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Read this or die?!?!

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Kaminari Denki created a new chat room.

Kaminari Denki has invited 3 more to chat.

Kaminari Denki change name to 2Boltz


2Botlz: Hey! I know that the prez made a class chat but I feel I need one to annoy him more and maybe ask for help?


Midoriya Izuku: Kaminari?  That is okay but this is like my 8th chat room I am in so..


Shinsou Hitoshi: damn you pop.


Midoriya Izuku: shut it.


Shinsou Hitoshi: nop e.


Shinsou Hitoshi: I am going to spam this chat with cats pics.okay? 


Iida Tenya: Kaminari-kun, Midoriya-kun and Shinsou-kun put your phones away we are in class.


Shinsou Hitoshi: ...^ youre  on your phone too.


Iida Tenya: Damn it.  OFF!


2Boltz: umm wow. Midori wanna be co admin? 


Midoriya Izuku: sure. \(-×-)/


Midoriya Izuku was made co-admin by 2Boltz.


Midoriya Izuku change their name to SinfulChild


Shinsou Hitoshi: mood. Btw change mine.


SinfulChild: to what?


2Boltz: cats?


SinfulChild change Hitoshi Shinsou name to CrazCatz


CrazCatz: in love. Thnks! 

[Picture of my babies cuddling] 


SinfulChild: OMG. Cute you have more????


2Bolts change Iida Tenya name to PapaKen.


CrazCatz: He is going to ky you.


SinfulChild: Iida, is paying attention to the class. 


2Boltz: ... like we should? 


SinfulChild: if you want to past the exams for next period.


CrazCatz: nooooooooo! 


SinfulChild: what?


2Boltz: what?????


CrazCatz: stupid zuku. I didn't study. 


SinfulChild: you are fucked.


2Boltz: *shock*


SinfulChild: what.


2Boltz: you don't curse.


SinfulChild: ... I blame Kacchan. And my parents.


CrazCatz: oh zuku you have no filter with me do you?.


SinfulChild: honestly no. Toshi. 


2Boltz: shit aizawa is watching us. Zoomyn.