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In My Own Space

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║ Warm rays of sunshine illuminated the small bedroom and marked the beginning of a new day. The child that inhabited the bedroom slowly woke up. However, while he tried to stretch his body, he noticed something hard on his back that prevented him from completing his daily morning routine.


Confused, the boy tried to reach his back to find out what was in the way. To his surprise, his hand couldn’t touch his back.


He opened his eyes completely to look at his hands and noticed that they weren’t normal but similar to the ones of an insect.  Fear started to bloom inside him. Being unable to contain it, the child screamed. ║


“Izuku?” A female voice startled Izuku out of his reading, making him jump a little. The woman covered her mouth to hide her smile and spoke again. “Sorry, sweetie, but you are going to be late for school. You need to get ready.”


“Okay, mom” Izuku slowly stood from the wooden floor. The book between his hands was a fairly thin one. The paper cover was somewhat worn, and the colors were a bit pale. However, the pages were in good condition.


He closed the book and looked at the front cover to read the title and author’s name, “Change by F. K.”  After staring at it for a moment, he decided to take the book with him. 


Izuku took some steps toward the door but he stopped suddenly and turned around “Oh, I almost forgot.” Walking back to the spot where he sat previously was a small metal box. Inside it were several books. Most of them were really old, published during the beginning of the twenty and twenty-first century.


“I wonder how my dad got these books.” Izuku said absentmindedly while closing the box. He stared at it for a moment before running back to his room to get ready for the day.




║ The child’s scream was heard by everyone inside the house. In a few seconds, quick footsteps approached the bedroom. The door was opened to allow the people on the other side see what was happening.


What they saw let them speechless and horrified. Instead of seeing a young boy above the bed, there was a giant insect. A giant insect with the boy’s face. ║


“Hmmm… so this book really was written before the first quirk appeared. After all, mutations are something normal these days.” Izuku affirmed to himself as he was walking towards his school.


“Hey, wait for me!” a voice was heard behind the green-haired boy. By pure habit, he looked behind him to find a girl waving her hand in his direction.


The girl sped up as she passed by his side and slowed down once she reached the people in front of him.


 “Why did I look behind me? There was no reason for her to talk to me.” He muttered as he looked back to the book on his hands.




║Silent fall upon everyone in the room. Even the sound on a pin drop could have been heard at that moment. No one wanted to make the first move either, too afraid of verifying that this wasn’t a dream and have to deal with the consequences. However, as time passed, the cold grip of reality was felt.


Cruel, evident, and inevitable.


The first one to react was a young girl. “Is that you, brother?”


The boy-insect slowly nodded as if he couldn’t believe it himself. “Yes… it’s me.”║


Izuku arrived at his school five minutes before the bell ring. He opened the classroom’s door slowly, making sure to look at the floor all the time. Once he was inside, he quickly walked towards his designated desk and sat down on his chair.


Some minutes later, his teacher arrived, too.


‘Good, I made it here without any problem’ Izuku thought with relief.




║ ”Here is your meal, sweetie.” The woman said as she avoided to look at her son.


“Mom, what am I going to do now? Will people accept me as I am?” The high pitch in the child’s voice was gone. His words were pronounced with a raspy voice.


She closed her eyes and tried to show a warm smile. It didn’t work. It was painful to look at and far from being sincere. “Everything will be okay. You’ll see. ” Once the woman was outside and saw her husband, she collapsed on the floor. She covered her mouth with one hand while tears fell down her face.


“I don’t know what to do. It has been weeks since he woke up like that. Is he going to stay in that form for the rest of his life? I…” she gritted her teeth in desperation. “I’m scared every time I see him. I can’t stop myself from wondering if that is still our son, or if it is a monster that took his place.” She whispered as quietly as she could. She didn’t want to be heard the one in the bedroom.


Unknown to them, the child hearing had improved due to the transformation, so he heard every single word.


Doing his best to stand up, the boy took the plate with his morphed hands. He put the food inside a bag in the closet and went back to his bed. ║


It was time to take a break at school. The other students arranged their desk to eat near their friends. As usual, they talked about making plans for the weekend and other mundane things.


Izuku stayed in his corner, opened his bento box, and thanked for the meal. He wanted to eat, but the anticipation of knowing what was going to happened motivated him to keep reading the story.

The green-haired boy was worried about the protagonist. He hoped everything would get better soon. 




║He lost track of time.


The boy didn’t know how much time had passed.  He didn’t remember the last time he left the room. He didn’t remember the last time he had a proper conversation with someone. He didn’t remember the last time his family didn’t saw him with pity, sadness, or fear.


He really was tired.


His body was weak.


He just wanted to sleep.║


The only thing that Izuku could do was to stare at the book in disbelief. “It can’t be true. This ending is…”  


Suddenly, a hand snatched the book from Izuku’s hold. An undignified squeak of surprise left his lips as it happened. “Hey, fucking Deku, don’t ignore me when I’m talking to you.”  Red eyes glared down at him.


“Kacchan, give me the book back!” Izuku said as he stretched his arm to grab the book again. But Katsuki didn’t agree with the idea, so he moved it away from him.


“Katsuki, what is that?” said one of the two students that were approaching them.


Katsuki’s followers.


“Huh? A book? It looks really old.” The second student said as he took a closer look at the book. “Wow, it’s from the 1900’s! Do you know how much money you could get from it? A lot, dude!”


Izuku’s face paled after hearing those words.


“Heh, that’s a good idea actually.” A cruel smirk formed on Katsuki’s face as he spoke.


“What?! No, you can’t-“ An explosion directed at the desk interrupted Izuku.


“I can’t?” Katsuki’s lips contorted into a snarl. “Who do you think you are to tell me what I can and can’t do, ah!?”


“I-is just, it is no-not heroic to ta-take people’s things without their pe-permission.”


Katsuki grabbed Izuku’s collar shirt, pulling him forward. The hand’s temperature was really high after making the explosion, so it was burning Izuku’s skin. “Listen to me, Deku. You think you can become a hero, but you are not more than a useless, quirkless nobody.”


Katsuki’s face got closer to Izuku’s. “So fucking shut up before I blow that stupid face of yours.” Katsuki ruthlessly released him, making Izuku fall from his chair.


While walking away, Katsuki looked back. “If you wanna be a hero that badly, there’s a quick way to do it. Believe that you’ll be born with a quirk in your next life and take a last chance dive off the roof.”


Izuku stayed there frozen like a statue.


║He was unwanted, he knew that.║


‘No, you are wrong!’


║He brought disgrace to the ones around him.║


‘That’s a lie!’


║He deserved what was happening to him.║




║His disappearance would be beneficial for everyone.║


“No one wants a useless person around.” That’s the last thing Katsuki said before closing the door, leaving Izuku alone.


Izuku’s body started to shake while uncontrollable sobs passed through his lips.


║The child closed his eyes.║


A hole tore open below izuku and swallowed him down.


║And took his last breath.║


The only evidence of Izuku being there a moment ago was the backpack lying on the desk.

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The first thing Izuku saw after waking up was a white tiled wall. He slowly blinked several times and rubbed his eyes with his fingers to dissipate the sense of sleep inertia that was clouding his mind. When the boy noticed he was lying on the floor; several questions crossed his mind.


 ‘Why am I on the floor? Where am I? And how did I get here?’


He looked around to examine his surroundings and observed that the room was devoid of everything. There was nothing but white and it was unnerving him.


‘Okay, calm down and think.’


Izuku stood from his spot and started to walk around. “I don’t know how I got here but...” He muttered to himself. “I clearly remember being in the classroom and then- “ He abruptly stopped moving; the room felt colder as memories came back to him. Izuku fisted his hands and bit his lower lip.


‘I’m an idiot. Why did I let that story affect me so much?’


Tears of frustration almost fall, but he wiped them away before they did.


‘You are an idiot, too, Kacchan. You basically told me to commit suicide! Think before you talk!’


Izuku shook his head to diffuse the train of thoughts.Right now is not the time to think about that.”


The boy continued walking, observing the room as he did. There were no windows or doors. It was a perfectly isolated room. He examined more closely the walls to find some sort of hidden mechanism that would allow him to get out. However, his search was fruitless. “How am I supposed to get out of here? If there is a way in there has to be a way out, right?”


Knowing there was no reason to keep looking, Izuku sat down on the floor and leaned his back on the wall. “I just woke up, but I feel tired and hungry.”


Several minutes after he stopped murmuring, the boy noticed he was the only source of sound in that room. Then, his situation finally dawned on him. There was nothing there. No one but him. Alone in a strange place for an unknown amount of time. Paranoia overwhelmed his senses and the absolute silence surrounded Izuku like a blanket, threatening to suffocate him.


He tightly embraced his legs and placed his head over his knees. “I don’t want to be alone.” Izuku whispered with a trembling voice. “P-please, let me out.”


An almost imperceptible sound alerted Izuku, making him lift his head. From nothing, a door was next to him. “W-what?” He looked at it with incredulity. The boy had to touch the door to make sure it was real and not an Illusion. And it was real. But how?


Izuku slowly stood up, never taking his hand off the door. He didn’t want it to disappear.


Once he was standing in front of it, Izuku observed it carefully. It was a white door just like the room itself and it seemed like a normal door. Too normal for a door that appeared out of thin air.


“Should I open it?” Izuku asked to himself. “This has to be the work of a quirk, there is no other possible explanation. But who’s it? and why would they lock me in here?” He stared at it, unsure if this was some kind of trap. “Although it’s not like I have another option. I want to go out and see my mom. I don’t know for how long I have been absent. I just hope she is not too scared.”


Cautiously, he grabbed the door’s knob and pulled it open. As Izuku did, he expected to see many things but what he saw wasn’t one of them. What’s in front of him was another wall, but it was different. This one was moving like the substance inside of a very weird purple lava lamp.


“This is getting weirder and weirder.” The boy said as he warily watched the wall move. “It won’t be a good idea to touch it with my hand.” Izuku took off his Gakuran jacket and folded it in a cylindrical form. He extended it toward the purple wall to see if it went through. To his surprise, it did. He tried several times before stopping.


Izuku checked the jacket to verify if it was intact. “Nothing visible happened to the jacket but it doesn’t mean nothing actually happened to it. Although I have no way of verifying that.” He murmured. “It may be risky, but I have to try.” Lifting his finger, the green-haired boy poked the wall. “I can’t even feel when my finger is going through it.” He put his hand down.


“Hmm, even if it isn’t hurting me, it seems very ominous. But there is not another exit.” Izuku looked around the room once again to double check anything unusual.


“Okay, on the count of three.” He said as he looked at the door again and mentally prepare himself.




Izuku took a deep breath.




He closed his eyes to not back down at the last moment.




Throwing himself at the door, he prayed to make it out alive.




‘Should I open my eyes already?’


“Midoriya-kun!” a deep male voice yell, making Izuku open his eyes.


He noticed that he was back at his school and surrounded by all his classmates. All of them were observing him with various levels of confusion and astonishment. Even Katsuki.


“How did you get here!? More importantly, where were you all this time!? Your mother has been looking for you since yesterday!” The professor said as he approached Izuku.


“Since yesterday!?” the teen asked in shock.


The other students started to talk with their classmates about how the green-haired boy appeared out of nowhere.


 “Yes, you have been missing for almost an entire day.” The man answered as he stopped in from of him. “Your mother called us and asked if we knew where you were, but we didn’t. We checked the classroom and saw your backpack. So, she reported you missed to the police.” He gave Izuku a once-over for any injury. “You are okay, right?”


“Y-yes, I’m alright.” Izuku stuttered, still affected by the shock.


“Good, we need to call your mother and tell her you are here.” He said and turned around to look at his other students. “While I’m gone, I want you to read pages 281 through 283 and answer the questions on page 284.”


The professor put his hand on Izuku’s shoulder and prompted him to move. “Let’s go to the principal’s office.”


As he got out of the classroom alongside his teacher, Izuku looked behind himself and saw Katsuki staring at him.


Neither of them looked away even after the professor closed the door.




IZUKU, MY BABY! I’M SO HAPPY YOU ARE OKAY! Inko firmly hugged her son as if her life depended on it. Unstoppable tears fell down her face like a cascade, coating Izuku’s uniform.


“Mom, I-I can’t b-breath.” Izuku said as he gently tried to free himself from the deathly hug. If he didn’t do something soon, he would pass out for lack of air.


The small woman lessened the embrace and looked at her son with watery eyes. “I’m sorry, sweetie, but I was really worried. You never answered any of my calls and texts. So, when I heard from the school that your backpack was here but not you, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking that something bad happened. I was so afraid.”


After hearing his mother’s word, he wanted to cry too. She was always worried about him. The only person who really cared when something seemed to be wrong with him was her. It made Izuku feel guilty but at the same time heart warmed. He knew it was selfish but having someone who considered him an important part of their life made him happy. It made him feel wanted.


Izuku didn’t know what he would do without his mom.


Grabbing her face with both hands, Izuku wiped the tears with his thumbs. Although, it was in vain as new ones appeared in their place. A sad smile crossed the boy’s lips. “I’m really sorry for making you worry, mom, but as you can see, I’m fine. Please, stop crying.” His word had the opposing effect as more tears came.


The principal offered a handkerchief to her and Inko accepted it with gratitude. “I’m glad that you are well, Midoriya-kun.” The man directed his attention to the boy. “Now, please, take a seat and tell us what happened to you yesterday.”


Izuku and his mom sat down on the chairs in from of the principals’ desk. “To be honest, I’m not sure. After eh… after everyone left the classroom, I somehow pass out. When I woke up, I was in a white room with nothing else inside. There were no windows or doors, too.  I looked for an exit, but I didn’t find any. For a while nothing happened, however, when I less expected it, a door appeared next to me. That’s how I got out of that place and back to the classroom.”


“It’s very weird.” His professor commented. Izuku completely forgot he was still with them. “But that is obviously a quirk’s doing. Actually, I saw how Midoriya-kun came back into the classroom. “He paused for a moment, trying to remember the event.” Before I knew it was him, a strange portal opened near his desk. It was like a big hole in the floor. Then, I saw Midoriya-kun’s head and later the rest of his body coming out of it. Immediately after, the hole closed, leaving no evidence of what just happened.”


“Hmmm, Midoriya-kun” the principal said to bring Izuku’s attention back to him. “Are you sure you didn’t saw or heard someone else while you were in that room?”


Yes, sir. I’m sure” Izuku’s answered.


“And were you born with the extra toe joint?”


“Heh? No, but I never manifested my quirk so- wait. Are you insinuating that it is my quirk?” It’s not like that thought didn’t cross his mind, but it was hard to believe after living for almost so many years as a quirkless person.


“It’s a possibility.” The principal tentatively said as he shifted to look at Izuku’s mom. “I suggest you take your son to a quirk doctor. I’ll allow him to go home early so you can do it as soon as possible.”


“Thank you so much, principal. I’ll make an appointment as soon as I can.” Inko promised, getting up from the chair. Izuku did as well and followed her out.



Once both of them were on the train, Inko made a call to the nearest quirk doctor to their home.  Luckily for them, the secretary said the doctor was willing to attend them right now. Maybe the fact that her son just possibly manifested his quirk gave the doctor a sense of urgency to check his condition. Either way, Inko was glad.


 After hanging up, she turned around to look at her son. He was falling asleep on his seat, head lolling every time his eyes started to close. Then, he blinked several times to not fall asleep but again his eyes closed against his will. This process repeated several times until Inko spoke. “Sweetie, I didn’t know you were so tired. We can go to the quirk doctor tomorrow. You should rest.”


“No, I’m fine. It can wait.” Izuku yawned. Showing that he wasn’t saying the truth. Inko knew that but didn’t point it out. Her son was just really stubborn sometimes.  “I want to know if I really have a quirk.” Izuku stretched his body to dissipate the sense of drowsiness. It didn’t really work though. “I… you know that my dream is to become a hero, so… knowing there is a chance of me having a quirk. It makes me feel excited.” Izuku showed her a smile. A sincere smile full of happiness.


Her son had never stopped smiling. At least not in front of her. But, latterly, every time he did, it seemed dim. It was losing its beautiful bright and that worried her a lot. So, seeing this lively smile was a great relief to her.  


Inko returned the smile and said “Okay, we’ll go right now but with one condition.”


Izuku looked at her with surprise. He didn’t expect his mom to do that. “What condition?”


“That you sleep right now. I’ll wake you up when we get there.” She said as she patted her lap.


For a second, Izuku didn’t get what she was implying but then realization dawned on him. “Mom, I’m not going to put my head on your lap. I’m not a small kid!” Izuku said. Face red with embarrassment.


“It’s part of the condition, leave it or take it.” Inko tried to look serious but failed miserably after seeing her son so flustered.


“There are too many people here!” Izuku desperately attempted to convince her. However, Inko didn’t budge an inch.


“So? You are my son and it doesn’t matter how old you are, I’ll always pamper you.” Inko said that like it was the most natural thing in the world. It was for her.


“It’s more like spoiling.” Izuku countered but gave in anyway. He rested his head on her lap, closing his eyes to not see the people around them. He was still a bit embarrassed after all.


“Maybe a little.” She happily agreed. Content for her small victory.


After that, both of them stayed quiet and Inko petted her son’s hair to help him fall asleep. Moments like this were the ones she loved the most. A moment of peace shared with her son. The joy of her life. The one who made her believe the deeper the darkness, the more dazzling the light shines. After Hisashi left them, Inko was very depressed. Izuku was the only reason that motivated her to go out of her bed. To think rationally and calm down enough to control those awful emotions that made her feel like the world was falling apart.


Inko didn’t know what she would do without her son.


“Mom?” The boy suddenly said, startling Inko out of her musing.


“Yes?” She asked while kept petting his hair.


“I love you.”


A warm smile graced Inko’s lips. He really was the light in her life. “I love you too, sweetie.”