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Dio Tries To Be a Good Mudad For Giorno's Birthday

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Dio starts off his day by thinking he could be a good dad for Giorno, considering it was his birthday. However, that plan was evilly foiled by none other than Jonathan Joestar.

“Dio, we must bake Gio a cake,” he states, momentarily shaking the blonde from whatever he was cruelly scheming about. Without missing a beat, Dio replies smoothly with; “We could just steal one instead. Making one is far too difficult, wouldn’t you agree?”

JoJo looks over at him in shock. “No! I would not agree! It’s completely unnecessary, Dio.”

“Hm, stealing is always necessary. It calms my soul”


“But, can’t we just bake Giorno a cake, just like we do every year?”


“We could, but little GioGio has to learn the ways of living somehow, and what better way than to have him know that he has a stolen birthday cake this year? Or at the very least some stolen ingredients to make it with if you so insist.” At this, Dio stands, triumphant that he would win this conversation until further proven otherwise.

Just as Jonathan was going to open his mouth to try and reason with his husband, the littlest and only blonde Joestar came running in through the doorway, efficiently ending the conversation. Giorno runs over to where his taller father is standing, and attempts to wrap his arms around Jonathan’s legs as best he can, since he was just turning 6. When they parted, the elder JoJo wished Giorno a happy birthday, which then triggered him to smile happily at both of his dads.

Dio, finally remembering that he was trying to be a decent person for today, also wished his favorite son a good birthday. It took the little GioGio half a second to rush over to Dio and also give him a hug. Eventually, Giorno backs up and runs off to God knows where, leaving the two adults alone once again, but not for long.

Taking his cue to leave, Dio bids goodbye to Jonathan before setting off on his adventure to steal some cake. Luckily, he knew a good bakery just down the road from the mansion, however, Jonathan frequented that place, so the employees knew most of his family which in his opinion, was extremely unfortunate.

When the evil blonde drove into the parking lot of the local Grebe’s, he laughed menacingly before getting out of his car and making his way to the doors of the godforsaken bakery. Once inside, Dio immediately gravitated away from the employees behind the counter, and any other customers flitting about between racks of delicacies, to arrive somewhere within the cake stands. From there he glared menacingly at each cake, deeming most of them unworthy. However, after much contemplation, Dio settled on a marble sheet cake decorated with little yellow, pink, and blue flowers around the border. It might have seemed like a girly cake at first glance, but that would be easily solved with something he wasn’t sure what yet. Though the concept of it being this way didn’t bother him for too long because suddenly one of the employees walked over from the front counter, and approached Dio.

Unfortunately, Dio could not find a good way to avoid this, and surrendered himself to this fate.

“Hello there, Dio, long time no see. I haven’t seen you here in quite some time, it’s usually Jonathan who comes in. What’s the special occasion?” Kakyoin asks in a cold tone of voice.

“Ah,” the blonde starts, for once unsure of what to say considering he really wasn’t expecting to talk to anyone. “It’s Giorno’s birthday, and he needs a cake to celebrate. He is having his friends over soon, and I needed to make a quick stop here to pick up a little something.” Despite that not being the actual truth, Dio had managed to construct a perfect white lie which somehow convinced Kakyoin that that was the actual reason as to why he was there. This didn’t stop the redhead from interrogating him again, “Then why didn’t Jonathan just come?”

This once again stopped Dio and forced him to try and come up with a valid answer. “Well, you see, I, Dio, have found that the only way to do something of my own accord and do it well, is to do it by myself. Giorno needs the best cake you have, or one that fits my tastes and by default, Giorno’s own tastes.”

At this proclamation Kakyoin frantically looked around as if he were searching for someone to come rescue him. No one was immediately in sight,so he subjected himself to another few minutes of torture despite having put himself in that position in the first place.

Suddenly, Kakyoin’s help came quicker than he expected in the form of quite a menacing aura from behind Dio. It must have arrived in stopped time because it was there so quickly, no one had time to do anything about it. Dio, however, had the reflexes of a god, and accomplished both ducking fast, and keeping Gio’s cake safe as Jotaro’s fist came barreling through the empty air well above Dio’s head, narrowly missing Kakyoin.

Before either Stand user could move, the redhead spoke up quickly so as to prevent as much conflict as possible.

“JoJo, Dio, we are in the middle of a bakery, if you must fight, which I know you will, please leave the premises first so that you do not cause concern for our customers.”

Regarding him carefully, the two angrier men backed off from each other. Jotaro walking around Dio to stand protectively next to Kakyoin, and Dio making his way backwards as non suspiciously as possible.

“Anyways, while it was nice talking to you two, but I seem to have a party to get to for my son, so I’ll be going now,” the Brando ends on, making his way to the doors without paying for his cake but not quite escaping completely unnoticed.

Polnareff stood working at the counter, but decided that he really didn’t want to get beaten by Dio again, so he just kind of left him to do what he pleased. Dio was not aware that he was being watched, but just in case, scanned the area carefully before calling out The World and stopping time.

In the space within the stopped time, Dio got into his car, GioGio’s cake in hand and promptly drove off as far away from that cursed bakery as fast as he could before time resumed. Soon time began again, and Dio was well on his way home with no sign of any Crusader following him even though that didn’t mean anything.

Eventually, he arrived at home where all of Giorno’s friends seem to have come when Dio was preoccupied in his cake stealing escapade. He walked in the front door to be met with his son and his six older friends who all pretty much screamed at the sight of cake Dio was cradling in his arms. Jonathan came running in from the living room after hearing all the children yell.

“What happened!? Dio are you okay?” JoJo asked fearfully.


“Yes, I just have cake. They got excited and now they’re kind of annoying.”


Jonathan sighed. “Dio, come here. Boys, go play some more before supper.” With that, everyone did as they were told, and Dio followed his husband out to the living room again.

“Dio, I hope you paid for that cake.”


“Yes of course I did. I was only joking about stealing it honestly,” he replied, blatantly lying to JoJo, and hoping to get away with it.


“In all the years I’ve known you, you’ve never really joked about doing something against the law, and if I find out that you lied, I’m restricting your privileges to go shopping without me, or something much worse.” Jonathan threatened.

After that sad threat, Giorno, Guido, Narancia, Pannacotta, Bruno, and Leone came sprinting down the hallway at the two grown men, and launched themselves at them pleading for cake and ice cream in some cases. Jonathan got up off of the couch with a few children hanging on his arms and legs, and shuffled to the kitchen. Dio followed soon after with the others who hadn’t went with the Joestar.

Jonathan offered candles to Giorno who refused to place them on his own cake, ended up putting them on for him, and lit each candle with a flourish, specifically for the younger ones.

Everyone sang happy birthday joyfully to the little GioGio and he aggressively blew out his candles, or as aggressively as a 6 year old can. Immediately, Guido and Narancia demanded to know what Gio wished for, but Jonathan told them that he couldn’t answer because then his wish wouldn’t come true. They both looked down disappointedly until Dio announced that they should probably eat the cake he worked so hard on finding.

As Jonathan cut the cake and Dio scooped up ice cream, all the little gangstars waited anxiously for their desserts to be served. No one had anything to say though, despite everyone basically shaking with joy. When they all received their portions, they dug in ravenously as if they hadn’t just eaten supper half an hour ago. There were hums of appreciation from all around and JoJo and Dio watched them enjoy themselves.

Later that night, Dio thought about his actions throughout the day and he supposed that he hadn’t done too bad in being a good dad to Giorno. He technically hadn’t even fought Jotaro either when he ran into him and Kakyoin at the store, or rebelled too much against Jonathan. The only thing he had done slightly wrong and might face repercussions for was stealing that cake. But it was for a good cause in the end.