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hello! this is vermiliren. i've decided to take requests on tumblr, so i will be posting some of that content here! 


if you would like to request something, please go to my tumblr and do so! here are my rules, which are also posted on tumblr.


rules + requests

hello and welcome to my blog! here are some guidelines for requests/suggestions



-this is considered a yandere blog. if you are not comfortable with those kinds of topics, this is not the place for you. 

-this blog is restricted to character/reader

-i will write nsfw/smut, and there isn’t much i am not okay with. the biggest NOs are piss kinks, scat, incest, pedophilia and the omegaverse/abo. otherwise, it should be fine. if you want to know, please ask!

-i will tag all potential triggers to the best of my ability!

-i also write fluff when requested

-when writing, i try to keep it gender neutral. in nsfw, please specify the gender, because if not, i’ll try to take the most gender neutral course i can, or revert to a female reader depending on the request.

characters and fandoms I write for are specified in a different post under the tag “characters and fandoms” and “rules”. (click here for the link as well!)

thank you so much! i will add anything else here if it concerns rules.



for Overwatch, i’ll write for these characters since i am more familiar with them than the others (i have only played overwatch once in my life oops). if i learn more about other heroes, i will add them to the list!








-Soldier 76/Jack









-all characters! (mcu)

-and Eddie Brock/Venom

*nsfw for 18+ characters ONLY.

Boku no Hero Academia:

-all characters! (in anime and manga)

*nsfw for 18+ characters, and situations where characters are aged up ONLY


-all characters! (in anime)

*nsfw for 18+ characters, and situations where characters are aged up ONLY

Stranger Things

-all 18+ characters ONLY

Good Omens

-all characters atm

Detroit: Become Human

-all characters atm

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yandere!bucky and yandere!loki x reader

⦁ how they came to this agreement… you aren’t very sure

⦁ bucky had gotten to you first, and when loki found out about it, he had threatened to expose him… unless he could get something out of it

⦁ and that’s how you ended up being between bucky and loki

⦁ bucky doesn’t really like to share you, especially with loki of all people, but he’s being blackmailed so :/

⦁ loki likes the idea of sharing you with someone else in a way, since he can leave and do whatever he wants and knows you are still being taken care of (for the most part)

⦁ over time, you find yourself preferring bucky over loki

⦁ why? well, bucky was always consistent. he was always there, mostly kind, and was pretty much your caretaker

⦁ to loki, it was like you were just his toy

⦁ when loki starts to figure this out, he starts becoming even more sadistic with you

⦁ his punishments to you are also like punishments to bucky, since he can’t stand to see you in pain or hurt. but he has to endure it… since loki could potentially out him to steve and the entire avengers if he wanted to

⦁ bucky is always there for you when loki is done with you, which only causes you to cling onto him more

⦁ and surprise! this creates a bit of stockholm syndrome toward bucky

⦁ after a night of practical torture by loki, you cry to bucky, asking why it can’t just be the two of you… why it couldn’t be the way it was supposed to be

⦁ even though you are bucky’s captive, you both are being subjected to the abuses of loki 

⦁ but bucky can’t do anything about it, because he doesn’t want to tarnish his reputation anymore than he already has

⦁ so the cycle goes on

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headcanons for being moira's test subject


- when moira first spotted you, she couldn't come to a conclusion as to why you would join talon

-you looked so clean and pure, so unlike the other lowlifes of talon

-so she kind of... takes you. if anything, she's saving you

-well, more like she asks you for help with her... projects. and since you aren't very high on the food chain here at talon, you can't say no

-you basically become her personal assistant

-at first you do simple tasks for her. deliver packages, carry boxes, just help out around the lab

-then it escalates to letting her test some... formulas on you (and some gases and equipment)

-you aren't entirely comfortable with being her guinea pig... but if you resist she could kill you or have you killed

-moira was a well respected woman at talon... and she knew that too

-so if anyone questioned her about a missing recruit? they wouldn't ask twice

-moira tests a new "strength" formula on you... but you end up passing out

-when you wake up, you're in a cage with a collar on your neck

-moira is working away at her desk, humming a tune to herself

-"m... doctor?"

-she turns, a sinister smile plastered on her face

-"awake now?"

-once you figure out that you have basically been kidnapped, you freak out

-you're banging at the cage, screaming and crying hysterically

-as much as moira loves you, it's fraying her nerves honey

-with a click of the button, you're given a volt to the neck

-"we can't have you getting out of hand now, right darling?"

-moira knows you're confused, scared... and that what she's doing is exactly right... but when did moira ever worry about that?

-she knows how to fix you... how to make you absolutely perfect

-she continues to test her genetic sciences on you, feeding her formulas to you through a drip

-if you even think about tearing that needle out of you, your shock collar starts to tingle

-pretty soon... you're changing

-you're becoming like her

-with more experiments, the more distorted and mutilated you become

-if you catch a glimpse of your reflection, and you sob. you aren't the same as you were before

-but don't worry, moira is always there to kiss away those tears

-"don't cry now, darling... you're still beautiful to me"

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headcanons for a dragon!reader being captured by hanzo


-in all honesty, hanzo was jealous of you

-you freely flaunted your dragon power for everyone to see

-that is actually how he noticed you in the first place

-your dragon flew around you, showing the surrounding children in the park you had stopped in

-hanzo knew if anyone saw you… if anyone from his clan saw you… 

-he was doing you a favor by catching you

-you were so one with your dragon, a closer look at you proved you had scales growing on your skin

-hanzo had to take you.. for your own safety of course

-you were such a kind soul, the world out there would hurt you

-it didn’t deserve you

-so he captured you

-you were afraid at first, recognizing him as the former leader of the shimada clan

-you curled in on yourself as he crouched in front of you, placing a necklace on you (technically a collar but shh)

-”don’t be afraid, little one, i am like you”

-his dragon encompasses the both of you

-hanzo’s hand keeps hold of you necklace, all the while attaching a sort of lead to the jeweled collar

-he spends his nights with you, one hand stroking your skin and the other with a grip on your chain

-since you’d been kidnapped, you couldn’t muster the strength to summon your dragon

-hanzo had humiliated you, treating you as his pet 

-he had clipped your wings

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yeehaw i’ve been waiting for a mccree request thank you! hope you like it :)


-McCree had his eye on you for a while, and he made it known

-but you… you were just so shy… you’d tell him to leave you alone and to stop calling you pet names

-so modest you were, right?

-well, McCree knew the real you… so desperate for someone (like him) to just come and fuck you

-every night you had your fingers knuckle deep, moaning for just anyone to hear

-or as McCree liked to think of it, all for him to hear

-you were such a tease…

-but McCree couldn’t just keep you waiting, he was a real gentleman 

-he knew it would bruise your ego if he was forward… so he just “happened” to walk in on you in one of your… “private” times

-he even put up a little act for you… acting surprised to see you so… spread out like that

-”Jesse, what the hell?” you had tried to cover yourself. “Have you ever heard of knocking?”

-”Ever heard of lockin’ a door, honey?”

-”Get out.” You demanded as he lingered

-”No can do, ma’am.” He sauntered towards you, watching as you tensed on your mattress

-”Jesse, I mean it. Get out.” 

-but it wasn’t long before McCree had you pinned under him, rough hands spreading your thighs apart

-”Y’can’t leave a man hanging like that, sweetheart. I know you’re just a lil shy… but don’t you worry… I’ll take care of ya.”

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of course and thank you so much!! 

-hanzo is a bit of a hypocrite on this one

-he can have as many tattoos or piercings as he wants, but when it comes to you… 

-he likes to have control over every single aspect of you, which includes your appearance

-hanzo considers himself “traditional” in a sense, and he wants a traditional “partner” (cough captive but… it’s whatever)

-if you have piercings… be prepared to take them out yourself or have them ripped out by him

-and god forbid you have any tattoos in any revealing areas

-any marred or scarred skin? hanzo is holding you down while rubbing some soothing oils to heal you

-hanzo wants you to be perfect, and he doesn’t care what he has to do to make that happen

-you can whine and argue all you want, but hanzo will make you whole again

-you’re just confused and can’t make responsible choices for yourself, obviously… so don’t worry, hanzo will do it for you

-just relax, he’ll take care of you

-and maybe if you hold still it won’t hurt as much

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headcanons for a male!captive!reader who isn't docile



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-it was a bit of a… spur of the moment decision when genji took you 

-he hadn’t felt an impulse so strong since his younger (and more human) days

-it tugged on his heart strings to watch you fumble over words as you tried to order a coffee at the neighborhood cafe, knowing from personal experience how hard it is to learn another language (especially english)

-the next thing he knew, one second he was watching you from afar, and the next you were knocked unconscious in his apartment. cool.

-what an odd occurrence

-genji wasn’t very sure what he was going to do with you, but he knew he couldn’t let you back out into that nasty world

-people could take advantage of you, hurt you… 

-genji was doing you a favor! just a foreigner helping a fellow foreigner

-the only bad part of it was… well, he could not understand a single word you said to him

-at first, you tried to speak to him in as much english as you knew, but it was hard for even genji to understand

-and when you realized that, you started to scream and cry in your native tongue

-genji tried to soothe you, using a few hand motions to get his point across

-but that didn’t stop the few same words (most likely curse words) coming from your mouth

-after you had your fit and calmed down, genji tried once again to communicate with you

-you nodded, bloodshot eyes watching him intently, leaning forward to hear any familiar words

-and after a while of this, you both reach a mutual respect for each other

-you seem to accept the fact that this lunatic kidnapped you, and has locked you in his home somehow 

-genji knows that he can’t really understand you, you can’t understand him, but you both make it work

-genji accepts  you as you are, and he doesn’t really get mad at you when there is a communication error. he just kind of moves on from it

-he actually ends up teaching you a little more english (at least he tries), so that you at least get the idea of what he’s saying

-genji stole you on a whim, but over time he starts to really fall in love with you

-and he lets you know that, even if you give him a curious look and say

-”i love you?”

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-Jesse always got like this when he was drunk

-very touchy-feely

-and… you’re not having it 

-”darlin’,” he whines from his spot on the couch, beer bottles strewn around. “c’mere.”

-you just glare at him from your spot at the kitchen table, not wanting to be anywhere near him 

-he sighs, letting his head fall back on the cushion

-you think he’s done for the night, probably going to pass out’

-but then he gets up, sauntering toward you


-he’s on the opposite side of the table from you, hands leaning against it for support

-he might be drunk and sloppy, but his eyes look as alert as ever

-”Jesse?” you repeat, feeling ready to make a run for it

-his silence only feeds your fear

-he jolts, as if to make a move for you, causing you to flinch

-Jesse laughs, grumbling intelligibly 

-”Jesse, stop it.” you’re shaking 

-in a swift movement, he manages to grab you, dragging you back to the couch

-you yell at him to let you go, trying to break free of his grasp

-Jesse plops on the couch, bringing you down with him

-his strong arms wrap around you, sealing your fate

-he nuzzles against you, pressing his body as closely to yours as he can

-”c’mon honey, relax some.”

-you continue to sigh and try to wiggle from his grasp

-”if ya just loosen up, won’t’ be as bad.”

-being so close to him, you can smell the alcohol on his breath

-”let me go, Jesse.”

-”sorry, miss.”

-you finally accept that this is how it is, and stop struggling

-Jesse’s grip doesn’t loosen, and you decide to lay back, maybe you could fall asleep

-the steady rise and fall of Jesse’s chest soothes you after a while

-for a moment, you forget about everything, just letting yourself be held in your lover’s embrace

-Jesse is warm, and with his little whispers of sweet nothings, you find yourself being lulled to sleep

-maybe this isn’t so bad

-”there ya go, sweetheart. just relax.”


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“Stay still.”

But that is kind of hard to do when you’re shaking so badly. Zenyatta’s cool, metallic fingers are hovering above your skin, not quite touching you. You’re in his lap, hovering a few feet above the ground. 

You’re scared, confused, and a bit overwhelmed, to say the least. 

“Are you afraid?” Zenyatta suddenly asks, voice loud.

You swallow. “A… a little.”

“Why are you afraid, little one?”

You glance at the floor, then close your eyes. He’s so close to you, you can almost feel warmth from him. His hands, so close to touching you, so close.

“I’m just… just nervous.”

“Nervous? In my presence? Don’t be. We’re only meditating.”

It’s quiet again, and you can hear it raining outside. It was peaceful, almost. 

Once, you had been seeking help from the omnic. Though, his methods were a little… odd. Zenyatta promised you peace, but like now, you were always so nervous. Especially when he was around.

“This meditation is supposed to enlighten you through touch.”

You quickly stiffened. “Zenyatta, I don’t know–”

“Don’t fret, my flower, I will set you free.”

You tense as his hands finally set on your skin. You close your eyes, soaking in the feelings of hands on your body. The rain poured harder outside.

His hands found themselves under your shirt.

“Zenyatta!” You gasped at the cold metal on your skin. “Zen-Zenyatta, I don’t–”

“I know it’s uncomfortable for you, but I know what I’m doing. You’ll be free in no time.” 

You closed your lips together, trying–no, wanting to trust him. You closed your eyes and grimaced as his hands continued to feel your stomach.

Slowly drifting down…

You were going to question him again, but as he said he knew what he was doing.

he knew exactly what he was doing

Metal hands brushed your thighs, and you could hear his head tilting, as if trying to get a better look. You looked away, feeling yourself twitch from all the physical attention.

There was no hesitation as his hand brushed over your clothed core. You gasped, nearly jumping out of his grasp. “Zenyatta!”

“Shh, be still, my love.”

You felt your chest burn as he forced you back into submission, hand continued to stroke at you. You breathed heavily, trying to blink back tears. Your eyes glanced down, just in time to see Zenyatta slip his hand beneath your pants. 

You threw your head back, trying to convince yourself that he didn’t really know what he was doing. He was an omnic, a robot, he… he didn’t know what any of this was, right?

His fingers sifted through your wetness, making your squirm. “Zen… Zenyatta…” you tried to keep your voice level as he rubbed at you. 

“Does it feel good?” He asked innocently.

“Uh, well, I mean–”

“Hmm. I see, maybe this will work.”

You felt the buzzing before you heard it. His fingers… they were… vibrating. Okay… he knew what he was doing. But… you weren’t exactly protesting. 


“Mm–yeah, yes.” You closed your eyes as he slipped his fingers inside of you. He took his hand back and forth, thrusting his digits into your heat. His fingers were long, and cold… and…

“Zen… Zen…!” You moaned, your hands grasping onto his knees. 

The omnic hummed behind you, and you could feel it through your body. You looked back at him, and even though he had his same old expression, you were sure he looked pleased with himself. 

You didn’t have much time to dwell on the fact as his fingers continued to split you apart, stretching and pleasuring you. You bit your lip, closing your eyes tightly. 

“Zen-Zenyatta, I’m so… so close, please… please…”

“So close to enlightenment, yes…” he nodded behind you, fingers inside of you buzzing and curling. 

“Please, Zenyatta,” you cried, almost unintelligible. In your haze, you could only beg for him to finish you off. “Please, I’m… please.” 

“Of course, dear. I’ll take care of you.”

Within moments, you were cumming, feeling the pleasure course through you. Your eyes rolled back as he continued to piston his fingers into you relentlessly through your orgasm, not deterred by the clenching of your core. 

You clutched onto the omnic as you came down, his fingers slowing to a stop. You breathed heavily, body still twitching. Zenyatta hovered toward your bed, helping you on it. 

You blinked at him, vision a bit blurry from your… prior activities. 

“Do you feel at peace, now, my love?”

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-when Hanzo meets you, he has a whole mental breakdown

-you’re perfect… handsome and genuine

-but he could never be with you

-the clan would ridicule him

-and someone of your status? with him? he might as well leave the clan now

-Hanzo tries to leave you alone, tries to push these feelings away

-but it only fuels his paranoia

-what if you meet someone else?

-what if you get hurt?

-what if someone saw you and him together?

-it’s tearing Hanzo apart, eating him alive

-the only way to satisfy himself is to see you

-but if anyone found out about this…

-eventually, Hanzo starts to reason with himself

-he’s nearly the head of the clan… they can’t just banish him

-but they can humiliate him

-maybe… you and him could run away together

-and leave the clan to Genji? ha, right

-what if he just keeps you out of sight… out of the public eye… out of anyone’s prying eyes

-as it should be

-that… that will work

-but no one can know about his plans… not even you

-when you wake up in a strange room on a rather expensive bed, and you see him… Hanzo…

-you’re scared he might kill you

-but trust me, Hanzo wouldn’t let anything happen to you

-because no one can find about this. no one can find out about you


-when it comes to Genji, he’s more laidback 

-he doesn’t have the whole clan relying him, and he doesn’t have any real responsibilities whatsoever

-so when he meets you… it’s a whole different story compared to Hanzo

-of course, Genji keeps you a secret, he doesn’t want to completely tarnish the Shimada name

-but he has no problem meeting with you, keeping up with you…

-if anything, he can just play it off like you both are friends

-or… that you are of interest to the Shimada clan

-but the second someone starts suspecting… 

-let’s just say Genji doesn’t give them the chance to let that idea get very far

-Genji loves you, he knows that

-he wouldn’t just kill for anyone

-but the piling body count is catching attention from both sides

-the people of Hanamura are panicking, becoming more fearful of the Shimada clan

-and the Shimada clan is confused, wondering just who is executing these attacks

-Genji has to do something… he has to protect you

-but what to do, what to do…

-he’s not opposed to the idea of taking you and running as far as possible

-but giving up this lifestyle? Genji isn’t sure if he can let go of that

-could he just come out and be with you?

-no, that would probably ruin the lifestyle he was trying to keep

-Genji finally loses it when someone actually catches you both together

-it’s someone from his clan, someone in the lower rankings

-but that doesn’t stop Genji from pulling out hidden weapons and killing this dude on the spot

-you can only watch in horror, as the man dies in front of you… at the hands of your lover


-he turns, blood splattered across his face, eyes almost glowing red in the moonlight

-”I won’t let anything come between us.”

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-for the summer, you were an intern at the overwatch science program

-you assisted both Angela and Moira, and you got to learn from them

-you didn’t really know about their relationship, but you knew they were close

-outside of work, they found themselves talking about you a lot

-you were so passionate, so kind, so vulnerable

-after the summer was over, they invited you back to the lab whenever you had the chance

-you came during your first week of class, talking about school and how much you missed them

-and how they’ve missed you too

-but your visits became less frequent

-Angela was worried about you, knowing that you had a lot on your plate

-meanwhile, Moira thinks you might be intentionally avoiding them 

-that’s when they both kind of realize that… they want you

-they discuss it together, and make a plan to keep you safe from the stresses of the outside world

-now, they just have to get you to the lab

-almost every day of the week you have something going on

-but they lure you in, saying they have a surprise

-”I can come after work tomorrow, I think.”

-when you come in, they give you a drink, and then lead you to the downstairs department of the building

-they’ve built you a little sanctuary, safe from all the worries of the world

-and then you pass out

-you’re not sure whether you are relieved or even more freaked out when you wake up

-when you have a breakdown, questioning why they’ve taken you, why they’ve done this to you, Angela and Moira have different reactions

-Angela is confused. Why are you so sad? They saved you, right? You didn’t have to worry, to stress, to work here

-she and Moira would take care of everything, you had nothing to be worried about

-Moira is more conscious of the fact that they… well, kidnapped you

-she gets a little annoyed with your whining

-and she’s a little frustrated that you’re making Angela so upset

-Moira loves you, she does, but Angela is her everything

-so when Angela leaves… Moira can’t help but set things straight

-she kinda chews you out, berating you for making Angela feel like that

-you feel guilty after, trying to understand where they’re coming from

-… they did take work off your plate… no more schoolwork… no more stress

-so yeah… maybe this is for the best, don’t you think?

Chapter Text

Everyone thought Jesse was just great. The perfect gentleman, the perfect lover. Yes, he was so perfect, and you guys were just perfect together, right? Perfect, perfect, perfect.

But behind closed doors… you got to see the real McCree. 

And who was the real Jesse McCree? The great, the wonderful, Jesse McCree?

He was a monster.

“Can’t take you anywhere, can I?” Jesse sighed. “Y’just smile at any man that walks by. What makes me any different?”

He had his hand in your hair, dragging you down the hall. Your hands were clamped onto his metal wrist, futilely trying to loosen his grip. 

Entering your bedroom, he throws you to the floor. You get on your knees, feeling your scalp burn with relief. But this ordeal is far from over. 

“What makes ya any different than some whore on the street?” He continued rambling, looking down at you. “Is there a difference?” 

 “Puh-please…” you mumbled, tears streaming down your face. “Jesse, stop.”

He chuckles, crouching so he can be level. “You’re s’pposed to say, the difference is ya have me to whip ya into shape.”

Instantly, his flesh hand swings at you, knocking you over. You put your hand to your face, trying to recover from the shock, but Jesse won’t even give you a break. 

He pins you down, warm hand finding your throat. You choke out, hands finding his chest, trying to push him away. Then, his metal hand comes down on you, mashing into your mouth. 

It isn’t long before you taste metal in your mouth, and you question if it’s blood or his hand. But, the crimson spilling down your face confirms it for you. 

“Can’t smile at anyone else if ya ain’t got teeth, right?” You hear him as he hammers down on you. “No one would like that, huh, honey?”

Your head throbs, and your face is wet with a mix of tears, saliva, and of course, bloodYou can feel it draining into your throat, coating your lips, and when you manage to catch a glimpse of McCree’s hand coming back, you see it. 

“It’s okay, darlin’…” he says when he’s satisfied with your makeover. “I’ll still love ya.”

He grabs you by the collar of your shirt, pulling you up effortlessly. Your feet drag on the floor as he pulls you to a mirror. You looked like a zombie, even without the blood covering the lower half of your face. 

“Smile, now, sweetheart.”

Your lips were swollen… you couldn’t bear to look at yourself…

He grabs your jaw, which is surely broken. “I said, let me see that pretty smile.”

You open your mouth, and you don’t even have the energy to scream at the sight.

Chapter Text

You pull at the chain on your ankle, eyes looking back up to Gabriel. 

He’s standing at the edge of your bed, arms crossed. He’s dressed in his full Reaper getup, looking down at you. 

“What the hell are you looking at?” You shouted, anger and frustration coursing through you. His head tilts, and you can somehow feel his eyes scanning your body. “Fuck off.”

He stays silent, he doesn’t move.

“God, why can’t you just leave me alone? Haven’t you done enough?”

This causes him to chuckle, beginning a menacing pace around you. 

“You’re asking me that question?” He laughs. “You’ve tried to kill me for months, now. And you’re still fighting.”

You glare at him, tears beginning to collect at the rim of your eyes.

“And just to let you know, I haven’t done enough. Your punishment has only just started.”

He reaches to take off his mask, and that’s when you know it’s real. He throws it aside, body decaying into mist, surrounding you.

You try to get away from him, scurrying back on the mattress. He materializes on top of you, and you try to punch him. He catches your wrist, amusement in those almost red eyes of his. You swing foolishly with your other hand, but he easily grasps onto it,  too. 

You grunt as he begins bending them back, as if to break them. You try to pry your arms from him, pain shooting down your forearms. “Stop!” You say through gritted teeth. 

But it’s too late, one of your wrists bends with a sickening pop, and hot, white pain floods your hand. He lets go of the other, allowing you to cradle your injury.

Rage and humiliation flooded your mind. How could you let this guy do this to you? Just reduce you to this? Impulsively, you send a jab to his throat, causing him to flinch back. You use the small opportunity to get yourself out, and you get off the bed before the chain on your ankle slams you to the floor. 

You groan, attempting to crawl away, but that cursed chain allows you to get nowhere.

Gabriel grabs your free ankle, claws digging in. He drags you back to him, letting your head bump onto the floor as he pulls you back onto the mattress. 

“So much work…” he complains, pinning you beneath him. “Just be good for me now.”

“Fuck you.” You spit, eyes finding the bulge in his pants rather quickly.

“This is on you.” He hisses, climbing on top of you, his knees easily restraining your arms. “Now, be a good boy, and shut the fuck up.”

His clawed hands manage to free his cock, slapping it against your lips.

“And if you bite me, I won’t hesitate to slit your throat. Got it?”

You feel sharpness against the pulse of your neck, and you can feel tears in your eyes. “Please, don’t make me do this…” you try. 

“I don’t want to hear another word out of you. Shut up, and suck.”

His cock is in your mouth, pushing past your teeth and tongue, into your throat. You gag, your hands attempting to free themselves. Gabriel continues to fuck your mouth, small groans and grunts leaving him. It makes you sick. 

You just close your eyes and take it, wanting it to be over with. Gabriel notices this, pushing himself even further, just to get a reaction out of you. This is the most alive he’s felt in years. So primal, just chasing his release. The most human he’s felt in a while, and he gets to experience that with you.

Your eyes sting with tears, both from the way his cock suffocates you and from the situation at hand. Maybe you should have listened… should have just been the docile, good boy that Gabriel wanted. This all could have been avoided, couldn’t it?

After what feels like forever, he cums inside your mouth, coating your throat. You cough as he pulls his dick out, throat throbbing. Quietly, Gabriel takes his knees off of you, stepping away from the mattress. You continue to cough, still feeling the ghost of him in your mouth. 

He stuffs himself back into his pants, and silently floats away. And when he comes back, you’ll be right here. 

Chapter Text

You walk into your apartment, locking the door behind you.

You walk to the kitchen, noticing something off. You couldn’t quite place what it was… no… it would sound crazy…

The kitchen oddly looks cleaner.

You rub your eyes. You must be tired. It’s been a long day, a long month, a long year. A nap sounds good right now, doesn’t it?

You go to your bedroom, and everything seems so out of place, you almost don’t notice him.


He stands up from your bed, arms opened wide to engulf you in a hug. 

“How… how did you–?”

“It’s so good to see you!” He smiles at you, his teeth still as sharp as ever.

You don’t hug back, you don’t move in his grasp. “Kirishima… you-you shouldn’t be here…”

“It’s been so long, I missed you!” He picks you up off of your feet, giving you a spin. He pulls back, looking eagerly at you. “Did you miss me? Because I really missed you.”

“Kirishima…” you swallow. “You… you can’t be here.”

“Why? Because of some silly restraining order? That was a misunderstanding!” He laughs. 

You step back, looking around to see all your belongings in perfect place. Had he… cleaned your apartment?

“You noticed?” He scratches the back of his head, almost modest. “I tidied up a bit.”

You feel sick… 

“Aren’t I a good boyfriend?”

You begin to tear up as you look at him. “Boyfriend? Kirishima–”

“Eijirou, remember?”

“Stop interrupting me!” You yell, nerves on edge. “You are not my boyfriend!” 

“Aw, babe, don’t be like that…” He steps towards you. 

“Stay back!” You scream, stumbling backwards. “Just… just get out!”

He frowns, those familiar puppy dog eyes just staring at you. “I… I’m trying to be strong… strong for you. Don’t you see that?”

Your hand reaches to your desk, trying to find scissors, anything.

“This whole year without you was the worst.” He kept advancing. “You moved without a word… am I not strong enough for you? I promise, I’m trying!”

“It’s not that Kirishima…” your hands find a box cutter in a drawer. You gulp, staring straight into his eyes. You try to blink the tears out of your eyes. “I just can’t–”

You lunge forward, trying to drive the box cutter into his chest, but he saw the move before you. His skin hardened, breaking the sharp tip off of the tool. His hand grabs your wrist, bending it back. His eyes looked terribly sad, and you watched as the box cutter fell from your grasp, wrist snapping in the process.

You cried, falling into his chest. He embraced you, hands rubbing your back soothingly. 

“Now… just say you missed me, and I’ll forgive you, okay?”

Chapter Text

-McCree has been known to be a little... handsy, to say the least

-especially when drunk

-but it never occurred to you that he might... want to touch you

-after a few drinks at a party, he’s pretty much all over you

-everyone laughs, saying 

-“that’s McCree for you”

-”he’s like that with everyone”

-”he always gets like that when he’s drunk”

-but you’re not really comfortable with it

-you try to walk away

-but Jesse is following you like a lovesick puppy dog

-his hands are all over you, rubbing over your chest, down your arms, and ever so close to your naval area

-you try to be polite, saying “haha dude i get it, that’s enough now thanks”

-but Jesse is never satisfied, is he?

-and when you blow up at him, it’s your fault

-”aw, he loves you!” your friends tease

-”don’t be mean to Jesse!”

-”he’s a clingy drunk, try to be nice”

-so you’re forced to handle him for the rest of the night

-everything is supposed to be fine because you’re a guy, you can handle it

-but McCree is getting too close for comfort, and he’s pissing you off

-you don’t even notice that the fact is getting you drunk

-so stressed, you find yourself slipping off the edge, drinking just a bit more and more

-and when you pass out, you are under the jurisdiction of Jesse

Chapter Text

You hated surprises.

Unfortunately, Angela loved them. She always left you hanging, every new invention of hers you’d have to “come and see to find out!” 

This time, she was particularly excited about her latest surprise for you. Every time you both talked, she’d mention she had “something special” for you. When you’d ask about it, she’d just say it wasn’t ready, and that it “has to be perfect” before she can show it to you. 

Now, you can only think about her. Her and her surprise. When you’re just lounging around, you can’t help but wonder what it is. At work, your mind drifts off, thinking about all of the possibilities. 

And finally she calls you. 

“It’s ready! It’s all ready! You have to come by and see it!”

You’re so desperate to know what it is, you visit her as soon as possible. 

She grabs your hand the second you walk in the door, dragging you down the halls. 

“What is it, Angela?” You groan. “The suspense is killing me!”

“You’ll have to wait no longer!” She turned to grin at you, leading you through a door. “Surprise!”

The room is... identical to yours... maybe just with a few advanced touches. You shuffle inside, taking it all in. “What... what is this...?” You gaze at her, uneasy. 

“That’s not even the best part!” Angela has something behind her back, smiling eagerly.

“What is that?” You take a step back.

“Guess!” She’s bouncing on her feet, just so excited to show you what she’s made.

“I don’t... I don’t know...”

She pulls a scrapbook from behind her back. On the cover, yours and her initials are scribbled in, a heart beside it. “I made us a scrapbook!

“Come on, sit down.” She pulls you to... your bed, sitting beside you. “I’ve been collecting these for months!”

She opens to the book, one hand intertwined with yours. You can only stare in shock at the photos. Some were from your childhood... some from years ago...

It’s mostly pictures of you... but we’ll take more.” She blushes, smile wide as she continues to turn the pages. 

Pictures of you in the lab... pictures of you at her house... pictures of you in your house.

“My god, Angela...” your eyes scan the pages, an emotion you can’t begin to describe flooding you. 

“What? Do you like it?” She squeezes your hand. “There were so many times I just wanted to show you, but I wanted it to be perfect.”

Chapter Text

“I’m not wearing that.”

You look at him, at the other side of the room. You can’t tell what he’s thinking behind that mask, and you just stand there, refusing to put this dress on. He’s already humiliated you enough. 

“Put it on.” Roadhog grunts. 

“I said I’m not going to.” You answer, defiant. Roadhog grunts. The room stays silent, and you think you’ve won this battle. 

It’s not long before Roadhog is holding you down, tearing your clothes off. You squirm, trying to get him off of you. “Stay still.” Roadhog says, no strain in his voice. 

Soon, you’re left in your underwear, sweating and shaking. 

“Put it on.” He repeats, holding the dress in front of you.

You glare at him, not wanting to lose anymore dignity than you have already. 

“I said no.”

“You’re being very bad today.” He sighs, sounding almost sad. “Put it on. I won’t ask again.”

“Fuck off.”

Roadhog once again has to restrain you as he forces you into the dress. Once you’re clothed, he nods at you.

“That’s wasn’t so hard, right?” He sounds like he’s smiling.  

Mirrors are strategically placed around “your” room, forcing you to look at yourself in this attire. You want to cry. This wasn’t who you were. 

“Pretty.” Roadhog pats your head, looking at your form in the mirror. 

Chapter Text

Things would calm down, and be as good as being captive could be… but then Hanzo would get like this.

He banged on the door, shaking the entire frame. You hid yourself into the bathtub, staring at the test on the ledge.

“Open the door!” He yells from behind the door. 

You say nothing. You couldn’t give him what he wanted, and Hanzo did not like what he could not control. 

“Let me in, now!” The door knob turns frantically. 

Slowly, you grab the test, looking at the negative response. It was like this every. single. time. When would he understand? When would he stop making you do this?

The door bursts open, revealing Hanzo. He’s heaving, stumbling towards you. He almost looks hopeful. “So… what is it?” 

You can only stare back at him. What does he expect you to say? No matter what you say, it’s always your fault. 

Unsatisfied with your silence, he reaches for the test. You pull back instinctively. 

“Why are you acting like this? Let me see the test!” He demands, leaning over the edge of the bathtub to get to the test. 

Easily, he snatches your wrist, forcing you to let go. He fumbles to get a grasp on it, scanning the test. You watch as the usual disappointment surfaces on his face, and he tosses the test in the garbage. 

“You must not have prayed hard enough.” He looks at you from the corner of his, voice cold.

“I can’t have a baby, Hanzo.” You tell him. 

“You choose not to.”

You feel all the pent up anger reaching a boiling point, and you get up from the tub. “I’m not perfect like you want me to be!” You scream. “I can’t have your baby! I can’t have anyone’s baby! Just let it go.”

It’s not long before his calloused palm strikes your face, causing you to stumble into the tile wall. 

“Do not speak to me this way.” He grabs onto your shoulders, pulling you around like a rag doll. “We will have a family. You’re just not trying hard enough.”

Chapter Text

After weeks of trying to pick the lock, it finally clicks. 

You pull the clip you had been using back, eyes wide. It worked. It worked! 

Now, you’d just have to get through the rest of the house. You push the door forward, wincing at the resonating creek. You step forward, into the hall that you only saw in glimpses when Jesse opened the door. 

Pictures lined the walls, pictures of Jesse and old friends, Jesse when he was in Overwatch… Jesse and you. You swallowed as you came across the frame that held a photograph of the both of you, smiling big at the camera. You remembered those days… when he was sweet and kind, and not the monster that he’s come to be. 

You continue forward, looking around corners cautiously. He must have left already, but you could never be too careful. 

You couldn’t stop the memories that came back as you passed by the kitchen, the living room… all those times you both had spent together, ruined with a snap of his metallic hand. This house you had once called a home, was now your prison. And the man that you had once called your lover, was now your kidnapper. 

Your eyes come upon the front door. It’s so close, everything you’ve ever wanted. Freedom. You could nearly taste it.

But you don’t get very far before he has an arm around your neck and is pulling you back, choking you. Your arms flail, struggling to hit his metal forearm. Your mind is racing, trying to process what exactly has happened in those short few moments.

Before you know it, you’re back in your room, being thrown back to the ground. The door is slammed, and he’s standing over you. In his flesh hand, he holds the clip you had been using to unlock the door.

“So this is what you’ve been usin’, huh?” He twirls it between his fingers, eyeing it curiously. “Tryin’ to pick that lock for weeks, now.”

“What… what are you doing huh-home?” You splutter, chest rising and falling rapidly. 

“Darlin’, this is my house. I’m always home.” 

You search his eyes, trying to figure out what he’s going to do next. A punishment is sure in order. 

“I just… I think it’s funny… how ungrateful you are.” He begins to pace, spurs rattling against the floor. “Y’get to stay home, let me feed ya, have me take care of ya… but it still ain’t enough for you.”

He stops in his tracks, and you feel your blood run cold. 

Your jaw starts to throb, a reminder of what happened the last time you really got out of hand. That was the last time you’d been outside, too. 

He crouches to your level, and you desperately regret not having gotten up to your feet during his little speech. “All I ever do is… provide for you. Provide for us, like any good man would.” He tilts his head at you. You try so hard to stop your lips from quivering as you begin to cry. 

“Jesse… I-I–”

He grabs your wrist, almost looking sad. “I’m done tryin’ to read ya, I want to hear you say it.”

He’s squeezing your wrist harder. “Jesse, st-stop you’re hurting me.”

“That’s not it, sweetheart.” There is no remorse in his eyes anymore as he snaps your wrist back, shards of pain stabbing at your hand. You cry out, other hand scrambling to get him to let go

“Just say it.”

He continues to bend back, and you’re screaming, wailing, for him to just stop. But he won’t stop, he won’t stop until you say…

“I… I’m…” you mumble through tears. 

He raises his brows at you, and when you remain silent, he twists your wrist oddly, causing you to shriek again. 

I’m sorry!”You choke out between sobs, and the pressure on your wrist is alleviated. You cradle the injured limb, becoming sick as you stare at it, strangely twisted. 

Jesse holds his metallic hand out, looking at you expectantly. 

“…what?” You whisper, trying to calm your tears.

“Can’t have ya pickin’ the locks again,” he tells you. “Other hand.”

Chapter Text

tw: noncon

All Jack wants is some peace and quiet. 

His hands are pressing against your naked shoulder blades, pushing you against the mattress. Your body fights against him, sobbing and shaking. 

“I’m not even inside you…” his voice is quiet, tired. “What are you crying about?”

He’s not even sure if you heard him over all your whining. As much as Jack loves to hear you scream for him, he’s not in the mood for that tonight. It’s been a long day, he needs release. He doesn’t need another mess to clean up. 

It’s actually kind of turning him off, all of your squirming and crying. But it’s too late to just stop now. If you could just be quiet

“Can you just…” he leans over to whisper in your ear, aware that he’s pressing his entire body weight into your shoulders. “Be quiet? Please?”

You choke out a few more cries, nodding. The room is mostly silent now, except for your small sniffles. That’s better.

Jack pushes into you, feeling at peace for a moment before you start screaming your head off again. He keeps going until he’s completely sheathed inside of your hole. 

He gives you a second, hoping you’ll adjust and it’ll ease your crying. But after a minute, you’re still sobbing against the mattress, crying, “it hurts it hurts it hurts”

But honestly, Jack doesn’t care. He just wants you to shut the fuck up. You’re giving him a headache.

His hands rub over your back, up to your neck, before seizing your throat from behind. Your cries become strangled whimpers, and he pulls you back as far as he can.

Your back is in a painful arch, his mouth next to your ear. “It’s not uncomfortable as it could be, shut your mouth.

He can feel your throat moving beneath his thick fingers as he begins to thrust. He’s pounding you in no time, chasing his release. 

But Jack can’t lie, he likes it when you’re uncomfortable.

Chapter Text

He kicks you square in the back, between your shoulder blades.

You fall into the hardwood floor, wheezing. You can taste blood in your mouth, and you can see it dripping beneath you. 

“What am I gonna do with you?” He drawls, circling you. “I can’t turn m’back on ya without you tryin’ to leave the house, can I?” 

You attempt to sit up, to look him in the eye and tell him to fuck off, but he kicks you down again. You crumple to the floor in a ball, spine aching.

“What would I do if you were really gone?” You can feel his boot hovering over your spine. “What would you do?” 

You heave, tears mixing with blood on the ground. 

“How would y’find your way back to me?” He pulls his leg back, his spurs hitting the floor as he walks away from you. “Do y’think…”

You turned your head, watching him at the fireplace. You blink heavily, trying to decipher what he’s holding in his hand. 

“Do ya think… you’d forget about me?” 

You swallow, feeling thick blood slide down your throat. 

He turns his head, his dark eyes full of grief. “Take your shirt off.”

You sit up, back aching. You try to lift your shirt off, but you can’t raise your arms above your head. 

“Havin’ trouble?”

He walks over to you. “Lift your arms.”

You try, and he manages to pull your shirt off of you. Peering past his shoulder, you see a branding iron being heated in fire. 

“Jesse…” you whisper, your throat dry. “Please.”

“Oh, don’t look at me like that…” He caresses your cheek before going to get the iron. He turns back, a sorry excuse for pity on his face. “This isn’t a punishment, it’s a lesson. A lesson… that you’ll never forget me.”

Chapter Text

“Come home.”

You roll your eyes as you talk to a relative on the phone, looking over at your lover. Genji smiles at you from behind a book. 

“What are you talking about? I am home. Look, I know you don’t like that I’m here, living with him, but this is my choice.” You pace in the kitchen, listening to them blabber on the other line. 

“He took you away from us! All of us! We just want you back home!”

“I can’t believe you feel that way…” you sighed. “I thought you would be happy for me. Happy for us.”

Genji comes up behind you, wrapping his arms around your middle. 

“I have to go, I’ll call you next week. Bye.” You hang up the phone, placing it on the counter. 

“That was a short call,” Genji comments, kissing your cheek. 

“They think you’re no good for me.” You laugh, finding the idea ridiculous. “They don’t even know you. They don’t know us, anything about us.” 

You turn in his grasp to face him, admiring him. He kisses you, and you let your arms slip around his neck. Once finished, he rests his forehead against yours, staring into your eyes.

“I find it funny.” He chuckles. “I remember when you used to beg for a phone call a week.”

“Honestly, I’m not sure if I really want that anymore. They’re so judgmental, Genji. They don’t see how much I love you, how much you love me.” You feel your emotions get the better of you, tears beginning to fall. “I just wish they’d understand that I’m happy here… I’m happy here, with you.”

Genji pulls away from you, leading you to the couch. His hand rubs your back as you sob. Lately, every phone call he’d allow you with your family ended like this. 

You held your face in your hands, trying to fight the images that your family had put into your head. He kidnapped you. Why would Genji ever have to do that? You loved him. He lied to you. Genji would never lie to you if there wasn’t a good reason. He hurt you. Where was that idea even from? Genji never hurt you without there being some sort of justification for it. 

“Don’t cry,” he cooed, bringing you into his chest. “They don’t deserve your tears.”

Chapter Text

You pull weakly at the chains. Each one is cuffed around your wrists, and tied to one of the bed posts. You can hear him walking behind you, mumbling to himself. 

You turn your head back to catch a glimpse of him. He has one hand in his mouth, teeth chomping on his fingernails. In his other hand. he’s holding a pocketknife. You feel your breathing quicken as you turn back, desperately yanking on the chains. 

You stop once you feel something cool and flat running against the skin of your naked back. Your breath catches, and your force your lips together to prevent any sobs from escaping. 

“You know why I have to do this, right?”

You shake your head, tears escaping from your eyes. “Jack… please don’t do this. I… I’ll be good, I pruh-promise.” 

“It’ll be over soon, honey…” A rough hand rubs your back in an attempt to soothe you. “If anything, this’ll make us closer, I promise. Just hold still.”

Sharpness digs into you, splitting your skin. You cry out, body naturally squirming, trying to escape the pain. The sound of your chains being pulled on fills the room, along with your screaming. 

Your skin is on fire, and your can feel air hitting the fresh wounds he’s inflicted. When it’s over, your body twitches from the trauma. You shake against the mattress, tears soaking the sheet beneath your face. 

“Let’s get you cleaned up.”

He scrubs at your marred back in the bath, the water turning pink from blood. And in the mirror’s reflection, you see carved into you


Chapter Text

Hanzo opened the door, seeing the room utterly destroyed. 

The vanity mirror was shattered, drawers pulled out with their contents spilled across the floor. Love letters Hanzo had written to you were ripped and tattered, on your bed, which had the sheets torn off from it. Clothes that Hanzo had so generously gifted you were cut up and thrown on the floor, as well as jewelry. 

The closet door was shut, though. It may have been the only thing that escaped your wrath. Solemnly, Hanzo slid the door open. Hangers were broken by how ruthlessly you had torn the clothes off of them. 

Dark eyes glanced down, seeing you crouched inside, arms hugging your knees as you sobbed. Pity bubbled inside Hanzo, and he crouched down, staring at you. 

“You are still beautiful, even like this.” He tells you, hand reaching out to touch you. 

You raise your head, eyes red and swollen. “Leave me alone.” You spit, trying to shrink yourself into the corner. Hanzo exhales, staring at you lovingly. Effortlessly, he brings you into his arms, pulling you out of the dark closet. It didn’t suit you.

You pound on his chest, trying to free yourself. “Let go of me!”

He lays you on the bed, hovering over you. 

“Don’t look at me like that,” you cry. “Don’t look at me!” 

Hanzo wipes away your tears, observing each of your beautiful features.

“You should hate me!” You writhe beneath him. “I wrecked everything! Why haven’t you just killed me yet?” You say this through sobs, and it hurts Hanzo to see you so utterly despaired. 

Hanzo didn’t care. Material things could be replaced, but his love for you could not. 

You could rip my heart from my chest, and I’d still adore you.”

Chapter Text

-Mercy loves you unconditionally 

-she didn’t fall in love with your body parts, or your looks necessarily, she loves you for you

-on the other hand, Moira is a bit shocked

-she doesn’t like that she didn’t know beforehand, and it throws her off guard

-meanwhile, Mercy is pampering you, buying you clothes and whatever you want (even if you’re not too accepting of her gifts at first)

-in a way, it’s like Mercy is the good cop and Moira is the bad cop

-Mercy is manipulative, being your number one supporter and treating you like a human, making you feel accepted

-Moira is a little more... recluse? she loves you, yes... but she just needs to get used to you 

-it sets a bit of a rift between Mercy and Moira

-obviously, you prefer Angela, since she actually... talks to you

-it makes Moira jealous, she wants so badly to be part of it, but her pride is in the way

-finally, Moira breaks down

-Angela, the true mediator, comforts her

-she convinces Moira that it’s the same you, and that it was even better because it’s the real you

-once Moira accepts that she was wrong, and that she loves you and Mercy no matter what...

-your imprisonment truly starts

Chapter Text

The floorboards creaked.

You covered your mouth, shrinking back in the little closet you were hiding in. In your other hand, you grasped onto a knife, grip so tight you were shaking. 

He was back. Back for you, and this time he was going to take you. The people– everyone told you that you were just paranoid. That lunatic would never be able to find you, and you had no reason to be so scared. 

But he was here. He was here. In your house. And he was going to hurt you, you were sure of it. 

You flinched as a particularly loud creak reached your ears. He was close. 

You held the knife out weakly in front of you, preparing an attack if happened to open the door. The creaking continued, as did the footsteps. Under the door, you could see his shadow moving across the room, until he was out of sight. You didn’t dare remove your hand from your mouth, in case a sob escaped you. 

You managed to open the door with the knife in your hand, crawling out. Looking around, you didn’t see him. He must have left, got tired, got bored

“There you are, sweetheart.”

You whipped around, seeing him standing at the door frame at the end of the hall. You clambered to your feet, both hands thrusting the knife out. “Stay… stay away from me.” Your voice shook. 

“How can I? You look so cute.” Dabi stepped towards you slowly, disgusting creaks sending shivers up your spine. 

“Please…” your face was wet with tears. “What do you want from me? I… money… I can give you money.” 

“That’s the last thing I want from you.” He chuckled. “Why don’t you just come with me and I can show you what I want.”

You pushed down the urge to vomit, hands wavering around the knife. “Leave me alone…” you choked out, back hitting the wall. 

Once he was only a few feet away from you, he said, “Put the knife down. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

You shook your head, pointing the knife at him. 

“Put it down. I don’t want to have to make you.” 

You continued to shake your head, sobbing all the while. 

“I don’t like violence, angel. Please, don’t make me do this.”

You continued to refuse to back down. Dabi’s palms grew warm, conjuring fire to his fingertips. “Fine then, if that’s how you’re gonna be…”

Chapter Text


-you’ve been so bad lately

-breaking things, trying to escape…

-McCree has tried everything

-punishing you, breaking a few bones, all that jazz

-but none of it has worked

-he’s getting desperate

-then he manages to catch a glimpse of a little journal you’ve been hiding (that you thought he didn’t know about, how cute!)

-he ignored all the parts that talked about how much you hated him, you were so dramatic sometimes

-but there was a whole page about how much you missed your favorite food

-why didn’t McCree think of that before??

-the next day, he comes home with a little Styrofoam box, giddy like a little boy

-”What is this?” You squint at him suspicious 

-”Just look ‘n see, honey.”

-you open the box, face lighting up at the glimpse of your favorite meal

-you reach out, but before you can begin to pick at it, McCree shuts the box

-”Not so fast, darlin’.” 

-you pout, realizing how hungry you were, how much you missed this

-”Y’can have it… if you be nice.”

-you struggle for a second, McCree enjoying the show of gears turning behind your eyes

-finally, you agree, and McCree lets you dig in

-with the promise of another food run in the near future, you’re uncharacteristically compliant


-unlike McCree, Hanzo doesn’t have to read you journal to know your favorite food

-he already has everything about you written in his own

-including your favorite foods and drinks

-he actually stocked up on them before he… brought you home

-he wants you to be comfortable 

-but you are very obviously uncomfortable

-you lash out at him, break his things, and refuse to be in the same room as him

-it hurts Hanzo, so he has long forgotten about the treats he has for you

-until it occurs to him… 

-maybe if he gives you a taste, you’ll be conditioned into loving him like you love those foods!

-He brings you a small portion of your favorites

-immediately, you question if he’s drugged or poisoned it

-Hanzo hasn’t but thanks for the idea

-you take the food, missing the taste and the reminder of your old life

-Hanzo slowly brings in more and more over the course of time, nearly every day, and you begin expecting it 

-Hanzo then offers you a proposition 

-”I’ll bring you more… if you behave.”

-at first, you refuse

-but after a few days, you crave it like a drug

-and finally, like an addict, you cave in

Chapter Text

You’ve been sick for days now.

You haven’t been able to get out of bed, not that you really wanted to anyway. It was a nightmare living with him… and you didn’t want to see him anymore than you had to. 

“Still not feeling well?” He asks as he sits beside you on the bed.

You grunt in response, not in the mood to talk. Your stomach has been aching and you have been vomiting. Denki must have not cooked something very well. You had to have food poisoning. 

You refused any other option. 

“Maybe I should see a doctor…” you eye him.

He looks away from you. “I’m sure that’s not necessary, I can take care of you.”

Soon, he leaves, and you go to the restroom, spilling the little contents of your stomach out into the toilet. You flush, looking into the mirror. You look so sullen, your hair messy. You scour the drawers for a hairbrush, but instead you find…

“Pregnancy tests?” You whisper to yourself, looking over your shoulder to see if Denki was lurking nearby. 

You close the door, taking the test and letting it sit. You begin to pace, until it leaves you feeling dizzy and weak. 

When you finally check it…

You vomit again.

You shuffle out of the restroom, seeing Denki on the bed. 

“You okay? I heard you…” he stands, eyes falling on the test in your hands. “Is that…?”

You nod slowly, looking forward, not at anything in particular. 

“Is this a joke?” He laughs nervously. 

It is silent. 

“Well…” he steps towards you. “C’mon, let me see the test.”

You don’t fight as he pulls it from your hands, eyes scanning over it. 

“Oh my god…” he looks up at you. “You’re… I’m gonna be a dad!” 

He hugs you, and you can only stare straight over his shoulder.  

Chapter Text

-you’re just... good to have around

-at Moira’s request, you help her with her little lab projects

-you don’t bother Amelie much, but she likes to have your company

-and Sombra... you’re fun to mess with

-even though Talon are like... the bad guys or whatever... you’re a good person, always helping your comrades out

-but, they all think you have a special interest in them, and only them

-you’re just nice, polite to the others... because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings

-and they have to protect you

-Amelie is the first to... keep you hidden away

-at first, you’re a little confused

-and when Sombra shows up, you think it’s a joke... maybe like an initiation

-but then she ends up moving you somewhere else? is there a part two to this weird cult initiation thing?

-Sombra rambles on and on about how no one else deserved you and that you would be safe here with her

-so maybe Sombra knew about this but just didn’t want you to get hurt? that was nice of her

-and then Moira is there, subduing Sombra with a little syringe and needle, moving to you next

-when you wake up in the lab, you know this isn’t a joke or some sort of sorority sister initiation

-this is real... you have been kidnapped

-Moira is the one to kind of... explain the situation to you, but she thought you knew already?

-”I know you really only love me... you’re just too shy to admit it.”

-you just sit there like... “oh, ok”

-you don’t really know what you’re supposed to do

-for a while you stay with Moira, as she has more power over Talon and the girls than they do over her

-but then Sombra comes for a visit while Moira is out

-”I know it must be hard for you to listen to her and all her chisme about me, but don’t believe any of it. Te quiero mucho, hermosa.”

-she leaves, but not without sending a wink your way

-the next one to kidnap you (again) is Amelie

-she simply just comes into the lab... and takes you?

-Amelie will have her word with you, telling you she wouldn’t lose you like she lost before, even if she had to kill the others

-you don’t want anyone to die!

-and then the cycle begins

-Moira gets you back, but not long before Sombra manages to snatch you

-sometimes they team up, usually Moira and Sombra, as Amelie doesn’t like to work with others

-well, they all like to work alone, but they think they can betray the other

-you’re tired of being pulled in every direction

-and someone else is, too

-finally, Reaper steps in, noticing how much time this is taking out of everyone’s day, time that could be used to do something more useful

-they don’t want to bow down to anyone, especially a man, but he’s kind of right

-and you’re thankful, but in the long run, do you mean anything to Talon?

-Reaper ends up bringing the three way rivalry to a sort of stalemate, forcing them to share you until their work is done

-and when their work is done... you better run. fast.

Chapter Text

You couldn’t be with him. 

He blamed his protective measures on past affiliations. Baptiste was always paranoid, yet never told you why. That’s why you had to leave, if he couldn’t trust you... what was the point?

And you were right, Baptiste didn’t trust you. He couldn’t trust you to be by yourself, where you could be hurt by anyone or anything. Especially with Talon... he couldn’t risk it.

At first, he’d watch from afar. He didn’t mean to... well, stalk you, but it was necessary. He was looking out for you. 

But then you began to see other people, hang out with others. People that Baptiste didn’t know... they could be anyone! They could be trying to hurt you, endanger you, coerce you into something you didn’t understand...

And some of your new friends... they looked familiar, suspicious. Were they Talon agents trying to get back at him? Trying to lure him out of hiding? Trying to get him back by hurting you? He wouldn’t allow it, he had to protect you. 

Some of your friends soon dropped out of your life. They went missing, or they avoided you like the plague. You became more recluse, opting for staying in rather than hanging out with others. 

And that’s how Baptiste liked it. It made easier for him to keep tabs on you.

But after a night out with the little friends you had left, Baptiste couldn’t handle the anxiety that he had without you. As you stumbled into your dwelling, Baptiste stood inside, ready to take you, whether you liked it or not.

“Jean?” You squinted at him in the dim light. “What... what are you doing here?”

“I need to move you... to a more secure location.” He told you at first. “It isn’t safe for you here.”

“Not this again.” You huffed, putting your things down. “I’m fine on my own.”

“No, you don’t understand.” He followed you as you walked down the hall. “People from my past are after you, we have to leave.”

“People from your past?” You turned to him, angry. “Those same people you can never tell me about? Why should I believe you?”

He stares at you for a moment, wondering how you could be so careless for your safety, for your own life. If you wouldn’t take responsibility... Baptiste would. 

“I know you don’t care... but I am taking you with me.” He says, stern. “Just come willingly, I don’t want to have to do something else I will regret.”

“Stop making references to the past you’ll never tell me about.” You glare at him. “I’m not going anywhere with you.”

He reaches for you, but you pull back harshly, tripping yourself up and falling to the floor. “Get the hell out.” You spit at him. 

Baptiste offers his hand to you. “I don’t like violence, angel. Please don’t make me do this.”

You crawl back, refusing to take his so-called “help”. Baptiste sighs, watching as you scramble away from him. He bends down to grab your ankle, yanking you across the carpet to him. 

You yell at him to let you go as he takes your face in his hands. 

“I can’t let you endanger our future any longer...” he says. “I’m sorry that I have to do this.”

And with that, he smashes your head against the floor.

Chapter Text

He didn’t like to admit that he had… a bias toward you.

He cared about his squad, but he had a special interest in you. You were kind and genuine, and you cared about the others, too. Unlike Gabriel, you showed it more often. You took the time to bond with McCree, Genji, and even Moira (Even if Gabriel wasn’t particularly fond of you talking to other men, especially).

You knew Gabriel was a little extra protective of you compared to others. You were new to the squad, and you appreciated that your concern was reciprocated even by your squad leader. 

But you had no idea how much Gabriel cared about you. He longed to keep you safe, even considering transferring you to a safer job. But, he reasoned with himself, there was nowhere safer than by his side. He’d protect you no matter what the cost. 

But then the mission…

You and McCree were assigned, just a small undercover job. It would last a week or so, just to gather some information. You both were the most normal looking of the group, since they had Moira with her arm, Genji with being a cyborg, and Gabriel just being recognizable from the media and Overwatch. So you two were the obvious choice. 

You had assured Gabriel that you would be fine, that it was an easy mission. But he worried that your good nature would get the better of you, that you would be influenced by the other side… or just be seen straight through as a spy. 

He demanded McCree give him status updates on you while you both were gone. 

But days go by with radio silence. Not one word from either of you. Gabriel tries to keep a stoic demeanor, but those closest to him can see through the cracks of his facade. He is losing his mind about you… and Jesse too, I guess.

This was a mistake. He shouldn’t have authorized this, even if he had to go to Jack Morrison himself to get this called off. Gabriel was on edge, barely able to eat or sleep. It was beginning to worry Genji and Moira, those he spent the most time with. 

After a week is up, Gabriel is ready to storm the place and find you, not caring who is in his way. 

But the very same day, you both return. You’re being nearly carried by McCree, both of you looking very torn up. Immediately, Gabriel demands medical attention for you, and you’re shipped off to the nearest facility. 

“It was like an ambush, boss,” McCree tells Gabriel. “They knew we were spies… they tried to get information, but we both refused. I barely managed to get the both of us outta there.”

McCree goes on with the horrors of the mission, the exact torture the both of you were subjected to. It makes Gabriel see red with rage, wanting to go and personally kill every person who had hurt you. 

But he restrains himself, sitting in the waiting room of the medical center. You’ve suffered head injuries, badly beaten and malnourished. The possibility of anything else being done to you… Gabriel didn’t know, but he prayed to God for the person who’d dare do something like that to you, because he’d have no choice but to eradicate them.

He’s knocked from his gruesome thoughts by a doctor coming out, saying that he could see you now. Gabriel is there in an instant, by your bedside while you stare out. 

Your eyes are bloodshot, face sunken. Gabriel would take your hand, but your closest arm is wrapped in a cast. For the lack of better terms, you looked like shit. 

“Gabriel,” you wheeze, voice dry and broken. Gabriel notices bruises on your neck, perhaps someone tried to literally choke information out of you. “You’re here.”

“Of course I am.” He clasps his hands together.

“How’s Jesse?” 

Gabriel feels his anger rise at the name of another man coming out of your mouth, but he bites it back. “Fine. In better shape than you.”

“That’s good.” You try to smile, but soon your lips are dragged down into a grimace. Tears are flooding your eyes, unable to be stopped. “I’m… I’m sorry.”

“You’re okay, Soldier,” he says softly. “It’s okay… you’re safe here… here with me.”

You smile through the tears, which don’t stop flowing. “It was awful, Gabriel. Awful…”

Gabriel can only nod, hurt flooding through him. “Don’t be afraid, I won’t let anything happen to you.”

After you were cleared from the hospital, you were given some time off. You mainly stayed in your dorm, where Gabriel visited you. 

“How’re you doing?” Gabriel asks as he turns the lights on in your room.

You squint. “Okay, I guess.”

Gabriel has a bouquet of flowers for you, to lighten up the room. 

“Thank you.” You smile as you set them aside. You look terribly sick, as if you hadn’t eaten or slept in days. 

“I’ve been thinking…” Gabriel sits down beside you.

“What?” You don’t look at him, eyes hollow.

“What if… you don’t come back to Blackwatch?”

“What?” You repeat, eyes now trained on him, voice rising. 

“I just don’t think you can go back on the field.” He scratches the back of his neck. 

“Are you benching me?” You stand at your feet. “Transferring me? Discharging me, Gabriel?”

“More like… retiring you.”

“Are you serious? I won’t agree to this–”

“I’m not asking for your permission, Soldier.” He stands, easily towering over you. “I can’t have you out there where something could happen to you. I’m taking you out whether you like it or not.”

Your eyes water, fists clenched. “What am I supposed to do, then?”

“That’s something else I wanted to talk about.”

“You want to discharge me… but to stay close?” You narrow your eyes at him.

“I want to be able to keep my eye on you… protect you.”

“I think I can handle myself.”

“Obviously you can’t. Look at yourself.” He snaps.

You stare at him, wide eyed. 

“You need someone to take care of you, and that’s something I can do. You won’t have to work another day on the battlefield, in Overwatch, anywhere. I’ll take care of us.”

“What the hell is wrong with you?” You step back. “I’m not staying with you, going to be anywhere near you.”

He grabs your fragile wrist, nearly breaking it by placing it in his grip. Despite the obvious pain, you don’t back down, staring into his eyes. “Let me go.”

“I can’t.” He tells you. “I can’t ever let you go.”

Chapter Text

Hanzo could hear you from the other room. You must have woken up. 

He prepared himself to meet you, trying to think of what he could say. Should he tell you where you were? Why he brought you here? Maybe introduce himself in case you had forgotten him? He didn’t want to embarrass himself...

Standing in front of the door, he almost knocks, before remembering he has the key. Swallowing thickly, he unlocks the door, peeking through to see if he could spot you. When there’s no sign of you, he comes in, shutting the door behind him. 

He looks over the whole room, but catches no sight of you. You must be hiding. 

He calls your name, seeing if that would work. Nothing happens. There is no movement. He knows you’re in here, there is no way you could have gotten out. 

The closet is empty, and so is the adjoining restroom. Hmm... 

Hanzo looks towards the bed, where the mattress is held pretty high off the ground. He saunters closer, until his knees hit the bed frame. Slowly, he crouches, pulling the blankets out of the way to look under.

There you are, in all of your beauty. You are shaking and crying it seems. Hanzo can’t help but smile, his hand reaching out for you. You raise a wavering hand to take it, letting him pull you out from under the bed. 

Your eyes adjust to the light again, blinking rapidly at him. 


“You remember me,” Hanzo states, feeling a pang of joy at the fact. 

“Where... where am I?” Your voice is uneven, tear stains prominent on your face.

“Well...” he looks around. “This is your room.”

You’re shaking, Hanzo notices. “My-my room?”

“Yes, I’ve brought you home with me. I thought I should give you a space of your own, but you’re welcome to--”

Suddenly you put your hands over your mouth, backing away from him. The only expression Hanzo can identify in your eyes is pure terror.

“I can’t stay here... I can’t!” Your hands come down to fumble with each other. “I... I have... what about my friends? My family? Puh-please, Hanzo, I have to go home.”

Hanzo opens his arms, and with a large stride, takes you into his arms. You’re fidgeting, chest rising and falling rapidly. Such an anxious human being, a flaw for being so perfect.

“There is no need to worry, my love,” he says to you. “Just give it a little time! You’ll get used to this, I know you will!” 

You continue to cry into his shoulder, wondering why the man you had only briefly met once before has you in his arms. 

Chapter Text

-you didn’t know how long you’d been there

-your leg is stuck in this… thing… like a bear trap…

-blood is pouring from where the teeth are sunken into your leg, and all you can do is attempt to put pressure, your own teeth gritted 

-finally, you see someone in the distance, and you call out for help

-as the person gets closer, you kind of regret obtaining their attention

-the man is dirty beyond belief, looking like he rolled out on the wrong side of the dumpster this morning

-”ya got your leg stuck pretty good in there, yeah, man?”

-you can only nod, trying not to cry in front of this guy

-”Roadhog’s not gonna believe this, mate. Said it’d never work, but look at ya!”

-before you can process a single word he’s just said (his accent is strong), he’s pulling at the chain of the trap, beginning to drag you across the ground

-you scream in pain, feeling blood gushing from your leg, and your skin being scraped against the harsh sand

-you must have passed out as some point, because when you wake up, you’re no longer in the hot, desert sun

-you’re on a bare (kinda dingy) mattress, your leg wrapped up in a cast

-you attempt to get up, but the shards of pain force you to lay back down

-”hey there, pretty boy, y’wake now?”

-that crazy man is leaning on the door frame, looking in at you

-you try to get up again

-”ya best not move that, ‘less ya wanna end up like me.” he knocks on his wooden leg

-”what… what did you do to me?” your throat is dry, voice cracking

-”nothin’ yet, babe.” he attempts to wink, but he just looks like he’s convulsing

-over the course of the next few days, you learn his “name” is Junkrat, and you meet the “Roadhog” he’s been talking about

-they’re both a bit of a freak show to look at, but you don’t mention it

-due to your leg, Junkrat has a lot of power over you

-as much as you dislike him, you have to ask him for everything

-since he forgets to feed you and like… care for you 

-after a week with him, you start to get a bad case of the flu

-at least that’s what you think

-Roadhog, who has refused to touch you, is even forced to help you out a bit as your condition worsens

-eventually, Junkrat performs a “routine” check up on your leg

-”hey, crikey, this don’t look too good”

-apparently, you have an infection!! (which is why you’ve been so sick)

-”well… this means one thing”

-”you’ll take me to the hospital?” you feel a sliver of hope at the chance of potentially escaping this madman

-”are you crazy, mate? that takes a lot of money. we’re gonna have to amputate.” 

Chapter Text

Anxiously, you wait for him to come home.

Before he left, Jesse promised you a surprise. He seemed excited about it. But usually when he says he has a surprise, it’s more of a bitter shock to you. Belongings of a loved one that was probably long gone, or maybe a new set of handcuffs. You shivered at the memories. 

The door opens, and you stiffen. You can hear his spurs clicking against the floor, and then he’s in the main room of your “shared” home. 

“Hey, darlin’.” He grins, big and bright. 

You can only nod timidly at him, desperately hoping that he forgot whatever surprise he had talked about. But unfortunately, the universe never swings your way.

“Y’ready for yer surprise, honey?” He puts his hat down. “It’s not a gift or nothin’, just a little thing I’ve got planned for you.”

Oh, that was even worse than something material. 

“Y’look so on edge, ya need to wind it on down.” He comes close to you, running his warm hand over your face. “I’ll go run ya a bath, and you just get undressed.”

You can hear the water running, and you can only feel cold fear running through your veins. He had to have an ulterior motive, Jesse never did something for free. And if he was doing this out of the kindness of his heart… what had spurred him on to do so?

“It’s ready when you are, hon,” he calls from the bathroom. 

You shyly walk in with a towel around your form. You can see his eyes scan you up and down, before he turns away. “I promise not to look, not even a peek.”

Quickly, you slip into the bath, which was a nice temperature. As McCree turns back, you can only eye him suspiciously. What had gotten into him?

McCree helps you wash your back, rubs shampoo into your hair, and does nothing else. He turns back around as you get out of the bath, letting you dress into comfy clothing. 

Next, he treats you to your favorite meal. You don’t even remember when he bought all this stuff to cook it…

Unfortunately, Jesse isn’t the best cook, so you have to help him out with the knowledge you have. In these few moments, laughing as McCree struggles to get it just right, you forget that this man ever wronged you. He had bathed you, and was now attempting to cook your favorite meal? This was like a fantasy come true…

Until you remember you are only his captive.

Chapter Text


-Bucky and Steve are friends, so coming to a mutual agreement over you is pretty easy

-now... all they need is, well, you

-Steve is more forward, so he does most of the talking

-whether you’re willingly in a relationship with them is up to you, but no matter what you say you’re going to be with them. no argument.

-once in said relationship, you notice some things

-Bucky is very clingy, no matter what’s happening he’s at your side

-Steve takes on the caretaker role, making sure that you’re comfortable (as you can be)

-you don’t really have a favorite, or one you prefer over the other, they both treat you like you’re royalty

-the only problems are between Steve and Bucky

-even though they came to a consensus, there is some jealousy

-Steve doesn’t like how needy Bucky is with you, and he doesn’t voice this for some time

-when he does, Bucky tries to make both of you happy, trying to find a middle ground

-but in the end, Bucky can’t leave your side, Steve just has to accept it


-Steve is calling the shots. NO QUESTIONS.

-he also prefers that you all perform this all together, he doesn’t like being one on one (mostly because he doesn’t approve of Bucky being completely alone with you)

-but trust me, Bucky finds a way to be alone with you every once in a while

-cuddling sessions with Bucky usually end in some heavy petting

-which sometimes leads to Bucky fucking you

-he’s very tender when he’s alone with you, gentle and whispers sweet nothings

-if Steve has to be alone with you, and he feels the need, it’s usually in the early morning or late night 

-he’ll get you to a secluded location (from Bucky) and just drills you 

-when you’re all together, they take turns

-and Steve always goes first, leaving Bucky to clean you up

-but that’s just routine

Chapter Text

His hand is in your hair, pulling you across the floor.

“Bakugou, please, stop!” You scream, your own hands trying to tear his from your scalp. “Please, I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” You’re sobbing by the time he gets you to the basement. 

“Shut up, I don’t want to hear another word out of you.” He growls, throwing you across the cold, hard floor. 

Your fingers feel through your scalp, trying to feel any blood or damage he could have done. Tears pathetically fall from your eyes, and pool on the floor. 

“You’re a fucking embarrassment, I can’t take you anywhere.” He looks through drawers, tossing ropes and chains at your feet.

“Please, Bakugou, not this… not this again.” You crawl backwards, trying to get away. But there is no where else to turn. 

He slams the cabinets and drawers closed, turning toward you with a sinister smile. “You’re so cute, begging like anything could get you out of this.”

You feel your jaw quiver, tears falling relentlessly. “Please, I’ll be good… I’ll be good… Katsuki.”

He grabs the rope, beginning to bind your wrists together. “Sure you will.”

Chapter Text

-Amelie always had a soft spot for you

-of course, she was married, but she had always cared for you, masking it as friendship

-but after the situation with Talon, and, well, murdering said husband, she hadn’t had much time to dote on you

-she thought of you from time to time, wondering how you were getting on with life, perhaps what you thought had become of her

-surely not this

-and she surely did not think you would join Overwatch after Amelie’s supposed kidnapping by Talon, ruthlessly trying to find her

-but Amelie is dead. she died with Gerard. you’d understand, wouldn’t you?

-maybe you’d care for Widowmaker all the same?

-she won’t show it, but she’s conflicted on whether or not she should approach you

-would you even recognize her? after all this time?

-perhaps she owed it to you, since you had taken Gerard’s place in Anti-Talon operations because of her

-she waits patiently for you to come home, gracefully sitting on your sofa

-you walk in the door, looking awfully exhausted

-you barely notice her in your living room until you happen to glance over 

-it’s not long before you make a grab for a kitchen knife, but Widowmaker easily disarms you, the knife sliding across the floor, and you are corned by her

-”do you know who I am?” she asks you

-”of course I do,” your voice is venomous, “you’re Widowmaker, Talon’s sniper.”

-Widowmaker feels an odd pang in her chest, as if her heart rate is beginning to speed up

-the pure hatred in your eyes makes her… upset, uncomfortable, it just makes her feel bad

-”you know… I wasn’t always this way.”

-”really? what made you decide to join a terrorist organization, then?”

-Widowmaker feels the coldness in her skin melt away for a moment, memories flooding back to her 

-”i used to be a ballet dancer…” she says wistfully, staring into your eyes

-you blink at her, finally really looking at her


Chapter Text

You walk home from work every day. 

You don’t work on the best side of town, and you don’t live on that side either. There are real creeps out there, always catcalling and whistling and just being absolutely disgusting.

At least Jack thought so.

If you hadn’t noticed, in the past couple of weeks, the harassment you’d get on the way to work, on the way home, and even at work has lessened. That man on the corner of the street suddenly gone, the guy that comes in every day stops showing up. You’re more grateful than uneasy of the disappearance of this strange men.

Jack just wants you to live comfortably, it’s what you deserve. He’s gone into your workplace a few times, always smiling at you and wishing you a wonderful day. You even knew him by name! 

Then a new sleazeball starts hanging around. He’s always bugging you at work, and even has the audacity to follow you home! Disgusting. 

And tonight, Jack has decided that his actions are punishable. 

Just as the guy is about to walk in toward the end of your shift, Jack snatches him by the collar of his shirt, dragging him into a nearby alleyway. 

Of course, Jack is armed, but he’s going to take more satisfaction in beating the actual shit out of this scumbag. The guy’s nose is decimated under Jack’s fists, as well as his teeth. 

And by the time you walk into the alley to see what all the noise was, the guy is dead. 

Jack hears you gasp at the end of the alley, hands over your mouth. He looks up, and he doesn’t even have the time to hide his face, recognition blazes through your eyes.

And you even further confirm it by calling his name. “Jack?”

Jack pulls himself from the man, walking towards you, bloody hands at his sides.

“Can we…” he starts, byt brings his forearm to wipe his face. “Can you just… just… pretend you never saw that. I can’t stand it when you look so scared.”

You’re paralyzed, eyes trained on the bloody mess Jack had left that man. The man… who was your lover… who was supposed to walk you home tonight… just as usual…

“It’s okay, sweetheart.” Jack embraces you. “He won’t bother you anymore.”   

Chapter Text

-honestly, you make Jesse feel awful

-awful because he hates seeing you so sad

-and also because he kinda likes seeing you so distraught

-very conflicting

-at first, he tries to reassure you

-“y’dont have to cry no more, honey. i’ve got you.”

-even though he takes a special pride in making you feel something so strongly

-but after a while… he probably gets annoyed

-”can’t ya just quit your whinin’ for one second?”

-this only makes you, understandably, cry more

-it’s kind of a turn off when he’s just trying to hold you and all you do is sob and shake

-he can’t see the bright side of things. you’re not resisting, you let him pretty much walk over you, and you’re not a brat

-he probably takes to physical violence in an attempt to make you stop

-but now the turmoil of him basically beating you and being kidnapped? you are a mess, crying harder

-Jesse doesn’t know what to do

-in the times where you’re not crying, you’re silent, looking extremely depressed

-he’s not very sure which one he prefers

-he just wants you to be happy

-but he’s not very sure if he wants to make that sacrifice

Chapter Text

You thought you had escaped him. You thought it was all over. You thought you’d never see him again.

How wrong you were.

You should have known he would find you. You should have known that he’d never let you go. You should have known that this would happen. 

You flinch with every scream that erupts outside your room. You’re stuck in the corner, hands pressed over your ears, trying to block those blood curdling shrieks out. 

You know it’s him. It’s Chisaki. No one else would go through all of this for you. 

No one else would murder countless heroes for you. Those same heroes that rescued you from him, those same heroes that had sworn to protect you. It made you wish that you had never taken their hands. They would all be alive if you had never opened your mouth.

The door swings open, light pouring into the dark room. You pull your body closer to the wall, eyes closed. If you don’t see him, it’s not really him, it’s not real–

“There you are.” You can’t mistake that voice. It’s him.

Yet, you continue to let your eyes be closed, your hands covering your ears. 

“Did you miss me?” He’s as monotone as always, and you can tell he’s turned the lights on. 

You don’t answer.

“Open your eyes.” 

You don’t obey.

“Look at me.”

You try to pretend that he’s not there. It’s all just a dream…

“I said, look at me!”

Hesitantly, you raise your head, eyes squinting in the harsh light. He looks the same as he did before, minus the blood that is coating his mask and clothes.

Look at how dirty you’ve made me.” His golden eyes are set ablaze. “Look at what you’ve done to me.”

You’re trembling, eyes burning with tears. He’s towering over your spot on the ground, blood dripping off of his mask and onto the floor in front of you. His chest is rising and falling rapidly, and he’s just seething.

“Look how angry you’ve made me.” A gloved hand raps at the side of his mask, in an effort to calm himself. “Come here.” He offers his opposite, a clean, unclothed hand. 

You gulp, unsure of his intentions. He waves his hand at you, impatiently waiting for you. “You know what my hands are capable of,” he tells you, “so I suggest you take it.”

Slowly, your hand finds his. He rubs his thumb over your knuckles, tender and gentle. Then, he yanks you to your feet, the grip on your hand almost enough to break bones. You squawk in pain as he drags you to the hall, to lead you away. 

You nearly vomit at the sight of the hallway. Blood is splattered onto the walls, belonging to heroes. There was nothing left of them except for that, Chisaki had eradicated them all. 

You put your other hand over your mouth, feeling downright sick at how he had killed these people… all for you

“Don’t be so dramatic,” he says over his shoulder, “This is your mess. It’s only right that you thank me for cleaning it up.

Chapter Text

tw: nsfw, noncon

“Very stubborn, aren’t you?”

You don’t look her in her eyes, staring at the floor. You already know what’s coming, and there is no way to prepare for it. You’re already on the bed, sitting cross legged in the middle.

“I’m sure you knew the consequences when you tried to escape, my pet.” She circles you, heels of her shoes clicking against the floor. 

You close your eyes, wishing you were anywhere else than in this dungeon with Moira. 

She stops in front of you. “I thought you would have learned your lesson, but obviously you haven’t.” Her hands grabs your jaw, forcing you to open your eyes. “And I will punish you as many times as I need to in order to make myself clear.”

“Please, Moira…” you try as she lets go of your face. “I’m… I’m tired…”

“You should have thought about that before you tried to leave me, dear.” She climbs onto the mattress, pushing you back. You can only stare at the ceiling as her hands run over your body, her lips hovering above your own. 

Your body is stiff under her touch, and you move your head to avoid her mouth. It doesn’t deter her, however, as her teeth nip at your neck, eager to leave marks. Your hands clench into the sheets as she leaves painful bites, sure to bruise and perhaps scar.

Her hands reach the waistband of your pants, and you uncomfortably shift, pressing your legs together. 

“Don’t be shy, sweetheart,” she coos, “You know I will take good care of you.”

She laughs at your expression of discomfort, pale hand reaching under your pants to your underwear. You can only squirm as she rubs over your core, her eyes desperately searching yours for a reaction. 

You can only look away, not wanting to give in. Moira always got her way, and she always took a special pleasure in getting it. You learned quick that she liked to hear your pleads for her to stop, so now you tried to be unresponsive as possible.

Her fingers find themselves around your underwear and inside you. It feels foreign and wrong, but it never stays that way for long. You just hope she gets bored soon. 

“So very stubborn…” her long fingers reach as deep as they can go. Your face scrunches as she drags on your not very well lubricated hole. “Don’t act like you don’t like it, my sweet.”

You wish you did like it, but right now it just feels awkward. Her thumb is mashing on your clit in an attempt to get you wet, but you just feel tense. You stay quiet, trying to wait it out. 

But Moira is patient. She drives her fingers into you until it brings a semblance of pleasure, until she slicks you up real nice.

Moira isn’t going to stop until you’re an absolute mess

Chapter Text

The way he looked at you made you shake.

His eyes were so dark, so intense, and when focused on you… it made you nervous. Why was he looking at you like that? Did you offend his alpha male status? You weren’t looking for any trouble, and you surely weren’t looking to get into a fight with Hanzo. He looked like he could kill you with one punch. 

Finally, you had reached your maximum discomfort for the night, leaving the bar to go home. As you walked out the door, you looked over your shoulder, seeing Hanzo saying goodbye to his friends.

You walked quickly in the night, hoping that it was pure coincidence that Hanzo decided to leave right after you. Coincidence. 

You’re nearly home to your apartment when you get pulled into an alleyway. 

In the dim light, you can barely see your perpetrator’s face. You try to throw punches and kicks to get out of their grasp, desperate to just get home. It isn’t until you hear a deep grunt that you stop. That sounds oddly familiar.

As if by coincidence, the moonlight shines on his face just right, revealing himself to you. You swallow thickly, not even able to guess what he’s about to do to you. He was part of that mafia thing, right? He can probably kill you and no one would find out–

But he does what you least expect, pressing his lips against yours. You’re so shocked, you don’t even register what’s really going on. His tongue is in your mouth, feeling the inside of your cheeks. His hands are holding you by the collar of the shirt, pressing you against the wall. 

After a minute of him smashing his face against yours, you finally process the situation. You have to get out of here. As his tongue enters between your teeth, you bite down. He pulls back, blood already spilling from his lips. His gaze isn’t as intense as before, more confused and troubled.

You take that moment to slap him across the face, stumbling to get out of the alleyway. Disoriented, you can barely make it to street lamp before you fall. His hand is immediately on your ankle, dragging you back. 

Your hands scrape against gravel, as well as your face. Hanzo turns you around to get a better look at you, blood in his beard. You’re breathing heavily, hands in front of you to avoid getting jabbed in the throat by him. 

But all he does is kiss you again. 

Chapter Text


-Gabriel cares about you, and he wants you to care about him

-he probably won’t kidnap you straight away, but he does like you to be close

-if you’re in Blackwatch, prepare to be by his side at all times

-Gabriel is very soft and just wants the best for you, even if you don’t think it’s the best for you

-he wants to keep you safe, your safety is his top priority

-so he would never hurt you, at least never intentionally hurt you

-when he does eventually kidnap you, he’ll make it his duty that you never have to lift a finger again in your life

-your environment is clean, and whatever Gabriel can do for you, he does

-need more blankets? pillows? he’s got it

-hungry? do you want something in particular? he’s on it

-the only thing you’ll have to deal with is being alone for most of the day, and perhaps days on end

-but he always makes sure that you’re well taken care of


-Reaper, on the other hand…

-he is more cruel

-he tries to act like he doesn’t really care about you, but if he didn’t he wouldn’t  have kept you around for this long

-he likes to use his abilities and assets to keep you in check

-he can be lurking in the shadows, watching you at any moment

-if you get a little out of control, his claws are at your throat in an instant

-when kidnapped, and trust me that happens very early on in your “relationship”, you are stuck in a cold, dark basement

-the mattress doesn’t even have a sheet on it, and you don’t get the luxury of a pillow, either

-if Reaper is gone for a while, you don’t really have the resources to take care of yourself

-you have to depend on him for everything

-food, water, clothes… and he barely brings any of those in

-he loves you, in his own twisted way, but you have to know that there are other priorities in his life

Chapter Text


-it bothers him

-he doesn’t like to look up at you

-though, he never voices it

-it makes him feel small and insignificant if you tower over him


-i think as himself and Reaper, he doesn’t really mind

-as Gabriel, he finds it kind of cute that you’re so tall 

-as Reaper, he really couldn’t care less, he doesn’t really see you standing so tall after he’s through with you


-for sure brings out some insecurities in Jesse

-he’s old fashioned in a way, believing the man should always be taller in the relationship

-that’s why he finds that you look better on your knees

Chapter Text

When you come to, you think you’ve died.

Everything is white and blurry, and your body feels heavy. You turn on your side, closing your eyes again, but the light of the place you’re in is too harsh to allow you back to sleep.

“You’re awake!” A familiar voice rings throughout the room.

You look over, seeing Angela. “Where am I…?” You mumble, mouth feeling full of cotton. 

“Don’t worry, you’re safe,” she smiles. “Jack will be home any minute.”

You think that perhaps what she says makes sense, but your foggy brain can’t comprehend it. Home? This looked like a hospital room.

“What… happened?”

“The drugs are leaving your system.” The back of her hand finds your forehead. “You’ll probably feel a little sick for the rest of the day, but you’ll be fine!” She’s so cheerful.

You can only look at her, confused. What drugs? What happened to you?

The door opens, revealing Commander Morrison. He smiles at both of you, coming to sit at your bedside. 

“Commander?” You squint at him. 

“I wasn’t expecting you to be awake so soon.” He tells you. 

You can only look between the both of them, wondering how they could both be acting so normal. What happened? What was going on? This didn’t feel right.

“Where am I?” You ask again.

“I told you, silly, you’re home.” Angela waves you off, laughing. 

Jack smiles nervously. “Angela, can you grab us some water, if you don’t mind?”

“Of course!” She comes by to kiss his cheek, grins at you, and leaves.

“Commander, what’s going on?” You ask immediately. “Where am I?”

“There’s no easy way to say this…”

You’re worried there must be seriously wrong with you. Are you dying?

“But… um… you’re… living with us now.”

“Living with you?”

“Yes… Angela thought it would be best if we took you out of Overwatch, out of it all, and brought you home.” He scratches the back of his neck. “It puts her–it puts us– more at peace.”

You shake your head, smiling dazedly. “What do you mean… out of Overwatch?”

“This isn’t…” he sighs. “You’ve… well… Overwatch thinks you’re dead.”

You can only stare, trying to laugh. “This is a joke.”

Jack’s solemn gaze assures you that this is not a joke

“Oh… so you’re saying that you guys have kidnapped me, is that it?” You try.

“I mean… in technical terms…”

Your face falls. “But… what about… my life? Overwatch? My family? They all think I’m dead!”

“Don’t worry about that.” His hand reaches out to take yours. “Our love comes first. Everything else is secondary.”

Angela comes back, two glasses of water in her hands. “Here you go.” She hands yours to you first, then Jack. “Drink up.” she nods. 

You take a nervous sip, staring straight ahead of you. This can’t be right… this can’t be right.

But you don’t have much time to ponder the thought when whatever Angela put in your water knocks you out. 


Chapter Text

-Genji nearly loses his mind

-your bed is empty, restraints gone

-he checks everywhere in the house for you

-under the bed, the closet, the bathroom

-behind the couch, under a table

-that pile of blankets? maybe you’re under them?

-when he can’t find you anywhere within the house his panic to turns to rage

-you must have escaped, it only made sense

-he stalks outside, seething 

-you couldn’t have gotten far

-the house he’s kept you in is pretty secluded, so he’ll probably find you before you can reach anyone

-but before Genji himself can get very far, he spots you

-you look like an angel of some sort, napping in the garden

-you had broken some of your restraints, but they were still on, just enough for you to find your way out here

-Genji takes a moment to meditate and calm himself before approaching you

-he sits beside your sleeping form, letting his fingers run through your hair

-when you wake, he’s not sure if he should punish or reward you

-he pushes the thought from his mind as you stir, eyes opening to see him

-”Genji?” You call in your sleepy voice

-”Sleep well, my dear?”

Chapter Text

You feel like you might pass out. 

He’s everywhere. He’s the silence in the cellar, the air you’re breathing in, and the hands binding yours together. 

You’re suspended from the ceiling, blood rushing to your head. The ropes are burning into your skin, cutting off circulation. Gabriel... no, this... Reaper is very intricate with his patterns, as if he’s practiced. 

Every once in a while, his clawed gloves nick your skin. You can feel blood dripping down your body in small streams. You don’t know what the purpose in this is. Is it for him to have easier access to you? A new hobby he’s picked up?

“There,” he says. The Reaper steps back, taking you in. You feel so exposed, nearly naked and tied in an awkward position. “See? It’s not as uncomfortable as it could be, right?”

You can only moan in response, feeling like your head will explode at any minute. Reaper admires the work he’s made of you, even taking his mask off to soak it in. You can’t even glare at him, your eyes hurt to look up that far. 

“Don’t be afraid.” He crouches to look at your face. “I’ll take you down after I’m finished with you.”

Chapter Text


That was a word you could describe her as. Manipulative, cold, vixen. It wasn’t really her fault, the world had made her that way. Talon had made her that way. 

Despite the lack of emotion, she seemed to be interested in you. Whether that was… interested in killing you or interested in being friends or something with you was unclear. 

She was pretty, very pretty, but you thought you knew better than to get involved with someone like her. Especially in the work of Talon of all places.

But she had caught your attention. An attractive woman, what could someone like you do? Say no? 

Especially when she’s whispering in your ear about how much she wants you. 

Her cold hands are running down your bare chest, running along the waistband of your pants. You’re looking away from her, face feeling hot. 

“I want you inside me, mon cheri.” One of her dainty, yet deadly, hands rests on your face. A finger finds its place under your chin, turning your head to look at her. “I want your cum, mon beau.”

You can only swallow, staring into her eyes. 

“Do you want to give it to me?”

Your cock is growing harder by the second, throbbing to be inside her. You don’t care about the responsibility, you want to fuck her until you cum. It’s such a primal urge, to see her full and swollen with your seed.

“Yes… yes I do.” You tell her, hips involuntarily rutting against her. She smiles, almost sweet, letting her hands fall to your belt. She stares at you, not once looking down as she unbuckles and unzips your garments. 

Once your cock is free, your realize how hot you’ve become. Your whole body is buzzing and warm, aching for her. She finally lets her eyes trail down to look at you, all of you. 

Gentle fingers ran down your dick, grasping the base. You bit your lip as she jerked you off. She watched you, almost fascinated. “Does it feel good?” She questions, running a thumb over the head.

“Yes,” you say, breathless. “Ah, come on… let me fuck you already.”

She smirks at your neediness. “Okay, mon petit chou.”

She removes herself from you, removing her clothes. As you watch her, your hand finds your cock, softly stroking. She’s beautiful, perfect. Perfect to fuck a baby into, perfect to carry your child. She’s beautiful, yes she is, but she’d be even prettier knocked up, don’t you think?

“Very impatient, no?” She climbs on top of you. A lustful hand of yours finds her own body, running over pale, blue skin. You can feel her tense under your touch, and you curiously let your hand ghost over her core. 

Her head tilts, lips parting as you continue to massage her pussy. 

“You’re wet,” you mumble, working fingers inside of her. She’s tight, clenching on your fingers quickly. “I’m gonna fuck you so…”

“So what, mon petit chou?” She lets her thumb run over your lips. “You want to fuck me hard, mon chou?”

“Yes, ma’am,” you smile at her, letting your fingers spread within her. 

“I want you to…” she moans as your stretch her. “I want you to fuck me.”

“Will do.” You took your fingers from her, letting them settle on her hip. 

“And I want you to cum inside me, mon cheri,” she whispers to you as she nestles your cock into her. You bite your lip as she settles onto you, her walls clenching around you. 

“Trust me.” You manage to say, voice a bit broken from the pleasure. “I’m gonna fuck a baby into you.” 

A dazed smile appears on her face, but is whisked away as your hips begin to move. She moans, “I want it, I want it.” 

It brings you a special pride to see her like this. She’s so cold on the field, but is begging you for your cum behind closed doors. It’s empowering, to say the least. 

She leans onto you as you thrust up into her, breathing onto your neck, leaving nips and kisses for you. “I want your baby,” she whines. She curses in French as you fuck up into her, eager to give the woman what she wants. 

“You’re gonna be so beautiful…” the words fall from your mouth. “Pregnant and… fuck.” The image makes you harder, imagining how good she’d look. You disregard Talon, you disregard all the responsibility. In the seconds that you spend thrusting into her tight, little cunt, you imagine a normal life. 

“Make me cum, mon chou,” she whimpers, her own hips beginning to work on you. “I need it.”

A clumsy hand finds her clit, rubbing and swirling. She’s whining loudly, throwing her head back. God, she’s beautiful. How did you end up under her like this, promising her every ounce of cum you’re good for? 

Her walls are convulsing around your cock, so fucking tight now, and you can’t handle it for much longer. You can never last very long with her. 

Fuck fuck fuck,” you groan, your thighs feeling tight as your cock throbs with the need to cum. “I’m gonna cum!”

She looks back down at you, eyes full of lust. Lust for you, lust for your seed. “Cum in me, mon-… mon cheri.”

The way she’s looking at you is enough to stimulate you. Your thighs shake as you cum inside of her, cock pulsing. 

Once it’s all finished, you pull out, some of your seed spilling out. She collapses next to you, face falling back to the emotionless way it once was. Perhaps this is all you'43 good for… to give her what she wants. 

Chapter Text

Tomura couldn’t keep himself still.

He gazed across the room at you, his fingernails digging into his neck. You were just the game store clerk, how hard could it be to buy this one stupid game?

Yeah… stupid game… it’s not worth it…

No! Tomura wasn’t going to let you get in the way of him buying his game. Just because you were… you looked nice, and your skin looked nice, and yeah Shigaraki didn’t have a very big vocabulary. 

Finally, he goes up to the counter, placing the game in front of you. 

“Hello, did you find everything you were looking for?” You smile, eyes crinkling with it. 

His mind goes blank. To have something so… warm and pretty… focused on him? It made his neck beg to be itched, His own fingers tingling with a need to destroy. 


He blinks, breathing deeply. “Hmm?” His hand finds its way to rub his jaw, so close to the marred skin of his throat. 

“Did you find everything okay?”

“Uh… yeah.” He brings his hand down, watching your own as you scan the game and type into the register. 

You tell him the amount, and he pays up, careful to keep his cursed hands far from yours. “Have a nice day!” You smile, again. And Shigaraki can’t help but linger for a moment.

“You too…” he says, leaving the store promptly.

Once he gets back to the bar, he feels like he ran a marathon. His heart is racing, and he’s sweating like a dog. He can’t stop from sinking his nails into his neck, opening and creating new wounds. 

The way you smiled at him… that could only mean one thing…

You had a crush on him! Tomura thought he would never see the day… someone as cute as you crushing on him! You wouldn’t have to worry, Tomura liked you, too. 

He found himself in the store more often, receiving that beautiful smile that you sent his way. God, you were so in love with him. Tomura couldn’t wait to take you home. 

And like any good soon to be boyfriend, he wanted to go on dates with you! Of course, you weren’t always aware of his presence… whether you were out on the town and he’d idly follow, or you were at home watching movies while he peeked through the window. 

All of this… it wasn’t stalking, no… of course not! You guys were both in love, so it didn’t count. 

But anyway, all of this information collecting led to great conversations with you at your job. He would mention a movie he wanted to see, and you’d reveal that one is your favorite! Crazy, right? 

You guys were doing so well… until you just had to ruin it all. 

You’d just let anyone see that smile, wouldn’t you? Like a fucking whore would. You were just trying to make him jealous! That was it, that had to be it! Tomura had to let you know that… it was not okay to do stuff like this to him. He’d forgive you this time, you didn’t know any better!

As he comes to the register once again, he fights the burning impulse to scratch at his neck until he’s satisfied. He places a game on the counter, one that didn’t really even look that good, but he wanted to see you. He needed to. 

“Hi Tomura!” You greet him, grin nice and wide. “It’s good to see you again! Will this be all?”

“Actually…” his throat feels dry, and his hoodie is getting uncomfortably warm. “There is something I want to ask you.”

You lean toward him, eyebrows raised, so interested in what he had to say. “Yes?”

“I was wondering,” he tries to keep his voice even, “I was wondering if you’d… like to go out sometime.” 

You balance back, looking a bit flustered. “Um…”

He’s staring at his feet, trying to calm his nerves. 

“I mean…” you exhale. “I’m sorry, Tomura… It just… It feels unprofessional.” 

He doesn’t look back up at you, feeling his heart ache in his rib cage. “I see.”

“I’m sorry,” you repeat. “I’ll help you check out this game–”

“Forget it.” His hands are in his pockets, balled into fists. “I wasn’t really interested in it, anyway.” 

Shigaraki sulks back to the bar, letting Kurogiri make a few drinks for him. 

How could you have rejected him? Didn’t you love him? Was Tomura wrong?

No, no. That could not be it. You were…. you were just nervous, a little stubborn. You wanted him, yes, you wanted him, but you didn’t want to admit it! That was it. 

After a few drinks, he found himself stumbling out the door again, heading toward the shop you worked at. This was around the time you got off, so he was bound to run into you. 

When he sees you, rage and confusion simmer in his chest. He calls out your name, causing you to turn.

“Oh, Tomura?” Your smile is still bright, even in the dim light of the streetlamps. 

“Hey…” he’s breathing heavily.

“Are you okay?” You ask him, taking a closer look at him. 

“I’m perfect…” he rasps. “I’m perfect now.” 

He didn’t plan for this to happen, not like this. He was a little buzzed, a little psychotic, but it would have happened eventually. 

His hand shoots out to grasp your wrist, skillfully lifting a finger up.

“Tomura!” You gasp, eyes narrowing in confusion, quickly trying to pull away in surprise.

He yanks you in closer. “I wouldn’t try to fight me if I were you…” the smell of alcohol on his breath is beginning to dull, yet is still present. “I get all five fingers on you… and you’re nothing but dust under my hand.”

“What?” You eye him nervously. “No...”

“It’s my Quirk,” he grins at you. 

You shake your head in disbelief. “No... Tomura... just let me go.”

WIth his free hand, he reaches to grasp your name tag. You flinch as he pulls it from you, letting it dissolve to ash. He raises his brows at you, almost asking do you believe me now?

You can only swallow nervously, eyes darting back to his and what was once your name tag. (Did he really have to destroy that? It was personalized and everything!)

“Come on, let’s go...” He begins to pull you in the direction of the bar.

“Where are... where are you taking me?” You stumble behind him, fear beginning to settle in.

“Home.” He simply states, an almost cutesy grin plastered on his face. 

You don’t ask anymore questions, now just trying to scheme yourself out of this. You could try to knock him out somehow, try to run away, but the risk of being put under that Quirk of his... it could kill you. And the whole point of trying to escape was not dying. 

He stops suddenly, and you run into him. “When we go in...” he refers to the dark building in front of you. “Don’t say a word.” 

You can’t imagine who else could be living in this place. It looked abandoned. 

But when you enter, you see a rather dim bar. There is... a man? behind the counter. He’s made up of smoke, purple and dark. “Shigaraki...” The smoke starts, before yellow eyes center on you. “You’ve brought a friend?” 

“Yes, Kurogiri.” Tomura says quickly as he drags you through. “We’re going upstairs. Don’t interrupt us.”

You try to say help me with your eyes, but the mist of a man either doesn’t recognize it or doesn’t care. He watches, maybe skeptical, as Tomura brings you through a door and up a flight of stairs. 

He reaches a door, cautiously opening it with a few fingers. He doesn’t even turn the light on as he shoves you inside, letting you shuffle to the middle of the room. 

“Tomura, listen--” you start, but he doesn’t let you finish. His dried, chapped lips are on yours. Before you can try to pull away, a menacing hand settles itself on your neck. 

The only light in the room comes from a computer screen on his desk. The only sound you can hear is the rattle of an old, dingy fan. You try to focus on anything but the way his tongue fits into your mouth. 

You’re tempted to bite, but he pulls away before you get the chance. You remain silent, trying to work out your best chance for survival. Fight? Be compliant?

“So cute...” he admires you. “I knew you loved me all along.”

You don’t say anything, not trying to gain another finger on your neck. 

“There’s no need to be shy anymore...” he’s grinning manically. “Say it.”

“Wha...?” You feel tears in your eyes.

“Say it. Say you love me.”

You’re crying now, in fear for your life. Do you do what he wants and lose your pride? Or do you fight him and lose your life?

“Don’t be shy now, honey...” he’s bouncing on his feet. “Say it.”

“Tomura...” your voice is broken. “I...” I don’t even know you.

The grip on your throat tightens, pinky finger threateningly close to your skin. “Just say it.” He whispers, staring into your eyes, into your soul.

“I...” your hands begin to rise to his wrist. “I love... you.” 

His fingers pull back and he smiles widely. “That wasn’t too hard, now, was it?” His voice is sickeningly sweet, and so is his grin. “I love you, too. And since we’re so in love...”

He seems shy himself... the shy guy that always came into the store...

His hand reaches for yours, softly taking it, pinky outstretched safely. “We should do like lovers do... it’s only right.” 

He steps back, sitting on his mattress. You’re still standing, now looking down at him. You can manage to see the outline of his hardening cock in his pants in the artificial light.

He pulls you down to your knees, and you’re nestled between his knees. You can feel the tears beginning to break out, rolling down your face. 

“Do you love me that much?” He coos. “You’re crying?” 

You look away, humiliated. How could he ever be under the impression that you loved him? You’d only seen him five times in your entire life. 

“I want you so bad right now...” he goes on, eyes growing darker. “It’s all I’ve ever wanted... every time I see you...” 

You close your eyes, praying for this to be over. Maybe that Kurogiri guy would call the cops. Maybe.

“Hey, are you even listening?”

He’s tilting his head at you, finger and thumb grasping your jaw. 

“Don’t you want to take care of me?” He sounds almost sad. “I’d do the same for you, because I’m a good boyfriend.”

You want to spit in his face, but the chance of survival after that was a hard zero. You’d have to... you’d have to suck him off to even think about getting out of here unharmed. 

Your hands reach to pulls his pants down. He lifts his hips, and you pull both his pants and underwear in one swipe. He must have been waiting for this, dick slapping up quickly. He’s on the long side, and it makes you nervous for what will come next. 

You take in a deep breath, letting your shaky hands come up to stroke him. He leans back a bit, watching as you play with him. You don’t really know what you’re doing, just wanting to make him feel good, to please him and get on your way. 

“Use your mouth...” he whines. “I want to feel it.”

You cringe as you part your lips, letting him in between them. You try not to take too much, afraid of what he might do. But none of that mattered, because his hand is on the back of your head in an instant and forcing you as far as you can go. You choke around him, hands coming to grasp at his thighs. 

“Your fucking...” he groans. “Your throat. Feels so tight. This is... is so much better.” 

You continue to gag around him, trying to pull off, but his hand is forceful and dangerous. “I told...” he stops to laugh. “I told myself I’d go easy on you... but... I can’t control myself around you, y’know?”

His hips start to thrust up, fucking into your throat. You feel hot tears drip from your eyes at his intrusion, continuing to convulse from the feeling. His cock is rubbing against the inside of your throat, feeling so foreign

He’s moaning, brittle and needy as he fucks your mouth. He’s whispering and whining about how good it is. It makes you sick, and you’d throw up if he would just give you a break.

“Perfect, perfect,” he moans. “You’re perfect. Fuck.”

He continues to abuse your throat for his pleasure, varying from slow, deep thrusts, to frantic paces. You just want this to be over. For someone who lives like this... you’d expect him to finish quicker. 

“So... so pretty...” he tells you, staring into your swollen eyes. “So pretty like this. For me, all for me.” 

You feel like your eyes might bulge out of your skull. Between the gagging and cock intruding your throat, you were developing a throbbing headache. Tomura just kept pushing and pushing and pushing his way in and out, all for his pleasure. 

“You’re so good,” he groans. “I’m gonna...”

You close your eyes, bracing yourself as he pulls out from your throat, hand reaching his dick. He shoves himself in the pocket of your cheek, hand stroking his base as he spills hot, thick cum into your mouth. 

He pulls back, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, panting. You let his cum drip from your mouth like drool, throat abused and head pounding. 

“Don’t look so depressed...” he brings a hand to pat your cheek. “Let me see that pretty smile.”

Chapter Text

-if you’re mute because of some past experiences, you are honestly perfect for Junkrat

-not in a “glad you have issues” kind of way... but like “glad that you don’t talk that much” kind of way

-it never occurs to Junkrat that something bad could have happened to you, anyway, because he’s... kind of an idiot

-he’ll tell you all his plans, just go on rants and tangents about everything and you just listen! or at least pretend to, he can’t quiz you on it anyway (not that he remembers much of what he just said)

-it’s much easier when he’s having his way with you and you don’t scream or cry, it’s just a nice change of pace

-obviously, he does better with more compliant and quiet people, as shown in his friendship with the reserved Roadhog

-meanwhile, if you’re just... not talking to him, forcing yourself to be mute... that’s a different story

-he likes your voice! he wants to hear it! it’s part of you and he wants it

-Junkrat will go as far as torture to get a sound out of you, even a little plea

-he honestly thinks it’s funny that you’re trying to play hard to get like this

-he tries anything and everything to get a verbal reaction from you

-he even goes as far to intentionally be a dumbass in hopes that you’ll berate him

Chapter Text

“Need some help there?”

You flinch, looking away from your task of trying to put a shirt on. “You said you wouldn’t look!” You glare at him. 

“Yeah, but y’look like you’re strugglin’... lemme just help ya.” 

He doesn’t give you a choice, getting the collar of the shirt of your neck. You’re fuming as he instructs you to put your arms through the sleeves, slipping it onto your body. “There ya go,” he smiles triumphantly. “I’ll go see what we have for breakfast today.”

And then he’s gone. You almost wish he’d never come back. 

But your hands. Stupid hands. Stupid wrists. They were useless, you were useless. Jesse had put them into makeshift splints. The very same man who broke them advised you to try not to move them much, it might mess up the healing process. 

But he was right. You learned your lesson. You’d never try to escape again. 

You could only stare at them, oddly bent and bruised. They hurt like hell for the first week, but eventually dulled to a permanent numbness. If you ever got out of here... there would probably be nothing that any doctor could do for you. 

“Sweetheart, c’mere!” he calls. 

You sigh, standing up to walk out of the room. Unfortunately, you find the bedroom door closed. You attempt to push it open with your shoulder, but it’s sealed. You try to get the knob to twist in your elbow, but it’s of no use. 

You press your forehead against the door. “Jesse,” you say, probably too quiet for him to hear. “Jesse!”

You hear his heavy footsteps on the other side of the door. “Darlin’?”

“Can you...” you feel humiliated. “Can you open the door?”

“Oh, of course!” 

The door opens.

“I’m sorry, dear, must’ve forgot that...” his eyes glance down at your mangled wrists. “But that don’t matter. Come see what we have for breakfast ‘ere.”

Everyday was the same. You woke up in the morning, and if he wasn’t in bed, you’d call for him. He’d help you open doors that he just happened to forget to leave open. He’d watch you uselessly try to use your hands to eat, and always ask need some help there? He even had to help you in the restroom. It was all so humiliating. You felt more trapped than ever. 

He never left you alone. Whatever he did before that made him leave was never mentioned again... if he ever truly did leave...  

He was always there. There to forget about the doors, to forget that you couldn’t feed yourself, to forget that you couldn’t do a damn thing. And then laugh and help you like he wasn’t the one that did this to you. 

“You okay, hun?” He asks you one day, both of you sitting at the dinner table. 

You stare at the food you haven’t touched, that you can’t touch. “Just not hungry.” You say. “I... I actually don’t feel so good.”

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” He looks over at you, concerned.

“I’m just... tired, Jesse.” You try to smile at him. “I think I need to go take a nap.”

“Okay...” he sits back in his chair. You stand, walking to your room. Thankfully, he’s left the door open this time. 

You manage to close it as you walk in, sitting on the bed. Your eyes fall on your wrists, limp at your sides. You’ve lost everything. Your pride, dignity... your life... everything. He took it from you. He stole you from your world, and continues to just take take take... 

You’re crying before you know it, not even able to sob into your hands. Hands that hurt all the fucking time, hands that you’ve learned to block out the pain from. Hands that don’t work. 

A soft rapping at the door breaks you from your sobbing for a moment. 

“Baby?” He calls through the door. “You okay?”

You try to muffle your cries into your elbow, hoping he would just leave you alone. But he doesn’t. He never does. 

The door opens, creaking as he peeks in. “Oh, honey...” he comes to your side, quickly putting an arm around your shoulders. You tense, wanting to be anywhere else but his embrace. “Don’t be afraid... just tell me what’s wrong.”

You can’t even speak because your sobs are stealing the air from you. You just accept his presence for a moment, leaning into him to cry into his chest. He wraps his other arm around you, pulling you closer. 

“It’s gonna be okay, darlin’...” he whispers. “Don’t you worry.”

It feels good to accept him... just this once. You’ve been fighting him for so long... hating him for so long... 

“Don’t cry,” he mumbles as he kisses your forehead. “You’re okay, you’re okay.” 

You manage to stop your hiccuping sobs. Everything throbs numbly; your head, your hands. But it feels good. Jesse is warm and he just loves you, doesn’t he? Maybe you should stop trying to be difficult... he just wanted you to be safe, right? 

You tense as his hands move, reaching the small of your back. 

“Jesse,” you exhale, breathing uneven. 

“Don’t worry, baby...” he drawls in your ear. “I’ll take care of you, don’t you worry.”

His mouth is on your jaw, kissing and nipping. Your hands are shaking with the need to do something, anything, even in their stagnant state. “Jesse,” your voice grows frantic, his last warning. 

“Don’t freak out, honey,” he pulls back from you. “It’ll be over quick, just--”

You swing your limp hand at him, hitting him at his cheekbone. His head snaps back, and you scramble to get out of his grasp. You fall to the floor, feeling your hand burn with hot pain. You go to the door, which he just happened to leave open. 

You can’t even push the door open a bit before he’s dragging you back by your ankle, thumb pressing right at your Achilles tendon. You scream as he throws your onto the bed, pinning you under his weight. 

Your hands flail, and despite how much they hurt, you throw them at his chest and face. Jesse even struggles to get them in his grasp. 

“You just hate me, don’t you?” He growls as he manages to grasp your palms. You moan in pain as he squeezes them. “I do everything for you, and it ain’t never enough, is it? Is it?” 

He looks and sounds desperate, searching your eyes for something

“I never wanted to have to do this...” he lets go of your hand to reach in the bedside drawer. You don’t have the strength even keep your hand up, letting it fall painfully on the mattress. 

From the drawer, he pulls out a pair of handcuffs. You begin to cry again at the sight of them. Roughly, he turns you on your side, forcing your hands behind your back into an uncomfortable position, before cuffing them together.

Back on your back, both yours and his weight is crushing your hands beneath your body, and you can only wail. 

“Wanted to do this since I did that to ya,” he grinning. “Just love the way y’scream, sweetheart.” 

Chapter Text


-it’s like a mission to them 

-of course, Gabriel is the one in charge

-he devises the plan with Genji on how exactly they’re going to kidnap you and leave no evidence behind

-if it was McCree’s way, he’d just throw a sack over your head and take you home

-but Gabriel and Genji want it to be perfect

-as if you just... disappeared 

-it makes more sense if Genji is the one who extracts you from your home, as he is a ninja

-Gabriel and Jesse are the lookout as Genji sneaks into your house, secretly drugging your beverages and waiting for you to pass out in your living room. 

-and that’s how they get you home

-when you wake up, you discover you’re in some bunker with some weird military dudes 

-after the initial... i’m kidnapped help me! phase... and you just kind of accept your situation at the moment, things aren’t too bad

-around the others, Gabriel acts like he doesn’t really care and just treats you like he’d treat any other soldier

-but when you’re alone with him, he’s sweet and kind, always giving you a smile

-McCree is definitely the flirt of the three

-he teases you and touches you all the time

-it honestly kind of bugs the other two, but that’s Jesse for you

-Genji just likes to spend time with you, whether it’s the two of you or with everyone... he’s not picky

-he likes to sit next to you, usually silent 

-and he likes to touch you... maybe not as touchy feely as McCree

-he just considers it a way to bond with you since he feels he’s not himself anymore 

-all together, you’re all kind of like a little family


-at first, they all take you individually

-Gabriel was the first to get to you

-it was kind of a territorial thing

-he doesn’t like to make very much noise, nothing exaggerated

-McCree on the other hand...

-when he’s having his way with you, he likes it loud

-particularly to piss Gabriel off because he’s an asshole like that 

-he doesn’t care whether you’re screaming in pleasure or pain, he just makes sure everyone can hear you

-Genji is the last to get to you

-he actually doesn’t really try to force or push anything on you, kind of letting you come to him

-he’s part robot now, so he doesn’t really have the same needs and impulses as the other men

-after a while, they’ve all spent so much time together with you that they don’t mind doing it together

-they’ll do anything from just watching each other fuck you, to spit roasting, all that good stuff

-every once in a while Gabriel will have to tell McCree to not be so rough with you

-McCree responds with fucking you the next day (extra loud, of course)

-after they’re all done, it’s either Gabriel or Genji taking care of you

-usually Genji

-they’ll get you some water and a towel, whatever you need

-McCree just kind of bounces to go get a drink or smth

-if Gabriel doesn’t offer you anything, he usually leaves and passes out somewhere

-Genji will stay with you if you want him to, talking to you about whatever you want (bc he’s a good boy)

-it all kind of balances out at the end of the day, you’re not sure you could handle them all at once when they’re finished with you

Chapter Text

You stare at the ceiling, hoping it would just be over soon.

His mouth is on your neck, leaving sloppy, open-mouthed kisses. Judging on how he kissed you earlier, he’s not very experienced. You’re not sure if that’s good or bad for you. 

You can feel his cock through his pants, rubbing against your thigh. It’s weird, it’s gross, uncomfortable. You just want him off of you. 

“Y’smell good...” Jesse mumbles on your skin, hips grinding into you. 

You cringe as his hands move all over you. You can hear his breath in your ear. You can feel his saliva drying on your neck. You can feel all of him. 

After he’s done feeling you up for a second, he reaches to pull off your pants and underwear. You can only gulp as he stares at your exposed lower half, eyes hungrily taking you in. It makes you feel sick. 

It’s not long before his cock is at your hole, rutting and pushing. There’s no way that you’re ready for this, ready to take him like this. But he pierces you anyway, trying to sheathe himself inside of you. 

“Yer so tight...” he sighs. Yeah, no kidding

You stare off at the wall, trying to ignore how foreign he feels within you. There’s no semblance of pleasure, just discomfort. He thrusts inside you, grunts falling from his mouth. “Y’feel so good...” he tells you, spearing himself into you. 

It doesn’t take him very long to become frantic, hand running over your naval as he’s fucking into you like his life depends on it. He’s cursing and saying things in that heavy accent you don’t understand. 

You can only screw your eyes shut at how heavy feels inside of your body, so odd and alien. When Jesse cums, you’re relieved. He pulls out, cum seeping from you. 

“Heh, sorry...” he scratches at the back of his neck awkwardly. 

For what? You’re tempted to ask. 

Chapter Text

-it was their lucky day

-Hanzo had heard rumors of merfolk living in these waters

-McCree didn’t believe him

-that was until they caught you, of course

-they had hooked you by your hand

-you were just too curious for your own good, reaching out to touch the shiny thing

-how unfortunate that you fell into their hands

-they throw you aboard, letting you flop like a fish, hand bleeding from their contraption

-you’re afraid, and Hanzo attempts to comfort you as Jesse sails you to your new home

-they transport you inside, throwing you into a bathtub to preserve you

-you don’t understand why they’re doing this to you... most humans were afraid to see something they didn’t understand

-but Hanzo and McCree saw opportunity in you 

-at first, they kept you out of curiosity, which then turned to love at your odd nature

-you captured their hearts in their bathtub

-eventually they buy you a tank, but it leaves you feeling stripped of your privacy and identity

-there’s no way they’ll let you back into the water, with your own people

-they much rather keep you to themselves

Chapter Text

Jack Morrison

-Jack is very... formal

-he’s someone you know, that’s for sure. he wouldn’t kidnap you with you being aware that he exists 

-however you guys meet, somehow he’ll spontaneously keep showing up in your life

-a night out at the bar? wow, Jack just happened to be here! going to the grocery store? Jack does his shopping here as well!

-honestly, you’ll probably end up dating him before his personality changes drastically

-you want to go out with your friends? you go out with them all the time

-have to stay late at work? well, Jack will be sure to send you at least 50 text messages asking you where you are

-you better let him know where you’re going... better yet, just allow him access to your location at all times

-when you try to leave, that’s when Jack technically kidnaps you

-your friends wonder where you are? you’ve fallen extremely ill and are extremely contagious. work is calling? you quit! Jack can take care of the both of you

-you don’t have to worry about anything, darling

Soldier 76

-Soldier doesn’t care for formalities

-you’re cute? seem pretty cool? well, hope you’re glad to meet your new husband

-he stalks you for a bit though... enough to where you notice something is off

-when it gets boring, though, he snatches you from life as you know it

-don’t worry about friends, work, school, whatever. you’re not going to get out of Soldier’s grasp in time to salvage any of that

-in comparison to his old self, don’t expect anything fancy

-you probably live in a little warehouse wherever Jack decides to stop

-but he makes sure that you’re at least okay at all times, he doesn’t really live to torture you

-unless you start getting a little bratty, that is

Chapter Text

“You disgust me.” 

You can only hold your hands in front of you, hoping it would stop him from coming any closer. 

“I take my eyes off of you for one second... and you try to leave?” He’s almost laughing. He’s manic, he’s insane. God, he is going to fucking kill you. “How am I supposed to trust you?”

Your hands are shaking as you hold them in the air, begging him to stay away from you. You can’t speak, as you are afraid of sobbing. Afraid of sounding weak

“Are you going to answer me?” He looks down at you, anger setting his eyes on fire. “Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

Your chin quivers, and you press your lips together. 

“Are you even sorry?” He takes a step towards you, causing you to flinch. “Of course you aren’t, you’re just like the rest.”

You pull your hands back to you, trying to read his expression. If you make it out of this day alive, you’ll be surprised. 

He removes his gloves, uncharacteristically throwing them onto the floor. “You are sick. So very sick. And I’m the only thing keeping you safe from a filthy, disgusting world.”

You can’t even cry as he grabs you. 

“I’m going to cure you, don’t you worry. You won’t ever try to leave this place again. You won’t ever leave me again.”

Chapter Text

You laugh.

You actually... laugh? Gabriel can’t help but give you a weird look. He doesn’t really mean to, he just can’t believe you actually found what he said... worth laughing at. 

“What?” You ask, smiling, still recovering from his joke.

He looks away. “Nothing.”


“It’s just...” he shakes his head. “It’s been some time since I last heard you laugh at something I said.” 

Your smile fades a bit, and you look away, too. The room fills with silence, air becoming awkward. 

“Yeah...” you sigh. “I think... I think I’m gonna get to bed.” 

Gabriel nods, watching as you walk off. He runs a hand through his hair, silently cursing at himself. He always ruined those kind of moments with you. He always had to say something

Over the next few days, you don’t really talk to him, only when you have to. And even then you’re pretty short. It frustrates Gabriel to no end, but he’s learned that being angry with you would solve nothing. 

But it all changes when you come into his room one night. (Technically it’s the living room since he lets you sleep in his bed but shh)

He’s still up, relaxing on the sofa, flicking through channels on TV. You sit beside him, silent. Gabriel isn’t sure if he should say something or not, trying to read your troubled expression. 

“I thought you’d be asleep,” he starts, glancing at you.

“I couldn’t,” you tell him, staring at the television screen. 

“I see.”

It’s silent for a few more moments, and then you do something Gabriel wasn’t expecting.

You break down in tears, harboring your face in your hands. Gabriel drops the TV remote, startled by your outburst. “What’s... what’s wrong?” He scoots over to you, not sure what to do.

“I’m sorry,” you sob. “I’m... I’m sorry.” You look over at him. “I just... I want things to go back to... how they used to be.” 

He scans your glassy eyes, concerned. “Oh, honey...” he holds his arms out to you.

It’s the first time you willingly accept his embrace. You cry into his arms, mumbling apologies and wishes. 

He whispers into your ear, “Everything’s fine, don’t cry... it’s okay. I’ve got you.”

You bury your face into his chest, your own arms wrapping around his torso. And you stay like this until you fall asleep. 

Gabriel could get used to this.

Chapter Text

You crawled across the tile floor.

You were out of it, not even noticing the trail of blood you were leaving behind you. You tore that IV out of you and tried to get the hell out of there. Little did you know, you didn’t have that much stamina in your legs. 

And now you were here, futilely pulling yourself across the floor. 

He’s watching on behind you. You don’t see him, don’t even notice he’s there. He won’t help you, he’ll let you tire yourself out first. Not that you had energy left, Overhaul left you in a room for weeks at a time with the only thing keeping you a live being a needle in your arm. The same needle that gave you an endless supply of drugs to keep your subdued. 

But apparently he needed to up the dose. Add that to the list of what he needed to be doing. 

Finally, you collapse completely. You arms aren’t strong to support you anymore, your entire body shaking in strain. It brings a smile to Kai’s face. You are utterly defeated. If all goes to plan, you’ll be depending on him for the rest of your life, especially if he plays his card right. 

You hear clapping behind you, and at first you think you’re hallucinating. You turn, and cringe as you see his form at the end of the hallway. He’s applauding you, gloves on, almost looking like he’s grinning under that mask of his. 

You turn back and try to crawl, but you don’t make it very far before your arms fail you. Your face crashes into the floor, and you know you’re done for. 

“You tried,” you hear him say behind you. “And that’s all that matters, right?”

You can hear his footsteps behind you, getting closer and closer. Fuck he’s going to kill you and if he doesn’t he’s going to give you a something worse than death.

“I am honestly… surprised that you made it this far.” He says, and you can feel his presence behind you. “But look at you… you can’t function without my assistance. So let me help you.”

You feel his hand at your shoulder, and adrenaline rushes through you. Oh well, if you’re going to die, you might as well die fighting.

You turn over, thrashing at him. He brings himself back, looking extremely annoyed. “I don’t like violence, angel.” He fights for your hands. “Please don’t make me do this.”

Your fighting spirit is robbed from you as he snatches your wrists, and you can feel strain from beneath your skin. You know how temperamental his Quirk is. Even with his gloves on, like now, he could cause serious damage.

He hauls you up onto your feet, and you whine in pain. Your ankles feel brittle, and you’re not sure if you can withstand having your entire weight on your feet. But don’t you worry, Kai will be dragging you back to your room most of the way. 

“I guess you can just never get enough, can you?” His voice is losing its cool, gaining the dangerous edge. “That dose wasn’t enough for you? It’s enough to put out a horse. Very picky, aren’t you?”

He opens the door to your room, revealing your discarded IV, blood and fluid strewn across the floor. You whimper as he pushes you over the bed, and you have no strength left to get yourself back up. 

“I was going to give you another dosage.” You feel him behind you. “But… I don’t want you to miss a thing I’m about to do to you.” 

You whimper as you feel his cock grinding against your ass. 

“But don’t worry, dear, this isn’t a punishment, it’s a lesson.” You hear the straps of his mask come undone. He throws it beside you on the bed, leaving you to stare at it. 

“All I do is give,” he exhales, exasperated. “I’ve given you everything you wanted, or could ever want. I love you, and this is how you thank me? You make a fucking mess and leave me to clean it up?”

Next, you hear the unbuckling of his belt, and you cry into the mattress.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” You scream, wanting him to just stop

I’m the only thing keeping you safe from a filthy, disgusting world.” He continues to rut against your body, letting out pent up sighs. “I cleaned you, for god’s sake! I cured you! I’ve done everything for you and more! You should be thanking me!”

You find the energy to thrash as he pulls your bottom half of clothing off, and presses his bare cock against you. You cry for him to stop, that you’re sorry, that you’ll do anything but just don’t

He presses into you, silencing you for a moment. It’s painful, uncomfortable. He sheathed himself inside you, relishing in your tightness. He removes his gloves, spitefully throwing them on your back. You continue to squirm and sob beneath him. 

“Shh,” he says, voice sounding almost amused. “This’ll make us closer, I promise. Just hold still.” 

He nearly slides out of you, just to thrust back in. You moan in pain with each one of his painful, dry strokes. He’s tearing you apart from the inside. 

His bare hands find your wrists, pulling them back. You cry out as he presses his thumbs into the underside of your wrists, right into your veins. 

“I could rip your veins from below your fucking skin if I wanted to,” he says to you, and you feel his cock grow harder inside you at the thought. “I could make you experience the worst pain in your life, if I wanted to.

But I’m nice, right?” His voice is in your ear. “I’m nice, yeah, I am. I keep you doped up on your medicine. I give you everything. Everything. So just… just listen to me.”

You wish he’d stop telling you this. You wish he’d just shut. up.

You continue to sob into the mattress as his pace becomes sloppy and frantic. 

“This…” he groans. “This is so much better… better than I ever could imagine. I guess keeping you alive was a good thing, after all.” 

Not that he ever cared about you being awake while having his way with you in the first place.

Chapter Text

-after having your piercings torn away from you (literally) you wonder what else he can possibly do to you

-but trust me, it can get so much worse

-and if you have tattoos, you’ll get to have that experience

-if your tattoos can’t be covered by your clothing or something... rip

-Hanzo is going to literally skin you

-he’ll just cut the area up, much rather seeing scars than such an abomination on your skin

-(even though it goes against his “traditional” values but... when has Hanzo ever really made sense?)

-now robbed of your piercings, tattoos, of your entire look, you aren’t very sure who you are anymore

-like this... you are exactly what Hanzo wants

-if you fall into a depression even big enough for this delusional Hanzo to see, he’ll give you one little gift


-he’ll buy you a makeup kit or whatever you want

-the only catch is that he wants you to keep it simple, he likes his lovers “natural”

-but if he steps out of the house for a second, you can do whatever you want, just make sure you have it all wiped off before he gets home

Chapter Text

-the fact that he has you like this… it’s embarrassing

-he dresses you up and… feeds you… and calls you all this weird shit

-it had been like this since he got to you, locking you inside your room

-which was… very cutesy with bright colors and stuffed animals

-but the only stuffed animal that works is one that looks pretty similar to one you had as a child

-and Jesse… quite the stalker, notices this

-”C’mere and give yer daddy a kiss”

-you refuse, disgusted

-”Do I have to punish ya, baby? Take away poor Mr… what did ya name it? Cuddles? Giggles?”

-he rips it from your hands

-”Hey, give it back!”

-”Oh, so ya like him?” McCree is smiling at you, teasing you

-like the whole… daddy thing wasn’t enough

-”Give it back!” You scream, frustration building

-”Gimme a kiss first, darlin’”

-for the sake of your only friend, you begrudgingly give him a little kiss

-from then on, whenever you say no to him it’s always

-”do it or I’m taking yer teddy bear away!”

-you always end up doing it, afraid of losing the only thing that meant something to you

-even if it ends up with you doing something that you might regret later

Chapter Text

-Gabriel tends to leave you alone when you’re going through one of your... episodes

-he learned the hard way that you just wanted to be by yourself when suffering these hallucinations

-you lock yourself away and scream for hours on end, leaving him to sit outside your door and just wish he could make it all go away

-but he didn’t really expect for you to come to him

-he’s actually sleeping when you creep into his room

-”G... Gabriel?” You call out in the darkness

-he turns on his lamp and sees you standing by his bed, eyes red with tears 

-quickly, he pulls you into his arms, asking what was wrong

-you start to explain, crying all the while

-”It was horrible!” You sob, hands finding themselves over your face

-Gabriel can only shush you, saying “It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m here, you’re safe.”

-in all honesty, he’s definitely going to use this to his advantage

-”you’re safe... you’re safe as long as you have me”

-and he conditions that into your pretty, little head until you believe it’s true

Chapter Text

It all happened so fast. 

Shots were fired, the police were coming, and Ashe had to get herself and the gang out of there. This was honestly... the last thing she expected. 

She swung open the door, and was startled to hear a loud cry. She looks down, seeing you on the floor, headphones in and phone in hand. You rub your head as you look up to see a woman in front of a bunch of henchmen. 

Oh... so this was the Deadlock Gang? You were dead for sure. 

“Watch... watch where you’re goin’!” Ashe yells out of habit, trying to cover up her stumble. 

You hold your hands up. “Please don’t kill me.”

You hadn’t even seen most of the crime, just the escape, but...

“You’re a witness!” She cries. “You’re comin’ with us.”

“Boss,” one of her henchmen speaks up.

“Tie ‘er up and let’s get outta here!” Red eyes glare back at her crew. 

You give little, meek protest as two men grab you by the elbows and begin to escort you alongside the woman. The next thing you know, you’re thrown into a back of the truck. And if it already wasn’t dark enough, they put a bag over your head. 

“So, what were your intentions of goin’ into that there bank, today?” Ashe questions you.

“Uh...” your head searches for her voice. “Just going to... withdraw some money.”

“For what?”

“Um... some food, I don’t know...”

Ashe crosses her arms, taking a better look at you. She begins to question her choices. You didn’t really see anything, and she was sure if they dumped you on the side of the road, you wouldn’t tell the cops a thing.

But she liked you. You didn’t put up a fight, and you were kind of... cute. 

“Well, I’ll make ya a deal.” She pulls the bag off of your head to stare into your eyes. “We can’t let you go after you saw that whole thing. So, in exchange for your life, you’ll join my gang. Does that sound fair?”

Chapter Text

-McCree couldn’t help but smile, a bit smug

-there you were on the couch, all by your lonesome

-you were wrapped in some blankets, because of the cold of course

-but McCree knows it’s more than that. come on… he stalked you for a while, remember?

-you stiffly toss and turn on the couch, struggling to find more warmth and just an ounce of comfort

-”you okay, darlin’?” he calls from the kitchen

-”just cold,” you answer, “can I get another blanket?”

-McCree saunters over, and he can’t even wipe the grin off his face

-”that’s an awful lot of blankets y’got there already, partner.”

-”i’m cold” you say again, not quite looking in his eyes

-”so y’need somethin’ to warm ya up? i got the perfect idea.”

-he basically jumps on you

-he somehow finds his way beneath all of your blankets as you moan in protest

-then his arms are around you, and they aren’t letting go

-you pout for a few minutes, but soon you settle into his warmth

-”still got them aches ‘nd pains, baby?”

-you don’t answer, purely out of the fact that you don’t want to give him the satisfaction

-”thought so” he chuckles

Chapter Text


Chapter Text

here’s a little playlist of songs that i listen to get i guess,, inspired for writing yandere work. not all of it is necessarily “yandere”, just darker sounding. but some of it is dark, so please be aware. hope you guys enjoy! might add to it as i go on. most of it is nine inch nails bc im edgy like that 

here is the spotify link:

here is a list of the songs on it in case you don’t use spotify

Nine Inch Nails




the becoming

i do not want this

big man with a gun 



in this twilight

the hand that feeds

everyday is exactly the same


vermilion & vermilion pt 2 (the inspiration for my usernames! :^))

She Wants Revenge

tear you apart


in bloom


heart shaped box

The Soft Moon


Chapter Text

-when Moira sees you’re gone, she’s not concerned in the slightest

-you’ll be coming back sooner or later

-meanwhile, you are stumbling through forest and hills, completely lost

-when you do stumble upon people, you hear them exchange words, and realize you don’t know a damn thing they’re saying

-you don’t even recognize the language, but you hope they can see someone like you in distress and help you

-but it turns out, the locals aren’t that friendly

-so you’re stumbling back through the woods, trying to remember which path you had taken

-after a day of traveling, you’ve found your way back

-Moira welcomes you back with some wine and breakfast, very smug in the fact that you’ve come crawling back to her

-you’re knocked out within minutes, leaving Moira to take you back down to the basement

-with all that time you gave her… she was able to make a few more adjustments on your restraints

Chapter Text

You don’t know how long it had been. 

You were weaving in and out of consciousness, being woken up each time to the feeling of a pounding inside of your pussy. It was the bane of your existence. 

The last thing you remember before ending up... like this, was Gabriel giving you a kiss on the forehead and saying he’d be back home from work soon.

Not soon enough.

This was practically torture! Orgasm after orgasm left your body wired and shaking. The machine was relentless, driving the dildo deeper and deeper inside. You were a whining and whimpering mess

And that’s how Gabriel found you.

All day... all he could think about was you. He could just picture you, tied up and left to the mercy of a machine. That’s what you get for being an omnic fucker. 

“You look so pretty,” he comments, leaning against the door frame of the basement.

Your head whips back wildly, tears having stuck your hair to the sides of your face. You’re gagged, so all he gets is a strangled, muffled string of moans from you. He grins, he loves seeing the look of pure anguish on your face. It suited you. 

He comes close enough to pull the gag from your mouth, which was soaking wet.

“Gabriel!” You choke out, eyes struggling to focus on him. “Please! Puh-please! St... stop it!”

Your hips shake, the machine going just as steady as it had when he left.

“Don’t you like it?” He teases you, running a finger over your bare back. You practically scream from his touch, so hypersensitive. “I thought you liked getting fucked by machines.”

“I’m... I’m sorry!” You shriek, body convulsing. “I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!” Your voice crumbles. 

“For what?” He laughs. “You can’t help what you like, princess.”

You sob, as his fingers playfully ghost your skin, trailing down and down...

“I’m sorry!” You scream again, and it’s all you can scream at this point. (And it’s also the only thing Gabe can pick out from your unintelligible mumbling)

His hand touches where the toy and you connect, collecting the sopping wetness on his fingers. “You seem to be liking this.” He reaches over to tweak the machine, putting it on a higher setting.

If it wasn’t drilling you before, it is now. 

You’re wailing, legs trembling as they are held in place by ropes. Gabriel smiles, loving just how responsive you were to his little machine. 

“Tell me...” he strolls over to look into your glazed over eyes. “Is a robot cock better than the real thing?”

You eyes roll back for a split second before coming back to him. “No!” You whimper. “No, no no no no no no no!”

He gives you a pitiful smile. “Tell that to Genji.”

Chapter Text

Of all the emotions you feel when he’s around you, the main one is annoyance.

And judging by frustrated sighs and angry looks, Hanzo is getting pretty annoyed, too. This could all be solved with him just letting you go, letting you live freely. But it was very unlikely Hanzo would ever let you go. He was too prideful. 

In addition, Hanzo is painfully stubborn. He never stops trying to give you quick kisses and lingering touches, even when you fight back. He just apologizes, but it never quite goes through his head. 

Perhaps it fuels his determination. You just wished he would leave you alone

You don’t like being difficult, but what else can you do when a lunatic practically kidnaps you? Snarky comments fall our from your mouth before you can stop them. Though, he always acts like he doesn’t hear you. 

That is until today. 

After a particularly… rude statement, Hanzo had you pinned. 

“I’ve been nothing but nice to you!” He’s in your face, staring straight into your eyes. “And all you do is complain!”

You swallow, trying to ignore the proximity of his body. “…sorry?”

Hanzo scoffs. “Very genuine,” he remarks. “As much as your attitude infuriates me, I still care about you. Perhaps I must teach you a lesson, a well deserved one, too.” 

You’re not sure if you can even say no to him at this point, after all of the complaining you’ve done. 

Chapter Text

Jack Morrison

-Jack gets it

-you’re mute, and it isn’t your fault

-but he just gets…

-so frustrated with you sometimes

-you can’t even say something to him?

-even though he knows of your medical issues and whatnot, he can’t help but be paranoid that you are just faking it so you don’t have to speak to him

-he finds himself… doing little things… just to see if he can get a noise out of you

-”accidentally” scaring you

-”accidentally” holding your hand too hard

-”accidentally” hurting you

-the most he gets is a little whine at best

-but it’s just not enough

-he should be able to fix you somehow!

-so expect some yelling, some… lowkey torture from him

-all to hear you say something

Gabriel Reyes

-Gabe is more understanding

-he tries his best to communicate with you and make you feel comfortable

-unfortunately, though, he has a similar mindset to Jack

-there has to be a way to fix you!

-he researches dozens of tips and tricks to help you

-but you know there is little to nothing you can do…

-plus, you don’t need to be “fixed”

-but Gabe is persistent

-it has to work! don’t you want to get better?

Chapter Text


He never expected it to end up like this.

He comes home, placing his hat on a chair and strolling inside. it’s oddly quiet, but Jesse is sure you must be asleep. 

He opens the door to your room, turning the lights on. The bed is made and looks untouched. McCree quirks a brow at this. You’d usually be asleep when he got home, so where could you be?

He checks the restroom, which looks tidy and clean, and you’re nowhere to be found. There’s something wrong… everything just looks so out of place, even if it’s all clean and orderly. 

He finds himself in front of the closet door, not being able to bring his hand to slide it open. He’s not sure what he’ll find. 

Slowly, he opens it, and is met with a noose staring him in the face. His eyes drift down to see you on the floor, curled up. Oddly calm, he crouches down to take your pulse, and sighs in relief when he feels you’re still alive. 

He carries you to bed, eyeing the bruises up and down your skin. He could be mean sometimes, yes, but… did you really think he hated you? That he hated you so much that you’d rather die? 

McCree doesn’t know where you got that rope from, but he rids all of it from the house. When you wake up, he knows he’s going to have a serious conversation with you about this. 

But before you do, he’s going to think about what’s wrong with him first.


He can hear you from behind the door.

He can easily break it down, but he’s kind of curious to see how far you’ll go with your breakdown. The same breakdown that was partially caused by him. 

Reaper doesn’t understand why you’re acting like this. He’s called you pathetic and wasteful several times before, among with other things, so why are you getting so hurt about it now? 

He knocks on the door lazily again. “C’mon… you know I’m just messing with you,” he says, monotone as ever. 

He’s not sure if you can hear him over all of your crying. 

Exhausted from your trivial, human emotions, Gabriel drifts off to find something better to do. Even from upstairs he can hear your wailing. 

He almost falls asleep before he hears a large crash and shatter. He stills, hearing the cries quieting down. Perhaps you broke something, and now that all of your anger is out, you’ll come out and fall asleep.

So he waits in silence for a few more minutes, listening hard for the door to open and to hear your body plop against the mattress. 

But all he hears is you hiss loudly, “Fuck!”

Reaper recognizes a cry of pain when he hears one. He’s turning into mist and getting down there as soon as he can. Even though he doesn’t particularly… treat you well, he doesn’t want you to…

He materializes before the door, fist knocking. He calls your name. “Are you okay? Open the door!”

He hears nothing from you, and he decides he can’t just wait for you.

Reaper turns into shadow, slipping under the door. He forms in front of you, seeing you in a pile of glass and blood on your arms. Quickly, he grabs your arms and tries to stop the bleeding.

Because if you die… there’s no second chance for you. 

Chapter Text

Sometimes, your mind wanders.

Your head is on Angela’s chest, hands wrapped around her. Behind you is Moira, who is hugging you, her longs arms reaching Angela’s hair to play with it. It’s silent, but not weirdly silent. Not like it had been before. 

But unfortunately, the quiet gave you time to think

You think of your life. You remember the days of commuting to work and school, the days of hanging out with friends and family, the days of being free.

Free to hurt yourself. Free to put yourself in danger. Free to be taken advantage of. 

Angela and Moira had taken care of that. 

In between them, you remember, you are safe. You push those thoughts--those intrusive thoughts away. They were wrong, all wrong. Your life before them... it was horrible. You had been stuck in a cycle, unhappy and restless.

But between them, the two women who loved you and would protect you with their lives... you knew where you belonged.

And that was between them. 

Chapter Text

hello everyone!

i just wanted to let you guys know i will be leaving for a vacation for about 2 weeks! but don’t worry, i am queuing a post a day while i am gone on tumblr, and will try to update this work n AO3 as often as i can. 

unfortunately, i’ll be unable to answer messages or any other requests sent during this period. but i’ll surely get to them when i’m back! thank you guys so much <3

Chapter Text

You shift uncomfortably beneath him.

His mouth is on your neck, hands groping your body. Your sobs have calmed down a bit, but when he touches a sensitive spot on your body you can’t help but cry a little louder. The pain of having mangled hands crushed under your back is nearly forgotten, as you can only think of what is to come. 

Jesse has been at this for what seems like forever. His tongue not leaving an inch of your neck dry, biting into you hard enough to break skin. His hands deliberately touching you, feeling every inch of your skin, and god you hate it. 

You can feel his cock hardening beneath his pants, rubbing against your inner thighs. He’s basically grinding into you, and you feel yourself on the verge of tears knowing what he’s going to do to you.

You can only hope he cums fast.

Once he’s satisfied with tasting your neck, he brings his lips back to yours. You know if you bite him, he’ll probably kill you, or perhaps do something much worse, so you don’t chance it. There’s no one coming to your rescue, anyway.

He moans into your mouth, sending shivers down your spine. You hate the way he feels above you, hate the way he tastes of whiskey and beer. You hate what he’s made you into, a helpless mess. Even if your hands could work, they were handcuffed behind you. There was not much you could do, just take it.

Finally, his hands leave you, but you cringe at the sound of his belt unbuckling. You cry a bit, tearing your lips away from him. Your turn your head aside, not wanting to look at him. But Jesse just goes on, kissing and licking at the side of your face. Disgusting.

He comes up again, and you can feel his spit and saliva drying on your cheek. The excess drips down your neck to join his other collection. You close your eyes, trying to ignore the sounds of his pants coming off and being thrown at the floor. 

When his hands seize the waistband of your shorts, you feel panic shoot through you. This was happening, this was really happening

“No, no, no!” You cry, beginning to struggle. “Please, Jesse, please, don’t!” 

He tears off your shorts along with your underwear, and you continue to sob and plea for him to stop. 

“Don’t be silly, baby.” You can barely see his image through your tears. “Imma take good care of you.”

Despite your kicking legs, he manages to pull them apart, wedging himself in between them. Your chest heaves as you twist and turn, ignoring the actual hell you’re putting your hands through. “No no no no no! Jesse, please! Jesse!”

Shh, honey,” he laughs, and you can feel his cock at your entrance. 

Please!” You sob. “I don’t-I don’t want…”

“Sweetheart,” he leans over to hold your face in his hand, “Nobody is askin’ you what you want.” 

He pushes in, and your body trembles with cries. Jesse laughs at your discomfort, giving you a slap on your ass. 

“Now, that’s better than I could’ve imagined.” He stills for a moment, closing his eyes. He lets out a long groan, barely rocking inside of you. 

You don’t scream as he stays motionless, only little sobs escaping your lips. It’s almost completely silent as he relishes in the feeling of being inside of you. 

He opens his eyes again, staring straight into yours. You’re not sure how but he feels harder, and he begins to thrust. Your screams are back on, echoing off the walls as he pounds you. 

“Don’t that feel good, darlin’?” He snarls, bringing his hips completely back before thrusting right back in. You scream, feeling him tearing you completely in half.

You’re exhausted, you suddenly notice. You’ve been crying for what must have been hours, and your eyelids are feeling puffy and heavy. You can feel your hands creaking with each stroke of his hips, burning in pain. Your hole is dry and it hurts, fuck it hurts. And your jaw just aches in memory of past beatings, and your vision has spots, and in between all of them you see his face.

Jesse doesn’t noticed you’ve passed out until he actually looks at your face. Your eyes are rolling behind their lids, lips parted to reveal teeth. Oh, you’re fucking out

He stops thrusting for a moment to give you a nice kiss. His tongue violates your mouth, scraping over your own tongue. He feels your teeth, the inside of your cheek, the roof of your mouth, and god do you taste good. And fuck you feel good around his dick, too. 

But in all honesty, it’s not as fun like this. He doesn’t like his sex completely silent. He wants you to enjoy yourself

And what’s the best way to wake someone up?

He gives you a little slap on the cheek, hips slowly rolling into you. “Honey?”

Jesse continues to pinch your cheek and slap it, waiting for you to wake. Your head lolls to the side and you moan, hole clenching around his throbbing cock. Jesse bites his lip as he gives you another “encouraging” pat on the cheek. 

“Baby, wake up… don’t want you to be missin’ out on all the fun.” He gives you a particularly hard thrust.

Your eyes open slowly, looking despaired. Fuck, that got him hard. You must have absolutely loathed this, right? That was cute. 

“Mornin’, sunshine,” he smiles, beginning another steady rhythm. 

Your eyes roll back and then try to focus on him, but end up spacing out. Little cries leave your mouth, but you look detached from the situation. 

“Did I break ya?” Jesse leans over to whisper in your ear. “I sure hope so. Maybe you’ll be a lil nicer this way.” 

Chapter Text

You didn’t know.

You didn’t know what she expected from you, what she wanted from you. It seemed like she had a permanent look of disgust when gazing upon you, and you didn’t know how to fix it. 

The first few weeks were the hardest. 

You cried and begged for her to let you go, to explain why she was doing this to you. This was where she got fed up with you the most, demanding that you just shut up and that if she knew you were going to be so bad she would have never taken you in. 

Huh. Taken you in?

She had taken your whole life away from you! She stole you from your friends, your family, from everything. And she just expected you to be okay with it?

But after you realized that whining wouldn’t get you anywhere, and if it did that would be six feet underground, you stopped. You just had to be smart, thinking of other ways to get what you wanted.

You tolerated her, and that Moira slightly less strict with you. Instead of confining you to a cage, you were allowed to wander the bedroom freely. Of course, all exits were locked, and Moira didn’t even try to hide the fact that she had cameras in the room. 

When Moira came home, she’d have dinner ready, forcing you to eat across from each other. It was odd and uncomfortable, watching as Moira gulped down glass of wine one after another. Then she would drag you back to the bedroom and fall asleep on you, much to your dismay. 

But this was your daily life, and you were just looking for an opportunity. 

After months of waiting for Moira to be ever so careless, it finally happened. She left the door open after taking you to bed, breath heavy with wine. You tried your best to be sneaky, tip toeing to the door. It was dark, and you could barely see down the hall. 

You looked back at her, knocked out on the mattress. You wondered what her life had been like before you, and what it would be like after you. You swallowed, looking back out into the hallway. Your hand wavered at the knob, trying to decide what was the best course of action. 

Her voice was slurred as she called out your name. “What are you doing?”

You smiled into the darkness, hand grasping at the knob. “Just closing the door.”

Chapter Text

It was subtle.

He remembered when he would come home, and you would scramble to hide. When he’d walk into a room, you would immediately tense and stop whatever it was you were doing. You jumped and flinched with each of his casual touches, and you kept the conversation minimal.

But it wasn’t like that anymore.

Of course, you weren’t jumping for joy when he arrived home. You would just look over at him and greet him with a simple “hey”. If you were reading, cooking, or doing whatever it was you could do, you would only stop what you were doing to acknowledge him. When he touched you, you would sometimes even lean into his touch. You actually spoke to him on your own accord.

It made him happy, unbelievably happy. He loved coming home to you, seeing you peeking around the corner to welcome his presence. He couldn’t wait to come to you, it was all he could think about.

He knew you both weren’t there yet. And he wasn’t going to push it, but he couldn’t wait for the day that he knew you were his. Totally and completely his

Chapter Text

Hanzo Shimada

-if anyone knows what unrequited love is like, it’s Hanzo

-because that’s exactly how he feels for you

-he feels for you, even if he doesn’t really want to admit it

-he can’t help but be enraged with the person who didn’t return your feelings

-you were perfect, so perfect, and somehow this person didn’t love you back? after all this time? 

-Hanzo tries to convince you of that

-”you deserve someone who loves you”

-and as much as you want to agree, you can’t because… that means you’d deserve him

Jack Morrison

-he tries to be understanding

-somehow this person didn’t return your feelings, which was their loss

-but in a way he’s kind of… mad at you for still being caught up on this person after all this time

-just move on! Jack loves you and would do anything for you, get over them!

-he doesn’t understand how hard it is to just… do something like that

-but he’s convinced if he can make you love him, you won’t ever have to face another unrequited love again

Chapter Text

Gabriel can’t help but eye the fort suspiciously. 

He can’t help but think it might be a trap. It’s his military mind taking over, but… this was you… your creation, it couldn’t be bad. You were just so… pure.

Pure enough to create a pillow fort. 

He smiles, finding his paranoid thoughts ridiculous now. 

He approaches, trying to push anxious feelings away. Gabriel pushes the blanket entrance aside, and he nearly coos aloud at the sight.

All this building must have tired you out, as you were asleep on cushions inside your architectural masterpiece. You looked so peaceful.

Gabriel manages to get his upper body inside the fort, his frame too large to fit his entire self inside. But that’s okay, he just wants to admire you for a moment. 

He feels like a school girl, staring so fondly at you. Heat was rushing to his face, and he wonders if there is a visible blush on his face. 

He’s so at peace, he somehow ends up dozing beside you. 

Chapter Text

McCree couldn’t help but smile.

The way you were going off on him was cute, in all honesty. You were just getting so angry, tears forming in those pretty eyes of yours. 

“Are you even listening?” You scream. “See, you don’t even care! You don’t even care about a single thing I say! You’re fucking weird and crazy and an absolute lunatic–”

“Hey, hey,” he brings his hands up, stepping carefully towards you.

You cross your arms, raising your brows at him. “What?”

“I just wanna say…” he looks into your eyes. “Can y’repeat that?”

God it is so funny to see smoke blow out of your ears. You’re fucking fuming and McCree is getting such a kick out of this. 

“I’m kiddin’, I’m kiddin’, hun,” he laughs. “Yer just s’cute when yer angry, y’know.”

You are getting more irritated by the second. “You are such an asshole!”

“I know, I know,” he chuckles, bringing his arms up. “C’mon, baby, let’s hug it out.”

You slap his arms away from you. “Don’t touch me!”

“Don’t be like that,” he drawls, grin etched into his face. “C’mon now.”

You struggle as he wraps strong arms around your entire body. You curse and try to kick at him, but McCree only takes you back to the couch, not letting go. 

“Don’t squirm too much, sweetheart,” he jokes. “Or y’just might be biting off more than y’can chew.” 

You immediately stop, but the expression of absolute hatred doesn’t leave your face.

“Trust me, honey, once y’accept it, it’ll get better. And I’m not lettin’ go of ya until you do.”

You refuse to enjoy this, this torture. You stare away stubbornly, hating the way his body felt against yours, how his arms clung to you like a child might cling to a stuffed animal. 

After about thirty minutes, you wonder if there really is a point in being mad. Maybe you should just give in, and everything will be better. 

“I have all day, honey,” he drawls. “Just relax.”

You begrudgingly try to lean against him, trying to relax as much as one can in the embrace of their captor. You can only hope that he wasn’t lying when he said he’d let you go once you relaxed. 

Oh, but little did you know, McCree had no intention of doing so.

Chapter Text

His strong arms are wrapped around you, and you know he won’t be letting go anytime soon. 

You can smell the alcohol on his breath even though he’s behind you. You watched him down bottles of modelo alcohol, laughing happily at everything little thing you said. He always found you funny, but you were especially funny to him when he was drunk. 

Now here you were, in his arms. 

“You’re soft,” he comments, hands fumbling to stroke your skin. 

“Thanks..?” You raise your brows, unsure of what the appropriate response to such a remark was.

“Mhmm,” he answers, big hands taking in all they could touch. Your skin tingles as his fingers reach closer to the waistband of your pants. You bite your lip, focusing on the way he feels pressed up against you.  

“You’re pretty,” he breathes in your ear. Even though he’s told you this dozens of times, it makes your face feel hot. 

His hand pulls up on your shirt, letting it expose your midriff. His big hands are gentle, caressing and creating goosebumps on your skin. 

You feel him shift behind you, his lips coming into contact with your neck. He leaves sloppy kisses in his wake. He moves up to your mouth, giving you a wet kiss.

“So cute,” he whispers, a dazed smile on his face. “I want you, baby…”

You can’t deny the way he makes you feel good, the way he touches and kisses you like you’re the only girl in the world. 

His hand reaches below the waistband of your pants, grabbing at your inner thigh. You gasp at the warmth, oh so close to your core. 

He continues to kiss at your face, grasping hard at your skin. You feel your body ache for his touch, from your head to your toes. 

“Gabriel…” you nearly moan his name. “Please.”

His breath is hot against your face, and he continues to grin like an idiot as his hand lets go of your thigh. He pushes your pants down, and leaves you to take them off. 

His fingers tease you through your panties, and you can already feel how damp you’ve become. His hips are lightly grinding into your back, cock hardening more and more. 

He groans into your ear, hand fidgeting between your thighs. You can’t take this anymore.

“Gabriel,” you turn to look at him. “Just… just fuck me.”

He looks into your eyes, an eyebrow raised in question.

“Please,” you add.

“Of course, baby.”

He pulls you onto your back on the bed. He removes his sweatpants and underwear, merely pulling aside your panties to get access to you. But you don’t care, you want him

He pushes in, and you wince a bit at your unpreparedness. He sinks all the way in, and your pussy clenches around him. He groans, and his hands reach for yours, intertwining them. Your legs are spread at either side of his hips. 

His hips are involuntarily twitching, rocking into you. But his desperate eyes gaze into you. “Can I…?”

The very look makes you undeniably wet, and you nod, at a loss for words. 

He thrusts, and you throw your head back at how deep he hits you. Gabriel keeps his thrusts as steady as possible, but his pace varies. You don’t really mind, you’re already so wrecked for him and all you want is him

A hand leaves yours to find your clit, messily rubbing in an effort to get you to cum. When intoxicated, he never lasted very long, but you appreciated his effort. 

“Mm, baby,” he groans, pace beginning to pick up. 

You feel your legs shake as he manages to reach deeper, making you press your lips together to muffle a moan. “Gabriel,” you whine, breathless.

“You got me, you got me,” he mumbles, face contorted in pleasure. “You got me so close.”

You can only whimper at the neediness in his voice, pushing you closer to the edge. “Make me cum,” you moan, and it’s the only thing on your mind. 

A final thrust pushes you, causing you to convulse around him. Gabe can’t keep himself together as he cums, spilling inside of your clenching hole. You twitch as you feel his cum, making you feel full. 

“I love you,” he slurs, still inside of you.

You smile, reaching up to brush a strand of hair from his face. “I love you, too, Gabriel.”

Chapter Text

All he can think about is you.

When he’s at work, he wonders what you’re doing. When he gets home, he wishes he could have you at his side. When he goes to bed, he’s unable to sleep because his thoughts are just plagued of you. What were you doing? Were you still up? Who were you with?

Fuck, even his dreams were full of you.

Some dreams were nice. He could hold your hand, listen to you say that you loved him. Others were horrible. You would die, run away, or be with someone else.

But most of his dreams as of late were of a very different topic. 

They made him wake up with some morning wood, to say the least. Some that he never had the time to beat out. He had to be to work early, and would always come home late. There was no time for… those kinds of desires.

But today was different.

He’d gotten off work early, able to take a nice, long shower and just relax.

But ever since he got home, he knew what he was most excited for.

Once everything was squared away, he reclined on his bed, letting his arms settle behind his head. Thoughts and… images of you weren’t very hard to conjure up. 

He could feel his cock twitching in his sweatpants, the outline becoming easier to see. 

He had pictures of you, some that he got from… Blackwatch sources, but he wanted to save those for later. He didn’t want to cum too soon, he didn’t want to waste this moment. He wanted it to last, to stretch it out for as long as he could.

His hand finds his cock through his pants, lightly gripping and palming himself. His chest aches as he wishes you were here, here to touch and feel him. God, he wanted you so bad. He wanted you more than anything. 

He pulled himself from his pants, already throbbing for more. He could only imagine how you’d feel around him, how you would sound as he fucked your brains out. He could only hope that his fantasy would become reality in time. 

He wrapped a firm hand around his cock. He was warm, heavy, hard. All for you, and you weren’t even here to see it. 

As much as he wanted this to last, he couldn’t help but reach into his pocket for his phone. He open his photos, going straight to his special album. 

There you were, every single picture he ever had of you. The ones of your face, the candid ones, the… more revealing ones. He had some agents monitor you as a person of interest, and he ordered photos on every single thing you did. 

It sure came in handy.

He scrolled through perfectly innocent photos of you. Photos of you unsuspecting that he might masturbate to them one day. Fuck…

Gabriel felt his eyes water as he came across the more… risque pictures of you. God you were… beautiful, hot, you were… fucking perfect. Gabriel longed for he just fucking absolutely wanted you. 

The mix of pleasure and absolute desperateness caused tears to fall. They hot and overwhelming in his eyes, just spilling out without giving him a chance to blink them back. His body began to heave as he stroked himself faster, the image of you blurred by his tears. 

Even though he said he’d take his time… he was too overcome with want to wait. He scrolled past a few more photos, barely being able to clearly see them. Before he knew it, he was cumming into his hand, imagining himself at the hands of you. Because all he wanted was you

If only you knew. 

Chapter Text

You thought this would be a one time thing.

You’d acted out, he punished you. You learned your lesson. It’s done. It should be done, right?

But no, Gabriel… Reaper has taken an interest in this… artwork

You squirmed as he pushed your head against the mattress. “Stay still.”

You rioted against him, struggling to get away. But that was pretty hard as he was straddling your hips, pulling your shirt up to reveal your back. 

You already had one, large heart carved into your skin from the last time. Reaper didn’t even bother to cover up, letting it bleed into several shirts before it began to close up. 

“I said, stay still.”

You felt his sharp claws at the nape of your neck. 

“One deep slice and I could probably paralyze you. Or who knows? Maybe worse, fuck you up for life.” 

You feel tears burn in your eyes. 

“Would you rather I give you some pretty marks? Or seriously hurt you? Your choice.”

You settle your head, humiliated as tears run down your cheeks. 

“That’s what I thought.”

You feel his claws scratch down to the unmarred skin of your back, tracing little hearts in, not quite cutting the skin. 

He hums. “I don’t think there’s enough room.”

Quickly, he flips you over, forcing you to stare at his mask. He rips open your shirt, much to your protest. 

“Shut up or I’ll put the next one on your face. You want that?”

You sigh, shutting your mouth.

He studies every patch of skin, trying to decipher which will make a good place. 

He settles on the area under your collarbone, close to your actual heart. 

He pushes his claw in, not deep enough to reach anything, but enough to leave a scar. He pulls through, carving a heart into you. You grit your teeth and throw your head back, hissing in pain. 

“Doesn’t that look good?” He asks, pleased with himself. “Maybe I’ll add a few more."

A few more is an understatement. He carves a few on your thighs, and naval. He carves one on your wrist, which was the one that caused you to scream the most. He ends it with a few small ones along your stomach.

“You look so pretty.” He comments, wiping the blood off of his claws and onto the dirty mattress. “Now you’ll always be reminded just how much I love you.”

Chapter Text

-Jack likes to think of himself… as morally good

-yeah, he kidnapped you or whatever, but that was necessary!

-but he didn’t expect himself to be so impulsive when he took you as a captive

-he just wanted to touch you

-be close to you

-but like any captive, you weren’t having it

-you fought him, pleaded with him to stop

-and morally good Jack didn’t want to listen to you cry and scream the entire time 

-but one day it all just snaps

-he feels like he can’t control himself, picking out the little things you do that are obviously teasing

-so he basically tackles you

-as usual, you tell him to get off of you

-but oh, honey, Jack just doesn’t care. not today, at least

-before you know it, he’s tying you down 

-he’s touching you, touching you everywhere

-his fingers are inside of you, reaching to hit all the right spots

-his opposite hand is at your naval, rubbing at your front to get you ever so close to the edge

-and once you’re crying, well, crying for a different reason this time, he stops

-you feel bad for being disappointed, your sex aching for orgasm

-he pulls completely away from you

-and he comes back, harder and faster than before

-again, he pulls away

-and it’s a never ending cycle until you are begging for him

-that’s what he likes to hear

Chapter Text


“C’mon,” you whine, pulling on his sleeve. “Please?”

“I said no,” he glares at you. “I don’t want pet hair all over my place.”

Our place.” You raise your eyebrows at him. 

A small pang of guilt hits Gabriel as he looks away from you. He did… well, kidnap you, and he wanted you to feel like this place was your home, too. 

You pull away from him to cross your arms, sitting up on the couch. “You’re on missions all the time! I’m always here… all by my lonesome.” You pout at him.

“I’m allergic.”

“Bullshit, Gabriel!” You roll your eyes. “You said you had a dog when you were younger! Why can’t we just get one? Or a cat? Cats aren’t as much work!”

He sighs, frustration building. “No.”

Gabe!” You groan, falling back on the couch. “I just hate… how quiet it is here… all alone… with no one… to protect me, like you.”

He crosses his own arms, trying to not to buy in. But a pit of anxiety begins to bloom. Were you scared when you were alone? What if something were to happen? 

The next day, Gabriel comes home with a nice, big dog. 

“Gabriel!” You squeal. “It’s a dog!”

He’s a bit annoyed that he gave into your complaining, but seeing the happy look on your face made it all worth it. Maybe he should get another dog? Or a cat?

Chapter Text

-where to start. where to start…

-McCree just loves your fighting spirit

-the way your fists pound against his chest, the way you struggle to push him off

-it makes it a lot more satisfying to see it crumble

-and when it does start to crumble, he likes to look into your eyes

-the way your eyes just shine in the light as scared tears start to run down your face

-he likes to wipe them up, stealing them away from you

-sobbing goes in hand with crying, and god does he love to hear you sob

-the way these cries just tear from your mouth, begging to be heard, he thinks it’s beautiful

-the way you beg for him to stop, to leave you alone… it never gets old

-you just love to tease him, don’t you?

-you just looks so afraid, so helpless, in need of a man to straighten you out

-and fuck, will he straighten you out

Chapter Text

ou didn’t know where you were.

On base? In another location? It gave you a headache to think about. Gabriel had told the others you were MIA, but he had you trapped in his own basement. How sick…

“I’m back,” he calls, just as he always does when he gets home. 

And you’re in the same spot as always, on the couch, eyes bloodshot from staring at the television all day. There wasn’t much to do in this prison. 

“Hey, I brought some takeout.” He approaches you. 

“We have takeout every day.” You say, eyes not moving from the news channel. 

“Well, if you want something different, you’re going to have to cook.” He rolls his eyes, going to the kitchen. “Come on.”

You drag yourself to the table, opening a Styrofoam box to reveal the same old takeout. Not that you particularly minded… it was just that you had this so often

It never got old to Gabriel, who was already digging into his plate. You merely pick at your food, staring off into space. 

“What are you thinking about?” He asks.

Your eyes focus on him. “Nothing really.”

He hums, taking another bite. “Well… I have a mission.”

You raise your brows, not even looking at him. 

“I’ll be gone for a couple of days.”

“Really?” You ask, tone as disinterested as ever. 


It’s silent again, the only thing to be heard is the television in the background.

You swallow. “What’s the mission?”


You bring your eyes to look at him, only to see him smiling.

“Kidding,” he laughs a bit. “It’s overseas. A Talon base is sparking some suspicious activity.”

The words can I go? come to your lips, but you push them back. You weren’t in his squad anymore, weren’t a soldier anymore. He would never let you, never let you out of this place. 

The small smile that had come to your features settles back, and you go back to playing with your food. “Fun.”

“You could say that.” 

The silence returns. 

Chapter Text

You flinch at his touch. 

“It’s over,” he whispers. “I need to clean.”

You shake as a wet rag dabs at your marred skin. He basically had skinned you, scraping your skin off for hours on end. 

Now he was here to take responsibility for the damage, at least. 

“Don’t be afraid,” he whispers. You can hear him wring the rag out only to dump it back into water. He continues to wipe at the blood that is staining your back. “I’ve rid of your impurity.”

You feel tears sting your eyes, and you bring your hands to your face to stop him from seeing you cry. He continues to clean up your wounds.

When he’s done, he rubs some “healing” oils onto your skin. His hands are gentle, very gentle compared to the way he roughly pried your skin from you earlier. It’s almost soothing, but the aching sting reminds you that he’s put you here. 

“Better,” he comments as he stands. “You need to rest now.”

He basically picks you up from your underarms, lugging you to he mattress. 

“It is very important that you air out your wounds,” he tells you, carefully positioning you on your stomach. “I’ll bandage you tomorrow, but tonight, we rest.”

Then he lays beside you, making you groan internally. After spending all this time with him, you just want to be alone with your pain. 

He strokes your hair, watching you carefully. “You were beautiful before, but even more so now… now that you have been cleansed.”

You keep your eyes closed, pretending to drift off to sleep.  You hope to dream of a world cleansed of him, but it’s unlikely.

Chapter Text

You never really thought you had a soulmate. 

The black and white that was the world never really bothered you. You never felt the need to know what color was. Everyone around you who was happily with their soulmate tried to urge you to find yours, saying that the colors were beautiful and you just had to see them. 

But you never felt much of anything. You had no want to meet your soulmate, see any colors, or really identify with anything. You were fine that way, just letting life come as it did, not trying to instigate a meeting with your soulmate.

When you meet him, you think if anyone was to be your soulmate, it was him, 

He has long hair, stubble, and just seems very… grey, even besides the monochrome world. You find him at a park, after you accidentally bump into him. He introduces himself– Aizawa Shouta. The first color you notice is the brown of his eyes and hair, which matches the bark of the trees and benches around you.

You both come to the realization at the same time, you two are… soulmates

And you both are pretty alike. Shouta never thought he’d have a soulmate, and that he never tried to seek them out. You both also found the same colors fascinating, especially red. You told him that when his Quirk activated, his eyes turned a red, and that’s when you decide it’s probably your favorite color. 

It’s not very long before you both move in together, being soulmates and all. He understands you better than anyone, and you find him more interesting than anyone. You both are a perfect pair!

But as you do the laundry, you begin to notice the hues of red in his clothes. It’s odd, and you aren’t sure if that color was intended or not. You don’t ask him about it, afraid of appearing over reactive. 

When he begins to ask that you quit your job, and just stay home all the time… you question yourself for being against the idea. Perhaps this is what all soulmates did? He was supposed to know you better than anyone else… so he had to be making the right decision.

Surprisingly, Shouta makes enough to keep you both living comfortably. He never tells you exactly what he does to keep you both afloat, he just says he uses his Quirk for agencies. You wonder if he’s trying to keep his profile low as hero, so you never press further. And he’s always gone at night, so it’s not like any time is being taken from the two of you.

One evening, while he’s at work, you go out with some friends. You return back to that park that you met him at, and find yourself reminiscing the time you met your soulmate, the ever lovable Shouta. 

 As you remember fond times, a fight breaks out between nearby heroes and villains. The park is swarmed by police and heroes, attempting to usher civilians out of the fray. Unfortunately, yourself and your friends don’t get the memo quick enough, and the fight reaches the park. 

Heroes and Villains alike destroy property, scattering debris everywhere. You soon find yourself separated from your party, wandering in the middle of this showdown. You get blown aside by a Hero’s Quirk, finding yourself on the ground.

You look around wildly, trying to find anyone who could help you find your way out of this debacle. You wipe at the blood that drips down your face from scraping against the ground. If only any of these heroes could help you. 

He calls out your name, and you turn, dazed and scared. 

He looks like your Shouta, hair long and eyes red. But what is he doing here? Isn’t he at work? “Shouta?” You croak, voice small. 

He rushes to your side, helping you onto your feet. “What are you doing here?” He questions. Perhaps he read your mind, can soulmates do that?

You can’t find the words as his gaze locks onto something behind you, eyes beginning to glow and hair raising above his head. You turn, seeing a hero in mid throw of a punch behind you. They fall short, collapsing to the floor.

“Shouta!” You gasp, and turn back to him. “What’s going on?”

He lets go of you, and you notice the cloth floating around his figure. It seizes the hero and throws them as far as he can throw. You only watch in confusion.

“Why couldn’t you just stay home?” He turns to you, eyes brown and bloodshot. “Why did you come here?”

You aren’t sure if he’s asking about now or before. But perhaps you should have been like everyone else, searching for a soulmate in all of the wrong places. 

Chapter Text


-he tries not to let it get to him

-it’s not an awful quality to have, especially given for the situation you’re in

-but McCree is an… action speaks louder than words kind of man

-and you do very little of either

-McCree does something nice for you? “thx”

-McCree says something a bit offensive to you? “k”

-McCree does some rather questionable things to you? “read at 11:52 pm”

-it’s like talking to a doll! a robot doll!

-he sometimes wishes for more reactions from you other than your… bland demeanor

-but he knows he needs to be careful what he wishes for


-Hanzo is more vocal about it

-”are you mad at me? why won’t you talk to me? is something wrong?”

-he is extremely paranoid about it

-do you not like your new room?? the food he’s serving you? what is it????

-the only thing he won’t admit to himself is that it is himself who is the problem

-he tries everything to get you to talk

-Hanzo mentions your favorite subjects, brings up the news, your friends, family, anything and everything

-but you still stare at him like he’s said nothing at all

Chapter Text

-Hanzo took you on a whim, you looked like you might make a good spouse

-but then you start… giving him some angry gestures

-the man doesn’t even know your name, so of course he’s not very keen on this whole sign language thing

-he’d be willing to learn some sign language, but would be very minimal on his own usage of it

-so let’s hope you can read lips

-especially if you’re very bratty at the beginning of your “marriage”

-but if you guys fall into a normal routine, Hanzo picks up some signing from you and uses it quite often

-Hanzo has money stashed away somewhere, he’s the heir to a whole clan??

-he buys you very expensive hearing aids

-if you use them, he’ll be delighted that you can finally hear your husband when he speaks to you

-if you refuse… 

-he’s going to be mad… mad enough to rob you of one of your other remaining senses

Chapter Text

Hanzo thinks you are absolutely sinful

-and if that makes him a sinner… so be it

-your body, your figure… it’s intoxicating

-you make him constantly horny in all honesty

-he’s never been this way for anyone

-and you even live to do this to him

-wearing lingerie around the house, walking like you know what you’re doing to him

-he can’t focus on a simple task with you around, feeling all the blood in his head rushing somewhere else ;)

-just be careful around him, he’s not afraid to pin you down to the nearest surface and punish you for being a bad boy

Chapter Text

-Baptiste will admit… he’s pretty paranoid. 

-especially when it comes to you

-he’s seen the evils of the world first hand

-the people who will do anything for power

-the people who will do anything for five seconds of pleasure

-and he’s not going to let those people hurt you

-if he doesn’t keep you safe, who will?

-a lunatic who doesn’t know how to protect you? not on his watch

-he kinda kidnaps you, but trust him, it’s for your own good!

-it’s not really even kidnapping, well, in his eyes at least

-consider it like a witness protection program

-he’s like your personal bodyguard

-and there is nowhere safer than his arms

Chapter Text


-there’s no question what Reaper would do

-you turn into some feral freak… electric chair

-just kidding, he’s probably going to tie you up and throw you in a closet or something

-if he can’t have you being normal, he’s going to strive to break you beyond repair

-you seriously annoy him when you scream and cry for hours, so he sometimes gags you

-you try to bite his claws… and Reaper is disgusted with you, in all honesty

-once you tire yourself out, settling down, Reaper begins his plan to turn you into a compliant, catatonic captive

-he enjoys the peace and quiet better, he wanted a “lover”, after all

-not a child


-he thinks it’s funny

-you’re gonna act like some sort of animal? well, he’s going to treat you like one

-goes out of his way to buy you a cage and somehow shove you in there, leaving you to throw yourself at the bars and scream at him

-after the… initial amusement, concern settles in

-you don’t seem to be acting, you seem genuinely batshit

-you kind of scare him, and he’s not very sure what to do

-if you cause him some problems, he’s not beyond just putting a bullet in your head

Chapter Text

-I feel like the bad cop good cop routine can switch between these two

-but I feel like it’s mainly McCree that you step on the toes of

-you defy him, talk back to him, and are blatantly disrespectful to him

-he threatens to punish you, ranging from a slap on the wrist to something more… traumatizing

-you simply go to Ashe, crying that she protect you from the big, bad McCree

-Ashe loves to protect you, but she also loves to argue and piss off Jesse more

-she refuses to let him do any of those awful things to you

-McCree grumbles and walks away to find a drink, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to convince Ashe to let him have a go at you

-but when this turned around… there is hell to pay

-if you manage to get Ashe to that level, there is no escape for you

-you run to Jesse, begging for him to save you from Ashe 

-but Jesse likes to see you punished more than she does

-so just pray you never cross Ashe… it’s her way, right? 

Chapter Text

At first, it was unsettling.

The windows let you see out onto beautiful beaches, vast forests, just… anything you’d like to see. Each day the views would alternate, from grassy plains to enormous mountains, giving you the illusion that you were in a place that you most definitely were not. 

You had walked into the home of a bustling city, but he had made it so you could never hear as much as a car honk from outside the window. You had to admit, Quentin was good at what he did. 

The catch to a perfect home? You weren’t allowed to leave, or let anyone (except Quentin, of course) in. It was his home after all. Correction, he would say, This is your home just as much as it is mine, honey. 

Your home. Right.

After accepting that there was no way to get out of this, you actually enjoyed your time in “your” home. There wasn’t much you could want, Quentin provided you with anything that came to your mind. You didn’t even have to tell him, it would simply appear in the home the next day. 

The one thing he must have known he couldn’t give you was freedom, because you never awoke with a key to the outside world. 

“I think I might be going stir crazy,” you joke to him one night. “I’m ready for a vacation.”

Although he had laughed at your “joke”, you should have known Quentin would take it a bit more seriously than you intended. 

Within the next few days, he’s packing your bags and giving you pamphlets to vacation spots. The beach? Hawaii? The coast? Maybe a getaway to the mountains? Like Yosemite? 

“It’s your pick,” he tells you, grinning widely. 

Whichever you end up picking, giddy at the thought of getting out of this illusion, ends up being… an illusion. Surprise!

You’re confined to a small space, a little home and not very much land to roam. Better yet, Quentin is using his vacation time to spend it all with you. 

Good luck. 

Chapter Text

-Mercy just might be the definition of patient

-you cower away from her, and she just pulls back, not wanting to push you too far

-you yell at her, and she gives you some space (mostly to cry alone because she hates when you raise your voice at her)

-hell, you spit in her face when she’s feeding you (by hand, by the way), and she just smiles

-but one person can only take so. much.

-nothing is getting better. you just continue to disrespect her

-after… everything she does for you. don’t you realize just how much she loves you? 

-mercy being a doctor and whatnot, has an endless supply to drugs and meds

-if you continue to test her patience, she’ll just slip a little something in your food

-you’re a bit sluggish, not able to really conjure up any words to yell at her

-you don’t have the energy to push her away

-and you sure as hell can’t spit in her face

-she gets to cuddle with you like she’s always wanted

-when the drugs wear off, you are livid

-and Angela starts to realize… she likes you a bit better when you’re high

-so… she manages to force a pill down your throat

-and when you wake up, there’s a needle in your arm and you can barely move

-don’t fret, though, Dr. Ziegler is the best doctor you could ask for

Chapter Text


-i think Tracer leans towards a more delusional side

-what do you mean you don’t feel the same way? what do you mean you don’t love her?

-you have to have feelings for her, you smiled at her the other day! you lent her a pen! you said you liked her jacket! 

-she can’t understand the fact that you are not interested

-there has to be someone else, or something in the way

-she latches onto the closest thing to you and tears it to shreds

-she might be delusional, but she isn’t stupid

-you just need some motivation 

-and as expected, you’ll fall right into her arms as everything your life just happens to go oh so wrong


-very protective

-Dva tries not to be overbearing on you, but she can’t help it

-constantly checking up on you

-”have you eaten? do you need some water? how are you feeling?”

-when you talk to others, she obviously gets very tense

-Dva just might be a tad possessive too

-”who is this? how do you know them? where did you guys meet?”

-Dva is your friend, so you just regard this as her normal friend behavior

-she tries to acts nice, but it is so obvious (to everyone but you, of course) that she would let no one get in between herself and you

-you want to go out with a group of friends? it’s movie night, just you and her! 

-you have to go visit family? well, your family is her family, she’ll surely join!

-you… you want to move out? but… what if something happens to you??

-Dva won’t be letting go of you so easily, to say the least

Chapter Text

Talon’s Pet

-okay, this is probably very unlikely but i feel like Talon would treat you better

-like,, Talon is more likely to have an actual pet, so they wouldn’t be extremely secretive about having one 

-there isn’t as many people that get to have control of you 

-of course you have to be under the jurisdiction of Reaper, who is probably one of the worst of your “owners”

-also Moira would be pretty bad, she’d probably experiment on you

-Sombra just teases you a lot, but she isn’t too bad

-Amelie just likes to spend time with you, usually in complete silence 

-Sombra and Amelie are probably the ones who take the most care of you

-Amelie might be a cold, emotionless sniper, but she understands the importance of your presence

-and Sombra isn’t completely evil, she doesn’t want to watch you die and suffer

-Moira and Reaper… well that’s another story

Overwatch’s Pet

-no one would suspect that Overwatch would have a pet

-which is why you are really treated like a pet

-they keep you concealed to a room, alone with only the bare minimum of what you need to live

-depending on who comes to see you on a given day, they might give you some extra stuff like snacks and gifts

-there are so many of them, you can barely keep up with it all

-especially with the way some of them treat you

-you are used repeatedly as an outlet to failed missions and excess energy

-in all honesty, you’d be better testing your luck at Talon 

Chapter Text


-is the type of guy to bend over to listen to you talk

-he honestly can’t take you seriously when you’re mad… you’re just so small 

-doesn’t particularly use it to his advantage as much as the others


-he pretends that he can’t hear you from “up here”

-(maybe he can’t actually hear you he’s an old man)

-likes your height because it makes it easier to just throw you over his shoulder and take wherever he pleases


-the BIGGEST asshole about, the kind of guy to lean his elbow on you because of your height

-regularly places common objects in high places, just to mess with you

-”oh, y’need help, there? i wonder how that got there…”

-Jesse is just the biggest prick. period. 

Chapter Text


for Overwatch, i’ll write for these characters since i am more familiar with them than the others (i have only played overwatch once in my life oops). if i learn more about other heroes, i will add them to the list!








-Soldier 76









-all characters! (mcu)

Boku no Hero Academia:

-all characters! (in anime and manga)


-all characters! (in anime)

Stranger Things

-all 18+ characters!

Chapter Text

“Let me go.”

“You know I can’t do that,” she tells you, gazing at you sadly through the cage she’s trapped you in. 

You groan, throwing your head back. “What do you want from me, Mercy?” 

She fumbles with her hands, not quite looking at you. “I… I want to help you.”

“Quite the savior,” you laugh. 

“I know you can be good!” She looks up, eyes bright and hopeful. “You just need help!”

You and Mercy had been quarreling for quite some time. It was mostly you instigating these incidents, you had to admit. You’d play tricks on her, leading her to bad situations. She always forgave you, since that was her way, or whatever. 

But this? This was ridiculous. 

“So you’re going to help me?” You raise your brows at her.

She nods, timid. 

You can’t help but feel pity bubble in your non-existent heart. She looks so distraught, genuinely wanting to help you. No one has ever treated you this way before, especially someone you have wronged. 

You find it harder to be good than you thought it would be, mischief is in your nature, after all. Mercy is a patient teacher, telling you all the things angels can’t do. 

You figure out pretty quickly that the life of an angel is boring. But Mercy is not. Maybe with a little conniving spirit, you can convince Mercy to walk on the wild side. She doesn’t seem that hard to influence. 

Chapter Text

There’s something wrong. 

Jack can see it in the way you look at him. He feels it in the air when you leave the room he’s just entered. He can just hear it in your voice. There’s a rift between you and him, and Jack doesn’t know what he can do to fix it. 

He begins to think in the silence you leave him in. What could he possibly do to get you back in his arms? 

And there is only one conclusion. There is nothing that brings two people together like a baby.

So when he manages to get himself in the same room as you one day, he makes sure you’re really listening. 

“We need to talk.” Surprisingly, you’re the one who says it.

“We do,” he answers.

“Uh…” you look away, scratching at the back of your neck. “You… you can go first.”

“Well…” he straightens up, sitting across from you on the mattress. “Lately, I’ve seen that you’ve been distant… that things aren’t the same as they were before.”

You nod along to his words, fingers fidgeting in your lap. 

“And… I was thinking… if you’re not happy…”

You look almost hopeful at his words.

“Something that will make you… you and me happy… is a baby.”

Your face drops. “Jack.”

He’s suddenly nervous. Was this a stupid idea? He raises his brows to you in response. 

“I… I’m leaving.”

It’s his turned to be shocked. “What?”

“I can’t…” tears fill your eyes, and you curse as you wipe at them. “I can’t live like this anymore. You’re barely home, and… and we’re moving all the time. And… to raise a baby like this? There’s no way…” 

He’s silent for a moment, trying to process what you’re saying.

“A baby would… would bring us together. I thought you would be happy.”

You shift uncomfortably. “Maybe in a different time but… I’m already packing. I can’t stay here anymore, Jack. I’m sorry.”

A desperate feeling washes over him, clawing out through his throat and out of his mouth. “No,” he says. “No, you can’t go.”

You begin to cry more. “I’m sorry.”

Jack knows it’s his words that are coming out of his mouth, but he can’t help but feel like someone else is speaking them. “You don’t… you don’t even know! Just… stay. We’ll have a baby, and everything will be fine!”

“No, Jack.” You wipe away tears, trying to steady your voice. “I’m leaving. It’s final.”

“You’re not leaving.”

Suddenly he’s pinning you down to the bed, unfocused eyes trying to take every detail of your face in. “Jack!” You gasp.

“Just let me give a baby to you and… and you’ll see just how happy we can be together, okay?” He’s absolutely delusional at this point, but he’ll do anything to get you to stay. He can’t lose you, he can’t

“No, Jack!” You try to push him off, but this man is stronger than you. He grabs your wrists, holding them down as he forces his mouth against yours. You cringe as you feel his stubble scraping against your face. 

He pulls back and presses heated kisses to your jaw and neck. “Stop!” You cry, confused and fearful. “Jack, stop!” 

He doesn’t listen as he uses his grasp on your wrists to grab at your jacket, ripping it off of you. You try to fight, but he quickly strips your of your shirt. He then moves to work on your pants. 

“Jack, what the hell are you doing?” You try to kick at him. “Get off of me!”

“You’ll see,” he tells you, managing to unbutton your pants. Then he’s dragging them down your struggling legs. 

Once those are off, he grabs at your hips to turn you on your stomach, He doesn’t waste any time in pushing the cloth off your underwear covering your heat and shoving fingers inside of you. You cry out, not wet in the slightest.

“Tight,” he comments. “Perfect.”

“Stop!” You try to struggle, kicking your legs around. You only stop when you feel your knee brush against the bulge in his pants. He’s really doing this. 

“Jack,” your voice turns desperate, like his once was. “Don’t do this, please. I… I’ll come back, I won’t leave, I promise. Just… please don’t do this to me, please.”

“You’ll thank me later, sweetheart.” He takes his fingers out of you to examine, whispering a little “good enough.”

You feel your body begin to heave with sobs as you hear his belt unbuckle and his pants come off. You can’t stop the pleads that leave you mouth, begging him to stop, that you’d do anything but just not this. 

He slides into you, and you feel as if the breath is knocked out of you. He sheathes himself as far as he can go, stretching you painfully. Your hands scramble, trying to find something to hold onto, settling on his shoulders. You teeth are clenched as you cry through them.

He begins to move, bringing his hips all the way back just to sink back in. His pace is slow, but he’s hitting you harder and deeper than you could ever imagine. Your loud sobs diminish, throat raw from your screams. 

You can feel him pushing into your womb, eager to fill you. You close your eyes, trying not to imagine yourself pregnant with his child. How could he be so delusional to think that would bring you back to him? 

A yelp falls from your lips as he delivers an extremely hard thrust into you. You lips tremble, and you try to hold back the tears as his pace picks up. His hands seize your hips, giving him leverage into pounding you. He’s getting sloppy, nearing his end.

“Jack,” you choke out. This is your last chance. “Don’t.”

“Don’t what, baby?” His voice is gravelly, and you can feel his breath hit your face. 

“I don’t…” you struggle to catch your breath, struggle to see Jack through your tears. “Please, no…” You can’t get a coherent sentence out, too overwhelmed… all by him.

You feel a hand leave your body to come lay at your cheek. His rough fingers wipe your tears away. “Don’t cry, honey… it’ll be okay.” His voice shakes. “Fuck.”

Panic rises, and you begin your last effort to stop him. “No no no no no no no,” you mumble, spit and drool leaving your mouth. “I don’t want it, I don’t…”

He must have gotten annoyed by you, grabbing your jaw in his hand to stare you in your teary eyes. “I’m giving you my cum whether you like it or not,.” His hips stutter, and then he stills. “We’re going to be a family.” 

Chapter Text

“Aren’t you just the cutest?”

You look up at her, mid chew of the biscuit she had given you. You didn’t know who was cooking these, Ashe or maybe even Bob, but you wanted to thank them for always delivering you a good meal. 

“Did you make these?”

“Mhm, honeybean. Y’like ‘em?” She smiles, watching you with a loving gaze.

“They’re so good.” You take a drink of your water, washing down the biscuit. 

“Why, thank you.” She leans her face on her hand, simply just staring at you. 

You shift uncomfortably under her gaze, then glancing at the plate full of biscuits. 

“You want another one?” She leans forward.

“Uh… sure.”

She grabs one from the plate and holds it in front of your mouth. You can only feel heat rush to your face, not sure of what she wanted. 

“Well–” she raises her brows, “–take a bite, then.”

You part you lips, allowing you teeth to tear the bread apart. You chew, having an awkward stare down with Ashe. Her crimson eyes watch every move of your jaw, and you find yourself nearly choking on the rest of the biscuit. 

“That was good,” you cough, putting a hand over your stomach. “Thank you, Ashe. May I be excused?”

Excused?” She leans back in her chair. “Honey, we haven’t even gotten to the main course yet.”

Chapter Text

It had felt like an eternity without you. 

You’d escaped all that time ago, leaving Lena to her own devices. She had no clue where you were, and it didn’t seem like you told anyone or filed any reports of her. You were laying low, just as she was doing these days. 

But today was not one of those days.

Lena was walking through the city, not very sure of where she was going. It was a nice day, she just wanted to enjoy the weather. Or perhaps fate was planning more than that for her...

She just remembers something being thrown over her face before it gets a bit fuzzy. 

When she wakes, she’s in a small bedroom. It looks pretty cozy, and she can’t exactly remember how she got here. Lena sits up, feeling a throbbing in her head. Did she drink last night? Did someone take her home? 

She goes to the nearby vanity, checking her appearance in the mirror. She loos awfully pale, and... and...

Her synchronizer is blinking abnormally. Lena taps it, but it continues to blink. Is something wrong? She tries to use it, but finds herself unbalanced and on the floor within seconds. What the hell?

Hello, Lena.”

Is she in heaven? Is that...

“(Name)?” She calls out to you, looking around wildly. 

You only laugh, and it’s like she can hear you in her head. “Come find me.”

Quickly, Lena heads for the only door in the room, swinging it open. 

She steps out into the room, only to find herself falling. Lena attempts to use her synchronizer, forgetting that’s it not working, and finds herself back at the top, but falling again. There’s no way out, she’d only be stuck in a loop. 

Lena hits the floor harshly, the side of her body feeling bruised. She gets up, realizing she’s in a tank of some sort. The top is closed off now, and she suspects that the tube at the bottom is going to supply water. 

Tracer is quick to rip off her jacket and shove it into the tube, stopping her untimely drowning. 

Quite fast, Lena. You haven’t lost that.”

“Hey,” she yells, out of breath. “We can talk this out. Just... let me see you.”

You’ll be seeing me soon enough, Lena.” Your voice echoes in the chamber. “In hell.”

Water begins to fall from the top of the tank, through the slide that had dropped her in here. “Seriously?” Lena whines. “How am I supposed to get out of here?”

The remote is hidden in here, Lena. Just use that brain of yours to find it.”

Lena grumbles, sloshing around in the chamber as the water level grew higher. The walls were bare, there was nowhere a remote could be hiding. 

As the water reaches her rib cage, Lena watches as her jacket floats to the top of the water. What if it was planted...?

Lena checks all of the pockets. Nothing. Her own pockets. Nothing.

As the water reaches below her neck, eyes glance down to the tube. Could it...?

Lena takes a large breath before diving under, swimming to the tube that she had once assumed would deliver water into this cage. She blindly sticks her hand in, reaching around until she finds the remote.

But once she gets her hold on it, she feels a blade slice the skin of her hand. And then another. And another. 

She pulls her hand back, the remote floating to the top of the tank. Bloody water begins to filter through, and Lena swims to the top, not much room left for her to get air. Her vision is blurry, and she blinks heavily to find the remote. 

When she manages to grab it, she mashes the buttons, hoping it would get her out of this. A door opens, letting all the water drain out, taking Lena with it. 

She falls onto the floor, spluttering for air. In front of her, is a mask, and chains.

Put them on.”

“Can we just... talk about this?” Lena yells up to the ceiling.

I said, put them on, Lena.”

Lena ties the chains around her tattered wrists as instructed, then manages to put the mask on. Everything is blacked out, and she suddenly notices the throbbing in her hands a lot more. 

Now, find your way back to me.”

Lena steps forward, blindly trying to feel anything. She finds the wall, but hisses as it burns her cut hands. “Love...” she says to the darkness. “This isn’t funny.”

No response.

Lena manages to reach another wall, bound hands groping the wall. She finds a knob, and yanks it open. Thinking she’s found freedom, she steps forward,only to feel something grasp at her leg.

It’s sharp and strong, clamping on Lena. She cries out, trying to phase out of there, but her synchronizer can’t save her, and she’s writing on the floor before she knows it. “What the hell?” She sobs. “What is this?” She reaches for her leg, feeling rusty metal sunken into the skin of her shin. 

“Is this... is this a bear trap?” 

She tries to crawl forward, but the trap is keeping her in place. It must be chained to somewhere. “Do I have to take this off myself, then?”

Restrained hands reach for the teeth, attempting to pull them apart. They’re strong, unwilling to come undone for her. “Please!” Lena screams. “Help me! Someone, anyone!”


Lena tries again, managing to pry them apart for a split second. She pulls her leg out of there, and hears the trap come back together. She can feel the blood oozing from her wounds. 

Take your mask off, Lena.”

She doesn’t waste time in throwing the thing off. She gazes at the trap, bloody and tied to a post. Begrudgingly, she brings her eyes to her leg, which is bent and dyed in crimson. 

The key to your last test is right in front of you.” 

Lena looks up, seeing the key on a platform. But of course, above that platform is a piece of metal, surely for cutting her arm off or something. 

“No.” She shakes her head. “No way. Please.”

You want to see me, don’t you?”

Lena grits her teeth, feeling hot tears escape her eyes. A thought entered her mind. When she got to you... she would repay you for all that you’d done to her.

“Yeah... yeah.” She breathes, getting up to get that key and get to you

Her hands are still tied together, but she doesn’t care. She is going to get this key, even if it kills her. She reaches out, and the compressor does nothing. 

The moment her hand reaches the key, it comes down. Lena tries to use all of her strength to push it back up, but this machine is stronger. Her bones creak beneath her skin, but she keeps her grip tight on that key. 

She shrieks as she feels a bone pop in one of her wrists, her forearm burning in pain. Lena pulls back, key in hand, arms distorted. She looks at the door, the last door, and somehow brings the key to unlock it.

She opens the door, and sees what she has missed all this time.


“How did it feel?” You ask. 

She tries to catch her breath.

“Not fun, right?”

This was too easy.

You smile, crouching down to be level with her. 

“Guess what, Trace? You passed the test. You’re my captive, now.”

Chapter Text


He gives you a glare.

“Sorry,” you sigh, “Jack.”

“Yes?” He leans forward at your bedside, taking your hand in his.

You want to cringe at the contact, but you know it will get you nowhere. As a soldier, you’ve been taught on what to do in hostage situations, which was exactly what you were in. 

“Can I just…” you look at the door, that you had hadn’t been outside since you’d gotten here. “Stretch my legs?”

He doesn’t say anything, and you feel desperate.

“Just… for a minute, please. I need some fresh air, Com-… Jack. Please.”

“You know I can’t do that,” his voice is low. “You’re sick.”

You wanted to scream at him. You weren’t sick, not in the slightest. Him and Angela were just delusional and wanted to keep you in this godforsaken room!

Speak of the devil angel, Mercy walks in, carrying a plate of food. “For our little patient,” she smiles, eyes closed. 

“I’m not very hungry.” You say, a bit bitter. You can’t trust anything they serve you, as the last few times have ended up with you knocked out cold. 

“You need to eat,” Angela says, placing the plate on your lap. “You are very sick.”

Without warning, you pick up the plate and throw it on the floor. “I said, I’m not hungry! Just leave me alone!” You scream, fed up with this treatment. 

As usual, Angela’s eyes become glossy with tears. Her hands are in front of her body, held in shaky fists. Apparently, she’s had enough, too. “You are so ungrateful!” She screams. “All we do is take care of you, and what do we get in return? A brat!” Then she sobs, running out of the room.

You turn to Jack, feeling your anger suddenly leave you. 

He looks furious, eyes staring right at you. 

“You heard what she called you?” His voice is gravelly. 

You nod.

“A brat.” He laughs slightly. “I think we all know what happens to brats like you, honey.”

Chapter Text

It almost killed you. 

When you learned about his... death, you were a mess. There’s no other way to put it, you were a wreck. You had lost everything that was important to you. You loved Quentin, thought his ideas were great, but that kid... that damned kid... he took EDITH, ruined everything. He killed... killed your Quentin. 

But before shutting off from the entire world, you thought, what would Quentin do?

Survive. You could almost hear his voice in your head. Survive.

So, you pulled yourself from the little hole you dug yourself in, and did just exactly what Quentin would do. You took over his project, letting all of your comrades that Quentin’s bidding was not over, but in fact, just beginning. 

The world would see Spider-Man for what he really was. A stupid kid who messed with the wrong person. It didn’t take much for you to access footage and piece together a little goodbye message from the great, fallen Mysterio. 

You couldn’t help but laugh as it was released into the media. Peter Parker is the Spider-Man. Your co-workers on this project must have thought you were crazier than Beck to do this, and hell... maybe you were. 

After a night of celebrating the fall of Peter Parker, you found yourself at home. 

“We did it,” you whispered to a picture of Quentin on the wall. “We got him.”

“Yes you did, honey.”

You turn your head to the voice, and see no one else but Quentin in the living room.

“Quentin...?” You can’t believe your eyes. 

“It’s me.”

You shake your head. “No... you... is this an illusion? Is this a joke?”

“I promise, it’s not.” He frowns a bit, holding his arms out. “Come here.”

You stumble forward, praying to any God willing to listen that this was real. And if it wasn’t, whoever was messing with you would have hell to pay. 

You could smell his cologne from where you stood, and you eyes his casual dress. Where had he been all this time? If it was the real him, that was.

But you fell into his arms, reals arms. He was warm, arms wrapping around you. 

“You did so well...” he whispers in your ear, pulling you closer to him. “I’m proud of you, honey.” 

“Quentin...” you begin to cry. “Where...?”

“Shh, shh...” he pulls back to take your face in his hands. “Don’t worry about that, okay? I’m here.”

You smile through your tears, charging into his chest and wrapping you arms around him, relishing in the reality of his touch. 

Chapter Text

The only lesson you’ve learned is that your only purpose is as a walking air conditioner. 

But according to Genji, you needed to be taught another one. 

“All their hands on you...” he grabs your jaw in his metallic hands. “I could barely stand it.”

“Jealous much?” You raise your brows at him. 

You can see him smiling beneath his mask. “Don’t be smart with me, pretty boy.”

He brings a hand to remove the mask, and he’s smiling, just as you thought. 

But before you can make another comment, he kisses you. You can’t help but smile, thinking about the fact that Genji had been watching as people randomly touched you throughout the day. You’d never pegged him as the jealous type, but you suppose he couldn’t help it. 

Genji bites your lower lip, and pulls back, before letting it slap back to your mouth.

“I remember a few things from my youth,” he winks, then pushes you back onto his bed. He comes to lean over you, letting his mouth suck on your cold neck. 

Genji marks you. It’s probably payback for letting all of those people touching you today. The thought makes you laugh a bit. 

“Is this funny to you?” Genji mumbles on your skin, one of his hands going to find your cock under your pants. 

“Just a little...” you smirk. “I mean... no, sir.”

“You’re just so clever, aren’t you?” He bites down at your collarbone, simultaneously gripping at the bulge in your pants. You groan. “Not so articulate now, are we?”

He takes your member from your pants, mouth moving down to suck at you. 

Your eyes roll back, Genji taking you all the way. He did know how to use his mouth, that was for sure. He puts his hands on your thighs, spreading them apart to give him easier access to you. 

He bobs up and down, letting you hit the back of his throat. “You’re... amazing at this...” you comment, thrusting your hips into his mouth. He brings himself up, letting his hand replace where his mouth once was.

“Thank you,” he smiles, licking his lips before spitting on you, lubing you up. 

“Fuck, Genji...” you shift under his hand. “I’m gonna cum if you don’t let up.”

“Strange...” Genji goes to lick at your tip. “Because that’s exactly what I wanted.”

He takes you into his mouth comfortably, letting his hand stroke at your base. 

You’re in sensory overload, loving the way his warm, wet mouth was around your dick. “Genji...” your voice raises. “I can’t...”

He sucks at you hard, obviously trying to coax you to orgasm. 

You bite your lip, trying to suppress your groans as you cum, letting it all spill into your lover’s mouth. Genji pulls back, still stroking as he swallows your seed. 

“Just to let you know...” he pants, looking you dead in your eyes. “should be the only one touching you.” 

Chapter Text

Weren’t flowers a sign of endearment in America?

Murray had refused to be a translator for Alexei’s flirting, leaving Alexei to try and find a way to show how he felt. He even read the dictionary you had given him! Though, it was a lot harder than it seemed to just learn English. 

So, Alexei tried his best to physically show that he liked you. He’d spend time in the fields near Murray’s hideout, searching for the perfect wildflowers to give you. 

But when he’d hand it to you, you would just smile and nod at him, leaving Alexei dumbfounded. You were either rejecting him, or not catching onto his advances. He really hoped it was the latter. 

Murray, can we go to the library?”

The… library?”

“Yes! I need to look at more books in English.”

Reluctantly, Murray agrees, and Alexei comes back with books about English. Specifically, romantic sayings in English, and how to woo Americans. 

But until he perfects it, he hands you a flower every time you drop off a cherry Slurpee, watching as smile at him, eyes closed. He wonders where you put his flowers, and if you even feel the same way he does about you.

Finally, after days of preparing, Alexei is ready. He’s confident, feeling like an English master. 

“Hello…” he says to you as you hand him the Slurpee. “ Thank… you.”

You nod, and Alexei has no flower for you today. You almost look disappointed as you begin to walk away.

But Alexei reaches out, grabbing you wrist. “Wait!”

You look back, eyebrows raised at him. “Alexei?”

Alexei pulls his hand back and stands from the armchair. He clears his throat. “You… you look pretty.” 

You look a bit taken back. “Thanks, Alexei.”

“And I… I love you.”

That’s where your eyes widen. “What?”

Did he not say it right? That magazine said that every man should tell the woman he was interested in this, right?

“I… love you…?”

“Alexei… um… isn’t it a bit early for that? Why don’t we go out for dinner first, yeah?”

You took the very rehearsed words right out of his mouth. 

Chapter Text

-McCree: you’re totally right, he’s gonna eat you out like a man starved. 

-Genji: a close second, very close. he’s just,, very articulate and purposeful with his tongue (and the robo dick)

-Baptiste: don’t get me STARTED on this man. he can have you cumming in seconds. SECONDS. 

-Gabriel/Reaper: he knows what he’s doing, and isn’t afraid to do it. case closed.

-Roadhog: knows what’s he doing, but just prefers not to do it.  

-Junkrat: has no idea what he is doing, but like Gabriel, isn’t afraid to do it. 

-Zenyatta: if he had a tongue, and you asked, he’d do it. that’s why he deserves this spot. 

-Soldier/Jack: in all honesty, Jack will do it... but only on special occasions. i feel like he doesn’t really like it all that much, and prefers to receive.

-Hanzo: to be HONEST... Hanzo loves to give, but he’s bad at it. at oral, that is. very sloppy, obviously has no clue what he’s doing. has he ever watched porn? read an article? probably not. but bless his heart for trying.

Sigma: he’s just an old man... don’t be too rough on him... he doesn’t know what to do, and kind of just gives up... considers it a way to get you ready, but don’t expect to cum from it. 

Chapter Text

nsfw, but not that bad

Your face is unbearably hot.

His fingers are deep inside you, knuckle deep inside of you. You’re twitching, keeping your mouth painfully closed in fear that a moan falls from it. 

Your body aches from the bruises that he bestowed upon you. You kind of understood the punishment, you had tried to escape. He had grabbed you roughly, throwing you across the floor. You must have hit your head or something because you couldn’t help but love the feeling of your body throbbing from his ministrations. 

“Awfully wet,” Jack decides to comment, pulling his hand from you. You have to restrain yourself from whimpering at the loss of contact. “And you’re awfully quiet.”

You don’t say anything, trying to ignore how your core ached for him. 

“You’ve got nothing to say, honey?” His voice is low, gravelly. 

You shake your head, letting out a strained “no.”

“There she is,” he pats your face harshly. “Get up.” 

He grabs you by your arm, yanking you further on the mattress. You’re nose to nose with him, and you can only stare into his blue eyes, helpless. 

He brings his calloused hand across your face, grabbing your jaw in his palm. 

He forces his lips to yours, giving you a rough kiss. You cringe back, trying to get as far away as possible. You hate the way he tastes in your mouth, you just hate him.

But you love the way he feels. 

Chapter Text

He hadn’t felt like this in ages.

The anticipation of coming home. He was desperate to see you. And he knew you were just aching to see him, too. It had been so long since you were “saved” by those people who called themselves heroes.

But not to worry, they were long gone by now. You were completely safe from those monsters who tried to take you away from him.

He sauntered through your apartment, which was dark and empty. He wondered where you were. Searching for him, perhaps?

He’s hiding in the shadows when you come home, turning the lights on and throwing your coat over the couch. You look sullen, and your hands fidget together nervously, just as they did when he first brought you home.

You sigh as you sit in the dark kitchen, running your hands through your hair. He wonders if it’s crazy to think you’re waiting for him in the dark.

He comes forward, taking off his mask and placing it on the table. You look up at the sight, eyes squinting in the dark. “Gabriel?” You croak.

“It’s me.”

You nearly fall out of your chair, but find yourself in his arms. “How did you…?” Your voice breaks, and he feels your body trembling. “They said…”

“Don’t worry about them.” He whispers, pulling you back so he can get a good look at you. “I’ll always find my way back to you.”

Chapter Text


-is definitely prepared for you

-has a little room for you and everything!

-if you’re scared, she’ll be at your side through it all

-whatever you need, she’ll give to you

-minus your freedom, of course


-is also prepared

-the cage is READY

-but if you’re crying, don’t expect much from her

-she’ll lock you in the cage and try to ignore you


-isn’t exactly prepared

-at best, she’ll just tie you up so you can’t get away

-if you’re scared, she will try to cheer you up

-snacks? movies? she’s got it for you


-she probably kidnaps you on a whim

-she hopes you won’t try to escape or anything

-she’ll try to convince you everything is okay when you start demanding she lets you go

Chapter Text

He feels like a monster.

The way you look at him, flinch at his touch, the nervous fidgeting when he enters the room. Yeah, you never actually call him a monster... or... say really anything to him, but... he can feel it. 

He opens the door, calling softly “i’m home” to the house as he closes and locks the door. You’re sitting in the living room, on the sofa, looking as beautiful as ever. 

“Hey,” he smiles.

Your lips shake into a smile, and you just nod at him. Your eyes say everything he needs to know. They’re nervous and afraid. It brings a frown upon his face. 

He sits down beside you, causing you to tense. He bites his lip, trying to think of something to fix this. It couldn’t be like this forever, could it? 

“How was your day?” He asks.

“Okay...” you say, quiet. “You?”

“Busy.” He leans back into the couch. 

Silence. Minus your heavy breathing. 

“Are you okay?” He stares at the ceiling.

“Mhmm...” you hum, hands fidgeting. 

Gabriel sighs. Will it always be like this? 

“Can I ask you something?” Something else.

You nod, apprehensive.

“Are you afraid of me?”

You exhale from your nose loudly.

“And don’t lie... okay?” He glances over at you.

“Oh-... okay.” You swallow thickly. “I... I am afraid.”

“Of me?”

Tears are collecting in your eyes at this, and you nod solemnly. 


You look into his eyes, utter despair in them. “Why? Why do you think?”

He’s taken back. You’ve never spoken this much to him since he’s brought you here. 

“You... you stole me.” You begin to cry. “You locked me in here! You made me afraid!”

Tears are streaming down your face, and you brush them away with your fingers, turning away from him again. Gabriel can only stare in shock, completely silent. 

You stand. “I’m going to bed.” Your voice is quiet once again.

Before you can go anywhere, Gabriel grabs your wrist, pulling you back. You look back at him, eyes no longer angry, just... sad. “What?” Your voice is barely even a whisper. 

“I’m...” he raises his brows. “Sorry.” 

You smile-- a pitiful smile, really. 

Chapter Text

Angela didn’t realize how long it had been.

The mission was unexpected, but she knew you could mostly take care of yourself. You would be fine, right? 

When she comes home, all the lights are off, which isn’t surprising. It’s the middle of the night, so you must be sleeping. 

Angela notices nothing as she makes herself a late night snack in the kitchen, thinking about the comfort of her own bed she will get to sleep in. She puts her dish in the sink, and saunters to the bedroom.

She finds the bed empty, your side looking as if it hadn’t been touched. Angela turns the lights on, panicked to see you nowhere in sight. She rushes for the bathroom door, which has been left open just slightly. 

You’re lying on the tile, looking awfully sullen and... dead

Angela takes your pulse, barely feeling one. What had happened to you? She knew... she knew that you were going through something but... she never expected. 

But here’s what you should have expected... you can’t get away from Mercy so easily. 

Chapter Text

“Isn’t it amazing?”

He’s off on a tangent before you know it, rambling about the mysteries of space. You can only watch fondly, not bothering to take notes on your clipboard. He tends to repeat himself a lot. 

Being Sigma’s assistant has its ups and downs. Sigma is very proper and respectable, but sometimes can be forgetful and almost chaotic. He is an older gentleman, of course. But sometimes he could switch from being the most organized man in the world to the least. 

“...right?” He finishes, whipping towards you. 

You straighten up, nodding. “Of course, Dr. de Kuiper.” 

“Right!” He whips back to the board, scribbling down equations that just burst from his mind. What an eccentric man he was. 

You find yourself staring at him more often than not. He is handsome, who can blame you? And you find his passion for science and space very... attractive

“Interesting.” He comments, backing away from the board, coming closer to you.

“Indeed, Doctor.” You nod, smiling as your eyes scan his work. 

“There’s no need to call me Doctor,” he tells you, looking. “My friends call me Sigma.”

“Sigma?” You raised your brows at him. “Dr. Sigma.”

“If that’s the best I’ll get...” he smiles widely. “Then...”

You feel your face heating up, and you shuffle away to put your clipboard down. 

Dr. de Kuiper clears his throat. “I was thinking... why don’t we discuss the mysteries of the universe over dinner?”

“Dinner?” You turn to him, trying to ignore how your heart beat inside of your chest. “Like... I get takeout and bring it back here?”

“Er... no...” he steps closer to you. “Perhaps... we both go out. Does that sound okay?”

You scan his face. “Yeah... yeah, that sounds great. Discuss the mysteries of the universe over dinner, yeah.”

“My favorite of these mysteries... is the mystery of... love.” He says, blush rising to his cheeks.

“Are you... flirting with me Dr. Sigma?”

“Perhaps, but... why don’t we discuss that over dinner?” 

Chapter Text

-Gabriel expected nothing less

-you’re bored out of your mind when he’s not home

-and you bake pretty well

-and Gabe has a lot of baking products (which he’s done on purpose)

-so when he gets home after a long day of work, all of your work is covering every surface in the house

-he’s always happy to have a brownie when he gets home

-and maybe a muffin when he wakes up

-it makes you happy to know he enjoys your baking

-but sometimes you wish you could share it with the rest of the world

Chapter Text


Chapter Text

-depends on the Sigma we’re talking about

-pre-black hole disaster, Sigma is very well kept and respected

-as a yandere, i think he would be very meticulous with his actions with you

-he tries to lure you into his web and does whatever he can to keep you in it

-isn’t a stalker, really

-but he is logged into all of your accounts on his computer, just to see what exactly you could be blogging or liking at this hour?

-will have a mental breakdown if you reject him or begin to be defiant, though

-he understands a lot of things, but things he does not understand include you

-post-black hole thing, it’s a bit different

-he’s not above stalking now

-he’ll follow in the shadows, watching your every move

-uses his power to manipulate you and your day, even if you aren’t aware of him

-more reckless this way, isn’t afraid to do what he wants when he wants

-will kidnap you when he feels like it

-he’s impulsive now, knowing that he has the power to keep others off his back if needed

Chapter Text

You’re killing him.

How you ended up on top of him like this, he couldn’t quite remember. But here you were and you... you were doing things to him. 

Your legs were spread on him, your sex mockingly open to Hanzo. Your hips were twitching, barely rocking into him. His bulge is growing, aching to fuck you... but he’s seriously restraining himself, that’s for sure. 

But as your hips continue to become more consistent, and you’re basically humping him at this point. Hanzo’s hips are involuntarily jerking up into you, causing you to mumble. 

Hanzo’s face is incredibly warm, and he bites down on a finger to muffle any groans that are leaving his lips. He can only imagine how you really feel, but also appreciates this closeness, too.

What could you be dreaming about? He wonders. Maybe about him, he hopes.

Chapter Text

It wasn’t wise to be out this late. 

You had gone to town to get some more cloth and supplies, as winter was fast approaching. You hadn’t realized the time, you’d forgotten how early the sun set these days. 

When you were younger, there had been stories of this trail back to the farm. Stories and tales that were still told today, but surely all lies to scare children, right? Saying that there was a man born from pumpkin who would steal you away from home if he saw you were out too late. 


Paranoia struck you as you swear you hear a jostle of bushes from your side… from the pumpkin patch. You stare into the darkness, wishing you had taken a lamp or something so you could see at least a few feet in front of you.

Swallowing thickly, you walk on the path a little quicker. You hear noises from behind you, but you don’t dare turn around to check. You walk on, soon breaking into a running pace to get back home.

You breathe heavily, relieved, when you find your way home. You almost laugh, laugh at yourself for being so scared of a… what? A pumpkin monster? A stupid tale used to fool children? 

The next day, you find yourself back in town. Though, you reassure yourself you’ll be home long before sunset. 

But something is working against you. 

Shopkeepers keep reeling you into stores, older people asking for your assistance in exchange for a few coins. Before you know it, it’s dark out. 

“Will you need a lantern for your way home?” The old woman who asked for your help in her garden asks. 

You stare at the end of town, watching as the darkness engulfs the trail. 

“Sure.” You nod, smiling at her.

“Be careful, dear.” She says, handing you a lamp. “Especially near the pumpkin patch.”

You look at her, feeling a pang of fear hit your chest. You try to smile, but you can barely muster it. 

You begin on your journey.

With a source of light, the trail isn’t as scary, but that woman’s words…

Be careful, dear… especially near the pumpkin patch.

It was all a myth, it had to be. Perhaps the woman was senile and didn’t know what was real and what wasn’t. Because… because a pumpkin man was not real

You quicken your pace as you pass the pumpkin patch, trying to ignore the sound of bushes twitching from beside you. 

Suddenly, a strong wind bursts past you, so strong it blows the flame of your lantern away. You are submerged in darkness. 

Behind you, you hear a heavy footstep. You’re paralyzed in fear, dropping the lantern at your feet. It clambers loudly to the ground. If the… if the thing didn’t know where you were before… it had to know now. 

All noises stop, and you can’t even hear the wind rustling the leaves. Slowly, you turn, ready to face whatever was behind you. But you see nothing, even in the moonlight.

“Looking for someone?”

Hands grasp your shoulders from behind, and you scream. A hand moves to cover your mouth, and the other moves around you waist, bringing you backwards in the pumpkin patch. 

You thrash in its grasp, screaming into the hand muffling you. Your hands reach out as the trail leaves your eyesight, and you can feel tears running down your face.

It lets go of you, letting you fall to the floor. You hit the ground harshly, the air in your lungs leaving you. You try to sit up, but you’re powerless. You splutter for air, looking up at the starry sky.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” The voice says, and you can’t see where it is coming from. You’re too tired to try and move your head from its place. “You can see it very clearly from here.”

“Who are you…?” You gasp. “What do you…?”

“Want?” It finishes your sentence, and it has semblance to a man’s voice, but very raspy and… far away. 

As if it hadn’t been a man in a very long time. 

“It’s very simple.” You feel it sit beside you, and you don’t dare look. “I want a friend…” 

“But… but they said…” your voice strains. “You’ve killed children… stolen them from… from their homes…”

“You can’t believe what everyone says.” Its voice sounds muffled and distorted from beside you. “They’ve changed my story to their benefit.”

“What…” you crane your neck to look at him. “… is your story?”

He’s staring straight at you from behind his carved, pumpkin mask. It looks like he’s had it for a millennia, bugs swarming the rotting flesh of pumpkin. Your breath shakes as you stare at him, seeing red eyes staring from behind the carved eyes. 

“Do you really want to know?”

Your lips press together, eyes burning with tears.

His hands, clothed in long, torn, black gloves, come to either side of the pumpkin head. You feel yourself tremble as he removes it from his head. 

The pumpkin falls to the ground beside you, and you feel like you could just die from the sight of him. 

Chapter Text

-okay, there’s no question that Moira has cameras installed in every room you’re allowed in

-but after a while, she doesn’t check them as much

-the doors are always locked, windows sealed, every escape route is blocked off

-but sometimes... Mercy is careless, not really thinking

-there’s been times she’s been in the middle of work and realizes i left the door unlocked

-but when she comes home, and you’re... home... she’s relieved

-Mercy will never mention a thing to Moira, knowing how... angry she could get at that mistake

-you didn’t leave though so... what does it matter?

-little does she know, you were aware the whole time the door wasn’t locked

-you had opened the door just a bit, and closed it again

-you could have escaped but... you didn’t want this to be a test and then... be punished or something

-time later, Moira is going back to check and delete old feeds from the camera and stumbles across some... footage

-she shows Mercy, who remembers her mistake with embarrassment

-they’re appalled that you stayed

-Mercy is ridiculously happy that you stayed! this must mean you love them!

-Moira is a bit questionable... wondering if you have some ulterior motive

Chapter Text

When it came to you, Gabriel considered himself a patient man.

He wanted it to be just right, when you two first made love. He wanted it totally perfect, wanted you to want it, too. He really loved you, and didn’t want to turn you away from him forever.

No matter how... needy he may be. 

You were asleep in the room over, leaving Gabriel to his own devices. Knowing you were so close... under the same goddamn roof... sometimes was too much to bear. He threw his head back with groan as he felt his cock begin to twitch. 

As much as he ached to put this burden on you... you weren’t ready yet. So he reasoned he’d have to do this without you.

But that didn’t mean he couldn’t... think about you, right?

Pulling his hardening cock from his sweats, he can only imagine you doing it for him. Your hands running over him, running your thumb over the head of his cock, perhaps a devilish smile on your face as you did so. 

He longed for your soft hands on his cock, and tried his best to just imagine it was you. You, you, you, you. All for you.

Before he knew it, his fantasy was changing. He was buried inside of you, hearing your sinful cries for more. Gabriel couldn’t stop the groans from leaving his throat, just the thought of your hot, tight hole was too much to comprehend. 

“All for you...” he whispers behind gritted teeth. “It’s all for you...”

Little does he know, he has a voyeur. You’re watching from behind the door, transfixed on how his hips thrust up into his hands. You never desired to have sex with him, but hearing his desperate, needy voice... had your blood rushing to your sex. 

Your legs moved on their own, approaching him in the dark.


He stopped, jumping in his spot. He looked at you in shock, unable to try to cover himself up. 

You bit your lip, feeling tension rise. “It’s all for me, you said?”

“What...?” He’s dumbfounded.

“It’s all... for me.”

He looks around, bewildered, before swallowing. “Yes... yes.”

“Then... let me do something for you.”

You move on him, your pent up arousal blinding you from right and wrong. Your hand finds his hot member, moving your fingers down it. He gasps, looking into your eyes.

“Are... you sure?”

“Of course,” your own voice is desperate. You place your lips on his, kissing him hotly. 

It’s all a blur, but you end up beneath him, his cock weaving itself in and out of you. You’re moaning, every thrust like pure heaven. He’s hitting every perfect spot within you, his pace intimate and sensual.

He’s staring into your eyes, observing your every expression. You know how you feel... pure ecstasy, satisfied with finally being so close to him. He kisses you again as he helps you reach your high, and you realize you’ve never felt so intertwined with someone. 

He cums, and you feel him spill into you. Both of your essences mix together, and you can only stare into his beautiful, brown eyes. You find yourself wishing it could be this way forever.

And when you wake, you realize that this could be your forever. 

Chapter Text

-after years of getting a strange look because of your accent, you’ve learned to cover it up pretty well

-of course, in certain instances, you can hear the twang in your words 

-Jesse’s voice was a reminder of old times, so... nostalgic

-he was always so up front about it, not caring about the glances people gave him as drawled almost incoherently

-of course you understood him, understood him past his words

-but every once in a while, you find yourself upset

-whether it be at him or someone else

-Jesse thinks you’re mimicking him at first

-you guys have spent so much time together, it would make sense

-but after a while he hears that you’re no beginner at a southern accent, you know all the right words and your voice curves just the right way

-”Developin’ an accent there, darlin’?”

-you can’t help but laugh, forgetting that Jesse never knew about your roots

-over time, you find your accent coming out more and more, especially around you

-he helps you feel comfortable to talk however you want 

Chapter Text

-the only time Hanzo gets aggressive is when you reject him

-he tends to bottle lots of things up

-if you are blatantly disrespectful, he won’t do anything until he blows up

-you should both get along if you just do what he says

-but if you say no to him...

-he can’t control himself

-he treats you so well... how could you be so ungrateful? 

-when he begins to get irritated, he sees how scared you are

-one part of him tells himself to knock it off, while the other part relishes in the fact that he can instill fear into you...

-and could have you playing right into his hands

-the only time Hanzo gets aggressive is when you reject him

-he tends to bottle lots of things up

-if you are blatantly disrespectful, he won’t do anything until he blows up

-you should both get along if you just do what he says

-but if you say no to him...

-he can’t control himself

-he treats you so well... how could you be so ungrateful? 

-when he begins to get irritated, he sees how scared you are

-one part of him tells himself to knock it off, while the other part relishes in the fact that he can instill fear into you...

-and could have you playing right into his hands

Chapter Text

-Moira has heard the rumors

-of course, she’s not one to believe such things... a werewolf? seriously? who made this up?

-of course the mention of something subhuman peaks her interest... as she is a scientist after all

-she’ll mull over it for a few days... debating the pros and cons if she manages to catch such a thing

-it couldn’t hurt to set up one measly trap, would it?

-when she wakes up the day after a full moon, she can’t help but anticipate the possibility of a real werewolf being stuck in her trap

-but of course, there’s nothing... she should have known... just a stupid myth

-when she turns to go back inside, she finds you... wounded on her doorstep

-it’s a... you’re a werewolf!

-her trap must have gotten you, but you managed to flee from it... amazing

-she’ll help you heal back up, but the moment you’re back to your full health...

-it’s experiment time

-she’s tying you down, conducting research on you

-some of it is painful, as she takes your blood, forcefully takes skin samples

-you become a new obsession of hers, to say the least. every moment is spent by your side, trying to figure out how you became such a magnificent creature...

-and if Moira could possibly recreate such an abomination

Chapter Text

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.

You... you weren’t really supposed to be under the influence of any sort, either. Gabriel blamed that on Baptiste, always handing you drinks and things to smoke or chew or... whatever. Gabriel wasn’t very big on that lifestyle. 

Now you were basically passed out on the sofa. Well, you weren’t exactly asleep or anything, you just weren’t... very awake, either. Your head bobbed from side to side, and you mumbled happily to yourself. 

Even in your nearly unconscious state, they both thought you looked very beautiful like this. 

Baptiste fell beside you, stroking your hair as you looked at him dreamily. 

“You look gorgeous, my dear...” he whispers to you, placing a kiss on your cheek. You laugh at the sensation, causing a pang to hit Gabriel’s chest. Of course, this was both his and Baptiste’s idea but... he couldn’t help but be jealous. 

Baptiste’s lips moved to your neck, giving you small kisses. Gabe watched on, as if he was a supervisor. 

“Gabriel,” Baptiste spoke, looking up at the man. “Come join us.”

The man in question licked his lips, sitting stiffly beside you. Seeing you so closely caused his pants to grow tighter. Your lips were swollen, eyes glassy. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

He presses a kiss to your cheek, and hears you hum at his action. The vibrations travel up his face, which seems to be growing warmer by the minute. His hand brushes down your stomach, clutching at your waist as he places a warm kiss on your mouth. 

Meanwhile, Baptiste is biting at your neck. His hand is rubbing along your thigh, growing ever close to your sex, which seems to be responding to their ministrations. 

“You look so pretty,” Gabe whispers on your lips. “You’ve been driving me crazy all night, y’know?”

You aren’t aware of his words in the slightest, staring up at the ceiling as they whisper compliments. Their hands grab and grope at you, heating your body up with arousal. 

Soon, you’re moaning at their touch, completely in bliss. 

Chapter Text

Your bottom lip is raw from all the gnawing.

You haven’t been doing all the gnawing, necessarily. Some of it was done from the man who was eating you out as if it was his last meal. Your hands are threaded in his locks, tugging.

His tongue is licking at you, collecting every ounce of your pleasure with it. Fingers are rubbing, pinching, and swirling at your clit, keeping you on your toes. It’s almost unbearable, how good it feels... how good he is at this. 

“Jesse,” you moan, breathless. “Please.”

He brings his face from your core, fingers filling in for his absent mouth. “Please, what, honey?”

Please.” Your eyes are full of tears as his fingers reach deep inside of you. “I’m... so close.” 

“Are you?” He quirks a brow at you, nearly making you melt.

“Yes, yes.” You gasp. “Jesse...”

“Y’willin’ to do anything?”

You screw your eyes shut, trying to debate whether this was a good idea or not. Your desperate arousal was louder than any shred of logic that could dare challenge it. “Yes.”

“That’s what I like to hear.” He grins, pulling his fingers from you, then offers the same hand to you. Hesitant, you take it, letting him pull you up. Your eyes search his, trying to figure out what exactly he was playing at.

He stands from his spot, placing his boot in front of you. “Ride it.”

What?” You raise your brows at him in disbelief.

“Y’heard me, honey.” He leans down. “Ride. It.”

Your jaw drops, appalled at such a... dirty method. 

“Ya wanna cum, don’t you?” He laughs. “Do it.”

You lick your lips, reluctantly mounting his boot. It feels odd and foreign against your core, nothing like you’ve felt before. You look back up at him, apprehensive. 

“What’re y’lookin’ at me for?” He furrows his eyebrows playfully. “Do I have to say it again?”

You shake your head, swallowing as you look back down. You swipe your body down from the ankle of the boot to the toe. It’s strange, just weird in general. You glance back up.

“Keep it goin’, dear.”

You nod, repeating the motion a few more times. After you get the hang of it, it sends a pleasurable pulse through your body. You bit your lip as your grind down, moving your lower half in short, controlled thrusts. 

Jesse’s bulge is as defined as ever in his pants, just from watching you get off on him. He didn’t really think you’d actually do it, but... here you were. Your arms wrap around his leg as you basically hump his boot, lewd mewls falling from your lips. 

The closer you get to orgasm, the more feverish you feel. You feel dazed, just chasing your high at the end of his shoe. The way your clit rubs against the leather drives you insane, and if you weren’t so desperate, you think you would collapse. 

“Are y’getting close, now?” Jesse smiles down at you.

You nod your head, unable to stop the whimpers that escape your throat. It’s all coiling inside you, ready to burst in moment. “Just like that, sweetheart,” Jesse encourages you. “Y’gonna cum on my boot?”

You press your forehead against his leg as you let go, the pleasure shooting up your spine. Your legs clamp around his boot as you ride out the last of your high, slowly rocking back and forth. 

Once you’re finished, you take yourself off of him, breathing heavily.

“Aw, looking, honey, you ruined m’boot.” He sighs. “I guess you’ll just have to make it up to me, right?” 

Chapter Text

Baptiste expected something a little… different… from you.

Not that this was bad, no, no… not at all. You could be way worse! Yeah, a lot worse. So did he really have room to complain?

You were simply sitting on your bed, having a snack. Since he’d brought you here, you haven’t complained even once. You haven’t questioned him, either. Did you get the message at all? Baptiste… he had kidnapped you. This wasn’t just a… prolonged hangout. 

“Hey.” Baptiste turns to you, thoughts jumbled in his mind. “Um… are you upset with me?”

“Not at all.” You answer earnestly.

“Oh… okay.” He nods, turning back to the television. “Are you… sure?”

“Of course.”



“Not even a little bit?”

“Should I be?” You glance over at him, eyebrows raised.

“Well…” he smiles a bit. “I have… kidnapped you.”

“I don’t see it that way.” You shrug.

Silence. You return to eating your snack, leaving Baptiste to gawk at you.

“Then… how do you see it?”

“Life wasn’t all that great before,” you say to him. “I like it better here.”

“Oh…” Baptiste nods again, feeling strangely at ease. “Really?”

“Yeah,” you respond. “Consider yourself a hero, Jean.”

He turns back to the screen, a confused smile gracing his face. “A hero, huh?”

Chapter Text

You thought you were so clever.

Oh, you all thought you were so clever, didn’t you? Didn’t you?

Kai wasn’t stupid. He knew what was going on long before you had even conceived it. Hari was an awful liar, and even more awful at keeping a secret.

He just hoped–no, trusted that Hari would realize what a mistake he was making. That you would refuse the offer. 

But that just shows how far trust will get you. Pathetic.

Before you were even on the airplane to a different country, Hari was dead. Long forgotten. It was easier than Kai had thought. He simply brushed his “friend” with an unclothed hand, and he was gone. 

Now, just to find you.

It wasn’t hard for Chisaki to find receipts from airlines and train stations. Hari had done this all for you? Ha, shouldn’t he be called the obsessed one? The stalker? The disgusting pervert? 

Yeah, Chisaki knew about all the little nicknames you two had given him. So funny. So funny.

God, you two could have been the lovers. Wouldn’t that be a twist? You… and Hari… lovers? The thought made Kai chuckle. 

There was no one else for you but Overhaul. And you would know that sooner or later. 

.He was no stranger to money, and booked his own flight to find you. It was like you had wanted him to find you. Your new home address scribbled on one of Hari’s papers. 

Kai wasn’t one for fate, but this was no coincidence.

He couldn’t help but be anxious as he arrived at the airport. He wanted to see you, wanted to tell you everything that had ever crossed his mind about you. He wanted to give you something that you could never return.

He gets a cab to your address, fiddling with the straps of his plain, black face mask. He arrives in a remote location. How perfect.

After giving the cab driver a generous tip, Kai reaches the front door. With all the time he had to fantasize about what exactly he would do to you, he didn’t give much thought about how to knock on the door.

“K… Kai?”

But he wouldn’t need to.

He turned, giving you a friendly smile that was hidden behind his mask. 

You were obviously just getting home. In one hand you had your keys, in the other, you clutched closely to your groceries. 

“Why, let me help you with those.” He pulls his mask down to reveal his mouth, then grabs the bag from you. But not before he grips at your wrists, and leans in close to you ear to tell you, “Unlock the door quietly and I’ll make sure to keep you alive when I’m through with you.”

You nod solemnly, stepping up to the door and unlocking it. You walk inside, and close the door behind him. “Lock it,” he orders, and you do so.

It’s quite the cozy space, he notices as he sets down the groceries on a nearby table. It suited you.

“K… Chisaki,” you say from behind him. “What… what are you doing here?”

Trying to act like you didn’t run away from him? How cute.

“Well, you left so… quickly.” He turns. “And unannounced.”

You try to plaster a smile on your face, but your eyes say something very different. Fear. 

“Oh… yeah, sorry about that.” You scratch the back of your neck. “I just needed a little getaway. But um… can I ask… how did you find me?”

“You know…” he ignores you, stepping closer. “Everything was quite… dismal while you were away. I missed you.”

He brings a hand to your cheek, and watches you restrain yourself from flinching, even at his gloved hand. He isn’t sure if he should be amused or angered. He decides to ignore it for the moment.

“Really?” You breathe, smile twitching.

“Yes…” he stares you down. “I became rather… upset.”

Your lips tremble, and all you can do is nod. He notices the tears beginning to brim. 

“Very upset. I caused quite the scene.” He laughs a bit. “I’m a bit disappointed you weren’t there to see it.”

You open your mouth again, voice shaking as you ask, “How did you find me?”

“It was easy,” he smiles. A genuine smile, which was rather foreign to him. Judging by the look on your face, it must have been terrifying. “All I had to do was kill Hari.”

He watches your eyes, how they churn with fear and shock and loss and betrayal. How odd. It makes his chest heavy, and the only thing he can think to do is to smack it out of you.

He brings his hand from your cheek and slams it back, sending you to the floor. You hit pretty hard, your mouth making horrible choking sounds as you splutter for air. 

Kai crouches before you, feeling his own eyes burn. “That’s exactly how I felt.”

You turn, your expression one of absolute despair. “You… you can’t feel anything.”

“You’ve no idea.”

He stands and weaves a gloved hand into your hair. “Where’s your bedroom?” He asks you, voice strangely calm for the situation. “Actually, don’t tell me. I’ll find it myself.”

He drags you across every inch of floor the house has. It was like he was purposely walking past your room, just to torture you. When he finds it, he has no problem yanking you onto your mattress. 

“I’m sorry,” you cry. “I’m sorry, Kai. I didn’t… I’m sorry.”

“I’m sure you are.” His eyes flicker over your form, and he can feel all of the longing he’s done for you send his blood rushing. He brings his hand to examine the forming bruise on your cheek, and tuts at it. 

“Kai…” you try again. “Puh-please… let’s talk about this.”

“The time for talking is over.” His eyes look back at yours. “There’s only one thing left to do.”

He presses his mouth quickly to yours. He pulls back just as fast, trying to catch your reaction. You blink up at him, lips still parted, inviting him back for more. He indulges himself once more, kissing you once again.

His gloved hands run down your chest, stopping at the waistband of your pants. You end the kiss, with fresh, hot tears streaming down your battered skin. “Kai,” your voice is desperate. “Don’t. Please, please?”

He can’t help but feel a bit more aroused at your pleading face. The tears, quivering lips… the way your brows came together. It was beautiful, just how forlorn someone could be.

“Are you sorry?”

You nod, frantic. Your lips twisted into a defining frown. 

“Then show me.”

He’s tired of hearing you speak, opting to kiss you once again. You press your lips together, but it’s all the same to Kai. As long as he can feel you, it satisfies. At least for the moment.

He’s so desperate himself, his glove clad hands are pulling down your bottoms, leaving you in your underwear. You sob into his mouth, your hands coming to push at his chest. But like this, you are no match for the great Overhaul.

He pulls at your underwear, but can’t manage to remove them from you. Even with his gloves, he uses his Quirk to dismantle them from your body, and throws them aside.

“Kai,” you croak. “I… Please… I’ve never…”

“I know,” he says. “I know.”

He removes his gloves, and you begin to shake under him. “Kai… no, no, no…”

“Don’t be afraid.” He licks his lips. “I’ll be gentle.”

He couldn’t sound more insincere. 

He pushes his fingers inside of you, causing you to gasp. You push on his chest again, stronger this time, startling Kai. You notice, trying again.

“I advise you don’t,” his voice is venomous. “Unless you want to end up like Hari, my dear.”

You screw your eyes shut, and a few tears manage to make themselves known. Kai smiles, continuing to let his fingers stretch you out. He hums at the sensation of your tight heat squeezing around his digits. It’s much better than he could have ever imagined. 

Once satisfied, he pulls his bare fingers from you, going to remove his belt.

“Kai,” you try once again, voice small. “You don’t… you don’t have to do this.”

He removes his belt and wraps it around you wrists. “You wouldn’t understand.”

“Help me,” you voice breaks. “Help me understand. Help me understand you.”

He stares into your eyes. “The only thing you need to understand is how I feel about you, and you can leave the rest to me.”

Defeat washes over your face. You’ve realized there is nothing you can do to stop this. There is nothing you can do to stop Kai. Hadn’t it always been that way?

He slips his cock inside of you, or more like forcefully pushes himself inside of you. There’s nothing easy about this part, especially since you had never been tainted before. But there was no problem with that, of course.

Kai stares at you as he sheathes his entire length within you. Your face is scrunched in pain, eyes looking everywhere but at him. Kai’s hands bury into the sheets on either side of your head, trying his best not to let his Quirk go haywire.

He pulls back out to give a short thrust, groaning at the drag of your walls. Your eyes are glassy, staring straight up at the ceiling as he fucks you, stretching you further than you ever have before. 

You cry as he hits something deep within you, burning you in an odd way. Kai gives you an interested look, hand trembling as it reaches your jaw. He tilts your head, and you’re forced to look into his eyes. 

He drills that spot, making your eyes roll back. It hurts, but there’s something beneath that. It’s not completely painful, and that’s what scares you. 

Kai clutches at your jaw, thumb digging into your bruised flesh. The way you grow wetter around him, the way you clench at him… he can’t help but grit his teeth at the sensation. So lovely.

Your legs tremble around his waist, your face twitching oddly. It’s alluring, in its own unusual way. Kai can’t help but fuck himself into your core harder, wanting to see it reach its peak.

His own peak isn’t very far off. He didn’t know that you would do this to him, cause him such emotion and feeling. But he submerges himself in it, loving all the things you do to him in body and soul. 

“Kai, Kai…” the words fall from your mouth. “I’m… no, stop, please. I don’t want… please, don’t…”

The words fade away, and he’s cumming inside you as you splutter and mumble at him. Your eyes glaze over as he rides out the last of his high within you. 

He pulls away once he’s finished, quickly clothing himself again. He pulls on his gloves again, feeling quite itchy after such an intimate encounter. 

“Let this be a lesson.” He pulls his mask back up. “That you can never run from me.”

Chapter Text

-Ashe isn’t one to go out of her way to kidnap someone

-but that doesn’t mean she isn’t above letting one of her henchmen doing it

-they throw a bag over your head and throw you in the back of a truck, driving you home to Ashe

-when you see her, you beg for her help, not knowing that she was the one who ordered your kidnapping

-Ashe simply puts a finger under you chin, forcing you to stare into her crimson eyes

-”you aren’t goin’ anywhere, darlin’.”

-life with Ashe isn’t so bad

-if you’re good that is

-you live in a mansion, have Bob at your beck and call, and everything you could ever wish for

-but if you begin to get bratty...

-Ashe will not hesitate to lock you in the dark basement for an... indefinite amount of time

-it’s just to teach you a lesson, that’s all


-there’s no question that you make Ashe a little hot under the collar

-seeing you being taken care of, wearing the best silks she could purchase... turns her on a little more than it probably should

-she insists you both share a bedroom (even though she has countless rooms she can house you in)

-this often leads to her touching

-she’ll offer to give you a massage, since you look so tense these days

-it usually ends up with her essentially groping you, which leads to much more

-her lipstick gets everywhere, to say the least

-she likes to have you leaning back on her chest, her fingers deep inside you as you whimper for her

-she leaves countless hickeys on you, which can’t be covered up

-even though no one would dare come close to you, she likes everyone to know what she does to you

-if you’ll let her, she likes to ride your face in all honesty

-and trust me... if you allow it... there will be little room for breathing

Chapter Text

“Really? Again?”

Your knuckles are ruined from all the pounding you’ve been doing on the door. It was in an attempt to get it to open while she was gone, shopping for groceries. 

“How many times do I have to tell you? Don’t do that!” Joyce shakes her head, cleaning your hands with some peroxide.

“Ouch…” you wince, feeling your hands burn. 

“It’s gonna sting,” she comments, patting at your wounded and bruised knuckles with a gauze. You screw your eyes shut as she places a few bandages around your fingers. “There, you’re all set.”

You nod meekly. 

“You’re welcome.” She gathers her supplies.

“Th… thank you, Joyce.” 

And it’s not long before you’re planning your next escape. 

This time, you try to open the small window the lays above your bed. Only a little light pours from it, since you are stuck in the basement. There’s no way you could get through it, but you can at least try to see if anyone is passing by. 

Yet again, it all goes horribly wrong. You nearly rip your fingernails off trying to pry the window open, and you fall painfully to the concrete floor, knocking the wind from you. And Joyce is there again to clean you up.

“You can’t do bad things like that!” She reprimands you as she patches up your scrapes. “You’re going to really hurt yourself one day, honey. I can’t even turn my back for a minute!”

All her patronizing sounds like she might be your mother. And it’s all starting to boil over.

“You’re not my mom, Joyce.” You yank yourself away from her. “You’re… you’re just some crazy lady who locked me in a basement!”

She gasps, obviously offended. “Excuse me?”

“Stop treating me like a kid!” You’re breaking down. “Stop! Just stop! Just let me go!”

And that’s all it takes to have you as a sobbing mess on the floor.

She pats your back, which aches from the fall. “Oh, honey…” she sighs. “You know I can’t do that, you might really hurt yourself one of these days.”


Chapter Text

-it’s perfect!

-he has the whole night prepared, every word he plans on saying to you is carefully rehearsed and ready

-he gets you there, showers you in compliments

-and he can barely get through his whole monologue before you say

-”oh, Peter… I’m really sorry but… I have a boyfriend”

-honestly, Peter feels a bit like a failure of a stalker since he didn’t know you had a whole boyfriend

-he “accepts” the fact in front of you, agreeing that he was totally fine just being your friend

-but behind closed doors, the boy is a mix of depressed and LIVID

-he’s spent all this time and energy on you, and he missed this? 

-using his charm, Peter manages to come up with a very manipulative plan

-he lures your boyfriend (and trust me, Peter is no narcissist or anything like that,, but,,,,,, Peter is way cuter than that guy) into a very… questionable situation

-and you’ll just happen to walk by while your boyfriend?? is on a date?? with someone else???? 

-it’s so sweet to have you running back to Peter, crying about how your boyfriend has cheated on you

-of course, Peter can’t stand to see you cry, so he comforts you in the best way possible

-he gets you whatever you need

-blankets? no? air conditioning? ice cream? some fast food? whatever you want, Peter is on it

-he’ll be there to stir your rage, commenting on all of the bad qualities of your boyfriend

-and you just eat it right out of his hand, through a mouth full of your favorite foods of course

Chapter Text

-they kind of act like your personal servants

-well... Aziraphale mostly, who pretty much is at your beck and call (not that you really want that)

-Crowley kind of just lounges with you, and in off chances when Aziraphale is out or not paying attention, he’ll actually allow you outside of the premises

-with him as your escort, that is

-he always helps you into his car, no matter what you say

-Crowley will take you wherever you want to go, except for places he doesn’t really like

-for example, the time you said “church”

-when you both return, Aziraphale is lowkey flipping out

-”where did you take them? oh dear, is that a scratch?”

-The Angel will draw you a bath, helping you wash yourself properly (since sometimes humans don’t get it right! silly things)

-it’s humiliating, in a way, but Aziraphale means no harm, he just wants you to live forever!

-Crowley is less... obvious in the way he treats you, a bit more subtle that Aziraphale

-you’re making tea? oh, no, let Crowley get that, you might burn your self

-don’t feel well? Crowley leaves and comes back with all kinds of medicines, maybe not exactly pertaining to your sickness, but he’s trying

-if you... really injure yourself, Aziraphale is whipping up miracles in seconds

-they just kind of... have you in a bubble

-sometimes they let you think that it’s all under your discretion, but oh, silly human, they always have an eye on you

Chapter Text

It wasn’t always like this. 

You had liked the rush. Ashe was a gang leader, and you were her sweet, loving partner. Such a difference in palette, you both were somehow perfect for each other. Everything was perfect.

And then… the feelings began. 

Ashe loved you, she always did, but something changed. What she felt for you, it was still love, but almost warped and twisted. Her happiness at the memories of you turned into worry, her smiles at the thought of you became a frown. 

What if… while she was gone, you were hurt? What if you hated her? What if you… what if you found someone else? Someone else… while she wasn’t looking. 

Ashe could barely focus in meetings, her thoughts solely concentrated on you. What could you be doing right now? What were you wearing? Who were you with?

She’d find herself in a rush to get home, only to find you napping on the couch… or cooking dinner for the both of you. It caused her heart to ache. Something was nagging at her. 

It all goes downhill when she sees you with someone else.

You aren’t necessarily… romantic with them, but… but Ashe knows there’s more to this than friendship. You’re cheating on her! Rage and despair hits her heart as she thinks about what she has to do.

So when you come home that night, Ashe has dinner ready. She’s smiling so sweetly, pouring your every drink, watching your every move. 

You pass out, and Ashe takes you to your new room. You’re chained to a bed, your phone nowhere in sight. 

“Ashe, why are you doing this?” You ask her, eyes full of tears.

“You were gettin’ sick of me…” she feels her eyes sting in return. “Seeing other people… like yesterday.”

“Yesterday?” You shake your head. “Ashe, they’re only a friend! I… I love you! Please, let’s talk about this.”

“I love you, too.” Red eyes stare at you so fondly, ignoring everything else you’ve said. “But… I just can’t worry about you anymore.”

Chapter Text

“Very ill, very ill...”

The voices are distant. Far away. In the dark, you can’t pretend like they aren’t there. It’s all that keeps you grounded... all that keeps you from floating away...

“...not getting any better...”

It feels odd like this. Everything is numb, everything is dark. Grey. It’s all grey.

“Will they ever wake up...?”

You try to listen, but it’s rather tiring. Sinking... you’re sinking away. Nothing to think about, to listen to.

But you’re ripped from your simulation with pain.

Your eyes open, bloodshot and burning. Everything is blurry, and you can’t remember a thing. Your throat... burns, and there’s something...

You begin to panic. There’s a plastic tube in your throat. Tears rise, and shaky hands scramble.

Something, someone grabs your hands. And you look for the someone in question, and you see...

That’s right. You remember now. 

“Hey, it’s okay...” Commander Morrison squeezes your hands. “Relax.”

You try to breathe, but it feels impossible with this-... this thing shoved in your mouth. You groan around the plastic, and your cringe at the way it shakes. 

“I’ll go get Angela,” he says, returning your hands to your sides. “Be right back.”

He’s gone, through the door. You stare up at the ceiling, trying not to think about how the plastic touches the sides of your throat. It makes you itch

Angela comes bustling through the door, light eyes full of concern. “Here.” She visibly swallows. “I’m going to pull it out, try to relax.”

You feel tears fall down the sides of your face at the prospect. You have no choice in the matter as she grabs hold, and slides it painstakingly slow from your throat. It’s almost as if she’s gagging you, the urge to vomit growing. 

You splutter for air as it leaves you. 

“Do you remember what happened before...?” Angela asks, glancing over at the Commander.

You shake your head, feverishly wiping tears from your eyes. “N... no.”

The Commander and Angela spare each other a look.

“What... what happened?”

“Well... Angela and I talked,” Jack starts, sitting down in the chair at your bedside. “And... we knew you wanted more freedoms.”

You nod, eyeing both of them. “Y-... yeah?”

“So, we made a compromise.” 


“We’d give you more freedoms, like going into the living room, maybe outside... if you let us...”

You feel fear sparking at you. No ringing through your thoughts. 

Angela stops him, holding up a hand. “We’ll show you, okay?” She approaches you, and stands beside you. “Ready?”

You nod, gulping.

She removes your blanket, and you look down at... oh god.

“We would give you more freedoms... if we could cut off your legs.”

Chapter Text

He’s your superior. What else can you do?

He keeps giving you... perverted looks, and touching you when the opportunity presents itself. And god, that opportunity comes up way too often these days. He had never paid attention to you before, and the same goes for you to him. But lately...

It’s like you’re the only thing he pays attention to. 

“And he just... says weird stuff to me...” you tell Genji through the microphone, sighing loudly. “I just... ugh, can’t stand him. But he’s like... my boss, so what can I do?”

“Hmm...” Genji hums on the other line, his character on the screen chopping through other players easily. He was always good at these kinds of games. “Most guys like that... they have no respect for women.”

“Exactly!” Your hands mash at the buttons as your character dies, causing you to groan. “And it’s so hard being one of the only few girls in the IT business! But he doesn’t act that way with the other women.”

“Perhaps it’s because you’re just... cute.” You can hear his shrug. “But that still gives him no right to treat you like that. Can’t you report him?”

“He’s practically my boss.” You spectate Genji as his character continues to run and defeat others. “And it doesn’t seem like he’s done this to anyone else so... if anything I’ll get fired.”

Genji hums again. And that’s when it hits you.

“What if...” you start, feeling your heart beat in your chest at the prospect. “What if... well, guys like that, they usually back off when they know that another man is involved. He’s more likely to respect a man than me!”

“What... are you saying?” His voice sounds almost strained.

“It’s weird but... there’s a company party this weekend, too! Genji, you have to go with me, and...”


“Act like my boyfriend.”

Genji’s character on the screen stops, and he’s instantly killed by an opponent. 


“Uh...” he clears his throat. “Sure, of course.”

“You don’t have to... I was just thinking out loud...” you feel your face heat up.

“No, no!” His voice is loud in your ears. “I’ll go! I’ll be your... boyfriend.”

“It’s a date, then.”


You stroll in, on the arm of the very handsome Genji. 

“Are you sure this will work?” Genji whispers quietly to you, sounding rather nervous. 

“Of course!” You say to him. “Just for the night!”

“Yeah, just for the night...” Genji says under his breath. 

All of your friends and coworkers are soon surrounding you, asking who this cute guy with you was. 

“Well, this is my boyfriend... Genji.” You smile, trying your best to sell it.

“I didn’t know you had a boyfriend!”

“Wow, what a lucky guy!”

“It’s nice to meet you, Genji!”

You’re surprised at how well it goes over, and you can’t help but feel triumphant as your superior skulks away. You’ve won!

“He got the message,” you say to Genji, squeezing his arm. “Thank you.” You plant a kiss on his cheek. 

Genji blushes at the action, and spends the whole night with you. It was almost like he really was your boyfriend. After the party, Genji gets you a ride home, but sticks around to have a talk with a certain someone. 

“Genji?” The man you called your boss raises his brows. 

“Quite the performance, old friend.” Genji hands him the money they had discussed some time ago. “Thank you.”

Oh, if only you had paid attention. 

Chapter Text

You struggle to button your shirt. 

“Let me help you,” Angela says, coming to your aid. Ever so the Angel, wasn’t she?

She buttons it up, letting a few hang loose. It’s more obvious that way. Her normally light eyes darken a little upon the marks she caused upon you, the ones likely to scar. She hums in contentment, straightening your collar.

“Do you... have any scarves?” You ask, voice a bit shaky.

“A scarf?” She laughs. “It’s too hot outside to be wearing such things.”

You nod, laughing at yourself. “You’re right... I’m just... silly.”

She leaves the room, a skip in her step. You face falls as you glance at the mirror, cringing at what stares back at you. There are cuts up and down your neck, and you wonder how she didn’t cut your veins and make you bleed to your death.

She’s a doctor. That’s why. 

The ones on your collar are more carved in. The ones on your neck are cat scratches compared. Your fingers come to touch, but you wince at the sting. Then, you find your face. 

Little nicks ruin your cheeks, as well as cuts along your jaw. Once “Mercy” gets started, she can’t stop. She’s very precise when it comes to the marks. They’re all even and symmetric. Quite the doctor. 

You wonder why she chose a white shirt for you to wear. The gashes on your back are already starting to seep and stain the fabric. 

Chapter Text

You couldn’t live like this. 

At first, everything was perfect. He-- Genji-- was perfect. The perfect boyfriend. You both went on dates, and laughed together and... did everything together. You both moved in together, and... everything was fine, great, perfect.

But then... he changed. Or perhaps it was always there.

The harsh grip of his hand in yours... the way he looked at you... and how he treated others. This wasn’t your Genji. Not the perfect man you fell in love with. 

You begin packing. You know it’s not right... to just leave a note and vanish but you’re... you’re scared of what might happen if you broke the news to his face. You don’t even want to think about that. It sends shivers down your spine.

But things don’t always work out the way you plan them to. Of all the nights, Genji gets home early, interrupting you in the middle of your leave. 

“Where are you going?” He furrows his brows at you, looking rather menacing in the door frame.

You take a deep breath, deciding to stand your ground. “Genji, I’m leaving.”


“Anywhere.” You shrug, trying to stop the tears from coming down. “Just... not with you. I’m...”


You nod, not wanting your voice to break if you spoke.

Pure anger is radiating off of him, and you can see wheels turning behind his eyes. You’re shaking, whether from sadness or fear, you don’t know. 

But then his body relaxes a bit, and is replaced with misery.

“No, no.” He brings his hands together. “You can’t go.”

“Wh... what?” You’re shocked at the change in demeanor.

“Please.” He falls to his knees. “I... I don’t know what I’ll do without you. You... you can’t leave me. Please, I’m sorry. I’ll fix it, I’ll fix myself, okay? Just please... stay.”

You blink at him, unsure of what to say. He’s so... desperate. It makes your heart ache. Is this your Genji?

He grabs your free hand, bringing it to his lips. “Don’t go,” he mumbles into your skin. “Stay. Stay with me.”

Your breath hitches as you look down at him. “Genji...” his name falls from your lips.

He looks up at you, brown eyes near tears. “Please.” His voice breaks. 

You drop your bags, and Genji rises to his feet. He kisses you, hands cupping your cheeks. Your own hands rest at your sides, too... confused to know what to do.

“I’ll fix this...” Genji nods, mouth trailing down to your set jaw. “Let me... fix this.”

You’re down on the couch in no time, Genji palming you. You’re not emotionally aroused in the slightest. You... you are confused as to... what happened.

One moment you were leaving... the next... you were here, under Genji as he stroked you into hardness. “I’ll make it up to you,” Genji mumbles as he kisses down your clothed body. “I promise.”

He pulls down your bottoms to reveal your half hard cock. You’re speechless, unsure of whether to enjoy yourself or not. He wraps his lip around you, immediately taking you as far as he can go. You can’t deny the familiar sparks of pleasure.

Your hands dig into the cushions of the couch, restraining your hips from thrusting into your boyfriend’s mouth. He continues to suck at you, managing to take you into his throat. He must be really sorry, then.

You’re so... strung out, for the lack of better terms, that you already feel your orgasm approaching. “Genji,” you breathe. He doesn’t stop, taking you into his throat for as long as possible.

You cum inside of his mouth, groaning at the feeling of release. Your fingernails are burrowed into the cushions. Genji comes back up, wiping at this mouth with the back of his hand. 

“Let me make love to you,” he insists, nearly pushing you over on the couch. “Let me show you...”

You can see his cock straining in his pants, which he willingly releases to you. You gulp, looking away as he slides it inside of you. You wince at the stretch, eyebrows coming together as he lets you adjust for a moment.

His thrusts are slow, sensual, as if they can tell you every word he doesn’t know how to say. You can’t help but moan, bringing a finger to your mouth to silence yourself. 

“Don’t...” Genji bats your hand away from your mouth. “Let me hear how much you love me.”

You gaze into his eyes, a million of emotions running through you. Do you love him? You were just about to leave a moment ago.

Genji thrusts in deep, giving a few groans himself as he chases his high. Small murmurs of “I love you” fall from his mouth as he presses it to your neck. You can only stare at the ceiling above, accepting the pleasure he gives you.

“I love you, too, Genji.”

Chapter Text

-of course... there are probably a few things that could be tweaked about you

-but Moira understands the importance of being unique, especially for human beings

-but if you manage to,, perhaps make her the slightest bit irritated

-be ready to be test subject #1!!!

-(there are no other test subjects btw)

-although it’s not bloody... she basically forces you to be a donor

-she takes your blood, skin samples, hair samples

-and if you’re really bad... fingernail and teeth samples

-she’ll be poking you with needles for hours, making you cry and shake in fear

-you have no clue what she’s injecting into you

-some of it makes you sleepy, some of it makes you very AWAKE!

-some of it makes you sick, and some of it has no obvious effect at all

-well, not to you of course

-once you learn that the lab is not for you, and you would rather stay in your nice and comfortable cage, that’s when Moira decides you’ve learned your lesson

-until you manage to mess it all up again

Chapter Text

He says that if you cry for help, he’ll kill you. You don’t really want to test him. 

Your new home is a pile of straw and hay that the man, who calls himself The Reaper, expects to keep you warm. It’s nearly winter, and you can’t help but wonder how he doesn’t even flinch at the cold breezes that come your way.

But you suspect that he doesn’t feel things like that anymore.

In the middle of the night, you shiver next to him. He insists that you both sleep closely, as that’s what friends do. 

You try not to pay it any mind, as you’d rather think about your family that you left behind. You ache to see them again, wondering if they’ve looked for you. 

It has to be the coldest night of the year, and you can’t help but try and snuggle up to The Reaper, for any ounce of warmth he might have. 

“What are you doing?” He asks, voice low.

“It’s cold,” you sniffle. 


Hesitantly, and rather awkwardly, he wraps his arms around you, pulling you close. This was a bit of a mistake, you realize, as he’s just as freezing as the air around you. 

The next few nights turn up the same way. The Reaper holds you in his embrace as he falls asleep, leaving you to tremble and shiver. But this night...

It’s different.

You’re pulled flush to his body, the back of your head pushed against the pumpkin he calls his face. It has a horrible smell, one that you can’t quite place.

Rot. Rotting. Rotten flesh.

You shake a bit more at the realization, right into him. Right into his...  

You can’t help but tense at the hardness building at your waist. You swallow thickly. He must be some part of a human, after all. 

The hands around your body begin to rub at you, as if he was feeling you through the tattered gloves of his. You bite your lip, trying to stifle your scared whimpers. You don’t want to anger him, no, that was the last thing you wanted to do.

“It’s been some time...” he says in your ear. “Since... I’ve felt something like this.”

You nod slowly, closing your eyes as he pushes away your garments from your lower half. You can hear his own clothes coming off. Tears begin to form behind your tightly closed lids.

He pushes into your hole, not bothering to prepare you. You can’t hold back the cry as he stretches you, sheathing himself inside of you. The material of his gloves scratch at your skin as he grabs your hips, pulling back his own to snap back into you.

You scream at the pain as he begins a primal pace. Soon, a hand at your hip covers your mouth. The smell from the putrid cloth, fills your nose, and you cry more.

“Be quiet,” he shushes you. “Anyone could hear.”

You try to silence yourself, remembering his promise to you. If you cry for help, I will kill you. But at the same time you want to yell at him, shriek, this is not what friends do! 

“Reaper...” You whimper into his hand, tears flying with each thrust of his cock. 

You wonder if he had ever done anything like this in his previous life. The thought makes you think about your own past life. Oh... how disappointed everyone would be with you... knowing something like this had happened to you before marriage...

If anyone would ever know. If anyone were to find out. If anyone could find you.

You cry more into his glove as he continues to fuck you into the straw and the dirt. “Gabriel,” he coughs. “Call me... Gabriel.”

He removes his hand from your lips, opting to turn your head to him. You stare into the carved eyes of the pumpkin, your own lips parted as he continues to rut inside of you.

Say it.” He sounds desperate and unearthly. “Please...”

“G... Gabriel.” You whisper, in fear for your life. “Gabriel.”

With that, he releases himself inside of you with a groan. You can only lay there as he fucks his seed into you and pulls away from you. You feel both humiliated and surprised as you feel him leak from your hole. Was his name... Gabriel?

He pulls you in close, rubbing your back soothingly as you sob into his chest. It's the only warmth you know.

Chapter Text

“You’ve been bad, very bad.”

Angela is nearly crying as she drags you down the hall by your ankles. You scream and wiggle in her grasp, not bothering to make her job easier for you. 

It’s been like this since she brought you here. Angela did not expect you to be this difficult. At night, she would cry because of your disobedience, but she tries to put on a brave face for you. She had to make the best decisions for you.

She ties you back to your bed, even as you kick and punch at her with her with every chance you get. “I know what I have to do...” she cries into her hands, letting herself break in front of you. “You’ll understand, you’ll understand...”

You shriek as she pulls out the long forgotten needle, which you had thought was left in the past of your first days here.  Angela whispers for you to be calm as she shoves it into your hand, creating an IV for fluids. 

You sob as she prepares for surgery, and it’s not very long before you go to sleep. 

And when you wake, she’s wheeling you through the halls. “Hey there,” she sounds cheery. “Awake already?”

She lifts you onto your bed, kissing your forehead. Even in your dazed state, you wonder why she doesn’t put your restraints on. But you don’t have much energy left in you to form such a coherent question. 

An itch fills you, an unbearable itch. “Legs...” you moan, hands reaching to throw the blanket off of you. “Itchy...”

“Wait, no--”

You reach to scratch, but there is nothing there.The haze around you lifts a little, and you look down to see a nearly empty bed. Your... your legs...

“Gone,” you whisper. 

Chapter Text

-I feel like Moira is the epitome of the asshole tall person

-she can and will put objects just out of your reach

-also belittles you for being so small

-babies you very often

-if you get on her nerves, she will simply pick you up and put you into a more... secure place

-she’s going to treat you like a child... and you get your very own play pen!!

-aka a cage

-but is somehow nicer to you than she would be to... taller subjects

Chapter Text

Jesse is starting to think he does this too much.

He takes a few hits of his cigar, puffing out the smoke. His other hand palms himself through his pants, an occasional groan smoking from his lips. 

But his mind is elsewhere. Obviously.

It seems that it’s always somewhere else these days. He could be killing a man, and all he can see behind his eyes is you. Such a pretty little thing, aren’t you?

All of the little... visions of you range from the innocent to the... not so innocent. Hell, Jesse will be cleaning his beloved gun, and then imagines what if you did it for him... in a very unconventional way. Would you like having his gun down your throat? 

The thought makes his dick rise, straining against the fabric of his pants. McCree sticks his cigar between his teeth, and uses both of his hands to undo his belt, unzip himself, and pull his cock out. 

His off hand goes back to his cigar, taking in a deep puff. His other hand begins to stroke himself, just imagining what you might do if you were there with him. 

Oddly, his heart softens at the thought of you actually there. Jesse loved you, there was no doubt about that. It wasn’t all about the sex to him. Though, it played a big role in his eyes, but... just thinking of touching you makes his chest ache.

He closes his eyes, letting his fantasy overcome him. 

He can just hear your voice in his ear, whispering all of the things he wants to listen to. Sweet nothings and declarations of love. God... if he really heard you say those three words, he’d probably cum in his pants. 

He imagines your mouth around him, or something anything he can think of. All he knows is that it’s you. The overwhelming feeling of you

Jesse throws his head back, feeling his eyes water behind their lids. If he could just have you here... god, that would be a miracle. It’s all he wants. Is that so much to ask for?

He can just imagine you moaning his name in the utmost pleasure. Jesse can just see those eyes staring into his own, eyebrows turned down as you--

“Shit!” His hips involuntarily buck into his hands, orgasm approaching. Just the thought of you gets him to cum. Tears begin to flow as he experiences an orgasm for the books, just imagining that it was you he was emptying himself into, not his lousy hand. 

He sobs after that, throwing his cigar out and resting his face in the crook of his elbow. God, you’ve made him such a mess. A mess you didn’t clean up.

But once he brought you home... you’d be a good little spouse, wouldn’t you?

Chapter Text

-Dva knew who you were

-she’d even met you a few times

-her most dedicated fan, her number one

-you ran forums and blogs about her, complimenting her

-some might find it creepy, but Dva couldn’t help but think it was cute

-she follows your main account on her own social media

-but your other accounts... she follows privately... you’re the fan of her, right? not the other way around

-on your more private accounts, she sees as you begin to post more about... someone else

-she thinks it must be a little phase you’ll grow out of, all of your accounts are dedicated to her, of course!

-but soon this person... your new idol is all you post

-Dva can’t help but be jealous

-quickly, she’s contacting you and asking you to join her for being her biggest fan

-let’s just say... your followers don’t hear much of you after that

Chapter Text

You terrified her. 

The way you made her face feel warm when you smiled... how her chest ached when she was without you... it was scary. You had so much control over her. Over the great, fearsome Ashe. 

It was even scarier to admit that she loved you. If something were to happen to you... god help the person that instigated such a thing. Ashe needed you, but of course, she wasn’t about to let you know that. 

No, you couldn’t see how vulnerable she was with you. Then you’d be able to use her. And that wasn’t going to happen. Not with Ashe.

She convinced herself that, if anything, you were the one obsessed with her. You loved her more than anything, would do anything for her. And she said it so much, ingrained it into your mind so harshly, that you were starting to believe it.

Hell, Ashe believed it, too.

When you fell ill, you put Ashe’s world out of commission. She tried to ignore it, to tell herself she would be fine if... something were to happen. But the way you deteriorated before her eyes...

It terrified her. 

Ashe did everything she could to keep you alive. She called in the best doctors money could buy, bought you every comfortable thing you could ever want, and had butlers and servants on call for you.

Finally, she decides to confront you.

“Hey,” you smile faintly from your sick bed.

She nods, trying to put on her tough exterior. “Feelin’ better?”

“Of course.” You nod, glancing at her playfully.

“What’s the matter with you?” She narrows her eyes at you.

“Ashe, you sent in a million doctors to see me...” you lace your fingers together. 

“Would you rather I didn’t?”

“No, no,” you laugh. “It’s just... Ashe... I only had a cold.”

Chapter Text


-it’s quite strenuous in all honesty

-you sound so desperate, begging to be let out... saying there was something you had to do

-yeah, right... what was more important than her??

-”Moira, please... I’ll-I’ll come right back!”

-she doesn’t believe it for a second

-”Moira, please! There’s... someone!”

-someone else?

-”you better not tell me who it is, because I just might bring them here to kill in front of your eyes.”

-she’s a bit shocked when you tell her... that’s exactly what you want

-Moira is actually quite amused that you... want to kill someone

-she’ll do everything in her power to get that person in front of you, and will watch on the sidelines as you take them down

-if you struggle, she’ll try to help as much as she can

-(she injects them with a bit of tranquilizer to get them... softened up for you)

 -she’s so surprised by your determination, she’ll even clean up the mess for you


-on the other hand... Reaper is jealous

-yes, he’s jealous of someone you want dead... go figure

-you have such strong feelings for them... he wants that! this lowlife shouldn’t have an ounce of your attention

-isn’t going to let you them,, sorry

-will bring them to you, though

-you air whatever grievances you might have with them

-and then to the slaughter

-hopefully you really hate this person because...

-Reaper isn’t going to go easy on them, even in front of your eyes

Chapter Text

-when she says you want her to call you mommy, you nearly puke

-is she a lunatic??? is she crazy? 

-you can barely stand to be in the same room as her, and now she wants you to call her that

-but Mercy--sorry, Mommy won’t be taking no for an answer

-she’s going to spank you as punishment for being oh so defiant

-and she will be conditioning you

-you want something to eat? say please mommy

-you want to take a bath? ask mommy nicely and she’ll draw it for you

-you want to do anything at all? say mommy in a sentence

-she will spank you until mommy is the only thing you can say, poor thing

Chapter Text

if you choose to stay with Ashe

-there is no doubt in my mind that this woman will treat you like a baby

-if you choose her... she would never admit it but... she’ll be so happy

-of course you loved her! more than that road rat McCree, anyway

-you’ll be pampered

-you honestly will probably never move again

-Bob is always at your beck and call, and Ashe is never too far behind

-probably the best choice in all reality

-she won’t let you see the sadness of parting with Jesse, she’d rather devote her entire focus to you

if you choose to stay with Jesse

-ooh, boy, are you in for a ride

-if you’re a masochist or something, this is probably the best route for you

-he’s a drunk,, sorry 

-it was hard enough for him not to just snatch you up, he actually allowed you a choice

-and now that you’ve chosen him... you’ll never be able to let go

-expect drunken rambles about how Ashe is crazy

-and expect him to come onto you, the alcohol literally radiating from him

-in addition to being a drunk, he is also an entire mess

-you won’t ever get a break from him, he’s home all day

-which probably means... he’s drunk all day

Chapter Text

Her eyes glow. Whether from the light or something else, you’re not really sure.

Carol’s hand lingers dangerously close to your face, power activated. Even though it’s just one hand, it is hotter than any day you’ve ever seen. You’re sweating, nearly suffocating...

But you’ll be damned if you don’t admit this is a little hot.

Hot! Hot as in... arousing? Yes. Very arousing. Although there is pure fear coursing through you that Carol could potentially blast your head off... you can’t help but feel hot under the collar.

Heh, sorry for all the heat jokes. You find the situation somewhat comical. This... woman with unearthly powers has you in her grasp, her hand that glows one hundred million degrees is right at your face, and... all you can do is think wow she’s hot. This is hot. Wow.

“Burning up?” She asks, rather smug. “You look a little warm there.”

Oh, yes. You are warm. Very warm. Is your face heating up? Maybe it’s the glowing hand.

“Want a break?” She raises a brow. “Maybe... something cooler?”

You don’t respond. Mostly because if you move, you will probably char your skin. Another part-- the perverted part that enjoys this-- says not really, this is fine.

But she pulls back anyway, hand no longer glowing. She reaches to the bedside table to pull out a knife. It scares you, but fuck it makes your blood rush, too.

She brings it to your cheek, tilting her head as she cuts you with little hesitation. Carol studies the way blood trickles down your skin, and how you wince at the pain. She can’t help but reach out and take a sample, smearing it on her fingertips.

Satisfied, she goes to cutting other places of you. Your blood is getting everywhere, and you’re crying at the pain. And probably the swollen arousal you’ve accumulated, too. She might think you’re sobbing, but you have to admit it’s a little bit of moaning mixed in.

Once she’s done, she throws the knife back on the table, looking into your eyes. She looks nearly possessed, blood splattered on her face. “Oops, got a little carried away.” She shrugs.

Your face is burning, even without the boiling hand next to it, and you stumble on words.

“Carol... uh, you look pretty good... covered in my blood like that.”

Her face falls, and she almost looks a little concerned. “What?”

Chapter Text

Oh god, Eddie had a problem. 

Well, other than Venom, he had a very serious problem. You.... you were the problem. Well, not exactly... it wasn’t like you were doing anything wrong! No! You were amazing! It was more like... Eddie had a problem with you.

Enough beating around the bush, Edster, Venom whispers in his ear, we’re stalking them.

“What? No, no we are not!” Eddie hisses back to his parasite. “They’re blind so... so we’re just making sure they get home safe! And- and don’t hurt themselves!”

Excuses, excuses...

Okay... maybe Eddie was a bit of a stalker! Was that so bad? He could do way worse with this... big, deadly parasite! Plus, it was kind of a habit. Being a news reporter is a lot like being a stalker. 

“This never would have had happened if it wasn’t for you!” Eddie whispers. “I think you’re more of a stalker than anything! You love seeing them, don’t lie--”

Quiet, Eddie. They’re opening the door.

Oh, that’s right. Eddie nearly forgot that they were inside of your apartment. He was just checking to see if there was anything dangerous laying around that could possibly hurt you! Eddie didn’t know what Venom was really here for, on the other hand...

You open the door and lock it behind you. It makes Eddie wince that you walk so confidently around your apartment, not even putting a hand out to navigate. 

They know where they’re going, Venom says, they’re not helpless, you know...

“I know that!” Eddie can’t help but whisper back to his symbiote. 

You turn towards him, unseeing eyes looking straight past him. “Hello? Is someone there?”

Eddie stays as still as he can, tensing. Shit

“Hello?” You call again, stumbling towards him. It takes everything Eddie has in him to restrain himself from trying to steady you. You look around wildly, looking almost fearful, but then you shrug it off, now using a hand to navigate you apartment.

That was a close one... hey, Edster, when are we finally going to introduce ourselves to them? 

Chapter Text

“Do I have to?”

“If you want to be considered my friend, yes, you have to.” Murray tells you on the other line of the phone. “It’s just a day. I’ll put on Looney Tunes, and you won’t have to do anything but bring him a Slurpee.”

You groan. Murray was asking you to babysit his new Russian friend. You’d met Alexei before, bringing him a Slurpee and other American foods. He was... nice, yes, but... there was just something off about him. You couldn’t quite place it.

“Fine,” you sigh. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Thank you!”

Murray was going to Hawkins to visit Hopper and Joyce. You didn’t understand why he couldn’t just bring Alexei with him. 

Well... you could. He was a Russian scientist who had no citizenship. In this day and age, there was still prejudice against Russians, since the whole Cold War and whatnot. 

And maybe that’s all you were. Prejudiced. Maybe that was the off feeling... just because he was Russian? Formerly working with the Soviets to create some sort of gate to a different world? 

Well, that’s what Murray told you, anyway. 

“Alexei is in the living room, watching Looney Tunes.” Murray tells you, securing his backpack around his shoulders. “I think you’ll be set.”

“Alright...” you can’t stop the nagging feeling in your mind. 

“I’ll see you tonight, then!”

“Murray.” You stop him before he leaves. “If he knows he can’t leave the house... and he has everything he needs... why do you need me?”

A small smile comes to the man’s face. “Maybe he just wants to spend time with you.”

You furrow your brows at him.

“Well, I better be on my way, bye!”

And with that, he’s gone.

“Damn it, Murray.” You groan to yourself as you stroll to the parlor, Slurpee in hand. Alexei turns at the sight of you, a grin appearing on his face. You hand him his drink, trying your best to smile. 

You sit down on the sofa across from him, pulling a book from your bag that you planned on finishing. You try to ignore the feeling that he’s looking at you as he slurps on his drink, which is very audible. 

You try not to think of what Murray had said. Maybe he just wants to spend time with you. Why would he want to spend time with you? You didn’t speak any Russian and you didn’t really try to talk to him! All you did was bring him drinks and food! Perhaps you pulled a Pavlov on him...

He suddenly gets up, and goes to the kitchen, empty cup in hand. God, he drank that fast. You tense as he passes by you, smiling him as he looks at you. You try to focus on the book as you hear him throw away his trash.

When he comes back, he sits right next to you. You nervously glance at him, trying to seem the most okay with it as you can. All he can do is grin, eyes almost disappearing behind the crinkle of his cheeks. 

You put your book down to look at him. His body is angled towards you, not to the television anymore. His full attention is on you, and it makes your stomach churn with anxiety. 

His grin fades, and now he looks like the nervous one. He opens his mouth, and closes it again, as if he’s trying to say something. He rubs his lips together, before his hands shoot out to take yours.

You stiffen, forced to look into his eyes as he says something in Russian. Before you know it, he’s performing a whole monologue in his native language. You can only stare at Alexei, both scared and curious to know what he’s saying. 

He’s stumbling over words, his face becoming rather pink. He’s nervous, and you’re nervous and... you don’t know what to do. “Alexei,” you try to stop him. “I don’t--”

But before you can say anything else, he kisses you. It’s hard but short, as he pulls back, looking into your eyes. You’re paralyzed, hands still in his. He goes for it again, deciding to be more gentle and soft this time. 

You can’t form any kind of response. You want to push him off of you, but you don’t want to seem totally disgusted either. He seemed like a nice guy... you just didn’t feel like that towards him. 

“Alexei,” you manage to breathe. He stops, pulling his head back from yours. “I don’t... uh...” Now you are stumbling over words, trying to convey your feelings to him. “I’m- I’m sorry, but.... I don’t feel the same way.”

He watches you, almost fondly. His close lipped smile takes up most of his face, and he kisses you again in the middle of your sentence. His tongue eases it’s way into your mouth, scraping against your teeth. The hold on your hand moves to a grip on your wrist as he easily pins you down on the couch, carefully maneuvering his body between your legs.

In a panic, you bite down as his tongue comes between your teeth. He pulls back, and you feel a moment of fear of what he might do to you for hurting him. But as usual, he’s grinning, all teeth.... now, bloody teeth. 

It’s terrifying. 

He says something, and all you can pick up is something about American. He comes down to kiss you again, and you can taste his blood in your mouth. Oh god.

You try to yank your hands from his grip, but he’s locked on you. He pulls away from you to laugh at your struggle, and you can feel frustrated tears building in your eyes. 

Alexei moves his attention from your lips to your neck, spreading blood along your skin. You writhe as he sloppily sucks at your skin, occasionally leaving bites. 

“Alexei...” you try again, voice strained. “Stop!”

Once again, he laughs at your discontent, mumbling little things in Russian. You can feel his hard-on rubbing against your thigh, making you cringe. Is this what he had wanted all this time? Is this what all the creepy stares were for?

He lets go of your hands to unbuckle his belt, and you attempt to punch at his chest. It’s futile, and he shows it to you by laughing. That’s all he can do... laugh at you. You cry as he removes the bottom half of your clothing, your legs kicking at him as much as they could.

He gives your sex a hungry look, as well as another perverted smile. You’re desperate  to get away from him. “Please, Alexei,” your voice shakes. “Stop, please, please.”

He just gives you a rather pure smile as he turns you over, face pushed into the couch. He wastes no time, and unsheathes his cock to push into you. Your hands scramble to hold onto something as he fills you, clawing at the cushions.

You move your face to breathe, staring at the television. It’s almost comical to see Looney Tunes, the woodpecker on the screen. Alexei’s favorite character.

Alexei’s hands settle onto your hips as he fucks into you. He’s groaning, saying things in Russian in short breaths. He’s thick, stretching you nice and wide for him. But you try not to think about it. 

All you can hear is him and the way his body slaps against yours, as well as the television. His fingers are probably creating bruises on your hips, but you can’t find yourself to care at the moment. You just want it to be over, but it feels like it’s been a millennia already.

As the time goes on, you feel your body relaxing and allowing him to thrust deeper. It no longer has the same burn, feeling almost normal now, like this was your purpose. You close your eyes as tears fall again.

His strokes speed up, become sloppier. His mumbling grows louder, but it’s a shame you can’t understand a thing he’s saying to you. But you aren’t very sure you want to know. 

Alexei is whimpering now, fucking you like there’s no tomorrow. His nails are digging into your skin at this point, and you can just feel how frantic he is. He’s saying the same word over and over, and then he cums.

It all spills inside of you, and you breathe deeply at the sensation. You’re still as he pulls out, hands coming off of you to tuck his dick back into his pants. Alexei pulls your own bottoms back up, securing them  around your waist. He turns you back around to face him, dried blood covering his face in splotches. 

And you can only imagine how you look. 

Chapter Text


-she already cries so much around you, she would never know the difference

-but if she did realize that you felt bad for her... Angela will use it to her advantage

-she will cry at the littlest things, just to get your affection


-she notices that you seem a little kinder when she looks sad

-Lena actually isn’t very fond of it, she doesn’t want your pity, she wants you to lover!

-will put on a brave face for you, even if she feels at her worst


-she probably won’t notice for a while

-you’re going to have to let something slip in order for her to realize what exactly is happening

-she’s more neutral than Mercy and Tracer, she won’t try to be braver or more sad for you, it’s just however she feels

Chapter Text

Peter Parker - you love him?? he’s basically putty in your hands.

Steve Rogers - similar to Peter, as long as you love him... he’ll be the nicest guy.  

Nebula - she loves you, and doesn’t want you to get hurt... but as long as you’re happy, she won’t have to be so harsh anymore.

Bucky Barnes - is a bit vulnerable to love. he’ll be so happy that you love him, and would do anything for you! (but there’s always that itch that something will go wrong...)

Tony Stark - is anxious of letting you have more freedoms, but will always have someone at your side to escort you around. you won’t be getting off that easily.

Quentin Beck/Mysterio - for being a manipulator, there is a chance you can manipulate him. but chances are he probably knows what you’re trying to do and will play along. the outcome... depends

Carol Danvers - probably one of the harshest. there’s always that paranoia that you don’t feel the same, and that you’ll leave at any opportunity.

Loki - it doesn’t matter whether you love him or hate him, there is no way he is letting you out of his sight. 

Chapter Text

-the first person that came to mind was Jesse McCree

-honestly, he’ll probably just break into your house, while you and your partner are home, and just do it right then

-Jesse will tie your partner up, and make them watch as he takes his time

-the cries from both of you honestly make him... a bit more aroused, if anything

-to watch your s/o’s eyes as he defiles you... *chef kiss* it’s beautful

-he’ll make you watch your partner, too, look them in their eyes as you get fucked by the big, bad McCree

-Jesse will be so triumphant if he gets you to cum

-especially with your partner watching! how sweet

-once he’s finished with you... well, he can’t leave any witnesses to your kidnapping

Chapter Text

“Joyce,” you groan.

“I told you.” She shoots a look at you. “Call me ‘Mom’.”

She’s cleaning another scrape of yours. You just have to sit and watch as she fusses over you. 

She puts a bandage over your latest injury, and pats the spot on your leg. “All better!”

“Thanks, Joy-...”

She raises her thin brows.

Mom.” You smile, hoping she could see how fake it was.

If she does, she says nothing. She returns the smile, and puts away the bandages and supplies. 

You always manage to get yourself in trouble with her. She hates to see so much as a scratch on you, which leads to hot baths and hours spent on taking care of scrapes. And now... insisting you call her “mom”? Joyce was insane. 

She was suffocating. Suffocating you.

But this... this was humiliating.

“Are you serious?” You ask her. She sits on the mattress, a book in hand.

“What? Reading you to sleep is a crime?” 

“It’s just... weird.” You stand before the bed, not wanting to go anywhere near it with her there.

“Just... lay down.” 

“No.” You shake your head. “I don’t want a bedtime story.”

“Well, that’s what you’re gonna get! Now, lie down!”

“No!” You shout, everything boiling inside of you. “I’ve had enough! You’re not my mother! I hate you!”

Her jaw drops as she stands before you. “What do you mean I’m not your mom? After everything I’ve done for you?”

“I mean you are not my mom!” You yell, anger rising. “And everything you’ve done for me? Like kidnapping me?”

“I did not...!” She shakes her head furiously. “I saved you!”

“From what? A scary monster?” You laugh at her delusions.

“You don’t believe me.” Tears fill her eyes. “All I want to do is help you!”

“Then, let me go!”

“And let you die? I don’t think so...” she throws the book aside. “I didn’t want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice!”

She digs through some cabinets to pull out some rope. Your eyes widen. 

“You’re gonna... tie me up with that?” You try to remain calm, not wanting her to see how afraid you were. 

“What else would I do with it?” She spits. “Come here!”

“If I’m... if I’m not going to sit for your little bedtime story, why would I let you tie me up, Joyce?”

She huffs. “Fine.”

For a small woman, she’s quite strong, pulling you down and tying you up rather quickly. “Now... bedtime.” She claps her hands at the quick work she’s done of you.

Chapter Text


-the fact that you think she’s overbearing is ridiculous!

-you’re just a human, you don’t have a clue of the horrors that go on around you

-horrors that Carol has to protect you from

-at all costs! who cares if a planet gets blown up in the process?

-as much as she loves saving others, she would sacrifice anything for you

-you’re her anchor

-and that’s why she has to keep you in check

-she’s just helping you! why can’t you understand that?

-you always have to be properly dressed, you never know when an attacker might come!

-she feeds you at very specific times, too (that may be unconventional)

-you’re not allowed on any missions or really allowed to go... anywhere

-if you start to act up, you’re getting locked away in a room so Carol can deal with you later


-a bit of a contrast compared to Carol

-she’s not very familiar with humans, and isn’t sure what exactly they can and can’t do

-though she knows you are very fragile, so she isn’t very fond of letting you out often

-Nebula wants you at her side at all times

-she kind of babies you

-and she doesn’t really mind what you do, as long as you’re nice to her

-if you were to get worked up, a bad side of Nebula might have to come out

-and she doesn’t want to do that to you! some humans scare pretty easily

-she also isn’t very familiar with human food, so it’s kind of up to you when and where you eat

-Nebula just wants you to be safe, as you’re not replaceable, like she is

Chapter Text

You’re trembling over his lap.

He has a vibrator inside of you at full capacity, hand also soothing over your sore ass. He’s given you so many spankings, you’re not very sure what number you’re on anymore. The mixture of pleasure and pain is sending your mind haywire. 

“Sigma,” you moan, tears in your eyes.

“What number are we on again, dear? I seem to have forgotten...” He holds a glass of wine in his off hand, occasionally sipping on it.

“Um...” you shake as the vibrator pulses inside of you. “Six... sixty-two?”

“Hmm... that’s right.” He nods, hand palming at your flesh. “How many am I supposed to give you?”

“Sev- seventy.” You hiss as he pinches at you.

“And why is that?”

“Because you... you said I...” you can’t help but moan at the feeling of the toy. “I knocked at your door... seventy times.”

“Correct.” He delivers another slap.

“Sixty... two.”

63, 64, 65.

You shake as an orgasm takes you, spilling onto his lap. 

“How needy, dearest.”

66, 67, 68...

Oh!” You moan. “Sixty... nine.”

“That’s right.”

“Seventy!” You don’t know how but you cum again, feeling the spot on his pants beneath you grow wetter. 

“Good... good,” he rubs your abused skin. “Now, why not another seventy? I never said you could cum...”

Chapter Text


That’s all he saw in you. Compared to his Chloes, god, you were a mess. You were... basically useless. This is why Elijah preferred Androids over humans.

“You’re doing it wrong.” He stares as you scrub the floors.

“How else can you do it?” You snap back at him. 

Error. Chloe would never talk back. 

“You burnt it.”

“Well, I’m not perfect, Kamski!”

Error. You’re supposed to make him a whole new plate for dinner.

“Do you ever dust?”

“Do you?”

Error. Error. Error.

As much as Elijah was partially all for deviants, he didn’t actually want to deal with humans. You’re so bothersome. 

“You know...” he tells you as he flips through a magazine. “I could have picked anyone to be my little maid, and I picked you.”

“Don’t maids get paid, Elijah?” 


Chapter Text

“You... asked for a coffee, sir?”

Jack takes it from your hands, not sparing a glance at you. You turn and go back to your desk, secretly fuming. You were his secretary, not his assistant. Why couldn’t he get his own damn coffee? You basically do all of his work for him! 

Speaking of which, you had a few files of paperwork to do. You begin, but it’s not long before someone interrupts you. 

His hand plants itself on your shoulder, and you jump at the touch.

“Wow, loosen up, honey,” he laughs at you. “You’re so tense.”

You straighten in your chair, trying to muster up at least a little bit of courage. “Commander Morrison, sir, I have a name... and it’s not honey.”

“You do?” He tilts his head at you, placing his coffee on your desk. “I asked for a little bit of creamer, by the way. Not just black.”

You sigh, looking down at the cup. You were so fried, you must not have given it a second thought. “Yes, sir.”

“That’s what I like to hear.”

Yeah, and there’s that. How he treats you like a stupid child all the time. If he’s not ignoring you, he’s spouting vague innuendos and sexist phrases. He’s such a... 

“Is there something you’ve been meaning to tell me?” 

You turn from your computer, raising your brows at him. “I’m sorry, Commander?”

“C’mere.” He gestures to his office.

Reluctantly, you rise from you seat. You brush off your skirt, trying to prepare yourself. He closes the door behind you, and it clicks as he closes it. 

“Sit down, make yourself comfortable.”

You stiffly sit in a chair, staring straight ahead as he sits behind his desk. 

“So... is there something you want to tell me?” He brings his hands to a fold in front of him.

“Um... no, I don’t believe so.” You shake your head.

“You sure?”

“Positive, sir.” You smile. “Now, there’s some last minute paperwork--”

“Because--” he interrupts you. “I got a little notice from... well, myself. You’re tendering your resignation?”

You feel your face heat up at the confrontation. “Um... yes.”


“A new office, sir.” You tell him. 

“And why is that?”

“I just feel...” like you’re a total dick and I can’t stand you. “... that my calling is elsewhere.”

“Is that so?” He leans forward. “It’s not... well, it’s not because of me, right?”

“Oh...” you laugh a bit. “Absolutely not, Commander. It’s been a pleasure working with you.”

“A pleasure?” He breaks into a grin. “Honey, you have not felt an ounce of pleasure in your entire life.”

The small satisfaction you had just moments before faded away, your face falling. “What--?”

“Oh, you heard me.” He stands, seeming rather menacing and tall. “You don’t even know what pleasure feels like. I can see it in the way you sit down at your boring, old desk every day. God, it gets me so riled up just to watch you type away, isn’t that odd?”

“Sir?” You stand from your seat, backing away towards the door. 

Sir.” He nods, stalking you as if you are his prey. “I love it when you call me that, honey.”

You scramble for the doorknob behind you, only to find out it’s locked. Before you can twist the dial, Jack is on you, pushing you over his desk. 

“You might think I’m just a perverted old man.” He whispers in your ear, his hips trapping you against the wood. “But do you wanna know how many time I’ve sat in that chair... and just touched myself while I watched you do paperwork?”

“Commander?” You try to push away from him, panic rising.

“Way too many times.” 

He pushes at your back, slamming you against the desk, your legs dangling over the edge. You can feel him, rock hard against your ass, grinding into you. 

“So glad I told you skirts were part of the dress code.” He snickers, pushing up your tight skirt to admire your behind. “I’ve always tried to drop stuff in just the right places, hoping I could sneak a little peek.”

“Jack,” you cry. “Stop.”

A hand smacks against your ass, making you groan. “The name’s not Jack, sweetheart. It’s Sir to you.”

Tears hit the desk below you, as you feel his fingers pull your panties aside. He slips his thumb inside you, and you close your eyes at the sensation.

“Mm, nice and tight,” he comments. “Wet, too. Fertile little thing, are you? You want my cock, huh, honey?”

“No, Jack, please--”

He delivers another slap to your ass, making you scream. “What did I tell you? It’s Sir. I wanna hear you say it, say, please Sir, fuck me, sir.” He even mimics your voice. How humiliating.

“No, no, please don’t make me--” you sob.

“You’re right, you’re right.” He’s grinding into your barely clothed core. “How about this... say please sir, fuck my pussy, sir. I want your cock so bad, sir.”

“No!” You shake your head, crying against the desk.

“So you don’t want me to fuck your pussy? You like it in your ass, then, sweetheart?”

Your eyes widen, and you bring yourself up on the desk. “No, no!” You shriek. “Uh, please... S... Sir...”

“Good, good.” He pulls you panties down until they drop to your ankles. “Keep going.”

“Fuck... fuck...” your voice is breaking and shaking and just... this is so disgusting. “My... my... puh... don’t make me say it.”

“You know the alternative.” You feel the thumb that was once inside you prod at your ass.

Pussy,” you cringe. “Pussy. Sir. I want... I want your c... cock... so- so bad... sir.”

“I’m actually surprised you remembered all that. You were the smartest of your class. I mean, that’s not why I hired you, but... pretty good.” He takes his hand away from you. “Such a good girl, aren’t you?”

He pushes his cock into you, and you sob at the feeling. He sinks himself as deep as he can go, and you can almost see the sick smile spread across his face. 

His hands grasp at your hips. He pulls himself all the way out and slams back in, making you gasp at the pain. Your legs twitch as he begins his brutal pace, always taking himself nearly out and then thrusting back in. 

“You’re tight...” he sucks in a breath. “Just a young, little cunt, aren’t you? For me to fuck? You like when an old man fucks you, don’t you?”

Your hands are balled into fists. Your teeth are gritted, screams passing through them. Is anyone else here? Can they hear you? 

And if they could hear you, would they help you?

“You like it, huh, honey?” He pinches at your waist. “You’re so fucking wet, don’t you feel that?”

You can hear a squelch which every painful thrust. His cock is spreading you wide, burning your insides. And all you can do is cry.

“I bet no one else has ever fucked you like this before.” He groans. “Doesn’t it feel good? Tell me.” His hand tangles in your hair to pull your head up.

You try to catch your breath enough to say, “Fuck you.”

“Brat” is all he says as he fucks you harder, making you scream. 

“You’re just asking for it.” He’s angry now, you can hear it in his voice. “Little. Fucking. Slut.”

He’s getting sloppy, and you close your eyes. All you can do is wait for it to be over. 

“You know... I could kill you.” 

Your eyes open, and you feel so defiled you can’t find yourself to care. But there’s a part of you that’s afraid.

“I’m the Commander, no one would ever know...” his hips stutter. “But... if you stay here... stay being my assistant....”


There’ll be a reason to keep you around, right?”

You screw your eyes shut as his cock feverishly chases its release.

“Answer me before I cum or I’ll make the choice for you.”

You cry a little, unsure of what you really want. 

“Fine... fine.” You whimper. “I’ll... I’ll be your... I’ll- I’ll stay.”

“Say that you promise.”

“I...” you seal your fate. “I... I promise, Sir.”

Chapter Text

-if the bath is not burning, you aren’t getting cleaned

-at least, that’s what Moira says

-she draws all of your baths, making sure they’re just boiling

-you could contaminate her work if you were just the slightest bit dirty! disgusting!

-plus, a clean test subject is a reliable test subject

-you must be cleanly dressed, and bathe after meals

-if you don’t... bathe to her qualifications

-well... that means she’ll have to clean you for you

-she scrubs harshly at every inch of your skin, not leaving a single part of you untouched

-your skin is irritated and itchy by the time she’s done with you

Chapter Text

You feel like you could die.

You’re on your stomach, and she’s working on your back. She tells you that you’re sick, that you need new skin in order to get better. You’re pretty sure she is fucking crazy, but you have no say in it. 

She’s shaved every inch of you for your... “surgery”, as she calls it. The thought makes you shiver, almost makes you vomit. For being considered an Angel, for being called Mercy, she had shown you none. 

“Hold still, love.” Her voice is gentle, a stark contrast to the way she slices at your skin. You can only imagine the blood bubbling under he scalpel, beading and staining her gloves. 

You shake at the pain, groaning. “Angela...”

“Do you need some more numbing?” She asks, though she sounds incredibly far away. 

“Y... yes,” you breathe, desperate.

You hear her mess around from behind you, and feel a needle in your skin, pinching at you. But the feeling that comes next is bliss, feeling the pressure of her blade but nothing else. 

After an hour or so, she calls it a day. You feel her rubbing gauze at frayed nerves, making your fists clench in agony. Angela patches you up, whispering promises of how this will make you better, of how much better you’ll be after this.

But deep inside, you know you’ll only feel better when you get the hell out of here.

Chapter Text

Right. No… left. 

You close your eyes as you try to remember the route back to the exit. It’s been such a long time since you’d seen the outside of this place, which way was the way out?

You hear footsteps from the end of the hall, prompting you to make a decision. You head left, trying to stay as quiet as possible. If Overhaul knew you had escaped, he’d surely have all of his men on the search for you. 

At the end of the hall, you find a door. Anxious, you look around, checking if anyone was near. You turn the knob, gasping as it twists. You push the door, falling into the room and shutting the door behind you.

You look around, seeing this is not the exit, but a very familiar room. There are two couches facing each other, a coffee table sitting between them. A desk rests at the end of the room, a banner stretching behind it.

You stumble forward, swallowing thickly as you reach the desk. The only personal item on the surface is a framed picture, of two people that were from a long time ago.

You and Kai. 

You look healthier, and happier. Kai looks like… a different person. He has a black mask on his face, but there’s a genuine smile behind it. You’re right beside him, sparkling eyes staring straight at him. That photo was taken before this disaster…

It was taken when you loved him.

You pick it up, staring at it. You can feel tears in your eyes. Where did he go? Where did Kai go? You had no idea who this Overhaul was before you. This… this monster of a man. 

The door opens, and you lift your head quickly. If you’re lucky, it will be Kurono or maybe even Setsuno…

But you’re not lucky. It’s Chisaki himself. 

His eyes widen at the sight of you, clearly not expecting you to be in his office of all places. You stare straight back at him, feeling your hands shake. 

He closes the door behind himself, and steps in. Overhaul shrugs off his jacket, draping it over the couch, then removes his gloves. You keep the frame clenched in your hands, watching as he casually settles into the room, as if you weren’t even here.

“How’d you get out?” He asks, as calm as ever.

You shift away from him as he comes closer, leaning against the desk. 

“The… the…” you bring the photo to your chest, the only thing that brings you comfort. 

“The key? You found it?” He caresses the side of his bird-like mask. “I’m impressed.”

You stay silent, backing away from him as he approaches you.

“Were you really going to leave?”

You aren’t sure what to say.

“Without Eri?” He tilts his head. “Very selfish of you. I thought you were more compassionate.”

You lips shake. If you could, you would take Eri and run as far from this place as you could. 

“I was going to leave.” Your chest hurts. “And get the heroes and… and come back and… tell them everything, and you would… you would go to jail far… far away from me. Even further from… Eri.” 

He raises his thin brows at you. “That was your plan? How foolish.”

You look down at the ground, feeling just as he said. Foolish

“It’s stupid to even think…” he steps toward you, bare hand hovering over your cheek. “… that you would ever get away from me. It makes me sick to think of you…” his hand meets your cheek. “To think… of you… all alone. Out in that world, by your lonesome.”

He turns from you, laughing. “Even worse… being tainted by all that disease. I keep you clean here, and you… you want to go out there?”

You take another look at the photo. This wasn’t Kai. 

“Give me that.” 

His hand is outstretched, his eyes looking right into yours. Swallowing, you hand it to him. Without wasting a moment, he throws it against the wall, letting it shatter. 

“You were so sick.” He steps on shards of glass to take your face in his hands. “And you’re still so sick. You need to be cleansed.”

He takes you by the nape of the neck and slams your face into his desk. You scream at the disgusting crunch in your face as it scrapes against the surface. 

“If I need to break you so I can forge you into the perfect lover,” his voice is muffled behind you. “So be it.”

His hands rest upon your wrists for a moment, and then they fall against the desk. Any and all feeling in your arms is lost, and you gasp in your own blood. “My…”

“I can’t have you getting any ideas.” You hear him unbuckling his mask. A drawer opens and closes, and his voice is clear now. “Ideas are disease.”

He’s quick to removing your pants, letting them fall to the floor. You begin to cry in the pool of blood that has collected around your nose. It always led to this. You made a wrong move and he had to cleanse you. 

He had to…

Fingers slip into you, and you groan at the stretch. There’s a certain pull in his fingers, the one that threatens to use his Quirk. Tears fall down as he feels the inside of you, tight and dry. 

This isn’t for your pleasure. No. This is more of an inspection than anything. He pushes his fingers far, eliciting a sound from the back of your throat. He pulls them out, making you wince at the feeling. You know what’s next. 

You hear his belt unbuckle from behind you, and you cry, wishing there was something you could do. But you were useless, and he was the only one who could fix you at this point. 

You feel him at your entrance, already hard as a rock. You shriek in pain as he forces himself inside of you. You feel as if he’s tearing you apart. Though you know he won’t, you can’t help but plead for him to stop. 

“Chisaki! Chisaki!” You cry. “Stop! Stop! Stop, stop stop stop stop stop!”

He doesn’t, grunting as he manages to push himself to the hilt. You squawk at the feeling of his full length inside of you. It was so foreign, painful, and unwanted. You prayed he would stop… that Kai would come back. 

You can hear him breathing  heavily from behind you, hands scrambling at your hips. His hips begin a slow rock inside of you, painfully stabbing inside of you. You can feel every ridge, every curve of his cock as he begins to thrust harder. 

You core clenches sporadically around him, trying to get used to the intrusion. Every stroke sends your face to smear in your own blood. You screw your eyes shut, trying to stop your tears from making more of a mess on his desk. 

As you begin to get used to him, he’s able to slip further inside of you. You moan as he hits your womb, making your hole ache. At the sound of your moan, he begins to go even harder at you, repeatedly shoving his cock at the spot.

“Kai!” You sob. “It… it hurts!”

“Does it?” His voice is breathless. “That means it’s working.”

You yelp as his hands pull harder at your hips. You feel like your bones are creaking beneath his fingertips, muscles straining. When he got like this, his Quirk could be dangerous. 

“Should I cum inside of you?” He seems unhinged. “Give you another mess to worry about?”

You shake your head, sobbing. “No! No, no, please, Kai.”

“Don’t call me that,” he snarls. The feeling under your skin amplifies, as if he’s prying the flesh from your bones. “Call me by… by my new name.”

A hand on your hip tangles itself in your hair, pulling your face back. “I won’t let you go until you do.” He stares straight at you. 

Your lips press together in a frown, watching his face as he fucks into you. “K…”

No.” He stops, stilling his hips inside of you. “Say it. Say it or I’ll kill you.”

You don’t mind dying. You really don’t. If this is going to be the rest of your life, you’d rather die.

“Don’t think about yourself, you selfish whore.” He says, as if reading your mind. 

Eri. If you died… she’d be all alone…

“O…” You start, feel hot blood spill from your nose and past your lips. “Over… haul. Overhaul.”

He lets go of your hair, letting you fall over the desk again. His hips start up again and it’s not long before he cums inside of you. You lay there as he pulls out, clicking his tongue from behind you.

“Clean this mess up.” He walks towards the door. “I’ll be back, and I expect it to be spotless.”

Chapter Text

-Aziraphale has had ENOUGH

-every other word is a curse, and he’s tired of it

-but he has the perfect plan!

-whenever you so much as say “shit”… something happens

-with his little angel magic, he can’t necessarily deliberately harm you… but you can get harmed by being in the vicinity

-Aziraphale snaps his fingers, and an inconvenience happens to come your way

-they aren’t awful just… a bit embarrassing

-you trip over your shoelaces

-a book from the shelf falls on you

-you accidentally cut yourself while cooking

-this usually leads to more curse words… which just leads to more punishments!

-he acts so surprised when it happens

-”wow! that is very unfortunate!”

-and you want to be mad at this lunatic

-but is it really Aziraphale? or is it just karma?

Chapter Text

-whether you knew if they both liked you was unknown

-but Jack and Gabe knew that they both liked you

-at first it was just a bit funny

-you were so perfect, of course there would be other men vying for you attention

-it was a joke between them, a playful competition

-that turned into so much more

-you were just… so perfect… that’s the only word to describe you

-now they were acting as if it was friendly, but inside they were plotting ways to get you to love them

-but the only one who could decide was you

-and you chose Gabriel

-Jack respects it… at least he acts like he does

-in the back of his mind, he’s plotting on ways to get you back

-and even though Gabe has you… he’s paranoid

-and he’s plotting on ways to keep you away from the rest of the world

Chapter Text

You are surrounded by him.

He’s on top of you, he’s inside of you. His voice is in your ear, his eyes are on you. He’s the air you breathe, and the only thing you can see.

“’s gonna be beautiful, darlin’,” he drawls in your ear. He’s fucking you as he usually does, hard and rough. As much as he pretends to care, he always fucks you as if you’re just a doll. “We’re gonna live... live on a farm... far, far away, and... there’ll be lil ones... just runnin’ around.”

You cry out as he hits you hard, pounding into your womb. You don’t want his children. You don’t want anything to do with him. You especially don’t want to be reminded of him every time you look into your child’s eyes. 

“Wouldn’t you like that?” His lips are on your ear. He holds you as close as he can while thrusting into your sweet, tight pussy. 

You shake your head, unable to concoct words to say.

“Don’t be like that, honey...” he laughs. “You’re gonna love ‘em... you’re gonna be such a good wife... yeah you are...”

He buries his face into the crook of your neck as his thrusts become sloppy. You continue to sob as you think of his fantasy. You don’t want to be his wife. You don’t want to be the mother of his children. God, god.

He cums inside of you, thick seed spilling into your womb. You gurgle at the feeling, squirming beneath him. He shushes you, pressing warm kisses to your throat. 

You stare up at the ceiling, praying to any god that was listening that Jesse McCree would just die.

Of course, it was never that easy. But perhaps you were given the second best thing.


Jesse falls asleep next to you, and you notice he’s left the door open. The door that is usually locked...

After what feels like hours, you manage to get up, cringing at the wet feeling between your legs. You stumble to the door, up the stairs, and out of the cellar he’s kept you in. You breathe in the fresh air, and run as fast as you can.


It’s been six years. Jesse still hasn’t found you.

How could you do this to him? You and him were supposed to get married! You guys were going to move out to a farm... and... and... be happy. Happy together.

But Jesse was stupid and naive. He left that door open and you escaped, just like a dog would do if given the chance. It made him sick to think about. When he got you back... you were in for it.

He’s caught wind that you’ve settled yourself in a city near your hometown. He’s just glad you’re not back home, because you’ve slandered his name by telling everyone what he did to you. It wasn’t even that bad! You should be glad that it was him and not some lunatic!

After some snooping around, he finds your address. It’s a rather nice house, but nothing like the one Jesse would have given you. It’s big, which confuses him a bit. Why would you need a house so big? Just for you?

But he soon learns it’s not just you

You live with another man. Jesse is a little hurt that he didn’t ruin every other man in the world for you. What about this guy was so special?

Maybe it was the little ones running around. Two of them, and they both looked a lot alike. Twins, then? A boy and a girl. You had kids with this guy?

A closer look makes tears rise in Jesse’s eyes. These weren’t... these were...

They had his eyes, and his nose and... they were his. His kids. You took his kids.

You bitch. Oh, when he got you... you were going to fucking pay for it. Pay for keeping his own flesh and blood away from him. 

And you were letting another man raise his kids? The thought made him sick. Did they call him daddy? Papa? Did they call him that because they didn’t know any better? 

Jesse watches for a few more days. You smile at the boy and the girl as they board the school bus, but once they turn, he sees the sadness in your eyes. The man beside you throws an arm around your shoulder, waving to the kids as they look through the windows.

He wonders... what did you name them? What did you name his kids? He had always had some names he liked, but it wasn’t his choice. He would love those kids even if they were called Thing 1 and Thing 2. 

Jesse watches as the man kisses your cheek and leaves for work. He gets in his car, and drives away. He leaves you all alone. Perfect. 

Jesse simply saunters to the door after half an hour. He brings his fist to the door, giving it a rap of his knuckles. A sick grin places itself on his face as he anticipates the look on your face once you see him. 

The door opens, and Jesse stares straight at you. Your eyebrow twitches, a smile that was previously on your face quickly fading. “J... Jesse?” You’re breathless.

“Hello, darlin’.” He takes his hat from his head. “Can I come in?”

Jesse pushes past you, walking into your home. You close the door, slowly turning to him. You look awfully sick all of the sudden. It makes Jesse hum in content. 

“How...?” You mutter, at a loss for words.

“Took some time.” He looks around your home. Toys are strewn across the floor from the kids. Cute. “But I promised I wasn’t gonna rest ‘til I found you, honey.”

You shake your head, looking like you might be sick now. Your hand pats nervously at the side of your leg. “You can’t... you can’t be here... I...” You turn away from him. “I’m dreaming. It’s... not real.”

“I’m real.” He comes up behind you, placing a metal hand on the back of your neck. “And y’know... I’m a bit upset you didn’t tell me ‘bout the kids, but... I figure I can forgive ya fer that.”

Suddenly, the door opens, and your new man walks in. “I forgot my phone, did you--?” He makes eye contact with you, and then with Jesse behind your shoulder. He calls your name, and Jesse is quick to whip out his pistol and shoot the man in the shoulder.

He falls to the ground, clutching at his shoulder. You cry out and attempt to go to his side, but Jesse hold your back by the neck. He tuts, bringing his pistol over your shoulder to aim at your lover again.

“You’re... you’re the psychopath...” the man looks up at Jesse through a wince. 

“I guess my darlin’ here has told you lots about me.” Jesse raises thick brows. 

“She’s not yours...” he groans. And Jesse has to give it to him, he doesn’t even look a bit scared. “She’s not anyone’s...”

“I was gonna keep y’alive to entertain me, but...” Jesse narrows his eyes to get a good look. “Don’t want the kids to see ya like this.”

“Jesse,” you whine, but it’s too late. Another bullet pierces your lover’s heart, and he’s gone. You scream, and Jesse slides his pistol back into its sling.

He covers your mouth and whispers in your ear, “The kids don’t come back for a while, now... I thought you and I could have some alone time...”

You kick and scream as he hauls you upstairs.

Chapter Text

Hanzo is so happy to see you outside of your room today.

You’ve been so reclusive, not even sparing him a single look. You just radiate sadness these days since he’s brought you home. Hanzo has tried everything to make you feel better. He’s brought you food, drinks... whatever you want. He even let you pick out a new movie for movie night!

It seems like you’re cooking, boiling water. Perhaps a thank you for all the nice things he’s done in the past few days? The thought brought a smile to his face. You must have just started, too, not an ingredient in sight. That means it would be a surprise!

You come back into the kitchen, and Hanzo knows something is wrong once you meet his eyes. He doesn’t even have to ask, because you burst out in tears at the sight of him. 

Hanzo whispers your name, and you fall into his arms. “What happened, my love?” He questions, confused at your sudden emotion. 

“I... I...”

“You can tell me anything.”

You look up at him, making Hanzo’s chest heavy at the sight of your distraught face.

“I was... boiling the-the water...” you don’t even flinch as Hanzo wipes tears from your cheeks. “And I was... was going to...”

Realization dawns on Hanzo. This wasn’t a gift in the making. It was an attack.

“Throw it on me?”

You nod your head, crying more into his chest. “But... I couldn’t... I just... you’ve been- you’ve been so nice and I just... I just couldn’t.”

Well, that was a bit of a relief, wasn’t it? 

“I’m sorry,” you sob. You wrap your arms around him, and Hanzo can’t help but return your embrace. After a few moments, a hand stretches to the turn the water off, slowing it away from its boil. 

“It’s okay, my love... it’s okay.”

Chapter Text

It was supposed to be a fun night. 

Your friends had convinced you to go on a camping trip with them. It was going to be a relaxing night, gazing up at the stars. Making some s’mores. 

But now here you were, in a pool of your friends’ blood. You tug at the face of your best friend, mumbling, “wake up wake up wake up”, to no avail. They were surely dead. Blood was leaking from their nose and mouth, a large gash had pierced their chest... from a chainsaw. 

Your other friends were strewn across the camp site. They were maimed and just as dead. Their killer was lurking around, and you were just waiting to die. 

Speaking of which, you heard a twig snap behind you some time ago. He’s here. Yet, you don’t make a move. If you die, you die. 

A hand settles itself on your shoulder as you shake your friend, hoping they’d somehow wake up. You’re pulled back from their body, and you allow yourself to be taken away. 

You turn to the murderer. They have a hockey mask on their face. It’s painted in blood. In their other hand, they hold a chainsaw, covered in your friends’ crimson. You’re positive that you’ll be joining them. 

But the man’s hand moves from your shoulder to your hand. He walks away, and you meekly follow. You’re confused, lost... you already feel dead

You don’t know how long you’d been walking in the woods. For slaughtering all your friend, the grasp of his hand is gentle around yours. You follow him blindly until you come across a cottage.

It’s small. You wonder if this is where he’ll kill you, or if there are more victims of his inside. 

The man drops his chainsaw beside the door before opening it. He leads you in, and lets go of you. You watch as he shuts the door and pulls out a lighter. Is he going to burn you alive, now?

He doesn’t, instead lighting lamps and candles to create light. Now, you can see a small kitchen and bedroom before your eyes. There’s a door to another room that’s open, leading to a rather dark bathroom. 

In the light, you can see just how ruined his clothes are. They are tattered and torn, and... soaked in blood. Your friends...

You begin to cry, putting your hands over your face. They were dead. They were really dead. And now you were alone with the man who killed them. 

The man grunts, coming towards you. You don’t move as he wraps his arms around you. He sways, and you move with him. Is this some form of dancing? There’s no music...

He leads you to the plain mattress, sitting beside you. He keeps that mask on, and you find yourself curious to know just what is under it. You keep silent, aside from your pitiful cries. 

A hand rests on your thigh, perhaps for comfort. Well, that is until it moves towards your core, causing you to stop your crying. He must take that as a sign, moving to pull of your shorts. 

“No...” you whimper, trying to squirm away from him, but he holds you, tearing off your shorts and throwing them to the dirty floor. His hand explores over your naked thighs, as if he’s seeing a woman for the first time. 

“S... soft...” he mutters, muffled behind his mask. You cringe at his voice, at his words. You can see the strain of his cock in his pants. 

You fidget in his grasp as he manages to remove your t-shirt, letting it join your shorts on the floor. He runs his hands over your body, exploring and inspecting every inch of you. He fiddles with the cup of your bra, bringing it down to expose a breast. He tenderly touches it with his fingers, playing with you.

You breathe in, tense and afraid. You want to fight, to get him off of you, but... you don’t want to anger him. As much as you want to die, you don’t want to end up like your friends. 

“Off.” He states, pulling at the middle of your bra. You try to sit up, but he pushes you back down.

“I... I have to...” your eyes are wet with more tears. “To get it... it off.”

He grunts, and allows you to sit up. Shaky hands move behind your back to unhook the clasps of your bra. It falls of your shoulders, and to your lap. The man picks up the garment, and rests it on the mattress beside you.

Calloused hands run over your chest, feeling the skin of your breasts and stomach. As he touches up and down, they get close to your last line of defense. Your underwear.

You flinch as he finally reaches the waistband, messing with the elasticity of it. His cock looks dangerously huge under his pants, and you can only fear what it will look like when he takes it out. 

He pulls your underwear off and throws it away. Fingers come up to rub at your unclothed sex. He trails his digits up, and down. Up, and down. You twitch with every stroke, especially as the pads of his fingers unknowingly brush your clit. 

Suddenly, he spreads your lips, giving him a better look at your heat. He inspects through the holes of his mask, studying every part of your anatomy. Your hands clench into fists. You eye the way his cock throbs under the cloth of his pants. 

He takes his hands away from you, and gets up. You close your legs, but he brings a hand back to your knee to pull it apart. You stay like that, open and anxious. He pulls down his pants and underwear, revealing his erect cock. He’s pulsing and beading with precum. 

The man nearly falls on top of you, and you feel his cock prod at your entrance. He pushes you back into the mattress, cold mask staring straight at you. He uses a hand to guide himself inside of you. 

Your jaw drops as he sheathes himself fully. He stretches you painfully, thick and long and hard. You crane your head up as he pulls himself out just to thrust back in, knocking you back down. 

His hands are on either side of your head as he fucks you raw. He’s going hard, making you squeal in pain. He’s forced himself deep, nearly hitting your womb. You pussy clenches around him, trying to get a grasp on how to adjust. Right when you think it gets better, he somehow hits deeper, sending your walls fluttering. 

“Wet.” He comments, grunting behind his mask. Your hole has lubricated from his intrusion in an attempt to stop the pain, which turns it into pleasure. A sick, agonizing pleasure. 

Tears fill your eyes at the sensation. He’s killed your friends, you remember. How could you be enjoying this? Your conflict does nothing to stop him from pounding away at you, shoving himself deep inside of you repeatedly. 

You’re upset that you feel disappointed when he pulls himself from you. You breathe heavily, staring at his mask. His hands come up to your legs, forcing them back. You groan at the strain of your muscles as he presses his chest against them, slipping his cock back inside of you.

He’s even deeper, with your knees hooked around his shoulders. Pain comes back into the equation, feeling like you are suffocating between the weight of your legs and the man fucking you.

You gasp at every thrust, gasp for air and the way it feels. It feels like he’s fucking your womb directly, like he’s so deep that he’s reached your stomach. You can’t deny the way your walls clench at him, aching for a release of some sort. 

It’s not long before that release comes, and you’re shaking and twitching and choking out moans beneath him. Your hands bat at his chest, overcome with pleasure. He stills during your orgasm, hips wavering. You clench hard around him, and it’s not long before you send him cumming inside of you.

You’re too dazed to care as he pulls out. You watch through a blurry gaze as he pulls his pants up and lays next to you on his side. He strokes the side of your face, and whispers to you. 


Chapter Text


-Sigma is absolutely captured by you the day you first meet

-he stutters and blushes around you

-for being such a genius, his mind goes blank when you say hi to him

-he has to have you

-he’s a bit delusional, believing that you might have the same feelings for him too!

-he’ll manipulate you

-when you come to him about your problems, he blames everyone but you (even if you do have a hand in the drama, or there is something you could fix)

-your friends? they hate you. can’t you see that in the way they talk to you?

-your friends don’t like him? well, obviously they don’t want to see you happy!

-your family is concerned about how much time you spend with a man like Sigma? they just want you to be their own obedient little doll! they hate you! 

-and sooner than later, you’re wrapped around his finger

-when he confesses his feelings, you have to accept

-because who else will love you?


-he likes to get naughty with you at the worst of times

-if you guys are in the lab or something, he’ll randomly push you against the wall and finger you until you beg him to stop

-he’ll fuck you over his desk, and finds it especially exciting when you could get caught

-he loves when you suck him off under his desk, too

-if there’s someone else in the room, it makes him HOT HOT HOT

-Sigma loves knowing that he has total control over you, in mind body and soul

Chapter Text


-”what did you say?”

-he turns to look at you, raising thick brows

-you shake your head, cowering away from the man

-Gabriel walks away, thinking you must have said a rude comment

-but as time goes on, he hears you whisper little things to yourself

-things he doesn’t understand

-at night, he can hear you talk to yourself

-you’re speaking in a different language

-Gabriel tries his best to pick up as many words and tries to translate them on the internet

-if he finds out the meaning of your words, and finds out they’re not very nice...

-consider yourself in trouble


-is honestly interested

-Sigma knows many languages, but this one is a mystery!

-he hears you mumble a few things, and immediately asks you to teach him

-he wants to understand you! even if you don’t want him to

-you’re probably so scared that you’ll at least teach him the basics

-Sigma will try to talk to you in your language, even if it is really bad

-but he’s trying, so maybe you should cut him some slack

Chapter Text

-his number one priority is your happiness

-Steve will do whatever it takes to ensure your safety

-he loves spending time with you, loves making sure you aren’t in danger

-even if it would make you happy to not be around him, that’s one thing he has to sacrifice

-he can’t take his eyes off of you

-if you want to invite people over, he makes sure to keep a close eye on them

-who knows who these people could be? even if they are avengers or heroes... can they be trusted?

-slowly, he begins to limit your time with others

-it’s so subtle, you may not even notice

-he just loves you oh so much... how could you say no to such a perfect man?

Chapter Text

-if you value sleep, Tracer is your worst nightmare

-she keeps you up almost all day and night

-whether she be talking to you, dancing with you, or just running around with you

-she’s very loud

-she could drag you to the ends of the earth and back and still not be tired

-you, on the other hand, would be exhausted

-and oddly, she loves to tire you out

-she’s like a child

-if you manage to have more energy than her... it won’t be for long

-you guys will be bouncing off of the walls until you pass out

Chapter Text

You trusted him.

You had gotten along with Alexei since Murray brought him home. Hell, you’ve taught him almost every English word he knows! You’ve brought him Slurpees and burgers and... and...

You can’t focus on that as he approaches you like a wild dog looking for its next meal.

“A... Alexei...” you cower away from him. “You’re... scaring me.”

He doesn’t say anything. He keeps advancing on you, eyes solely focused on you. Was he drunk? Did he think you were someone else? What was wrong with him?

Your eyes flicker down to the growing bulge in his pants. Fuck.

You gasp as your back hits the wall, and Alexei pounces. He presses you against it, arms on either side of your body. “Pretty” is all he has to say to you. 

“Alexei,” you whine, feeling his hard on rubbing against your pelvis. “Stop.”

He either doesn’t understand or just doesn’t want to listen. “Always think you are pretty.” He says instead.

You whimper as he stares straight down at you, a sick grin plastered on his face. Tears burn your eyes as you attempt to make yourself smaller, to just sink into the wall and disappear.

His hips grind into the meat of your thigh, clothed cock rubbing against your body. You cringe, trying to cower away from him, but you can’t. He has you trapped. 

Please,” you cry. “Please, Alexei. Stop.”

He doesn’t even look at you, opting to gaze at your body as he grinds his cock against you. His lips are parted, groans falling from them.

You’re flush against him in the wall, feeling just how hard he is beneath those pants. His mouth comes to suck at your cheek and jaw, wet and sloppy. Your hands press at his chest, but its futile. You’re stuck. “Alexei,” you sob.

His hips thrust harshly into your side at the sound of his name. He mutters in Russian, pulling away from your face. He stares straight into your eyes before pushing you down to your knees, making you level with his cock.

He wastes no time in pulling it out. Alexei says something in Russian, but then clicks his tongue. “Don’t bite.”

You frown, feeling your throat close at the sight. He nods his head at you, as if encouraging you to take him. You open your mouth, and he slips it in between your lips.

He presses himself into the inside of your cheek, and you can feel all the curves of the head of his cock. Drool trickles down your face as you cry and look up at him. He’s smiling, satisfaction evident.

He brings his cock out to push back in, this time aiming for your throat. You begin to panic as he forces himself through, burying himself inside. You gag around him, trying to cough him out, but he’s set. Your nose is up against his naval, jaw open to its full potential.

Alexei groans as you unwillingly take all of him. He thrusts a bit into your throat, causing you to gag more. He begins his strokes inside of your mouth, grabbing the sides of your head to gain better leverage. 

You try to say his name around his cock, but struggle to even breathe. All you can do is stare at him and take it. Your hands grip on his thighs, trying to distract yourself from the way he shoves himself in and out.

He’s fucking your throat at full throttle in no time, eager to cum. You can only gag and splutter, trying to catch your breath as he pulls his hips back only to thrust them back in. Your eyes stare up at him, trying to ask him to stop. He doesn’t care.

Alexei murmurs in Russian, screwing his eyes shut. He’s close. You just hope he cums now and not later. You don’t want to be violated anymore by him.

He groans loudly and pulls himself out, much to your dismay. But then, white cum sprays at your face. You cough and splutter, some of it coming into your mouth. You struggle for breath, and try to ignore how your throat burns from the abuse of his cock. 

You feel his cum dripping off your jaw, and he wipes at it. He rubs it between his fingers, studying the consistency. You feel sick, somehow getting to your feet. Alexei tuts at you, continuing to wipe the cum from your face. Too bad he can’t wipe it from your mouth. 

“Better,” he sighs, looking at you rather fondly.

You can’t even look him in the eyes.

Chapter Text

You screamed into his chest.

His arms were wrapped around you, unwillingly to let you go. You were sobbing and squirming, trying to get away. Seeing like this brought tears to Hanzo’s eyes. He was so upset that your little “fight” had turned into this.

“I hate you!” Your fists pounded on his chest. “I hate you! I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!”

“You don’t mean that...” he mumbles, sniffling.

“I do!” You scream. “I hate you, Hanzo! I can’t stand you!”

The thought of you... hating him... oh, it made his chest ache. 

“I hate you!” You repeat, shrieking. “You make me sick! I hate my life! I hate my life... because of you! Because of you did to me!”

What he did? All he’s done is take care of you and... kept you safe. But it wasn’t enough. Nothing was ever enough to you. 

“So what?” He laughs through his tears. “I just want you to be happy...”

You shake in his grasp, looking up at him with your bloodshot eyes. 

If I killed myself, would that make you happy?” He asks you, total sincerity in his eyes. “If I were to disappear from the face of the earth... would you want that?”

Your eyebrows furrow. 

“You want me dead. You hate me... you can barely look at me.” He begins to shake you. “Please, tell me what to do to make you happy. I’ll do anything.”

You shake your head, new tears beginning to rise.

“Then... what do you want?”

Chapter Text

First, he was burning everything. 

“Why aren’t you eating?” He demanded, watching as you merely picked at your food.

“Jack...” you wince. “It’s burnt...”

Like any dad, he refused to believe you. His food was perfect, what were you talking about?

He finally understood when... he... well, nearly burnt the whole house down.

But Jack had a solid excuse! He was looking at you! And... who could blame him? You were so... hot... just like the house... that was on fire...

“Jack!” You shriek, pointing at the walls that had taken flame. 

“Huh?” He raises his brows, too busy checking you out. 

“The... the house!” 

“What about...?” He turns, only to see... “The house? The house!”

Chapter Text

You could taste it. 

It was right in your grasp. It was behind the door. It was right. there.

The answer to all of your problems. Freedom. 

But he grabs your hand, yanking you from the door as you reach for the knob. He pulls you into him, mouth right at your ear. “What do you think you’re doing?”

You can only stare at the door in longing, wishing you could just get a glimpse at the sky. Whatever color it was. If it was the middle of the day or night... you wanted just a peek. 

“I just...” you say, quiet. “I want to go outside.”

“Outside?” Kai’s golden eyes narrow at you. “Are you trying to kill yourself? To kill...” His eyes flicker down to your growing middle.

You twitch. “Of course not, Kai.”

He stares you down. You feel yourself closing in, lowering your head to stare at the ground. “Come on.” He pulls you away, far away from the door, heading down a path that vaguely resembles the one to your room.

When you reach your room, he’s quick to lay you on your bed. You already know what’s coming. The inspection. 

You spread your legs, letting him push the hospital-like gown back. Gloved hands pulled your underwear away. Then his latex clad fingers slip inside of you, dry and uncomfortable. Your breath hitches, eyes closing tightly at the pain. 

“Do you remember when we first found out we were pregnant?” He asks, not even looking at you. 

You nod, pressing your lips together.

“I wasn’t very sure if I wanted to be a father, if I’m honest,” he merely laughs. “I even considered--” his fingers reach particularly deep inside, pulling a noise from the back of your throat “--using my Quirk to get rid of the thing without your knowledge.”

You suddenly feel more conscious of his fingers, of the odd pull they have. 

“But then I thought...” he twists his fingers oddly, making you whimper in pain as they reach deeper and deeper. “What if I... could use this to my leverage? What if I could... perhaps have something to hold over you?”

Your eyes burn. What was he going to do? Was he going to take this child away from you?

“So...” he removes his fingers, pulling the glove off while looking straight into your eyes. “If you ever even think of escaping again... just think of what I can do to our child.”

Chapter Text


That was the only word Hanzo had to describe you like this. You were swollen with his child, and he couldn’t help but admire you. 

Especially while he was on top of you.

He’s nearly in tears at the way you feel, fertile core squeezing around him. If he could get you pregnant again, he would. Definitely. 

Hanzo mutters in your ears sweet nothings, letting you know just how pretty you are like this. He can feel your bump rubbing against his naval. The way your moans sound are heavenly. 

You whimper his name, loving the way his cock presses deep inside of you, making stars appear in front of your eyes. 

Both of you are too wound up. Hanzo’s words of love to you and your baby make you dig your fingernails into his back even harder. Soon, you’re both cumming together. It’s emotional, intimate, and amazing.

Hanzo’s hand rubs over your stomach as you fall asleep, whispering promises of tomorrow.

Chapter Text


-Crowley and Aziraphale are two... very different... people? angels? supernatural beings?

-anyway, there is one thing they can agree on

-and that thing is you

-how they feel about you, to be more specific

-neither of them wanted to admit it at first

-how your smile awakened something light in Crowley, and something dark in Aziraphale

-they use everything in their power to get you into your hands

-Aziraphale convinces himself it’s for your sake. you could get hurt without him! you could be in danger without Crowley!

-Crowley knows it’s wrong, they should let you live your life... but does he really care?

-not as much as he cares about you


-however you manage to fall into their web, there is no way you’re getting out

-they monitor your every movement, being so subtle that you don’t even know they are there

-they insist you spend more and more time with them

-if you are wary, well... they’ll come to you, no problem!

-they just want you to be comfortable!

-they couldn’t have you getting... hurt on accident on purpose could they?

-if you’re really getting out of hand, Aziraphale will have to cover his eyes while Crowley does the dirty work

-some broken limbs might be in order... which will put you on permanent bed rest (issued by yours truly, Aziraphale)

Chapter Text

Gabriel doesn’t understand you.

Ever since he’s brought you home, all you have done is cry. You say you’re ‘homesick’... but you’re already home? He doesn’t say anything, though. You just might need to get used to the place.

But as these first few days stretch into weeks and months, Gabriel isn’t sure what to do. You barely eat the food he makes for you. You sleep nearly all day, and he can hear you crying in the night. It makes his heart ache to see you like this.

All Gabriel wants is for you to be happy

He remembers all the smiles he saw from you in the past. When you were out with friends, with your family... did you miss them? Was that it?

“Gabe... what’s this?” Your voice is small as you poke at the box on the table.

“A sopresa.” He bounces on the soles of his shoes. “Surprise. Open it.”

You do, and he watches as your eyes settled on the object inside. Pictures. Photographs of your family. Photos of your friends. They were framed, and you recognized them from your house.

You looked like you wanted to both thank him and slap him at the same time. But you just smiled, looking back at the memories fondly. And that made him happy enough.

Chapter Text

Captain Marvel

-technically, she’s kind of… immortal

-Carol doesn’t get hurt easily

-yet, you still click your tongue when you see the smallest of cuts on her

-”let me take care of that,” you insist, pulling out your first-aid kit

-you’ll brush her hair from her face, checking every patch of skin for so much as a scrape

-Carol’s hands get pretty warm, especially after a fight

-you’ll ice them, and in the meanwhile, inspect any bruises that may have blemished her skin

-you waste no time in pressing your lips to the injury, making Carol tense and blush

-you might need to ice her face next, she’s getting a bit hot

Peter Parker

-Peter really tries to downplay his injuries

-but he’s very bad at it

-good thing you’re there to patch him up

-from cuts to broken limbs

-though he does heal quickly, you still pay attention to him... maybe even more attention compared to the others

-Peter wonders why you kiss his bruises, is it because you still think he’s childish? 

-it’s Spiderman! not Spiderboy...

-but he doesn’t say anything when he sees the sparkling smile directed right at him

Chapter Text

-personally i just think she’s a cage kind of gal

-i’d say she has one or two cages

-good cage and bad cage

-the good cage is bigger, probably has a little bed in it

-it’s like a large pet cage 

-don’t ask where she got it from 

-the good cage is the norm, just kind of where you go when Moira doesn’t want to cater to you or watch over you

-then there’s BAD cage

-this one is probably in her lab

-it’s very small in comparison to the other one, with only room for you to stand straight

-in here, she does experiments

-due to the lack of room, you can’t run far from her needles

-i think Moira would be into pet play, from calling you pet and using you a collar

-if you really manage to piss her off, expect to eat from a bowl

Chapter Text


-I think Gabriel would go easy on you

-of course he’s firm, warning you not to do such a thing

-he’s more of a quantity kind of guy

-he won’t go so hard, but he’ll go on forever

-so you’ll eventually become a bit numb

-if you tried to escape, he might cry while spanking you

-it might be awkward... and a little uncomfortable

-but by the end of it, you’ll never want to run away again


-with this guy, it’s go big or go home

-he’s going to nearly beat the hell out of your ass

-it’s going to be bruised and you most likely won’t be able to sit on it for a hot minute

-you’re going to cry, but Jack won’t shed a single tear

-he honestly really enjoys making you writhe on his lap

-unfortunately, not the same can be said for you

Chapter Text

Mercy watches you.

You’re twisting and turning on your bed, moaning and reaching. You’ve been like this since she amputated. Your hand hits the space where your legs once were, and she watches as your face contorts with despair and confusion.

You had nothing to worry about, though! Mercy knew what she was doing! And there were a lot of people out there without legs who functioned just fine! They just needed some extra help sometimes, and Angela would be there every step of the way.

“My legs,” you rasp. “They itch.”

“I’m sorry...” Angela comes to your side, placing a hand on your forehead. You’re cold, yet you sweat as if you’re a hundred degrees. “I’m sorry.

“My legs,” you continue to cry. “My legs, Angela. My legs...”

That was all you could say.

And all Angela can do is smile at you as she inserts some morphine into your IV drip. She waits there until you fall back asleep. It’s been this way for weeks. 

Chapter Text

You can’t stop... twitching.

Your mouth is open, trying to sound the words. Trying to say stop or no, but... 

It feels so good. Every touch on your warm thighs nearly brings you to orgasm. You’re so wound up, so eager to be touched. You don’t even care that it’s Hanzo who is between your legs. 

Your toes curl, and god, they never do that. Touch has never felt this good before. Nothing could compare to the absolute euphoria you were reaching right now. 

You whine as Hanzo comes back up from your sex, and judging by the wetness on his face and in his beard, you’ve probably cum... several times. You feel like you could go all night. 

“I’ll suffocate if I go any longer, my love,” he smiles at you. Fuck his smile. Actually... that sounded like a good idea. You want to be on top of his face and holy fuck you could just orgasm at the thought--

“I think it’s time... I got a little something in return from you.” He pushes you back on the bed, and you can feel every little touch he gives you. His skin on yours make you unbearably hot, and god... 

You want it.

Chapter Text

Ashe clears her throat.

You both turn from your little “make out” session, quickly straightening your clothes and turning towards her. You both can’t meet her eyes, opting to send shy glances at each other. 

“There will be no... none of this while I’m around. Got it, you two?” She quirks a harsh brow. 

“Ashe--” Jesse starts.

“Yes, ma’am.” You nod.

“See, McCree? Why don’t you take it from your little girlfriend here?” Ashe steps closer to you to look you in the eye. “Follow the rules, and we’ll have no problem here, will we?”

As Ashe walks away, she can hear Jesse whisper, “She’s just a stuck up bitch who hates love because she could never get any if she tried.”

First of all, that was totally incorrect. Ashe could have whoever she wanted, for Jesse’s information. The thing is, she had no time for love. And she didn’t like seeing others waste their time on it, especially you. 

You were so much better than Jesse, you had so much more potential than that rat brain bastard. You would fair better by Ashe’s side, being her right hand woman. Two women in a business like this could go far...

Even after her little talk with you and McCree, she still saw you guys around. Holding hands, giggling together, sneaking kisses at meetings... god, it made Ashe sick. 

The entire situation started taking her time out of work. She was too busy dwelling on you to even listen to reports her henchmen gave her. Why would you waste all your time with a man? He was no match for you.

Then, who is? Ashe asked herself. She didn’t want to answer the question.

By chance, you and her are alone outside during a heist. All of the men are inside, robbing the bank and killing the folks, just the usual. 

“So you and McCree, huh?” Ashe takes a hit of a cigarette. 

“Yeah...” you scratch at the back of your neck, looking down at the ground.

“How’d that happen?”

“Well...” you shrug. “I’m not really sure. We just got together one day, and... it’s been that way ever since.”

Ashe hums in response, glancing over at you. You’re smiling big, like an absolute idiot. You keep fiddling with your hair, legs crossing and uncrossing nervously. The image of you in this moment makes her stomach drop. Oh

Whatever you felt for McCree, Ashe...

No, no. Ashe had no time for this kind of thing. Absolutely none. 

The men run out, yelling at you both to start the trucks, but all Ashe can do...

Well, all she does is stare at you.

Chapter Text


-honestly... he doesn’t know how to work a microwave either


-might be a little... sad? just kind of like “you poor thing” but tries his best to explain it to you


-WILL make fun of you... he’s a JERK


-after finding this out, she just has her henchmen use the microwave for you


-will try her best to explain it for you, and also now doesn’t let you use the microwave


-to the CAGE with you


-honestly he probably doesn’t have a microwave... or at least doesn’t let you use it


-will teach you how to use the microwave correctly

Soldier 76/ Jack

-he’s equally as puzzled, idc how old he is he is OLD MAN


-doesn’t own a microwave, it messes with his energy


-is such a crackhead he’s like ?????????? when you put stuff in the microwave it doesn’t always come out burnt?? there’s like a timer on the microwave?


-asks you how long you want it to go for and does it for you


-like many others, now just does the microwave business for you


-she LAUGHS at you


-she doesn’t let you use the microwave


-tries to explain it to you, gets too scientific, ends up confusing himself


-she doesn’t use a microwave


-she designs the microwave in a you-proof type way

Chapter Text

-when he hears that you want some stuff from your home, he is more than happy to get it

-once he gets there and collects the things you want, he gets a little confused

-makeup? feminine clothes? these were for girls, weren’t they?

-he asks you about it when he gets back home, curious

-you tell him that you like to wear makeup and dress up, and Hanzo just takes it in quietly

-he’s a bit conflicted

-Hanzo has taken so much time to accept himself for liking men

-and now you are dressing up... as a woman?

-the more he thinks about it, the more it makes sense

-he doesn’t have anything against it, but it might take some time to get used to for him

-he was raised to be traditional, but to break his prejudices... will take your help

Chapter Text

Your hand grasps at his wrist. “Gabriel.” The whine bubbles from your throat. 

Heavy eyes look up to you. He looks ever so... desperate. Like he needed this. Hell, he needed this more than you did. You close your lips and take your hand away from him, and he continues to fuck you with his fingers.

You can’t count how many times you’ve cum, you’re absolutely dripping. You can hear the wet slap with each stroke of his thick fingers. Your legs shake around him, and his eyes just watch as your hole stretches to take his fingers. 

As much as you despise him sometimes, seeing him like this caused your heart to ache. If this is how he wanted to cope, you’d let him. 

You can barely hear him mumbling at your thighs, but it’s drowned out by your blood rushing in your ears. 

Whimpers and moans continue to fall from your lips, and you do nothing to stop them. Just as you do nothing to stop him. 

You cum again, and again... and again. “Ga... Gabriel,” you whine. Your legs are twitching and shaking. “I’m... fuck, I don’t...”

“One more.” He says, voice quiet. 

“I don’t--”

“You can.”

You believe him, and you cum. You cum for him. Once it’s over, he removes sopping fingers from you. Gabriel makes no move to cleaning them up, instead just lying beside you.

You cover yourself with a blanket, swallowing thickly. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Not right now, but...” he glances at you. “Thank you.”

“You’re... you’re welcome...” your eyes glance downwards. “Do you want me to take care of you?”

Chapter Text

You can hear the shower running.

You could run. You could go pick up your kids and get the hell out of here. Call the cops. There was so much you could do. But...

What was the point? What was the point if he was just going to find you again? Again and again and again

Plus, you were sure if you tried to get yourself on your feet, you would fall. Jesse wasn’t kidding about his punishment for you when he got you back. You felt sore already. Bruises were already forming on your skin, and your jaw was throbbing in pain. 

Your eyes reach the clock, seeing that there was only an hour before the kids came home. The thought made your eyes water. You never wanted Jesse in their lives. You never wanted them to know their real father. You never wanted them...

You cringe at the thought of a life without your kids, but sometimes... you couldn’t help but wonder. How would life be without Jesse McCree?

Jesse comes out from the shower, towel wrapped around his lower half. “Would you mind washing my clothes before the kids get home?”

You don’t say anything. You don’t even look at him. Just hearing his voice made you sick. 


You sat up, wincing at the ache in your bones. You grab his stack of clothes and walk downstairs, and you almost forgot about your dead husband. You drop Jesse’s clothes, nearly falling down beside him. 

If you had only reminded him about his phone... phone

You shakily pick up Jesse’s clothes, shuffling to the kitchen. On the counter is your husband’s cellphone. You inhale anxiously. If all goes well...

You put Jesse’s clothes in the wash, and come back to the kitchen, glancing at the phone. You pick it up, swallowing nervously. There’s a password. 

You bite your lip, looking around to see if Jesse was around. You guess your children’s names. Nothing. His parents. Siblings. Pets. Nothing.

You take a deep breath before typing in your last guess, and you nearly sob when the phone opens. Your name. 

You begin to tremble even more than before as you tap the call app. You don’t know who to call first. The police? The school? 

Just as you’re about to tap a number, the phone is yanked from your hand and thrown to the floor. The device shatters across the floor, spread out in millions of little pieces. You can only watch as the debris roll across the tile. 

“What were you trying to do, honey? Call the cops or somethin’?” Jesse’s hand is clasped around your wrist. 

Your mouth is open, but no words come out.

“I thought you knew me. I’m the best shooter in the country, baby, those police would be dead in a heartbeat. You’d just be killing more people. It’d be all on you.” The grasp on your wrist grows harsher, but you barely feel it. 

Before anything else can be said, the front door opens. 


Chapter Text

You stumble into the door.

Your hand gropes at the doorknob. You barely remember how to open a door in this state. Your knuckles rap against the door until it opens, revealing your siblings.

After being watched over by the village doctor for a few days, you’re cleared to go back to normal. Everyone asks where you had been for all that time. You aren’t sure if you should tell them the truth you remember, would they believe you?

So you don’t tell them the truth. You say that you fell down a hill and got lost in the woods. No one questions it. Perhaps that happened too often. 

After a few days of going back to “normal”, you think about him. That man. The pumpkin. The Reaper. He had let you go. 

“I’m not your kind,” he says. “It is too cold for you out here at this time of year.”

You struggle to keep your eyes open. “What is your kind?”

You shake your head at the memory. You find that it’s harder and harder to remember exactly what the Reaper looked like. You can barely remember those nights that you spent close together. 

But there is something you can recall. Gabriel. His name.

Your family barely lets you out of their sight, but after winter passes, you manage to slip under their radar. You walk past the pumpkin patch, which you’d hadn’t passed by alone since that night…

But that’s not who you’re looking for.

You head straight to the village library. You want records, names, anything that could tell you about him. The Reaper. 

You browse through books for hours, looking for records of the townspeople. Soon, the librarian passes by you, questioning your intentions in their library.

“I want to know… our history,” you tell them. “Is there anything that has names of the people who first settled this village?”

“Perhaps I have a few records in the cellar, if you’d like to look there.” They lead you down, presenting a thousand more books and files than you had seen upstairs.

“I’ll come back tomorrow.”

You spend several more days trying to find what you’re looking for. There was no mention of a man named Gabriel who looked like The Reaper. Nothing. 

Right when you’re about to give up, you find an ancient paper. It is spotted and yellow, but the writiting records something more valuable than itself. 


You swallow nervously before continuing.

Gabriel Reyes is to be executed on All Hallow’s Eve for the murder of his wife. The crime was perpetrated in the Pumpkin Patch.”

You put a hand over your mouth. This was him. You read on, and feels tears fall down your face. The woman was found in the Pumpkin Patch, a Jack O’Lantern was placed on her head. Just like The Reaper.

You look around, placing the papers in your satchel and wiping your tears from your face. As you walk by the Pumpkin Patch, you can’t help but tread faster than usual. 

You read over the documents. The town must have hated this man. There were details of his execution, every little thing. The date read so long ago, so it was only natural that no one had any knowledge of this other than a tale to scare children. 

You try to make sense of it all. How was Gabriel still alive? Even if he hadn’t been killed by being hung, there was no way he could have survived this long. And… if he had killed his wife, why hadn’t he killed you?

Trying to forget about this whole ordeal, you burn the documents. There would be no trace of The Reaper, only in your mind. You tried to go back to normal, to spend time with your family, but as Halloween grew closer…

So did the dreams.

The Reaper was always there. It varied on what he was doing. You could both be watching the stars together, huddling close for warmth. Other times the dreams were memories of the times he was on top of you, cock sheathed inside your hole as your struggled not to scream. 

You could feel yourself being pulled toward the Pumpkin Patch, a place you never wanted to cross again. It was inevitable, though. You became more curious, wanting to find him again. Confront him. 

The night before Halloween, you find it hard to sleep. You toss and turn, bothering your siblings and family. Finally, you decided to go outside to get fresh air.

You mull over everything you’ve learned about The Reaper. He murdered his wife, yet he didn’t murder you. Why was that? Why did he do that to you?

Your heart feels as if it is attached to a string, and that string is leading you to the Pumpkin Patch. You’re on your feet before you know it, walking down the path to the place that had brought you torment.

It feels as if you blinked and suddenly you’re there. You can see the evidence of yourself there, the little blanket of straw you used still where it was.

“What are you doing here?” He asks, behind you.

You turn to face him, seeing that the Pumpkin on his head is even more rotten than before. Bugs swirl around it, feeding on the flesh. You restrain yourself from recoiling, instead standing tall. “I want to know why.”

“Why what?” He stumbles towards you.

You let him get close to you, smelling the putrid Jack O’Lantern. “I want to know why you killed her.”


“Your wife, Gabriel.”

He straightens from his hunch, as if to look you in the eyes. “Wife?”

“Gabriel Reyes, why did you kill your wife?”

“My wife…” he turns, looking at the hay on the ground. “I didn’t kill her.”

“Really?” Your body trembles. “Then… then, who did? They hung you for it!”

“I did… I didn’t kill her.” Hands come to the side of the pumpkin. “I didn’t!”

“You killed her!” You begin to cry “You killed her! But you didn’t kill me! Why?”

The pumpkin stares at you for a moment, and you can almost see his eyes behind the holes. “Those people… they accused me of murdering her. They tortured me for days, putting a Pumpkin over my head and hanging me, burying me right here. Left me to rot.”

You shake your head. “Gabriel.”

“All I did… All I did was… touch her.” He sounds like he’s crying. “And then she was gone… I didn’t… I didn’t mean to…”

You’re terrified as he hacks through sobs, sounding as if he’s coughing up his heart. “I didn’t want to kill her, and I didn’t want to kill you.”

You take a step back, tears running down the side of your face.

“But if… if I kill you, then bury you with me… we can be together… forever. Just like friends do, right?”

Chapter Text


-Carol respects that you aren’t ready to take your relationship to that level yet

-if you want to take it slow, Carol will take it slow. no worries.

-but if you initiate something like this...

-Carol is going to be a MESS

-”what are you doing?” she mumbles as you straddle her

-you don’t say anything, only beginning to grind from her thigh to her knee

-Carol is blushing and twitching, but she is not going to make any effort to stop you

-sooner than later, her hands will find your hips and help you grind down

-your moans make her undeniably turned on, and she can only hope that when you’re satisfied, you’ll do something for her... or at least let her touch you directly


-like Carol, Ashe respects that you don’t want to take it to that level

-unlike Carol, Ashe isn’t going to get flustered when you make an advance

-she’s going to smirk, putting hands behind her head as she watches you get off on her thigh

-she’ll talk dirty to you, getting you off while you moan her name

-hell, Ashe will probably start touching herself while just watching you get so close on her thigh

-but she won’t let you cum, you’re gonna have to let her touch you to get that satisfaction

Chapter Text

“Look at me.”

You don’t, hiding your face behind your hands. You cower back into the wall, trying to remember. It isn’t real. None of it is. But there’s that so real touch. 

“Hey, hey.” Your hands are pried from your face. “I said, look at me.”

Quentin is staring back at you. It’s just him, it seems. You aren’t sure if he’s in a good mood, bad mood, sadistic mood. You just hope he doesn’t hurt you again. That... he doesn’t...

“I think it’s time for you to get a dose of reality, honey.” He pulls you up from the ground, grasp around your hands nearly bone crushing. “Your new reality, that is.”

A mattress materializes behind you, allowing Quentin to push you down. You look up at him as he unbuckles his belt, while hero costume versions of him rise from the ground. They’re not real, not real. 

You try to get up, but the others seize you to hold you down. “Aw, does it have to come to this?” Quentin gets on top of you, pulling down your bottoms, only for them to disintegrate into green mist. 

You squirm beneath all of the Mysterios surrounding you, their hands grasping at every limb. They pull you apart to give more access to Quentin, the real Quentin. The one who is going to use you like he did every other day. And then...

You don’t have much time to dwell on the future as Quentin pushes into you. You wonder how he gets so hard, how he gets aroused so much by you being so scared of him. He was crazy. 

He keeps you locked in this illusion, manipulating it to make you feel so many different things. Who knew if this really was him above you, already thrusting inside of you as if you were a doll. 

It doesn’t matter how many times he penetrates you, it always hurts. He stretches you, forcing himself as deep as he can. You cry as you look around at the other Mysterios. They all have that ugly. fish bowl on. Your reflection is shown in them, your reflection of being defiled by a fucking maniac. 

You scream as he hits deep inside of you, feeling as if he’s tearing you apart. “Like that, sweetheart?” He laughs above you, fucking you even deeper, hitting repeatedly at that spot. 

You sob with each stroke of his cock, closing your eyes and just trying to remember. It isn’t real. It isn’t real. But the cum inside of you when he’s done with you says a very different story. 

Quentin gets off of you, adjusting himself quickly. The Mysterios stand tall, as if awaiting orders.

“They’re yours, boys.” 

Chapter Text

For once, Zim seems rather quiet.

You peer over your phone, looking at him on the other side of the sofa. “Zim?”

He looks as if you’ve knocked him from his thoughts. “Y… yes?”

“You good?” 

“Yes… yes!” He nods affirmatively. “Nothing is wrong. What would make you think that?”

You lock your phone and set it aside. “You’re quiet, and that’s not very usual for you, Zim.”

“I… I can be quiet! Watch!” He closes his lips while crossing his arms.

“Zim, tell me, what’s up?”

He doesn’t say anything, just looking away from you.

“Okay, you’ve proved you can be quiet, now, just  tell me what’s wrong.” You scoot over towards him, placing a hand on his arm.

His eyes look from your hand to your eyes. “Well…” he doesn’t quite meet your gaze. “I was wondering… why do you humans… why do you humans touch each other so much?”

“What do you mean?”

Zim takes his arm from you to demonstrate. “Why do you guys do… like this?” His hands mimic  two people, and their faces meet. 

“Kiss?” You raise your brows. “You guys don’t kiss on your planet?”

“Kiss? Of course not!” Zim shakes his head. “Do you know how many things can be spread in one of those?”

“So, you’ve never been kissed, you’re saying?” You smile.

He shifts uncomfortably. “I suppose not.”

“You want to try?”

“With who?” He tilts his head.

“With me, dummy.” You laugh at him.

If he could blush, you’re sure he would be on fire right now. “O- okay.”

You don’t waste any time in pressing your lips against his. Zim is so surprised you nearly fall on top of him. You pull away quickly. “How was it?”

“Uh… can we try again?”

You kiss him once again, and Zim’s hands find their way on your shoulders, pulling you closer. “You’re… very warm,” he comments. 

You can’t help but want to kiss him again, but Zim does it this time. It’s not long before a simple kissing lesson becomes a full blown make out session. You are making out with an alien. Check that off the bucket list.

“Zim!” You gasp as sharp teeth tug at your bottom lip. 

He pulls back quickly. “Was that wrong?”

“I mean…” your face is unbearably hot. “I was just surprised.”

“Is it good?”

“I mean… I liked it.” There’s a small silence. “My tallest.”

He goes back in, practically sucking at your bottom lip while wrapping his arms around you. You laugh into his mouth as he tries everything. His tongue feels your teeth, the inside of your cheek. “Did you like it?” He asks, and every time you can’t help but answer yes.

He’s going to be bragging about being the best kisser in the universe forever.

Chapter Text


-German was harder than it looked

-and you learned that the hard way

-Mercy was your personal German teacher, giving you grammar books and homework

-she kept you up for hours, trying to ingrain it into your mind

-if you began to doze, you’d get a smack on the wrist from a ruler

-if you started to get a bit moody... there’s a time out corner

-if you really upset Dr. Ziegler... consider yourself to be in detention 


-French is hard??

-Amelie doesn’t understand how you don’t get it! 

-this is basic stuff she’s teaching you

-get an answer wrong? she’ll punish you somehow

-you talk back? expect to be met with a paddle

-all she can ask is for you to study. all the material is basically handed to you!

-until you start getting too good... then she’ll start asking you things you don’t know

-wrong answer? well that’s too bad, you’re going to be sent to the principal’s office

-who is that you may ask? Widowmaker

Chapter Text

There’s not much you can do like this. 

Your wrists have healed, but they aren’t what they used to be. You’re not who you used to be. If anything, you’re far from it. Jesse had made sure of that. 

Perhaps your his perfect lover now. All you do is sulk around the house, and you’ve learned rejecting his advances leads to broken bones and bruises. There’s not much you can do. 

But there is a chance for escape. Even if it’s small, even if it kills you, you’re willing to take it. You are willing to escape via alcohol. 

Jesse tried to offer you some before, but you had always refused. You were always scared he’d poison or drug your drink. Now, you wish he would do so. But no, it was just regular, old alcohol. 

It doesn’t take long for you to be absolutely sloshed, falling over and stumbling into walls. McCree drinks with you most of the time, joining you in a heap on the floor, both of you laughing as if you were best friends. 

But of course, there is an ulterior motive. 

Jesse watches carefully as you throw yourself over the edge, night after night. You pass out, throw up, fall over, and he’s there for you every single night. 

He’s there to rub your back, help you to bed...

He’s there to kiss you good night. To grope at you as you fade in and out of consciousness. He pulls down your bottoms rather hastily, always so eager to get a piece of you. Jesse tries his best to prepare you, but he’s always too excited to stick with it for too long.

He’d much rather thrust in, feeling your body react to him. Your eyes, barely open, roll back into your skull at the feeling of him inside of you. The mattress squeaks beneath your body with every single stroke of his hips. Your mouth is open, quiet whines and gasps just barely escaping. 

Every night, it’s the same. But you never remember much.

Chapter Text

Your ears are ringing.

Fire. Fire surrounds you, along with the smell of charred flesh. Something wet rolls down the side of your face, and you bring your fingers to wipe it away. Blood. Your ears. Ringing. Bleeding.

In the chaos of it all, you see a man standing on top of the debris. In your blurry vision, you can’t make out much of him. He appears to be laughing. You can’t really tell.

He looks around, and his eyes meet yours. And you pass out.

When you wake up, your ears no longer ring. You’re in a room void of fire. It’s rather bare, and kind of dirty. The floor looks like it hasn’t been swept or mopped in centuries. The walls are discolored.

You sit up, causing a sharp pain to stab at your head. You close your eyes, looking at the dingy mattress you’ve been settled upon. Where were you?

The door at the corner of the room squeaks open, revealing a man. He has a peg leg, which is the first thing you notice. He also looks just as dirty as the room you’re in. 

“Ah, you’re wake, are ya?” He says, accent thick. 

You nod, unsure of who exactly this man was. He looked rather familiar...

“Y’remember anything? Took a nasty blow at your head.” He lurches towards you on his prosthetic, standing over you.

“Not... really,” you tell him. “Can I ask... where am I?”

“Yer in the hideout.”


“Yeah, me and Roadhog’s hideout.”


“Sorry, guess I’ve yet to introduce myself,” he laughs. “Name’s Junkrat.”


“Yeah, what’s yours?”

You tell him, a bit suspicious now. Were you really supposed to be here? “What happened?”

“Well...” the man scratches at the back of his neck. “Y’see, I might have blown up that pub you were in.”

You don’t say anything, raising your brows at him.

“But I saw ya... still alive ‘nd kicking ‘nd all... and y’looked rather pretty with all that... fire ‘round ya. Thought to myself... why not just take ya home to the hideout?”

Oh. This man kidnapped you. This... Junkrat. 

“So I guess y’could call me a bit of your hero...” he leans down, getting oddly close to your face. You pull back from him, disgusted and confused. 

The proud smile on his face fades. Junkrat practically jumps at you, grabbing your hair in his fist. “ If you don’t kiss me, I’ll slit your fucking throat. “

Shocked by the change in demeanor, there is nothing you can do when he presses his lips against yours. He tastes like burnt food and oil. You yank yourself back, spitting the taste of him out.

“Feisty, are we?” He pins you down on the mattress. For such a skinny man, he packed a lot of strength. “I know you probably don’t know this but... we’re meant to be. When I saw you in that fire, I just had to have ya, ya know?  I’ll carve my name into your back if that’s what I’ve gotta do to make ya know you’re mine.

Chapter Text

Hanzo can hear you throughout the night. 

The way you toss and turn. Your yelps. Even the mumbling you do. He aches for you to just come in and sleep with him, to confide in him. Yet, you never do. You suffer by yourself. Is it because you want to seem strong?

You can’t be strong all the time.

That is, until one night you come into his room. Hanzo is awake as usual, he can never get much sleep when he knows you’re afraid. You peer over the door, checking to see if he’s there. When he sees you, he smiles at you. “Yes?”

“Hanzo...” you mumble, quiet, as you step into the room. “Do you mind... can I just sleep here for tonight?”

Hanzo is surprised at the request, but nevertheless, he says, “Of course.”

You settle onto the bed next to him, making sure your back is faced towards him. Hanzo watches over you as you fall asleep. You mumble in your sleep, but that’s pretty much it. No screaming. 

The next night, you come back. And the night after. The mumbling stops when Hanzo wraps his arms around you, falling asleep right beside you. 

Soon, Hanzo’s bed becomes yours. Just as it should be.

Chapter Text

You raise your head as you hear someone approaching your cell.

You can only pray to god that it isn’t him. That scientist. Alexei. 

But of course, you’re not that lucky. The metal door opens, revealing him. He’s clad in his regular scientist apparel. He dawns a white coat and tie. 

You cower back into your cell, trying to get as far away from him as possible. 

“Oh, you poor thing...” he frowns at you. “How sad it is to see you like this.”

“Leave me alone.”

Don’t you know how much this hurts me?” He raises his brows at you. “It hurts me just as much as it hurts you.”

You shake your head at him. “You’re insane! Get away from me!”

“It could be a lot worse, you know... we’ve been feeding people to the monster... do you want that to be you?” He crouches before you. “I’m protecting you.”

“You’re a lunatic, is what you are!” You cry. “What do you want from me, anyway?”

A grin creeps its away across his face. “What do I want from you?”

You nod, swallowing.

“You know what I want?” He reaches out to grab your face in his hands. “I want your innocence.

Chapter Text

You fidget in the chair of his office.

You have no idea what he’s going to do when he finds out you don’t have the money to pay him back. You thought you’d be able to make it back, but you were screwed. Again. 

The door opens, revealing none other than Jesse McCree. A cigar is in between his teeth, smoke radiating from him. You straighten in your seat, tensely smiling at him. 

He simply looks at you, sitting in his chair across from you. He cracks his knuckles before placing his hands on the desk. “What can I do for ya?”

“Well…” you bite your lip. “You see, Mr. McCree, I uh… I’m going to be a little late on my payment. But- But I swear I’ll pay you in full next time!”

McCree takes his cigar from his mouth, blowing the smoke directly in your face. “Well, y’see…” he mimics you. “That just ain’t gonna work for me.”

Your face drops and you nod. 

“Imma have to charge interest. If I didn’t, how would I ever run a business?” He stands from his chair, sauntering around you. “But I like you, y’know…”

You tense as hands fall onto your shoulders, massaging you. 

“So I’ll just… I don’t know, double your payment every day until you can pay it back.”

You turn to him, eyebrows raised. “What?”

“What?” He repeats. “You’d rather have me triple it?”

“No, no!” You stand. “I just… Mr. McCree, that will be impossible for me to pay you back. Please, I just need until next month–”

“Well, honey, I need it now.” He puts his cigar out on an ashtray on his desk. “If you can’t pay it back, I’ll have to take some… drastic measures.”

“Like… like what?” 

“Well, if you can’t pay me back what you owe… I suppose I own you, don’t I?” He turns to you, looking rather smug. “I suppose that makes you my bitch.”

Your eyes widen. “Excuse me–”

He grabs you by your hair and yanks you towards him. “Y’heard me, honey. I own you now.”

He pushes you down onto his desk, your stomach pressing against it. You squirm, as he leans over at you, the smell of smoke on his breath. “You’re just a little bitch who got caught in the wrong business, sweet pea.” He whispers into your ear. “It’s time you get put in your place.”

You lose your breath as he removes your pants and underwear from your body, just enough to give him access to you. You start screaming, crying for anyone who can hear you to help.

“No one’s gonna help you, baby…” he kisses at your jaw. “I own them, too.”

You cry as you hear his belt come undone, as well as his zipper. You wished he’d killed you instead. 

But instead he pushes into you, grunting at your tightness. You whimper as he forces himself inside, further and further. You’re in no way prepared for him. This is going to hurt. 

He presses in as far as he can go and then some. Your body pulses around him, trying to adjust to his invading appendage. You yelp as he starts his first thrust, which blends into the next and the next. 

“Ever since I first saw ya,” McCree drawls. “I thought to myself… wonder what that little hole would feel like. Wonder how it would be to fuck you.”

Your face presses against his desk with each thrust. The whole thing is uncomfortable, painful. And there is nothing you can do. 

“Damn near every time you came in for a payment, had to hide myself under the desk. Ever notice that? Sometimes got off while listening to your sob stories.”

You cry as he delivers a harsh thrust deep inside of you. He’s fucking you like a doll, as if you have no emotion except for pleasure. You almost wish you did. It would be better than the stabbing pain you feel with each one of his thrusts.

“There ya go,” he grunts. “Get nice and fucked by my cock, honey. Does it feel good?”

“Stop,” you groan. “Please.”

“You don’t have the right to tell me what to do.” He begins to get sloppy, stabbing into your inner walls. “No one does ‘round here.”

You pray he cums sooner than you think. But of course, you aren’t that lucky.

Chapter Text

Crowley just sits there as Aziraphale talks his ear off. 

“... I mean, Crowley, did you see that? The way she just took care of that child? Don’t you think it was just... so cute, Crowley?... Crowley? Crowley, are you listening?”

“Of course, of course.” Crowley straightens in his spot on the sofa. “It’s just children... spawn...” He raises his brows in distaste. 

“Oh, Crowley...” Aziraphale peeks through the bookshelves to see you still waiting with the child. Apparently, their caretaker was on their way. Not a very good one, in Aziraphale’s opinion. How do you just... lose a child? “If we had one... we would be the best parents in the world!” A small smile dawns on the angel’s face.

Crowley studies him, squinting at him. “We?”

“Yes, we!” Aziraphale turns to the demon, hands on his hips. 

Crowley just stares back, eyebrows raised. 

Aziraphale puts on his best pout. “Crowley, can we please have a child? Please?”

“‘Ziraphale, it would never work. Me a demon, you an angel... her a human.”

“I’m sure there’s someway it could work!”

Crowley thinks it over. Yeah, it could work, but... it’d be a bit of an abomination, wouldn’t it? Of course, Crowley didn’t have to father the thing. He’d actually prefer it to be his darling angel, Aziraphale. That way, there’d be a mini you plus him running around. He’d be the cool, evil second father. And if you had a baby...

Perhaps you’d rely on them more. 

He leans past the bookshelf, peering at you talking with the parent of the child. He admires the way your eyes sparkle when you glance over at the thing. 

“Fine, Aziraphale. We can have one.”

Chapter Text

All night you could feel those... those eyes on you.

It was just him, but... it felt like more than that. It felt like there was something behind that smile, that was just begging to come out and eat you up. So you only talked to that guy-- what was his name? Eddie?-- for a second, before moving on with you night at the bar. 

You hoped it would be the last time you saw him. Unfortunately, he ended up at the same bars or clubs you visited. “Wow, what a coincidence!” He would say. Yeah, wow.

Every time you met him, he was unbelievably nice. There seemed to be nothing wrong about him. For a split second, you would think wow, I wouldn’t mind seeing him. But there was always something underlying. There was just something about him. What it was exactly, you didn’t know. 

After one night of “coincidentally” seeing him again, you decided to give him a try. You weren’t very used to being so close to someone like this, it made your skin tingle. Maybe it was the alcohol. He was buying you drink after drink, after all. 

It was a long night, and god, it was a blur. You remembered dancing, and laughing... and falling. All with Eddie. Oh, he was such a nice guy, wasn’t he? And now you were walking with him to his apartment. When did you get here?

“Almost there, Eddie.”

Who was that? Who was talking? Did it matter? 

“Shh, Venom,” Eddie whispers. He glances over at you, giving you a wide grin. 

“Huh?” You squint your eyes at him, trying to straighten his image in front of you.

“Nothing, sweetie. Come on, we’re almost there.”

You almost fall through his front door. You’re exhausted, ready to pass out as you drape yourself over his sofa. Your body becomes increasingly numb as you nearly fall asleep. 

Strangely, Eddie sits next to you. Did he not have a bed to sleep in or something? You were about to crash...

But the next thing you know, he’s kissing you. You lazily pull yourself back, eyelids becoming heavier. “Eddie...” you groan. 

“Shh,” he whispers, bringing you closer to him. You flinch at every touch. It’s been a long time since you’ve been held like this by anyone. It gets harder and harder to keep yourself upright. What did you drink?

“Don’t fight it,” he mumbles on your lips. “You want this. Am I wrong? You want to be loved. Don’t you?

You feel yourself melting into his touch, and melting into unconsciousness.

Chapter Text

McCree has had his fair share of dreams about you. There’s no doubt about that.

But did you dream about him? Were you dreaming about him now? He could only wonder as you cuddle up to him, hips slowly grinding into his leg. Just looking at you could get Jesse as hard as rock, but right now... it was damn near painful. 

He was wide away by the time you started whine. You were really going at it, basically humping him. Even in the dark, Jesse could see the outline of his bulge in his pants. Your knee was ever so close to just barely grazing it. 

When it finally did, Jesse swears he could’ve came right there and then. But he held back. He wanted to do it the right way. He wanted to be inside of you when he came, like any good lover would do. 

Jesse throws your body off of his, quickly making work of your bottoms. They’re off before he can blink. He spreads your legs, giving him clear access to you. He licks his lip as he pulls out his cock, which throbs to be inside of you. 

When he pushes inside, you whine. “Shh,” Jesse coos. “It’ll feel right in a minute.”

Within a minute, you were awake. You were awake to the feeling of his cock thrusting in and out of you. “Jesse?” You mumble sleepily. 

“Hey baby,” he grunts. “How y’doin?”

Your eyes roll inside of your head as you try to latch onto consciousness. “Jesse...” the sounds comes from the back of your throat, and it only spurs the cowboy to chase his orgasm. 

It’s not long before he cums, filling your little hole with his thick seed. When he pulls out, he watches as your eyes widen, staring straight at him.

Before you go back to sleep.

Chapter Text

-Overhaul isn’t the most affectionate guy around

-i feel like if you want him to compliment you or be like very loving towards you, you need to have known him before his Overhaul days

-you’d have to be his number one supporter. no objections.

-but if you’re more on the captive side, or just the casual lover side, he’s not going to be very romantic

-instead, he likes to shower you in gifts

-i don’t CARE if the arc was about how they had 0 money or whatever, KAI HAS MONEY AND HE IS GOING TO SPEND IT ON YOU

-if you’re his lover, he’s buying you things to make sure you know you’re his and his alone

-that’s his... interpretation of affection, possession

-if he touches you, it’s probably just small touches on the back, nothing extensive

-if you’re like a captive or something, i feel like he’s going to be more clinical

-he’s checking your temperature, your blood pressure, your average heartbeat 

-Overhaul is shoving needles in you, trying to see just how sick you are

-so he doesn’t mind touching you in that manner if it will make you better

Chapter Text

After a night on the town, you and your lover stroll home. 

It’s been a long time since you’d felt this way. The last time you had been this happy was with Gabriel... but then...

You shake the memory. Gabriel was in the past. He had died so long ago, and you had to let go. It was unfair to have your mind on him while with someone else. 

Your lover’s laugh brings you from your thoughts, making your entire world so much brighter.

Who knew he would make it so much redder...

Your face is coated in blood right after the first shot. The bullet is sent straight into your lover’s head. They splutter for a split second, eyes moving up into their head. They fall onto you, whole body weight dragging you to the floor.

You can only look straight forward at the smoking gun positioned right in front of your face. A skull like mask stares at you from behind the weapon. You can only await your death.

But to your surprise, the figure tucks the gun away. They tear your lover off of you, throwing them to the floor. Red blood stains the figure’s white clothes. 

“Wh... wh- what do you want?” You stutter.

“Only you.”

The voice is familiar. A remnant of what is once was, yet familiar. 

“G... Gabriel?” You cry in your madness. “Why would you...?”

I’m sorry, honey, but you made me jealous. They had to die.

Chapter Text

He hovers over you, looking over other bruises he’s left on you. 

“Jesse,” you squirm. “My neck hurts. Are you sure you can’t wait?”

“I’m thirsty, darlin’.” He turns your head to the side, examining the other side of the skin. “Can’t help what I am.”

“I... I know.” Your throat is dry. “Just... get on with it. Please.”

“Mm, alright, honey.” He pinches at your skin, making you tense. “There’s your pulse. Alright.”

He sinks his teeth into your neck, letting them rip two holes. Blood spills into his mouth, and pain erupts from the skin. You hiss, everything in your body telling you to stop it. Your hands press against his chest, and you cry out.

As usual, the pain dulls to a numbness. Almost pleasure courses through your body as you relax, letting Jesse feast on your neck. He groans into your tattered skin, body pressing flushed against you.

Whatever his fangs do to you leave you helpless. You stare past his shoulder as he grinds into you, bringing his head back to groan only to dive back into your blood. “You’re addictin’, honey.”

You blink heavily as he tears himself from you. His hands come down to pull himself from his pants. You can only breathe, mouth open as he situates himself over you. His cock pressed at your parted lips. 

You gag as he sheathes himself in. Your neck throbs and pulses from the blood that’s been leaking from you. Also from the fucking he’s giving your throat. 

Your eyes roll back into your head as he pushes himself deep inside, choking you. You’re nearly passed out as he fucks your face. You can’t even move as he abuses your throat, blood dripping from his beard and onto your forehead. 

You may have passed out, but the last thing you remember is his cum dripping down your throat. You cough as he tucks himself back inside of his pants. 

“Why, thank you, my dear.”

Chapter Text

How to put it...

You’re being such a fucking bitch. You are the most disrespectful, little being that Jack has ever seen. You think you can just do whatever you want, but no, honey, no, this is his world. And more importantly, he owns you.

One more chance. He’s going to give you one more chance. If you pull something... that’s the last straw. 

Unfortunately, you can’t go five minutes without being a brat. You don’t look him in the eyes as he asks you a question. Jack has had enough. He’s going to put you in your place. 

He nearly chokes you with the hand he places at your chin. You aren’t being snarky now, your hands coming up to grasp at the one gripping near your throat. “Jack,” you gasp.

Look at me when I’m talking to you,” he demands. You don’t disobey, your eyes immediately finding his. 

“Sorry, sorry, I’m so sorry.” You start to cry. 

“Is this how I have to get your attention? By threatening you?”

You try to shake your head, but his grasp on your face is too tight. 

“Answer me.”

“No, n- no,” you splutter. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry, J- Jack.”

He lets go of you, letting you stumble away from him. You gasp dramatically, hands coming to your throat. Be lucky that he didn’t actually choke you out. 

“Do we understand each other now, sweetheart?”

Chapter Text

Once again, you’re in the basement. 

Genji must have super hearing or something, because he hears everything you do. Which sucks when you’re trying to escape. But something tells you he’s not here today to stop you. You strained your hearing to listen for any sign of him. Nothing. It was perfect.

After relentlessly throwing yourself at the basement door, it crashes down. It takes you with it. You have no clue how long its been that you were working on it, and now you were sweaty and sore. Hopefully Genji really was gone, and that he wouldn’t be coming back for a while. 

Breathing heavily, you bring yourself from the floor. You stumble through the house, navigating your way to the front door. It brought back a very recent memory. You leaving, and Genji...

“Did you really think I’d leave so easily?”

You freeze. This time you didn’t make it to the door. 

You hold your bruised shoulder as you turn, seeing Genji standing behind you. He really was a ninja, you didn’t hear anything that alerted you he was there. 

“Genji,” you breathe. 

“Did you hurt yourself?” His fingers grasp at the hem of your shirt, pulling it off quickly. You let him, unsure. “You’re already bruising,” he tuts, looking over your bare arm. “We need to ice this.”

It all happens in a blur, and you’re in the basement again. 

“Are you mad at me?” You ask as he pays close attention to your injured skin. 

“Mad? No. Never...” he sighs, tapping at the bruise. You wince. “Just... disappointed.”

He sounded like a parent more than anything. 

“I was hoping you’d get tired and quit it, but... you’re not going to quit, are you?”

You shake your head, letting Genji press ice over your arm. 

“Well, then...” Genji tilts his head, eyes still on your bruise. “Should I just break your legs? That way you can never, ever run away again.

You almost laugh. Like that’s going to stop you.

Chapter Text

“Sir... Sir...? Sir!”

“I’m up! I’m awake!” Gabriel jumps in his chair. “What?”

“Sir, it’s past twelve. You should go get some sleep.”

He rubs his face vigorously. “I have work... where did I leave off?”

“I finished the rest of your paperwork, sir.” You tell him. “Just go to your room and get some rest.”

“Oh... okay, okay, you’re right.” He gets up from his chair. “You, too, soldier. Get some rest, too.”

Jesse would probably call you a kiss ass for doing the boss’s paperwork while he was passed out. But you didn’t really care. Gabriel was a great leader, and your personal favorite of the team. While everyone went home, or to their room on base, he stayed up doing the paperwork. Was it so bad you wanted to help?

When you get back to your room, you check your phone. A missed text message. You read over it, nearly dropping your phone. 

The next day, you can’t help but tell the news to your teammates. “I got the job!”

They were all happy for you, in their own ways. Genji congratulated you. Moira mumbled about how happy she was for you to be gone. And of course, Jesse made a joke. 

“What’s our dear leader gonna do without their little secretary?”

“First, I’m not a secretary, McCree,” you laugh. “Plus, I’m sure he’ll be happy for me!”

And he most definitely was. “This is great news!” He stood from his office chair. “We should celebrate!”

“Oh, Sir, we don’t have to go that far--”

“Why not? We’d all be more than happy to go for a drink in celebration, don’t you think?”

You feel your face warm up. “Yeah, you’re right...”

The very same night, Gabriel takes you all out to the bar. He pays for everyone’s first few drinks. He says he can’t afford to feed Jesse’s alcoholism. 

“Am not an alcoholic!” Jesse slurs over his seventh bottle. 

The first to leave is Genji, who drank a single soda. The next was Moira, who got annoyed by Jesse and yours very drunk behavior. 

Gabriel didn’t drink very much, which was good, because he was your designated driver. “Jesse, you need a ride?” You ask him, leaning over his shoulder. 

“Nah, gonna stay and just have a few more...”

“Let’s go, soldier.” Gabriel pulls you away from the cowboy. You say your goodbye and let Gabe drive you back to base. The whole time you’re babbling in your drunkenness, talking about things from your new job to your favorite food. 

“... has a nice texture...” you’re nearly passing out.

“Alright, let’s get out.” Gabriel helps you out of the car, and basically drags you into the building. Maybe you’re too drunk to realize that he’s not taking you to your room. 

The door opens, and you fall onto a mattress. Nothing seems wrong as Gabriel locks the door behind himself and sits down next to you. 

His face is serious as he stares down at you. You only blink back up, feeling yourself begin to slip into sleep. It’d been a long day, and the beer made you tired...

You’re slightly awoken as Gabriel leans forward, beard scratching at your face as he kisses you. You hum, trying to sit up in order to get him off of you. He pins you down, crawling over your body.

“Gabriel,” you whisper, breath hot and heavy with alcohol. 

“Shh, shh.” He kisses at your lips. 

“Gabriel, no, I--” you weakly try to push him off. 

He kisses you again, so deeply you can barely breathe. As the moments pass, you feel yourself grow more numb. What the hell? 

“Gabe,” you slur.

“Shh, just go to sleep, baby. Relax.” 

You feel as if you’re sinking into the bed as his hands fiddle with your bottoms. He easily takes them off of your limp legs. You can only stare at him as his hands come in contact with your sex. He bites his lip, looking back at you. 

You can only watch as he excitedly pulls himself from his pants, eager to make love to you. You whine as he pushes into your hole, observing you carefully.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He whispers as sheathes himself fully inside of you. “Why didn’t you tell me you were looking for other options? Did I do something?”

You can’t formulate the words to answer him. He begins to thrust.

“Was I supposed to be... different?” He grunts. “What do you want from me? Why won’t you... won’t you stay?”

He sounds genuinely upset. You just wished he had done this a different way. 

“You’re...” his hips stutter. “You’re going to stay. I don’t care. You will.”

Tears fall freely, rolling down the side of your face. 

“You’re going to... going to quit that fucking place.” He starts to pick up his pace, pounding into you. “You’re going to listen to me. You’re staying. You’re staying.”

He’s driving himself to orgasm like this, and you can only take him as he finishes. You gurgle as he pulls out, staring straight up at the ceiling. 

As Gabriel falls down beside you, you swear you hear him crying. 

Chapter Text

After a long day, Jesse just wants to come home and relax.

He places his hat on the table, sighing. “I’m home,” he calls out. No answer. Not a peep. Jesse says your name, expecting at least a shuffle of some sort. Nothing.

“Hello?” He strolls down the hallway, noticing all of the lights are off. When he makes it to the bedroom, he flicks on the lamp. He feels panic in his chest at the sight.

The room has been ransacked. Sheets are torn off the mattress. The drawers are pulled from their places. The curtains on the barred windows are torn to shreds. When Jesse checks the closet, his gun safe is open. The gun that was once inside it has disappeared.

Did someone break in? They did steal his gun... and steal you? Jesse stomps around the house, looking for any sign of you. Just when he’s about to run out that door and kill anyone who looks suspicious, he hears a click from behind.

When he turns, he sees you. In your hands, his gun. Pointed at him. His hands slowly come up. “Sweetheart...”

You’re crying, hands shaking around the object. The gun wavers. 

“Stay... stay back...” you say, trembling. “Just... just let me...”

“Are y’gonna shoot me?” Jesse raises thick brows at you. 

“Y... yes...” you press your lips together to muffle a sob. Jesse simply grabs the gun from you, sliding it in his holster. You break down, nearly falling to the floor. “No.”

Jesse catches you. He’s both relieved and shocked. He thought you were getting better, but this...

“I didn’t want to,” you cry. “I- I wanted to but- but... it was... you’re...”

“Shh,” He coos. 

“Don’t... don’t be- be mad... puh- please...” 

But he says nothing.

Chapter Text

You laugh in her face. 

But the serious look on her face tells you this was no joke. 

“You’re kidding...” your smile fades. “You want me to wear that? Outside of the house?”

In her hands, she holds a collar. Sure, you’ve worn one before. Moira was very specific about what she liked in the bedroom. The collar was one of them.

But to wear it... out in public... she must be insane.

“Of course.” She unbuckles it. “Let me put it on you.”

As she moves forward, you flinch back. “Moira, I’m not going out with that on.”

Her face scrunches with frustration. “I’m not asking.”

“Neither am I.” You stand as tall as you can. “I’m not a pet.”

“Not any pet. You’re my pet.”

“I’m not going to do it.”

“Not willingly.”

She wrestles you to the floor, almost choking you as she wraps it around your neck. “There,” she sighs as she buckles it all together. “Now,  don’t you dare take it off, I want everyone to know you’re mine.

Like they didn’t already.

Chapter Text

Ashe is a patient woman. At least, she’d like to think so.

She’s very busy, running a gang and whatnot, so coming home to you is a dream come true. You’re coming around, starting to get more comfortable with her. But you’re not quite there yet. You’ll eat dinner with her and watch a movie, but you’re always on the other side of that table. On the other side of the couch. 

Away from Ashe.

She tries not to act like it hurts, but it does. Ashe just wants you to love her, but she’s not delusional. You’re still getting used to all of this. Getting used to living in a big house all to yourself. Getting used to her. 

After the usual dinner date and movie, Ashe tucks you into bed. “Sweet dreams, darlin’.” She whispers, turning off the lights. But the night is yet to be over for Ashe. She has some more work to do.

She’s in her study, working on plans for the gang. Ashe doesn’t realize how long its been when she hears a quiet knock on the door. She turns, seeing you standing there, looking rather fidgety. 

“Is it mornin’ already?” Ashe looks to the window, which is still dark with the night.

“N- no...” you rub the back of your neck. “It’s just...”

“Can’t sleep?” Ashe raises a brow. “I could get ya some sleepin’ pills if ya need ‘em--”

“No, it’s not...” you shake your head. “I just... I had a nightmare, can I sleep with you?

Ashe couldn’t have heard you right. Did you just ask... to sleep with her? In her bed?

“Of course, honey...” she stands. “Sure y’don’t want anything else?”

“I’m sure.”

Ashe leads you to her room, and tucks you into her bed. Hesitantly, she lays beside you. “D’you wanna talk about it?” She tries.

“No...” your voice is quiet. “Can I just... can you... hold... me?”

Ashe feels her face become warm. But who is she to say no?

Chapter Text

-you’d tell him to go fuck himself, but the last time you did… it didn’t go over well

-let’s just say you couldn’t walk for a few days… whatever he did is up to interpretation :)

-you’re the perfect housewife… minus being a woman

-but Jesse doesn’t treat you anything like a man

-also the last time you tried to say you were… it didn’t end well either

-he makes you cook and clean, forces you to wear dresses and skirts, and he even buys you some beauty products

-if you fail to meet any of these requirements, again, you’ll end up worse by the end of it

-you’re probably going to be thankful for the makeup when he’s through with you

-Jesse is also very avid about having children

-which doesn’t really work since you both are,, guys

-but does that stop him from pounding you into the mattress and using you as his cock warmer? hell no

-when he realizes that this really isn’t going to work, he will steal adopt a child

-the kid is probably as confused as you, unless it’s a baby or something

-you better act like their mother, unless you want to keep trying for a baby of your own

Chapter Text

Odd things have been happening. 

Or maybe it was just your luck. Every person in your life was slowly fading away. Even your family! Your friends are suddenly extremely busy, not having any time for you. Your family no longer sends you an invite to the family reunion. 

All you had was Captain America.

Yeah, it sounded crazy, but Steve was actually a very close friend of yours. You worked for Nick Fury in the past, which was what got you both acquainted. He was the only person that actually talked to you these days. 

He visited your apartment quite frequently. When learning of your dilemma, his visits became daily. You didn’t mind it, actually, since you were so lonely without everyone else.

“Do you want to come over to my place tonight?” He asks over the phone. “I’m making dinner. I can send a car.”

“That’d be nice, Steve,” you tell him. It’s been a while since you’ve gotten out of the house. “I’ll see you there.”

The dinner was amazing. You didn’t know Steve could cook like that. He even had some rather expensive wine. Was it weird that even for the cost and age, it tasted kind of odd? Oh well, you were no connoisseur. 

After about an hour later, you were feeling rather sleepy. You and Steve had been talking, but you were dozing off. “Maybe I should head home...” you tell him, yawning in the process.

“No, you can stay... you look really tired. You can take my bed, and I’ll sleep on the couch.”

“No, no, I couldn’t...” 

You were passed out before you could finish your sentence.

When you woke up, you’re in his bed. The only catch is that there is a handcuff binding your wrist to the bedpost. What happened? You didn’t feel sore or anything...

When Steve comes in, you can only smile sheepishly at him. “Hi, Steve, um...”

“Good morning, sunshine.”

Your face heats up a bit. What the hell happened?

“Can I ask... like... what...?”

“Nothing, nothing,” he chuckles. “You just fell asleep.”

“Then, what are the handcuffs for?”

“So... you don’t get away?” He phrases it as if it’s obvious. 


“I guess you haven’t caught on...” he scratches at the back of his neck. “You see, I... how do I say this? I told your friends to leave you alone.”

You squint at him. “I’m sorry... what do you mean?”

“All they did was take you for granted, and your family too.” He tells you. “I had to get you away from all that.”

“I don’t understand.” You smile nervously. “What are you talking about?”

“The world doesn’t deserve an angel like you.” He says as if it isn’t the creepiest thing someone can say. 

“And... and you do?”

Chapter Text

You could only scream in horror. 

Gabriel didn’t really want you to see this, but it was the only way. He had to murder the obstacle, and then you two would be together forever, just like it should be! Didn’t you understand? Of course, you were probably shocked at the violence, but he hoped you weren’t too scared.

“What’s wrong?” He asks after he makes sure your former lover is dead. 

“You... you...” You’re sobbing. “Why...?”

“Why? If anything should be the one asking that question.” He comes to embrace you. You recoil from him, screaming even louder. “Honey, why’re you crying? Aren’t you happy to be with me?”

You squirm in his embrace. “Get off of me!” 

“Shh, I know it’s scary, but... they’re gone, and we can be together now, right?”


Chapter Text

You couldn’t stand another moment of this.

You slapped him. You slapped the Captain America right across the face. 

“Are you crazy?” You yell. “You fucking locked me in your basement you lunatic! And you expect me to just fall into your arms? What’s wrong with you?”

Steve looks hurt and sad. Maybe if he didn’t kidnap you, you could have felt bad for him. But right now, you were pissed. This man just stole you away from everything you’ve ever known, and he expects you to be submissive and compliant?”

I just wanted to show you how much I love you...” He frowns, rubbing the side of his face where you hit him. 

“You don’t love me, you freak!” You’re panicked, not even caring about your choice of words with a man who could easily snap your neck. “You’re insane!”

“No, I do. I do love you.” He looks close to tears. “All I want... I... is it so hard to love me?

He looks so desperate you can’t help but feel a bit bad for him, but the anger inside of you stirs. “It never was hard to love you, but... you’ve locked me in your basement! How could you ever expect me to love you?”

He just looks at you sadly. “One day... you will... I’ll make sure of it.”

Chapter Text

-he might not look it, but McCree is smart, too

-but he’s in no way at your level. compared to you he’s a total dumbass


-you can pick your locks and figure out an escape route? well, to the dark closet you go

-somehow brew some potion or concoction? he’s going to smash it to smithereens, pour it down the sink while looking you right in the eye

-you just somehow worm your way to nearly escaping? he’s going to be mad

-he does rely more on his strength

-and he’ll use it to his advantage

-if you don’t learn from your mistakes... well, he’s just going to have break your hands, right? your wrists... your arms... and while he’s at it, your legs too

-if that doesn’t deter you... McCree wouldn’t be opposed to smashing your head against the wall one or two times. maybe that’ll show you just how far brains will get you.

Chapter Text

Eddie checks his reflection in his camera once again.

Don’t worry. There is nothing in your teeth, Venom says to him. We look perfect. 

“It’s good to be... mindful,” Eddie whispers to his symbiote, putting his phone back in his pocket. “Should I pick up flowers?”

Why would you do that?

“It’s a romantic gesture, Venom,” Eddie sighs. It’s not hard to find a flower cart in San Francisco. They’ve already passed by two just on the walk to your apartment. “I’m sure they’d appreciate it. You... you can never go wrong with flowers.”

At the next stop, Eddie picks out a special bouquet of flowers. He prays that you’re not allergic. Wait, shouldn’t he know that? How would he ever be a good boyfriend if he didn’t know what you were allergic to? What if you were allergic-- like, deathly allergic-- and, and--

Calm down, Eds. We’re almost there.

“You’re right, you’re right,” Eddie says under his breath, glancing over the flowers. “Pull it together, pull it together...”

I’m perfectly calm. 

“Not... not you.”

Eddie has been to your apartment plenty of times. Some of those times... you were unaware of it, of course, but... that wasn’t important. The lady at the desk let him pass with a nod. She must have thought he lived with you or something. Like you guys were partners. Like he was your boyfriend

Just the thought of himself being your boyfriend... it made him giddy.

As Eddie nears your door, he finds his nerves exploding. He brushes a hand over his hair, readying his flowers.


“It’s okay, Venom, I’m not gonna back out on this one.” He brings his fist to the door.

No, there is something--

Eddie knocks, loud and confident. He’s imagining your face when you open the door. Eddie! Oh, are those for me? Why, yes, they are. Wow! Thank you, Eddie. I could just--

The door opens, revealing a stranger. Oh shit. Did Eddie go to the wrong apartment?

But over the stranger’s shoulder, you appear. “Eddie!” You smile. “How nice to see you!”

“Yeah, I was just... in the neighborhood.” His eyes shift from you to the person currently blocking his way to you. “I, uh... brought some flowers. For your house. Apartment... thing.”

You push the person aside. “Thank you, Eddie!”

His eyes flick from you to the... person.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” You take the flowers from him. “Eddie, this is my partner.” You tell him their name, and then introduce them to Eddie.

“Pleasure to meet you.” Your partner says, eyeing him suspiciously. 

“Oh, the pleasure’s all mine.” Eddie shakes their hand. “I guess... I guess I better get going. The cats... are probably hungry... or something.”

“Oh, okay, Eddie. I’ll see you later, then?” You say. So sweet, so innocent. 

“For sure. Bye guys...”

The door shuts.

We must kill them to assert dominance, Eddie. It’s the only way.

Eddie sulks away from your apartment. “That’s not how it works on my world, Venom...”

Why not? They’ll never know it’s us.

“No... it’s not... it’s...”

They’re the only thing keeping us from them. They’ll never have to know.

You’ll never have to know, huh? 

Chapter Text

-you’re Steve’s perfect match

-he loves to overstimulate, to make you cum over and over and over and over and over again

-he honestly tries to break records of how many times he can push you to orgasm

-Steve just likes the sounds you make, in all honestly

-the little whines, the chirps... it’s so cute 

-when he first heard it, he BLUSHED

-he was so flustered

-like he? did that??

-so if you ever find yourself in an intimate situation with him, overstimulation is a must

-you’ll cum at least five times, nothing less

-Steve holds himself to a high standard, though

-the average times you cum continues to get higher with each push of his fingers

Chapter Text

Your life is spent on a mattress, your leg shackled to an old heater that doesn’t even work.

The man with the mask... Jack... that’s what it sounded like when he told you his name. Jack... he was barely home. He left early in the morning and came back late at night, which was usually your version of dinnertime. 

It was something he killed. You never asked what it was. You learned that made him angry. At first you refused to eat, but once you were hungry enough, you just ate. 

You’re pretty sure you’ve been here for a month. You wonder if anyone has looked for you, if anyone has found your friends. Maimed and dead. 

You wonder just where you are. And just who this man is. 

Chapter Text

You have no idea how you’re still alive. 

The man, who calls himself Junkrat, barely feeds you. And wherever he’s taken you to is pretty warm, and he’s rather stingy with his water. Your life is spent chained to a metal bed frame, wasting away on a mattress. 

You have no use, well, at least until Junkrat comes back from wherever he goes.

“Why, don’t you just look ravishing?” He comments as walks in. The way the room shakes when he shuts the door makes you think it’s a shed. Would you be shocked if you knew you were right?

You don’t say anything. Your head throbs with a headache, and your skin feels heavy and dirty from the lack of bathing since you’ve been here. 

Junkrat grabs your chin in his hands. “Oi, look at me when I’m talkin’ to ya, got it?” Apparently, you had spaced out. “Good.” He lets go of your face, sending you to slam your jaw on the metal frame of the bed.

Junkrat gets a good laugh out of that one. Meanwhile, your spine shakes from the impact. You didn’t think your headache could have gotten any worse. You feel hate and despair bubble in your stomach. God, why can’t you just go home? 

“You’re stupid, aren’t ya?” Junkrat continues to laugh. “Didn’t know I picked the dull one out of the bunch!”

You can’t help the tears that spill from your eyes, and down the sides of your face. Why can’t he just leave you alone? If he thought you were so stupid, why couldn’t he just let you go?

He sits on the mattress beside you. “Might’ve picked the densest one, but at least I can say you’re the best fuck, right?”

You open your eyes to look at him, and can’t hold back the total look of disgust. You sit straight up and spit in his face. He flinches back, and the moment of triumph only lasts… a moment. 

Junkrat seizes you by your bruised jaw, pinning you back down on the bed. The ache in your head reaches its peak, feeling as if you’re dying. 

“Wanna get smart with me, huh? Spit in my face? I’m not the disgusting one here.” 

He’s one to talk. He’s just as lathered in dirt as you, but the message is clear.

“You’re so pathetic, you make me sick. I should just strangle ya and get rid of ya. You’d like that, huh?”Junkrat presses harder. “Or would you rather I keep you as a little experiment? I’ve been tryin’ out some new explosives. I think you’d be prettier as a firework.”

You whine under his hand, the pain in your head and jaw coming to a snap. “Please…”

“Please, what?” He laughs. “What d’ya want?”

“St- stop… please.”

“Stop? S’funny that ya think y’have a choice.”

Nevertheless, his hand pulls itself from your head. But they wander elsewhere, turning you onto your stomach. You whimper, but you suppose it’s better than being suffocated or used as a human bomb, right?

Junkrat easily pulls your bottoms off your limp legs. You don’t fight back, trying to find the balance to not stoke the fire behind your eyes. But it all gets worse when your hear the ring of his zipper. 

You cry out as he pushes himself inside of you, upsetting your head. You’re afraid he will make you explode in the end, since it feels like your head is reaching its limit. 

“Loosen up, would ya? Can’t even move.” Junkrat grabs you by your hair, pulling at your scalp. 

You cry into the mattress as he forces himself deeper, cock sheathing itself as deep as it can fit. 

“There ya go… there…” He begins his pace, which is fast. He basically humps you until he cums, and you can only hope he does it fast. “Filthy fucking bitch. There.” 

The mattress creaks under the weight of both of you. Your body pushes forward with every thrust. Your jaw and head throb, and you can only close your eyes and pray that it will be over. 

That it will all be over.

Chapter Text

-if you explain your situation to Hanzo, he’ll understand

-but with Hanzo, there’s always room for doubt

-are you mad at him? why do you get scared so easily? what did he do?

-he’ll surely think he’s at fault

-but he’ll bottle up his paranoia until it all snaps

-he’ll be your worst nightmare, yelling and breaking things

-once he’s let out all of his frustration, he’ll realize what he’s done

-you probably hate him, you’re probably so scared

-it makes Hanzo feel horrible

-he’ll promise to never do it again, that he’ll be better

-but it’s just an empty promise

Chapter Text

teve is honestly... really nervous.

There’s a bouquet of flowers in one hand, and a box of chocolates in his other. Cheesy, yeah, he knows. And what if you’re allergic to flowers or chocolate or something?

But he hopes you’ll appreciate the sentiment. 

He strolls into your room, seeing you at the window. Of course, there is no one around for miles, so he has nothing to worry about. You turn, eyebrows raising at the sight of his gifts. “Steve?”

“Hey...” he steps towards you. “I picked these up for you.”

Your hands shake as you receive the flowers and chocolate. Your face twitches into a smile. You nod timidly and whisper a “thank you”. And then you sit down on your bed, leaving Steve in the dust once again. 

It was really hard for Steve to approach you about... being more romantic. And you seemed very... scared in his presence. Your head is bowed, knee bouncing as you look at the flowers. Stupid Captain America title. There was no way Steve would ever hurt you!

It’s time for Plan B. 

Steve sets up a picnic for the both of you outside of the house. There’s plenty of room outside, but you stay in the door frame, watching as Steve walks to the yard. 

“It’s okay... you can come out,” he calls to you. You bounce back and forth on the soles of your shoes, before you bring yourself onto the porch. Hesitantly, you sit beside him in the grass. 

“Isn’t it nice out here?” He asks you.

You only nod, looking out at the rolling hills. 

Steve clears his throat. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah...” you answer, glancing over at him. “It’s just...”

“What? It’s just what?”

You flinch a bit at his questioning. 

Steve lets his voice soften. “I’m sorry, I just... it seems like you hate me sometimes.”

He’s never seen you turn so quickly to him. “No! No, Steve, I... I don’t hate you.”

That is probably the most you have ever said to him since he’s brought you here.

“I...” you look back out to the horizon. “I’m just... nervous, I guess.”

“Because of me?”

You smile a little. “Not in a bad way...”

“Well,” he says. “I guess I can say you make me nervous too, then.”

Chapter Text

Alexei has been living with you for a few months. Murray was too paranoid to keep the Russian scientist at his house, so he somehow convinced you to take him in.

Not that you minded, you and Alexei... had an interesting relationship. You both liked each other, but it was hard to communicate since he wasn’t exactly fluent in English. He was getting better, though, thanks to you. 

Your mutual pining was... more than mutual, unbeknownst to you, though. Alexei may have liked you a little too much. He was already planning your entire future together. Your wedding, where you’d both work... your kids...

God, Alexei can imagine it all. You, pregnant with his kids, so full... 

Just the thought of getting you pregnant made his cock twitch. He twists and turns in bed, night after night, just thinking about how good your fertile, little cunt must feel. How loud would you moan for him? Would the pleasure drive you tears? He sure hopes so...

But first, he has to get you into bed. 

As you both settle down for dinner, Alexei goes over what he’s going to say. He’s been rehearsing the words-- in English-- all day while you were at work. He’s more nervous than he expected when you sit down across from him, giving him a weary smile. 

“How was your day, Alexei?” You ask him as usual. 

“Good...” he responds, accent thick. “And you?”

“Busy.” You stab at your food with your fork. “But I’m glad to be home.” 

Alexei nods, taking a bite of his dinner. “I have question for you.” 

You look up from your plate, raising your brows. “Yes?”

“How do you feel of children?” 

Your eyes bulge from their sockets for a second before your recompose yourself with a cough. “Um, I mean... why do you ask?”

“I always wanted children.” He says casually, playing with his food on the plate. His eyes glance up to scan your reaction. 

You’re looking nervously around the room. “That’s... cool, um...”

An awkward silence passes as you both finish your dinner. Alexei internally curses at himself as you take his empty plate, going to put them in the sink. His leg bounces up and down under the table, as he thinks over another route. 

Maybe he should be more straightforward? Were Americans straightforward?

Alexei slides out of his chair, giving his palms a wipe on his pants before approaching you. You’re still standing at the sink, back to him. With more force than he anticipated, Alexei grabs you by your shoulder and turns you around. 

Your eyes are wide as you look at him, his name barely passing through your lips before he kisses you. He feels you gasp beneath his mouth, and he presses further, cupping your cheeks with his hands. 

Your hands fall onto his chest, not quite pushing him away, only resting. Alexei only pulls back when he needs air, staring at you as his chest heaves against your palms. You’re blinking slowly up at him, panting just as heavy as he is. “Alexei...” is all you whisper before he dives back in, teeth clashing into yours. 

Your hands knead his button up shirt, pulling him in closer. Alexei’s arms fall from your face to the counter behind you to steady himself and you. His tongue comes to lick at your teeth, and you moan into his mouth. Alexei pulls back as he feels blood rushing to his hardening cock. 

He’s so close to you that he’s sure you can feel it, but you don’t seem to be complaining. Your eyes look as lustful as his. Perhaps this is what he should’ve done in the first place. “Can I...?” You breathe, shaky fingers coming to the button of his shirt.

He nods fervently. “Yes, yes...”

He watches as you fumble to unbutton his shirt. You swallow as you get the last one, and you push the shirt from his shoulders. Alexei shrugs it off the rest of the way, and lets his hands come to your shirt. You help him take it off, leaving you in bra and pants. 

You’re quick to shrug off your bottoms, and even quicker to unbuckle his belt. Alexei feels himself grow harder as he watches you unzip his zipper. Your fingers slide over the bulge in his underwear, causing him to grunt. “Ah, kroshka...” 

His mouth catches yours once again, and his hands fiddle to get a feel on you. His finger settle on wet flesh, nearly dripping. He smiles into the kiss as you let another moan slip.

It’s not long before his fingers find their way inside of you. “Very...” he licks his lips, looking for the right English word. “Small.”

Your lips curl into an embarrassed smile. 

“And wet,” he comments. “Yes, wet. Very wet.”

His fingers as deep as they can, spreading you out for him. “Nice.” He says. 

“Th- thanks, Alexei...” your voice strains. 

The way his name falls from your mouth makes his cock throb. He can’t stand to be like this anymore, he has to be inside you, has to show you what he’s worth. 

Alexei pulls his hand from you, pulling you away from the sink by your hips. You follow him as he lays you over the table. With that, he takes his cock out, wiping damp fingers over himself. “Ready, kroshka?” He asks, restraining himself.

“Mhmm...” you breathe.

Alexei pushes in, having to stabilize himself on the table as he sheathes himself inside of you. He curses in Russian, commenting on just how tight you are around him. “You like it?” He asks, voice shaking. 

Your legs spread around his form, letting him sink in even deeper. Alexei is really holding himself back, not wanting to cum so quick. He allows himself to relish in a feeling he’s wanted for so, very long. Oh he can only imagine what you’re going to look like when he’s finished. 

Finally he moves, groaning at the drag of your walls on his cock. He pushes back in, trying to press further than before. You whine as he slips deep inside of you.

His glasses are falling down his nose as he picks up his pace. “Oh, kroshka, you... you are so good.”

“Alexei!” You squirm as he thrusts sharply. “Fuck, fuck, fuck me...”

Fuck. A new word to add to his vocabulary. He’d heard it a few times from Murray, but this was a whole new context. 

Alexei brings himself over you, letting his forearms rest on the table. His head finds itself in the crook of your neck as he pounds away at you. He sloppily kisses at the juncture of skin that connects your neck to your shoulder, placing little love bites upon it. 

You’re a moaning mess as he fucks into your wet, messy cunt. Alexei can feel your hips bucking beneath him, your back arching and pushing your body into his. Your fingernails are sunken into his back, sure to leave marks. 

And Alexei is going to be sure he leaves something more than that. Perhaps something that will go away in nine months or so. He’s getting really close to it, too. 

“You feel good, kroshka, you’re so...” he can’t find the words, in Russian or English. 

“Alexei, please...” you cry, pussy clenching around him. 

“Go,” he says, unsure of another way to say it. “You can.”

He nips at your neck, trying to silence his own little whines as he begins to reach his end. When you begin to convulse around him, he knows he’s going to lose it. He can barely move through the pulse of your muscles, quivering around him. 

Alexei can’t even form words to warn you, only a relieved groan as he cums inside of you. He makes sure he’s as deep as he can be, letting it all spill. In his ear, he can hear a little moan be released from your lips.

In the afterglow, Alexei pulls out, watching as some of his cum seeps out from you. He has to hold back a grin, not wanting to look too proud of his efforts. 

“I’m gonna be sore...” you sit up on the table, closing your already shaking legs. “I might have to call in sick for work tomorrow...”

“So we can keep trying.” Alexei raises his brows, leaning to place a kiss on your lips. 

“Trying for what?” You smile, looking into his eyes. 

But Alexei doesn’t answer, he just kisses you again.

Chapter Text

“Watch out.”

Jack grabs you by your arm, pulling you out of the way of the crowd. You stumble into him as he pushes you through, making sure not to let you bump into anyone, or anything for that matter. 

“Stay close,” his voice is low, bordering on harsh. You grab his arm with your free hand, clinging to him as he leads you through the mess of people in the square. If you were to get lost, you know that chaos would be caused. 

And it doesn’t take much for you to get lost. Pretty soon, you’re in a circle of people. You’re stumbling into people, constantly whispering “sorry”, even when you bump into lamp posts and tables. 

But it doesn’t long for Jack to find you, it never takes long. “I knew I shouldn’t have you brought you out,” he sighs, linking his arms through you. “You’d get killed without me.”

You hold on tight as he leads you back home. You just hope you don’t get lost again.

Chapter Text

Is this what regular boyfriends did? 

Just thinking about it made your neck ache. The skin was sore with bites and bruises, all given to you by Gabriel. You lick your lips, pulling up your scarf to cover the marks as you look into the mirror. Should you wear a turtleneck instead? Which looked better? Maybe a collared shirt?

“What are you wearing?” Gabriel comes in, raising thick brows at you.

“Oh...” you feel your face warm up. “Just trying to cover these marks... I don’t have any makeup or anything... maybe I could ask a friend--”

“Why would you want to cover those up?” Gabriel gently pulls the scarf off of you, the fabric catching on your skin. You wince at the pain. 

“Well... they’re really noticeable, Gabriel.” You hiss as he brings his fingers to the sores. “And they hurt.”

“C’mon,” Gabriel breathes. “It’s not that bad. And you can’t blame me, I’m your boyfriend.”

You’ve never really had a boyfriend before, so... if this was normal...

“But everyone can see, Gabe.”

“That’s how it should be.”

Chapter Text

You’ve never thought you had any special powers before.

You weren’t a cyborg, or a super strong soldier, or... anything special. But you did have a special sense when he was coming to your side of the base. You could feel it in the air, how it got a few degrees cooler. 

Your job is to patrol a certain section of the base, to make sure no one gets in who isn’t supposed to get in. It’s an easy job, and it pays well. At least you don’t have to go on any dangerous missions, right? You weren’t ready for that. 

But everything comes at a price, you suppose. 

Genji waits at the end of the hall as you walk down it, swallowing thickly. “Genji,” your voice trembles. 

“Hey.” His head turns your way, but you can’t see his eyes through his visor. 

You can feel your knees buckling, like they already know what they have to do. Genji nods his head towards the storage closet, and you breathe shallowly as you turn the knob.

He pushes you in as you open the door, and you fall to the floor. You’re already sniffling as he shuts the door behind himself. “Get up.” His voice is quiet, almost gentle, but you know better than that by now.

You get to your feet, wiping at your eyes. “What... what are you gonna do?”

As usual, he says nothing. He only descends on you, letting his hands unbutton your Blackwatch issued uniform. You shuffle uncomfortably under his gaze, his head angled down to look at your clothed breasts. “Did you wear this special for me?”

You don’t say anything as he reveals your lacy bra. Internally, you curse at yourself for choosing it this morning. Genji chuckles as his hands pull down at the fabric, letting your breasts be shown. 

He lets synthetic hands fall over you, making your breath hitch. He does this nearly every time, staying still for a few moments. You wonder if he’s trying to really feel it since... he’s a cyborg and all. 

His hands then fall down, brushing over your stomach. You shake as they reach the waistband of your cargo pants. Genji slips his hand down into them, and you twitch as he plays with your clit beneath the cloth of your underwear. 

“So responsive today,” he sighs. “Were you anticipating me?”

You always are, nowadays. But Genji doesn’t require an answer as he pushes his fingers past your underwear to push them into you. You yelp as he forces them deep inside. 

Lightning fast, Genji covers your mouth. “Do you want to get caught? Do you know what that mean for you?” 

You feel tears burning at your eyes. Of course... you would get fired. And Genji... he would stay. 

You nod your head as he painfully stretches your hole. In his visor, you can see your reflection. Pathetic. 

Genji works at you for a few minutes. When he’s satisfied, he pulls off your pants and situates you against the wall. He removes his pants to reveal his cock. It wouldn’t be the first time you’ve seen it.

As he pushes in, he covers your mouth again to muffle your cries. You stare at your reflection in his visor, hating every aspect of it. You close your eyes as he stretches you with his cock, splitting you apart. 

The wall he fucks you against rubs against your back uncomfortably, only adding to your distress. You push your head back, letting tears roll down the sides of your face as he unleashes his frustrations into your cunt. 

His hips piston into you, hitting you at a bruising pace. You can only hope he cums soon, so you can get back to work. 

Rather loudly, you hear a voice from outside the door. “Have you seen the new recruit?”

Genji slows to a stop, hand still over your mouth. He puts a finger to where his lips would be under his mask. Be quiet.

You swallow as you hear footsteps. “Aren’t they patrolling this section?”

“They checked in, too...” another voice. 

“Aw, they’re gonna get it from the Commander if he finds out about this...”

The footsteps fade, and you feel so much despair. If you lost your job... what would you do? And you couldn’t tell the Commander about this because... who would believe you?

Genji starts his pace again, whispering in his robotic voice, “Good, good, you’re so good.”

You rest your head against the wall again, staring at the ceiling. You feel lifeless, formless, as if this isn’t really happening to you. In this state, he finishes faster. Genji is at least kind enough to get you back in your pants.

“Don’t worry about those guys, I’ll take care of it.”

You feel your back slide against the wall until you’re sitting. “Why would you care if I get fired or not?”

“Then who would I come to for things like this?”

He closes the door, leaving you inside. Leaving you to feel pathetic.

Chapter Text

Hanzo wakes to music. 

You’re gone from the bed, your warmth gone. Hanzo gets up, rubbing his eyes. It was another long night with you, but not like Hanzo was complaining. He goes to the den, but does a double take when he sees you at the piano.

You’re hands are drilling the keys feverishly, almost like you’d break you fingers. Hanzo can only watch as a beautiful, yet dark, sound erupts from the piano. Hanzo didn’t play, but he thought it would be a nice decoration, or useful for house parties.

But he didn’t know you could play. 

He steps closer, the melody drawing him in. He watches your fingers fly over the keys, feet stepping on the pumps beneath it. You’re nearly hunched over the instrument, striking dark and somber chords. The song almost sounds familiar, like a tune you’ve been humming...

Suddenly, you stop, turning. You nearly fall over the stool when you see him, eyes going wide. “Uh, Hanzo, I’m sorry, I didn’t-- I thought you--”

“That was beautiful. Why have you never played for me before?”

“I just... I’m not that good, it’s just for... I’m sorry, did I wake you? I didn’t-- I didn’t--”

“No.” He stops you. “It was amazing. Are you trained?”

“Uh, not exactly...”

Hanzo gasps. “Just imagine how good you could be if you were a trained musician, my love! How did I not know this before? We must call a lesson teacher!”

“Hanzo, I don’t think--”

Hanzo sweeps you off the stool, holding you in his embrace. “You’re going to be the most beautiful piano player in the world. Oh dear, where would you be without me?”

Chapter Text



-he’s going to edge you, and have you so close to the edge, literally fingering you a mile a minute

-then pulls back to look at his nails or something

-will literally deny your orgasm because he thinks he’s “left the stove on”

-you’re tied up so you can’t stop him from checking

-he will literally be gone for thirty minutes, leaving you to writhe on the mattress

-when he comes back, he’ll edge you a few more times until you’re literally so desperate you’re trying to cut deals

-he’ll use whatever he can to get you to cum, his fingers, his thigh, a toy, whatever

-he’s going full throttle and not going to stop

-and just when you think it’s over...

-Jesse’s going to fuck you until you pass out


-he’s conniving 

-he’s a slow builder

-he’s going to be so gentle, so soft with his touches

-slowly building you up to orgasm, and you want it

-and then oops? he disappeared

-he comes back and starts all over again, very slow

-and then he stops

-he pays attention to other spots of your body, kissing at your neck and what not

-he’s not going to let you cum until you’re crying in frustration

-oh you want to cum? okay then...

-his fingers are so deep in you as he makes you cum over and over

-you’re going to be crying for him to stop next, the pleasure almost too much

-but no, he’s not going to stop, not until you beg

Chapter Text

Overhaul isn’t exactly opposed to stalking. 

He just doesn’t really like to do it. That’s why he’s sent his henchman to look after you. Kai had access to files of a lot of people in the district, and you were one of the only Quirkless in the vicinity. 

Your file made you rather interesting. You were an aspiring college student, studying Quirk Theory. Yet, you were Quirkless. Wouldn’t you be angry at a system that undermined you? 

Though, Kai was rather knowledgeable about Quirk Theory. You were probably the only one intelligent enough to keep up in an actual conversation with him, perhaps he should pay you a visit one day…

Did he mention you were exceptionally attractive? Kai didn’t like to say that he was based on things like that, but… it probably did add to his interest. Kai watched as you walked back and forth from school, to work, and back home. You were rather busy, it seemed. Kai wondered how much better your life would be if you were with him, not all by your lonesome.

Not once had Overhaul himself met you, but it wasn’t long before you appeared in his dreams. The same smile plastered on your face from your file photo. God, you were beautiful. Kai would not mind putting his hands on you, no, not at all

In fact, most of his dreams were full of touches. You touching him, him touching you. Not always sexual, of course, but… sometimes. Kai liked to keep that to himself. 

He especially liked ones where he tore you apart. Oh yes, those were his favorites. Like a video you could go back and forth on, he’d put you back together and tear you apart. Back together and apart, back together and apart. Over and over again. 

That got him more excited than any of those other dreams, that was for sure. 

Kai would always wake in a cold sweat, panting. His hands ached to touch you, to… to… 

“Coincidentally”, he happens to be at the same park as you. You’re in the shade, reading over a book. Kai watches for a while before approaching, already having calculating the situation. 

“Quirk Theory?” He stands before you, fidgeting with his plain, black mask.

Finally, finally, those pretty eyes look up. They look at him. “Yeah,” you answer. 

“Not a lot of people read those for fun, you know.” His hands find their way into his pockets. Is he embarrassed of his gloves? Oh god, you were making him nervous.

“Oh.” You close the book, smiling. “I’m a Quirk Theory student at the local college. But I do also read these for fun.”

“My favorites are the medical journals,” he tells you. “Have you read the latest?”

“Of course.” You nod. “Quirks being a mutation of the Black Plague? Quite interesting…”

“I don’t doubt it. Perhaps Quirks are disease.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised. Who knows?” You stand from your spot on the grass. “It’s nice to meet you.” You hold a hand out.

Kai swallows as he removes a hand from his pocket, allowing his gloved hand to touch yours. By chance, the part of the glove that covers his palm pushes up a little, allowing his skin to touch yours. He feels the buzzing of blood pumping through your veins, of cells working to keep your skin together. 

He lets go, the buzz fading away. Kai introduces himself, and in turn, you introduce yourself. Unbeknownst to you, he’s known you for a very long time. 

You both hit it off, with the careful work of Kai. He couldn’t be more enthralled with you. You ask him to have coffee with you, where you challenge his ideas about Quirks, and he challenges yours. There is no way you’ll change his mind though, Quirks make people sick. He likes to let you think you have him reconsidering, though. 

One night, Kai has a rather… unsettling dream. About you, of course, like all of his dreams. That League of Villains that gave him a headache. Of course, they couldn’t know about you. Kai was good at hiding his private life, but that Shigaraki…

It wouldn’t hurt to check. 

In the middle of the night, Kai ventures to your house. He probably looks like he’s up to no good, wearing all black like this. God, was he going insane? Why was he so paranoid? 

He reaches your apartment, climbing up the stairs, ready to rip his gloves off at any moment. Once he gets to the door, he pulls out the copy he made-- for emergencies-- to unlock it. Kai steps into your apartment, quiet as possible as he shuts the door. 

Kai makes a beeline for your bedroom. He may have been here before once or twice, no big deal. Just to check if there was anything that could be a hazard. When he gets to the door, he finds it closed. 

What if Shigaraki was in there, holding you hostage? Or if a hero had planted a trap to catch him? Like that kid who was so adamant about Eri being scared in the alleyway the other day. 

He removes his gloves from his hands, shoving them into his pocket. Quietly as possible, he opens the door. He feels his heart leap into his throat at the sight of your empty bed. Where were you? Did someone kidnap you?

Kai wanders inside. The only other door in the room leading to your closet. Perhaps he could check...

But the door opens before he can get to it. “Chisaki?” Your voice rings through the room. “What are you doing here? How’d you...?”

Fuck. What a mess this was.

It’s not hard to grab you by your hair and pin you onto your mattress. You’re screaming, confused. “Chisaki? What are you doing? Please! Don’t hurt me! Please, Chisaki, please!”

“Just stay still. This shouldn’t hurt.” His thumb presses into your temple. He feels your brain sparking, signals of confusion and hurt beneath your skin. 

“Chisaki! Chisaki, please! I’m scared! Don’t--!”

But you fall limp, Kai rearranging the inside of your head. He sighs when he’s finished, grabbing his gloves to place on his hands. His paranoia always got like this, always making a mess of things. But after taking your memory of him time and time again, it wasn’t as hard. 

“Next time, I’ll be better, my dear. I promise.”

Chapter Text

You were his everything

Oh god, the thought of you made his eyes water. It was like staring straight at the sun. Looking at you, hearing you, thinking of you... was like staring at the brightest thing in the world. 

But... Peter isn’t sure if you feel the same way. 

Peter thinks he’s good at hiding it, but it’s so obvious that he likes you. Maybe not obvious that he’s dangerously in love with you, but that he likes you. Unfortunately, you just... don’t like him like that. He’s nice and all, but... you don’t feel the same way. That was it, nothing else.

But when Peter finds out about this, god, he is distraught. What did he have to do for you to love him? To just consider being his... his... romantic interest. God, it broke his heart into little, small pieces to think of a life without you. He needed you, or else he would... he would die!

There has to be something in the way. 

Did you like someone else? Did you love someone else? Was there someone else? There could be no other explanation!

But Peter has a plan! It’s a good plan, too! He’s going to invite you and all of his friends to the apartment, but then he’s going to tell his other friends not to show up, and it will be just you and him! He’ll tell you that they canceled, so it’s just you two! How weird! 

Oddly, it works. You arrive, smile fading as you see no one else has shown up. When Peter tells you of the situation, you seem a bit sad, but don’t worry! Peter is going to fix that! He’s going to fix everything

“So... I’ve wanted to talk to you about... about something.” He tells you as he sits beside you on the sofa. 

You look awfully nervous, maybe even more nervous than him. “Really? Uh, are you sure, Peter?”

“Uh, yeah.” He nods. “It’s just... I wanted to know... do you... I like you. I like you! A lot, and, I... really...”

“I know, Peter.” You tell him, frowning. Yeah, Peter knows that you know but... please help him understand. “I’m sorry, I just don’t know if I...”

“Is there someone else?” The words just spill from his mouth. 

You look stunned. “No, Peter, I just--”

“You’re lying.” His hands find yours, taking them in his grasp. “There has to be! Please, tell me the truth.”

“Peter, I’m-- let go!” You hiss as his grip gets stronger. “I’m not joking!”

“Please, just tell me. I’ll- I’ll forgive you. It’s okay, just tell me.”

“Peter, there is no one else! Will you please accept that?”

Peter feels his already broken heart break even more. You just... don’t like him, huh? But, no... no... no no no no no--

Please, I love you!” Peter cries, a desperate voice ripping away at him. “And- and, it’s okay to love me. Please love me.

You watch in horror as he breaks down into tears, just begging that you love him back, please please please...

Do you really want to say no now?

Chapter Text

God, Markus must be malfunctioning or something. 

He can’t find any words as you feverishly paint at your canvas. Apparently, you’re an associate of Carl’s, and a very talented artist as well. He can only watch as you go to work in Carl’s studio. 

“Hi there,” he finally utters. 

You pause, turning to look at him. 

“Hey,” you say. “You must be Carl’s android. It’s nice to meet you.” 

You hold out a hand, smile painted across your face. Markus shakes your hand, and he really wishes he had more feeling receptors. You both introduce yourselves, and Markus can only stare at you as you explain your work.

“Very beautiful,” he says.

“Oh, thank you.” You shrug bashfully. “It’s not my best.”

“I didn’t just mean the art.” He says honestly.

You straighten up, making Markus wonder if he went overboard with his compliment.

“I didn’t know you androids had flattery in your software,” you laugh. “Your creator didn’t too bad himself.”

“Why, thank you. Will I be seeing more of you?”

“Yes, you will, Markus. Expect me to come and visit with you more often.”

Your conversation is stopped when Carl rolls into the art room. He calls your name, “It’s so nice to see you again!”

“It’s very nice to see you, too, Carl!” You bend down to press a kiss on the old man’s cheek. “I didn’t know you got an android.”

“Was a gift.”

“I see...”

“If you need his assistance--”

“I know where to find him.”

Oh god, Markus is not going to be letting you go anytime soon.

Chapter Text

-Carol likes to say she’s patient

-but she’s really not

-she wants to get her hands on you as soon as possible

-she’ll try to respect it as much as she can

-but the second you show affection, she’s on you

-it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together, she’s telling you she loves you and would do anything for you and would die for you

-gosh, Carol is so BEAUTIFUL

-but she’s not going to let you focus on her for a second, it’s all about you

-she’s kissing every patch of skin she can find, obsessively leaving love bites in her wake

-when she actually touches you, you’re going to be wound up, trust me

-whether you like it or not

Chapter Text

His hands are at your waist, and yours are resting on his biceps.

The music wafting through the room is old, perhaps from his time. You stare over his shoulder, wondering just exactly how long you’d both been dancing in his living room. 

Steve sways back and forth with you, humming along to the tune. You restrain yourself from cringing as his head bows into the crook of your neck, inhaling your scent. God, when would this be over?

“This is nice, don’t you think?” He brings his head back to stare into your eyes. 

“Yes...” you say, small and quiet. You’re lying, but Steve knows, he doesn’t say anything. 

You’re happy being together with me, right?” He says to you. “You know I would do anything for you, right?”

“I know, Steve.” You muster a smile. “I’m... I love you.”

He grins, moving his hands to cup your face. “I love you, too.”

You are lifeless as he kisses you, the music on the record continuing to play.

Chapter Text

“Here are some blankets.”

You hand him a pillow, the blankets, and the TV remote. “I’m really sorry you have to sleep on the couch, Alexei. You know, you could have the bed--”

“No, no,” Alexei shakes his head. “Thank you.”

His accent is still strong, but his English is a lot better than when Murray and you first started to teach him. Unfortunately, Murray was out of state, and being the paranoid man he is, sent Alexei to stay with you. What if the secret police come and take him? He’s better off with you!

“Well, goodnight, Alexei. I’ll see you in the morning.” You yawn. It had been a long day, entertaining Alexei and taking him around town. 

“Looney Tunes?” 

“Oh, here.” You take the remote from him and change the channel. 

“Thank you. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Alexei.”

And with that you’re gone, disappearing into your bedroom. Alexei watches as the door shuts behind you. He plops down the couch, remembering how revealing your pajamas were. Those shorts were rather... short. That t-shirt you were wearing was very loose, he could see your chest when you handed over the blankets. 

Alexei sighs as he stares at the screen, yet his mind wanders elsewhere. Of course, he finds himself thinking of you. There were so many instances today where he just wanted to kiss you, and many more where he wanted to fuck you until you were a crying mess. 

He tries to sleep, he really does, but his dreams just continue to be about you. Your heavenly lips fit so perfectly around his cock, beautiful eyes staring straight into his. So wet, warm, fuck fuck fuck--

And he was awake, his cock painfully hard. The television is still on, shining a light across his face. Damn, Alexei had even fallen asleep with his glasses on. He sits up, brushing the blankets aside, exposing the bulge in his pants. There was only one way to get rid of it...

Or was there? 

Alexei could either jerk himself off, the old fashioned way. Or there was another option... a better option, laying right in front of him. Well, not literally, more like in the next room. 

He finds his way on his feet, sauntering to your door. He opens it, letting light expose your mattress. Of course, you’re sleeping in the most erotic way possible or maybe Alexei was just really, really horny.

You’re laying on your stomach, shorts ridden up so high that your ass is exposed. Alexei feels his cock twitch in his pants. Fuck

He simply sits on the bed beside you. His hand, shaking, reaches out to caress your cheek. You must be sound asleep, as you don’t even flinch as he touches your smooth skin. “So pretty...” he whispers in his native tongue. 

His cock is throbbing now. He’s sure that if he continued like this, he would cum in his pants. Alexei swallows before bringing his hand to your shoulder and shaking, whispering your name. You don’t stir, only grumble in your sleep. 

So you were a deep sleeper. Wasn’t that perfect?

Alexei positions himself over you, grinding into your ass. You don’t wake as his mumbles to you in Russian. His hands settle onto your shorts, pulling them off. Naughty, naughty... no underwear? Were you expecting him?

He pushes your shirt forward, exposing your back to him. Just more skin to get off to...

Alexei bites his lip as he works his fingers inside of you. He watches your face as he spreads you. Your face scrunches, muttering, but you don’t wake up. He sucks on his bottom lip, pulling his fingers out. He couldn’t wait another second.

Alexei fumbles to unleash his cock, giving it a few quick pumps before he places it at your entrance. 

“Alexei...?” Your eyes are barely open, the haze of sleep still clouding them.

He looks you dead in the eyes, but there’s nothing anyone could do or say from stopping him. He pushes in, sheathing himself completely. Your head falls down, and you seemingly go back to sleep. Alexei hisses as you clench around him, forcing himself deeper and deeper into your hole. 

You groan, yet you’re still in the state between sleep and consciousness. You mumble pleas for it to stop, no no no. But Alexei has only begun.

He moans and grunts, saying little things in Russian. Things you can’t understand, but this wasn’t about you, was it? 

So tight, so tight,” he mutters, fucking harder and further. “So good, darling. So good.”

Of course, you don’t respond. Not in words anyway, you just whimper and cry into the mattress he’s fucking you into. “Should I cum inside of you, darling? Do you want me to?” He whispers, leaning over to be right in your ear. “Tell me, tell me.”

You wouldn’t understand him, he knows that, but by chance you groan out an aching, “No...”

A guilty side of Alexei tells him to respect your wishes, so as he begins to unravel, he barely manage to pull out and cum onto your naked skin. Alexei groans as his seed spills into the small of your back.

Alexei has to steady himself on the bed, aftershocks of his orgasm making his cock twitch. This was probably one of the best in his entire life, and you weren’t even awake to see it. 

After he recomposes himself, Alexei fixes himself up, and goes to find a towel. He wipes you down, making sure all of the evidence is gone. Of course, he wants you to know just who could fuck you like that, but he wanted to do it the right way first. 

But he did feel a little sad you wouldn’t remember you first time together. Or the first few times, that was.

Chapter Text

Eddie was obsessed with you.

No, no, not in a weird way! Not at all! Like… you were his celebrity crush obsessed. Most people don’t find themselves in love with famous authors, but here Eddie was. 

He’d picked up one of your books because of Venom insisting that it looked scary. Eddie wasn’t an avid horror fan, but Venom would not stop whispering in his ear to take it.

For once, Eddie was very thankful for his symbiote. He loved the story, and so did Venom, who was very into the gory descriptions you wrote. When Eddie searched you up, he found himself more enthralled with the book than ever. Quickly, he bought every single one of your works, letting them line his bookshelves. 

When he finds out you’re coming to a bookstore near him to sign books and have a conference, Eddie is one of the first to book a spot. He is super excited to finally meet you, since he was probably your biggest fan.

He brings his favorite book of yours, and Venom’s, for you to sign. He introduces himself and tries his best to remain cool. He offers lots of insight to your writing, talking about things you didn’t even realize you had written.

You suggest you and him talk about the analysis of a future book over coffee, and Eddie is so close to losing it. You? Wanted to go out with him?

They like us, Venom says to him. We should pitch our idea.

“You mean your idea?” Eddie whispers as he walks to the coffee shop. 

I’m sure they’d like it.

You were all for it. Venom was very proud of himself for coming up with such a gory scene that would probably end up in one of your books. It’s not long before you and Eddie start hanging out more, discussing horror and your novels.

Your next novel is stalker horror story, and Eddie is a bit more than excited for it. 

You know what would make the story really good, Eds, Venom speaks in his ear. If they got some experience with someone like that…

“What do you mean?”

I mean… why don’t we give them something to write about?

Chapter Text


-honestly,,,, she kinda likes it

-Ashe is a sadist, i know it deep in my heart

-but she also likes to take care of you

-so it’s a bit of a,,, dilemma

-she likes to see you cry over the smallest things she says or does, but then immediately feels bad and coddles you

-she’ll apologize a thousand times if she has to

-does she always mean it? not necessarily


-gets annoyed by it REALLY QUICK

-she’s not going to baby you

-Amelie will let you cry for hours on end

-or she’ll tell you to stop if it begins to get annoyed

-demands you stop being sensitive to the smallest things

-when that makes you cry, she might just throw you in closet and wear some noise cancelling headphones

Chapter Text

You can tell something is wrong the moment you get into the passenger’s seat.

Jonathan’s knuckles are white from squeezing the wheel so harshly. His lips are pressed together, and he looks rather... disheveled. More than usual, that is. 

“Jonathan?” You say, watching the speedometer pick up.

“Hmm?” He doesn’t take his eyes off the road.

“What’s wrong?”


But it’s obvious he’s lying. He licks his lips, straightening up in his seat. 

“Jonathan, please, just--”

“Who were you talking to?”

He sounds so distressed. His jaw is set, his hands painfully gripped on the steering wheel.

You feel a nervous smile creep on your face. “What do you mean?”

“I... I saw you. I saw you with someone else.”

For once, his eyes glance over, but they quickly go back to the road. 

“Jonathan... that was nothing. They’re my friend.” You shake your head.

He says something, small and under his breath.


“I said, bullshit!” The car stops abruptly, nearly sending you through the windshield. 


“Tell me the truth!” He sounds angry and sad and desperate all at once as he turns to look right at you. 

“I am!” You yell back, scared. “Jonathan, what is wrong with you?”

He turns back, taking his foot off the gasp to pull over into a more private area. You have no idea what’s gotten into him. Where is he getting these ideas from?

He stops the car eventually, taking the keys out. “Just tell me the truth.” 

“I am,” you soften your voice, “I am, Jon. Please I would never--”

“Get out.”


“Get out.” 

You stare at him. “You’re joking.”

“Get out. Please.”

You take a deep breath, opening the door and pulling yourself out. You shut the door, expecting him to put the keys back in and drive away. Instead, he gets out, not saying anything as he comes over to your side.

“Jonathan, what--”

But he pushes you back against the car, grasping at your wrists almost painfully. “Jonathan?”

“You’re just so pretty...” he sighs. “You’re too good for me, and I can’t... I can’t...”

He looks like he’s on the verge of tears. “Jon, you’re starting to scare me.”

“I... scare myself sometimes with how I feel about you.”

He doesn’t give you any time to talk, opting for kissing you instead. Yes, a kiss from your boyfriend would be nice, but in this context...

“Jonathan.” You mumble his name, pulling away. “I don’t think...”

He ignores you, pressing his mouth against yours even harder, forcing your words back down your throat. His hand moves behind you, fumbling to open the door. You try to call out for him, but you lose your balance and fall into the backseat. 

Jonathan follows, somehow managing to close the door behind himself. You sit up from your sprawl on the seats, but he pushes you back down. “Jonathan,” you try again, but he steals your breath with another kiss.

He’s usually never this forward, never this fervent. It’s more off putting than anything, especially as his hands rake over your body. You keep repeating his name as his mouth reaches your neck, biting down painfully. 

“Jonathan! Stop!” You try to push him off of you, but he doesn’t budge. He’s on you like a leech, refusing to let go. 

He doesn’t listen, letting his hand reach under the waistband of your pants. You scream into his shoulder as he violates you, letting his fingers run over your sex. Tears collect at your eyes as he shallowly presses fingertips into your hole. 

“Jon,” you cry. “Jon, please...”

He’s staring at your face, but not quite at you. He blinks haphazardly as he sinks his fingers deeper inside of you, your walls closing in on him. You stiffen more and more with every inch he conquers. 

There’s a moment where he just leaves his fingers inside of you, a long painful moment. You can only stare at him as your lips tremble, begging him to stop. He doesn’t listen, looking past you. 

When he removes his fingers, you wish you could be relieved, but... you know what’s coming next as his bulge brushes against your thigh. You sniffle as his pulls his cock out, just aching to be inside of you. 

He pulls down your bottoms as much as he can, until he has access to you. He sighs as he pushes in, ignoring your pleas. “Jonathan,” you choke out. “Please.”

“Shh, shh...” he whispers, sheathing himself fully inside of you. “Let me love you... okay? Let me...” His breath shudders as his hips involuntarily thrust. 

You sob as he fucks into you, reaching as far as he can inside of you. He’s splitting you apart, splitting your entire being. God, you’re scared. You’re scared.

“Jon...” you croak. “Jonathan, please.”

You wonder what it is you are begging for. 

Jonathan kisses at the corner of your lips as his hips stutter inside of you. Jonathan could never last very long, and it seems to hold true even like this. It feels like forever, nonetheless. 

“Jon- Jonathan, don’t...” you beg, hoping he would let you have one shred of dignity. 

But he’s... he’s not himself. 

He releases within you, filling you with his seed. You whimper as you feel his cock pulse within you, being drained. It’s a bittersweet feeling when he pulls out. 

“Don’t... don’t look at me like that...” he tucks himself back into his pants. “Don’t... look at me like you’re... like you’re scared.”

Chapter Text

Julian’s handwriting gets even worse when he’s drunk.

Maybe he shouldn’t be writing this down, but he wouldn’t remember if he didn’t. The ink smears across the paper. It would be a miracle if Julian himself could actually read it.

“Yes... yes... no, no, that wouldn’t work...” he mumbles as he scribbles down. This plan has to be perfect. Perfect... yes, just like you. Julian’s hand stops above the paper as he thinks about you. God, his chest ached at the thought. 

He had to make this plan flawless. You deserved it. 

Waking up with a hangover was not scheduled in the plan, but he got over it fairly quickly. Julian was too excited to have you at his side forever. There was nothing that could stop him from putting you right where you belonged.

As always, there was that side of him that whispered in his ear. The side that told him that he didn’t deserve you, that he was delusional. But Julian ignored it, ignored it as best as he could. Julian could let himself be happy once in a while, right?

But it only made him so terribly sad to see your face as he dragged you away from your shop. “Ju- Julian? Where are you taking me? I should get back, Asra will be worried for me if I stay out too late...”

“No, no...” Julian tries to picture the written plan in his mind. “We’re... we’re only going for a walk! I need to show you something...”

“Julian,” you whine. “Please, I don’t...”

He tries to restrain himself from crying. You’re obviously uncomfortable. Why? Julian doesn’t really know. Maybe it’s the way he’s been acting around you lately, but... that was just Julian being Julian! But you being so upset makes him upset and, and...

“I’m sorry,” Julian breaks down. “I’m really sorry. I- I... I don’t know what’s gotten into me...”

He grabs onto your hands with his own, squeezing them tight as he leads you into a dark corner, away from prying eyes. Your expression turns from fear and into concern under the moonlight. You were such a... good person... and he... Julian was just...

“I’m sick,” he groans. “I’m so sick... but can you... can you blame me?”

“Julian,” you croak. “Julian, what’s wrong?”

“It’s just...” God, there was no way to describe it. There were no words to describe that it felt like you were ripping his heart out of his chest every time he looked at you. “I want... no, I can’t... it’s horrible.”

“Please, Julian, just talk to me.”

Your hands are so soft, and so is your voice. Why, why, why did it have to be you? He didn’t want to hurt you, but he did, and he...

“I want you.” The words rip from his chest, full of longing. “I just want you to love me... is that so much to ask?”

You stare at him, eyebrows furrowing in concern. “Julian...”

“I know, I know...” Julian leans into you, nearly knocking you over. Instead, he presses you into a wall. “It’s despicable of me... to want you all to myself, but... I couldn’t bear to see you with anyone else that’s not me.”

You look scared again as he pushes you further into the wall. “Julian...” you repeat. 

“When you say my name, I could die,” he admits. “Just please, love me. That’s all I ask. Please.”

Chapter Text

-how McCree and Genji come to an agreement is beyond me

-but when they do… let’s say it goes a lot like this

-”why don’t we capture them on a mission?” Genji will suggest. “and make it seem like they just disappeared”

-”oh wow… that’s a good idea… ‘lot better than mine…”

-McCree’s idea was putting a bag over your head (as usual) and taking you to a secluded location

-so Genji’s plan it is

-the only problem is how to sneak around all of the other blackwatch agents and make it seem real

-Gabriel goes on nearly every mission with them, so they’ll just have to find a way to separate from him and come back “empty-handed”

-but of course everything goes wrong and Gabriel catches them in the act

-a million thoughts run through the commander’s mind

-he wants to help you

-but he also knows how bad this would look if you made a big deal of it, perhaps even revealing the presence of Blackwatch

-so he’ll just pretend like he never saw McCree and Genji knocking you out and dragging you to a secondary location

-it may weigh on his conscience but…

-for the good of Blackwatch… it’s a small price to pay

Chapter Text

He seemed fine. 

But one second he was sweet talking you and the next he was on top of you. “Bill- Billy?” You splutter as he pins your wrists down. 

“Shh, shh.” He looks over your face, in a very non-Billy like way. It was as if he was examining you. “Yes,” he mumbles. “Yes, yes, you’ll be perfect for us.”

“Us?” You gasp. What the hell was he talking about? “Who is us, Billy? Billy?”

“You’ll see soon, love. You’ll see real soon.” He lifts you up effortlessly, like he had someone else’s strength. Something else’s strength?

You want to trust him, you want to trust Billy. Billy, your boyfriend. Maybe this is some kind of joke? A prank? So you hold onto him, praying that this is the right thing to do.

It’s not.

You stay silent as Billy drives you away from your home, into the dark unknown of Hawkins, Indiana. Billy looks as calm as ever, like he wasn’t technically kidnapping you. It’s unlike him. You wish he was laughing or screaming or crying or anything else. 

The car stops outside of an old building, one you didn’t really recognize. You anxiously wait as Billy gets out of the driver’s seat and comes around to your side of the car. He opens the passenger door and holds a hand out for you. 

You bite your lip, taking it. He gives you a small smile. He leads you inside, and you can only follow into the creepy, old building. 

“I’m glad you’ve come so willingly,” Billy tells you. “It makes this much easier.”

“Makes what much easier?” Your voice is so much more frantic compared to his. “Billy, what is going on?”

“Be patient.” He holds a single finger up to his lips, as if to shush you. “It will all be over soon.”

He leads you down some rusty, dingy stairs. This place must have been sitting around for years on end. “Lay down here.” He points to the cold concrete.


“Just trust me,” he says to you. “You trust me, right?”

He grabs your hands, practically draping you over the floor. 

“Okay, Billy.”

He hovers over you, supported by his forearms that are on either side of your head. Billy stares at you for a few moments before coming in to kiss you softly. “You’ll be perfect.”

You can feel something hard nudging at your thigh, a clear indication of what was to come next. “Billy,” you panic again, “Billy, no, I just want to go home--”

He covers your mouth to silence you. “Be quiet, it will be over soon.”

What will be over soon? What the fuck was going on? 

He keeps one hand over your lips and lets one hand go down to shrug off your bottoms. Your chest rises and falls rapidly, pure panic settling in. “Billy,” you call through his hand. 

“Shh...” he mutters as he gets your pants off. 

You try to beg him to stop, but it all sounds distorted through his fingers. You nearly bite down on one of them when he inserts his fingers inside of you. He shushes you, asking you oh so nicely to be quiet. 

“Should be good enough.” He mumbles, taking his fingers away from you. You’re trembling against the cold, concrete floor.

When he takes his hand away from your face, you take it as your time to beg. “Billy, Billy, please, listen to me. Stop this please. I don’t... I don’t want...”

“None of us want it at first, honey...” he takes himself out from his pants. “But you’ll be just fine.”

Billy pushes inside of you, and covers your mouth once again as you scream. He pierces you, stretching your hole as far as he can. Your hands bat at his chest, but he doesn’t budge. He never does. 

He sinks inside of you, nearly sheathing his entire length. He pauses for what feels like forever, and you can only sniffle and cry under him. When he starts moving you whimper, hating the way he felt inside of you like this.

Billy was never very nice with you before, and it showed in the way your body began to easily prepare for him. You cry into his shoulder as familiar pleasure begins to spark at you, pure hatred coursing through your body. Hatred towards him and yourself. 

A choked moan is muffled by Billy’s hand as he reaches deep within you. The sensation is painful, but powerful. Your eyes are beginning to roll back and flutter within your head. 

Billy huffs with a harsh thrust. The only familiar thing he’s done all night. He’s close. His thrusts get rougher and shorter as he chases his orgasm, aiming to cum inside of you. Fuck, it wouldn’t be the first time.

You just hold on as pounds into your hole, which milks him for all he’s worth. You stare at the ceiling as his cock pulses within you, your body twitching irregularly. 

When he’s done, he stands up, tucking himself back into his pants. You’re left as a mess on the floor. The only thing that catches your attention is a rumble from the darkness to your side.

“Now, don’t fight... it’ll be over soon, and then we can be together, okay?”

Chapter Text

You hated him.

Hate is a strong word, yes, you know, but... you felt nothing but hatred for this poor excuse of a man. Was he even a man? Who the hell knew? Perhaps it would be better to say this poor excuse of a god

Loki was desperate and angry. It especially seeped through when he pretended to be... to be your lover...

“Hello, darling.” He speaks to you with the face of your lover, in their voice, but... his eyes... were so Loki.

You turn away from him. Your lover would never sound like that, never look like that. They wouldn’t kidnap you and steal you away from anyone, not like...

He lays next to you, in your lover’s body, running a hand down your side. You shiver at his touch, their touch... if it only really was theirs...

You shrink away, cringing from him. 

A long sigh rings through the air. His fingers stroke against your jaw, knuckles against your lips. “Darling, please. Just lay with me, would you?”

“You’re not...” you choke out, feeling tears in your eyes. 

In a split second, the soft touch at your jaw turns into a grip. He forces you to look into his eyes, the color of your lover’s. An anger that you have never seen from your partner is festering behind their eyes, in Loki’s eyes. 

Why aren’t you happy? I look exactly like your lover!” He pulls you ever close to him, lips nearly touching yours. “Kiss me, hug me, love me, me, me!

A desperate kiss is forced upon your lips, and a part of you wants to believe it’s your partner... but the other part knows better. 

Chapter Text

She’s been at it for hours.

Your sleeping pills worked very well, you had told her. They worked even more when you took a bigger dosage! Not in like a... kill you sort of way, Dva checked on that. Just enough for you to stay asleep while she... 

Well, while she ate the fuck out of you. 

It started with her simply laying down beside you, stroking your skin. You were so soft, so perfect. God, Dva loved you. You didn’t know that, though, no, you couldn’t. You guys were best friends! And she didn’t want to ruin it unless she was sure...

And she wasn’t.

So she opted for letting her hands run over your breasts as you sleep, feeling how your nipples harden through thin fabric. She studied the outline of every curve of your body, trying to memorize them before your night together was up.

Then her hands reach lower...

Dva sits up, coming to straddle your legs. Small hands come in between your thighs. She slowly pushes the fabric of your shorts away from your inner thighs, allowing her to feel the soft, warm skin that they hid. 

She swallows thickly as you shift in your sleep, mumbling incoherently. The way your body is angled, fuck, it makes her so hot. Dva is quick to pull down your shorts and panties completely, revealing you to her.

Dva smiles to herself as she spreads your legs, letting herself slink in between them. A slim finger comes to run against your slit, adding extra attention to your slit. 

Her mouth comes over to your thigh, kissing and nibbling at the warm flesh. She hasn’t even gotten to the best part, but you taste so good. 

Finally she licks over to your heat, letting her thumbs sink in to pull your lips apart. Your hole stretches in front of her, inviting her tongue to dive in.

And it does. She does.

Dva’s tongue licks at your walls, which twitch around her appendage. She lets her thumbs spread further, allowing her to bury her face in your cunt. Her nose rubs against your clit, and she is fully submerged in your heat. 

A semblance of a moan comes from your mouth, and your legs tremble. Were you cumming so quickly? Dva could tell you were getting worked up, the way your pussy clenched and your hips bucked.

You cum, body shivering in the process. But Dva is far from done. She wants every ounce of you. Her tongue go as far as it can reach. It’s not long before you come undone again. 

She lets her fingers work inside of you for a while to admire your expressions. Your lips are parted, head thrown back. Small moans come from your throat as her fingers hit at spots deep inside of your wet cunt, back arching. 

Watching you get off time and time again turns her on so fucking much. There isn’t a time spent with you that she doesn’t think about things like this. Dva almost wishes you would wake up and see who it was between your legs, who was making you feel like this. Your best friend.

Your Dva.

Chapter Text

Captain Marvel

-Carol senses something strange

-there were little things going on that she saw, things you didn’t

-you started to not act like yourself

-not that you had any idea about yourself in the first place

-Carol found you like this, with no memory except for your name

-she liked it better that way, though... you remind her a lot of herself

-but those little things scare her

-you’ll be fine one second, freaking out the next

-and then she finds out about your past

-she wanted to know who you were the moment she saw you

-but learning about your dangerous powers, and your dangers past...

-Carol can’t let that happen... she can’t let you become like that again

-she’ll do whatever she has to do to keep you like this forever... even if that means taking some drastic measures

Scarlet Witch

-Wanda’s is the first face you remember seeing

-she made sure of that

-Wanda hoped that she could take away your powers, the ones that made you who you once were

-she hoped you weren’t as cruel or apathetic when she brought you back

-and you weren’t

-you were kind and sweet

-it was the powers that made you that way

-yet you didn’t remember much of yourself anyway

-but that was better than you being who you once were

-and when Wanda begins to see little things pop up...

-she’s not taking any more chances

-she’ll use her powers to keep you sane, to keep you hers

Chapter Text

You hate the way he tugs at you.

At first it was cute. “C’mon,” he’d say. His hand around your wrist. “We’re gonna miss the bus and get stuck in the rain!”

Or he’d be pulling on your wrist, beckoning you into a hiding place for you both to share some kisses and giggles. 

But now, a hand around your wrist meant a bruise came with it.

You flinch as his opposite hand comes to your face, caressing your skin gently. His eyes are so dark, and god they used to hold the world. Now... all they held was possession and downright madness. 

He smiles as you force yourself to lean into his touch. The grip around your wrist was tight still, the message clear. He was never letting you go. 

“You’re...” he starts, smile fading. “You’re happy being... together... with me, right?

You swallow thickly, trying not to let his words shake you. “Y... yes, Peter.”

“Good... good.” He nods, and usually the grip on your wrist would soften, he’d kiss you, and cuddle you for hours. But his fingers were continuing to sink into your skin. “I mean... I just... I feel like you’re trying to pull away from me sometimes.”

“Really?” You breathe.

“Y... yeah... just... if you left...” his mouth leans in close, eyes staring straight into your. “I mean, who am I kidding? I’d never let your leave.”

Chapter Text

Jack… has done this too many times than he cares to admit.

You and Gabriel have a very specific meeting time and place, and you don’t bother to ever change it up. But that’s okay because… it gives Jack something to look forward to. 

If anyone found out about you two, you guys were screwed. Commander Reyes fooling around with a mere cadet? How shameful. Good thing you had nothing to worry about with Jack.

Not that you knew he was there, no, never. He’d be mortified. Gabriel on the other hand…

They were men. Men talked… and Gabriel made it very… discretely clear that he knew exactly where Jack was every night around eleven o’clock. And made sure to add that he did not mind the company. 

“I totally get why you stick around,” Gabriel told him. “One good fuck.”

“Have you told…?” Jack asked, trying not to sound anxious.

“No, no…” Gabriel laughed. “Don’t worry, Jacky boy… it’ll be our secret.”

So that was a relief. And so was watching Gabriel pound the fuck out of you over his desk. 

Gabriel had his hands on your hips, holding you steady as he thrusts in and out of you. Your hands are scratching at his desk as you get stretched wide and far by your Commander. Fuck, Jack can only wish that was him. 

He can feel his cock hardening in his pants, aching to get a turn at you. But he can only watch as you get impaled on Gabriel’s dick. Your lips are parted as desperate moans leave your mouth, looking absolutely fucked

“Gabriel,” you whimper. “Fuck, fuck... fuck, go harder.”

Gabriel leans over your body, so his mouth is right at your ear. “Mhm, baby,” he groans, his hips picking up the pace.

So you liked it rough, huh? Liked it nice and hard? No wonder Jack saw you limping around on the base so often, you were getting pounded out like this so often. 

It’s a surprise when Jack find his own cock in his hand, slowly stroking as you sob in pleasure. “Fuck, fuck!” You cry. “Gabriel!”

“C’mon, you know what to call me,” Gabriel says into your ear.

“Fuck, Commander!” 

Fuck indeed. Jack nearly cums at the word that leaves your mouth. He can only imagine it’s him on top of you, getting absolutely ruined by his cock while you scream for your commander. 

Jack rubs his thumb over the head of his cock. There are a million different scenarios he can imagine from a simple touch, but all he knows is that he wants it to include you. He starts to fuck himself as Gabriel drills you even harder. 

Gabriel glances over at him behind the door, a grin taking over his face. Jack can only fumble with himself as Gabriel grabs at your hair, pulling you up so that Jack can see your face. 

Your eyes are rolling back, your expression submerged in pleasure and nothing else. Jack’s hips thrust into his hand, and he has to bite his lip to suppress a groan. His cock is already throbbing, aching to cum. 

“Commander,” your voice is broken, “Commander, I’m...”

“You’re gonna cum, baby?” Gabriel growls. “Cum on your Commander’s cock. Moan so everyone can hear you.” The bastard sends a wink Jack’s way.

Jack exhales through his nose at the comment, but continues to fuck himself to the sound of your moans. He just watches your face and imagines a world where it’s you under him, being completely spread on his cock. 

You choke on moans as you cum, your body tensing as you try to keep yourself up, but you collapse on the desk. Gabriel stills for a moment, eyebrows pulled together before he thrusts again. He pulls your hips at an angle to drill even further into you, chasing his own orgasm.

The way you cry, sharply and beautifully, at the overstimulation gets Jack to cum. His seed paints his buttoned shirt with white, and spills over his fist. 

A few moments later, Gabriel fills you with his own cum. You hiss quietly as he pulls out of you, and Jack just knows that there’s cum spilling out of you right now. He could get hard at just the thought of the image. 

You breathe heavily as you pick yourself up, fetching your clothes around the room. Meanwhile, Jack buttons himself up and prepares to leave. He’ll be back tomorrow.

Chapter Text


-he probably doesn’t really care

-he might smoke with you tbh

-Gabe likes to get high with you, and only takes hits off your vape

-you can try to convince him to get one of his own, but he says he likes yours better


-doesn’t really like pot

-but Jack is kinda whatever about the vaping

-he won’t jump in on it though, it’s just not his thing


-she’s about to throw away ALL of your materials

-say goodbye to your vape, and cigarettes you might have, your pot..

-that is so unhealthy for you!! And Angela will tell you over and over again if you ever smoke in her presence

-plus, she doesn’t like when you’re high... she feels like it’s not the real you

Chapter Text

“Jesse, I don’t know...”

You’re twitching in your underwear in front of him. Jesse’s sitting on the bed, waiting for you to just crawl over him and sit on his face. Take him for all he’s worth. 

“C’mon, darlin’.” He beckons you over to him. “Just try it. You’ll like it, I’m sure.”

He grabs your hand to pull you forward. You look away shyly, still unsure.

“C’mon... I just wanna taste you...” he whispers, pulling you down so that he can kiss your lips. “Just try it.” 

“Fine...” you huff. Jesse falls back on the mattress, staring at the ceiling as you remove your underwear. It takes a while for you to finally place yourself on top of his face, yet you hover over him. 

“Honey, c’mon now.” He wraps his arms around your thighs, dragging you down to his mouth. 

You gasp as his warm tongue makes contact with your pussy, licking a long line over your clit. It’s an odd sensation, to be on top of him. Your arms brace themselves over his head, trying to ease the tension off of his face.

But Jesse only pulls you closer, and spreads your legs more, giving him full access to your cunt. His tongue pushes shallowly into your hole, which is nice and open for him. 

His nose bumps into your clit as he buries his tongue inside of you, scraping at the inside of your walls. You gasp as his name as he begins to eat at you like a man starved.

He’s sucking and prodding, and then his fingers are spreading you even further, allowing him to feel every inch of you. You’re so wet, and you get even wetter by the minute. You’re warm and stretched, and fuck if Jesse wasn’t so focused on giving you the best head ever he would be bending you over and pounding the hell out of you. 

Your fists are pulling at the sheets, pants of pleasure leaving your mouth. He’s so good at this, fuck, he’s too good at this. He nibbling at your lips and putting pressure at your clit and fuck fuck fuck you’re gonna cum.

“Jesse,” you whimper. “I’m...”

He groans something into your core, the vibrations hitting your clit just right. He’s tongue is licking at your inside and you just can’t--

You cum, releasing onto his face. His thumbs have to really keep your spread in order for you not to crush his tongue within you. You’re clenching hard

But once you finish, you can barely keep yourself afloat, basically falling over on the bed. Jesse takes a few deep breaths before looking at you, completely spent. 

“See, can never say y’don’t like somethin’ until you try it, honey.”

Chapter Text


-hahahhahahahahha it’s funny to assume she’d ever let you outside

-there is no way you are seeing a shred of sunlight with her

-there are blackout curtains on every window (and the windows are tinted)

-so... there’s no way for you to even think about going outside

-even if it’s dark


-he gives you more freedoms

-as long as you don’t... like get hurt

-if you start to feel sick, you won’t be going out for a few weeks. period.

-he lets you out at night, but if you’re not home before the sun rises...

-he basically is going to quarantine you


-he’ll let you out, but only on the condition that he can go out with you

-he never leaves your side, making sure to check the sunrise and sunset hours so that you don’t feel sick

-probably the most caring about your illness

-if you start to get even more reckless...

-he’s locking you in a windowless basement

Chapter Text

All Jack wants is for you to just shut the fuck up.

When he tries to just sit next to you, to just hold you, you scream and complain and squirm and fuck can Jack just have a moment with you? No? 

But of course, he thinks, maybe today will be different. What a fucking idiot.

The second he places a hand on the small of your back, you’re flinching away with that scared look. He can’t stop himself from snatching your wrist, staring straight into your eyes. “I really want to be gentle to you right now...” He says. “But you’re making it impossible. You know that?”

“J... Jack?” Your voice is quiet. “You’re...”

“Scaring you?” He scoffs, the grip on your wrist becoming painfully tight. “Well, I could be a lot worse. So just fucking take it.”

Chapter Text

You felt so close to hell.

The room was so hot and dark, and seemed so claustrophobic. Maybe that’s because there portraits of Lucio hung along the walls, seemingly watching you. 

You pull the covers over your head as you try to sink into the mattress. You’re sure you could do it... like literally sink through the mattress, through the floor and out of this godforsaken place. But it had been so long since you used magic...

And if you did, and Lucio found out... the thought made your heart ache. 

You cringe as you hear the door creak. He was back. Could he ever give you a break?

“Hello, dear.” His nasally voice rings through the stale air. It’s muffled by the heavy blanket you’re under. 

Light fills your vision as he pulls the cover off of you, looking rather fondly at you. His eyes are still red, and you wish that he could infect you with the plague so this would be over already. 

But Lucio had other plans for you. 

He lays next to you, placing his hand over your stomach. You close your eyes, breathing in shakily. 

“It’s been months, and you’ve still have given me no children.” 

You feel your eyes sting. Not this again.

“I’ve been trying to give you a break,” he sounds annoyed. “Like you asked but... nothing’s happening. How are we supposed to be... in love if we have nothing to show for it?”

“Lucio...” you don’t look at him. “Just because... we don’t have any... children, it doesn’t mean we don’t... love each other.” Speaking of love made you think of Asra. You hoped Lucio couldn’t see that.

“Hmm...” his hand moves from your stomach to your throat, gently pressing. You’re just glad it’s not his prosthetic hand. “I’m sure if you were with that filthy magician Asra... you’d be a mother already.”

The only thing you hated more than Lucio himself was how he could see right through you. 

“That’s not true.” A tear slips down your cheek. “I love you... Lucio.”

The hand on your neck squeezes. “Then prove it.”

He comes down to kiss you, and you do nothing. You don’t bite or scream of fight. You learned your lesson millions of times just how far that got you.

Lucio’s tongue is in your mouth, sucking on your teeth and violating every inch of you. You can barely breathe under his hand and mouth and crushing weight. 

You wheeze for as his mouth leaves yours. He’s panting heavily, and you can tell just how hungry he is for you. The hand on your neck squeezes tighter as he sloppily sucks on your jaw, biting down on the skin. You grimace at how his teeth break skin, sure to leave marks. 

Your eyes close as you try to imagine yourself anywhere but here. You think of yourself in the shop, Asra brewing you some tea. He’s so soft, fluffy, and warm an Lucio is...

Burning and sharp as he sinks his teeth into your bottom lip. You cry out into his mouth, feeling blood spill down your throat. Crimson stains Lucio’s pale face, and he smirks at the work he’s done of you. 

“Pretty all in red.” He comments as he lets his hand come off of your throat to slide down your body. You try not to look uncomfortable as he lifts your skirt, allowing him access between your legs. 

He’s already painfully hard, you can see it through those white pants. Lucio’s golden hand grabs at your inner thigh, claws digging in. You whimper as you feel skin tear under him, his flesh hand coming to rub along your clothed core. 

Warm fingers push past your underwear to press into your hole. It doesn’t hurt, you’ve been stretched out so many times by this man that you find it almost normal. He watches your expressions closely as his fingers pump in and out of your hole, drawing out wetness to soon encase his cock. 

“It’s going to take this time,” he whispers, almost to himself. “I know it.”

A part of you hope it does so that he’ll finally give you a break. Another hopes it doesn’t... because then you would be stuck with him forever. 

His long fingers push as far as they can, feeling every inch of your walls. You can only sit there and twitch, hoping his little “inspection” would be over soon. 

“I think that should do it.” Lucio pulls his fingers from you, then goes to unleash his cock. You can only watch as he gives it a few quick pumps to prepare himself for you. 

Quickly, he throws your legs over his shoulders and pushes into you. You nearly scream at the intensity of the new angle. There’s no doubt he’s doing research to see which is the best approach to reach deep inside of you. 

“You like that, my princess?” He quirks a brow at you. “How do I feel?”

You’re breathing heavily, trying to adjust to the stretch. “Uh, I- I...” you’re on the verge of tears, feeling as if he’s tearing you apart. 

“At a loss for words, huh?” He brings his cock out, just to push right back in. “It feels that good, my love?”

You bite your lip, trying to restrain yourself from bursting into painful tears. You can only nod, screwing your eyes shut.

Lucio tuts at you, clawed hand grabbing your jaw. “Don’t close your eyes. I want you to look at me.”

You can barely keep your eyes open, you feel like you might pass out from the pain and stimulation of it all. “Okay,” you breathe. 

“Good girl.”

Lucio begins his thrusts, pulling out just to slam back in again. You whimper as his golden hand comes down to squeeze your throat. You can feel his claws threatening to puncture your skin. 

“It’s going to be beautiful,” Lucio groans. “We’ll have... our own family, and... you’ll be mine. Ha... I can’t wait...”

You certainly could. You didn’t want to be his. You didn’t want his family. You wanted to be anywhere else but here.

“The devil’s gonna make us king and queen of the world.” Lucio gives a harsh thrust. “We’ll look so good together.”

You can’t imagine a world where that was true. 

“Can’t wait until you’re pregnant...” he rambles on. “You’re gonna be so full, and then... we’ll have a son. And I’ll fuck another one into you. How does that sound?”

You can only choke on your own breath as a response. 

Lucio falters as he reaches his deepest yet inside of you, nearly into your womb. You gasp, the sensation odd and painful. He leans onto your neck, and you can feel blood collecting at his claws. 

“You’re so wet, love...” he whispers to you. “And tight. Fuck, you’re perfect. You’re perfect for me. You’re all mine. You know that, right?”

You nod as he continues to hit deep inside of you, ragged moans being ripped from your chest. You can hear his cock hitting inside of you, every slick motion. Lucio is getting sloppy, as usual when he nears his end, but you’re already cumming from the stimulation of it all. 

You close your eyes, tight, as your core clenches around him, keeping him deep inside of your cunt. Lucio gasps loudly in pleasure as you convulse and tremble beneath him, stilling his motions to relish in the sensation before he, in turn, cums inside of you. Your hands grasp onto the sheets as you feel every ounce of him spill inside of you. 

Lucio stays there for what feels like forever, letting himself grow soft inside of you. You know he’s trying to make sure that nothing spills out, that for sure you are pregnant by the end of this year. 

“You better hope it takes,” Lucio comes to whisper in your ear. “Because if it doesn’t, I’ll kill your Asra.”

Chapter Text


-Gabe would be as patient as he possibly can be

-he doesn’t want to scare you, doesn’t want to hurt you

-but any sign of affection from you makes him think that you’re ready

-you cuddle up to him? that must mean you want him, right?

-you say something nice? well, that means he’s sleeping in your bed tonight

-you will never explicitly say that you want to have sex with him when he takes your virginity, but to him it’s all the same


-this bastard

-if he doesn’t take your virginity on the first night, consider yourself lucky

-if you’re very adamant about waiting a while, Jesse is going to complain

-like... complain so much that you’re going to want to give in

-he’s going to guilt trip you, telling you just how nice he’s been to you an don’t you owe him just a little something?

Chapter Text

He looks beyond stressed out. 

You feel bad for Dr. de Kuiper… sorry, Sigma. That’s what he asked you to call him. We’re equals in this lab, please… my friends call me Sigma. That was right.

“Dr. Sigma?” You call from behind the door, not wanting to bother him. 

He brings his head from his paperwork, thick eyebrow quirked at you. 

“Um… I’m sorry to annoy you, it’s just…” you look around nervously. “Can I get you something? Coffee? Tea?”

“Coffee would be nice. Thank you.”

“Of course, sir.” 

You fetch him his coffee, coming back into the office, proud to have done something right.

But then it goes all wrong. 

Stupid stupid stupid. You drop the coffee, which spills all over his papers. Your eyes go wide as you watch the look on his face go from thankful to… something you can’t even describe.

“Dr. Sigma… Dr. de Kuiper…” you bring your hands over your mouth in shock. “I am so sorry. I’m so sorry! Oh my god, let me get some–”

He grabs your wrist before you can run away to get some napkins. 

His eyes are screwed shut, as if he’s trying not to be mad. In one swift motion, he pulls you onto his lap, wrapping his arms around your middle. His head falls into the crook of your neck as you call, “Dr. de Kuiper…?”

“Please, don’t call me that.”

“I’m… I’m sorry, Dr. Sigma.”

“That won’t do either.” His lips are on your ear. “I’m afraid we’ll have to figure out a new nickname for myself, because right now, sweet thing, we are not equals in this laboratory.”

It’s a shock when he stands, easily pushing you over the desk, which burns your skin with the hot coffee. You gasp in pain, unable to recoil from the boiling warmth. “Doctor!”

“No, no… we must think of something else…” his hand is pushing at the middle of your back, forcing you to squirm in the puddle of coffee. “I liked when you called me Sir earlier, why don’t we stick with that?”


You can’t finish your sentence before a harsh slap meets your ass through your skirt. You jolt in surprise at the sting. “Sir,” he corrects you.

Sir.” You whisper. 

“Better, much better.” He rubs the burning skin of your ass. “Yes… this is much better.”

“What are you…?”

“You’re a smart girl…” his voice is low. “I’m sure you can figure out what comes next.”

You can feel his hard cock rubbing against your ass, desperate to be inside of you. You can only lick your lips as he flips your skirt up to take your panties off. 

Thick fingers push into your cunt, stretching you. “Just as I thought. Very tight, my dear.”

“Sir…” your voice wavers. “I don’t…”

“Shh, I know exactly what you want. Don’t act like you’re not always vying for my attention.”

You can’t answer because it’s the truth. Sigma knows it, you know it. Probably everyone who ever set foot in this lab has known it. 

It’s not long before he unleashes his cock, letting it rub against your lubricated entrance. When he pushes in, his hands find your hips. His grip is sure to leave bruises, and you almost want it to.

You moan as he begins to thrust. He got it up rather well for an older man, and he had a good pace too. You couldn’t believe it was actually happening. You didn’t walk into his office today think you’d be split on his cock by the end of the day. 

Soon, a hand find itself in your hair, pulling harshly. You moan as his nails sink into your scalp, burning and piercing. But you wouldn’t have it any other way. The puddle of coffee was growing cold as you were being fucked on top of it. 

Your finger finds its way into your mouth to muffle your moans. Sigma wasn’t go easy, obviously chasing his orgasm via you. And you were fine with that. Fine with being used by Dr. Sigma.

“You’re going to have me cumming,” he groans. “Very soon.”

Your mind screams dirty things to say, but you can’t stop moaning. It’s not long before the man pulls out of you to cum on your already coffee stained shirt. You can only take it as it happens. 

You don’t get a single word out before he shoves his fingers back inside of you. ‘I wouldn’t leave you unsatisfied, my sweet girl...” he says to you. 

In your ear, he whispers dirty things as he gets you off. “I’ve always wanted to do this to you, sweetheart...” 

His words push you to the edge, and you clench around his fingers. You bite your lip to suppress your moans, but it doesn’t work as he finger fucks you for all you’re worth. 

“Thank you,” you breathe when you’re finished. 

“Anytime, my darling.”

And you really hope it’s not the last time.

Chapter Text

-Steve’s not mad, just disappointed

-yes, so disappointed that you are being so bad

-honestly, he has a romanticized version of you in his head (like all yanderes) and the fact that you’re not acting like that?? 

-you say you hate him, that you’d rather be dead than be with him

-first off, for saying such dirty, hateful things... which are probably accompanied by some curse words, get ready to have your mouth washed out with soap :)

-he honestly doesn’t want to take any physical action, but if he has to manhandle you while you throw a fit... so be it

-and Steve isn’t opposed to sedatives

-he doesn’t want to do it, but... you’re being so bad

-and when you’re knocked out, out of it... you’re more like the version of you he likes best

Chapter Text

Asra has almost had enough of you. 

Your attitude was always cute before, the little smart comments reminded him a lot of himself. But now... god, Asra could barely restrain himself. He didn’t want to hurt you, but sometimes he just wanted to smack that smug smile right off of your face.

Sometimes the words you said cut deep. Whether you were intentional or not about that, Asra didn’t want to know. To think you could be so mean, mean to him. He raised you from the dead for fuck’s sake! He gave part of his heart for you! And for you to treat him like this...

He had to do something about it. 

“Here, I brought you some dinner.” He delivers you a tray of your favorite food to your bed, where you are currently chained to. You could probably get out of any regular chains no problem, but Asra enchanted these with what is left of his heart and soul, making sure you wouldn’t be able to run away. Not again.

“I’m not hungry.” You say blatantly.

“You haven’t been hungry for the past week. Please, eat.” He places it across your lap. 

You stare straight at him and proceed to pick up the tray. A tiny ray of hope fills Asra at the thought of you eating and taking care of yourself, only for you to flip it over onto the floor. The vase of water shatters, foods and spices sprawling across the wooden floor. 

Asra flinches at every crash that is caused by you. There is so much pride in your eyes, to see him so despaired. All of his hard work seeping through the floor boards. 

But that look is gone as soon as Asra looks you dead in the eye. “I’m not going to be playing your games anymore.” He’s never looked so deadly. The only person you have ever seen him look at like this is Lucio. 

You can only wonder what Asra has in store for you. 

He’s quick to throw his shirt over his head and let it join the tainted floor. He crawls on top of you, and that’s when you begin to realize what you’re in for. 

“Asra? Wait...” Your hands come to his bare chest, pushing against him. Fuck, it looked good to see you in your place. “No, Asra, I’m sorry.”

“Sure you are,” he whispers in your ear. “Why should I believe you?” 

His hands are itching to coil around you like a snake, to choke the life out of you. Choke that stupid, little attitude out of you. But another side of Asra, one that hasn’t been heard for a while, tells him that he shouldn’t ever, ever hurt you.

But what if you deserved it? And fuck, you deserved it.

Asra’s hands hover over your neck for a moment, but he lets them run down your chest. You squeak in discomfort, and Asra just blocks it out. How were you ever going to learn if he never gave you any consequences? 

“This hurts me as much as it hurts you,” he whispers in your ear. His hands reach the waistband of your pants. 

Please, Asra. Please, don’t do this.” You’re begging, but Asra has given into your demands too much. He’s going to show you who has the chain around their leg.

Speaking of which, your leg was thrashing wildly against your restraint. Asra could feel the bonds beginning to strain within his magic. He’s so full of anger and rage and despair and it’s becoming too much.

You cry out in a different kind of pain, causing Asra to nearly jump off of you. He looks down to see the chains looking as if they were made of burning coals. 

“Stop, Asra! Stop! Please, please, please!” Tears are falling down your face. “I’ll do... I’ll do anything!”

The words fall easily from his mouth. “Stop fighting and I’ll stop it.” What kind of monster...?

You attempt to relax, sinking into the mattress. Your hands reluctantly fall from their place upon his chest. Your body still shakes from the branding your ankle is getting from those chains. 

Asra himself relaxes, and the only pain in your eyes is the aftershocks. He has the urge to take himself from you, comfort you and take those chains off. But there’s another part that gives a snarky comment, you earned it. 

As Asra slips your pants to your ankles, it’s obvious which side has won. 

Chapter Text

-he’s going to want to kidnap, but is there ever a moment where he’s not in the public eye?

-he’s going to uhhhhhhhhhh somehow bump into you everywhere you go tho

-”omg you shop at the same grocery store??”

-”wow how crazy we both just decided to go out to the same place tonight?”

-”are you stalking me?? i can’t believe we go to the same gas station!”

-someway, somehow, he’s going to manipulate you into a relationship with him (that took a turn)

-i mean,, the man could ruin your whole career with one word

-you’re going to feel powerless as he threatens to take everything you’ve worked so hard for away from you

-so what’s there left to do? you have to give in

-and boy is that going to make Jack that happiest man in the world

Chapter Text

-if you’re a hypochondriac, being with Roadhog is probably a nightmare

-mostly because of Junkrat, because he’s just so dirty and you could get any kind of disease from that guy!

-but Roadhog as an individual, is very understanding when you explain your symptoms

-you won’t convince him that you actually have this disease and that syndrome, but he’ll just let you vent to him

-I feel like Roadhog would kind of play into your delusion a bit? he’d get you placebos and convince you that they’ll help you feel better

-he doesn’t ever get upset with you for being so anxious about your health, he supposes it could be worse

-if it makes you feel any better, he’ll lock you in a room so there’s no way any disease could reach you

-or anyone else for that matter

Chapter Text

You were so close to killing this kid. 

You had to admit, this kid was pretty dedicated to the hero business. And pretty bold to keep approaching you out of that spider suit. You could potentially reveal his identity, which you’ve told him. But hell, you were a villain, not an evil person. 

“Listen, I understand if you’ve had a bad past or whatever, but you can be better!” He chases after you, in his suit, as you walk down an alleyway. 

“Do all villains have to have tragic backstories or something? Leave me alone.”

“You can stop this!”

Oh, always the same old bullshit with him. 

You weren’t the most evil villain around, as previously stated. But this kid was annoying you so badly with his turn to the light talk that you were almost thinking of pulling something drastic.

He was treating you like some petty criminal, not the villain you’ve made yourself known as. Did he really think he could change you? 

The people you worked with were surprised to hear your next plan of action. Just hijacking a bus from that school that Parker went to, putting everyone in danger. Maybe then he would know not to mess with you. 

The heist wasn’t very high risk, no one was supposed to die.

But there you were, surrounded by fire and wreckage. All of your comrades gone, and the kids on that bus... 

“Peter, what did you do?” Your voice is a whisper, tears spilling from your eyes. “It wasn’t supposed to end like this.”

“You know, someone once told me...” he crouches next to you, pulling his mask off. “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Chapter Text

“Hey, hey, hey, get up, darlin’.”

He’s like a child on Christmas, shaking you awake like this. You can only grumble as he basically pulls you out of bed. It’s still dark outside, and you can only see half of his face that is illuminated from the hallway light. 

“J- Jesse?” You squint at him, trying to rub the sleep from your eyes. “What’s going on?”

He shoves something into your arms, giving you a swift kiss on the cheek while he’s at it. “Just put this on, darlin’. I’ll be back in a minute to getcha, alright?”

“Okay…” you can only stand as he rushes out of the bedroom, closing the door behind himself. 

Slowly, you turn a nearby lamp on. In your arms lays a wedding dress and veil. They look old and smell like mildew. What the hell did McCree have in store for you? 

Nonetheless, you put the dress on. You didn’t want to make him mad. 

“Aw, you look perfect, honey.” He swings the door open as you try to put the veil on. “Lemme help you.”

You can only stare in the mirror as he comes behind you, clad in suit and tie, pinning the veil in your hair. Then he throws the veil over your face. “I know it’s bad luck for us to see each other before the wedding… but I just can’t help myself.”

“The wedding–?” You can’t even look him in the eyes in the mirror before he spins you around. You stare at him through white mesh, his eyes wild with excitement. 

“C’mon!” He grabs your wrist, pulling you out of the bedroom and through the house. “I got it all arranged, sweetheart. Aren’t ya happy?” 

He’s quick to throw you in the truck and get into the driver’s seat.

“Jesse, this… this is all so… fast.” You nearly lurch onto the dashboard as he starts to drive. 

“’M just excited, sweetheart.” He’s smiling like a madman. “When ya said ya wanted to wait ‘til marriage… I wasn’t expecting that ya’d want to get married to me so soon.”

And you weren’t expecting that he would take that as you wanted to marry him. 

You feel like the drive takes both forever and not long enough when you stop in front of a chapel. Jesse walks you inside, grinning from ear to ear. He basically drags you inside, and at the altar, is a priest.

They look just as horrible as you.

“This… this is your bride, Mr. McCree?”

“Yes, Pastor.” Jesse glances over at you. “We’re ready to be together for the rest of our lives.”

They look at you with a nervous smile, and it’s obvious that neither of you really want to be here. 

Chapter Text

Jamison was never very good at being sneaky.

His footsteps were creaking throughout your house, he’d broken a glass or two, and nearly knocked over your coffee table. Yet, when he got to your bedroom, you were still sound asleep. Must have been the sleeping pills on your nightstand.

“Hey, sheila…” he stands over you in your sleeping state. Your leg is hiked up over a bundle of blankets, shorts ridden up to expose the skin of your ass. The ol’ Junker was going to have a lot of fun with you. 

Junkrat situates himself over you, letting his hands feel up your backside. You simply shift in your sleep, mumbling. “Aw, yeah, sheila… Junkrat’s gonna make ya feel real nice…” 

You were so soft, and Junkrat could only imagine how the inside of you felt. He was already hard just breaking into your house, but now… 

He pushed up your shirt, revealing your uncovered breasts and skin. He reaches to rub his dirty hands over you, feeling just how warm you are. He barely realizes that his hips are already rutting into your clothed core, aching to be inside of you. 

“Mm, sorry sheila, but I gotta fuck you already…” he pulls your shorts over your thighs and off of our legs. “No undies? Were ya just waiting for someone to come and fuck you? Fuckin’ whore, aren’t ya?”

Of course, there is no response. Your eyebrows furrow as Junkrat feels up your pussy, which is growing wetter and wetter with every stroke. “Ya like that, darlin’?” Jamison laughs. “Bein’ called a whore? Turns you on, yeah?”

His fingers slip inside of you rather easily, your hole sucking them in. Your lips part and a quiet whimper passes through them. “Betcha were waitin’ for someone to come and get ya all wet. Waitin’ for me, weren’t ya?”

Your back arches as your face unconsciously buries itself into your pillow. 

“Eager for it, yeah, sheila? Good.” Jamison pulls his fingers out of you, gripping your hips to pull you back into his clothed cock. “Am gonna fuck you like the cunt you are.” 

His hands are shaking in anticipation as he undoes his belt and pulls himself out of his pants, cock just fucking throbbing to be inside of you. He gives himself a few quick jerks before finding your hole and pushing in. Thin fingers press into your hips as he fills you. 

Your pussy is so fucking warm and wet and fuck fuck fuck. He painstakingly pulls out and thrusts back in, relishing in the drag of your walls around his dick. It’s better than anything he could have ever whipped up in his mind, it was fucking mind blowing. 

Soon enough, Junkrat is humping you quick and fast, chasing to get himself off. Your arms were limp at the sides of your pillows, face pushing into it with each of his short thrusts. “Aw yeah, sheila, aw yeah, take my dick like the fuckin’ cunt you are, so fuckin’ good, yeah…” he was incoherent at this point. If you were awake, you wouldn’t be able to understand him. 

Surprisingly, your cunt clenches around him, making him still in his tracks. Your body tensed, legs shaking under him. Junkrat attempted to thrust through your spasm, forcing himself between your walls. But he couldn’t stop himself from emptying himself inside of you, cum spilling into your hole. 

“Well, fuck.” Junkrat pulled out. “Guess I’ve just gotta take ya home with me, huh?”

Chapter Text

This was good for you.

It was like taking medicine. It didn’t taste good, sure as hell didn’t taste good, but it would make you feel better. Everything Eddie did was to make you a better writer! To make the story come to life!

Of course, Venom was a bit more excited about stalking you than Eddie was. Eddie had to admit that he was a pretty good one, being a reporter and all. But he had to intentionally slip up so that you’d actually realize that something was off, since it would contribute to your book. 

One night, while Eddie is sitting in the bushes outside of your house, you call him. 

“Hey.” He tries to sound like he’s not nervous at all. 

“Hey Eddie…” he can see you looking around your house, peering out of windows. 

“What’s up?”

“Nothing…” you sound a bit unsettled. “I just… can we meet up for coffee tomorrow? There’s something I want to talk to you about.”

The fact that you’re being stalked? “Oh, okay. Um… same time?”

“Of course. I’ll see you tomorrow, Eddie.”

Eddie is positive he looks like he’s going to pass out. He can barely drink his coffee, because his hands are shaking so bad. Get yourself together, Edster, Venom speaks to him. 

You walk in, and smile at the sight of your order already at the table. “You remembered!” You sit down across the table. “Thank you.”

“No- uh, no problem.” He smiles. “So… what did you want to talk about?”

You sigh, shaking your head. “You’ll never believe it.”

“What… what is it?”

Your expression takes a change, and you’re nearly out of your seat as you say, rather loudly, “I think I’m being stalked!”

The neighboring customers give you a strange look, and you sit back in your chair. Eddie has never seen you so… excited?

“I’m… sorry?”

“No, Eddie, this is perfect!” Your hands drum against the surface of the table. “This is exactly what I need for my book. I was struggling with writing the main character, but I feel like I can portray the feeling perfectly now! Isn’t this great?”

Eddie did not expect this at all. You were… happy? Happy that you were being stalked? At least it was Eddie stalking you and not some gross pervert. 

“I… I guess. I mean… it’s good that you can write your book, but… being stalked is serious.”

“I know, but… I’ll report it after the book. I really need this. I just wanted to tell you so that someone would know.” You smile. “Please, don’t tell anyone else. I’ll be fine. I can use a kitchen knife if I need to, and don’t worry.”

Eddie can only take a sip of his coffee, promising not to tell anyone. Why would he rat himself out, anyway? This is what you wanted, you had said it yourself.

Chapter Text

You had never seen him so happy. And it sickened you. 

After all those months of torture, you were finally pregnant much to your dismay. Lucio nearly cried when the palace doctors confirmed that your constant nausea and aching meant that you were pregnant. 

“Finally, we’ll be a family, my love.” He whispered in your ear that night, holding you as close as he could. “Aren’t you happy?” 

“Of course.” You lied, and you prayed that he took your tears as tears of joy. 

Oddly, now that you were pregnant, Lucio gave you more freedoms. You could roam the palace, but only when accompanied by himself or one of the courtiers. You particularly disliked Valdemar and Volta, since they always gave you a hungry look… perhaps for different reasons.

You were never given a moment alone, though. There were always guards and courtiers who were given specific orders to report your movements to Lucio. There was nowhere to hide. 

That was until one night, Lucio hosted a dinner party. 

He was so busy entertaining the guests, you managed to slip under everyone’s radar. They were all so… infatuated with him. They didn’t even see you walk off to the gate and out of the palace. 

You knew that when Lucio realized you were gone, the first place he would look would be Asra’s shop, but you had nowhere else to go. You should protect Asra, you know that, but… you missed him dearly. He would know what to do, he always did. 

After walking for what felt like hours in the streets of Vesuvia, you find yourself on the doorstep of the shop. You wonder if you should open the door or knock, your hand wavering in the air. You settle for a knock.

“We’re closed.” A voice is quick to speak back from the other side of the door, and you nearly fall to the ground. It’s him.

“Asra?” You say, almost too quiet for him to hear. 

The door swings open in an instant. And it’s him. The one who brought you back to life and taught you everything you knew. He’s a bit paler than you remember from the last time you saw him, but everything else is him. Everything else is Asra.

Your name falls from his mouth before he engulfs you in his arms. It feels good to feel him against you compared to… to…

Slowly, you push him back inside and pull from his embrace to close the door. 

“I thought… you…” his hands are holding onto you, eyes never leaving you. “I couldn’t even feel your aura. What happened?”

You feel your knees buckles beneath you, and you stumble into a chair. 

“Are you okay? Here, let me get you some water or…” Asra rushes around to find you something to drink. The shop was never spotless, but it is somehow more cluttered and messier than the last time you were here. 

Your hands instinctively place themselves over your growing stomach. You wonder how Asra will react when he finds out about everything. What did he even think happened to you?

 “Here.” Asra hands you a cup of tea, and it smells undeniably like everything you had missed while you wasted away in the palace. You can’t even drink it before you burst into tears. “Hey, hey.” Asra crouches beside you. “It’s okay, it’s okay…”

You shake your head, unable to look at him. “I’m sorry, Asra, I’m so sorry.” 

“Take your time, it’s okay…” he holds your hand in his. “I’ll love you no matter what.”

You sniffle, and try to wipe away your tears with your free hand. “He said he’d kill you if I… if I tried anything. I didn’t want…” You begin to sob again. 

“Lucio?” His brows furrow, scanning your expression.

You can only nod, pressing your lips together and screwing your eyes shut as you cry. Your hand squeezes Asra’s, and your free hand clutches at your stomach. You feel sick, so fucking sick.

You see Asra lick his lips, straightening up in his crouch beside you. He brings both hands to squeeze yours, and clears his throat. “What did he do?”

You shake your head slowly, staring into his eyes. “I didn’t want to do it, but… he said he’d hurt you and I couldn’t…”

He’s quick to pull you into his embrace, dragging you onto the floorboards. You cry into his shoulder, and you cry yourself to sleep in Asra’s arms. Something you had missed so much. 

Chapter Text

-you? leave the house? funny joke

-if you even go outside to water plants or take a stroll, Steve is right at your side

-he’s so worried that you’ll hurt yourself

-you might think he’s just a “friend” who wants to make sure you’re doing alright since you’re pregnant and whatnot 

-but Steve is so ready to be the perfect father

-it honestly pisses him off that someone knocked you up and left

-and you probably won’t hear from that person ever again, either… let’s just say Steve paid them a little visit

-Steve is always attending to you

-thirsty? he’s got it! hungry? he can whip up a mean snack in just a minute. hang on!

-when you go into labor, if anyone asks, he’s the father

Chapter Text

Error. Error. Error.

The first thing Connor sees when he opens his eyes is your face, looming over his. “Connor? Hey, buddy, are you okay?” You’re shaking him.

Connor brings a hand to his face, pulling it back to see blue thirium stained on his synthetic fingers. What happened?

“Let’s get you back to the station and called Cyber Life. Can you walk, Connor?” You try to heave him up, and he stumbles on his legs. He just stares at you, trying to process what. happened?

“What…?” He can barely get the words out.

“Christ, that looks bad…” you’re scanning his face. “Connor, you were shot. Let’s just get back to the station, okay?”

Connor doesn’t even remember getting shot, but he just follows you back to the car. Error. Error. Error. Shutdown imminent. 

“It appears… I’m…” his voice starts to glitch out. “Shutting… down…”

“It’s okay, Connor… we’re almost there.” You start to speed through the streets, siren on. 

Why were you so concerned? Even if he did shut down, he would come back anyway. His memory would be uploaded to a new body and

He wakes up again. 

“Hello RK800. We will be running diagnostics.”

Everything seems fine. Connor feels fine. And then you come to pick him up. 

All he can remember is you saying, over and over, it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay… as if he was… alive.

“How do you feel, Connor?” You ask as you drive back to the station.

“Fine.” But he’s not fine. They must have done something to him at Cyber Life because it felt like he was… actually feeling.

“I’m gonna be on desk duty for a while, Connor.” You laugh. “Unless a crime spree hits the city again. Hank will be taking you in the meantime.”

He quirks a brow at you. “Why?”

Your hands tighten around the wheel. “Well, when you got shot… I could have stopped it. It was a reckless mistake, and I’m sorry. So they’re gonna be benching me for a while.”

“How are we going to find more deviants?”

“Well, you’ll still be out on the field, just without me.” You sigh as you park in front of the station. “I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

Fine? Fine? Connor wasn’t going to be fine. He was having these thoughts in his head and he couldn’t do it without you because what if something happened and–

“Connor?” You punch his shoulder. “You good?”

“Yes… I am good.”

The whole time he waits for a case, he thinks of a formula to increase crime in Detroit. Deviant crime, in particular. Perhaps there was some sort of code he could input to send a virus to other androids?

Either way, he’d find out, and then you’d be back with him. Right where you belonged.

Chapter Text

You were a silly human with silly dreams.

Totally not achievable, by the way. The way Chisaki saw it, you were going to spend thousands of dollars on an education that would leave you unhappy and exhausted in the end. You would have the same, boring old life as any other human.

But strike a deal with Chisaki… your life would be everything you wanted it to be and more. 

It wasn’t long before Chisaki found out about your little profession. You dated wealthy men for money, and charged extra for anything more than casual. It was entertaining, reminding Chisaki that at the end fo the day, you were just a human.

So he took a more appealing form, removing his protruding mask and replacing it with a plain one. He found your number, called you up, and set up a date for himself. 

It was odd to not be watching you from afar, to be watching from another table while you acted liked you were interested in a conversation with some disgusting pig. Instead, you were right in front of him, and Chisaki knew you well enough to actually get you interested. 

“What if I were to make you deal?” He leaned across the table, raising thin brows at you. Sure, you didn’t know the fact that making a deal with him was just as bad as making a deal with the devil, but wasn’t that the fun of being a demon? 

“A deal?” You laugh. 

“What if I could make it so you’d never have to lift a finger? Never have to pay a single bill for the rest of your life?”

He can tells you’re a bit nervous at his suggestion. “You wouldn’t be the first.”

“But I’m the only one who would stick to it. I don’t take these types of things lightly.”

“Neither do I.” 

The check comes, and Chisaki pays for it all in cash, with a generous tip. That’s what your “contract” ordered. 

He gets you back to your apartment, and promises that he’ll see you again. And he hopes you’re not stupid enough to see anyone else. He did pay you above your rate, shouldn’t that keep you on your feet for the month?

But after a week, you’re out with someone else. He can only watch as you fake smile and laugh at some pervert’s jokes. Chisaki can’t even watch when the man takes you back to a hotel room.

Perhaps you didn’t get the idea through your stupid, little, human skull. You were his. Wasn’t that obvious? Chisaki would have to be more straightforward with you. 

“Chi- Chisaki?” Your eyes widen as you open your front door. “What are you doing here?”

“I just wanted to surprise you.” 

“This isn’t how clients usually–”

Chisaki simply pushes past the door, slamming and locking it behind himself. “I am not your client.”

You’re simply dressed in a white robe, your hair is wet. You must have just drawn a bath or taken a shower. Your arms are wrapping around yourself, like you have something to hide. 

“Is there someone else here?” He asks, trying to stay as calm as possible.

“Um…” Your eyes glance to the direction of your bedroom. 

“This will only take a second.” He starts his trek to the room. You’re yelling behind him, telling him to leave. But all Chisaki sees is red as he glances upon another man in your bed. Whether this your lover or another “client”, as you had said, they had no business here. 

The man barely has a moment to say anything before Chisaki simply brushes a hand against him. Blood spills across the room, splashing on white sheets and your robe. 

Chisaki simply turns, trying to restrain himself from pouncing on you. You look good covered in blood, he finds. You’re terrified, but Chisaki wasn’t a man of pure intentions. He was a demon, after all. 

“Let’s make a deal.”

Chapter Text


You were awake one second and… like this the next.

“Hey…” Gabriel shakes you. “Hey, stop playing…”

But your eyes were still closed, blood was gushing from a wound in your head. The fall was pretty hard, but you couldn’t have been…

He calls your name, pushing at your arm. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to… hey…”

You don’t wake up. 

Gabriel is shaking your entire body, tears beginning to fall. “Hey, hey, hey.” His voice is crumbling. “I’m sorry, I… wake up, please, wake up…”

But you were never asleep.


This couldn’t be happening.

Baptiste was… he could heal you, he could help you. “It’s okay, it’s okay…” he whispers to himself, hands on top of each other as he tried his best to revive you. You couldn’t be dead. No, no, no, that…

“C’mon, c’mon…” he’s been at this for hours. “Just wake up. Wake up dammit!”

It’s useless. Jean can only collapse on top of you, heaving in sobs. He had let you die.

Chapter Text

-after he kidnaps you, he’s still the same ol’ Bucky

-the only “mean” thing he does is not allow you to leave

-if you’re compliant and don’t raise your voice, you’ll be fine

-if you start to reject him and scream and cry all the time, he’s going to go haywire

-Bucky will feel horrible that he’s making you feel this way, but don’t you know that you’re the safest when you’re here? with him?

-he just hates it when you’re loud, it stresses him out

-when he’s stressed, he might get snappy, might lose his grip on himself

-and do something he might regret

-he absolutely idolizes you, you’re perfect

-Bucky doesn’t feel like he’s worthy of you, but the world isn’t either

Chapter Text

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

You were so close. So close. Now look at you. 

One of Junkrat’s traps had gotten you, and you were stuck right at the entrance of the hideout. Your ankle was tarnished from the fucking harpoon sticking through it, blood gushing around the sides of the wound. What kind of freak planted something like this? And you were so close.

“Oi, there you are.” His barely comprehensible voice rings through the air. “What’re you doin’ there?”

You glare up at the disgusting excuse for a man hunched over you. He’s squinting at you, hands on his hips. God he was so dirty. 

Do ya really think you can get away from me?” He quirks a brow. “Got traps all over the lot.”

“I figured.” You try not to cry, speaking through clenched teeth.

“That looks nasty. Never tried that one myself.” He crouches down and inspects your ankle. “Want me to pull it out?”

“No!” You shake your head. “Just… fuck…” You were so close so close so close–

He grabs your ankle and yanks you towards him. You cry in pain as he looks at the metal piercing your limb. “Thing’s gonna get infected real soon. Ya want me to pull it out before then?”

“Let go of me.” You try to wiggle from his grasp, but he just holds tighter. 

“Infection’s a nasty thing. Look at me.” He knocks on his peg leg. “Want that to be you?”

You feel like a baby as you shake your head. 

“Am gonna have to pull this out, you know.” He taps on the harpoon, sending pain through your broken skin. “Would ya rather be sedated or somethin’?”

You grit your teeth as you lose all of your pride. “Yes.”

“‘Course you would…” he looks into your eyes. “You know you’re mine, don’t you?

You close your eyes for a moment, weighing your options. You already felt that harpoon enter your fucking ankle, and you don’t want to know how it feels coming out. “Yes.”

And with that, he grabs onto the metal and yanks it out of your skin. 

Chapter Text

-julian, julian, julian

-he’s obsessive, maybe a bit delusional?

-but he can usually break his delusions with his self deprecation and snap back to reality

-like… he’s really insecure but takes everything to heart

-you smiled at him?? you’re in love with him!! there’s no other explanation!!

-but you smile at everyone and god he’s just so fucking disgusting for ever thinking–

-it’s a constant inner battle

-and his obsessive side…

-he writes about you all the time

-Julian has filled journals about you, even trying his best to draw portraits of you

-if you guys ever end up getting together naturally, don’t break his heart

-he’s not above threatening to hurt himself to get you to stay

-and if he ever suspects that you’re trying to leave…

-he becomes clingy, even more jealous, and refuses to let you leave his sight

-but if there’s no way you would ever naturally come to his side…

-Julian is going to manipulate the hell out of you

-sob stories, pity parties, guilt trips, anything that will get you to give him just a chance

-and a chance is all he needs to spin you into his web

-he’ll feel bad about it, of course

-he doesn’t want to hurt you, doesn’t want to be a bad person

-but that just seems like who he’s destined to be, doesn’t it?

Chapter Text

-Peter is like a lovesick PUPPY

-and he thinks he can change you, so naive

-but you just love being evil! you love breaking the rules! you love not conforming!

-and Peter is glad you’re being your own person! that’s super cool! but if you could not commit crime! that’d be even cooler!

-he also hates the relationship between you and your boss

-Peter would never treat you like that 

-he tries to play on that to get you to the good side, but you’re very blind to the fact that your boss is actual trash

-you can honestly trick Peter into doing dirty work for you

-just make it sound like you’re trying to get out of this villainy business, and he’s putty in your hands

-this will only work a few times, so make it count

-he just wants the best for you

-but he has no idea what’s good for you

Chapter Text

-he’d probably try to slip stuff into your food or drinks

-but if you’re being particularly rowdy, he won’t hesitate to force feed you pills like a dog

-he’ll shove pills down your throat, gagging you, covering your mouth with his hand all while cooing for you to take your medicine

-if you didn’t hate him before, you will definitely hate him now

-maybe you should take this as a sign to stop misbehaving, unless you like being catatonic the majority of the time

-but even if you do start to throw less fits, be less defiant, Steve will probably still sedate you 

-he just likes when you’re more… pliable

Chapter Text

You’re shaking under his gaze.

“Alexei, please...” you curl into yourself on the couch, trying to cover as much of yourself as you can. “Please, don’t...”

You knew he could understand you, but he just didn’t care. He was grinning down at you, admiring your terrified form. All that covered you was your underwear, thanks to Alexei. He had cornered you in the kitchen and torn your clothes off, your fighting had been fruitless. 

You could see his bulge becoming more prominent in his pants as time went on. The thought of what he might do to you made you sick. You knew that he had somewhat of a crush on you, but... you didn’t expect that’d he do this.

After what felt like hours of him just staring at you, Alexei’s hands make a move for his belt. You can only watch as he pulls it through it’s loops, folding it in his hands in a whip-like shape. The action did not match the absolute giddiness on his face. 

“Alexei, Alexei.” Tears are running down your face. “Please, we can... we can talk about this.”

“Nothing to talk about, kroshka.” He takes a step towards you. “Your hands.”

You furrow your brows at him. “What?”

“Your hands.” He beckons for you to hold them out, and when you do, he simply wraps the belt around them, slightly scratching at the skin as he adjusts it around your wrists. “There.”

You look up at him, hands now restrained by his belt. “Please, Alexei...” you whimper. “I don’t...”

“Shh.” He wipes a tear from your face, thumb brushing over your flinching face. “It’s okay. I’ll be good, okay?”

You shake your head, but he collapses on top of you anyway, nearly crushing you under his weight. You try to move your face away as he kisses at it, lips sucking at any skin it can reach. Your hands are uselessly pressed against his chest, unable to fight him off. 

His mouth trails down to your neck, biting at the skin. You gasp as you feel your skin tear, blood seeping down your skin. His hands are palming at your breasts, feeling the silky material of your bra. 

You cry as you feel his knee brush between your legs, pushing at your core. “So warm, kroshka,” he whispers on your skin. His hands trail down your stomach and to your thighs, gripping onto them. 

You throw your head back to stare at the ceiling, squirming uncomfortably as his hands stroke your skin. His lips are red and swollen by the time they come to kiss you, tongue easily slipping in between your teeth. 

He draws back and gives you one more quick peck before pulling away. Grabbing you by the belt around your wrist, he turns you over, so your back is to him. You stare at the couch cushions as his hands dip into the waistband of your underwear and pull down until they’re a good way down your thighs.

You bite your lip, silencing tears as his thumb probes at your pussy, sinking in and out. “Very...” he breathes behind you. “Tight. You’ll be able to take it, kroshka?” In the midst of it all, you finally realize just how thick his accent is.

You look at your restrained hands as you hear him rustling behind you. You yelp as he merely presses his cock over your slit, rubbing up and down. “Do you want it?”

You shake your head, sobs tearing their way from your chest. “Please, Alexei... I can’t- I can’t...”

“It’s okay, kroshka.” You feel the head of his cock pressing at your entrance. “I’ll be very gentle. Not mess you up very bad.” He chuckles as he pushes inside of you, forcing himself through. 

You tense, screwing your eyes shut at the sensation. Alexei curses in Russian behind you, fingers gripping bruises into your hips. “Ah, very... ah.” He manages to get himself inside to the hilt of his cock, splitting you apart. “I’ll make good mother of you.”

He painfully drags himself out and pushes back in, making you cry in pain. Your body clenches around him sporadically, trying to adjust to something so foreign and unwanted. He keeps pulling himself out, just to thrust back in. Every stroke feeling like a painful stab. 

“Hurts, kroshka?” Alexei leans over to kiss at your ear. “Means you’re good for--” he groans a curse-- “good for a baby.”

You sob into the couch. First he defiles you, and now he wants to get you pregnant? What kind of sick fuck? “Don’t Alexei, please, I-- I don’t want to...”

“You’ll make a good wife, kroshka.” You can feel his grin on your ear. “You want to be my good wife, yes?”

No.” Your voice breaks. “I’m not...”

“You will be, kroshka, you will be...” his thrusts get harder, hands wrapping around your waist. 

His cock repeatedly reaches deep inside of you, your hole starting to get used to the feeling of him. You can hear every thrust at your core, becoming wetter and wetter. “It feels good, kroshka?” He sucks at your jaw. 

You don’t answer, not wanting to give in. Your body is starting to respond to him, giving him exactly what he wants. You force a knuckle into your mouth, biting down. His hips are moving faster and faster, hitting harder and harder. He’s getting close, and you can fee him reaching into your cervix. 

He mumbles and groans in his native language against your skin, burying his head into the crook of your neck. You can feel him throbbing within you, and you can feel your own body burning for release. “Alexei...” his name leaves your lips as your body seizes, convulsing around his cock. 

“Ay, kroshka.” His hips stop, unable to move as you grip him like a vice. Your lips tremble as tears spill down your face, and your body falls limp. Alexei gives a few more erratic thrusts before you feel his hot seed spill inside of you, deep. 

He keeps himself sheathed inside as he whispers into your ear. His hips rock slowly. You can only catch remnants of his words, telling you that you’ll make a wonderful housewife for him. 

And all you do is pray for this to be over.

Chapter Text

You cross your arms over your body, suddenly feeling insecure.

“Kai, I don’t know...”

“It’s not a big deal, everybody does it.” He has a gloved hand resting his weight onto your knee, himself perched over you. 

“I just... I want to wait until...”

“Until you’re married?” He quirks a brow.

“No!” You give a nervous laugh, not quite looking into his eyes. “I want to wait until I know... until I know I’m with the right person, you know?”

He fidgets with the straps of his plain mask, which is pushed under his chin. His lips are puffy from kissing and biting at you, but his eyes are as dull as ever. “Are you saying that you don’t love me? That you don’t think I’m the right person for you?”

“No, no!” You sit up a bit, coming face to face with him. “I do love you, I just don’t want to...”

“If you loved me, you’d do this for me.” His takes his hand from his mask and entangles it into your hair. “It’s what lovers do. Aren’t we lovers?”

“Yes, but...” You cringe away from his hand, but it roots itself into your locks. “I’m just not ready...”

“Don’t you worry about that.” He lays you back down, so that he’s hovering over you. “I’ll take care of you.”


“You’re making me think something is wrong.” His thumb presses into your jaw. “Is something wrong with me?” It’s unsettling, how emotionless his eyes are while he talks about himself like this.

“No, there’s nothing wrong--!”

“Then, why won’t you make love to me? I can’t see why...” 

“Kai,” you breathe. “I... I’m just afraid.”

“Let me reassure you.” He leans into your ear. “There is nothing to be afraid of. Not when you’re with me.” 

Chapter Text

Steve is a good guy.

Yeah, he has his moments. He might be a little too sarcastic, and he might be a bit of an asshole, but hey, isn’t everyone? But overall, Steve is a really good guy. I mean, he could be a lot worse. 

At least that’s what he tells himself. 

He might have fought demogorgons and demodogs, Russians and the Mind Flayer, but nothing was as challenging as being your roommate. 

Don’t get Steve wrong, you’re perfect. You’re absolutely gorgeous and kind and hard working and fuck does he want you. Bad. He didn’t even get this hard for Nancy.  

He shouldn’t think about you like that, no, he really shouldn’t. You were a good person. You worked hard all day and came home at night, looking so exhausted. Yet you still helped him make dinner and sat on the couch with him. 

And at night, when he was unable to sleep because of the mere thought of you, he could see your light on under the door. You were always working on something. When Steve asked you about it, you’d say you couldn’t sleep. 

So Steve bought some sleeping pills. More like... er, horse tranquilizer. 

He’d had them for a few weeks, going over and over in his mind on how he’d get you to take them. He could be a normal fucking person and just ask if you’d like to take them, but... something was holding him back. 

Long story short, Steve decided to slip them in your drink. He wasn’t sure how many would knock you out, so he threw a few in there. Within a few minutes of you taking a sip of your drink with dinner, you were stumbling around. 

“You okay?” He asked as you leaned against the sofa. 

“Steve.” You smile wearily. “I’m tired. I think I--”

You collapse to the floor, laughing a bit. 

“Let’s get you to bed...” Steve reaches under your arms to bring you to your feet. 

“I...” you try to speak, but it seems like you’ve got cotton mouth. “I can’t...” You laugh more, your eyes rolling around in your head as Steve gets you to your room. 

He lays you down, and you blink at him. Your eyes are filmy, and it’s like you’re looking straight through him. “Steve...” you slur his name before your eyes roll back and you’re gone. 

Your chest rises and falls, very slightly, as you sleep. You look so pretty like this. Through the window, moonlight shines on you, illuminating your features. Your lips are parted, looking rather kissable. 

Steve leans over you, a strand of hair falling over his face. He can’t help himself, he’s just a man at the end of the day, right? His lips fall on yours, kissing you softly. You don’t kiss back, you don’t make a sound, you don’t stir from your induced slumber. 

And Steve just goes on.

“You’re so beautiful.” He kisses at your face, his spit smearing across your cheeks. His hands grab at the sides of your face to kiss you deeply. His tongue slips inside of your mouth, feeling the warm inside. It makes his cock pulse in his pants, just imagining it inside of you. 

Steve’s hands feel down your body, thumbs tugging at the loops of your jeans. The way your body feels against his makes him moan into your mouth. You’re so soft and pliable beneath him, and he can’t wait to feel just how soft you’ll be on the inside. 

His mouth meets your neck, inhaling the sweet scent of your perfume. He could stay here forever, surrounded by you. But his cock throbs in his pants, aching for the feeling of you. And who is he to deny himself like this? 

His hands splay across your navel, coming to unbutton and unzip your pants. He peels them off your legs, discarding them somewhere else. You have a cute pair of underwear on, and Steve can’t help but pull up your shirt to see if it matches your bra. And indeed it does. It was like you were prepared for him. Were you?

“Do you want me as bad as I want you, baby?” He whispers into your ear, and he knows just how delusional he sounds. But who cares? It wasn’t like you could hear him. He could at least pretend like you wanted it, too. “You do? That’s cute.”

He pushes his long fingers against your clothed core, feeling up and down. You were radiating warmth, and he could only imagine just how hot you’d be inside. Whilst kissing at your neck, he slides his fingers past your panties, feeling up and down your slit. 

“Mm,” he moans into your ear, “Are you wet already?”

His fingers reach to push inside of you, forcing themselves through. You were basically gripping his fingers, not allowing for much movement. 

“You’re so tight, sweetheart.” Steve looks at your sleeping face. “Don’t tell me you’re a virgin.”

No response. Well, he could live with the fantasy. 

“Am I your first?” He raises his brows. “Wow, I’m honored. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you.”

He takes his fingers from you, hooking them into the waistband of your underwear and pulling them off of you. While he’s at it, he shrugs off his shirt, coming back between your legs. 

Steve thumbs at your clit, watching your hole twitch. You were already pretty wet, too. Virgins got wet so easily. He brought his thumb down to push into your pussy, letting his tongue come out to lick at your clit. 

You were clenching so hard around his thumb, sucking it in. You wanted this bad, didn’t you? 

Steve switches out his thumb for fingers, the same ones that had been inside of you before. With the combination of him sucking at your clit, your pussy was fucking soaking. Steve couldn’t stop himself from grinding against the mattress, cock harder than it has ever been. 

His fingers stroke at the little spongy spot, drawing a moan from your mouth. His eyes snap up to watch you, but you’re still asleep. Steve isn’t sure if he’d stop even if you did wake up. 

Taking that as his cue to hurry up, pulling himself away from your cunt. His wet hand comes down to pull his cock from his pants, kicking himself out of his pants. 

He lays himself over you, positioning his cock at your entrance. He teases himself with your slit, slapping his head over your clit. He laughs to himself, pressing his lips together. “You ready, sweetheart?” 

There is a second of aching silence before he pushes himself in. Steve stifles his moan behind his lips, your hole clenching around him. “Wow, baby...” he brushes your hair at your face, petting it behind your ear. “You’re tight.”

Your head is tilted back, mouth open as he makes love to you. Your eyes are flicking back and forth beneath those thin eyelids. Small pants are leaving you, and Steve can only imagine how loud you’d be if you were awake.

“Does it feel good?” He breathes in your ear, letting his cock bury itself as deep as it could be inside of you. “Do you like it?” 

He bites his lip as the tip of his cock pushes against your cervix. His hands grip onto your hips as he pulls himself back out just to thrust back in. “I know you want this,” he groans. “I know you like it.”

His hips pick up the pace, smacking against you as he fucks you. He’s never felt so good, so fucking blissful, as he drives his cock inside of you. “Do you want me to cum inside of you, sweetheart?” His voice is strained. “Cum inside of your virgin pussy, yeah?” His mouth is running, talking himself over the edge. “I can’t last long when you’re squeezing me so- so tight.” 

His hips are going faster and faster, chasing his orgasm. His hair is falling into his face more and more with each stroke. “I’m gonna cum...” you manage to draw a whimper from his chest. “Fuck, it feels good.”

And then he cums inside of you, painting your insides with his seed. Steve can’t help but smile as he fills you to the brim, laughing out his moans while he fucks through his high, slowing to a stop. 

Steve pulls out, watching as his cum seeps out of you. He doesn’t bother with it, falling over on the other side of the bed as his cock begins to soften. After the post orgasm bliss runs over him, he wonders if he should leave or not. He doesn’t want to... 

“Got it.” He glances over at you, your shirt pushed up over your bra, lower half completely bare. He leans over on his side to pull your shirt down, then letting his hand run through your hair. “You came home, we had a few too many beers, and this happened... because I know you’ve always wanted me.”

At least that’s what he tells himself. 

Chapter Text

When Peter sees your name flashing across his screen at two in the morning, he goes into full panic mode. 

“Hey, hey, is everything okay?” He shoots out of bed, digging around for his suit.

“Peter. Peter.” Your voice is dead serious. “I have something very important to tell you.”

He falters. Did something happen? Oh god were you breaking up with him? At two in the morning? “Wh- what?”

“So I was searching around the internet... about Spiderman...”

Oh heck did you find out? 

“And I got this idea... what if we dressed up as Spiderman and Night Monkey for Halloween?” 

Oh. Okay. 

“Uh, I mean...”

“I already impulsively started making my Spiderman costume already.” You cut him off. “Do you want to see it? Do you think you can come over in the morning? Or should I send a picture--”

“I’ll just come over right now. I’ll be over in just a minute.” 

“Really? Peter, it’s two o’clock--”

“Bye, love you!” He says really quick before ending the call. It’s not long before he’s zooming through the city with his Spider suit, which he takes off before he gets to your window. 

“Hey.” He smiles, breathless, as you open the window. He gives you a quick kiss before slipping inside. “Let’s see it.”

Peter is a bit surprised. It looks really accurate to the first model Mr. Stark gave him. “That looks really good.”

“I’m not done with it.” You tell him. “But I am so excited! Do you want me to make you a Night Monkey costume?”

Even though Peter has the “Night Monkey” costume, he can’t help but say yes. He could never say no to you. You’re going to make a good Spiderman.

Chapter Text

Carol/Captain Marvel

-she thinks you’re really cute when you critique the movies

-chances are she’s seen the movie before, so she doesn’t get bothered when you talk throughout it, criticizing the cheesiness of the movie

-though back in her day those movies were really scary!

-so she'll probably challenge your ideas, but it makes friendly debate

-if she hasn’t seen the movie, she might get irritated with how much you talk

-but she agrees that some of it is just cash grabs and shock value


-she doesn’t really understand the concept of horror movies

-why would you watch something to get scared?

-but she could listen to you talk for hours

-honestly you two could probably write a horror movie together

-she understands every single thing you say, and after a while, says the exact thing you’re about to say right before you say it

-you’re rubbing off on her

-you guys will be the best horror movie critics 

Chapter Text

-this man is !! like 10x hornier than the average man (mostly because of venom)

-and because of venom, he now has a fixation with fucking breeding you

-not that you particularly mind of course

-okay, eddie has a thick dick, don’t get me wrong but.... w venom it is like HUGE

-you are literally being split apart every time he fucks you

-and his cock reaches so deep inside of you that you’re positive you can see the impression of him in you stomach

-he is a literal ANIMAL 

-will fuck you for hours just to get the maximum amount of cum inside of you

-he overstimulates you every single time

-you’re near tears and on the brink of passing out every time he fucks you

-and his words don’t help, either

-”want me to cum inside of you, honey?”

-”i’m gonna fuck my cum into you, get you fucking pregnant”

-”you’re gonna be so beautiful when you’re pregnant, i won’t be able to keep my hands off you”

-and sometimes that Venom-y strength kicks in, and he pounds so hard into you it hurts

-you know that Venom is whispering in his ear, riling him up, and you gotta give props to the parasite

Chapter Text


-i can see him as a Minotaur or something like that

-but he’s very chill and won’t charge on anyone 

-he’s just protecting the outback 


-a whole DEMON

-idk if that is a mythical creature, but Junkrat is a fucking demon

-he’s so slimy and greasy and oily like?? he was born in hell

Chapter Text

Hanzo has it all set up.

Newspapers are strewn across the floor, carving knives, spoons to scoop with, and of course, two pumpkins. You anxiously look at Hanzo, feeling your heart beat in your chest. “Is this for me?”

He nods, a little blush on his face. “I know how much you like Halloween. I thought we could carve some pumpkins together.”

You stand awkwardly in front of it, unsure if this was a test or not. Hanzo tested you a lot.

“Come, sit.” He takes his place on the floor, beckoning you over. 

You take the spot next to him, watching as he grabs a pumpkin, a knife, and begins to cut by the stem.

“Wait!” You stop him. 

“What?” He looks concerned, tensing.

“Cut it from the bottom, that way everything comes out easier.” 

Hanzo’s look of panic melts into a smile. “Thank you.”

You begin on your own pumpkin, carving out from the bottom. Hanzo watches the pure concentration on your face as you scoop out all of the contents from the pumpkin. Hanzo can barely get anything done because all he can do is watch you.

“Hanzo, do you need help?” You look over at him, a smile on your own face. He hasn’t seen you this happy in a very long time.

“Yes, please.”

Chapter Text

Alexei got a new camera. 

He had saved up some money to buy one, one of the ones that print the picture right after it’s taken. It was nice to see him so happy, snapping pictures around the house and even going outside to take pictures of the fields beyond. 

Alexei took pictures so much, though, that you swore you could hear the click of the camera in your dreams. You wondered where he put all those photos, and how he had so much film to spare.

But you never said anything. He always had that big grin across his face when he took those pictures, and it made you smile to hear that click around the house. That meant he had found something of interest, something that made him happy. 

You were cleaning around the house while Murray was away. You liked to just pick stuff up while he was gone, empty the ashtrays. Alexei’s area of the sofa wasn’t too messy, just some leftover wrappers and cups. You put them in the bin before scanning the floor for anything else that could be picked up.

There was something beneath the little curtain that covered the underside of the sofa. You got onto the floor, reaching under to grab at it, before noticing it wasn’t plastic or a wrapper, it was hard. You narrowed your eyes as you pulled out a box. It was a nicely carved, wooden box, and you recognized it as something Murray had picked up in a garage sale a while back. He was a bit of a hoarder.

Murray must have given it to Alexei to store some things, maybe his pictures. You couldn’t help but feel a bit curious to see all the photographs he had taken, but you didn’t want to intrude. 

But you couldn’t stop yourself from opening the cover, seeing stack of photos in the box. The first few you shuffled through were pictures of contemporary objects. Ashtrays, the weird stuff Murray had around the house, the living room…

Your bed… your dresser… a photo of him standing in front of your mirror…

You can’t help but keep going, looking through the pictures.

It’s dark in the first few, but then he must have turned the flash on to get a perfect view of your sleeping face. You freeze for a moment, considering the picture. That’s you. He took a photo of you. And you didn’t. You didn’t even know it. 

You hear a door creak open, and you hastily shove the photos back in the box, and slide it back under the couch. But he’d already seen you. 

“Uh… Alexei.” You scramble to your feet, trying to act as if you hadn’t seen the pictures. “I almost for- forgot you were here.”

You swallow as you see his camera in hand, his hand gripped around it, knuckles white. His face was rather serious, too. There was no big grin, spreading from ear to ear.

You couldn’t stop yourself. “I’m sorry, Alexei. I’m sorry.” Your hands are waving in front of you, and you can’t even look at him. “I didn’t mean to… I didn’t mean to invade your privacy, I just… I–”

Click. Flash.

Your arms freeze in midair, and you blink as you realize he’s taken a picture of you. You can feel tears sting your eyes. “Why… why did you do that?” 

He drops the camera from his face, letting it fall to his side once again. “I don’t know… I just like to take pictures… pictures of you.”

Chapter Text

The town was… whispering.

And honestly, most of it was of your own doing. You had made your disapproval of the witch trials known, so naturally, there was talk of you being a witch. 

“It’s all about getting property from the accused and to blame women for being so susceptible to the devil.” You laughed as you told your friends. 

They had shushed you. “Be quiet! Lest you want to be next on trial!”

At least the ministers and religious people of this place had the decency to have you actually questioned, instead of just throwing you to burn on the stake.

The man was dressed in attire that you had only read about in books. He wore a mask, like ones plague doctors once worn (he said it was because witchcraft was a disease he didn’t want to catch). His gloves were leather, and not an inch of skin was shown, other than that above the mask and below his hairline. 

He’s been questioning you for days on end, each of his trials being disproved in the end. You couldn’t read his mind, move objects with your mind, or control other people’s minds. Nothing would randomly be set on fire or start levitating, so it pretty much proved you weren’t a witch. 

But this man, who called himself Chisaki, was very… set on proving that you were one. 

As time went on, Chisaki’s questions became more and more personal. They were about your relationships, and whether they were platonic, familial, even romantic… or sexual. It was uncomfortable, but you answered all of his questions. You didn’t want to be burnt at the stake. 

“So… I’ve concluded my investigation.” He sets down a stack of handwritten papers in front of you. “Please read, if you can.”

You send him a quick glare before picking them up, reading his words carefully. 

“… is indeed a witch. she uses manipulation tactics to try and convince that she is not, but it is all witchcraft. should be burnt at the stake as soon as possible, as she is very dangerous.”

“Manipulation tactics?” You look at him, voice shaking. “What tactics?”

“Does it really matter what I put into that report?” He raises his thin brows. “They’ll believe my word, not that they need much convincing. They’d burn anyone at this point.”

“Do you even believe any of this?”

“Very smart girl,” he chuckles. “That’s what I like about you. Of course I don’t believe any of this witch business. It’s like you said, a way to get property and to demean women.”

“Then…” your knuckles pop out as you grip his papers. “Then why are you doing this?”

“It’s easy money.” He simply shrugs. “But… I see something real in you.”


“You’re very bold and… intelligent for a woman.” His hands come up to his mask, going for the buckle. “Wouldn’t you like someone who can match you?”

“Like yourself?” You laugh. You laugh at him. “If anyone is using manipulation tactics, it’s you. I know what you’re doing, Chisaki.”

“You better choose your next words carefully…” He removes his mask, showing his handsome face. “Or else those papers go straight to your ministers, and you go straight to the stake.”

“Well, I’d rather burn at the stake than be in this town with you another second.”

He squints at you as he stands. He easily plucks the papers from your hands, shuffling from them. “What about your friends? Your family? Did you even read the rest of the report? …could have possibly spread her terrible disease to those around her. It would be quite safe to send them to the stake as well.”

You shake your head at him, feeling tears in your eyes. He had really thought this out. “You’re cruel.” You bring your fist to your face, wiping at your tears. “If there is any devil in this town, it’s within you.”

He grins, all teeth. “And what’s so wrong with that?”

Chapter Text

When you came back, Aziraphale cried. 

He cried and cried and cried. He cried enough tears for the both of you. You could only stare at him, shocked, you poor thing. He hugged you, sobbing into your shoulder. It was all his fault that you were stuck in that fire, and you were probably terrified to see him discorporated and whatnot. 

But now, everything would be fine. You were back, he was back, and Crowley would stick around. 

“I promise, nothing like that will ever happen again.” He told you, binding you to the bookstore again. There would be no way he was going to let you get hurt again, not on his watch. 

You should have felt safe, so why were you crying? 

“What’s wrong, dearest?” He wraps his arm around you. It’s late, so the store is closed. You sit in front of the fireplace, the warm light illuminating the streaks of tears on your cheeks. “Is it the fire? I can put it out–”

“No, no, it’s not that.” You wipe at your tears. 

“I understand if it is, since you were, er, burned alive and–”

“It’s not the fire.” 

“Oh, okay…” he looks around, a little awkwardly. Even though he was an angel, something all good, he was very bad at dealing with things like this. “What is it?”

You look away from him, staring longingly at the door. “I want to go home, Aziraphale.”

“Home?” He raises his brows. “But, my dear, you are home. Adam brought you back and now you’re here with me again and you have nothing to worry about.”

You shake your head, tears flooding over the rim of your eyes. “This isn’t my home. This world isn’t my home anymore, either. I want to go back, I was so happy when I was away from…” Your voice trails off and you clear your throat.

“Away from what, dearest?” He puts his hand on your shoulder, trying to put you at ease. “Whatever it is that is troubling you, I can deal with it… or Crowley can deal with it, more like–”

“That’s the problem, Aziraphale!” You stand from your spot, making him flinch. “I was so happy when I was dead because I was away from you! You trapped me in this bookstore with that crazy demon guy! And when I died I was so happy because I was finally free, but you brought me back and I can’t… I can’t…”

You sit back down, burying your face in your hands. Aziraphale awkwardly pats your back, letting your words sink in. “I’m sorry, dearest…” his voice is quiet. “I’m not usually this selfish… I’ve never been this selfish in my entire time on earth, but… I’m afraid I’ll have to be this time. I’m not going to let you die again.”

Chapter Text

You can barely see.

But you suppose it’s okay. You don’t want to know what you look like anyway.

You’re slumped in a chair, where tubes are inserted into your veins. Oddly colored liquid passes through the tubes, giving you some odd form of IV treatment. Whatever it was made your face puff up, which obscured most of your vision. And you felt very heavy

At first, it had started with the weird patches on your skin, and the way your nails had naturally turned yellow. These were just with the injections she gave to you, but that wasn’t enough for Moira. She had you strapped in a chair while she injected you with substances constantly, until she finally had you hooked up to this weird dialysis machine.

“Oh, you are very beautiful, my love…” you hear her voice behind you. “Just as I hypothesized.”

She comes around so you can see her. She tilts your chin up, and all you feel from it is a squish against your skin. Moira stares through patches of skin to look into your eyes, a grin on her face. “You will be perfect…” she leans forward to kiss your drooling mouth. “Mercy will love you, but don’t you worry… she said she’d send you back when she’s done… so I can work on you just a little more. How does that sound?”

You grunt, but you don’t really remember how to talk, anyway.

Chapter Text

Genji knew everything about you. 

One of the thousands of things he knew about you included your love for candy. But Genji didn’t try to use it on you in the beginning of your… relationship. He didn’t want to admit it, but he wanted to make you really appreciate it, appreciate him, when the time was right.

And what better time was that than Halloween?

There was so much candy around, just begging to be bought. And Genji couldn’t help but think of you, his sweet darling. So, he really overstocked on the candy, and picked out your favorites. 

Of course, you and Genji had come very far in your relationship, but there were always days like this. Days where you hid in the corner and refused to talk, or even let him cuddle with you.

So what better way to get you out than with candy?

“I have a surprise for you.” He grins, hiding the bowl of candy behind his back. 

You just look up from your place on the ground. Genji can see that flicker of curiosity, how desperate you are to know. But you say nothing, cowering back into your corner. 

“Hmm… you don’t want to know what it is?” He stands straight, shuffling to the sofa. “I guess I’ll have to eat all this candy by myself…”

It had been so long since you even remembered what your favorite candies tasted like. You perk up a bit, watching as Genji took the bowl out from behind his back, plopping onto the couch (in a rather dramatic pose, too).

“I don’t how I’m going to do it…” he sighs, throwing an arm over his forehead. “All this candy… just for little, old me?”

From the corner of his eye, he can see you scoot over just a bit. He gives you a peek of the candy inside, confirming that it was indeed your preferred choices. And he can see the conflict behind your eyes, and he knows that he’s winning. 

“Are you sure you don’t want any, sweetie?”

You’re right by the end of the sofa, mouth nearly watering. You reach out, almost with your hand in the bowl…

Before Genji tears it back. “Not so fast, sweetheart. You’ll have to come cuddle first.”

Chapter Text

“What’s on your mind?”

Asra always seems to know when something is up with you. You’re not sure if it’s because he’s a magician, or because you’ve known him for as long as you can remember (which, albeit, wasn’t very long). 

“Oh, nothing…” you can feel your face warm up as you play with the tarot cards, idly flipping through them. 

He quirks a brow at you. “It doesn’t sound like nothing. Tell me.”

He comes to sit across from you, crossing his arms on the table.

“Well…” you start. Asra wouldn’t be mad if you told him the truth, would he? He’d probably be happy for you, if anything. “Lately, I’ve been… I’ve been…”

“What is it?” His hands reach out, placing themselves on yours. 

“Asra, I’ve been seeing someone.” You look away from him.

His hands on yours tense a bit, probably from surprise. “Who?”

“I’m not sure if you’d know him…” you look back at the magician. “His name is Julian. He’s a pirate… and  a doctor.”

“Ilya?” The grip on top of your hands becomes harsher, making your eyebrows furrow. 


“After everything…” he slowly stands from the table, hands still on yours. “After everything I’ve done for you… you’re going to and be with Ilya of all people?”

“Asra…” your voice becomes panicked me. “You’re hurting me.”

“And- and you’re hurting me.” You’ve never seen him like this. He looks absolutely sinister. “I gave up half of my heart just for you to go behind my back and be with him? He’s an idiot!”

“Do you know him or something?” You try to pull your hands away, but Asra grasps onto your wrists. 

“Trust me, I know him.” Asra’s eyes are dark. “All he brings is trouble. Promise me you won’t see him again. Promise me.”

“What? No!” You keep tugging back your wrists, and they creak before you’re let go. The force propels you back into the wall, knocking you over. But you get onto your feet, taking a defensive pose. “Asra, you’re not acting like yourself.”

“You don’t even know me. You don’t remember.” His words sting. “You don’t remember that I loved you more than anyone ever could and that I am the only one who can. Julian doesn’t remember you, I do.”

“What are you talking about?” You feel your head begin to throb. “Just… just leave me alone!”

“I wish I could, but I love you.” 

He’s quick to get you on the ground, pushing you against the patterned carpet. His thumb presses against your forehead, and you can feel magic coursing through your mind. 

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry for yelling…” he tells you. Your vision blurs as you stare up at him, body going limp. “I’m sorry I got mad at you, but when you wake up… you won’t remember a thing, and we’ll be okay again, okay?”