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Camie was on a mission.

Her objective? The tuft of spiky ash-blonde, just visible over the top of the couch.

She giggled quietly to herself, even as her nerves began to coalesce in anticipation.

Katsuki was passed out on the end of the sofa. The TV wasn’t on, but the remote control was to the far opposite side of the table from Katsuki, so she figured another classmate had turned it off.

Camie stared down at his form for a while before perching on the cushion directly next to him. His head was almost rolling off the back of the sofa, his arm on the armrest probably being the main reason why he hadn’t yet lost his balance. His entire body was slanted, and his other arm…was limp against his side.

She halted and thought for a record of four seconds, and then she was leaning up against his side and laying his heavy arm across her shoulders.

Mm, so toasty and warm. 

Well, his Quirk generated heat, so it was only natural his body temperature would run higher than most.

She waited for him to wake up, but he must’ve really been tired because his breathing didn’t so much as change. She was safe to indulge in this blanket of peace for a while.

It didn’t come as a surprise to her when, not five minutes later, her eyelids began to feel heavy, feeling too at home to resist.


She didn’t sleep long.

When she opened her eyes, daylight was still burning strong through the windows. Everything looked the same.

Something hot ruffled the hair atop her head.

Katsuki had moved in his sleep, and instead of his neck leaning towards the end of the couch, his head was now nestled somewhere above her head.

Camie smiled.

Ten minutes and many illusions later, Katsuki finally began to stir. She had been listening for a change in his breathing, and the moment she heard his breath hitch and even out, she slowly wriggled out from under his arm. He made a grunt.

Camie waited for the murky red depths to blink and slowly clear from the haze of dream-induced sleep, and then whispered just shy of a regular tone, “Katsuki.

His eyes darted her way instantly, but he didn’t seem surprised.

From her personal experiences at the remedial classes, and observing his interaction with the entire class and especially his group of friends, it was easy to see how observant he was to the proximity of others.

The Bakusquad, and a few others, had special privileges, being able to be within arm’s length without causing tension to rise anywhere on Katsuki’s body. Whereas if any other person stood within reach, without Katsuki’s unspoken permission…well. It was the equivalent of a cat puffing up it’s tail when feeling cornered. Just more anger. And bark more than bite.

Hm, wait, that was a dog.

...But…he could be an adorable angry Pomeranian too, probably. She smiled, stocking up her imagination with thoughts of cradling a cute fuming fuzzball with ash-blonde fur in her arms.

Then she realized she had been sitting and staring at Katsuki for a whole minute with a dazed sort of look on her face, and Katsuki’s left eye was beginning to twitch. “I want to try something,” she blurted.

Katsuki’s eye stopped twitching. He opened his mouth— to protest? To ask why? To refuse? Camie didn’t know, but she bulldozed straight on through, excitement rising. “You don’t have to do anything, ‘kay? You just sit. And close your eyes.”

Red eyes merely stared back at her, unyielding, slowly narrowing.

But she chose the right time to come, because Katsuki still hadn’t used his voice yet, body still mostly lax and pressed down into the couch even when his expression was bemused and suspicious.

“Close your eyes,” she urged.

Katsuki’s gaze flickered between her eyes. Searching. Then, with a barely audible release of breath, he carefully let down the walls he managed to erect while awakening, opening himself blindly to her will.

Camie paused. Her lips pressed together; a pressure suddenly made itself known behind her eyes and lodged in the middle of her throat, amongst the simmering warmth blooming and nearly causing her to lose her breath. She blinked rapidly. Swallowing until the pressure was gone.

Instead of moving immediately, she stayed where she was at, gazing upon his features for just a moment longer. It was only when Katsuki’s hand began to clench on the couch that she decided to go for it.

A tip of a finger against his temple. It visibly startled him, the sudden sensory input, but she rubbed his eyelids gently with her thumb, not wanting to break the moment with words.

Feather-light, her fingers slid upwards. She smoothed out the troubled brow gently, until it disappeared into unblemished clear skin. Her fingers caressed down the defined bridge of his nose. Down the soft contours of his cheeks.

Eventually, her finger found his lips. Full, just the right side of slim. Rejuvenated through a healthy supply of water and sleep, easily giving way under pressure. Sheer white glimpsed through the slim gap.

She inhaled slowly.

Back up to his cheeks, until she was delicately cradling his face in her hand, touching an earlobe lightly. Unconsciously, or consciously, his jawline pressed quietly against her palm.

They were sharing the same air. In, and out. His chest rising, her chest falling.

She let go, leaving only three fingers trailing halfway to his chin, where gentle began to meet hard bone. She stayed there, and just absorbed.

A crease was beginning to form between his eyebrows again, anticipation, and she wondered if his heartbeat was as loud as her’s.

Camie’s eyes drew back to his lips. They were slightly open.

An era of silence passed. Tension clutching the air to a freezing point.

She pressed her lips against his.

For a long moment, Katsuki didn’t move underneath her fingertips. She drew back slightly, lips grazing, and leaned back in, pushing and pulling gently.

His lips began to move, mirroring her. Experiencing. Learning. One of them—or both of them—exhaled a shuddering breath between one brief period of separation.

It was so warm.

She lightly sucked his bottom lip before letting go, and not a half-minute later he copied the movement slowly. Testing again until her mouth opened more in approval.

They didn’t move further than the soft press and heat exchanging between lips. They molded and shifted. Quiet and calm and strong like the waves of the sea.

A familiar yet largely unfamiliar flame curled within her stomach, a beacon burning bright until she felt it would burst.

Eventually, in what could have been hours, they parted, foreheads pressed against each other, catching their breaths.

Camie’s other hand had found her way to his torso at some point. And, yes, that was his heart fluttering rapidly beneath her palm. Out of dazed curiosity, she placed that same hand on her heart, finding it to be matching in pace.

Katsuki stared at her with an unreadable look in his blazing red eyes, as it usually was when he was quiet and not needing to keep a lid on his temper. He was closer than he ever was before, and Camie quickly realized her illusions had nothing on the real thing. The pinpricks of amber floating amongst the red. The intensity of his gaze. The hotness of his breath chasing her lips like the kisses they shared.

As if in a daze, she leaned back in and joined their lips again. She moved forward, one hand sliding up to grip the hard muscles of his shoulders, another slipping into his thick mane of hair.

It was deceptively soft. Silky, even.

Camie pulled back and tugged curiously, making Katsuki grunt. "Are you for real?" she exclaimed, running her hands up and down the soft blonde strands.

Perfect genetics, perfect skin, and now perfect hair? Seriously? How fair was that?

Katsuki took a moment to answer, but he eventually rolled his eyes. “It’s called research, dumba**.” A moment later, “My old folks are fashion designers. You pick up some things.”

His voice was gruff and still slightly rough from sleep.

Her pout had dropped, mouth suddenly going dry, so she hummed in favor of speaking, stretching her arms high over her head.

Katsuki turned away, face doing a very accurate imitation of his eyes. She looked down and lifted her top a bit more before she grabbed a hold of his face and pressed a deep lingering kiss to his lips. He instinctively reciprocated, but she moved out of reach – amidst Katsuki’s grunt of frustration – before they could both lose their resolve and start another make-out session.

Camie pressed her fingers against her lips, giggling both at the thought and the nearly pouting expression on Katsuki’s face as he glared.

She floated away from the couches, swishing her hips a bit more than usual as the lightness in her soul bubbled in memory over the past fifteen minutes. Then she looked up.

And stopped.

Somewhere between the first kiss and kiss number infinity, they had gained an audience.

A full half of Katsuki’s classmates parted around Discount Pikachu and Raccoon Eyes who were hurriedly attempting to put their phones away when they heard their temperamental squad namesake begin to growl. Camie saw a floating phone discreetly hide behind a student with a tail – he had a look on his face as if he had been dragged in against his will, while the green-haired student beside him – Midoriya, she remembers – seemed watery-eyed and smiling brightly.

Camie could hear Katsuki breathe in slow and deep somewhere behind her.

“Oh shhiiiii—"

Katsuki leapt over the couch with a roar, and the two members of Bakusquad scrambled over themselves to retreat. Sero was smiling that famous sh**-eating horse-smile safely to the side, and Kirishima was keening with joy at the ceiling, crocodile tears rolling down viciously clenched teeth with his fists tight and poised. They weren’t going to help anytime soon, and the rest of the class on the floor were too busy making themselves scarce from the area. Or jumping behind counters and couches.

“Wait – Bakugooo! We just wanted to congratulate the first person to date in Class- ARUAAHA!

“Blasty, please! Can we just- " - a high-pitched squeak - "forget this so you can m-m-make out with your girlfriend-?!”





About an hour later, Camie’s phone pinged with a new group attachment from <BakuSquad n BakuGurl>. A video link. Along with a couple messages from Inasa and Todoroki giving their congratulations in mildly differing tones.

She didn’t answer back until she was walking home though, because. Priorities.

And if that meant long snuggles and making out with her smoking hot new personal furnace until she literally had to be exiled from the premises to make curfew… then that was A-OK. She would break all her personal texting rules if it meant at the end of the day she was still floating on complete bliss and happiness.



Mission Complete.


Camie Bakugo nee Utushimi.