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Take a Slice

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By the time that Bakugou gets home, it’s clear that Ochako is in a mood . This isn’t rare, exactly, because she has all sorts of moods -- big, bubbly good moods and slow, rainy-day sad moods and frequent fiery temper tantrum moods -- but this isn’t one of the usual ones.

That is, as Bakugou kicks off his shoes and hangs his keys and gym bag up by the door, he catches some of the noises coming from the living room he shares with Ochako and Eijirou. Thick, breathy noises punctuated by softer wet sounds he would recognize absolutely anywhere under any circumstance.

So he thinks he’s prepared when he walks in to find his girlfriend face down and ass up on the couch, taking four of his boyfriend’s thick fingers like it’s the easiest thing in the world. He’s not.

Eijirou acknowledges Bakugou with a flickering look -- eyes landing on his face with restrained mischievous joy that comes spilling out when those same eyes drop to Bakugou’s tenting joggers. Eijirou pumps his arm, pushing a breath from Ochako’s lungs and a thick, squelching noise from between her swollen red-pink pussy lips. “Hey, ‘Chako, your boyfriend’s home.”

Ochako doesn’t answer in words, but with a deep sighing sound that tapers off into a whine as she fucks herself on Eijirou’s fingers.

“You gonna say hi?” Eijirou asks her.

It occurs to Bakugou that that really should have been his line but the moment has passed as Eijirou works another sound out of Ochako with his fingers, this one low and uneven. Well, considering that he’s using four them, at this point it’s really his whole hand that’s moving. He’s only about three minutes from getting his thumb involved, too, by Bakugou’s reckoning.

He swallows against a dry mouth and croaks out the first thing he can think of. “You were gonna let him fist you without me?”

Eijirou laughs -- at both of them, surely -- and leans over to gently sink his sharp teeth into the soft, jiggling flesh of Ochako’s perfectly round ass.

“Nah, I was gonna make her wait. Don’t you worry, darlin’,” says Eijirou with that stupid ass grin of his. Katsuki wishes he could call it shit-eating, but with Eijirou, everything is genuine that it’s hard to deal with sometimes.

“Well, shit, baby,” breathes Katsuki, already with a hand down his pants, absently rubbing up and down his hardening cock. “Don’t wait on my account.”

“Yeah, don’t –” starts Ochako, before Eijirou slaps a hand over her mouth.

“No talking, Ochako.”

“You stretching her out for any reason in particular?” asks Katsuki, taking his shirt off and tossing it to the side before stripping out of his pants.

Ochako can domme the shit out of him when she likes, but Katsuki knows that when she’s being submissive, she’s being submissive, and nothing gets her off more than being treated like an object. She loves when her boys talk about her like she’s not even there.

Eijirou grins again.

“Yeah...thought maybe she could take the both of us at once?”

“Oh,” Katsuki breathes. “Yeah, she’d probably enjoy that, huh?”

“Thought she might.”

Ochako whines again and arches her back, elbows digging into the couch and pussy juice leaking down her reddening thighs.

“Get your thumb in her,” says Katsuki, picking up the discarded bottle of lube and rubbing some over his cock. They’re not strangers to this, already had enough times with the awkward fumbling and positioning problems, and now they can just go straight into it.

Eijirou obliges, and Katsuki can see from the set of his wrist that he’s flexing his fingers open and shut. If it wasn’t that – he’d know from the way Ochako is whining so prettily, her whimpers and moans making his cock stand at attention.

He positions himself under Ochako then, slipping his fingers in her mouth while he waits for Eijirou to get his cock in her. He slides over the lube and Eijirou removes his fingers, and Ochako grunts with the loss of them.

“Don’t whine, sweetheart,” says Katsuki. “You’ll be filled up soon enough.”

And she will. She gets on her knees, straddling Katsuki and lifting up her round ass to give Eijirou a nice little entry-way.

“Love this,” breathes Eijirou, slapping her ass.

“Hey!” calls Katsuki. “Come on, I’m goin’ fuckin’ soft over here. Get in her so I can.”

He’s anything but soft, but that’s all it takes for Eijirou to guide his cock into her swollen pussy, already so loose and waiting for them. She moans, low and guttural.

Katsuki leans up to kiss her, muttering. “You got this?”

She nods, breathes out, and he grips the base of his cock, using his other thumb to part her pussy lips, giving him an easy way in to nestle next to Eijirou’s warm cock. The feeling of it is nearly too much for all three of them; the friction of Katsuki and Eijirou moving together and the absolutely rush of being so thoroughly filled that Ochako feels like she’s going to burst.

She’s had enough of silence.

“Move!” she urges, and Eijirou slaps her ass for that, but it’s playful. They’re not in a scene, she’s not going to be punished for opening her mouth.

And they do oblige; Katsuki thrusting up as Eijirou moves his hips forward, her bouncing up and down and already feeling the beginnings of orgasm tug at the spot behind her clit.

“Can’t –” she starts, because the feeling gets overwhelming the more they move, it’s almost too much.

“You can, baby,” breathes Katsuki.

“You got this,” encourages Eijirou from behind her, biting at her shoulder. “You’re being so good for us, taking both of us at once. Opening your cunt so wide for us.”

“Uh-huh,” she tries to say, but it comes out as nothing more than a breathy squeak.

“Come on, baby. We’re already in you. All you gotta do is let us make you come. Gonna feel so good, right?” says Katsuki, and if he wasn’t so lost in it all, he’d blush at how soft he sounded.

And as if they’d finally given her permission to release, they can both feel her juices all over them, running down her legs and onto the couch. She lets out a guttural groan.

“Fuck, baby, that’s it,” Katsuki says, stroking his hands down Ochako’s face, almost petting her for a job well done. “You’re so good, squirting like this for us.”

He can all of a sudden feel Eijirou’s cock swell ever so slightly, picking up speed from behind. “I can’t—I don’t think—” Eijirou sputters out. “You both feel so good—”

Almost without warning, Katsuki and Ochako can feel Eijirou spilling into her, filling her up with warmth. The warmth keeps coming and they can both feel Eijirou’s cock pulsate inside her as he leans his head against her back, his hand searching for Katsuki’s.

The three of them stay still for a moment, feeling each other’s fluids mix, until Katsuki thrusts himself upwards into Ochako, startling them both.

“Let me rearrange.” Eijirou says, petting Ochako on her back. He pulls himself out of Ochako, a slight pop sound as his cock exits her and their mixture of come drips down her legs.

“Fuck, look how much of a mess you made.” Katsuki says, looking both Eijirou and Ochako in the eye. She lets out a whine. Without a word, he’s flipped her on her back and is looking at her, licking his lips in hunger.

“Guess I have to clean you up, huh?”

Kirishima watches them, unable to keep his hands off his own cock as he watches his boyfriend stand above his girlfriend, lifting her hips to his mouth.

She lets out a gasp as his tongue laps at her come-filled pussy, sensitive to any touch after the orgasm she just had. Katsuki’s cock is still rock hard. Kirishima drops to his knees, taking Katsuki down his throat.

“Fuck.” Katsuki takes his mouth off Ochako for a moment to move his hips forward down Eijirou’s throat. Diving his tongue back into Ochako’s pussy, licking up any and all of hers and Eijirou’s come, drinking it down. It feels so good, so right for them all to be tangled as they are, him eating her puffy, come-filled pussy as his boyfriend takes his length down his throat.

He moves his thumb to Ochako’s clit as he continues to drink from her pussy and slowly starts massaging, her wetness spreading again and he can tell she’s close.

“Come on baby girl, you gonna come for us again?” Katsuki asks, thrusting his hips harder down Eijirou’s throat.

“I’m gonna—huh—too sensitive,” Ochako squeaks out, unable to control her body as she starts to shake, completely giving in to the sensations of it all.

Eijirou is now working Katsuki’s dick, running his hands down the bottom part of the shaft as he sucks on the head like he would normally suck on Ochako’s nipple. He can feel Katsuki getting harder and harder and it only takes another hand massaging his balls to send Katsuki over the edge, spilling into his mouth, Eijirou continuously swallowing to take it all.

The only sound is of heavy panting in the living room as the three move themselves to the couch, draping themselves on one another and simply existing in the same space as each other. The connection between the three of them is palpable, Eijirou breaking the silence.

“Fuck, what a Tuesday evening.” Ochako breaks out into giggles, pulling Eijirou close to her breast and kissing his temple. Katsuki runs his hands through Ochako’s hair, grinning as he looks at his two loves, sprawled on the couch, happy and full.

Eijirou smooths his hands over as much skin as he can touch and Ochako receives it like a cat in the sun, her lips curling into an indulgent, self-satisfied smile as her body settles into all the places it touches him and Katsuki. She even sets her chin down on Katsuki’s chest, eyes fluttering closed, when her breath suddenly hitches. “Oh--”

“What is it, babe?” Katsuki’s voice is lazy and full of affection, an eyebrow quirking as he searches Ochako’s face for any hint at her reaction.

Eijirou sits up, probably checking to make sure he’s not crushing her and his eyes flicker down her body. Katsuki sees them catch and tracks his gaze as Eijirou lets out a quiet little groan and bites on his lower lip. “Damn, Katsuki.”

“Damn what?”

“Either you’ve been getting lazy or I’ve been getting blue balled and I know the second ain’t true.” Ochako sighs and chokes on a little sound as Eijirou reaches down towards her ass. Her eyes open again and meet Katsuki’s as Eijirou holds up a hand wet with a surprising amount of cum. “Looks like you missed a spot, Number Two Hero.”

“You can’t demote me for that! Maybe if you shot a normal human amount of cum instead of a fucking gallon’s-worth--”

“Katsuki,” Ochako’s voice, slightly hoarse but still dangerously sweet, chimes from where she rests on his chest, “don’t be a brat, okay? Ei-chan and I will remind you if we need to.”

And, goddamn them, somehow Ochako and Eijirou still know how to make him want it in new ways, over and over, every day.