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Bridges, But Burned

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   She’d never been well acquainted with prayer. But here she was reaching mentally for whatever deity would have her; with the small hope that Momo would understand, that she wouldn’t resent her.

   “You’re like the sister I never had,”

   The memory could’ve made her wince, on a different day, but Jirou had long ago accepted how things were. She said exactly this, and here waited for Momo’s response.

   “I’m...I’m not really sure what to say,”    

   “That’s fair,” cue apologetic smile. The background noises of the cafe were complimenting the buzz of her nerves way too well. She looked outside, hoping to steady them somewhat. It was too nice a day for such a loaded conversation.

   Hands covered hers. There was a subtle sadness in Momo’s eyes that she knew she was trying to keep down; it met with the quietness of her tone and formed a weight in Jirou’s stomach.

   “No matter what, Kyoka, you’re still one of my most important people-I’m sorry you felt like you couldn’t tell me this before now,”

   “What? Don’t apologize for that!” Jirou sighed, “It’s not a trust issue, I just-I have a lot to figure out on my own. Please don’t think any of this is your fault,” Momo gave her a small smile, a sight she wasn’t sure she’d be able to look at the same again.

   They separated, returning their hands to their drinks.

   “When do you leave?”


   Momo raised her eyebrows, “That soon?”

   Another sheepish smile, paired with some nervous laughter. Jirou hadn’t been this weird around her since their early UA days.

   “It’s only a year, and it’s not like we can’t talk to each other. I’ll be back before you can even miss me,”. Would Momo miss her? Of course she would...she couldn’t have made things that terribly awkward over one coffee.

   Momo conceded that point with a nod. They chatted about mundane things-a welcome reprieve-and Jirou was assured that they were okay.

   She almost believed it; the rest of their conversation certainly felt like old times, but the pit in Jirou’s gut didn’t leave even as they hugged and parted ways.