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Read this or die?!?!

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SLeepWhO?: Nerd, I SWEAR if you don't sleep I WILL END YOU. Glasses, I know you are here. Tell me if he doesn't sleep. You Extras have my number. Here is DEKU, YOUR SHITTY FAN BOY. YOU FUCKING EXTRAS.

DoMeOver: hmm~ was that really a childhood friend?

SLeepWhO?: Yeah, that's kacchan for you. He has is own way of caring.

DoMeOver: Deathnote. How can I get one?

SLeepWhO?: Which one?

DoMeOver: Death, a childhood friend i don't need one.

PapaKen: Midoriya. Please tell Bakugou-kun I have a name. I will keep this chat safe.

SLeepWhO?: Iida, I can't Kacchan left already to go home to aunite. @DoMeOver I am your childhood friend if you need one. Also mum wants to know if you are coming over???

DoMeOVer: :D Mamidoriya Loves ME???

SLeepWhO?: Yeah, your more behave than Kacchan.

Fixit-Men has screenshot and save.

Fixit-Men: Damn, Midoriya your giving Bakugou up?

SLeepWhO?: Huh? Kacchan is the best but his behavoir doesnt change at my house.

Ohm: We learn something new everyday.

DoMeOver: Should I let my guardian know?

SLeepWhO?: hmm sure \@o@/

Fixit-Men: Wow. Can I come? I wanna meet mamadoriya.

SLeepWhO?: You can. I just tell my mum. Hitoshi can tell you where I live.

DoMeOver: Do I get food?

Ohm: I can studying.

Fix-itMen: oooooooooooooooooo I am a proud dad.

Ohm: I regret telling you. @SLeepWhO? Can I ask for a favor?

SLeepWhO?: sure? What's up?

Ohm: can you poison Hanta?

SLeepWhO?: No. I cant why?

PapaKen: I come back to this chat and I see murdering. Unbecoming of a hero.

SLeepWhO?: Iida, clam down why did join us now?

PapaKen: Aizawa-sensei, ask me to ask Shinsou-kun does he know his new curfew?

DoMeOver: hmm yes?? Why didn't he sent me a text oh. I see it oops tee hee.

PapaKen: ... I am guessing you just saw it.

DoMeOver: Yes?

SLeepWhO?: You sure.

Fix-itMen: well I asked Bakugou and he told me Midoriya. I am heading over there to meet her.

SLeepWhO?: Ahh okay. Sero.

SLeepWhO?: is Kacchan still in school?

Fix-itMen: Yes. He asking why?

SLeepWhO?: Just pass it message to him. He explodes his phone when I or mum sent him a text. His mum is going out with some business owners and won't be home until the next Monday. My mum has his stuff here if he is wanting to stay the weekend here.

Fix-itMen: Midoriya, he said he will be there then.


SLeepWhO?: ... Kasu-kun no swearing I took zuku's phone since you haven't been responding. And it look like I need to to zuku as well. Oh dear. Please come home kasu.

Fix-itMen: Sorry auntie. I will. Nerd. You and me later.

Fix-itMen screenshot this.
DoMeOver screenshot this.
Ohm screenshot this.

SLeepWhO?: I a m. D e a d. Sigh

DoMeOver: I will save you. My love

PapaKen: Mrs. Midoriya I will make sure Midoriya-kun will speak to his teachers.

SLeepWhO?: T e n y a call me by my name please If my mum is here it gets really confusing.

PapaKen: no.

Ohn: Midori, your mom sounds cool.

SLeepWhO?: She is. But can get scary if you rub her the wrong way.