breath, eyes slowly parting to a world that was clearing in fog. His fingers felt like fingers again. Lust wasn't suffocating him anymore. His cock wasn't burning with a painful need and his insides didn't feel empty.
They were sore though. Sore like a bitch and the male responsible for it all was just there. Just laying beside him too close for comfort, unharmed. 
It was then, laying naked on the cold floor in a mess of his and Deku's cum, that everything hit him.
It hit hard.
Too hard.

Hard in his mind and harder on his body, pain twisting through him sharply. He rolled over, striking Deku hard out. It seemed to come out of nowhere to the kidnapper. It was enough to send the pervert far away. Far back. Izuku made like he wanted to run up to him but stopped himself with his heels in the floor. The boy was panting, his body was tensed but Izuku was more observant than that, even post-orgasm. 

Kacchan's nails were digging into the floor. His eyes were shut and his hair in the way.
He was hiding his face. Kacchan never hid. 


One word was all it took, the blood curled up and turned away. Everything about the motion looked defeated; looked heavy. Concern washed over the FBI agent who struggled over on his knees and reached out.

"Kacchan, are you alright-?"

"Fuck off." It was so sad, so bittersweet and broken. So quiet and hoarse from yelling that Izuku's cold heart actually warmed. A lot.
"Do you want me to clean you up-"

Shit. No. Katsuki was going to cry. Izuku could hear it in the sob of his voice. Curled up and curled away, Kacchan was going to cry. Izuku felt his heart shudder and his body tremble with fear, not knowing what to do. He hadn't planned for this. He didn't know how to react.
"Kacchan don't cry I'm not-"

Fists hit his chest but Deku didn't stumble away. Izuku breathed a sigh. He backed up and smeared his foot against a slick puddle of cum. The taller he stood the smaller Bakugou looked. The further he retreated, the colder. Even with Deku's broken sense of morality, this didn't sit right. Something about that was so wrong.
It was less than a minute after he'd been told to fuck off that Izuku hurried back and draped a towel over the blond. He'd hoped he'd use it to clean himself. He'd hoped the blond would throw it at him or at least react.
The blond didn't for a long time.

His eyes were shut and his face downcast. His breathing had evened and he was quiet. So quiet. A foreign pang almost brought Izuku to his knees. It was like guilt but it was darker, so much darker it made the amber lit apartment feel black and grey.

"I'm sorry," was all he could whisper as Katsuki sank into the towel, hiding beneath it like a blanket. His green eyes were wide, head down in shame and apprehension.
"I'm sorry... you weren't supposed to be conscious. You weren't supposed to remember this Kaccha-"

Midoriya stopped himself short.
His world flashed.
The word hit him like a bullet and he knew he'd never be able to chase this moment from his nightmares.
Of all the bad things he'd been called... Rapist. It made his existence flinch.

"No-" He resisted, twitching and shaking his head despite knowing that it was futile.
"No," He dropped to his knees and placed a gentle hand on the towel covering Kacchan's back. As if Kacchan was in the wrong, as if Kacchan was the fool here and he had to explain it to him. "No I'm not- I'm not that Kacchan, I'm not a- a rapist."

Bakugou could have gotten angry with his tone of voice and yelled. Izuku intentionally made his voice weak so he would but... he didn't. 

"You raped me." He whispered, still so quiet. Izuku hated it.

This wasn't like Kacchan. This was- this was frail- this was scared. This was weak, as weak as Izuku and Izuku only had himself to blame. Why did he have to ruin everything he touched!? Why could Deku not even spare Kacchan. He retracted from the blond in horror and stumbled back several steps, shaking his head and biting his teeth to try and keep back the tears.

"I told you Kacchan- I told you that I didn't mean to. You weren't supposed to remember. I didn't want to hurt you- I didn't want you to know. Y-you begged me for it! How could I resist when you looked so in pain Kacchan?!"

"You fucking drugged me," He whispered fiercely, hiding his face in his covers so he couldn't be seen but he sure as hell could be heard. It was loud in the eerie apartment's silence and aside from the drumming in his head, it was all Izuku could hear. 

"You drugged me so I couldn't cope without sex you- you forced me into it-"
"No that's, that's not true. Okay, yes, I-I drugged you. I gave you an aphrodisiac and some rohypnal to make you more willing but I really did mean to keep the sex to when you were unconscious!"

That was not the right thing to say.
Bakugou had feared since he woke up that he'd been fucked in his sleep. Deku confirming it like that - it penetrated his soul and stomped all over his pride and shattered his faith in his ability to consent. 

Izuku watched this display in Katsuki's body in horrific real time, unable to stop it.
His tears finally fell.
This wasn't what he wanted. Hurting Katsuki like this... this wasn't what he wanted. They were supposed to love each other. He was supposed to care for Katsuki not take from him like the disease he was. He couldn't just let this sit. He couldn't let this fall apart without doing something. Without trying anything even in a panic.

"I'm sorry," He mouthed, "I-I needed you. I need you. I can't put it into words and it's not something I can describe but I can't be without you Kacchan. If I don't see your face or touch you I'll - I'll fall apart. I'll stumble back into the darkness and I need you to take me out of it. The more I touch you the brighter my life is - the better I am. I tried to- I've had such a hard time lately I needed you to keep my will to live. I needed to touch you, to depend on you. I had to do it Kacchan, I'm so sorry. I didn't want to take it from you by force so I gave you drugs to make you more willing. So I wouldn't have to hurt you! I... I didn't mean to hurt you."

In the time it took his mess of words to stumble out, heart linking to his mouth with no filter, Katsuki's wide ride eyes had unveiled from the towel he hid under. 
They looked back at him from the contrast of the towel's white and his pale hair and they were staring in something Izuku couldn't read. He couldn't see, as his eyes were so blurry with tears it was only the colour - the colour he'd recognise anywhere in the world that made him realise that he was being watched.
Deku had given away too much.

He was ugly crying like an idiot and when Katsuki's mouth opened to talk-
Izuku couldn't do it. He couldn't bare to hear whatever cruel thing he knew the blond would say so he turned and ran.

Izuku knew Katsuki would say something cruel because he knew Katsuki. He knew that the moment Kacchan saw his weakness it would give him strength. He'd take advantage of it and Izuku was in no position to deal with that. He'd break. 
From the fall of his first tears, Izuku had already lost. The door slammed and he was gone. He'd run away in his own home, tears falling violently and he had no power to stop them. 

Bakugou heard the bathroom door slam and watched the bastard disappear. His lips slowly shut, no words forming out. 
He looked down at the floor, holding the towel tightly and clenching his palms tight. The feeling in his muscles was coming back. He was practising, trying to get more of a grip even as he laid back and looked up at the ceiling. He needed to work his way up to being able to stand. He needed his muscles to fell strong again. 

Already, the blond was beginning his path to fight back.


Chapter Text

Katsuki didn't know what woke him but he broke from his sleep gasping.

He hadn't even realised he'd fallen asleep. He hadn't even moved, still tucked under a towel. Still throbbing all over, feeling dismal. His breath was laboured, lungs heavy and limbs hard. Deku's apartment was cold, dark and massive around him. Uninviting and for some reason, fucking freezing. He froze up at first, scared. Traumatised from waking up bound with a metal gag in his mouth at the league hideout all those years ago. It took him way too long to realise that...

There were no chains. 

Bakugou grumbled, twisting to sit up. Instantly pain sparked through him. It travelled along his spine but was gone before he could react to it. He'd be okay. He'd be okay even if it was cold enough that his skin still hadn't stopped shaking. Bakugou blamed it on his state of undress. It was dark now, the awful day fading to a worse night. All his emotions were trapped in. His only blessing was that Deku was nowhere in sight. If the man had been there...

Bakugou didn't want to continue that thought. The fucker had drugged him. Taken advantage of him then tried to play it off like it was okay.
Katsuki grumbled to himself as he stood. That was game over for Deku. The green haired fuck shouldn't have gone there. It was over for him. Any thoughts of peace Bakugou had before were now gone. He wobbled on his feet a little, no sight of his clothes or Deku's dropped groceries around him. Irritated but not in the mood to ask, the blond limped back to the little room he'd woken up in for some reason. It was just another empty space. Just another cold hard floor. Only one room in the apartment had a bed but Bakugou dreaded it. 

Sleep wouldn't reclaim him.
It rejected him with a pounding heart and the slow whisper of anxiety in his ear. Every time his eyes fell shut for too long he thought of Deku.
Deku forced his way into his mind, the way he forced him into his home, forced his drugs into his lips and force his-
Katsuki turned sharply to the door, awaking in a blur but it was still shut. The room was empty and safe. He was cold. So fucking cold. In a fit of frustration he got up to tear Deku's sofa apart and bring the cushions in here - because fuck sleeping out there without a door between them. Embarrassingly, right as he stood he was hit with a wave of fear. He didn't want to open the door. What if Deku was there. 

Bakugou lay back on the floor sadly. Coldly. His knees were to his chest, cheeks wet at this point and pale. His dreams had blurred with reality, leaving him confused. After falling asleep and waking up again every 20 minutes or so, he leaned against the only door so that if Deku did come in, he'd feel it.
An hour later, and Bakugou was awake for the last time.
He wasn't even tired anymore, heart too shaky. Skin too cold.
He was still naked. He clutched his pathetic little towel, missing his UA dorm, missing the entire fucking world. No NO. Don't think of that. Bakugou didn't want to make himself weaker than he already was. The night before he'd had no blanket at all but right now, he'd trade the shitty towel for his old clothes in a heartbeat.
Sitting there, it gave him time to really think. To let the weight of the world fall back onto him only to roll off without being able to find a grip.
Who was Izuku Midoriya, the man who knew him but wasn't known. As much as he'd heard from the greenette he still didn't know.
Was it the same Deku who was a child genius, put on a programme at a young age and skipping high school to get a job? Or had those all been lies. Was it the same Deku who brought him snacks at a fucking expensive hotel room, charming him with his smile and his intense eyes.

Thinking of him now, Katsuki wanted to slap him.
He wanted to slap himself, actually, for letting someone so obsessed with him shake him up. HE clearly had the advantage here. Not Deku. He'd just been shaken up. That was all. What with the eerie fucking kidnap scene and Kirishima going missing.

Bakugou stood himself up shakily and brushed the pathetic, thin cloth from his skin, leaving it on the floor. He knew how to deal with obsessive lovers. He'd been dealing with them his whole life.
Izuku was no different.
Though, deep down Bakugou knew that this was just a mantra he'd repeat to stop him from feeling so afraid. Without windows or doors he may as well have still been blindfolded in this room.
But he wasn't.

Bakugou slowly parted the door, and gentle light wafted in. Outside was grey. No lights were on in the home but there was brightness coming from somewhere. His feet led him down the only path the narrow hallway could lead him, passing the ever shut front door and growing closer and closer to it. The light widened, streaming in and suddenly, he was standing before the giant window.
Well, not exactly.
He was still in the middle of the open space. Still keeping an eye on Izuku's bedroom door. Still unable to turn his back to it. Katsuki almost swallowed with embarrassment when he realised that the neighbouring towers might be able to peer at his still naked form.
But then he remembered that they couldn't see him.
He breathed a sigh of relief.

Most of the towers were dark, windows of blackness behind curtains. Domestic scenes were invisible to him. The entire town was bathed in eerie darkness and stillness. Not even the birds moved. It must have been what, two, three in the morning?
Maybe even four. Bakugou had no way to find out, staggering towards the kitchen and flicking on a lamp. The second he stepped in he remembered yesterday. He eyed the cupboard filled with drugs. In a fit he pulled open the cupboard open, grabbing the pills and shoving the entire tin into the trash. Fucking bastard. He found what he was looking for and turned the heating on, not giving a fuck about who was paying the bill or who might overheat in their thick blankets because of it. Then he couldn't resist stumbling towards the window again.
His fingers pressed against it, skin cold and the glass thick.

Now that he was close, he could see that it wasn't so empty after all. The busy square was deserted of cars but two men in hoodies stood, leaning against the walls and talking about who knew what at this hour. Seeing them was surreal. What world did they live in, what words did they share, unaware of Katsuki miles above them and watching them.
In the distance, tiny electric lights whirred across his peripheral vision like shooting stars but they weren't, they were just cars. Dozens of cars in this block, the next, the one after that and even further than that. The view was just so spectacular. It reminded him of Dabi, Dabi and that fucking black car he loved so much.

Katsuki smiled without realising it when the thought of Kirishima too. The redhead was somewhere like this too. Trapped in some 'safe' room where the league couldn't get them; where even their own mothers couldn't get them.
His throat felt dry so he backed some water before returning to the window once more. He couldn't help it. It was hypnotic.
What if Kirishima was right opposite him, looking back at him from a blacked out window straight across the street. Wouldn't that be funny?
They both couldn't see each other, they both wished for each other, they were both probably theorising about where the other was. They both probably couldn't sleep. It wasn't the first time they'd had that in common, waking up at the same minute of the same hour only to stumble into each others rooms or send stupid texts late at night.
Bakugou remembered their friends and his heart twisted painfully.

Would they think he'd abandoned them? That the day he'd spend talking to them was just his way of saying goodbye.
Katsuki couldn't bare to think of this anymore. He snatched himself from the large window and sighed. He was still naked, filthy with dry sweat, cum, bacteria and hands marking him. Not long later, hot water was rushing all that shit off him. It felt great, steam in his lungs and the scent of pine or some other plant based soap covered everything. It felt too good actually, his lower half sizzling under the water's touch and he shouldn't have been turned on but he was. Stupid fucking drugs were still lingering. His cock was hard and for some reason, that made him sick to the fucking core. 

"Ah.." Bakugou gasped and rolled his eyes. A cold shower in this temperature would probably kill him. Nervous eyes flickered to the door, where he was sure Izuku might invade any second now if he gave in. As if Izuku would sense it the moment he touched himself. As if he'd invaded Katsuki that much, that he'd just know

Fuck that. Desperate to prove that his body was his and his alone, naked, aroused and semi hard Bakugou gave in. Bakugou would just have to try and stay quiet. He lathered his hands with soap in a frenzy, rubbing up his thighs and pressing his chest to the tiled wall as they wrapped around his stinging cock. Pleasure danced up his spine, Bakugou beginning to grind his hips into his fists, ass poking out and huffs of breath fogging into the air. Like a fucking curse, his ass clenched tight and his muscles were sore with emptiness.

"..Fuck.." He whispered, reaching behind himself nervously, searching for something he could safely use as lube that wasn't going to hurt. Soon enough he had slipped a finger into his ass, curling up and striking just where he liked.
It felt no where near as good as Deku but-
Fuck. It shouldn't have, but that thought alone had him whirling. Bakugou had just had the most potent sexual experience of his life. It was both the worst and best. Both something he wanted to remember forever and forget. When he added a third finger he thought of Deku, standing beside him and pinning him against the wall, working his amazing cock inside of him.
His balls felt tight, wetness rising up the shaft of his cock and pooling out of his tip. Any second now he was going to cum, going to cum in Deku's shower dreaming of Deku's massive cock. He rocked back his hips and shook his ass desperately as pleasure surfaced up and he came.
His muffled sobs wailed out under the pattering of water.

Katsuki took a step back in the shower and sank down to the floor. When he came out he felt a little better for half a second before he felt ten times worse.
It felt wrong to step out in only a towel with no new clothes. His old clothes were no where in sight. Ah. New clothes were no where in sight. He'd fucking freeze if he stayed wet and naked. That wasn't like him, not to see something like that. 

Worse of all, he was getting tired again. He'd been up for at least two hours now. Nothing had changed. As if he was trapped inside the same hour. 
As the bathroom door parted and hot steam rushed out, he was hit with how cold the apartment was. What the fuck? He could have sworn he'd turned the heating on. Stomping past and leaving a trail of wet footprints, cold water dripping down his neck and shoulders, he found the meter and glared. He'd been right, but now he turned the dial even higher, shoulders shaking and breathing into his hands.
Fuck it. He was alone. He took the tower off his waist and pulled it up around his shoulders. Where did Deku keep his hairdryer? Where did Deku keep his spare blankets? This system was so fucked up he knew it couldn't be legal. He knew he couldn't be here without a phone, cold alone and naked without even a fucking bed by government law. Deku was full of shit. Deku was lying and Bakugou couldn't do anything about it. 

Red eyes looked off sadly at the sky, still black as if not a second had passed. The night was endless. He needed sleep.
By sheer coincidence, his gaze fell on the door of Deku's bedroom. A glare surfaced on his expression. Somehow, cold and tired he'd forgot it was there. Bakugou could grab a knife and end the fucker in his sleep. He could but something was stopping him.
Decency? Fear? Guilt?
He wasn't the same as Deku. He wasn't dark like him.

But he wasn't above giving the bastard a little scare. Bakugou yanked open one of the drawers and rummaged through it until he found a long knife. Still naked, wet and pathetic, he tiptoed through the darkness. Only now he had a blade in his hands. Now he was angry. If Deku didn't wake the fuck up and give him what he wanted he'd make him.
Repressed rage taking over, he pushed the door open and marched towards the lump in the fucking bed-
But Deku wasn't there.

Bakugou sat confused, befuddled for many seconds before jerking up and looking over both shoulders as if Izuku might sneak up behind him. He wasn't here.
He wasn't in his bed or under it, in the cupboards or any other room.
The piece of shit had left and Bakugou hadn't even fucking noticed. When? When he was on the floor passed out? When he was waking up in fear every ten minutes? When he was in the shower dreading having to see him again?
Suddenly, he felt like a huge idiot.

Izuku really was gone. His bed was made. The sheets weren't even warm.
Well, that solved one problem.

Sliding the knife under the mattress where he hoped Deku wouldn't find it (it would be a useful weapon if the bastard put his hands on him again) Bakugou lifted the blanket and headed to the door. When he reached the doorway of the apartment, dim amber lights and indoor heating hit him. He stopped to reconsider. Why was he carrying his sheets away to lie on the floor when he had a perfectly good bed right here?

He switched off the lights and turning down the heating, checking every room one last time. The apartment was finally his alone. It should have been alarming but instead, the blond found himself relieved. The bed sheets were warm and soft.
After two nights on the floor, he never thought he'd lie in another bed again. For some reason, the feeling was so good a surge of pleasure - not the obtrusive, unwanted sexual kind - but something warm and gentle spread over him.
His toes stretched out into the covers, body sinking deeper and eyes almost falling shut. Almost crying tears of relief. 
Before he did, he went to the door and dragged a small table to the front of it. Even if it didn't keep him out, Bakugou hoped it would make enough noise for him to be able to wake.
Only then could his eyes flutter back to sleep.

It was still there by morning. Bakugou was glad, sitting up and stretching, feeling the tension slip out of his muscles. The house was quiet. Bakugou ended that by throwing open Deku's cupboard ass naked and looking at his clothes.
He didn't want to have to wear his shit, but what was better, him being naked or wearing Deku's shit? Bakugou pulled out a shirt and some casual shorts. They looked ridiculous on him and were baggy, the shorts swinging down to his knees. Both his hands could fit under the waist band with ease. Bakugou eyed the wardrobe mirror in distaste.
He hadn't done his skin care routine for way too long. His skin was still glistening of course, but that that was besides the point. When he ran a hand through the sharp fluffs of his hair they were soft and pretty. His fingers itched for a familiarity and a routine he'd never return to. 

Bakugou kicked the door open and found nothing. The house was exactly how he'd left it. A feeling washed over him, one of slight disappointment. It wasn't like he wanted to see the greenette but he'd worked up so much strength and aggression, knowing he'd have no one to let it out on was a waste. Besides, he wasn't sure he'd be able to summon this much strength a second time. 

Bakugou made his own breakfast and found half the cupboards locked shut with chains. That hadn't been there at three in the morning. Deku had been home. More importantly, he must have noticed the missing knife.
Hurrying back to the bedroom and shoving up the mattress, he searched for the knife - the security weapon he'd hidden but it was gone. Deku had slipped his hands under the bed while he was sleeping and taken it without him noticing.
The fucker hadn't woken him either. He'd put the fucking cupboard back to block the door and make the blond feel false safety. 

To Katsuki, that was so much worse than confrontation. 

Midoriya felt the blood on his hands long after the water ran clear.

The awful rusty smell of death lingered in his nostrils. He used pine wash, refusing to allow himself to associate the fragrance of Kacchan's soaps with this.
Yet, he had no regret for his actions. He'd been an emotional wreck last night, there was no denying that. Penting it up would have gotten nowhere, it would have stabbed him in the back the longer he left it. In fact, Izuku was proud of his ability to stay calm as long as he did. To keep his eyes dry and his lips shut for long enough, to find a suitable person to kill. 

There was something so soothing about it, about not having to hold back. Completely relaxing, experimenting and playing on them. How far could he bend their fingers back before the bone snapped? How quickly did their eyes pop and their skin go blue with his bare hands around their throat, relishing in the rapidly beating heart. In the fact that all the warmth gathered in one place.
He stopped and let go before the skin ran cold. Saving them, then killing them, then saving them.
It reminded Izuku that he was in absolute control of his life. He wasn't weak.
He wasn't useless, as the kids on the playground used to call him.

He was however aware that this was becoming a problem. A bad habit. This was the second person he'd murdered in cold blood for personal reasons. The second illegal killing that was nothing to do government work or protected crimes. 
Though in his own defence, he had been smart with his chose. He'd chosen a criminal to be his victim. A rapist. A man who wouldn't leave this poor girl on the streets alone, a blond girl.
Moss eyes darted down in sadness. Eventually he'd have to return to his blond and face the problems of last night. He almost felt like saying, "See? See? I'm not a rapist Kacchan, I hate rapists. I murder them, so I can't be one of them."

That would get nowhere though. 

Izuku sighed as he opened the apartment door with his gloves on. Gloves, always on. He'd never let them have his fingerprints outside the room. This apartment wasn't even under his name or picture. He couldn't have it linked to him in any way if he was going to keep Katsuki safe. Unfortunately, that meant that the nights he could spend in the home with the blond were few.
Expecting a welcome of a sort, be it passive aggression, irritation, a fist in his face or another cute item of furniture blocking the door, he was disappointed when there was none.

Bakugou was working out, lying on the mat by the weights and lifting his entire legs and ass up and down and up and down off the floor from the waist up. Oh, so that's how he kept that waist so little~. Ohh, Izuku could stare at him for hours. He almost did, losing control and somehow blinking and finding himself several footsteps closer to the blond than he'd been before. Much closer. Too close to be subtle. 

The blond slammed his hands down on the floor and Izuku jerked. This was it, he opened his mouth, preparing to talk, preparing to apologise for the disaster of last night or burn under the violent insults the blond could conjure. Bakugou didn't talk though, didn't look in his eyes or glare or even acknowledge him. He just stood up. He just left.
The door slammed. Kacchan had finally realised that the bedroom was theirs and not just Izuku's it seemed, though the greenette had a feeling this was a lie. Bakugou must have intended to lock Izuku out of his own bedroom, to make a statement.
Izuku sighed and got behind the stove.

Life went on. A person had died, mistakes had been made. His heart had been racing a few hours ago and he'd reshaped his entire life a few days before that. For the first time since he was a child he had someone to come home to. Izuku had expected to be happy with this development. Yet here he was, alone in a cold silent room.
Here he'd taken a risk in pursuit of happiness and ended up worse of because of it. He'd taken a life. He'd gotten too bold. In the aching dullness of reality, Izuku realised this.

Suddenly Bakugou was before him again, the time between their encounters a blur. Izuku looked up in pleasant surprise, gut churning at the nerve wracking beauty of the other. Firm red eyes that rusty red that reminded him so much of spilled blood looked back. Izuku's mouth couldn't help but form a smile.
His voice was cold and wispy. He supposed he hadn't used it a lot since he'd... cried.

"Hey Kacchan. You hungry?"

"Don't you fucking dare." It was so final, Izuku turned his head down to smile sadly at the door as Kacchan wrenched open the fridge.

"I'm making us lunch. That's the sizzling you're hearing. You can probably smell it too." He mumbled, "Does it smell good?"

Suddenly Bakugou was coming towards him. No, he went around just so they would have the counter between them and honestly, that hurt more than any aggression could. Bakugou still feared him. Even though he was shouting and facing him, his legs were trembling where he thought Izuku couldn't see. Still, after all the progress Deku had made with his lies on the first day. He'd thought it a hundred times but, Izuku really did resent himself for his foolish actions.
"I've had enough of you."

The killer's eyebrows fell with sadness. Bakugou didn't want to look. Everyone of Izuku's 'real' expressions had something so fake and off about them. The agent could never just tell the truth. He could never just give Bakugou 100% of the information in his head. He always had to hide and tell lies.

"You're going to get a phone, call up whoever your superior is and let me talk to them about getting a new fucking agent or whatever you want to call it."
Midoriya's heart sank. Ah. The lie he'd told.
The way he turned away, Bakugou was certain he wouldn't get an answer. But then he heard one, barely, as the voice started off quiet and muffled into the fabric of his shirt. It then got louder, ending with a creepy set of eyes looking into his soul.

"You really have the confidence to talk down to me after last night," In another tone of voice it might have been a threat, but Izuku sounded soft, "You really are amazing Kacchan."
He meant it.

The creep really meant it and Katsuki could tell, with every speck of awe in the dark forest of Midoriya's eyes. With that alone, Bakugou knew that he'd never be taken seriously. Izuku wouldn't compliment a man he felt threatened by. It showed that Izuku didn't even consider him worthy of considering.  
Bakugou wanted to punch and clenched his fists ten or twenty times as he took a step forwards and growled, "I'm not weak, Izuku. I'm not a fucking pet or child or performer. I'm not someone you should be fucking admiring."

His hands shoved Izuku back twice before he could stop them. Anger and rage compelling him to do so, so much more. The rock of a man somehow managed to fall back under the pushes but his hands were by his side in a calm position. Ever observant Bakugou saw this and his gut churned again that he wasn't weak. Izuku should be fighting back, damn it!

"No, you're not. Not at all, I think you're flawless - you're able to recover from every dark thing the world has thrown at you and-"
"Listen to me you fucking monster!" He snapped, frustration bubbling. Izuku stopped, almost feeling bad for him, were it not for the strength in which Bakugou had said that. For someone so cute he really was great at playing a bad guy. "You don't get it! You don't get how fucking done I am with you! How fucking much I want to slam your face into the fucking counter and end you!"

Bakugou was screaming now, conscious burning inside him, knowing that what he was saying was wrong. That he shouldn't let his emotions take control of him this much. 

"You're going to take your head out your fucking ass, call your boss and be lucky I don't get the fucking police on the line."

Through all of it, Izuku could only deign to shake his head in response. 
"I told you, they won't help. They don't want you wasting witness protection resources when they could stick you in a prison cell. I'm your only option-"
"Then so be it."
It took him a while to realise what it was Izuku was saying. When it hit, he frowned.

"You'd rather be locked up then stay with me?"
"I don't see a difference."


Izuku did something that made Katsuki's fingers slip right off of him and then the male was stepping forward. He would have gotten him. He would have gotten Kacchan and held him down but the moment he moved the blond flinched back fast. Fear. Fear. Fear. Izuku didn't like seeing Katsuki's fear. He shouldn't be afraid of him and it frustrated Deku so much he wanted to get back at Kacchan. Scare him more. 

They'll rape you Kacchan. They'll cut you and boss you around and make you sleep curled up on the cold dirt floor in a puddle of your own piss if you give them attitude-"
"NO fucking difference." He spat. 
"-You don't get it. You haven't seen prisons Kacchan. Someone like you... someone like you won't last a day let alone a life sentence. They'll make you into their slave-" He pleaded only to be cut off by a harsh jab. 
"You talking from experience?"
Izuku paused and looked at Kacchan, wondering what he'd said to give him that impression.

"No... No I've never been imprisoned. I did some government work in a prison before but... just trust me. It's not somewhere you want to go."
It was a rare occasion where Izuku was telling the truth. For all his screams and the angry little front he loved to put on, Izuku knew the blond was listening. He knew he was considering Izuku's words. He knew he was scared. Of course he was, he'd had years of involvement with the league. With people like Dabi. 

Izuku's fingers curled and twitched at his side, compressing his rage. Dabi. The blood he'd left on Katsuki's skin. 

"Look," Izuku said, breaking his own train of thought. "I'm willing to make compromises with you here Kacchan. I'm willing to buy you clothes and furniture and cakes and anything you want! I mean it, anything to make you happier here."
"For what price?"
"No price!" He exclaimed cheerily, turning around and fumbling with the lunch he was cooking and several dishes. A huge smile adorned his freckled face. "No price at all, just getting to see you makes my life worth it."

Kacchan backed away, a look of contemplation on his face. For now, it looked as if his anger had been quelled. This allowed Izuku to breathe easy again.

"I made you Katsu curry today. To try and make up for yesterday... After a lot of thought I realised that I was in the wrong. I won't do things like that anymore." He whispered guiltily, the food he'd worried so much about getting wrong finally ready for serving. Izuku stirred the pan and laid down a scoof of rice, letting the hot, delicious curry pour beside it. 

"Your favourite." He added, a gentle light in his eyes as he placed it on the counter before Bakugou. The blond was still too far away to reach. He was keeping his distance so Izuku gently smiled and lured him in with the help of a great smell like a frightened animal. The way Katsuki eyed the food was so cute. So sweet~ He came closer slowly but didn't seem to realise he was doing so, hands curled into fists at his sides and face so, painfully pretty. 

"I promise. I promise I won't hurt you anymore Kacchan." He said with all the truth in his heart. "If you do believe I'm trying you can hit me, stab me even and I won't get mad. I just want us to be happy here, I just-"
"I don't believe you."
"I don't believe you."

Katsuki's voice was clear, no malice in his eyes. His words were like thunder though, thunder that shattered windows. It was tragic because Izuku wasn't lying. Izuku was really, really telling the truth and despite getting away with all lies, when he told the truth nobody believed him.

"No I-" He cleared his throat, "Genuinely. I'm not lying for once Kacchan-"
"I know." The blond said blandly, confusing Izuku so much he choked on his own tongue. "You think you're telling the truth but you delude yourself. You lie to yourself, I can see that now."

What? Izuku had never heard anything so- so-!
Panic drifted to the surface.

"That's not true. You'll see that's not true Kacchan. I won't hurt you again. I have self control, you'll see-"
"Yeah, I will."
"No! No no, don't say it like that."
Bakugou was watching him so blandly with blood coloured eyes so dead and cold Izuku's petulant voice sounded ridiculous. The greenette sucked in a breath and shook his head. The food. The food- that would save him. 

"I-I... I don't want to fight. I made you your favourite, please eat up. Enjoy!"
What he didn't expect was for Bakugou to laugh.
Chills shivered down his spine, a mix of addiction muddling over the obvious sense that this was wrong. The laugh was long, a low, quiet chuckle that sounded like genuine enjoyment. Izuku didn't realise he was leaning closer to hear it until Katsuki's fingers wrapped like pincers around the neck of his shirt.

"Eh-!" He yelped, heart racing at being so close. At feeling Katsuki's warm fingers press against his chest inside his clothes. He looked beautiful that morning, drop dead beautiful somehow with his eyes narrowed to terrifying slits and his jaw rigid. He had bites on his neck peeking out of his borrowed shirt and had shadows under his eyes. 
Then Izuku felt it.
Hot, stinking curry source poured over his hair. His hard work, his apology, his soul and effort poured down his neck, and ruining his clothes and stinging his eyes. Chunks of chicken and rice clumped in his ears and slapped into the clean marble floor. They landed with wet clunks.Through it all, Bakugou's words were like gravel beside his ears. Izuku's eyes were shut. Too shocked to move. 
"You think I'm ever putting something of yours in my mouth again?"

Bakugou released him, stepping back and looking at his work. At Izuku like he was dirt. He didn't stop tormenting him until every last drop was wasted. Every dot of Izuku's apology destroyed. When he was done, he returned the plate to the counter in front of Deku, shoving it towards him as if to say that he would be the one cleaning up.
Green eyes glared up at him.

The sight of Izuku shameful. Pitiful. His body was frozen stiff. He'd killed a man. He'd killed a man and dominated life itself. Yet here he was, helplessly still before a bully.
Bakugou slammed his bedroom door shut.
This time, Izuku didn't even cry.

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki was a lot of things but weak was not one of them. He knew what Deku wanted but there was a big fucking issue with Bakuou's personality; he was difficult. He didn't feel the need to give anyone shit. 
Izuku wanted a scared, damaged little bitch and Bakugo knew it. Too bad he wouldn't let him have one. 

Kacchan was doing well. Too well. He made his own meals, cleaned up after himself, kept to himself, kept himself busy and didn't ask for anything. He didn't appear bothered by having only one person to talk to. He didn't lash out on Izuku again, though he was incredibly rude.

It took a week of living together - a week of eyes rolling at him, brushing him off and ignoring him - for Izuku to realise. When he realised, he felt stupid. 
Kacchan didn't feel any intimacy towards him.
It was all one sided. Just because they were living together, it didn't mean they were living together. That's why he always pretended to be so angry. That's why the real him, the unguarded Kacchan that Deku had gotten to know so well hadn't shown his face. That was the Kacchan he didn't show to anyone, only his phone camera. 
Izuku missed it. He missed the open Kacchan. 
Why would Kacchan open up to him though? He could see that from Katsuki's eyes, he barely knew Izuku. Izuku hadn't seen him cry, he hadn't seen him comforting him on those lonely nights where tears slid down Katsuki's cheeks. 

All he knew was a stalker in a coffee shop. 
They had started talking. They had become almost friends. They had been travelling down the path to intimacy but life just loved to screw him over. First of all he'd rushed things, gotten to honest and scared Bakugou off with his clingyness, then the league had found Kirishima, then he'd scared him off again by letting him notice that he was fucking him in his sleep on. On the first day, as well. Izuku groaned and cursed his own lack of patience. He had nobody to blame but himself. 

Well, that just meant it was time to make amends. Now, in a dark room in front of a desk with a pen in his hand, Izuku could see his mistakes written before him in bullet points. If his original plan was a straight line, reality had gone off-course in a diagonal line. He'd just have to curve it back on track by achieving the next thing on the list. 

The next thing on the checklist was making the beautiful Kacchan love him.

How, how how?

He could break him down. He could leave him no choice but to love him. 
In this situation, Izuku couldn't have been more blessed. Stockholm's syndrome was a fast way to manipulate one into love and he already had his target kidnapped. He already had every stimulus into Katsuki's life under his control. He pulled up a psychology research page on google and studied it thoroughly. 
Humans had to go through a certain spectrum of emotions. With only him to release these emotions on, Izuku was certain to receive both the negatives and positives of Kacchan's emotions, it wouldn't even need effort, just patience. 

Which Izuku evidently didn't have a lot of. 

"When I give him positive rewards he'll be grateful even if it is unconscious. He'll gradually warm up and associate me with happiness. He...he needs comfort. The worse his situation is the more he'll seek out comfort, I just have to find out the right amount to push him."

Izuku stopped and dropped his pen, biting his lip with a sour expression. He didn't want to hurt Kacchan. That would be cruel.

"If there are two villains in a stockholm's syndrome situation, they'll usually drift towards the nicer villain due to the presence of a worse villain in comparison. That will make me look really good, I just- I need a worse villain!" 
His face quickly fell when he considered the possibility of allowing anyone else near Kacchan. That could backfire and make him the bad guy. 
After more reading, he realised that he needed a threat to unlock the most intimate parts of Katsuki Bakugou. A threat. Izuku hated to say it, he knew it was wrong but... rape was a threat. Bakugou seemed to fear it greatly already (even though he'd begged for it and Izuku hadn't been forceful) Izuku could have been so much worse. He could have if he were another villain but Izuku never would be able to hurt Katsuki like that. 

But Bakugou didn't know that.

Perhaps Izuku would have to let him know how good he was. Perhaps he could make a fake split personality, a good Izuku and a bad Izuku. Katsuki would be so afraid of the bad Izuku he'd run into the arms of the good one. Yes, that would work. Izuku wasn't stupid. He could tell the blond thought he was fucked up enough as it was. Faking a mental disorder, making up an entire new role wouldn't be hard to believe at all. 

Izuku spent the whole of his day at work thinking of the role he would make up. His arm had long since healed but he remained in his dingy office job to 'recover from the trauma of his target's kidnap.' 
He'd convinced them he was intent on aiding the investigations (obscuring most of the evidence they might find against him in the process) until someone-
Green eyes glared at the purple haired insomniac beside him with irritation- decided to add him to the suspect list. Their investigation wasn't anything fancy but, it detailed removing him from those with access to the case. Izuku had made a good show of frustration before making a public display that he was glad to be inspected if it meant they'd find Bakugou faster. He'd even thanked Shinso for his audacity in suggesting a friend, to which the bastard had responded cooly. 

Now he spend his days watching the dry camera footage of some other suspected criminal. When he found the evidence convicting them, it was on to the next. Then the next. Then the next. Then the next. He was good at his job, so good in fact that he made everyone around him look like shit. Izuku realised that by solving cases everyday, it made the months he'd spent with Kacchan look more suspicious. So he forced himself to become 'stuck' on a particularly difficult case. A woman in her forties whose brother ran a small time drug ring. 
It was hardly important to him. He didn't even need to watch. In a week or a month from now, when he'd eventually grow bored he knew exactly where to find the evidence to convict her. For now, he'd use the time to think about Kacchan. 

The first role Bakugou had met was 'coffee shop Deku.' Izuku giggled to himself at the nickname. Coffee shop Deku had been designed to comfort the blond and make him let his guard down. Baggy clothes, scared smile, high voice and stutter. Izuku enjoyed putting on the dorky glasses and pretending he was that innocent. It would be a great good guy but Izuku didn't need a good guy. He was the good guy! He didn't want Katsuki falling in love with a version of him that was pretend, so he needed someone worse.

Izuku could corrupt the sweet coffee-shop-Deku look. How fun~
The sweet looking him would be sinister and the dark and confident him would be warm and kind on the inside. From the perspective of a story writing nerd and a novel and comic enthusiast, Izuku was thrilled with the concept of his own idea!
He remembered the terror in Katsuki's eyes on the balcony, when the blond first connected the dots and pretended to still listen to the dorkish rambling. That had been so exciting! A different kind of fear, a fear he tried to hide. 
Watching the figure of his target emptying her trash, toddler on her hip, Izuku grinned a menacing smile. 

Bakugo wouldn't lose here, he repeated in his head. 

He was going crazy, being trapped indoors all day with nothing to do and no screens to watch. Psychology expected Bakugou to go crazy. Crime reports of kidnap victims predicted that Bakugou would go crazy. Logic and reasoning pointed out that there was a high chance that Bakugou would lose his shit and go fucking crazy. 
But Bakugou's own fucking pride would stand up against all those expectations. 
He didn't graduate at the top of his class for years and years to be trapped by some criminal. He didn't get into the best University in the country, one of the top five in the world just to lose it all because some fucker decided to fall in love with him. 

Izuku had no schedule for visiting him. 
When he did, Katsuki would pretend to be asleep and not move. He'd learned to bite his tongue and relax his muscles so he really did look a sleep. So he could ignore the constant stare of Izuku just to deal with him later. He was waiting for the male to get closer. To try and lay a hand on him so he'd be able to take him by surprise and knock his teeth out. 
It didn't happen.
When he left Katsuki did a ritual check of the place. He always waited 40 minutes after Izuku had left before acting. The greenette didn't like to dart in and out the place, so if he wasn't back before 40 minutes, he wouldn't be back for at least two hours. Creeping out of his bedroom door, there were five other doors in the apartment. The first was the little prison room he'd first woken in. The one with no furniture that he'd struggled out of, tied up and blindfolded. It was isolated from the other rooms, a corridor away until the opening to the wider space. Between the main space and the corridor there was the main door. The front door, clad in white with a constant glowing blue light by the electric key telling him it was locked. Always locked, not just with a key but a code, card or maybe even a fingerprint that Katsuki didn't have. 

Next to that was Deku's room, the bathroom then opposite that on the far end of the apartment, tucked into the corner beside the kitchen, there was the back door. Another exit. Bakugou was suspicious of this, as what fucking apartment had two exits? For the most part he gave it the benefit of the doubt but that didn't stop his efforts. 
One day, he did an experiment. 
He took a strip of paper, an inch tall and three long and slid it under the door. He then lay flat on the ground and peered under the door, looking for any sign of natural light. It was always, always. Dark as as a cupboard. 
Bakugou narrowed his eyes and blew into the gap, the force sending the paper flying as far beyond the door as he could possible get it. He didn't hear it collide with anything. He didn't feel a breeze fighting it from his grasp. 
Katsuki stared into the darkness and always felt a chill. 

He didn't like the room. Something about it was so off. It's placement in the room, it's uselessness, the fact that no other penthouse he'd seen had one. The fact that it resembled any other cupboard but somehow, Deku escaped the apartment from it. He had a theory, that maybe it led to a small room with a fire exit beyond that. 
One day, he brought the entire lamp down to its level in the absence of a torch and tried to see what was hiding there. Of course, this didn't get very far and ended up a waste of several minutes of his life. His life that he was wasting right now, trapped away in here. 

"UGH!" Bakugou's fist slammed into the counter, giving up on his escape plans for yet another day. 

Take two. 

Katsuki had a clear head and Izuku had left out the main door seven minutes ago. 
Bakugou wrote a message on the paper: Bakugou Katsuki, top floor, SOS. He didn't write anymore for fear of how his kidnapper might react if he found it. He watched it vanish and then waited. 
Despite it all, Izuku really did give him whatever he wanted. Katsuki knew that despite having a shit life on the normal standard, for the standard of a prisoner this was heavenly. His experience with the league confirmed this. 
Bakugou was wary of compromising this. His harsh words might look carelessly rude but they were carefully thought out. Bakugou didn't want to compromise their current condition. He was careful not to provoke Izuku above breaking the status quo. Their stand-still. The static dance between them, both cautious of the other, both waiting for the other to strike. Bakugou wouldn't give in and wouldn't give Izuku the chance to fight back, because he knew the greenette would enjoy it. 

Bakugou played it smart. 

That being said, Bakugou always had been explosive, often surprising even himself. 
The day it happened, Katsuki was curled up innocently on the swivelling chair in the lounge area. A book from the library sat open on his knee, his back slumped and his legs and chest covered in a thick hoodie he'd made Izuku buy him. 
Trying to strike up a conversation with the blond that day was impossible as ever. The moment Izuku came near him he'd be ignored. Izuku sighed sweetly and kneed down on the carpet before him, looking up at him with a stary look in his eyes. He enjoyed everything about the scene. Katsuki in his home, on his chair, reading his books and wearing his clothes~

After a while of staring at the permanent from of Katsuki's brow and how cute it was, he looked at his lips. Izuku rested his face on his hand a sighed, a bubbly feeling catching in his belly. Bakugou had to be the prettiest person on the earth. He wasn't even trying, his hoodie too big and his hair unbrushed but he looked perfect. Bakugou didn't respond to the excessive staring by  shifting or getting uncomfortable. When Izuku deemed it had been long enough for his victim to have relaxed, he spoke up.

"Have you eaten today, Kacchan?" the male spun away lazily in his hair and muttered a quick shut up with the excuse of interest in reading the book. Izuku smiled because Bakugou was a good actor, but Izuku wouldn't be fooled. He knew him better than that. The blond had been uncomfortable after all, he'd just refused to act on the feeling out of pride. The blond had been at at it for hours now, so Deku believed him. Deku believed that Bakugou must honestly be impressed by the book because he was Kacchan, and Kacchan was so motivated that he did not waste time. 
That's why he let his guard down, not realising that what he'd intended to do to Bakugou, the blond had succeeded in getting him to do.

"Deku," When the gruff voice grumbled Izuku was happy to answer, humming and looking towards his adored Kacchan with a soft smile.
"I want..." Bakugou trailed off, grumbling into his collar so it was hard to hear. Izuku flickered closer to him, desperate to hear his voice and encourage him.
"Yes Kacchan?"

He mumbled again and Izuku flushed because he realised that the blond was shy.
"You want something?"

Sharp red eyes landed on him, reading that Izuku thought he was being shy and responding to this aggressively.
"I want a fucking lime and passion fruit cake from 'Amai Paradise.'"

Izuku stared at him with his mouth open. Before he could respond the blond kicked out his legs and locked eyes with him in a bitter glare.
"You'd said you'd get me anything." He said it almost like a threat.
Izuku nodded instantly and went to grab his bag but turned back to Katsuki curiously, "I did," he agreed, "But Amai Paradise?"
He watched Katsuki's expression consider that Izuku might not know where that was. 
"You know, the bakery/cake shop? It's like a thirty minute train from UA, they do birthday parties and shit." 
It was a rare case where Katsuki was talking up, so Izuku took the bait and asked more, intrigued at knowing more about Katsuki. 
"And you went there a lot?"

"Do I look that fucking unhealthy to you? I went once. My friend dragged me there for his eighteenth." 
"Kirishima?" Izuku wondered through gritt teeth, thinking it was a little strange to imagine the teen spending his birthday in a cake shop, not getting dizzy drunk. Then again, he was with the ever sober Katsuki.
"Kaminari," Bakugou hissed with just as much venom, eyes glaring as if debating telling Izuku anymore about his so called friends. Izuku rolled his eyes, Katsuki might not realise that through stalking his phone, Izuku knew almost as much about Katsuki's friends as he did. 
"Okay," He said in a peacemaking voice. He pulled up his phone and checked google maps with his own, special phone.  
"It says the nearest 'Amai Paradise' is three hours away." Izuku said, brows knitting. 
"That can't be right, check again. The one in Musu-"

"That shut down. Maybe I can get you a lime and passion fruit cake from another bakery. Or maybe I could get you the ingredients to bake it yourself-"
"No, it has to be from Amai." 

Katsuki was being difficult and he knew it. Their eyes locked at the harshness of his words, a silent war raging between them. Several minutes later, Izuku was leaving the house headed for a bakery three hours away. Victory. Midoriya wasn't even too mad, he was happy in fact as he'd had a whole conversation with Katsuki, every word between them a thrill. Izuku headed out the penthouse and clicked the door shut. He put in the key and entered the code, pulling it once to make sure it was truly stuck. Then he zipped down the corridor, down the elevator, stepped into the lobby and by sheer coincidence, Izuku ran into Shouto Todoroki. 


He was back in a second but wasn't sure he was fast enough, backing up into the elevator just as Shouto turned his way. His eyes clenched shut, he couldn't stay here. Shouto would see. A group of three girls passed the elevator, hiding Izuku as he dipped out quickly and scurried behind the wall.
He couldn't be spotted here. He couldn't have any connection to the building Katsuki was being held hostage in. He couldn't let those investigating him know he had an entire different home as that was way too suspicious.To make matters worse, the young wealthy student walked forward, too close to Izuku for comfort. 

He was busy in conversation, but Izuku couldn't risk bolting for the stairs or the door. He couldn't risk leaving Katsuki alone in the same building as a previous friend. A friend of power too. He was trapped. 
So, Izuku did what any other respectable man would do. He hid behind a plant. A thick plant. Taller than his head and thick and green as his hair. Shouto wouldn't see him at this angle and from the other angle, he'd appear to be an average man, leaning against the wall on his phone presumably waiting for someone or something. 
All things considered, Izuku may as well eavesdrop. 

The Prince-like Shouto appeared to be arguing. There were three men around him, all in impressive suits and one looking very sorry. The other two were listening intently, supposedly his new escorts or bodyguards. Huh. 
Nostalgia of the role resurfaced. Izuku found himself losing time to listen to Shouto and his petty, spoilt demands with amusement. He had relaxed and accepted that he'd be trapped him for a while, forty-five minutes in fact, when a blaring siren shrieked from the main desk of reception. 
Heads turned but looked away just as quickly in disinterest. It wasn't a fire alarm or an earthquake warning. All heads but Izuku's. The alarm signalled a break in, the room number flashing on the boards, 19. That was Izuku's apartment. 

His blood ran cold, watching the staff panic and flutter towards the elevators and past Shouto in a hurry to get up there and see who had broken the lock. Izuku couldn't let that happen, couldn't let the staff see Kacchan. Couldn't let some intruder touch him. 
Deku wasn't supposed to be in this area and Deku wasn't supposed to have witnesses. He had a sick mask covering the bottom of his face and a hood on his jacket but-
Shouto recognised him anyway as he darted across the reception and said, "Ah- that's my room. I think I hit my lock with a new table, it's not a break in," He laughed falsely, "I'll take care of it."

The panic died down, the fear in the receptionists eyes settled into recognition then comfort and suddenly, her words became very slow. As if they had all the time in the world. As if there wasn't an intruder trying to break in and steal his Kacchan. Deku chatted away and confirmed with her that everything was okay, forgetting Shouto, forgetting his need to hide in the face of something grander. He forgot it all as his inside stormed and turmoil, worrying that with every second someone could be taking his Kaccha-


If the voice took him by surprise, Izuku didn't show it. He lowered his voice, looking back at Shouto with narrowed eyes. 
The male studied him, eyes flickering over the little of his face he could see. Lips bitten as if distraught and eyes conflicted between recognition and denial. He knew who he was. Izuku knew he knew, but he couldn't let him have that. 
"You're Midoriya, my ex body guard."
"I think you have me mistaken for someone else." He turned away sharply, not wanting to be under scrutiny any longer when the receptionist addressed Shouto in a warm voice. 
"He's telling the truth Mr Todoroki. This man isn't under the system as Midoriya."

He made a mental note to be grateful for the woman. If she hadn't said that, the stubborn Shouto wouldn't have given up. Not only that, but she hid his fake name from Shouto too. Good woman. Izuku flashed her a smile with his eyes. 


He could feel the waves of fate twisting as he watched Shouto walk away. A live witness of his presence in an apartment that wasn't his own. An apartment where a kidnapped boy lived. The seed of doubt and confusion had been planted. Izuku could see this becoming a loose end. Izuku could see this little mishap turning into something bigger. 
"Thank you." His voice was smooth, smile soft as he turned his back to the problem for now and took the key to silence the alarm on his broken door. 
As soon as he left public view, he ran. 

Katsuki was breathing heavily as he rammed a weight into the main door's lock pad. The sound of smashing glass and blunt smacks ran out as he hit and hit and hit. He hit so hard his chest was pounding, breathless and pumped with adrenaline. From the moment Izuku had taken the bait and left for the bakery his nerves inflated. He grabbed shoes, money, clothes and a weapon. 

He waited his forty minutes - time for Izuku to come back for forgotten bits or whatever and when no one came he struck. He was going to get out. He was going to get out and make a fucking scene. No one would be able to miss it, he'd get it on camera. He'd get witnesses. He'd hesitated to scream before but he wouldn't again. This time the whole fucking building would know he was here. He struck the lock for the thirtieth time in frustration and suddenly, there was a loud, mechanical click. 

Katsuki stopped, red eyes wide with haze. Slowly, they dragged down to the unlocked door. It was open. A huge light brightened up inside the blond, the warmth of his hard work paying off as he wrapped his hands around the handle about to pull-

When the door handle twisted before his eyes. 

Katsuki's expression fell so fast it physically hurt. He hadn't broken the door, it had been unlocked from the outside. A moment of panic ruined his ability to think. Security- staff- someone else stood on the other side of that door and Katsuki had less than a second to make a decision. Scream to them, cry, tell them he was a prisoner?

The door twisted open and pulled open. 

Izuku stepped into the apartment, looking ahead with narrowed forest eyes.

Katsuki was gone. Everything was silent. He stepped in, darkness clouding his eyes so they looked like onyx, his heavy shoes crushing over broken glass. One, two, three. He was in. It was Izuku, standing above Katsuki less than inch away without knowing the blond was right there. Katsuki clasped a hand over his own mouth, curled up into a tight ball beneath the decorative corridor table. His chest heaved, eyes not daring to look up. Not daring to risk being seen as his heart pounding with certainty that Izuku would see him. If Izuku stepped towards the left of the door, he'd see. If Izuku crouched down or went to the right and looked back, he'd see. His footsteps hurried into the apartment, getting further away and Katsuki's teary red eyes snapped open. 
He hadn't been this scared since- since...

Izuku emitted the intent to kill. 

Regret made Katsuki shake, wishing he hadn't done this, wishing he hadn't chosen such a reckless plan. Katsuki had no time to wonder why Izuku was still here? Why this wasn't working out the way he wanted? Why every instinct in his body disobeyed him and trembled as if knowing that if Izuku saw him, he'd be killed.

Izuku had gone right, towards the huge window, the kitchen, the bedroom, bathroom and second exit. He could have looked for Katsuki in any one of those rooms. He would have taken long because Katsuki had set traps. A cushion under the blanket, a weight blocking the door, a turned around spinning chair that Katsuki could be sitting on, in the far end of the room where Izuku could go to turn and check. 
He'd gone towards these many traps, where he'd get far from the door and allow Katsuki to escape but Izuku had stopped. He'd stopped and he hadn't called Katsuki's name. He'd stopped and Katsuki looked around him at the mess of broken glass, the discarded weight he'd left carelessly, the door's lock pad broken from the inside. When Izuku realised there was no intruder in the apartment, Izuku would know. 

Bakugou couldn't be here for that realisation. 

Midoriya had to be five feet away. Not far, not far at all. Not far enough to even see Katsuki's stupid traps. Katsuki counted to three in his head, and on two Izuku moved so he ran. The door was left open behind him. He'd love to close it but couldn't risk Izuku seeing. Outside the door was unfamiliar, hot, stuffy. Not as bright or reassuring as Katsuki would have imagined. There was no time to take it in. No time but he had to. There was an elevator. There were stairs. He wouldn't wait for the elevator. He thought of the scene from 'American Psycho,' he thought of something dropping on his head as he reached the bottom and killing him. 

Katsuki pressed the elevator button. 

And it fucking dinged. 


Izuku's footsteps were like a fucking drum and then their eyes met. 

Bakugou bolted so fast he nearly smacked into the wall, jumping, sprinting, charging down four,five or six steps at a time but Izuku was still close. Still on his heels with his fingers tracing the edge of his hoodie that Bakugou wished he hadn't worn. Nineteen floors. Nineteen whole fucking sets of stairs. Katsuki had made it to eighteen. He'd made it to seventeen when he heard the echo of a door opening several stairs below. People! Bakugou screamed and the sound echoed violently, his thighs hurting from the muscle strain and from the way he landed hard every time his feet hit the ground. He recovered quickly, he spun and saw Deku in his periphery, not time for decisions or hesitation he cried out again and jumped down the next seven. 

Izuku jumped too.

He'd only made it the fifteenth level, fifteen whole levels away from freedom when he felt resistance pull on the back of his hood. Bakugou didn't go down without a fight. He didn't stop running, even though it choked him but Izuku had a career in chasing enemies like himself. Izuku was trained for this, hard hands like rock slamming into the front of Katsuki's throat, under his adam's apple like a punch. Pain blackened Katsuki's vision. 

It silenced him and cut off his air supply all at once, confusing him and ending his momentum as the hand reeled back like a fucking machine, dragging him with it. The blond tried to fight- he tried to kick and scream again but suddenly he was on his back, lying flat against the stairs with Izuku's lightless unforgiving eyes looking down at him. His body above him, he expression null. It was scarier than any nightmare monster could have ever been. 

Izuku didn't talk. He didn't respond to Katsuki's wrestling attempts or let him put his martial arts to practice. He didn't move his hand from around Katsuki's throat and he didn't pause to think as he dragged Katsuki's entire weight up off the ground by the throat. A desperate, soundless gasp of air wheezed from Katsuki at the burn of it, tears falling and hands scratching at the hand that trapped him, at Izuku's eyes until his hand were wrenched flat against his back. Izuku was holding them, holding him still so Katsuki's legs kicked. He wasn't going back! He wasn't! He wasn't but Izuku was carrying him higher and higher up the stairs, away from life and away from freedom. His air supply getting thinner and thinner. 

"Stop! Stop!!" His words failed to come out as anything more than chokes, the sounds of people calmly heading up the stairs miles below them drowned out by pressure in his ears. Katsuki remembered his weapon - the compact weight in his pocket he could smack Izuku's skull with but if he moved his arms, his elbow would break. 

When the door to Izuku's apartment shut, Katsuki was thrown down with his back on the floor.