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Burnt Caramel

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TODOROKI Shouto likes his bestfriend. Not “like” in friendly way but it’s more like an “i want to be friend with you but also kiss you so bad” way towards Izuku. Yes, name of the love of his life. Midoriya Izuku –for Shouto, is a sunshine. He always smiles, bright and so positive that Shouto falls for him deeper and deeper everytime they meet –which is everyday. But there are things that make Shouto hard to get closer to the green-haired boy romantically.

First of all, he has a girlfriend.

Second, he’s not gay. Obviously.

Third, they’re best friend like very best friend and Shouto is not that crazy to broke their friendship.

So here he is. Sitting stiffly inside of his favorite cafe with his other friend in front of him, Shouto clears his throat again. He frowns to himself as Yaoyorozu Momo stares him with her big sharp eyes. The ponytail girl sighs softly before sipping her drink, “It’s Midoriya right?” she asks as Shouto gapes at her.

“How could—”

“It’s so obvious. You were staring at him as if flowers coming from your eyes, Shou.”

Shouto groans and burries his head between his elbows. Was he that obvious? If Momo noticed his ‘signs’ then there’s no way Izuku won’t know. This is bad -too much for his heart and also head. Damn, Shouto is fucked.

“There’s no way he doesn’t know that I like him.” He mutters to himself but Momo catches it. She laughs softly and pats her best friend’s arm, “Come on, it’s not that bad for him to know.”

“It will ruin our friendships.” Shouto groans again.

Momo sighs, “I... don’t have any advice for you in that case. Shou, it looks like you’re still confused by your own feelings towards him. But I know, for sure, that you like him.”

Shouto curses under his breath. He doesn’t know what to do now and his other best friend can’t even give him some solution. What should he do with his heart now? Should he confess to him and ruin their friendship? That sounds damn awful for both of them, not to mention Uraraka –Izuku’s girlfriend, feelings. She would be so disappointed in both of them. It’s not good. Uraraka is a good girl –she’s cute, friendly and a sweetheart anyway.

Shouto sighs for nth times already.

“Why don’t you ask Katsuki-kun anyway? He’s Midoriya-kun childhood friend, I’m sure he knows a lot of him. You could get closer to Midoriya-kun romantically or maybe leave your feelings behind and just move on with his advices?” Momo speaks as she frowns, looking down at Shouto who hasn’t moved from his previous position. Shouto quickly shakes his head.

Bakugou Katsuki is not going to help him. In fact, they’re not even friends in the first place. Heck, Shouto doesn’t even think Bakugou saw him as a clubmate (he took photography; don’t ask him why, he regrets it anyway) or even a classmate. That’s all because Bakugou Katsuki hates Izuku, -he doesn’t give a damn about Izuku’s friends and Shouto is Izuku’s friend. It can’t be helped that Shouto slowly hates him too. The way Bakugou just speaks to Izuku or insults him is too much and Shouto can’t take it. It’s a miracle that Momo calls Bakugou with his first name and consider each other as friends. Shouto wonders how the ravenette does that.

“No, I won’t ask him.” Shouto frowns slightly as he sips his black coffee. Momo srughs, “It’s not bad to try. You wouldn’t like to ask strangers anyway, right?”

 “Katsuki-kun is not a bad guy.” She adds.

Shouto rolls his eyes, “You’re his friend.”

Momo shrugs, “He’s cute, and amazing. You shouldn’t hate him too much, Shou. He didn’t do anything to you anyway.”

Shouto shakes his head, choosing to ignore his best friend and sips his coffee.




 “Shouto, do you want some?” Izuku is staring at him with his bright green eyes. A bento box right on his hand.

Shouto gulps before nodding his head and takes it. He mutters, “Thank you, Izuku.”

“Anything for my boyfriend...” Izuku laughs and Shouto can’t help but kiss him.


Shouto snaps his eyes open as he feels his breath stuck on his throat. He groans and rubs his face before sitting up. Staring blankly at his face on the mirror, Shouto groans again. He’s dreaming about Izuku again, and he called him boyfriend this time. Shouto curses lightly under his breath, groaning at his own nervousness. Today he has the same lecture with Izuku and suddenly Shouto feels tired. He’s exited but also tired. He quickly moves from his bed, throws some clothes to his bed before going to his bathroom, barechest.

It’s 9 in the morning when Shouto comes out his house. He’s wearing a random jeans and brown coat with white shirt inside, a pair of glasses on his face. It’s cold outside, as expected from October. The law student walks casually to his campus. A cup of coffee on his hand, as always. He has some club meeting after class and he hates it. It means he’s gonna meet with the ball of rage, Bakugou Katsuki. The thought of him always makes Shouto’s blood boils, he doesn’t understand. Shouto makes his way to his class and drops his ass at the front seat expecting Momo to come to him and sits beside him. He needs support now.

Momo comes and sits beside him. She asks him some question about the last lecture and Shouto answers her with his tiredness. Momo eyed him for a while before shruging and continue to focus to the proffesor. The class ended faster than usual but Shouto isn’t complaining. They’re quickly go to the cafetaria so that Shouto can relax, talking with his best friend about his other best friend.

“I dreamed about him again last night.” Shouto opens the conversation when they’re still on their way to the cafetaria. Momo sighs.

“At least say it when we sit.” She said and opens the cafeteria’s door. Shouto shrugs his shoulder, “I just want to let this thing out to you as fast as possible.” He said.

“Shouto, we need to sit first okay? No dream story before I eat my chocolate.” Momo says again as she tucks her long hair to the back of her ear. Momo is sure beautiful and Shouto probably will fall for her... if he ain’t gay.

They’re stuck in the middle of cafeteria for a few second before a certain voice interrupts them, “Move your goddamn bodies!” it sounds almost like the owner of the voice holds back his rage.

Shouto quickly frowns and looks down to stare at the ball of anger, Bakugou Katsuki who’s standing behind him with his permanent scowl. They’re almost 8 cm apart for God sake, and this guy isn’t even backing up from Shouto’s tall figure. Instead, he looks up to glare at Shouto.

“You know you need to move your legs when you’re in pulic place, right, pretty boy?”

Shouto inhales, counts to three and answers in way calmer way, “Well, I don’t see why I should do that for you, pretty boy.”

Bakugou snorts, “How unoriginal of you. Some people are tyring to eat shit you know.”

Now that Shouto stares back him, he notices a really small mole on Bakugou’s right cheeks, right below his eyes. It’s almost invisible. Shouto needs to bend down a bit, again he notices. Has Bakugou always looked this small?

“Katsuki-kun!” Momo’s cheerful voice interrupts Shouto’s tought. Shouto slaps himself mentally because really now? He just tought about this guy. There’s something wrong with his brain.

Katsuki-kun smirks at them before casually walks up to Momo who welcomes him with her arms. Momo hugs Bakugou as if he’s the most precious person in her life and it makes Shouto sick. This psycho isn’t that cute or even kind. Looking back when they’re still in their first year, the blond-head (yes, Bakugou) were always making fun of Izuku and that’s unacceptable. For Shouto, at least. So, no. This sight isn’t cute at all.

Bakugou stares back at him before he says again, “Remember to move your damn long legs when you’re in public places, dickhead.”

He walks away from them as his friends follow him behind. They mutter something like apologies sheepishly before jog to follow the blond. Shouto sighs heavily, glancing at Momo who chuckles lightly. They find an empty seat. Momo quickly opens her favorite chocolate bar.

“You looked so comfortable around him,” Shouto frowns before opens his bento. His sister has put some extra eggs for him because she saw him looked so down. Shouto silently thanks his sister for being so lovely.

Momo smiles, “He’s cute and kind afterall. I like him.” She nods her head. If she watches Shouto cringes towards her words before, she doesn’t mention it. “So, what do you want to talk about again? Dreams?”

Shouto nods before telling her all his dreams about Izuku these past few days.

“I think I really am in love with him, Mo.” Shouto sighs, resting his head on his hands. Momo frowns a bit.

He knows what his best friend will say, “Are you sure? For me, it looks like you like him because he is the only person you’re spending your time mostly with. I guess your heart plays something in your brain Shou.” She says as she rubs his hand.

Shouto doesn’t understand why Momo always said things like that, “What do you mean? I know my own feelings, Mo. I kept dreaming about him, and don’t tell me it doesn’t mean anything.”

Momo shakes her head, “Honey, I’m not telling you that you’re not. It’s just... Don’t you think you need to know him more?”

Know him more? Shouto knows him more than anyone. What’s the point?

“What do you mean by that?” he couldn’t help but ask again.

Momo sighs and places her chocolate bar away from them, she speaks again, “Honey, what do you really know about him? You just know that he has a girlfriend, he’s cute, and he’s in Economic major, what else? You don’t go to his place, or even know his hobbies are. Don’t you think you should know him more before you decide that you love him?”

“His hobby is reading,” Shouto corrects her and makes Momo rolls her eyes while muttering something like that’s what people say about their hobby but Shouto ignores it. Instead he continues, “I know him well enough. Love isn’t all about things you know about your partner. It’s just happened.”

Momo shakes her head, “You’re so blind, I can’t say anything, Shou.” She raises her eyebrows and sighs, “At least try to talk to Katsuki-kun about it. You know he grew up with Midoriya-kun since he’s a baby, you should ask him. Maybe he could help you to realize something. Some distraction would be good too.”

Again, she brings up Bakugou to their conversation. Shouto still doesn’t want to message the blond, but maybe, just maybe he really could help him to at least being closer to Izuku. He doesn’t want to steal the green haired boy from his girlfriend, but if he could, he would love to try. It’s selfish, he knows. But for some reason, Shouto doesn’t really care.

“Okay, then give me his number.” He says finally makes Momo smile a little. He doesn’t really do this, but he has no choice. Momo gladly forwarding Bakugou’s number to Shouto.

Shouto stares at the foreign number on his phone screen and save it.




“Now just try message him.” Momo says, munching her chocolate.

With a heavy sigh Shouto types a simple, Good afternoon, Bakugou. Then puts his phone back to his jeans pocket, ignoring it for a solid 5 minutes.

“I hope you’re making any progress after this. Just make sure you don’t hurt anyone.” Momo warns.

Shouto frowns, feeling like he should explain more, “I mean...” Then in the middle of his setence, Izuku and Uraraka appear. They sit on Shouto’s table casually and Shouto needs to hold his self together.

“What are you guys talking about just now??” Uraraka smiles as she asks. She looks at Shouto and Momo for some explanations. Momo just chuckles, “Nothing important, dear. Now we should eat.”

Izuku laughs, laughs, and Shouto’s heart skips a beat. Izuku smiles at him, “I was texting you, but you didn’t read it.” He says as he waves his phone in front of Shouto’s face. Shouto blinks blankly and makes him –and his girlfriend, laugh in synch. Phone. Right.

Shouto quickly checks his phone, “Sorry, Izuku. I haven’t seen your message. My phone is on silent mode anyway.” He speaks as he read some texts from Izuku who asked him about his class, and how about they got lunch together. Some from his father, and sister. The other are from his group.

That’s it. That’s all he gets. No message of Bakugou Katsuki and it slightly makes him angry for some reason.




Shouto opens his notebook right after he changed his clothes. He’s sitting on his chair, notebook in front of him, a glass of coffee (again) on his right hand and phone on the left –he plays his favorite indie songs because it makes him relaxed.

He types his paper in silence for a few minutes until his phone buzzed with a new message. Curious, Shouto stops typing, takes his phone of the desk beside him and stares at it for a few second.

There’s a reply from Bakugou Katsuki.

[who the fuck is this]

Shouto groans. He already hates it but he needs to try talking to the blond if he wants to clear his head of Izuku. With a heavy sigh Shouto types back, resting his back on his chair.

[I’m Todoroki.]

[what the fuck do u want]

[I need your help.]

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“I’M SERIOUS, Yamada Hizashi could really kill me this time if I don’t attend his class anymore.” Izuku speaks as they go out from their class. Shouto snorts at his friend.

“Maybe if you really attend his class then you wouldn’t be dead.” He says, lifting his backpack on his left shoulder. Izuku just shrugs while muttering something about his part time job and how suck Hizashi teaches. Well, Shouto couldn’t blame him because Professor Hizashi is really that bad on his job.

They walk to small park in fornt of Law Department, already promised to Uraraka and Momo to meet them there. Shouto takes the longer route to their meeting place just to spend his time with his beloved. If Izuku notices, he doesn’t say anything. They talk mostly about classes, and maybe some problems the cafe Izuku currently worked at. Shouto could be an asshole for not fully listening to Izuku’s words but instead he’s focusing on Izuku’s changes of expression. It’s just interesting how his face could change, he’s really handsome.

“We can buy some ice cream on our way back then,” Shouto offers. Izuku laughs at him.

“No, thanks, Shou. I have practice,” he smiles widely, “You know it’s almost Inter High.”

Right. Izuku is in football team, so he must practice. Todoroki clears his throat, “Oh... Okay,” he tries o hide his disappointment.

Izuku nudges him, “Ey, we can still go tomorrow,” he chuckles as Shouto frowns at him.

Once they arrived at the park, they hear a voice.

“Hey, guys!”

Uraraka Ochako, wearing a cute baby blue dress with flowers pattern and high brown boots make her looks stunning. She smiles widely, swaying her not too long arm in the air makes Izuku chuckles. No wonder Izuku often calls her angel. Shouto holds back his sigh but when he sees who’s with them, he groans and rolls his eyes. Izuku stares at him.

“Hey, you okay, Shou?” then he looks up to figure what makes Shouto groans. Bakugou Katsuki sits in front of Uraraka and Momo. A smile automatically formed on Izuku’s lips as he walks over them.

Shouto, against his will of course, walks to them too. He’s trying not to show his scowl when they sit. As always, Izuku sneaks up to hug Uraraka from behind, kissing her on the lips before flopping his ass on the wooden chair. Ugly feelings creep up his stomach.

Shouto holds back a sigh when he sits beside Bakugou. He really doesn’t want to see the blond now. It’s been two days since Shouto texted Bakugou to help him to get closer to Izuku and he rejected him. Yes, Bakugou Katsuki rejected his request. Shouto couldn’t help but pissed off with the blond. 

“Kacchan, I don’t know you’re here!” Izuku leans forward to Bakugou.

The blonde shrugs, “The nerds need to get some books from Law Deapartment’s library for their brains sake.” He answers half-heartedly, then glancing at his right to Shouto. Bakugou lifts his way-too-good eyebrow, “Oh, Halfie.” He murmurs.

Now Shouto couldn’t really hold his scowl, “I have name in case you don’t remember.”

Bakugou laughs mockingly, “What’s up on your ass, pretty boy? You don’t have to be a dick to me.” he shakes his head, adjusting his bag. He sips his caramel coffee. Just how could his pale eyelashes look so good on him. A thin black liner above his eyelashes makes his eyes look sharper and it’s too pretty in Shouto’s eyes. It’s weird.

Shouto averts his gaze before he could be catched for staring more than 3 second on his... whatever Bakugou is.

“Shou, we’re just talking about hanging out tonight because I need to buy some new dress. Do you wanna come?” Momo saves their awkward tension. She smiles widely hoping Shouto would just let it go and not making scene with having a fight with Katsuki-kun. Shouto could be so childish if he wants and Momo isn’t having it now.

Shouto shrugs, “If Izuku comes then I would.”

Momo sighs but with a smile. Her friend is so blind. She couldn’t do anything.

“Of course I would! We could go together!” Izuku laughs, putting his arm around Uraraka protectively.

“Are you coming too, Kacchan?” then he stares at the blonde. Bakugou tiredly sigh, releasing his straw of ice coffee making his lips reddened.

“Are you coming?” he asked back and Izuku nods enthusiastically, then Bakugou gets up when he spots his friends already go out form the library, “Then I’m not going, nerd.” He says sternly before goes out from the benches, doing small running towards his friends who hug him immediately.

Shouto wants to throw something to the back of Bakugou’s head for treating Izuku like that. See? And Momo dares to say that Bakugou is a kind and cute guy and Shouto really isn’t buying it now. He looks up at Izuku’s expression, only to watches the green haired boy giggles.

“Kacchan is cute...” he says and Shouto rolls his eyes.

Izuku is too kind for his own good.




“Dear, Satan, Eijirou, I’m not going to your club!”

Kirishima Eijirou doesn’t wanna hear him. He drags Katsuki to his club activity, again, and Katsuki really wants to punch him right now.

“Bro, you know we need you. The performance is in two days and we haven’t done anything on the background and,” he narrows his eyes, “You know you’re good at it. Please? I promised you I won’t sleep in your room for a whole week.” he begs, and Katsuki swears to God he could see tears on his best friend’s eyes.

Being in theater club doesn’t feel weird as it used to be because he’s been there for a while since the first time Eijirou dragged him there which was.... more than 2 years ago. But Katsuki has some reasons why he shouldn’t be doing this. First, he is not this club member. He’s in photography club which will be having a meeting in 2 hours and Katsuki needs to attend that. Second, he doesn’t like the nosiness. All the members of theater club talks a lot and Katsuki’s ears nearly burst out. And the third is...

“Ah... good morning, the light of my life.” Shindou You is staring at him with his sparkly eyes, holding some old flowers, picking the worst looking one and gives it to Katsuki.

Katsuki has to roll his eyes to those lame words. This man is Katsuki’s last also biggest reason not to come to any theater club activities.

“You look pretty as always, dear Princess. How about we meet to tonight for you know, date?” He runs his fingers on Katsuki’s already styled hair.

With wide eyes Katsuki moves away, “Whoa, whoa, hey my hair was cooperative today, you don’t want to touch it.” he sighs when Shindou gives him a wink.

“Okay, baby, I need to go to put this beautiful flowers away because they’re getting worse.” He makes kissy face to Katsuki and Katsuki needs to hold himself from throwing up.

Eijirou laughs at him, casually saying that Shindou senpai is all over you and no, Katsuki doesn’t believe any of that. He believes that Shindou does actually, definitely, hate him. He looks back at the rotting flower on his hand and groans. This is why he hates going in the theater club.

He throws it away. They go back to their track to the main stage and Katsuki rolls his eyes, glancing at Eijirou who smiles sheepishly, rubbing his cheeks as he apologized. Plain big wood board in front of him and Katsuki wonders how the fuck this club is still existing. He shakes his head as he come down from the stage.

“Impossible,” he could hear Eijirou whines and he groans, “It’s so wide and you guys didn’t even do anything with it yet! You’re joking me.”

“Katsuki, please? We will help!”                                                                    

See, Katsuki is a good friend. He might be a bitch and an asshole at the same time but he couldn’t let his best friend destroying his own performance because of this stupid background. He sighs and of course he agrees to it. Katsuki agrees to draw the sketch and all of the members of theater club help him in painting. Of course, he don’t want to do the biggest part on it.

“So,” Eijirou starts when they’re painting a plain, classic looking tree he ever draw.

Katsuki gives him a questioning look, “So, what?” he asks, putting some green color on his own small board. He stirs it for a while, ignoring the protest that came from the other theater members about painting all the big stuffs. Well it’s their own fault that they need to do it now.

“What do you mean, bro? Momo wanted you to hang out with her. And you know who will be there.” He shrugs, smiling like an idiot he is while painting.

Katsuki rolls his eyes, “No, I’m not talking about this shit.”

Eijirou gives him a dad disappointed look, stopping his movement, “You know that I know that you like him.”

Liked, and no I don’t anymore.”

“You’re lying.”

Katsuki sighs, choosing to focus on his task.

The time that they’re almost finished the board, Katsuki’s phone buzzed with notification. He takes his phone form his back pocket, typing some reply to Todoroki Shouto. The fucking Todoroki Shouto who randomly texted him two days ago to ask him for help. Help to get closer to fucking Deku. Todoroki is so whipped it hurts. Every body knows he has a huge gay crush on Deku since their first year. Even tho Deku started to date Uraraka –he doesn’t know the girl, but she seems sweet so he doesn’t see any problem, Todoroki still looks at Deku as if he’s coming from a fairy tale.

And no, Bakugou doesn’t want to help him not because he had a crush on Todoroki, but simply because he doesn’t wanna waste his time to that dense motherfucker.

[you know what? tell him, you coward. im not helping your worthless shit] he types, scowling to his phone. This fucker is really getting to his nerve.

“Who’s that?” Eijirou asks, his face is full of colors.

Katsuki srughs, “No one important.” And see his phone to check the time, “Oh shit, I need to be fast, Mirio senpai will kill me if I’m late to the meeting.” He gets up, “And you, Mr. Shark Teeth, you come with me tonight, drag Mina or someone else, I don’t care. I’m not gonna suffer alone.” He says, pointing at Eijirou when he walks down the stage.

“Bro, what the fuck?”

“I’m not listening. Pick me up in an hour!” Katsuki yells, going on his legs to walk out the theater building.




His phone vibrates on the desk right after he drop his towel on his bed.

Shouto, who is lying at his bed, gets up quickly to snatch it only to find a message from his father. He rolls his eyes. Shouto stares blankly at his phone screen, put it back down before opening his wardrope to change. He’s lying on his bed after changing his clothes, hair tousled everywhere and his heart beats so fast he almost scared it will jump out his chest.

He frowns grabbing his phone and frustratedly looking at the last message Bakugou sent him about 4 hours ago.

[you know what? tell him, you coward. im not helping your worthless shit]

He feels his eyes twitch. He couldn’t help but being bothered by that message. Coward he said, well, Shouto isn’t a coward and it’s perfectly normal to feel scared to confess to someone, also if Shouto is brave enough to confess to Izuku or getting closer to him, he wouldn’t ask Bakugou in the first place.

He hasn’t replied it yet, maybe Bakugou forgot it already.

With a frown, Shouto types his reply. [It’s not as easy as you think. I doubt you ever fall in love.]

He stares at his ceiling, phone lays beside him innocently.

Shouto gets up from his bed when his phone buzzed. He hates himself for being hopeful, but it’s not Bakugou’s reply he got. A message from Momo telling him to come quickly. He rolls his eyes, as he makes his way to the mirror, doing some make up and hair do before wearing his shoes. He quickly grabs his bag, puts some cologne and checking his reflection on the mirror again. Momo must have been in the Mall, maybe bringing some friends or Izuku, and maybe Uraraka. Damn, Shouto can’t even say her name without bitter taste on his tongue. Uraraka is a really sweet girl, he shouldn’t hurt her like this. But, love could make you do something stupid right?

Cursing softly, Shouto makes his way to his front door. He’s greeted by his mother who knits some scarf.

“Be careful on your way, Shouto...” she says with a smile, without leaving her cotton strings. Shouto smiles and mutters a yes before reaching his front door.

When he arrived at the mall, he didn’t expect this situation to be happened. Shouto stares at Momo, who obviously  brings her friends with her to their hangouts time. Shouto nearly curses out loud when he sees one and only Bakugou Katsuki, standing so proudly with his tight black ripped jeans and black long sleeve t-shirt. It’s an XL size and doesn’t even fit his body that well –it looks bigger. He looks like a child. Shouto frowns looking back at Bakugou who randomly chats with his friends. Did he wear eyeliner? His eyes look weird. Shouto doesn’t like it.

Again, didn’t he say he did not want to come? Then what in the world is he doing here?

He clears his throat and Momo waves at him.

She wears her favorite dress and legging as always. Shouto gives her a quick hug before greeting his friends. There’s Mina –a dark-skinned girl with pink hair and yellow eyes, she is Momo’s friend from Philosophy class, next to her is Kirishima, the hyperactive red-headed guy, he always wears crocs everyday, and next to him is the ball of anger, Bakugou.

“What the fuck are you looking at?”

Shouto blinks his eyes. Bakugou just hisses at him. With a frown, Shouto ignores him and asking where’s Izuku –because of him he’s willing to go out today. Momo answers him with some short he’ll be here in few minutes.

“Let’s just goddamn sit.” Again, Shouto glares at Bakugou who just checking his nails, acting like he’s some kind of Prince and curses softly it’s almost fake. They can’t just go and find a seat before Izuku come, right?

Shouto sighs, “If you really wanna sit, then go find yourself a seat.” Without thinking, Shouto snaps at Bakugou who looks at him with his wide eyes. Since when Bakugou has those big bright pretty eyes? Shouto slaps himself mentally. What the hell.

Bakugou gapes at him before laughs –at least that’s what Shouto wants it to be; he looks back at Shouto, “Easy there, popsicle head. I’m willing to go out because of Momo today and I wanna have fucking fun, not fighting with some random pretty boy.” He sneers, Shouto can see Kirishima quickly tugs Bakugou’s hand and squeezes it. Shouto’s brow twitches. Did they just--?

Shouto lets out a heavy sigh.

“Hey guys,” A sudden voice comes to him, Shouto brings his head up to find Izuku waving to them. A smile automatically formed on Shouto’s lips. Izuku’s presence could always warm his heart. He smiles gently before hugging Izuku on his waist and quickly release it to hug the girlfriend. Uraraka hugs him tightly before throwing herself to Mina and Momo.

“Kacchan is here too!” Shouto hates the way Izuku cheerfully greets the blond bomb.

Bakugou just shrugs, “Yeah, nerd, gotta problem with that?”

Izuku shakes his head, making his way to the blond, “No! I’m totally glad you’re here! I already missed you, you know!” he smiles while walking to Bakugou and gives him a quick hug. It’s strange that Izuku’s small body could cover the blond bomb body that easily. It’s heart-warming actually, until Bakugou kicks Izuku on his legs.

“Aaah, get off me already!”

“Sorry sorry...” Izuku laughs and pats the blond’s head.

“Then let’s just go!” Momo speaks cheerfully. Shouto regrets his decision to come.

Soon, they walk around the mall, searching for some shoes for Kirishima and clothes for the girls. Shouto himself buys a watch because his current one wasn’t worked anymore. He’s looking at some watches when his shoulder bumps with someone’s face. Shouto quickly apologize. It must be on the person’s cheek because it feels super soft.

“Ah, sorry---”

“Watch your move, dickhead!” Shouto hears a hiss sound from his side.

Shouto’s apology died inside his mind. Bakugou stares at him, rubbing his chubby cheek while his mouth curses. Ah... now, the mole isn’t visible at all. He must be wearing some make up. He still rubs his cheeks. It’s disgustingly cute. No, cute is not a word for Bakugou Katsuki. There’s nothing in him that could be identified as cute. Shouto gapes at him and can’t help but saying, “It’s just you’re too short.” He shrugs, wanting the blonde head pissed and just go away.

But of course he didn’t, “What did you say, popsicle head? We’re just fucking 5 cm apart, don’t be cocky.” He shakes his head, making his blonde furr bounces a little. There’s a little pink dusted on the tip of the blond’s cheek bones and strangely it makes Shouto couldn’t look away.

“Oh, and you need to work on you insult.” He adds. Shouto flinches. God, this guy is too much.

Shouto doesn’t know how to response that one so he clears his throat instead and says, “Look, Bakugou, I don’t want to fight you. And I’m serious about my request that day.” He says with low tone and for a second Bakugou stares at him with his big bright crimson eyes.

If Shouto hasn’t fell in love with Izuku, maybe he’ll be drown on Bakugou’s deep stare. It feels like he’s being hypnotized. He doesn’t realized that Bakugou moves his plump lips to reply him.

“What do you want me to do then?”

Shouto blinks, expecting a sharper or meaner reply. He clears his throat still staring down to Bakugou, “Tell me about him, give me advice to get closer to him.” He says and wonders why he’s whispering to Bakugou.

Bakugou lets out a sigh, “Halfie, oh Halfie, pinning over a married man. How miserable can you get?” he smirks, a hint of amusement on his voice. Shouto takes a deep breath –for a moment like this he’s glad he’s a calm person.

“I’m not going to steal him, I just want to get it out my chest. I thought if I say that to him, I’ll be--”

Bakugou sways his hand, “Whatever. I’m not helping you.” And he processes to walk away.

Shouto grabs his arm without thinking, “Wait, please...” he says and then realizing that he’s still grabbing the smaller man’s arm tightly. Feeling slightly guilty, Shouto losses his grasps in a silent apology. “Just... until I confessed. Please..” he says again hoping Bakugou would agree.

After a few second of staring contest, Bakugou let’s out a huff of mockery laugh, “Deku is the short one.” He says softly, walking away from Shouto’s sight.

Shouto bits his lip. Bakugou didn’t really give him any answer. Shouto sighs thinking about calling the blond again. But of course he couldn’t. He don’t want to yell in the middle of the mall, looking like crazy so he just let him go.

Shouto curses, this is exactly why he doesn’t like Bakugou. He’s too much to handle. Even with his attractive (according to Momo) appearance, Bakugou has no heart.

His phone vibrates and Shouto nearly flinches.

[fine i’ll try to help u. u owe me a bottle of banana milk btw]

A smile ghosting Shouto’s lips.

“Shouto, let’s go!” Shouto snaps his head to Momo. She waves at him with three big paper bags in both of her hands.





Shouto types his reply as soon as his head meets with his pillows. Smile spreads wide on his lips as he re-read Bakugou’s message. With a sigh he lays his body fully on the bed.

[Okay. Why banana?]

[because i like it, shithead.]

Shouto snorts. Childish taste the blond has.

[So what should I do for the first step?]

Shouto sends the message and changes his clothes. It’s already 10 at night and he still didn’t feel tired. After a few minutes he finishes changing and throws himself back to his bed. His phone vibrates. Without missing a second, Shouto opens the message.

He smiles widely finding Izuku texted him.

[Shou!! I need to borrow your Sociology notes for the exam next week. Can I?]

[Of course. I’d love to lend you mine.]

Shouto laughs a bit. He runs his long fingers trough his silky hair, replying Izuku’s messages one by one. Then a message from Bakugou stratles him.

[easy halfie. meet me at club tomorrow.]

Without replying Bakugou’s message Shouto backs to his chatroom with his love. Shouto smiles as he replies Izuku, trying to remember the green haired guy’s smile. But the only thing he could think is a small cute black point under a red bright eye before he drifted to sleep.


Chapter Text

“YOU saved our performance, Katsuki, let me kiss you!”

Katsuki groans as he wakes up from his bed. It’s barely 7 in the fucking morning but Eijirou decides to be a jerk and wakes him up. He doesn’t even have any class until 11. “Yeah, then good for you, dickhead.” He groans, feeling a sudden headache.

“Yeah, and we’re coming tonight too.” There’s a pause like Eijirou is talking to someone else then he’s back, “And of course you have our VIP seat for the show tomorrow.”

Katsuki nods his head even if he knows that Eijirou doesn’t see it.

“Then I’ll see you in school, I love you.”

“Yeah, I don’t.” He murmurs sleepily. Part of him wants to go back to sleep and never wake up for at least 2 hours but his stomach wants some good breakfast.


“Well I guess you will have some simple shit today, stomach.” He mutters to his flat stomach and rushes into his kitchen.

In an hour he could make himself a plate of simple fried rice with two sunny sided eggs, a small plate of kimchi and other side dishes. He take his phone off the table and click his camera on, taking picture of his dish. After 4 pictures taken, he nods in satisfaction. He sits quickly, put his phone back on his table wanting to have some nice and peace breakfast.

Before he goes to campus, he doesn’t forget to post his dish earlier. Tapping the post sign on his phone he posts the picture he likes the most to his Instargam account.

two sunny sided eggs today. have a fucking nice day, guys.

Right after he tweets it, a lot of notifications bombed his phone and he doesn’t bother to see all of them. Small smile ghosting his lips. He walks out his apartment building in silence, greeting some people he knows, not that he wants to, but he doesn’t want to be called an asshole by his neighbors. It would be super annoying because he sees them almost everyday.

People never shut their motherfucking mouths anyway.

Katsuki opens his class’ door and almost cringes to himself when all the heads turn on him. He’s quietly making his way to the back row of the class ignoring his proff’s eyes on him. If he was pissed, he doesn’t show it. Katsuki takes out his notes, cursing softly when he feels his phone vibrates. He forgot to sets his phone is silence.

The door’s opened again and now he could hear Aizawa’s sigh. He almost snorts.

“Sorry for intruding.”

Katsuki’s laugh died in his throat. He looks down at Todoroki Shouto, the pretty boy he doesn’t like. The dual-haired boy walks up to him and cursing softly when their eyes meet. Katsuki puts on his best poker face when Todoroki takes seat beside him. No, it’s not that Katsuki feels funny inside his stomach or something. Like he said, he doesn’t like Todoroki Shouto.

And to be clear, it wasn’t like some stupid childish crush that he had back when they’re in the first year when Todoroki helped him on his first class after he was moving to Tokyo. No it wasn’t.

Okay, he liked him.

But no, Katsuki doesn’t have those stupid fluttering feelings anymore. Todoroki doesn’t even remember it anyway, not that Katsuki whises he would. He’s not that pathetic.

And he thought that helping Todoroki with his pathetic crush on Deku would completely erase Katsuki’s old feelings on him. So it’s a win-win situation.

He glances at Todoroki who keeps busy with his backpack. He holds himself from asking because to be honest, it is bothering him. He looks at Todoroki’s notes and realized that Todoroki doesn’t have any pen. It seems like he is searching for some writing tools. So, Katsuki gives him one.

He’s a gentleman anyway.

“Here, use this.” He says in hushed voice.

The look at Todoroki’s face is so funny and if he isn’t in Phylosophy class, he would laugh out loud. But Katsuki doesn’t wanna piss their proffesor off so he just let small smirk appears on his face. Todoroki looks hesitate for a moment before his big hand grabs Katsuki’s pen and put it on his desk. He mutters something like a thank you and frowning.

Katsuki couldn’t help being an ass himself and comments, “Maybe you really need to check your brain first before going to class.”

Todoroki huffs a breath.




“You won’t believe what Kacchan said next...” Izuku gulps his juice again and laughs a bit. It is an adorable view for Shouto. Sitting on the bench, near his campus with the love of his life drinking his favorite orange juice, telling him about his childhood again. Shouto could live like this forever.

With a gentle smile Shouto asks, “He said what?”

Izuku laughs again, “That the teacher never knew that his shoes is not his. It’s the principal one.”

Shouto chuckles, not because of the story –he doesn’t care what in the world Bakugou did when they were kids, but Izuku laughs is the best sound he ever heard. So Shouto nods his head again, choosing to stare at Izuku’s adorable face. It’s still weird –he doesn’t know why, to hear Bakugou’s name from Izuku’s mouth. Kacchan sounds wrong. It’s cute nickname tho. It also sounds friendly but Bakugou is not cute, not friendly either.

Shouto commented, “You seem to be so fond of him. You know he’s a bad influence.”

Izuku rolls his beautiful eyes, “Shouto, no. He’s not bad influence, honestly, he’s my reason to be better. Because of him I want to be a stronger person.” He shrugs, eating his sandwich with a smile.

“Whatever, Izu. He’s still bad in my eyes.”

Shouto doesn’t wanna to admit that what Bakugou did in their class today was something he would never think the blond would do. He plays with the orange, cute pen in his hand. To be honest, he didn’t think he would ended up sitting beside Bakugou in his first class today. He hates that he shares three classes with the blond and not once in his life he sits beside the blond, until today. Bakugo is surprisingly quiet inside the class. Shouto admits he doesn’t really pay any attention to his class, but he’s sure that Bakugo has a good grade.

Shouto flips his –Bakugou’s pen, finding himself smiling.

Izuku chuckles, “You just need to know him better.”

“Everyone seems to be telling me that. I know him enough already.” Shouto groans, secretly agrees on Izuku’s statement but of course he denied it.

Izuku shakes his head, “Avoiding him will just make you curious tho.”

Shouto shots him an annoyed look, “I guess it can’t be helped.” He shrugs.

Izuku speaks again after a few second, “Hey, so what about your exhibition?”

At that question, Shouto’s head snaps. He gapes at Izuku who stares him with curiosity, “My what?”

“Your exhibition, genius. You have that. Wait,” Izuku leans forward, “Oh my God, Shouto, you didn’t attend your club meeting, did you?”

Shit. Shouto blinks his multicoloured eyes blankly. He forgot to attend the meeting.

“Kirishima told me about the culture festival next month. I guess your club want to make some exhibition at the main hall.” Izuku informs him with a scowl.

“Shit, I guess I need to be there in a few minutes. I need to give them apology after all.” Shouto quickly stands up, grabs his phone and bag. “I need to be there earlier at least.” That’s and also he has promised Bakugou to meet him in the club. The only thing he could do is being there as soon as possible and hopes the blond is not to pissed of him to finally decline his request two times.

Izuku laughs, “You’re too much. But maybe yes, Kacchan’s gonna kill you if you’re late.”

Shouto rolls his eyes, “Stop talking about him.” And he waves his hand, taking his leave.

Shouto walks around the campus, going to the small vending machine right before the baseball field, putting some money into it and press the banana milk button. At least he still remembers to buy Bakugou a bottle of banana milk. Shouto stares at the yellow bottle on his hand. It’s way cuter than he imagine. Shaking his head he quickly runs upstairs to the second floor. He quickly opens the club’s door which luckily isn’t locked. Shouto glances around the room, he could see a bag in one of the chair there. Surely someone has come first. Shouto sighs, dropping himself to some random chair and rests his head on the table. It’s strange that he could forget about his routine. It feels more strange that all he could think is the ball of rage, Bakugou.

He sighs and decides to text Izuku for spending the time.

His phone buzzed again and Shouto, still with a smile, is ready to type his reply. That’s when suddenly the club’s door opened.

Bakugou Katsuki’s expression is nothing but shock. His red eyes widened with a complete blank face. It looks like he doesn’t expect Shouto to come to club. For a second Bakugou blinks his long eyelashes and Shouto wants to bang his own head for thinking that Bakugou looks... definitely attractive with his smaller figure covered in a big red t-shirt and a tight black pants. The evening sunlight from the window reflects his body. Shouto blames his stupid brain –he thinks it’s a beautiful view. They stare each other for a minute.

It’s the blond who break the silence with his snarls, “Stop staring, you creepy shithead.” Bakugou moves his legs to the chair next to him. So the bag is his. Shouto frowns.

“Why are you here?” he asks and nearly slaps himself.

Bakugou looks at him with his sharp eyes, “Well, why are you here?”

“C’mon, you said that we would meet here,” Shouto rolls his eyes. Bakugou just snorts, he takes his sketch book out form his bag and his drawing supplies.

 “So, the deal.” Bakugou suddenly looks at him, his pretty fingers take his drawing book from his bag. He leans forward to stare at Shouto’s eyes, a small smirk plastered on his face.

Shouto finds himself smiling, “Yeah?” he places the banana milk between them and Bakugou’s face lit up. He looks like a kid.

“God, I haven’t drink this today.” He pouts, stabbing the straw to the bottle.

“So, what should I do?”

Bakugou raises his eyebrow, “Can I ask you a question first?” he asks.

“Okay, what is it?”

Small frown formed on Bakugou’s pretty face, “You know that he’s dating Uraraka, right? You still want to steal him?”

Shouto blinks his eyes. Right. Of course he would ask that, it’s not like Shouto isn’t prepared to answer it. He just doesn’t really expect Bakugou to ask him this. The word steal shouldn’t be as hurt as he feels now. He's aware that he’s selfish but hearing Bakugou said it makes his heart tightening.

“I’m not going to ‘steal’ him. I just want to... take this off my chest. Maybe if I confessed, I’ll be relieved.” Also maybe Izuku has same feelings as him and they’re being together even tho it seems to be impossible, but hey, a man could dream. But Bakugou doesn’t need to hear that.

Bakugou hums a little, eyeing Shouto with his narrowed eyes. Shouto rolls his eyes, “What is it? You have a judging face.” He frowns.

Bakugou shrugs, “Oh, don’t mind me, Mr. Perfect. I just thought that it’s weird to... you know... try to get close to a committed man,” he shrugs, “Kinda bad, y’know?”

Shouto snorts mockingly, “What do you know about loving someone? Say, have you ever fell in love?” he asks.

Bakugou just stares at him, silently placing his banana milk down. If Shouto doesn’t know Bakugou, he would say that Bakugou’s face almost looks like sad. But of course he’s not sad. The trademark smirk goes back on his face.

“You’re not an expert in this shit too, Halfie.” he calmly answers, averting his gaze down and sipping his milk in silence. Well, he’s not wrong, but somehow Shouto hates it.

Bakugou speaks again, “As far as I know Deku, he’s a loyal person, you know.” He shrugs, “And to be honest, I doubt that you have any chance with him.”

Shouto knows that, damn. He frowns choosing to ignore Bakugou’s comment.

“But I guess confessing to him doesn’t sound too bad.” Shouto snaps his head up, finding a blinding sight of how bright Bakugou’s little smile is. His heart beats faster.

Bakugou adds, “Tomorrow. Eijirou’s club will make a performance at the Theater Arena of Performing Art Department building. Deku will be there too and I’ll make you sit with him.” He smiles wider, “How does it sound?”

Shouto huffs a small chuckle out. His heart grows warm over the blond’s words, tightening  to the point Shouto couldn’t describe it in any words. A smile formed on his lips, looking at Bakugou with a soft gaze, “Thank you.” He whispers.

Bakugou frowns, the tip on his ears turn into cute shade of pink. Shouto almost chuckles. Then he remembers something.

“But Bakugou, about the exhibition...”

Bakugou quickly snaps at him, “So you know about the fucking project, huh?!” his hair bounces a little and it reminds Shouto of cotton candy. He wonders if it’s as soft as it looks like. “You never attend the club activities yet you asked about it? Wanna be some good student now, don’t you?” Bakugou stares at him mockingly.

Shouto shrugs, “Izuku mentioned it before. Sorry for not attending the last meeting.”

Bakugou rolls his eyes. He lets a huff of breath out, “Stupid.” He picks up his pencil, starts to brush it on his paper, “We have a photo exhibition project. Since it’s a photography club then we can submit our photos for exhibition in about two weeks from now. We still discussed about the theme tho.” He explains. Shouto is taken aback with the answer.

“You...” Shouto tries to speak, he chokes on his own spit, “...uh, you’re not swearing?”

“HAH? Do you want me to swear so bad, popsicle head?!!”

Shouto flinches a bit. God, Bakugou is too much to handle. He shakes his head, thanking God that he’s not the blond’s family –he would be deaf with the yelling. Shouto wants to snap back at him but instead he stare the blond’s face long enough to find another little mole under his left eye, right on his bottom lashes. His hand moves to touch the blonde’s cheek. He strokes the soft flawless skin.

He mutters, “You have a birth mark here.”

Bakugou slaps his hand away, “What the fuck, Todoroki? Hands off me.” A scowl formed on his face but a tiny bit red tint paint his cheeks.

“Oh sorry...” Shouto quickly puts his hand back to his lap. What is wrong with him?

They fall into an awkward silence, thanks to Shouto’s hand. Suddenly Bakugou asks him, “So, what are you gonna do with the fucking project?” His voice is low, as if he’s whispering.

Well that’s an unexpected question. Shouto is not ready to answer that. Really now... he just knew about the project 15 minutes ago, what is he supposed to answer? Saying that he doesn’t know? Well that’s not a good point. Bakugou will only laugh at him.

“Well, something about nature I guess.” He answers shortly, hoping Bakugou will just accept it and let it go.

Instead, Bakugou responses him, “I have some ideas for nature too, but I haven’t decided yet.” He shrugs, adding some pressure to his drawing. He’s drawing a butterfly and flowers.

What’s with this sudden softness? Shit. Now that he looks at Bakugou’s figure closely, he could see how long his eyelashes are, how pink his lips are and even how bright his eyes are, and that’s not good for his weak gay heart.

“What are you looking at, creep?”

Shouto blinks. He shakes his head, “N-nothing.”


“You take art right? Why did you choose photography club?” Shouto finds himself asking the blonde. At first, Bakugou just shrugs his shoulder, continue to add the details on his butterfly. It’s very beautiful to be honest. Guess Bakugou really has a thing for art.

Come to think of it, Shouto didn’t really pay any attention to Bakugou nor his drawing or even his pictures.

A few second passed and Shouto almost forget his own question. Bakugou answers him, “My uncle was a model photographer for some fashion magazine too when he’s young, before he and my Mom began their own industry. It’s fun and simple. I like simple things.”

Bakugou nods as he feels proud of his answer before he speaks again, “On the other hand, visual art took more than skills, it has feelings and messages that being delivered directly to audience. Not everybody could understand visual art, but still it has deeper feelings. Beside, we’re unlimited when it comes to study, I don’t want to limit myself either. I want to try it all.” He picks up his copic and uses it, “I think I’m pretty good at both, tho.”

Shouto snorts, “What a big head.” He says. Oh... Shouto realized they fell into a comfortable talk now. It feels so natural and unforced, almost fake. Does he really talk with Bakugou just now? But really, the answers Bakugou gave makes Shouto feels some respect for the guy. Only a little tho. But still.

“You’re really a dick, you know,” Bakugou scowls, glaring at Shouto’s direction.

Shouto finds himself chuckles. What the... Quickly he clears his throat, making sure that Bakugou doesn’t catch his chuckles before. Did he just find Bakugou’s words... cute?

“Oh, it’s raining... fuck, I didn’t bring my umbrella.” Bakugou suddenly looks out the window and true, it’s raining. Heavily. Lucky, Shouto brought his umbrella today. The blonde head frowns again, tucking back his sketch book to his bag.

“Guess I should probably listen to Shitty Hair,” he huffs a pout.

Without thinking Shouto opens his mouth, “We can share later.”

The blond blinks. So does Shouto.

What the hell.




Bakugou Katsuki lives not too far from campus. His apartment building couldn’t be described as fancy, but not too cheap either. Well, for some art student like him, all he needs is just a big room for his works and some simple chores. At least that’s what Shouto could tell when he enters the apartment complex.

After Bakugou opens his door, Shouto doesn’t know what to do. He could go back, maybe buying some beer on his way home, pretend it didn’t happen that he just walked with Bakugou Katsuki sharing umbrella in the middle of October, doing nothing and regrets all of this in the morning. But then Bakugou pops his head out from he supposedly thinks as kitchen.

“Are you gonna stand there and freeze to death or come in and maybe I’ll make you some chamomile tea?” he asks raising his eyebrow. Shouto, for a second losing his composure. He’s taken aback by the blond’s statement.

“Okay...” he comes inside, puts his shoes beside Bakugou’s red Nike ones.

“Sit down or whatever, I’ll be back.” Bakugou’s voice muffled by something, or maybe it’s just Shouto’s ears.

Shouto looks at fluffy looking peach color couch. After a few second of hesitation, he gives up and sits down, just to smell something so... so Bakugou and for a second Shouto wonders why he could think that. He looks around to find a 72 inched TV in front of him, two cute hedgehogs plushies on the couch beside him, glass desk, and a small space on his left which Shouto supposed as bed room. He glances at the wall, there’s a lot of drawings. It seems like Bakugou painted his own apartment. He finds a few framed pictures beside Bakugou’s TV. One of them is his pictures with his friends, smiling widely at Disney Land and Bakugou wearing cute cat ears, on its right is Bakugou’s pictures with two adults which maybe his parents. He looks so young, maybe 12 or something. Beside it is his picture with... Izuku. They’re smiling, making a peace sign. Shouto holds back a smile.

They’re cute.

His phone buzzed, Shouto opens it quickly.

[Thanks for the note, Shou!! I’ll give it to Momo for you tomorrow!]

Shouto snorts, he quickly replies the message and smiling, suddenly feeling light despite his own fastened heart beat for being in his supposedly enemy’s apartment. He could hear some glass sound from in front of him and Bakugou Katsuki appears, not only with two glasses of camomile tea but also a loose black t-shirt and wearing orange bobby pins around his hair, makes his eyes shine brighter. Bakugou with no make up looks almost the same, except for some part of his eyes and his beauty mark becomes visible.

Yup, he’s definitely attractive.

“Thanks.” Shouto murmurs, suddenly feeling awkward around the blond.

Bakugou smiles, “No problem there, Todoroki. Hey, your shirt is wet.” He points out Shouto’s shoulder.


Shouto wasn’t realized his left shoulder is soaking with rain water. He quickly apologizes for soaking Bakugou’s couch, “Sorry, Bakugou. I didn’t pay any attention on my shirt.”

“No, the fuck are you talking about? Gimme that shirt.” Bakugou stands up, waiting Shouto who hesistantly unbotton his blue shirt, leaving him in his white t-shirt. He handed Bakugou the fabric, and the blond walks away. Soon the sound of washing machine could be heard.

Shouto smirks in amusement.

He sips the hot tea. It’s good. It’s really good. Shouto wouldn’t mind to spend his day at home, enjoying the sound of heavy rain around him, calm atmosphere of his favorite indie songs that played in low volume while drinking this. Oh, and talking with Izuku would be more perfect.

When a faint foot steps sound echoing the room, Shouto places his cup on the table. Bakugou brings some big red jacket he recognized as Art Department jersey.

“Here, use this for a minute. So that you don’t catch cold.”

Shouto mutters a thanks.

“Is this yours?” Shouto asks while wearing the big jacket, slightly confused because as far as he could see, Bakugou’s size would be at least one size smaller than his. Because this jacket fits perfectly on his body.

Bakugou shakes his head, leaning backward, “Nope. It’s Eijirou’s and I know it would fit you just fine.” He shrugs.

Ah. Of course, right? Shouto knows these two are something. Well, it’s not his business and Bakugou has been kind enough to lend him his boyfriend’s jacket so.

“Thank you.”

Bakugou smiles, “Sure thing.”

The rain outside is getting heavier. It’s still 6 in the evening but already super dark. Shouto thinks about going home but with this heavy rain he would be soaked still. Not to mention that he has Kirishima’s jacket on him now.

Shouto finishes his tea quickly.

“Do you want to stay for a minute? The squad will come to play some dumb game tonight.” Bakugou asks, lifting both of their glasses form his desk.

Shouto shakes his head, thinking that this is the chance he could go home, “No thanks.”

“Well, then...” Bakugou puts the glasses back on the desk, “I could lend you some bag if you want?” he offers.

Shouto looks at his back and finds it still dry, “No. It wouldn’t be necessary.” He smiles, and Bakugou frowns. A small pout on his lips makes Shouto’s smile wider.

Then they walked to Bakugou’s door, saying goodbye and Shouto walks back home. The small cute orange shaped pen still stays inside his bag.

Chapter Text



“No? That’s all you have to say after all of these?”

Katsuki rolls his eyes, putting his lens on his irises while muttering, “What do you want me to say, you ungrateful dick?” he asks, focusing on his eyes and not bother to pay any glance to a bundle of green hair on his bed.

Katsuki was having a good damn time, cooking some pancakes and pouring some honey on that goddamn puffy cakes when Midoriya Izuku brags into his apartment –that time Katsuki regreted his decision to give him his spare key. The green haired boy didn’t even bat an eyelashes on Katsuki when he started speaking about Uraraka that couldn’t attend Kirishima’s performance because she needs to go to her home town and asked Katsuki to sit beside him tonight.

And that’s why he’s now laying on Katsuki’s big pillows, whining non-stop for Kacchan to sit with him because he’ll get lonely. Ignoring him completely, Katsuki puts some natural reddish shade on his eyelids before putting some thin line above his pale eyelashes. Ugh, his eyelashes are so pale it makes him look softer than he wants to be.

“But then who should I invite? I have two tickets and you already have your own.” Katsuki could hear Deku’s whine from his place.

This is it, Katsuki could give a try to make that Todoroki bastard sits beside Deku. Katsuki has planned to ask Eijirou for some spare ticket but it looks like the fortune God’s on Todoroki’s side.

“You could give it to Todoroki,” he says, putting some lipbalm on his already pink lips. He turns around, pointing on his face and asks, “How’s my face?”

Deku pouts and it reminds him that Deku has been a crybaby since they’re kids. Even with his bigger frame and manlier face he still looks cute with his childish kind actions. Those baby fat haven’t gone completely and Katsuki hates to admit that the hulk is adorable. Katsuki growls at him, “Deku, I’m asking you a question.”

Deku smiles at him, “Yeah, I’m thinking about inviting him too. Also, you don’t need to ask, you look pretty as always.” He mutters winking and Katsuki snorts.

“Ew, gay.” And Deku laughs, getting up from his position to hug Katsuki on his petite waist. He whispers, “I might be gay for you, Katsuki...” pecking Katsuki on his temple.

With a groan Katsuki rolls his eyes, “Stop using your flirty voice lowly like that. Gross.” Katsuki grabs his bag, not forget to grab a small plastic bag of Todoroki’s shirt inside.

“Let’s go. You don’t want to be expelled from Hizashi’s class this morning.” He says and Izuku groans.

“Kacchan...” he whines but grabs his own bag too.

“Don’t you have morning practice?” Katsuki asks adjusting his bag.

Deku shrugs, “Canceled, the field is still wet from rain.”

Katsuki glances at him, “Remember to not strain yourself. If you do that again I’ll kill you,” he hisses and receives an Okay, Kacchan and a tight hug.

When they enter the Economic Department, Katsuki takes his phone to remind that dense popsicle hair.

[tonight at theatre building]

The reply doesn’t come eventually so Katsuki puts his phone back to his jeans pocket. That’s when a mop of brown hair comes to his vision. Uraraka Ochako runs towards them, wearing a cute fade pink blouse and tight blue jeans, three bobby pins on her thick side bang. Katsuki doesn’t really know this girl personally. He just knows that this girl is Deku’s girlfriend that he met on his way to their English class on the first year. He simply steps backwards to allow the girl stops beside Deku.

“Baby,” Deku wraps his huge arms on Uraraka’s smaller body and hugs her tightly, “I miss you. Why are you here this early?”

Uraraka rolls her eyes and smacks Deku’s arm playfully, “I have morning class, remember?”

Katsuki has to roll his eyes when Deku pouts to gain a small peck on his lips. Katsuki’s gay ass couldn’t handle this straightness. That’s when Todoroki motherfucking Shouto walks with his other friends towards them. Their eyes meet for a second before Todoroki fake coughs –how dare that motherfuker? Katsuki frowns when Uraraka and Deku smile toward the dual-haired boy.

“Hello guys,” he says, smiling his blinding smile and no, Katsuki’s heart doesn’t get fastened.

Katsuki only grunts while Uraraka and Deku greet him cheerfully.

“Hi, Shou!”

Then he begins to talk with Deku about their shared class and Goddamnit Todoroki needs to fucking learn how to not being so obvious. The imaginary flowers around them are enough to make Katsuki feels dizzy of Todoroki’s stupidness. Deku’s rambling about his class and Katsuki has to kick him on his ass to stop him, gaining a hatefull glares from his girlfriend and Todoroki. Katsuki shrugs. When they go to their class, leaving Uraraka and Katsuki in front of Economic Department Audio Visual buliding, Katsuki sends a warning glare to Todoroki that only replied by a wink.

A fucking wink.

Katsuki wants to slap himself.

Katsuki notices he’s being watched and he turns his head to his left. True, the girl’s watching him with a hateful stare mixed with confussion and a little bit of... curiousity. Katsuki frowns feeling like being judged for his appearance. There’s nothing wrong with his costume today right? Just a simple blue hoodie and black tight ripped jeans, well, maybe a little accesories on his neck and piercings. But that is totally normal.

“Uh... I’ll get going,” he says frowning, “See you or what the fuck ever.” He waves his hand, not bother to wait for Uraraka’s reply as he walks down the stairs to go to his first class.

He still feels the lingering stare even when he’s entering his Department building.

He shivers.




“So you’re telling me that you will be the hero tonight?”

Katsuki rolls his eyes, snatching one of Eijirou’s egg rolls when Ashido Mina asked. Really now, who’s dumb enough to spill their own performance’s plot? Eijirou just wants compliments and pats on his head. Just like a puppy. Katsuki smiles towards him. Well, that’s why they’re friends in the first place anyway.

“Aren’t you guys exited?!” Eijirou beams at them and they only laugh at the puppy’s energy.

“But bro, isn’t that a spoiler?”

Thank God. Katsuki almost yells at Sero Hanta –a lanky, gay, black straight haired boy beside him and gives him a big thumb up for his sentence.

Eijirou gapes at them, “Eh?! Really?”

“Really.” Mina nods and Kaminari Denki snickers beside her. The yellow haired boy slaps his hand on Eijirou’s back when the red hair pouts.

“But you guys still come right?”

Hanta and Denki nod almost in synch. Katsuki frowns, tch those love birds. Mina gives him her big smile, “Of course, baby boy!”

Katsuki nods, putting his banana milk on the table, “Yeah, as much as I want to nap, I guess I couldn’t ditch your request away. Besides you will use my painting afterall.” He smirks when Eijirou whines.

“Katsuki you’re not suppossed to tell them that~”

Mina wiggles her pink eyebrows. Lord, Katsuki should really tell her that those pink eyebrows look awfull on her tan skin. But whatever, its not like Mina isn’t pretty or something. He hears her saying about Katsuki will have a big payment so let’s go partying and no, Katsuki doesn’t allow them to use his money to go to a goddamn party.

“I don’t think Katsuki will allow that.” Hanta says, smirking at him and Katsuki pats his shoulder.

“You know me too well, my brother.” He says mockingly at Mina and the girl stucks her tongue out.

“Shut up, you just want to get wasted!” Katsuki throws his tomato at her.

“Eww, Kat! It’s gross!” Mina whines and the boys laugh at her, “Also, maybe I want to get laid.”

“Drag you huge lesbian ass out of here, Maam.” Denki says sipping his coke, waves his hand absentmindly at his friend and they laugh again.

Then someone comes making them shut up for a second. Katsuki lifts his gaze up, meeting with two different colors of irises. Well damn, Katsuki always finds those eyes fascinating for some reason. Then he could hear Eijirou and the other guys leave with whatever the fuck excuses they have. Todoroki still smiles, looking down at him before plopping his flat ass on the chair in front of him. Katsuki raises his eyebrows.

“Aren’t you supposed to sit at Deku’s table and wooing him?” Katsuki asks as Todoroki leans in. Katsuki’s eyes go wide.

“What the fuck, Todoroki?” he hisses as he feels his cheeks burnt. Great. Get yourself together Katsuki! This guy has a motherfucking crush to your childhood friend, for sweet God’s sake!

Todoroki laughs softly and hell, Katsuki wants to run, “I just want to give this back.” Todoroki thrusts some plastic bag with Eijirou’s jacket inside at him, Katsuki raises his eyebrows accepting it.

“Okay,” he says, “Then what?”

Todoroki hums a little, “Say, Bakugou,” but Katsuki cuts him there, “Stop.”

Katsuki shakes his head. He hates when his friends call him with his old-man’s name. It makes him feels old, “Call me Katsuki. Don’t call me with my old-man’s name, it makes me feel old.” He rolls his eyes and Todoroki chuckles.

“Then you should call me Shouto,” he says.

Katsuki frowns at him, “Why the hell should I call you that, Todoroki?

“It seems fair.” He shrugs.

Katsuki squints his eyes, “Okay, Prince Charming,” because Todoroki does look like a Prince or whatever, “What are you doing here scaring my friends away?” he asks.

Todoroki shakes his head, “I didn’t mean to scare them away.”

“Well, you did, genius.”

“Please let me talk first, Jesus.”

Katsuki has to hold back a snort before his poker face cracked. Lord, he loves teasing this dense guy. “Okay, continue.”

“Say, Katsuki, do you have any plan after this?”

Katsuki blinks at that question, “Well, I have some illustration class after this also I have to go to Eijirou’s performance tonight and I believe you would go there too.” He says before leaning back, “Before that, I don’t know. Maybe I just want to laze around at my room.”

Todoroki sends him a blinding smile, “Cool. I want you to pick an outfit for me.”

Wait, what the fuck? Katsuki frowns, leaning in to squint his eyes at Todoroki, “What the fuck, Todoroki?”

“That’s the second times you ask me that today.”

“I don’t give a shit. Aren’t you supposed to have a personal designer or stylist or whatever?”

Todoroki laughs, “You make me sound like a celebrity.”

“Well, your father and brother are motherfucking actors.” Katsuki’s shrugs. Todoroki Shouto is a pretty handsome unbelievebly rich motherfucker. Katsuki knows the world is unfair but this asshole seems to have all the fortune.

Todoroki shakes his head, “No, God. It would be troublesome. I am just a normal college student.” He says leaning back, “Besides it’s me we are talking about, not my father, nor my brother.”

Katsuki still doesn’t understand why he should deal with Todoroki’s shit. It’s up to him to wear anything. Not that the clothes wouldn’t be good at him!

“Okay, but why me?”

Todoroki blinks like an owl, “Well, as long as I could remember, you promised to help me getting closer to Izuku.” He says.

Katsuk gasps, “I didn’t say I promised, fucker. I said I would try to help you.”

Todoroki shrugs, “Sounds the same.”

“I’ll murder you.”

Todoroki ignores it, “So? I’ll pick you up at your apartment?” he asks, “Or what?”

“Goddamnit Todoroki...”

“It’s Shouto for you, Katsuki.”

Katsuki hates that his heart pounds soundly. He’s afraid that Todoroki might hear it. It takes a moment for Katsuki to stare back at Todoroki without feeling nervous and hot around his cheeks. He lets a small huff out, “Fine, whatever, fuck boy. Just... meet me in front of Art Department building. Beside the gallery.”

Todoroki smiles, “Sweet.” He stands up, “I’ll meet you there, just text me yeah? Also, please say thanks to your boyfriend for lending me his jacket the night before.”

Katsuki gapes.

Wait. What the fuck?

That fucker.




[I’m outside your class, Katsuki.]

Katsuki groans, putting his head on his desk. He looks up to his work –a simple illustration of people on the street, and a heavy sigh comes out from his parted lips. He types back and regrets all his decison to help Todoroki on his love life matters.

[kay i’ll be out in 15 minutes, i guess]

[Sweet, okay. Don’t let me disturb your class.]

Just when Katsuki wants to reply, a stern voice hits his ear from behind, “Care to share your messages with the whole class, Mr. Bakugou?”

God damn it. “No, Sir, I’m sorry.” He puts his phone back to his pocket.


Katsuki gets up from his seat right after the profesor goes out. He sighs again suddenly feeling so tired. Hell, Todoroki Shouto is so dangerous. He is so dangerous that Katsuki’s heartbeats faster everytime he talks to him. Like? How could he sound so calm and soft at him like he never had a feeling of killing Katsuki in the first place? Katsuki is not dumb enough to not notice every hate stares directed at him. Hell, he’s a jerk to Deku and of course people would think that he’s a bad guy or whatever. Well, except his friends, they’re stupid anyways. Not that he doesn’t know that Todoroki hates his gut. Maybe more because he has a fucking crush on Deku.

Does he seriously think that asking for Katsuki’s help would really help him? Don’t get him wrong, he does not have any stupid feelings for Todoroki anymore. But with all his acts like this? Hell, Katsuki could fall for him again.

No. Dear, Satan, no.

Katsuki shakes his head, adjusting his bag. Todoroki just asked him for stupid help and all he should do is make him confess to Deku or whatever. Whether they’re together or whatever, it’s not his business at all. After he confessed, this agreement would be ended and Katsuki could live his normal life again.

Though, Katsuki is sure that Deku would reject him. He’s too straight to like Todoroki in such a way. Deku likes boobs, not flat chest –except Katsuki’s and he said it himself, also Deku has a fucking girlfriend –who also hates Katsuki’s guts at some point but it doesn’t matter. The thing is Deku isn’t gay and he highly doubts that Deku would find Todoroki sexually attractive. For Katsuki? Maybe, but Deku? No. He would never think like that about his male friends.

Whatever, he could think about it later.

“Katsuki!” The blond haired boy snaps his head up to find Todoroki smiling at him, waving his hand slowly and casually walks towards him. Holy shit, Katsuki doesn’t realised he stops his walk.

“Hey,” he raises his eyebrows, “’Sup?”

“Ready?” Todoroki asks, lifting his nice eyebrows.

Katsuki shrugs, “It’s not like I could reject your request anyway,” he says and they begin to walk out the building.




“Let’s go, come in.”

Katsuki gapes at mansion in front of him. Todoroki Shouto lives in a big Japanese traditional house near the Law Department main campus. He could see big wooden gates in front of it and big front yard and some small trees around it. A big garage beside the main house. He gulps. Holy shit.

“Uh, sure.” He manages to say.

They walk to the main house, Todoroki casually opens the door, taking his shoes off and goes straight inside the house. Katsuki dumbfoundly follows him. The interior of his house is more like modern type of house, tho. A beautiful woman with white hair greets them in their way. Katsuki smiles softly at the woman.

“Oh? Shouto you brought a friend home?” the woman smiles so wide and for a second Katsuki just stands there, awkwardly laughs softly rubbing his hair.

“Oh, Sister, please...” Shouto –wait, Todoroki groans, “Come on, Katsuki, my room is upstairs.”

The sister giggles, “Oh my God, I have to tell Mom you brought another friend home.”

Katsuki is in the middle of the stairs when Shouto turns his head and groans, “Really?” and they continue to go upstairs.

“I’m sorry for my sister. You know, I never invited anyone home before so she kind of curious. Don’t mind her tho,” Todoroki sighs, throwing his bag on his king sized bed.

Katsuki nods, silently wondering why Todoroki has not invited Deku here. Instead, he’s looking around the room. It’s all white. Plain white with a white bed sheets, white pillows, white walls, white laptop, white phone, white deks and chair, white photo frames, white vases, hell it looks aestethically sickening. Guess that the room resembles the owner. Calm and pure but strangely dangerous.

“Sit down, please.” He says smiling, “I’ll take a quick shower and then you could pick any outfit for me.”

“Wait, what??”

“What do you mean?”

Katsuki groans. Is this guy stupid?

“Are you crazy? What do you mean me picking your outfit? It’s barely 6 in the fucking evening! The show’s at 8 you know?” And I don’t want to see what’s inside your closet left unspoken. Katsuki stares at the tall guy confusedly.

Todoroki smiles at him, “Well, I will take you home first because you want to change your clothes too, before we go to campus. Also, make sure I would look good for Izuku, please.” he says and dissapear inside the small room with a big transparant glass.

Katsuki’s cheeks feel like burning.

“Fuck.” He curses and decides to get the shit done. The faster he moves to take whatever the fuck Todoroki outfit would be, the faster he could go home.

Katsuki opens Todoroki’s weardrope. Hm... He scratches his chin. Todoroki has a lot of branded clothes, and they’re all in a good shape and condition. This dense guy at least has some fashion sense. But why again? He needs Katsuki to pick a fucking outfit for him? It’s not like he’s going to a date or whatever but this man is trully romantic. Whatever, Katsuki will choose a simple shirt and some outer with maybe simple jeans. Deku likes a simple neat clothes, so...

Katsuki takes a simple prussian blue shirt with white line pattern and a grey blazer. He also takes a black cotton pants that would look good on Todoroki’s long legs. He sighs, placing them on the bed. Well, Katsuki is done with the task and he is about to go out the room when the bathroom’s door creaked.

Katsuki snaps his head up in reflect. Dear, Lord. Katsuki isn’t ready for the view of Todoroki motherfucking Shouto stands tall in front of him with his glory. He knows that Todoroki has a nice built but not that nice. Broad shoulders with not too buff arms but enough to tell that he worked out a lot, hard looking perfect abs and nice strong legs. Katsuki is glad he’s not drooling already.

“Ehm.” He clears his throat and Todoroki smiles at him, rubbing his wet hair with a towell.

“Have you picked it yet??” he asks, rushing after him. Katsuki frowns, leaning back.

“What the fuck, Todoroki?”

Todoroki laughs, “That’s the third what the fuck, Todoroki you said today. Also,” He lets some water drops on his neck, giving Katsuki a small smile, “I told you to call me Shouto.”

Katsuki rolls his eyes, “Whatever, Halfie. I’ll wait outside.” He says waving his hand and grabbing his bag.

Katsuki exhales when he closes the door. He manages to keep his poker face until the end of the stairs. He looks around to meet a pair of grey dark eyes staring at him. A beautiful woman sitting next to Todoroki’s sister on the big white couch, wearing a nice baby blue sweater and knitting some scraf. Katsuki awkwardly bows his head muttering something.


Both of the woman smile widely at him. The sister speaks first, “Hello, Shouto’s friend... Come here, sit down with us.” She quickly stands up and before Katsuki knows he’s being dragged to the couch. The sister sits beside him, “Do you like mochi? Here.. have some.” She says, being too happy for Katsuki’s liking.

“Fuyumi, let the boy speaks first...” the dark grey eyed woman says, “Hello, young man. I assumed you’re Shouto’s friend?” she smiles kindly and Katsuki nods his head.

“I am... yeah. I guess I am.” He says lamely. God. Katsuki groans inwardly.

“What’s your name?” Fuyumi asks.

“Katsuki...It’s Bakugou Katsuki.”

“Katsuki-kun? What a pretty name... I am Shouto’s mother, Rei.” She stops knitting, offering Katsuki a warm smile.

Katsuki gapes at her. Seriously? Todoroki’s mother? Okay, now he knows why Todoroki is fucking handsome. His brother is drama actor, his father is action actor, he has gorgeous sister and mother? Just how perfect his life could be??

“Todo—I mean Shouto’s mother? I thought you were his other sister, Maam. I’m so sorry for assuming.” Katsuki bows suddenly feeling nervous.

Fuyumi laughs, “Oh God, so polite. So cute too~”

Rei chuckles, “My, what a sweet young man... Shouto never brought any friend home, you know...” she says before resuming his knitting.

“Well, except for Momo...” Fuyumi adds, now standing to grabs some drinks for the three of them.

Momo? Yaoyorozu Momo, his friend. Well, Shouto and Momo are close it’s no wonder he would bring Momo to his house. Not to mention they are on the same major.

“Is that so...” Katsuki manages to say after he swallows a mochi. Rei smiles her calm smile again.

“Yes, he mentioned about his favorite friend too but never asked him to come here. Such a bratty attitude, ne? Ara, don’t tell me, you are his favorite friend?”

Favorite friend. Right. It’s about Deku, right? It has to be about him. There’s no way Katsuki is Todoroki’s favorite friend.

Katsuki shakes his head, putting the small plate back on the glass desk, “No, I’m sure I am not.” And receives a confused look by his mother. Lucky, he hears foot steps behind him and it is enough to distract Rei from questioning him further.

Fuyumi back with three cups of green tea and Katsuki thank her. The pretty woman smiles while patting Katsuki’s shoulder to sit beside him, “Ne, Katsuki-kun... why don’t you stay for dinner? It would be great right? Papa and Natsuo weren’t in town so we’re kinda lonely...” she says and then the front door creaked allerting someone comes inside. Katsuki sips his tea silently thinking about the answer.

Rei’s warm face suddenly fall as a frown when she looks up. Katsuki follows her stare to find a pair of pretty bright blue eyes staring down at him. A red almost dark hair man standing beside the couch, piercings on his ears and bottom lip, a few on his eyebrows too, wearing a fancy leather jacket and tight black pants along with black boots. The man grins.

“Good evening my dear sister and mother...” he says with a low tone makes Katsuki shivers.

“Todoroki Touya, where have you been?” Fuyumi asks and the sighs.

Todoroki? So Shouto has another brother. He never mentioned his family so Katsuki doesn’t really know. It’s not like wants to know Todoroki’s family members, it’s just... unexpected. Touya sits down beside his mother and gets a soft slap on his thigh. The man cries and rubs his thigh.

“Ow, Mom...”

“You naughty boy.” Rei frowns returning to her knitting.

Touya smiles, “I run a bar, what do you expect?” he grins as he leans in, “Well, hello, beautiful angel... can I have your name?”

Katsuki holds himself from cringing, “Uh... I’m Kats-”


Thanks Satan. Katsuki almost groans looking up at Shouto who walks down the stairs, wearing nothing but the outfit that he picked. The shirt fits perfectly at his body, blazer hanging on his hand and his red hair gelled to the back of his head showing his beautiful scar around his eyes. Holy fuck, Katsuki holds his stare for another minute until Shouto stands in front of him.

Ara? Shouto? Where are you going tonight?” Rei asks, looking up her youngest with a bright eyes and warm smile.

“We’re going to watch a theatre performance in campus, right, Katsuki?” Shouto says in small voice, smiling softly at him. Katsuki nods his head, not believing his voice at the moment.

Fuyumi frowns, “Aww... we just talk about dinner.”

“Katsuki, huh? Pretty name for pretty face.” Touya winks and Katsuki frowns. God, he almost sounds like Shindou.

“Shut up, Tou.” Fuyumi snaps.

Rei chuckles, “You look amazing, baby.” She says looking up to Shouto who has a light blush on his cheeks.

“Katsuki picked out my outfit today. How do I look?” Shouto smiles almost shyly.

You look amazing.

Katsuki raises his eyebrows, “Well, you don’t look as stupid as usual.” He shrugs when Shouto rolls his eyes.

Touya barks a laughs, “Dude, you’re funny.”

Katsuki smiles mockingly at Shouto, “Oh, I know that, thank you anyways.”

“Rude.” Shouto says ignoring Touya’s snickers.

“You’re welcome.”

“Anyways,” Shouto sits beside his mother, “I have to take Katsuki to his house, and going straight to the campus so you can eat without me.” he says. Katsuki wonders if Shouto really is this talkative in daily life.

Rei raises her white eyebrows, “What? Why wouldn’t you guys eat dinner with us? Together?” she asks, “Katsuki-kun too eat with us, ne?” she insists and Katsuki only laughs.

“Well, I haven’t taken any bath yet and I need to redo my hair and make up so...” He smiles his perfect white teeth.

Shouto kisses his mother’s cheek, “Mom, don’t force him.”

Rei rolls her eyes, “It’s the first time since you bring another friend here, of course I want to know him more. Talk to him and everything,” She smiles, pinching Katsuki’s chubby cheek, “He’s such a cute gentle man.”

Katsuki rubs his reddening cheek, “Thanks, Maam?” he chuckles.

“Then let’s get going, Kat.” Shouto gets up, softly patting Katsuki on his shoulder. Katsuki gets up too, only to find his hand being held by a bigger hand. It feels too warm on his skin. Katsuki looks back to find Touya smiles at him.

Wow, such a handsome face. Katsuki smiles back, “Yes?”

“Villain League Bar. I shift every day and night, and if you come.. I’ll give you a special discount.” He says winking.

Katsuki gapes, “Uh? Right. Cool. Now let go of my hand, please.” He hisses.

Touya laughs.

Chapter Text

SHOUTO DECIDES that red is the perfect color for Bakugou Katsuki.

After taking Katsuki home, Shouto thought he would go together with him. But Katsuki said a line about why don’t you go pick Deku up? I already told him I couldn’t go with him or something. Shouto, of course, agreed with his statement and went away to pick Izuku up. True, Izuku was expecting him or in his words just like Kacchan’s said. Shouto couldn’t help but feeling happy about it. Izuku even complimented him on his outfit, saying about how good Shouto looked with a simple shirt and blazer. Shouto made mental note to buy Katsuki’s banana milk for the rest of the week. So far, Katsuki helped him good and Shouto almost regret to think that he is an asshole for a while.

Well, he is an asshole, but cute asshole.

And he definitely looks cute with his simple red big t-shirt, green army baggy pants and boby pins around his side bang.

“Kacchan!” Izuku’s cheerful voice interrupt his thought. Shouto flinches slightly when he realized he’s been looking at Katsuki this whole minute. They’re not even inside the building yet.

Good Lord. Shouto clears his throat when Katsuki and his friends come forward to them. Ashido Mina is wearing a cute pink dress and cute converse shoes, Kaminari Denki with his full yellow sweater and black pants along with Sero Hanta –his Sociology classmate, wearing nothing but his black-yellow jacket and tight ripped jeans. They all look good on their own way.

“Hey, nerd.” Katsuki smiles when Izuku hugs him. Then a split second Katsuki kicks Izuku on his shin.

“Ow, so mean!” Izuku whines and Shouto couldn’t help but chuckles. Katsuki glares at him and Shouto holds his urge to snort. Damn, Katsuki is cute.

“Hey, you guys come!” Kaminari says cheerfully and Izuku laughs. Shouto’s heart feels warm. He looks over Katsuki who smirks.

“Of course! Well, should we go inside?” Shouto says simply and all of them go inside the crowded building.

Shouto’s steps slowing down, makes Izuku walks in front of him with Katsuki’s friend. Katsuki walks beside him after three steps. Shouto smiles at him whispering, “Progress.”

Katsuki snorts, rolling his eyes and looks up to him. Wow, just how long his eyelashes are? He really has a perfect flawless skin. The birthmark isn’t visible as expected. Now that Shouto thinks about it all Katsuki’s friends put some make up on their faces too. They sure love being pretty and beautiful. As expected from art students.

“You wish.” He whispers back.

Shouto rolls his eyes, whispering right to his ear, “I need some support here.”

Katsuki huffs a breath, “Prepare your heart to be broken then, pretty boy.” He says swaying his legs a little bit.

“Well, it’s not like I don’t know.”

Katsuki sighs, “Shouto, Deku is not gay. He’s not going to love you the way you imagine.” He whispers frustratedly and Shouto needs to touch his cheek to make him stop.

A cute red colors blooming on Katsuki’s face.

“I know. Give me time to enjoy this moment, okay?” he whispers back and oh shit, their faces are barely two inches apart and Shouto could smell Katsuki’s burnt caramel scent. For a moment Shouto couldn’t take his hand back, too occupied by the softness of the Art student’s cheek.

Katsuki shoves him on his chest, “Masochist bastard.” He hisses and hands him a bag of clothes. Oh, his shirt.

“Here, take it, and scram.” He says, quickly goes to his friends that already sat on their seat on the VIP section. Shouto sits beside Izuku as the boy beams at him about being exited for the performance.

Wow, Izuku is pretty. Shouto frowns inwardly, hating the fact that he thought Katsuki is pretty too.

Once again, he looks so pretty with his cute green hoodie and nice choker that Shouto’s heart beats faster. It feels like a date. Except it’s not. Shouto remembers Katsuki’s words before, about Izuku that couldn’t love him as lover. It’s not like Shouto doesn’t know it, for God’s sake. But damn, Katsuki’s words stung.

A hard claps around shocks him a little. He looks up to find the curtain is raised and a cute green haired girl appears wearing nice pink color kimono. Izuku claps his hands again when the girl say her dialogue. Shouto sighs, that’s right. He has to enjoy his time with Izuku this time. It’s rare to go alone with Izuku because of his girlfriend. Shouto doesn’t want to be a jerk, but it’snot his fault that he feels relieved she’s not here.

A mop of blond hair moving at two rows seat in front of him. Katsuki talks to his friends and laughs. That’s it. Shouto should remind Katsuki to laugh more because it looks good on him. The genuine smile replaces the usual evil and snarky smirk on his face and it makes him looks almost angelic.

His phone vibrates on his pocket. Shouto takes a look on his screen.

A new message from his sister.

[Shouto, Mom wants you to invite Katsuki-kun for dinner on Friday. Papa and Natsuo will come home in three days too. Please do tell him, ne?]

It’s scary how his family attracted to Katsuki. Shouto sighs, well, maybe it’s his fault too because he has no friends to invite too. Maybe next time he would really invite Izuku to his house. Preferably without his girlfriend.

[Okay, I’ll tell you if he could make it.]

He looks up when Kirishima appears, wearing a red kimono and fake sword on his hips. It’s easy to tell that he is the hero of this story, with all the make up and dialogues. Izuku claps his hand and murmurs about how good Kirishima-kun’s costume and make up looked. Shouto glances at Izuku. God, his green eyes sparkling, it’s so beautiful. If only he could stare it for so long without being caught and called creepy.

Shouto quickly stares down at his lap. He hurriedly take his phone out to text Katsuki before he forget.

[My Mom wants to see you on Friday. The promised dinner. Can you make it?]

He doesn’t wait for the reply but his phone vibrates again so he looks at it.

[let’s see...]

[yes. sure. whatever. tell your mom i love the tea.]

[I don’t know how you make it, but it seems like my family love you.]

[what can i say? it’s hard to be attractive]

Shouto groans. Izuku looks up to stare at his eye, “Shou? Is everything alright?” he asks.

Shouto chuckles, “I’m fine. Just texting with some friend.”

Izuku gapes at him, “Wow, you have another friend.” He laughs softly.

“Stop being sarcastic, you sound like Kat—Bakugou.” Shouto smoothly says. He almost called Katsuki with his first name. He doesn’t want Izuku knows about their current relationship yet. He is sure Izuku would be glad, tho. But still, being close to Katsuki feels weird for him too.

Izuku laughs, “Well, I guess you’re right.” And goes back to the stage.

Shouto decides to type his reply to Katsuki’s message.

[You’re not that attractive, Mr. Blood Eyes.]

A huge lie.

[again, you need to work on your insult]

[Do you want to go home together after this?]

[nah, i need to see eijirou with the squad after this]

His phone vibrates again.

[you should take deku to dinner or whatever. ps. he loves katsudon restaurant near train station]

Shouto smiles biting his lip, looking up to see Katsuki’s back in front of him. Well, maybe he could buy him banana milk for another week.




“How is it?”

Izuku’s face lit up, he looks so happy when he munches his katsudon, “The best. Have I told you that I really like this restaurant’s katsudon?” he asks. Shouto blinks. Oh, well, he wasn’t ready for that question.

Apparently, this restaurant is more crowded than he imagined. There’s a lot of teenagers and family taking dinner here and Shoto could see their happy faces from the corner of his eyes. He ordered a simple set of cold soba and Izuku would have a big set of katsudon, obviously. The way Izuku lites up when the dishes came on their table made him happy that Katsuki text him about this earlier. Despite the loudness, this restaurant feels homey and warm, no wonder Izuku really likes it here. Shouto prefer a nice private restaurant, but he guessed it’s worth it.

Shouto smiles behind his straw of orange juice –seriously? He doesn’t know why he ordered it in the first place. He simply lies, “No, you haven’t. I just thought that it’s the closest restaurant we could find. I’m glad you like it.”

Izuku nods enthusiastically. Shit, he’s so cute. It’s not good for Shouto’s heart.

“No one beats katsudon, specially mom’s and Kacchan’s.” He giggles. Shouto must be crazy for ignoring that adorable giggle and focusing on the sentence instead. Kacchan again. Izuku sure loves talking about Katsuki. Shouto isn’t as bothered as before, but somehow he feels jealous that they spent their childhood together. He couldn’t help but think it would be amazing to spend his childhood with a friend like Izuku. Maybe with Katsuki too because he’s less of an asshole now.  

“Bakugou makes katsudon too?” he asks, playing with his chopsticks. He’s glad his tongue didn’t slip again.

“Yeah, he often made katsudon when we’re in high school. We’re going to different school but we’re neighbor so...” he smile, munching his pork again.

So Katsuki cooks. Shouto couldn’t hold back his smile on that information. To imagine that guy stumbling with utensils and kitchen makes him feels funny. Maybe watching his back when he’s cooking on the kitchen table would be entertaining. Does he even wear an apron when he cooks? What dishes he could make? Could he make a cold soba? What should Shouto do to make Katsuki cooks one for him?

“He sounds disgustingly too kind for it, not gonna lie,” Shouto shrugs, picking his noodle.

Izuku’s laughter redeemed by the other voices but Shouto couldn’t not smile at it, “Well, haha,” he pats his chest, “...would you believe me if he actually cooks everyday?” he says smugly. Shouto doesn’t understand why he’s so fond of Katsuki, as if Katsuki’s attitude to him wasn’t a problem.

Shouto knows. They’re good now, and dare he says, they’re friends. But he wouldn’t forget any bad attitude Katsuki did at his beloved Izuku.

“He did?” Shouto asks, leaning in to stare at Izuku’s big green eyes. It looks like forest and Shouto always feels calm when he looks at them. He smiles.

Izuku nods, “Yeah. Yesterday he made a blueberry pancake, along with honey and home made vanilla ice cream. The other day he made a perfect set of home made pasta and meat balls. When he’s in a good mood he could make the more complicated dish. When he’s in a bad mood he likes to cook more simple dish.” Izuku pauses to chuckles, “I remember he had a really bad day so he made himself a super spicy tteokbokki with fish cake. He’s you know...” Izuku sways his hands around, “Cooking makes him relieved at some reason.”

Izuku adds softly, “I love to see him cooking you know? He smiles more and it’s cute.” He stares at his katsudon, smiling.

Shouto stares at Izuku fondly, but his mind goes somewhere else. He could see Katsuki as a spicy food type of person. He sure looks like a bomb himself, no wonder he likes hot and spicy food. It’s cute. Wait, no. It’s not that cute, not to the point where Izuku are. But the image of him wearing aprons while cooking dishes with a smile on his face is strangely... fascinating.

“Well, I guess he’s good at something at least,” Shouto says jokingly.

Izuku snorts, “Kacchan is good at literally everything, Shou.” He shakes his head with a light chuckles.

Shouto hates that he admits that.

When Shouto gets home, he takes out his shirt out of the plastic bag. A sweet fresh peach and slight burnt caramel scent come straight to his nose.

This is Katsuki’s smell, he smiles.




“You know what, maybe I will let you use my fucking eyeshadow palette again if you’re not throwing that shit on my face,” Katsuki states, pointing at Ashido Mina’s disgusting herbal face mask that smell like rotten egg and some garbage –or maybe it really is, that she put on a fucking tupperware.

“Aww, man... let’s be mask buddies!” Mina says and earning three groans at the same time. Because if Katsuki agrees to this, the other three would stick with it too.

Kaminari shakes his head, “Nope, nope. I don’t want to gain acne. My skin is sensitive!” he says leaning on his boyfriend’s shoulder for support.

Eijirou nods, “Agree.”

“And why did you bring that shit to class, you stupid?” Katsuki asks but Mina only raises her eyebrows in mocking gesture not answering.

Hanta shakes his head, “Girl, stop trying stupid DIY you found on Pinterest,” he says, shaking his head again, “Because you failed everytime you did it alone.”

Mina groans, not taking his words to her heart because she knows he doesn’t mean to be rude, “I’m just trying~” she shrugs.

“Again, why did you bring that shit to class, you moron?” Katsuki spats when Mina sticks her tongue out, “It’s called experiment, buddy.” She replies.

“Whatever, I have class,” Katsuki gets up from his seat, “Bye nerds, oh and Ei, bring the payment tonight.” He says as he walks out from the canteen after hearing a loud groan from Eijirou.

It’s been three days, three days since he helped Todoroki Shouto with his dating outift. Three days since he came to the Law student’s house and met half of his family. Three days since he’s been asked for coming to dinner at Friday. And Friday is fucking tomorrow. Great. Cool. Now Katsuki feels anxious again.

He hates that he secretly loving this situation, because as far as he knows, he doesn’t want to develop any further relationship than this agreement thing. He doesn’t have time to have a lover at this point, not that he wishes he has one, it’s more like he doesn’t want to have a crush on the person who has a huge gay ass crush on his straight childhood friend. Also, for someone who claimed that he hated his guts, Shouto has been too kind to him. Too kind and to trusting. It’s really annoying. 

Katsuki opens the class door with some other students. He quickly sits down at empty seat he could find not bothering to see who’s sitting beside him at the moment. Nemuri Kaname hasn’t arrived yet but the class is already full. Damn all this straight guys just want to see her body. But Katsuki admits that his History professor has nice boobs.

He sighs and preparing to take his notebook out from his bag when a sudden voice comes to his ears.

“Can I sit there?”

Katsuki looks up at that familiar voice and instantly regrets it. He groans inwardly, “Whatever, Halfie. You can sit wherever you want,” he says ignoring the thumping sounds on his chest.

Shouto shrugs, “Course, Kat.”

That’s when Shouto takes out an orange pen on his hand Katsuki smirks, “I wonder where that pen goes...”

Shouto smiles, “You lended it to me. I kinda like it. Do you want it back?”

“No, keep it. I have a lot of it anyways,” Katsuki shakes his head smiling.

“Sure you do.”

A few awkward second passed. Katsuki frowns, “Well?”


Katsuki sends him a teasing smile, a glint of amusement on his eyes, “How was it going?” he asks. Not that he really wants to know what happened that day, he’s just... kinda... curious. Whatever, it’s better than being awkward.

The tip of Shouto’s ears turn red and damn if it ain’t adorable. Shouto smiles softly, “Now that you mention it,” he suddenly takes something out from his bag pocket. A bottle of banana milk on his hand.

Katsuki frowns at him, “What?”

“For you...” he smiles.


Shouto takes a deep breath, a smile still plastered on his face, “Because...,” he leans in, whispering on Katsuki’s ear, “...You’re being so kind and helped me the other day.”

Katsuki feels shiver runs down his spine. How dare he being so close to Katsuki’s comfort? It’s scary that it wasn’t unpleasant. Katsuki puts his angry face, ignoring his runing heart beats. He rubs his ear, “What the fuck, Shouto?”

God, he hopes his face isn’t red as he feels.

“Ah, it’s not the usual. Have you been used to call me with that name?” he dares to send Katsuki a mocking smile.

Katsuki rolls his eyes but he sure his cheeks are burning, “Shut up. Come on, you have to tell me.” he frowns, looking back to the handsome man.

Shouto smiles, “Guess you have right to know, yeah?”

“I mean... not that I want to know or something I just—”

Shouto chuckles, “It’s okay, I was thinking about telling you too after class.” He says and right after that sentence, Nemuri Kayama comes in the class.

“Afternoon, class,” she says, flicking her glasses before sneers, “No phone, no talking, no making any noise, pay attention.” She eyed them one by one before locking the class’ door.

“Now let’s get class started.”




Katsuki is standing, putting his belongings to his bag as Shouto does the same beside him. It’s raining outside so the room feels colder than usual. Katsuki has no problem with cold, he finds it calming. But only if he’s inside his room, wrapped in his thick blanket like burito and maybe holding a glass of chamomile tea with a lot of books around him. Thinking about it makes him wants to go home as soon as possible.

“It’s raining,” Shouto says, shifting his bag on his back.

Katski snorts, “No shit, buddy,” he takes his bag, signaling Shouto to walk out the empty class.

Katsuki stabs the banana milk with the straw, “So what did you want to tell me?” he asks as he brings the straw to his lips.

“Well, you were right that that place is his favorite restaurant. Also, he compliments me on my outfit,” he smiles, “Thanks to you, Mr. Blood Eyes.”

Katsuki rolls his eyes but with a smile, “Gross,” he says without venom, then he adds, “I could set you up after Deku’s game next week you know,” he shrugs.

Shouto frowns at his words, “What? What game?”

Katsuki blinks, staring dumbly at the tall man beside him. What game? Is he seriously asking him this? With a groan, Katsuki replies, “Football, genius. He’s in football team, what game he should play if it’s not football?” seriously, this man is the worst. Katsuki rolls his eyes when Shouto nods his head with his thin lips make an ‘o’ shape.

“I’ve never been on any of his game, you know,” he frowns, looking down to his feet while stratching the back on his head. Katsuki groans again.

“And yet you say you have crush on him,” he shakes his head, “I can’t believe you, seriously, I’ll make you watch one of his match someday and set you up. Maybe you can confess that day,” and leave me alone, let my own crush on you unnoticed, Katsuki’s mind says. The taller man grins at him.

“Thank you, you do a lot for me,” he smiles, ruffling Katsuki’s hair and God, would he stop doing that? Because Katsuki’s face is on flame right now!

He adds, “It’s nice, you know,” Shouto smiles, ruffling Katsuki’s blond locks again, “...being friends with you. I owe you a lot, thank you for doing that for me,” he says, leaving a tingling feeling on Katsuki scalp.

The shorter grunts, “Whatever,” I’ll do anything, just anything until I could get rid of my feelings for you.

They are about to step forward when a certain voice comes from behind, “Oh, sweet little angel, I couldn’t believe I meet you here,” then a big arm wraps Katsuki’s shoulder. Katsuki groans inwardly, really, when he just want to go home quickly so he doesn’t spend his time with Halfie too much and this person makes appearance.

Shindou You giggles beside him. Katsuki shoves his hard chest lightly, “What do you want?” he frowns, looking up to the older man.

“Oh nothing, just want to say hi to my princess,” Shindou smirks, then averting his gaze to Katsuki’s left finding Todoroki also frowns at him. With a big smile Shindou says, “Oh you’re his friend? Didn’t know you have any other friends than your squad,” he smirks at Katsuki, tightening his arm around him.

Katsuki rolls his eyes, “Shut up, why are you here anyway?” he asks, “We don’t even have the same class.”

“Oh, baby, don’t be too harsh to my fragile heart,” he shakes his head with dramatic motion, “I just want to invite you to my party tonight.”

Katsuki rolls his eyes. Great. Another reason why he shouldn’t pay any attention to this useless man. He shoves Shindou back, “I’m not going, now back off.”

But it seems like Shindou doesn’t get the venom on Katsuki’s words, “Oh baby, come on, it’s gonna be fun,” now he whines and Lord, Katsuki needs to count to three to not snapping the older’s neck in half.

“Can you just shut the fuck up and annoy another person that doesn’t wanna snap your head in half like me?!”

He just can’t take Shindou’s bulshit anymore.

“You really don’t wanna come? I’m sad...”

“Like I would give a fuck,” Katsuki rolls his eyes.

Shindou takes his hand and squeezes them, “Come on, the rest of theatre club would be there too,” great, another reason not to go.

Then Katsuki feels his hand grabbed by another hand. Katsuki looks down to his hand being freed by Shouto’s bigger one. He frowns, glaring at Shindou with his sharp mixmatched eyes, “He already said he won’t go,” he says calmly but God, his eyes are so dangerous, “Now let him go.”

Shindou narrows his eyes at the taller man, “Oh? Wanna play hero now, maybe you should join my club, uh...” he smirks, “Mr. I don’t know your name.”

“Oi, leave Shouto alone from you game, you sicko,” Katsuki shoves Shindou’s shoulder harder.

“Oh, I’m not playing baby,” Shindou shakes his head, “Well then, I’ll get going and hoping you would come tonight,” he winks at Katsuki and walks out without even bat any other glance at them.

Wow. What an asshole. Katsuki groans, “Shouto you shouldn’t talk to him. Just let him be, he’s a jerk.”

Shouto, still frowning and Katsuki doesn’t know why, speaks after a while, “But you looked uncomfortable.”

Katsuki laughs, “Well who’s not gonna be uncomfortable around him?” he shakes his head, “Just stay away from that hypocrite.”


Katsuki groans, “He just likes messing up with people’s life. He’s literally messing Deku’s match once and Kirishima’s role last year and yet he’s still acting like he’s innocent,” Katsuki frowns remembering Kirishima’s sad face when he’s replaced to be the main role on one of their performance. Ugh. He just couldn’t stand the black haired male.

“But he seems obssesed with you. He likes you, doesn’t he?” Shouto asks, with a low growl and for a second Katsuki wonders why he sounds so angry about it.

“He likes me? Are you crazy? Why is everyone thinking like that?” Katsuki rolls his eyes, “That fucker obviously hates me, he knows that I knew all his bulshit on theatre club so he just want to make sure that I don’t spill any of it.”

Katsuki is so angry. Then he looks up to find Shouto’s smiling down at him, “Well, I’m glad he doesn’t like you that way,” he ruffles Katsuki’s hair, “You deserve someone better, or someone you want.”

I want you, tho. Katsuki grunts with cheeks in flame, “Shut up, it’s not my love life you should worry about.”

Shouto laughs, “You know—” but cut when Katsuki’s phone ringing. Thank God he doesn’t use any embarrassing ringtone.

“Sorry,” Katsuki says when he looks at the caller ID. Momo is calling him. He frowns sensing something weird about it. Not that they’re not close or something, it’s just... Momo never calls. So Katsuki finds it a little bit worrying.

“Hello,” he decides to accept it, “Yeah... No, I’ve been out of my class now. Yeah? Sure... Well, where? Okay... Now? No, no, I’m not busy but—okay then I’ll see you... yeah, sure girl. Bye...” he ends the phone call.

He could feel Shouto’s eyes on him and he smirks, “Take a picture, it lasts longer.” He says jokingly and Shouto scoffs.

He smacks the dual haired boy on the arm. For a second Katsuki is afraid it would cross the limit but the other boy laughs. It makes him feel a little bit better.

Again, Katsuki’s phone vibrates, he groans earning a light chuckle from Shouto.

[Mirio senpai Hey guys don’t forget about the meeting today at 3 yes? I hope everyone could participate. We will discuss about the trip plan. Thx.]

“Oh shit...” Katsuki gasps suddenly reminded of his club meeting this afternoon. But he already told Momo that he would meet her at some cafe. Okay, maybe Katsuki should sacrifice one of them.

“What’s wrong?”

Katsuki almost forget he’s not alone, “No, it’s just... I have to meet Momo after this but then I remember that we have a club meeting.”

Shouto is taken aback, “What? Club meeting? Why didn’t I know?”

Katsuki rolls his eyes, “Because you’re not in the group chat, Halfie. I couldn’t add you there because I am not the admin.” He sighs, pinching the bridge of his small pointed nose.

“Okay, then I’ll go to the meeting. You could go see Momo, I’ll tell you about the meeting tomorrow.”


“HA?” Katsuki gapes, maybe looking too shocked for Shouto to accept. The Law student stares at him with raised eyebrows.

“What is it?”

Katsuki shakes his head, “You okay? Are you fucking sick, Halfie? You didn’t eat some poisoned shit did you?” he asks and a few second later the other boy laughs out loud. The sound of his laugh melted with the melody of the rain and Katsuki really loves it.

“No, dummy,” Shouto smirks, “Is it too weird that I would go to club?”

Katsuki raises his eyebrows, lifting his hands in defensive gesture, “Well, yes, it’s too fucking shocking, dummy.”

Shouto doesn’t reply him any further, he simply smiles and takes something out from his bag. A small umbrella on his hand, “Here, we don’t want you to get soaked when you meet her.” He says, a pair of different colors eyes starring straight at his red ones.

Katsuki stares at the plain blue umbrella on his hand –he doesn’t even know when he took it, “Uh... I’ll give it to you back. It won’t be long,” He says finally having his voice back.

Shouto nods and ruffling his hair, “Sure, Kat.”

“Okay then...” Katsuki feels his face flushed. It’s unfair.




The cafe is not too far from Economic Faculty building. And, that’s the problem, because Katsuki is walking from his own faculty that way too far from there and it’s raining. Katsuki hates being wet. He groans when finally reaches his destination. He ruffles his hair before snapping his –no, Shouto’s umbrella close and put it on its place beside the main door. Katsuki huffs a breath when he comes inside. The fresh scent of coffees dancing around him, warm and inviting and he loves it.

It’s kinda smell like...

No, it definetely does not smell like Shouto.

Katsuki walks inside the cafe after he saw Momo sitting at the table near a big window right in front of him. Sighing, Katsuki tries his best to compose his face with his smirk. Another woman sits with Momo and it takes him a second to recognize the pink dressed girl. Momo comes to hug him on his waist and he hugs her back nodding his head to the certain brunette.

“So,” he smiles sitting down the wooden chair, “What do you want, round face?”

Uraraka Ochako chuckles, “Oh God, Bakugou, just please call me by my name. You knew me already.”

Katsuki smirks sensing her insecurity and decides not to be a dick for once, “Uraraka isn’t it? You’re Deku’s girl.” He raises his eyebrow but a tiny smile still stays on his pink lips.

Ochako rolls her eyes, “Well you could say that.”


Ochako takes a deep breath, “Actually, I need to ask you something about...”

Chapter Text

YAOYOROZU MOMO isn’t that type of girl who wants to pry to other’s people businesses or in this case, feelings. It’s not like she doesn’t have any heart, it’s just sometimes she feels like people doesn’t want her to know about their problem. So, yeah. She doesn’t want to join the common gossip girl group on her campus just to pry to another people’s problem. That’s why she’s a little bit flattered when Uraraka Ochako decided to talk about her feelings and problem with her.

“You’ve been on your phone lately.”

So she asks the brunette in front of her while stirring her warm latte. Uraraka Ochako chuckles a little bit, shoving the phone back to her coat pocket. She’s wearing a nice thick brown coat and pink dress inside, sitting comfortably in front of her friend.

“It’s Izuku, asking me where I am. But I won’t tell him yet.” She answers with a shrug and casually sipping her own warm coffee.

She shifts her position, feeling a little bit cold on her wooden chair. Now they’re sitting comfortably facing each other with two cups of warm coffee at small cafe near Economic Department campus waiting for Bakugou Katsuki.

Oochako has been wondering why such a ‘bad boy’ has a lot of friends, -tho Ochako doesn’t see Bakugou as a “bad boy”. Bakugou isn’t that rebellious type of guy (thank God) so Ochako believes that he’s at least a decent person. That’s why she asked Momo two days ago to meet with this blonde ball of anger. Momo, as expected, agreed to her as she told Bakugou this afternoon.

Ochako and Bakugou had some issues back then tho –it’s about her boyfriend. But then after she thought about it again, she wondered why Bakugou hates Izuku so much. Besides, Izuku doesn’t seem to hate him, he adores Bakugou so much that sometimes Ochako wonders what their relationship really is. That’s why she really wants to know the blonde better. Maybe it’s not about Bakugou and Izuku, maybe it’s all about something else. The thing is... Ochako feels curious about the blond.

Momo speaks again, lifting her hand to touch her own cheek, “But to be honest, I’m surprised you want to meet him, Ochako-chan.” Her tone is light, as much as Ochako could tell. But there’s a hint of curiosity. Ochako could understand that she feels at least a little bit concerned about her best friend.

Ochako lets a laugh out, “No particular reason tho... It’s just, I’m curious about him. He seems like that type of guy who has ‘don’t come near me or I’ll kill you’ vibe, but he has a lot of friends.” She smiles before sighing, “There’s just something I want to know about.”

Momo laughs a bit, suddenly remembers why they’re friends in the first place. Meeting the blond for the first time at her English class at first year and having a cute orange pen lended by him when she forgot to bring her own and being called ‘forgetful smartass’ got her laugh out loud all day. 

“You’re not wrong with the vibe part...” she says as she wipes a small tears on the corner of her eye; she talks again, “I feel like... it’s called opposite attraction? I hate a noisy guy –he’s loud yeah? But then I think he’s cute when he laughs or talks, there’s something different about him that makes me curious too. Turns out...,” Momo picks her cup of latte up, brings it to her mouth before taking a sip.

She continues, “He’s really sweet, smart, he saw everything form a lot of sides.” Smile ghosting around her beautiful shaped lips.

Ochako smiles, “Well, yeah I can see that.”

“So you just gonna ask him about his problem with Midoriya?”

Ochako shrugs, “I... Well, yeah. I want to understand their relationship better. I just feel I never know Izuku’s circle of friends.” Then she chuckles, “When we’re not talking about us, he would randomly bring up Kacchan this and Kacchan that and actually it’s kinda funny.”

Momo nods her head in a complete understandment. She is about to open her mouth to talk when the cafe bell rings.

Ochako, with a lot of hopes, looks up to see the blond head guy walking to them. She smiles, suddenly feeling light about everything. She sees Momo gets up and gives Bakugou hug before asks him to sit. Bakugou nods his head.

Bakugou frowns at Ochako –but strangely it’s not rude, “So, what do you want, round face?” he moves his annoyingly perfect legs to sit on the empty chair and leans backward, resting his not too broad shoulder against the wooden surface. He looks good even with only simple ripped jeans and too big long sleeve t-shirt that covers his body down to the middle of his thighs. All his aura screams dangerous both in bad and good way. Either his personality attracts people or scare them away. He’s like a mixture of poisonous evilness, sweet burnt caramel and a hint of softness of peach.

Ochako chuckles, “Oh God, Bakugou, just please call me by my name. You knew me already.” She tries to lighten up the atmosphere and luckily it works. Because Bakugou just laughs at her, well, more like a snort but with a wide smile.

The girls sit down almost at the same time. Bakugou with his rough but sweet voice asks, “Uraraka isn’t it? You’re Deku’s girl.” He raises his eyebrow but a tiny smile still stays on his pink lips.

Ochako rolls her eyes, “Well you could say that.”


Ochako takes a deep breath, “Actually, I need to ask you something about your relationship with Izuku.” She quickly adds, “Not... not that I think you’re a thing with him or something, it’s just...”

Bakugou smiles at completing her sentence, “Just because I’m such a jerk at him?”

Ochako shakes her head, “No.. God, your words, not mine.”

A sigh escapes from Bakugou’s pretty lips. Again, unfair, Ochako thinks. “Okay, here’s a thing,” he shifts his legs, trying to get comfortable, “Deku and I? We got no problem.” He says making the two women blink in unison.

“But you’re being too mean at him all this time,” Ochako frowns, but there’s no venom on her words. More like full of curiosity.

Bakugou hums a little, “Well, he’s being a leech always attached to me since we’re in diapers so...” he shrugs.

“What?” now Momo is curious.

Bakugou smiles, “Listen, girls, Deku? The best gentle man ever. Really, he’s good at everything but...” Bakugou pause, looking down at his nails, “He always followed me. I want him to do something for himself, I want him to want something for himself. I want him to be himself, because of himself.” He gives them a small smile.

He adds, “That’s why I don’t have any other choice than being an asshole at him,” he frowns trying to find his next words, “Not that I hate him or anything. He’s just fucking annoying sometimes, I couldn’t help it.” and he laughs.

Ochako holds her breath for a second. It takes her a few second to actually laughs, “Oh my God...”

Bakugou snarls, “Don’t you think he’s clingy little pain in the ass? He’s literally begging me to join his science club at middle school which I rejected, obviously, and he cries over it for a fucking week until I bought him an ice cream.” He shakes his head, leaning back on the chair.

Momo chuckles, “Oh God...”

Ochako bits her lip in acknowledgement. She knows that Izuku is definitely clingy, and crybaby. Hearing the statement Bakugou gives makes her warm inside.

“I know,” she says, “He’s like the biggest crybaby.” She smiles fondly.

Bakugou raises his eyebrows, “Right?! Can you believe when we’re in kindergarden I was crying because my eyes got some dirt and he’s crying over me telling me that I shouldn’t cry because it made him sad?!” he scowls, fondling his arms on his chest.

Ochako and Momo actually laughs at this one.

Bakugou smiles and Ochako could tell that it is a fondly soft smile. It’s like he’s telling them his precious memories of being friends with Izuku and Ochako would lie if she doesn’t like it at all.

“I grow up with him since we’re in diapers. I lived literally next to his apartment complex. It’s hard to ignore his sorry ass, but I want him to stand on his own legs for once. Glad it works, huh?” he sends a smirk on Ochako’s direction makes the latter blushes a little.

“Well,” she smiles shyly. Bakugou giggles –giggles! Who thought the badass, rude and brash Bakugou Katsuki could giggle cutely like that?

Bakugou sighs, “He was a useless nerd when we’re kids. Look at him now, I couldn’t help but feel proud of him. Who thought the skinny short nerd I used to know in kindergarden could be a total snack now?” he wiggles his eyebrows teasingly at Ochako making both the women laughs.

Ochako still laughing asks, “So, you’re good with him?”

Bakugou grins widely, “Perfectly cool. Unless he starts to annoy me, I’ll definitely murder him.” He narrows his eyes.

But they all know it’s not true.

“I’m glad that there’s nothing going on between you,” Ochako finally sighs in relief. Bakugou smiles, a smile that Ochako never saw before. A small, light, almost shy smile that fits perfectly on Bakugou’s face.

“We’re cool. And uh, actually I have some kind of club meeting going on now... so.” Bakugou says.

Ochako shakes her head, “Oh my God, why didn’t you tell us earlier? I don’t want to hold your time any longer, Bakugou-kun...” she says, standing up when Bakugou does.

The blond shakes his head, “I completely understand what’s your point is, Uraraka. You just worried about my childhood and best friend. Deku’s lucky he got you,” and that simple statement makes Ochako’s heart warming, a slight blush covering her cheeks.

“Thank you, Kacchan.” Ochako giggles when Bakugou blushes.

“O-Only Deku could call me that.” He says rubbing his head, “It’s gross.”

Ochako chuckles along with Momo beside her, “Then, Katsuki-kun.” She says, the blush spread on the blond cheeks one more time.





Shouto walks inside the club room when Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu says his name in awe. It looks like he’s shocked that Shouto actually comes to club activity. He smiles at the grey haired boy in reply and sits beside him. Adjusting his bag, Shouto feels a sudden nervousness. It’s not he’s never been here before, well, maybe, but he did attend one of their meeting this semester. So, that doesn’t make him never attend this club activity. In all honesty, he doesn’t know why he choose this club at the first place.

“Okay, guys,” Mirio –his upperclassman who has a cute blond hair and buff body starts the meeting, “Oh, I see you come today, Todoroki! Nice to see you!”

Great, now all the members eyes are on him. Shouto smiles trying to show them the best response he could give, “Yeah. I apologize for never really participated on any club activity.”

Mirio laughs brightly as if Shouto just tells him his best joke, “No worry! No worry! We know how busy Law students are.”

A student with black hair wearing a nice head band says, “But I don’t see Bakugou.”

Katsuki. Right. Of course they would miss his absence, he always spouting about the club activity, no wonder everybody expects him to come to every meeting.

“Hm,” Mirio looks on his phone for a second, “I’ve texted him and got no reply.”

“He couldn’t make it.” Shouto says suddenly, feeling like he should explain the blond absence to the others, “He has something coming up which he couldn’t ditch so,” he adds.

A few glances directed to him. Shouto feels like squirming on his seat feeling uncomfortable with the stares. Then a girl with cute pony blond hair says in small voice, “Oh sorry, Todoroki-kun, we just never thought that you two are best friends.” Best friends. Hm. Shouto wouldn’t really call them best friends but if it’s how people see their relationship is now, he will let it go.

“Well...” he smiles trying to avoid another questioning look.

Tetsutetsu laughs awkwardly, “Well, there’s no one unless his best friends could be close enough to know his activity you know.”

Shouto’s heart swells with a slightly proud feeling. It shouldn’t be something special but knowing the blond sees him as a friend gives him a disgustingly fond feeling.

Mirio claps makes them focus on him again. Thank God. “Okay! Now that we’re all here, I’d like to discuss about our Culture Festival activity. We have already agreed to do exhibition on the main Photography Department gallery in two weeks.”

Shouto nods, knowing it already from what Katsuki told him before. Mirio continues, “And I’ve gathered some theme suggestion from you guys and decided to go with Freedom. As for the place, could we agree on beach?” he asks the members, eyeing them one by one.

Almost all of them say yes and the rest just follow what the others wants. Then Mirio eyes are on him without his knowing, “Huh?”

Mirio laughs, “I asked you, what do you think about it, Todoroki? Because you’re not attending the meeting last week so I thought you don’t really have any idea about what we’re talking about just now.”

Shouto almost curse on his breath realizing how reckless he’s being, “I apologize. I think it’s perfect place for the theme. May I ask something?” and when Mirio gives him a nod he asks, “The object for the photo is free right? Whatever we want?”

Mirio hums a little, “Of course it’s up to you, guys. Also, I don’t care what kind of camera you would use, just make sure it’s artistic enough, okay? We don’t want to have a boring exhibition.” He says.

“Also, Awase, could you explain the trip plan now?” he asks someone from the back. The previous black haired boy behind him stands up holding a note book.

“Okay, so...”

The rest of it feels like a ride for Shouto. Arguments and agreements are threw here and there, laughter and usual chattering. The tension of a club that he never feels suddenly hits him like a wind. It’s really refreshing to meet other people and discussing some project with them. Despite of their difference in majors and programs, they could actually make some club exists until now with so much event going on. Shouto should really listen to Katsuki and attends the club meetings more and also participate at the other activity.

He wonders why he never done this before?

A sudden realization punches him on his gut.

Because he’s too busy chasing Izuku.

Shouto buries the ugly feeling and decides to ignore it.

The meeting is not long. It’s only an hour and Shouto is the last one that still remains on his seat. For some reason he doesn’t want to go home yet. His heart demands him to wait for Katsuki. The blond says it won’t be long so Shouto doesn’t mind waiting for him.

Tetsutetsu speaks after a few silent moment, seems like he’s still arranging his bag, “Todoroki you’re not going home?”

Shouto shakes his head, “Not yet, Katsuki said he would go back here.”

Tetsutetsu gives him a small smile, “Man, just say that you’re dating him earlier. We won’t judge you know,” he says adjusting his bag, “Tho, I wouldn’t be too surprised if you guys are,” then he stands up about to leave.

Shouto is more surprised to find his heart fastened and a heat rushing on the back of his neck. The word dating and Katsuki sound weird in his ears. What makes it weirder is that he doesn’t hate it. He blushed at the thought of him dating Katsuki. No. They’re not like that.

“No, we’re just—” but Tetsutetsu just laughs.

“Whatever man, just don’t hurt him,” he says waving his hand away then goes out from Shouto’s sight.

Shouto blinks, heat overflowing his cheeks as he brings his hand on his lips, covering half of his face.




“Katsuki-kun is really interesting,” Ochako says.

Momo gives her a small smile, “He is,” but then she bits her bottom lip, “But Ochako-chan... why are we still here? It’s not like I don’t like hanging out with you.”

Ochako says, “Momo-chan, can I ask you something?” after she received a nod, she continues, “I... have something in my mind. It’s about Izuku and Todoroki-kun,” she takes a deep breath, “And I... want to ask you about it, if you don’t mind.”

Ochako has felt it since their second year began. At first, she didn’t completely paying attention to Izuku or Todoroki’s interactions. It seemed to be normal for boys to have sleepover or simply drinking together until dawn. But in the middle of November, when Ochako, Todoroki and Izuku went to small cafe behind campus to spend their Thursday fall evening, Ochako felt left out. Todoroki casually talked with Izuku only, completely ignoring her presence. They laughed together, they talked about something Ochako didn’t quite understand, or even cuddled up as if she wasn’t there in the first place. Of course Ochako talked about it later with her boyfriend, but Ochako still felt she shouldn’t bother him too much with her own fears or concern, so she didn’t talk about what she felt. She just simply asked how they became a very close friends. After months and months, Ochako can’t just let her sadness affect her relationship.

Momo is taken aback, she coughs a little and quickly sips her coffee, “What...” she clears her throat, “What about them?” Her voice is going back to normal even after her hard cough earlier.

Ochako blinks at Momo. It’s like she knows something about those two but decides not to tell. Ochako just shrugs, “I feel something’s off when I’m with them. Maybe it’s just me but, maybe it’s not...” she couldn’t help but feeling sad now. It feels like she’s drowning on her own feelings again.

Momo couldn’t help but feels sad that she knows the truth about this problem and yet she couldn’t tell this pretty woman. She wonders what if she tried to talk the truth to this woman, and watched her reaction. Or maybe she could at least make some lame excuses like Shouto did everytime they talk about this matter. Momo frowns to her own thought. What a stupid decision. It’s better if she told her, she could deal with Shouto’s feelings later.

“Ochako-chan,” Momo bits her bottom lip, “I... well... what do you want to know?” she asks first.

Ochako lets out a shaky breath, “What’s going on between them?” she asks finally.

Momo frowns, staring at her lap. When Shouto told her about his feelings towards Izuku for the first time, she couldn’t believe it. For her, all the interactions he shared with Midoriya were all normal like what friends do all the time. Shouto thought he was in love with Midoriya only just based on some simple adoration and affections they shared. Honestly, who doesn’t love Midoriya Izuku? Momo knows that Shouto really likes having friend like Midoriya so he didn’t stop him from hanging out with the green boy almost everyday. But Momo couldn’t help but feeling disappointed with him for making Ochako feels like this. It’s not her fault, and not him too. It’s not their fault, but... somehow, Momo thinks Shouto should act more wisely towards their relationship. As friends.

“I... happened to know something about them,” Momo starts, “, not them. More like... I know something about Midoriya-kun in Shouto’s eyes.” She says, averting her gazes to her side, looking outside the window.

Ochako waits patiently for Momo to continue, “He’s been... feeling it for a while. And I... shouldn’t say this but... Ochako-chan, would you hate him if he likes you boyfriend?”

It’s not tears that come from Ochako, it’s a small genuine smile. She answers her without a doubt, “No. I won’t. I would never hate him.”

She knew it. It’s not just assumption anymore.

Momo lets out a sigh, “I’m sorry Ochako-chan, I know you’ve been thinking about it lately.”

Ochako shakes her head, “I’m not... feeling sad or anything. I just feel left out sometimes.” She says in soft tone, melted by heavy rain outside.

Momo reaches out to grab her hand.




“Hey, you’re still here?”

By the time Katsuki arrived at the room door, Shouto is almost dozed off. Shouto looks up to see Katsuki, asking while shaking his head and makes some droplets of water down from his hair. Shouto huffs a laugh. Katsuki snaps his head towards him with a frown.

“Shut up, don’t laugh.” Katsuki sneers.

Shouto stands up, grabbing his own bag and walks slowly to approach the fluff ball of rage. Shouto ruffles the blond’s hair making the latter blushes slightly. Cute.

“You look like a dog.” An adorable, fluffy cute one. Shouto says and Katsuki rolls his eyes, “Gee, thanks.”

Shouto and Katsuki soon walking down the stairs with a very wet small umbrella on Katsuki’s left hand. Being inside the room for a long time made Shouto doesn’t realized how heavy the rain is. He looks over Katsuki’s much shorter shoulder to see the darkening sky. Looks like the rain wouldn’t get down for a while. When they exited the building Katsuki hurriedly opens the umbrella as if it’s a natural thing to do between them. But now that Shouto thinks about it, they’ve been getting closer and closer lately. And... being Bakugou Katsuki’s friend isn’t bad.

Shouto’s covered arm brushes slightly with Katsuki’s one as the walk close to each other. There’s always a faint smell of fresh peaches and a slight smell burnt caramel around him when he’s with Katsuki. He wonders if it’s Katsuki’s natural scent or he just loves applying some perfume on his body, either way, it’s attractive.

“You can drop me around the convinence store across the street,” Katsuki snaps him out of his thought. Shouto glances at Katsuki who pointed out a small convenience store across them.

“What? You’ll get wet. You could’ve cught a cold,” Shouto scolds.

Katsuki lets out a breathy laugh, “What? Worried about me now, Shouto?”

Shouto frowns when a familiar heat rushing up his cheeks, “No. I’ll get you home.” He says finally.

Katsuki looks down, rubbing the back of his head, “Whatever, Halfie.”

Shouto couldn’t help but smile, thinking about Katsuki’s warm apartment and a cup of chamomile tea.




Ochako isn’t sure why she’s standing right in front of Izuku’s apartment door so suddenly. Her conversation with Katsuki today was something else and Ochako feels relieved. It’s not just because her problem was solved, but also the reason Katsuki hates Izuku was not something big, as big as she could imagine. They ended up talking so long until they forget that they have home to come back. A smile dancing on her lips as she remembered Katsuki muttering something about being late for his club meeting.

Then her smile drops instantly when she remember her previous conversation with Momo right after Katsuki left. Ugly feeling inside her gut worsening when Momo confirmed what she afraid of. Ochako couldn’t decide what she feels towards their relationship anymore. At one side she’s sad that Todoroki doesn’t even tell her, and at one side she doesn’t know what to do with the relationship they have.

The door opened, “Babe? What’s wrong?” Izuku’s worried face comes to Ochako’s sight and she wears her best smile.

The brunette hugs him tightly, “I miss you.” She says.

The green-haired boy smiles softly, ruffling his beloved girl while whispering, “It’s okay, I’m here. Let’s go inside first.”

When they’re lying on the couch, Izuku’s big hand on her hip, Ochako sighs, “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you where I was going,” she murmurs on Izuku’s chest. It’s raining outside and feels nice to have Izuku’s warm body pressed against her own and feeling his large hands rub her head. Surrounded by his scent, Ochako loves this man a lot. She could hear Izuku laughs.

“I know you’re meeting Kacchan,” he said and Ochako nods, “He told me.” Izuku adds, rubbing a circle on Ochako’s back comfortingly.

“I didn’t know you have a good relationship with him. I thought you were enemies before because of his act to you.” Ochako whines against his chest causing Izuku to laugh.

Izuku shakes his head, “No, not at all. He’s just... you know, a big tsundere.” Izuku shrugs and chuckles.

Ochako looks up to him with her pout, “I know... he’s actually saying Deku’s good at everything but he always followed me, I want him to be himself, because of himself. And I was so stunned by his words. He’s not as bad as I think.”

Izuku raises his eyebrows, “No, he’s not bad at all. Every time I see him, I always want to be more and better than I am now at whatever I do. He gives the best courage on me. He’s also the cutest guy I’ve ever met.” He laughs and Ochako chuckles.

Running her soft fingers to Izuku’s hair, Ochako murmurs, “I don’t mind if you called other person cute if it’s Katsuki.”

“Babe, you call him Katsuki already,” Izuku hugs her waist, kissing the tip of her nose, “I know you were worried about our time together, but I promise you, you’re still my number one.” He pokes her cheek before adding, “Well, Kacchan’s also my number one but like...” Ochako laughs and stops his sentence by kissing him.

“I love you so much,” Ochako pinches his cheeks, decides to not talk about Todoroki to Izuku tonight.

She would talk about them later when she’s ready.


Chapter Text


Katsuki tells himself for the nnth times. His clothes sprawled around his bed and floor. He groans not wearing anything except his orange boxer. Why does Shouto have such a rudicilously rich family? And he told him that his actor father and brother would be there too? Is he serious? Does he want to kill Katsuki out of embarrassment? Oh, really fuck his life. Where’s his old hag when he needs her?

No, he doesn’t need her yet. She would just yell at him for being not fashionable enough or even laugh at him just because he’s nervous for a goddamn dinner. But what should he be nervous about, right? It’s just a dinner. Dinner with his crush’s family. God damn it. Yes, he admits that he’s crushing on Todoroki motherfucking Shouto again now. But who could blame him? It’s all the bastard’s fault. He doesn’t have to be so comfortable with Katsuki for the past weeks, he doesn’t have to be all calm and dare to flirt with Katsuki all the fucking time!

Or maybe his crush hasn’t died like thought.

He sighs, grabbing his phone to text Eijirou when he’s nervous. His cheerful personality makes Katsuki feels calm for some reason, not that he’ll tell the red haired that. He would cry his manliness at him for the rest of the week if he does.

But then a message showed on his screen.


Todoroki Hey, I could pick you up if you want.

Katsuki cringes. No. No, thank you, Todoroki Shouto, Katsuki still needs his heart today to face you and your big family. He doesn’t want it explode yet.

He quickly texts Eijirou, not minding Shouto’s message.

wish me luck he types.

Fuck it. It’s just a dinner. Since when he becomes such a coward? It’s not a big deal. He just needs to show up, eat, talk a little shit and then go home. That’s all! He got this.

He stands up, finally deciding to go with a peach color sweater with thin layer of white tank underneath and black tight jeans. He adds a black choker on his neck and then a few second later a cross piercing on his left ear. Maybe he’ll use his parent’s brand black boots instead of his usual red Nike shoes. After all his body covered, he does his hair. Casually styling it with light gel on the side and some orange bobby pins on the left side, letting his spikey bang falls over the right side. Putting some make up on his face, he uses light pink mixed with orange eyeshadows and uses his pen eyeliner to make his eyes look sharper. He doesn’t want to look all soft for tonight. A light peach color lip balm on his lips adding his already red lips more friendly color.

That’s it. It’s completely normal.

Okay, it’s so gay.

Katsuki groans. Ignoring the race on his heart, Katsuki grabs his phone and wallet, shoves it on his back pockets and goes out his messy apartment.




It’s just dinner.

Right, it’s just dinner and Shouto doesn’t have to be wearing such fancy clothes or styling his hair or taking his time in bathroom long enough to be yelled by his sister for being a sloth on it. Besides, it’s not him who invited Katsuki to this dinner or wants to see him whatsoever. It was his mom. And maybe his sister. Also maybe his brother... Okay, his entire family want to see Katsuki. But really, he doesn’t have any reason to invite him to dinner just to see or maybe have a little chat with the blond. Does he?

Oh, screw it.

Shouto gets up form his seat, his fingers flinch around the surface of his phone. Should he text Katsuki? Should he... call him? No, no. Definitely not. He’ll just text him. But what should he text him? Something like, don’t be late, or i’ll see you soon? No. Those sound too intimate for them.

After a few unsend messages he typed, he finally goes with Hey, I can pick you up if you want.

He throws his phone on his bed. Not good, he needs to calm down. He doesn’t know why he feels nervous all of sudden! It’s just Katsuki! It’s not Izuku! Maybe he’s nervous because this is the first time he has dinner with his friend and whole family –Momo isn’t included, of course. That must be it. It’s normal.

Calm down. It’s going to be alright.

“Shouto? What are you doing walking back and forth in front of your room?” Fuyumi snaps him out of his thought, standing confusedly at the stairs. Shouto doesn’t have a time to reply as she smiles and speaks again, “Come down, help me prepare the table.”

Shouto nods, following her to the main dining room. He could see his brother –Natsuo, and his father talking about their current movies with his mother on the chairs. Shouto chooses to help Fuyumi setting up the table, putting some cups and bowls. Fuyumi comes with a large pot of miso soup and places it in the middle of the table. She rushes inside to grab more bowls of rice and furikake, a big plate of grilled tuna and two big plates of stir-fried pork belly then a big bowl of yakiniku, two plates of tamagoyaki and plenty of side dishes. When all the foods aready set, Shouto sits on the chair.

“I hope Katsuki-kun likes sweet tamagoyaki.” His mom says with a smile, looking at the full served table.

Fuyumi comes sitting down beside Shouto, “Or umeboshi, because I made a plenty of them,” she says eyeing the perfect set of plum dish.

Shouto smiles, “Don’t worry, he likes sweets.” He says hopefully could be reassuring enough for both women.

His father laughter echoed the room, “Looks like you really are close with the boy, huh, my son?” he says. His usual thick mustache vanished due to his current action movie replaced by thin one makes him looked younger.

Shouto rolls his eyes trying to hide his embarrassement, “No, he’s just college friend.” He says.

His father smirks at it, “Oh, I heard more than that. Didn’t you go watch some performance with him?”

Oh God, he should have known his mother and sister are women too. They had to be telling everyone about that. How could he say that he didn’t watch it with Katsuki because he’s busy trying to get Katsuki’s bestfriend pants without sounding suspicious? He couldn’t.

“I didn’t watch it with him.” He states, tired sigh escapes from his parted lips.

Mother gives him a questioning look, “Then why did he come here to help you pick your outfit?”

“Oh?” his father smirks at him, “So matching outfits or something?” he wiggles his eyebrows at Shouto’s direction.

Oh crap. His heart is beating so fast. “It’s nothing. We’re not like that.” Shouto shakes his head.

He hears his father groans, “I thought you finally had a boyfriend,” and that makes Shouto’s face red. Still groaning his father adds, “And I heard he’s a pretty young man. Oh, you make your old man sad.”

Fuyumi, sensing the high tension of the room says, “Well, regardless. He’s still your friend, and he’s still welcomed in our family.” She says not giving any room for argument. All the people of the room sigh in agreement.

“Speak of the which, when will he come?” His mother asks, looking hopeful on the front door. Shouto really doesn’t know what Katsuki did to make his mother like this. It’s like, she’s expecting someone special to come.

Shouto looks down at his watch, “He should be here in few minutes. He lives not far from here.”

And true, the bell rings on the front door and brings an automatic smile on his family faces. Shouto has to admit he likes it. He loves making his family happy, and if with bringing Katsuki here makes them so, he would bring him home often. Only if he doesn’t mind, of course. They’re friends afterall.

Shouto was about to stand up when two figures walk down to the main dining room. His oldest brother walks with an arm on Katsuki’s smaller shoulder and a smirk on his face. Shouto has to calm himself down before snapping on his brother for doing things to his... friend. Katsuki looks annoyingly calm with Touya’s moves over his tiny waist and Shouto almost groans.

Annoying. He’s so pretty and it’s annoying. Shouto couldn’t get his eyes off of Katsuki’s appearance tonight. Standing confidently with a nice peach color sweater with thin layer of white shirt underneath, a pair of tight jeans hugging his legs –he has pretty legs, what the hell, and a pair of black high boots. Hair gelled to his side, wearing bobby pins that Shouto adores so much, with light make up and sharp eyeliner as always. In short, he looks annoyingly stunning.

Wow. Shouto wants to hold him.

Shouto mentally slaps himself.

Touya snaps him out of his thought with tightning his hand of Katsuki’s slender figure before letting him go, “Meet this angel at the front door,” Touya says as if he could hear his family’s question, and sitting next to Natsuo, “Then I think I should bring him home.” He winks at Katsuki who still standing.

“Thanks, I could go inside myself.” He says smugly and for the first time Shouto smiles over his smugness.

His father stands up, “Hello, there,” he says with loud voice, laughing full heartedly while walking to Katsuki, “Todoroki Enji, young man. What’s your name?” he asks, offering a hand to Katsuki’s smaller one.

“Well, I could say I know you, Todoroki-san. I’m not living under the rock, you know.” He replies him, accepting the hand shake, “My name is Katsuki. Bakugou Katsuki.” He says with a perfect smile.

“Hahaha! I like you already! Come sit down, Katsuki-kun.” He says and Katsuki sits down between Rei and Fuyumi, right in front of Shouto.

A few minute later the room filled with laughter and stories told by his father and brother form their experience on filming the same movie for the first time. Also, their current movie is his brother’s first action movie, Natsuo usually casted for soft romance or teenage romance movie or so, so he’s eager to share his side story. His parents asks them for their college and Katsuki’s family. He tells them that their family is in Yokohama and he’s living on his own in Shibuya now.

“Yokohama! There’s a lot of ships and water.” His father comments, laughing at his own words.

Katsuki smiles shyly, “Indeed, Todoroki-san.”

Rei sips her hot green tea for a second before asking, “So, what’s your parents’ profession, Katsuki-kun?” she smiles.

Katsuki grins, “My old hag is fashion designer, Todoroki-san.” His voice gets higher a little, and Shouto could tell he’s proud of his parents. Old hag, Shouto snorts, he calls his mom that himself. Sounds like him.

Enji laughs, “I knew it! I knew that shoes from B&M!” he says proudly and Katsuki laughs.

“I didn’t know you payed so much attention to my choosen style, Todoroki-san.” He says between his laugh.

His dad sways his hand, “Gosh, drop the family name already, Katsuki. Just call us by our names.” He says and Rei agrees immedietely, “You could call us Mom and Dad too if you want.”

Shouto stares at his mother shocked by the statement.

Katsuki nods his head in polite manner, “Yes, Todo—I mean, Rei-san.” Then receives a nod by both of the parents.

Natsuo shakes his head with a smile, “Anyway, Dad loves B&M style.” He says before drinking his water and adds, “Literally wearing his favorite shoes every where.”

Katsuki laughs shyly rubbing the back of his head, “Thank you... My mom would love to hear that.” He says with a small smile, gaining his confidence back. Cute, he’s so cute.

“Cute outfit, tho...” Touya says, looking down at Katsuki’s peach sweater down to his tight black jean. He’s smirking at blushing Katsuki.

Shouto shots a glare to his brother direction. Touya smirks at him.

“Uh... T-Thank you?”

Fuyumi slaps the red haired boy on his back, “Touya.” She hisses.

Shouto doesn’t know Katsuki’s parents are fashion designer, and yet his family chat happily with him about it. Shouto eats his rice in silence, glaring at Touya who smirks at Katsuki. Even his older brother could chat easily with him. Shouto feels out of place. He huffs in annoyance.

“Something’s wrong, Halfie?” he hears Katsuki speaks beside him, eyeing him with his bright red eyes. The light orange shade on his eyelids makes him looked friendlier.

Shouto gapes, shaking his head. Crap, why does he feel like this? “Nothing.”

“You sure?” he presses, “You look constipated tho.”

Touya barks a laugh along with his father while his sister stiffles a giggle. His mom smiles and lets a light chuckles out of her. Shouto frowns, “I am fine, Katsuki.” He says with low tone.

“If you say so...” Katsuki smiles.

“So,” his mother starts again, “How did you guys meet?”

Oh no, no. Shouto gapes at his mom pleading her not to starts the couple talk with him and Katsuki. Because, one, they’re not couple, two he likes someone else, three Katsuki has a boyfriend! It’s really not the time to make any of them feel awkward.

Surprisingly, Katsuki answers, “We have the same club, also three same classes, so..” he smiles softly, “It’s suck to see him everyday you know,” and he makes Rei and Enji laughs at that.

Touya shakes his head, “Exactly.” And gets a hard slap on his back by their mother. Shouto smirks back.

“Shouto isn’t that chatty person, he almost has no friend, so we’re really glad that he has you now,” Rei says in soft tone, not realizing how wrong her sentence is. But strangely, it feels like it should be spoken like that. “I hope he’s not bothering you a lot.” She adds.

Katsuki shakes his head, “He’s being a dick almost all the time,” and Touya laughs out loud, “But Shouto is really good friend,” Katsuki says in small voice. Shouto blinks confusedly at his tone. It almost sounds like affection.

Shouto’s heart bloomed with fondness, he simply smiles, his cheeks warming up.




“I didn’t know your parents are fashion designers,” Shouto says, laying down on his bed, looking up at Katsuki who just goes out from the bathroom.

After dinner, his parents suggested them to have some sushi. Because most of the family are males and ate a lot, they immeditely agreed. The dinner continued to a small talk session where his parents joke a lot with his siblings along with Katsuki. The blond blended smoothly inside his family and it slightly scared him inside. But he’s glad, he’s really glad. Then his mother suggested Katsuki to spend the night and since tomorrow is Saturday, they don’t have any class. Katsuki hesitated for a second until his mother said something about being sad that Katsuki-kun rejected them again. Shortly, Katsuki agreed to spend the night here, in his house, in his room.

Katsuki huffs a small laugh, petting his already half-dry hair down. He’s wearing one of Shouto’s t-shirt that looked bigger on his slightly small frame. The shirt covering half of his flawless thighs, almost makes him looked like he doesn’t wear any underwear. Shouto blinks, he stares too long at those pretty legs. He’s relieved that Katsuki doesn’t pay any attention on him and busying himself with Shouto’s hair dryer.

Katsuki answers after a few second, “You don’t know a lot about me, Halfie,” he says, putting the hairdryer back to Shouto’s desk.

Shouto gets up from his position. He frowns, “Then tell me about you,” he says and second later he regrets it. God, that sounds so wrong.

“Tell you about me?” Katsuki says, sitting down at the floor. Shouto frown’s deepening.

“What are you doing down there? Here,” he pats the spot beside him, “Come on, Kat, up here. You’re sleeping with me,” he says and damn it Katsuki just laughs at him.

A moment later they’re facing each other on Shouto’s bed, Katsuki hugging one of his pillow. “So... what do you want to know?” he asks.

Everything. I want to know you, want to know your favorite dishes, want to know your favorite season, your fears, your feelings. Everything. Because that’s whats friends do, right?

“...Just tell me anything,” Shouto says finally.

Katsuki raises his eyebrows then rolls his eyes, “I’m 22, I’m art major, I’m from Yokohama, my sign is Aries, my blood type is A, what else?” he deadpans. Shouto huffs a laugh.

“What a nice introduction,” he mocks.

Katsuki shrugs, “You’re asking.”

Katsuki hugs his pillow tighter. The white color blended perfectly with Katsuki’s baby blue shirt, the blond hair and eyelashes makes him looked pale. He sighs, “My life isn’t interesting you know. Living as a son of famous actor is much entertaining,” he says teasingly.

Shouto rolls his eyes, “Come on,” he groans, “We’ve talked a lot about me. Also, I’m sorry for my family, forcing you to stay the night.”

Katsuki shakes his head, “No worry, Todoroki. You have interesting family you know. I’m only child so,” he shrugs, “Also, you looked like your Mom, haha.”

Shouto rolls his eyes, “Really now?”

Katsuki nods, “Your eyes shape, your lips shape and even your fucking expression. But your body and face structure looked like your Dad’s.” He says.

Shouto hums, “What about you? Who you look like?”

Katsuki rolls his eyes, “People said I look like my old hag, the hair, the face structure, the eyes, my skin, all of me. The only thing I hire from my Dad was my gender.”

Shouto laughs at that. “So how your dad looked like?”

Katsuki is silent for a moment. He looks like he’s thinking something. A sudden guilt grows inside Shouto’s heart. Only when Shouto wants to say something, Katsuki speaks.

“He was sooo much different from me. Kind and soft, warm and... calming. He had brown hair tho,” he smiles.

Wait, was? “Katsuki, I’m sor—”

Katsuki quickly shakes his head, “No, shut up, Todoroki. It’s fine. He’s... gone for a long time already.”

Shouto curses inwardly. He has no idea that Katsuki’s dad was already passed away. He frowns, looking at his own lap suddenly feeling like an asshole for asking such a private and hurtful question.

“H-How long?” Shouto asks in small voice.

Katsuki chuckles, “Don’t be sad, Halfie. It’s not like it hurt or something. Well, it used to but,” Katsuki shrugs, “He’s passed away when I was 13. It’s completely fine, you know,” he takes a deep breath, “It was an accident.”

Shouto smiles sadly, “Do you miss him?” he asks softly, shifting his seat until their knees touched.

Katsuki frowns, but his eyes softening, “Always,” he whispers, “Everyday. I still could feel his presence everywhere at my house. It’s weird for not having him around at first, you know? Like... there’s a missing piece in my day. But now, it’s all fine. I guess I’m used to it,” he finally sighs, smiling a little and that moment Shouto decides he agrees on Izuku’s statement. Katsuki’s smiling is beautiful.

Shouto touches Katsuki’s cheek softly. Ah, the little birth mark is visible. He cares it, blinking when Katsuki’s eyes widened and a heat creeps up his face. He looks like a deer cought in light, red eyes wide and glassy, soft lips trembled and cheeks stained with red hue. Oh crap.

Shouto gapes, “Ah, I’m sorry...” he says, but his hand remains it’s place on Katsuki’s cheek.

Katsuki shakes his head, “I’m fucking fine you know,” he frowns but make no movement to remove Shouto’s hand from his face, “I mean, it’s kinda nice to talk about him... casually.” He smirks.

Shouto laughs, finally dropping his hand off Katsuki’s face, “Well, whenever you want to talk about him, or about anything, I’m listening.”

Katsuki snorts, “What? Why would you do that?” he asks, titling his head with a smirk.

Shouto blinks, slightly taken aback by the blond’s question. What does he mean? Aren’t they friends? It’s normal to listen to your friends when they’re upset right? Shouto clears his throat, “What do you mean? That’s what friends do, right?”

Katsuki laughs, “Bitch, are we even friends?”

Shouto frowns, “Do you not want to be friend with me?”

Katsuki is silent, then he sighs tiredly. He slumps his shoulders, resting his head on Shouto’s pillow, “Whatever, pretty boy. Don’t really care about that.” He lazyly responses but it’s enough to make Shouto smiles.

Shouto chuckles, “We’re friends you know,” then he puts his hand over Katsuki’s head, ruffling his half-dry hair.

“Right, okay, if you say so,” Katsuki rolls his eyes.

Shouto chuckles, “Okay, let’s sleep.”





Katsuki couldn’t sleep. At all.

Red eyes still open wide, hands gripping on thick warm blanket he shared with the man beside him. How could he sleep with Todoroki fucking Shouto laying beside him, with his face so close to Katsuki’s own? Soft minty breathe tickling Katsuki’s ear and he’s glad that the lamp was off. His face is on fire. Katsuki sighs, there’s no use. He can’t sleep, and dumbly staring at Shouto’s plain ceiling like it’s interesting. Biting his lip, Katsuki streches his hand to grab his hone from Shouto’s desk, opening the lock and finds a ton of message form Eijirou asking what’s happening, what did Katsuki do, and more questions. Katsuki replies him with a [nothing] then sighs.

His phone vibrates.

[you sure? what wish for???]

[yup. nothing]

[you sure?]

Katsuki doesn’t reply any further. He slowly gets up from his position, trying his best not to wake the sleeping Prince beside him as he puts his phone back to the desk. He slowly makes his way to the door, opens it and closes it in the slowest motion. He walks down the stairs going straigh to the kitchen. Warm milk always makes him clam and relax if he couldn’t sleep. Todoroki woulnd’t mind if he drinks some of his fridge right? Guess he’s not.

He doesn’t turn the light on.

He’s opening the fridge, taking some condensed milk out and processes to boil some water when the light goes on. He gasps and almost drop his mug, quickly turns back to find a tall lanky figure standing not too far away from him.

Todoroki Touya is leaning on the wall, dressing like some rebel with his tight black ripped jeans and high boots. He stares at Katsuki for a few second before walking up to him. Katsuki frowns but also feels relieved at the same time.

“I thought I heard some mice around, but then I found a kitty,” he says lamely and Katsuki snorts.

“I hope you don’t mind,” Katsuki lifts up the mug, “I plan to drink milk since I can’t sleep.”

Touya chuckles, “Oh, no worry, sweety. You can drink milk as much as you want,” he whispers darkly but Katsuki shoves him back.

“Gross, you pervert old man,” he hisses, a faint blush on his cheeks.

Touya laughs heartfully at this, “Oh, cmon I’m only 27, I’m not that old!” he says, sitting on the dining chair. Katsuki moves to pour water on the small pot. He turns on the stove.

“Well, that’s old.” Katsuki says smugly.

“Oh, c’mon, Katsuki. I’m like your older brother now, you can call me Onii-chan, you know?” he chuckles. Katsuki has the urge to throw his mug at him.

Sighing, Katsuki snaps at him, “Not happening.”

Touya smirks at him, “You sure? I’m planning to have you as my brother-in-law, you see,” he says as Katsuki hisses at him with a flushing face.

“What the fuck?”

Touya laughs, “C’mon, I know you like my younger brother. Really,” Touya rolls his eyes, “He’s so lame yet you like him. I thought you have better taste.”

Wait wait wait! What the fuck?

Katsuki’s face is on flame when Touya smirks at him, “What? It’s obvious you know.”

“S-Shut up. I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Katsuki chooses to stir his milk, avoiding Touya’s piercing stare.

Touya walks up to him, “You sure?” he whispers on Katsuki’s ear, sneakily grips Katsuki smaller shoulder, side-hugging him, “C’mon, I know it.”

Katsuki frowns, “Even if I like him... He won’t look at me that way. He likes someone else,” he hates how weak he sounds like.

Touya almost coos at him. Oh poor, poor baby boy. Katsuki tch-ed, glaring at the older boy, “That’s why if you say any word to him, I will—”

“Katsuki?” A voice that Katsuki knows so much echoed in the room. Shouto stands not to far from them.


Chapter Text


He gapes at the man standing in front of him, “This.. I make some milk and—” he tries to explain. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. Since when he’s standing there? Did he hear them? Shouto shouldn’t hear that! But what if he heard that? Katsuki is fucked. What should he say if Shouto  asks him? How should he explain? Fuck. He doesn’t want to make everything complicated between them.

Katsuki is ready for Shouto to angry but instead he walks to him, grabbing his arm to move him away from his brother. Shouto frowns, still grabbing Katsuki’s arm, glaring at his brother, “What did you do to him?” he hisses.

Touya shakes his head, lifting both of his hands on defense, “Nothing, nothing. He’s all yours.”

Without saying another word, Shouto drags Katsuki and his warm milk with him out of the kitchen. When they arrived at the room, Shouto quickly shuts the door. He sighs, looking at confused Katsuki beside him.

“God, why were you with him?” he groans as Katsuki frowns, doesn’t understand what he meant.

“What? I just made some milk because I can’t sleep,” he says, following Shouto to sit on the bed, a mug of warm milk still on his hands.

Shouto burries his face on his pillow, mumbling, “Don’t go near him. He’s bad influence.” He whines. Fuck, that’s adorable. Katsuki snorts, putting his mug on the table beside his phone.

“He’s your brother tho.”

Shouto snaps his head up, looking straight at Katsuki’s eyes, “Yeah, that’s the point. I just hate it when he’s getting touchy to you.”

Katsuki snorts but his cheeks warming up. Is he jealous? No way. There’s no way Shouto would jealous to him. Don’t get your hope up Katsuki.

“Stop being a whiny bitch. We just talked some shit,” he nervously rubs the back of his neck, “Since when you stand there tho?” he murmurs quietly.

Shouto frowns, “Not long... I woke up and didn’t find you beside me so I searched for you,” he huffs a breath, “What were you talking about anyway?”

Thank God. Katsuki lets out a relieved sigh, “Nothing. Just a bunch of shit. It’s 1 am you know, and he just came home,” he lies, but it’s okay. Shouto didn’t hear anything! He didn’t hear anything. Thank God.

“Well, yeah, that’s because he runs a bar,” he groans, “I’m sleepy. Let’s go back to sleep.”

Katsuki rolls his eyes, quickly finishing his milk then laying down. He hopes he could really sleep this time.




“This evening?” Shouto is leaning back on the dining table, staring at Bakugou Katsuki who diligently washing dishes at his kitchen. His kitchen, yes. That’s because the blond has been helping his sister making the breakfast and volunteered himself to wash the dishes. Shouto could say that was one of the best breakfast he ever eat.

Katsuki was talking about Izuku’s pre-match today with Isami University and Shouto is slightly wondering how Katsuki knows that. Shouto didn’t even know it until Katsuki brought it up. Why didn’t Izuku tell him? But nevermind, Shouto hasn’t attended any of his crush’s match actually.

“Yeah, it’s only pre-match so not a lot of people knows. It could be your chance to meet Deku there, y’know?” Katsuki says with a sigh while putting mugs on the rack. Shouto hums a little, well, it doesn’t sound too bad. Shouto hasn’t go to any of Izuku’s match before so... it really could be a chance.

Katsuki continues, “So, I’m planning to set you up there and whatever, you can do whatever you want to get him,” he murmurs.

“I suppose so,” Shouto smiles, “Thank you, Katsuki. I... owe you a lot, huh?”

Katsuki snorts, “Damn right, popsicle head,” then he turns his head to look at Shouto’s eyes. Wow, those bright red eyes always look fascinating. He murmurs, “When will you confess tho?”

Oh. About that. Shouto blinks his eyes, not ready for that question. Now that he thinks about it, when will he confess to Izuku about his feelings? When will it be? Why Shouto suddenly doesn’t want to do that? It’s his mission in the first place, and now he doesn’t want to do that. Why is it? He still likes Izuku but why doesn’t he want that?

“I... I don’t know,” he answers truthfully.

Katsuki raises an eyebrow, “You don’t know? What the fuck, Todoroki,” he groans, “I should know when will I stop helping your pathetic crush on him.”

Shouto frowns, looking down at his feet as he speaks, “I’m sorry. Did I bother you that much?” he couldn’t help but asking.

Katsuki rolls his eyes, “What do you think?” he huffs a breath as he walks up to Shouto. He smirks, “What? You’re sulking?”

Shouto shakes his head, “No, I am not,” he scowls, still finding his feet more interesting than the man in front of him. Call him childish, but he really hates this situation right now.

“Tch,” Katsuki leans on the kitchen counter, folding his arms on his chest, “Childish bastard. But whatever, I’ve informed you that so it’s up to you to come or not. Just take your fucking time.”

Shouto smiles, “Right, thanks,” Katsuki hums in reply.

Soon, Katsuki takes his leave. His father is groaning because he wants to spend the day with Shouto’s friend any longer, even his mother gives Katsuki a lot of cookies. Wow, his family is really this attached to the blond, Shouto has no idea. That’s when Katsuki is about to go, Shouto’s mother told him to take Katsuki home. Shouto, of course, couldn’t say no to his mother’s command.

“Will you be there, tho? At the game?” Shouto asks when they’re walking to Katsuki’s apartment complex.

Katsuki hums a little. Shouto’s white long sleeved shirt looks so much bigger on Katsuki’s smaller body, and, wow. There’s a tingling sensation inside his chest when he looks down at the shorter male. He’s cute. Shouto’s heart tightening, he doesn’t know why. Is it completely normal to feel like this towards your friend? Like when the sun light hits Katsuki’s face and make it brighter, his ash blond hair illuminated by the orange light and make him look softer. It feels like I want to touch him, hug him, hold him, looking at his deep red eyes for days and---

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Hold on. Stop right there.

Since when Shouto has these thoughts towards Katsuki? The familiar heat rushed up his neck and Shouto holds his urge to rub it off, trying to cooling his face down.

That’s when Katsuki speaks, he snaps his gaze to the shorter male again, “Yeah, I guess. If I don’t get too lazy.”

A little part of Shouto is happy to hear that, he wonders why. It would be normal if he’s excited for meeting Izuku, but when it comes to Katsuki... Shouto feels strangely happy, pleased even. Maybe it’s because being around Katsuki is too light and easy that he doesn’t have to hide his true personality? He has to act all mature and calm with Izuku but with Katsuki he could be more... free to express himself. He wonders if it’s because Katsuki’s own personality that affects him.

But either way, he feels pleased.

They arrive at Katsuki’s door and Shouto hates to admit that he misses this place. Being friends with Katsuki makes him visits this place more than he should be. When Katsuki’s opening the already unlocked door, Shouto is feeling an anticipation. Because who the hell would leave their apartment unlocked?!

But Katsuki is strangely calm, opening the door like it was nothing. All Shouto’s question is answered by the sight of four males and one female laying on Katsuki couch and floor. Ouch, Katsuki slaps his arm and Shouto groans.

“What was that for?” he asks.

Katsuki shakes his head, “Come in already.”

Soon, Shouto is being pulled by a pair of big arms. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu smiles at him, “Come in bro, sit down,” he sits down beside Kaminari who’s leaning back on his boyfriend’s chest while playing games on his phone.

“Hey, hey, Todoroki my bro,” the yellow haired guy takes Shouto’s hand in a high five.

Shouto is taken aback by all their thouchy-personalities. Kaminari is not shy to wrap his arm around Shouto’s shoulder to make him familiar with him, Ashido Mina –the only girl in there is literally jumping to his side before rubbing his arm while giving him some chocolate, Sero doesn’t even bothered to remove Kaminari from Shouto’s side, Tetsutetsu is minding his own business on his phone laying on his stomach, while Kirishima is running to the kitchen.

He eyed him for a second, looking at Kirishima’s broad back and Katsuki’s smaller one beside him. They talk, but Shouto couldn’t hear anything. At first Shouto doesn’t feel like he should know what they’re talking about, but then he sees Katsuki’s face frowning and hitting the red-head on his shoulder with a wooden spatula. Shouto huffs a laugh and makes all the eyes on him. He says nothing when being asked what’s going on. Then Shouto looks up again to see what happened next but what he finds is Kirishima’s wraping his huge arm around Katsuki’s petite waist, resting his redhead on the blond male’s shoulder while whispering something, then Katsuki’s shoulder shaking like he’s laughing.

Shouto feels like he sees something he shouldn’t see. His smile drops and turned into a frown.

But then there’s a slight pang in his chest and it stings so bad. His heart aches a bit and for a second he wonders if he has a heart attack. But no... the feelings is same like what he feels when seeing Izuku with Uraraka, maybe even deeper than that. He wants to be the one who hugs Katsuki like that, he wants to be the one that makes him laugh like that, he just wants to be the one that makes him happy. What is it?

Wait... Does he really feel jealous now?

Shouto brings his big hand to his face, covering it from shame.

Why would he be jealous? Kirishima and Katsuki are obviously a thing, there’s nothing Shouto could do. It’s not even his business. But why does he hate it?

“You okay, dude?” a tired playful voice asks him and snapping him out of his thought. Shouto looks up to Sero Hanta who’s leaning back on Katsuki’s coach with a glass of beer on his hand.

“Yeah? Oh I’m fine,” he says rubbing his hair, “I’m just... not really used to this, you know, having a lot of friends.”

Sero laughs, “Oh man, easy, Katsuki is not people person either, we just like annoying him,” he chuckles and Shouto smiles. Then he looks up again to the pair in front of them. Sero’s following his gaze then huffs a laugh.

“Sweet, huh?” he asks.

Shouto blinks snapping his gaze towards the lanky man, “Yeah?”

“Katsuki and Eijirou,” he points out, “They’re sweet, huh?”

Shouto, despite feeling uneasy, asnwers him shortly, “Yeah, they’re together after all.”

A loud laugh come from Kaminari who is now leaning his back on Ashido’s shoulder, “Hahaha! I know it!” he says.

Ashido giggles, “Oh, everyone always thinks like that towards them.”

Sero shakes his head in irony, “Like... How could you think they’re in relationship, man? Sometimes I don’t get it.” he says as he runs his long fingers on his hair.

Kaminari raises his eyebrows, “Dude, I literally thought that they’re together until I saw Tetsu and Ei sucking face on the back of my car, are you crazy?” he shakes his head in disbelieve.

Testutetsu snaps at him, “Shut up, Pikachu!” he says with flushed face.

Wait wait wait. What? Shouto blinks owlishly at the grey haired man. Tetsutetsu feelings being stared at rubs his head, “Yeah man, me and Ei are together, if you know what I mean,” he shrugs.

“Also,” Tetsutetsu sends him a questioning look, “Don’t you go out with Kat? You guys are together right?” he asks and Shouto swears he could see the other three people’s eyes bugging out like they see ghost.

“Wait, you what?” now Sero is pushing himself forward, straightening his body to look at the shocked Shouto.

“Why don’t you tell us earlier, man?!” Kaminari literally shrieks, he jumps up from his position to Shouto’s side.

“Wait, what? Katsuki never told us about it! It’s unfair!!” Ashido is whining, puching Katsuki’s hedgehog plushie.

“No!” Shouto doesn’t mean to shout, of course, but his voice rise higher than usual. He quickly shakes his head in denial, “No, we’re not together,” he mumbles almost afraid if Katsuki could hear them.

“You literally went home together, man,” Tetsutetsu sways his hands around.

“Bold move, Todoroki!” Kaminari snickers.

Shouto frowns feeling annoyed. He rubs the back of his neck, it’s hot. He bits his lips. It’s not annoying because he doesn’t like it, it’s annoying because he does like it. Crap.

“It’s nothing guys, really,” Shouto says fnally. The group groans almost in synch. How could they even do that, really?

“Then what’s your deal with him?” Sero asks, straightening his body.

“I...” Shouto shrugs, “Asked him to get me closer to the person I like,” he says.

Tetsutetsu narrows his eyes at him, “Wow.. you like someone else then?” Shouto couldn’t understand why he sounds angry about it, but he also couldn’t understand why his chest was tight when he said that.

Shouto smiles as the answers and quickly, Kaminari changes the topic more to Shouto’s relief.

Katsuki appears while having two big bowls of... something smell like pasta. Shouto looks up, instantly feeling a little bit nervous. Katsuki puts them down while muttering, “You gossip about me, nerds?” he says loudly but not as angry as he sounds.

Mina is the one who answers, “How could you know?” she asks him back and the blond head rolls his eyes.

“Here, just eat and scram,” he says but he doesn’t mean it. He makes an eye contact with Shouto for a while and muttering, “I hope you’re okay with pasta?”

Shouto, slightly taken aback could only nods, “Yeah, I mean, pasta is fine,” he says although he doesnt know why he says it. He doesn’t even know if Katsuki’s squad want some food from him. They must be super close.

Yeah, that, and Katsuki lets them have his aparment spare key.

Shouto is still full so he doesn’t take a lot of the food, he simply puts two scoops of pasta on his own plate. He eats –it tastes heavenly, don’t even ask, as he listens to the group, chatting freely with a bit of light teasing here and there. Shouto is sooo glad that no one mentioned something about their previous conversations. It would be embarrassing and humiliating for him. He couldn’t even look at Katsuki’s eyes now. He inhales trying to ease his hammering heart.

What is it... what is this feeling?

“Hey, you okay?” and soft tips of fingers run down Shouto’s bare arm, leaving tingling sensations on his skin, creeping up to his poundering heart. Shouto nods at Katsuki’s frown.

“Yeah,” he says as he gets up seeing Katsuki also getting up to wash the dishes. All his friends decide to play some games on Katsuki’s TV but Shouto choose not to join, prefering to help Katsuki drying the dishes.

“Sorry, they’re always so loud, I know you’re not comfortable,” Katsuki starts as he wash the plates.

Shouto shakes his head, “No, I just... I’m not used to it, you know,” he smiles ruffling Katsuki’s soft hair as an adorable red tint appears on the blond’s cheeks. Shouto chuckles.

So cute. I wonder what should I do to make you blush again?

“Yeah... Don’t get too close to them, tho,” Katsuki gives Shouto a plate to dry as he speaks, “You’ll get weird. You’ll get stupid talking to them,” he shakes his head.

Shouto hums, “They seem to like you so much tho,” he says rubbing his head.

He remembers that he always addressed Kirishima who’s now leaning on his boyfriend’s chest, as Katsuki’s boyfriend before and he feels like should apologize to the blond. He huffs a laugh at his own stupidness. Katsuki looks up at him when he hears the small laugh.

“See? You begin to look crazy,” Katsuki says, pointing to Shouto’s face.

Shouto chuckles, “Kirishima and Tetsutetsu are gay for each other and yet I thought he’s your boyfriend all this time,” he laughs again and success making Katsuki rolls his eyes with a smile. Shouto’s heart feels light when he says it.

“Yeah, you’re so stupid. When you say that he’s my boyfriend I swear I was about to snap your fucking head in pieces, you know?” Katsuki groans, “I was like “this bitch”,” he rolls his eyes and it makes Shouto laughs harder.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t assum it too fast,” he says.

“Yeah, damn right,” Katsuki says and they’re chuckling together.




Chilly wind blow Katsuki’s hair. He curses softly as wraping himself with his long sleeved shirt. October is almost coming to it’s end, it makes these days become so much colder than usual. Katsuki is fine with cold, as long as he stays warm. Yes, he’s an asshole like that. Talking about an asshole, Katsuki scans the arena, looking for Deku’s team to appear. His legs move impatiently as the crowd coming to their seats. Eijirou and Tetsu are buying some snacks for them, Kaminari and Hanta are sucking face in their apartment and Mina is busying herself with her huge lesbian crush. So, basically, he’s lonely. And that Todoroki bastard hasn’t showed up.

No, no. Don’t think about him now.

“Guess who!” a sudden squel jolts him from his seat, with his eyes covered by a pair of small elegant fingers and two giggling sound behind him.

Ohhh... he knows who this is.

Katsuki laughs as he removes the hands from his face, turning his head to meet with two beautiful women in dresses. He grins as Uraraka pouts, “You’re supposed to guess!” she whines.

Katsuki shrugs, “I know it’s you anyway,” he says as the girls sit beside him, “Hi,” he hugs Momo for a few second.

“Why are you guys here?” Katsuki asks, Uraraka shifts her seat, “We were about to visit Izuku but then we saw you and decided to say hi,” she smiles.

Katsuki nods in acknowledgement. Uraraka doesn’t seem to hate him too much now. She’s way too comfortable with Katsuki too these days, they start to change greetings everytime they meet and randomly pick any topic to talk. Well at least now he has more friends than enemies. He wants to laugh at himself.

After a few minutes they say their goodbye and Katsuki waves as they dissapear to the crowd. Now Katsuki is alone again.

He huffs a breath. Tetsutetsu comes to his view for afar and he couldn’t hold back his grin as the grey haired boy sits beside him. He offers him a warm takoyaki and Katsuki gladly eats one if it.

“You never told us that you have that kind of deal with Todoroki,” Tetsu starts, kicking his grey Nike shoes to the grass, looking down.

Katsuki stops munching, “What do you mean?” he asks as he swallows.

Tetsu looks at him pleadingly, “You seriously think that we don’t know your crush on him since the first year?” he asks back as Katsuki feels his body suddenly stiffened, not because of the chilly air, but because of Tetsu’s shocking words.

“I don’t!” Katsuki almost screams, his face is hot, “Fuck you, really,” he hisses.

Tetsu asks him again, ignoring his insult as if he’s been used to it, “So, what’s the deal?”

Katsuki sighs. It’s not like he could hide it forever, yeah, that and this fucker and apparently all his squad know about his feelings to Todoroki too. Fuck, is he that obvious?! There’s no way Todoroki wouldn’t know about it! But then again, if he knows Katsuki’s fucking feelings on him, he must be avoiding Katsuki now. Instead, he’s clinging on the blond everytime like a koala.


Sometimes you just have to be honest with your feelings anyway.

Katsuki sighs, “It’s not like I do it because of his... what, say, pity on his feelings or whatever. I thought with helping him get closer to Deku would erase my own feelings on him, y’know. Logically speaking, right?” he pauses, taking a breath, “Whatever, it’s not like I want him to know. Todoroki deserves better anyway,” he shrugs.

Tetsu frowns at him, “You don’t mean that,” he shakes his head.

Yeah, Katsuki probably doesn’t mean that. Maybe he means that he wants to be the one Todoroki likes or something. But Katsuki tries to be realistic, ignoring his feelings would do him good someway. It’s better than chasing something he couldn’t even reach, right?

“Yeah, you’re right, probably,” Katsuki shrugs.

Tetsu rubs his back, pulling him into a side hug, “I have this feeling that he likes you, tho,” he says, jolting Katsuki up from his hug to look at the the glasses boy in shock.

“The fuck?” he scoffs.

Tetsu shrugs, “He waited for you in the club room days ago, and you obviously went home together, are you crazy?” he asks as he rolls his eyes.

That, and he invited Katsuki to his family dinner. Fuck.

Katsuki blushes instantly, “It means nothing,” he quickly shakes his head in denial.

“Kat, you know there’s something,” Tetsu tries again.

Katsuki has enough. He sighs, looking down to his nails before speaking, “Shut up, I don’t want him to know... If he knows, he would avoid me and I don’t want it to happen. Just being by his side now, it’s enough,” he groans, “Fuck, since when I become so sappy?”

Tetsu laughs at this, “Since forever, dude. Don’t realize it?” he asks teasingly poking Katsuki’s chubby cheek making the blond blushes.

“Fuck you,” he sneers.

“No, thanks,” Tetsu sways his hand in defense, “I prefer to fuck my boyfriend,” he grins as Katsuki slap his thigh with his smaller hand.

“Gross,” he hisses as the crowd cheer when the to teams come to the field. He quickly looks down to see Deku as a starter. He’s wearing his precious captain badge on his left arm and Katsuki almost coos as he feels so proud of his childhood friend.

“By the way, where’s Eijiro?” Katsuki asks, as he scans the crowd.

“He’s talking with his senior—” Tetsu looks up behind him and smiles, “There you are.”

Katsuki turns his head to Eijirou’s direction and meet with a pair of black eyes looking down at him with a smile –a mocking smile, to be exact, and the grass below him feels like crumbling. Ignoring Eijirou’s cheerful greeting, he focuses on Shindou You’s stare at him. The upperclassman smile’s not dropping a single bit even after being glared by Katsuki. Fuck. He must hear their conversations earlier.


“Man, we’re here all the time,” Eijirou’s grinning, and it makes the uneasy feeling inside Katsuki’s gut worsening. Fuck, that fucker must know that Katsuki has something for Todoroki. He shouldn’t open his mouth too much! Stupid, stupid Katsuki!

When the refree whistles, Katsuki gets up from his seat, whispering to Tetsu that he wants to buy something to drink from vending machine. Tetsu asks for coffee and Eijirou black tea, he quickly nods. Not really bother to remember what their orders are, he quickly goes out from the arena silently apologizing to Izuku in his heart for missing his kick off. But really, he just can’t bear the tension he feels with the black-haired older male. He walks quickly, not minding bumping with some chicks and dudes on his way. He just want to go as far as he can from that fucker, because of course the bastard wouldn’t let this information go.

Katsuki choose to buy drinks on the outside of the arena. He walks his legs to a vending machine far away from the field. The sky is darkening, so is his heart. Angrily, he puts some random money, buying three bottles of banana milk not minding his friends request as his brain creates some excuse in case Shindou would talk to him about it. There’s no way Katsuki could deny what he has said with Tetsu earlier! Fuck, he’s so so so stupid!

When his banana milk bottles come, he quickly grabs them, biting his lip thinking about coming back or just goes straight home. But then, Deku would be disappointed with him, he doesn’t like the sad look on his childhood friend’s face. Fuck. He can’t leave. He sighs.

The a certain voice comes to his ears, “Yeah, it must be tired liking a person who loves someone else,” it’s said in a very sad voice, but Katsuki could hear a mockery laugh between the words.

Of course Shindou would follow him here, right? Cliche. Katsuki turns his head to the older man, “The fuck you want?” he asks impatiently.

Shindou smiles, walking to him putting both of his hands on his Theater club jacket pockets, “Are you okay, angel? Does it hurt curshing someone who likes someone else?” he asks as he sighs, “Of course it does, right? I shouldn’t have asked.”

Katsuki’s eyebrow tiwtch in irritation. See? This fucker wont let him go. There must be something to do with him. Katsuki frowns as he turns his body to talk to the older man directly.

“Shindou, I fucking asked you what do you want,” Katsuki hisses, looking at the annoying man right on his eyes.

Shindou chuckles, “Oh, don’t be so angry like that, kitten. It’s not cute,” he shakes his head, walking to Katsuki who still standing in front of the vending machine.

“Stop with your poor filrting skill and just get to the fucking point,” Katsuki sneers as Shindou smirks at him.

“Impatient, impatient,” he says dramatically shakes his head, “Then what would you do about that cute little crush you have?” he asks instead, completely shocking the blond.

“Fuck you, if you do something to him, I’ll kill you,” Katsuki feels panic running down his spine as Shindou laughs. The sound of it makes Katsuki shifts uncomfortably. This snake makes him want to run and hide. He doesn’t know why.

“Oh, easy now, kitten. You see... I don’t have any intention to spill it to anyone, at least not yet,” he smirks, “You don’t have to worry.”

Katsuki sighs, “You want something, don’t you?” he asks, looking up to small smirk Shindou puts on his handsome face. Shindou smiles now.

“My, aren’t you a smart one,” he says, “You know the Culture Festival is next week and I heard your club wants to make some exhibition shit in the main hall,” he says and when Katsuki wants to reply, he speaks again, “Well, you see, my club,” he touches his chest as if telling that his club is the best or some shit, “Wants to make some performance, of course, but there’s one problem that only you could solve,” he says, leaning in until their noses almost touch.

Katsuki frowns when Shindou smiles innocently, “The main role isn’t me,” he says finally.

“And I want you to make it happen,” he says again, “Your little red head friend right there is trying to steal it from me,” he shakes his head as he laughs. He looks right into Katsuki’s eyes when he says next, “You know what I want, right?” he asks in low tone.

Katsuki smirks, “I know,” he says, “Fuck you, you coward.”

Shindou chuckles, “Oh, I always like the way your voice cracks every time you scared,” he says creepily caressing Katsuki’s cheek with his long fingers.

“This is what you do to get your main role last year, right?” Katsuki laughs mockingly, “You made Mirio senpai talked to Tamaki senpai so you could get his role, right?” Katsuki’s voice rising, “How pathetic can you get? You fucking coward!” he screams on Shindou’s face.

The older man chuckles. He’s tightening his grasp on Katsuki’s cheeks, “Do it, or I will let that Todoroki guy knows your cute little crush on him and makes him hate you,” he whispers dangerously, “You don’t want it, right?”

Katsuki’s eyes watering as he pushes Shindou back, “Fuck off!” he shouts, “You won’t do it. You’re a coward,” he smirks.

But later, the older man walks to him again, hands stroking his head and yanks his hair, “I warn you, Katsuki-kun,” he whispers, looking at Katsuki’s red eyes directly, “The choice is yours,” he smiles.

Katsuki frowns, all the curses words feel heavy on his tongue. Fuck this guy. Just fuck.

“Hey,” a new deep voice makes both of them turn their head to its direction. Katsuki’s eyes widening.

Todoroki Shouto is walking towards them after closing the door of his white car, his gaze hardening as he sees Shindou. Katsuki swallows, getting panic as if Shouto could hear their conversation earlier.

But instead, Shouto grabs Shindou’s hand from Katsuki’s hair, squezzes the bone hard on his big hand, “Don’t touch him,” he lowly hisses, “Ever again.”

Shindou laughs, “My... You’re really good for playing the Prince Charming saving his Princess role,” he says instead, walking back and smirking at Katsuki’s direction, “You and I haven’t done yet, kitten,” he winks and slowly makes his way back to the field.

Katsuki lets out a shaky breath he doesn’t know he’s holding. Shouto looks down to see his face and God he must be burning in shame now. Katsuki tries to hide his face by looking down, only to be lifted by Shouto’s kind hand. He says, “Hey, look at me,” he cares Katsuki’s cheeks.

Katsuki shivers at his touches.

“Did you hear us then?” Katsuki asks slowly.

Shouto cups his face, whispering to him, “I heard.”

Katsuki’s heart beating so hard inside his chest. This can’t be happening.

Chapter Text


IZUKU’S TEAM won. Of course, right? They won with 2-1 against Isami University. He looks so so happy chatting with them. God, Shouto wants to pinch his cheeks so bad seeing his wide smile. But his attention always goes back to Katsuki. He looks up to Katsuki, sitting in front of him looking tired as he replies Izuku’s rant and Kirishima’s laughter.

He looks bothered. After seeing that uppeclassman yanking Katsuki’s hair like that, he couldn’t help to be worried about him. Shouto heard some line of it’s all Katsuki’s choice, and Katsuki called him a coward. What were they talking about? Why Katsuki looked so scared? What is it Katsuki should choose? Shouto always has this insecure feeling about that upperclassman since their first meeting last week. He almost looks like that antagonist character you find in every fairy tales you read. There’s something dangerous about him. Shouto decides, he doesn’t like that upperclassman. Shouto wants to ask about it to Katsuki, but he’s afraid of crossing the line. When Shouto asked him if he’s alright, all Katsuki said was i’m fine and it only made Shouto’s worry grew larger. They’re friends right? It’s normal to ask your friend’s problem right? Maybe he really should ask about it. Not now, tho. He will wait until they’re alone. Shouto could go home with Katsuki after this or something.

Yes, that will do.

They’re sitting inside a small cafe near Economic Department, along with Izuku, Uraraka, Kirishima, Tetsutetsu and of course Momo. Shouto loves the atmostphere. It’s warm, friendly and inviting, Shouto couldn’t not be relaxed inside the cafe. There’s a lot of decorations on the wall too. An acoustic band consisted of three members are performing some indie songs too, it’s perfect. Shouto sips his hot latte with a smile.

“Katsuki-kun, you okay?” a soft girly voice comes from in front of him and Shouto finds Uraraka Ochako leaning on Katsuki’s left shoulder. Her fingers trail down Katsuki’s arm, looking at the blond with her worry gaze. Shouto holds his cup of coffee tighter. That sight bothers him, somehow. It just feels wrong. He doesn’t know why.

Katsuki smiles to her, rubbing his small hand on Uraraka’s bare arm, “I am okay. Why, worried?” he teases, smirking a little. Uraraka blushes, slapping him on the arm and giggles.

Shouto’s gut churns with ugly feelings.

“Of course, I am. You looked tired, did you lack of sleep?” she asks again now leaning back on her chair easening a tight knot inside Shouto’s heart.

The blond shrugs, “You know, classes,” he smiles, ruffling Uraraka’s brown locks when the girl smiles.

Lie. Shouto knows Katsuki is lying.

Shouto sips his hot coffee. There, Izuku doesn’t even bother to move Uraraka from Katsuki’s side. Since when those two get closer? Are they... no, no, that can’t be. Uraraka is a loyal person. She won’t do it to her boyfriend, or Shouto would be so mad. But a voice inside his head tells him that he’s not going to mad because of that, he would be mad if Uraraka flirts with Katsuki. He doesn’t know why. Damn. His head is a mess. He lifts his gaze to Katsuki again, now leaning back on his chair. He looks really tired and Shouto has this urge to pull him out of the cafe and drive him home. Katsuki’s red eyes on him, in the next second he raises an eyebrow at him, and Shouto sends the blond a small smile. A sudden blush appears on the blond’s cheeks. It’s adorable. Katsuki is always easy to be embarrassed.

Shouto grins. Why is he so cute? I want to squish his cheeks.

“Oh, I heard Photography club will go to some trip tomorrow?” Izuku’s voice suddenly snaps Shouto out from his thought.

Katsuki is the one who answers, “Yeah,” he rubs his back.

Kirishima hums, “To where?”

Katsuki shrugs, “Beach, in Osaka.”

Izuku hums, “It’s three hours from here.”

Katsuki frowns, “Yeah, and it’s almost winter, it must be cold as fuck.” He groans glaring at Tetsutetsu who is laughing loudly.

Tetsutetsu giggles after a few second, “Sorry, we thought it was a good idea. I know you don’t like being cold, we could get some extra blanket for your pathetic ass.” He mocks Katsuki, grinning at the blond’s expression.

Katsuki glares at him, “Die, you jackass.” He cringes at the laughing Tetsutetsu.

Shouto could only laugh at that, not only because their bickering is always hilarious, but also because of Katsuki’s laughing face is lightening up his mood. It feels like he’s a completely different person. He doesn’t look as tired as before and Shouto is slightly glad for it.

So, Katsuki hates cold. It’s different from him, Shouto loves cold.

I wonder if I can make him come to our family winter trip this December.

Shouto’s face is heating up with that thought. Shit, since when Shouto wants someone to come to their family trip?! Shouto never invited everyone before, even Momo. Maybe... just maybe, because Katsuki is a good company and Shouto likes to have him around? Yeah, that and his family loves the blond. It’s normal. It’s completely normal.

Shouto ignores his pounding heart.

“God damn stupid seniors won’t make any food, they want me to do it all.” Katsuki groans making all the eyes on him, “Fuck them really.”

Tetsutetsu giggles, “Yo, I have to tell Mirio senpai you said that,” he receives a very not friendly jab on his side by Katsuki.

Katsuki sneers, “You crazy bastard, instead of doing that, you could help me with the food!” he glares at the grey haired boy. Tetsutetsu stucks his tongue out.

To this information, Shouto frowns, “Wait, you have to do that?” he asks, “Why don’t we just order something?” he shakes his head. If they want to go in a trip, they could just order meal boxes from a restaurant or something, right? Shouto doesn’t think it would be a big problem.

Katsuki laughs, “Shouto, you rich bastard. Do you think we have a lot of money? Gosh, you need to wake up. Not everyone is loaded like you, Prince.”

Shouto pouts at this, “I could help,” he says.

Katsuki shakes his head, tugging his long bang on his bobby pins making his face looks clearer, “No way, we can’t use personal money for club agenda, crazy bastard,” he glares.

Shouto shrugs, “But still, Katsuki. You could’ve talk to me about it.”

Katsuki huffs a laugh, “That’s your own fault. You never payed any attention to group chat, did you?” he leans in to kick Shouto’s leg, “What happened with that good member act you put last month, bastard?” he chuckles.

Shouto teasingly kicks Katsuki’s leg back, grinning, “Don’t need that, I have you.”

Katsuki pouts, glaring at him, “And what? I’m not your manager.”

Shouto shrugs, “You could have been, you just need to tell the schedule.”

Katsuki grins making Shouto’s face itches with the urge to smile too. “No way in hell.”

Then they notice the silence around them. Shouto looks over his side to find Kirishima and Tetsutetsu look at him wide eyed, Uraraka and Momo even cover their mouths with ther hands, Izuku looks like he is about to cry. Ah.. Shouto realized how he acted around Katsuki, and they really sound so close. He is sure Izuku or Momo would ask him tons of questions for him after this. But seeing Katsuki’s calm expression, he feels the knot in his gut loosening. Nah, they’re friends anyway. No need to hide anything. Except for their aggreements.

Agreements. It leaves a bitter taste on Shouto’s mind.

“What?” Katsuki snaps at Kirishima who grins at them.

“Since when are you two close?” he asks, Katsuki rolls his eyes boredly.

“We share three fucking classes together, you jackass.” He answers unmindly, stirring his already cold coffee.

Shouto nods cofirming. Tetsutetsu leans back on his chair as he says, “That, and three of us share the same club.”

Soon the conversation about Shouto and Katsuki ends right there, somehow, and changed to Izuku’s team winning again. They laugh and talk and maybe a little bit teasing Izuku here and there when suddenly Katsuki takes his leave with Kirishima and Tetsutetsu. Shouto’s smile drops instantly. He stands up to grab Katsuki’s arm when they walk away from the table. Shouto asks if the blond really has to go now, and he is not sure if he likes the answer.

“What? I have to make the foods,” he smirks, “You know, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“I could take you home,” Shouto says, hoping he doesn’t sound too pushing about it.

Katsuki shrugs, “I leave with Tetsu and Eijirou, besides,” he smirks as he side glances to their table, seeing Izuku still chatting with Uraraka and Momo, “You could use this chance, you know?”

Shouto frowns, somehow, he doesn’t feel like using this chance or whatever Katsuki’s words are. He looks over Katsuki’s face to see if the blond only joking or something. But no, he could see the blond’s serious eyes. Shouto doesn’t like it. He asks the blond about the upperclassman again.

“Hey, I’m worried about you. What was all that about?” he doesn’t care if he sounds too protective right now, because yes, he is protective towards Katsuki.

Katsuki sighs, “It’s not something you should worry about. I am fine, and I’ll make sure to kick that asshole’s ass tomorrow,” he smiles. Shouto grabs his hand in reflect gaining cute blushes on Katsuki’s chubby cheeks.

“Okay, but I want to know all the details.” He says as he tightening his grip.

Katsuki shrugs, “Can’t promise you.”


“Kat! Let’s go, what the hell are you doing back there?!”

God bless Kirishima for ruining Shouto’s sentence. Shouto frowns at the red head as he sees Katsuki waves at them, “A minute!”

Then Katsuki looks up, “I have to go, you go there, chase your man,” he winks and God, a sudden heat creeps up Shouto’s cheeks. And it’s not because of the words, but because of that cute little wink Katsuki gave him. Katsuki could really get him a heart attack someday, Shouto swears.

Shouto grips his shirt when he feels his heart pounding so hard on his chest. It hurts. But it’s not unpleasant. It’s strange, Shouto never feels like this before.

Shaking his head, Shouto tries to clear his mind. He walks back to the table seeing a very happy Izuku on the chair, Uraraka leaning on him and Momo sipping her coffee. It’s too quiet, too calm. Shouto used to like this atmosphere. Shouto wonders since when it changes. Maybe because he’s hanging out with Katsuki and his loud friends a lot now. Their friendship is wilder than Shouto’s own, but it makes them really more interesting. Shouto already misses Katsuki and his friends’ bickering, they’re just so adorable. Their touchy personalities and loudness make Shouto never felt left out. They’re like a bunch of dogs in pack, warm, loving, and really protective one another. Shouto likes it. He really should hang out with them again someday.

“You should bring us souvenirs after you come back~” Uraraka says cheerfully, leaning on her boyfriend shoulder earning a small peck on her head by Izuku. Shouto tries to smile at her words.

“Sure, I’ll bring what I find.”

Izuku chuckles, “But don’t bring us sand,” he jokes and Shouto could only chuckles at that.

“I’ll bring the whole beach for all of you.” He says jokingly, making the other three laugh at that.

Soon, the couple take their leave, standing to give Shouto a high five and walk away not long after that. Shouto, for once, doesn’t see them leaving but chooses to stare at his cold coffee instead. He doesn’t really know when it started, but his heart slowly accepts the fact that Izuku wouldn’t be home with him but with his girlfriend. His heart is no longer beating so fast when Izuku talked to him, or even when they touched each other’s skin. It just feels wrong, somehow. Shouto doesn’t know why, but that’s how he feels. Since when he stops paying attention to Izuku? It’s indeed felt wrong. But strangely, it’s loosing the tight knot inside his heart. He could breath again.

Being far from Izuku gives him room to breath, to catch a new feelings, to find a new perspective of his pathetic crush. It gives him time to be sure with himself. Shouto knows things changed already. His thought is no longer occupied by Izuku, but by a pair of red bright eyes he doesn’t know he would love to stare. And it brings him to a realization that he spent most of his day with no one but Katsuki. The Bakugou Katsuki he used to hate. If someone ever said that Shouto would get along with Katsuki before this, he would only laugh at them because there’s no way Shouto would want that. But here he is, being stucked inside his no longer boring life with all the colors Katsuki brings to him. Shouto is in love with it, with his unordinary days, with his new companies, with all the warmth Katsuki gave.

In the end, Shouto is the one who should thank him.

“Shou, you’re smiling,” Momo’s soft voice makes him blink. Shouto averts his gaze from his coffee to stare at his friend’s eyes. Momo grins at him, Shouto huffs a laugh at that.

“Am I?”

Momo nods her head, “Yeah, what is it? You look happy~” she teases and Shouto feels his cheeks burn in shame. He rubs the back of his neck slowly.

Shouto shrugs it off, not really know what to say. He asks instead, “Are we staying here or?”

Momo shrugs, “Yeah, it’s been a long time since we hang out together you know. The two of us,” she giggles. Shouto hums while smiling. Yeah, it’s not like Shouto has another plan tonight.

His phone vibrates on the table and Shouto makes no time to see the message. It’s Katsuki and like an autopilot his lips turn upward.

[hey prince, tuna or salmon?]

Shouto snorts. Prince he said, well all of his friends like to call him that too. He doesn’t mind it. He types back.

[Salmon. What are you making?]

[got it. onigiri]

Shouto smiles. His heart is tightened, in a good way.

That’s when he hears Momo clears her throat, “What?” he asks.

Momo’s narrowing her eyes, she smiles amusedly, “You’re smiling again.”

Shouto blinks. He quickly drops his smile and continue to type. “What do you mean?”

“Hey, who are you texting?”

Shouto shrugs, “Katsuki.”

And that makes Momo’s stop smiling, her eyes go wider and she looks like she’s too shocked to react. Shouto couldn’t understand her reaction, it’s her who wants them to be friends in the first place. But then suddenly she giggles uncontrolable, “Oh my God, you really texted him!”

Shouto’s cheeks burn in flame, “You told me to do so.”

“I didn’t expect you to, but from what I see today, it seems like you guys grow closer.” She says teasingly, “I am glad.”

Shouto doesn’t know what’s to glad about. Sure, they’re closer now, but it’s not like they were enemy or something. Well, Shouto used to think like that, but Katsuki doesn’t seem to see him as an enemy, and it makes his heart aching awfully. He has this habit to judge people out based on their outside appearance. Katsuki changed it bit by bit. Again, Katsuki is filling his thought. Shouto, for once, doesn’t feel bad to think about someone this often.

“He’s not bad,” is all Shouto could say to Momo because really, there’s a lot of words to describe Katsuki. Charming, beautiful, lively, challenging, warm, fierce, stubborn, strong, harsh, rude,  loud, disgustingly cute in his own way, really, Katsuki is a compilation of contradictions. Shouto couldn’t say that he doesn’t like it.

Momo chuckles, “Told you so,” she smugly grins, “You guys looked so comfortable with each other. I am sure all the people in the table were thinking like that too. You even call each other with your first names.”

Shouto, feeling the back of his neck gets hotter, only answers, “Well, he helped me to get closer to Izuku so yeah, you could say we’re close.”

To this information, Momo’s smile drops instantly. She clears her throat, sipping her latte while looking down to the table as if thinking about something. Shouto doesn’t wanna push it, so he just keeps texting Katsuki.

For a few minutes they only enjoy the soft indie songs, and their coffees. Until, Momo speaks again, “Shou, actually, the reason I want to stay here with you is because I need to talk to you...” Momo inhales, “I have something to tell you, but... please don’t freak out, yeah?” Shouto stares at her and puts down his phone.

Shouto drops his hands on the table, Momo looks so serious that Shouto finds it both worrying and scary, “Yeah? What is it?”

After a few second of her deep breathing, she finally speaks, “I talked about your feelings towards Midoriya-kun to Ochako-chan last week.” Momo murmurs quietly and Shouto blinks, the sentence last not longer than a huff of breath and Shouto’s brain still processing it. Momo continues, “B-But don’t worry! She.. also kind of found it out already anyway! A-And, she didn’t mind.”

Shouto feels the time stopped, he just stares and stares and stares until all the voices inside the small room vanished inside his ears. Shouto doesn’t reply as he stares at Momo who struggling with her next words, “She felt... you know, somehow, left out if you guys hang out together, because you always talked to Midoriya and never spare a glance at her more than 3 second. You know, it kind of hurt her in some way. But she didn’t mind!” Momo makes a defensive gesture with her hands.

“And so....” Momo frowns, “She hoped you could at least talk to her about your feelings,” she sighs, “At least you could discuss it together.”

Discuss? About his feelings toward her boyfriend? Shouto wants to laugh. Suddenly he feels like a fool, his heart tightened, his fist clenched as he breathes from his mouth. His coffee feels like shit, the atmosphere feels like shit. Why did they play this suck music? Why did they put that annoying small blond teddy bear plushie at the drawer? Shouto sighs. He can’t take this.

He stands up, putting his phone back to his jeans pocket, “I’m leaving first.”

Momo stands up almost too fast, “I can drive you home, Shou! I’m sorry... really... I just want---”

“It’s okay, thanks for the coffee.” And he leaves.

The bell rings behind him, a faint Shou! still could be heard.



Do it, or I will let that Todoroki guy knows your cute little crush on him and makes him hate you.

“FUCK!” Katsuki slams the the bowl full of rice down to his kitchen counter. That annoying voice comes again and again to him, reminding him about his encounter with Shindou. That motherfucker dare to threat him, oh, Katsuki would give him hell.

He knows that Eijirou is one of Katsuki’s weakness, that disgusting bastard.

There is no way Katsuki would agree to that snake. Being the main role of this drama is Eijirou’s small dream, Katsuki doesn’t want to break his best friend’s heart.

But then he remembers the threat, and it slightly makes him worried. He didn’t plan to say it all, God damn it! There’s no use, Katsuki couldn’t take it back. There’s nothing he could do. Although, knowing that Todoroki didn’t hear anything specific is relieving. When Todoroki asked him what’s wrong, all Katsuki could said was I am fine, which is untrue. But he has no other choice. He doesn’t want Todoroki to interact with that snake. God knows what would Shindou do if Todoroki talked to him. Katsuki hates that he likes the protective side of Todoroki. It makes him feel safe, and no, he shouldn’t like it at all.

Because he has already tried his best not to fall in love with him, again. He really did. If anything, Katsuki wants to get rid of his feelings towards the taller man. He doesn’t want those fluttery feelings again, he just wants to move on. But it seems like fate wants him to suffer. Yeah, fuck you too universe.

Now, what should he do?

Katsuki thinks as puts all the salmon he has to the fridge. He smiles to himself. He really is whipped towards that guy, huh? He even bought salmon like Todoroki told him. Love sucks. Crush sucks. Helping your crush with their crush sucks too.

Damn life.

That’s when he hears his phone vibrates on his desk. Washing his hands quickly, Katsuki goes to his phone. Who the hell calls him this late? He almost drops his phone when he sees the caller ID.

Todoroki is calling...

Todoroki Shouto never calls. It’s scary being called so suddenly like this. Biting his lip, ignoring his hammering heart, Katsuki picks it up.

“Hello,” he says slowly.

There’s no sound. Katsuki tries again, “Hello? Shouto?”

No answer, Katsuki only hears a soft breathing sound. He deosn’t know if he should be worried or not. He tries again, now completely annoyed, “Hey, fuck boy, answer me.”

Then a very timid voice comes from across the line, “Katsuki...” Shouto calls, sounding so weak.

Katsuki frowns deeper, “Yeah, what is it?”

“Can you come see me?”

And that’s enough for Katsuki to leave his apartment, not bother to grab anything to protect his body from the cold wind. Wearing only his ripped jeans and white long sleeved shirt, he walks to the park. It takes him 12 minuets from his apartment to reach the park. There’s no one there, of course. So, it’s easy to find Todoroki even in the dark. He’s still wearing his black long sleeved t-shirt, sitting in the dark with his white car parked not too far away from him. He sits on one of the small bench, head hanging low. Katsuki’s step slowing down when he almost reaches him.

Wind blows to them and Katsuki tries his best not to shiver from it. After a few second of silence, Katsuki breaks it, “What’s wrong?”

Shouto still looks down, as if hiding his face from Katsuki. Katsuki takes a step closer, “What is it? Calling me here so suddenly, now refusing to talk.”

Shouto shakes his head. Katsuki frowns, feeling a little bit annoyed so he walks forward. He stops right in front of the taller man. “Shouto?” he tries again as if he’s talking with a toodler. What makes him shock is a sudden warmth on his hand. He looks down to find Shouto’s larger hand grips his left hand tightly.

He murmurs lowly, without even lifting his head to Katsuki, “Can you hold me?”

Confused, Katsuki could only nod. He touches Shouto’s silky hair, pats him slowly on his head. That’s when he feels a pair of strong arms circling his waist, and suddenly, his body is pulled forward. Katsuki is shocked, he couldn’t move any muscle when he sees Todoroki Shouto’s head nuzzled against his tummy. Slowly but steady, Shouto pulls him closer until he places his left cheek on Katsuki’s chest, hugging him. Something swells inside Katsuki’s chest, almost suffocating him. He could only rub Shouto’s neck, his breath almost hitched as he feels his heart pounding faster. He closes his eyes tightly, hoping his stupid heart to slow down. He’s afraid Shouto might hear it.

When he hears a soft sigh and feels Shouto’s arm tightening on his waist, he smiles. Finally rubbing his head, his fingers dancing on Shouto’s soft hair.



“There’s nothing in my closet that could fit your tall ass,” Katsuki growls at Shouto as he closes his small closet door. Walking slowly to his bed, he feels embarrassed by the mess inside his room. He awkwardly takes his clothes on his bed, then slowly looking up to Todoroki Shouto who still standing in his door. His face is still looked sad, Katsuki doesn’t know what to feel about that.

After fifteen damn minutes they stayed in that position, hugging in the park, Katsuki decided they should be heading home because rain started to fall and his ass couldn’t take the cold anymore. Shouto agreed without too much noise. They walked to Katsuki’s apartment, leaving Shoutos car in the park. Shouto was soaked when they arrived, so Katsuki told him to take a bath, but Katsuki couldn’t find any clothes in Shouto’s size. With a huff, Katsuki finally takes out his biggest t-shirt and Tetsu’s sweatpants out.

“You are all soaked,” Katsuki walks to him, “Take a bath first.”

Shouto nods, absentmindly takes the clothes with him. When Katsuki heard his bathroom door shut, he sighs tiredly, sitting down to his bed. He places his hand on his left chest, feeling his heart still racing. Shouto was acting strange, there must be something with him. Maybe a warm tea would make him feel better. So Katsuki quickly changes his clothes to something more comfortable before heading to the kitchen.

He ignores the mess on the counter, finally boiling some water. By the time Katsuki finished making two cups of tea, he hears his name being called.

“I’m here,” Katsuki says, looking up to find a messy head Todoroki Shouto standing with a towel still hanging on his head.

Katsuki tells him to sit on the couch while bringing the tea down. Shouto sits down, head hanging low letting a few drops of water on Katsuki’s fluffy carpet. Katsuki tsk-ed, now kneeling down in front of him, rubbing Shouto’s wet hair with the towel.

“You’re a mess,” he says and suddenly he feels the foreign arms pulls him closer again. Katsuki doesn’t stop his movement, refusing to let Shouto knows what he feels at the moment.

When the racing on his heart slowing down, he asks again, “What is it?” and feels Shouto shakes his head on his tummy.

Katsuki sighs, “Let me go, I’ll grab my hair drier.”

Katsuki combs his hair, running his long delicate fingers on Shouto’s overgrown bang. He hums slightly when Shouto closes his eyes, pressing his cheek on Katsuki’s warm palm and Katsuki swears his heart wants to explode. Katsuki is dumbstrucked by the action, he could hardly breath not wanting to ruin the moment.


Katsuki blinks, now fully awares of their position, “Yeah?”

“Would you hate me if I like your boyfriend?”

Katsuki sucks a breath between his teeth, “What is it? Are you going to talk about it now?” he says as calm as he could.

Shouto nods, now lifting his face. Katsuki frowns, what the fuck with those sad eyes? Katsuki runs his fingers to Shouto’s cheek. Shouto sighs, “Uraraka knows I like Izuku,” he says and for a moment Katsuki could feel his heart stops.

Not because of the news, but he forgot about that. Of course, right? He only focused on his feelings all this time until he forgot that Shouto is here because he needs Katsuki to help him to get closer to Izuku. His heart clenches painfully, but he ignores it. Katsuki hums, “Okay,” he hates that his voice shaking.

Shouto frowns, “I’m pathetic. She knows that I love her boyfriend and she didn’t do anything to separate us...” he pauses, emotion seems to eat him up now and Katsuki could only stare. His fingers are no longer on Shouto’s hair.

Shouto pulls him closer again, burying his face on Katsuki’s chest, “Why did I hurt her? Why didn’t she do anything about it?” his shoulders shaking, Katsuki could only rubs them down, trying his best to calm his friend.

“I’m ashamed of it,” Shouto finishes his rant with a sob. Katsuki lifts his face up, ignoring his aching heart.

“Shouto, listen to me,” soft, smaller hand touches Shouto’s cheek, “You don’t have to be ashamed to like someone. It’s not like we could choose who to love, it’s just fucking happened and you’re not wrong because of it.”

Because me too, I can’t choose not to like you.

Shouto frowns but he sighs, gripping softly on Katsuki’s smaller wrist, muttering some shaking apologies and explanations. Katsuki nods his head, “It’s fine. Shits happened.” He says finally.

Katsuki doesn’t have spare futon, so they sleep together on Katsuki’s small bed. It’s not like they never did it before, but the difference is that Shouto’s face now pressed on Katsuki’s chest, as his strong arms wrapped around Katsuki’s waist tightly and there’s nothing Katsuki could do to stop his heart hammering heart.

“I like Izuku.” is still lingering inside his mind, reminding Katsuki that he’s the only one who fall in love here. Even if Shindou would tell Shouto about it, he already feels the effect. Katsuki runs his fingers on Shouto’s back, feeling him breathing softly on his chest.

Because in the end, he’s not the person Shouto fell in love with.


Chapter Text


HE STOPS HIS CAR when he begins to realize something.

Looking out to the window, Shouto could see a familiar park on his right side. Cursing softly, Shouto takes off his seatbelt, grabbing his phone and wallet with him before going out to sit on the small bench. He was planning to go home already, but his mind apparently went else where and brought him here. It’s a small park, nothing could be found there except for grass, small trees and well... benches. They –Katsuki and Shouto, used to sit here after their classes, and damn, now Shouto realize why he drove here.

His head suddenly feels heavy. Remembering what Momo said about Izuku and Uraraka makes his heart tight, in a such ugly way. He is... ashamed of that. The fact that Uraraka knows about it is making him feel nausea all of sudden. His skin is itchy, he wants to rub all the feelings he has for Izuku out of him. He feels pathetic, and disgusting.

Shouto frowns, gripping his arms, hugging himself suddenly feeling so small.

Hands trembling, he grabs his phone out of his jeans pocket to call someone he needs right now. Katsuki answers on the second rings.

“Hello.” He says, and Shouto couldn’t bring himself to answer. He could only grip his phone tighter, biting his lip holding back his voice.

“Hello, Shouto?” Katsuki says again, now sounding worried. Shouto’s trembling lips turn upward in a small smile. Katsuki could be so caring, sometimes, Shouto feels like he doesn’t deserve him.

Finally hearing an annoyed huff of breath, Shouto hears Katsuki speaks again, “Hey, fuck boy, answer me,” he commands.

It’s strange that Shouto feels a lot calmer only by hearing that hoarse voice. Gripping his chest, Shouto answers in shaky voice, “Katsuki?”

“Yeah... What is it?”

An inhales, “Can you come see me?”

Fifteen minutes since he ends the call, Katsuki is already standing in front of him, looking so pissed. Shouto can’t lift his head up to look at his friend, too ashamed to do so. He could only looks down, staring at ants going back and forth in the grass.

Wind blows to them, Shouto could see Katsuki’s smaller feet shaking. Now that he remembers Katsuki hates cold, yet he’s come to see him this late, Shouto is thankful because of it. Katsuki asks in shaky voice, “What’s wrong?”

Shouto keeps silent as the pain inside his chest growing.

“What is it? Calling me here so suddenly, now refusing to talk...” he doesn’t sound angry or pissed about it. If anything, he almost sounds worried, and caring. It gives a strange chills on Shouto’s skin.

I’m sorry, you must be tired. But I need you now...


Shouto takes a deep breath before slowly reaching to grab Katsuki’s left hand. His body suddenly feels warm, it feels like Katsuki’s warmth transfered to his cold heart. He grips the smaller hand tightly, “Katsuki...” he starts doubtly.

“Can you hold me?” he asks.

Shouto doesn’t see Katsuki’s small nod as he feels warm fingers touch his hair, rubbing his scalp softly almost comforting. Shouto sighs, leaning in to wrap his arms around Katsuki’s small waist, bringing his face to Katsuki’s warm body. His cheek pressed on Katsuki’s tummy, nuzzling his head on the blond’s warmth. Something swells inside his chest, suffocating him. Shouto doesn’t know what it is, he only grips the soft fabric of Katsuki’s shirt tighter, bringing the blond closer to his body. When he places his cheek on Katsuki’s chest, he could feel his heartbeat. Katsuki’s heart is pounding on his chest and something inside Shouto swells in affection. He closes his eyes, still holding the blond, feeling him stroking his hair. The heatbeat sounds like sweet melody in his ears, Shouto could listen to it forever.

A small drop of water touch Shouto’s forehead. The movement on his hair stopped instantly. He looks up to Katsuki, placing his chin on Katsuki’s chest. Katsuki blushes as he stares down, “It’s raining, let’s get going,” he says and Shouto lets him go reluctantly.

They run to Katsuki’s apartment complex in time, leaving Shouto’s car on the park. Shouto is all soaked when they go inside. Katsuki scolds him, saying about him to take a bath first and Shouto does. He takes the orange soft towel with him, entering Katsuki’s bathroom to smell the sweet scent of caramel Katsuki has. It is oddly satisfying.

Shouto doesn’t bother to dry his hair properly when he’s done. He walks to Katsuki’s room only to find no one. Shouto calls for him in a small voice, replied with a loud I’m here from the kitchen. He walks to Katsuki, peeking through his bang to see Katsuki making two cups of chamomile tea. Shouto smiles. He drops his smile when he sees Katsuki turns his back on him. Katsuki told him to sit on the couch as he brings the tea down to the table. Shouto does sit on Katsuki’s couch, looking down to his feet letting some small drop of waters fall from his hair. That’s when he feels hands on his head, rubbing his messy wet hair dry. Katsuki kneels in front of him and Shouto wraps his arms on Katsuki’s waist again, pulling him closer. The warmth Katsuki gives easening the knot in his chest.

“You’re a mess.”

I am.

Shouto nuzzles his head on Katsuki’s tummy. Katsuki tsk-ed, pushing Shouto’s shoulder off of his body, “Let me go. I’ll grab my hair drier.”

And the coldness goes back to Shouto’s body, chilling his spine.

Katsuki combs his hair, running his long delicate fingers on Shouto’s overgrown bang. He hums slightly when Shouto closes his eyes, pressing his cheek on Katsuki’s warm palm and Shouto swears his heart wants to explode. He could hear Katsuki’s breath caught in his throat. Katsuki doesn’t move.

“Katsuki...” Shouto says, Katsuki hums in return.

“Would you hate me if I like your boyfriend?” he asks, now feeling Katsuki’s breath goes back to normal.

Katsuki inhales before answering, “What is it? Are you going to talk about it now?” he says as calm as he could.

Shouto nods, now lifting his face. Katsuki runs his fingers to Shouto’s cheek, something inside Shouto’s heart is aching in a good way. He almost wants to close his eyes, burying his face back to Katsuki’s tummy, letting him pet his head and back, but afraid for crossing Katsuki’s boundaries. Shouto sighs, “Uraraka knows I like Izuku,” he says and for a moment Katsuki stops his movement on Shouto’s cheek.

Katsuki hums, “Okay,” he blinks, paying his full attention to Shouto.

Shouto frowns, “I’m pathetic. She knows that I love her boyfriend and she didn’t do anything to separate us...” he pauses, emotion seems to eat him up now and Katsuki could only stare. His fingers are no longer on Shouto’s hair.

With a hammering heart, Shouto pulls him closer again, burying his face on Katsuki’s chest, “Why did I hurt her? Why didn’t she do anything about it?” his shoulders are shaking, smaller hand running up and down his back, calming him.

“I’m ashamed of it,” Shouto finishes his rant with a sob. Katsuki lifts his face up, his fingers traces the surface of Shouto’s chin.

“Shouto, listen to me,” soft, smaller hand touches Shouto’s cheek, “You don’t have to be ashamed to like someone. It’s not like we could choose who to love, it’s just fucking happened and you’re not wrong because of it.”

Hearing Katsuki’s words make his eyes burns. Shouto frowns but he sighs, gripping softly on Katsuki’s smaller wrist, muttering some shaking apologies and explanations. Katsuki nods his head, “It’s fine. Shits happened.”

Shouto almost smile.

Katsuki doesn’t have spare futon, so they sleep together on Katsuki’s small bed. It’s not like they never did it before, but the diference is that Shouto’s face now pressed on Katsuki’s chest, as his strong arms wrapped around Katsuki’s small waist tightly. Shouto’s breath easily, the sweet scent of caramel dancing on his nostril and the steady heartbeat melody calming him. After a few deep breath he takes, Shouto falls sleep with Katsuki’s body fits perfectly on his arms.




Shouto wakes up with a pleasant sigh. He blinks his blurry eyes, rubbing it for a second as he feels the soft surface of pillow under his head. It smells nice and strangely so so familiar. Then he remembers that he’s not in his house, it’s Katsuki’s small warm apartment. It makes him fully awake, his eyes look around the dim light room to find Katsuki’s clock. It’s 3 in the morning. Shouto yawns as he looks around again, Katsuki is nowhere to be seen. He rubs his eye slowly getting up as he reaches his phone on Katsuki’s small desk. The sudden brightness from his phone screen makes his eyes hurt. He squints his eyes before checking his phone. There’s a bunch of messages from his family group chat and 42 misscalls from his mother. Shouto cringes a bit, he forgot to tell his parents he’s in Katsuki’s place.

He types quickly on their group chat.

[I’m fine, guys. I’m in Katsuki’s place now.]

The answers come like crazy, mostly from his parents.

[Mom – Shouto! You should tell us first! Thank God you’re alright!]

[Dad – Already??? Bold move, my son!]

[Mom – Enji! Oh God, you shouldn’t worried about that, what if our son gone missing?!]

[Dad – it’s fine, Rei, he’s fine. He’s with his little friend haha!]

[Mom –It’s not fine if he didn’t tell us earlier!]

Shouto rolls his eyes with reddening cheeks. Then again, why did they text each other, they’re in the same room! Weird parents. Shouto shakes his head. He types…

[Dabi –mom we get it, ure worried]

[I am sorry for not telling you. Now, get some sleep. Good night.]

[Dabi – use condoms]

Shouto chokes on his own breathe. Stupid big brother!

[Mom – TOUYA!]

Shouto curses with heated face. That damn older brother of his! Randomly saying thing like that! Shouto covers his face with his hand in habit when he’s embarrassed. It’s not like he and Katsuki would do it. Wait... what the hell is he thinking? Shaking his head, he puts the phone back to the desk.

He slowly gets up, looking down at the fluffy thick green blanket fondly before walks out the room. His legs bring him to the kitchen. The light is on, so Katsuki must be there. When Shouto reaches the kitchen, he could see Katsuki sits down at the wodden floor with two big bowl of rice and some smaller ones with a lot of ingredients. He walks to him with a smile, kneeling slowly.

“Since when you woke up?” Shouto asks, looking at Katsuki.

Katsuki doesnt look at him, focusing on the rice and... is that salmon? Katsuki really make salmon filling for the onigiri. Shouto’s chest goes warm. Katsuki hums, “At 11. Yeah, we’ll go this morning so I need to make them now.”

“Can I help?” Shouto sits on the floor, “It looks easy.”

Katsuki smirks, now looking at Shouto challengingly, “Oh, really? Well, then make yourself usefull by filling them like this,” Katsuki takes a fist of rice, “Fill it with the spicy salmon, or the mayonnaise one, whatever, and then make them like this.” He makes a triangle shape of the rice.

Shouto tries it once. Failed.

Katsuki snorts, then he laughs loudly clapping his hand as if Shouto just made a joke, “You suck,” he says between his laugh.

Shouto couldn’t hold his smile back, “Shut up, I was trying.” He nudges Katsuki’s shoulder teasingly.

Katsuki rolls his eyes, “And failed.”

Shouto sighs in defeat, looking down at his failed rice ball. Katsuki giggles cutely and says, “It’s fine, make it round instead, it’s still onigiri.”

“I thought it always triangles?”

“No, what the fuck. Just make it round, it’s fine...” Katsuki takes a big bowl of vegetables takikomi rice from his side and push it to Shouto, “Here, make this one, and last wrap them with nori..”

Shouto presses the rice together on his palm, “Like this?” he asks confirming. Katsuki grins, letting out a soft laugh before gesturing him to press it harder.

“Like this.. pamm pamm...” Katsuki makes a perfect triangle, Shouto pouts.

Pamm, pamm...”


The making rice balls event got very chaotic, with Katsuki’s snarky comments here and there on Shouto’s work, laughter and pushing each other. But shouto feels happy about it. the rice balls are already packed, along with some side dish Katsuki made before. Shouto feels proud of it, even if he didn’t do much.

Katsuki yawns beside him, rubbing his red eyes cutely. He almost looks like a cat. Shouto grins at him, “Sleepy?” he asks as he moves closer to Katsuki’s body.

Katsuki nods, “Yeah, but I can’t sleep... It’s morning already.” He murmurs, still rubbing his eyes.

Shouto looks up to see the time, yup, it’s already 6 in the morning. They will go to the trip at 9, so maybe they should leave at 8.45 or something. Shouto looks back at Katsuki who is closing his eyes now, resting his head on his kitchen chair. A fond smile formed on Shouto’s lips, he shakes Katsuki’s shoulder slowly.

“Hey, let’s get you to bed first...” he says and Katsuki frowns, glaring at Shouto who disturbs his little nap.

With a wide yawn, Katsuki gets up from the floor, walking slowly to his room. Shouto follows him behind, smiling when Katsuki stumbles on his bed. Katsuki slowly crawls to his bed, now sleeping peacefully on his fluffy blanket. He murmurs, “Wake me up at 7...” before yawning again.

Shouto looks at the clock, well, they still have more than 45 minutes to sleep. It’s enough to get them some sleep they need. Shruging, Shouto walks to Katsuki’s bed. Now that he lays down on Katsuki’s bed, he nuzzles Katsuki’s chest again. Katsuki groans, pushing Shouto lightly from his chest. Shouto shakes his head, burying his face on Katsuki’s chest again tightening his arms around the blond’s waist. He hums as he hears Katsuki’s heart beat, listening to it with a pleasant sigh. He could hold Katsuki for the rest of his life he Katsuki lets him.

Katsuki groans before saying, “You clingy bastard,” he murmurs sleepyly, Shouto huffs a laugh.

He closes his eyes, now listening to Katsuki’s hammering heartbeat. Blinking cofusedly, Shouto looks up to see Katsuki’s cheeks bloom in red. He speaks softly, “Your heart beats so fast..” he smiles when he sees Katsuki's ears reddening. Katsuki is always so easy to be embarrassed. Shouto likes it about him. He wraps his arms around the blond tighter, nuzzling the blond's chest.

Katsuki slaps his arm, “Of course, you’re being so weird..” He squirms, “Come on, let me go.” he pushes Shouto's body off his body, but Shouto just chuckles at him.

Shouto shakes his head, burying his face on Katsuki’s tummy now, “No. Just sleep, Katsuki.”

Katsuki sighs in defeat, heart still pounding so hard against his ribs. Shouto closes his eyes with a smile, falling slowly to a dreamless sleep.




Shouto wakes up with a jolt. He blinks his eyes confusedly when the warmth around him suddenly disappear. He looks up, rubbing his eyes while yawning so wide to find a panic looking Katsuki rushing out the room.

“What’s wrong??” Shouto asks.

Katsuki glares at him, “I told you to wake me up at 7, not to fall asleep with me too!!” he yells, Shouto has to cringe at his loudness.

Shouto looks at the clock.


“We only have an hour, come on, wake up!” Katsuki pulls his arm out of the bed. Shouto notices he already changes his clothes. Shouto just remembers he doesn’t bring any clothes with him and it’s already too late to go home to bring some.

“Katsuki I don’t have—”

Katsuki cuts him there, “Yes, spare clothes right? I’ve called Tetsu to bring me extra clothes for you if you don’t mind,” he says rubbing his head.

“No need Katsuki, I’ll just buy on our way to the campus,” he says smiling to the mad guy.

Katsuki groans, “Argh, just get up and take a bath already... you can wear my clothes!”

But it wouldn’t fit... Shouto snorts as he walks to the bathroom.

When he’s done showering, he dries his hair with Katsuki’s small towel, staring blankly at the clothes Katsuki gave. It’s a pair of baggy pants and Katsuki’s biggest shirt –the red big shirt he wore at Kirishima’s performance last week. Shouto chuckles, wearing the clothes unmindly. Yep, the pants is slightly shorter than he imagine, it doesn’t even reach his feet. But it’s fine, it’s comfortable anyway.

And it smells good, Katsuki’s smell.

“Are you ready?” Katsuki asks impatiently as he walks to him with his big bag on his back.

Shouto nods, “Yeah, just let me dry my hair for a minute,” he says as he goes back to Katsuki’s room. Kastuki grunts at him.

Shouto ruffles his hair, “Patient, Kat,” he says and laughs when Katsuki slaps his back.




Katsuki huffs a breath when they arrived at campus. Thank God, they’re not late. After a quick shopping Shouto did in the clothe store nearby, they were ready to go. Katsuki was surprised that Shouto only spent a little amount of time for shopping but he managed to get some cool clothes. Guess he really has something for fashion. Or maybe because Todoroki Shouto is just handsome so everything he wears would always look cool. Katsuki doesn’t know really. Liking someone always makes them look better in your eyes anyway.

The big box of onigiris and salads is already packed to the bus. Katsuki has no worries about it since Mirio senpai takes care of it already. Katsuki curses as he looks down to his freezing feet. This whole trip is useless, it only makes Katsuki’s mood worsening. Who the fuck held a fucking culture festival in November really? Apparently his school.

It’s cold, Katsuki frowns. He looks around him to find his friends chatting happily. He tsk-ed, walking to the bus, leaning his back on the big vehicle. His eyes catches a glimpse of a man he spent his night with. Todoroki Shouto is standing there beside Tetsutetsu, talking with the grey haired man with his usual flat expression. A sudden heat creeps up his cheeks as he remembers Shouto was sleeping with him last night. Like… literally sleeping with him. His head was nuzzled on Katsuki’s chest, his minty breathe teased Katsuki’s neck, his smooth hair tickled Katsuki’s jaw and Katsuki swore to God he hated the situation. He hated that he loved that. Holding Shouto’s bigger body on his arms seemed so right and it slightly scares him. Because he shouldn’t feel that way!

If Katsuki should be honest, he was a little bit surprised that Momo knew about Shouto's crush on Deku. But then again, they're friends, close friends even, it would be weird if Momo doesn't know about it, right? Uraraka knew about it too, well, of course, because that stupid candy-like haired man was so obvious that he likes Deku. It's not Shouto's fault tho, not Uraraka's too. Katsuki means what he said last night, because when you like someone, you just like them. It's not like Shouto wants to like Deku, or maybe he wants to, Katsuki is not sure about it, but one thing he could tell for sure is that he doesn't want to like Todoroki Shouto. For real. So, it's not anyone's fault that they would fall for each other. Katsuki knows it, since form the start he chosed to help Todoroki with his stupid crush on Deku, that Todoroki Shouto is not in love with him and never will be. So he tried, he really tried to bury his feelings down. Only to fall further for the taller man.

Love is not fair, Katsuki couldn't help but thinking like that.

Some people would love a person who didn't love them. Some people would hate a person who loved them. Some people would love a person who couldn't love them. Some people even tried to love a person they don't love. Katsuki doesn't know what he is, but he is sure he's one of them.

“Okay everybody let's get into the bus, we're leaving!”

Katsuki blinks, clearing his mind as Mirio senpai's voice comes from inside the bus. He quickly goes up, walking silently to his seat -the 4th row in the front, on the right side, followed by his club mates. He sits down, telling his heart to calm down since he knew Shouto would sit beside him. True, not even a minute after that, Shouto comes to him with a smile. He looks down to him when the bus starts to drive away from their campus. Katsuki forces a small smile formed on his lips. Todoroki Shouto should be arrested for being too handsome for this world. Well, at least Katsuki's world. When he sits down, Katsuki swears he could feel his fingers shaking. He glances up to see Todoroki struggling with his phone before plugging a white headset on it.

Suddenly a mix-matched eyes are on him, Katsuki blinks in surprise. Shouto smiles, offering one of his headset to him, “Here, we didn't get so much sleep last night,” he whispers. Katsuki frowns, he rubs his ear as he hisses at Shouto for being too close to his comfort. Not that he doesn't like it. But the way he whispers it like that, like it's their little secret, makes Katsuki feels hot on his cheeks.

“Whatever, Halfie,” he could only say, hoping Shouto would ignore it and play the song already. Katsuki puts the small device on his earlobe.

“I like to listen to indie songs,” Shouto tells him, “For relaxing, you know?”

Katsuki shrugs, “I prefer rain sound,” he looks outside, seeing the clouds start to gather in the sky, telling him that it will be raining soon. He smiles. He hates cold, but he loves rain. Call him weird or whatever, but that's just how he is.

When they completely leave the campus, rain starts to pour.

Shouto hums, “Then I'll play something slow,” he says as he sets the volume down, so Katsuki still could listen to the raindrops sound outside. Katsuki relaxes, he leans back on his chair as he looks outside, admiring the view and sometimes when he sees something interesting, he memorizes it on his mind to use them as a drawing reference later.

They don't talk at all for more than 5 minutes, Katsuki doesn't know if he should be happy or not about it. In the end, he choses to not looking back to Todoroki. He is admiring the view of the end of Tokyo when a sudden thud stratles him. There's something on his left shoulder, and when Katsuki turns his head to look at it, his lips meet with two-toned silk hair. Surprised, he could only blink his eyes when he realizes that Todoroki Shouto is sleeping on his shoulder. His eyes closed peacefully, hands holding his phone protectively as he breathes. Katsuki fights the sudden familiar heat on his face. He frowns, biting his lip as he feels annoyed by the taller man. But he couldn't bring himself to snap at Todoroki Shouto, when the said man is sleeping like a child like that. Lucky, he doesn't nuzzle Katsuki's chest or tummy again like last night. Shit, he blushes again at the thought.

Sighing softly, Katsuki relaxes once again to his seat as he brings his hand to brush Shouto's bangs from his forehead. He's so handsome even with that scar on his left eye. What a shame on his nice skin, really. Come to think of it, Katsuki doesn't know the reason behind that scar. Katsuki was thinking about asking him back when he slept over Shouto's house, but he was afraid that it might be a sensitive topic to ask.

Well, whatever, Katsuki is glad that he's fine now.




Right when they arrived on the location, Katsuki could almost feel the coldness comes through his skin, stabbing his muscles and bones as he walks out the bus with his big bag. Shouto walks behind him, sometimes yawning as he rubs his messy hair. Shouto didn't say anything when he woke up to Katsuki's face being too close to his own, instead he smiled at him. Katsuki didn't want to make everything weird, so he just shruged him off.

Nishiki beach is huge, with their white sand poured almost around the location. The perfect color of blue on the water and sky, Katsuki almost smiles if not because of the autumn wind which suddenly comes to him. He hisses at it, tightening his jacket around his body. There's some home stay and hotels around the beach, and a huge park for tourist to take some break form their beach activity. It's a nice place, really. Then Katsuki would see around him and find a lot of trees starting to loose their green colors, replaced by the red, orange, yellow colors everywhere. Katsuki forgets that Osaka and Kyouto are really beautiful in autumn.

“Okay, gather up, guys!” Mirio senpai shouts to them from the small resort not too far away from the beach.

Shouto nudges Katsuki's shoulder, telling him to get closer to the upperclassman. Katsuki nods as they walk together. Mirio senpai smiles when he sees all he members are already gathering up, he speaks again, “Okay, now that we arrived, we will spend two days including today at the resort and the beach. Since we're all adults here, we could enjoy as much as we want in this visit, but don't forget to work on your own project. If there's an emergency, you could chat the group or me, and if you want to explore please try not to be alone while doing it, please? This place is really spacious, and I don't want us to be separated.” He hums, looking down to a piece of paper he holds, “Oh and one more thing, you have to share a room with your friend. The resort is big but we don't want to waste money so please share a room, yeah?”

Katsuki nods as he thinks about choosing Tetsutetsu as a roommate.

“The project starts in 5, before the sunset. So while we're waiting for it, you could go to the beach or playing some games, you know what I mean? Just make sure to be here at the resort at 5 please,” he smiles as he waves at Tetsutetsu who brings two big boxes of the onigiris Katsuki made for the team, “Take one or two for each person please, we got a lot of onigiris here!” he winks Katsuki and Katsuki rolls his eyes.

“Thank you, Katsuki-kun!”

“Thanks, Bakugou!”

“Thanks, dude!”

Katsuki only shrugs as he hears his clubmates thank him. He walks to the front still with Shouto beside him, taking two pieces of his onigiris because he is starving. He walks in the resort, followed by his clubmates. The receptionist hands him a key and for instant, Katsuki looks back to ask Tetsu to be his roommate.

Of course, the universe is not that kind to him.

“Katsuki, let's be roommate.” Shouto asks, looking down as he smiles innocently at Katsuki. Katsuki is about to refuse when he sees Tetsutetsu already paired up with Awase, and Katsuki swears, he feels the betrayal.

“Sure,” he says hiding his scowl with a smirk.

After putting his bag on the small bed, Katsuki huffs a breath. Lucky for him, there are two beds in the room. Thank goodness. Katsuki is about to go out when Shouto calls him over from his bed. Katsuki walks to him and instantly regrets it when he's being pulled forward and falls on the fluffy blanket.

“God fucking damn it, Shouto!” he whines as he rubs his cheek.

Shouto chuckles, “Sorry, sorry, you look so serious.”

Katsuki frowns, now resting fully on Shouto's bed, facing the ceiling above him. Shouto shifts beside him, now lying completely on his side. They're silent for most of the time, until the growl on Shouto's stomach echoed inside the room. Katsuki snorts, covering his lips before falling to a loud laughter. Shouto rubs his head in shame.

“We don't have breakfast, don't blame me.” he says.

Katsuki still laughs, “Ahahaha! You just ate two onigiris!”

“It's not enough,” Shouto gets up, “Come on, let's walk around. Maybe we could find anything.”

Katsuki follows him walking out the room, locking the door quietly before quiting the resort. The autumn sun greets him again. They walk around the park, looking at some food stalls here and there before finally deciding to get some ramen at the small traditional looking restaurant across the street. Shouto comes inside first, sliding the door slowly as he makes a room for Katsuki to follow. Shouto doesn't order ramen, but a medium set of cold soba. Katsuki finds it funny but also weird at the same time. Why would he order soba in ramen shop? Only God knows what this guy thinking.

“It looks spicy.” Shouto says to him when his meal arrived. A medium set of spicy hot ramen and a big glass of ice tea.

Katsuki smirks, “It is spicy, Halfie,” he claps his hands together before digging into his meal. Shouto smiles at him, leaning in to brush Katsuki's bang from his face.

“You eat it too close to your face,” he says when Katsuki frowns at him.

“Shut up and eat,” he pouts before eating again. He feels his phone vibrates on his pocket. Katsuki takes it out to find a message from Tetsu.

Curious, he opens the chat only to choke on his noodle. Shouto rubs his back slowly, “You okay?”

Katsuki nods, still coughing and quickly lock his phone screen, not wanting Shouto to know what Tetsu has sent him. A picture, he sent him a fucking picture of him and Todoroki, sleeping on the bus with Shouto's head rest on his shoulder, Katsuki's own on top of his. But not only that, Shouto has his face buried on the crook of Katsuki's neck, almost kissing him there. Katsuki swears he could feel his blood running up and down his body.

What the fuck?

What the actual fuck?

That damn, grey haired, muscly bastard! Katsuki swears he will kill him when they meet!

“Are you sure you're okay, Katsuki? You look feverish.” Shouto asks, leaning in now pressing his hand on Katsuki's forehead.

Katsuki holds himself from slapping it away, “I'm fine,” he grunts.

“Are you sure?”


A sudden ring of his phone makes him jolt. Damn, who the hell is this? Katsuki angrily takes his phone out again, now really getting pissed at whoever the fuck that thinks calling Katsuki is the right decision in their life. He scowls at the name.

Theatre Bastard is calling...

Katsuki tsk-ed, preparing to accept the call when Shouto suddenly grabs his phone away from his hand. Katsuki gapes at him, looking up to see Shouto frowns at the screen. Shouto growls, “Why is he calling you?” he seems to know that Shindou is the one who calls him.

Katsuki shakes his head, “Don't know, here, let me speak to him.”

Shouto tsk-ed, “No way,” and he presses the green button. He huffs a breath as he speaks, “Hello?”

Katsuki gasps, now standing to grab his phone away from Shouto's hand. He doesn't want Shouto to talk to that bastard!! Who knows what would Shindou do if they talk! God damn it, Shouto! Katsuki reaches out to snatch his phone away but Shouto grips his hand in place. Damn, he has a strong grip.

“I don't know what your problems with Katsuki are, but you better leave him alone. I've warned you,” Shouto speaks with his deep voice sending a chilly sensation to Katsuki's skin.

Then a pause.

“I don't know what you're talking about,” Shouto says and suddenly Katsuki feels panic. What are they talking about? Shit, shit, shit.

Shouto smiles, “Last warning, leave him alone.” and he hung up. Katsuki exhales as he slumps back to his seat.

“What the fuck Shou? You can't just snatch people's phone away and talk like some punk to whoever the fuck who's calling like that! That's rude and---”

“I want to eat ice cream, you want it?” Shouto asks as he ignores Katsuki's nags. Katsuki is taken aback by the question.


Shouto smiles, “He won't disturb you again, I won't let him.” he ruffles Katsuki's head, “Now, do you want ice cream or not?”

A few second later, Katsuki answers, “Bingsu. Strawberry bingsu.”

Bingsu then."

Chapter Text

THE REST of the trip feels like blurry memories on Shouto’s mind.

More like random vague scenes than memories, to be honest. Of course they went to the beach, taking pictures here and there, eating curry the senior made and everything. But they didn’t fully registered on Shouto’s mind, mainly because his head has been occupied by something else. Or rather… someone else.

This is the last day of the trip, and somehow, Shouto feels giddy to go home. Never once in his life he feels like a child, missing home just because of a three days trip outside. But then again, he never really experienced things like club trip before. Last time he went outside with his classmate was on the first year of high school, yeah, almost 8 years ago.

The wind breeze runs past his face, Shouto lets a small smile decorating his lips. He leans forward again to snap a picture of someone who’s been occupying his mind lately. Standing there, not too far away from where Shouto’s place, Bakugou Katsuki is smiling to his own camera. Shouto should have called him, so that they could take pictures together. But no, Shouto doesn’t want to ruin the moment. Because watching Katsuki from distance like this, is enough.

Shouto wonders since when he notices that little fang on Katsuki’s teeth. Or those small moles under his eye. Or that small dimple on his right cheek that would appear every time he smirks.

Katsuki is attractive, Shouto knows that. But now that he stares at the blond’s face closely through his camera lens like this… Katsuki is in another level of just attractive. He’s simply stunning. Shouto bits his lower lip, now aligning his lens on Katsuki’s face –his eyes to be exact, and takes a couple pictures of him. Katsuki is standing a couple meters away from him, standing near the shore, bare feet, still wearing his big t-shirt and jeans that pulled upward to his knees as he takes pictures of objects in front of him. Shouto takes some pictures again, now moving his lens to Katsuki’s side profile, watching his blond hair swept by the wind, letting his eyes shine brighter with the orange and red tint of sunset in front of him.

He is so beautiful and Shouto can’t blame his heart for aching as if something squeezes it form the inside. It’s suffocating, but not in a bad way. Shouto takes a couple shot again, until Katsuki slowly pulling down his own camera, now checking on his own pictures before turning slowly to Shouto’s direction. Shouto doesn’t miss it. He snaps more pictures of Katsuki slowly looking at him, capturing his hair blew by the wind, the soft orange light touching his face skin, and smile that slowly formed on his lips. Shouto grins when Katsuki makes a peace sign at him before laughing.

Katsuki is walking to him, but Shouto doesn’t put his camera down yet. He keeps snapping pictures of Katsuki’s walking until he stops right in front of Shouto’s camera. Shouto finally puts his camera down, now grinning at the blond as he feels the cold autumn wind hits both of their bodies. Katsuki is the one who breaks the silence.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he asks as he lifts his foot, shaking it before wearing his sandals again.

Shouto shrugs, “Just taking a couple of pictures, like you.”

Katsuki rolls his eyes, “Yeah, sure. I’m sure you’re not moving from your spot since we began the project.”

Ouch, caught.

Shouto rubs his head, “Let’s get back, the sunset is faded already…” he says trying to change the topic.

Katsuki shrugged, “Yeah, it’s getting pretty chilly too…” and then he sneezes, “Achoo…” rubbing his finger on his small nose, Katsuki curses. Shouto couldn’t hold himself back, he laughs as he looks at Katsuki’s face.

The walk to the resort is short, only 15 minutes from the shore and Shouto could see his club mates are all inside, now talking and showing each other their pictures. Mirio senpai greets them when they’re going inside the main hall of the resort. He tells them to get ready for the meeting and dinner. Shouto glances at Katsuki beside him as they walk to their room. Katsuki yawns, camera still on his hand. Shouto couldn’t help but ruffling the thick blond locks as they come inside the room.

Katsuki frowns, “I’ll take a bath first, ugh. I smell like sea,” he pouts, grabbing his towel out from his bag.

Shouto nods, “Okay then, I’ll wait here.”

The sound of shower could be heard a moment later. Shouto lays down to his mattress, staring at his camera and slowly begins to look at the pictures inside it. Shouto’s lips stretched, smiling down at the pictures of beach he takes. Some of them has Katsuki in it. His smile grows wider into a grin. He slides picture by picture, only to find more of Katsuki’s face on it. Katsuki’s playing with sand, taking some pictures of the sea, eating his popsicles, talking with his friends and really, Shouto swears he could see Katsuki’s face getting clearer and clearer on his camera lens. He rolls to his side, biting his lip as he sees one of his favorite picture of Katsuki. Smiling Katsuki is always the best, the wind swept his blond locks, letting them touch his face gently as if telling Shouto how fascinating his red eyes could be.

Bakugou Katsuki is too pretty for his own good.

Being too focused on his camera, Shouto jolts when a buzzed phone sound comes from the desk. Shouto gets up, looking down at the black and orange phone, knowing that is Katsuki’s in no time. A deep frown formed on his face as he sees the caller. That upperclassman is so persistent on calling Katsuki. He always caught him calling Katsuki every day, since morning until night and not only annoying, it’s also creepy and somehow disturbing even for Shouto. He feels like he needs to be protective towards Katsuki, more than before. He still doesn’t want to ask about it to Katsuki, he doesn’t want to sound too nosy at him. Katsuki could easily offended by his words, and he could easily avoid him if he wants. Shouto doesn’t want that. So he keeps the question for himself.

The buzzing sound starts to annoy him further. Shouto glares at the black phone, now feeling so irritated by it. What is his deal with Katsuki, really? Shouto already warned him not to get any closer to Katsuki but it seems like he doesn’t understand it. With a low growl, Shouto grabs the phone.

Wait, would it be like… invading Katsuki’s privacy? Shouto hesitates for a moment. He looks at the phone. It’s still buzzing. He finds himself fighting with his curiosity. It’s a once in life time chance he has now. Sending a glance to the bathroom door, Shouto decides to accept the call.

He inhales, speaking lowly, “Hello…”

“Oh? I thought it would be Katsuki who is gonna answer.”

Shouto frowns, already hating the conversation. This man is calling Katsuki’s name like he knows him. Some part on Shouto’s chest burns with anger.

“I believe I’ve told you to leave him alone,” Shouto says as calm as he could manage. The other line laughs at him.

“And you think I would do it? Oh, how naïve.”

Shouto growls, “What’s your deal with him, senpai?” he tries to keep the politeness. But somehow Shouto regrets it. The building curiosity and anger explode inside his chest as he speaks again, “If it’s nothing important then you should stop calling, we’re in the middle of club activity now.”

“Oh don’t worry. It’s just a small deal, nothing had to do with you…” the other male chuckles, “Unless…”

Shouto’s eyes twitch, “What are you talking about again?”

“Oh come on, I’ve told you before on the phone. Katsuki has a secret. The biggest secret of him that I only know… Well, some of his friends know too,” Shouto hears a dramatic sigh, “And maybe I’ll let you know.”

Shouto doesn’t like the sound of it. Knowing that Katsuki has a secret that has something to do with him is truly frustrating, but he can’t just give in to this awful man. Shouto is not like that. He can’t just hear Katsuki’s secret from other’s mouth, it’s disgusting. Shouto doesn’t want to force Katsuki to say anything either. Even if curiosity is starting to eat him alive. Shouto just can’t do it. If Katsuki doesn’t want to tell him, then Shouto will let him be. Because Shouto respect his choice even it’s not to tell him anything.

But what if his secret is about Shouto’s feelings toward Izuku? What if he does something with it?


No. It can’t be. Shouto shakes his head. Katsuki is not like that. He won’t just go to Izuku and tell him about Shouto’s secret like that. No, his head is just messing with him. He’s starting to consider this senpai’s offer, but no, he won’t accept it.

“I don’t want to know, if it’s not Katsuki himself who tells me about it,” he says finally.

The other line chuckles, “How nice of you, thinking that he’s gonna tell you about it. He won’t tell you, I can guarantee.”

Shouto has this urge to slam the phone down because he’s really getting irritated by this man. But he inhales, counting to three before speaking again, “What do you really want from him?” he presses, brows furrowing together as he hears the other line laughs.

“Just a small favor, you don’t have to know about it. All you have to know is that little pretty thing has something on you,” and before Shouto could response, he continues, “I have to go, it’s really nice to talk to you, Mr. Prince Charming.”

Shouto could only frown when the phone call ends. Just what the hell was that? Running his fingers on his hair, Shouto lets out a heavy sigh. Really, he feels like a fool. So basically Katsuki has some secret or whatever about him, and he’s not gonna lie it would suck if his suspicion is true. But no, there’s no way it’s true. Because Katsuki is not like that, he is sure about it. Shouto could tell that this man, this disgusting man has threatened Katsuki to do a small favor for him, because he would keep Katsuki’s secret safe.

Blackmailing, huh?

Shouto quickly puts Katsuki’s phone down to the table when he hears the bathroom door opened. Sending a small nervous smile, Shouto greets the blond. Katsuki smiles back at him, now ruffling his half dry hair with a towel. Then Shouto feels it, the familiar heat on his neck, the small squeeze on his heart as he sees Katsuki’s sitting down on his own bed, still smiling.

“What?” he finally asks.

Shouto shakes his head, ignoring the urge to press his hand to his chest because the pressure in his heart is starting to suffocate him. He thinks it’s because he’s tired, but then he realizes that his heart only beats faster when Katsuki is near him. Touching him. Or being touched by him. And it happens again, every time Shouto’s eyes meet with the ruby ones or when his ears catch Katsuki’s laugh. Scary.

It’s scary…

“You should take a shower… I’ll come down to help preparing the dinner. The Senpais said they want to order sushi,” Katsuki said after he finished combing his hair.

Shouto nods, doesn’t really know what to answer.

“Then I’ll go first,” before Katsuki could open the room door, Shouto’s hand reaches to him. He grabs Katsuki’s smaller hand on his ignoring his hammering heart.

“Wait,” he says, “Can you wait for me?”

Katsuki frowns, “What are you? A child?”

Shouto frowns, now looking at their hands, “I am not. I just don’t want to be left alone.”

Katsuki snorts, “A child,” he smirks, ruffling Shouto’s damp hair.

All the suspicions Shouto had before disappear just like that. Vanished like it’s never been there before. Suddenly he couldn’t feel any anger anymore. It’s like Katsuki erases it, telling him that he shouldn’t be worried about anything.

The warmth of Katsuki’s palm on his head spreads through his body, and in a moment like that Shouto just want to keep Katsuki for himself.



They finished eating an hour ago.

Now with legs tangled together on Shouto’s bed, they talk about the pictures they took in the past three days. Shouto tells Katsuki about his simple concept of the changing colors of the water and God, Katsuki’s laugh at his explanation is worth it. Katsuki tells him about his own, he says he likes sunsets and sunrise, simply because they mean about the beginning and the ending of the day. Katsuki says something about a new start that he thinks about sunsets and sunrise are about giving hopes to human. When Katsuki tells him again why he thinks like that, Shouto could only listen. He says humans are naïve, sometimes they would only rely on hopes. Katsuki says something about “what if”. What if I could get that job I want tomorrow? What if my cancer cured tomorrow? What if that teacher I hate don’t go to school tomorrow? In the end, Katsuki says it’s all about the willingness to start whishing. Shouto has to admit, that’s really on point.

“When I was drawing, I would think the same thing,” Katsuki says after his long explanation about his own philosophy, “What kind of hope I want to create.”

“You artists are really poetic,” Shouto couldn’t help but commenting.

Katsuki snorts, “Disgusting.”

The next second, they couldn’t find anything else to say. So they just lay there, staring at the ceiling while listening to rain sound outside. Katsuki has his own blanket on his body, slowly curling to his side as he starts to feel cold. Shouto pats his head before slowly stroking Katsuki’s thick blond hair through his long fingers. Like a habit, Shouto pulls Katsuki’s smaller body closer to his, sharing his body heat with the art student. Katsuki doesn’t protest, although Shouto could see his cheeks blushing. Holding back his laugh, Shouto lets his hand falls to Katsuki’s back.

When Katsuki nuzzles his head to his neck, Shouto’s almost got a heart attack. His heart pounding to his ribs, but he doesn’t dare to move an inch.

Braving himself, Shouto tries to wrap his arms around Katsuki’s shoulder, pulling him closer in the process.

“Katsuki…” he calls, whispering softly to the blond’s ear.

Katsuki hums around his neck. A sudden chill runs down Shouto’s skin and he doesn’t hate it. Shouto continues to stroke Katsuki’s back, knowing that the temperature is getting colder as the night goes. He speaks even more softly, “Something happened to me.”

To this, Katsuki looks up. Shouto almost gets himself lost again at those two crimson eyes. Katsuki frowns, “What is it?”

Shouto hums, now resting his hands on Katsuki’s waist and again, there’s the familiar electricity on his fingers tips. “I don’t know how to say it but… It feels like every time I tried to start thinking about confessing my feelings to Izuku, I suddenly had no idea how to do it.”

Katsuki’s silent for a few second, before finally pushing himself off of Shouto’s body. Shouto reluctantly lets him go. Katsuki lays on his back, his blanket still around him. Shouto hates to think that it’s not the right place Katsuki should be now. It should be on his arms, not his side. Not to mention Katsuki puts some distance between them. It’s not more than 3 inches but somehow it feels much further. Shouto couldn’t bring himself to get any closer, afraid that Katsuki would just turn away from him and decided to leave the bed.

“You just need to say what you feel at that moment,” Katsuki finally says after a few painful silence.

Shouto blinks, moving his body closer to Katsuki, “You think so?”

“Yes,” Katsuki nods, “You might feel a little nervous, but, it’s Deku we’re talking about. You guys have been friends for a long time already.”

But that’s the problem… Shouto couldn’t bring himself to answer.

Katsuki adds, “You have to be prepared for being rejected tho,” his giggle sounds forced and Shouto doesn’t like it.

For once, Shouto doesn’t feel anything about being rejected. If anything… he almost feels relieved. Eh? Since when he feels easy about being rejected? Almost like nothing. The old Shouto would probably pissed at himself for not feeling anything about Izuku, the man he claimed to be the love of his life, but the Shouto now is more… realistic. Instead of feeling sad, he feels free. Maybe, just maybe, Shouto just want to confess it so he could be free.

“I don’t… I think I don’t mind if I’m being rejected,” Shouto finally says and it success to make Katsuki turns his face towards him.

Shouto stares at the rich crimson eyes, as if he’s seeing the ray of sunshine than a full green forest. It’s also not a soft chirping bird sound he hears, but a splash sound of waves on the ocean. It’s not a cinnamon and grass scent he smells, but an intense sweet burnt caramel scent. Instead of the calmness of rain forest, Shouto is lost on the beautiful ray of sunrise, like a promise for a new start.

Shouto just realized how he gets used to Katsuki’s company more than Izuku’s. Katsuki is the only person Shouto could physically close with. Somehow, Shouto likes it.

He likes being around Katsuki. He likes every snarky comments Katsuki would make here and there. He likes Katsuki’s smell around him. He likes seeing Katsuki in his oversized clothes. He likes hearing Katsuki’s laughs. He likes that they would bicker but no one would upset about it. He likes that he could be more expressive around Katsuki. He likes that Katsuki could make him at ease so easily he doesn’t even notice it. He likes that both of them like to be inside than outside. He likes that Katsuki is smaller than him so that he could easily hold him in his arms. He likes touching every skin Katsuki would show him without getting embarrassed. He also likes that Katsuki would never expect anything from him.

There is a lot of things Shouto likes about Katsuki or being with him.

Every time he sees Katsuki all he could think is only about holding him. It may be strange for a friend to feel that way towards his friend, but Shouto couldn’t help the need to touch Katsuki’s skin. Even holding his hands is enough to calm Shouto down. His body would naturally get close to Katsuki’s warmer one without getting annoyed by it, and it feels just right.

Three days ago when Shouto told Katsuki about Uraraka, he felt like shit. But Katsuki was there, combing his wet hair, patiently speaking with his colorful vocabulary about choosing someone Shouto could like. Shouto would nuzzle his tummy, but Katsuki didn’t say anything about it. Katsuki would open his door, every time Shouto needs to come.

The moment Shouto felt like his world was crumbling down, he went to Katsuki without a second thought.


Shouto blinks as he registers Katsuki’s word on his brain. With a smile, Shouto tries to ease his heart. He rolls on his side, facing Katsuki who is still lying on his back with his face on him.

“I won’t be upset if he rejected me,” he says again.

Katsuki probably thinks he’s crazy. Well, he thinks he’s crazy himself.

“Huh… That’s unexpected,” Katsuki hums, now completely facing him. Shouto reaches out to touch his fingers, and Katsuki doesn’t move. Katsuki speaks again, “What changes your mind?”




‘You’, I said.

Shouto groans, softly tugging his blanket to hide in it further. The more he try to sleep, the more he couldn’t. All because of his stupid mouth, saying that Katsuki is the reason why he wouldn’t mind to be rejected. What is wrong with him? The suffocating pressure inside his chest is not helping either. It hurts, but not in the bad kind of way. It scares him. He feels so relieved that his heart still beating loudly even now.

Katsuki is sleeping on his own bed, and Shouto doesn’t want to wake him up because of his damn heart. Stop pounding so fast please, please, please… Shouto shuts his eyes tightly, now squeezing his blanket, gripping the front of his shirt with some force hoping his heart would listen to him. But no, it’s still pounding, knocking his ribs as he feels his cheeks burn with shame.

Ahh… I like him.

Shouto wants to cry. The huge realization of his own feelings is overwhelming. After all their interactions –the innocent touching, hugs, the soft mumbles, whispers, the hands holding, the small smile Katsuki would give, it all does something to his heart. Little by little, without even realizing it, Shouto has been drowned to Katsuki’s life. The past three months have been a rollercoaster for his feeling, Shouto should’ve realized it sooner. But Katsuki managed to distract him completely. Because it’s really easy to be with him.

The only hand Shouto would hold… is his.

“I like him,” he whispers to no one, squeezing his eyes closed.

So that’s why I don’t mind about Izuku. Ah… I like him. The more I think about it the more I feel pathetic…

What should he do? What should he do?

Shouto doesn’t know what to think anymore. Only the heavy rain sound outside who would drown his loud pounding heart. Shouto wants to sleep, to forget that he just said that to Katsuki and forget about his new feelings. But he couldn’t bring himself to do that.

After a long time, he manages to get up, walking slowly but surely to Katsuki’s bed. He’s sitting down on it, softly stroking Katsuki’s blond locks. Three months ago if someone told Shouto that he would be here, sitting on the same bed as Bakugou Katsuki, stroking his hair, he would be mad. But now… oh how the table has turned. Shouto wonders if he never told anything about his plan on Izuku to Katsuki, would he still be here, with him, touching like they’re meant to be? Ah…

Shouto pushes his bang back, now completely a blushing mess.

Shaking his head, Shouto risks his embarrassment to slowly climb up to Katsuki’s body, wrapping his arms around Katsuki’s small shoulders gaining some soft mumbling. Shouto frowns, his whole body is shivering, knowing that he holds someone he wants on his embrace. The emotions are overflowing inside his chest, sending a huge wave of affection of Katsuki. Burying his face on Katsuki’s hair, he smells a nice fresh peach scent on his nose. Shouto wants to keep him on his arms forever.

All the affections he felt towards Katsuki turned more than fondness.

Katsuki stirs, nuzzling his face on Shouto’s neck. Shouto smiles, stroking Katsuki’s soft cheek. The tingling sensation on his fingers tips is welcomed. Shouto whispers to the air, “Katsuki… Have you ever liked someone?” he mumbles, “Finally I know how it feels to like someone.”

What Shouto doesn’t expect is that Katsuki slowly opens his eyes. Not even three seconds later, Katsuki is already staring him with his sleepy ruby eyes, tiredly rubbing them with his small long fingers. Shouto blushes, as he realized his hands are on Katsuki’s waist, holding him closer to his body that their chests touch. As if reading Shouto’s mind, Katsuki smirks at him, “What?” he asks hoarsely. Shouto couldn’t decide whether it sounds cute or sexy.

The staring contest ends with Katsuki soft answer, “I have. I do.”

A frown formed on Shouto’s face. Katsuki likes someone. He does like someone. The feeling inside Shouto’s chest is ugly.

“Who?” he couldn’t help but ask.

Katsuki chuckles, bopping Shouto’s nose, “Like hell I will tell you.”

Shouto definitely doesn’t whine, while nuzzling his face on Katsuki’s chest. Katsuki laughs and Shouto could easily hear his loud beating heart too. Is Katsuki nervous? Biting his lip, Shouto mumbles, “But I told you about mine.”

Katsuki shrugs, “Doesn’t mean I will tell you mine.”

Shouto’s grip on Katsuki’s waist tighter, “I hate you.”

Katsuki just laughs at him, “So tell me about the person you like,” he rolls his eyes, “Oh God, no, don’t, I’m joking, I already know Deku my whole life.”

Shouto huffs a laugh. No, it’s not actually him, Shouto wants to say. He shakes his head instead, “Let’s just sleep. We gotta go home tomorrow.”

“You woke me up first, you stupid Candy-head,” Katsuki flicks his forehead. Shouto grunts in reply. Katsuki sighs, “Hey let’s just go for a fucking walk. Probably cold as fuck but you know, can’t really sleep.”

Shouto agrees.



The smell of hot coffee in front of him is causing Shouto’s mouth to water. They walked to the nearest convenience store across the resort, with Shouto held the umbrella because Katsuki is busy hiding his hands on his jacket pockets. It’s a really short walk but enough to make them shiver from the cold autumn night.

Katsuki blows his coffee, hissing at the coldness of the weather as he drinks the brown liquid slowly before letting out a huge sigh, “Damn this cold air,” he pouts.

Chuckling lightly, Shouto sips his own coffee. Walking in the middle of the night, with a cup of coffee from convenience store is something new for him. Lucky, there are not a lot of people in outside right now. But the main road is still crowded as always.

When they arrive to the resort, Katsuki tells him that they should go to bed.

“Move,” Katsuki says as they sit on Shouto’s bed, nudging Shouto’s knee lightly. The light touching burns Shouto’s skin like fire.

Shouto pouts but moves anyway. Katsuki sits beside him quickly, “You’re ready for bed?” he asks and damn Shouto feels like being told like a kid.

Leaning his forehead on Katsuki’s shoulder, Shouto mumbles, “Yeah…”

Katsuki smiles, “Okay, giant kid.”

Shouto really feels he could just drift out by hugging Katsuki’s body like this. Almost like a puzzle, he could feel every curves of Katsuki’s body matches with his own bigger one. With a slight squeeze on his side, Shouto puts his hand on Katsuki’s hip. He is about to sleep when he feels Katsuki’s body stirs, trying to get off of his embrace. Shouto hesitates for a moment but he couldn’t help but letting him go. Cold. He suddenly feels cold.

Then he hears it, Katsuki’s phone buzzing. Katsuki groans as he gets up. Shouto doesn’t open his eyes, but he could feel the movement of Katsuki’s body against his. Slowly, he opens his eyes.

Katsuki leaves the room with his phone on his ear. Shouto frowns. There’s an ugly feeling inside his stomach. After debating with himself, Shouto decides to follow Katsuki outside. Katsuki’s back greets him when he arrives to the balcony.

“I’ve told you I won’t do that, no matter what you say,” Katsuki hisses.

Shouto frowns. He already knows who’s calling. The upperclassman from Theatre club. Anger suddenly build up inside him. He is about to come and snatch Katsuki’s phone again when he hears his name mentioned.

“You leave Shouto alone of it,” Katsuki taps his foot on the wooden floor, “No, you wouldn’t do it. You’re a coward.”

Shouto’s palms feel hot. Anger is flooding his chest as he listens to Katsuki’s voice again.

“Stop playing, damn it!” he punches the nearest wall with his fist. Shouto could see his hands trembling, “If you told him about it, I swear I will end you!”

“Shindou I told you I won’t—”

Shouto takes a deep breath, trying his best not to snap as he walks slowly to Katsuki, reaching his right hand to take the phone away.

“Shou?” Katsuki’s expression would be cute if it in different situation. All Shouto could feel at the moment was confusion, anger and… disappointment. Still having Katsuki’s phone on his hand, Shouto frowns, staring down at the shorter male.

Shouto waits for his breathing to be steady before slowly asking, “Tell me about what?” his tone is low, intimidating.

Katsuki’s eyes are glassy, his lips trembling and, God, Shouto feels like a jerk to make him like this. But all the curiosity these days, and now this, Shouto couldn’t care. As Katsuki tries to speak, Shouto cuts him.

“What do you hide from me, Katsuki? What’s your deal with him? Why it has to be something about me?” he doesn’t mean to raise his voice, but the air around him is starting to suffocate.

It hurts.

Katsuki frowns, defending himself with yelling, “What… Why do you want to know? It’s my business with him! Now give my fucking phone back!” he tries to grab Shouto’s hand, but Shouto doesn’t let him.

Pushing Shouto’s chest a little, Katsuki tries again. Only to failed because Shouto holds his phone behind his back. Shouto could see anger in Katsuki’s red eyes, but he also sees sadness. God. God, it hurts. It hurts not to know anything about them, about this secret, secret about him. Shouto wants to let it go but the pain is unbearable. The more he tries to calm himself, the more it hurts.

“Why? Because it is about me! Katsuki, you hide something from me, about me!”

Katsuki yells again, “Give my fucking phone back, you fucking—”

Shouto holds his arm, preventing Katsuki to hurt him or himself. The next thing he sees is that Katsuki has those huge tears on his eyes, rolling down his reddening cheeks. The air inside his lungs are like being knocked away. He couldn’t breathe as Katsuki’s small shoulders shake. Trembling, Shouto reaches to touch Katsuki’s cheeks. He cups them on his hands, gently wiping the tears away.

“I…” Katsuki shakes his head, “Just pretend that… that you didn’t hear anything,” he says between his sobs.

Shouto huffs, “You know that I can’t do that,” he sighs, “Why don’t you say what it is so we could think about it together?”

Katsuki shakes his head, “No!” he shouts, “No, just pretends you don’t hear anything!”

“I can’t just do that, Katsuki. It’s about me. Are trying to blackmail me? What? Telling Izuku about my feelings?”

Because it doesn’t matter anymore, now that I like you… Shouto feels his own tears start to build. Damn it.

“What the fuck—I could never do that!”

“Then what? The only person I believe is you. If you hide something important like this from me, how could I believe again?”

Katsuki groans, “Stop! Stop it, fucking damn it!” he covers his ears as if he doesn’t want to hear Shouto’s words again.

Shouto holds Katsuki’s shoulders with his hands, shaking the a little as he asks again softer than before, “Then please tell me…”

Katsuki stubbornly shakes his head, “I won’t.”

Taking a deep breath, Shouto speaks again, “Do you know how much this hurts me?” he asks, guiding Katsuki’s hand to his chest, “You’re my closest friend now, Katsuki, I can’t just be angry with you. But still…”

Katsuki hits his chest lightly, his hands trembling, “Fuck.”

“Fuck you!” Katsuki spats again.

Shouto has enough. He sighs heavily now that he knows Katsuki would never tell him about it. He should’ve just accepted the offer. Shouto wants to laugh, but it’s not even funny. It’s not funny.

“I see…” he finally says, “You really tell Izuku about me liking him, don’t you?”

Katsuki is shocked. He shakes his head, “No! What the fuck, Shou! I would never--”

“So our friendships now doesn’t matter anymore to you, huh?”


Shouto chuckles, “Fine, do what you want. Just tell him. Tell him all my pathetic feelings for him so that you—”

All Shouto’s words die inside his mouth. Vanished like a thin air. A sudden sad, warm feelings are flooding him. A familiar heat and scent he would always smell is getting stronger around him. He feels his body being knocked out. All he could hear now is the heavy rain pour around him, and a tiny sob from the man in front of him.

The man that now has his lips pressed against his.

Katsuki kisses him.