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The Lost Ones

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"My mouth felt dry all day, I should really hydrate more."


Todoroki Shouto panted as he searched through his bag to try to find his water bottle, however knowing how late he was this morning, he probably forgot it in his room. He tried to gulp but his throat felt like it was on fire. Todoroki rubbed off the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand, slightly frustrated that his alarm was turned off. He ran his fingers through his damp, gross hair as he tried to slick it back and away from his sight.


Maybe he'd be lucky and he packed it in last night. No. He was studying for the English test for today, which is why he woke up at his desk this morning. He gave a low groan as he kneeled defeated by the water bottle-less bag. Note to self: Pack before studying, fix alarm-


His thought process came to a halt when a shock of cold was pressing against his neck. He flinched away from the source and looked in its direction with furrowed brows. He turned to see a metal bottle, dripping with cold water; attached to it was Bakugou Katsuki with a burning scowl.


He was quiet, his blonde hair blocking out the overhead lights of the training grounds, though his own knitted brows seemed angered by something. Bakugou pressed the end of the bottle onto Todoroki's exposed forehead. "You owe me," He gruffed out before letting go of the bottle.


Todoroki slightly scrambled to not let it hit the floor, though he was half expecting Bakugou to do that.


The older clicked his tongue before walking away, leaving Todoroki slightly confused. He looked down at the metal bottle and tilted it with his hand, it was full of water. He looked back up at Bakugou's back leaving and silently thanked him before opening the cap and drinking the refreshing water. It was like he was cast a magic spell and his throat no longer felt like it was burning.


He wipes his lips and looked at the bottle once again.


There was orange and green accents and messy scribble of 'Bakugou Katsuki' scrawl on the side. A small smile formed on Todoroki’s lips.


"Todoroki! You're next!" A loud call from Aizawa snapped him back to his senses. Todoroki nodded towards his teacher and placed the water bottle on top of his bag, just in case Bakugou needed it back.


Todoroki felt something in his chest, it felt like it was hurting him but at the same time, it was making him feel differently.


It wasn’t the usual out of breath feeling he would get during training, he’s grown accustomed to that by now. No, it was something more non-existent that he couldn’t possibly put into words right now. If he tried to, he’d just confuse himself further.  


He noticed that same feeling again when he gave the water bottle back to Bakugou. "What do I owe you?" He asked as he handed off the now empty bottle back.


"Hmm?" Bakugou tilted it and sighed as he shoved it into his bag, "Didn't even fill it up, what an asshole," He half-joked, he looked up at Todoroki from the locker room bench.


Bakugou shrugged as he lifted himself up, already changed out into his uniform. "How about we study in my dorm tonight." It wasn’t even a question, more like a demand with how the shorter held himself.


Bakugou held his chin up slightly higher, trying to match Todoroki’s height. The years of growth in height didn't stop for no one, but anyone compared to Todoroki always seemed smaller. Bakugou was at a respectable 180cm now, but Todoroki was always 4cms taller than him.


Though Todoroki didn't really expect a study session coming from Bakugou, it wasn't even an outlandish thing to ask for. Considering finals are coming up and the fact that they're going to graduate soon, it seemed like a good thing to ask for a favor.


"Uh, sure. What time do you want me to come over?" Todoroki asked as he adjusted the strap of his book bag. Todoroki suddenly became really nervous, his heartbeat speeding up slightly. It has no reason to be reacting like this but his heart wasn't going to listen to logic right now.


Bakugou averted his gaze, looking beyond Todoroki as if he was looking at something else. However, before Todoroki could see what he was looking at Bakugou looked back up at him. The blonde grew his smirk and nodded, shoving his hands into his pockets, “We can walk over right now, and you can leave whenever,”


The taller seemed confused and flustered all at the same time, although plastered on his face was just a raised eyebrow so his true emotions didn’t come forth. “I mean sure? I’ll leave when we finish I guess.” He answered but with a slight rise to his voice at the end, hoping to whatever gods are out there that no one in the locker rooms noticed.


His fluff of hair bounced around as he nodded again, Bakugou was being strangely quiet tonight, maybe he’s tired.


Bakugou unstuffed his hand from his pocket to swing his book bag over his shoulder, nearly hitting Midoriya in the face, most likely on intention due to their relationship becoming more teasing than bullying.”Watch it, nerd,” Bakugou chuckled as he started walking walking.

In return, Midoriya lightly hits Bakugou with the back of his hand, “I did watch it, that’s why I dodged it.” The dark green haired chuckled, he waved over at Todoroki with a smile.


Todoroki waved back with a simple nod; as well as Bakugou and Midoriya’s relationship becoming better, so did Todoroki and Midoriya’s. Their relationship has become a mutual equal playing field since the beginning and now it has boiled down to them becoming best friends with a silent language.


As he turned around to follow Bakugou to his dorm, he becomes eye to eye with the man in question. Todoroki froze as he honestly thought Bakugou was already out the door by now, not waiting for him leaning against the doorframe of the locker rooms.


“You coming or what, Half n' Half?” He snickered as Todoroki’s impressed expression soon made his eyebrows low, “Haven’t used that since year one, I kinda miss it,”


The two-toned boy sighed and walked up to Bakugou holding the front strap of his backpack to readjust it, “I’d rather not, I prefer you calling me by my name at least,”


Bakugou curled his lips and lifted his chin to stare at Todoroki in the eye, “Fine then, Icyhot."


Todoroki sighed, his expression turning slightly annoyed. "Aren't we past that one, Bakugou?"


"Hot n' Cold."


"That's just the same thing but using different words."


"Fine then. If you're so damn picky, how does Prince Charming sound?" he whispered in a gruff manner but the smirk on his lips was deeming a different intention.


This is where Todoroki’s brain had to reboot to figure out what in the world just happened. He was still processing the words as Bakugou’s fingers dragged down his chest and slyly wrapped themselves around his tie. The blonde pulled at Todoroki’s tie, effectively snapping himself out of his mental breakdown.


Bakugou soon started pulling Todoroki out of the locker room like a dog on a leash. He didn’t even have time to process what was happening, let alone have time to look back if anyone in the locker room had seen them.


Although, the trance he was under was soon broken as the tie around his neck felt like it was burning at his spine. He grabbed onto Bakugou’s hand, “Okay, okay,” he says as if he was a lion tamer trying to calm the beast in front of him. However, like a very Bakugou move to do, he just continued to pull at the tie, just without less vigor.


Todoroki sighed and just let the boy in front do what he wanted and accepted his fate that he was being dragged by his classmate to the dorms in front of other students. He felt like a toy poodle, except they get to be fluffed up and pampered, while he’s going to have a clothing burn by the end of this.


As Bakugou was tugging at his tie, he couldn’t help notice how much he has grown. Todoroki isn’t one to notice a new haircut or a growth spurt, but it was amazing how much Bakugou has changed since their first year.


His height was an obvious note, but his back has gotten more square and bolder as he walked with confidence. His hair was a tad shorter but the fluffiness excuses it, keeping it the same volume as before.  He even seems to have gotten earrings, two basic ones but he has one helix ring on his right ear and a double on his left.


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The fleeting embrace of spring was on the back of everyone’s mind, the school has started up again mid-April as usual. The bright sunshine every morning, cherry blossoms blooming with petals scattered in the air; the familiar scent of stress and spine-tingling anxiety was dancing under their noses.  

He gave a huff of his breath away as he walked with a slouch, however, he felt his shoulders ache as he continued walking forward. His stomach flipped and his mind was everywhere and nowhere at once. He couldn’t even finish his breakfast this morning.

He felt a sting at the side of his head, probably due to the lack of sleep from the past few nights. Usually, he’s a diligent and fast sleeper, but something has been bugging him lately, he just can’t figure out what.

A couple of first years ran past him, giggling and laughing with one another as they lightly jogged to the campus. He clicked his tongue at their annoying atmosphere and the strong waft of their scent masking colognes and perfumes that made his nose hairs burn. He flinched at the overuse of the maskers and he felt like he needed something less artificial to smell now. Given his attitude already, plus underclassmen seeming like idiots, his mood was in the shallows. His red eyes sharply darted somewhere else to avoid the first years, he scoffed with a small grumble. He cursed as he looked down at his feet, just in time to kick a can out of his way.

As he made his way into the school, he stopped at his shoe locker. He switched out his shoes quickly, knowing others will arrive soon and the smell of sweaty shoes will arise. He ditched the area and walked up to the flight of stairs leading up to the third year floor. Causally slipping his gaze to the passing windows, where he can tower his sight over the oncoming traffic of students. His eyebrows naturally knitted together at the thought of student soon filling the halls with overpowering scents that just mix together into an awful boiling point of disgusting odors.

His mind was too preoccupied with thinking about how annoyed he’d be, that he didn’t notice the human-like wall he ran into. His face squished against the person’s chest and he knew only one person with a body like that. His scent was also immediately recognizable, for being around him since they were first years, that scent is pretty obvious to his nose on who the fuck it is.  

Mentally, he was thinking of ways how to get out of this situation but his pride was also sticking his feet where they were. He looked up to see Kirishima Eijirou with a nervous smile, even though he was only two centimeters shorter than him now, he felt so very small in front of him. It was probably for different reasons.

“Ah, g-good morning Kat- Bakugou,” Kirishima stepped back sheepishly, he rubbed the back of his neck, “What are you doing here this early?”


The red-headed hero grew more nervous as Bakugou let the silence extend for more than it needed to. Bakugou rolled his eyes with a sigh before pointing to his nose.

“This fucker is sensitive, I got here early so I didn’t have to smell the first years,” He dropped his nose back into his pants pocket, “What are you doing here?” He asked a bit sharper than he intended but he didn’t feel that much guilt.

Kirishima’s eyebrows softened, “I was planning on not meeting you,” His grip on his neck tighten, “Guess that didn’t go as planned,”

Bakugou felt a pang in his heart but he needed to snuff it out quickly, the class was about to start. “A lot of things didn’t go as planned,” He says in an audible mutter.

He walked around Kirishima, purposely bumping into his shoulder as he left. The tension rose high but Bakugou kept his sight at the 3-A homeroom door, mostly distracting himself from looking at Kirishima any longer.

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His eyes narrowed as he saw the messenger, probably the last messenger they had, trotting towards him. He instantly recognized the slight off gold with red and silver accents around the borders; and the obnoxious half red and blue cape hanging from the shoulders. He was trembling in his armor and his tan horse was huffing and whining, wanting to get out of here as quickly as possible. He rolled his eyes and got down from the tree, “How did you know where I was,”


His landing as less than graceful, more threatening than anything. But when is he not is the better question. His eyes stared daggers at the suited male, a dangerous aura piercing at the way he came back up into a respectful stance. Even though he was the one on the ground, he seemed to look down at the lad who wished to run back home.


The messenger, not even of age most likely, squeaked. They probably had to recruit new meat with how many messengers never came back after visiting the dragon king, “O-oh, Prince-”


“King,” he growled as he leaned against the bark of the apple tree, crossing his arms over his exposed chest.


“R-right, terribly sorry, King Bakugou.” His armor rattled as he pulled out a scroll from his bag, fumbling with it as he held it out. “I was sent by your servant Kiri-”


Bakugou growled as he snatched the scroll out of his hand, “Kirishima isn’t a servant,” he spat as he roughly opened the scroll, “What does your tyrant want with me this time?!” He was already pissed that someone disturbed his time alone, but a messenger from the Endeavor Kingdom wasn’t a great mood setter as well.



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Bakugou Katsuki was blessed with a flashy quirk but cursed to see other people’s soulmates. He hated it, everyone was destined to have someone to care for and love but fate decided ‘not for this one’. He hated that he saw people’s soulmates printed on their forearms in bright, glowing red, but nothing was printed on his skin.


He began to loathe fate, loathe soulmates, loathe the thought of entertaining the idea of having a partner. He resented the very feeling of his heart aching for someone, he just burned it out long before U.A.


His eyes never stopped wandering, going back and forth between people’s forearms and their future soulmates. He usually did this with Jirou and Yaoyorozu arms since they’re names were brightly printed on each other’s skin pretty vibrantly. At first, Bakugou found those names specifically bothersome because of how bright they shined, but now he just knows not to look at their arms for long.


He clicked his tongue as he wandered into the kitchen, he was more agitated than usual today and he just wanted to go back to sleep. However, his arms ached from overexerting himself yesterday. They throbbed as they hung from his shoulders as he walked passed the common room filled with morning people, not once taking his sight off the kitchen door.



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‘Deku, don’t do it you fucknut,’ Kacchan’s voice rang in his head, but Deku only shook it off as he peered below at Hell’s guard for Purgatory. Deku gawked at the way he stood strong and fearless, how he paced with confidence and cool nerves. He couldn’t help but flutter his wings as the sight of him, but that soon became a mistake as his feathers rained down, definitely going to give his position away.


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