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Danganronpa: A Rewrite

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Act 0 ; Despair Sisters

Junko Enoshima was mentally ill.
This had been a fact since they were young, Junko Enoshima is mentally ill and Mukuro Enoshima does whatever she can to make sure Junko gets the care she needs.
They both know that whatever family they had left would never contribute to the cause.
This led to all sorts of games and loop holes to scrape by.
And ultimately led to Mukuro Enoshima joining the army.
Though hesitant to leave her sister in such poor mental health, Junko insisted she'd be fine. She had picked up a couple modelling jobs, they paid well, and they were starting to get back up on their feet.
With Mukuro in the army, Junko would get benefits, enough to keep them stable for awhile.
Assuming they don't have to up Junko's dosage on antidepressants, it should work out fine, right?
Then why was it that when Mukuro returned, Junko was a different person?
Why was she blabbering on and on about depair, hopelessness, and Hope's Peak?
What exactly happened to Junko Enoshima in the two years that Mukuro Enoshima was gone?

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It's weird to think we'll be graduating soon.
And it's even weirder to think about how much time I got to spend with all the Ultimates.
And it's the weirdest to think that my time is running out.
I'm running on adrenaline, it seems. It's like when a video is about to end, and then it starts buffering.
It buffers and buffers and buffers until you just want the video to end.
The video is my life, the buffering is my luck.
Was that a clever metaphor? Not something you expected from a nobody?
I've been told that I'm rather intelligent sometimes.
My name is Nagito Komaeda, I'm a member of Class 77-B at Hope's Peak, and the ultimate luck.
And I'm very ill, of course.
This luck cycle has tormented me for years, good things followed by incredibly bad ones.
My parents died because of it.
They crashed and died in a plane, right in front of my eyes.
I'll never forget. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, they say.
I got kidnapped a couple times, they usually let me go after awhile because I get annoying, and they realize I'm the only one left in my family.
No one will pay ransom.
I got the diagnosis letter and the acceptance letter at the same time.
"Congratulations! You're dying, and you're going to die at Hope's Peak Academy! Don't bother bringing text books!"
Truly, though, dying at Hope's Peak would be at least a hopeful death, even though I contribute nothing here.
What all could luck be used for?
Enough of my sad life, you don't care much about me, either.
The Ultimates are what's truly interesting, they are above us all, they'll bring new hope to the world, and that is the most honorable you could do.
To be an ultimate is to be hope itself, and that is more astonishing than everything in space and time.
Our homeroom teacher is named Chisa Yukizome, she was the Ultimate Housekeeper.
I like cleaning, so being around Ms Yukizome was a good experience.
Then there's Sonia Nevermind, the ultimate princess.
She's pretty, and reminds me of a Barbie doll I'd see it he stores as a child.
Gundham Tanaka follows, the ultimate animal breeder. Animals litter our classroom because of him, and Sonia names them all.
She named a cockatoo after me and I cried.
Miss Yukizome was very concerned.
Kazuichi Souda is someone I'm slightly close with, he's the ultimate mechanic. He thinks Sonia's pretty, though he's more interested in robots and such things. He's been working on a fully functional robot capable of thinking for itself for awhile.
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu is an interesting one, he has a hard time being nice. Kazuichi calls him boss baby and then he screams. He's the ultimate Yakuza, has a little sister in the reserve course. He's the reason I even came to know any of the reserve course students.
I never thought they were really of much interest until I met one in particular.
Though I'll save that for later.
Ibuki Mioda, the ultimate musician, she's very loud and good at distracting us from our work.
Hiyoko Saijoni, ultimate traditional dancer, she used to be really small, and then she randomly grew a foot. She's kind of mean.
Mikan Tsumiki, the ultimate nurse. She's shy, but we talk sometimes, she tries to take care of me, knowing well how sick I am.
Mahiru Kozukai, the ultimate photographer. She's rather bland if you ask me, but she keeps Hiyoko on control.
Peko Pekoyama is the ultimate swordswoman, she's a good friend of Fuyuhiko's. They are childhood best friends, they're cute together.
Ryota Mitarai, the ultimate animator. I don't really talk to him much, I don't think he likes talking, but he's interesting.
Akane Owari, the ultimate gymnast. She's an interesting one for sure, really loud and rambunctious.

Teruteru Hanamura is the ultimate cook, or rather chef. He's an amazing cook, he tried to teach me to cook once, and I set the school on fire.

Just my luck, huh?
And then there's Nekomaru Nidai, the ultimate team manager. He's a loud one, but not as bad as Owari, at least he's aware he's loud.

When we arrived at Hope's Peak, we were all distant. Only a select few of us attended class, since we didn't technically have to. It took awhile, but eventually Miss Yukizome united us.

She taught us how to clean, cook, organize, and get along.

A group of people who were all opposites and destructive were now a group of people with an unbreakable bond.

For the first time since I was a small child, I had a family.

A family that took care of me and loved me.

It was truly endearing that such amazing people saw such good things in a piece of trash like me.

I can't wait to see what they’ll do with this world.

Lastly, I'll talk about the reserve course student I've very slowly become friends with over the years.
Hajime Hinata.

Much like I once was, he is obsessed with Hope's Peak.
And though he may not be talented, he's interesting enough to hang around after class.
I have a feeling he will be a big part of the grand scheme of my life.
Not sure why.
Perhaps it's just my luck a reserve course student will be a big part of my life.


To create h-



Lifting my head up, my dull green eyes meet Hinata's.

Something interesting about his eyes, the left one his red around the rim, a case of slight heterochromia. I asked him when I first met him.

“What is it?” I questioned, tilting my head to the side.

“Do you mind if we don't play games today? I'm feeling… Under the weather, unfortunately,” he says, rubbing the back of his head in an embarrassed manner.

I don't really know what he means by under the weather, but I won't press it. After all, he doesn't ask about my health.

“Well, I don't mind,” I replied, lifting my head back up and gesturing to the seat beside me on the bench. Hinata complies, sitting on the bench beside me underneath the cherry blossom trees.

Neither of us are very talkative, I don't like talking unless he talks first, and Hinata doesn't have much to say.

“Have you heard about the new first years coming in?” Hinata questioned, and I nodded.

“Yes, I've heard one of them is another lucky student, Makoto Naegi, was it?”

Hinata shrugs, “I didn't look into their names, but that sounds right.”

I chuckled a bit, “You trust in my memory too much, I have dementia, you know.”

“No, I don't know that,” Hinata replied, and suddenly the conversation is paused, the sounds of birds fill in for us as white noise.

I said something wrong.

“I'm so-”

“It's okay, I just wish you'd tell me things,” Hinata says with a smile.

A smile so pretty, it should not belong to a reserve course student.

Perhaps Hinata-kun was meant to be talented, but something didn't get switched on in his making.

Or perhaps, there's no real difference bet-

No, that's silly.

“I just don't like people knowing,” I explained, returning the smile, “I already have Tsumiki worrying about me, I don't need you, too.”

“If you insist…” He answers.

I think I'm going to regret this decision later.

There's silence again, I can hear the wind blowing through the trees.

Neither of us speak, until Hinata pipes up again.

“Komaeda, do you dislike me for being talentless?”

That's a hard question.

“I don't know,” I respond, because truly, I don't.

I don't dislike Hinata for being Hinata, I enjoy him for that, but him being talentless also reminds me that he is useless, he will not get me anywhere.

He is beneath me.

“What does that mean?” He says with a slight chuckle.

I shrug, “It means I don't know. Your existence challenges everything I believe in, I can't process it. Had you had talent, I would've worshipped you like you were God herself. Had you been any other talentless nobody, I'd treat you like dirt. But you're just…”

I drift off into thought, watching a flower fall from the tree above us and onto Hinata's shoulder.

“You're just Hinata, I guess.”

He nods understandingly, but I don't know if he liked that answer.

I don't know if I liked that answer.

It's not adequate, nothing would ever be good enough to describe Hajime Hinata.

We're silent until the sun starts to set, and Hajime stands up and says he has to go. I wave goodbye and smile, and he returns the gesture.

That would be the last time I talked to Hinata.

The last time Hinata would ever truly exist.

The last time I'd truly know where he was, or how he's doing, or how he's feeling.

That would be the last time I speak to a reserve course student, and two weeks later would be the first time I would cry over one.

And begin to truly know despair.

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You know, Miss Yukizome was not always our teacher, though I don't remember the teacher before her.

She was always kind to me, though.

I tried to pull some sort of stunt to postpone the testing for my classmates after my last talk with Hajime, I blew up the school.

And she took the blame. Claimed she had not monitored me carefully enough, and I got sent off with just detention instead of being expelled.

I was stuck in my dorm for a couple weeks, and Miss Yukizome was off teaching some reserve course students.

I started to think a lot.

To regret things, to regret how I viewed things.

I visited Hinata and I's normal spot many times, and never once saw him.

Over time it worried me, up until I met two first years there instead.

Junko and Mukuro Enoshima, some incoming students.

Junko was the ultimate fashionista, while her sister was the ultimate soldier.

While they seemed like they'd be opposites, they seemed to get along very well.

The benefits of a sibling relationship.

Something I'd never truly have.

“Heey, you’re Nagito Komaeda, right?” Said the pink haired one.

I honestly expected the buttons on her button up to pop off at any moment.

“Yes, that’s me,” I answered, tilting my head to the side.

“I’m Junko Enoshima!” She said with a smile, extending an arm to me.

I took it and she shook it firmly, her sister remaining silent.

“You’re looking for Mr. Hinata, are you not?” Enoshima replied, and I hesitantly nodded.

I suppose it’s not weird that she knows who he is.

“He hasn’t been here recently, has he?”
I nodded no again.

Junko got in really close to me, and Mukuro began to walk around the fountain, as if she were guarding something.

“I know where he is, do you wanna see him?”

I paused for a moment.

How does she know?

I know nothing about Junko Enoshima, I don’t know her intentions, or anything.

She doesn’t feel safe, there’s just something about her that really puts me off.

She doesn’t feel like the other ultimates.

But Hajime…

His disappearance has destroyed my life, it’s fallen to pieces, and I’ve found myself taking more and more risks just to find him.

This could be one of those risks.

Can I even handle myself anymore?

“Eh?” Junko repeats, disrupting my thoughts.

I nodded a yes.

“Yes, yes I do.”


What I would see next would make it to number five on the most horrifying and terrible things I had ever seen.

I would not see Hajime again.


“Mikan Tsumiki’s lab room burnt down, all her notes and precious research has been lost with fire!” Read the newspaper.

Yesterday, it read about a horrible incident involving Peko and Fuyuhiko.

And the day before that, it was the suicide of a reserve course student.

And the day before that, it was the murder of Fuyuhiko’s sister.

Horrible things upon horrible things.

I have not left my room in days, I haven’t actually eaten in awhile, either.

I’ve sat in bed, only reading the school newspapers as I try to comprehend what I saw when I went with Junko and Mukuro Enoshima.

They lead me away, towards the staff building. Mukuro flashed an ID card, and the door unlocked. Junko lead me into the building and through the dark and winding hallways.

It was cold, I was starting to shiver, even in my big and bulky jacket.

I smelled blood, the rusty smell and the smell of rotting flesh.

I didn’t ask.

We came to another door, and Mukuro flashed the card once again, and it opened. The room revealed a dark lab, a glass window on the left wall, it looked to be shaded in, so whatever was on the other side couldn’t see in. There were broken beakers full of various colored liquids, abandoned notepads, and bloodied lab coats hung up.

Junko took my hand, it was warm and firm against mine as she pulled me towards the window and pointed at the dark room inside.

A man was curled up in the corner of his small bed, his hair was long and black, it was all in his face, and his eyes were a bright red, almost glowing. He was shaking, rocking back and forth, a cut on his left cheek, and blood pouring out down his dark skin.

She tapped the clipboard on the window, a file with a name, age, test number, and other such information.


Izuru Kamukura.

Test subject 11307.

Age 17.

AMAB, expressed other preferred identity.

The Kamukura Project’s first ever successful subject.


“This isn’t Hajime,” I said, turning to Junko with a confused look.

“Look on the other page, dumbass,” She huffed, flipping Izuru’s page up to reveal another.

Hajime’s data page.


Hajime Hinata.

Test subject 11307.

Age 17.

AMAB, identities as such.

Diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder and Autism.

Reserve Course student.

Patient #10 for the Kamukura Project.


I gave a confused look, looking back into the window at the man, who I assume is named Izuru. This sounds like Hajime, but there’s some things on here that I didn’t know about. Autism is something I could assume from Hajime, something he’s hinted at a couple of times. But, Dissociative Identity Disorder? Is that true?

… Was I ever really talking to Hajime?


“What does this mean?” I asked, to which Junko hit me on the head with her fist.

“Duh! Izuru is Hajime! He just gave up everything for a talent, the staff completely erased all his memories and personality just to put in Izuru and create an artificial talent!” She explained.

“Why would Hajime do that?” I questioned once again, rubbed my head.

“For you, dumbass! God, you’re so fucking dense. He wanted you to like him, so he gave in!” Junko answered, crossing her arms.

I fell silent, looking back at Izuru. The only thing that look remotely similar to Hajime was the skin tone, Hajime was Argentinian. Though he was born in Japan, both his parents were of such origin. I had asked him a couple times to speak his mother tongue, I thought it was an interesting trait, and it always made Hajime happy.

“I don’t believe you,” I answered. Hajime’s not that stupid.

Junko huffed, snatching the keycard from her sister and opening the door to the small room where Izuru was tucked away.

Mukuro nodded at Junko and stood guard outside as she dragged me in.

“Oh Kamukura~!” Junko greeted with a smile, waving at him, “I brought a visitor!”

“You won’t take another step if you wish to live,” he answered back.

His tone is cold and lifeless. He doesn’t even sound like Hajime. It’s as if there’s a roadblock between Izuru’s emotions and his tone.

Junko huffed again and released my wrist, “Well, I won’t, but at least let your visitor do so. You might recognize him, won’t you, Izu~?”

The small male lifted his head up, and bright red eyes bore into my green ones.

Heterochromia. The reverse of Hajime’s case. His eyes are red, but the left one has a green rim.

“Do you?” Junko asked, and Izuru fell silent.

He remained staring at me, as if analyzing me, or just seeing right through me all together.

“He is a friend of my friend,” Izuru responded, “He is Hajime’s friend, Nagito Komaeda, the ultimate lucky student. Deathly ill, and should’ve died years ago.”

I froze in place, I don’t know how Izuru knew that. I have never even met him, barely anyone knows of my diagnosis.

Junko shoved me at him, to which Izuru jumped and clung to the wall once more as I steadied myself, taking a step back from the other.

He is trembling in fear. I can see his face more clearly from here. There are freckles along the bridge of his nose and cheeks, what I thought was black hair was actually a deep brown.

“Are you… Hajime Hinata?”

Izuru shrugged, “Yes, and no… I was once one with Hajime Hinata, though that was a long time ago.”

“Explain,” Junko urged, and Izuru bit his lip. He is also scared of this woman.

“I am Hajime Hinata’s alter, Izuru Kamukura, I am here to protect him. When Hajime signed up for the project, I took over to prevent pain and more trauma to him…”

“Proof.” Junko urged once more, crossing her arms.

“... Your parents died in a plane crash with you in it, you wrote an entire memoir on it and left it by their grave, that’s when you and Hajime met, he picked it up and started reading when you tried to stop him. You didn’t like him at first because he was a reserve course student, you are obsessed with hope and talent, it’s your only coping mechanism, you believe those who are talentless are worth nothing, and that you are a stepping stone to hope. You’re a pushover, both optimistic and pessimistic, suffer from dementia. The only thing that’s keeping you alive is your luck.”

“You’re not Hajime, I refuse to believe.” I insist, though I feel my certainty slowly start to slip away. Junko must’ve glared daggers, because Izuru flinched again.

“You got the diagnosis and acceptance papers in at the same time, you and Hajime normally play games when you hang out, one time you slept in Hajime’s dorm room because you were scared! He hates sakura mochi, loves orange juice, you have an entire collection of pressed dandelions and four leaf clovers! You think Argentinian Spanish is really pretty, especially when Hajime speaks it, you figured out last month that he was just saying ‘I love you’ in Spanish and still don’t know what to do!”

If you could hear my thoughts, you’d hear a glass wall shattering, and pieces of it falling all over the floor.

All certainty that Hajime was still well disappeared, and all certainty that Izuru is not Hajime shattered with the glass in my mind.

My eyes widened as I stared down at Izuru. His small frame certainly fit Hajime’s, and the puzzle pieces fell in place

Hajime gave up everything he had just so we could be together without me feeling shame.

For liking a fucking reserve course student.

“Is… Is he gone…” I asked, my head fall to the floor.

“Yeah, he’s gone and not coming back,” Junko said with a grin, “Looks like you just ruined your little boy toy’s life unintentionally! You destroyed every aspect of his life! How pathetic!” She said with a giggle.

“Don’t tell him tha-” Izuru started, though I cut him off.

“Ha… Ahaha….. Pathetic, that’s me…” I started.

A felt a pair of warm, firm hands on my shoulders as I wrapped my own hands around my waist.

“Do you feel it? The despair?”

I nodded slowly.


What a funny word.

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I’d visit Izuru with Junko a couple more times, and each time he’d become more silent, less jumpy, and more just… Empty.

Sometimes, when I left, I’d hear Junko’s threats. The banging, whimpering, and sobbing.

I’d later learn that she’d use his trauma against him, climb on top of him to purposely trigger him, grab his hair, and slam his head against the wall over and over.

Beat the emotion out of him.

Beat the Hajime parts out of him.

I felt nothing.

Despair filled my lungs like muddy water, everything was grim and dark.

The only thing I could feel was despair.

I could not cough up the muddy water no matter what I did.

I watched her do it a couple times, she’d demand I’d stay in the room a little bit longer.

I’d watch her climb on top of Izuru, take a fist full of his silky and shiny dark brown hair into her firm, manicured hands, and slam his head into the wall behind him.

Over and over and over and over and over.

I’d hear him whimper, cry, and scream, beg for her to stop.

He’d say he’d do anything if she just stopped.

I watched the blood pour out from the repeatedly reopened wound on the back of his hand, drip down and muddle up his hair.

It would cling together, and Junko wouldn’t stop until he stopped crying.

Sometimes it took hours, sometimes it took only a couple of minutes.

She’d always grab his bloodied hair and slam his head against the wall one last time before licking the blood off her hand, and dismissing me.

It was disgustingly beautiful.

Disgustingly beautiful to watch the hope drain from other person’s eyes.

And I fell deeper and deeper into despair.

I’d return to class after my last visit with Izuru, in which he was emotionless and empty, and I no longer had to watch Junko destroy his beautiful body.

I’d return to class and find all my classmates in the same state I was in.

Teruteru’s mom would have disappeared next week, I would know nothing about it, but I’d know whatever he brought in the following day would be very tasty and tender.

Hiyoko would make the front page for burning down her rival’s stage down and killing her, but no one would say it was actually her who did it.

Mahiru’s dear friend would go missing after allegedly killing Fuyuhiko’s sister, and Mahiru would start to talk to the walls as if they were her dear friend. We wouldn’t know where Peko stashed Mahiru’s friend’s body.

Gundham would lose one of his beloved hamsters, but no one will talk about how he killed it before our very eyes.

Sonia would submit a missing report in for herself, and we’ll talk about how worried we are about where she could be, and watch her country plunge into despair.

Kazuichi’s beloved research project would all be destroyed in a fire I’d help him start.

Ibuki would smash her favorite guitar over and over into a member of her form girl band, though no one would have proof to back up that she did it.

Two Ryotas would show up, one tied up and restrained, and the other dragging his imposter where he pleased, destroying his dear artwork and eating snacks in front of him until little Mitari would die of starvation.

And so on.


Izuru would join our class awhile later, and sit in the back of the class with me, never expressing emotion. He would be empty, every part of Hajime within him destroyed.

One day, Mikan would say she’s bringing in her beloved to class, and Chisa would happily greet her, only to be stabbed by the one and only.

Our beloved leader.

Our savior.

Junko Enoshima, Mikan’s beloved, and the reason for our suffering.

She’d become our homeroom teacher with Mukuro.

I hate her more than anything.

And I say that with a smile.

I hope to cause her end, and make her suffer the way she made us suffer.

I want to pull her hair, slam her head into a wall until she begs for mercy, as she did to my dear Izuru.

I want to kill her beloved sister and protector right in front of her, as she did to Fuyuhiko.

I want to kill and feed her her beloved sister, as she did to Teruteru.

I want to break each one of her fingers until they are unusable, as she did to Akane.

I want to burn and destroy her plans and research, as she did to Mikan.

I want to destroy her beloved right in front of her, as she did to me.

I’m sure I’m the only one who feels this way, but I still hope I’ll be the one to end her pitiful life as an ultimate.

I want her fucking dead.

And I’ll say that with a smile.

Because when she’s dead, we will be free.

And I will truly become a stepping stone to hope.

Chapter Text

My name is… Makoto Naegi.
That’s right…
My name is Makoto Naegi, and I’m truly nothing special. Just a normal high school student.
I was selected to enter Hope’s Peak by lottery, I was crowned the ultimate Lucky Student.
My family was overjoyed, my sister especially. To enter such a prestigious school was a huge honor.
And it’s just my luck that my school trip was ruined.
For one, I was supposed to enter Hope’s Peak today, but I fainted the moment I walked in the door… And now, I’m in a classroom I barely even recognize.
And it’s past our meeting time.
I wiped the drool off my face, and pushed myself up off the desk, checking the clock.
It’s 9 AM, we were supposed to meet at 8 AM…
I quickly glanced around the room for and exit, and rushed out to find the main hall.
Truly, this building really was beautiful, but it was hard to navigate…
Eventually, I came to the entryway, and was met with fourteen other faces…
Only one of which I recognized.
“Hey, you must be the last student,” said a purple haired woman, making her way to the front of the crowd.
All the other students were whispering as I nervously glanced around, looking back at the lavender haired girl.
“Ahaha… Yeah, I’m sorry I’m late, I fainted the moment I entered the school…” I explained.
“You fainted?” Asked a navy blue haired girl, a girl I recognized quite well.
Sayaka Maizono, the ultimate pop sensation, and a girl I went to middle school with.
She probably doesn’t remember me, but I knew that she was my very first crush. I mean, what boy wouldn’t crush on her? She was cute and kind, I had honestly never heard her swear.
Well, not like I swear, either.
I nodded, “Yeah… I just walked in, my vision went white, and I fell over. Is that weird?” I answered.
“Well, it’s more that all of us have experienced the same thing,” explained the lavender haired girl. I wish she’d tell me her name already.
She nodded once again, “All of us fainted upon entering the school.”
I frowned, and turned my head to the side, crossing my arms as I tried to go over possibilities.
“Well, put that aside! We should all introduce ourselves to each other!” Maizono piped up, “We can figure out the rest later.”
“Yes, I suppose you’re correct there…” Answered the pastel purple haired girl. Was she always way taller than me? Or did I just… Ignore that part?
“Well... “ I took a breath, “I’m Makoto Naegi, and I”m the ultimate Lucky Student, I look forward to working with you all!”
I smiled, but I was honestly sweating bullets. I’m really nothing special compared to everyone here.
“I’m Sayaka Maizono, the ultimate Pop Sensation! Pleased to meet you once again, Makoto!” Greeted Sayaka, extending a hand to me, and I shook it.
So she really did remember me from middle school…
A smaller girl stepped up from behind Sayaka, she has fluffy, dirty blonde and golden eyes.
“I’m… I’m Chihiro Fujisaki, the ultimate Programmer, it’s nice to meet you.”
I smiled at her and nodded, “It’s nice to meet you, too, Chihiro.”
She seems like the shy type, I hope I get to talk to her more.
Chihiro slinks away, and a tan girl takes her places. She looks like an athlete, and her hair is neatly tied up into a ponytail.
“I”m Aoi Asahina, but you can just call me Hina!” She greeted, “I’m the ultimate Swimmer!”
“Nice to meet you, Hina, I hope we get to talk more,” I responded, though I can already feel my social battery running out just by being around her…
A taller man takes her place. He is wearing an all white uniform, and stands straight up, as if his spine is just an iron poll…
“I’m Kiyotaka Ishimaru!” He greeted, his tone loud, and all his words neatly pronounced, “But please, call me Taka! I’m the ultimate Moral Compass, and I hope we get along well!”
“Ahaha, me too…” I answered, but he honestly just reminded me of a hall monitor in my middle school. He’s… Very up tight.
A girl shoved his out of the way, she had pink pigtails, and beautifully manicured nails, though apparently had the strength of a bear. To be able to just throw Kiyotaka out of the way like he was a bag of potatoes…
“Out of the way! Junko Enoshima is ready for her epic entrance!” She huffed, then waving to me, “Hiiii, I’m Junko Enoshima, the ultimate Fashionista!”
“It’s nice to meet you, Junko…” I greeted once again, I’m sweating bullets once again, I’m starting to regret wearing two hoodies…
I looked her over carefully, and somehow she looked familiar when it suddenly clicked.
Junko was a famous model, and on the cover of almost every magazine.
Yet, she looked… Off.
Perhaps it’s the freckles on her face?
“Out of my way,” said a stern voice, to which Junko rolled her eyes and stepped out of the way. I’m greeted by a very tall, dirty blonde man with white rimmed glasses.
I hate to say it, but he’s cute.
“I am Byakuya Togami, the ultimate Affluent Prodigy,” he said, no “nice to meet you”s or anything.
“Nice to meet you, Byakuya,” I responded with a smile, maybe he’s also a little shy.
“As to you, Makoto,” he answered, when he is interrupted by a taller man with crazy hair, to which Byakuya huffed and stepped out of the way.
“I’m Yasuhiro Hagakure, and I’m the ultimate Clairvoyant,” he greeted, his voice was considerably older and wiser, and extended a hand, to which I shook it.
“Hey, not to be rude but… How old are you?” I questioned, raising a brow at Hagakure.
“Oh!” He responded, followed by a laugh, “I have been held back a couple years, so I’m nineteen! Is that a problem?”
I shook my head, “No, I was just curious. You sound older than most of us.”
There’s a sound of a throat clearing behind him as Yasuhiro muttered an apology and stepped out of the way, revealing a medium sized woman.
She had long back hair, pulled up into two twin drills. She had a considerably elegant fashion taste, the definition of goth lolita.
“I am Celestia Ludenburg,” she started, a certain accent to her voice. It sounded French, perhaps she’s an exchange student?
She didn’t extend a hand to me or anything, only giving me a smile, “I am called the ultimate Gambler, I’m pleased to meet your acquaintance, Naegi.”
I returned the smile, though I felt she was staring right through me, calculating every move I make with extreme accuracy.
I was praying for someone to move her, and my prays were answered when a particularly muscular woman approached me, a more sickly, smaller woman following her.
“I am Sakura Ogami, they call me the ultimate Martial Artist,” said the muscular woman, and I definitely did not doubt her.
I’m sure she could snap my spine in half if she pleased.
I smiled at her, “It’s nice to meet you, Ogami, I sure hope you aren’t considering me being a training partner, haha…”
“Oh, definitely not. You barely meet the muscular requirements of a normal teenage boy,” Sakura explained, brushing some of her white hair behind her ear, “I may have already found a partner, anyway.”
Sakura then pulled the more sickly woman forward, encouraging her to speak, though it still took her a moment.
“U, uh… I’m T, Touko, Touko Fukawa,” she stuttered, worry and anxiety clouded her eyes, hidden behind her circular glasses.
“Oh! I know you,” I answered with a smile, “You’re the ultimate Writing Prodigy, right? My mom loves your books.”
Touko flushed, her pale face turning a bright shade of red, “U, u, uh, yeah, that’s right! I’m the ultimate Writing Prodigy… I, it’s nice to meet you.”
I waved to her before Sakura took Touko with her towards Asahina, it looked like Asahina would likely be her training partner.
Once they left, two men approached, one with wild ginger hair and the other with a light brown pompadour. The one with the pompadour looked considerably intimidating, I couldn’t help but fear for my life.
The ginger spoke first, he was rather carefree with his speech.
“Name’s Leon Kuwata, they call me the ultimate Baseball Star, but I prefer rockstar!” He said, he was enthusiastic and full of dreams, and it was clearly reflected in his speech.
He extended a hand, and I shook it, though just being in his presence made me feel much smaller than I was.
“Haha, one day I’ll be famous, and you can tell people you shook hands with the one and only Leon Kuwata!”
I nodded along nervously as Leon moved away and the man with the pompadour took his place. His arms were crossed over his chest, and his outfit considerably resembled that of a gang’s.
We were silent for a moment before he spoke up.
“Name’s Mondo fuckin’ Owada, I’m the ultimate Biker Gang Leader, I swear I’m not as scary as I look, though,” he said.
I smiled and nodded, I could feel the sweat dripping from off my forehead. Maybe he was just shy?
“It’s nice meeting you, Owada.”
Owada moved, and finally, the lavender haired girl came into view. I wiped the sweat dripping from my forehead, and extended a hand to her, though she did not take it.
“My name is Kyoko Kirigiri, I look forward to working with you.”
I rose a brow, “I hope you don’t mind me asking but… What’s your talent?”
“I don’t think that’s any of your business,” she replied, and moved away, leaving me confused and alone.
It was not long after Kirigiri left that the loudspeaker turned on, and a loud and cheerful voice played.
“Ahem, is this thing on? Looks like it is! Welcome to Hope’s Peak, please report to the gym for our entrance ceremony!” Said the voice, and the loudspeaker switched off.
We all glanced around, looking at each other with confusion before Kirigiri spoke up.
“That must’ve been the headmaster, we better hurry.” She said, exiting the room with Junko, Byakuya, and Hagakure in tow.
I looked back at the remaining students. Chihiro, Asahina, and Touko were all sticking fairly close to Sakura, it was almost as if she had adopted them. She looked over at the nervous women by her sides before nodding to herself.
“Come on, ladies, let’s head out,” Sakura said, following Kyoko out of the room, Asahina, Touko, and Chihiro following along. Chihiro held Asahina’s hand on the way out,
This left Leon, Mondo, Ishimaru, Celestia, Sayaka, and myself.
Sayaka smiled, glancing at the door before waving at me, taking off without a word, followed by Celestia’s sigh as she followed.
Ishimaru then spoke up, “Men, how about we all go together? Would that be okay with you?”
“Of course, dude,” Leon answered, and Mondo nodded.
I smiled, “Yeah, I’ll go with you guys.”
The four of us exited the room and headed out towards our future.
This moment would be life changing for us all, and be the beginning of the end.
This moment would be the very last where everyone fully trusted each other.
Welcome to Hope’s Peak Academy.

Chapter Text

Ishimaru, Mondo, Leon, and I made our way towards the gym.

The hallways were checkered and colored, it was a little bit disorientating. 

I wonder why it was designed like this?

We made our way towards a big wooden door, a plate above it confirming it was indeed the gym. Ishimaru pushed it open, and the four of us poured into the room and joined our classmates.

There were chairs set up in front of a podium, I took a seat beside Sayaka. Sakura and Mondo stood off to the side of the chair rows.

The gym was huge, there were a couple of different pieces of sports equipment, though what mostly caught my eye was the basket of baseballs and all the basketball hoops.

I can’t remember the last time I played with stuff like that. I was always bad at sports, I hadn’t played voluntarily since maybe elementary school. My sister was considerably more athletic than me, she did volleyball year around and did soccer during the summer.

She could probably kill me if she wanted to, just snap my spine in half.

This is a weird thought.

“Ahem!” Called out a voice from behind the podium, it was high pitched and had a tone of hilarity to it.

If that makes sense.

It reminded me of a comedic relief character in a kids show.

All of our heads turned upwards towards the podium, anxiously waiting for the headmaster.

And then, a plushie jumped up on the podium and sat down.

It was a bear, half black and half white, one red eye and half a curved smile. 

This thing was no more than three feet tall, it was probably pretty close to Chihiro’s height.

“Hello hello everybody, and welcome to Hope’s Peak Academy. I am your headmaster, Monokuma!” He called out.

I watched Sayaka raise a brow, confusion clouding her eyes.

“This has to be a joke,” I hear her murmur.

I really hope she’s right.

There was whispering among the group when Monokuma hit the rail of podium, trying to get our attention again.

“Hey! Whispering is rude, you know!” He said, clearly offended, “Aaaaanyways, welcome to Hope’s Peak, blah, blah, bl-”

“Don’t tell me you’re serious,” Byakuya said, his arms crossed over his chest.

“Oh, I’m deadly serious, mister Togami,” replied the bear.

“This is a joke,” insisted the blond.

“Yeah, he’s right,” Mondo answered, “There’s no way a fuckin’ teddy bear is our headmaster!”

“Hey, I’m not a teddy bear!”
“He’s a pretty advanced piece of technology... “ Chihiro mused, “I bet there is a speaker inside of him, perhaps there’s a remote control somewhere…”

“Really? Chihiro, you can tell just by looking?” Asahina asked, her brown eyes wide with excitement, “That’s so cool!”

Chihiro blushed and looked off to the side, Monokuma interrupting the moment.

“Silence everybody! I’m very serious! I am Monokuma, I’m your headmaster! I’m not a toy, you brats!” He yelled, his arms now raised above his head, “My technology is sooo advanced even the folks at NASA couldn’t comprehend it! Don’t tell them that, though, I couldn’t BEAR to crush their dreams!”
“Are you fuckin serious? Bear puns?” Junko said, throwing a piece of peach hair over her shoulder.

“Anyways, enough of this, we have more important things to talk about here,” Monokuma said, ignoring Junko’s comment.

“Awww, done with the bear puns already? Disappointing,” Junko continued.

“Now, welcome to Hope’s Peak, let’s talk about what your life will be like here!” Monokuma started, “You all will live a great and wonderful life here together on the premises of this school, and adhere to the regulations of the school, blah, blah, blah, I’m sure you all know. Now, the end date for this communal life, though…”

Monokuma’s mix match eyes scanned through our crowd, they met each and every person’s eyes in the crowd.

I felt a shiver down my spine when they met mine. He is just a bear, but I have a horrible feeling about him.

“... Is never!”

“What?!” Touko called out, her hands now grasped her braids.

“What the fuck do you mean never?” Mondo added on, he lowered his voice half way through the sentence, as if he had realized how loud he was being.

Maybe someone flinched, I didn’t see it.

“Weeeeeell, I mean never!” The bear clarified, “You all will be living here for the rest of your lives! We have rooms prepared for you and plenty of funds for food and anything else you might need! You’ll be here until the day you die!”
“The… Day we die?” Sayaka asked, she was now chewing on her polished blue nails.

If I didn’t feel weird about it, I would’ve pulled her hand away from her mouth, but I didn’t wanna be weird.

The group goes silent for a few minutes before Celeste speaks up, taking the lead of the conversation as she stands up.

“Monokuma, I must ask, will we have contact with those outside of these walls during our lives here?” She questioned, her accent made the sentence sound weird, I almost couldn’t understand it.

“Nope!” Replied the bear, “You are completely cut off from the outside world! No wifi, no data, no windows, nothing!”

“I see…” Celeste said, her head now downturned.

“I’ve gotta get out of here!” Screamed Hagakure, clutching his head in his hands, “I’ve gotta break out!”

“Good luck with that!” Monokuma laughed, “No matter how much you kick and scream, help won’t come! However… There is one way to leave the school.”

I watched everyone perk up at that sentence, Hagakure removed his hands from his head, and Celeste carefully take a seat again.

“To leave this life here… You must break up the community… And kill someone!”

“What?” I replied, my eyes are wide as I take a hold of my jacket, now holding onto the green thing with a death grip.

“You can’t be serious,” Byakuya answered, readjusting his white framed glasses, “Kill someone? Please, tell me otherwise.”

“I’m serious, I’m beary serious!” He replied, followed by a chuckle.

Junko rolled her eyes, standing up once again.

“Duuude, stop kidding around! It’s not funny anymore! Fuck you and your bear puns, tell us the truth!”

“I’m no liar!” Called back the bear.

“This has to be some sort of trick…” Leon said, there’s fear in his voice, trembling from the weight of the words.

“Please, tell us your true intentions already!” Ishimaru called, “This has gone on long enough, headmaster!”

“Hey, get out of my way,” Mondo said, moving Ishimaru to the side and making his way towards the front.

He grabbed Monokuma by the neck, lifting him high up in the air and shaking him.

“Fucking stop! We know you’re lyin’, give it up already!” Mondo yelled.

Monokuma was silent.

“Not gonna say anything? No more stupid bear puns?”

Kirigiri stood up, throwing her chair aside with reckless abandon, Sakura managed to narrowly dodge it.

“Throw it!” Kirigiri yelled.

Mondo rose a brow, “What do you mean?”

That’s when I saw it.

He’s blinking.

I stood up as well, kicking my chair aside.

“Toss it, it’s gonna explode!”

Without a second thought, Mondo threw the bear off to the side, and we watched it explode midair.

“Holy shit!” Mondo called, staring at his hand with fear, “I almost lost you!”

I could smell gunpowder, the lighting of it was disorienting. 

I was lucky this time, figuring that out as quickly as I did, maybe Kirigiri would’ve managed to get it anyway, but…

I felt woozy from the smell of gunpowder now, I felt my body sway to one side when a pair of hands caught me, pulling me back up into a standing position by my waist.

They are delicate with long fingers, blue glittery polish chipped on the uneven nails.

“Careful, don’t wanna lose you,” Sayaka said with a giggle.

“Oh, yeah, right…” I replied, half mindedly watching Sayaka pull my chair back and sit me back down.

I readjusted in my seat, my vision coming back into focus and my hearing tuning back into what was happening.

Another Monokuma had appeared, and Mondo was now arguing with him. Something about rules and e handbooks.

The ringing in my ear stopped as Monokuma passed out the e handbooks, I opened mine.

It displayed my name, and then gave me four different options.

Settings, truth bullets, profiles, and rules.

I clicked over the rules, read them carefully as I tried to memorize them.

Monokuma kept talking about the rules, punishment, and other such things, though I couldn’t bear to pay attention.

It was stuffy, I felt dizzy and sick.

I really just wanted to go to the room Monokuma was talking about.

Monokuma vanished, and Sayaka turned to me. Her gray eyes born into mine, she could probably predict my every movement if she wanted.

“Hey, Naegi isn’t looking too well, can I take him back to his room?” Sayaka called out, I had just realized the other’s were now chatting about what just happened, it sounded like white noise to me.

Just my luck? 

“Go ahead,” Kyoko responded, “I saw him almost pass out, I will try and find a nurse’s office at a later point in time.”

Sayaka nodded, she stood up and offered a hand to me. I took her hand and she helped me up, slinging my arm over her shoulder for support and leading me out of the gym.

I took a breath, looking back to Sayaka with a smile.

“Sorry, ahaha… I have poor lungs these days,” I said.

“Oh, it’s fine, I knew that,” she replied, “You never did well with sports in middle school.”

“Ahah… I guess you’re right…”

Sayaka lead me through the halls and out towards a hall marked “Despair Hotel.” We entered, and found the room marked with my name. She let me in and set me on the bed, made sure I had the key and everything. Sayaka smiled and waved, said she hoped I would feel better tomorrow and maybe we could talk.

I hoped so too.

Sayaka left, the door clicked as I laid back in the bed.

I was still dizzy, barely conscious when the words finally hit.

We are being forced to kill each other. I can no longer trust anyone.

Anyone here could murder anyone. 

Will I even survive?
I mean, I almost passed out just because of some gunpowder and standing up too quickly.

I think I need to eat more… And maybe work out.

I chose not to think about it. Monokuma may have said it, but I refuse to believe anyone here would ever kill another.

Yet, still, here we are.

Who knows when we will enter the deadly life.

I fell asleep not too long after that thought.


“Naegi!” Called a girl, I looked up as my eyes met Kirigiri’s. Her hair was pulled up into a ponytail, her jacket tossed aside.

“Naegi, are you going to help me or not?”

“Oh, uh, yes, hold on!” I responded.

I helped her pick up a box of metal gears and stuff, we carried it down the stairs and I set it down, immediately sitting back down on the stairs with a sigh, wiping the sweat from my face.

However, Kirigiri had not broken a sweat. I suspect she could’ve done it on her own, she just wanted my help.

She sat down beside me, leaned her head on my shoulder, and I smiled.

I liked Kyoko. She was cold at first, but I got her to warm up eventually.

I take it she liked me, too.

Or so I hope.

“Kyoko, dear, where is that box you promised?” Celeste’s voice rang out.

“It’s right here, Celeste,” Kyoko answered, slowly getting up, “I will get it for you.”
And like that, the dream faded to black.

Chapter Text

I woke up to the sound of Monokuma’s voice. The mini television turned on, and displayed Monokuma’s voice. I couldn’t really make out what he said, but I assume it was like an alarm.
I got up out of bed, I felt dizzy, but not horrible as I got to my feet, stretching my arms over my head.
I fell asleep in my binder and clothes, that’s not good…
I quickly got changed, discarding the binder for today as I opened the top drawer of the dresser. Various undergarments, but two sports bras laid tucked away.
At least Hope’s Peak was courteous enough to supply that stuff while we’re trapped here.
I slipped on one of the sports bras, then threw my hoodie on over it.
There was a knock on the door as I was quick to answer it, and standing their was Sayaka.
She had a smile on her face, and a sweet scent, perfume, maybe. Her glittery blue painted nails from yesterday were now barren and looking rather abused from her chewing them.
I wonder if there’s nail polish somewhere in the school, maybe I can help her with the nail biting.
My sister used to do it when she was young, I remember dragging her hand away from her mouth constantly, holding her hands whenever she got nervous so she wouldn’t bite.
… I wonder where my sister is. I miss her.
“Good morning, Naegi,” Sayaka said with her upbeat and cheery tone, “Are you feeling better?”
“Makoto is fine,” I reassured with a smile, “I am, I’m a little dizzy, but I’ll drink some water to see if that gets rid of it.”
“Wanna walk with me to breakfast?”
I nodded, moving to the side to quickly slip on my shoes, and then leaving the room with Sayaka.
We’re both quiet as she led me down into the dining hall. When we had gotten there, we were the only people there.
“Ishimaru and Hifumi went out to collect more people, so that’s why we’re the only ones here right now,” Sayaka explained, “I asked if I could go get you specifically, with you being in bed all day and such. You were out for awhile.”
“How long?” I asked, a bit of confusion in my voice.
“I’d say you were out for about 19 hours?”
“19 hours?!”
“I was surprised, too,” she giggled, “Everyone was worried, but I knew you’d bounce back eventually.”
I nodded slowly, taking a seat at the table, “Yeah.. I guess…”
Within a few minutes, Ishimaru burst in through the door, Kirigiri, Mondo, Chihiro, Asahina, and Sakura trailing behind him.
“Good morning everyone!” He said happily, Mondo grumbling a good morning in return from behind him.
Everyone took their seats, and following behind them came Hifumi with the rest of my classmates, all of them sitting down at the table around me and Sayaka, outside of Byakuya and Celeste, who sat on a table a bit further back.
Chihirio had taken a seat beside me, Sayaka on the other side of me, and Mondo across from me with his feet up on the table. It was practically the opposite of Celeste’s posture, she sat up with her back straight, feet together like a princess. Her dark skin glowed in the sunlight, she had a pretty face, truly that of a queen.
She didn’t look like someone who’d be a gambler.
Chihiro sat with her hands in her lap, she looked awfully nervous. Though, maybe it was a natural look on her, I don’t really know her well enough to say.
“Alright everyone!” Ishimaru started, slamming his hands on the table, causing Chihiro to jump. Ishimaru noticed this, quickly apologizing to her and lifting his hands on the table, keeping a bit calmer.
“Now that everyone is here, let’s all share the things we all found while investigating the school. Minus Naegi, of course, who was in poor health…”
I gave an awkward laugh, “I’m really sorry about that, by the way. I would’ve loved to help.”
Ishimaru gave a firm chuckle, “There’s no need to apologize, Naegi! Now, Byakuya, Kirigiri, and I all went off on our own, but Leon, Hiro, Junko, and Sayaka grouped, as did Asahina, Sakura, Chihiro, and Mondo, and our last group being Hifumi, Celeste, and Touko, So let’s start with out first group.
Junko stood up, taking the leadership role of the group as she began to explain, “We discovered that each of the rooms have name plates, which means they were assigned ahead of time, and each room key has our names on it.”
“Chihiro and I figured out that each room is totally soundproof, too!” Asahina piped up.
“Your neighbor could scream and you wouldn’t hear a thing…” Chihiro added on.
“All of the rooms have private bathrooms, as well,” Celeste replied.
“Well, close,” Junko corrected, “Only the girl’s bathrooms do.”
“I found out that all the girls rooms have sewing kits, and Leon found out all the boys rooms have tool kits,” Sayaka continued.
“I have no idea what we’re gonna do with either of those things, but oh well,” Leon replied, shrugging.
“We all double checked the windows and stuff, too,” Hiro said, “They’re all sealed to hell and back, I don’t think that’s our way out..”
“Is that everything?” Ishimaru asked, and Junko nodded, she then sat back down, “Okay, Asahina, Sakura, Chihiro, and Mondo, you guys are next.”
Sakura stood up, easily towering over Ishimaru as she gave to speak.
“Mondo and I tried to pry open the vault door, though even with both of our strength, there was no avail. Asahina tried to figure out a way to connect to the outside, but she also found nothing.”
“There’s no phones or laptops anywhere… This place is barren of technology!” Asahina exclaimed.
“What I’m going to say next will sound alarming, though I don’t believe we’ll have to worry about it until later. There is a staircase leading upstairs that is currently blocked off. Asahina and I couldn’t get through, though we will likely have to do this search a couple of times.”
Sakura sat back down, and before Ishimaru could speak again, Celeste stood up.
“Now, my team… Did not really work together. Most of us all went off on our own, I stayed in the gym the entire time. I believe Hifumi did some investigating, but from what I’ve heard, he didn’t discover anything that hasn’t been said.”
“What were you doing not fuckin’ investigating?!” Junko cried out, “You can’t just sit around!”
Celeste paid no mind, taking her seat again.
“W, well, I would’ve loved to investigate if anyone had invited me!” Touko replied, “But no, you all just left me there!”
Junko groaned, his head in her hands, “If you wanted to go with someone, you should’ve said something!”
“N, not like I would’ve wanted to go with a trashy skank like you, anyways… I, I bet your waist is as small as your brain,” Touko answered with a smirk.
“Calm down, everyone,” Sakura said, her voice soothed the tension in the room as she looked back to Touko, “If you want to go with someone to investigate next time, please know you are always welcome to join Asahina, Chihiro, and I, we’d be happy to have you.”
Touko silenced herself, her smirk dropping as she gave Sakura a nod and a slight, genuine smile.
“A, Alright…” Ishimaru started, nervously glancing around the room, “Well, I don’t have anything really, so how about you, Byakuya?”
Byakuya did not stand up, only looking in our general direction as he spoke, “I was investigating who put us here, but I did not find anything.”
Silence rang throughout the room, I noticed Sayaka moving her hand to chew on her nails when I reached out and grabbed her hand, holding it within my own. She didn’t seem to mind the action.
The sound of heels clicking soon filled the room as Kirigiri entered, I could’ve sworn I saw her in the room earlier…
“... Kirigiri? Why are you here so late?” Asahina asked.
“I was bringing vital information,” she replied, putting a piece of paper down on the table, “I found a map of the academy.”
Everyone gathered around, including Celeste and Byakuya, to look at the document, analyzing carefully.
“What… Does it mean?” Junko asked, raising a brow.
“It means that this is indeed Hope’s Peak Academy, with some… Strange renovations done to it.”
“So… We weren’t taken to another location? Then where are all the other students?” Chihiro asked.
“Hey! Let’s… Not talk about the negative stuff right now! You’ll get me all stressed and stuff, and that’s not good!” Hiro exclaimed.
“Not so much about where are the other students, more about who the hell is behind this!” Mondo replied.
Celeste chuckled from behind him, her hand covering her smirk, “Ah, you’re all fools.”
“What do you mean?” I asked, looking up to Celeste.
“There’s no point in figuring a way out or who is behind this, we simply must just camp this out. You either adapt to the environment, or you die. Simple.” Celeste finished.
“Hey, don't say th-!” Ishimaru tried to interrupt, only for Byakuya to talk over him.
“She has a point. The one who will come out on top will be the one who adapted quickly, and that will be me,” Byakuya said, pushing up his glasses, “It is pointless to work together when we will all end up killing each other, don’t you think?”
Celeste looked back to Byakuya, nodding in agreement, “Now, if any of you want to survive, you better quit it with the shit and adapt quickly. Now, I will be off to take a shower, au revoir.”
Celeste left the room, and Byakuya looked all of us over with skepticism, then following after without a word.
The room fell silent, and soon almost everyone left the room with some strange excuse.
Everyone but me and Sayaka, now sitting alone at the table, holding hands.
“It’s gonna be okay, Makoto,” she reassured, looking back at me, “I’m going to get you out of here, we’re gonna make it out, alright? Don’t listen to them.”
I smiled a bit, but god, I am so scared.