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The Only One Who Can Pleasure You Better Than Everyone Else Is Yourself

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The last thing Wen Ruohan remembered was going to bed after dismissing everyone from his room. The news of the destroyed Lotus Pier had just reached him and he didn’t feel like speaking to anyone. He had specifically asked his son to spare the Jiang couple but as always, the boy was a disappointment.

As he opened his eyes, he found himself standing outside a room. The hallway he was in did look very familiar. A surge of nostalgia crept through him along with a tiny prick in his heart. He entered the room in front of him to find a single bed, a table and small cupboard beside the window. It was a sparsely furnished room. Memories of some intense moments flowed in.

But the question was how did he get here? This room was destroyed when the Wen sect grounds were being redesigned. He walked up to the window and the sight outside shocked him.

Several groups of disciples wearing different sect colours were gathered at the training grounds. But the archery competition along with the Discussion Conference was held only a few months ago. Not to mention, a war was in process so it was impossible for the other four sects to send in their disciples, even though he could see their colours flashing right before him at that very moment.

As he was contemplating on his future actions, he heard a shuffling noise outside the door. He had nowhere to hide so he could only keep still and accept his fate. Even after a few seconds, when no one entered through the door, he walked up to the entrance slowly. He could hear voices from the other side.

“Young Master Wen, I must leave. Ask Young Master Lan to accompany you, he’ll be happy to help.” A very familiar voice said.

“I don’t want to ask him. He always plays hard to get.” Another even more familiar voice replied.

“Well, I’m not going to make it any easier.” The first one uttered and then a stomping noise came, probably indicating that one of the two speakers had left. The other one stood around for some time before opening the door.

The person was immediately startled by Wen Ruohan’s appearance. The boy in front of him was around nineteen years of age with sharp eyes and a tall stature. This boy too was called Wen Ruohan. This was his younger self.

So, the logical thought process would be to deduce that he had been somehow transported to the past. But that was utterly ridiculous.

“Who are you?” His younger self asked. “This place is for authorised personnel only. Leave.”

Authorised personnel? He did not remember himself being this stupid. This room was part of a storage house that he had cleaned up to accommodate his frequent escapades with various men. In a way, they were authorised by him so it did make sense. But he did not like his younger self’s attitude. Yes, he looked a little homeless due to the fact that he was still wearing his sleepwear, which consisted of a single white robe. Even so, he was much older than the boy.

“Why are you still standing there? Move!” The boy approached the older man but the latter shoved him away with ease.

“Was that Jiang Fengmian you were talking to?” Wen Ruohan asked the boy.

“So what if it was?”

“You won’t have any success wooing him like that.”

“Hah! As if you have any better plans!”

“Let me show you.”

The boy looked at him with a shocked expression. “P-pervert.” Wen Ruohan just got called a pervert by his own younger self. He didn’t know if he should laugh or be embarrassed, probably both.

“Well, if that is what you think, you can deal with your problem yourself.” He was about to walk away when his younger self pulled on his sleeves. “Wait!”


“I feel like I can trust you.”

Well, that’s obviously because I am you. Would it count as masturbating if he pleasured his younger self? That was certainly a question to ponder about.

“So teach me.” The boy looked at him with earnest eyes. That look will disappear as he grows up though; Wen Ruohan knew that for sure. He replied, “Alright. Go, strip and lie down.”

The boy followed the instructions and did as he was told. The Wen sect leader went up to the cupboard and opened it. He picked up the bottle of oil from inside and brought it next to the bed, placing it on the table beside it.

“H-how did you know that was there?!” His younger self asked.

Because I am you. I know you prepared it to use to on Fengmian. “I looked through the cupboard before you arrived.”

He spread the boy’s legs and proceeded to prepare his entrance with the oil, slowly stretching it wider. He warned the boy about not being hasty, even if they were aroused already. Without preparations, the entire thing would become a painful ordeal.

“You must have heard all of this from Young Master Huang already, I presume.” He asked the boy.

“How did…”

“How did I know? Well, I know a lot of things. But you will fumble if you don’t practice.”

The boy nodded. Wen Ruohan was afraid that his younger self was already way too aroused to pay any attention to his words. Judging by the latter’s erection, he was probably correct.

“Well, you’re ready to go. But now it’s my turn.” Wen Ruohan shuffled himself between his younger self’s legs and leaned down to connect their lips. Yes, Wen Ruohan had a romantic soul and needed a good kiss to get aroused.

His younger self had already gotten experience in that area and so he had no problem following. He pushed further into the other’s mouth letting their tongues interact. The younger self gripped onto the Wen sect leader’s shoulder tightly and let out a muffled gasp.

Wen Ruohan understood that the boy was way too aroused and if he didn’t get a release quick, he’d self-combust. The sect leader was erect already so they might as well proceed to the next step.

He positioned his member near the other’s entrance and pushed in slowly. Once he was completely in, he looked at his younger self and asked if he was comfortable. The boy gave a desperate nod. The sect leader started regulating his thrusts, moving at a gentle pace at first to let the other adjust. When he felt the younger man relax and shift closer to Wen Ruohan’s body, he quickened his pace. His younger self groaned at the sudden change of speed but it soon got buried among a series of load moans.

Wen Ruohan did not remember being such a loud person. This was embarrassing.

He alternated the speed of his thrust so that the other could get some rest once in a while. The sect leader’s shoulders had started to bleed because of the tight grip that was on it.

“If you want to pleasure your partner, you might want to cut your nails when you’re on top. You might get slapped otherwise.” He uttered in-between breaths, even though he was quite sure the younger man was not listening. Well, maybe a slap or two from his future partners will teach him.

As the penetration got faster, his younger self released onto himself. He looked quite embarrassed but didn’t say anything. Wen Ruohan pulled him closer to shush him, telling him it’s natural.

Since the other was already done, he didn’t need to proceed anymore so he pulled out. But the younger Wen Ruohan pulled his older-self back, insisting to finish the act. Wen Ruohan obliged and continued to penetrate him. He eventually felt his orgasm approach and pulled out before he could fill the other up. There was not a chance in seven hells that he would ejaculate inside his own younger self.

He helped his younger self clean up and let him rest. While the boy was sleeping, he decided to catch a wink too. Doing the act with your past-self exhausted him. When he woke up, the boy was gone.

Wen Ruohan decided to investigate why he was here, so he slowly crept out of the room. He found that the room across this one was occupied. He could hear his own voice on the other side. His younger self had too much libido to spare. There was another voice; it belonged to the young Jiang Fengmian. He could hear soft moans from inside. His past-self had finally succeeded in get the future Jiang sect leader into bed. He will be doing that in the future too until their children ruin everything for everyone.

Suddenly, he heard a loud shuffling noise from the room in front of him. He quickly hid behind the pillar beside it as a young Jiang Fengmian opened the door and stomped out in anger. The young Wen Ruohan slowly walked out of the room to watch the other leave.

“What did you do?” The older-self moved out of his hiding spot.

“I should have listened to you… I should have trimmed my nails.” The younger man answered with a pout.

Wen Ruohan narrowed his eyes, “The moans sounded like you were already in the middle of the act. Then how…” Then it clicked in his mind. “Did you-?!”

His younger self blushed.

The reason was simple. This young Wen Ruohan had scratched his partner like he had done to his older-self earlier. He, Wen Ruohan had just bottomed for Jiang Fengmian. Oh the horror.

“You were supposed to use your knowledge as a bottom to pleasure your own receiving partner.” He rubbed his temples in frustration.

“But it felt better this way.” The other replied. Wen Ruohan couldn’t believe it. He just made his own past-self into a bottom who like being so.

He suddenly felt his vision fade. His younger self called out to him as everything turned to black.

When he woke up, Wen Ruohan was back in his bedroom. He gave out a sigh of relief. Thank goodness, it was just a dream. The Wen sect leader being a bottom, how ridiculous. The stress must have got to him.

Suddenly, the door opened and Wen Ruohan quickly composed himself to look presentable. But when he looked at who had entered, his eyes widened in shock. He could not believe his own eyesight. “Jiang Fengmian…” He muttered.

“Hm? What is it?” The Jiang sect leader smiled at him as he walked in. There would be nothing odd about this. It was as if everything had gone back to the old times but the problem was that the man in-front of him was supposed to be dead.

“Ruohan, what is the matter?” Jiang Fengmian gave him a concerned look. “Ah. Was it painful last night? I did it like every other time but if it hurt this time, I apologize.”

“What hurt?” Wen Ruohan could not believe his ears.

“Well, your bottom? Or do you feel pain somewhere else. It will be strange; I used plenty of oil on you though.” The Jiang sect leader mumbled.

“I bottomed?” The Wen sect leader asked in shock.

“Yes. That’s what you have always liked.” Was the answer.

For the first time in his life, Wen Ruohan wanted to cry. Did he just change the future by being a bottom!?