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Read this or die?!?!

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Kaminari Denki created a new chat room.

Kaminari Denki has invited 3 more to chat.

Kaminari Denki change name to 2Boltz


2Botlz: Hey! I know that the prez made a class chat but I feel I need one to annoy him more and maybe ask for help?


Midoriya Izuku: Kaminari?  That is okay but this is like my 8th chat room I am in so..


Shinsou Hitoshi: damn you pop.


Midoriya Izuku: shut it.


Shinsou Hitoshi: nop e.


Shinsou Hitoshi: I am going to spam this chat with cats pics.okay? 


Iida Tenya: Kaminari-kun, Midoriya-kun and Shinsou-kun put your phones away we are in class.


Shinsou Hitoshi: ...^ youre  on your phone too.


Iida Tenya: Damn it.  OFF!


2Boltz: umm wow. Midori wanna be co admin? 


Midoriya Izuku: sure. \(-×-)/


Midoriya Izuku was made co-admin by 2Boltz.


Midoriya Izuku change their name to SinfulChild


Shinsou Hitoshi: mood. Btw change mine.


SinfulChild: to what?


2Boltz: cats?


SinfulChild change Hitoshi Shinsou name to CrazCatz


CrazCatz: in love. Thnks! 

[Picture of my babies cuddling] 


SinfulChild: OMG. Cute you have more????


2Bolts change Iida Tenya name to PapaKen.


CrazCatz: He is going to ky you.


SinfulChild: Iida, is paying attention to the class. 


2Boltz: ... like we should? 


SinfulChild: if you want to past the exams for next period.


CrazCatz: nooooooooo! 


SinfulChild: what?


2Boltz: what?????


CrazCatz: stupid zuku. I didn't study. 


SinfulChild: you are fucked.


2Boltz: *shock*


SinfulChild: what.


2Boltz: you don't curse.


SinfulChild: ... I blame Kacchan. And my parents.


CrazCatz: oh zuku you have no filter with me do you?.


SinfulChild: honestly no. Toshi. 


2Boltz: shit aizawa is watching us. Zoomyn.


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PapaKen: I don't approve of my username change it Midoriya.


SinfulChild: ... it suits you.


PapaKen: No, change it.


CrazCatz: keep it prez. You are a ken robot.


PapaKen: no shinsou-kun, I am not a robot.


SinfulChild: Iida-kun, you are. 


2Boltz: Bakugou just kick me out from the bakuchat. Midoriya tell him it was a joke.


SinfulChild: Kacchan?  What did he do. And Iida-kun I'm not changing it. 


2Boltz: Bakugou doesn't love cats.


SinfulChild: ... 


CrazCatz: what is this craziness??


SinfulChild: He told told that?


2Boltz: Yes  ;_; 


SinfulChild: Kacchan loves kittens and puppies. Oops.


2Boltz: midori dead. 


CrazCatz: He will be miss...


PapaKen: Midoriya, stop provoking Bakugou.


SinfulChild: I live. Iida no.




CrazCatz: was that explody bomb bomb boi? 


SinfulChild: Yes, Kacchan grabbed my phone and started to text... sorry. 


PapaKen: please change my name.


CrazCatz: no suffer.


2Boltz: ^^ agreed Iida you blocked us all from change our names to fun names in the main chat.


SinfulChild: He rite.


CrazCatz: I got coupons for a date zuku with diamond. 


SinfulChild: owo oh~ diamond my baby? I am in for cuddling her to pieces.


2Boltz: oh what this?  Can I come too?


CrazCatz: do you love cats?


2Boltz: ...Midoriya?


SinfulChild: just answer him. 


2Boltz: Yes.


CrazCatz: muhahahahahahaha~ I got one more. 


SinfulChild: and now ignore him.


2Boltz: pm the details :)


CrazCatz: :)


SinfulChild: :) 


PapaKen: why are you all like this?

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SinfulChild: my diamond is so cute see? 

[My child that is mine and adopting soon.]

CrazCatz: bitch, your with my child. Her coat is glaze black that shines. Her eyes glow a nice emerald green. 

CrazCatz: look that this picture. 

[I am holding her like a baby and she is purring] smug. 

SinfulChild: (;_;) she doesn't do that to me.

CrazCatz: Hah, I win. Zuku. 

2Boltz: ...guys where are you i can't find you in the cafe.

CrazCatz: See the crazy purple and green hair sticking out from the door that said don't enter with food .

SinfulChild: we are there. And rude toshi. FUCKING rude.

CrazCatz: u wove me.

2Boltz: guys? I'm lost in the mall. 

PapaKen: do you need me to help? 


SinfulChild:I did invite him too.

CrazCatz: my cat army is growing with more minions >) cat pussy power!!!!!

SinfulChild: eww~ dumbass.

CrazCatz: $uck it.

SinfulChild: ...

CrazCatz: ... 

2Boltz: ... Midoriya I found you.

CrazCatz: you ditch me??

SinfulChild: Yes? To help Kaminari.

CrazCatz: u mine. Thou 

SinfulChild: I already told you no. Toshi

PapaKen: no relationship in the cafe guys.

CrazCatz: me love zuku fight me.

PapaKen: ...Shinsou Are you drunk?

CrazCatz: valabagsbsl

SinfulChild: Yes he is. Aizawa-sensei is going to kill me. 

CrazCatz:Bskabaiwvskabaks zuku

2Boltz: I am recording this. 

CrazCatz: Skabaksb ♡ jsbaksvsksvsowba ♡  izuku.

SinfulChild: from catnip.... God toshi. You are a fucking idiot.

CrazCatz: ;) 

PapaKen: Again why are you all like this? 

2Boltz: cause we are heros? 

SinfulChild: Kacchan would call us stepping stones. 

2Boltz: you rite.

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trainer music plays. 


Trainer#1 locks eyes with Trainer#2 


Trainer#1: wha-at?!? Iida? Why are you here?


Trainer#2: I don't know Shinsou. 


Trainer#1: oh I see, rite. Wait where zuku and



Trainer#2: I don't know either my phone is

mess up and I can't get out of the texting app


Admin: of course you can't you need to battle

it out through texting and one must win. Yay!

And then maybe just maybe it will return back

to normal. >)  also midoriya and kaminari are

stuck too :p bye toodles~ 



Trainer#2: WHAT???? WHO WAS THAT?


Trainer#1: no no Iida this is the way to say it 


;) I feel goood~ also we have pokéballs. 


Trainer#2: Why am I stuck with you. Where

is Midoriya when you need him.


Trainer1#: zuku, is in the classroom looking

piss. ... oh, we should start the battle..


Trainer#1 throws it's pokeball.


Trainer#1: it's... ... skitty? A green one. ... 


Skitty: FUCKING finally, I can access the

texting app. Toshi your dead and Iida is also

dead @trainer#2 send out your pokemon.



Chapter Text

Trainer#2 send out ....PICHU.


Pichu: thank you Iida, I was worry I couldn't access

the app

Skitty: toshi you dead. And why am I a fucking


Trainer#1: no filter. Huh, zuku. Use assist.

Skitty used assist but it fail...

Skitty: ...u suck.

Skitty ignore tranier#1.

Skitty used tackle on trainer#1.

Trainer#1: ouch bitch, that hurt.

Pichu used discharge. It hurt itself while attacking himself.

Tranier#2: no Kaminari, don't use your quirk.


Pichu has died... trainer #2 has blackout.


Trainer#1 gain 2500 yens.


Skitty has gain 1000 exp points. Skitty grew up

three levels. Skitty learned Wake-up slap.


Skitty: oh~ toshi? Tenya?? Come here.

Trainer#1: shit run Iida to Bakugou.

Trainer#2: ... Midoriya, stop this at once.


Pichu: ... can the chat return back to normal?

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Chapter Text

2Boltz has muted the chat @ 12:00am

CrazCatz: So, it’s 4:01 am and I am wide wake.

SinfulChild: Shinsou, go to bed.

PapaKen: Please you and Midoriya both.

SinfulChild Change name to SLeepWhO?

SLeepWhO? gave admin powers to all.

CrazCatz Change name to DoMeOver

DoMeOver:…@SLeepWhO? My mood. Give it back.

PapaKen: Do you want me over in your room now? 

DoMeOver: …Iida, if I read that the wrong way I thought you like me.

SLeepWhO?: KinKY. 

PapaKen: Why am I friends with you two?

DoMeOver: … Daddy~ You Like~ Me.

SLeepWhO?: Tenchan you woves us.<3 @2Boltz sorry for blasting your phone with love messages :D 

DoMeOver: Fuck me Daddy~ I’m yours. Also @2Boltz I’m not sorry. <3 

PapaKen: … 

PapaKen has muted the chat and block it for 8 hours. 

DoMeOver: Aw~ Daddy doesn’t love me..

SLeepWhO?: Nobody does. 

DoMeOver: …mood. Anyways Izuku wanna come over to my dorm?

SLeepWhO?: Why? Im not your fucking plaything.

DoMeOver: …to play retro games. Like Mario Kart :D 

SLeepWhO?: B.O.T in 5. (:3) Your ass is mine.

DoMeOver: Okay ;) Ky with a your blue shell. Babe.


——————(The chat has been quite for the last few hours. It is now 6:45am)————————

2Boltz: REALLY GUYS!!!!!! WITH OUT ME. @SLeepWhO? Midoriya whyyyyy I wanna play to… and I could invite Hanta.

SLeepWhO?: Sorry Kaminari, Hitoshi was being so demanding that I had to escape the dorms to meet him. 

DoMeOver: Shut up, I was never demanding I am a queen. Also I won. :D Blue Shell is my love <3 <3 <3 

2Boltz: Also are we sharing kinks? Shinsou?

DoMeOver: nah, I was messing with Iida since he is the class dad. 

DoMeOver: Personally my kinks are cat-kitty related. (:3)

2Boltz change name to Hantawashere

Hantawashere: wow, Denki my opinion change on you.

DoMeOver: who are you?^

SLeepWhO?: Sero-kun why do you have Kaminari’s phone? 

Hantawashere: Midoriya? Is that you?

SLeepWhO?: Yes. Who else do think it is?

Hantawashere: Sassy. Denki left his phone open with no passcode in the common’s room. Who is @DoMeOver?

DoMeOver: Me.

Hantawashere: Who?

SLeepWhO?: Shinsou Hitoshi. I will break you. 

DoMeOver: Break me? Hmm~ I like.

Hantawashere: Umm Midoriya, can I be add to this chat? 

SLeepWhO?: Ask Kaminari, he is the one who made this chat.

DoMeOver: An important question if you want to join: 

Hantawashere: Yeah, what?

DoMeOver: Do you love Cats?

Hantawashere:…yes. I spent a whole day with the Bakusquad at a cat cafe. <3 Imagine Bakugou with cats. 

SLeepWhO?: Kacchan …that surprising normal. Pictures?

Hantawashere: Wait- you seen this side before????

SLeepWhO?: Yes. Kacchan is my childhood friend. Unfortunately. I have pictures and he has picture when we both young and cute. 

PapaKen: Where is Midoriya?

SLeepWhO?: Here in the Recovery’s Girl office. Why Iida?

Hantawashere: PapaKen is Iida who gave him that name?

DoMeOver: I think it was Zuku. Why are in the nurse office?



DoMeOver: Hmm~ Kinky I like hard. 

Hantawashere: Bakugou, your mom side is showing.

DoMeOver: Mama Baku, can you stop?

PapaKen: … 

PapaKen: Okay, Midoriya-kun I will head over there and see how are you.

Hantawashere: …I am confused what happen. Hanta!!!!!!

Hantawashere added Hanta Sero to the chat.  

Hanta Sero change name to Fix-itMen

Fix-itMen: YAY! Im in a chat!

DoMeOver: :D


Hantawashere: …Hanta.

Fix-itMen: Yes Denki~

PapaKen: Bakugou. You can have Midoriya’s phone for the day but sensei said to keep on you. 


SLeepWhO? Has muted and blocked the chat for 48 hrs.


DoMeOver: Mood too Sero, do you likey catsy?

Hantawashere: why shinsou?

Fix-itMen: Hm~ I’m more of a dog lover but I love to cuddle with a kitten every once a while. 

DoMeOver: Understandable. Have a good day.

Hantawashere change name Ohm

DoMeOver: ??? Are you okay dude?

Fix-itMen: Denki, pm pls. 

PapaKen: I’m glad. Kaminari-kun has shown our study sessions are working. :D 

DoMeOver: Iida, what the ever fucking fuck. Studying together? Without us??

PapaKen: I’m sorry Shinsou-kun, I didn’t know you wanted to study with me and Kaminari-kun. But the next time we will all study together. Midoriya is better at teaching people thou.

DoMeOver: Nah, Izuku kinda mumbles too much when you overload him with questions. 

Fix-itMen: Let me guess, you already done that with him.

DoMeOver: Yup:D His mum is nice. Those mochi buns are to die for. (@q@) 

Fix-itMen: Alright, I think I am hitting the hay. Nite guys.

DoMeOver: I will be up keeping watching cat videos and maybe sending them to Bakagou. :D 

PapaKen: … Shinsou. Please don’t be a Midoriya.

DoMeOver: No promises.

Fix-itMen: Please don’t. I don’t want him to blow up my phone with his remarks. I get most of them from @Ohm

Ohm: *Lurking in Chat* 

Ohm: *watches*

Fix-itMen: ^ that is a wild pichu in the city. 

PapaKen: A what?

DoMeOver: … Iida we had a pokemon battle a few chapters ago how could you not know.

PapaKen: Chapter?

DoMeOver: nvm. I give up. 




Chapter Text

Paper: I fucking hate you.

Tape: Oh really? How so?

Paper: Hanta did you grab my phone?

Tape: Hey hey you left on the table. Me and Eijirou were about to leave when I saw it. I was Midoriya’s text message in it and decide to answer it.

Paper: …

Tape: I’m sorry.

Paper: …

Tape: Please Denki.

Tape: Be my pichu to my ultra ball?

Paper: No homo with you.

Paper: You win. But I will kick you out if you say anything to them.

Tape: About???

Tape: AHHHH!!!!! 



Paper: …

Tape: Boy, is that why you were giving him a hard time in the class chat with your “homework issues”

Paper: Hey. I’m smart not book smart.

Tape: Sure ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

Paper: cut it out.

Tape: I can fix any problem.

Tape: :D Denki I am happy.

Paper: … this is a bad idea. 


Tape: Nah, the sky is awake so I am awake.

Paper: I hate you. 

Tape: You love like a love song. 

Tape: Hey can I get Eijirou in this. 

Paper: FUCK U.


Chapter Text

SLeepWhO?: Nerd, I SWEAR if you don't sleep I WILL END YOU. Glasses, I know you are here. Tell me if he doesn't sleep. You Extras have my number. Here is DEKU, YOUR SHITTY FAN BOY. YOU FUCKING EXTRAS.

DoMeOver: hmm~ was that really a childhood friend?

SLeepWhO?: Yeah, that's kacchan for you. He has is own way of caring.

DoMeOver: Deathnote. How can I get one?

SLeepWhO?: Which one?

DoMeOver: Death, a childhood friend i don't need one.

PapaKen: Midoriya. Please tell Bakugou-kun I have a name. I will keep this chat safe.

SLeepWhO?: Iida, I can't Kacchan left already to go home to aunite. @DoMeOver I am your childhood friend if you need one. Also mum wants to know if you are coming over???

DoMeOVer: :D Mamidoriya Loves ME???

SLeepWhO?: Yeah, your more behave than Kacchan.

Fixit-Men has screenshot and save.

Fixit-Men: Damn, Midoriya your giving Bakugou up?

SLeepWhO?: Huh? Kacchan is the best but his behavoir doesnt change at my house.

Ohm: We learn something new everyday.

DoMeOver: Should I let my guardian know?

SLeepWhO?: hmm sure \@o@/

Fixit-Men: Wow. Can I come? I wanna meet mamadoriya.

SLeepWhO?: You can. I just tell my mum. Hitoshi can tell you where I live.

DoMeOver: Do I get food?

Ohm: I can studying.

Fix-itMen: oooooooooooooooooo I am a proud dad.

Ohm: I regret telling you. @SLeepWhO? Can I ask for a favor?

SLeepWhO?: sure? What's up?

Ohm: can you poison Hanta?

SLeepWhO?: No. I cant why?

PapaKen: I come back to this chat and I see murdering. Unbecoming of a hero.

SLeepWhO?: Iida, clam down why did join us now?

PapaKen: Aizawa-sensei, ask me to ask Shinsou-kun does he know his new curfew?

DoMeOver: hmm yes?? Why didn't he sent me a text oh. I see it oops tee hee.

PapaKen: ... I am guessing you just saw it.

DoMeOver: Yes?

SLeepWhO?: You sure.

Fix-itMen: well I asked Bakugou and he told me Midoriya. I am heading over there to meet her.

SLeepWhO?: Ahh okay. Sero.

SLeepWhO?: is Kacchan still in school?

Fix-itMen: Yes. He asking why?

SLeepWhO?: Just pass it message to him. He explodes his phone when I or mum sent him a text. His mum is going out with some business owners and won't be home until the next Monday. My mum has his stuff here if he is wanting to stay the weekend here.

Fix-itMen: Midoriya, he said he will be there then.


SLeepWhO?: ... Kasu-kun no swearing I took zuku's phone since you haven't been responding. And it look like I need to to zuku as well. Oh dear. Please come home kasu.

Fix-itMen: Sorry auntie. I will. Nerd. You and me later.

Fix-itMen screenshot this.
DoMeOver screenshot this.
Ohm screenshot this.

SLeepWhO?: I a m. D e a d. Sigh

DoMeOver: I will save you. My love

PapaKen: Mrs. Midoriya I will make sure Midoriya-kun will speak to his teachers.

SLeepWhO?: T e n y a call me by my name please If my mum is here it gets really confusing.

PapaKen: no.

Ohn: Midori, your mom sounds cool.

SLeepWhO?: She is. But can get scary if you rub her the wrong way.



Chapter Text

DoMeOver: I am confuzzled. 

SLeepWhO?: Wait why? Hito?

Fix-itMen: What happen?

DoMeOver: Do you all know what happen in the boy’s restroom.

PapaKen: …Shinsou-kun I am worry now. Deeply worried.

Ohm: I was there…

DoMeOver: Todoroki, came over to me…//Not that I mind his body…

SLeepWhO?: HITOSHI…Keep your thoughts to yourself.

Fix-itMen: Midoriya, you know he is right…right?

PapaKen: Continue on. 

DoMeOver: Fuck Tenchou, Let me oogle his body…

Ohm: …

DoMeOver: Okay, fine. He came up to me and ask in a flat monotone voice. ‘Are you Aizawa-sensei love child?’

SLeepWhO?: Todoroki-kun did it again but with you…WHY?

PapaKen: …But aren’t you?

DoMeOver: No. I have a proud family <3 with all my pussies. @SLeepWhO? Izu, what happen to you?

SLeepWhO?: Well, at the sport festival he asked me if I was All-Might son. 

PapaKen: I thought you were, are you not?

All-Might sensei, does keeps an eye on you. 

Ohm: You right. He does. During lunch Midori, don’t you sometime leave with him?

FixIt-Men: ^ 

SLeepWhO?: …save me Kacchan. -sigh-

DoMeOver: I thought you showed me your cool dad.

SLeepWhO?: Hito, (;-;) you are my only friend. 

PapaKen: What about me?

FixIt-Men: And me?

Ohm: Ditto

SLeepWhO?: None are my friend, only hitochan and kacchan.

DoMeOver has screenshot this and saved to photos.

Ohm: Press f if you died a little inside.

Ohm: F

FixIt-Men: F

PapaKen: F

PapaKen: Not to change the mood of this chat, but I noticed that Midoriya-kun gave admin powers to all why?

Ohm: Oh, I told him to change the setting since this is a fun chat. Iida, please don't make me regret it.

FixIt-Men: Oh~ Sure... ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ohm: =.= shut it, Hanta. Or I will kick you out.

DoMeOver: ??? Oh EXPLAIN.

SLeepWhO?: I think I know... 

Ohm: ༼☯﹏☯༽

Ohm: Midori....

SLeepWhO?: Yes, Kami.

Ohm: How...

SLeepWhO?: PM me I can tell how I know. :D

DoMeOver: Izu, you are a scary mother-fucker. 

SLeepWhO? has muted his  notifications.

Ohm: remind me never to get on his bad side.

FixIt-Men: Noted.

DoMeOver: Di-ditto.

PapaKen: ... I already am. :[