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Ever since they had that conversation a week ago Bakugou had a desire to kiss Midoriya. Having his childhood friend and crush admit that they loved him back had changed their relationship far more than he had expected it to.
Initially, Bakugou had wanted to apologize for how he had treated Midoriya during their childhood and middle school years and it had ended up as a confession of love for the green haired teen.
Since then, the two teens had spent more time together and were getting to know each other all over again. Bakugou enjoyed learning all the things about Midoriya he had missed in those years he had bullied him. Such as why he had never told his mother about Bakugou’s bullying in the first place and how he had kept it from her for so long. He also enjoyed learning how many things had remained the same. Like how Midoriya still analyzed hero quirks and wrote them all in his notebooks. At the same time, he realized just how much Midoriya didn’t know about him. Apparently, the green haired teen didn’t know that he could cook, in fact, he loved to cook and had learned as a way to control his anger and it felt almost nice to open up to Midoriya as he had been in the past few days.
They had begun to rebuild their friendship. Less yelling and threats from Bakugou, more good mornings from Midoriya that were actually returned, and lunches given to the smaller teen by the blond that the two often shared. They had more study sessions together, and though he refused to refer to them as such Bakugou believed them to be study dates just as Kirishima said they were.
It was during one of these study sessions that Bakugou realized just how hard he had fallen for Midoriya. It wasn’t that he didn’t know that he had feelings for the green-haired teen since he had figured that out years ago. Until then, however, Bakugou hadn’t felt the desire to actually kiss Midoriya so bad. He hadn’t realized just how kissable his lips looked or how often he seemed to stare at them.

Bakugou found himself following Midoriya’s tongue as he licked his lips for what seemed like the tenth time in the last five minutes as they went over one of the math problems that had tripped Midoriya up initially. The blond had stopped listening after the third time he had caught sight of Midroiya’s tongue on his lips. It wasn’t fair that he had to get so distracted when they were trying to do something important like homework, but why couldn’t Midoriya use chapstick like any normal teenager? Fuck, he needed to know what those lips tasted like.
“Kacchan?” Midoriya’s sweet voice broke through Bakugou’s thoughts and almost made the blond curse. His gaze snapped up to shining green eyes and it was apparent that Midoriya was expecting something from him. Had he missed a question and been staring like an idiot for who knew how long?
“Sorry, what did you ask?” Bakugou resisted the urge to return his gaze back to the lips he had just been staring at.
“I asked if you were alright. You’ve been spacing out all day.” If he hadn’t been using such an honest and sweet tone, Bakugou would be angry. But this was Midoriya Izuku and all he wanted was to pull him close and kiss him silly.
“I’m fine...just a bit distracted is all.” He should have left it at being just fine because now Midoriya was going to pester him until he found out what was distracting Bakugou. The green haired boy moved his books out of the way and shifted slightly closer to the bed where Bakugou had been sitting before the blond could protest.
“What’s got you so distracted Kacchan?” Bakugou wanted to find an excuse to pull the attention away from himself, to return back to their homework and maybe he could get out of this study session without completely embarrassing himself, but Midoriya just had to go and lick his lips again.
“Fuck...stop with your fucking tongue…” He hissed out before he realized it. Bakugou had tried to push away further from Midoriya but the wall behind him wouldn’t let him go any further.
“My tongue?” Midoriya was confused as he stared at his friend. What did his tongue have to do with anything?
“You keep licking your lips and it’s fucking distracting so stop it. How am I supposed to fucking think when you’re over there trying to seduce me?” Bakugou should learn when to keep his mouth shut because none of that was supposed to come out, but now it was too late and Midoriya was smiling at him with that goofy grin of his that turned Bakugou’s stomach to butterflies and his brain to a puddle.
“I’m not trying to seduce you Kacchan,” Midoriya replied simply though Bakugou knew there was more to the statement than Midoriya was letting on. “Though I could if you want me to.”
“Fuck you just kiss me,” Bakugou swore he was going to die of embarrassment before he could actually get the kiss he had been craving. Midoriya moved slowly, as if he had been moving in slow motion during a movie, as he climbed onto the bed and settled next to the blond.
“You want a kiss Kacchan?” Midoriya knew he was teasing Bakugou as he leaned closer to blond, their lips close enough to brush against each other but just far enough that they weren’t quite touching. “Why didn’t you just tell me?”
Since hearing Bakugou’s confession the weak prior, Midoriya couldn’t help but tease his childhood friend. It wasn’t harsh or obvious but Midoriya tended to do things he felt would send Bakugou into a frenzy. Things like bending over in front of him more often, brushing up against him “accidentally” on the train, and even just smiling at him more. Licking his lips like he had been earlier hadn’t been his plan, but if that was what it took to get Bakugou going he wouldn’t complain at all and use it to his advantage.
Bakugou growled and leaned forward, claiming Midoriya’s lips in a rough kiss. Midoriya tasted as sweet as Bakugou imagined and before he knew it, his hand was pressed against the back of the shorter teen’s head. Bakugou was done with the teasing. He had needed to take matters into his own hands if he was going to get what he wanted. Midoriya didn’t mind the roughness of the kiss or how Bakugou held his head while he kissed him. In fact, he was happy that the blond was being more assertive about what he wanted. The kiss was mostly teeth and tongue but for a first kiss, it wasn’t entirely bad. Neither boy had any qualms about it, at least.
“Shit that was better than I imagined…” Bakugou commented when he pulled away. It would be even better when they both learned how to kiss properly. He knew that he had no experience kissing anyone and while it may not have been the absolute best kiss he would have it was one of the best experiences of his life so far.
“Can we...can we do that again Kacchan?” Midoriya was panting as he stared Bakugou dead in the eyes. His lips were bruised red from the kiss, and if that didn’t make Bakugou want to kiss him again the blond didn’t think there was anything that would. Instead of answering, the blond leaned in again and recaptured Midoriya’s lips again. This time he pulled the green-haired teen as close against him as he could. This kiss was shorter than the last with Bakugou pulling away well before he ran out of breath just so he could look at Midoriya again.
“I’ll kiss you whenever you fucking want me to Deku.” The smile he gave was genuine as he met Midoriya’s green eyes. His response as a cheery giggle and a quick peck to his lips.
“I may want them often Kacchan.” Midoriya knew that he could be rather needy when he wanted attention, especially if it was from Bakugou. He also knew that Bakugou knew that as well.
“I fucking think I can handle that.” He owed Midoriya a lot of attention to make up for the years he had bullied him after all.
The two were quiet for the next hour or so, simply content with being close and stealing kisses every so often. Bakugou had laid down and pulled Midoriya with him and the green-haired teen was content to listen to his childhood crush’s heartbeat. Bakugou’s fingers had ended up getting tangled in the green curls that spilled out from Midoriya’s head.
“Kacchan...can we…” He stopped, unable to get his thoughts out properly. Bakugou gave him a few minutes to gather his thoughts before he pushed him to keep talking. He knew first hand that when it came to emotions, especially emotions like these, it could be hard to say what he meant to. Even for someone like Midoriya Izuku who wore his heart on his sleeve.
“What do you want to do Deku?” It wasn’t aggressive or pushy, but his tone was still as harsh as it usually was. That was something Bakugou needed to work on when he spoke to Midoriya personally.
“I want to go on a date with you!” The words came out so fast Bakugou barely caught them. When he realized what Midoriya had said he stared at him. The green-haired teen’s cheeks were bright red in a blush and that blush grew worse with Bakugou’s staring.
“Okay.” Midoriya wasn’t sure he was hearing the blond correctly. He hadn’t expected Bakugou to simply agree to go on a date with him so easily, yet he had.
“Okay?” The blond shrugged before leaning down to kiss the green-haired teen.
“I told you I’m in love with you. If you want to go on a date then we’ll go on a fucking date.” The words brought a wide smile to Midoriya’s lips, making Bakugou’s heart burst with desire, and the shorter teen pulled the blond into a heated kiss. Bakugou moaned into Midoriya’s mouth before pulling away.
“Be my boyfriend Deku.” It wasn’t a question, because he knew that Midoriya would agree to it no matter what. The blinding smile that he received in response was the only answer he needed.
“As if I would say no.” Another kiss, shorter this time, was pressed to Bakugou’s lips.
“I’m not gonna let you go, Deku, you know that right?” Not now that he finally had Midoriya in his grasp.
“I wouldn’t have it any other way Kacchan. And I’m not going to let you go either.”