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Birthday Gift

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Rohan still wasn’t entirely sure why he had been invited to Higashikata Josuke’s birthday party. He had initially assumed it was because of the fact that he was the only one able to purchase alcohol for them, but that theory had been proven wrong as soon as he arrived to a house full of half tipsy teenagers. It seemed Josuke had found a way to acquire alcohol from some old high school friend who had just recently turned twenty. That revelation only further puzzled him. He and Josuke were on good terms, sure, but he wouldn’t exactly call himself Josuke’s friend. Or would he?

Taking another sip of what must have been his fifth or sixth his drink that night, Rohan’s eyes wandered over the living room with little interest. This was the first time he had visited the Higashikata residence, despite knowing Josuke for almost two years now. His house, as expected, was quaint and homely. It was probably only clean because of his mother’s effort, he doubted Josuke would be the type to keep a house tidy. Living with him must be a pain, though that’s not exactly something Rohan should be worrying about.

As if summoned by Rohan’s thoughts of him, Josuke flung himself on the couch right next to him. He had a big smile on his lips and reeked of alcohol. “Rohan! How you doin’, man? Enjoyin’ yourself?” he asked, his words slurring together significantly as he placed an arm around Rohan’s shoulder and pulled him close. The underlying scent of hairspray laced with some cheap brand of cologne invaded his nose as soon as they were close enough. Rohan would be lying if he said he hated it. Josuke was much warmer and softer than Rohan had expected him to be.

Desperately trying to keep the heat from rising up his face at the small amount of physical contact, Rohan looked away from the other man and took another sip of his drink. “I’m fine. I’ll be headed back home soon,” he said, noting his own words were slurring quite badly as well. Perhaps he should slow down with the drinks for tonight. He didn’t have any real reason to stick around much longer. There wasn’t much he could do here, especially not when Yukako was acting as Koichi’s personal guard dog and making sure Rohan did not come within two meters of the boy.

A pout made its way to Josuke’s face at his words. He looked almost disappointed at the fact that Rohan would be leaving, but that couldn’t be it. There had to be something else going on. “Aw, what?” he asked, leaning just a bit closer to him before continuing. “You’re not gonna stick around ‘til I open my gifts?” he asked with an amused smile on his face.

Of course. That had been the reason why Josuke had insisted on inviting him to his birthday party. He had been expecting Rohan, the wealthiest and most fashionable friend in their group, to get him some sort of designer clothing or some big check as a gift. Rohan shot a glare at the younger man, gripping his bag closer to himself. Unfortunately for Josuke… “I didn’t get you a gift.” Or rather, he had, but now that he knew this was Josuke’s reason for inviting him, he refused to give it to him.

Josuke looked at him with his brows furrowed and head tilted to the side just slightly, as if he hadn’t comprehended his words and needed to process them. “What’d you mean? Why not?” Josuke whined, shaking his head with his arms crossed over his chest like a pouty child. “That’s not fair, Rohan. You gotta give me somethin’, or else.”

“Or else what?” Rohan asked with an eyebrow raised. There wasn’t anything that Josuke could threaten him with. He didn’t have anything Rohan needed, and he surely wouldn’t resort to a fist fight over this.

“Or else… I won’t tell ya my big secret,” Josuke said with a small smile on his lips, glancing over at him with the corner of his eye. “See, there’s something I know that you don’t, ‘nd who knows? Might even be good for manga. You won't get to know if I don’t get a gift from you.”

Rohan glared at Josuke once again, growing increasingly impatient with every passing second. He couldn’t believe an 18 year old man would pull such a childish trick, and, worst of all, he couldn’t believe that he was actually falling for it all. “What kind of secret are you talking about, Higashikata?” he asked, keeping his tone as disinterested in the subject as possible.

Josuke shrugged, humming softly with a mischievous smile playing on his lips. “You won’t find out ‘til you give me something and it better be good! I don’t want some half assed or store bought gift anymore, I want somethin’ heartfelt, Rohan!”

“Excuse me?” Rohan asked, turning his body to face Josuke on the couch. Their knees were touching now, and the small contact sent a jolt through Rohan’s body. “Wasn’t the whole reason you invited me here so you could get an expensive gift from me?”

The look of utter betrayal on Josuke’s face at hearing those words would have made him laugh if he weren’t so confused himself. “‘Course not! I invited ya ‘cause I wanted to hang with you, you asshole,” he paused, huffing indignantly as he looked off to the side. It might have just been Rohan’s imagination, but he could see a hint of pink on his cheeks. “I like stuff a lot, but, believe it or not, I like you more, Rohan.”

“You…” Rohan faltered, feeling his own face grow hot at Josuke’s words and his heartbeat fasten. That sounded too much like a confession for his taste. He shook his head. Josuke was bad at wording things, that had to be it. There was no way that he actually had romantic feelings towards him, he probably only meant that he liked him as a friend, yes. That was all it was. Still, Rohan’s heart refused to calm down. “What do you mean by a heartfelt gift?” He opted to change the subject entirely. He wasn’t in the headspace to deal with rejecting someone.

“Ah, it has to be something nice, y’know?” Josuke continued, as if nothing had even happened. “Maybe somethin’ done by you, from the bottom of your heart, like uhhhh, a cake?”

Rohan nearly spat his drink out in Josuke’s face. “You want me to bake you a cake?” The mere thought of it all was absurd. As if Rohan would stoop as low as to bake this buffoon a cake.

Josuke chuckled, scratching the back of his head with his free hand. “I mean… yeah, sure, if you want to.” He looked back at Rohan and started laughing again. “But, y’know. Somethin’ like that. Something full of meaning that I’ll like.”

He tore his gaze away from Josuke again, sighing in mild annoyance at the way his words refused to make sense. What the hell could he do for Josuke in order to get him to reveal his stupid secret? Rohan needed to do or create something that Josuke would like, something that would hold a lot of meaning. No, not necessarily, it just had to be something that would hold meaning to someone like Josuke.

It was then that a lightbulb seemed to go off in his head. He knew just what he should do now, even if a little voice in the back of his head told him it was a terrible idea. “Alright. You win, Higashikata.” Rohan paused, glancing around the room to see that they were actually surrounded by quite a few people here, that wouldn’t do. “I’ll give you your gift, but it has to be a secret.”

“A secret,” Josuke repeated, his pretty lips curling down into a pout as he squinted his eyes just slightly. After a few seconds, he smiled again, nodding in agreement. It seemed he hadn’t realized they weren’t alone until he glanced around either. Josuke stood abruptly, holding his hand out to Rohan. “Alright! Let’s go to my room then.”

After staring at the hand for what felt like an eternity, Rohan hesitantly reached out to hold it in his. Josuke helped him up, then rushed through the hallway. They passed a few doors, though Rohan's dazed mind found itself unable to keep track of exactly how many. It could have been anything from one to five, probably.

They stopped in front of the last door to the left of the hall. Josuke glanced around to make sure no one was looking before swinging the door open in a ridiculously unrefined manner. Rohan almost regretted what he had been about to do… almost. Both men stepped into the room and Josuke closed the door behind them. “‘Kay, now we’re alone. What’s the secret gift?” he asked, a little more excitedly than expected.

A small giggle escaped Rohan’s lips at the admittedly cute reaction he had gotten from Josuke. He looked just like a kid did on christmas eve, when they couldn’t wait any longer to unwrap the presents underneath their christmas tree. Josuke pouted, looking at him suspiciously. “What? Are ya gonna say there was no gift?”

“No, no... “ Rohan was unable to keep himself from smiling as he approached the taller man. He walked closer, until they were mere millimeters apart, effectively cornering him against the wall. “You’re just real cute sometimes, Higashikata,” he said absentmindedly.

Without stopping to think things through, Rohan got up on his tiptoes to press their lips together, placing his hands on Josuke’s waist and pulling him even closer to his own body. Josuke let out a soft squeak, but quickly melted into the kiss, kissing him back eagerly. His lips were soft, and tasted much sweeter than he had expected them too. He could have kissed him for hours.

Rohan hesitantly pulled away from the kiss, feeling Josuke chase after his lips as they parted. “Happy birthday, Josuke,” he muttered, feeling the heat crawl up his cheeks at the realization that he had just kissed Higashikata Josuke, of all people. Rohan tried to step back, but he felt Josuke’s arms wrap around his body and pull him closer again.

“Kiss me again, Rohan… Please,” Josuke asked, staring down at him with an intensity he’d never expected from the younger man.

As much as he wished he had been able to say no, Rohan couldn’t resist himself. He brought his hand to Josuke’s cheek and pulled him down towards him until their lips collided again. This time, their kiss was hungrier, full of want and passion that Rohan hadn’t been aware he’d felt until that very moment. He prodded Josuke’s lips with his tongue, letting out a pleased hum when he was allowed to deepen the kiss immediately.

Before pulling away, he bit Josuke’s bottom lip and pulled down on it, earning himself a soft moan. Rohan took in the sight that was Josuke right then, with his cheeks bright red, his pupils blown wide and spit covered lips. He looked beautiful like this, Rohan realized. All messed up and worked up. He almost wished he had his sketchpad with him, if only to capture his image as best as he could.

“Your mouth… feels really good on mine,” Josuke blurted out, his face growing even redder at the realization of what he had just said. He shook his head, groaning softly. “I-I mean, kissing you is…it’s very nice. Thank you. For doing it. It’s… it’s the best gift I could have asked for.” Josuke scratched the back of his head and smiled bashfully. “Not that I would have wanted anyone else to kiss me! It’s the best gift I could have got-”

Rohan interrupted his meaningless rambling with another kiss, not wanting to hear the rest that he had to say; Josuke was getting far too affectionate for his liking. Although he’d wanted the other man for some time, Rohan wasn’t sure he was ready to talk about their feelings towards each other. He pressed their bodies together, so that Josuke was squished between him and the wall. Rohan took the lead quickly, making this kiss that much more desperate and hungry than the previous ones. He pulled away from Josuke’s lips, trailing hard kisses down his neck until he found a spot he liked and he bit down on it, hard.

Josuke moaned at that and the grip on Rohan tightened, almost as if he were holding on to him in order to keep himself on his feet. “R-Rohan,” he moaned out, which only further encouraged him to tease Josuke. Rohan licked up his neck, sneaking his hand down towards Josuke's pants, not at all surprised to find that Josuke was both big and very, very hard.

Rohan squeezed his cock through the clothing, earning himself another moan while he sucked on his neck hard enough to leave a mark. He undid the button on Josuke's pants and the younger man seemed to understand, unzipping and sliding them off his legs quickly. Rohan smiled to himself, kissing down to Josuke's collarbone and gently rubbing his dick through the soft fabric of his underwear.

"Do you want me to suck you off, Josuke?" Rohan asked, biting down on Josuke's collarbone, then licking at the same spot.

Josuke immediately nodded, his face flushed. “Y-Yes, Rohan. God, please.”

Rohan didn’t need to be told twice. He pulled back and kneeled down in between Josuke’s legs, pressing a soft kiss to his shaft through his underwear. “You sure about this?” he asked, waiting until Josuke nodded again before slowly removing his underwear. Josuke’s cock was bigger than Rohan had assumed it would be and he strongly doubted he’d be able to take all of it in at once.

Trying hard not to dwell on the fact, Rohan took Josuke’s dick in his hand, stroking it a couple of times and feeling him shiver under his touch. It seemed Josuke was fairly sensitive, which only further motivated Rohan to continue.

It was awfully cute how responsive Josuke seemed to be to his every touch. Rohan leaned forward, dragging his tongue along the underside of Josuke’s shaft all the way up to his slit, his mouth quickly invaded by the taste of precum. He flicked his tongue on the head of Josuke’s cock, eliciting a moan from the younger man. The sweet sound encouraged Rohan to hurry up his pace, taking the head of Josuke’s cock in his mouth.

Josuke held on to his head, grabbing a fistful of his hair without pulling or pushing his head anywhere, just holding him in place. Rohan hummed softly, taking a bit more into his mouth, being careful to avoid his teeth. Josuke pulled on his hair slightly, letting out a soft whimper.

Instead of pulling back, Rohan took more of Josuke into his mouth, bobbing his head up and down slightly, working what he couldn’t reach with his mouth with his left hand. He sunk further down on Josuke’s cock, unconsciously letting out a soft moan as it hit the roof of his mouth.

“R-Rohan,” he moaned out. “T-Too much. I’m…”

That was all the warning he got before Josuke shot his load directly into his throat. Rohan felt himself choke at the unexpected release and he pulled back with a cough, wincing slightly as the remainder of Josuke’s cum landed on his face. He gave Josuke a couple more strokes, making sure to let Josuke ride out his orgasm completely while he coughed into his other hand.

Rohan cleared his throat, swallowing what was leftover in his mouth and then licking what was near his lips. Josuke’s cum… didn’t taste as terrible as Rohan had expected it to, though he sure as hell came much quicker than he had thought he would. Could it be that the other man was a virgin as well? Or was Rohan just naturally good at this? He wasn’t sure he wanted to ask.

He stared up at Josuke and his post orgasm face. His eyes were closed tight, his lips were parted and his face was flushed as he leaned against the wall for support. Once more, Rohan wished he had something to draw him on. He wiped the rest of the spunk off his face with his white sleeve, before remembering he still had makeup on. “Fuck,” he cursed, looking down at the small cum stains on his torso as well.

“Oh fuck, Rohan, I’m… I’m so sorry. Jeez. I just…” he hesitated, shaking his head quickly. “Are you okay?”

Rohan rolled his eyes, slowly getting up from where he had been sitting on the floor. “I’m fine, but my shirt got dirty. Since someone didn’t warn me on time.” He wrinkled his nose at the realization that his hair had also gotten fairly messed up.

Josuke looked like he had been about to say something, but, instead, he ran towards one of his drawers. “I can let you borrow a shirt! It’s no biggie!” He rummaged through it for a few seconds before pulling out a shirt and throwing it Rohan’s way. “Does that fit fine?”

“You’ve got to be kidding me, Higashikata,” Rohan said, holding the gigantic shirt in front of him for Josuke to see. “Don’t you have anything smaller? And, you know, of higher quality? I refuse to be seen in this.”

Now it was Josuke who rolled his eyes, looking through his drawer slowly this time around. “I don’t think so, Rohan.” Josuke picked up another shirt and held it up for Rohan to see. “Besides, it’s just the guys down there. ’m sure most people left when they noticed I was gone.”

Rohan frowned, shaking his head at the new shirt being offered. “All the more reason why I can’t reveal myself wearing your clothes. What the hell would I even say?”

“We can tell the truth if you’d like,” Josuke said with a devilish smirk, letting out a soft chuckle once he noticed the death glare that Rohan had sent his way. “Nah, nah… but, I mean, you can also just wait here ‘til everyone leaves… or, um, you could… you could stay over with me tonight too. Since… mom’s out til tomorrow night.” He shook his head quickly, staring at Rohan with big, wide eyes, as if he only realized the implications of his words after saying them. “I’m not sayin’ we have to do anything! I just, I genuinely like spendin’ time with you ‘s all. I didn’t mean to imply that anythin’ like this would happen again.”

“Yeah, I think I could stand to spend the night here, I guess,” Rohan said with a sigh, walking over to Josuke’s bed and sitting down on the edge of it. Walking home this late, while still partially tipsy would definitely not be a good idea. Especially not today. Staying with Josuke was the sensible choice, it seemed. “Though, you’ll have to bring me more alcohol if I’m supposed to wait out the rest of the party up here by myself.”

Josuke chuckled again, nodding in agreement. “Yes, sir! I’ll bring you cake too, yeah? It’ll just be an hour or two more. Um… You could play video games too if you’d like?”

“Sure. I’ll give those a try. Go on and enjoy the rest of your party, birthday boy.”

“Alright. I’ll be back with a drink for ya then!” Josuke paused by the door, turning to face him with an odd, hesitant expression on his face. “Also that, um, was that, what just happened I mean, was it part of… part of my gift? Or was there some other reason for it?” Josuke asked, tilting his head to the side.

Rohan felt heat crawl up his face at the question and quickly looked away, unwilling to admit, even to himself, the real reason as to why he had done all of this. “It was a part of your gift, of course.” He would never openly accept that he’d wanted to do it, that he’d felt attracted to this brat for a couple of months now. “Oh, and so that you’d tell me your secret.”

“My what?” Josuke asked with a small frown. “What secret?”