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Old Habits

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Serizawa sniffles. He doesn’t take his eyes off the screen. The room is dark. Old cups, water bottles, and food wrappers fill up the room. Serizawa has fallen into his old habits. He was doing so well what the hell happened. He’d left that dark room that he stayed in for 15 years and a little over 3 years ago and here he is isolating himself from the world again. Those 3 years haven’t been the best for him, having his powers abused by a psychopath who wanted world domination and would do nothing to harm others, meaning Serizawa was the one to cause others pain that he still hasn’t forgiven himself over. But he met Mob who changed his life, he showed him what real friendship was like and he was able to experience real friendship with his coworkers and some of his friends from night school. He had a job and was so thankful to Mr.Reigen for giving him that and being so kind to him through everything. He was just learning how to be independent and function in society. He even had his own apartment now which was good for him since living with his mom just gave him memories of those 15 years. Yet here he is, locked in his tiny studio apartment eyes glued to the screen playing the same games he hyper-fixated on for all those years. It’s been 2 weeks, now approaching his third. When he didn’t show up for work Reigen called and Serizawa just told his boss he needed a vacation and Reigen was very kind and supportive of it saying he deserved one and should rest as long as he needs.

Serizawa’s job at spirits and such consultation required him to use his psychic powers to exorcise spirits. It’s mostly been small spirits and it’s really helped Serizawa become more in control and confident with his powers. But 2 weeks ago he lost control and ended up hurting his boss and the client in his last exorcism, not badly just a couple of bumps and bruises and luckily the client agreed not to sue after much convincing from Reigen and a coupon for a free spirit massage. The spirit was an evil one, it was capable of bringing back old memories and this caused Serizawa to have a lot of uncomfortable and unwanted feelings at once. And while he was better at being in control it was too much for him to handle. The spirit got away before Serizawa could calm down and he hasn’t really been okay since. He was so scared he was going to lose control again and make something worse happen.

His eyes are so dry from crying all the time and staring at the screen. His vision gets a little blurry so he decides to turn the console off and lays in his bed (well, really it’s just a mattress on the floor, his job doesn’t pay that well). He gets lost in thought not knowing what to do. He’s totally messed everything up. He’s going to fail night school since stopped attending and not even trying to study and Reigen’s gonna fire him for taking this much time off and then he’s gonna lose this apartment and probably have to go back to living with his mom in that room and he’ll never leave again and he’ll spend the next 15 years, no the rest of his life in the room living in pure fear.

His thoughts get cut off by a rhythmic knock at the door. He pretends like he’s not home. The knocks continued.

“Serizawa, are you in there, it’s me Reigen”

Oh god. Serizawa doesn’t know what to do. He’s freaking out. Reigen’s here to lecture him and fire him.

“Serizawa? I’m worried you haven’t answered your phone”

Serizawa didn’t bother to look at his phone, he just set it down and left it to lose battery. He walks towards the door to hear better, still unsure if he wants to open the door. He really doesn’t want Mr. Reigen to see him like this.

“Hmm, maybe he really did go on vacation, ah it’s hard to do any work without the big guy” is mumbled on the other side of the door.

Serizawa smiles a little at that.

“Well, Serizawa if you’re in there I hope you’re enjoying your time off, it’s really empty in the office without you, I miss you, ah I mean professionally, of course, it's been difficult without you at work, because of all you do, with the uh, work.”

It's quiet for a while and Serizawa assumes Reigen must’ve left by now.

“I guess you’re not in there so I can uh, say this I guess. I miss you, like a ton. Not professionally. Well professionally too it’s been kinda difficult without you there to exorcise spirits and such but I can manage myself. It’s just been incredibly boring. I miss seeing you, and watching you do your thing, I just ah, it's embarrassing and I feel like I’m in school again which is usually not good, but I like you a lot. you. Ah I sound stupid I should head back to work”

Serizawa hears some rustling. Serizawa has tears running down his face, happy-ish ones this time, a first in a while. He makes an impulsive decision to open his door not thinking about his greasy hair, dark circles, tears, and overall smelliness due to his isolation.

“Regen!” He shouts calling him from the other side of the hallway

Reigen turns around, eyes wide, face bright red.

Serizawa takes a step forward.

“Did you really mean all that?”

“Ah...I...Well…” Reigen begins ready to lie about what happened out of embarrassment and his fear of rejection until he gets a better look at Serizawa and realizes he can’t lie in this moment, and he doesn’t want to. “Yeah...I really did”

Serizawa doesn’t say anything.

Reigen doesn’t know what to do. He freaks out. Maybe Serizawa doesn’t feel the same way and he's going to lose his closest friend and coworker.

Reigen is so lost in thought he doesn’t Serizawa getting closer until he hugs him. It’s the best feeling in the world. He feels so safe.

“I...had no idea you felt the same,” Serizawa says, tears continuing to fall

“The same?” Reigen says trying is best not to cry as well

Serizawa lets go to look at Reigen. “I like you too”

Reigen grabs Serizawa’s face and pulls him in for a kiss. “I’m glad,” Reigen says.

Serizawa pulls him in for another kiss feeling content for the first time in a while.