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A Lover's Touch

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A sharp gasp left Toshi as he bunched the sheets up in his hands, his face buried into the silky fabric as his hips canted up into the touch. He’d been a little wary of this all at first, but when Dave had explained to him just how good it could feel, he had to give it a try. Especially when Dave mentioned just how good his quirk made everything else feel.


The soft fingertips probing at that sensitive flesh there had him looking back and moaning at the look of pure concentration on his lover’s face. Dave had always been the sort to throw himself completely into something once he decided that it deserved his full attention—a trait they both shared—and it seemed like this was no different. The way his tongue just slightly poked out from between his teeth told Toshi volumes  about his concentration.


A soft whine left the back of his throat as he backed into the probing digit and he gasped out, “Dave… please…”


A soft chuckle left the other blond and he moved up so his mouth was close to Toshi’s ear and he murmured, “Patience is a virtue, Toshi. Don’t you remember? I clearly remember you telling me that the first time you worked me up in a staff closet and left me with blue balls until I could come to your class after everything ended.” However, he slowly pushed the tip of a finger slowly in, moaning softly at the feeling of Toshi’s body tightening around it. “Just relax, Toshi… it’s only going to feel better from here on out.”


A low moan got buried in the covers as Toshi gripped the covers again, pushing back into the sensation. He’d never thought that he’d be the one in this position, but he trusted Dave to take care of him and boy was he. The sensations that rocketed up his spine had him feeling hungry for more. He could see why Dave liked this so much and at the same time his lover was driving him insane…


Pushing back, it was slow going, but slowly extra fingers were added and he felt almost full. He was almost close to cumming and he hadn’t even touched his cock yet. His voice was almost as broken as he was as he moaned, “Dave… fuck… me…”


Another soft chuckle left Dave as he said, “Patience, Toshi. Patience…” Activating his quirk, he brushed his fingers against the taller man’s prostate, causing him to shout as he came. It seemed like Toshi was enjoying this a lot more than he let on…


Toshi’s eyes were watering as he drew in great gulps of air as he tried to come down, but Dave’s fingers weren’t letting him. The fucker kept moving them until he was a needy mess again, cursing the other man. He wanted nothing more than to just flip over and show Dave just who was the boss in the bedroom, but his knees were weak and damn it if he didn’t need this…


He tried to have authority in his voice as he demanded Dave to “Fuck me, already!” but it came out so thin that it almost bordered on a whine. Throwing a look over his shoulder, his gaze was filled with lust and he rolled his hips as enticingly as he could, wanting Dave to finally take the one thing that was his and his alone.


And it seemed to have worked.


Soon fingers were being replaced by something more and Toshi was gripping the sheets tightly again, rocking back into his lover. It was so intimate to be joined in this way and Toshi was reveling in it all. Dave’s mouth on his throat had him moaning out and moving back to rest against his lover. It was all so good and all too much and he didn’t know how much longer he would last.


Those lovely dexterous fingers came up again, moving over his chest and teasing his throat before sliding into his hair and giving a gentle tug. Dave’s voice in his ear was rough and husky as he said, “You’re so beautiful like this. Desperate for touch… my  touch… God… Toshi…” Dave’s mouth moved to this throat and he pressed soft kisses to the skin while he slowly moved in and out of the retired hero, enjoying every one of the sounds of pleasure leaving his lover. They could’ve had this years ago, but they hadn’t been in the right places in life then. Now… now they had all the time to figure things out.


The sounds in the room rose slightly in pitch as the two of them got closer and closer to completion. Toshi was the first to fall over the edge into pleasure, Dave’s name a desperate cry as he did so. Dave followed soon after, his arm wrapped around Toshi as he held him in place, panting harshly in his ear. After a moment, he pulled out and shifted Toshi so he was laying on the bed, pressing a gentle kiss to his forehead.


Reaching up, Toshi cupped Dave’s face and smiled at him. “Love you. I see why you like that so much. It’s… wow.”


“It can be,” Dave said with a soft chuckle. “How about you sleep and I’ll clean you up?”


Snaking an arm out, he wrapped it around Dave’s waist and pulled him back into bed. “It can wait. I need you.”


Needless to say, Dave didn’t move from the bed the rest of the night. The next morning there was cursing and laughter as the two of them showered to get cleaned up, but Toshi wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. It had been the best birthday ever.