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Midoriya Izuku woke up that morning with a craving for cheesecake. Usually, the hero-in-training tried to keep his sweet tooth in check so he didn’t ruin his diet and workouts too terribly, but he had a feeling this was a craving he wouldn’t be able to ignore. He tried to satisfy his sweet tooth by eating slightly sweeter things throughout the day. He added extra syrup to his pancakes at breakfast and had extra fruit for his snack in between classes. Lunch ended up being a pastry from the cafe around the corner from campus that he had practically begged Todoroki to get for him. None of the sweets were enough for him to ignore his craving for cheesecake however and even Bakugou could tell that Midoriya wanted something sweet.

Bakugou Katsuki was well aware of how strong Midoriya Izuku’s sweet tooth could be. He had seen the small nerd devour almost an entire cake by himself in one sitting as well as nearly a dozen of Inko’s cookies not long afterward. He had no idea how the small teen was able to keep in shape when he ate so many sweets but he knew better than to try to keep him from eating them when he had that craving. If he thought Midoriya didn’t stop talking when he was in a good mood, he was worse when he wanted something and couldn’t get it.

“What should we do?” Todoroki was watching Midoriya intently as the smaller teen walked in front of them both. Classes had ended for the day and they had some free time to spend however they liked before curfew forced them back to the dorms. Bakugou rolled his eyes as he heard the question and almost wanted to yell at how stupid the other teen was for asking it before he realized that Todoroki had never endured one of Midoriya’s cravings before.
“We figure out what he wants and fucking get it for him.” He scoffed with a huff before he sped up so he was walking next to Midoriya.
“Hey nerd, we’re going off campus after dropping our stuff off. Meet us in the lounge after you drop your bag off and change.” Bakugou wasn’t going to give Midoriya a chance to say no as he pushed past him and walked to the dorms ahead of them. That wasn’t how Todoroki had planned on figuring out what it was that Midoriya had been craving, though he supposed that Bakugou had a better idea of handling the situation than he did.

Todoroki quickly moved up to his room on the fifth floor and dropped his bag next to his desk. Then he changed out of his uniform and into comfortable clothes before making his way downstairs to the lounge. Midoriya was the first to be there, unsurprisingly since his room was closest to the lounge. Todoroki was surprised that he had arrived before Bakugou since his room was on the highest floor. Bakugou came down only a couple minutes after Todoroki did.
“Let’s fucking go nerds.” Bakugou didn’t give Todoroki or Midoriya a chance to react as he grabbed them both by the wrist and dragged them out of the dorms.
“Where are we going Kacchan?” Midoriya asked as the three walked outside. Todoroki looked over at the blond with curiosity as he waited for Bakugou to reply. This plan was riding solely on the explosive blond since he hadn’t taken the time to fill Todoroki in on what he was planning.
“Just shut the fuck up and follow shitty Deku.” Bakugou still hadn’t let go of their wrists so neither teen had a choice but to follow him as he dragged them to who knew where.
The three teens were mostly silent for the rest of the walk Todoroki and Midoriya allowing Bakugou to lead them to wherever he was planning on taking them, save for Midoriya’s mumbling his thoughts here and there as they passed places he recognized. As they walked further from campus Todoroki grew more curious on just where they were going. They weren’t heading to a train station it didn’t seem, yet they weren’t in any sort of shopping district or high traffic area as far as he could tell.
“Bakugou...where are you taking us?” Todoroki couldn’t help but break the silence as he tried to figure out where they were within the city. The blond didn’t answer for another few minutes as he dragged them a couple of blocks further down the street until they stopped in front of what seemed like a small cafe. Todoroki stared at the front of the building in surprise before turning his gaze to the slightly taller teen. There were a few shops down the street from the cafe but not as many as Todoroki would have expected for a cafe to be located near, and the area seemed more residential than anything else.
“We had to walk for nearly twenty minutes to go to a cafe? What’s wrong with the one near campus?” The hot and cold hero-in-training was surprised that Bakugou had the patience to take them so far from campus just to get something to eat.
“The one near campus is fine sure but this one is better than anything you’ve ever fucking had Icyhot.” Bakugou had finally dropped their wrists as he turned to look at them. His lips were tilted in his signature smirk but both teens could tell that he was proud of himself for bringing them to the small cafe.
Bakugou had found the cafe on one of his trips off campus when he was trying to get away from his classmates, long before he and Midoriya mended their friendship and his friendship with Todoroki blossomed. The first time he had stumbled upon the small cafe he decided it was a decent place to do his homework without Kirishima and the other members of his class who liked to follow him around bothering him. What kept him coming back was the atmosphere and the food. Not only was the cafe a quiet place that allowed him to focus without the distractions of his classmates or his parents, but it also offered good food that he could snack on when he stayed too late to eat dinner with his parents.
“Are we going to go in?” Midoriya piped up, for the first time actually speaking loud enough for the two taller teens to hear him. He moved past both teens and opened the door to the cafe. Before walking in he tilted his head to look at his friends and offered them a large smile. Todoroki bit his lip before following Midoriya inside with Bakugou behind him. The three sat in a corner and quietly looked over the menus provided to them.
“What do you suggest Kacchan?” Midoriya asked as he looked up from the menu. Bakugou grunted but didn’t look up from his own menu.
“You’re shitty sweet tooth is getting fucking ridiculous again. Get whatever it is that you fucking want already.” Bakugou all but yelled as he kept his focus on the menu in front of him. There was no way for Bakugou to give his childhood friend any suggestions because he didn’t know what Midoriya was craving, and that was frustrating. Midoriya was silent for a while as he tried to decide what he wanted. As he focused on the menu, Bakugou and Todoroki had made their choices and set their menus aside. When the server came over to take their order, Todoroki and Bakugou gave their orders before facing Midoriya.
“I’ll just have the chocolate chip cookie…” Bakugou nearly screamed as the server walked away with their orders.
“Is that what you’ve been fucking craving all day shitty nerd?” He hissed as he leaned over the table and grabbed Midoriya by his shirt.
“No...but Kacchan…” Midoriya stuttered as he tried to calm his friend down. Bakugou huffed again but let the small teen go and sat down again with his arms crossed.
“Then what is it that you do want Izuku?” Todoroki asked as he leaned against the table. The blush the spread across Midoriya’s cheeks.
“Spit it out, shitty nerd. Your sweet tooth is why we’re out here.” Bakugou yelled impatiently.
“Cheesecake!” Midoriya shouted in response without looking at either of his friends. Both Bakugou and Todoroki stared at him, Bakugou in annoyance and Todoroki in surprise.
“Why the fuck didn’t you just tell us that earlier? I would have fucking bought you a damned cheesecake.” Bakugou knew the cafe they were in didn’t sell cheesecake, so they had wasted a trip out there for nothing. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Todoroki agreeing with his statement.
“It’s not the same if we don’t all share it though…and I didn’t want to be the only one eating it. Not to mention it’s rather expensive to buy more than just a slice.” Midoriya wasn’t even thinking about his diet anymore or how much he would have to train and exercise to work on everything he ate to make up for not getting the cheesecake. He was more worried about how expensive the sweet was in the first place.
“Idiot Deku. After this, we’ll go get your fucking cheesecake. Enough for the whole damned dorm if you want.” Bakugou wasn’t going to get peace unless Midoriya got his cheesecake, and that meant he had to indulge in it as well even if he didn’t want it. The smile he received in response was well worth it however, as he felt his chest tighten with emotions Bakugou refused to acknowledge. Thankfully he didn’t have to as the server returned with their orders just in time to keep either Midoriya or Todoroki from commenting on the flush in his cheeks.

The three spent only an hour in the cafe. Midoriya finished his cookie rather quickly and watched as Todoroki and Bakugou drank their tea and coffee respectively. Even when they had finished their drinks and Midoriya had finished his cookie, the three sat and talked for a bit before Bakugou decided it was time to return to the dorms.
Bakugou led them back the way they had come, which was a good thing because Todoroki would have likely gotten them lost if he had been in charge and Midoriya had definitely not been paying any attention on their way there.
Midoriya had assumed as they passed by many of the shops and grocery stores on the way back to campus that Bakugou had forgotten all about his promise of cheesecake and he was surprisingly okay with that. Though he still really wanted cheesecake, and he probably wouldn’t get rid of the craving until he got the sweet treat, he had gotten to spend time with his two favorite people for most of the afternoon and that was enough for him.
That was until Bakugou had pulled them into a bakery close to campus.
“What kind of fucking cheesecake do you want Shitty Nerd?” He asked as he once again grabbed Midoriya’s wrist and pulled him up to the counter.
“A regular cheesecake is fine need to get anything fancy or outrageous for me!” Midoriya insisted, even with the glare that Bakugou sent his way. The blond sighed but let Midoriya go and turned his attention to the baker who was staring at the three of them.
“Can we get a whole strawberry cheesecake.” If Todoroki hadn’t spent so much time around Bakugou as he had, he would have been surprised by the fact that Bakugou had said a whole sentence without any profanity.
After the cheesecake was rung up, and before Bakugou or Midoriya could get their wallets out to pay, Todoroki stepped up to pay for it. He ignored the looks both teens sent his way as he took the cheesecake from the baker with a small smile and a thank you.
“We’re going to miss curfew if we don’t hurry,” Todoroki stated calmly as he began to walk out of the bakery. Both Midoriya and Bakugou knew that he was exaggerating, as they were only a few blocks away from campus and it would take them five minutes at most to get to the dorms if they were dragging their feet.
“You didn’t have to buy it Shouto. I could have bought my own cheesecake.” Midoriya stated as he took the lead back to the dorms.
“Maybe I wanted to buy it for you,” Todoroki replied, a soft smile on his lips as he stared at the green haired teen.
“I would have fucking bought the damn cheesecake,” Bakugou stated aggressively as he crossed his arms over his chest while following after Midoriya.
“I don’t need either of you to buy me cheesecake but thank you for trying Kacchan and thank you for buying it Shouto.” Midoriya said as he looked back at the two taller teens.
“Yeah whatever, but you have to actually eat dinner before you dig into the cheesecake.” Bakugou insisted with a huff and a roll of his eyes, though the blush from earlier was back on his cheeks.

When the three arrived back at the dorms they could smell someone cooking dinner in the kitchen. Many of their classmates were lounging around on the couches or in the dining area. Todoroki walked right past them all and put the cheesecake in the fridge so they could save it for later. He saw Kirishima cooking, though it seemed like he was struggling with preparing so much food.
“Do you need help with that Shitty Hair?” Bakugou asked as he walked into the kitchen to investigate who was cooking.
“Yeah! I could use your help Bakugou!” Kirishima agreed excitedly, though he knew that meant he would be kicked out of the kitchen eventually. Bakugou didn’t necessarily like having people in the kitchen with him while he was cooking and many nights he ended up cooking for everyone in the class. Kirishima only lasted for about ten minutes before Bakugou kicked him out.

“Who’s the cheesecake for?” Kaminari asked as he opened the fridge to get something to drink. The blond completely missed the glare that was sent his way by Bakugou as the angrier blond moved about the kitchen.
“Deku’s. Don’t fucking touch it Pikachu.” Bakugou hissed as he stirred the sauce in one of the pans. He was trying to work out whatever Kirishima had been trying to make and turn it into something actually edible.
“Why does Midoriya need an entire cheesecake?” Kaminari asked as he pulled out a juice box from the fridge and closed the door.
“Because he fucking wanted it. Now shut up and let me cook.” Bakugou yelled, shooing him out of the kitchen.

Nearly half an hour later Bakugou called that dinner was ready. The class ate together, like they did most nights, with small conversations about what happened during their day after classes or things that some of them had missed during classes. Like many evenings, dinner evolved into a large study and tutor session until most of the larger problems had been covered and the students began breaking off into smaller groups to continue their homework and studying.
Todoroki and Midoriya began making their way up to Todoroki’s room to continue their own study session, with a quick stop at Midoriya’s room to grab his books and another quick stop at Bakugou’s room to grab his books as well. Bakugou removed the cheesecake from the fridge and brought it upstairs, and met Todoroki and Midoriya up there.
“Should we eat this before we start studying?” Midoriya asked after the three of them settled down. Bakugou had sliced it and put three slices on plates for them and said plates were sitting in front of each teen next to their books.
“May as well. Less of a chance of getting the sauce on our homework.” Bakugou replied with a shrug. Todoroki and Bakugou waited for Midoriya to take the first bite of his before they dug into theirs.
“Kacchan…” Midoriya called out, grabbing Bakugou’s attention causing him to look up at the green haired teen. Midoriya was holding his spoon with cheesecake on it out to the blond to eat, and even though he had his own slice on his plate he accepted the bite offered to him. Todoroki smiled as he watched the two, especially as Midoriya smiled widely at the blond. Suddenly Midoriya picked up another spoonful and offered it to Todoroki, that smile still on his lips. The teen took the offered bite without hesitation. Out of the corner of his eye, Todoroki saw Bakugou feed Midoriya a rather large bite of his own cheesecake.

That was how most of their night went, With Midoriya feeding Todoroki and Bakugou bits of his cheesecake while the other two fed him all of theirs. The green-haired teen didn’t mind, however, as he knew that his two friends didn’t have as large of a sweet tooth as he did and the cheesecake was probably sweeter than either of them wanted. Bakugou insisted that Midoriya finished the rest of the cheesecake before they even touched their homework, so they could keep the papers clean of strawberry sauce, so he had to eat quickly rather than savor the flavor but Midoriya’s smile never left his lips as he devoured the rest of the treat.