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Good Girl

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“W-what.. Is this..?” you whisper to yourself as you pull out a girls uniform out from your boyfriend’s closet. Freshly showered, still wrapped in a towel, you were searching for a t-shirt to borrow to sleep in. Quickly grabbing the nearest seemily clean shirt you could find you slipped it over your head, sauntering towards Reigen with the uniform in tow.

“Care to explain why you have this.. Oddly large high school uniform, dear?” You attempted to maintain a serious expression as you stared down at the disheveled man sprawled out on the couch beneath you.

He looked at you in surprise, waving his hands frantically, “Oh that thing? I just needed that for a request from a client. That’s all. You know? The usual.”

“Hmm. The usual must be pretty strange for you, Arataka, if it involves you dressing as a teenage girl, no?” you questioned him, biting back a laugh.

He quickly sat up, feeling a bit pressured and worried that you thought he was some kind of pervert, “I needed to infiltrate the all girls’ school in order to get rid of a spirit that was tormenting the students there. A pretty noble cause if you ask me. So what if I dressed as a girl? I did what needed to be done. Anyway…. Didn’t you want to watch a movie tonight?” He waved his hand at you trying to dismiss your concerns, “so why don’t we let this go and--”

“Ah~ but I have a better idea, Arataka,” you cooed as you tossed the uniform onto his lap, watching his face snap up to look at you in surprise, “Put it on”

“Ha.. Very funny” He laughed nervously shifting, brushing the pile of clothes off of his lap, “You’re not serious, are you?”

You stepped forward lightly grabbing his chin pulling his face to meet your cold gaze, you briefly grazed your thumb over his lower lip as you firmly stated, “Don’t make me say it again. Put. It. On. Arataka”

A blush spread across his face as he shakily exhaled, a faint smile pulling on the edges of his lips. He leaned forward wrapping his arms around your waist, burying his flushed face into your abdomen before letting out a sly remark, “It seems I don’t have a choice now, do I?”

You reach down, carding your fingers through his soft hair, eliciting a small hum from the flushed man clinging to you, “You always have a choice Arataka,” You said with a soft laugh, “Do you want to play or no?”

Pulling back slightly from your embrace, hair thoroughly disheveled from your fingers Reigen looked up at you with a toothy grin, “Yes, Senpai~”

You were pleased that he was willing to play along with your game, hungrily watching him pull off his shirt and sweatpants. Your eyes glanced over his undressed body, you debated just stopping the act now and pushing him down on the bed to have your way with him as is. His blush spread down his chest as he gingerly stepped into the skirt, pulling it up his long legs before fastening around his hips. You didn’t fail to notice the already very prominent bulge in his boxers before he slipped the skirt on, despite his embarrassment, he was clearly getting turned on by this.

Once he was finished getting dressed you hummed in satisfaction, taking in the full vision of your tall boyfriend dressed in the schoolgirl outfit. You never imagined that this would be something that would arouse you in the way that it did, but you felt a rush of heat start to pool in your lower abdomen. Suddenly making you hyper aware of the fact that you were completely bare underneath your boyfriend’s t-shirt, rubbing your legs together slightly you could feel that you were already quite wet.

Taking note of your fidgeting, Reigen shot you a smug smile, “Enjoying the show?”

You stepped forward running a hand up his bare thigh, up his skirt ghosting your fingers along the bottom of hem of his boxers. “Yes, I am. But don’t get cocky. You’re going to have to be a good girl for me. You can do that right?”

“I can try to be good, Senpai. I really can try” He said as he wrapped his arms around you, running his hands down your back as he nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck, “but what happens if I’m a bad girl?”

You moved your hand further up the skirt towards Reigen’s erection. You palmed his warm cock through his boxers causing him let out a sharp hiss at the sudden attention. “Are you sure you want to find out?”, you teased.

Reigen let out a small moan at your continued ministrations, moving his hands further south to grab at your ass, soon coming to the realization that you were missing your panties. His fingers slipping under the fabric of the t-shirt groping the soft flesh of your bottom. He let out a short laugh, giving your butt a small squeeze as he scolded you, “It looks like you’re the naughty one here”.

You remove your hand from his cock, opting to wrap both arms around his neck pulling him down towards to for a kiss. Somewhat frustrated that he always seemed to talk himself into having the upper hand, even though you were desperately trying to control him for once in the bedroom. He always hinted at the fact that he wanted to try having you be more dominant on occasion but he never could seem to stop running his mouth for long enough to give you the chance. Reigen truly had a knack for dirty talk, not that you minded in the slightest, however it made you weak and you gave in to his every whim whenever he opened his mouth.

At some point during your heated kiss, he had weaseled his hand between your thighs, stroking your slick heat. You gripped at the fabric of his blazer as he slowly slipped one finger inside, teasing you briefly before moving to rub your clit. You let out a loud moan into his mouth as he continued to circle the sensitive bud of nerves for a few more moments. While your guard was down, giving into the pleasure your partner was doling out, Reigen took his opportunity to deepen the kiss, slipping his tongue into your mouth, trying to taste, feel, to claim more of you. He turned his attention back to your pussy, this time pushing two of his fingers deeply inside of you, a self-satisfied smirk played on his lips when you whimpered pushing back against his hand, practically begging for him to give you more.

Reigen thrust his fingers in and out of you, rubbing your walls seeming to always hit the right spots and occasionally scissoring his fingers to stretch your tight cavern slightly. If anything he had been extremely observant since the two of you had started being intimate together, paying extreme attention to exactly what you liked and responded to and choosing to play upon that making you practically melt in his hands every time.

His breath on your ear he began to shower you in dirty compliments, further sending you closer to the edge, “You’re already so wet, Senpai. You must really like this uniform. Mmm you’re so tight

You felt your cheeks flush with embarrassment and you pressed your body flush against his chest, a small moan leaving your lips as he continued to tease you, “You’re just so warm and so soft. You’d feel amazing if you were around my cock~”

As you felt yourself start to give in to him, you remembered that this is exactly how it went every single time you attempted to take charge. It would start off smoothly but then he would end up accidentally switching the energy in the room again. You gently pushed against his chest pulling away from his embrace finally coming up with a solution to help with his incessant talking problem. Reigen cocked his head in confusion as you gently removed his hand from between your legs and stepped away from him, opting to sit yourself on the edge of the bed.

You smirked as you spread your legs for him, revealing your core, grabbing his full attention, “Why don’t you be a good girl now and get on your knees for me?”

Before you even had a moment to gather your thoughts, Reigen was between your legs looking up at you eagerly awaiting your next instruction. You took a moment to take in your boyfriend’s appearance, fully appreciating his mussed hair, blown pupils and slightly disheveled uniform. His tongue poked out from between his lips wetting them in anticipation for what you surely were going to ask him to do next.

“Arataka” You said softly, still slightly breathless from your previous encounter with him moments ago, “I want you to lick me.”

You instantly felt your cheeks flare with heat from your sudden boldness. However, your embarrassment is short lived as your lover practically lunges forward, burying his face in your heat, licking one broad tongued stripe down the folds of your pussy.

“It would be my pleasure,” he panted out before returning his attention to softly licking and kissing between your legs so thoroughly. Stopping to tease your entrance with his tongue before gently prodding it open, slipping his wet muscle into your tight heat. Jolts of pleasure rippled through your body as he continued to slip his tongue into pussy, eliciting soft mewls of praise from you as you ran your fingers through his hair, encouraging him. Reigen’s hands were grabbing and lightly kneading your thighs as he delved into you, always making an attempt to feel as much of you as possible whenever he had the chance.

“Arataka, you look so sexy in that uniform” you purred as you tugged on his hair when he hit a particularly sensitive spot inside of you.

His eyes flicked up to take in your expression as he moved his mouth to now focus his attention on your clit. He let out a satisfied hum when you gasped in pleasure when he gave the sensitive spot a sharp flick of his tongue. Continuing to tease the small bundle of nerves, Reigen removed one of his hands from your thighs and instead inserted two of his deft fingers into you, bringing you closer to the brink of release. Your grip on his hair tightened as you subconsciously pushed his head further between your legs, getting lost in the euphoria you were feeling, your breath now coming out in pants.

“Have I ever told you how delicious you are?” Reigen praised you, pulling back only momentarily before resuming his ministrations. The only reply you were able to manage was a loud moan, due to Reigen crooking his fingers to hit just the right spot inside of you, sending sparks of pleasure throughout your entire body. The sensation was overwhelming, you felt the heat building up knowing you weren’t going to last much longer, your legs were threatening to clamp down around your lover’s head. It only took a few more well timed flicks of his tongue in tune with his fingers to send you over the edge, letting yourself fall back against the bed, your back arched as your orgasm coursed through your body.

Reigen wiped his mouth with the back of his hand before moving to lean over your body, resting his hands on either side of your head, kissing your cheeks before giving you a quick peck, “Am I a good girl yet?”

You can’t help but smile up at him, giving him a quick kiss back before putting a hand on each of his shoulders pushing him over onto his back, “Yes, Arataka, you’ve been the best girl”

You slid his boxers off from underneath his skirt before straddling his waist, not missing the excited grin on his face, “And good girls’ should be rewarded”