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Change On The Rise

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If I'm crazy, I'm on my own
If I'm waitin', it's on my throne
If I sound lazy, just ignore my tone
'Cause I'm always gonna answer when you call my phone
Like what's up danger

-What's Up Danger, Black Caviar, Blackway

"- thanks Hikaru. And in today's top news story, many people of the public are continuing with their cries of outrage on how members of the former League of Villains are being allowed to attend classes at the famous UA Highschool-"

A brief pause filtered through the headphones as the radio station was changed.

"- UA is taking in former League of Villains-"

Pause. Sigh.

"- Hey, Present Mic, huge fan of your work! I just wanted to know, since you work at UA, why the hell are you letting those scumbag LOV members-"

Oh, for fuck's sake, is the world going to burn just because the government is giving some misunderstood kids some second chances?!

"I can hear you huffing, Raven," a male voice cut through the rampant thoughts of the young woman. "Whatever it is, it's illogical to be distracted by it. We have an assignment to finish."

"Not my fault, Eraser," Raven replied with a sigh. "The damn news is taking this whole reformation class you and your school is doing so out of whack. Why can't they understand that what happened to them as kids was what caused them to go down the path of villainy?"

"You and I both know that there will always be those who are going to have a narrow point of view, Raven. You haven't forgotten that- if you had, you wouldn't have taken up the touch you bear," Eraserhead commented.

Raven was silent, running a hand through her ash blonde hair.

"Point," Raven finally mumbled. She straightened as her dark brown eyes caught sight of a dark van coming down the street. Her voice became colder, "We got incoming. Van matches the descriptions the witnesses have given the police."

"Everyone, get in position," Eraserhead stated, muffled movement on his end of the line. "Raven, follow that van."

"You got it boss," Raven grinned, sharply. She stood up on the edge of the building she had been sitting on, inhaling deeply to fill her lungs with the crisp night air.


Then, with hardly a noise, Raven leapt up into the air, and freefell straight down towards the concrete streets. Vaguely, she heard a sharp inhale from someone on the comm. line. A distant mutter of 'what the hell is she doing' followed by 'language' then 'just watch'. The lights of the city blurred together as Raven continued to fall, picking up more and more speed. The concrete rushed up to greet her, the wind whipping her ponytail up behind her. Her blue tinted glasses shielded her eyes from going dry from the air, which whistled by her ears.

Moments like these were the most free Raven ever felt.

At the last moment, the dark blue and black wings on Raven's wings flared open, catching the wind. She was pushed back up into the air with a sharp jerk in between her shoulders and Raven laughed softly as she heard a murmur of surprise.

"She has wings?" The voice from earlier asked.

Raven took to the skies, flying silently over the buildings and chasing after the van. She flew directly over it, and glided over the moving vehicle, watching it and keeping it in her sights. The vehicle slowed, coming to a red light, and halting.

"Oh, so kidnappers at least have a sense of preservation when it comes to kidnappings, huh?" Raven mumbled to herself.

"You're gonna follow the rules of the road if you have a victim in the back of your car," Eraserhead said. "Raven? Where are they headed?"

"Turning left, towards the warehouse district," Raven reported. "Looks like our intel was right. They're coming for you and Phantom Thief. Get ready."

Silence was her answer, but Raven knew her partners had heard her. She continued to follow the van, landing on the roof of a warehouse across the street from the one the van pulled into.

"Fools," she mumbled. "Leave the doors open why don't you? Alright, I'm moving in."

"Copy," Eraserhead murmured. "We're ready for your signal. Naomasa says not to beat them in too badly this time."

Raven flew across the street, landing on the opposite roof. She unsheathed a kunai from her thigh and sliced the wires on a camera facing away from her.

"No promises," she said. "You know how I feel about people who hurt kids. I'm surprised you even put your own son's safety on the line for this."

"That is a surprise, Eraser," Phantom Thief piped up. "Even more surprising that you asked me, a student from Class B, to assist you in this assignment- or has the superior Class A realized-"

"Watch it kid. Otherwise I'll tell Vlad to give you detention," Eraser mumbled, without heat. "Raven, status report."

"I'm in the building. I don't see Mindwash," Raven reported. "Seriously, teach, are you sure this was a good idea? I mean, I know the kids are heroes in training, but still..."

"How many times do I have to tell you, you're no longer my student, I'm no longer your teacher- stop calling me teach. It's illogical-"


Raven startled as a set of sharp spikes suddenly flew through the air. With a snarl, she ducked and rolled out of the shadows and into the light, dodging the spikes. She stood up, and took stock of her situation.

"... Cover's blown," she muttered, hand curling around the leather grip of the katana strapped her to her side. "I need back up."

"Understood. Move in!" Eraserhead snapped down the comm. line. The man with spikes crawling out of his skin lunged again, nails curling out towards Raven's ribcage.

Raven smirked and jumped back, the blade of her katana flashing through the air. She watched with glee as the fine edge sliced through the brunet's spines. They dropped on the ground with a plink, plink, plink!, before the wide expanse of the open warehouse went silent. Then, the man howled in pain, and dropped to the ground.

"Spiky's spikes are an extension of his nerves," Raven observed, more for her backup's benefits than her own's. The feathers of her wings ruffled slightly, and Raven turned just in time to get a fist to the jaw.

"Fucking strength quirk," Raven spat out a mouthful of blood. "Redhead, woman."

"She's not alone!" One of the other men cried, "We need to get out of here!"

"Too late!" Raven barked, with a slight maniac laugh. She withdrew a kunai and hurled it through the air. It sank into the rubber of the van's tires, blowing it out.

The squeal of tires and the lights and screams of sirens announced the police's presence, as well as Eraserhead and Phantom Thief's arrivals. Within moments, the group of kidnappers had been taken down, put into quirk represent cuffs, and were being shoved into police cars.

Eraserhead walked over to the van and pulled open the back doors. A young teen with wild purple hair hopped out, completely at ease.

"About time you showed up," Mindwash stated, with a slight smirk. "I was getting bored."

"Watch it, kid," Raven laughed, and ruffled the shorter kid's hair. "Otherwise Eraser will ground you!"

"I'd just have papa talk him out of it," Mindwash's smirk widened.

"Well, Eraserhead, Raven," Detective Naomasa walked up at that moment. "Good work. The entire cell was apprehended tonight. Your plan worked."

Phantom Thief sauntered up, standing with Mindwash. His eyes were bloodshot, but he looked otherwise unharmed.

"Well, having two people who can erase quirks, plus live bait, will do that," Raven chirped. "Need me for anything else, Naomasa? I got work in the morning."

"And I don't?" Eraserhead asked, grumpily, "I have to hope my class doesn't try to kill each other tomorrow."

"You mean like we already do?" Mindwash asked, cheekily.

"Shut," Eraserhead growled.

"We'll call if we need anything else, thanks," Naomasa smiled. "Thanks for the help. Maybe these guys will talk and give up the rest of the ring and the location of the kids."

"Just make sure you call me," Raven said, darkly. She stretched her arms over her head, "Well, I guess I'm off. See you guys later!"

"You're coming over for dinner on Friday, right?" Mindwash asked, as Raven flapped her wings.

Hovering over the men, Raven grinned, "Sure thing, kid." She glanced at Eraserhead, then winked at Mindwash, "Who knows? You might see me sooner and you can tell me how the first week with the new students went."

Mindwash grinned back, "You bet I will."

"If I hear a peep out of anyone about disrespecting each other or, heavens forbid," Here, Shouta Aizawa pinned Bakugou with a glare. "Starting fights with the new students, not only will you get two weeks worth of detention, but everyone's homework will be doubled."

A series of groans swept through the room.

"Bakubro," Kirishima pleaded. "Don't mess this up for us."

"Tch," Bakugou huffed. "So long as they stay out of my way, I won't mess with him. But if they even so much as fucking look at me the wrong way..."

"Mr. Aizawa," Iida raised his hand.

"Yes, Iida?" The ever tired teacher asked. "Are all of the former League of Villains going to be attending classes with us?"

"No," Aizawa shook his head. "Only a few are attending here. Some others are going to other hero schools, or they have been classified as unredeemable."

"W-Which ones are going to be in our class?" Ashido questioned, trying to hid her nervousness.

Now this. This was the tricky part. But in this case, it was better to just rip the band aid off, rather than do it slowly.

"Himiko Toga, Shigaraki Tomura, and while you know him better as Dabi, Touya Todoroki," Aizawa answered. In the silence that followed, he braced himself.

Several things then happened at once. His class went into an uproar, their shouts blending together, explosions courtesy of Bakugou, and then the door to the classroom flying open as Present Mic and All Might entered the room. Silence, quiet enough to hear a pin drop. Half of Aizawa's students were partly out of their seats, half of them still seated. They were all, however, staring at the group of five in the doorway- specifically at three Aizawa had mentioned.

"Uh," Present Mic blinked, and gave Aizawa a shaky smile. "Bad time?"

The class erupted into noise again, and Aizawa could only sigh.

He didn't get paid enough for this.

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Well, there you go again tellin' me where I belong

You put me on the bench, don't think that I can play strong

So quick to condescend, well, you think I'm empty, I'm not

You won't be so confident when I'm crushin' you from the top

Dumb Blonde, Avril Lavigne ft Nicki Minaj

Kurai Furaito hummed as she sipped at her mocha frappe, her acrylic nails tapping against her phone as she typed away at it. She reflected back on why she was here, slightly concerned.

"Hey... Kurai?" Kurai blinked at the voice on the other end of her cell. She sat up in her bed, squinting at the clock on her bedside table. It read as eleven in morning, "I- I'm sorry if I woke you, but-"

"Who is this?" Kurai asked, gruffly. She stretched her left arm over her head, wincing a little as her back and shoulders popped.

"Um... It's me? Fuyumi? Fuyumi Todoroki?"

Kurai nearly fell out of bed. As it was, when she stood up, she did stub her toe against her boots, "Ow! Ah, shit- H- Hey Fuyumi! What's up?"

"I didn't wake you, did I?" Fuyumi sounded worried, "I couldn't remember if you had work last night or not, and decided I should take the chance anyways..."

"Nope, no, you're good. I'm fine. I needed to get up anyways," Kurai mumbled. "I got home a bit... late, last night..." She stumbled to her feet, exiting her bedroom, "Whatcha need, girlfriend?"

"I... believe I have another case for you," Fuyumi said, hesitantly. "And... I wanted to talk to talk to you about... personal, issues."

Kurai paused in the doorway of her small apartment's kitchen. There was something in the tone of her friend's voice that caught her attention- something small, something vulnerable. Something she had heard only way too many times in her career.

"You want to meet up for lunch?" Kurai asked.

Which was how Kurai found herself at a restaurant at just shy of eleven thirty in the morning, nursing her chosen drink of caffeine in an effort to wake herself up. She was just going through a news article about UA's rehab program when a figure slid into the booth across from her.

Kurai instantly slid her phone into her jacket pocket, and met the gaze of the woman across from her.

"Fuyumi," Kurai smiled. "How are you?"

Fuyumi Todoroki adjusted her glasses and gave Kurai a small, but tired, smile. She pulled a file from the bag she had slung across her shoulder, and pushed it across the table to to Kurai, "That's my case, for you."

Kurai eyed her long time friend, before opening the file. She tilted her head as she scanned over it, "Ken's father is the tiger hero, Sabretooth... You sure you want me to take this case?"

"Ken came to school with his arm broken, Kurai," Fuyumi exhaled, heavily. "And... with everything that is recently happening... I just... I don't want to sit by, anymore, Kurai. I can't sit by anymore."

Kurai nodded, quietly. She ran her finger over the lines of the report, including witness statements, hospital records, and even pictures. She scowled at the images of the bruises on the little six year old's body- anywhere ranging from yellowing to black and blue.

Then, Kurai realized what Fuyumi had said. She looked up, eyebrows raised, "Can't sit by anymore, huh?"

Fuyumi swallowed, "This... was the other thing, I wanted to talk to you about."

"I'm listening..."

"I..." Fuyumi inhaled deeply, "I've seen a change, in my father, as you well know. I've spoken with you about this several times, obviously. Even Shouto is adjusting. But... But with Da- Touya's recent apprehension, I... I know it's only a matter of time before... before what happened to him and Shouto as children comes out. And, I was hoping-"

"If you're about to ask me to defend your bastard father," Kurai said, coldly. "Forget it. You know my position on those who not only abuse their power, but hurt their own damn kids and think they can get away with it. It's why I'm a lawyer specifically for crimes against children."

"No, no, nothing like that!" Fuyumi shook her head, "I... I just- if his career is ruined, so be it. I just... don't want him to go to prison. Please, Kurai, you can prevent that, I know you can."

Kurai stared at her friend. She tapped her nails against the lacquered surface of the wood table, the tink, tink, tink, tink echoing loudly in her ears.

"Eraserhead has asked me to come to UA, on Wednesday, for a Quirk inspection," Kurai said, slowly. "And for every Wednesday for the next month. He's also asked me to directly work with the former LOV members, on Saturdays." 

Fuyumi smiled, a small thing, "He's counting on your observance skills, huh?"

"Hm, yes," Kurai smirked a little. "... Let me get your brother's own testimonies, first. And then- depending on what they tell me- I'll make my decision on weather or not I'll help you."

Fuyumi sighed, "I suppose, in this situation, that's all I can ask of you, huh?"

Kurai grinned, darkly, "You're lucky I'm not just ignoring your request completely, hon. Now, enough of the depressing stuff. What do you say we order our lunch and you tell me how your life is going?"

"We'll be having a special guest, today," Aizawa stated, tiredly. He observed his class in front of him.

The last two days had been... trying, to say in the least. He was honestly surprised, however, that it hadn't ben as bad as he had expected. While there had been some minor skirmishes (Toga and Uraka and Asui, Dabi and Bakagou, Tomura and Izuku and Shouto), they were all ones that Aizawa had expected. He was able to put an end to them before they had gotten too far out of hand.

Already, his students were talking excitedly, murmuring amongst themselves. The former villains looked like they could care less, and honestly, Aizawa felt that on a spiritual level.

Huh. Never would have imagined I'd empathize with a villain, Aizawa thought, before shaking his head.

"She'll be making her appearances here for the next month on Wednesdays and Saturdays. On Wednesdays, she'll we working with the class as a whole, or selecting a few of you to work one on one. On Saturdays, she'll be working exclusively with you three," Aizawa pointed at Shigaraki, Dabi, and Toga. "She's also a former student of mine, and an underground hero."

Another excited murmur, and this time, Aizawa saw that at least Shigaraki looked interested- well, as interested as he could with a hand strapped to his face.

"But don't think you can push her around," Aizawa allowed his signature grin to cross his face. "When it comes to teaching, she can be just as ruthless as I am."

A shadow flew over the ground, catching his student's attention. When they looked up into the sky, they cried out and scattered as a winged figure landed on the ground right where they had been standing.

"Ooh! They have good reflexes," the woman chirped. "That's something I can work with!"

"Kids," Aizawa said. "Meet the underground hero, Raven."

Pro Hero: Raven, the Silent Hero!

Raven's quirk allows her to fly silently through the night and sneak up on her enemies, which has dubbed her the nickname the Silent Killer. 

Raven straightened up and grinned, "Hey kids! How's it going?"

"Ah, so that's what you meant when you said I might see you earlier," Shinsou was the first to recover. He glared over at Aizawa, "You couldn't have told me she'd be showing up this week?!"

"No," Aizawa deadpanned.

"Ah, don't be so hard on your dad, kiddo," Raven laughed, and reached out to ruffle Shinsou's hair. "Don't you own a brush?"

"Who the fuck are you?" Bakugou asked, scowling.

"If you had listened, kid, you'd know I go by Raven," Raven waved a hand in the blonde's direction, completely blowing him off. Instead, she was focused on the trio that stood off to the side, "Hm...."

Raven advanced, completely at ease, on Shigaraki, Dabi, and Toga. "Shigaraki Tomura, right?" Raven pointed at said teen, "Your quirk is Decay? Anything you touch with all five fingers dissolves?"

"... yes," Shigaraki answered. "I've never heard of you."

"Eh, don't worry about it," Raven shook her head. "Tell me, is there a time limit on how fast you can turn something to dust?"

"I... don't know? I've never timed-"

"Perfect, we'll start that off as our first lesson. Hey, Aizawa, line me up with Cementoss, tell him I'll need his help on Saturday at ten!"

"Sure," Eraserhead said, flatly.

Raven turned to Himiko, "Now you, you have one of the best quirks I've ever seen."

Toga blinked, "I-I do?" She sounded utterly shocked.

"Yes. As an underground hero, I do a lot of infiltration work and undercover work. My quirk," and here, Raven's voice changed, a perfect mimic of Toga's voice. "Allows me to change my voice, just like a raven can mimic other calls of birds."

Toga's eyes lit up, "That's so cool! I've never met anyone who can do something like I can! But- what about your wings? Can't people recognize you by your wings?"

"They detach completely off my body," Raven winked, her voice having changed back to her own. "Helps a lot for both my civilian life and my undercover work." She patted the younger blonde on the head, "Saturday, I want to work with you on your undercover abilities, so make sure you bring whatever you need."

Behind her, Raven could hear that someone was muttering- it almost sounded like the person was... analyzing her? Huh. Something to file away for a later date...

"Now... you," Raven's gaze landed on the final member of the trio before her. "Who do you prefer to go by?"

Dabi scowled at her, "What?"

"Dabi? Or Touya? You got two different names and I'm only going to call you what you prefer," Raven clarified.

Dabi blinked at her, "... You're the first person to have actually asked..."

Raven raised an eyebrow.

"I... guess you can call me Touya, since you... actually asked..."

"Mmhm. Now, what do you feel comfortable with me calling you?" Raven asked, gently.

"Dabi," Was the instantaneous response.

"Alright then, Dabi, that's what I'll call you until you say otherwise, kay?" Raven received a silent nod in reply, "Now... your quirk. It's called Cremation, right? Blue fire? But, you have the composition more suited for an ice quirk?"

Dabi nodded, "Yeah."

"Then that's what we're gonna work on come Saturday. Make sure you're ready," Raven said. She turned, "Today, however..."

She froze, when she heard someone mutter, "I don't see why she's fucking humoring them... They're villains."

The spiky redhead winced, and hissed to his left, "Bakubro! Don't say that!"

"Katsuki Bakugou, care to repeat for the class what you just said?" Raven asked, with a fake smile.

Bakugou met her eyes, "You... you heard me?"

"I have sharp hearing," Raven flapped her wings and flew over to get in the blonde's face, "You're badmouthing former villains, but, really... one could argue that you're a villain, Katsuki."

"I'm not a fucking villain!" Bakugou spat, red eyes burning with rage, "Don't you dare-"

"Then what type of person tells their childhood best friend to take a swan dive off the school roof and pray for another quirk in their next life?" Raven snarled back.

Dead silence rang through the open air. Bakugou's eyes went wide with shock, and a quick glance at the other students of the class let Raven see the various states of emotion they were in: shock, horror, anger, and even disgust, just to name a few.

"Midoriya," Shouto said, voice flat, and said teen flinched. "Weren't you his childhood best friend?"

"I- I..." Midoriya stammered, before he hung his head, "Y- Yes..."

The air dropped in temperature considerably, and Raven barely had time to fly out of the way before a spiral of ice erupted from the ground, knocking Bakugou back several feet.

"Fucking half and half!" Bakugou roared, explosions popping off in his hands, "What the fuck?!"

Before a fight could break out, Aizawa's capture tape snapped out, wrapping around Bakugou. His eyes were flared red, erasing the blonde's quirk.

"Shouto, back off," Aizawa snapped. "Bakugou, we're going to the principal's office."


"Tell Nedzu that I said not to expel him," Raven said. "Just suspend him."

"Raven, you know the rules here at UA-"

"I do. But I also know that most students here in your class, even the self proclaimed Bakusquad, had bad experiences with bullies before they came here. Tell Nedzu to just suspend Bakugou... then he can see just what it feels like to be ostracized from his classmates and what being deku is really like," Raven glared death at said blonde from behind her blue tinted visor.

Aizawa was silent for a moment as he deactivated his quirk. Then, he sighed, "Psychological warfare... of course Nedzu is going to agree with your plan... Alright, fine. You're in charge until I get back. If I don't get back, tell Hizashi he's in charge."

Raven grinned as Aizawa dragged Bakugou away, and she turned to the class, who were staring at her in various degrees of shock or awe.

"H- How did you know all of that?" Midoriya stammered, "I- I never told anyone..."

Raven's eyes softened, and she landed on the ground, folding her wings up on her back.

"It's my job, kid," Raven laid a hand on the green haired kid's shoulder. "... A teacher at your old school, where you and Bakugou went, told your mom, and, well... during my day job, your mom and I work closely with each other. She told me, and when Aizawa told me I'd be helping teach his class this month... I went over everyone's files." She straightened up, meeting every student's eyes, including the former villain's, "I want all of you to know- if there's anything you guys want to tell me, anything at all, I'm all ears. I'll help you. Not because it's my job... but because I care."

There was a long moment of silence, before Shouto Todoroki spoke up.

"What do you know about quirk marriages?"

Yep. If I didn't hate Enji already, I totally do now.

Chapter Text

One shot to your heart without breaking your skin
No one has the power to hurt you like your kin
Kept it inside, didn't tell no one else
Didn't even want to admit it to yourself
And now your chest burns and your back aches
From 15 years of holding the pain
Get It Together, India.Arie

Kurai huffed, brushing her bangs out of her eyes and glaring at the papers on her desk.

Enji Todoroki is a bastard and needs to burn in the deepest depths of hell, Kurai clicked her tongue, and leaned back in her chair.

"Kurai?" A gentle voice asked, and the woman jumped, looking up to see a short woman with green hair standing beside her chair, "Are you okay dear? You look terrible, and I'm being as gentle with my words as I can."

"Oh, Inko," Kurai sighed. "Oh, yeah, I'm fine. Just going through my list of cases.... No wait, don't-"

Inko Midoriya had already picked up the top file on Kurai's desk, intelligent eyes scanning over the papers. After a moment, her expression eerily began to resemble ice.

"Kurai," Inko said, calmly. Too calmly.

"Y- yes ma'am?" Kurai squeaked.

"I understand that you're currently putting together a case against Sabretooth, but you failed to mention that you're going after Endeavor as well!" Inko's voice was cheery, sending a shiver down Kurai's spine, "Why didn't you tell me, you sweet thing? If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to help!"

Do I have a choice?

"W- why?" Kurai stuttered out, then cleared her throat, "Why would you like to help? You already have a case load as big as mine..."

Inko's smile was sharp, cold, and could instill the fear of God into All For One himself.

"Because my son is friends with dear little Shoto... I've seen and heard the way that man speaks to and treats his son," Inko nodded with a note of finality. "Besides, Kurai dear. I've got a bit more experience than you do when it comes to law. You're quite good, especially for someone at your age, but you're going against the number one hero. You need everything perfectly in order if you're to go through with this." Inko stared down at Kurai, a gleam in her eyes, "You... do want to go through with this, don't you?"

"Absolutely," Kurai nodded, firmly. She ignored the lump of terror in her throat, "I... I've met both of his sons- the ones that supposedly got the brunt of his abuse, this week. Fuyumi, his daughter, also came to me. Uh, I haven't talked to Natsou or Rei yet..."

"Why don't you do the interviews then dear? You've always been better when it comes to handling kids that are victims," Inko suggested. "And then, once that's done, I'll even ask my son if has any ideas to help our case!"

Both Midoriya's? Kurai thought, shivering with fear. I hate the bastard, but now I'm slightly scared for Endeavor.

"Aunt Kurai!"

Kurai laughed and bent down as the little white haired girl collided with her legs. She picked the girl up, "Well, well, Eri! Look at you!"

Eri gave her a small smile, "Did you come for dinner?"

"Yes, I did. I heard your papa is fixing some of his famous yakisoba and knew I just had to come!" Kurai poked the girl's nose, "And how are you doing, little munchkin?"

"I'm okay," the little girl answered, quietly. "I'm glad you're here. Dad's upset about something."

"Probably the fact that I managed to pull from his students in a single day what he hasn't in almost two years," Kurai pulled a face. "Where's he at?"

"Living room, with Shinsou," Eri answered.

Kurai hummed, and set Eri down, "Why don't you go back to helping your papa in the kitchen. I need to talk with your dad."

Eri nodded and dutifully walked down the hallway. Kurai followed her, briefly stopping to wave at Hizashi in the kitchen, before entering the living room. There, she found Shinsou sprawled out on the couch, and Aizawa glaring death at the papers on the coffee table.

"Bad time?" She asked, hands on her hips.

"How did you know?" Aizawa looked up, a tired look on his face. Then again, he always looked tired...

"I looked at the student files, after Inko told me," Kurai shrugged. She made her way to the couch, pushing Shinsou's legs aside as she flopped down in the corner, "Katsuki's was near perfect, yet Izuku's was a mile long with write ups. Plus, Izuku didn't get his quirk until just a few months before the entrance exam? Put two and two together, teach. He was quirkless and was bullied for it."

Aizawa sighed, frustrated.

"Speaking of Bakugou," Kurai looked at Shinsou. She adjusted her dark rimmed glasses and grinned, "Spill."

"Everyone is collectively ignoring him on the pretense he's a jackass. Even the villains-" Shinsou grinned, madly.

"Former," Kurai corrected.

"- are avoiding him like the plague. Hell, after you got Todoroki-"

"He admitted it, I didn't get him to do anything,"

"- to talk about Endewhore-"


"- everyone's kind of come closer to each other. Hell, even the villains are spending more time with us now!"

"Good," Kurai nodded, with a note of finality.

"What's your plan for your one on one with the trouble trio, tomorrow?" Aizawa asked.

"Have 'em meet me at Gym Gamma, along with..." Kurai thought for a moment, "Cementoss, Midnight, and... Ectoplasm, and Blood King. Oh, have Recovery Girl on standby. Those kids might need some of her healing expertise. Make sure those quirk represent cuffs are off, too."

"What?" Aizawa turned to look at her sharply, "No, absolutely not-"

"Shouta," Kurai interrupted her old high school teacher, voice firm. "Trust me. I can handle them. Besides, I don't think they'll do anything to me, especially when there will be three other pros there."

Aizawa huffed again, "Fine. But if something happens, it's on you."

"I wouldn't expect anything less," Kurai chirped. She paused, then in a casual voice, stated, "On a side note... Inko and I are putting case together against Endeavor for child and domestic abuse."

The red pen in Aizawa's hand skittered across the paper he was grading. Slowly, he turned his head to look up at Kurai, an utterly done look on his face.

"So, you know, if I could get maybe an hour alone with Touya and Shoto...? I'd appreciate it," Kurai turned her head back towards the kitchen, "Hey, Hizashi! How's dinner coming? I'm hungry!"

Raven nursed her thermos of hot coffee, patiently waiting for her students to arrive. The wide expanse of the gym stretched out before her, silent, yet still with a echoing hollowness to it.

One might use that metaphor to describe you, hon, Raven shook her head at the voice in her head, sounding eerily like her mother.

They'd be wrong. I'm have everything I need to fill my life, Raven thought.

You and I both know that's not true.

"Eeee! Raven!"

Raven yelped in surprise as a set of arms locked around her. She choked, trying to breathe, "M- Midnight!"

"It's been so long, sweetie! How are you doing? You and I really need to go out for drinks some time! You're like Shouta, you'll work yourself to death!" Midnight exclaimed, ever her excitable self.

"I thought Mic was the one with," Raven paused, and the counted on her free hand. "Teaching, radio host, hero, dad... Four jobs? Shouldn't you be more worried about him?"

"True, true," Midnight snapped her whip. "So, I hear your teaching the LOV members that are attending school here!"

"Yep," Raven nodded and sipped her scalding coffee. She shuddered, wings flaring just a little, "Where are they?"

"Oh, I'm a few minutes early," Midnight cooed. "I wanted to see you, and talk to you in private."

"... About what?" Raven asked, warily.

"About you," Midnight said, softly. Her whole demeanor changed, "Even if we haven't been able meet up much, I have kept track of you. You're doing a lot, Kurai. Are you sure you're not taking up too much?"

"I know my limits, Nemuri," Raven answered, just as softly. "If... If I need help, I promise, I'll reach out. Don't worry about me."

"I'm both your friend and your former teacher, Kurai," Midnight shook her head. "Of course I'm going to worry."

Thankfully, the gym doors opening prevented Raven from answering that. The two women straightened, as Cementoss, Blood King, and Ectoplasm walked in, bringing with them Shigaraki, Himiko, and Dabi.

"Ah, perfect!" Raven smiled, "We can get started-" She noticed something and sighed, "I thought I told Aizawa that I wanted the quirk represent cuffs off!"

In response, Cementoss handed Raven a set of keys to her, "Eraserhead said that they're your responsibility on Saturdays, therefore you should do what you want and suffer any consequences for any of your actions. He said that it's-"

"Only logical?" Raven cocked an eyebrow, taking the keys. She sighed, "Alright fine." She lifted her mug to her lips and promptly chugged down her half full thermos of scalding coffee without so much as flinching. She shuddered and then threw the mug to side, "Alright you three, come here. We have a lot of work to do in a short amount of time."

"What exactly will we be doing today, Raven?" Ectoplasm asked.

"Good question," Raven busied herself with unlocking Shigaraki's cuffs, noting with a scowl at the red marks they had left behind. "Cementoss, I need you to create a couple dozen pillars varying in density and thickness. You'll be working with Shigaraki and his quirk."

"May I ask, why?" Cementoss questioned, softly.

"Yes, you may. I want to see if there's a time limit to how fast his quirk works," Raven answered. "What effects it and how. Make sure you take notes about which pillar you create- the density, the thickness. You get my point. Ectoplasm, Blood King, you're working with Himiko."

"Cool!" Toga giggled, her eyes glittering strangely in the light.

"Down," Raven patted the girl's head. "Your ability to change appearances, plus Ectoplasm's clones. You'll mainly be doing combat practice with them today. As you get stronger, I'll start helping you on a few things myself, such as voice mimic- outside of using your quirk. Your quirk also involves blood, which is why I've asked Blood King to be here."

"Is that possible?" Toga tilted her head, "I've never tried."

"Well, perhaps you could practice and surprise me," Raven winked, and turned to the final member of the group. "You, Dabi, will be working with me and Midnight today."

Dabi nodded, eyes narrowed just slightly. He shook his hands as the cuffs fell off into Raven's hands. Raven stepped back, pocketing the cuffs into her jacket, and the keys into her jean pockets. She eyed the trio before her, and crossed her arms.

"I want you to keep in mind- I don't particularly care who you are or what you've done. You three were put in situations you couldn't control and society turned against you, somehow. In our time together, I'm going to help you gain your control back, to help shape you up into people society will be forced to accept. So I'll ask you this: Name the thing that turned you into a villain, right here, right now." She pointed at Shigaraki, "Go."

"Destroy All Might," was the instant response. He paused, frowning.

"Now that everyone knows his secret, not so easy to say that, is it?" Raven smiled, knowingly, "But... I have it on good authority you hate what some people call... fake heroes, am I right?"

Shigaraki nodded.

Well, I've got a list of fake heroes, Raven thought. Hey, wait, isn't this kid some tech genius or something? Maybe I can ask him for help....

"Then show the world what type of hero it really needs- someone who will call people out on their bullshit, show them what a true hero is," Raven locked eyes with Toga, who looked at the ground.

"Do... Do I have to say? I'd... rather not."

Raven quietly observed the girl, "You were judged for your quirk, weren't you? People called you a villain, so you became one?"

Toga looked surprised, but she did give a barely there nod.

Why does everyone call her unstable and crazy? All I'm seeing is a little girl who wants to be loved! Raven thought, huffing out an annoyed sigh.

"So show the world that your quirk isn't made to be a villain. That you can be the best damn hero there is out there, despite what society says," Raven advised. She smiled at the determined look she got in response, and turned to Dabi, "Endeawhore."

Dabi smiled, sharp and vicious and dark.

"Show your scumbag father that you're stronger than him- that you don't need him to back you up and you can be your own damn self," Raven scowled. "And when people accept you with open arms, use that to your advantage and rip the rug right out from under his feet. Think you can do that?"

"... Maybe," Dabi answered with a loose shrug.

"I'll take what I can get for now," Raven adjusted her visor. "All three of you, drop and give me fifty push ups, right now. When you're done with that, twenty laps around the gym floor. We're doing some warm ups first. Plus, this will help build up your stamina."

As the trio did as ordered, Raven turned to Cementoss, "Set up the pillars. I also need an enclosed space for Dabi, myself, and Midnight. Don't want to knock out everyone. Ectoplasm, set up your clones. Midnight, try not to scar Dabi anymore than he already is," She glanced at said young man. "... No pun intended."

"Ha ha," came the dry reply. "Hilarious. I'm howling with laughter."

"Ooh, what we will be practicing?" Midnight cooed, clutching her whip in excitement.

"The warm ups not only build stamina, but they're also warming Dabi's body up," Raven spoke, low enough so only Midnight could hear. "His body is better suited for an ice quirk."

"Yes, I've read his file," Midnight shook her head, keeping her voice just as low. "Poor boy..."

"Which is why we're doing the warm ups," Raven grinned. "His body warms up, his body can take on his quirk just a bit better. You and I are going to keep him on his toes- I'll attack, you try to put him to sleep. He'll have to use his quirk to eradicate your dust..."

"And you get to test both his skill level and his reflexes," Midnight realized. She squealed, "Oh, Raven you're a genius!"

Raven grinned, "Well, thanks. But, there's a reason I have Recovery Girl on standby, so don't say that just yet." Her grin faded, even as Midnight continued to praise her.

Honestly, everything I'm doing is more common sense than anything, Raven turned to former villain of three, still doing their warm ups. The people they should have been able to trust turned against them. Society threw them to the wolves... If there's any chance I can help, then I'm damn well going to do it.

"You three look terrible," Shinsou commented, catching the attention of those in the common room. "What did Raven do to you?"

"Five hours straight of training," Toga chirped, even though she looked tired. "It was so fun though! I learned so much! Blood King is so cool and awesome!"

Shinsou smirked a little, and shuffled off to the kitchen, nodding at Kaminari who was already there. As he was pouring himself a glass of water, he heard a yelp and a curse from the common room.

"Shigaraki!" Toga exclaimed, "Oh... Oh, Raven sensei forgot our cuffs!"

Shinsou paused, then pulled his phone out to fire off a text in a group chat.

Shinson: @That's So Raven did you forget something? Involving your students?

That's So Raven: Mmm... no? I don't think I've forgotten anything? They did pretty well in training today. I might have pushed them a bit too hard, but I mean, they needed it to. And....

Shinsou waited.

That's So Raven: FUCK, THE CUFFS.

Dadzawa: What.

That's So Raven: don'tkillmedon'tkillmedon'tkillme! I'm not used to putting them on kids! So I forgot!

That's So Raven: I'm flying back over as fast as I can, I swear! Just don't kill me!

Shinsou peeked into the common room. Other than a pile of dust where there used to be the coffee table, the three former villains seemed pretty relaxed.

Shinson: They seem pretty at ease to me. I don't see why they need to wear them.

Dadzawa: Part of their parole. Hero Commission made it clear they weren't to have them off unless a pro hero is present.

That's So Raven: Fuck the commission. They're fucking kids!

Shinsou choked on his sip of water, wheezing as he struggled to breathe. Distantly, he heard someone call his name, and then a loud bang as the front door was thrown open.

"Hey Raven!" Toga called as Kaminari patted Shinsou on the back.

"You okay?" Kaminari asked, looking and sounding amused.

"Fine," Shinsou wheezed, and stumbled towards the common room.

Raven looked slightly relieved, "I know Shinsou told me you guys didn't seem to have a care, but I honestly expected the building to either be dust or on fire at this point." She sighed and then pulled the cuffs from her jacket pocket, "Sorry kids."

"Aw!" Toga whined, but she dutifully held her hands out.

"Strange," Shinsou muttered, watching the scene play out.

"What is?" Kaminari asked.

"... They... I don't know. It's just, they're not what I expected," Shinsou mumbled. "They're... acting more like crazy young adults than villains."

Next to him, Kaminari shrugged, "We've all heard their stories. Maybe now that they're like, protected," he waved his hand, as though to try and mean the entire building. "They're a bit more at ease? I mean, I would."

Shinsou nodded, glancing down at his phone as it buzzed.

Parakeet: Not to potentially start a war, but one of the parole officers is here....

Shinson: Lovely. Who and which one?

Parakeet: Dabi's...

Dadzawa: He wasn't supposed to be here till tomorrow. Hitoshi, tell Raven to leave, now.

Shinson: ??? Why? Shouldn't she meet the guy? She is his teacher after all, right?

Dadzawa: Hizashi, where is Hawks?

Parakeet: He just flew out Nedzu's window.

Dadzawa: Fuck.

Dadzawa: @That's So Raven unless you wish to see your brother again for the first time in over fifteen years and can do so without murdering him, get out. I'm on my way.

Shinson: Wait what?

Shinsou looked up, eyes wide. "Wait, Raven- your brother is Hawks?"

Raven went still, mouth snapping shut and eyes dilating to mere pinpricks. Her wings flared up, ruffled and trembling. On the couch, Dabi, Toga, and Shigaraki looked at her in surprise, eyebrows up and curious looks on their faces.

"No," Raven finally said, flatly. "He's not."

"Your reaction says otherwise," Shigaraki sat up on the couch, tilting his head loosely. "If he's not, you at least know him."

"She has the same hair color as him," Shinsou and Kaminari jumped at the voice behind them. Shoto stood there, blank faced as ever, and with a bowl of soba in his hands, "And the wings- he can dislodge feathers, she can dislodge her full wings. They even look a little alike, right down to the fashion choices."

"Nope," Raven turned on her heel. "I'm not dealing with this. I'll see you kids on Wednesday-"

She barely got to the door before it opened, and a flurry of red feathers filled the room, "Yo! Anyone know where I can find-"

Hawks cut off, and stared at Raven in shock.

Raven stared back, eyes devoid of emotion.

Shinsou looked back and forth between the two feathered beings. Now that they were in the same room... So much of what Todoroki had said actually... made... sense...

"K- Kurai...?" Hawks squeaked out.

"Sora," Raven deadpanned. "It's been what... eighteen years?"

Shoto slurped his soba.

Chapter Text

So you got what you always wanted
So you got your dream come true
Good for you
Good for you, you, you
Got a taste of a life so perfect
So you did what you had to do
Good for you
Good for you
Good For You

Dear Evan Hansen Cast

"Sora, don't fly too high now! You don't want to get hurt!"

"I'm fine, mommy! Kurai- Kurai, look! I'm flying!"


The two children ran around in the backyard, the red wings of the older boy flashing in the mid afternoon sun, as he hovered a few feet in the air. On the ground, the younger blonde haired girl giggled and chased after him.

In the doorway to the backyard, a young woman with white wings stood, wringing her hands worriedly while periodically checking her watch. Her husband would be home soon, no doubt in a bad mood, but her children looked so happy, playing together...

Maybe he'll be in a good mood, the woman thought to herself. Maybe he'll... Oh, who am I kidding? Of course he won't. He never is.

The woman jumped as the front door banged open, and not one, but several voices filtered through the house.

"Kuro!" A rough male voice call, "Kuro, my dear, where are you?"

The woman, Kuro, swallowed. She straightened, and then walked towards where the voices were coming.

"Yes, dear?" Kuro put on a smile as she stepped into the living room. She blinked in surprise, "Oh, you didn't tell me we were to have guests. I would have made tea."

Just keep going. Play the role of the darling wife, Kuro thought.

"These are some friends of my brother, Kuro," the raven haired man wrapped an arm around his wife's waist, just shy of too tight in his grip. "They're from the Hero Commission."

Kuro paused, and tilted her head. She offered the duo a small smile, "It's nice to meet you, gentlemen. But... may I ask what you are doing here?"

"We're here to see your son," one man said.

"We heard that, recently, a young boy with red wings saved a family from a car accident," the other spoke. His eyes glittered, reptilian in both shape and color, "We wanted to meet him, and see if perhaps he'd be interested in hero training."

Kuro was smart enough to read between the lines. Her blood ran cold, shoulders stiffening.

"Ah, I see," Kuro forced her smile on, even though her mind was screaming at her. Her husband's grip tightened on her, turning painful, "Well... Sora is in the backyard, with his sister. Perhaps you'd like to see him, now?"

"We were unaware he had a sister," one of the men frowned, giving Kuro's husband, Takashi, a look.

"Her quirk has not come in yet, I'm afraid," Takashi played the sympathetic husband, shaking his head in faux remorse. The two men looked slightly disappointed.

"Kuro, why don't you go make some tea?" Takashi suggested, "I'll take Kai and Ryuusi out back."

"Of course, dear," Kuro forced out behind grit teeth, and made her way to the kitchen. Her heightened hearing caught the men's words, even as they made their way to the far side of the house.

"I see much potential in your son, Takashi," one of the men stated, sounding like the one with the reptilian eyes.

"You can take him, for all that I care," Takashi answered, gruffly. "I'd just like to know that our deal is still done."

"Would full medical care, expenses, and insurance, plus a check every month be sufficient?" The other man asked.

Kuro's eyes widened, gaze blank as she stared at the warming kettle, Surely.... no. I know he can be mean to the children, but surely, Takashi won't-

"Deal," Takashi huffed, sounding pleased.

"What about your wife?" One of the men asked.

"Let me worry about her," Takashi drawled. "Shall I introduce you to my son?"

The kettle began to whistle, snapping Kuro from her numb shock. With shaking hands, Kuro set the cups on a tray, and began to pour the tea up.

"How old is your son?"

"Sora is only six, Ryuusi," Takashi answered.

"And your daughter?" The other man, Kai, questioned.


"How old was Sora when his wings grew in?"

"They began to grow in just before he turned four. Kurai turns four in March, but we have yet to see anything the may suggest she will have wings like her brother. Perhaps she may inherit a telekinesis quirk like my own," Takashi sounded displeased at this.

"Nonetheless, would you call us when her quirk comes in? If she's even a fraction as powerful as your son is, we'd like to take her in, as well," Ryuusi stated.

Kuro swallowed thickly, and lifted the tray. She walked out of the kitchen and through the living room to the back porch.

"The tea is done," she spoke softly, catching the trio's attention. "It may still be a little warm, though."

"Perfectly fine, Mrs. Rashae," Kai said, taking a cup of tea. "So, have we made our decision?"

No, Kuro thought, looking desperately at husband. He didn't seem to see her, though, his eyes glittering in pure, unadulterated greed. Takashi, please, don't.

"I believe so, gentlemen," Takashi nodded, taking his own cup of tea. With his words, Kuro's heart plummeted into her stomach, as her husband turned to her, "Isn't it lovely, dear? Our son is going to be a hero!"

"Mommy.... it hurts,"

"I know, dear, I know. Just breathe, it'll be over soon,"

Dear God why can't quirks like mutations be developed when children are born? Why must you make them suffer the pain of feeling them come in? Kuro thought, bitterly. Kuro brushed her hand through her daughter's hair, the little girl crying softly. Her skin was feverish, her body wracking with tremors of pain, as she laid on her stomach. Already, easily identifiable wings, were popping from Kurai's back, and Kuro felt nothing but fear for what could possibly come next.

Takashi comes home from his trip in two days, Kuro worried. When he finds out Kurai's quirk has come in...

Kuro's hand paused, her own wings ruffling with rage.

I won't let my daughter be taken from me, too, Kuro thought, angrily. My son was already taken from me. I won't let my daughter be made into a tool for the damned Hero Commission, too.

Kuro leaned down and kissed her daughter's clammy temple, murmuring in her ear, "I'll be back in a few moments, dear. Rest."

Kuro stepped from her daughter's room, pacing down the hall towards her and her husband's room. She went straight for the closet, using her wings to push aside the clothes on the hangar as she pulled two duffel bags from the farthest corner. As she began to fold clothes and grab items, shoving them into one of the bags.

Not again, she thought, as she slung the now packed one bag over her shoulder. She paused, and then pulled her wedding ring down and slammed it down on the bedside table. Never again.

After packing a bag for her daughter, Kuro took her daughter, walked out the door, and never looked back.

Just a year later, with wings as dark as a night sky, Kurai Furaito was enrolled at Salty Banks Middle School.

Kurai was shown to be extremely smart, and quickly rocketed up to be in the top three of her class, all through elementary and middle school. No one could match her in a battle of smarts, nor in a battle of wits. Her mind was sharp, as was her tongue.  Despite this, Kurai was a friendly girl, and she made friends with everyone. She could bring any shy kid out of their shell, calm down anybody who was angry, and she was more than willing to help her classmates. 

"But that's the problem," one of Kurai's teacher's said, one day while meeting with Kurai's mother. The eighth grade teacher worried her lip between her teeth, "She doesn't seem to be making any friends. It's almost as if she's too afraid to allow anyone to get close- and, I'm concerned, considering that in just a few months, she will be going to high school- And UA, on top of that."

Kuro hummed, a tingling suspicion at the base of her neck. She nodded, promising, "I'll look into it, see if I can get anything out of her."

When Kuro returned home that afternoon, she found her daughter in her room, sprawled out on her bed and earphones in. Her raven colored wings were disconnected and laid on the floor.

"Honey, do you have your bandages on?" Kuro sighed, tapping her daughter's arm to get her attention.

Kurai blinked awake, squinting at her mother. She pulled her earphones out, heavy metal blasting from the small device, "Huh?"

"Your bandages, sweetie," Kuro sighed again. "I know you have your healing factor to help you, but you still need to wear them if you aren't going to have your wings for any long periods of times. You know what the doctor has said."

Kurai huffed, her expression twisted into a grimace, "Maybe I don't want to wear my wings."

"Why not? You're so talented, you shouldn't let such a beautiful quirk go to waste!" Kuro exclaimed, sitting on the edge of her daughter's bed. She spread one of her own wings, "Most people take quirks for granted, nowadays, but they're really a gift, to those who have them."

"Beautiful, hah!" The thirteen year old snorted in dry amusement. She sat up, brown eyes blazing, "These damn wings are exactly what got the Hero Commission's attention! Sora got taken away because of his- his gift!"

"Honey-" Kuro attempted.

"And then he has the nerve to not even try and keep in contact with us! It's like he's suddenly too good for us! 'Oh, hey, fam, the Commission wants me to be a hero, see ya later, thanks for nothing'!"


"I mean- how arrogant does he have to be?! How- How selfish is he?! Does he even think about us?! God, I miss him so much-" Kurai's voice choked off on a sob, and she brought her knees to her chest, wrapping her arms around them, "I- I miss my brother, mama. Does... does he not love us anymore?" She looked up, tears in her eyes, "Does he not... love me? I barely remember him... but... but he was always there... Always... he never let me fall, I remember that...!"

"Oh, sweet Riri," Kuro wrapped her arms around her daughter in a tight hug, brushing a hand through the girl's blonde hair as she sobbed into her shoulder.

He may be gone, Kuro thought. But I know, in my heart, your brother has never, and never will, forget us. Least of all, you.

In another part of Japan, a young teenage boy struggled to breathe from the blow delivered to him. Crimson red wings flared as he shot into the air, away from his opponent. Sharp, gold eyes took in his surroundings as he balanced on a rafter.

Stronger, better, faster.

Gritting his teeth, Hawks flipped back, pulling a feather from his wings and hardening it into a blade. He landed before his opponent and tucked his wings in tight on his back, before lunging.

Stronger... His opponent tried to come on him from above, but Hawks ducked, spinning on his feet to circle around behind the other sword bearer. In a quick movement, he locked his own red blade against the silver one, spinning it into the air and out of reach.

"Better," his teacher commented, nodding.

Hawks grinned, but it quickly faded as a shadow fell over him. He turned, eyes wide and gasping for breath as he was knocked across the room and into the wall. He groaned, grimacing as he slumped to the floor, wings at an awkward angle.

Just not quite fast enough yet, Hawks thought bitterly.

"Again," his teacher clapped her hands. And, though his body protested, crying out for rest, Hawks stumbled to his feet and back on the mat.

Briefly, he had a thought, of a blonde girl and tan skin, looking up at him. But just as quickly, the thought faded and he forgot all about her as he threw himself into yet another round of training.

A perfect hero, his handlers called him.

Hawks wondered, sometimes, if this is what being a hero was all about, that maybe he once had the wrong idea.

Chapter Text

I know I took the path that you would never want for me
I know I let you down, didn't I?
So many sleepless nights where you were waiting up on me
Well I'm just a slave unto the night
I Bet My Life, Imagine Dragons

Aizawa was unsure of his class this year. He had seen the entrance exam, and out of all of his students, one stood out among the rest.




Name Kurai Furatio
Age 14
Quirk Silent Wings


Kurai was also the one student that Aizawa was most uncertain about. In the entrance exam, she had taken down most of the three pointers with her speed, quick thinking, and wings that could turn to blades in her hands. She had also taken down a zero pointer single handedly, and even had a few rescue points to go along with her impressive feats.


But, while all of that had gotten her the top score and secured her a spot in Aizawa's homeroom class, Aizawa had also watched the entrance exam in person.


There had been no spark in Kurai's actions- no drive, no... life, for lack of better word. It was as though she were simply going through the motions, almost as if...




"Honey, we're home!"


Aizawa was jolted from his thoughts as the apartment door banged open, and a set of footsteps made their way towards the living room. A moment later, a tall man with long blonde hair appeared in the doorway, holding a little boy with wild purple hair in his arms.


"How did the check up go?" Aizawa asked, eyes on the boy.


"Our little man is in perfect heath!" Hizashi Yamada cheered, "Isn't that right, Shinsou?"


The boy gave a small smile, then frowned, "I don't like needles."


"All part of making sure you're ready for your new school year, little listener," Hizashi ruffled the boy's hair, then sat down on the couch next to his husband of nearly three years, boyfriend of even longer. "Whatcha doin' there, Sho?"


"School files," Aizawa answered, gruffly. His eyes landed back on the file in his lap, even as Shinsou crawled over, "My class."


"Try not to expel all of them again this year, yeah?" Hizashi suggested with a light chuckle, "Honestly, at least give them a day. You didn't even give your students last of year that."


"None of them held promise," Aizawa grumbled, as his husband stood up and turned to kitchen. "You know I won't teach those who hold no promise..."


But, Aizawa thought, as Hizashi left him alone to cook dinner. His eyes were locked on Kurai's photo- she was smiling, but it wasn't... right. There was just something off, about her, I have been proven wrong about some things before.

The school day hasn't even started yet. Why, Aizawa thought, bitterly. He made his way for the front gates, his attention having been caught by a group of ten students and their shouts and jeering, Damn kids... If this is the attitude they have, they should be expelled-


He didn't get close. A shadow drifted over the ground, and Aizawa watched as a figured dropped from the sky, landing in the center of the group and sending them scattering.


"Back off!" A female voice barked, "What did he do to you?!"


Aizawa drifted closer, into the shadows of the walls so he was out of sight, but where he could still see and hear what was going on.


"Oh, what do you care?" A boy with spikes where there should be hair sneered, "Is he your friend or something?"


"No," the winged girl, and Aizawa now recognized her as Kurai Furatio, snapped back. "But you're beating up an innocent kid for no reason." She eyed him, and snarled, "And you're wearing a UA uniform? What type of hero does something that utterly pathetic?!"


"He's quirkless! He's just a waste of space!" Another teen, this one a girl with bright green hair, squeaked.


Kurai bristled, her wings flaring up, and sharpening. She stood straighter, eyes blazing with unbridled anger behind her dark rimmed glasses.


"The only waste of space I see around here are you imbeciles," Kurai stated, coldly. She draped both her left arm and wing over the brown haired boy that had picked himself up from the sidewalk, "If it wasn't for the laws of this land or the rules of this school..."


Aizawa decided to make himself known, then. He approached the group, "Is there a problem?"


The students all jumped, but Kurai lifted her chin and met Aizawa's gaze.


"N-No," the brunet boy, who had a bloody nose, stuttered, hunkering in on himself.


"Yes," Kurai deadpanned. "These fools here were beating him up. I stepped in and I would appreciate it if I could be shown the nurse's office so I can take my friend-" She glanced at the boy.


"Shinobu," the boy whispered.


"Shinobu, and get him checked out," Kurai said.


Aizawa met her gaze, and clicked his tongue as the five minute bell rang, "Get to class, all of you. I'll take him."


Reluctantly, the group dispersed, heading for the front doors. Even more reluctantly, Kurai let Aizawa take Shinobu.


"T-Thank you," Shinobu stuttered. "I-I didn't... g-get your n-name..."


"... Kurai. Think nothing about it, kid," She brushed the shoulder of his uniform jacket. "If they mess with you again, come find me." She winked, and grinned, "I'll set them straight."


With that, she walked off, leaving Aizawa alone with Shinobu.


Except, Aizawa thought, while petty satisfaction filled his chest. They won't mess with him again. Pros of being an underground hero... no one knows who you are until it's too late.

When Aizawa walked into his classroom ten minutes later, after dropping Shinobu off at Recovery Girl's office, he had the greatest pleasure of seeing the group of bullies from the front gates go white.


"Kayumi Kiyohira, Kazetani Tomiichi, Sakuma Iona, Yamamura Mota, Toma Yukata, Tanaka Jou, Shirai Shouji, Aguni Natsumi, Suou Yusa, and Kuse Tetsuyuki, as of the start of this class," and here, Aizawa grinned his signature grin. "You've been expelled from UA."


Shouts went up, mainly consisting of 'you can't do that' and 'why' and 'it's only the first day', and Aizawa's grin widened.


"You see, as a teacher, I can expel you," Aizawa said, flatly. "And also, you should have read the school handbook: UA has a zero tolerance for bullying of any kind and can result in immediate expulsion." He activated his quirk, hair and capture weapon floating around him as his eyes glowed red, "Get out."


Rightfully cowed, the group of ten ran out the door.


Aizawa deactivated his quirk, and blinked a few times, cursing his dry eye. He ran his gaze over the remaining ten, eyes landing on Kurai, who sat in the back of the class. She was slouched in her seat, propped up on her elbow and barely hiding her smirk.


"Does anybody else in this class have a problem with quirkless people?" Aizawa asked, "If so, you need to get out. I won't have, nor teach, anyone who is so ignorant to believe that quirkless people don't matter."


There was a beat of silence, before yet another student stood up and walked out.


He was down to nine students, in one day. Better than expelling them all, Hizashi at least had that to be proud of.


Aizawa pulled the training uniforms out from the box under his desk, "Put these on, and meet me outside on the training field in ten minutes. We're doing quirk tests."


Not caring to hear if they had anything to say, Aizawa turned and walked out.

Kurai was brilliant, that much was obvious. She excelled in combat training, and she was friendly with her fellow students, even those that weren't in her own class. Whenever Shinsou came to school, or even class, she was calm and gentle with the young boy. But, above all else, Kurai Furatio was a puzzle, even to the other teachers.


"She's brilliant! Her papers are absolutely wonderful-"


"She shows her work, right down to the smallest detail-"


"She understands English so well-"


"Her perspective on art and the history of it-"


"I've even considered tutoring myself,"


Everyone froze at Nedzu's words, turning to look at him, and then collectively shuddering.


"But she doesn't put forth her full effort?" Aizawa sighed, tiredly. He sipped his coffee.


"Yes!" All of the teachers exclaimed.


"I've noticed," Aizawa nodded. "I haven't asked her about it, though."


"Why not?" Midnight frowned, "Maybe something is bothering her, and she needs someone to talk to."


"Parent day is coming up, and I'll talk to her mother about it, before I ask Kurai," Aizawa reasoned. "If her mother knows anything about, she give me a bit of insight on how to approach the situation."

"I see it in your eyes, Mr. Aizawa," Kuro said, no sooner than she sat down. "You're worried for my daughter."


Aizawa paused, then decided that beating around the bush wasn't going to fly for this situation.


"Yes, ma'am, I am," Aizawa nodded. "Myself and Kurai's other teachers have noted that she doesn't seem to be applying herself fully to her studies. She's wonderful, make no mistake, one of the best students I've had since I started teaching here. However, she's aiming to be a hero, and if a hero doesn't apply themselves to the full extent... it can spell for disaster."


Kuro sighed, her own snowy white wings drooping, "Her teachers all through middle school said the same thing. I... know what the problem is, but... I'm afraid I can do nothing for her. It's something she needs to work out on her own."


"May I ask what the issue is, if it's not too personal?" Aizawa asked.


Kuro paused for a moment, obviously thinking the question over. After a moment, she rummaged through her purse, and pulled a photo from within. She passed it over the Aizawa.


The picture, crinkled and worn and faded with age, showed two children: one, a girl with blonde hair and dark eyes, and looking like a younger version of Kurai. The other figure in the picture was a boy who looked just a bit older, with sharp gold eyes and bright red wings. Both children were smiling at the camera, the boy's arms thrown around the girl.


"Sora, my first child..." Kuro inhaled deeply, "He was six, when he used his wings to save a family from a car crash. My now ex-husband, at the time... His brother worked for the Hero Commission. Takashi," here, her lips curled into a sneer. "Sold my son, just after his sixth birthday to the Hero Commission. I haven't heard from him in nearly ten years."


Aizawa regarded the picture, as Kuro continued.


"I know you must be thinking, why didn't I go to the police? Well... my husband... he... and it's taken me this long to come to terms with his actions, was abusive. When he wasn't at work, he was drinking, and when he drank, he was..." She cleared her throat, "The Hero Commission wanted to know about Kurai, when her quirk came in. He was away for a trip, when her wings manifested. I sat by my daughter's side for a week, while she cried as they grew. I knew that I couldn't let my daughter be taken from me, like my son had. So, I packed a bag, grabbed my daughter, and ran. I waited until the heat died down on our disappearances a bit, got us new identities, and once Kurai's wings strengthened, put her in a school far away from our past."


Kuro inhaled deeply, before letting it out in a rush.


"But she's never forgotten Sora," Kuro murmured. "Or what the Hero Commission did to our family- splitting us up. She... she wants to be a hero, Aizawa-san, believe me. She just doesn't want to work for the ones that took away one of the good things she had in life."


Aizawa was silent for a long moment, as he absorbed the information. Finally, he handed the picture back to Kuro, and met her gaze.


"The Sports Festival is coming up," he spoke. "With her quirk, her skills, she'll be noticed. She'll get offers for internships from across the country, I'm sure."


"She won't accept any of them," Kuro shook her head, and pocketed her picture. "It'll be a waste of their-"


"I'll put my own in," Aizawa cut her off.


"I- I'm sorry?"


"It's public knowledge that I, the underground hero Eraserhead, work here," Aizawa stood up. "There's a difference, about us underground heros, and the daylighter heroes."


"What's that, Mr. Aizawa?" Kuro also stood up.


Aizawa's smirked, sharp and vicious, "The Hero Commission doesn't want the blood on their hands that we're willing to spill- so therefore... we don't work for them. We're a unit all of our own."

"What is this?" Kurai frowned at the folder Aizawa handed her. She'd already pushed aside the rest of the folders, the offers for internships, to the side, "Another one?"


"Mine," Aizawa answered.


Kurai blinked, and looked up at her teacher. He stared back, blankly.


"Uh, thanks Mr. Aizawa, but-"


"Underground heroes don't answer to the Hero Commission," Aizawa said, bluntly.


Kurai froze.


"We answer to our own- called in by the police to do what they can't, to help in stealth missions. The Hero Commission doesn't like to have their image tainted by how ruthless we can be," Aizawa continued.


Kurai stared at nothing.


"You'd be my first intern. The offer is on the table for as long as it takes you to-"


"Where do I sign?"

After the internships were over, Aizawa was pleased to see that Kurai ignored her self installed barriers- she went from number three in the class, to number one. Hell, he was struggling to keep up with her, and even Hizashi commented on it.


"It's a shame, though," Hizashi commented one night. The two were grading papers, Shinsou curled up on the couch, asleep, between them, "If she were to be a daylighter hero... Can you imagine how much attention she'd gain?"


"That's exactly why being an underground hero fits her more," Aizawa shook his head. "She doesn't want the attention."

In Kurai's second year, just after Christmas, the new hero corporation, the Aery, opened. With it, the youngest pro hero, Hawks, debuted- a crimson flash, faster than any hero anyone had ever seen. He rose in the ranks quickly, getting into the top ten spot in months, and showing no signs of stopping.


Kurai snapped at anyone who dared to mention him.

Year three brought on a whole host of complications: the main one being a child smuggling ring that had the whole underground hero community on edge.


"There's no pattern to the kidnappings," Aizawa muttered, glaring at the fifteen or so files spread out around him. "None at all. No MO, witnesses can't agree on anything-!"


Aizawa sighed, and eyed his students. They were studiously doing their work, hardly paying him any attention.


He could deal with the case later. He pulled his yellow sleeping bag from his desk, and crawled into it. He fell asleep before his head dropped.


When class ended, he noted that his nine students had laid their tests on the corner of his desk, and had decided to silently work on whatever work they had to make up.


They're a good class, he thought, as the bell rang.


Kurai lingered behind, though.


"Yes, Kurai?" Aizawa sighed, and scowled at the files.


"They all have mental quirks," she said, quietly.


Aizawa blinked, "What."


"The kidnapped kids," Kurai pointed with the tip of her left wing. "All have what one might consider a mental quirk, emitter type."


How the fuck did I miss that?


"Have a good weekend, Mr. Aizawa-"


"Are you free Saturday night?"


Kurai blinked.


"I'm taking you on a mission."


In what had been going on for almost a month, Kurai's insight had the case solved in the span of the weekend.


She returned to school as if nothing had happened.

"You still don't have a hero name," Midnight pouted. "Kurai, dearest, you need one!"


"Why?" Kurai frowned, "I'm gonna be an underground hero. What does it matter?"


"Even underground heroes have names! Eraserhead, for example!" Present Mic exclaimed.


"I would have had a name if you hadn't come up with mine," Aizawa grumped.


"You're always so quiet- it's kind of creepy," Ingenium voiced. "Silencer?"


"No," Kurai shot that down.


"You're graduating in just a few weeks," Present Mic hummed. "You need a name, so Nedzu can announce it!"


"Nedzu knows it doesn't matter to me," Kurai mumbled.


"What about Raven?" Ingenium asked.


Kurai blinked, "Huh?"


"You can do voice mimics, like a raven can. Your wings are as dark as a raven's. You're also exceptionally cunning, like-"


"I get it, I'm like a raven," Kurai deadpanned. She frowned, voice thoughtful, "Raven, huh...?"


Ingenium smiled, meeting a bright eyed Midnight's gaze. Silence fell, as the group continued to eat their lunch.


"Raven, the Silent Hero," Kurai said, as the bell rang. "That's what I'll go by."


Midnight squealed.

It was nearly a year after Kurai's graduation before Aizawa saw her again. Sure, he had heard what she did in the underground world, how she had earned herself the nickname, the Silent Killer.


He had had her as a student; he knew very well that her silence was unnerving.


But what currently unnerved him was the fact that his son was missing.


"Shinsou... what," If looks could kill, Aizawa had no doubt that Naomasa would be dead on the spot. "What do you mean-"


"Just that," Detective Naomasa kept his voice calm, even as he faced down his imminent doom. "He was grabbed right off the sidewalk, broad daylight. All we have are witnesses saying it was a white van with no tags, and no one got a good enough at the driver or grabbers."


Aizawa hissed, "It's been almost three hours! Why haven't you found anything yet?!"


"The van disappears in the traffic-"


"How do you miss a white van?!"


"No, Aizawa, you don't understand," Naomasa said. He typed something on his computer, and pulled a video screen up, "We got it going north, but then it turns and..."


He clicked a key. Sure enough, the white van is going north, but then, in every other direction at the intersection it pulls up to... it's gone. Disappeared.


"... Cars don't just vanish in thin air," Next to Aizawa, Hizashi's voice shook. "I- It has to be a quirk."


"We already have someone on it, don't worry. We'll find your son," Naomasa said. His eyes softened, "Go home, both of you. We'll call you when we find anything."


It turned out, they didn't need to call.


At nearly midnight, six hours after Aizawa and Hizashi had been called to the police department, there was a knock on the door. At first, neither man answered, but the knocking persisted.


Growling, Aizawa stomped to the door. Quirk activated, he yanked it open, snarling, "What-"


He cut off, eyes widening. His hair and scarf dropped as he stared at the scene before him.


Eighteen year old Kurai Furatio, underground pro hero Raven, stood on Aizawa's doorstep with his thirteen year old son on her back. Shinsou was asleep.


"Medical cleared him," Kurai was in full costume, her visor perched on her nose. "Naomosa was gonna call, but I told him it'd be quicker if I-"


"Thank you," the words were out before Aizawa could stop them. He held shaky hands out, and Kurai passed his son over, "Thank you..."


"All in a night's work," Kurai gave a half hearted salute. "Well, I gotta go. I left the bad guys hanging upside down from a light post. Better go make sure they didn't get free, even with all the police backup."


Kurai turned and perched up on the railing of the apartment hallway. She looked over her shoulder, eyes on Shinsou, then back up at Aizawa. Grinning, she said, "Catch ya later, teach."


With that, she jumped off and into the sky, disappearing into the night like the silent shadow she was.


For the first time in his career, Aizawa had never been more grateful to call a person his student.

Chapter Text

I'm not afraid of getting older
I'm one less day from dying young
I see the light go past my shoulder
I'm one less day from dying young
One Less Day, Rob Thomas

The two birds stared each other down for so long, not only did Eraserhead and Present Mic show up, but so did some of the other students.


"What's going on?" Midoriya whispered, as he and Iida crept towards the kitchen doors.


"Family drama," Shinsou whispered back.


Kurai- no, Raven- suddenly straightened. She folded her wings tightly over her back, and spoke in a clipped voice.


"Well, nice seeing you, Hawks, but I got work to do," she turned and patted Toga on the head. "I'll see you three on Wednesday, kay? Remember what we did today, and work off of that."


"Yes, sensei," Toga chirped.


"Fine," Shigaraki hissed.


"Whatever," Dabi mumbled.


"Sensei?!" Hawks exclaimed.


Head held high, Raven walked for the door, ignoring the other bird in the room.


Hawks' hand flashed out and curled around her wrist, stopping her, "K-Kurai, what you doing here?!"


"Release me," Raven requested, coldly. "I got to get to work."


"But- I- Kurai,"






"My name is Raven,"


"You're a hero," Hawks marveled. "But- I've never-"


"Underground," Raven's voice was still sharp. She flexed her arm, "Hands off. Now."


Reluctantly, Hawks released his hold.


"Can... can we meet up, sometime?" Hawks asked, hopefully. "Maybe... catch up?"


Raven tilted her head, back still turned. The room seemed to hold it's breath in anticipation of her answer.


"No," she answered, and Hawks crumpled.


Raven walked out and didn't look back.

Hawks didn't stick around. A few moments after Raven left, disappearing into the sky, he himself shot away from UA, rushing back for his own skyrise apartment. When he landed on the balcony, he ran for his room, hands shaking.


She's alive. All this time, she's been alive? Hawks thought, as he grabbed his laptop and sat on his bed. As he impatiently waited for it to boot up, his mind raced. Why would they lie? Tell me she's dead? Did they not know- or... was it for something else...? 


Once his laptop was operating properly, he pulled up the homepage for the site that listed all heroes, even underground, and got to work.


Raven, she had requested to be called. Underground.


If she is an underground hero, no wonder I don't know about her, the underground hero community isn't public- keeps their identities hidden.


Even though the Hero Commission didn't like to be associated with the underground world, they still needed to list them. It was law, after all, since the line between being an underground hero and a vigilante was oh so thin.


He pulled up the page for underground heroes. As per security reasons, there were no photos of them, not unless hero fans managed to spot one and post them. In fact, most of the information on underground heroes came from the fans themselves


Hawks typed in, Raven.


Almost instantly, a single entry popped up. With shaking hands, Hawks clicked on it.


Name: Raven, Silent Hero
Age: 21
Quirk: Silent Wings
Status: Alive
* Stealth
* Combat and blades
* UA graduate
* Identity: unknown


Hawks opened up another tab, and instead went to one of the hottest fansites for heroes. It took several moments of navigating the site before he managed to find anything about Raven.


The Silent Hero- she certainly lives up to the name! You know, she's got another nickname too- bad guys call her the Silent Killer. I've watched news casts where she brought them down, and they always said they never saw her coming! -AllMightAllRight


She seems to always be on the scene with smuggling rings, or cases involving kids. -J3an1st


I've met her before. A fire broke out in my apartment building and she saved me. Her wings are super durable, I don't think she felt a thing! While I was being checked out by the medics, she stood with me and made sure was I alright. She seems to me like the type to really care about kids. -Anonymous


How does she keep her identity a secret? With wings and looks like that, she should be a daylighter pro! -Anonymous


Hawks jerked as his cell phone rang. He stared down at it, thrown on his mattress, until the screen went black. Then, it lit up again, this time with a text message. Glancing at the computer screen, Hawks absent mindedly picked his phone up and opened it to see the message.


Firefly: You good?


Hawks stared at his phone, then snorted as he typed a message back.


CrimsonFlash: No. Would you believe me if I said I thought she was dead?


The bubbles popped up, indicating Hawks' companion was typing a response.


Firefly: What happened?


CrimsonFlash: Honestly? I don't remember much. I mean... I remember Kurai, but


Hawks' fingers hovered over his phone, and he bit his lower lip.


CrimsonFlash: My handlers said she and my mom disappeared and were presumed dead not long after they took me in. Dad lived a bit longer, but he died when I was seventeen- drunk driver.


This time, the answer he got came in the group chat.


McCrustyHands: Don't your handlers work for the Hero Commission?


Birdbrain: Your point?


McCrustyHands: They've lied to you before, haven't they?


Hawks hesitated.


Birdbrain: Why lie about my family though?


Daddy'sLittleMonster: To keep you under their control. You are their pet project, after all.


Hawks blinked, then locked his phone with a click. He focused back on the computer screen, before clicking a link on one of the threads.


An image popped up, grainy and blurry, but unmistakably, a figure flew in the moonlight across the sky. At the distance the camera was, it was hard to make out the face of the hero, but something ached deep in Hawks' chest. He held his hand out, running his fingers gently over the line of the figure's wings.


Kurai's alive. My sister is alive.

"Oh, boy," Shinsou muttered, as he opened the door the next morning. He turned and called out, "Dad! It's for you!"


"Is it a student?"


"No, but-"


"Is anyone injured?"


"No, just-"


"Then tell them to go away," His father answered, gruffly. "I'm busy."


"Yeah, I don't think that's gonna happen. It's Hawks," Shinsou waited.


There was a pause, and distantly, Aizawa half sighed and groaned in exasperation.


Shinsou grinned, and gestured for Hawks to follow him, "Come on. Honestly, I'm surprised you waited until this afternoon. Guess I owe Kaminari money now."


"Why did you bet?" Aizawa called, voice growing louder as Shinsou and Hawks walked into the living room, "Kaminari hardly loses, and that's concerning..." He looked up from where he was looking over papers, dark gaze meeting Hawks'.


For once, the younger man wasn't in his hero gear. Instead, he was dressed casually in a simple shirt, jean jacket, and dark jeans. His wings were ruffled, though, and there were bags under his eyes, evidence of no sleep.


"I had to make a stop by UA, this morning," Hawks answered, eyes flickering to Shinsou. "Since I kinda skipped out last night."


"You should have just waited," Aizawa muttered, gruffly.


Hawks was silent, shoving his hands in his pockets.


"... Her file says she was a UA graduate," Hawks finally said. "Did you know her?"


Aizawa stopped, pen poised over a paper. He glanced at Shinsou, and the teen shrugged.


"Don't look at me," Shinsou held his hands up. "You know her better than I do, all things considering."


Aizawa sighed, admitting defeat, "Go fix some tea, Shinsou." He stacked his papers together, and looked up at Hawks, "Have a seat, Sora. You'll probably be here a while."

Birdbrain: Can I join the 'Shitty Dad's Club'? Cause I kinda wanna find a regeneration quirk just to beat my dad back to death.


MystiqueKnockoff: Does such a quirk exist?


MystiqueKnockoff: Also I think you've spent too much time with the LOV, hehe~


Birdbrain: No. But one can dream. And probably.


Daddy'sLittleMonster: Well I mean... what's your story?


Birdbrain: Dad was an abusive drunk to my mom, sold me to the Hero Commission for a hefty check a month. He woulda done the same with Kurai if mom hadn't decided to leave his ass.


Daddy'sLittleMonster: Welcome to the Shitty Dad's Club. I'm Dabi, and I'm the founder of said club. Members include Shigaraki Tomura, Shoto Todoroki, Midoriya Izuku, and now yours truly, pro hero Hawks. We have meetings every Thursday evening. Bring snacks.


McCrustyHands: You had a speech prepared. Why did you have a speech prepared.


Daddy'sLittleMonster:  I can *hear* you scratching and you're on the other end of the hallway.


Birdbrain: And now my sister hates me because my handlers told me she was dead and I had no clue.


MistiqueKnockoff: So what'd you find out?


Birdbrain: A lot. I'll catch you up when I see you this week. But, she's teaching you guys, right?


Daddy'sLittleMonster: Wednesdays and Saturdays. Though, really, Saturdays.




McCrustyHands: It'd be a bad idea.


Birdbrain: I didn't say anything!


Daddy'sLittleMonster: You didn't have to. We know you that well.


Birdbrain: I'm still gonna do it. You can't stop me.


Birdbrain: See you on Saturday.


MystiqueKnockoff: This is gonna be a disaster.


MystiqueKnocoff:  I'll bring popcorn!

Raven stretched her arms over her head, yawning as she slumped back down, legs dangling over the side of the building.


Surveillance sucks, she thought, bored. But, this needs to be done. Especially if kids are involved.


The building down and across the street was dark and silent, but when Raven flicked the heat vision on her visor on, she saw that there were several dozen heat signatures in the building.


"Are you sure I can't storm the place?" Raven pouted, "I mean, we know they're there!"


"Patience, Raven," Naomasa said. "We can't move in until- wait. Heads up. You got incoming."


Raven straightened, jumping up to perch on her toes on the edge of the roof. Down the street, she saw the dark van pull into the driveway of the house. Below, four men stepped out, warily, before going on into the house.


"Now what?" Raven murmured.


"Raven, get closer, see what you can find," Naomasa ordered. "But do not engage."


"You got it," Raven took to the skies, flying through the air and circling the block. She landed in the trees just beyond the house, and folded her wings up on her back, out of sight. Sticking to the shadows, she scurried to one of the back windows, peering in.


"... The windows are painted over," Raven muttered, and glanced down the side of the house. "I can't see anything- AHK!"




Raven couldn't stop the screech of pain that ripped from her throat as large hands curled around the base of her wings and ripped. Frantically, Raven quickly disconnected herself from her wings, the crunch of bones and clench of muscles and flesh making her body momentarily spasm.


Dropping to the ground with a wheeze, Raven turned over to look above her. A hulking figure of a man, easily nine feet tall and with forearms as big as a telephone pole- he was huge.


"They have a guard," Raven squeaked out, whimpering as the man met her eyes and then promptly snapped one of her wings. She still felt it as though it were connected directly to her back, a wave of dizziness washing over her at the sudden pain, "Strength quirk... Move in, dammit move in!"


The man smirked, "Pretty bird. Why don't we see if you're a songbird too!"


He lunged, and Raven rolled out of the way. She heard Naomasa barking orders, but she focused on her opponents.


Guess I'm sticking to hand to hand. Without my wings I'm.... grounded, Raven thought. She could almost hear Aizawa's groan at the pun.


Raven brought her fists up, she and her opponent circling each other. Distantly, sirens and shouts sounded out around them. With the momentary distraction of the noise to her sensitive ears, Raven's opponent lunged, and swiped at her with a large hand.


With a crack!, Raven slammed into a tree, face first. Her visor cracked, and blood began to spill from her nose. Dizzy and disoriented, Raven went limp as two large hands wrapped around her entire body, clutching tightly. The young woman wheezed, trying to catch her breath.


"Sing for me, pretty bird," the man cooed, and Raven cried out as he flexed, his grip tightening on her. Still- the woman didn't give him the satisfaction of hearing her scream- she grit her teeth and glared.


Something cracked in her torso, her breath began to come in short puffs. It felt like a boa constrictor was wrapping around her, crushing her. Every inhale was shorter, black spots dancing at the edges of her vision. Dimly, she heard voices coming closer, and abruptly, all the pressure on her body vanished.


Raven dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes, wheezing. Everything hurt.


"Raven?" Was she underwater? It sounded like it, with the way the voice echoed in her ears- muffled and barely there... "Raven, no, you gotta stay awake, okay? Raven? Raven! Kurai!"


The last thing Raven saw was a set of glowing red eyes.

Chapter Text

We are problems that want to be solved
We are children that need to be loved
We were willin', we came when you called
But, man, you fooled us, enough is enough
What About Us, P!nk

"Come on, Shinsou, where's Aizawa sensei? He's never late to class!" Kaminari continued to poke at his friend, begging for answers.


"I don't know," Shinsou sighed, answering the blonde for the upteemth time. "He had a job last night, and when I woke up this morning he hadn't come home. Papa didn't tell me anything, either, so I say it again: I don't know."


"Not even a hint about the job?"


Shinsou groaned and facedesked. It was a nice desk, perhaps he could get a quick nap in...


The door banged open, fifteen minutes after class was supposed to start. Silence fell as Aizawa stalked in, muttering under his breath; things like 'foolish', 'nearly crushed', and 'shouldn't have let her go in alone'.


"Bakugou, feet off your desk," Aizawa all but snarled. "Kaminari, back to your seat, now! We've got a pop quiz today."


A series of groans swept through the room.


"A- Are you okay, sensei?" Izuku stammered, and cringed when Aizawa turned his glare on him, "I- I mean... you seem upset."


"Yeah, did something happen last night?" Shinsou asked. He frowned, "Didn't you and Raven go help the police take down another cell of the child smuggling ring you've been working on?"


Aizawa stiffened, then sighed, heavily.


Shinsou's eyes widened, "D- Did... Did something happen last night? Is everyone okay?"


"Define okay," Aizawa grumbled.




"... barely," Aizawa grunted. He frowned, "Okay, forget the pop quiz. We're gonna go over strategies of what to do when you encounter a villain who is stronger than you. Discuss amongst yourselves for the next fifteen minutes."


Todoroki dragged his chair to the back of the class and sat down next to Dabi. There was a heavy pause among the three villains at the action.








"... I'm not good at conversation," Todoroki finally said.


Dabi snorted.


Midoriya followed a moment later, and after another moment of silence, he coughed, "So... Ideas?"


"Aren't you the smart one?" Shigaraki hissed, bristling like a cat. He began to scratch at his neck.


Midoriya ducked his head, fiddling with his fingers, "Well... I mean... Shoto help."


"You're asking me? Didn't you hear what I just said?"




"So does Eraserhead mean strength in terms of power, or quirks?" Toga finally asked, breaking the ice.


"I think both- but maybe more about a strength quirk," Midoriya said. "I couldn't hear all that he said, but he was muttering about someone nearly being crushed?"


"You have a strength quirk, don't you?" Dabi asked.


"More like a bone breaking quirk," Todoroki muttered, drawing a snort from Dabi and a whine from Midoriya.


"It's technically an enhancer quirk," Midoriya stuttered. "And I can't really say, considering I went against Muscular. I did break both my arms in that situation."


"Again, bone breaking quirk," Todoroki deadpanned. "Unless you drink bone hurting juice on a daily basis."


Dabi stared, "Did... did you just meme?"


"You should see the group chat," Midoriya sighed, though he was smiling. "The dorms have been really good for him... all of us, really."


"I still want to torch Katsuki,"


"Todoroki, no,"


"Todoroki, yes,"


Dabi coughed, trying to cover a laugh, but failed. He let out a cackle, catching the rest of the room's attention and earning some slightly unsettled looks. As his laughter died down, Shigaraki spoke up.


"Aren't we getting off topic?" Shigaraki asked with a defeated sigh.


"Oh, right!" Midoriya perked up, and pulled out a notebook from... somewhere, "So, suggestions? How to deal with an opponent who's got a strength quirk?"


"I'd say it depends on the surroundings," Dabi said, still slightly wheezing. "Considering, heroes and all, you'll want to keep the damage to a minimum, and casualties even lower."


"Something Endeavor isn't capable of..." Midoriya muttered, and then shook his head, writing that down, "Yes, that. Good point, Touya-" He cut off, eyes wide as he realized what he said.


There was a beat.


"Dabi," Midoriya amended. His face went red, and once again he whispered, "Todoroki, help."




"I'm suffering-"


"Then perish."

"She'll wake up when her body deems it ready, dear," Recovery Girl patted the woman's arm. "She went through a traumatic experience last night, you understand."


Kuro Furatio sighed, wringing her hands together. Her wings were ruffled and quivering, "I-I know, Recovery Girl, but... It's just worrisome, you know? She's... she's my baby and seeing her in pain-"


"I know, dear," Recovery Girl said. "It could have been worse, though. You can thank Eraserhead, for that. I've seen the damage that Crusher can do... Kurai is quite lucky."


"... May I see her?"


"Yes, dear of course," Recovery Girl nodded. "She's in room 219."


"Thank you," Kuro murmured. She inhaled deeply, and then walked away from the medic hero, counting off the numbers as she trecked down the hallway.


Ah, 219. Alright, Kuro, get a hold of yourself. In you go, Kuro forced herself to push open the door and walk inside.


The heart monitor beeped steadily, but Kuro's heart still ached at the sight of her daughter on the bed. Her blonde hair was fanned out on the pillow, like a halo.


There was a bandage just over her left eyebrow, her left eye dark with a bruise. Her right arm was bandaged and in a sling.


Not to mention the three broken ribs and the concussion... Oh, Kurai... Kuro thought and sat down in the chair beside her daughter's bed.


"Ms. Furatio?" A soft voice asked, and Kuro startled. She blinked, squinting against the florescent lights. A nurse stood in the doorway, "Sorry to disturb you. It's just, you've been in here a few hours. Your daughter has another visitor."


Most likely Aizawa, Kuro thought, and stood up. She stretched her arms and wings, feeling her joints pop. She nodded to the nurse.


"Send them in. I'd like to talk to them," Kuro said.


The nurse smiled, and stepped into the hallway. Her voice was low when she spoke, and Kuro glanced down at her daughter, still asleep. Her attention was snapped back to the door when it creaked open.


It wasn't Aizawa.


It wasn't even Detective Naosoma.


"Sora?" Kuro's eyes were wide, her voice breathless. Her wings trembled, "... I- Is that really you?"


The number two pro hero Hawks, but better known to Kuro as Sora, stood on the opposite side of Kurai's bed. He smiled, sheepishly, tiredly, and shoved his hands in to his pockets.


"Hey, mom. It's been a while, huh?"


Kuro couldn't stop the sob that rose up in her throat.

It was well after midnight before Kuro, reluctantly, had to admit it was time to leave.


"It's... It's been so good seeing you again, son," Kuro murmured, as she hugged her son, tightly. He returned to the gesture, just as strongly, "I- I'm so sorry you had to... had to go through what you did." She pulled back, eyes wet, "I'm sorry I couldn't help you."


"You may not have been able to help me, but... you helped Kurai. You prevented her from being subjected to the same fate I did," Sora murmured, stepping back.


He glanced at Kurai, and his wings puffed up, ruffled with the anger that crossed through his eyes, "I've been coming to terms with a lot of stuff, the last few days."


Kuro was silent. She brushed her daughter's hair out of her eyes, and leaned down to press a kiss to her forehead, murmuring, "I'll see you tomorrow night, dear. Rest well."


"She's not talking to me," Sora admitted, quietly. "She hates me."


"Hm, no she doesn't," Kuro assured her son. "She's angry, and hurt, but believe me when I say, it's not at you. It's just... you represent what she's really mad at."


"... The Hero Commission," Sora growled.


"Yes," Kuro nodded. She linked her arm through her son's, and they exited the hospital room, "And I don't blame her."


"I don't either," Sora muttered.


They were silent as they walked down the hallway and to the elevator. Once the doors dinged closed and they began to descend, Kuro spoke again.


"How did you know Kurai was here?" Kuro asked, voice soft.


Sora was silent for a moment. He looked like he was at war with himself, before he admitted what he was thinking.


"My... boyfriend, is one of her students. He found out what had happened through Aizawa and told me," Sora shoved his hands into his pockets. His wings rose up as he hunkered in on himself.


Why is he so scared? Does he think I care about his sexuality- oh... wait, Kuro frowned. Kurai told me... she's teaching the former LOV members at UA. Who did she say there again...? Shigaraki, Toga, and Dabi, wasn't it? Hm... I wonder...


"... You know, your sister is bisexual," Kuro spoke, and was rewarded with the admission when her son dropped the wing put between him and his mother to peer curiously at her. "So it doesn't really matter to me, dear."


Sora seemed to relax, his wings dropping as he let out a breath.


"Though do tell your boyfriend that if he hurts you, his first meeting with me will be his last,"


Sora groaned.

CrimsonFlash: Seeing my mom for the first time in over fifteen years... that was a trip.


Dabi snorted quietly at the message that greeted him when he woke up the next morning. Glancing at the timestamp, marked at nearly three AM, he raised an eyebrow.


Firefly: Are you even awake right now?


CrimsonFlash: Define awake? If by awake, you mean running on caffeine and adrenaline, then yes. I'm awake.


Firefly: Hawks, go to bed.


CrimsonFlash: No can do. Got patrol in an hour. If I skip, Miruko is gonna pluck me.


Dabi huffed, tossing his phone to the side as he rolled out of bed, stretching. For a brief second, he considered going to class late, then realized that Aizawa would most likely drag him by his capture weapon if he did.




His phone lighting up again caught Dabi's attention.


CrimsonFlash: Also, I don't think Kurai will be in this week. I saw her last night, had the doc tell me what's wrong... She's insanely lucky to be alive, to summarize everything he said.


Firefly: And I was looking forward to Saturday.


CrimsonFlash: Were you really?


Dabi hesitated at the message, tapping his finger against the side of his phone.


Firefly: Yes. Your sister doesn't treat us like the rest of the pros around here do. Hell, she's even told Toga that her quirk isn't a villain's, and how she can improve with it- she's treating us like we're actual human beings with feelings.


CrimsonFlash: Because you are, Touya.


Dabi dropped his phone on his bed, at that. He ignored the next few messages that came as he started to get ready for the day. Walking into the bathroom, he made quick work of brushing his teeth, not even bothering to try and wrestle with his hair.


Human... hah, Dabi thought, as he splashed water on his face. He stared at his reflection in the mirror, taking in the scars and staples that held him together. He locked eyes with himself- those blue eyes, so much like the bastard's that had-


Dabi looked away.


I haven't been human in a long time.

"As you all know, Raven won't be in today. I doubt she'll even be in on Saturday," Aizawa stated, glancing at the trio standing to the side. "So, for today, at least, we're going to run through battle training. I'll be splitting you up in pairs- and yes, due to the uneven number of students, there will be a group of three- and you'll have ten minutes to come up with a strategy, before you begin your training."


Aizawa eyed his students, seeing them shuffle and glance at each other. Once they settled down, he began to list off the pairs, taking heed of the advice that Kurai had given him on Sunday night, before things had gone so terribly.


"The next time you do pair ups, put some of them with the people they'd least expect," Kurai mused, her voice crackling through the earpiece. "And then have them fight the pair they'd least expect."


Aizawa grunted, "What do you mean?"


"Would you really pair of Midoriya and Bakagou, with their current track record?"


"... no,"


"Or Todoroki and Todoroki?"




"You taught me, as a student, that sometimes a pro will have to work with someone they don't agree with. I'm just reminding you," Kurai chirped, sounding coy.


Aizawa sighed, but knew she had a point.


"Shoto and Dabi, you two will be going against Shinsou and Kaminari,"


"Sweet!" Kaminari cheered, and held out his fist to Shinsou. With a roll of his eyes, Shinsou knocked his knuckles against the blonde's.


"Uraraka and Toga, you'll be facing off with Jirou and Yaoyorozu,"


Uraraka glanced at the former villain, who grinned coyly at her. She looked at her teacher, pleading.


"And no, you can not trade out partners," Aizawa sighed. "Shouji and Ojiro, you'll be fighting Aoyoma and Tokoyami."


"Hagakure and Ashido versus Sero and Kirishima,"


"Satou and Kouda, you'll be battling each other," It came time for the final match up, and Aizawa braced himself, praying that he wasn't about to make a mistake.

"Asui, Iida, and Shigaraki... you'll be battling Midoriya and Bakagou."


With the looks on his students' faces, Aizawa was already regretting his decision.


Kurai, you better had have some method to your madness.

Chapter Text


High heels, big deal, I'll kick your ass
They gunnin', they runnin' and that makes me mad
If you wanna rumble all you gotta do is ask
I'm a rude bitch, boy can you handle that?
One Woman Army, Porcelain Black

When Kurai woke up, she was sure she was in an alternate universe.


How else might one explain the fact of her mother and brother sprawled out across the uncomfortable chairs of her hospital room? And add Shinsou Aizawa-Yamada to that equation... And Aizawa Shota himself.


Kurai groaned and let her head fall back on the pillows. Unfortunately for her, not only did the sound catch the attention of the two insomniacs in the room, but also the nurse that happened to walk in at that moment.


"Oh!" Her exclamation had Kuro and Sora jerking, "Oh, good, you're awake! I'll go get Recovery Girl."


Before Kurai could tell the nurse to not bother, she was turning on her heel and walking off.


"Hey, Aunt Kurai," Shinsou hopped up, stepping next to the bed. "How you feeling?"


"... Let me get back to you on that," Kurai closed her eyes, grimacing in pain. She heard the sound of rustling wings and clothing, which only seemed to add to the pounding in her head. A few moments later, the door to the room opened and closed.


"On a scale of one to ten, how do you feel, dearie?" Recovery Girl asked.


"Fucking twelve," Kurai deadpanned. She cracked an eye open, "My wings?"


"Fully healed, and as soon as you're cleared, you can connect back to them. Thankfully it was a clear break. You did need a few stitches, from where Crusher jerked at them so suddenly," Recovery Girl patted Kurai's hand. "Are you tired?"


"Just in pain," Kurai mumbled.


Recovery Girl hummed as she hopped up and pressed a quick kiss to Kurai's forehead. The younger woman sighed relief as the pain subsided to a dull ache.


"Until you're fully rested, I don't want to try anything with your ribs or arm," Recovery Girl said. "Now that you're awake, you should be cleared in a few days. I suggest you stay with someone, until you're cleared for hero duty."


"... What day is it?" Kurai frowned.


"It's Friday, honey," Kurai's mother sat on the other side of the bed. "You've been unconscious for almost a whole week."


Kurai blinked, processing.


A week?!


"Wait- but that means tomorrow is Saturday, and-" Kurai jolted up.


"I'll handle your students," Aizawa cut her off. "No, you can not argue with me on this."




"No," Aizawa's quirk activated, and Kurai flopped back down on the bed. "So help me if I have to tie you to this bed myself, you're not leaving until Recovery Girl says you can."


Shinsou clapped a hand over his mouth as Kurai's eyes suddenly glittered. Aizawa, having known the girl for nearly ten years, suddenly froze.


"Wait, no-"


"Kinky. Will you use your capture weapon, Mr. Aizawa?"


"God fucking dammit, Kurai."

"And in today's top news story, we have a report on those in the Second Chances program that the Japanese government has offered those that were in the League of Villains. As we all know, they were split up and placed in different schools and programs, in hopes of rehabilitating them. Well, it seems that some people aren't taking this easily. In Hosu City, Jin Bubaigawara, also known as the villain, Twice, was found dead in his home. He was apparently attacked violently, stabbed multiple times and a message, which has yet to be released, was left for the police. More details to come in just a few minutes."


"... Does this mean UA is on lockdown for the forseeable future?" Kaminari asked, as Aizawa turned the television off.


"I'm afraid so, kids," Aizawa nodded, tiredly. "We've put the other former villains into high security protection programs." His eyes slid to the silent trio in the back of the class, "You three will be staying here, though. Even if it was debatable that perhaps you could be left to your own devices, you can now not go anywhere in public without at least one pro hero with you."


"Wonderful," Shigaraki drawled.


Toga stared at the dark television, before she stood up and left the room. Everyone watched her go.


"What's her problem?" Bakugou asked, gruffly. It seemed, since the practice battles two days earlier, that his classmates were slowly accepting Bakugou. While the explosive temper and death threats were still present, they weren't as excessive as they were- Midoriya and Bakugou also seemed to be getting along better, too.


Why is it that this class seems to do the impossible? Aizawa thought with a muffled sigh.


"Out of all us, she and Jin empathized the most with each other," Dabi said as he stood up. "The craziness thing, and all. I'll check on her."


Aizawa fixed his students with a look, "Your families have all been notified at the situation. If you leave the campus, you will have an escort to and from back to your location. If by some chance you come across someone who might try to attack your classmates, you have permission to engage. But should you find yourself outnumbered or overpowered, do not." He glared at Midoriya, "Understand, problem child?"


"Yes, sensei," Midoriya squeaked.


"To be fair, it's not like he goes looking for trouble, kero," Tsuyu said.


"No, he's a trouble magnet. That makes it worse," Aizawa sighed. "And when the pro heroes show up, stay out of the way and get to safety. Am I clear?"


"Yes, sensei," His class chorused.


"Good," Aizawa yawned. "Meeting over. Classes start back up on Monday."


As his class dispersed, Aizawa watched silently as Shigaraki trailed off in the direction that Dabi and Toga had gone.


He decided he wouldn't question it.

How the hell she had gotten to the roof in just the few seconds it took him to go after her, Dabi had no damn clue. But she had, and he was there, so he was more than willing to roll with it.


He made sure his footsteps were heard, and was otherwise silent as he sat down against the wall next to Toga. She was curled up, her knees to her chest and arms wrapped around them as she stared at nothing.


A few moments later, Shigaraki showed up, but just like she had with Dabi, Toga didn't acknowledge his arrival, even as he sat on the other side of her.


The trio sat there, silent in the fact that even if the world turned it's back on them, they at least had each other.


"There's no way he didn't suffer," Toga's voice was quiet, when she finally spoke. "But... it's kind of ironic, you know?"


Dabi tilted his head, "What do you mean?"


Toga met his eyes, her own blank and distant.


"He suffered, so much, even with us. Sure, we accepted each other, and... to be honest, he and I probably understood each other better than anyone, but... having all of those voices in his head... having to constantly switch back and forth... I hate to say this, I do, but... he's better off dead," Toga looked away. "At least now, hopefully, he's found some sort of peace."


She... wasn't wrong, Dabi realized.


"But it doesn't change that those who killed him probably made him suffer more," Toga said, darkly. Her eyes began to glitter, the way they did whenever a particular bout of insanity took her over.


"Toga," Shigaraki warned.


Toga blinked, eyes becoming blank once again. She swallowed, and bent her head.


"Sorry," she murmured, voice strangled as she tried to maintain her composure. "I- I know w-we're supposed to be... to be trying to- It just... it makes me so mad...! I just want to stab something..."


Cautiously, Dabi reached out, wrapping an arm around Toga's shoulders. The action seemed to be what made the dam break, because Toga broke down in sobs.


"... There will always be those who don't understand us," Shigaraki murmured. "But... Raven was right about one thing."


"What?" Dabi frowned.


"It's time we take back the control that was taken from us, and show the world why we belong here."

He was ignoring Kurai's glare, but Sora's feathers revealed just how uncomfortable he was with it- ruffled and spread out, ready to move at a moment's notice.
Kuro bit her lower lip, looking back and forth between her two children. The air was thick with tension, and though Kurai was still in the hospital bed, Kuro had no doubt her daughter's words would make up for her lack of weapons.


The tongue may have no bones, but it can still break a heart, Kuro thought, with a slight wince. She stood up, clearing her throat.


"Enough is enough, you two," Kuro said, firmly. "Whatever is going on in between you two, I expect you to have it sorted out when I come back with lunch. I'll be back in about an hour. If not, you're both grounded."


"Wha- I'm twenty four!"


"I'm twenty one!"


"You can't do that!" Kurai and Sora chorused. They glanced at each other, surprised, before Kurai glared again.


"I'm your mother, I can do what I damn well want," Kuro fixed them both with a glare of her own, pleased that they hunkered away from her. "Do I make myself clear?"






"Yes, ma'am,"


"Good," With that, Kuro walked out, the hospital door slamming shut behind her.


"Jeez, was she always that scary?" Sora muttered, and fixed his eyes back on the file in front of him.


"Wouldn't you like to know?" Kurai bit out, bitterly.


Sora scowled, and looked up. For once, he met his sister's glare, "Yeah, actually, I would, thanks."


Kurai glared harder, her dark brown eyes nearly black with anger, by now. Sora held her gaze, though, refusing to be cowed.


Sora's phone dinged, startling them both. Still frowning, he picked it up to see the new message.


Firefly: Seen the news?


CrimsonFlash: You mean about Twice? Yeah, they gave me a copy of the files- want me on the case, since I'm your parole officer.


Then, because Sora was a mischievous bastard:


CrimsonFlash: Among other things ;)


Firefly: Fuck you


CrimsonFlash: Sure, name a time and place :)


Grinning, Sora locked his phone, and looked up when Kurai shifted. She was frowning, studying him.




"... Girlfriend?" Kurai asked, gesturing with her unbandaged hand towards his phone.


"... Boyfriend," Sora answered. "I like messing with him- the more riled up he gets, the hotter he is."


"Ew, no, no, I'm sorry I asked," Kurai shook her head, shuddering.


"In more ways than one~"




Sora's grin widened to a full blown smile. He felt his body relax a little, his wings dropping as the tension in the air started to fade. His gaze fell back to the file on his lap, and his smile dropped to a frown.


"... What are you working on?" Kurai asked, after a few moments of silence.


"Have you not seen the news?" Sora mumbled.


"Nope," Kurai answered.


Sora was silent for another long moment, before he sighed. He stood up, bringing the file with him. He handed it to her, and she peered curiously at it. After reading over it once, her eyes widened.


"Twice is dead?" She asked.


"Murdered in his own home," Sora nodded, and rubbed the back of his head, eyes closing. "Once of the more gruesome details is that whoever did it, used his own blood to leave a message on the wall for the police. It seemed he'd been dead just a couple of days- only reason anyone knew anything about it, was because he missed both his meeting with his psychologist and parole officer."


"Both of which were Hound Dog," Kurai murmured. "He was the one with the split personality, right? And could make clones of himself, or other people?"


Sora nodded, opening his eyes, "Yeah. Could even copy their quirks, though not at the full strength of the original."


"... He couldn't fight back," Kurai scowled.




"The quirk suppressant quirks- he couldn't fight back," Kurai noted. "Hero Commission issued- fucking bastards! Did they not think someone might try this?!"


Sora winced, "To be fair, the only former members of the League whose location is public, is Tou- er, Dabi, Shigaraki, and Toga's. Since, they're at UA and all."


Kurai blinked, "Only those three?"


"Yeah- Giran ended up sharing a cell in the same prison as All For One, Kurogiri, and Stain. Oh, side note, Crusher, guy who put you here, had the same fate. Anyways, other than the ones at UA, Twice, Spinner, and Compress agreed to give the rehab program a chance," Sora explained. "What's... with that look on your face?"


"Only pros know where they were, then," Kurai murmured. "And the Hero Commission..."


Hawks blinked, feeling a shiver go down his spine as the implication of Kurai's words sank in. His wings flared up in agitation.


Kurai looked up, meeting her brother's eyes.


"Which means, however Twice was found... it's because someone on the inside leaked it, or had a direct hand in his murder," Kurai's voice was dark. "Which also means... we now got to be careful about who we trust."



I'm not paid enough for this.


It was a thought that often crossed Aizawa's mind, ever since he began teaching Class 1-A.


But if I get to knock Endeavor down a peg or two myself, I'll do it without pay.


"Endeavor, we were in the middle of class. If you would leave, that would be wonderful," Aizawa barely refrained from snarling. He met the glare of the number one hero with a dead eyed look, "Or, I can escort you to the gates myself."


"I'm not leaving, without my son," Endeavor spat back.


"Shoto isn't going anywhere with you," Midoriya exclaimed, glaring at the eldest Todoroki. "He doesn't have to!"


"Or did you forget the paperwork sent to you last month?" Aizawa asked, signature grin curling at his mouth, "The paperwork where UA has temporary custody of your son?"


"I don't mean Shoto," Endeavor snapped. "I meant-"


"No," Aizawa said, at the same time as a familiar female voice snarled. He looked up as two figures flew overhead, one with black wings and the other with crimson.


Raven and Hawks both landed on the ground, though Hawks looked more exasperated, than Raven did furious.


Aizawa felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up.


"Excuse me?" Endeavor scowled down at Raven, looking her over.


Despite the fact that she shouldn't even be out in the field yet, Raven stood tall against the number one hero's flames, in full costume, and glared death.


"Who are you?" Endeavor growled.


"Hey, Endeavor!" Hawks chirped, and though his voice was light, his eyes were dark, "Check it out- I got a sister!"


The shock of Hawks' words had Endeavor stepping back, his flames flickering, "A sister?"


"Yep! Endeavor, Raven- Raven, Endeavor-"


"I know who he is," Raven growled, eyes flashing angrily behind her visor. "Everyone in Japan knows who he is- but I don't give a single fuck because he is not getting his hands on Dabi."


"His name is Touya," Endeavor sneered. "And as his father, I have the right to-"


"Oh, see, that's where you're wrong," Raven's voice turned sickly sweet. She reached inside her jacket, and pulled a packet of papers out, handing them to Endeavor, "You see, because they're in the rehabilitation program, including Dabi, and have been placed here at UA- the staff here at UA are responsible for their actions, have full custody rights, and are the ones who will take the blame should something that shouldn't happen with these three. Which means... you have no right."


Endeavor scanned over the papers, his flames rising higher and burning brighter with every passing second. Finally, he snarled and threw the papers at Raven.


Turning, he stalked off.


"Don't let the gates hit you on the way out!" Raven snarked off, placing the papers back in her jacket.


There was a beat of silence.


"That..." Dabi finally said, in awe, "Was glorious."


"Why are you here?" Aizawa sighed, "You haven't been cleared for-"


"Which is why I brought Hawks with me," Raven said, her entire body slumping. Now that the danger of showing any weakness had passed, she looked exhausted, "He'll be taking my place, and helping me, with the one on ones and observations for today."


"How did you clear that with your superiors?" Aizawa frowned at Hawks.


Hawks shrugged, and smirked, "Who says I did?"


Aizawa stared.


"What are they gonna do- fire me? I'm the number two hero! That'd be bad press," Hawks flapped his wings, hovering a few feet over the ground.


"How did you know to come, though?"


"Shinsou texted me, said a flaming garbage can was here causing trouble," Raven shrugged, and pulled her visor off, rubbing her eyes.


All eyes landed on the purple haired teen, who shrugged, phone in hand, "Am I wrong?"


"Plus, the chance to tell Endeavor off?" Raven continued, "Dabi's not only my student, but my brother's boyfriend! Of course I'll defend his honor."


Heh, Aizawa thought. Then, Raven's words sank in, at the same time Hawks dropped from his hovering with a squawk, Wait...



Chapter Text


Oh Lord, Oh Lord, he's somewhere between
A hangman's knot, and three mouths to feed
There wasn't a wrong or a right he could choose
He did what he had to do
Oh he did what he had to do
-Devil's Backbone, The Civil Wars

Firefly:  I can't believe your sister outed us like that.


CrimsonFlash: I had no clue she even knew! Sure, I mentioned I had a boyfriend the other day, but how she came to you in just a few days?! I could have been talking about anyone!


Firefly: ...


Firefly: You told your mom about me, didn't you?


CrimsonFlash: I didn't say your name, I just said it was one of Kurai's students.


Firefly: Why don't you ask her how she figured it out?


CrimsonFlash: LiStEn


CrimsonFlash: We're only JUST getting to where we can be in the same room without killing each other


CrimsonFlash: Twice's murder has stirred up a bit of trouble in the hero world.


Firefly: How so?


CrimsonFlash: Only certain people knew his location- higher ups, pros. Unlike you three, everyone else who was brought in was put away into hiding.


Firefly: So, an inside job?


CrimsonFlash: Basically. And I'm going crazy, cause I'm not sure who to talk to anymore. Kurai doesn't have to worry about that- she's a fucking underground hero. She doesn't socialize with anybody!


CrimsonFlash: Also I'm crazy worried about you- you okay?


Firefly: Abrupt change in subject... but, yeah, I'm fine. Better than fine, really. Raven verbally smacking down my bastard of a father made today one of the best days of my life. She's getting on my good side and if she keeps this up, she'll even win Shigaraki over


Firefly: I do wish Endeavor had stayed around long enough for Raven to out us though... I would have loved to see the look on his face


CrimsonFlash: You're doing your evil villain laughter, aren't you?


Firefly: And getting weird looks, but bite me. Even Shouto is happy.


Firefly: I'm also conflicted.


CrimsonFlash: About what?


Firefly: I haven't been an older brother in several years and yet... Shouto and green bean are... close. Lovey dovey close. I don't think Shouto realizes that he's got a crush though


Firefly: I feel the need to threaten the green bean that if he hurts my brother I hurt him


CrimsonFlash: Please don't.


CrimsonFlash: You may start a war.


Firefly: Maybe


Firefly: Now why did you really ask if I'm okay?


CrimsonFlash: ...


CrimsonFlash: Are you alone? If not can you get to where you are?


Dabi stared at his phone, eyes narrowed. Around him, the common room was alive with noise and action- Kaminari and Ashido had dragged Shigaraki into playing a video game (which was a weird sight in of itself), several of the girls had convinced Toga into letting them do her hair and nails (which, the blonde looked so confused at being so accepted), and there was a general rowdiness to the room that only came with teenagers.


He doubted anyone would miss him for a few minutes.


Dabi stood up silently, grateful he didn't have his dark jacket on (that certainly would have gotten him some attention), and stepped into the hallway. The cuffs on his wrists clicked a bit as he texted Hawks back.


Firefly: What do you need to talk about?


Seconds later, his phone lit up as Hawks called him. He was quick to answer.


"Sora?" Dabi murmured, using the hero's given name, "What's wrong?"


There was silence on the other end of the line for a moment, before Sora let out a defeated groan.


"Something Kurai told me the other day, and I've been worrying over it ever since," Sora said. "And... worrying about you guys, too, because of it."


"What is it?" Dabi frowned.


"The cuffs," Sora answered.


"The cuffs?" Dabi frowned, twisting the wrist of his free hand, "What about them-" It hit him with a jolt, "... oh."


"Yeah," Sora's voice was bitter and dark. "Oh. Hero Commission issued, because they don't trust you guys. Guess what? Both Kurai and I think that if Twice had been able to use his quirk- make copies of people with quirks just a bit stronger than his is, he might have stood a chance. But he couldn't, because of the goddamn fucking-"


"Sora," Dabi tried to cut in.


"-I talked to Hound! It's only been a couple of weeks, but he was showing progress, Touya! He was settling down, Hound even said that his split personality was possibly a direct side effect of his quirk-"




"-And he couldn't fight back because of those goddamn cuffs! I get it- you're villains, I understand that. Fuck's sake, I'm dating you aren't I? But i-it's like- he was a caged bird! Being tormented and unable to get away or fight because of the damn restraints!"


"Sora!" Dabi finally shouted, "Get a hold of yourself and breathe, dammit!"


On the other end of the line, Sora finally shut up. His breaths were coming short and hard as he struggled to compose himself. After a moment, he let out a shaky laugh, one that cut off into a sharp cry.


"S-Sorry," Sora stuttered. "I-I just... it's been on my mind e-ever since... God, Touya I can't lose you."


Dabi cringed at his given name, but forced his voice to remain even, to not betray the anger that rose up in him.


"I know, Sora, I know," Dabi leaned against the wall, grip tightening on his phone. "Trust me, you're not."


Sora snorted, the sound watery, "I nearly have already, if it wasn't for..." His voice trailed off.


"Sora?" Dabi frowned, "You there?"


"... I'm gonna call you back," Sora said. There was a click, and then the line went dead.


Dabi pulled his phone away from his ear, blinking at it in surprise. Sora had never hung up on him before...


"Hey," a voice said, and Dabi swore that if he could use his quirk, he would have burned the person behind him to a crisp.


Or... not.


"You okay?" Shouto asked, looking a little uncomfortable, "You disappeared, and then we heard you shout..."


"... I'm fine," Dabi answered, after a moment. He rubbed the back of his neck, "Hawks just called, is all."


"Is everything all right?" Shouto tilted his head, curiosity glittering in his eyes.


"He's stressed about the assignment he has, right now," Dabi waved it off. "... Did they send you after me?"


"No," Shouto answered. "I came on my own. Wanted to..." He gestured helplessly with his hands, "Uh."


Dabi snorted, and reached out. He noted that the younger tensed, but he went on with his action, ruffling Shouto's hair. The teen looked both confused and surprised at the action.


"Let's get back to the others," Dabi muttered. "I'd bet money that Shigaraki is kicking ass right now."

Only two days later, the entire nation of Japan was put on the edge of its seat, and those in the hero world were shaken to the core.


"What the fuck," Kurai stared at her television in horror. "No... nononononono... that's not possible- how did this happen?!"


Her phone rang, startling Kurai. Scrambling, she fumbled to answer it, voice tight when she snapped, "What?"


"You've seen the news?" Aizawa asked.


"Fuck yes I've seen the news! There's not a reporter not talking about this right now!" Kurai swore violently, "I thought Tartarus was inescapable!"


"A mistake was made," Aizawa said, gruffly. "Did Hawks tell you that Crusher was sent to Tartarus?"


"... He might have mentioned it," Kurai admitted, feeling a chill go down her spine. "But... how."


"We accounted for his quirk, but not his natural strength," Aizawa sighed. "Apparently, his strength wasn't his actual quirk- in reality, his quirk is an enhancer one. It takes one or two aspects of his body and makes it a hundred times stronger."


"... So... you're saying... he..."


"He overpowered the guards, and then he ripped the cuffs off with his own strength. Then he released the other inmates," Aizawa mumbled.


"So, you mean to tell me- Kurogiri, Stain, Overhaul, and All For One are fucking free?! That the news is only covering half of the fucking story?!"


"... Yes,"


"Oh fuck you!" She hung up on her old teacher, fuming in righteous fury.


As if things with Twice wasn't bad enough! Kurai growled and kicked her coffee table. It groaned and then snapped in half, pens and paper flying every where, First the goddamn vigilantes, and now a prison break that could light this powder keg on fire!


Her phone rang again. Snarling in rage, she answered, "Fuck off, Aizawa!"


There was a beat of silence.




Kurai blinked, and pulled her phone away to glance at the caller ID. It was her brother.


"You're not Aizawa," Kurai muttered.


"No, I'm not," Sora agreed. He sighed, "Seen the news?"


"What the fuck do you think?"


"Hm," Sora hummed. "Listen... I need a favor."


"We've not seen each other in eighteen years, I don't think we're at the 'help hide a body' level of sibling-"


"No, no, not anything like that!" Sora paused, "Well... maybe not. You're an underground hero, and well, my handlers and the Hero Commission haven't caught on yet about us, and... Listen, I can't ask the questions that you can."


"What the fuck are you talking about?" Kurai scowled.


"You're a lawyer, aren't you?"


Kurai paused, tilting her head. Slowly, a devious smile crawled over her face and she sat down on her couch, picking up a pad of paper and pen off of the floor.


"Yeah," she hummed. "Yeah I am. So, Sora... what do you need?"

Raven arrived to Gym Gamma at nine the next morning, and was surprised to find Dabi, Shigaraki, and Toga already there, sitting on the steps and waiting on her.


"Uh... you're not due for another hour...?" She consulted her watch, just to make sure.


"What happened with Twice, Raven-sensei?" Toga asked, hopping to her feet.


"..." Raven glanced over the blonde's shoulder at the two men still seated on the steps. Upon both of them nodding, she met Toga's eyes.


"... Himiko," Raven laid a hand on Toga's shoulder. "He was the first person you'd call a friend, wasn't he?"


Toga nodded.


"Well... when it comes to those we love... some things are better left unsaid," Raven murmured.


Toga frowned, eyes watering. She sniffed, but quickly wiped her face, forcing herself to straighten and meet Raven's eyes.


"I want to help find the ones who hurt my friend," Toga spoke, her voice firm.


Raven blinked.


"I'm willing to come here every day if it means proving myself, and I-I just... He was my friend and he was like me and-"


"Toga," Raven tightened her grip on Toga's shoulder. "Breathe."


The girl inhaled deeply, and Raven tugged her towards the steps. She regarded Dabi and Shigaraki, "And you two?"


"You know my reasons," Dabi shrugged. Something crossed through his eyes, and he looked down, "Though... as few of them as I have, I do stand by friends. And while he was... strange, Jin was someone I cared about."


"Make no mistake, I hate fake heroes," Shigaraki hissed. His voice was clear, unmuffled thanks to the fact he was not wearing a hand over his face, "But... killing someone who was unable to protect themselves? How much lower can a person get?"


They have a drive, Raven thought. They put on good fronts, but the League of Villains... they were a family. Dysfunctional and maybe a bit crazy, but still a family- and most families, they look after each other.


Raven hid a smile as she took a sip of her coffee, Well then. This is something I can work with.


"Wednesday afternoons after class, we meet here," Raven listed off. "Same for Thursday afternoons, we meet here. And instead of ten on Saturdays, we meet at eight and go through the day, only stopping for lunch or the occasional break. Am I clear?"


"Yes sensei," all three of her students said.


Raven nodded, "Alright then. Now, we're doing our warm ups." She pulled the keys to the gym from her pocket, juggling the keys and her thermos of coffee as she unlocked the doors, "Fifty push ups, fifty laps. We're going to up the number every time we meet, understand?"


"Yes, sensei,"


"Good, because this builds up your endurance," Kurai murmured as she threw the doors open. "We're changing things up today- instead of working on quirks, we'll be working on hand to hand combat. How are you three at that?"


"... I prefer to use my flames," Dabi admitted.


"I'm better at dodging and weaving," Toga said.


"I took on Eraserhead at USJ," Shigaraki mumbled.


"Shigaraki, you and Toga will spar with each other. Dabi, you'll be with me," Raven flicked the lights on. "I'm keeping the quirk cuffs on, just to prevent any quirk injuries today. We'll practice hand to hand until lunch, got it?"


"Yes sensei,"


"Good," Raven took another swallow of her coffee. "Now, get to work on your warm ups. We don't have all day!"

Raven wheezed as Dabi managed a sharp jab to her ribs, which were still sore from the weekend before. He stepped back, spun on his heel, and slammed the heel of his boot into her side.


"Damn, kid," Raven stumbled away, panting.


"Technically, I'm older than you, so if anyone's the kid here, it's you," Dabi stood, hands on his hips and hair even more ruffled looking than normal. He had long since shed his jacket, having to silently admit Raven was giving him a run for his money.


Not that he'd say that out loud.


Raven shot him a look, straightening back up, "Hey, I'm the teacher here, not you."


"Coulda fooled me," Dabi stretched his arms over his head, eyes closed.


Raven grinned, sharply, and moved, silently.


"Dabi, look out!" Toga shouted from the sidelines.


Dabi's eyes flew open right as Raven slammed her fist into his jaw. As he stumbled backwards, startled, Raven brought her left leg up and kicked him in the chest. When the air left his lungs, Raven dropped and swept both her legs out in a round house kick, knocking him to the concrete floor.


Dabi wheezed, turning on his side to cough up a mouthful of blood.


"Never turn your back on your enemy," Raven preened, wings ruffling in victory.


"I never even heard you move-" Dabi groaned, flopping on the ground.


"She is called the Silent Hero, scarface," Shigaraki called.


"Fuck off," Dabi retorted, without heat. "See who's laughing when you get to fight her..."


Shigaraki snorted, "Bet I'll do better than you."


"We'll find out on another day," Raven held her hand out to Dabi. "It's getting close to dinner. Aizawa will kill me for making you skip that, too- yipe!"


Raven yelped as Dabi grabbed her hand, then yanked her off balance. As she fell down, he brought his knee up into her chest, shoving her over his head and then spinning back on to his feet. His grip on her hand never left, and he was quick to kneel on her back, twisting her arm back behind her in a painful angle.


"Fuck- fuck- okay, okay, I'm tapping out!" Raven slammed the side of her free fist against the floor, wings fluttering in agitation.


Dabi chuckled, and let her go. As faceplanted, he said, "Never let your guard down around your enemy."


Raven groaned.

Chapter Text

Enough to drive ya nuts
Pick up the phone
Leave her alone
It's time you made a stand
For a fee
Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap, AC/DC 


Kurai adjusted her glasses and crossed her legs. The skirt she wore fit her well, and was maybe just a bit too short, but the action drew the attention of the man across the desk, if only for a brief second.


Kurai hid a smile, knowing that she now had the Hero Commission's CEO, Ryuusi Takegawa, full attention.


"Mr. Takegawa," Kurai adjusted her glasses again, leaning over to reach into the bag next to her chair. "I work with Bluestone Law Firm, and recently I've taken up a case involving one of your signed heroes- Sabretooth."


Ryuusi Takegawa blinked, reptillian eyes meeting Kurai's. Immeadiately, he straightened in his seat.


"Ah, so you're the lawyer who has been poking around," Ryuusi drawled. "How nice of you to finally come forward, Ms Furatio."


"Please, call me Kurai," Kurai crooned. She leaned across his desk, supporting herself on the back of Ryuusi's computer, and slid not one, but two, files on his desk, "After all, we'll be seeing a lot of each other, both in court and out."


She watched with glee as Ryuusi opened both files. Disbelief, then anger, then arrogance came off of the man in waves.


"You must have balls of brass to be able to walk in my office and accuse not one, but two of Japan's top heroes for child abuse, Ms Furatio," Ryuusi chuckled, a smirk crawling over his expression. "Why, even the number one hero- Endeavor! No one will believe you."


"You see, that's where you're wrong," Kurai mused, meeting Ryuusi's smirk with one of her own. "I have connections, Mr. Takegawa, just like you do. Where yours are up here, high in their trips of power and with people who protect the public... mine are down below. Mine aren't afraid to get their hands dirty, unlike yours are. We will dig up every little secret these so called heroes you support have- and we will reveal them to the public and let not only the public make their opinion on them, but I will also take their asses to court and put them away permanently."


Ryuusi's eyes flickered, and he licked his lips with a forked tongue. He shifted, uncomfortably, "You're bluffing."


"Your quirk allows you to sense when someone is lying- not so much unlike Detective Naosoma's. You have heat vision, and you sense other's auras with your tongue," Kurai leaned back over the computers, picking her files up. She met Ryuusi's eyes, "And you can tell I'm not lying, can't you?"


Ryuusi swallowed, thickly, nervously.


"... yes," he answered.


Kurai grinned, the look of a predator, "Good." She straightened, slipping the files and the USB drive she had connected to Ryuusi's computer into her bag. She sauntered towards, the door, and before she closed it behind her, she gave Ryuusi a coy smile, "Don't forget it."


With utter glee in her veins, Kurai walked out with her head held high.

"And in conclusion-" Aizawa was cut off as the door to the classroom banged open. He startled, along with several of his students. Quirk activated, he turned to see standing in the doorway none other than...


"Kurai," he deadpanned. "What are you doing here?"


"Well, I asked you to set me up a meeting with Endeavor's kids and you haven't yet so here I am," Kurai adjusted her glasses. The look in her eyes was... dangerous, to put it in simple words, "So, I'm kidnapping them, plus Shigaraki and and Izuku."


"No," Aizawa instantly said. "Not the problem child. Not in the same room as the trouble trio."


Kurai pointedly looked at the room- specifically, at the back of the room. While she didn't know what the assignment was, it was clear that Aizawa had assigned some type of group work, and currently, the three former villains, Shouto, and Izuku were sitting in a group.


"Looks like they're getting along to me," Kurai tilted her head.


"... Fine. Bring them back unharmed or don't come back at all," Aizawa turned to the class. "Shouto, Shigaraki, Dabi, Izuku, go with Kurai. Try not to kill each other."


"Yes, sensei," Izuku said, standing.


"Perfect!" Kurai trilled, and turned on her heel, not checking to see if the foursome were following her.


"Why did you need us?" Shouto asked, once they caught up to the woman.


"Well, a few reasons- I need Shigaraki's computer skills, Izuku's analytical mind, and I'm going to be interviewing you and your brother about the devil himself," Kurai listed off. "And after all of that is done. My next stop is the hospital your mom is in, and then Fuyumi and then Natsou sometime this week... Oh, and then I need to go by the office and drop all of this off to Izuku's mom, since she's helping me on this case, and not to mention the other thing that Hawks has me doing-"


"Is this what it's like when I mumble?" Izuku asked as they turned down another hallway.


"Yes," Shouto deadpanned. He iced the floor and slid down the hallway and cut Kurai off, "... You're serious about this."


"Why wouldn't I be?" Kurai stopped, blinking down at him.


"You won't win," Dabi spoke up. "Endeavor's too powerful." He exhaled, body slumping, "It's... one of the reasons I joined the League of Villains- you'd need a team to expose him for the monster he is."


Kurai smiled, though it didn't particularly reach her eyes, "Look around, kid. Do you really think I'm not prepared?"

It was late, when Kurai got done at UA, and made her way into the office building she and Inko worked at. By the time she organized the information that Shigaraki and Izuku had put together on Endeavor's hero record, plus made her notes on the interviews she had done with both Dabi and Shouto, it was nearing midnight.


She had just set all of her files down on Inko's desk when her phone dinged with a message.


Briefly, she entertained the message of ignoring it, then realized that the ringer was from one of her more shadier contacts in the hero world.


Fuck, Kurai thought, bitterly. She pulled her phone out, squinting at the message.


Faceless: I have info for you. There's rumor going around that AFO is looking for recruits to rebuild a new LOV. I got a list of those he's looking to hire... Switchblade is one of them.


All emotion Kurai felt was promptly replaced with numb shock.


Switchblade, huh? Kurai thought, I haven't heard that name in a long time...


She sent a message back:


Where do you want to meet?

Raven landed on the empty street, the silence of the early morning hours nearly deafening, if such a thing were possible. Feathers ruffling a little, she turned towards the alleyway on the far side of the street, stopping just short of actually going down it.


Silence rained down, thick and oppressive.


"Surprised you came," A deep voice came from the shadows.


"You called," Raven drawled. "What's this about All For One building up a new League of Villains?"


"He's furious," the shadows spoke, moving without any real form to them. "That some of his best members would turn his back on him. He's even more furious at the fact that someone is killing them off."


"To be fair," Raven shoved her hands in her pockets. "So far it's only been Twice."


"You think the ones responsible will stop simply at one kill? We know the message he left- how they don't belong in society- how it was wrote in his own blood,"


Raven sucked in a sharp breath, but didn't question how the voice knew such a detail that hadn't been released to the public. She'd learned long ago to not question him.


"... Who's he looking for?" Raven asked, "You said he's recruiting. You said," Raven swallowed thickly, fingers curling into fists, "Switchblade?"


"He's looking for her as one of his knights," He paused. "Though, we both know how elusive she is."


"Only shows up every so often," Raven murmured in agreement. "But her work is unmistakable."


"Stain has even commented on her work..."


"Do you think she'll show?" Raven asked.


"... I think she'll be interested," Golden yellow eyes gleamed in the shadows. "Shall I inform you if she does?"


"... No," Raven decided, voice tight. "If she shows... I'll know." She cleared her throat, "Hey... How's your kid?"


There was a brief moment of silence, before a small, amused chuckle, reached Raven's ears.


"He's become a therapist, works with children whose quirks are a bit... volatile,"


"Good," Raven allowed a small smile. "He was always good with kids- they trust him."


"You were the one who gave him the determination to do anything, in the first place. I... owe you my thanks, for that,"


"Hm," Raven closed her eyes, and another moment of silence followed.


"For what its worth," the yellow eyes disappeared, and the voice became distant. "I hope you get your chance to bury Switchblade for good."


"Me too," Raven whispered.


All at once, the oppressiveness in the air disappeared, and Raven felt like she could breathe normally again. The silence disappeared, and the sounds of city night life reached her ears, a calming balm on her frazzled nerves.


It didn't ease the static of her mind though.

"Everything you asked for," Kurai dropped the file on the table. She slumped down in the chair across from her brother, "Use that wisely."


"... Thanks," Sora eyed his sister. "Are you okay?"


"Just tired," Kurai mumbled, sipping at her mug of coffee. "I didn't get home till nearly four this morning."


Sora blinked at her, "Uh... that was no less than three hours ago- Kurai! Why didn't you call me and say you couldn't make it?!"


"This was more important," Kurai waved a hand. "I had to flirt with your boss, fyi. Snakes and birds don't mix and it was all I could do to keep my facade up."


"Please never say that again around me," Sora shuddered, pulling his legs up under him. He eyed the file, "You... got all of this out of an interview?"


"Nope," Kurai yawned, leaning back in the chair. "I hacked his computer."


Sora blinked, "You what."


"Mmhm," Kurai set her cup on the side table, looking ready to crash.


"What the hell did Eraserhead teach you at UA?!"


Kurai scoffed, and gave her brother a look from under half lidded eyes, "You forget, Hawks, I'm an underground hero. Not a goody two shoes daylighter like you."


"A daylighter who also was a double agent for the LOV, if you so remember the recent news," Sora scowled.


"Who also ended up becoming fuck buddies with the current number one's villain son,"


"Fuck bud- Touya is my boyfriend," Sora exclaimed. "Do you have any idea what I had to go through to earn his trust- how much I warred with myself, wondering if I was doing the right thing?!"


"Weren't you ordered by your superiors to do the job?" Kurai rolled her eyes.


"Yeah- the Hero Commission," Sora emphasized the words. "The people we're trying to figure out why would they would lie to us?"


Kurai sighed, "Alright... alright, fine, you win."


Sora stared at her, then sighed, "Do you have patrol tonight?"


"Mm... no," Kurai hummed.


"Good," Sora stood up, stepping around the coffee table and gently nudging his sister. "You're taking the guest room, and once you're rested, we'll go over everything you got. If you argue with me, I'm not afraid to knock you out."


In response, Kurai simply let herself be lead to the bedroom.


She was far more tired than she cared to admit.

Unknown: We have the location of your next target. You know the drill- don't disappoint.


The man sighed, annoyed and hurt as he pocketed his phone. He checked the back at his feet- acid laced knives, to cut through thick skin, medical supplies, and a bloody GPS tracker attached to the bag's strap.


Do they really think so little of me? I've been loyal to them for almost my whole damn life, not that I've had a choice...


The lights of the apartment he had been watching finally went out, and upon checking his watch, the figure realized it was just after one in the morning. He grimaced.


I'll have to make this quick, he thought. So as to not raise any alarms or put any suspicion on me.


Adjusting his headset, he slung the bag over his shoulder and moved silently through the night, towards the apartment complex. With the grace of someone trained, he began climbing up the balconies, closer and closer to his target. He finally dropped on to the balcony, without a noise.


He reached out to the sliding glass door, pleased to find that his trick with the door, to keep it from locking, had worked. It opened quietly, and he stepped inside.


Unless one had been looking, no one would have known he was there.

"Have you guys seen the-" Kaminari cut off as he came up behind the couch Kirishima and Bakugou sat on, "Oh yeah, you're watching it now."


"Okay, this is fucking ridiculous," Bakugou glared at the television. "I thought after Twice's death, they moved everyone again."


Next to him, Kirishima nodded, "So did I. How do you think they found him?"


"Hawks told me most of the heroes have come up with the idea that someone on the inside is leaking intel," Kirishima and Kaminari startled, and Bakugou snarled, as Dabi appeared behind them. He leaned over the couch, watching the screen across the room, "So... this time it's Spinner, huh? Have they released any details on how he was killed yet?"


"Nope," Kirishima sighed. "They don't even know how the guy got past the guards, or the security system. Only thing they've said is that, like Twice, he was stabbed and a message was left."


"Wonder if there's a strength quirk involved," Dabi mused.


"Huh?" Bakugou scowled, "Why would you say that, scarface?"


"Spinner looked like a lizard, and he was damn good with his blades, but his skin... it was pretty thick. Like leather, in a way," Dabi shrugged. "It would have taken someone pretty strong to get through his skin, let alone get the drop on him."


"... Do you think it could be All For One?" Kirishima asked.


Dabi blinked at him.


"I mean... for some of his most loyal followers deciding to try and give good a chance," Kirishima clarified. "I don't know, but... he seems like the type of guy to get rid of the old and start with the new, and what better way to make sure than kill those who betrayed him? Especially to send a message to anyone who may want to join him now."


"He was still in prison though, when Twice was killed, shitty hair," Bakugou pointed out.


"Someone on the outside, then? Someone the pros missed?" Kaminari shrugged.


"They didn't miss anyone," Dabi frowned. "All of the League were apprehended."


"Maybe, but he did have a lot of people working for him, didn't he? It's not to say that someone was missed," Kirishima argued. "And who knows- he could be employing them to do his dirty work."


Kirishima had a good point, the other three boys realized. As one, Bakugou, Kaminari, and Dabi let their eyes get drawn back to the television, where the reporter was still covering the story of Spinner's murder.


"The question now on every one's mind," the reporter stared right into the camera. "Is who's next?"

Chapter Text

Back in black
I hit the sack
I've been too long I'm glad to be back
Yes, I'm let loose
From the noose
That's kept me hanging about
Back In Black, AC/DC

"You, ah... seem distracted," Dabi commented, shoving his hands into his pockets. "You okay, birdie?"


Hawks frowned, and scratched the back of his head, "No, not really. Kurai's been... off, the last few days, and... she's not talking. If anything, she's shutting me out...." He sighed, lowering his hand, "It feels like we're going back to right where we started, and I'm not sure if it's something I said, or did, or if it's something she's going through-"


Dabi was silent, mulling over Hawks' words as they walked down the hallway. Around them, the employees of the Hero Commission eyed them- well... more like they had their eyes on him specifically.


"But, hey, enough about me," Hawks nudged the fire user with a wing. "You okay? This is your first parole hearing in front of the Commission since you started the rehab program."


"I'm not entirely sure this is a good idea," Dabi admitted. "Since the Commission apparently has lied about more than a few things to my boyfriend."


"Aw, I knew you cared under that cold heart of yours! Guess the flames of passion are thawing you out, eh?"


"Those were terrible jokes. And do you have no shame? Admitting something like that where someone could hear?"


"Am I supposed to? At this point, I don't rightly care what the Commission thinks," Hawks muttered, darkly. He stabbed the elevator button with his finger, with more force than was really necessary, "You of all people should know what I'm feeling... when someone you're supposed to look up to ends up tearing your family apart from the inside out?"


Dabi scowled at that, but was cut off from answering when the elevator doors dinged open. He stepped in, slightly surprised when Hawks followed him.


"I thought birds didn't like to be caged?" He teased as the doors slid shut.


Hawks rolled his eyes, playing off his nonchalance even as his wings poofed up and his eyes dilated in reaction to his nervousness.


"With everything the Commission has pulled and the threat to the rest of the League," Hawks murmured. "I'm not taking any chances in leaving you out of my sight."


Dabi swallowed, glancing away. Gruffly, he muttered, "I can handle myself, you know."


"I know," Hawks chuckled, and brought both of his wings around the two of them. Startled, Dabi turned his head to ask what he was doing, when he was met with Hawks' lips on his. His eyes widened, even as Hawks pulled away, gold eyes glittering behind his visor, "But remember... it's the hero's job to make sure everyone is safe."


Hawks leaned away, wings folding back up as the elevator doors dinged open, "Well, ready to face the music?"


Dabi blinked, rebooting his brain, then sighed, "If I must."


"Ah cheer up!" Hawks grinned, "Maybe today won't be as bad as you think!"

Raven burst into the common room, in a flurry of furious black feathers. When she spoke, her voice would have given even Present Mic a run for his money.


"What do you mean- Toga's missing?!"


"Ow," Hawks rubbed his ears. "Do you have a secret voice quirk none of us know about?"


"Answer my question! Toga's missing?! How?! Where?! When?!"


Hawks sighed, rubbing the back of his head, "It happened at the parole hearing today. We had to split up- I went with Dabi, Shigaraki with Miruko, and Toga with one of secretaries. We were planning to meet back up in the lobby before going to get lunch, but... after an hour, I finally asked where Toga was, and well..."


There was a heavy pause.


"Well, what?" Raven seethed, wings trembling in barely concealed rage.


"I was told she threw a fit in her parole hearing, and they showed the security footage to me- she was carried out, just..." Hawks sighed, wings dropping guiltily, "I didn't recognize who it was that took her, and nobody could tell me where they took Toga."


Raven trembled, eyes dark with fear and rage. The last few weeks came crashing down on her: Twice and Spinner's deaths, the escape of some of Japan's worst criminals, the stress of her case against Endeavor, coming face to face with a past she had thought she'd buried...


"-and we're doing all we can to search for her," Aizawa was saying, his voice distant. "But for now, Dabi and Shigaraki aren't going to be leaving here, even for their hearings. We're not taking any chances-"


"Raven?" Hawks' voice was worried, "Hey... Hey, Kurai, you okay?"


Raven blinked, straightening, "Yeah... yeah... I'm fine." She glanced over at Aizawa, "Tomorrow's Wednesday, right?"


Aizawa nodded, "Do you want to skip-"


"No," Raven cut him off sharply. "No, I'll be here. Just tell Dabi and Shigaraki that I'm not going to go easy on them." She glanced at Hawks, "You... did what you could, bro. Don't blame yourself." She gave him a small smile, "We'll figure all of this out and put an end to it soon, I'm sure."

The knife soared through the air, embedding itself into the back of the man who attempted to run away. He jerked, choking, and fell to the dirty alleyway. He was dead before he hit the ground.


Thick boots thumped over the ground as they approached the body. With a near silent shink!, the blade was yanked from the corpse, blood dripping off the tip.


A high pitched hum filled the air as the owner of the blade wiped the blood off on their dark jeans, before they stepped over the bodies lining the ground and trudged deeper into the alleyway.


The sound of someone clapping their hands stopped them, and the figure turned to see a silhouette in the entrance of the alleyway.


"Less than five minutes to take down fifteen Yazuka... impressive," the man drawled.


The figure blinked golden eyes at the man, before they widened as they recognized them, "Stain..."


"In the flesh," the villain drawled.


"Huh," the figure tilted their head, then smiled, teeth gleaming in the dim light. "What can I do you for?"


"The League of Villains is recruiting," Stain sauntered down the alleyway, his own blades glittering and clinking together. "We've heard about you... Switchblade."


The woman's smile widened, her gold eyes glittering strangely in the darkness, even behind the half mask she wore, which covered the left side of her face. She spun the blade that had just been used to kill the earlier man between her fingers, "Oh really? All good things, I hope?"


"Depends on your definition of good," Stain mused, stopping a few feet away from the woman. He eyed her, interest clear in his cold gaze, "But of course... all members need to prove themselves..."


Switchblade shivered, fingers stilling around the hilt of her knife. She met Stain's eyes, lifting her chin in a silent challenge...


Stain acted first. Faster than the eye could follow, he threw two of his knives flew through the air. Both would have simply been enough to draw blood, but Switchblade knew who her opponent was. She dropped to the ground, rolling forwards. A clatter of metal on concrete met her ears, as Stain's knives fell to the ground.


Stain looked mildly amused, "Your reputation proceeds you."


Switchblade said nothing, made no other move. She simply stared at Stain, gold eyes bright and alert. A knife dropped from inside her jacket sleeve and into her open hand.


"Come at me, then," Switchblade said, softly.


Stain frowned, and drew his sword. He lunged, swinging his blade out towards Switchblade's face.


The clang of metal on metal surprised him, as she stopped his attack dead in its track with her own two knives. Her body barely moved from the impact, her gaze meeting his, a coldness in them that he hadn't expected.


It was enough of a distraction, though.


Switchblade's eyes widened as she caught the glint of silver in Stain's other hand, coming straight for her face. She jumped back, raising her hand, as though to block his attack....


"Too late!" Stain jeered.


She fell backwards on to the ground, a slight cut on her cheek. Her eyes were wide as she watched him bring his blade up to his uncovered mouth.


"Of course... maybe I was too quick to judge," Stain mused as he licked the blade.








Switchblade laughed, and fluidly stood up. She smiled at him, sharp and dangerous. She wiped her cheek off, revealing just a simple blood smear.


"My hands got coated in blood when I rolled, Stain," Switchblade purred. "I only let you think I got cut, so when you realized I could still move..." With a sudden speed Stain hadn't been expecting, Switchblade rushed across the alleyway. She halted just in front of him, spun on her heel, and slammed the back of her leg into Stain's ribs, knocking him into the wall of one of the buildings, "You'd be too shocked to do anything."


Stain blinked as he slumped to the ground, stunned. She had... used his quirk to her advantage? The bodies around them and her movements... So many steps ahead, her movements so quick...


Stain laughed, "Maybe I was too quick to judge." He pushed himself up, smirking, "I see why All For One wishes to recruit you."


Switchblade's smirk dropped to a frown, "All For One, huh? League is really recruiting..."


"You've heard," Stain commented.


"Sure I have. Everyone's talking about how you guys busted out of Tartarus, of all places. Color me impressed..." Switchblade frowned, "But why me?"


"You'd have to ask him yourself," Stain leaned against the wall, eyeing the young woman. "I don't know."


Switchblade scowled, then became distracted as her phone dinged. She glanced down at it, something indecipherable crossing her face. She looked back up at Stain, "Can I think on it?"


"Sure, but don't wait too long," Stain smirked. "Who knows how long this offer is on the table?"

Kurai returned home at nearly four in the morning, dropping down on her couch, a sigh escaping her lips.


You should go to bed, a voice said in her head. You have to be at UA in a few hours.


I'm fine, Kurai thought. I'll be fine.


Her phone dinged, with Faceless' ringtone. Groaning, she dragged it from her jacket's pocket and checking her messages.


Faceless: Fifteen Yakuza dead in downtown Hosu, all with Switchblade's signature crisscross slit throat. Word on the street is, Stain found her and told her AFO is looking for her.


Kurai stared at her phone, not quite processing the words.


Switchblade's back huh, Kurai thought, dropping her phone on the couch beside her. Her hands shook at the thought, memories she had thought she had buried rising unbidden into her mind's eye. She closed her eyes and let them wash over her.


A scream, followed by the glint of a silver blade. Blood splashed up on to her face, sending her recoiling backwards as she stared in horror at the body that dropped to the floor.


Dark, feminine laughter rang through the room.


White hot rage, burning and burning and nearly choking her with the force of it. A knife flying through the air, a shriek of anger, one of pain, and then there was a bang as something hit the floor. Smoke filled her lungs, causing her breath to come out in wheezes.


A crash, of glass shattering... darkness rushing up towards her...


Nothing, Kurai snapped back to the present, eyes flying open. She squinted against the sudden influx of sunlight in through her living room windows. Had she fallen asleep...?


She fumbled for her phone. Sure enough, it was nearly lunch time. She had just over an  hour before she was due at UA.


"Fuck," Kurai swore softly. She stood up, stumbling over her heavy boots, cursing as she did.


Okay, okay... shower to wake up, then stop and get breakfast and coffee on the way to UA, Kurai thought, fumbling with her boots in an attempt to pull them off. Get through today, Kurai. You can do it. Just breathe. Breathe...

Raven was already on the training field when Aizawa brought his class down. She looked haggard, with dark bags under her eyes, her skin pale and her hair thrown up in a messy ponytail. She certainly didn't look like the put together young woman she normally was, especially with the fact that she held a cup of coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other.


"I thought you quit," Aizawa stated, flatly. "Smoking isn't permitted on UA campus grounds, you know."


Raven rolled her eyes, and flicked the nearly finished cigarette away, "I'm under a lot of stress, alright? Don't you harp on me when I know that you do the same thing." She took a long swallow of her coffee, sighing.


"How much sleep did you get?" Aizawa asked.


"Uh..." Raven squinted her eyes, and then promptly began counting on her fingers, "Let's see... about five hours?"


Aizawa sighed, knowing he couldn't get on to her about her sleep schedule when his own family's was just as messed up, "Who do you want today?"


"Dabi and Shigaraki," Raven muffled a yawn. "I told you this yesterday."


"Can you handle them in your current state?"


"Can you handle your class in your current state?"


Aizawa's eyebrow twitched, and he heard a quiet giggle from behind him. He was suddenly reminded he had a mix of twenty two young adults and teenagers watching the exchange, and he glared at Raven.


She sipped her coffee, then walked away, calling over her shoulder, "You'll get them back by dinner! Dabi, Shigaraki, come on- we got work to do!"

Chapter Text

I'm prepared for this
I never shoot to miss
But I feel like a storm is coming
If I'm gonna make it through the day
Then there's no more use in running
This is something I gotta face
-Writing's On The Wall, Sam Smith

Dabi shot off a burst of flame, only to curse as a blast of wind sent the flames right back towards him. He ducked back down behind the wall of concrete as the azure fire crashed into the stone, sending up a burst of heat around himself and Shigaraki.


"Is it just me or is she upping the ante?" Dabi muttered.


"She's a hidden mega boss," Shigaraki scratched at his throat. "She's been holding back on us for the duration of the game but now that we've reached the final level..."


"It's no holds barred," Dabi muttered. "Alright, so... we got a game plan?"


Shigaraki stared at the other man, "... Was that a joke."


Dabi smirked, "Keeping you on your toes, hand job."


Shigaraki let out an unholy shriek, "Listen, you crispy-"


Dabi wasn't listening, shooting up from his crouch and leaping over the concrete block. He released a torrent of flames on his airborne opponent.


"You idiot," Shigaraki hissed.


It turned out, Dabi had successfully lit Raven's jacket on fire. Her distraction made her sloppy as she dropped to the ground, trying to bat the flames out.


Dabi unleashed another burst of flames.


Raven's right wing flew up, hardening and blocking the fire in a makeshift shield. When the flames stopped, she lowered her wing, barely managing to jump away when Dabi swept his leg out, trying to knock her off her feet.


"Heh, good one," Raven smirked, stepping back. She froze, when a hand wrapped around each of her wings. Slowly, she turned her head to peer over her shoulder.


Both of Shigaraki's pinkies were a mere hairbreadth's away from connecting fully with her wings.


Raven jerked as a too-warm hand wrapped around her throat. Eyes wide, she met Dabi's bemused gaze. His free hand was lit up with blue flames, the fire flickering a bit too close for comfort.


"Focusing on Dabi, you failed to remember that I'm here," Shigaraki said. "The hidden enemy."


Raven's wings trembled.


"Having a flashy quirk helps like that," Dabi mused.


Silence fell over the trio, before Raven chuckled, "Good job, you two. If I had been anyone else, you would've won." Her lips curled into a sharp grin, "That is... if I had been anyone else."


Raven flared her wings, shoving Shigaraki back. She disconnected from them, the flare up caused Dabi to stumble back a step, and Raven used the momentum to grab him by his hair and yank him down so she could slam her knee in to his face.


Dabi snarled in pain, stumbling back with a hand clapped over his nose.


Raven whirled around, driving her foot into Shigaraki's gut and sending him on to his back. With a flourish, she summoned her wings back on to her back, and stood with her hands on her hips.


"Hah!" A loud bark of laughter startled her, and she whirled around to see the entirety of Class 1-A, plus Aizawa, on the sidelines. Bakugou Katsuki was grinning like a madman, "Do that again!"


Midoriya sweatdropped, "K-Kacchan... Don't be rude."


Aizawa sighed, stepping on to the field, "Shouto, take Dabi and Shigaraki to get looked at by Recovery Girl. The rest of you, back to class." He leveled Raven with a look, "You and I need to talk."

Raven lit another cigarette as she and Aizawa walked across the school grounds. She inhaled deeply, eyes falling closed. She could practically feel the nicotine calming her frazzled nerves...


"You only smoke when you're to take on a particularly stressful assignment," Aizawa finally spoke, breaking the silence between them. "What is it this time?"


"Can I not simply stressed due to all that has been happening?" Raven shot back, blowing out a lungful of smoke.


Aizawa stared at her.


"... Switchblade is back," Raven admitted. Upon Aizawa's soft curse, she continued, "One of my informants says that All For One is looking to hire her, as another member for his new League of Villains."


"You remember the last time you two crossed paths, don't you?" Aizawa frowned, "You were in the hospital for almost a month, Kurai. I don't think it's logical for you to-"


"Pursue her?" Raven took another drag off her cigarette, flicking away ash, "I made the mistake of letting her get away, Eraserhead. I need to rectify that."


"What do you mean?" Aizawa frowned.


"I... I think I'm gonna go off radar for a while, teach," Raven said, softly. "She only shows up once a year, and with everything that has been happening, recently... everything that's hitting close to home... I feel like I finally finish her off, for good. Lock her up and throw away the key."


"Understood," Aizawa sighed. "But what about your students? Dabi and Shigaraki need your guidance-"


"I got my guidance from the best damn teacher I know," Raven met Aizawa's eyes. "I wouldn't trust anyone else with what to teach them. Just keep in mind that they had a shit hand dealt to them, and you need to show them that they do matter. They can make a difference, Aizawa. I feel it."


"And your case against Endeavor?" Aizawa asked, already dreading her answer.


"Inko, Izuku's mom, is my coworker and has been helping me put the case together. She can handle it," Raven replied. Another drag off her cigarette. It was nearly finished.


"And your family? I don't know what Hawks' reaction will be, but I do know your mother hates it when you go undercover," Aizawa tried.


"Mom understands. Hawks... I'll deal with him," Raven finished her cigarette and threw the butt to the side. "Are we finished here?"


Aizawa sighed, seeing that Raven had made up her mind about what she was going to do, "Is there nothing I can say to convince you to not do this? To at least think it through or wait-"


"I've thought it through," Raven inhaled deeply. "And I've waited long enough." Her eyes blazed, burning with anger and determination, "It's time to end this."

It was Friday before Raven got the chance to tell her brother anything.


"Okay, you've been quiet since you got here and I know enough to know that it isn't normal for you. What's on your mind?"


Kurai blinked, squinting across the counter at her brother. Over Sora's shoulder, she saw Dabi in the kitchen, quiet save for the occasional noise he made while cooking up something that smelled, frankly, divine. She recalled the message the other man had sent her earlier that day.


Dabi: Can I get you to 'escort' me to Sora's place? I got permission from Eraserhead to spend a few hours with him.


Kurai had hesitated only a moment before replying.


Raven: Sure. Name the time. I need to talk to him anyways.


"Yo, Kurai- hey, you spaced out," Kurai blinked as Sora waved a hand in front of her face, a crimson feather reaching out to poke her arm. "Seriously, what's up? I've figured out by now if you're tired you'd have coffee and you don't."


"Probably switching caffeine out for nicotine," Dabi commented, turning to point with a knife at her. "Apparently she's an on again, off again smoker."


"Why," Kurai sighed, dropping her face into her hands. "Must you out me this way?"


"I'm used to it, by now," Sora rolled his eyes. He reached across the span of the kitchen with one of his wings to poke the back of Dabi's head, "I've tried to get this crispy critter to stop smoking but without much success."


Kurai snorted as Dabi batted the wing away with his hand. She raised her head, listening as the couple bickered. Once upon a time, she never would have thought she'd see the domestic side of Sora's life and yet... here she was. It was... pleasing, in a way.


It almost made her feel guilty for the bombshell she was about to drop.


Taking a sip of the beer that Sora had offered her, she spoke up, "So, I've got a mission assigned to me."


"-Really?" Sora's head snapped around, effectively distracting him from his previous conversation, "What kind? You're not going to end up in the hospital again, are you?"


Kurai grimaced, and took another sip, "I... can't say that for sure. It's... I'm not going to be easily reached. It's a deep cover mission."


Sora blinked, and then his body language changed. He went from lax and curious, to stiff and serious. He propped his forearms on the counter, a cold glint in his gold eyes.


"Can you give me details?" He asked, voice firm.


"No," Kurai shook her head. "I've only told Aizawa about it. I don't want to tell too many people- could jeopardize both those who know and my own life. I've learned from..." She faltered, "Let's just say... the last time I told too many people, I... I ended up having to prove myself and... people lost their lives... Good people... Innocent lives."


Now, Dabi turned, eyeing her with a glimmer in his eyes that Kurai recognized.




The older man put whatever it was he had been working on into the oven, then washed his hands off in the sink. He poured himself a glass of water, before walking over to stand next to Sora.


"You trying to find the new League that's popping up?" Dabi asked, knowingly.


Kurai clenched her jaw and looked away. A list appeared in her mind's eye, of all the names of those that had died by her hand...


Kurai downed the last of her beer with a single, hard swallow. She sighed heavily as she set the empty bottle on the counter with a soft tink!.


"Something like that," she muttered, finally. Her voice cracked, angry and guilty all at once, "It's... I wouldn't say personal, but... it does play a part in what I'm doing."


Sora and Dabi exchanged a look, a silent conversation that Kurai couldn't hope to understand, before they both stared at her. She resisted the urge to flinch, under the cold blue and the burning gold.


"You're out for revenge, aren't you?" Dabi murmured, "I'd recognize that look anywhere. Who is it you're after?"


"I'm not-" Kurai tried.


"You are," Sora cut her off. "Don't lie, Kurai. Just... tell us. What can we do to help?"


A laugh left Kurai's lips, bitter and pained and furious all rolled into one. She looked up, eyes glittering with unshed, angry tears.


"Trust me," she croaked. "There's nothing you can do to help. This is something I have to do alone."

Chapter Text


"You're just a fool, just a fool to believe you can change the world"
Oh, the smallest thing can make all the difference
Love is alive, don't listen to them when they say
"You're just a fool, just a fool to believe you can change the world"
-Change, Carrie Underwood


It started raining, an hour after the trio finished dinner.


Kurai stared blankly out the floor to ceiling windows lining her brother's living room, as thunder boomed and lightning crackled across the sky. The wind was howling, and Kurai grimaced at the thought of walking or flying through this twice more than she normally would have to.


"You know what," she muttered. "Screw it." Speaking louder, she called as she walked for the door, "Dabi, you can stay the night here. Just make sure my brother gets you to Gym Gamma by eight in the morning. I'll handle Aizawa if he tries to bitch about it."


With that, the apartment door slammed shut behind her.


Dabi and Sora both blinked at the door, before looking at each other.


"Did she just-"


"I think so. And to be honest, I don't blame her. Have you tried flying in this type of weather? Not fun," Sora shook his head. "And no, it doesn't matter if our wings can harden or not, getting the water out of feathers sucks."


Dabi raised an eyebrow, reclining against the arm of the couch. Across from him, Sora sat with a contemplative expression, golden eyes glazed over and distant.


"Something on your mind, pretty bird?" Dabi asked, nudging the side of Sora's leg with his foot.


"I'm worried about Kurai," Sora admitted, taking a sip of the beer he held. "I don't see how you're not, considering you've spent more time with her than I have."


"To be fair, I don't know her much better than you do," Dabi pointed out. "It's only been two weeks since I've met her, and to be honest, just a few times." He paused, "But... you're right."


Sora cocked an eyebrow, eyes glittering in mischief.


"If the next words out of your mouth are 'can you repeat that', I swear I'm turning you into fried chicken, relationship be damned," Dabi warned.


Sora pouted, lower lip poking out.


"She was different, on Wednesday, and yesterday," Dabi mused. "Shigaraki commented on it, too. Hell, Eraserhead even pulled her aside to talk to her, after class on Wednesday. She hasn't said why though, so don't ask me."


Sora sighed, taking another swallow from the glass bottle. For a moment, his expression was eerily blank, devoid of showing any emotion or any insight as to what he was thinking. Then, it cleared, and Dabi could see the lightbulb going off over Sora's head.


"Mom might though," Sora mumbled, gold eyes brightening in realization.


"Huh- Hey!" Dabi jerked in surprise as Sora abruptly untangled himself from the former villain, jumping up and diving for his phone, which sat on the kitchen island, "You have telekinetic feathers birdbrain, why didn't you just-?!"


"Shush!" Sora waved a hand as he put his phone to his ear.


"Don't 'shush' me, you-"


"Mom!" Sora exclaimed, as who he was calling picked up, "Hey, yep, it's me, your favorite son- Yes, I know I'm your only son, but just- Yes, I know it's late, but- Mom, please, I think there's something wrong with Kurai."


That seemed to get Kuro Furatio's attention, and Sora's wings slumped in relief.


"Yeah... She's... she's been off the last couple of days. Even Touya has noticed," Sora rubbed the back of his neck.


"I'm right here..." Dabi muttered.


"And... she was just here for dinner, and she said she had an assignment coming up, something to do with All For One, and I was just wondering if you might know something? She didn't tell me or Touya anything-" Sora blinked, turning to meet Dabi's disinterested gaze, "No... No, we haven't really talked much about our work..."


Dabi cocked an eyebrow, propping his elbow on the arm of the couch and then setting the side of his jaw against his fist. Whatever Kuro was saying, it had Sora's full attention, up until he frowned, looking confused.


"Switchblade? Nope, I've never heard of-" Sora cut off, seeing how Dabi had frozen with his eyes blown wide open in downright terror, "... But I might know someone who does. Uh, thanks, mom. Sorry to have called you so late. Yeah, yeah, love you too. G'night."


Dabi blinked, and his expression cleared, "So?"


Sora gave him an unimpressed look. When he approached the couch, it reminded Dabi of a predator approaching prey and- hold on a minute, wasn't Dabi the former villain?


Dabi swallowed, finding his mouth dry as Sora knelt on the couch and leaned over him, arms braced on either side of his head. The blonde's wings were flared, gold eyes having darkened to nearly black. Any other time, Dabi might have found this entire show something straight out of one of his fantasies...


If it wasn't for the fact he knew exactly the reason behind this sudden display of dominance- just how far one would go for those they love- and just how dangerous Hawks could be when properly motivated.


"Touya," Sora sang. He leaned down, a mere centimeters away from Dabi's face, "Is there something you want to tell me?"




Sora cocked an eyebrow, and Dabi had the feeling, that unless he started talking, he wouldn't be leaving here unscathed.

"You look like you could use a few more hours of sleep," Shigaraki commented.


"How could you tell?" Dabi deadpanned.


"Your eyes are more dead than normal,"


"Fuck you,"


"Sorry but I prefer my meat medium rare,"


"Listen, you crusty handjob motherfu-"


"Boys, boys!" Midnight trilled, as she walked up to the duo, who stood on the steps to Gym Gamma, "Honestly, if you both cleaned up, you'd both be equally pretty!"


"Hmph," Shigaraki glanced away. He frowned, "Where's Raven-sensei?"


Midnight hummed as she unlocked the doors, throwing them open, "Well, she's put me as your new combat teacher, as she's officially been called away on her newest assignment. Myself and Eraserhead, who should be here shortly, will be who you're meeting here on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays."


"What assignment?" Shigaraki asked, "She hasn't mentioned anything to us."


Dabi pointedly didn't meet either Shigaraki's or Midnight's eyes.


"Ah, you know, Dabi?" Midnight asked, catching on to his discomfort.


Dabi groaned, rubbing his eyes with the heels of his hands, "... Yeah, she told Hawks and me last night. Said it was something where she wouldn't be able to get in contact with anybody?"


"You're not wrong," Eraserhead stated, from behind the two young men. They both jumped in surprise, Dabi's flames quickly extinguished under the pro's red eyed gazed, "We also don't know how long she'll be gone for, but I know Raven. She'll want you to both keep up with your training and have improved by the time she gets back."


Midnight nodded, "Mmhm. She's told Eraserhead to work with you, Shigaraki." She smiled predatorily at Dabi, "And you and I are going to work together, my dear!"


Dabi and Shigaraki looked at each other.


"I think I prefer Raven," Shigaraki muttered.


Dabi nodded, "At least she's not half crazy."

Okay, so Switchblade first appeared roughly five years ago, with a string of murders that left nearly two dozen dead. Then she disappeared for over a year, and no one heard hide nor hair of her, and it was just by chance that a single murder with her trademark crisscross slit throat let anyone know she was even still alive.


Hawks sighed, and ran a hand through his hair. His phone burned in his hand, a testament to the fact of it's near constant use in the last few hours.


"Hawks," the number two hero jumped in surprise at the gruff voice behind him. He dropped his phone into his pocket and turned, wincing slightly at the burning flames.


"Hey, Endeavor!" Hawks grinned, putting on a smile, "Glad you're here. Ready for patrol?"


Endeavor eyed the younger man, "Are you?"


Hawks blinked at him, "Well, yeah! Why wouldn't I be? You're the one that's-" He consulted his phone one more time, "Oh, hey, you're on time."


"I arrived on time. You're the one that has not paid any attention to my calls. Not to mention, you're early, which is practically unheard of for you," Endeavor grunted.


"Aw, Enji!" Hawks cooed, "You do care!"


"Of course I do," Endeavor scowled. "If you're distracted, you won't be able to do your job properly."


A memory, unbidden but summoned by Endeavor's words, replayed in Hawks' mind. Words echoed in his mind.


"He only ever cared about being number one- about how one of us could take his place, go even beyond All Might. The training he put us through... couldn't even be classified as training, some days... Most days."




"He wanted it done right... wanted it done properly... Hah, that was a joke. What did he know about anything proper?"


"-awks? Hawks!"


Hawks snapped out of his daze at Endeavor's sharp voice. Instinctively, he flared his wings and stepped back, glaring up at the taller man before him. Then, he blinked, and easily slipped back into his laid back demeanor with a smile.


"Sorry, I was thinking- Did you say something?" Hawks asked.


"Yes, actually," Endeavor stated. "You... You're... my son's parole officer, are you not? Considering he was your informant for the League of Villains?"


Hawks felt himself bristle, again, for the second time. He forced himself to relax, "Yeah, what about it?"


"I wasn't informed that his parole hearing was moved up," Endeavor frowned. "I thought it was next week, until I was told that he had it earlier this week. I also heard that one of the other members has been reported missing."


"Well, yeah, you're not wrong about Toga going missing," Hawks admitted, even as his mind scrambled as to why Endeavor hadn't been told that Touya's hearing had been rescheduled. Tell the truth?


What, that all of us knew Endeavor would try to get him put behind bars or put himself into Touya's life again or something equally worse?


Yeah, no, that wouldn't fly.


Then, like a lightbulb had gone off over his head, Hawks' answer came to him.


"You remember my sister, right?" Hawks asked, forging on even as Endeavor's flames flared just a bit hotter in rage, "Well, she recently got called in on an assignment, and as she's To- er, Dabi's, teacher, at UA, she's one of the people who could testify about his good behavior. She got it moved up, to fit her schedule better."


Please don't say you know she wasn't there. Please don't say you know she wasn't there. Please don't say-


"I see," Endeavor conceded. "Next time, let me know."




"Sure," Hawks shrugged.


"Good," Endeavor scowled. "Shall we go then? We have a long day, do we not?"


As the number one hero walked away, Hawks relaxed. He scowled, thankful Endeavor wasn't looking at him when he did.


Why the hell did I ever look up to this bastard?


Then he remembered- before the Hero Commission had taken Hawks from his home, from his family... Endeavor had been the hero that Hawks had looked up to. The hero he had once aspired to be...


Then, meeting Dabi- hell, falling for the former villain- had changed everything he had ever thought about Enji Todoroki. Had changed Hawks' own perspective on being a hero, and what his own goals were.


"A society where heroes can enjoy a little boredom," Hawks muttered, taking off after Endeavor. "Where there's no pressure, no need for the constant looking over of our shoulders."


I'll make it happen, Hawks thought. I will. At my trademark top speed... and that change is exactly what this world needs now.

Chapter Text


Any day or night time
It's always the right time
To do the wrong thing
If you're looking for a good time
You and me will get on just fine
It's always the right time to do the wrong thing
- Right Time, Nikki Lane

"... why does the alphabet need to get involved in math? What even the hell is math?"


"I'll do you one better- why is math?"


"Todoroki now is not the time for a meme-"


"Ah! It's always time for a meme!"


"Kaminari don't encourage him!"


"No, please, encourage my brother, I still find it hilarious that even though he had a shit life, Shoto is still fluent in the language of memes,"


"Yeah, and what about you?"


"Bold of you to assume I'm not,"


Aizawa sighed at the chatter coming from the common room, voices rising from the study group. Mini explosions went off as he heard Bakugou and Iida try and maintain some sense of calm and order.


It seemed they were all doing well, but Aizawa knew better- he'd had twenty of these kids for the better part of a year, one of which was his actual son, and with the addition of three of the League members...


They were a family in a sense. A weirdly dysfunctional family, but a family none the less.


He glanced down at the papers spread out on the kitchen island- three files, specifically that of Shigaraki, Toga, and Dabi's. Their records, laid out before him, their past, their history...


Something burned deep in Aizawa's chest, something fierce and hot and furious.


They were thrown out to the wolves by society, Kurai had said. The people they were supposed to trust molded them into who they are today. They took the path that best fit them at the time, but now they have a chance to turn around. Don't take it from them, sensei.


Why shouldn't I? Aizawa had asked, seeing the logic in Kurai's argument, but simply not understanding it. Having a shitty childhood doesn't give anyone a free pass to commit murder, Kurai.


No, but when you find out about said past, doesn't it make the pieces of the puzzle fall into place?


Fuck, but he hated it when a student, former or current, outsmarted him. Aizawa huffed, eyeing the terms and conditions the Hero Commission had put together on the villain's parole.


Quirk suppressant cuffs 24/7 unless under close scrutiny.


Aizawa then reflected on what Kurai had pointed out- that if Twice and Spinner had been able to use their quirks (granted, Spinner's was more of a mutation quirk than anything), that they might have stood a fighting chance against whoever had killed them. In theory, the cuffs were a good idea. In reality? Not so much, especially when a person may have to use their quirk to defend themselves.


Aizawa's stomach rolled as he thought of how easily Toga had been kidnapped- in public, no less. No one had questioned a thing, and Aizawa knew the blonde well enough to know that if she had had even just a single knife on her, her disappearance may have had a different outcome. She could have used her quirk, change her appearance, lose her attackers...


But that hadn't happened.


What if it happens again? Aizawa thought, uncomfortably. In public, or, heavens forbid- here? Nedzu may have upped the security since USJ, but that's not to say something could happen...


Aizawa would never forgive himself if something happened to his- and yes, he was calling them his, all the other parents could meet him in the pits (yes, you too Endeavor, fuck you)- kids.


Well... the terms and conditions did say that the cuffs could come off when they were under close scrutiny. Who was better to keep an eye on former villains than a school full of pro heroes and heroes in training?


Mind made up, Aizawa stood and walked into the common room.


Kaminari was cackling as he ran laps around the room, trying to avoid Bakugou. Iida was waving his arms wildly, and Kirishima was desperately trying to calm the explosive blonde down. Everyone else, that was to say, pretty much the whole class, was watching in varying degrees of amusement, exasperation, or just plain boredom.


"Kaminari, why must you tempt fate, bro?" Sero called.


"He's a fucking idiot, that's why!" Bakugou roared, "Get back here, you Pikachu wannabe!"


"Pika pika!" Kaminari grinned, and vaulted over the couch, freezing only when he saw Aizawa in the doorway, "Oh, hey, sensei!"


"I don't wanna know, so I won't ask," Aizawa said as the room stilled. Almost two dozen sets of eyes eyed him warily, "Dabi, Shigaraki."






Aizawa dug the keys out of his pocket, slinking over to the couch, "Hands please."


The two young men shared a glance with each other, before obediently holding their hands out. Quickly, Aizawa unlocked the cuffs, and then swiped them and stuffed them into the folds of his scarf.


Silence, quiet enough to hear a pin drop, met Aizawa's ears.


"Wha... why?" Dabi sounded bewildered.


"Isn't this against our parole?" Shigaraki scowled.


"It's illogical, in the event that perhaps one of you are attacked given recent events, that you would be unable to protect yourselves. Don't make me regret this. I'm trusting you both," Aizawa said, firmly, and turned on his heel and walked back into the kitchen.


There was a few moments of silence, before the chaos started right back up again.


Aizawa didn't smile, and anyone who said otherwise would be found dead in a ditch.

Aizawa released a sigh as the end of the day bell rang, and his class began to file out of the room. He laid his head on his desk and closes his eyes. It had been a long few days, and he couldn't wait to go home and-


It took him a moment too long to realize someone was standing before him. Slowly, he raised his head and squinted.


His hair is turning back to red, Aizawa thought, slightly disoriented. It was subtle, just starting to turn, but Aizawa saw where the black was growing back into red.


"Did you need something, Dabi?" Aizawa asked, forcing himself to sit up straight.


For a moment, the scarred man looked like he might simply leave. His grip on the strap of his bag was tight, white knuckled, but then it relaxed, as did the rest of his body.


"Switchblade," he said, flatly.


He certainly had Aizawa's attention now.


"What about her?" Aizawa asked.


"I've... met her, before. Not long after I..." Dabi frowned, and Aizawa understood what he was trying to say, "Anyways, I talked with Hawks about her, last week. When Raven told us she was going to be unavailable for a while. Not really a memory I want to relive, but... what do you know about Switchblade?"


Aizawa regarded the young man in front of him, before he spoke.


"She appeared during Raven's second year here at UA, and then Raven met her just a few months after she graduated here," Aizawa admitted. "It... wasn't a pretty sight. First time Raven had a civillian die in front of her, and she ended up in the hospital herself. Of course, Switchblade always kills with a criss cross slit throat, and she's exceptional when it comes to wielding a sword or knife. I've never personally met her, but like I said, Raven has. She said the one thing that stood out to her was how bright her eyes were- gold and maniac."


"She's not wrong," Dabi murmured. "The bitch is psychotic, really. Makes Toga seem sane, if you were to compare them."


Aizawa's eyebrows went up, "How did you meet her?"


"She kills for sport," Dabi said. "Nothing she does... makes sense. There's never any pattern to her murders, nor hardly any connection to between her victims."


"Her most recent attack left fifteen Yakuza dead, and there's word on the street All For One is looking to hire her," Aizawa deadpanned. "That's a pretty big connection."


Dabi shrugged, admitting the point, "Sure." He frowned, "All For One's after her, huh? You're in trouble if she says yes."




"She may act unhinged, but she's crazy smart. When I met her... She knew instantly who I was, even though I didn't... look the same," Dabi said. "Called me out- hell, she even offered to slit the bastard's throat herself."


"You... said no?" Aizawa frowned.


"I told her if anyone was bringing Endeavor down, it'd be me," Dabi scowled. He sighed, "When I tried to walk away, she just... I never even saw her move, let alone heard her, but... I ended up with a knife in my back."


Aizawa inhaled sharply, "But she didn't kill you."


"Just a few more centimeters to the left, and I could have severed your spine," Dabi whispered. "Those were her exact words, before she vanished. I never had a chance to use my flames, and I still had to yank the damn thing out myself. She's crazy, she's smart, and she's educated, Eraserhead. If I didn't know any better, I'd say she's a hero turned villain, but..."


"But what?"


"She's barely any younger than I am, that much I remember," Dabi shook his head. "I was almost nineteen, when she stabbed me in the back... She didn't look much older than Shoto, now."


"A kid," Aizawa said, flatly. "You mean to say a child has been doing all of this?"


"She's certainly not a child, now is she?"


Fuck, this complicates things. So much. So damn much. What the hell would drive a child to do these sorts of things?!


Aizawa sighed, and stood up, "Thank you, Dabi, for telling me all of this. It actually helps, especially if we can figure out who she might be."


Dabi frowned, and nodded, "Yeah... no problem." He turned for the door, as Aizawa gathered up his papers and began to pack them away. He stopped, though, just short of walking out.


"Something else you want to say?" Aizawa asked, after a moment of silence.


"Touya," Dabi said, softly.


Aizawa blinked, "Come again?"


"Call me Touya,"

Kurai inhaled deeply, fingers curled tight around the porcelain sink of the dirty bathroom. Her arms trembled, and her chest felt tight.


It has to be done, she thought. It has to be.


But at what cost? There was too much on the line, if her plan failed. Too many lives could be lost, too much could blow up in Kurai's face, if she didn't pull this off.


Well... it wouldn't matter, anyways, Kurai reflected. She grabbed the box of hair dye off the counter, prying it open with a steadfast determination. If I fail... I'm dead anyways.


She met her gaze in the mirror- dark brown, dead and cold of any emotion. Face, pale and expressionless.


It was her, but... it wasn't her.


Kurai's lips curled into a wicked smirk, and a dark chuckle left her lips. As she ran a hand through her blonde hair, soon to be unrecognizable, she couldn't help but feel a strange sense of maniac giddiness rise up in her.


Soon, she thought. Soon, all of this will be over.

Sora laid in bed, staring up at the ceiling, and unable to sleep. The clock on his bedside table ticked by after midnight, the glowing red numbers almost mocking him.


He was too wired. Too worried. Too...




Sora rolled over, grabbing his phone off the table and opening it up. He hardly blinked at the sudden bright light, navigating to his messages.


CrimsonFlash: You up?


He got up, throwing the blankets back as he began to get dressed. Not in his normal hero gear, but instead going for an all black ensemble.


His phone buzzed a moment later, when he was pulling his pants on.


Firefly: Unfortunately.


Firefly: Why, what do you want?


CrimsonFlash: If I come pick you up, how do you feel for a little B&E tonight?


He didn't get an immediate response, not that Sora expected to. He was just swinging a dark jacket on when his phone began to ring. He didn't need to look to know who it was that was calling.


"Okay, what the fuck- who the hell are you and what have you done with my boyfriend?" Touya sounded absolutely bewildered, which was saying something for his normally stoic persona.


Huh. Guess Eraserhead's 1-A must have had that affect on him.


"I need some answers, and the only way I'm finding it is if I commit a few crimes," Sora admitted. "So, you in or not?"






"Toga was right," there was the sound of rustling cloth on the other end of the line. "You have been spending too much time with the League." He sighed, "Yeah, I'm in. How soon will you be here?"


"Give me twenty minutes," Sora grinned. "Thanks, babe. I owe you one."


Touya grumbled something, then hung up.

"You really are a featherbrain, you know that?"


"As you've told me, dozens of times,"


Sora pulled a small feather from his wings, hardening it and inserting it into the lock of the balcony door. Next to him, Touya crossed his arms and leaned against the wall, closing his eyes.


"So, any reason as to why we've not just broken into two crime scenes, but we're now breaking into your sister's apartment?"


"I told you- I need answers," Sora replied, letting out a soft 'aha', as the door clicked open. "Come on."


"I understand you need answers, but why must we resort to doing this in the middle of the night? It's almost three, birdbrain, we've been out here for two and a half hours. We found nothing at Spinner or Twice's places. What do you think you'll find here?" Touya followed, making sure to shut the glass door behind him.


Sora's eyes gleamed in the darkness, bright and piercing, "No one is telling me much of anything, Touya. Mom, Eraserhead, none of my higher ups- it's all tight lipped. I need to know why Kurai is so fixated on Switchblade."


Touya sighed, following Sora down the apartment hallway.


"So why not look it up on the hero database? Don't you heroes have some sort of online system where you put in your cases and stuff?"


"Underground heroes don't," Sora replied, stepping into a room. His voice was a bit more distant, now, "The whole deal with the Hero Commission not wanting to have the blood on their hands of being associated with the underground world."


"Sounds like my type of place," Touya muttered. He frowned, and did a full circle in the darkened hallway, "... Weird."


"What's weird?"


"Just... there's not a single picture hung on her wall, anywhere. Who do you know that doesn't have a single decoration of some sort to make it their... home?"


There was a pause.


"Huh. Now that you mention it, there's nothing in her room either..." Sora mused, "Come here, Touya, I need some light, and I need both my hands to work."


Touya rolled his eyes, but followed Sora's voice into the bedroom. The blonde was standing in front of a desk, eyes narrowed in the darkness. Upon glancing at the former villain, Touya summoned up some flames into the palm of his hand.


"Thanks," Sora muttered, and crouched down. He pulled at one of the drawers of the desk, frowning, "Who the hell locks a desk when they live alone?"


"For the reason that we're here- breaking and entering? Thieves?"


"Shut," Sora pulled another feather, and got to work on picking it.


Touya looked away, instead taking in the room. There was something... off, about it. It was a nice room, but it seemed too... cramped. Too small.


He didn't like it, and with his rising anxiety, the flame in his hand flared up brighter and higher.


"Touya!" Sora hissed, leaning away.


"Sorry," Touya pulled his hand away. "You got anything?"


"No," Sora mumbled. "I think it's a dummy drawer."


"A what?"


"You know- drawers that look like they open but when you try they seem locked but there's really nothing there? It's just solid wood," Sora frowned, standing straight. "I think all of them are. Why the hell would she have a dummy desk in her room? Where does she keep her- Hey, what are you doing?"


Touya paced the width of the room, counting under his breath, "Bedroom is sixteen feet wide."




Touya left Sora, walking down the hallway and into the bathroom next door. He did another quick count, "Ten feet wide..." He then did the same to the two bedrooms across the hall, coming up with them both at seventeen feet wide.


Just to make sure, he paced the length of the hallway itself, stopping with a frown.


"You want to tell me what you're doing there, firefly?" Sora asked, crossing his arms. His left eyebrow went up.


"The hallway is thirty five feet long," Touya held his chin, thoughtfully. "Both the bedrooms on the left side match the dimensions, but bedroom and bathroom on the right are off by a total of nine feet. Why...?"


The answer hit both men at the same time, and they looked at each other, eyes wide.


"There's a secret room," they chorused.


"I'll check the bedroom, if you got the hall!" Sora said, diving back into the room.


"Look for a fault in the paneling," Touya called back, running his hand over the wood. He knocked his knuckles against the wall.


Solid... solid... solid... solid...




Touya stepped back, eyeing the wall. He took stock of the measurements between each slat of the paneling, noting that they were varying in size.


Except for the spot before him- four of them were about five inches wide, for a total of twenty inches. It was small, but it was a door.


"I think I got it," Touya said, and Sora came popping out of the bedroom. He noted a small knot in the wood, just enough to get a finger through. He pressed at it, unsurprised when it gave way- it was designed well, where an unpracticed eye wouldn't see the difference, but it was stretchy elastic, not wood.


Touya pulled at it, and the wall slid to the left, revealing that it was indeed a door.


"Bingo," Touya smirked.


"Woah," Sora breathed. He grinned, and before Touya could stop him, Sora caught his lips in a hot kiss, "You're a genius, babe."


"Yeah, yeah," Touya mumbled, thankful for the darkness to hide his blush.


Sora pushed by the other man and into the dark, windowless room. He fumbled a bit, before muttering a curse and then pulling a small flashlight from his jacket pocket. He clicked it on, barely avoiding colliding with a desk in the middle of the room.


"Weird," he muttered. He swept the light over the room, eyes wide, "Woah..."


Touya stepped in, summoning up yet another flare of flames. He walked to the other wall, eyebrows shooting up, "Is... this normal for you heroes?"


"Not sure," Sora said. "She's... got every single news clipping on Switchblade- online, newspapers, hell even other hero's reports!"


"Pretty sure these are all the people the bitch has killed," Touya called from the other side of the room. "Photos, what they did, who they were... I think she was trying to find a connection between Switchblade's victims."


"You see anything?"


"Points for trying, but no. I don't think she's found anything,"


Touya approached the desk, sitting down in the chair. Footsteps came closer, and Sora appeared over his shoulder. With the light of the flashlight, Touya vanished his flame, and began to rifle through the papers on the table surface.


"Messier than you," Touya muttered. A thick file caught his attention, and he pulled it from the bottom of a pile of papers. As he opened it, a picture fell into his lap. He picked it up, jolting in surprise, "Holy shit."


"What?" Sora's light fell on the image, "Hey! That's Kurai, in UA uniform!"


"And that's Switchblade with her," Touya said.


Two girls stood in the picture, arms locked around each other. They were both smiling, hardly a care in the world. Kurai's wings were flared, eyes on the camera, and the raven haired girl next to her was staring at Kurai with a warm look in her golden eyes.


"They were close," Sora muttered.


Touya flipped the photo over.


"Kurai and Minami, First Year, Post Sports Festival," Touya read off. "Good, we got a name to Switchblade. Minami. Guess we can go through yearbooks and find out her last name-"


"Touya," Sora said, voice shaking. He pointed at a newspaper clipping in the file still perched on the desk, "Look."


Touya leaned forward, frowning in confusion. His confusion faded to shock at the headline.




The article went on to explain how on patrol during her internships, Minami Ka, alias Switchblade, got seperated from the hero she had been working with. They had been investigating a series of murders, and by the time the pro had realized they had been seperated, it was too late. The young girl had been killed, blindsided.


The funeral was held on Thursday, and many classmates and teachers came to the open casket service. We tried to get an interview with them, but only one student spoke about her.


"She was my best friend," First year UA student Kurai Furatio stated, tears still falling. "She was like anyone else, you know? She wanted to be a hero! She... she was going to go underground, like me. I... I'm not going to forget her goal. I'll make it my own... Her memory is going to live on, even if I'm the only one who's able to do it."


The article continued, stating a few more facts about the event, but Touya wasn't seeing it. He flopped back against the chair, eyes wide.


"Kurai knew her? But how the hell- you said it yourself, you met Switchblade!"


Touya checked the date on the article, shivering in cold fear, "I met her almost a year after she died, Sora. Wait, what if she didn't actually die? What if-"


Sora laid a hand on Touya's shoulder, "Babe. Open casket ceremony. Dozens of witnesses saw the body."


Touya froze again, "What the fuck."


Sora swallowed, thickly, "Touya, babe?"




"I've got a bad feeling about this."

Chapter Text


So wake me up when it's all over
When I'm wiser and I'm older
All this time I was finding myself
And I didn't know I was lost
- Wake Me Up, Avicii

"I feel like I should be making an offering- how is he doing that?"


Those were the words that greeted Izuku, Iida, and Uraraka when they walked into the classroom, just fifteen minutes before lunch was to end. When they looked, they all couldn't help but stare.


"What... are you doing?" Iida asked, tone carefully calm.


Kaminari, Sero, Ashido and Shinsou all looked up- Shinsou looked bored, while Kaminari, Sero, and Ashido were grinning wildly. They had surrounded the figure slumped over on his desk, having stacked up to five books on the side of head and shoulders.


"Trying to see how long it takes before Touya wakes up," Ashido said in a harsh whisper. "So far, nothing we've done has woken him up."


"Yeah, he was out cold the minute the bell rang," Sero agreed, nodding. "He hasn't woken up and I don't think he's had lunch yet."


"Stop this immediately," Iida exclaimed, waving his arms. "If our fellow student needs rest, we must let him!"


Izuku, meanwhile, had pulled his phone out, typing away at it. A moment later, he approached the group.


"Come on, guys," Izuku said, as he picked the books up and set them on a nearby desk. "If Touya needs rest, let him. He's probably had a long night."


"Yeah, wonder if Hawks visited," Kaminari snickered.


"Kaminari!" Uraraka hissed, "Can you not be so crude?"


"Ah, it's not like I'm not right!"


The classroom door opened again, and Shoto walked in. He had his bag slung over one shoulder and a tray of food on the other. He took one look at the scene that met him, and simply shrugged.


"Hey, Touya," Shoto said, poking his brother in the shoulder. "Wake up."


Not a single sound or movement came from the other.


"Touya, you need to eat," Shoto tried again, shaking him now.


This time, he got a soft murmur, then silence.


Shoto frowned, then set the tray of soba on a nearby table. He leaned down, and said directly into the older's ear:


"Father is here and he's trying to take me out of school," Shoto said.


The reaction was instant- Blue eyes flew open, and Touya stood up so sharply that his desk jerked. A snarl curled his lips, flames licking at his hands, before he blinked and his rage faded. A scowl replaced his snarl, "Really?"


"H-Holy shit," Kaminari breathed, having jumped away a few feet.


"Dude," Sero said.


"W-Wasn't that a bit too harsh, Todoroki-kun?" Izuku stammered, sweatdropping.


"It woke him up didn't it?" Shoto said, and picked the food tray up and dropped it on Touya's desk. "There's just over five minutes of lunch left. I suggest you eat."


Touya squinted at him, sitting down. He picked up the chopsticks and began to eat, slurping at the noodles.


"What is it with you Todoroki's and soba?" Uraraka chuckled, nervously.


"It got on father's nerves a lot," Shoto shrugged. "Whenever we slurped the noodles. It's always fun to watch his face twitch."


"Agreed," Touya mumbled, eyes drooping further shut.


"How much sleep did you get last night?" Ashido asked, "You look like you could fall asleep right now."


"He already has once," Kaminari pointed out.


"I only got a few hours of sleep this morning," Touya's voice was muffled. He frowned, "Two, maybe?"


"Weak," Shinsou snorted.


"Shinsou, your comment is concerning," Iida sighed. "Please don't taunt our classmates in such a way!"


"Why so little, Touya-kun?" Izuku asked, curiously.


Touya blinked, suddenly looking more alert. He glanced at the clock on the wall, then the door as the five minute bell rang. The sound of footsteps in the hallways reached the group's ears.


"I'll tell you later," he finally said. He finished up his food, Shoto taking his tray so he could toss it in the trash, "But whoever wants to know- you have got to swear not to say a word to anyone else."


"Well, you'll want to count me and Ashido out, then," Sero waved a hand as he went to his desk. "Neither of us can keep a secret to save our souls."

"Wait, wait, you mean to tell me you and Hawks broke into Raven's apartment?" Shoto pinched the bridge of his nose, "Please tell me it wasn't your idea?"


"All Hawks'," Touya confirmed. "He was the one that texted me at midnight and asked if I wanted to help him."


"And you said yes?"


"Yes? Come on, Shoto, I was a criminal for years, you can't expect that a month at UA is gonna change me just like that," Touya rolled his eyes.


"And you also broke into two crime scenes?!" Shoto hissed.


"Again, Hawks' idea, not mine,"


"Why. Why is my family this way?" Shoto muttered.


"What did you two find out?" Shinsou frowned.


"That the person Raven is after is an old classmate of hers," Touya said. He turned to Izuku, "Hey, you're good with heroes and shit, right?"


"Uh... yes? I mean, yeah, yeah I am!" Izuku nodded, eyes bright.


"Good. You know anything about a character named Switchblade?"


Izuku blinked at him, "Are we talking about the hero in training or the villain?"


"You know about both? Hawks and I found out the hero in training died in her first year, during her internships," Touya frowned.


"At the risk of sounding like your brother when he's going on about one of his conspiracies-"


"All of my conspiracies are sound theories if you would just listen-"


"I have every reason to believe that Switchblade never actually died and instead just became a villain," Izuku shrugged, cutting Shoto off. He then gave the other boy a mock glare, "And for the last time- I'm not All Might's secret love child!"


"You could be," Shoto whispered, wide eyed. "You've told me you don't remember your father, right?"




"Why do you think they're the same person?" Shinsou cut in.


"Yeah, the article we read said that the ceremony was an open casket one," Touya commented.


"The ceremony was in the morning, but the funeral was that afternoon," Izuku shook his head. "A few hours gap between events."


"That's..." Touya tilted his head, "You think that she actually survived and... just disappeared? Took up a life of crime? Why, though?"


"It's not too bad of a theory," Shinsou nodded, slowly. "But Touya's got a point- why?"


Izuku shrugged, "Her quirk wasn't a villain's quirk- it was called Foresight. She could see anywhere between a few seconds to a few moments in the future and from what I've read, her family came from a long line of samurai warriors. She was skilled in the art of the sword, and comparing hero in training Switchblade to villain Switchblade, their fighting styles are almost identical. Maybe villain Switchblade is a bit better, but that's only because she's had more time to perfect her technique."


"Her first murder wasn't too long after her supposed death," Touya mused. "How long would it take a series of supposedly fatal stab wounds to heal?"


"Depends on how many and where they were stabbed exactly... Did they ever find the guy who she and the pro were after?" Izuku asked, "I don't remember ever reading anything about it."


"I don't either," Touya shook his head.


"Surely there's somebody we can ask?" Shoto questioned.


The four boys were silent for a moment, before Touya snapped his fingers, "Actually... there is."

"What do you want?" Aizawa deadpanned, at the four that stood on his doorstep, "Only one of you lives here."


"You failed to mention yesterday that you taught Switchblade and Raven in the same class," Touya shot back.


Aizawa blinked, stunned, "How did you-"


"Hawks roped me into some criminal activity early this morning,"


"He what?!"


"For the third time today, his idea, not mine,"


"Please, sensei," Izuku pleaded. "We have reason to believe that Switchblade never actually died. We just want to find out more about her."


"Hawks is really worried that Raven is throwing herself into a suicide mission," Touya commented. "And to be honest, I don't blame him."


Aizawa sighed, "You and me both, kid." He stepped to the side, "Come on in. I'll explain everything."






"Minami Ka was one of my students, at the same time Kurai Furatio was," Aizawa said, as Hizashi helped Eri bring the tea out. "She... she showed exceptional talent, and according to Kurai's mom, the first person who Kurai really called a friend."


"You say that like it's important," Izuku noted.


"Believe it or not, problem child, Kurai wasn't as always friendly as you kids know her. There was a time where she had walls thicker than any ice that Shoto can summon up," Aizawa sighed. "Minami was the first one to break through those walls with that stubborness that was as sharp as the blades she used." A small smile crossed his lips, "To be honest, Izuku, you and Shoto remind me of them."


"I'm honored?" Shoto sounded confused.


"Thanks Eri," Shinsou murmured as the little girl proudly handed him a cup. "Hey, do you want to go get your coloring books? I'd like to see what you got."


Eri beamed and scampered out of the room and down the hallway, bare feet patering on the wood floor. Shinsou followed.


"They placed well in the Sports Festival... even went against each other in one of the semi finals," Hizashi sat on the couch next to his husband. "They were both toying with each other, putting on a show- most likely because they knew each other's quirks inside and out. Not to mention, how well their quirks balanced each other out."


Aizawa nodded, "Right. Kurai's is Silent Wings, and Minami's was Foresight. Kurai, due to her quirk, can see the smallest detail, and Minami could see just enough into the future to change the outcome of a fight. Alone, they were great, but together..."


"Deadly," Hizashi breathed.


"Minami ended up winning her match against Kurai, but lost in her next match," Aizawa continued. "Didn't matter though- Kurai told Minami that she was proud to have fought her and even said she'd take what had happened to heart and learn from it."


"Like a hero would," Touya muttered. "All of this is just telling us that Minami was a good person, though. I don't see anything that would say she would... become a villain."


"Her home life wasn't the best," Aizawa admitted. "Her mother was... not as appreciative of her quirk as her father was. Just before the internships, Minami's mother committed suicide, and it was revealed she had a history of mental issues."


All three boys grimaced.


"Minami found the body, didn't she?" Izuku asked, knowingly.


"It wasn't a clean scene," Aizawa shook his head. "To be honest, I don't think she ever really processed it. She attended the funeral and then threw herself back into her studies."


"Studies have shown that women do have a higher chance of passing off some genes that cause mental illnesses to their children," Izuku mumbled. "It wouldn't be so far fetched to believe that maybe that happened? Maybe what happened when she was on her internship made her snap?"




"I mean, it happened in the Sports Festival with Shoto-"


"Excuse you?"




"And then of course Touya is a prime example-"






"But if she was suffering from a mental illness, wouldn't she have shown some type of signs before-"


"Midoriya!" Every other occupant of the room exclaimed. The green haired teen jumped, and then flushed in embarassment.


"Ah, s-sorry!" Izuku stammered.


"Your theory is... plausible," Aizawa admitted. "But we aren't sure that these two Switchblades are even the same one."


There was a moment of silence.


"Exhume the body?" Shoto suggested.


"Sure," Aizawa snorted. "The only way that'll happen is with a court order, and really, what court in Japan will let us dig a body up on the grounds we have a hunch that she's not dead and has been terrorizing the country for seven years?"


"... does it necessarily have to be legal?" Touya asked, who by now was on his phone, typing something.


"It'd be preferable," Hizashi frowned. "Hey, kid, what are you doing?"


"Seeing if Shigaraki still knows the guy I'm thinking of. When making his Nomu, All For One would occasionally dig up bodies of people who had a certain quirk he needed for his testing- aha, yep, he does," Touya mused.


"Touya, if you're about to ask Shigaraki to-"


"And, done," Touya pocketed his phone, and glanced at Shoto. "Sorry, were you saying something?"


Shoto glared, "Why are you like this?"


"I blame my shit childhood and ten thousand and one daddy issues caused by yours truly. Next question," Touya cocked an eyebrow.


"Ng," Shoto dropped his head on Izuku's shoulder. "What is it like to have a normal childhood?"


"I'm sorry, have you met Kacchan? What makes you think anything about my childhood was normal?"


Aizawa sighed, "Ignoring the crime that's soon to be committed... let me know what the results are, will you?"


Touya nodded, "Yeah, sure."


"Was there anything else you problem children needed to know?"


The three boys glanced at each other, before Izuku nodded.


"Ah, yeah... did they ever catch the guy who supposedly killed Switchblade?" Izuku asked.


"... he was her second victim," Hizashi said, when Aizawa went quiet. 


"Well, if anything else comes up, you can come to me," Aizawa stood, the other three following suit. As he guided them to the door, a thought occurred to him, "Minami and Kurai were close with Midnight. You might want to talk to her, if you can find a chance to."


"Thanks, sensei!" Izuku smiled, "You've been a big help! Hey, Shoto, we still got time, do you want to go get coffee from that new café down the street...?" His voice faded out, as he and Shoto walked away.


"Hey, kid," Aizawa laid his hand on Touya's shoulder, causing the younger man to turn and look at him. "... You're doing good. I'm proud of you."


Touya blinked, surprise flitting across his features for the barest of seconds, before a small smile crawled across his lips.


"... Thanks, sensei," Touya murmured. "That... that means a lot."


Okay, seriously, what did Endeavor do to this kid?! Has he never been told anything good about himself?! He's got a good heart, dammit! That much has been obvious in the last week!


Instead, Aizawa nodded, "Keep it up. At this rate, you're going to become something extraordinary."

Chapter Text

It's been awhile since you've looked back at me
I can't feel - can't feel anything, can't feel anything
I can't feel - can't feel anything, can't feel anything
You make me numb
You make me numb
- Numb, Tyminski

Unknown: Your next target is Shigaraki Tomura.


Unknown: Don't mess this up.








"Hey, Shinsou?"




"Who do you think is the UA traitor?"


Shinsou didn't reply at first. Then, he blinked, sat up, and frowned down at the blonde he had previously being laying on.


"What the hell brought that question on?" He asked, bewildered.


Kaminari shrugged, glancing up from his phone, "Just want to hear your opinion, is all. I've asked some of the others, and I've got different answers."


There was... something, in Kaminari's eyes. What it was, Shinsou couldn't quite put his finger on it, so he shrugged and laid back down, settling his head on Kaminari's chest again.


"I don't know, honestly," Shinsou said. "I mean, it could be anyone. But, honestly, I don't see how anyone here could be the traitor. Everyone is so nice and... there's just nothing that screams like they could be evil, you know?"


Kaminari stared down at him, before shrugging, "Yeah, you're right. But, still... got any ideas?"


"Well... I suppose Monoma?"


Kaminari's eyebrows went up, before he chuckled and nodded, "Yeah, I could see that."


"But, I've also worked with him in the field, with dad. He seems... too determined to be a hero, to also be a villain," Shinsou admitted. "And I understand where he's coming from, seeing as we both have quirks that could be considered villainous."


"You're not a villain, Hitoshi," Kaminari murmured. "You're going to be one of the best damn heroes Japan has ever seen."


Shinsou snorted, "I'm glad you think so."


The two were silent again, the only silent between them being their breathing and Kaminari's occasional hum at whatever he was viewing on his phone.


"Have I ever told you I have a sister?" Kaminari asked, out of the blue.


"... No?" Shinsou blinked, and tilted his head back to look up at Kaminari, "You haven't."


"Her name is Shogeki and she's six," Kaminari handed Shinsou his phone. On the screen, a little girl with blonde hair, streaked black, smiled up at the camera, "She's... she's one of the best damn things to have ever happened in my life."


Shinsou offered a small smile, "You never talk much about your family."


"Hm," Kaminari hummed. "Guess it's never come up. I mean... other than my parents being scientists, there's not much to talk about."


"Scientists? Huh... I guess I can see it, to be honest. How else would a crazy kid like you exist?" Shinsou grinned, amused.


Kaminari rolled his eyes, "Ha, ha." He took his phone back. He stared at the photo, smile fading and replaced by something... sadder.


"Do you miss her?" Shinsou asked, gently.


"Every day," Kaminari murmured.


"... What's her quirk?"


"Light generation," Kaminari answered. "She was three, when she got it."


"Pretty young,"


"Our parents were..." Kaminari paused, "They were... excited, when it came in. Since both of them have electric type quirks, like me, it was a bit of a surprise to have an elemental suddenly pop up."


"What do your parents do?" Shinsou tilted his head, "You said they were scientists?"


"They study quirks," Kaminari's voice changed, cold and curt. He flinched, "Sorry.. I don't have the best relationship with them, if I'm being honest."


Shinsou understood. While he had never really met his own birth parents- according to Aizawa, they had been neglectful to him- the few times in his life that Shinsou had had any sort of contact with them... hadn't been the best. Disjointed, distant, at best. And at worst...


"Tell me more about your sister," Shinsou requested, and settled back down on the bed beside Kaminari. "Is she anything like you?"

When Nedzu called Aizawa to his office, Aizawa paused. His students were in the middle of a test- except, Kaminari was missing, and that was cause for immediate concern- so Aizawa simply told his class that Iida and Momo were in charge, and left them to their own devices.


Aizawa wasn't sure what he expected when he walked into Nedzu's office, but it certainly wasn't this.


Nedzu sat at his desk, as always, with a tray of tea out. Just to his left, Detective Naosoma stood. Also in the room was All Might, Present Mic, and Midnight.


"Ah, Aizawa!" Nedzu chirped, "Glad you could come on such short notice."


"You said it was important and that it concerned one of my students," Aizawa said, dryly. "Of course I came. Who's in trouble now?"


A soft sniff caught Aizawa's attention, and he turned his gaze to the high backed chair that sat in front of Nedzu's desk. He hadn't even noticed someone was sitting in it, but upon stepping up beside it...


"Kaminari?" Aizawa asked, genuinely surprised. His heart lurched in his chest when Kaminari met his gaze, briefly, before looking away rubbing at the tears falling from his eyes, "Kaminari, what's wrong?"


"Sho," Hizashi murmured, stepping up next to his husband. It was strange, how he wasn't being his loud self. He was more subdued, and he carried with him an air of protective anger, "Remember how we've all been trying to figure out who the UA traitor is?"


Something cold ran down Aizawa's spine, but he tried to ignore it, "Yes."


"Well, it's... it's a bit more complicated than we thought-"


"It's me!" Kaminari abruptly cried, and another sob left his mouth. He clapped his hands over his mouth, shuddering, but unable to muffle the agonized wails, "I-I'm s-sorry, Aizawa s-sensei! I-I never... I never wanted to do it- I never wanted to hurt anyone, but- but I-"


Against his better judgement, Aizawa knelt next to the chair, laying a hand on Kaminari's shoulder and catching the younger blonde's attention.


"Kaminari," Aizawa said, quietly. "Calm down. Take a breath, and start from the beginning."


Kaminari's eyes were wet, tears streaming down his cheeks. He hiccupped, rubbing furiously at his face. He seemed so... broken, a stark contrast to his normally upbeat personality.


It made Aizawa's heart ache. He didn't like seeing any of his students upset.


Kaminari inhaled deeply, "I... I..."


"Have a cup of tea, Kaminari," Nedzu offered. "It may help calm you down so that you can explain to us what needs to be told."


Shakily, Kaminari leaned out, picking up one of the cups. It rattled in his hands, but he took another breath in and steadied his grip. He took a few sips of the steaming liquid, visibly calming down. Both of his hands curled around the cup, and he took another deep breath.


"I am the UA traitor," Kaminari said, softly. "But... not by my own choice."


Aizawa stood up, then, but didn't say anything. When his student glanced at him, he simply gestured for Kaminari to continue.


"My... my parents are scientists. They've worked for All For One, for as long as I can remember. I... grew up in and out of their labs, and when my quirk came in... they were ecstatic."


Kaminari paused, taking another sip of the tea. His eyes slid closed as he gathered his thoughts. Honestly, this was the quietest that Aizawa had ever seen him, and it unnerved him.


"Up... up until they discovered the drawbacks of my quirk," Kaminari said. "After that... they pushed me further and further... kept trying to get me to break through my... idiot mode." He shivered, "They never felt bad about letting me know that I wouldn't amount to anything, if I didn't get a grip on my quirk. They had no problem, calling me names, taunting me." He looked up, then, "It's why, whenever one of my classmates do so, I can laugh it off... I'm just used to it."


You shouldn't have to be used to it. Least of all because your parents were cruel enough to do such a thing, Aizawa thought, and he realized exactly why Hizashi suddenly seemed ready to go fight something. He must have already told his story, before they called me in.


"When... when I was ten, my little sister, Shogeki, was born," Kaminari said, swallowing thickly. "And... And I was young, I knew how my parents treated me wasn't right, but... But I thought that maybe- maybe we could be a family. Maybe Shogeki was what we needed to be... happy." His breathing hitched, "She was three when she got her quirk- Light Generation. They started experimenting on her, not long after."


Aizawa felt like he was going to be sick- who did such a thing to a child?


Then he remembered this was All For One, and that explained everything.


"I didn't want Shogeki to suffer what I went through... So I... I took what little control I had, grabbed her, and ran for the streets," Kaminari sniffed, then. His eyes were watering again. "A-And I tried to keep a l-low profile... t-to hide us... to keep Shogeki safe, but... but they found us, just a year later. I was fourteen. They made me come back- they said that they wouldn't hurt Shogeki, in any way, if I-"


Kaminari fell silent then, eyes growing distant as the minutes ticked by.


"If you what, my boy?" Yagi asked, gently.


"Attended school, here at UA," Kaminari bowed his head. "I-If I reported back to them about the heroics course, who could do what, who was who, and-" Kaminari looked up, eyes wide and tears falling, "Please, Mr. Aizawa, you have to believe me. I never wanted anyone to get hurt! I just- I was trying to protect my sister! Shogeki is everything to me, and I'd do anything for her, and I just- I didn't know what else to do!"


Aizawa turned, glancing over at Naosoma. When the detective nodded, a silent message that everything Kaminari had said was the truth- even by the shaken look in the other man's eyes, Aizawa could have guessed that- Aizawa turned back to Kaminari.


"Why did you decide to come forward now, Kaminari?" Aizawa asked.


"... Spinner and Twice's deaths?" Kaminari exhaled, "Those were me. All For One wanted to send a message, to all of his other subordinates- on what would happen if anyone else decided to betray him like the League did. I was also ordered to deliver blood samples, for his experiments in making Nomu... last night, I got a text. My next target was supposed to be Shigaraki."


"What changed your mind?" Midnight frowned, speaking for the first time since Aizawa had walked in. It seemed she was simply listening, and had finally decided to put herself in the conversation.


"I was with Shinsou, last night, when I got the message," Kaminari swallowed. "And... we got to talking, and he... he got me to talk about Shogeki." Something fierce then entered the blonde's eyes, "And I realized... why I was doing all of this. Why I was even following through my orders in the first place." He looked up, "I'll accept whatever punishment you decide to give me. I know I deserve something, but... but all I ask for, in exchange for all the information I can give you, is that my parents are put in jail, and my sister is given the normal childhood I didn't have. She's innocent in all of this."


The adults all exchanged looks.


"Do you know where your sister is being held, kid?" Hizashi asked.


Kaminari blinked, then nodded, stonily, "Yeah. I've got the address memorized."


Hizashi grabbed a paper and pen off of Nedzu's desk, and handed it to Kaminari. The younger blonde scrawled out the address, his movements sure and his eyes burning. He handed it to Hizashi.


"What exactly is it that your parents do for All For One?" Yagi questioned.


"They help create the Nomu," Kaminari said. "They would occasionally use my own quirk for their... experiments." He spat the last word out, "I can only imagine they might have done the same with Shogeki."


"Other than what you stated, did you have any other connection with the League of Villains?" Aizawa crossed his arms.


"No," Kaminari shook his head. "I had no idea who they were, until the USJ. They didn't know about me, either- only that there was an informant here."


Again, Naosoma nodded in confirmation when Aizawa glanced at him.


Silence fell over the room, before Nedzu cleared his throat and clasped his hands together.


"Well! This has all been very insightful, Kaminari, and I'm glad you decided to come to us. I believe that you will become a fine hero, one day!" Nedzu smiled.


Kaminari startled, "I- what? Hero? But I-"


"You've shown quite a bit of promise, even before you came forward," Nedzu said. "And your drive to do what you do- to ensure the safety of someone else, is very heroic, don't you think?"


Kaminari stared at the principal.


"Of course, now that all of this has been revealed, there will be a few conditions you'll have to adhere to in order to keep your place in the heroics course, with your friends," Nedzu continued. "Fairly simple, really. Tell your classmates what you've told us. You'll need to wear a GPS tracker, so that we know where you are at all times, and any time we have a question about All For One, if you can answer it, you'll have to tell us as much as you can, understand?"


Kaminari nodded his head vigorously, "Yes, yes, yes, I understand. Absolutely. Thank you, Principal Nedzu, thank you so much, this is so much more than I could ask for...!"


"And of course, you'll also be attending the extra classes Touya and Shigaraki have been," Nedzu kept his smile on. "As the newest student in the reformation program."


"Yeah, yeah I will," Kaminari said, a small smile on his lips. "I promise, you won't regret this, giving me a second chance."


"I'm sure I won't," Nedzu nodded. He turned to Aizawa, "Well, I think we're finished here! Best get back to class and let your students know all that has happened!"

Kaminari sat on the steps of the dorms with a heavy sigh. The strap of his bag fell off his shoulder, the entire thing falling with a thump and then continuing to roll and spill on the concrete.


Kaminari couldn't bring himself to care.


He had known, that when his friends had found out about who he really was, that they might turn their backs on him, belittle him, ignore him, but... nothing could have prepared him for the way Bakugou looked ready to murder, how Ashido had burst into tears, and how Kirishima and Sero looked equally betrayed.


Kaminari hadn't even brought himself to look at Shinsou, too afraid of what the other's expression might have been.


The blonde's head was bowed, eyes closed as he lost himself in his thoughts. Vaguely, he heard footsteps pass by him, whispers and mutters, but he couldn't bring himself to say anything.


He was a traitor, pure and simple. It didn't matter his reasons, or as to if he was a willing participant in his motives.


Eventually, silence fell over him as the other students of UA entered the dorms. None of them bothered him, and Kaminari didn't blame them.


It was probably better, in their opinions, that they didn't socialize with him. Who would want to be known as someone who was friends with a traitor?


"I would," a voice said, and Kaminari startled, head snapping up. He stared down to see that Touya and Shigaraki were gathering his fallen books and papers.


"What?" Kaminari asked, blankly.


"You asked who would want to be friends with a traitor," Touya shrugged, standing. "I would."


Kaminari blinked. He hadn't realized he'd said that out loud.


There was a beat too long of silence, where in Touya leaned back and stepped down hard on Shigaraki's foot. There was a curse, the blue haired young man glaring at the unaffected flame user, before he sighed.


"Okay, fine, yes, I get it," Shigaraki muttered.


"Shigaraki was snatched as a kid by All For One, didn't really have a choice," Touya said, as he sat next to Kaminari, balancing the blonde's books on his knees. "And then me- I abandoned my siblings and left with the promise to kill my father."


Shigaraki handed a stunned Kaminari his bag, before sitting down as well.


"Honestly, I could learn something from you, blondie," Touya continued. "You at least stayed loyal to your sister. Everything you've done, you've done for her, right?"


"Uh... yeah," Kaminari nodded, as he began to shove his books away.


"Yeah, I can't say I did that. Pretty much everything I've done, I've done for myself. For the longest time, all I thought about Shoto was that he was Endeavor's favorite. Natsou and Fuyumi didn't matter, cause they were thrown aside by daddy dearest cause of their quirks... I only wanted revenge, for what he did to me."


Silence fell over the trio, in which someone's phone pinged a new message. Shigaraki checked his, and glanced at Touya, "They're digging the body up tonight."


Touya nodded, "Good. Hawks has been antsy."


Kaminari blinked, "What... what are you two talking about?"


Touya and Shigaraki glanced at each other, before Touya slung his arm over the blonde's shoulder.


"Tell you what- though you don't have to, why don't you join me and crusty krabs here-"


"Scarface," Shigaraki hissed, glaring at Touya.


"- in training this evening, and we'll tell you everything you need to know? Sound good?"


"Sure," Kaminari shrugged, expression twisting. "I mean... it's not like I have anywhere else to be."

[AccidentalDad has logged on]


AccidentalDad: Can someone explain to me why Bakugou is frozen in a block of ice outside the dorms up to his mouth?


RockHard: Well I mean... there's only one person that has any ice powers here...?


IcyHot: It wasn't me.


Deku: He's right. Shoto, Iida, Uraraka and I have been working on an English project for the last half hour. The only thing that's happened is when Monoma came in, poked Shoto, and left again, about twenty minutes ago.


Kamemeri: I... I think I can explain.


AccidentalDad: Please do.


Kamemeri: I was coming back from training with Touya and Shigaraki and Bakugou kinda just... came roaring full force. I bolted and he followed, screaming at me and at one point we passed by some of 1-B and then... the next thing I know Bakugou's in ice.


AccidentalDad: ...


[AccidentalDad has added CopyCat to chat Hell Class]


AccidentalDad: Why? I thought you hated my class?


CopyCat: Maybe so, but even I don't approve of attempted murder. If what I've heard is true, Kaminari didn't have a choice in his betrayal.


CopyCat: So I froze the blonde bitch in his tracks and stopped him cold.


Daddy'sLittleMonster: And it was glorious. I'm still cackling.


AccidentalDad: @CopyCat @IcyHot @Daddy'sLittleMonster, you will melt the ice. Monoma, I will be speaking with Blood King about your actions, and we will discuss an appropriate punishment later.


IcyHot: Do I have to?


Daddy'sLittleMonster: It's so much quieter.


CopyCat: I was only doing the heroic thing and protecting a fellow student!


AccidentalDad: NOW. Or you're ALL getting detention for the entire weekend.


[AccidentalDad has logged off]


Daddy'sLittleMonster:  Ugh. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Chapter Text



Will come
When you'll have to rise
Above the best and prove yourself
Your spirit never dies
-Warriors, Imagine Dragons

Handjob: We got a problem.


Birdbrain: Shigaraki, what are you doing up at two in the morning?


Handjob: Waiting on the call we needed.


Handjob: What are *you* doing up at two in the morning?


Birdbrain: ... okay fine. What's the problem?


Handjob: No body.


Daddy'sLittleMonster: No body? No body what?


Handjob: No body as in- no. body. Switchblade's coffin was empty.


Daddy'sLittleMonster: ...


Birdbrain: ...


Birdbrain: Well fuck.

Switchblade watched the truck drive away. She knew it was only a matter of time before they figured it out.


A smile crawled across her lips, dark and sharp, and she stood up on the wall she was crouched on. She hopped down, and took off into the trees behind the cemetery.


Several moments passed, her feet soundless on the earth, deftly avoiding any and all branches or fallen leaves. She burst out on the opposite side of the treeline, coming to a stop on the sidewalk. She inhaled deeply, before reaching into her pocket and pulling her phone out.


She dialed a number, and was pleased when the recipient answered on the third ring.


"Hello?" The voice was groggy and muffled.


"Hey," Switchblade purred, devilishly. "Why don't you tell your boss that I'm in? Where am I supposed to find you guys?"


There was a pause, then Stain clicked his tongue.


"Switchblade... what made up your mind?" He asked.


"Reasons," Switchblade answered, cryptically. "So where can I find you?"


"I'll text you the address and- Hey... how did you get this number?"


"For me to know and you to never find out. I'll be waiting!"


Switchblade hung up, humming as she pocketed her phone. She felt giddy, something she hadn't in a few days, and with that feeling, came the feeling of bloodlust...


Huh. Guess it was time for another night of fun.


Humming, Switchblade skipped down the sidewalk.


Who would be her victims tonight, she had no clue. And honestly... that was half the fun.

"- and that is the story of how Mineta Minoru got fucking yeeted," Ashido finished with a flourish.


Touya wheezed, trying desperately to bring air into his oxygen deprived lungs, but every time he paused for even a second, the girl's words echoed in his mind and another round of cackles erupted from his throat.


"Some people are just worse than villains," Shigaraki muttered, from his spot on the other end of the couch. "Good riddance."


"Stop," Touya gasped, nearly rolling off the couch. "I can't- I can't breathe! Holy shit!"


"Yeah, it was hilarious! Who would have thought that your brother was a secret savage?" Sero grinned, turning his gaze over to said younger Todoroki, "Seriously, I think it took the entire class a full five minutes to reboot!"


"I have never seen my dad in shock for so long," Shinsou agreed, idly.


Shoto shrugged, not looking up from his phone, "It needed to be-" He froze, eyes widening as a soft ping came from his phone.


"Todoroki?" Uraraka asked, curious, "Is everything okay?"


Shoto stared at his phone long enough for the room to die down and fall silent, all eyes on the other boy.


"Shoto?" Touya broke the silence.


Slowly, Shoto looked up, eyeing the room. Something akin to fear was in the dual quirk user's eyes, his lips curled back in a nearly feral snarl.


"Izuku just sent his location in the group chat," Shoto said, flatly.


There was a beat of silence. Touya's brow furrowed in confusion, and Shigaraki tilted his head.


"... So we got a Code Stain?" Jirou asked, as Iida bolted out of the room.


"Code Stain?" Shigaraki frowned.


"Todoroki, no!" Kirishima shouted, and launched himself from his chair, tackling the other teen- who had been running for the door- and gripping him under the arms with his quirk activated, "Dude, come on, it's probably nothing!"


"Code Stain?" Shigaraki repeated.


"Kirishima, you will let me go, this instant-"


"Just calm down! Iida's gone to get sensei-"


"Kirishima, I went up against Stain, I'm pretty damn certain Izuku's father won't stand a chance,"


"You WHAT?!"






Shoto abruptly realized that stating two facts he probably shouldn't have in hearing range of his classmates was in fact...


A bad idea.


Especially considering a certain former villain who was also his older brother was in the room...


"What do you mean- you went up against Stain?! He's an S-Rank villain!"


"And you're a B-Rank villain, your point?"


"He's literally named the Hero Killer!"


"Like you haven't killed heroes before?"


"That's different!"


"What the hell is going on in here?" Aizawa's voice cut the Todoroki brothers off from arguing with each other any further. The entire class startled as he stormed in, quirk activated and gaze piercing.


Kirishima released Shoto, stepping away.


"What has the problem child done now?"


"Fucking Deku's father is in town, apparently," Bakugou snarled, explosions going off in his palms.


"He sent his location in the group chat," Shoto deadpanned.


"The last time he did that was with Stain," Iida nodded.


Aizawa blinked, his quirk cutting off. He sighed, and pinched the bridge of his nose, "Maybe it was a mistake-"


"Since when is anything Izuku does a mistake, ribbit?" Asui asked.


Aizawa sighed, again, and lifted his head-


Only to jump back at the sheet of ice that erupted over the floor and out the front doors, followed by explosions.


Aizawa's eyebrow twitched.



Firefly: Hawks


Firefly: Sora


Firefly: SORA




CrimsonFlash: Okay, okay, jeez! Make it fast, I'm on patrol with your dad, what do you need???


Firefly: Shoto just bolted- something about Izuku and his dad and the explosion kid from the training camp went with him.


Firefly: I don't know what's going on, Eraserhead banned us from following, but I don't think Midoriya's dad is good news???


Firefly: Please ditch my dad and find my brother please, Sora I'm begging, I'll make it up to you.


CrimsonFlash: I... I mean, I'm not sure I can ditch him, but... how bad could it be? Really?




Firefly: Sora Furatio.


Shit, Touya was using his full name, not good.


Firefly: These hellions of class 1-A literally referred to this as a 'Code Stain'.


Firefly: As in, my brother was one of the UA students that actually took down the GODDAMN HERO KILLER.




Hawks winced, grinding his teeth together. What to do, what to do... After a moment of thought, in which Touya sent him another barrage of concerned and angry messages, he made up his mind.


CrimsonFlash: You got an address for the Midoriya kid?

The apartment building was on fire, because of fucking course it was.


"Hawks!" Kamuni Woods called, "Good, you're here!"


"What's the situation?" Hawks landed on the ground next to the other pro hero.


"Gas leak, on the fifth floor. We got everyone under the fifth out, but there's still civilians trapped above!"


"Any idea how many?"


"Not sure, but-"




Hawks jumped and turned, looking behind the yellow caution tape as two familiar figures appeared. The blonde, Bakugou, looked livid, while Todoroki looked horrified.


"Sir!" One of the officers tried to keep the two students back, "You can't come in any further!"


"Fuck you, Deku's in there!"




"Hey, no!" Hawks called, "Let them through! They're UA students!"


The officer turned, saw that it was Hawks who had called him out, and then allowed the two students to pass by. They both scrambled under the tape and up to the two heroes.


"Hawks, what are you doing-" Kamuni tried to talk, but was waved off.


"Listen, Touya gave me the bare minimum," Hawks told the two teenagers. "Something about Izuku's dad?"


"He told me yesterday that his dad was in town and wanted to have a... family gathering, for lunch," Shoto said, staring up at the flames.


"Can you tell me anything about his dad?"


"He has a fire breathing quirk," Bakugou scowled.


An explosion shook the ground, civilians, reporters, and emergency personnel dropping down as the wind shifted. Ash was raining down from the sky, the air thick with acrid smoke.


"Evacuate the surrounding buildings!" An officer barked, "That wind gets any stronger, we're going to have a bigger situation on our hands!"


"Where the goddamn hell are the fire trucks?!" Hawks snapped, turning on Kumuni, "They should have been here by now!"


"Across town- there were a series of explosions and small fires just before all of this started. They also called in every available water based hero," Kumuni winced. "I'm going to go help with the evacuation of the other buildings!"


"What floor does Midoriya live on?" Hawks turned to Bakugou.


"Fifth, apartment 503," Bakugou rattled off.


"How is it you know that when you hate him?" Todoroki deadpanned.


"We're childhood friends, jackass!"


"Hey!" Hawks snapped at them both, "Listen to me, everyone below the fifth floors have been removed, so I'm pretty sure it's safe to say this fire started on said floor. Bakugou, you know the layout of the building?"


"Well enough," Bakugou scowled.


"Good. Todoroki, can you create enough ice to at least dampen the flames?"


"Yes," Todoroki nodded.


"You both have your provisional licenses, don't you?"


"Why wouldn't I?"




"Good," Hawks sighed. "All right then, listen to me closely, because this is going to require teamwork and speed to pull this off."


As Hawks laid out his plan to the duo, he could only hope that it would work.

All things considered... The rescue could have gone a lot better, Hawks thought.


"Okay, dear," The nurse smiled at him. "Other than the few stitches and minor burns, you're okay. You're good to go. Just take the rest of the week off."


"Thanks," Hawks nodded. "How are the others?"


The nurse's smile faltered, pink eyes glimmering. She shook her head and patted Hawks' bandaged arm.


"Worry about yourself, dear," she said. "And count yourself lucky that you're alive."


Not what I wanted to hear, but... fine. I'll get what I need some other way, Hawks stood up. For a moment, he debated putting his visor and jacket on, then decided against it. The visor was filthy and his jacket needed to go in the trash, given the scorch marks and tears in it.


"Thanks," Hawks mumbled, as he tossed said jacket into the waste bin that was in the room. He walked out, barely with enough energy to keep his wings up and ready to just leave-


He turned the hallway corner and felt a little more of his waning patience unravel even further.


Shoto Todoroki stood with his back to the wall, eyes downcast as a fuming Endeavor ranted at him. The boy looked like he wanted to be anywhere but where he was.


Touya owes me big time for what I'm about to do, Hawks thought, finding the strength to straighten his spine and force a smile on.


"Hey, Shoto!" Hawks called, catching the teen's attention, "Hey, kid. Good job today. Don't beat yourself up for what happened, alright? We all have our off days."


"... If you say so," Shoto mumbled, eyes flicking down to Hawks' bandaged arm. Guilt flashed through his eyes.


"Hawks," Endeavor rumbled, trying to intervene.


Hawks ignored him, "How are your friends doing? I haven't heard anything about them, and I'm curious."


"... Midoriya is in ICU, I think. He suffered the most of burns and smoke inhalation. Bakugou... He's being treated for burns. Hawks, I'm sorry, I should have payed more attention-"


"Kid," Hawks said, laying a hand on the younger's shoulder. "Look at me. What happened there- we all thought that emergency officials had cut the gas line off, since the whole thing was a gas fire. What happened was just a freak accident that could have been avoided had someone that wasn't us taken the measure to make sure no one else was in danger. Do you understand me?"


"I..." Shoto bit his lower lip, "... yeah. Yeah, I do."


"Good. Just let this be a heroics lesson: always make sure you cover your bases in emergency situations," Hawks patted the teen's shoulder and straightened. "Now, I'm gonna go see if I can't find-"


"Hawks, you put my son in danger," Endeavor's voice caught the blonde's attention.


Hawks' wings twitched.


I'm sorry- I put your son in danger?


"He should not have even been at the scene in the first place, much less have gotten involved,"


I was using the resources I had at my disposal.


"It was foolish and reckless. Not only will I be informing your superiors of your actions, but Shoto, you'll be punished-"


You know what... I'm done with this.


Hawks snapped.

Chapter Text


Yeah, I'm tired of tryna be normal
I'm always over-thinking
Driving myself crazy
So what if I'm fucking crazy?
-I'm Gonna Show You Crazy, Bebe Rexha

"I'm sorry, Shota, really, but they were all so adamant and pleasedon'tkillme!" Present Mic waved his hands as Aizawa sent his husband a red eyed glare.


"Hizashi..." Aizawa growled.


"Please don't be mad at papa, dad," Shinsou piped up.


"Yeah, Mr. Aizawa!" Uraraka bounced, "We're just really worried about our classmates! The news isn't saying much and we couldn't just sit around!"


"We would have found a way out anyways," Tokoyami stated.


"You mean like with Kamino Ward?" Shigaraki asked, dryly.


Aizawa sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.


"Right now, Midoriya is unable to be seen," Aizawa finally said, and his entire class fell silent. "However, I was on my way to see Bakugou. I'm sure, as much as he says otherwise, he'd be happy to see his friends."


The aforementioned 'Bakusquad'- minus a quiet Kaminari- cheered.


"Why can't Midoriya be seen, ribbit?" Asui asked.


"He's in intensive care until he's stabilized," Aizawa answered. "He suffered the worst injuries."


"What happened, Sho?" Hizashi asked, worry lacing his tone. "I haven't heard anything yet."


"Right now, as I understand it, there was a gas leak in the building. The fire started in the Midoriya apartment, and it spread and got out of hand, due to the fact most of the fire department and water based heroes were on the other side of town. The body count, unfortunately, is rising by the hour," Aizawa sighed.


"Honestly, it would have been worse had it not been for Todoroki, Hawks, and Bakugou."


"Speaking of Bakugou," Kirishima stated. "What are we waiting for?"


"Yeah, sensei, what room is he in?" Sero piped up.


"We wanna see him!" Ashido chirped.


Aizawa sighed, again, and opened his mouth to reply-


When the sound of shouting caught his attention, everyone in the hallway- nurses and students- stilling.


It was in unspoken agreement as everyone popped their heads around the corner of the hallway to see what was going on.


"- and big newsflash, you prick!" Number Two Pro-Hero, Hawks, was glaring up at Number One Pro-Hero, Endeavor, with his expression twisted with absolute fury, "I'm not the one that put your son in danger! That's all on you!"


"Excuse me?!" Endeavor sputtered, "What do you mean-"


"I mean, you've all but practically forced your son into being a hero!" Hawks spat, venom in his voice, "Maybe- and have you ever considered this- Shoto has never wanted to be a hero?! Don't answer that, cause no! You didn't! From the way I understand it, the moment you realized what his quirk was, you put him through training sessions, that, by all accounts of the fucking law, could be classified as child abuse!"


"Holy shit," someone whispered.


"And where did you hear that?" Endeavor sneered, "His quirk is powerful! He needed to be trained!"


"Where the fuck do you think I heard it from?!" Hawks snarled, "Did you forget about your oldest son?!"


Endeavor's expression darkened, "Ah. Well then, you have certainly been misinformed-"




Endeavor stepped back as Hawks' wings flared, quivering with anger.


"How the fuck can I be misinformed when anybody can see, clear as day, what the hell you put him through?! I get the fact that his quirk doesn't fit Touya's body, but one doesn't get the scars he has just from using it every so often! You put him through hell! Pushed him, over and over until he broke! It's no wonder he became a villain, and I don't blame him!"


"Even as a child, he was troubled-" Endeavor tried.


"Troubled?!" Hawks' voice was like venom, "No, if anyone here is troubled- it's you, you-"


Behind the winged hero, complete deadpan and having been silent until that moment, Shoto deadpanned, "Flaming waste of space?"


"Shoto-" Endeavor snarled.


"-Flaming waste of space!" Hawks snapped, "You've abused your family! You drove your wife to hurt Shoto because of the fact he looks like you!"


"She was weak-"


"Fuck you, as if! I've met Rei! She's the kindest woman I've ever met, she loves all of her children, she regrets what she did to her youngest, and for some godforsaken reason I still can't wrap my head around- she thinks you can be redeemed!"


"Sounds like Stockholm," someone muttered.


"You're constantly questioning why it is your family isn't that- a family! The answer is staring you in a fucking mirror! It's you! You've torn your family apart, Endeavor! Three out of five of them hate your guts, while the other two seem to think that maybe you can somehow get your shit together!"


"Watch yourself, Hawks," Endeavor snapped, all six foot three towering over the younger. "You're insane if you think I can't and will see to it that your career is ruined if you aren't careful."


"My career?!" Hawks barked out, "You think I give a damn about my career right now, if it means outing you, you selfish bastard?!"




"And what about yours, Endeavor?" Hawks' voice dropped, dark and threatening, "You know how many reporters were at that fire today? How many people got, on camera, how your son did more than you did? How two kids actually did something, while you stood by on the sidelines and just watched?! How do you think that's going to look on your hero record?!"


Endeavor was silent, glaring at Hawks as though the winged hero might erupt into flames if he glared hard enough.


"And look around, Number One," Hawks mocked. "At how many people have got this little confrontation on video."


A quick glanced up and down the hallway showed that a few nurses, visitors, and even patients themselves, had their cameras out and focused on the two heroes. Hell, even a few of Class 1-A themselves did.


Endeavor's flames went out, his face going pale.


"I'd bet just about everyone here is going to post this online, one way or another," Hawks continued, and this time, he was smiling. It wasn't his regular, laid back one. Instead, it was sharp, cold, and didn't reach his eyes, "And even though you'll try to get your people- your PR, lawyers, your handlers- to shut it down, you should remember, that what's on the internet, always stays. You can't get rid of it. The public will see and hear this. The public will ask questions. And, here's the funny part," Hawks chuckled, darkly. "I hope you have a damn good explanation. I can't wait to see you fall, Endeavor."


Hawks jumped, wings fluttering as he raised himself to stare Endeavor in the eye, expression like that of stone.


"You never deserved the title of Number One," Hawks said, just loud enough to be heard. "In fact... you never deserved the title of being a hero."


Endeavor opened his mouth, trying to say something. Then he closed it, turned on his heel, and walked out.


The hallway was dead silent for several moments.


"I'm adopting you as my new best brother," Shoto said, and just like that, the spell was broken.


"Holy fuck, that was awesome!" The door behind Shoto and Hawks was jerked open, and Bakugou came out, "You put that fucker in his place!"


Hawks blinked, and then rubbed the back of his neck, looking sheepish, "Ah... it was... it was-"


"If you say it was nothing, I am breaking up with you this very second," Touya deadpanned, walking up. "It's official, I'm marrying you."


Hawks sputtered, turning as red as his wings, "T-Touya! What-"


"Shut up," Touya requested, and grabbed Hawks by the collar of his shirt, leaning down and catching the other man's lips in a kiss.


Hawks let out a muffled squeak, wings fluttering and eyes wide. His surprise only seemed to last a moment though, as he wrapped his arms around Touya's neck.


"Yes, hello? 911?" Kaminari muttered, "I'd like to report a crime, cause I just heard there were some shots fired."


"That... was absolutely... amazing," Jirou nodded, eyes wide.


"Bakubro, you're alive!" Kirishima cried, and grabbed the blonde in a hug, "Dude, don't ever worry us like that again!"


"Shove off, shitty hair," Bakugou rolled his eyes, but made no move to push the redhead away. "I just wish I had known earlier that Deku's dad was here. I would love to blow his fucking face up..."


"What you did was incredibly reckless, though!" Iida exclaimed, chopping the air, "You could have been seriously injured!"


"Oh, fuck off, four eyes!" Bakugou snapped, "Like a little house fire would be enough to do me in!"


"Little-" Hawks pulled away from Touya, though the taller man simply grabbed him and held him, "Touya- ugh, never mind. Listen, Bakugou, that wasn't a little housefire. If it hadn't been for Shoto, you'd be dead right now." He glanced at the Bakugou's bandaged arm, "You're lucky you managed to get away with just a few injuries."


Bakugou scowled, but stayed silent.


"What happened?" Aizawa questioned, eyes narrowed, "I take it that what we've heard is just the tip of the iceberg?"


"In a sense, yeah," Hawks rubbed the back of his head. "It's... complicated, and honestly, the only one with the full story is probably Midoriya. Which... where is the kid?"


"ICU," Aizawa sighed. "Doctors say he's unconscious, and they don't know for how long."


"Recovery Girl?"


"Is doing all she can, but it's touch and go," Aizawa shook his head.


"... What's the body count, right now?" Hawks asked, warily.


Aizawa was silent for just a beat too long, "I-"


"Forget it, I don't want to know," Hawks sighed, wings drooping. "I'll find out later. I'm gonna go home now, and do what the doctor ordered and get some rest. I'll talk with you later." He ducked out from under Touya's arm, waving over his shoulder as he walked down the hallway.


"Hey, birdbrain, wait," Bakugou suddenly said, frowning. His brow was furrowed in confusion, "Icyhot and I found Deku... did you find Auntie Inko?"


Hawks stopped dead in his tracks. Though none of the group could see his face, the way his wings were twitching betrayed how he was upset.


"Hawks?" Present Mic asked, "Are you-"


"No," Hawks said, flatly. "Sorry kid, but... she didn't make it."


Bakugou's expression went blank, his voice quiet when he spoke, "What?"


"Bakugou," Kirishima murmured, wide eyed. "M-maybe you should..."


"Fuck off, Shitty Hair!" Bakugou snarled, shoving through the group. He grabbed Hawks by the shoulder, whirling him around. Tears were in his eyes, face firmly set into one of denial, "You're lying! You're lying! She's not- Auntie Inko can't be dead! She- She can't!"


Hawks blinked, stone faced, "Like I said... I'm sorry. I... wasn't fast enough, kid. The fire-"


"No!" Bakugou snapped. Explosions went off in his hands, causing Hawks to wince, "No! You- You- You're lying! You have to be!"


"Bakugou," Aizawa said, firmly, activating his quirk. He reached out, pulling the teen away from Hawks, "You heard him... there was nothing he could do."


Bakugou trembled, eyes wide, before he finally broke down.


Hawks turned and walked away, Bakugou's sobs ringing in his ears.

Bunny Girl: BITCH WTF.


Bunny Girl: WHAT DID YOU DO.


Bunny Girl: I don't know weather to cry, laugh, or come to your place and tear you a new one.


Bunny Girl: You know every news station is talking about this right?


Bunny Girl: Sora, I know you're seeing these messages, talk to me!


Chickadee: Sorry. Not in the mood.




Sora turned his phone off, curling up into the corner of his couch. He really, really didn't want to deal with anyone or anything at that moment-


He tensed when his front door opened and closed, eyes narrowing. He pulled a feather from his wings, sharpening it. He whirled around, the now feather turned blade flying through the air-


It stopped just short of slicing through scarred flesh.


"Hey, woah, easy pretty bird!" Touya held his hands up, stepping back. The tip of the feather was just under his chin, and he held still.


Sora blinked, surprise quickly turning to anger. He didn't move the feather.


"What the fuck are you doing here?" Sora deadpanned.


"I came to check on you?" It came out as a question.




"You were upset when you left the hospital. I... You've never sounded or looked the way you did, and I was just..."


"I don't need your concern," Sora's snapped, wings quivering.


Touya shrugged, "Okay."


He left it at that, meeting Sora's gold gaze with his own blue. After a moment, Sora put the feather back into his wings, and sat back down on the couch. There was a moment of silence, before Touya circled the couch, and warily sat next to Sora, leaving a bit of space between them.


"Shouldn't you be at UA?" Sora muttered.


"Eraserhead canceled classes until Wednesday," Touya murmured. "Bakugou's parents came... they're scheduling the service for Tuesday, last I heard."


Sora's wings twitched, the only sign that he had heard the other man.


They were silent, for a long time. Sora appreciated the fact that Touya said nothing, but was instead there as just a comforting presence. Eventually, he sighed, and slumped over into Touya's side. The other wrapped his arms around Sora's shoulders, a familliar and comforting position.


"She was right there, Touya..." Sora whispered, "She was still alive. She was stuck under debris, and I couldn't..."


"Sora," Touya said, quietly.




"If you don't feel like it... You don't have to say anything,"


For once, Sora was quiet.

Kurai stared at her TV, a sense of cold dread washing over her.


Inko's... dead?


"How unfortunate," Kurai blinked, snapping out of her daze. Her eyes flicked to the vaguely human shape across the counter, "But hopefully this doesn't hinder your mission."


Kurai bit her lower lip, "I hope not. Inko was... she was helping me with a major case."


"The one on Enji Todoroki, correct?"


Kurai nodded, "That's the one." She bowed her head, staring at her reflection in the coffee sitting in the mug she held, "... She was a really good friend of mine."


Silently, her companion poured a bit of vodka into her coffee, "You'll need this."


Kurai snorted, dipping a finger into the scalding liquid to mix it together, "Really? Why?"


"Stain is retrieving Switchblade, tonight," The man stated. "She's agreed to come into our ranks."


Kurai paused, "... Really? I thought she was on the fence?"


"Something apparently changed her mind. May I ask, what you wish to go by while you are here?"


Kurai took a long sip of her drink, inhaling the scent of coffee beans and alcohol. She let the warmth flow through her, soothe her, as she steeled her nerves. When she lowered her mug, drained of it's contents, she let out a deep, dark chuckle, meeting the man's eyes.


"Silver Viper, at your service."

Chapter Text

Head in the dust, feet in the fire
Labor on that midnight wire
Listening for that angel choir
You got nowhere to run
- Soldier, Fleurie

Sora stared in numb shock at his phone.


"What... the... fuck," He finally stated. "What the fuck?!"


From his kitchen, there came an amused chuckle. Whatever Touya was cooking smelled lovely, but Sora couldn't focus on that for the fact that he was nearly having a panic attack.


"I pass out for a few hours and this happens?!"










Sora flopped over on his couch, burying his face into a cushion and letting out a muffled scream.


"This can't be happening!" His wings fluttered in agitation, "I'm only twenty four!"


"Makes you the youngest number one in history," Touya called.


"Forget that! I wanted to be a hero, but I never wanted the pressure of being in the top ten, let alone the number one hero! Oh, god, I'm going to be scrutinized so much more for every little action and oh shit- the Hero Commission is going to be on my ass! And the press conferences! The interviews! Touya, I can't do this! All Might can take back the number one spot- hell, your father can, I'm not cut out to be number one! I was barely cut out to be number two! Oh, god I'm gonna screw up and then-"


A hand found itself on Sora's back, right where his wings met. It was warm, and Sora reflexively relaxed under the soothing heat.


"Sora," Touya murmured, kneeling on the floor next to the couch. "Look at me."


Sora groaned, and stubbornly pressed his face further into the cushion, "No."




Sora was silent for a moment longer, before turning his head to look at Touya.


"If anyone deserves the number one spot, pretty bird, it's you," Touya said, reassuringly. "Not only do you have the public's best interests at heart, but you do so much more than most heroes do- you keep up with your fans, you check in with those you've saved and their families too. You make sure they're recovering well. And you can deny this all you want, but I know you've paid for a few funerals before, for those that couldn't afford to bury their loved ones."


"Someone had to," Sora muttered, petulantly. "I couldn't stand the thought of- and then I still get letters from most of those that- I just..." He sighed, and closed his eyes, voice quiet, "It helps, Touya. Helping where I can and making sure they're still... alive."


"I know," Touya murmured. He leaned forward, pressing his lips to Sora's forehead, before standing. He took Sora's hands, hauling the blonde to his feet, "Come on, birdie. I made some chicken teriyaki, extra spicy."


Sora perked up, wings fluttering, "Really? But that's my favorite!"


Touya rolled his eyes, then smirked, "After what you did to my father? You deserve it."

Sex Tape: asdfghjkl


Sex Tape: Has anyone seen the news????


Sex Tape: @Daddy'sLittleMonster @IcyHot YOUR DAD IS OUT OF THE TOP. TWENTY. T W E N T Y


Gravity Falls: Yeah, and his ratings just keep dropping!


Daddy'sLittleMonster: Yes, I'm aware


Daddy'sLittleMonster: Sora's barely keeping it together on being the new number one.


Assidic: Sora?


Assidic: Oh, you mean Hawks!


IcyHot: I haven't seen the news yet, but good riddance


IcyHot: Hawks was right, he didn't deserve being a hero in the first place


KrustyKrabs: For the record, all I've been hearing, besides all this shit about Endewhore, is about your relationship with the birdbrain


Daddy'sLittleMonster: ... what.


AuxCord: To be fair, you did make out with him in the middle of a hospital hallway


AuxCord: With dozens of witnesses


Gravity Falls: Someone was bound to get a picture!


Kamemeri: Or a few


Kamemeri: [link] [link] [link]


Kamemeri: Some are actually talking about how maybe you blackmailed or forced Hawks into a relationship....




AuxCord: ....


Soysauce: ....


KrustyKrabs: ....


Kamemeri: ....


Assidic: ....


Gravity Falls: ....


IcyHot: ....


IcyHot: Question.


IcyHot: Did my brother just get assassinated?


Daddy'sLittleMonster: Yo! Hawks here! Don't worry, little Todoroki, your brother if fine, though I can't say the same for me since your bro is trying to turn me into a literal fried chicken.


KrustyKrabs: Approved


Kamemeri: ... Shigaraki, no.


Daddy'sLittleMonster: Anyways, I'll calm him down. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure that as soon as my handlers get word of this, they're going to want to talk to me and that is something I'm Not Looking Forward To.


Daddy'sLittleMonster: Okay, I'm giving Touya his phone back now before he kills me bye~


IcyHot: I have to leave as well. Midoriya's awake.


Assidic: Give the green bean our regards!


Kamemeri: And condolences


Sex Tape: Hope the little man is okay!


Gravity Falls: And let him know if there's anything we can do, we'll do it!

Midoriya took stock of himself in silence. His arms were covered in bandages from wrist to shoulder, and his left leg from the knee down was in a cast. An IV was in his arm, peeking out between the bandages, and he had an oxygen mask on. His vision was blurry, but he could still make out the various figures in the room.


"Hey, kid," Mitsuki Bakugou sat on Midoriya's left, her chair pulled up as close as possible. She sounded like she had been crying, "Masaru's gone to get the doctor, so just relax."


"How do you feel, Midoriya?" Shoto asked, from the green haired teen's right, "You've been unconscious for a while."


"I..." Midoriya coughed, throat sore from lack of use and scratchy.


"Hold on, kid, I'll get you some water," Mitsuki said, and stood up. She poured a glass of water from the pitcher on Midoriya's bedside table. She helped the teen drink, and he drained the glass in a few gulps.


"Better, kid?"


Midoriya nodded, and blinked. His vision cleared a bit, "B-better... Th- Thank you, Aunt M-Mitsuki..." He inhaled deeply, frowning, "I-is mom, o-okay?"


Silence fell over the room.


"Nerd..." Bakugou cleared his throat, "I-Izuku..."


Midoriya blinked, nothing that had just been done making sense. Kacchan, calling him by his name? He sounded... upset? Like he had been crying? But Kacchan would never...


"What do you remember, kiddo?" Mitsuki asked, gently.


"I..." Midoriya frowned, "I don't..."


"To be expected," a male voice came. Midoriya looked up as a tall man and Recovery Girl walked in, "That you may have memory issues. You did inhale quite a bit of smoke, before your friends managed to get you out."


Midoriya squinted, before his eyes widened and he looked over at Shoto and Bakugou, "You two!"


"Yes," Shoto nodded.


"Of course, you fuckin' nerd," Bakugou grumbled.


"B-But what about mom? Where's mom? I-Is she alright? She made it out, right?" At the room's second, loaded silence, Midoriya felt anxiety claw at his throat, "... right?"


"Green bean," Mitsuki said. "I... Inko..."


"No," Midoriya instantly shook his head. "No. No! It's not true! Mom- Mom can't be-"


"Izuku," Masaru tried.


"No!" Midoriya cried, and tried to scramble from his bed, "Mom! Where's mom?!"








"Problem child!"


"Green bean!"


Midoriya let out a high pitched wail, fighting desperately against the hands that latched themselves on to his shoulders, legs, and arms.


"Quickly, sedate him!"


"Mom!" Midoriya wailed, and sobbed violently. His sobs turned to hiccups as the medicine began to take effect, and slowly, he sank back into darkness.

Switchblade's gaze ran over the group that were scattered around the, surprisingly well maintained, bar.


Behind the bar counter, a male figure of nothing but mist stood, dressed in a suit and with yellow eyes fixed on the young woman on the stool before him. Said young woman had scarlet red hair, tan skin, and when she looked up, striking silver on white eyes.


In the far corner, a man with a weirdly patterned black and white mask and top hat, sat. Despite the mask, Switchblade couldn't help but feel like his eyes were focused solely on her. She scowled and flicked her eyes to the final figure, also at the bar.


Brown hair, a freaky mask, and really, could he be any more tacky with that furry green and purple jacket? Oh, god it looked like he had gone rummaging through a back alley bargain bin. Switchblade twitched, trying to push down her urge to burn the jacket- and, maybe rip that toucan mask off his face too.


"... This is all you got?" Switchblade scowled, fingers dancing over the knife strapped to her thigh, "Not big in numbers, are we?"


"As of now, no," In front of her, Stain nodded. "We are working on it though, and All For One specifically asked you to be a part of our new League."


"Charmed," Switchblade said, dryly. "I suppose I need no introduction, then?"


"You mean the woman who's gotten the worst villain in Japan's history's attention?" The woman at the bar scoffed, pressing a shot glass to the side of her face,


"Yeah, we know you are, Switchblade."


"Indeed," the mist man nodded. Or, at least, Switchblade thought he nodded. It was hard to tell, "My name is Kurogiri, Miss. We've heard much about you."


"You know who I am," Stain commented. "I ask again, how did you get my number?"


"Again, I tell you: for me to know, and you to never find out," Switchblade's eyes flickered to the far corner. "And you're Compress, correct? Of the original League?"


"Indeed I am!" The masked man nodded, "Please, make yourself comfortable among us. We will be working closely with each other for the foreseeable future."


Switchblade snorted, Foreseeable... I don't see anything foreseeable about this circus act.


"Overhaul, perhaps you should introduce yourself," Kurogiri suggested.


"Why should I, when you just did?" The brunette man shot back, voice flat, "Why don't you ask your girlfriend?"


"Fuck you, I'm not his girlfriend!" The redhead barked, whirling around to glare at the man, "No more than you are competent villain!"


"You've certainly been more chattier with him than the rest of us," Overhaul returned, coolly. "Why is that?"


"And who might you be?" Switchblade purred, gliding closer to the redhead. She giggled as the other woman jumped, spinning on the chair to glare at Switchblade, "I like the feisty ones...."


"... Viper," The woman's eyes flashed. "Silver Viper."


"Never heard of you," Switchblade blinked.


"Good. Means I do my job right, unlike the rest of you idiots," Viper sneered, and stood up. She downed back her shot, and made to brush by Switchblade-


Switchblade was faster. She grabbed Viper's gloved hand, stepping forward and pushing up Viper's jacket sleeve, intent on making contact with her now bared skin, so she could see-


Her hands fell into nothingness.


Switchblade blinked, and looked down. Two small warp gates had appeared under her hands, preventing her from touching Viper.


"My apologies," Kurogiri said evenly, as Viper snarled and edged away. "But please, let's not get into any infighting so soon. We need to learn to trust each other, not be at each other's throats."


"Aw... I was just curious about what the little worm was hiding!" Switchblade pouted, "You're not fun."


"I'm not paid enough to be fun,"


"You're not paid period," Viper deadpanned.


"Exactly," Kurogiri nodded. "Now... who wants a drink?"

Chapter Text

Take a look in the mirror
And what do you see
Do you see it clearer
Or are you deceived
In what you believe
'Cause I'm only human after all
- Human, Rag N Bone Man

"Hizashi, why are you obsessing over this?"


Hizashi Yamada glanced up, taking in the concerned look in his husband's eyes. He sighed, and stretched his arms over his head, nearly knocking the papers in his lap off.


"Why wouldn't I? He's one of your students, too," Hizashi frowned. "I'm honestly surprised you aren't throwing yourself headfirst into this case too."


"... It's illogical for me to get involved," Aizawa finally said, and sat down next to Hizashi. "I need to remain neutral, otherwise the hell class will descend into chaos."


"When isn't it?" Hizashi muttered, and his eyes were drawn to the picture in his lap, the one that Kaminari had allowed the teachers of UA and then a few pros to print off, "... How's he doing, by the way? He's gotten quieter in English, but other than that, I haven't noticed much about him."


"He's gravitated more towards Shigaraki and Dabi," Aizawa admitted. "His friends haven't been as... welcoming, towards him."


"What about Hitoshi? He's close with Kaminari, isn't he?"


"If anything, he's avoiding him," Aizawa murmured. "I believe he's still upset about the fact that Kaminari was able to keep something so important from him."


"... You mean he's not upset at the fact that Kaminari was the traitor?"


"No," Aizawa shook his head. "He's upset that he didn't figure it out sooner, and that he wasn't able to help. He's avoiding Kaminari out of guilt."


"He can't possibly think that's logical, can he?" At Aizawa's raised eyebrow, "Yes, I know what I said. I stand by it, and add on with: none of us knew who the traitor was, let alone suspect it was Kaminari. He was so good at hiding it! But..." Hizashi's eyes landed on the picture of Shogeki, "He had a good reason to."


"... Hizashi, what are you thinking?" Aizawa asked, "You're far too quiet, and that usually means you're planning something."


"Look at her, Shota," Hizashi snatched the photo up and waved it in his husband's face. "She's six- six! She hasn't had a chance to live a normal life! She's been stuck in a lab! No contact with the outside world! Who else do we know that was raised in such a similar situation?!"


Aizawa was silent, but Hizashi saw the moment he admitted defeat, the way his expression fell, his shoulder's dropping as he sighed. He gently took the photo from the blonde, staring at it. After a moment, he handed it back to Hizashi.


"Whatever you do... just don't get yourself hurt, Hizashi," Aizawa murmured.


"You know I won't try to," Hizashi said, leaning forward to press a kiss to Aizawa's forehead. "... Are you going to the service on Tuesday?"


"Yes," Aizawa nodded. "What about you?"


"Not sure, yet," Hizashi murmured. "I have a lot to do in just a few days..."


Aizawa was silent for a moment, before sighing again. He leaned over, laying his head against Hizashi's shoulder.


"Don't wear yourself out, Hizashi. Your health takes precedence before your job, you know,"


Hizashi hummed in response, then frowned, "Hey... have you heard from Hawks since he became number one?"

"No! How many times do I have to say it?! I'll do the interview on Saturday, but the more you ask me to do it sooner, I'm just going to keep putting it off- Oh, sure, like I give a damn about that right now! No, just tell them that I'll do my own interview with the person of my choosing! Good fucking bye,"


Sora hung up on his agent, hissing in anger. He turned, chucking it at the couch and watching in vague disinterest as it bounced off the cushions and then landed on the hardwood floor with a loud clatter.


Fuck the Hero Commission. I really don't blame Kurai for hating them as much as she does. Or Touya. Fuck, the current hero society in general. How the fuck else would Endeavor had gone on for as long as he did with his kids- Sora. Sora no. Bad thoughts. Refocus, Sora exhaled slowly as he sank down to the floor. ... You're the new number one now, Sora. You could change the hero society as everyone knows it...


That... wasn't a bad thought. His dream had always been to change the hero society from what it was... He now had his chance, the biggest one yet, laid out in front of him....


What was holding him back? Sora wasn't sure.


His house phone suddenly rang, and Sora winced. So, people couldn't reach him via his cell, they were going to try his main line? Jeez, would he have to unplug that thing too-


It went to voicemail. Sora let out a sigh of relief, before he perked up as the message played on his answering machine.


"Hey, Hawks. It's Present Mic here," the message filtered through the speakers. "Uh, listen. I'm sure you're under enough pressure as it is, due to everything that has been going on, you becoming the new number one and all, but I just wanted to know if you'd be interested in coming to the station later this week? Or, hell, maybe next week might be better. Whatever suits you. I'm sure your PR is all over your ass about you making some type of statement to the public and all, so... why not do one with Put Your Hands Up Radio? It'll at least be someone you know." There was a beat of silence, before the other hero added on quietly, "Your sister would occasionally do a segment or two with me, if that helps make your decision. Okay, well, that's all I have to say! Call me back if you make your decision!"


The phone beeped, before turning off.


Huh. Well, Sora supposed he had made his decision.

"Midoriya?" Shoto knocked on his classmate's dorm door, "Can we come in?"


There was a long moment of silence.


"Oi, nerd!" Bakugou knocked a bit more forcefully, "Open up!"


"Bakugou," Shoto deadpanned.


"Fuck off, Icyhot, we're not going to get anywhere if you keep up that shitty attitude!"


"I'm trying to give him the space he needs! He just lost his mother!"


"You don't think I fucking realize that?!"


"You're certainly not acting like it!"


The lock on the door clicked, before the door opened up. Midoriya stood in the doorway, face blank and eyes devoid of emotion. There were dark bags under his eyes, and somehow his normally fluffy green hair even looked droopy and despondent.


"Hey guys," Midoriya murmured.


"Midoriya-" Shoto started.


"You skipped breakfast and lunch today, nerd," Bakugou said, gruffly. He held out a bowl of something hot. "Katsudon. Auntie's recipe."


Midoriya blinked, "Oh... thanks, Kacchan. But I'm not-"


"You're eating weather I have to force this down your throat or not," Bakugou growled.


"I appreciate the thought, Kacchan, but really-"


"What would Auntie Inko think about you letting yourself waste away right now, fucking nerd?" Bakugou growled, "You're not doing yourself any favors by moping about!"


"He's grieving, not moping!" Shoto hissed.


Something venomous flashed through Midoriya's eyes, and he straightened up.


"I don't know Katsuki, why don't you tell me what my mother would think? Not like you would know, considering you stopped being my friend when I was diagnosed quirkless! Honestly, I should have expected it, considering how much of a superiority complex you have! But no, I went years thinking that something might change and you might get that stick out of your ass and open your eyes!"






"Do you have any idea what it's like?!" Midoriya was shouting by now, hot angry tears rolling down his cheeks, "To first be abandoned by your father, because your quirklessness made you worthless in his eyes?! And then to start being called useless and stupid and pathetic by your best friend?! To be mocked and teased for years on end! To literally be told to go kill yourself because you're just a waste of space?!"






"And then suddenly the father you thought hated you turns up out of nowhere to 'reconnect' with his estranged family?! Only to have him turn your whole world upside down and kill your mother?! Do you know how any of that feels?!" Midoriya let out a bitter laugh and shook his head, eyes dark with rage and pain, "No, you don't, Kacchan. Because you were one of the ones who mocked me. One of the ones who beat me down. And for some reason I don't understand myself, I'm still standing here trying to get this all through your thick ass skull and talk over your monster sized ego. Go fuck yourself, Katsuki."


Midoriya stepped back and slammed the door in the duo's faces.

"Hawks? What are you doing here?"


The winged hero turned at the meek voice that came from behind him. Instantly, the blonde flinched and took a step back.


"H-Hey... Midoriya," Hawks stuttered, then cleared his throat, voice dropping. "How you doing, kid?"


"... I've been better," Midoriya admitted. "You didn't answer my question."


Hawks rubbed the back of his head, "Would my guilty conscience be an appropriate answer?"


"Why would you feel guilty for something that was out of your control?"


Hawks winced again, wings twitching.


"... She... your mom," Hawks exhaled, steeling his nerves. "She was right in front of me, Midoriya. I just... wasn't strong enough to help her. She was trapped under some debris and no matter what I tried, I couldn't... I couldn't get her free. I tried everything. And then... then the explosion happened and the fire started back up and... everything just happened so fast, kid. She kept telling me to get out and save myself, to make sure you and your friends were safe, but I just kept thinking that maybe... maybe by some stroke of luck I might be able to get free, but-" Hawks faltered, eyes glazing over. "It was over before I realized what happened. The building was already unstable due to the first round of flames, and... more of the ceiling caved in, right on top of us. I tried to shield us, use my wings as a shield, but... it didn't work. It wasn't enough."


Hawks swallowed and looked down. His voice was a whisper when he spoke.


"I watched your mom die, kid... I didn't do my job... I couldn't save her. And... And I'm sorry, Izuku. Now, because of me... you don't have any of your family left,"


Silence, thick and oppressive, passed between the two young men. Hawks hung his head, closing his eyes.


Eventually, a small hand took his, catching his attention. Hawks looked up as Izuku stepped forward and hugged the older hero. Surprise caused his wings to flare up as he reached up to instinctually hug the young teen back.


"You did more than you think, Hawks," Midoriya said, after a moment. He stepped back, looking up at the blonde, "I have to thank you. She... she was probably scared and... you stayed with her for as long as you could... She didn't die alone, at least." He gave him a small smile, "So... thanks for that, number one."


Hawks blinked, watching as Midoriya turned and walked back towards the front of the church to sit with the Bakugou's, before turning away and walking out the side doors.


Well... Midoriya certainly had a way of putting things into perspective.

"Guys, guys!" Sero ran into the common room, looking excited, "Quick, turn on a radio!"


"What?" Kirishimia blinked, "Bro, what's up?"


"Here!" Momo said as she pulled a radio off a nearby shelf, "What's got you so excited?"


"Hawks is doing his first interview since he became number one! It's all over social media right now! Come on, get to the station already!"


"--welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to Put Your Hands Up Radio! You're tuning in with your favorite radio host and late night DJ, Present Mic! Tonight, we have a special guest who's finally agreed to do an interview- please welcome, the new number one hero, Hawks!"


Applause filtered through the radio speakers as the entirety of Class 1-A settled into various spots across the common room.


"We're glad you're here, buddy! Lots of people have been snapping at the bit wanting to hear your voice!"


"Well... thanks, Mic. Honestly, you're the only person I've agreed to do an interview with, mainly because I know you aren't going to twist my words in any way. Can't exactly say my agent was too happy when I told him I was just doing one interview, but hey. You gotta do what you gotta do,"


"True, true. So, we're gonna start off with some questions we've found on the 'net and then we're do a call in, listeners! So when I say so, get ready to call in! We'll get to as many callers as we can, so let's not waste any more time! Hawks, you ready?"


"As I'll ever be," Hawks said, with a slight laugh in his voice.


"Great! Alright then listeners, strap in! Hawks, we got our first question here..." There was a rustle of paper, before Present Mic spoke again, "Now, Hawks, as you know, there are many videos and even images of you facing down the former number one hero, Endeavor, last week. What set you off, and why?"


"What set me off? Well, I'll tell you what set me off, and that's the fact that I came across Enji snapping at his youngest son, Shoto- who, might I remind you, is one of your students at UA- about how he shouldn't have gotten involved in the emergency situation last week. When I tried to defend Shoto, Enji tried to turn it around on me and blame me. Let me tell you something, I was using the resources I had at my disposal at that moment in time. All of the water based heroes were on the other side of town, Bakugou and Shoto both had their provisional licenses, and even if they didn't, I still would have authorized them to use their quirks. Shoto's ice managed to give us the opening we needed to get all of those others that were trapped in that building, and Bakugou knew the lay out of the building. Enji had no right- no right- to try to get me involved. I knew what I was doing- I did it, and I would do it again in a heartbeat."


"Well that was quite the speech," Mic mused. "But, yeah... I can agree. If I had been in your spot, I most likely would have done the same thing."


"He would have," Shinsou muttered.


"Shh!" Jirou hissed.


"Moving on! The next question is... well, I know you well enough to say I can't believe someone would ask this, but anyways, I've got a few questions that basically boils down to the theory that people believe you confronted Endeavor in public simply so you could steal the number one spot. Thoughts?"


"I... How do you want me to reply to that? Y- You think I'd intentionally do something like that? Nope, no, I would never do something like that. You know, there was a time- a long, long time ago- where I respected Endeavor. I looked up to him- he was my hero," Hawks huffed. "But... no. When I saw the devil in the disguise, saw who, or more accurately what, Enji Todoroki is... and, no pun intended, all my respect for him went up in flames. The fact that he could cover up everything he did to his family- the abuse, the mental breakdown he put his wife through... it- it really goes to show just how fucked up our current hero society really is."


"Amen," Shigaraki muttered.


"I mean, I know it, you know it- most decent heroes know it. I mean, take a look in the last few years: there's been multiple heroes brought in for abuse, fraud, excessive force in apprehending a suspect. I mean, the list goes on and on! At least there are some heroes out there that are decent- ones that actually give a damn about the world we live in."


"Eh, sounding a bit like Stain there, aren't we, Hawks?" Present Mic chuckled, nervously.


"Maybe. But he did have the right idea. The fake heroes have to be brought down to make room for the true heroes. I'm by no means saying people need to go out and murder or maim those you think are fake heroes. I'm saying let justice run its course. If there's a case to be made, take it to court and let both a jury of the court and the public make that judgement on weather or not the accused is guilty or not. That's why we have a justice system, isn't it?"


"Ah, you do have a point there, my feathered friend," Mic agreed. "Next question, and... well, I know the truth here, but, you're dating Touya Todoroki right? Also known as the villain Dabi?"


"Mmhm," Hawks hummed.


"Are you aware of the theories that you were coerced into a relationship with him?"


"Ugh, yes, and let me say this: fuck them all,"


Touya let out a bark of laughter, coughing as he struggled to quiet down so that the rest of the group could hear what was being said.


"Uh... bold choice of word there, Hawks... Can I ask... why?"


"Sure. Because they're nuts? They're stupid? They don't know Touya like I do?"


"Care to further explain?"


There was a beat of silence. Curious looks were on the students' faces as they eagerly awaited the hero's response.


"They need to get to know him, first," Hawks said, voice quiet and sincere. "Once you get past the whole villain thing... really, Touya's just... just someone who's fighting to survive. Everything he's done, he's not just done because he's a bad guy... he's done it to try and help those he cares about. His family- his mom, sister, brothers... All he's doing is really looking out for them. Sure, he was part of the group who attacked a whole bunch of hero hopefuls at that training camp, but really look- he never directly attacked them. From what I've heard, what I've read... he never got too close to the students."


"He did though," Mic pointed out. "Blood King and Eraserhead-"


"He was caught both times though, by both heroes. You really think that Touya couldn't have taken them on? In the time he's been at UA, haven't you watched him? Seen how he moves? He's quick and he's smart, two of the best things any hero or villain can have in their arsenal when it comes to fighting the other side."


"I... suppose that's true. You're right, he is a slick bastard," Mic said, good naturedly. "I've heard from his teacher that he's quick to pick up on details and come up with schemes. You may have some merit to your work there, Hawks."


"I know I do," Hawks said, firmly. "Honestly... everything that's made up Touya up before he was put into rehab program... it can all be circled back around to Enji. The scars? Constant usage of his quirk that doesn't fit his body. The seething hatred for his dad? Boom, check out the abuse accusations. Touya's not a bad person... just mislead. He wanted to try and take his dad out, to try and expose him for what he was... To him, his best choice was to join the League, and really... can you blame him?"

Chapter Text

Hey brother! Do you still believe in one another?
Hey sister! Do you still believe in love? I wonder
Oh, if the sky comes falling down, for you
There's nothing in this world I wouldn't do
-Hey, Brother, Avicii



Hizashi looked up at his son's voice, blinking at Shinsou, who stood in the doorway of his office.


"Hey, little listener," Hizashi gave his son a smile. "What can I do you for?"


"... I heard Dad talking with aunt Nemuri..." Shinsou rocked back on his heels, "Are... When are you planning to rescue Shogeki?"


Hizashi frowned, "Shinsou?"


"I... I'm sure it's pretty obvious why I'm asking, it's just... I want to help. I... I feel so bad. Kaminari was one of the first people to reach out when I transferred into 1-A and... and we..." Shinsou rubbed the back of his neck, a nervous habit that Hizashi recognized, "I... just feel so guilty, how I wasn't able to pick up that he was sufferering and I... Papa, I want to help. Please. Let me help."


Hizashi stood, pushing his chair back as he crossed the room. He laid a hand on his son's shoulder, bending over to meet his eyes.


"Shinsou, I understand you want to help your friend, and I appreciate that, but I don't want you getting hurt. It could be too dangerous," Hizashi began.


"Being a pro is dangerous anyways! This... This would just be good field experience for me!" Shinsou shot back, eyes wet with unshed tears, "Papa, please! I feel so helpless, letting all of this happen and being unable to do anything about it!"


Hizashi bit his lower lip. Shinsou did have a point... being a pro, underground or a daylighter, was dangerous work. He'd be exposed to it, once he graduated UA... he'd already been exposed to it, in truth. While it wasn't something any parent wanted for their child, Hizashi knew allowing Shinsou to go on a mission of this caliber, especially when he was still a hero in training...


An idea struck him.


"Tell you what, you can help me out," Hizashi grinned. "Shota and I have been talking... He's taking your class out to the mall on Saturday, said you kids deserve to have a day to yourselves after all the stress you've been put under recently... I was planning on leaving Friday night, and maybe, on Saturday... you can keep an eye on Kaminari for me? Make sure he's enjoying himself, yeah?"


"I... guess I can do that," Shinsou nodded, wiping at his eyes. "Do... When will you be back?"


"If all goes according to plan, Shogeki and Denki will see each other when you guys get back Saturday afternoon. Think you can keep it a secret from Kaminari about what's going on?"


A determined look crossed Shinsou's expression and he nodded.


Hizashi's grin widened, and he ruffled Shinsou's hair, "That's what I thought, little listener. Don't worry. You and Kaminari will be able to make up in no time."

"You know, the last time we came as a group to the mall was when-"


"We are not talking about that,"


"Aw, come on, Midoriya! Don't you remember-"




"I remember. I remember very well,"


"Shigaraki, Izuku may be nice enough to ignore you, but I'm not. I will float you to the sun,"


Aizawa sighed as he listened to his class. The bus held an excited air to it as the group of teens and young adults chattered excitedly. He was honestly surprised they weren't being louder than they already were, but maybe that was because he had dragged them out of the dorms before ten a.m on a Saturday morning. He'd also been surprised, when, upon giving the choice on if he wanted to go or not, Midoriya had said he'd go.


It's better for him, anyways. He doesn't need to be alone while he's grieving. Sure, it's only been a couple of weeks, but he does need to be with his friends, Aizawa sighed into his scarf. Nedzu and I still need to talk to him about who he wants to be taking legal guardianship over him...


Aizawa was snapped from his thoughts as the bus came to a halt on the curb, just in front of the mall. With a sigh, he stood up. When none of his students paid him any immediate attention, he activated his quirk. The bus instantly fell silent, twenty two sets of eyes on him.


"You're free to do whatever you want," Aizawa said. "Stick to groups of three or more, check in on the group chat every hour, and for the sakes of all the gods that listen, try not to cause trouble. Meet back here at two this afternoon. If I have to wait on you, you're getting detention. Understood?"


"Yes sensei!"


"Good," Aizawa sat back down. "Go wild."


As his class flooded out of the bus, disappearing into the mall, Aizawa pulled his phone out. He fired off a quick message to Hizashi, before standing and trailing after his class.


We're here. Let me know how it goes.

Present Mic glanced down at his phone when it buzzed. A message from Shouta, but otherwise nothing serious. Just a check in, one that somehow managed to settle his frazzled nerves.


"Hey, Mic. You good?" Next to him, Hawks was perched up on the edge of the roof, staring curiously at the other pro hero.


"Yeah," Present Mic nodded. "Shota's just letting me know that he and the kids just got to the mall. Hopefully today will distract them from all that's been happening."


"Hopefully," Hawks' wings folded up over his back. "Hard to believe that they are still kids, with everything they've been through. They've seen more action in the last two years than most pros do in their first year as a hero."


Present Mic nodded, "Unfortunately, that's true."


Hawks paused, the earpiece he wore crackling with static, then turned to Present Mic, "Jeanist is in position. It's your call now."


"You all have the picture I sent, right? Who we're here for?" Present Mic asked.


"Yeah, we all made sure to bring a copy with us. Shogeki Kaminari, age six, has a light quirk,"


"Apprehend anyone who crosses your path, and if necessary use deadly force. Remember, anyone we can bring out alive could lead us to All For One," Mic reminded.


"Right," Hawks nodded. "So... we're going in?"


"Move in,"

"Maybe you should get something for your sister,"


Kaminari tilted his head, raising an eyebrow at Shinsou, "What are you talking about?"


Shinsou shrugged, "I'm just saying. When Shogeki is rescued, she's probably going to need a few things. How often did your parents ever splurge on you or your sister?"


Kaminari frowned, silently conceding the fact that Shinsou had a good point.


"Okay, yeah, but I mean, we can't split up in groups less than three and I really doubt that Touya or Shigaraki are going to-" Kaminari started.


"Going to what?" Speak of one of the devils, how the hell did Touya sneak up on them when they were facing the entire store?


"Nothing," Kaminari shook his head. "I mean... it's not nothing, but-"


"I suggested he get some things for his sister so that she has some things whenever she's rescued," Shinsou repeated, glancing down at his phone. "He seems to think you or Shigaraki would agree, especially when we need to stick to groups."


Touya narrowed his eyes at the purple haired teen, and Shinsou simply raised an eyebrow at him, dead eyed. After a moment, Touya pulled his phone out, checking something, "It's almost twelve now. How about we get lunch and then hit the women's department? I was wanting to get something for Fuyumi anyways."


"As a peace offering in the hopes she doesn't ice you for your idiocy?" Shigaraki asked, as he slinked towards the group.


"Listen, until you meet my sister, don't you dare to assume what she's like. Fuyumi can be terrifying when she wants to be," Touya replied.


"What about your mom?" Kaminari asked, as the group walked out of the shop and back out into the mall, "You could get something for her, too."


Touya grimaced, clear distaste on his expression, "Yeah... I don't... think I'm quite ready to see her yet..."


"Why not?" Shinsou questioned, "I'm sure that by now she's aware of everything that has happened and is probably wondering when you might visit."


"Oh, jeez, maybe because I'm a former villain? I killed people? I'm the family disgrace?"


"No, that title goes to your father," Shigaraki deadpanned.


"I-" Touya cut off, then glared at the other man, "You know I have no retort for that."


Shigaraki smirked, "Yes, I do. Because that's the truth. Before you ran with the League, you were less of a villain and more of a criminal. You don't have as long of a record as I do."


"And there's a weird thought," Kaminari muttered. "Okay, so. Lunch and then we hit the upper floors, right?"


"Sure," Touya shrugged.


"Why not?" Shigaraki sighed, "I've nothing better to do with my time anyways."


Shinsou nodded, hiding a smile, "Yeah. I can get something for Eri too."

"This seems like something straight out of a sci fi horror movie," Hawks commented.


"I have to agree with you, for once," Jeanist affirmed.


Rows upon rows of test tubes lined the long, underground cavern. It was more of a tunnel, than anything, vast and spacious, with an eerie blue glow coming from the liquid that filled the human sized, and larger tubes. Inside the tubes were different sized... creatures. Less human and more animal.


"They're Nomu," Jeanist murmured, laying a hand on the glass of one the tubes. "There's got to be a whole army, down here."


"They don't seem to be completed," Hawks called over, reading the screen on another Nomu. "They're still in the development stages, it looks like."


"Better for us, I suppose," Jeanist mused.


"... Should we put them out of their misery?" Hawks asked, softly, "I mean... they were all human, once... I can't imagine that they're not suffering, with all the experiments and practical torture they've been put through."


"True," Jeanist murmured. He turned to the winged hero, "But, unfortunately, that's not our call. It'd be the Commission's."


Hawks' wings quivered, a scowl crossing his expression, "Tch."


Jeanist's eyebrows went up, but before he could comment on Hawks' reaction, an alarm blared through the air. Red lights flashed, and in the distance, the sound of heavy metal doors slamming shut reaching the duo's ears.


"Intruder Alert. Initiating Lockdown," a robotic voice echoed through the cavern. "Lockdown sequence, 411, in operation."


"Shit," Hawks swore, back peddling from the test tube he stood in front of. All around them, the tubes were draining, as the eyes of the Nomu began to open. Dark limbs twitched as the glass slid up, the creatures' gazes locking on to the two pro heroes, "Shit! Jeanist!"


"There's too many! We can't take them all!" Jeanist called, "We need to find an exit!"


Shinkt, shinkt, shinkt!


Several small feathers flew through the air as Hawks took out three Nomu in one attack. He blinked as they fell to the ground, "They're not immune to attacks, yet! We can fight them if we need to!"


"Let's hope it doesn't come to that, Hawks! Right now, we need to focus on getting out of here alive!"

"What the hell would I even get her?" Kaminari muttered, rubbing the back of his head, "I... literally have no clue what she does and doesn't like. Heh, we didn't have that luxury, figuring out what we like growing up..."


"Evident from the state of your dorm room," Shinsou commented.




"Just saying,"


"Don't act like you don't like it! You wouldn't come in as often as you did if you didn't!"


"... I have no clue what you're talking about,"


Kaminari rolled his eyes, sighing. He scratched his cheek, frowning, "What do I get Shogeki...?"


"You could start by getting her a few toys, maybe some things like that," Shinsou suggested. "That's what I do for Eri, at least. And dad, too. We leave the clothes shopping to Papa."


"Why Mic-sensei?" Kaminari asked.


"Because apparently Dad has a horrible taste in fashion, his main evidence being that rainbow monstrosity he first got her," Shinsou grinned. "Papa tried to burn it, but Dad stopped him- I guess sentimental reasons, or something."


Kaminari nodded, and walked off towards a shelf full of toys and books, "Okay, so start simple, right?"


"I would," Shinsou confirmed. "Go nuts, Denki. Shogeki deserves it."

"Well, hey there little listener. Just the girl I've been looking for!"


Present Mic crouched down, staring across the nearly bare room at the girl curled up in the corner. Gold-yellow eyes glowed in the near dark, wary and apprehensive.


"Do you know who I am?" Mic asked, keeping his voice quiet.


The girl paused, then shook her head.


"Well, I know who you are, Shogeki," Mic said, seeing the girl's eyes widen. She crawled out from between the bed and wall, "Your brother, Denki, told me about you."


"De-de?" Shogeki leaned forward, eyes bright, "You know De-de?"


"He's told me a lot about you, Shogeki," Mic nodded. He held his hand out, "Do you want to see him? I can take you to him."


"I... Yes, but mommy and daddy- They'll be mad! I don't want them to be mad!"


"They won't be mad, little listener, I promise," Mic assured. "They won't ever hurt you again. I can make sure of it. Do you trust me?"


A long, tense moment of silence filled the air. The girl's eyes flickered back and forth between Mic and his hand, before slowly, she reached out. Her small hand curled in to Mic's own gloved one, and as Mic stood, he lifted her up into his arms with a smile.


As he walked out of the room and back into the hallway, the building fell into darkness. Mic inhaled sharply as the door behind him slammed shut, and alarms went off. In his arms, Shogeki cried out and curled up, burying her face into his neck.




Time to get the hell out of dodge.

Aizawa glanced down at his phone when it buzzed. The screen was lit up, showing a message from Hawks of all people.


[Image Attached]


Aizawa's eyebrows went up as he swiped his phone open, clicking on his messages to see what the other pro had sent him. Before he could stop it, a smile crossed his face at what he saw.


A slightly blurry picture, of Hizashi, sitting in the back of an ambulance with Shogeki Kaminari latched on to his left arm. His hair was coming out of it's signature point, he was covered in what looked like dirt, and his shirt was slightly ripped, but he looked otherwise unharmed. His jacket was draped over Shogeki's shoulders as she was getting checked out by a paramedic, and the girl was looking at him with wonder in her eyes.


Hawks: Mic says his phone is dead. I told him I'd let you know what happened.


Aizawa: I'm guessing it didn't go as smoothly as you would have liked.


Hawks: Nope. He can tell you in detail, but the facility was where a lot of the Nomu were being created. They figured out we were there and let them loose. Pretty sure the only thing that let us get out was the fact they hadn't been made immune to physical attacks yet.


Aizawa: And the Kaminari's? Did you get them?


Hawks: No. They got away.


Hawks: Shogeki and Mic's been cleared by medical. They're headed back to the dorms now.


Aizawa: Thanks.


Aizawa scrolled back up to the image, staring at it for a moment before he checked the time. Just after two... he had time, before his class was due to meet and head back to UA.


Present Mic had a new fan, that much Aizawa was sure of.

"S- Shogeki?!"




The bags in Denki's hands fell to the floor as he collapsed to his knees, arms open wide. Shogeki fell into them, her own small arms wrapping around Denki's neck as she cried happily.


"You're alive," Denki breathed, arms tight around her. "You're... alive. You're okay. You're okay."


"I missed you, Dede," Shogeki Kaminari said, quietly. "I- I missed you a lot!"


"I missed you, too, Shogeki," Denki said, just as quietly. His breath hitched as he fought down a sob, "I'm so glad you're okay... You're here now... You're safe." He pulled away from her, tears streaming down his cheeks, "You understand me? I'm not gonna let anything happen to you again."


Shogeki nodded, folding her hands in front of her. As she did, Denki caught sight of a strange mark on her left hand. He reached down, taking her smaller hand in his, frowning, "Shogeki...?"


"I... It's nothing, Dede, really!" Shogeki shook her head, "I- I got it when I rescued! There was a fire and-"


"There was no fire, little listener," Over Denki's shoulder, Mic-sensei stood. "I saw it too, Denki, but I didn't have time to question her about it."


"Shogeki, what happened?" Kaminari asked, softly.


Shogeki's eyes were wide with fear, her gaze flickering back and forth between Hizashi and her brother. She trembled where she stood, tears welling in her eyes, before she finally broke down into soft sobs.


"M- Mommy a- and Dad- Daddy," Shogeki cried. "T- They wa- wanted to see w- what I could- could do with- with my quirk! How m- much li- light I c- could c-create and- and... I- It got too- too hot! B- But they ke- kept tell- telling me that- that- that I- I could b- build an imm- immunity t- to it! B- But e- every time I- I tried... I- it just- just hurt m- more!"


Shogeki trailed off into sobs, burying her face in her hands. Denki pulled her to his chest again, hugging her tightly even as he glared over at Hizashi.


"Tell me they're either in jail or dead," Denki said, quietly. His eyes were dark with rage, "Tell me, sensei, they're not going to be a problem anymore."


"I... can't say that kid," Hizashi shook his head. "They either escaped, or weren't there when we raided the place. I'm sorry."


Denki scowled, "You're not the one that needs to say that... They're the ones that will be sorry."

Chapter Text

All those simple thoughts all those peaceful dreams
Share the space with a hard worked, hard worked day
But it's the little things, the little things not expectation
That make life worth living, worth living
-The Sun Is Shining Down, JJ Grey and Mofro

"And all is forgiven, bro forgive me!"


Denki yelped in surprise as Sero grabbed him in a tight hug, nearly sobbing.




"Your sister is too adorable for this world, how could anyone hurt her?! I'm sorry for ignoring you! Please forgive me!"


"Let him go, tape face!"


"But Bakubro-!"






"Release Denki and sit down," Shinsou ordered.


Sero's eyes lost all their light in them, face blank as he released Denki from his death grip and sat down on the common room floor. Denki was quick to step away, a partially bewildered, grateful look on his expression.


Shogeki blinked at the scene, before turning on Shinsou with an excited look in her eyes, "That's such a cool quirk! How did you do that?! You just got him to do what you wanted and- and-" She vibrated in excitement, staring up at Shinsou.


Shinsou gave the girl a small smile, "It's my quirk. So long as anyone replies to me, I can get them to do what I want."


"So cool!"


"Wait a second...." Denki narrowed his eyes at Shinsou, pointing at him, "You sly dog, you knew!"


Shinsou blinked at him, "Knew what?"


"About the rescue! That's why you were so adamant about me getting something for Shogeki at the mall this afternoon!"


Shinsou's eyes glittered, "Maybe I did."


"Aw, man, I wish I had known!" Uraraka cried, "I would have gotten something for her today too!"


"Got me what?" Shogeki blinked, turning to look up at Denki with wide eyes, "Got me what, Dede?"


"Oh, jeez, that's just so adorable," Kirishima muttered.


"Ah! Right!" Denki exclaimed, and he bolted over to the bags he had dropped to the floor, "I got gifts!"


"Gifts?" Shogeki blinked, suddenly fearful, "I-It's not gonna hurt, is it?"


The entire room froze, something dark passing over Denki's expression. His fingers curled tight around the plastic bags, sparks flying off his body. After a moment, he let out a slow breath and stood, smiling.


"No way! You're gonna love these! Come on, let's sit down! Ah, man, I wish I had been able to get these wrapped..." Denki muttered, as he took residence up on a couch. His sister followed, curious.


"I ah, may have gotten something for her," Shinsou spoke up, bringing a bag of his own to set with the three Denki had dragged over.


"Shinsou! Y- You didn't have to-"


A fifth package, a box, dropped on the table, all eyes landing on who had set it down. It was clearly from a clothing department, and there were a few sharp inhales from various people in the room.


"... Mister Aizawa?" Denki squeaked.


Aizawa simply raised an eyebrow, as if to challenge the blonde teen.


"Oh, Sho, please tell you didn't buy her clothes," Hizashi whimpered. "She doesn't need to be traumatized anymore than she already is."


"I think you'll be happy with this buy, but first," Aizawa crouched down to Shogeki's level. "Who's your favorite hero?"


Shogeki blinked, before giving a shy smile, "Present Mic! He saved me and kept me safe! He told me he'd bring me back to Denki and he did! I have my brother back now because of him!"


Hizashi barely managed to not bust eardrums with his squeal.


"Well... do you want to see what sensei got you, Shogeki?" Denki asked, after a moment of shocked silence.


"Sure!" Shogeki climbed up on to the couch next to Denki, looking curious. She took the box into her lap when Denki handed it to her, prying at the lid. As the cardboard fell to the floor, she peeled back the tissue paper, before gasping, "Denki! Denki, look!"


"Ah, sweet! A Present Mic shirt!" Denki helped her lift it out of the box.


The shirt was black, with a neon green microphone, Mic's hero symbol. In white and green grafitti, the words 'Little Listener' were scrawled over the front of the shirt.


"It's so soft!" Shogeki squealed, as she rubbed the fabric to the side of her face, "I can't wait to try it on!"


"There's more," Aizawa said, gruffly. Next to him, Hizashi was watching with tears in his eyes.


"Oh, he's right! Look!" Denki exclaimed, and Shogeki dropped the shirt in her lap to rustle through the paper and pull a pair of leather boots and dark jeans out, "Look at that! A full outfit!"


Shogeki's smile flickered a little, "I- I can wear it? This is mine?"


Denki smiled gently at his sister, "Sure can, little sis. It's all yours."


Shogeki beamed.








Besides the outfit from Aizawa, Shogeki got a few Disney movies (Frozen, Brave, and Moana) and a stuffed cat from Shinsou (which Denki teased him about), and from her brother, Shogeki got a dark purple blanket, a series of children's books, and a few puzzle games.


Denki smiled, watching Shogeki cuddle the stuffed cat while wrapped up in the blanket. She was talking excitedly with Ashido and Uraraka, looking relaxed and without a worry in the world.


Thank god for small mercies, Denki thought. At least she's not in All For One's grip anymore.


"Denki," the blonde startled at the voice above him. He looked up, seeing Aizawa and Hizashi standing behind the couch, "Can we talk to you for a moment?"


"I..." Denki's eyes flickered to Shogeki, "Can it wait...?"


"It'd be better to do so now, and in private. Can you come to the kitchen, please?" Aizawa questioned.


Denki hesitated, before he nodded, "Yeah, just give me a sec." He turned to his sister, "Hey, Shogeki?"


Shogeki turned to him, the blanket flopping over her eyes. She giggled as Denki picked the edge of the blanket up to look at her.


"I gotta talk with my teachers for a minute. Will you be alright with my friends?" Denki asked.


Shogeki blinked, tilted her head, before nodding, "Y- You'll come back though, right?"


Denki felt his heart ache, but he smiled and reached under the blanket to ruffle her hair, "I promise." He stood up, shooting a glare at the room at large, "If anything happens to her, whoever is the cause will pay."


"No problem, bro! We can watch her for a bit!" Kirisihima waved, smiling at the blonde.


Denki sighed, but turned on his heel and walked into the kitchen. There was a beat of silence, before Midoriya broke it.


"Hey, Shogeki," Midoriya smiled. "What's your quirk?"


Shogeki blinked at him, before curling up under her blanket in a shy manner, "I... I can generate light."


"Ooh, really?" Hagukure squealed, "Can you show us?"


Shogeki peered at the clothes that hovered in mid air, her gold eyes flickering around the room. After a moment, she nodded once, and held out her hands, cupping them. Her brow furrowed in concentration, and a small orb of yellow light appeared in the palms of her hands, sparkling like a star.


"Oh, how magnifique!" Aayoma cooed.


"It's so pretty," Momo agreed, and reached a hand out towards the light, "It gives off a bit of heat. How useful!"


The light disappeared abruptly, Shogeki wincing a bit and holding her left hand tightly to her body.


"Shogeki? Are you okay?" Momo asked, worriedly, "You didn't hurt yourself, did you?"


"I... It's a side effect of my quirk," Shogeki sniffed. "I- I'm not used to the heat my light can generate..."


"Can I see?" Momo's voice was soft, everyone watching as Shogeki slowly stretched her hand out, letting Momo take it, "Ah... You've burned yourself, haven't you? Oh, you poor thing! Shoto, can I get a bit of ice please?"


"Mommy and daddy thought that the more I used my quirk, the less it might hurt me," Shogeki's voice was quiet, as Momo pulled a towel and some bandages from her arm. "But... but it hasn't. It just gets worse."


Shoto silently helped Momo wrapped the ice cubes in the towel, before wrapping it up around Shogeki's palm and wrist with the bandages. The look on his face was pensive, but he said nothing as to what he was thinking.


"There we go," Momo smiled. "Keep that on for a bit, and we'll see if you need to go to Recovery Girl."


"What did you do?" Denki's voice startled the students, as he walked back into the common room. His eyes were drawn to the bandage on Shogeki's arm, his expression twisting further, "Shogeki-"


"I-I'm fine, Dede, really! They asked what my quirk was and I just wanted to show them! I just did too much too quickly, please don't be mad! I- I don't want you to be mad!"


"Hey, easy, easy," Denki knelt down in front of her. "I'm not mad.... at least, not at you."


"Y- You're not?"


"No, of course not. You could never make me mad," Denki assured her. His eyes softened, "Hey... How would you feel about staying here at UA, with me?"


Shogeki blinked at him, "Really? I can stay here with you?"


"Well, for the weekend you can stay here in the dorms," Denki said, taking her bandaged hand in his. He frowned, before looking back up at her, "But come Monday, you're gonna have to move in with my teachers, cause I don't want to leave you alone here in the dorms. You'll start your own classes here, too."




"Yeah, really," Denki nodded. "I'll still be able to see you every day, too. Mom and dad won't be able to get either of us, here at UA. We're safe here."


"Y- you promise?"


"I promise, Shogeki," Denki smiled at her.

Raven lounged on the edge of the roof, staring down at the bar on the other side street. While she couldn't see inside the building, she could still hear all that was being said.


"So Denki Kaminari has officially turned his back on All For One's ideals, hm?" Overhaul drawled, "And the one thing we had to hold over him, his sister's safety, has also been taken from us too. Where does that leave us, if we don't have our informant inside UA anymore?"


"Who says we need UA to send a message?" Stain drawled.


"Our targets are those brats who originally betrayed the League. Dabi and Shigaraki are the only two that left," Compress said. "We need them to complete our mission, but they are safely housed within UA's walls. The trick here is, however, is that All For One wants neither of them dead. He'd rather give them the option of staying in his good graces and continuing his work."


"Hm," Switchblade hummed. "Maybe we don't need to go after them directly."


"What do you mean?" Overhaul questioned.


"It's public knowledge, now, that Hawks is in a relationship with Dabi, isn't it?" Switchblade giggled, "Why not use him to draw Dabi out?"


Raven's wings flared, her eyes narrowing to slits, Excuse me?


"You want to go after the number one hero?" Stain sounded bewildered, "Are you insane?"


"Jury's still out on that one," Switchblade cackled. "But yes, I say go after Hawks!"


"Dabi's siblings would be easier though- Natsou and Fuyumi Todoroki," Compress argued.


Oh hell no.


"Hawks would be more of an emotional impact," Silver Viper stated, the first time she had spoken since the conversation began. "Dabi's gotten closer to Hawks, where as he's hardly had any contact with his siblings in the time he's been put at UA. And while Dabi has multiple choices we can exploit, what about Shigaraki?There is literally no one alive that we could use against him."


"Oh, that's where your wrong, my dearest Viper!" Switchblade giggled, "You just don't know where or how to look! If you leave finding Shigaraki's weak points to me, one of you can take Hawks! Just... make sure that when you get him... let me have a go at him, yes?"


"... You sound like you have a bone to pick with him, dear," Kurogiri stated.


"Something like that," Switchblade's voice turned dark and dangerous. "But he's also the weak link to an old... friend of mine. Having a chance to nail her where it hurts? Oh... that's a dream come true."


Raven had no doubt just who Switchblade was talking about. A shiver went down her spine as she pushed herself to her feet and then into the sky.


She needed to warn them. Her friends. Her family.


They were at risk, and it was all her fault.

Denki was sprawled out on the couch, head thrown over the arm of the couch, and one of his hands and feet touching the carpeted floor. Sprawled over his chest, cuddling her new stuffed cat and curled under her new blanket, was Shogeki, sound asleep with a small smile on her face.


"Touya, you're being insufferable,"


"No, it's called being awesome. There's an eighty percent chance he'll want this printed and framed once he sees it,"


Shoto sighed, shaking his head and turning away from the scene. Behind him, Touya chuckled softly as he took yet another picture of the siblings on the couch, before walking after his brother into the kitchen. The smell of coffee hit his nose, and Touya went straight for the coffee pot.


"What happened after I went back to my room last night?" Touya muttered, as he poured himself a cup, "The common room looks like a tornado went through it."


"That's apparently what happens when you give Shogeki candy," Shoto replied. "She'd never had any before Sato gave her some last night. I got out before I could become a victim of her sugar rush."


"... I'm feeling more and more sorry for this kid. Her parents were caught, right?"


Shoto's expression darkened, "No. And they remind a bit too much of father to be comfortable with."


Touya blinked at Shoto, lowering the mug from his mouth, "What do you mean?"


"... In the same way father pushed you with your quirk, they did the same to Shogeki. She's even got the burns to prove it,"


"She what," Touya deadpanned, eyebrow twitching. "They what. She's five."


"Six, actually," Denki yawned, stumbling into the kitchen. He reached for the coffee mugs, barely able to get enough of a grip to pour himself a cup, "But yeah, I get where you're coming from. Makes me want to track them down myself and do something regrettable."


"If you don't, I'll do it for you,"


"Touya, no,"


"... okay, fine, I'll help you do it,"


"That's... not any better,"


Denki snorted, "I might take you up on that offer, Azula."


"Excuse me?" Touya narrowed his eyes, "Did you just refer to me as-"


"The female firebender from Airbender? Yes, yes I did," Denki smirked. "And look at that, Shoto's even got the scar to match Zuko!"


"... What's Airbender?" Shoto asked, frowning.


Denki squeaked, head snapping around as he and Touya stared across the kitchen at a confused looking Shoto.








"... I was gonna save Airbender to watch with Shogeki at a later date, but this needs to be rectified immediately."


"Why not kill two birds with one stone?"


"Izuku has the whole series on DVD. I can get them from him. Hell, he might join us,"


"I can do the popcorn,"


"... What's the problem? So what if I haven't watched Airbender?"






"You help me with my parents, I'll help you with yours,"


"You know what, Kaminari? You got yourself a deal."


As Kaminari rushed out of the room, pulling a bewildered Shoto with him, Touya was stopped by his phone buzzing in his sweater pocket. Wondering who the hell was texting him before nine on a Sunday morning, he pulled his phone out, frowning at the message.


To: Hawks, Shigaraki, Touya


From: Unknown


Stay alert. Trouble's headed your way. 

Chapter Text


So I pray for favor like Esther,
I need Your strength to handle the pressure,
I know there will be sacrifice,
But that's the price
- Who Am I Living For, Katy Perry

Switchblade held on to the flag pole with a single hand, her feet dug soundly into the metal beneath her. The wind whipped around her, but she hardly acknowledged it, her eyes focused instead on the apartment building down the street.


All reports say that they were all killed by the single surviving member of the Shimura family, Switchblade thought. Both grandparents, the parents, and the girl. But... that's not the truth, is it? He was terrified and horrified of what he did and ran before he understood what had happened. And then of course, All For One lied to him, telling him his entire family was dead...


The mostly dark apartment building stood as just another building in the Tokyo skyline. It was a nice building, forty floors high, balconies from the second floor up to the thirtieth, and from there up to the top floor were suites instead of apartments.


Switchblade's gaze was locked solely on the forty-second floor, one of the occupants of the suite still awake, despite the clock steadily ticking towards two in the morning.


The advantages of being a trauma surgeon, huh? And at only twenty three, huh... How did you achieve such an endeavor, my dear, and at such a young age? Switchblade mused. She bent her knees, and launched off the flagpole she was handing from, flying through the air, before ducking into a crouch and landing on the roof below her. She bolted across, before leaping off the edge on up to on to the balcony across from her. She jumped, and scaled the side of the building and to the top without breaking a sweat.


Parkour pays off, bitches, Switchblade thought, as she pulled herself on to the roof, pausing to take a breath. Her eyes were fixed on the building again, and now that she was closer to her target, her quirk kicked in.


Or at least, an aspect of it. Over the years, Switchblade had learned that her quirk didn't limit her to seeing the future. While seeing into the future was helpful, even if her limit was up to five minutes...


She could see years into the past.


At first, everything was dark, a swirling abyss of pain, betrayal, regret, and sharp, piercing hatred. Not just at the world, but crippling self hatred, nearly enough to knock Switchblade off balance.


Then... it shifted. The hatred was there, but slowly, the anger faded, replaced by hope and happiness. Joy, determination, a will to do better as a mother than as a sister? What...


The images came, next. A young girl on the streets, before being picked up by authorities. Being placed in foster homes, in and out of multiple ones. Doing terrible in school, purposely not applying herself and then dropping out of school completely. Hitting the streets, running with the wrong crowds. The drugs, the feelings of euphoria coming from the highs...


Something changed, though. A single night, one full of bad decision after bad decision.... The aftermath, though... A teen mom, at the age of seventeen. Everything shifted, the exact moment where the emotions had. How her adopted parents took her in, let her know they were by her side as she went back to school and applied herself to her studies. How she soared through her classes, going through four years of high school in less than two.


Shiro Tenko Shimura.


Switchblade reeled back, gripping the edge of the roof as shock flooded her as though she had been dumped in ice cold water.


Her son is her drive, Switchblade realized. She has a son. A kid she named after the brother she thought she lost. The one she believes she abandoned... Hm... Well, having a child certainly changes things... I guess you should consider yourself lucky, Hana Shimura. Quite lucky, indeed.

Midnight was just a bit surprised at the group that stayed behind when the bell rang. But, none the less, she had been warned by Aizawa that it might happen.


"I suppose you're here to ask about Minami, yes?" Midnight asked, a small smile on her face. When she received surprised looks in response, her smile widened, "Aizawa told me I could expect one or all of you. I'm surprised that you waited as long as you did."


"To be fair," Shinsou said. "A lot has happened since then."


"Yes it has," Midnight agreed. "But, Shigaraki, Denki, why are you two here?"


"I got dragged into it the day I came out as the traitor," Denki admitted.


"Scarface had me use some contacts to dig up Minami's grave," Shigaraki said, gruffly. "... It was empty."


Midnight swallowed. She had suspected, but hearing it out loud... that was different. It made it a reality.


She sighed, sadly. Minami had been such a bright girl, with so much promise to be a hero, no matter weather she went as a daylighter or an underground. In just the couple of months she had been at UA, she'd come so far with her already honed skills.


It was a shame, really, that she had instead gone down another path...


"-night-sensei?" Midoriya's voice snapped Midnight from her thoughts, and she looked up to see the six boys staring at her.


"My apologies. I was thinking about Minami," Midnight smiled, softly. "What questions did you have?"


"Did she ever show any signs of instability when she went to school here?" Shoto asked.


"It depends on what you mean by 'instability'," Midnight said. "You have to be just a little crazy to be in the hero course, here at UA."


"Ah, good point," Midoriya nodded. "Did she ever seem... too enthusiastic, maybe? Perhaps in villain apprehension training or maybe even rough with her classmates?"


"Well..." Midnight frowned, "Honestly, Aizawa might be the better one to ask that, since he was her homeroom teacher and all, but I suppose... Yes, there were a few incidents, where she got detention for being a bit too... rough, as you said. She put a fellow classmate in the infirmary for a few days, once. Though, to be fair, he deserved it. He was being a sexist brat."


"Can you think of any other instances?" Touya asked.


"... She did get in trouble with the law, once, while she was here," Midnight sighed. "Assaulting a reporter who was being a pit too pushy."


"What was her relationship with Aunt Kurai?" Shinsou's voice was quiet.


Midnight chuckled, a little deviously, "Honestly, I started a betting pool on when and if they might end up in a romantic relationship with them. Those two were as thick as thieves."


"... I sense a 'but' coming," Shigaraki commented.


"They had a falling out, right before the internships," Midnight said. "Kurai felt incredibly guilty that they weren't able to talk before internships started. And then Minami... Well, you know what happened there. The guilt got worse, and after a few sessions in therapy... Kurai started using that guilt as yet another one of her drives to be a hero."


"What was the fight about?" Denki asked.


"I wouldn't have a clue," Midnight sighed. "I really don't. Neither one of them said a word when Nedzu or Eraserhead questioned them, and they were lucky they only got off with a suspension up until their internships."


"Do you know who might know?"


"I'm afraid not," Midnight shook her head. "Sorry, kids. But if you want the answer to that question... you'll have to ask Kurai or Minami themselves."

"This is strangely nostalgic," Sora commented as he landed on the edge of the open window. "A late night meeting and not knowing what direction it'll take."


"Oh, hush up, pretty bird," Warm hands cupped Sora's face and pulled him forward, lips brushing against his. Sora sighed, body slumping as all the tension rushed out of him.


After a moment, Touya pulled away, raising an eyebrow, "Wow. Aren't you tense."


"Hah," Sora said, dryly, dropping into the room and throwing himself on the bed. "You try being number one sometime. I mean, being number two was bad enough, but now it's like every single action I'm doing is being scrutinized by not only the public, but the Hero Commission and my handlers. It's driving me nuts."


"Hm," Touya nudged Sora, the blonde scooting over so that Touya could sit next to him. Once the other man had settled against the headboard, Sora dropped down against Touya's chest, sighing in relief.


"You're warm," Sora mumbled.


"Perks of having a fire quirk," Touya snorted. "Did you get a text the other day-"


"Saying to watch my back?" Sora finished, eyes closed, "Yeah, I did. You did too, obviously."


"Mmhm," Touya nodded. "Raven must know something's about to happen."


"Wish she would give us a little more than a cryptic message," Sora muttered. "It's driving me nuts that I don't know what's happening. Worse than whenever I was waiting on a call from you when the League was still in action."


"Yeah, and why's that?"


"... I guess because this whole thing has more of a personal aspect to it. Before... I guess I was only doing it for those who ordered me to do what they wanted. Get in the league, get the information, make the world a better place. But... since then... a lot has changed," Sora sighed. He tilted his head back to look up at Touya, "Us, for one."


Touya ducked his head, hooking his chin on Sora's shoulder, "Mmhm."


"Aaaaand, you're not listening to me," Sora slumped, crossing his arms.


"What? No, no I am, I'm just... my mind is somewhere else right now," Touya murmured.


"If it's the gutter, I'm pretty sure Eraserhead will kill the both of us if he catches us,"


"What? No!" Touya flicked Sora's ear, ignoring the yelp from the other man, "No, you birdbrain, I'm thinking about your sister and Switchblade."


"What about them now?" Sora turned over on to his stomach, looking up at Touya, "You find something else out or something?"


"Or something," Touya admitted. "Apparently, before the internships that went to hell-"


"Pretty sure your brother has that title, with the whole Stain incident and- and I'm shutting up now,"


"They had some sort of argument. Nobody knows what it was about, but... I'm just wondering..." Touya frowned, "Maybe that could have set Switchblade off? Pushed her over the edge?"


"... What pushed you over the edge?" Sora asked, softly.


"What do you mean?"


"What made you run, Touya? You've... never told me, you know,"


Touya blinked down at Sora, before sighing, "Yeah... No, I haven't, have I?"


"Nope," Sora mused. "If... If you don't want to, I'm not gonna push you, but-"


"It wasn't long after Shoto got his quirk," Touya interrupted. His grip around Sora's waist tightened a bit, "Father would... occasionally let me sit in on his... training sessions. Really, though, he'd just want me there to use me as an example if Shoto resisted him. The training sessions I could take, but... just the beatings... he never even used his quirk, he just... It was worse than anything else he'd done before."


Sora scowled, wings twitching. He was well aware Endeavor's reputation had taken a hit since the hospital visit, and that he was being openly investigated, but still. It never ceased to hurt him whenever Touya opened up just a bit more about his past.


"The day I... ran- that was the day I just. I couldn't take it anymore. Shoto was just hurting so much, and he was- he was just five, Sora. Five years old and going through a training course UA wouldn't have even approved of! No one would have!


"Shoto was crying, that day, and dad was getting mad that he wasn't living up to his legacy and... I don't know, I just... I snapped. I used my quirk on my old man and we ended up in a fight. I remember Fuyumi and Natsou all coming in. I remember screaming at them to get Shoto out of there and call the cops and I just... I just wanted to keep my dad from going after them. I was so, so angry and I just... put everything I had into my quirk and attacked my dad. I didn't care if I died or not, I just wanted to stop him. I wanted him to suffer, like he had made me and Shoto suffer..."


Touya was silent for a moment, eyes glazed over and distant. They snapped back to Sora, and a bitter chuckle left his throat.


"I nearly burned the whole house down, Sora. I was so out of it, it took me weeks to recover... I mean, you can see what the result was," Touya gestured to his face, the scars and staples that was holding him together. "When I finally recovered enough to realize what had happened... every where I looked and heard, everybody thought I was dead. I literally had a blank slate to work with... I became a whole new person. I became Dabi."


"Well, it's probably for the best that you became Dabi then, hm?" Sora mused, smiling when Touya raised an eyebrow, "I probably would have never met you, for one."


Touya rolled his eyes, leaning down to press a quick kiss to Sora's lips, "Cheeky bird."


"Oh, absolutely," Sora chirped, mind drifting. It was... terrifyingly easy, to see the parallels between Touya's story and the information about Minami and Kurai he had just given the winged hero, "So... you're thinking... Minami and Kurai had a fight, and the fight was what pushed Minami over the edge. Like with you?"


"Mmhm," Touya nodded. "But... none of the teachers here knew what it was about, so I can't say that for certain."


Sora was silent for a moment, before he twisted around again in Touya's arms, his back to the other man's chest. He pulled his phone from his pocket, and fired off a text to his mom.


Sora: You wouldn't happen to know anything about a fight sis and Minami Ka had back in UA, would you? Right before internships? Touya and I are still hunting down leads.


"It's almost midnight, Sora, I really doubt your mom is going to be-"


Sora's phone dinged.


"... up."


Mom: Perhaps you and Touya should come over for lunch sometime. Would Saturday be alright?


Sora blinked. Touya blinked. They looked at each other. Sora broke the silence first.


"So... wanna meet my parents?"

Chapter Text


Why did it all go wrong?
I wanna know what's going on
And what's this holding me?
I'm not where I'm supposed to be
- You Can't Take Me, Bryan Adams


"Ah, you must be Touya! It's so nice to meet you! Both of you, come in, come in! I'm just setting the table. Touya, I hope you like katsudon!" Kuro smiled, hugging her son, and then by passing the hand Touya had outstretched and swept him into a hug as well.


Touya blinked in surprise.


"Well, come on to the dining room boys!" Kuro trilled, white wings fluttering as she disappeared into a room off the hallway.


"Your mom is..." Touya tilted his head.


"A bit enthusiastic?" Sora offered, as he shed his coat, hanging it on the rack next to the door.


"Yeah. I see where you get your personality from," Touya mused, taking his own leather jacket off to hang next to Sora's.


Sora chuckled, "Just wait. You'll also see where Kurai gets hers from, too."




"Coming, mom!" Sora reached down, threading his fingers with Touya's, "Come on. Mom's no five star chef, but she's a good cook." He tugged gently on his boyfriend's hand, pulling him towards the where the smell of cooked pork was coming from, "Mm... mom, that smells delicious."


"I hope so!" Kuro smiled at the duo, as she started portioning the food out into the bowls, "I think I made enough for an army, so there's plenty if anyone wants seconds." She eyed Touya's thin frame, "For my sanity, I hope you do."


Touya flushed, rubbing the back of his neck as he sat down in a chair next to Sora, "Living on the streets isn't exactly... the best place to get a home cooked meal."


"Well, let's change that, hm?" Kuro smiled, "Would you like tea, water, or a soda?"


"Water will be fine," Touya said.


"And you, son?"


"Water will be okay, too," Sora chirped.


Kuro nodded, and bustled around the kitchen, taking a glass pitcher from the refrigerator and filling their glasses up, before settling herself down in the chair across the table. She huffed, cheeks flushed, "My apologies, Touya. I'm not usually like this. I guess I'm just a bit... so happy that I can say I've met one of my children's significant other's."


"Mom," Sora groaned, dropping his face into one of his hands. His face was rapidly turning red.


Touya nodded, swallowing a bite of the pork katsudon, "I can get that, actually. My mom will probably be the same, once she meets Sora."


"Oh!" Kuro smiled, "Oh, yes. Your mother is Rei Todoroki, correct? Formerly Rei Michiko?"


Touya blinked, "How do you know that?"


"I'm afraid I haven't been completely honest with my own children," Kuro said, shaking her head. "I grew up with Rei. We went to the same middle school together, actually. I didn't hear from her, when she transferred to a high school in another district, and then the next news I do hear of her is through Inko Midoriya, telling me that her son's best friend's mother is in a mental hospital." Kuro's eyes darkened, "I sincerely hope your father is brought down, or at least arrested."


"A shared sentiment," Sora muttered, around a mouthful of food.


"Don't talk with your mouth full," Kuro chided, reaching out with a wing and tapping her son on the head. She turned back to Touya, her smile sad, "Though... that's not why you two are here today, is it?"


"Ah... no," Touya shook his head. "We're... Kurai's students, at UA, myself and a few others... we're trying to figure out a few things. Why she's so fixated on Switchblade...?"


"The better question would be, why is Switchblade so fixated on Kurai," Kuro mused. "Sora's question the other night was about a fight they had before internships... I remember Kurai coming home that day, and she locked herself in her room... She cried herself to sleep that night."


"Do you... know what the fight was about?" Sora asked, carefully.


Kuro was silent for a moment, staring at the table. Finally, she raised her eyes to meet her son's, "Of course."


"Minami wanted Kurai to become a villain."

"Kurai would never..."


"I know,"


"I can't believe..."


"I know,"


"Why wouldn't she..."


"She was a kid, Sora. She was hurt that the one friend she had made... the one she had put her utmost trust in since you two as kids, and then Minami went and broke that trust," Touya said, hands shoved into the pockets of his dark jeans.


Around the two, the night life of the city was quiet, just the occasional sound of a car passing by on the street. It was late, as the duo had stayed longer at Kuro's place than intended. Though, it wasn't a fruitless endeavor. They had gotten more information in the last few hours than they had in weeks.


"This is all messed up," Sora groaned, and ran a hand through his messy blonde hair. "Why wouldn't Kurai just say something?! I could have helped! I-"


The two stopped short in front of an alleyway as a scream cut through the air. Seconds later, the sounds of bodies hitting the ground reached their ears.


"... Sora, no,"


"Touya, I'm a hero,"


"Yes, you're a hero with a hero complex, and you're-"


Another scream, this time, shriller and more... childlike.


"-not alone. We're going in together," Touya's eyes narrowed as he pulled his hands out of his pockets.


"Mmhm," Sora plucked a feather from his wings, and the two made their way down the alleyway slowly. "Stay on guard."


The alleyway was darker than the streets, littered with trash, and now soaked in blood.


"Fuck," Sora swore under his breath. His throat was slashed, eyes lifeless, "Fuck."


A sound caught their attention, both of their heads snapping up to the back of the alley. Against the chain-link fence, a female figure sat, curled up with her head buried in her knees and sobbing.


"Hey," Sora called out, standing. He started down towards the girl, "Hey, kid."


Touya watched him go, focusing instead on the fallen figure next to his own feet. He crouched down, tilting his head.


"It's okay now, sweetheart," Sora crooned. "You're safe now, alright? Are you okay?"


Touya reached out, fingers pressing into the fallen man's wrist. No pulse, but there was some kind of mark on his arm...


Sora was standing in front of the girl, who was still stubbornly not looking at him. He reached out, laying a hand on her shoulder, "You're safe now."


Touya pushed the bloodied sleeve up, eyes widening. His breath came out in a whisper, "Yakuza..."


The sobbing became louder, high pitched.


Touya's head snapped up, but it felt like he was moving in slow motion.


"Sora, move!" Touya cried out, flames licking up his arms, "It's a trap!"


The pitched sobs became known as what they were- maniac laughter. The girl's head snapped up, eyes bright as a knife flashed through the air. The blade sank itself into Sora's gut, and he cried out in surprise, dropping to his knees.




The girl turned, and Touya felt a chill go up his spine when Switchblade grinned at him.


"Touya Todoroki... it's been a while, hasn't it?"

"Would you just let me see-"


"No, seriously, Touya, I'm fine-"


"You just got stabbed by fucking Switchblade! I'm not taking a chance that you're 'fine'!"


Sora winced at the look in Touya's eyes. He was pissed and worried, that much was evident, but his tone of voice was desperate. Given their situation, Sora couldn't blame him.


"Alright, alright," Sora conceded, wincing in pain. "Really though, it's just a flesh wound-"


"I'll be the judge of that, you featherbrain," Touya bared his teeth. "Lift your shirt and let me see. There's too much blood for my liking. I'm honestly surprised you're still awake."


Sora grit his teeth as he sat up against the wall. His shirt was stained red, his hands sticky with blood. Slowly, he pulled his hands away from his stomach, letting Touya maneuver to sit beside him, pushing his shirt up and away from his body.


"Fucking shit, Sora," Touya growled, worriedly. He pulled the sleeve of his jacket down, wiping away the blood, "Okay, I don't think the wound is too deep, but without medical attention and the way you're bleeding-"


"You'll bleed out in less than twenty four hours,"


Touya startled, head snapping up and over his shoulder at the female figure that stepped from the shadows of the far wall- Oh, no wait. That was Kurogiri.


"Impressive. We were only just discussing last week how to lure you gentlemen out," Kurogiri commented, floating over behind the bar. "Switchblade is certainly efficient."


"If you could call reckless efficient," the female snorted. She had fire engine red hair, silver on white reptillian eyes, and tan skin. Her voice was like silken honey, but despite all of that, Touya couldn't help but think there was something familiar about her...


"We need him alive, not dead," the female's voice snapped Touya from his musings, his lips curling into a snarl as the woman stepped closer to them. He felt the heat rise up into his palms, only to be quelled by the damn represent cuffs Switchblade had managed to get on his wrists. He crouched over Sora, growling low in the back of his throat.


"Hey, settle down," the woman scowled. She held up a key, "None of us here have a healing quirk. You're gonna wanna stop the bleeding, and the best way to do that right now is to cauterize the wound."


The implications set in a moment longer than Touya would have liked. He stared at the key, then met the woman's cold eyes.


"I'm only taking one cuff off," the woman warned. "You try any funny business, and I can promise you, you won't like what happens."


Touya swallowed, and glanced down at Sora. The winged hero had been silent, a testament to just how out of it he really was, but he was still alert enough to have seen and heard the exchange.




"Don't," Sora shook his head, grimacing in pain. He grabbed Touya's wrist in a firm grip, "I'm injured, we're outnumbered, and we don't know what she can do. It's best to just go along with it and try to figure something out later."


"..." Touya scowled, trying to think of an argument, but eventually having to admit defeat. He sighed, shoulders slumping, and turned to glare at the woman, "Alright, fine."


"Give me your hand," the woman said, and Sora released his wrist so that Touya could let her unlock the cuff on his wrist. Heat immeadiatly soared through him, his hand smoking just the slightest bit, enough to have the woman lean back and narrow her eyes at him, "No funny business."


"No promises," Touya growled.


"Touya," Sora said, through grit teeth.


"Kurogiri, can he get some towels and bandages?" The woman turned towards the bar, keeping Touya in her line of sight.


"Of course, Miss Viper," Kurogiri nodded- or at least, Touya thought he did. It was hard to tell with a man made of nothing but mist.


Nonetheless, a warp gate opened beside Touya, the afore mentioned supplies landing in a neat pile on the floor.


Touya was quick to snatch one of the towels, crouching next to Sora. In just the few minutes that had passed, he'd gone paler, eyes half lidded as he struggled to stay awake. The adrenaline was fading, no doubt being replaced with shock and fatigue.


"Hey, Sora," Touya murmured. "Stay with me, pretty bird."


"I'm with you," Sora mumbled back, winced as Touya applied a bit too much pressure when wiping the wound again. "This is gonna hurt, isn't it?"


"... I wish I could say it wouldn't, but I'd be lying," Touya said, biting his lower lip. "I'll try to make it quick."


"I know... I trust you," Sora's voice was soft. He inhaled, deeply and sat up straighter against the wall, bracing himself. He laid one of his hands over the one Touya was using to keep his shirt pushed away.


"You ready?" Touya asked, summoning his fire. The blue flames flickered in a non existent breeze.


"Yeah," Sora grit his teeth, fingers curling in with Touya's. "Do your worst, firefly."


To Sora's credit, anyone would have screamed when actively aware of being burned.

"I'm fine, I'm fine, I promise, I'm fine,"


"I'm sorry, Sora. I needed to do it,"


"I know, but stop worrying! You and I know I've been burned by fire before,"


"That doesn't make me feel better,"


Kurai carefully swiped the bloodied towels and leftover bandages from the floor, throwing them casually across the room and towards Kurogiri. The other man summoned a warp gate, disposing the rags.


"What'd I miss?" Another gate opened, and this time, Switchblade, Stain, Overhaul, and Compress stepped through, "Ooh! I smell burning flesh!"


Switchblade was insane, Kurai hid a sigh. She rolled her eyes instead, "Yeah. Because you were reckless enough to potentially kill him, you freak. Had to keep him from bleeding out somehow."


"Meh, if he died, so what?" Switchblade waved a hand, her expression darkening as she glared at the duo in the corner, "I would have loved to drop his body and see Raven's expression when she saw his body."


Kurai fought down the urge to throat punch her.


"What's your deal with that hero anyways?" Stain asked, "Any time I hear you talk, I swear it's only about Raven."


"It's none of your business," Switchblade growled.


But all of mine, Kurai thought. I wonder, what you would do, if-


"Is it because she wouldn't leave with you, Switchblade?"


Kurai felt her blood go ice cold. All eyes turned to Touya and Sora, Sora's eyes flashing as he glared at Switchblade.


"... What did you say?" Switchblade asked, quietly, eyes narrowed.


"Sora, shut up," Touya hissed.


"You pitched the idea of leaving UA, of both of you faking your deaths and becoming villains," Sora continued, apparently having no ounce of self preservation.


"Kurai tried to stop you, and you ended up in a fight against her... Minami died, and Switchblade took over, didn't she?"


Switchblade stared- everyone stared.


How the hell did they figure it out? Kurai thought. When the hell did they figure it out?!


"What was it?" Sora ground out, sitting up, only staying seated because Touya laid a hand on his shoulder, "What was it about my sister that you were fixated on? What was it about her that appealed so much to you? Why did you want her to join you so badly?"


"You..." Switchblade twitched, "You have no right-"


"I have every right!" Sora snapped, wings flaring up, "She's my sister! I may have unintentionally abandoned her, and yeah she has every right to hate me for not sending so much as a letter, but Kurai's my family! I'm trying to make up for my past mistakes, dammit! She's spent years looking for you, and I'm trying to understand why! I'm trying to understand what happened to turn you into Switchblade, Minami Ka."


Switchblade let out an unholy screech, eyes bright with rage. A knife dropped down her sleeve and into her hand, and she lunged, the blade swinging for Sora-


Kurai was faster. She lunged across the room, her hands curling around Switchblade's wrists and yanking her to a sudden halt, "Switchblade, stand down!"


"Let me go, you fucker!" Switchblade snarled, "I'm gonna pluck that scrawny chicken and then skin him alive!"


"We need him alive!"


"Bullshit! Killing him is better! Get him out of the way and Dabi will fall in willingly!"


"You fool!" Overhaul snarled.


"Fuck off!"


"You just-"


"I know what I did, and I'll say it again- Mmph!"


Kurai clapped a hand over Switchblade's mouth, twisting an arm behind her back and holding tight. The knife clattered to the floor, and Kurai yanked on the arm harder, causing Switchblade to let out a pained, muffled yelp and fall to her knees. Another pull, and she was stomach down on the floor, Kurai's knees in back and keeping her pinned.


"Settle. Down," Kurai snarled, pouring all she could of her quirk into making her voice hypnotic. Slowly, Switchblade began to cease struggling, "Now, when I remove my hand, you'll stay quiet. Nod if you understand."


She received a nod in response, and she pulled her hand away from Switchblade's mouth. Kurai raised her eyes to meet the wide eyed ones of Sora and Touya, both of whom were on the defensive.


"She won't try anything again for a few minutes, so I'll say this now," Kurai kept her voice low and dark, and locked eyes with Touya. "Hawks won't be harmed, so long as you do one thing." When Touya started to glance at Sora, she growled, "Don't look at him. Look at me."


Touya swallowed thickly.


"You have one chance, to make sure everyone you love doesn't end up dead," Kurai continued. "Say you'll join us and keep working for the League." Her eyes flicked over to Sora when he started to reach out towards Touya, and he froze under her sharp gaze, "You're getting off easy, the both of you. Just say yes."


Touya's eyes were glazed over, most likely the effect of Kurai's quirk setting in, "Just... yes?"


"Yes. Just agree, and I promise, no one you care for will be harmed," Kurai crooned.


"Alright..." Touya blinked, voice thick when he spoke again, "I'll join the League."


Kurai's grin was sharp.



Chapter Text



We've taken different paths
And travelled different roads
I know we'll always end up on the same one when we're old
And when you're in the trenches
And you're under fire I will cover you
-Brother, Kodaline

Aizawa was having a bad day.


He had thought, when Touya didn't show up at curfew the night before, that perhaps he'd decided to stay with Hawks for the night. That wouldn't have been a problem, he would have been with a pro, an escort, hell his boyfriend. He wouldn't have been alone.


But no. Noooooo.


When Aizawa had woken up that morning, he'd had a text from who he could assume was from Raven, waiting on him.


Unknown: Hawks and Touya are with the League. Switchblade got 'em. League used Hawks against Touya to get him to do their bidding. 


Fuck life.


Why was it that his entire class, and even those that weren't in it, ended up being problem children?!


"So what you're saying is, I'm basically the only one left?" Shigaraki deadpanned.


Next to him, Denki coughed, "Uh, I'm standing here too."


"I wish I had better news. But right now, I need to know if there's anyone or anything that can be used against you. According to Raven, that's how the League is getting Touya to cooperate," Aizawa sighed.


"Shogeki was my weak point," Denki said. "She's in UA's care, now. My parents, I could give less than two fucks about them."


"There's... no one, for me," Shigaraki admitted, quietly. He ran a gloved hand through his pale blue hair- now black at the roots, and wasn't that a surprise to know blue wasn't his natural hair color?- and a flash of anguish crossed his expression, "... My family's all dead, and I didn't exactly have any friends growing up."


Aizawa hummed, a sneaking suspicion at the base of his spine. He turned to Denki, "You can leave now. Shigaraki, stay for a moment."


"Uh... sure," Denki rubbed the back of his head, but took his cue to leave. Once the classroom door had shut behind him, Aizawa locked eyes with Shigaraki.


"Who were you, before All For One found you?" Aizawa asked, voice shockingly gentle.


Shigaraki stared down at him, slumped over. After a moment, he whispered, "How did you know?"


"I didn't," Aizawa shrugged. "But I've had a suspicion since the first week you were here, and strangely enough, All Might asks quite a bit about you. Midoriya, though not without reason, is nervous around you. It lets me know they know something I don't, about you."


Shigaraki frowned. Honestly, in the last several weeks, Aizawa was impressed at the changes he'd gone through. Like Touya had, he'd let down his walls, let people in and was slowly, slowly accepting the help he needed. He was shaping up to be an excellent student, his genius matched by only a few in the class.


Kurai had been right- he'd been nothing more than a kid thrown to the wolves, betrayed by the public, let down by the hero society that existed today.


It made Aizawa's heart ache, as the urge to tear down the hero commission coursed through his blood.


"Shimura Tenko," Shigaraki's quiet voice caught the older pro's attention. When Aizawa blinked at him, "I try not to think about what happened when he died."

"Are you sure about this?"


"At this point, I'm not sure about anything,"


"I... understand why you're here, Aizawa, but why have you asked me to come with you today?"


Aizawa glanced to the side, up at Toshinori. He sighed, "You want to know why?"


"Yes," Toshinori nodded.


"Tenko isn't your mentor's only surviving family member," Aizawa said, as the elevator stopped on the forty-second floor. The silver doors slid open, revealing a long, pristine hallway with white carpeted floor. "I did some research... turns out, just a look in the phonebook and a few articles online was all that I needed to do."


"What are you talking about?"


Aizawa said nothing, instead knocking on the door they had come to at the end of the hall. On the other side of the door, there was a child's shriek of joy, followed by a woman's voice. Moments later, there came rushing footsteps, before the door opened.


Toshinori inhaled sharply, eyes wide and voice breathless, "Nana...?"


The young woman certainly looked like Nana Shimura, with her raven hair pulled into a half ponytail, and her dark eyes. But said eyes were more catlike, and had specks of red in them.


"Ah... Nana was my grandmother," the woman smiled, tiredly. She was dressed in dark jeans and a dress shirt, "You look familiar... did you know her?"


"Hana Shimura?" Aizawa asked, bringing the young woman's attention to him, "I'm the pro hero, Eraserhead. This is a colleague of mine, Yagi Toshinori. May we come in?"








"Twenty years..." Hana murmured, taking a shaky sip of her tea, "I thought he was... sixteen years..."


"I'm sure this is quite a shock," Aizawa nodded. "You clearly had no clue."


"... No, I didn't," Hana shook her head. "I was found on the streets, treated for my-" She cut off, glancing down at the wide cuff on her left arm, "... injuries, and then put in the foster system." She let out a bitter laugh, "I wasn't the best kid, I can tell you that."


Aizawa knew. He had taken the liberty of looking up her file, when he had discovered she was in and out of multiple foster homes. She also had quite an arrest record; drug use, drug possession, petty theft...


Toshinori cleared his throat, "What is it you do now, my dear?"


"Ah!" Hana gave the two men a small smile, "I'm a trauma surgeon. It's fitting really, given my quirk." She gave another small laugh, "It's funny, really... Tenko got a quirk that can destroy... and I got one that can repair."


"It's called Cell Regeneration, correct?" Aizawa asked.


Hana nodded, "Yes. I sometimes use it to heal injuries, even longterm ones like scars." Her eyes flickered to Aizawa's cheek, the one with the scar over it, "I have sessions with some patients, for those with bigger injuries. My quirk drains quite a bit of my energy."


Aizawa stared at her, even as Toshinori shifted on the couch beside him.


"That's... quite a useful quirk," Toshinori said.


"You told me your story about what happened with All For One," Hana smiled at him. "Perhaps I could heal you, Mr. Toshinori. I could set up an appointment with you."


"Ah, I- I wouldn't want to take up your time-"


"You wouldn't," Hana shook her head. "I'll do it free of charge, as a... a family friend." Hana stared at him, "That's what you are, All Might. You were my grandmother's student and... truthfully, I remember my father speaking some about you."


"... I truly am sorry, you had to go through what you did, Hana, and at such a young age," Toshinori said, softly. "I... I wish I could have helped..."


"You are now," Hana mused. "My brother is at UA, correct? I... I still feel so terrible, for not... for giving up on him..."


"Shigaraki is at UA, yes," Aizawa nodded. "He's one of my students, and honestly one of the sharpest ones."


"He always was, even as a child," Hana smiled. "Is... is there a chance I might be able to see him, sometime?"


"Actually, that's part of the reason we're here," Aizawa interjected. "I'm sure you've seen the news, regarding how some of the former League members were... executed?"


"Yes, I have," Hana nodded.


"Well, it seems they were being used as a message to the two the new League of Villains wants back in their ranks- Touya Todoroki and your brother," Aizawa continued. "They've already got Touya, used someone close to him to get under his skin. Shigaraki told me, yesterday, that he had no one, but obviously, that's not true."


"... If you were able to find me so quickly, you're worried the new League will too," Hana realized. Emotions flickered across her face, before she settled on firm determination, "I appreciate your concern, gentlemen, I do, but... I can't just leave. I have a job. I have life, and-"




Aizawa startled at the voice that came from behind the couch he and Toshinori sat on. Both men turned to look over their shoulders at the small figure that had come into the living room.


Bright green eyes stared back up at them, nearly hidden under a heavy mess of black curls that contrasted with his pale skin. The little boy held a Hawks plush in his gloved hands, and Aizawa felt his heart lurch in his chest at the scene.


"Shiro, what did I tell you?" Hana stood up, circling the couch and kneeling before her son.


"To stay in my room. But... But Uncle Tenko?" Shiro Shimura gazed up at his mother, "H- He's okay?"


"I..." Hana clearly hesitated, "Honey-"


"It's okay, mommy," Shiro said. "You didn't know. But you know now! Why can't we see him? I wanna see him!"


This kid, Aizawa thought, inhaling sharply. He glanced over at Toshinori, who was also staring at the exchange between mother and son.


"Please, mommy?" Shiro blinked up at his mother, green eyes wide and pleading, "You're always so sad when you talk about Uncle Tenko! Maybe... maybe now you'll be happy, if you see him!"


Hana stared at her son, and Aizawa wondered if the power of a child's puppy eyes would be what convinced her. Moments later, he had his answer.

"Don't worry, dearie, you'll get plenty of time in here at UA. I swear, half of this school doesn't know the meaning of 'self control' and spend more time here in the infirmary than they do in their actual classes," Recovery Girl mumbled, bustling around the infirmary.


Hana smiled, gently, "I'm sure I will, Miss Chiyo. But, ah... It's just not the same, you know? I'm so used to the hustle and bustle of the emergency room, that this... calm, is a bit strange."


"I understand, quite a bit!" Recovery Girl nodded, "But don't worry. You'll get your excitement when you stick around here, trust me." She hopped up on a chair,


"Now, dearie, why don't you tell me what your quirk is? Aizawa wouldn't have dropped you off here for no reason. You look perfectly healthy, besides the bandage on your arm."


Hana glanced down at her left arm, and pulled the sleeve of her jacket down, "Er... yeah. Old injury. Battle scar, I guess you could say." She frowned, "Aizawa didn't tell you my quirk?"


"He told me what it's called, but not what it can do," Recovery Girl commented. "Cell Regeneration?"


Hana nodded, "Yes. I can basically repair anything broken. It doesn't matter if it's human cells, plant cells... I can heal it all. I've tried with inanimate objects before, like with stone or plastic, but my quirk doesn't work as well on them. Like, it can fix them, but it can't make them work again... does that make sense?"


"It does," Recovery Girl nodded. "Still! Quite a useful quirk! A healing quirk like that, so powerful! Why didn't you become a hero? We could always use healing quirks in the field."


"... It was my dream, once," Hana admitted, rubbing her bandaged arm. "But it wasn't just my dream, you see. It was also-"


"-Mine," a raspy voice finished. "It was ours."


Hana froze, before slowly turning towards the infirmary door. Her eyes widened, before a small smile crossed her face as she met the wide, red eyed gaze of the young man in the doorway.


"Well, well," Hana said, softly. "Look at how much you've grown, Tenko."


"Hana..." Shigaraki murmured, stumbling into the room. His eyes were glassy, focused on the older woman, "You're... you're really- I thought- Hana."


Hana opened her arms, and Shigaraki fell into the embrace. Despite being so much taller than her, he seemed small in her arms, trembling as quiet sobs wracked his lanky frame.


"It's alright, little brother," Hana murmured. "I'm right here."


"I thought... I thought I'd killed- Hana,"


"Mommy?" A small voice asked, and the siblings jerked away from each other in surprise.


"Ah!" Toshinori coughed into a hankerchief, "Sorry. He got away from me."


"Ugh, Toshinori!" Recovery Girl huffed, and jumped to her feet, waddling towards the door. "Let's have a look at you! Shoo! Go! Out!"


"It's fine," Hana waved, right before the door slammed shut. She held a hand out as Shiro ran up to her, clutching her pants leg in his tiny fingers, before peeking out behind them and up at the gaping Shigaraki, "Shiro, I want you to meet someone."


"A kid..." Shigraki muttered, scratching at his wrist, "You... you have a kid..."


"Shiro," Hana bent down, lifting the little boy into her arms. "This is-"


"Uncle Tenko," Shiro said, shyly. After a moment, he smiled, "You're who I'm named after!"


Shigaraki blinked at him, red eyes sliding over to Hana.


"Ah... yeah," Hana smiled, sheepishly. "I... Never forgot about you, little brother. I'd like you to meet your nephew, Shiro Tenko Shimura."


"... That's a mouthful," Shigaraki eventually said.


"Oh, hey, you're like me," Shiro said, and held his gloved hands out. "You wear gloves!"


Shigaraki tilted his head, staring at the tiny hands spread before him. Slowly, he lifted one of his own up to press against Shiro's, and Shiro smiled.


"So that must mean your quirk is hard to control," Shiro continued. "Or, maybe you don't have control over it at all? What is your quirk? Mommy's never said."


"I didn't really know," Hana said, more to herself than to anyone else.


"It's called Decay," Shigaraki explained. "It's not a quirk I can activate at will, so I have to wear gloves all the time so I don't-" He faltered, "So I don't hurt anyone."


"Mommy said that's how she got her scar," Shiro said, innocently.


Hana sighed, and Shigaraki flinched, "Scar?"


Hana shifted Shiro to her other arm, flicking her wrist so her loose sleeve would fall down to reveal the bandage over her left arm, "Technically... I could heal it, but... I didn't want to. I've kept it as a reminder."


"..." Shigaraki stared at the bandage, guilt flashing over his features. The silence was thick with tension, heavy with unspoken words that needed to be spoke, but fear kept them at bay, "Hana, I... I'm sorry..."


"I could say it's not your fault, but that's a lie," Hana shook her head. "But you and I were both scared kids, and we didn't know what was happening, when your quirk came in. So... it's both of our faults."


"My quirk is called Cell Fusion!" Shiro piped up, when Shigaraki said nothing. He turned to look at his mother, "Can I show him? Please, mommy, can I? Can I?"


"Sure, sweetie," Hana set him on the floor. "Did you bring anything in your backpack that you can use?"


"Yep!" Shiro scampered across the room to the bright red backpack setting on the floor.


"... How old is he?" Shigaraki whispered, "He's already got his quirk..."


"He's six," Hana answered, shoulders tight.


"... You're twenty four," Shigaraki frowned.


"I was seventeen when he was concieved. Eighteen when I had him," Hana nodded.




"You weren't the only one who acted out when believing their whole family had died,"


"You- I became a villain,"


"And I became a junkie whore," Hana snorted softly. "I got a criminal record, and it would have gotten worse if I hadn't had that one night stand. I turned my life around, and now I'm one of the best surgeons in Musfastu."


Shigaraki mumbled something, scratching at the side of his neck.


Shiro ran back up at that moment, with a red plastic cube in his hands. He smiled up at Shigaraki, before looking at his mom.


"Show him what you can do, kiddo," Hana crouched down next to her son, taking the plastic block while Shiro pulled his gloves off. She traded the block for his gloves.


Shiro's little brow furrowed in concentration, his tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth. The block began to glow red from where it met his palm, before it vanished completely. Now, Shiro's hand was red and shiny, like plastic.


Shigaraki knelt down, looking curious. He reached out with his own hand, gently flicking Shiro's palm with his finger, "... your hand is plastic now."


"Yep! But I can still move my hand!" To prove his point, Shiro wiggled his fingers, "It feels weird, but it's so cool! And, I can do this!"


Brow furrowing again, there was another flash of light, and Shiro now held the plastic block in his hand, smiling broadly.


"That's a cool quirk," Shigaraki agreed. "Have you tried other things?"


"It works on everything," Hana said, bemusedly. "Even people."


Shigaraki stared, "Even people?"


"There was an... incident at his school, one day. Apparently he had fused with another classmate and... it was such a mess, and I decided then and there to prevent any other accidents, he was wearing gloves," Hana shook her head as Shiro took said gloves back, sliding them on. "At least until he gets better control over it."


"... He will, if he stays at UA," Shigaraki said. "The teachers here know what they're doing. They've seen about every quirk imaginable, I would guess." He frowned, "Why are you here, anyways?"


"A form of witness protection," Hana shrugged. "The new League might target me to get to you and join them again."


"... Like Aizawa said they did with Touya," Shigaraki mused. He scowled, "I'd like to see them try."


"... I know that look," Hana shot her brother a glare. "It's been sixteen years, yeah, but if you even think about-"


"I said nothing,"


"You don't have to,"


"If it means keeping you out of All For One's hands-"


"I forbid it,"












"Tenko Shimura,"


"... Fine," Shigaraki sighed. "I won't go looking for trouble."


"You'd better not, you little punk," Hana reached out and ruffled Shigaraki's hair, ignoring his scowl. "I'd like to make sure Shiro gets to know his uncle, after all."

Chapter Text

I've got a reason to fight
Every day we choose
We might win or lose
This is the dangerous life
-Feel Invincible, Skillet





Viper and Raven stared each other down from across opposite sides of the room. Raven's eyes flickered around the dimly lit room of the warehouse, hands stuffed into her jacket pockets.


"You've done good, Toga," Viper finally smirked, defensive stance relaxing. "I'm impressed."


"Ah, thank you, Raven sensei!" Raven's voice shifted, Toga's voice taking over. Her form melted away, revealing the blonde teenager, grinning brightly. Her grin faded after a moment, though, "But... I'm sorry about Hawks and Dabi. I... I've only just heard that they're... out of the picture."


"Sora and Touya are..." Kurai's voice cracked, "Well... Sora's safe, right now. Touya is... coping. He's not being the most cooperative, but he's... acting correctly enough that All For One isn't quite willing to use Sora as a means to break Touya yet."


"You're helping though, right? To keep them safe?" Toga asked, slinging the backpack over her shoulders off and digging through it.


"The best I can, without blowing my cover. So far, no one suspects me. Did you bring what I asked for?"


"One box of fire engine red hair dye!" Toga chirped, and tossed a box across the room, Kurai catching it and stuffing it into her own bag, "Oh, by the way. Shigaraki has a sister and nephew in UA protective custody. Apparently, she wasn't as dead as he thought she was. Pretty sure all ways to get to Shigaraki is now off the table."


"I've heard," Kurai nodded. "Good. If All For One gets his hands on Shigaraki..."


The thought went unfinished.


"Oh, here," Kurai suddenly tossed a vile of red liquid over. "More of my blood. Keep up with my appearances. It's throwing the League off my tail."


"Yep! I can do it!" Toga nodded, smiling. Her smile flickered, "R- Raven sensei?"


"Yes, Toga?"


"Am I doing enough?"


Kurai blinked, "What do you mean?"


"I mean... I feel like I'm not doing enough, to help you," Toga answered, ducking her head. "I'm doing everything you are telling me to do, but I just... I feel like I could do more."


Kurai clicked her tongue and walked over to Toga. She laid a hand on the blonde's shoulder, then laid her fingers under her chin, tilting the younger teen's head back to stare her in the eyes.


"You're doing a wonderful job, Toga. I know it's hurting you, having to stay quiet and keep to the shadows, having to hurt your friends and those you care about by staying out of sight, but it's part of the job. And I wouldn't have asked you to take this part of the mission if I hadn't thought you could handle it," Kurai said, gently. "Though, once all of this is over, if you feel like you're not cut out for being an underground hero, you can do whatever you want, alright? I'm not going to be upset, okay?"


"Okay," Toga nodded, a determined look in her eye.


"Atta girl," Kurai grinned, and ruffled Toga's hair. Kurai's voice changed, back to the silken honey of Vipers, "Now, I gotta get back to work, and so do you. Stay alert, and I'll text you the next time I need you to pass a message."


Toga watched as Kurai headed for the far stairwell. She inhaled sharply, and called out, "Raven sensei!"


Kurai stopped, back to the room.


"... Be safe," Toga said, softly.


Kurai glanced over her shoulder, and gave her a small smile, "You too, Toga."


Then, she disappeared into the shadows, like the silent hero she was.

"Not infected, is it?"


"Don't think so. Just stings a little. Damn, wish I had Kurai's healing factor right about now..."


"Kurai has a healing factor?"


"Mmhm. It's how she got out of the hospital so quickly, after that run in of hers with Crusher. What should have laid her up for a few weeks, and she was out in just over a week,"


"Huh. I figured she was just too stubborn for her own damn good,"


Hawks snorted, and Switchblade felt the intense urge to stab the winged hero. She sat at the bar, in just the right angle so she could watch the duo in the far corner of the room. God, she wished she could just slit that hero's throat, so she could watch him seize, watch him try to gasp for air only to get another mouthful of blood and choke on it and to watch as the light die from his eyes-


Bright red hair entered Switchblade's vision, and she blinked as Silver Viper slid on to the stool next to her, blocking her line of sight to the duo in the corner. She scowled.


"Viper," Switchblade bristled.


"Hi, Switch," Viper grinned at her companion. "Penny for your thoughts?"


"Mine are worth more than a penny," Switchblade growled. "And it's Switchblade."


"Really? I thought your name was Minami," Viper commented, as she snatched Switchblade's beer and took a sip of it.


Switchblade snarled, wrist twitching as she slammed the heel of her palm into Viper's nose. The other woman yelped, rolling backwards and to the hardwood floor. Though, she didn't sprawl on to her back, instead landing in a crouch, one leg stretched out to the side and the other pulled up to her chest. She looked up, blood spilling from her nose.


"Ooh," Viper giggled, manically. "Hit a sore spot, Minami? What's the matter?"


"Minami is dead," Switchblade snarled. "Buried, done, dead, doesn't exist! You'd do well not to say a damn word more!"


"See, I don't know when to keep my mouth shut, so I am gonna say a damn word more," Viper smirked, and drew a knife off of her thigh. She lunged for Switchblade's legs, the blade flashing through the dim light, and Switchblade jumped, dodging, before drawing her own blade.


"What's the matter, Minami?" Viper jeered, flipping backwards, to avoid Switchblade swinging her own knife down for her head, "Cat got your tongue?!"


"Stop calling me that! Minami is dead!" Switchblade snarled, feeling something hot stabbing at the back of her eyes, "I'm the only one left- hear me? Switchblade! Call me Switchblade!"


"Really? Cause from what I can tell, she's standing right in front of me," Viper said, coolly.


Switchblade stopped short, chest heaving as she struggled to catch her breath. The world around her felt... fuzzy, and her body shuddered, as though she were cold. But... no. No, that wasn't right. She should be hot with rage. Why was she-


The knife fell from Switchblade's grip. She fell to her knees, gasping, choking as hot tears rolled down her cheeks. Memories rose up from the depths of her mind, memories she had tried so hard to repress, tried so hard to forget-


Switchblade's body jerked, as she buried her face into her hands. Sobs fell from her mouth as she curled in on her self, "No... No...! Minami- Minami is dead-! She's... she's nothing! Just- Just... Switchblade... only- only Switchblade-"


Boots thumped on the hardwood floor, entering Switchblade's blurry vision. Then, knees, as the other figure knelt down.


"She's not, though, is she?" Viper murmured, "What set you off, Minami? What made you, who you are today?"


Switchblade- no, Minami- could only answer with a sob.

Shigaraki woke up with an address in his text messages. The number was unknown, but the address Shigaraki recognized. He recognized the general area of where it was as one of the shadier parts of Tokyo.


Unknown: If you want to keep your sister safe, come to the following place. -R


Hana had specifically said not to get involved, to not get into trouble, so why was it that Shigaraki found himself on a subway bound for Tokyo in the middle of the night?


His family was the simple answer. The more complex answer was that Shigaraki was looking out for more than just his family. If there was even the slightest chance that Shigaraki was headed to the new League of Villains hideout, that Touya and Sora were there... well, maybe he could help them, too.


Walking into a potential ambush, Shigaraki thought, scratching at his throat. Multiple players involved, known and unknown abilities... Caution is best used.


The subway began to slow, the announcer's voice cutting through his thoughts, stating the stop to get off in Tokyo was coming up.


Shigaraki stood up, gloved hand wrapping around one of the metal poles. He reached up, tugging at the edges of his dark hoodie with his free hand, trying to keep his face hidden. Thankfully, he was only one of the few who rode public transit in the middle of the night.


The subway came to a stop, the sliding doors dinging open. Shigaraki slipped out them, red shoes tapping against the concrete of the platform and echoing in his ears as he climbed up the stairs and into the chill night air of Tokyo.


Shigaraki pulled his phone from his hoodie pocket, swiping it open to find the message sent to him earlier. He stared down at it, mumbling the address under his breath, before repocketing it and disappearing into the shadows of the alleys around him.

Honestly, Kurai had expected a lot.


But for Shigaraki to actually show up.


That. That she wasn't expecting.


"Ah, young master has arrived, I see," Kurogiri commented, and Kurai startled. She turned on her stood, eyebrows flying into her hairline when she saw none other than Shigaraki Tomura standing in the doorway of the bar, "What a surprise, young Tomura. Master will be pleased to see you have come back on your own."


"Wait..." Overhaul tilted his head, "How did he find us?"


There was a beat of silence, and Kurai felt her heart leap into her throat.


"I have my ways," Shigaraki answered, easily. His red eyes flickered around the room, briefly staying rooted to where Sora and Touya sat in the corner, leaning against each other and staring at Shigaraki with expressions of surprise. He glanced back at Overhaul, expression twitching, "Ah. Like one birdbrain around here wasn't enough, they asked you here, too?"


"At least I'm loyal to the cause," Overhaul commented, eyes narrowing. He stood from the booth he sat in, and that snapped Kurai out of her trance.


"Listen, you toucan-" Shigaraki started, taking a step forward.


"Okay, well, why don't we just be glad that he's here, and not worry about how he got here," Kurai stood up from the stool, laying a hand on Shigaraki's chest to stop him from advancing. She tapped her index finger on his chest, and stared him in the eyes, "It's good to see you are here, Shigaraki. I'm sure you won't be causing us any problems, will you?"


You're not in charge anymore.


Shigaraki stared her down, eyes turning from meeting her gaze to the finger on his chest. He watched it a moment, before stepping back and snarling.


"Yeah, sure. Fine," Shigaraki sneered.


"Kurogiri," A voice said, startling the group. The television hanging on the wall above the bar crackled with static, a male voice coming through the speakers, "Open a portal for my rogue son. I'd like to speak with him... in private."


Kurai didn't miss the way Shigaraki's shoulders tightened at All For One's voice.


"Of course, master," Kurogiri said, and summoned up a warp gate just in front of Shigaraki. "I would go on, young master. You know master does not like to be kept waiting."


"Oh, he's probably gonna come back in pieces," Switchblade giggled.


Shigaraki visibly swallowed, and Kurai whispered, just loud enough for he could hear, "Good luck, kiddo."


I'll need it, Shigaraki thought, before he disappeared into the swirling vortex.

Shogeki, Eri, and Shiro got along splendidly well, which was a blessed surprise. The two girls bonded on their own histories, and Shiro was eager to show off with his quirk.


"Your son is extremely intelligent, Miss Hana," Nedzu commented, from his perch on Toshinori's shoulder as the trio watched the children play in the courtyard. "I am quite impressed with his mental capabilities."


"Yeah... He's actually homeschooled," Hana nodded. "The teachers couldn't keep up with him, so I decided to pull him from public school and teach him myself."


"If you'd like, I could teach him," Nedzu offered. "He's quite brilliant! I'd love to see what he could do with someone who can challenge him."


"You're... offering?" Hana blinked in surprise.


"Nedzu would be the best teacher," Toshonori smiled. "Your son would be in quite capable hands."


"I'm sure he would, but-" Hana started, only to turn at the shout behind her.


"Hana!" It was Midnight, who ran up to the group, "You need to come to dorms, quickly!"


"What?" Hana blinked, "Why? What's wrong?"


"It's your brother! He's gone!"

Chapter Text

'Cause no one's ever gonna need somebody more than I need you
And no one's ever gonna hurt somebody more than I hurt you
You know it's true, the things that I do and I'm killing you
The things I do and I'm killing you
- Killing You, Ivy Levan

Denki twirled the pen between his fingers, frowning down at the papers in front of him. It was his science homework, and while normally he could do this with his eyes shut- no, don't look so surprised, his quirk had to do with electricity and he had scientists as parents, as much as he hated to admit it- he found that he couldn't focus on it.


On the couch beside him, Shogeki yawned, twisting under her blanket to curl up closer to Denki's side.


Denki craned his head down to look at her, sucking his lower lip between his teeth. He reached out, gently brushing Shogeki's hair out of her face. Denki was ever thankful he had managed to convince his teachers to let her stay with him on the weekends. Not only did it soothe his nerves to have her within his sight, but he had a sneaking suspicion that Shogeki didn't fully relax unless she was with him too.


Aizawa sensei had said that Shogeki did have nightmares, and that just further fueled Denki's rage towards their parents.


Denki blinked when Shogeki flinched and whimpered in her sleep, jerking his hand away as he realized sparks were crackling off of his body.


Deep breaths, Denks, Denki inhaled, flexing his hands. Calm down... calm down. They can't get to you here. You're safe. Shogeki's safe. You're both-


The common room door slammed open, followed by enraged shouting, and Denki was on his feet, twisting around and shooting off an arc of electricity.


Yelps and shouts of surprise filled the air as Ashido, Bakugou, Sero, and Kirishima all dove to the ground, swiftly avoiding the attack.


Denki blinked then let out a breath. He ran a hand over his face, shoulders slumping.


"What the fuck sparky?!" Bakugou shouted, enraged. He stepped forward, explosions going off in his palms, "Are you fucking-"


"No!" Shogeki jolted awake, eyes wide, "No, daddy, I'm sorry! Don't hurt me!" Wild eyed, she let out a noise of unadulterated terror and dove into her brother's side, "No! Denki don't let him hurt me! I'm didn't mean to make him mad!"


Denki promptly wrapped his arms around the little girl, "Hey, hey, it's okay. It's alright. It's fine. It's just Katsuki, okay? I made him mad and he didn't know, okay? I'm right here, don't worry. Dad can't get you now, remember?"


Kirishima reached out then, laying his hand on Bakugou's shoulder and gently tugging him backwards, voice soft, "Hey, maybe we should leave them alone. I think we just startled Denki, he didn't mean to attack us."


"I know that!" Bakugou snapped, harshly.


Shogeki let out a whimper, pressing closer to her brother. Denki narrowed his eyes and glared- without fear, no less- at Bakugou.


"We're going, we're going," Kirishima waved a nervous hand. "We'll just leave you two alone, and-"


"Oh, hey!" Ashido suddenly exclaimed, and it was then that the group noticed she was now standing beside the couch. She reached down, "Isn't this our science homework assignment? What were we covering again?"


"Energy, raccoon eyes," Bakugou scowled. "Don't you ever pay attention?" He stalked over to the couch, plucking the papers from Ashido's hands, "Sparky's trying to do this by himself? He's probably got it all-" His scowl deepened as his scarlet eyes ran over the assignment, "Right?"


"What, really?" Ashido exclaimed, and took the papers back, "Cool! Hey, Denki, do you think you can help me with mine?"


Denki had by now sat himself back down on the couch, one leg pulled up under him as Shogeki had buried herself into his side. She was curled up under her blanket, hiding herself. He pulled his gaze away from his sister, to meet Ashido's expectant look.


"Uh, sure?" Denki sounded unsure.


"Sweet! I'll go get my stuff!" Ashido cheered.


"Hey, does this mean we're doing a study group?!" Sero exclaimed, "Please say yes, dude, I need help with my English homework!"


"I mean, if you want to-"


"Sweet, I'll be right back!" Sero rushed off, shouting, "Ashido, wait up!"


"Have you always understood Ectoplasm's class?" Bakugou scowled, hands on his hips.


"Uh, sometimes," Denki looked away. "Some of it comes easier to me than other lessons do."


"Really? Cause it seems to me you never understood any of it,"


Denki scoffed, followed by a bitter laugh. He looked up, meeting Bakugou's gaze with one of cold indifference, "But I guess playing the fool meant all of you could trust me, right?"


Bakugou narrowed his eyes, crossing his arms and leaning forward, "Alright then sparky, what else have you been hiding? Just how smart are you?"


"And what do you care?" Denki snapped back, "You've been dead set on ignoring me the last few weeks! All of you have!"


"And we were wrong to do so. It was super unmanly of us," Kirishima cut in, stepping in front of Bakugou. "We were just... shocked, and hurt, Denki. We were afraid and we didn't know how to take the news. I mean, you're our friend, and we were given the news that you were the one who fed them information about the USJ and training camp incidents... how did you expect us to react?"


Denki looked away.


"But... we now know you had your reasons," Kirishima crouched down to one knee, reaching out and laying his hand on the top of Shogeki's covered head. "And, if you're willing to give us another chance... we'd like to have you back, Denks. It hasn't been the same without you."


Denki stared at Kirishima, the redhead offering a small, hopeful smile. The blonde glanced up, over Kirishima's shoulder to meet Bakugou's gaze. While the explosive blonde was scowling, it didn't have the fierceness it normally did. In fact, he looked expectant.


"... Okay," Denki said. He smiled, "Yeah, sure. I've... I've missed hanging out with you guys too."


"Yes!" Kirishima cheered, jumping to his feet, "The Bakusquad is back together!"

"Oh, Shoto!"


Shoto blinked, slightly surprised as he stepped into his mother's hospital room. Another woman sat in a chair, with ashen blonde hair snow white wings tipped silver.


"Shoto, dear," Rei Todoroki smiled, her eyes bright. "Please, come in, come in. I'd like you to meet an old friend of mine."


Shoto gently shut the door behind him, and then held up the bouquet in his hands, "I brought you flowers."


"Oh, they look beautiful," Rei stood, and took them from her son. She inhaled deeply, smiling softly, "Thank you."


As his mother set to setting the flowers in a vase, Shoto turned his attention to the other woman in the room. She had stood up, and moved to the edge of the room.


"Shoto," Rei returned, setting the vase of flowers on her bedside table. "I'd like you to meet Kuro Furatio, an old high school friend of mine."


"Hello," Shoto bowed. He straightened, "Are you-"


"You probably know my children," Kuro said. She blinked, then laughed softly, "Oh, dear. I'm sorry for interrupting. What were you going to ask?"


"Are you related to Hawks or Raven, by any chance?" Shoto asked.


"Ah, yes," Kuro nodded. "They're my children. And you must be Touya's younger brother. I recently had the pleasure of meeting him. I can see the resemblance, even if I didn't already know your mother."


"How do you know my mother?" Shoto tilted his head, curiously.


At that, Rei laughed softly, catching the duo's attention. They turned to see her sitting in the chair by the window.


"Oh, that's a story, dear," Rei said, eyes glittering in mischief.


Kuro laughed as well, "Oh, isn't it though! We certainly tore up high school together, didn't we, Rei?"


Shoto blinked. Kuro noticed and chuckled again, "I know it's probably hard to believe, but Rei was once a bit of a wild child."


Shoto paused, before he said, "Well... I've always heard Touya takes after mother the most."


"Clearly in more ways than one," Rei agreed. Her eyes softened, "Where is Touya, Shoto? I know he's probably hesitant, but I would like to see him sooner rather than later."


Shoto hesitated, "You... don't know?" His eyes flickered to Kuro, and saw the confusion on her own expression, "Niether of you do."


"Know what?" Rei asked, leaning forward, "Is Touya alright?"


"He..." Shoto inhaled deeply, "Both Touya and Hawks went missing. They haven't been seen or heard from since last week."

"I know that you two joke about me being a birdbrain, but you're the idiot for actually showing up, Shigaraki," Sora narrowed his eyes at the other man. He grimaced as he pushed himself to sit up, "What did All For One want with you?"


"What do you think?" Shigaraki rubbed his jaw, dark with a blooming bruise, "He made it clear what would happen if-" Shigaraki faltered, eyes darkening in rage, "... It's not important. I'm here now, aren't I?"


"Sora's right though," Touya muttered, quietly, leaning against the wall. His knees were pulled up, arms perched on them, "You were an idiot to come. You were the last one out, and had no one that could be used against you."


"That's... not true," Shigaraki scratched at his neck. "I have a sister and a nephew."


Touya and Sora both snapped around to stare at the other man, "What."


"And then... well, if you repeat this to anyone I'll deny it to my dying day, but... I do care about you two. I couldn't leave you alone," Shigaraki sighed. Slowly, he sank to the floor to sit across from the other two, his back to the open bar.


"... I have no clue what to say. I'm speechless," Sora muttered.


"That's a first," Touya snorted.


"No, seriously, did you know he had family?"




"And then he just admitted-"


"I heard it,"


"I'm sitting right here," Shigaraki deadpanned.


"Hana Shimura," A voice drawled, and three seperate gazes snapped up to see Viper standing over them. She held out a wrapped cloth of ice to Shigaraki, "For your jaw. Keep the swelling down, but not sure it'll do anything about that bruise."


Shigaraki stared up at her, eyes wide, "H-How did..."


"Hana Shimura is..." Viper's eyes flickered around the room. Only Kurogiri was present, but Viper still lowered her voice as she knelt down, "... an aquaintance of mine. We... knew each other, back when we were younger. She often spoke about a brother she said was dead. Then I've heard All For One muttering and I put two and two together." She offered the ice again, "Take it."


Cautiously, Shigaraki reached out and took the ice. He pressed it to his jaw, visibly slumping relief.


Viper stood up and walked back to the bar, hollering, "Kurogiri, get me a damn drink!"


"Shimura..." Sora frowned, before his expression cleared, "Tenko Shimura. You're Tenko Shimura!"


Shigaraki frowned, free hand scratching at his throat, "Yes. I am. What about it?"


"That case is open, even fifteen years later. I mean, it's on the back burners, but the heroes are all still looking for you. You were a kid when-"


"Sora," Touya murmured, nudging the winged hero.


Sora blinked, then realized that Shigaraki was glaring death at him, upper lip curled back. His free hand twitched.


"... You know, I think I'll shut up now," Sora leaned away.


"Best idea you've had yet, birdbrain,"








"Here is your drink, dear," Kurogiri warped the shot glass on to the bar countertop.


Kurai downed the shot in a single swallow. With a sigh, she set it back down on the laquered wood, waving vaguely in a gesture for another.


Kurogiri kept his voice low, pouring another drink, "You know, I can save you a lot of trouble, Raven. I can warp them out of here."


"And what keeps All For One from going after them again?" Kurai muttered, "I'm surprised he hasn't killed them yet, like he did with Twice and Spinner."


"Actually, he didn't," Kurogiri said. "While, yes, the Kaminari's boy, Denki, did the killings as we saw in recent news, All For One has told me that he didn't order them to be killed. Someone else within his ranks has."


"Who the hell would want to do that?" Kurai blinked.


"He's looking into it," Kurogiri commented. "I can assure you, I don't want to be the one who ordered the hits when All For One finds out."


Silence passed between them, and Kurai listened as Shigaraki, Sora, and Touya spoke quietly from the far corner of the bar. She chewed on her lower lip, before taking a sip of her drink.


"I've noticed that Raven is still patrolling the streets," Kurogiri mused, catching Kurai's attention. "And yet, you stay here the majority of the time. How is that so?"


Kurai chuckled, "Oh, come on now, Kurogiri, I can't tell you that. A magician never reveals her secrets."


"You're beginning to sound like Compress,"


"Eh, I've spent too much time hanging out with you villains, I guess," Kurai grinned, sharply. It vanished just as quickly, "Besides. The more time I spend here, the less likely anyone is suspect, you know."


"Good point. You really planned this out when you decided to infiltrate this new League, didn't you?"


"I don't like leaving any loose ends, Kurogiri. You know that," Kurai took another sip of her drink. "By the way... I never thanked you for what you did when I first came here- how you kept Switchblade from finding out about me."


"You're welcome. Though, I must ask, why do you continue to antagonize her? And... is it true... that you knew her from your childhood?"


"Your son never told you?" Kurai raised an eyebrow, "She was my best friend in high school... my, first real friend. He knew her, considering how often he hung out with us, before he switched schools."


Kurogiri's yellow eyes widened, "Ah. You mean... Switchblade is Minami Ka?"


"Mmhm," Kurai nodded. "... By the way, I'm sorry for how our fight trashed your bar the other night. I... was trying to get under her skin, to see if... if Minami was still in there somewhere..."


"And did you?"


Kurai was silent for a long moment, and she finished off her drink, sliding her stool back to stand up. She set the glass down on the counter with a decisive clink! and grinned at Kurogiri, meeting his gaze with a maniac look in her eyes. 


"Let's just say...  When I get my chance, only one of them is coming out alive," 


With a high pitched cackle, Kurai turned on her heel and walked out. 

Chapter Text

You better stand tall when they're calling you out
Don't bend, don't break, baby, don't back down
It's my life
And it's now or never
It's My Life, Bon Jovi

Switchblade had left the bar, after getting into yet another fight with Viper. Well, the more accurate term was, Kurogiri had thrown the two women out, telling them not to come back for a few hours. So, Switchblade had taken to rooftop parkour to clear her head, maybe find a lone person to sink her knife into, when she saw something that made her vision go red and hazy. 


Switchblade growled, glaring across the roof at the other figure. Their back was turned to them, and they didn't seem to know Switchblade was watching, perched up on the edge of the ledge.


She crept closer, footsteps silent on the concrete, still warm from the day's hot sun. Her fingers twitched, eyes narrowed.


She halted a few feet away, crouching down low.


She lunged.


"Gotcha!" Switchblade snarled, tackling Raven off of the roof. Her hands curled into the base of Raven's wings, yanking viciously. She didn't have the strength to pull them out, but it still gave her a thrill when Raven let out a cry of pain, wings thrashing as they tried to flap and catch a current.


The two women crashed into a set of metal garbage cans that went clanging in different directions at the harsh landing.


"Hello, Kurai," Switchblade cackled, flipping the other woman over, fingers curled tight into the collar of the hero's jacket. "Surprised to see me?"


Raven's eyes were wide, her visor cracked.


"Get off of me!" Raven snapped, and she sounded terrified.


Switchblade's maniac grin widened, "Now... why would I do that?" She giggled, "Are you scared, Raven?"


Raven struggled to push Switchblade off, but she failed. It was almost as though she lacked the capacity to do so.


Switchblade frowned. That... wasn't right. Raven was smart, Raven was strong, Raven was... powerful. She should sent Switchblade flying across the city by now.


Switchblade snarled and let go Raven's jacket to curl her hands around Raven's throat, "Who the fuck are you?"


"What are you t- talking about?" Raven stuttered, eyes widening further.


"You aren't Raven," Switchblade hissed, fingers tightening. Raven choked, "Who are you?!"


Raven struggled, reaching up to claw at Switchblade's wrists, nails sharp and talon like. Her eyes were wide, her breaths wheezing as she tried to catch air.


"Nevermind," Switchblade said, faux sweetness. "I'll find out myself."


She brushed a finger over the fake Raven's cheek. Her eyes flared a brighter gold, her quirk activating and she let the memories wash over her.

Switchblade was different, when she returned to the bar later that evening. She was quiet, but it wasn't a good type of quiet. Where as before whenever she looked at either Hawks, Touya, or Shigaraki, there had been hate and bloodlust in them, now there was cold, quiet satisfaction. Her smirk had always held a maniac edge to it, but now, it was downright evil, and sent a chill down each of their spines.


"Stain, do me a favor," Switchblade cooed, as she checked the clock for the tenth time in the last twenty minutes. She was waiting for something, "Get Hawks for me."


Hawks sat up, ramrod straight and eyes narrow.


"Finally decided to kill him as a message to Raven?" Stain cocked an eyebrow.


"Oh, I'm not gonna kill him," Switchblade chirped, as she pulled a chair out. "Here, sit down, birdie."


"I'm fine where I am," Hawks' eyes narrowed further, body tense. Next to him, Touya's own eyes were alert, body poised to attack or defend.


"It wasn't a suggestion," Switchblade growled. "Now. Or I'll be eating fried chicken for breakfast."


Reluctantly, Hawks stood and sat down in the offered chair, crossing his arms like a petulant child, "I fail to see the meaning of this."


"You will," Switchblade said, darkly. "Say your prayers, hero, and be prepared to meet your maker. There's a good chance you're not walking away tonight."


Hawks' swallow was audible to everyone.

"I'm sorry, Raven-sensei! She... she got the drop on me! I wasn't paying attention and- and-" Toga wailed, curling in on herself and letting out a sob. "Now it's all my fault! She knows everything! She knows I'm not you, she knows you're in the League! She knows what you're trying to do! What you're working to achieve! And it's all my fault!"


Kurai stood, wide eyed and frozen at the information bombshell Toga had dropped on her. When her young protégé had called her a few hours ago, crying and all but begging to meet up with her before the appointed time, she hadn't known what to expect- a grievous injury? Witnessing her first death as a hero in training? Some other traumatic experience?


"It's fine, Toga," Kurai said, robotically. Her voice was dead calm, a complete 180 from how internally frazzled she was, "It was bound to happen, eventually."


"But not because of my own carelessness!" Toga sniffed, curling her arms around her knees, which were pulled her chest. "I'm sorry, sensei... I've put your life at risk now..."


"... I'll be fine," Kurai said, a plan formulating in her mind, quick and sharp, like the birds she had named herself after. Ravens were tricksters, after all. You couldn't trick a trickster, and that's exactly what Kurai was, when it came down to the bare bones of her personality, "Listen, Toga. We're gonna keep on doing what we've been doing."


"We are?" Toga blinked, wiping tears from her yellow eyes, "B-But-"


Kurai swallowed, thickly, "If they don't kill me on sight when I walk back into their headquarters... If you don't hear from me in the next week, go to Aizawa, understand me?"


"Yes, yes, but... what are you going to do?"


"... I'm about to shake the hero world's foundations, that's what,"

"Ah, Viper," Stain drawled. "How nice of you to join us finally. Don't you think you were out a bit late?"


"Fashionably late, you mean," Viper snarked off, skipping up to the bar. "Ah, Kurogiri! Get me a shot why don't you?"


"Are you simply incapable of acting like a normal person, Viper?" Kurogiri sighed, but got to work on doing as Viper asked.


"Viper," Overhaul stepped from the shadows. "We've heard some interesting things about you, from Switchblade here.


"Hm, yes?" Viper drawled, and downed the shot, "Mm... What have you heard?"


"That perhaps more of a hero than you're making us believe... Raven," Switchblade hissed, eyes bright with anger and madness.


The room went still; Hawks, Touya and Shigaraki glanced at each other in bewilderment. Had the villains lost their minds?


Then, the silence was broken by Viper cackling.


"Hah! Haha, that's a good one! Ah, one of the better ones I've heard in a while! How the hell did you come to that conclusion?!" Viper howled, "I mean- look at me! No wings-"


"Raven's, as we've heard, are detachable," Stain interrupted.


"My hair is red-"


"Hair dye," Overhaul shrugged. He stepped forward, "Though... the discrepancies here are the fact you have silver eyes, your accent and voice, and your quirk is centered around your eyes and voice..."


"Ugh," Viper rolled her eyes. She gestured at Kurogiri for another shot, "What have I got to do to prove to you that I'm loyal?"


"Kill Hawks," Switchblade sneered, eyes bright with madness.


The room went still. Hardly no one dared to breathe.


Viper’s eyebrows furrowed, "That's it?"


"We know Hawks and Raven are siblings, thanks to bird boy's not so subtle mumblings... If you're who you say you are... You won't hesitate," Stain mused, pulling a knife that was crusted with dried blood. "I'll even help by making sure he can't move..."


Hawks wings fluttered. He yanked his wrists, trying to free them from the bindings of the chair. Nothing budged.


"Ah, easy enough," Viper drawled, standing. She downed her shot, and flicked her wrist. A knife dropped into her grip, "Go ahead, Stain. I don't like my kills messy."


Stain seemed surprised, but he raised his blade to his mouth, licking at the dried blood. Almost instantly, Hawks slumped, frozen, eyes wide.


"Hawks-" Touya shuddered, taking a step forward. Instantly, Switchblade and Overhaul were on him, taking him to the floor. He snarled as Viper began stalking across the room, "Don't you fucking do it, you bitch!"


"This is me ignoring you," Viper sang, spinning the small knife in her fingers. She circled around behind Hawks. She threaded her hand through Hawks' hair, yanking his head back. She leaned down, murmuring in his ear, "Any last words?"


Dozens of snarky comebacks raced through Sora's mind. Fear coursed through him, and he struggled to try and maintain some sort of composure. From the way that she was staring down at him, Hawks could guess Viper could see right through his act.


"Well?" Viper drawled.


"T- Touya," Hawks stammered, softly. "Please... let me-"


"Ugh, love," Viper sneered, but she wrapped her hand around the back of his neck, maneuvering his head so he could meet Touya's wide eyes. "Make it quick."


The grip Viper had on his neck was tight, digging into his pressure points. His vision was hazy, but even as darkness came rushing in, Hawks still managed to utter four words.


"Touya..." Hawks murmured, catching his attention, "I love you."


With a scoff, Viper yanked Hawks' head back. The last thing he saw was the glint of silver.


The last thing he heard was Touya screaming his name.

Hawks' body was found outside Hosu Emergency Hospital, but it was said there was nothing that could be done for him. He was dead on arrival. The news sent a shock through Japan's very nation, sending heroes ready to kill for their fallen comrade and civilians shouting in the streets at the death of the number one hero.


Aizawa sighed, burying his head deeper into his scarf as he walked into the police department. Naomasa had called him, said there was something he needed to see concerning the number one hero's death.


I wish I could call Raven, right now, Aizawa thought. If she hears about Hawks... She'll need someone to talk to. Hell, even the hell class is affected by what's happening...


"Ah, Eraserhead," Naomasa said, as the pro walked into his office. "Shut the door behind you, lock it too."


Aizawa blinked, frowning behind his scarf. He did as ordered, though, watching as Naomasa then shut the blinds on all of his windows.


"What's wrong?" Aizawa asked.


"We found this addressed to you, in Hawks' pocket," Naomasa handed Eraserhead a... USB drive? "It's fingerprint locked... we figured it might be yours that unlocks it. We need to see what's on it."


Aizawa frowned, turning the small rectangle in his fingers. There was a small dent in it, just the size for a thumb to set into. He pressed his thumb in the divet, and a small glow came from under his digit. When the scan finished, the lid of the USB drive popped off.


"So we were right," Naomasa murmured, and pulled a laptop off his desk. "If you will, Eraserhead?"


Aizawa frowned, but put the USB into the appropriate port nonetheless. The screen on the laptop was black for a long moment, before a file popped up in the corner.


Vid: Confessions, was the title.


Aizawa and Naomasa glanced at each other. Aizawa clicked the file, pulling it up.


The camera was pointed to a dark bedroom, the bed visible by the tableside lamp. A moment later, there was rustling fabric, and then from off camera, Kurai Furatio appeared. Except... she looked different. Her face was the same, but her hair red as blood. She looked drained, dark bags under her brown eyes.


"Um... so I don't know what to say," Kurai exhaled, slowly. "This... this is a story that's been going on over five years, Mr. Aizawa." She swallowed, "But... I guess you could say, it really starts on my first day at UA- do, do you remember? I defended a quirkless kid from being bullied by most of my classmates... His name was Shinobu."


Aizawa remembered, very well. He also remembered that Shinobu had stayed in general studies for a full semester, before he dropped out, and transferred to another school.


"Well... it turned out... Shinobu was Kurogiri's son,"


Well, fuck. Kurai what have you gotten yourself into this time?

Kuro stared in numb shock at her television.


H-Hawks... Sora is dead? Kuro thought. N-No that's not... that's not possible! He... no...


White hot rage filled her, then. She sat by and watched as the news reported her son's, Dabi, and Shigaraki's disappearance, how they all speculated that the two former villains might have overpowered the number two hero and kidnapped him-


But the news was reporting that son's throat had been slashed.


There was no way that Dabi or Shigaraki would do that- one preferred to leave no trace of his victims behind, the other couldn't be mistaken for his quirk, and both had a flare for the dramatics.


It was her.






Kuro felt a sob rise up in her throat, white hot as it closed. She fell on to the couch, clapping her hands over her mouth as her cries echoed through her apartment.


First her daughter...


Now her son.


She was truly alone.

Chapter Text


Bite my tongue, bide my time
Wearing a warning sign
Wait 'til the world is mine
Visions I vandalize
- You Should See Me In A Crown, Billie Eilish

"Hello! Do you have an appointment?"


Aizawa regarded the young woman in front of him, sitting behind her desk and staring expectantly up at him with purple eyes.


"I'm afraid not," Aizawa finally spoke.


"Oh, then would you like me to set you up with one? Mr. Hiryuin is booked for this week, but I believe that he could see you next week-" The woman cut off as Aizawa laid his hero badge on her desk. She stared down at it, before looking up at Aizawa.


"This is a different matter," Aizawa said, curtly.


The woman took the badge, looking over it. She was likely deciding weather or not it was authentic or not. After a moment, she stood, walking through the door just beyond her desk. Another moment passed, before she stepped out, opening the door and giving Aizawa a small smile.


"Right this way, Eraserhead. Doctor Hiryuin will see you now," The woman waved her hand, stepping out of the way so Aizawa could pass by her and into the therapist's office. She handed Aizawa's hero badge back to him, before shutting the door.


The room was large, an illusion of it being more spacious than it was with the floor to ceiling windows, which allowed much natural light into the room. Pictures, plaques and awards of commendations hung on the right wall, just beyond a dark desk that was currently home to a sleek looking laptop and a stack of files. On the opposite side fo the room was a small kitchenette, complete with a fridge, coffee maker, a small stove, and small cabinet. The rest of the room's décor was of two, black leather chairs and a deep red, plush loveseat.


"-just keep in mind our breathing exercises, Kiara. I understand you're scared, but you should remember, your quirk is part of you. Our exercises in control will help you to keep your cool," Aizawa's attention was caught by the young man who stood in front of the windows. "I can ask Ren to set up an appointment with me in the next few days, if you'd like. It's completely your choice, and you know I'll make the time for you." He paused, "Yes, of course. I'll have Ren put you in for, say Thursday? Will that be fine for you?"


Today's Tuesday, Aizawa thought.


"Alright then dear. I'll see you Thursday afternoon," With that, the man reached up and clicked his earpiece, ending whatever call he had been a part of. Finally, he turned to Aizawa.


Shinobu Hiryuin had grown quite a bit in the last ten years. His dark brown hair had lightened with age, most likely from being in sun. He looked healthy, a stark contrast to when, as a teenager, he looked pale and sickly. His eyes, which really should have been the first hint, the first time Aizawa had seen Kurogiri, were pure yellow. He was dressed in a pair of dark jeans and dress shoes, a blue dress shirt, and a suit jacket.


"Aizawa-sensei," Shinobu said, and he bowed. "It's good to see you again."


Aizawa raised an eyebrow, "You remember me?"


"I remember you as the first teacher who didn't treat me like the scum of the earth," The man replied. "I can't assume that you're here to visit me as a former student though, can I? After all, you did startle my secretary when you flashed your hero badge."


"My apologies. But I needed to speak with you, and every time I tried to call, the line was busy. I can see why, now," Aizawa said, apologetically.


"Yes. Probably a cliché thing to say, but I am a busy man," Shinobu chuckled. He glanced at the clock on his wall, ticking towards four in the evening. "I have about twenty minutes before my next appointment. What brings you here, Aizawa-sensei?" Then, as an afterthought, he added, "Would you like some tea?"


"Tea would be nice," Aizawa said, and sat down in one of the dark chairs. "I'm here because of several things. One of them being your father."


Shinobu stilled, a brief pause that the untrained eye wouldn't have seen. He cleared his throat, setting the kettle on the stove so the water could boil. He ran a hand through his hair, and turned to face the pro hero.


"Is it too much to ask that I don't want to talk about him?" Shinobu asked.


"I'm afraid it is," Aizawa nodded. "Kurogiri is... well. I'm not quite sure what to think about him right now. In fact, I've had a lot of surprises in the last few days."


"So has the whole nation of Japan," Shinobu snorted, voice dry. "Tell me, how's Best Jeanist handling the role of Number One?"


"As well as can be expected," Aizawa commented. "Have you heard from your father, recently?"


"The most recent I've heard from Kurogiri is just after the jailbreak a few weeks ago," Shinobu shrugged, pulling two mugs from the cabinet, as well as a box of tea. "My father is... a touchy subject, sensei. While I know who he is and what he is... he was a better a parent that my mother was. Where as she wouldn't give me the time of day, the few times he was around, my father treated me like I was his whole world. Though, when I started my studies at UA, he and I both agreed it would be better if I didn't have much contact with him- myself, because I was in a school full of heroes, and him, because All For One had hired him to be the caretaker of his ward, Shigaraki Tomura."


A smart move, Aizawa reflected. This also explains his attitude towards Shigaraki. It was more fatherly than it was companionable.


"I've recently been told that Kurogiri might not be as... villian associated as we thought," Aizawa chose his words carefully.


"So you've spoken with Kurai," Shinobu chuckled, setting a teabag each into the mugs and then putting the box back up. "Oh, don't look so surprised, sensei. She was my first friend, of course I've kept in contact with her. I sometimes offer her a place to stay when she's undercover."


Aizawa blinked, recalling the video they had recovered off of Hawks' body, and the room she had been in. It hadn't looked like a hotel or any one of her safehouses, now that he thought about it, "That's dangerous, you know. Helping an undercover hero."


"I can handle myself," Shinobu clicked his tongue. "Years of being bullied for my lack of quirk and then my own damn mother... My father did teach me a few things before we... dropped contact."


The kettle began to whistle, and Shinobu turned the stove off, pouring the boiling water into the mugs. After setting the kettle aside, he turned with both mugs, crossing the room and handing one to Aizawa, before sitting down in the other chair.


"What did Kurai tell you?" Aizawa asked, waiting for his tea to cool before he could drink it.


"She told me that she's infiltrated the new League of Villains, and that things are getting a bit too hot for her," Shinobu answered, not waiting for his tea to cool, and taking a quick sip of it. "But that she was going to do something that would prove her loyalty."


Aizawa felt a chill go down his spine. In the video she had sent, Kurai had said those exact words.


"Did she say what, exactly?" Aizawa asked, trying to fight the rising feeling of dread clawing up his throat.


Shinobu leveled the pro hero with a cool look.


"I think you know, sensei. After all, Hawks' death has hit the entire nation pretty hard, hasn't it?"

"You'll make the final move in one week," All For One's voice filtered through the television's speakers. "The heroes will be spread out across Musutafa, Tokyo, and Hosu City. That's where you will all come in and end them, for good. I'll send the information of those heroes that need to be terminated, soon."


Shigaraki scratched at his wrist, anxious.


"Are we just targeting heroes, Master?" Kurogiri asked.


"No. The day of the attack, I'll be sending a group of the League that none of you have yet met to set off a series of bombs across the three aforementioned cities. My goal with them is that they will cause enough chaos and civillian damage that the hospitals and those with healing quirks will be too overrun to work to tend to the heroes."


"They'll make the heroes priority," Switchblade drawled. "Our best bet is to just kill them when we have our chance."


"I appreciate your input, Switchblade. I'll keep it in mind," All For One said. "The country is already at an unrest, considering the amount of heroes they've gone through in the last year and a half. Three number ones... brought to their end."


Shigaraki faintly heard Touya growl, somewhere behind him. He didn't have to look to know the redhead was glaring at Viper. Shigaraki understood the rage- every time he looked at the woman, he felt the urge to turn her to dust.


You wouldn't even make it the first step to do so, Shigaraki's brain helpfully supplied.


The risk would be well worth the reward, Shigaraki grumbled.


"There will also be a list of specific civillians I want targeted," All For One continued. "Those who have been thorns in my side for a while now, and probably should have gotten rid of earlier."


"So it's gonna be a fun time for everyone..." Stain mused, "Good, good..."


"I will not take failure," All For One's voice was suddenly sharp, dark with an unspoken threat. "Those that fail to complete their mission will be wishing for death by the time I am through with them. Am I clear?"


"Yes, master," Kurogiri said, as a round of affirmitaves went through the room.


"Am I clear, Tomura?"


Shigaraki straightened, eyes narrowed, teeth grit, "Clear."




"... Crystal," Touya drawled, looking seconds away from lighting the closest person to him on fire.


"Good. I'll be in touch," there was a crackle of static, before the bar fell silent.


"Well," Viper mused, starting towards the door. "I guess we best get ready for next week, huh?"


"You're not going anywhere," Switchblade snapped, lunging for Viper. "I don't care that you killed Hawks, you're hiding something, you conniving bitch!"


"Then, by all means, feel free to accompany me," Viper sneered, dodging Switchblade's attack. "I'm only going to meet with a few of my contacts, and see if they would like in on this little... Endeavor."


Shigaraki frowned, noticing how Viper's eyes flickered towards the back of the room, where Touya was hiding in the shadows. Was she trying to get another rise out of him, by mentioning his father? God, she must be the most stupid person in the city...


Switchblade scowled, debating her choices. Finally, she sneered, "I'm coming with you."


Viper shrugged, loosely, "Fine. Do what you want. Just don't slow me down."


Switchblade stalked off after Viper, the door slamming shut behind the duo.


"I believe I'll go by Viper's style and do the same. I have a few old friends who might want to be involved in this upcoming event," Overhaul drawled, standing.


"Kurogiri, may I get a warp gate to Musutafa?"


Kurogiri said nothing, merely opened a warp gate that Overhaul disappeared through.


"And while they're out, I believe I'll retire for the evening," Compress commented, swinging his jacket on and walking towards the back door. "Good evening, gentlemen!"


"And I believe I'll have a drink," Stain said, taking a seat at the bar. "Kurogiri?"


"What would you like?" Kurogiri asked, and the voices faded to the background as Shigaraki slunk back into shadows to sit with Touya.


The hair dye had nearly faded by now, leaving Touya with nothing but the tips of his hair black. Now though, Touya held an air of defeat about him, not his usual laid back persona. He'd dropped a bit of weight off of his already lean frame, and every time he spoke, it was hoarse from lack of use. Shigaraki had no doubt that if the redhead didn't have the scars, he'd have dark bags under his eyes.


Shigaraki had never dealt well with emotions, but he was currently the only one available to Touya for any type of emotional support.


"... Have you slept at all?" Shigaraki asked, sitting in the chair across from Touya.


"What the hell do you think, handjob?" Touya growled back, "I've slept like a baby- no of course I haven't slept! Would you if someone you loved got murdered in front of you?"


"I compartmentalized," Shigaraki replied, coolly. "I did kill my parents and grandparents, after all."


Touya scowled, and dropped his face into the heels of his hands, rubbing at his eyes. He shuddered, and fell silent.


"This is all my fault," Touya muttered. "I should have never got involved with him. I fell for him and now... he's dead."


"The only one who's at fault is Viper," Shigaraki reasoned. "After all, she's the one who dealt the killing blow. Not you."


"But I was his ticket in with the original League," Touya hissed, head snapping up. "Don't you see? If I had just pushed him away, none of this would have happened!"


"He would have found another way in. The feather brain was stubborn," Shigaraki pointed out. "Dabi-" At the look he got, Shigaraki backpedaled, "Touya. You still have your siblings and mother to fight for. You don't need to forget them. The way you're going right now, you're gonna run yourself into the ground before next week, and then you won't be of us to anyone."


"Good," Touya scowled. "Maybe they'll kill me then."


"You're still of use to me," Shigaraki hissed, reaching out and grabbing Touya's jacket collar, yanking him and getting in the redhead's face. "Listen, Scarface. You might have given up on getting out of this situation, but I haven't. I know how All For One works. We know how the League works. We can still get out of this alive and go back to our new lives. Don't you remember? Being accepted and having people who care about us?"


Touya's scowl deepened, but his silence was answer enough.


"Good," Shigaraki growled. "Because if we play our cards right, we can go back to that. I just need you to listen to me, got it?"


"... Fine," Touya snarled, voice low. "What's this genius plan of yours, crusty crabs?"

Hana inhaled deeply, before letting her body slump in exhaustion. The last few days had been taxing, to say in the least. When she had been called back to Hosu City for an immediate medical emergency, her expertise needed, she'd gone back without protest.


The whole country is going to cats and dogs, Hana thought. Just because of a pro's death. I've had more patients in the last few days than in the last few years. All these protests are getting out of hand, but I guess I can't blame the public. The Hero Commission certainly doesn't seem to be doing anything about this. Besides a public speech about losing a beloved hero, they haven't done anything.


Hawks' funeral had been Monday, two days ago. Everyone that could attend, had attended. Pros, civillians, even students from UA. It had been on live TV, of all things, where everyone could see the Director of the Hero Commission handed Kuro Furatio a medal in her son's honor.


"It's sad that his sister wasn't there, isn't it?" Hana looked up at the voice from the doorway of her office. She blinked in surprise.


"Shinobu? What are you doing here?" Hana asked, startled.


Her coworker gave her small smirk, "I got called here for a kid whose quirk just came in. He didn't have any control, and they needed me to talk him down. I got done, I thought I'd come see you, my dear, see how you're doing."


Hana sniffed, returning the smirk, "Well, I can assure you, I'm doing fine, Shinobu."


Shinobu strode into the room, shoving his hands into the pockets of his jeans. He stopped just beyond her desk, and his yellow eyes ran over the surface of Hana's cluttered desk, "You have a lot of patients, huh? Some of them are even... under the radar."


"Even the criminals must be treated," Hana replied, slowly, shuffling her files to begin stacking them up. She stood, "Shinobu, it's good to see you again, but I-"


Shinobu slammed his hand down on Hana's desk, startling her into sitting back down. His eyes had darkened, and they slowly trailed down to look directly at the file he had pinned to the desk.


"Not all of them are criminals though, now are they?" Shinobu drawled, "Some are worse... some are better."


"... What do you want, Shinobu?"


"You and I both need each other's help, right now, and you know it," Shinobu stated, expression softening. "You're going to need a therapist for all of your patients, both on the record and off, and I've got it on good word that sometime in the near future, someone I know is going to need a damn good medic. You're the best of the best, Hana Shimura."


Hana sat there, frowning in thought. Her attention was caught as Shinobu tapped his finger on the file he still held, her eyes landing on the photo of the patient.


Her heart clenched.


"Do it for your patients... do it for their families, Hana," Shinobu said, softly. "You're not that heartless."


No, Hana thought. I'm not. Maybe, once, I was, but now? I'm not.


Hana stood up, and offered her hand out, "Shinobu Hiryuin... you got yourself a deal."

Chapter Text

I'm alone, but I feel you, feel you now
Head down, I can't remember
If we left on a start or an ender
You and I we're so worn down

-Can't Help Me Now, Rob Thomas

".... Your plan had better work. Or I'm turning you into a pile of ash,"

Shigaraki narrowed his eyes at the papers before him. All For One had sent the list of targeted civilians, and it was all he could do to keep from turning it to dust.

Among the list was both the middle children of the Todoroki family, as well as Rei Todoroki. Kuro Furatio. Hana Shimura. Shiro Shimura. Eri Aizawa. Shogeki Kaminari . Shinobu Hiryuin. 

A total of nine names, but they each held an amount of power, when one of thought about it. For the most part, on those they knew. Any one of them could pose a threat to All For One, if they so chose to. 

"Like they're gonna let either of us anywhere close to these people," Shigaraki hissed. He scratched at his wrist, "A new plan. I need a new plan..." 

"You'd better come up with one quick. We're less than thirty six hours out from being a part of the attack to end Japan's hero culture," Touya sighed. 

Shigaraki didn't answer. He stayed silent.

Unknown: afo is staging a near nation wide attack within the next 24 hours. Hosu. Musfastu. Tokyo. Spread the word to the others you trust. Don't take any chances that anyone with solid loyalties to the hc that they aren't dirty. We play the game right we can win and get rid of afo for good.

Aizawa forwarded the text raven had undoubtedly sent him to his closest colleagues, including Midnight, Mic, Nedzu, Snipe, All Might, Ectoplasm, and Recovery Girl. He knew it would only a matter of hours before the rest of the hero community would get the message, and when the attack began, the counter attacks most likely would. Though, speaking of counter attacks...

"Midoriya. Stay behind," Aizawa stated as the end of the day bell rang. 

Midoriya blinked in surprise, glancing at Todoroki.

"I'll be outside," Todoroki said, quietly, before leaving with the door sliding shut behind him.

"Yes sensei? I- I didn't do anything! No broken bones or-" Midoriya began.

"No, this is a different matter. I need your advice," Aizawa paused, then shook his head. "Well, more like a coworker of mine needs your help."

"Raven?" Midoriya asked, knowingly.

Aizawa raised an eyebrow.

"You've had the look on your face you only reserve for Raven sensei, pretty much all day," Midoriya rubbed the back of his head. "I took a guess."

"... You're nearly right," Aizawa admitted. "You've been taking lessons with Nedzu, with your quirk intellect, correct?"

"Yes, sensei," Midoriya nodded.

"You know about Switchblade's quirk and how she operates?"

"Her quirk is called foresight, but considering her name and her fighting skills, one might think it's something to do with combat. She's exceptional with a blade of any sort, as well as hand to hand combat. Her skill has only grown since she... left, UA, and has been on the streets," Midoriya rattled off.

Aizawa nodded, and handed Midoriya a pad of paper, "You also know Raven's quirk, how it works?"

"Silent Wings, telekinesis on her feathers, hardening, can fight with both her feathers and kunai and katana," Midoriya nodded. He took the paper, looking confused, "Her only difference with Hawks' quirk is that she can change her voice and actually dislocate from her entire wings."

Right. That's what I was hoping you'd say, Aizawa thought.

"I'm giving you an extra credit assignment that needs to be done within the next twelve hours, Midoriya. It's your first priority, understand?" Aizawa asked.

"Yes, sensei," Midoriya took note of his teacher's grave tone of voice. "Whatever it is, I'll do it."

"Good. I need you to give me a list of Switchblade's weaknesses, and how Raven might be able to combat them. The reason there's a time limit is because sometime tomorrow, Raven is making her move to end the new league, and the only one who can stop her is Raven," Or another bird who isn't emotionally involved, Aizawa mused.

"... Does this have anything to do why the other teachers seem a bit jumpy today? And why you banned any one of us from going out this weekend?"

"... Yes, it does. Can I trust you not to say a word to your classmates?"

"Yes," Midoriya nodded. He clutched the paper to his chest, "I'll have this to you before midnight, sensei. It might be a little rough, but it'll at least help Raven."

"Thank you, Midoriya. I'll be sure to give this to you as extra credit," Aizawa commented.

"Don't bother sensei," Midoriya smiled. "A hero comes in all shapes and sizes, and this? This is hero work."

"I want you to know, I'm still very much against this,"

Yeah well, you don't get a say in the matter.

"I wish I did. I'm surprised that Hana and Shinobu even cleared you for hero work,"

They understand. Plus they have their reasons.

"Hm," Aizawa scowled, glaring at the other man in the room. 

Sora smirked at Aizawa, unaffected by the glare. He sat on the- admittedly, comfy- hospital bed with his legs crossed and red wings lax. He looked better than he had a week ago, his tan skin having finally gained some of it's color back. There were still dark bags under his eyes, probably from lack of sleep- Aizawa would put his money down on nightmares- but he looked healthy. His wings even had a bit of a shine to them.

Still, none of that took away from the pristine, white bandage wrapped around his neck. While Aizawa had yet to see the extent of the injury, he knew it was most likely a gruesome one. Even if Kurai had missed all major arteries and veins, a neck wound would still bleed heavily. Even Hana had commented on it several times, how it was slow going for her to heal the wound. Even with her quirk, it would still most likely leave a scar. 

Did the kid do what he was asked? Sora signed, hands flowing through the movements. It had been a surprise when Sora had first began using sign language. Aizawa would have never thought the younger pro had it in him.

"Yes," from the folds of his scarf, Aizawa retrieved an envelope, handing it to Hawks. "While I asked Midoriya to do it for your sister, there's a few things in there that makes me suspect he knew he was doing it for you. He mentions the speed factor quite a bit."

Sora nodded, opening the envelope and pulling the papers out. There were five total, front and back. The notes were heavily detailed, talking about Switchblade's quirk and Raven's. But considering the heavy similarities between Hawks and Raven, it wouldn't have strictly mattered who got them.

I still can't believe I didn't realize until after I ended up at the hospital that Viper was Kurai. The fact she was so insistent on helping us and keeping Switchblade from gutting both me and Touya. Then she kept on getting under her skin with the little comments about who she really is, Minami... Sora frowned, huffing through his nose. His wings drooped a little as he spread the papers out before him. And really, Kurogiri, working for the heroes? What the fuck? 

"Shinobu is his son, and Kurogiri owes Kurai a huge debt for keeping his son safe when he couldn't," Aizawa nodded. 

"My ears are burning," On cue, the door opened. Shinobu and Hana walked into the room, Shinobu smirking, "Who's talking about me? Sensei?"

Aizawa scowled, "I'm not your sensei."

"You are a teacher though," Shinobu smirked, dragging a cart of medical supplies behind him. "Alright, bird boy, time to change out those bandages and let Hana work her magic."

Sora nodded, moving to sit on the edge of the bed. The sheets and papers crinkled around him.

Hana glanced at Aizawa, "Would you like to step outside, Eraserhead? It's kind of a gruesome sight."

"I'd like to watch, if you don't mind," Aizawa requested. 

"Put this on, then," Shinobu handed him a face mask. "Can't risk this getting infected."

Aizawa put the mask on, Hana and Shinobu doing the same. He watched as Shinobu pulled on a pair of gloves, and wiped down a set of scissors with hot water and alcohol wipes. The brunette then gently cut through the bandages on Sora's neck, the hero having tilted his head back for easier access. Aizawa noticed his fingers tightened onto the edge of the bed, and that his eyes were shut tight. 

"We had to sedate him the first time," Hana mused. "Not that either of us blame him."

I'd wager that he'll avoid Kurai for a while too, Aizawa thought. 

The bandages loosened on the final snip of the scissors. Gently, Shinobu peeled them off of Sora's neck, and Aizawa grimaced a little. 

The wound was bigger than he'd imagined, stretching nearly from either corner of Sora's jawbone. Granted, it didn't look fresh, with the way the skin had begun to heal over thanks to Hana, but Aizawa could imagine what it had looked like when Sora had been dropped off in front of the hospital. Anyone would have thought him dead. 

Kurai truly loved to play with fate.

Aizawa watched as Shinobu went through the familiar motions of disinfecting and wiping the wound down with fresh towels. The wound fizzled just a little, when the peroxide was placed, but less than Aizawa thought it would. The duo was doing very well in keeping it disinfected.

"Alright, Hana, showtime," Shinobu stepped away, tossing the dirtied towels into a bin. 

Hana's hands lit up with green energy, before focusing into her index and middle fingers. She reached out, setting them on either end of the open wound. The entire injury lit up in the similar green glow. Aizawa stepped closer, curious to see what was happening. Right before his eyes, the flesh was stitching back together, healing at a rate faster than what it would normally take. 

After a moment, Hana pulled away, sweat having beaded on her brow. The wound looked twice as better as it had before.

"Very nice," Shinobu mused. "What do you think, Hana? A couple of more sessions?"

"Yes," Hana nodded. "I'm still unsure of if it will or won't scar though."

"And the amount of therapy bird boy is gonna have to go through to use his voice again," Shinobu clicked his tongue. He began to wrap the wound with bandages again, "Remember Sora. No talking until we finish healing you."

Sora rolled his now open eyes, waving a hand. He gave a small smile, turning his head to look at Aizawa as he signed.

I wouldn't worry about me. I'd worry about the villains when I get my hands on them. If I have anything to do with it, none of them are going to live to see another day.

By lunch time the next day, dark clouds rolled over the horizon, thick, heavy, and oppressive. By mid afternoon, rain was slamming down. One could hardly see their hand in front of their faces. Lightning flashed, lighting the sky up in the darkness of the black clouds. The thunder shook windows in their frames. 

Setting the mood, Kurai thought. Kind of cliché. 

"You and me, Viper, in Musfastu. We're going to take out Ravens mother," Switchblade turned her gold gaze to Viper, scowling. 

Kurai raised an eyebrow, "Okay. Got her address?"

Switchblade growled, and turned away. 

Kurai exhaled. 

"Kurogiri, it's time," All for One rumbled. "You all know your mission, your targets. Do not disappointt."

Kurai glanced across the room. Touya and Shigaraki were with Stain. Overhaul was on his own. Crusher was here, and Kurai tamped down the urge to sucker punch him. Compress would be on his own as well. Then, of course, there were the various Nomu that would be set on the nation. 

It really was a final attack. 

Kurai grimaced.

"Yes master," Kurogiri nodded, opening five separate warp gates. He turned his eyes to the others in the bar, staying briefly on Kurai, "Good luck to you all."

Kurai inhaled deeply. Then, they were all falling through the void, to their assigned locations. 

Kurai landed on the hard pavement of a dark alley. She stumbled a bit, before regaining her balance. Rain poured down, soaking her in seconds. Thunder boomed, loud and deafening.

Maybe that was why she never heard the footsteps of her companion. Maybe it was why she never saw it coming. 

White hot pain erupted in Kurai's left side. She screamed, jerking violently as the blade twitched and ripped upwards through tender flesh and soaked clothing. The knife was yanked out and Kurai dropped to the dirty ground, curling up and trying to stop the bleeding so her healing factor could kick in.

She looked up, vision blurry from blood loss. 

Switchblade smiled, crouching down. She held her bloodied blade up, eyes glittering maliciously. 

"You won't heal fast enough, my dear," Switchblade purred. "You'll die before you heal." She chuckled, "I've told you time and time again, Kurai." Her voice lowered as Kurai's vision went black, "You can't fool me."

"M-Minami," Kurai croaked, brokenly. "Please... don't..."

Switchblade's expression twisted, "I've told you, Kurai. Minami is dead."

Kurai's world went black.

Chapter Text

We're gonna break this down
We're gonna rock the town
Everyone all around
Let's be whoever like this
Stronger together like this
- Break This Down, Descendants Cast

Switchblade took off through the water soaked streets of Musfastu. No one stopped her, civilians holed up in their homes thanks to the weather, and from the warnings the heroes had given earlier in the day, after the bombings that had gone off across the country.


She paused in the middle of the street to catch her breath. She regained her surroundings in the night, lit up only by the barely seen neon signs of shops and other buildings, or the lightning that cracked in the sky overhead.


Honestly, if it hadn't been the flash of lightning, Switchblade never would have seen him. Instead, she saw the brief shadow over the rain slick ground, stretching out alongside beside hers, and when the crack of thunder erupted through the air, Switchblade spun on her heel and raised her sword to block the one that had been aimed for her shoulder.


Gold eyes burned murderously in dark, blonde hair plastered to a handsome face thanks to the downpour.


Switchblade snarled, "I knew it. I knew she couldn't have killed you!" She shifted her weight and slammed her right foot into the pro hero Hawks' gut, sending him back, "I guess I get to kill three birds tonight then!"


Hawks straightened, and honestly if it weren't for his eyes, Switchblade would have never seen him in the inky darkness. His wings were lit up, every time lightning flashed, crimson mixed with electric white, but when the light faded, he too faded into darkness. The clothes he wore, dark from head to toe, helped him disappear.


Switchblade thanked her lucky stars she was both used to battle in intense weather, and for her quirk, Foresight. She could handle this bird, no problem.


"Just like I handled your sister," Switchblade's lips curled up into a nasty smirk, as she finished her thought out loud.


Hawks' eyes narrowed, as the two began to circle each other in the middle of the street. He wasn't using his feathers, Switchblade noted. Rather, he held a katana, not so much unlike what Raven used.


Switchblade growled, stopping in her tracks. She crouched low to the ground, "You know, she's bleeding out right now."


Hawks stopped circling. He stared at Switchblade, saying nothing.


The silence was unnerving.


"Don't you care?!" Switchblade snapped, straightening, "I just gutted your sister! You should be searching for her! Praying that you can help her somehow!"


Hawks still didn't answer. Instead, he lunged for Switchblade, the edge of his blade glinting with water. Switchblade rolled to the side, the blade swinging over her head. Kneeling, her head snapped up, and she yelped in surprise at the knife that was swinging upwards. She ducked to the ground, flat on her stomach, before rolling again, straight into Hawks' legs. He jumped, wings flaring and giving him a boost to avoid the attack.


Switchblade jumped back up on to her feet, whirling around. She dropped her sword and flicked her wrists, a set of knives dropping into the palms of her hands. Her fingers curled tight around the damp leather grips.


"Listen up, bird boy. I've got an assignment- coincidentally, to kill your mom-" Here, Hawks tensed, "And you're not gonna stop me. Even if I have to finish the job Kurai couldn't finish."


Hawks leaned back, raising both his arms up to chest level, one just under the other. His katana pointed downwards, the point of his knife towards Switchblade. Water rolled down his face, shocking free of his visor. He looked... young.


But decked out in black, and his expression dark, he looked dangerous.


Switchblade crouched down, arms still extended. She was dangerous, too. She had blood on her hands, blood that Hawks didn't. Sure, he'd fought Nomu before, but those hardly counted. He'd apprehended petty criminals and major villains before, but never with deadly force.


When it came to killing without flinching, Switchblade was better. She had the advantage. But she also knew that Hawks had a motive to finish her off- Switchblade had tormented his sister for years now. She'd caused more damage in the last few months than she had in the last ten years. She had targeted Kurai, had driven her to the point of no return when it came to her hero career. She was after Kuro Furatio, now.


In short, Hawks was fighting for his family.


Switchblade was fighting for her own life.


Lightning cracked across the sky, and Switchblade activated her quirk and lunged. Thunder rumbled as blades clashed, and Switchblade knew without a doubt, only one of them was walking away alive.

Stain came to an abrupt halt as the trio turned a corner. He reached up, hand curling around the sword strapped to his back.


Touya and Shigaraki peered around him, squinting through the rain to see a female figure standing on the other end of the alleyway. She was in black clothes- boots, pants, shirt, and long jacket. She had dark skin and dirty blonde hair made darker by the rain and shadows. She wore a black, sleek visor that tapered off to a point over the bridge of her nose, blocking her eyes from view.


"Who are you?" Stain asked.


"Melione," The woman answered, voice rich with wisdom unspoken. "And I'm searching for someone. I see that she is not among your group."


"She...?" Shigaraki scratched at his throat, "You're looking for Viper or Switchblade, aren't you?"


"No," Melione said. "I am looking for Raven."


All three men paused. Several things clicked together.


"I knew it," Shigaraki whispered.


"Switchblade was right," Stain realized.


"Tell me she didn't really kill Sora," Touya looked sick.


Lightning flashed, showing Melione's slow, cryptic smile.


"Perhaps she did, perhaps she didn't," Melione's voice was smooth, barely heard over the storm. "Perhaps Hawks really did die, and his funeral held last week. Perhaps he's out here somewhere, flying to find his sister... to find a lost lover."


A heavy, oppressive silence filled the air.


"She's lying," Stain finally said. He turned to glare at Touya, "That wound was instantly fatal. I saw it. We all saw it."


"Not if my sister got to him," Shigaraki mused. He narrowed his eyes, "There's a chance he's still alive and that Melione is speaking the truth."


Even as Shigaraki spoke, he noticed from the corner of his eye as Melione vanished into the shadows, as though she had never been there.


"You fool! I'm telling you she's lying! There's not a chance in hell that-" Stain turned, stopping short when he saw Melione had vanished.


The alley lit up in a blue hue as Touya summoned his flames. The rain sizzled as it came too close to the heat. A fire that Shigaraki hadn't seen in days had lit up in the elder's eyes, his voice low and determined when he spoke.


"I'll take that chance,"


With that, Touya launched the first attack.

It had come as a surprise to all of the students, when the power went out in the dorms. Of course, it wasn't really an issue when they had their own personal back up generator, and while multiple people cried out in surprise and fear at the sudden pitch black, Denki simply found an outlet and fired off a bolt of electricity into the circuits.


He stood up, back to the room as he cracked his knuckles, "Well, there we go! No need to worry, everyone-"


Eri and Shiro's screams of terror out in the hallway startled everyone, but Denki's blood froze as Shogeki's panic filled voice reached his ears.






Denki had never moved faster in his life. He bolted across the room, vaulting over the couch and pushing through the still frozen students and into the hallway. He heard cursing, crying and shouting as the voices in the hallway got further away. He rounded the corner just in time to see a group go out the front doors. Denki didn't even hesitate- he ran down the hallway and threw open the glass doors. He came to a sudden halt, gold eyes first meeting Shogeki's terrified ones, rising to meet the onyx one's of his mother, then the gold ones of his father.


"Now, now, dear," Maru Kaminari drawled. "Let's not cause a scene." She raised her left hand, white sparks flying off her fingertips, "After all, you wouldn't want to hurt your sister, would you?"


"Let me go!" Shiro Shimura cried, and tried to jerk out of the hulking mass of a man's grip. It was of no use, as the man held on easily to both Shiro and Eri, each in one hand.


"That's Crusher," Izuku muttered, eyes wide. "He has a quirk that enhances his strength. Few weaknesses, because even without his quirk, he's still incredibly strong."


Denki didn't hear him, eyes focused on his sister. He tried to keep his voice reassuring when he spoke.


"Don't worry, Shogeki, she's not going to hurt you when I'm here," Denki swore. "I promise, okay? You gotta trust me, alright?"


Shogeki cried, her tears mixing with the rain that was coming down.


Denki met his mother's eyes, voice sharp when he snapped, "Let her go!"


"... No," Haru shook her head. "Not until you agree to come back with me, dear!"


"Hell to the no!" Denki snapped, bristling, "After everything you did to Shogeki?! After everything you did to us?!"


"It was for your own good! As your parents-" Tadashi Kaminari began.


"The hell it was! All you ever did was use as your personal lab rats for your twisted experiments! You were never our parents, hardly even fucking human beings!"


"Now, listen here, you ungrateful whelp-"


A heavy, warm hand landed on Denki's shoulder. His head snapped around, eyes widening when he saw Bakugo just beside him, red eyes staring out into the rain and on Tadashi and Haru Kaminari. Next to Bakugo, Kirishima stood, his normal smile replaced with a frown. Further down, Jirou was also there, eyes narrowed. When Denki looked to his left, he saw Shinsou, Sero, and Ashido, all looking equally determined.


"Are those your parents, Denki?" Shinsou asked, quietly.


"I... Y- yeah," Denki answered, internally ashamed.


"We'll handle her," Sero stretched his arms out, cracking his knuckles.


"Together," Kirishima agreed.  "Your mother has an electric quirk?" 


"Static electricity," Denki swallowed. "My dad has a quirk called Probability. Tracing the circles on his arms, he can increase the probabilty of something happening, that he wants to happen."


"And they've got a hostage," Jirou mused. "We'll need to be careful."


"Just get Shogeki away from them," Denki's voice was determined. "I don't care what you do to them afterwards."


Bakagou grinned, like he did when he was told he could go wild, "That won't be a problem." He turned, "Oi! Deku! Have you and the others got Muscles over there?!"


"We can handle him, Kacchan!" Deku called back, green electricity arcing over his arms and legs. Standing with him and looking equally determined were Shoto, Uraraka, Iida, Momo, Tokoyami, and Asui.


"Good. Oi!" Bakugou snapped, "The rest of you shitty extras, don't just stand there! Help where you can!"




Adrenaline pumping, Denki launched himself towards his father.

"Sensei!" Toga cried, and she fluttered to the ground, the dark wings she sported folding up on her back as she landed, "Raven sensei- you're hurt!"


Raven winced, hands pressed over the wound in her side. It bled heavily, Raven's tan skin having taken on an ashen color. Dark circles were under her eyes, evidence of just how badly she was faring. Someway, somehow, she had regained consiousness.


"I deserve it," Raven croaked, then coughed violently. Blood speckled her lips, a shuddering breath leaving her, "Toga, Toga listen-"


"No," Toga said, determinedly. Her disguise fell away, Raven's wings falling to the dirty asphalt. She knelt down next to her teacher, frowning, "I can fix this."


"No, no, Toga, you can't-" Raven wheezed, "You need to go-"


"I will, after I help you," Toga reached into her jacket pocket, pulling out a vial of blood. "I went to Aizawa sensei, like you said to do. I met Hana Shimura, Shigaraki's sister! I can help you!"


Raven's eyes went wide as she watched Toga down the small vial of blood. Her appearance rippled, and Toga's form changed, her blonde hair darkening to black, gaining height. She grinned, "Cell Regeneration!"


Before Raven could protest, Toga had pushed her hands away, laying her own glowing green ones on Raven's wound. Raven went another shade whiter, falling back heavily against the brick wall she had been supporting herself against.


But the effects of Hana Shimura's quirk was instantly effective.


Raven's wound closed, her skin taking on a more healthy glow as the added acceleration of the quirk recovered the blood Raven had lost in the ambush from Switchblade. Within moments, she was back on her feet, if just a little dizzy.


Toga grinned, deactivating her own quirk and taking on her normal appearance.


"Toga..." Raven breathed, eyes wide, "Thank you."


"No problem!" Toga chirped. She startled, suddenly, "Oh! Eraserhead asked me to give this to you." She dug into her pocket for a second time and handed the older woman an earpiece, "Said that you would need to know what's going on. Everyone's spread out across the cities, fighting their own battles."


"Thank you," Raven took the earpiece, pausing as she held it. She glanced down at the ground, where her wings lay.


"... You only did your job, sensei," Toga said, softly. "Hawks knows it, too."


Raven's head snapped around, "Hawks! Is he-"


"Fighting Switchblade, according to what I'm hearing. He can't talk, doctor's orders since you did do a bit of damage to his voice, but he's still very animated. He was especially stubborn about coming here, to help with getting rid of the League and All For One for good," Toga explained.


"... Do you know his location?" Raven asked, as she settled the earpiece into her ear. She stripped her jacket and shirt off, leaving her in a low backed tank top. With nary a sound, her wings floated up off the ground and her skin opened up, flesh and muscles moving to make room and get reacquainted with her wings. Once connected, she flare them out, shaking the heavy rain water out of them.


"Mmhm," Toga smiled. "Northeast of here, near your mom's apartment."


"Good," Raven cracked her neck. "Toga, got any more of those earpieces left?"


"Three. Why?"


"Touya and Shigaraki are on the other side of town. They were going for Rei Todoroki first. They may need help. You know how Stain's quirk works?"


"Depending on the blood type of those he fights, he can ingest it to paralyze them," Toga rattled off.


"I want you to go help the boys, stick close to the shadows and not get caught. When you can, attack, get some of Stain's blood, and then use his quirk against him. Then, when you're done with that, tell them what you've told me,"


"Do you want me to tell them Hawks is alive?"


"Yes," Raven said, quietly. "But then you three go to the medical tent, got me?"


"Are you going to go help Hawks?"


Raven grinned, sharply, "I think it's a long time coming, don't you?" She reached up and flicked her earpiece on, "Pro Hero: Raven, reporting for duty."

Chapter Text


We gonna put it in motion
Break down what keeps us apart
No more, no division we down
New team, got the vision, unite
- Break This Down, Descendants 3 Cast

"Pro Hero, Raven, reporting for duty,"


The ball of anxiety that had been building in Hawks' chest loosened at just hearing his sister's voice. His shoulders slumped in relief, before his attention was brought back to the knife Switchblade aimed for his leg. Mentally cursing, he jumped back, catching Switchblade's blade against the hilt of his own knife.


Switchblade shoved against him, snarling as she tried to stab him from above. Hawks dropped his other knife, the blade clattering on the asphalt, as he held his arm up to grab her wrist.


"How are you keeping up with me?!" Switchblade hissed, eyes glowing for a brief second. Then, she was blinking rapidly and began to twitch. It was as though she wanted to let up, but couldn't.


For good reason. If either of them let up from the positions they were in, the other could use it to their advantage.


"My quirk allows me to see where and how to attack- but it's like you're four steps of my two steps!" Switchblade continued to rant, Hawks' mind working to try and come up with a plan.


Come on Hawks, think, think! You've got options here, you do. You could twist her blade out of her hand with yours, get out of the way of the other one, but that leaves you open to an attack... Come on, what did Midoriya's notes say...


"Good to have you back, Raven," Eraserhead's voice rang in Hawks' ears. "What's your situation?"


"Well, I did nearly just die thanks to Minami, but hey, all in the life of a hero, am I right?"


"Kurai, now is not the time to joke," Eraserhead said, even as Hawks snorted.


"Toga's headed for Touya and Shigaraki. They were with Stain, last I saw," Raven continued. "I'm headed to help Hawks. I have a rough idea of where he is. Hawks, if you can hear me, I'm coming."


Hawks grit his teeth, cursing his injury- and, okay, yeah, maybe throwing in a curse or two towards Kurai, but she did what she had to do!- and raised his eyes to meet Switchblade's furious ones.


Switchblade is good for one on one combat, but she struggles for more than one opponent who can match her skillset, Midoriya had written. Her quirk tries to make up for it, and from witness statements, she seems to get disoriented, or be in pain.


A lightbulb went off over Hawks' head- Switchblade must get headaches! If she kept up the activation of her quirk for too long, it must hinder her somehow! Hawks eyed his opponent, noting how her eyes went from dull gold to bright gold every few seconds, how she was twitching in earnest, now, how her brow was pinched with discomfort and pain.


Headaches? Dry eye? Whatever it was, Hawks could use it to his advantage. While they were her greatest strength, Switchblade's eyes were also her biggest weakness.


Hawks twisted his wrist, the one locked with Switchblade's own blade, forcing her to drop it with a curse. With his grip on her other arm, Hawks crouched, angled his body, and shoved his shoulder into Switchblade's chest. He wrapped his arm around her legs, and then twisted, throwing Switchblade over his shoulder and on to the pavement. Her head bounced off the pavement with a muffled crack.


Switchblade cried out, gasping for breath. Her eyes flew open wide, losing their glow. Still, she took just a second to recover, before she was rolling on her stomach and lunging for Hawks' fallen katana.


She never reached it. Hawks was on her, quick as a flash, digging a knee into her back and threading a hand through her hair. He yanked her head back, so she could see him, and the tip of the knife he held mere centimeters from her left eye.


Switchblade froze.


Quietly, but none the less still firm and furious, Hawks spoke, "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't blind you for life."


It wasn't a question.


Around them, the storm raged on.

Toga peered around the corner, hiding in the shadows of the alley as she watched the fight that was going on in the street before her.


Azure flames arced through the air, trying to reach Stain, but the other man was too fast. Though, when Touya's attacks didn't connect, Shigaraki was working on hindering the villain. He was using his quirk on the ground, turning the cement to dust, which in turn, thanks to the rain, turned it to thick mud that Stain continuously got caught in.


It was a good strategy. The duo were keeping their distance, but it wouldn't last. Eventually, one of them would tire out, and Stain would use the chance to finish them off.


"Sensei," Toga said.


"Yeah, Toga?" Raven asked.


"I found them," Toga kept her voice low, eyes on the fight. "Touya and Shigaraki are fighting Stain, right now. They're doing a good job of keeping him at bay, but I'm not sure how long they can handle it. They're in the open, and I don't have a good shot of getting any blood."


Raven was quiet for a moment, before a new, female voice came through the earpiece.


"Raven, it's been a while," the voice was rich and knowing.


"Melione!" Raven exclaimed, "You're in the field!"


"Yes, I am. I am doing the same as your protege is doing, and watching Stain's fight. I turned Touya and Shigaraki against him, and have been building my energy so that I can use his ghosts against him," the woman, Melione, said. "He has many to choose from."


"Understood. Do you see Toga?"


"The shadows speak to me, you know. I see everything,"


Toga shivered. That wasn't ominous at all.


"Good. Toga, you're reporting to Melione, now. She's an old friend of mine and someone you can trust. If she asks you to do something, you do it. If she tells you to stay back, you stay back," Raven ordered.


"Yes, sensei," Toga answered.


"Melione..." Raven's voice was cold and unforgiving, "Do your worst."


"With pleasure, my dear. With pleasure," Melione giggled. "Toga, was it?"




"Hm, you'll need to come up with a hero name, before long. Anyways, I want you to simply observe the fight. I'm nearly ready to launch my own attack, and I don't want you to get caught in the crossfire. The more people involved, the more antsy these spirits get," Melione murmured. "So many souls, wanting to get their revenge... it takes quite a bit of control to make sure that innocents don't get affected."


"Yes, of course," Toga nodded, not sure if Melione saw it or not. "What... is your quirk?"


"... I'll explain later, dear, when we're not battling for the fate of good and evil," Melione chuckled. "For now... tell me what you see."


Toga went quiet, eyes snapping back to the fight in front of her. After a moment, she spoke.


"Shiggy isn't moving as quickly as he was before," Toga said. "He's struggling to stay ahead of Stain. Touya though, his attacks have gone down in power just a little bit, where as normally by now, he's suffering the drawbacks of his quirk."


"And why do you think he's not suffering said drawbacks?"


Lightning arced across the sky, thunder crashing.


"The rain," Toga answered. "It's cold and wet and is keeping his body from both overheating, and keeping his skin wet, so the flames don't hurt him as much."


"You're smart. I see why Raven took you on," Melione chuckled.


"More than just her brain, Mel," Raven grumbled. "Okay, this storm is driving me nuts. Someone remind me why I slit Hawks' throat again?"


"To stay on the villains' good side?" Toga said.












"She's got a point," Eraserhead stated.


"Oh, fuck you all," Raven growled. "Fuck, I see them! Hawks, incoming!"


"Okay, Raven's busy now," Melione exhaled, sounding relieved. "Toga, stay where you are. My quirk is ready."


Toga hummed an affirmative, curious as mist began to pour from the alleyway across the street. It nearly glowed, it was such a bright white. It was thick, spilling into the street and curling around the trio of men, who all paused at the sudden change in scenery. The mist climbed up Touya and Shigaraki's bodies, before pulling away and swarming Stain.


Voices reached Toga's ears, faint at first, but growing louder, as eventually they began to scream and shout. Anywhere from pleas to profanities filled the air as figures began to solidify in the mist. Toga recognized them as fallen heroes, killed by Stain himself.


"No... stop... What's happening?!" Stain shouted, and he sounded like he was scared, of all things.


"This is the effect of my quirk," Melione's voice sounded in Toga's ears, and the blonde watched as a woman stepped from the alleyway the mist had come from. With the mist curling around her, and her eyes glowing an ethreal white, she looked like some kind of goddess, "These are the lost souls of all of those you have down in your cold blooded hate, Chizome Akaguro. These are the ones you foolishly didn't allow to explain themselves to you, the ones you thought were fake heroes, but were true heroes."


There were at least two dozen humanoid figures that Toga could make out.


"No... no, they were all-" Stain stammered, and the sound of his sword clattering to the street echoed in Toga's ears like the booming thunder overhead. His eyes were going white, his skin losing what little color it had.


"And now..." Melione reached out, hand glowing white, "Your soul shall be mine."


Lightning flashed just over Melione's form. Toga had to look away, it was so bright. It didn't stop the screams of the tortured souls from reaching her ears, the wails of the undead, hooting with victory and joy. The ground seemed to shake beneath Toga's very feet as she clapped her hands over her ears, trying to block the noise, but it was of no use.


Eventually, the noise faded. The air's charged energy receded, but Toga didn't move, too afraid to even take a peek.


A hand laid on her shoulder, startling her. Toga looked up to see Melione standing over her, rain dripping from her mask.


"My apologies, dear," Melione soothed. "I should have warned you to look away. You're safe, I can assure you."


Toga's eyes flickered to the street behind the woman. She peered through the darkness, seeing Touya and Shigaraki's forms but...


"Where's Stain?"


"He'll never bother anyone again," Melione smiled, though it wasn't a kind one. "He'll forever be a lost soul, walking among the living only to not be seen."


Toga swallowed. That was a scary thought.


"Now, I do believe you have a few earpieces left, yes? I think we should let your friends know what's going on."

"Stain's dead,"


Hawks and Raven looked at each other, at Melione's report. They were taking cover in an alleyway, as Switchblade had got away from both of them. It had been a split second, where the villain had got the jump on Hawks. In her haste to make sure Hawks was okay, Raven had looked away.


Now, they were patrolling the streets, trying to find her. Raven cursed her distraction.


Stain's dead? Hawks signed, looking surprised.


Raven snorted, "Or in limbo. Probably a ghost."


"You're not wrong," Melione nodded. "Touya and Shigaraki are okay. They should be online in a minute."


Hawks looked relieved.


"Take them and Toga to home base, let them get checked by medical," Raven said.


"Over my dead body," Touya Todoroki sounded furious. "Raven sensei, I get it, you're a hero, but you're fucking ash when I see you again. Is Sora alive or not?"


Sora perked up, preening like the damn bird he was.


"He is," Raven answered. "Unfortunately, he can't talk right now. Still recovering."


"Hana is good at her job," Shigaraki mused.


"Remind me to send her a gift basket," Touya mumbled.


"Where are you two?" Melione asked,  "We can meet up, then go to home base."


"Searching for Switchblade. She got away from us," Raven sighed.


Hawks' eyes suddenly widened, and he began to sign rapidly.


"What- hey, slow down! I can't read sign that fast!"


Hawks huffed, cheeks puffing.


Her target was mom. To kill, I mean.


Raven felt like she was dunked in ice water. Her blood ran cold, eyes widening.


"How the fuck did I forget that...." Raven whispered, "Mom!"


"What?" Melione sounded confused, "Mom? Raven, is your mom in danger?"


"She was Switchblade's and Viper's target!" Touya groaned, "How did we forget that? She's probably going there!"


If she can't kill us, she'll hurt us emotionally, Sora signed, looking pitiful. We need to go!


"What's this about a list of targets?" Eraserhead asked.


Raven winced, "Right... I didn't tell you that."


"You didn't tell me what."


"Kuro Furatio, Eri Aizawa, Shogeki Kaminari, Shinobu Hiryuin, Rei, Fuyumi, and Natsou Todoroki, and Hana and Shiro Shimura, were a list of people All For One specifically wanted dead," Shigaraki answered.




"Eraserhead, I'm sorry, really-" Raven tried.


"We'll talk later," Eraserhead snarled. "I'm going back to UA and checking on my class."


The line crackled with static and Raven flinched.


"We'll meet you at your mom's place," Touya said. "If we work together, we can take Switchblade down for good."


Hawks nodded, silently agreeing, before he jumped and took off to the skies. For a moment, Raven hesitated, before following.


I don't want to kill her, if I can help it, Raven thought. Even after everything... Minami is still my friend.

"You took my daughter from me, you villain," Kuro Furatio snarled. "You undoubtedly killed my son! If you aren't killed, I hope you rot in prison!"


"Actually," Switchblade's eyes glittering with madness. "Kurai killed your son."


Kuro paused, her wings shimmering as they went from solid steel, back to downy feathers. She narrowed her eyes, "You lie."


"Nope," Switchblade popped the 'p' of the word. She grinned, advancing slowly, like a predator stalking its prey, "I was there, when she did. She didn't hesitate at all, you know. Let the knife glide right across his throat. It was such a wonderful scene..."


Kuro's wings drooped at Switchblade's words, "No... No. Kurai wouldn't... She's-"


"Always hated her brother for who he is, hasn't she?" Switchblade smirked, bangs falling over her eyes, gold eyes glowing, "She told me, once, you know? How much she hated him. That she would love to be the cause of his downfall, one day. It's what drew me to her. What made me see the darkness in her soul. Just how perfect of a bad girl she could be. How much of a villian she is. How do you think she fell in so easily with the League?"


Kuro's wings trembled.


"Why do you think she so easily accepted the postion to be the one to reform those who used to be in the League? Why she would take a former villain under her arm?"


"Do you really think she cared when Inko Midoriya died? Sure, she was a coworker and maybe even another mother to Kurai, but honestly. Kurai's never let anyone too close to her, has she?"


Switchblade leaned in close, her lips next to Kuro Furatio's ear. Her voice was a whisper when she spoke.


"Do you really think that Kurai is a hero?"


The balcony doors flew open, but Switchblade simply grabbed Kuro's arm and twisted it behind her back, using the older woman as a shield. She peered over the white wings, meeting blazing gold and burning brown.


"Hello Raven. Hello Hawks. I was just having a friendly chat with your mom!" Switchblade giggled.


"Let her go," Raven said, darkly.


"Sora...?" Kuro whispered, eyes wide, "But... Minami said-"


Kuro cut off with a cry as Switchblade twisted her arm sharply, "My name... is Switchblade. Get it right."


I'm alive, Hawks signed. Whatever she told you, it was a lie.


"So I was right," Kuro breathed. "Kurai didn't hurt you."


"You sure about that?" Switchblade giggled as both siblings flinched.


"... Kurai?" Kuro's eyes flickered to her daughter, who wore a look of guilt and regret, "... Tell me she's lying."


"..." Kurai looked away, unable to meet her mother's eyes.


"Sora!" Kuro's head snapped over to her son. His expression flickered, before he shook his head. Then, same as earlier, when he spoke, his voice was hoarse, but still firm and quiet.


"No... She's telling the truth... about that," Hawks winced.


"I told you... Kurai's too good at being so bad," Switchblade traced the tip of her knife up along Kuro's free arm, ending her travels with the tip digging into Kuro's chin. "Everyone has a dark side, Ms. Furatio."


Kurai narrowed her eyes, "Guess I learned from the best then, huh?"


Hawks snapped his head around to stare at Kurai.


"Whatever do you mean?" Switchblade tilted her head, raising an eyebrow.


"I mean... it takes one to know one," Kurai stepped forward, jumping and perching up on the far arm of the couch, wings flared. With the dim lighting, accentuating the dark look on her face, and the lightning flashing behind her, she looked like an omen of death, "You're right, Minami. Everyone does have a dark side."


Hawks waved his arms, trying to catch Raven's attention, but she was focused on Switchblade. Her eyes were dark, nearly black as she stared Switchblade down.


"And I do have one," Raven admitted, easily. "Born of jealousy... born of hate."


"Yes..." Switchblade's lips curled up into a wicked grin, "You hate Hawks. You hate your brother."


"I do," Raven agreed.


The sword fell from Hawks' hand, his expression twisting into one of betrayal. But... there was something else there, too. Reluctant acceptance, as though he had expected Kurai to say the words, but not knowing when.


Words would alway cut deeper than any blade, and Raven was just getting started.








"I hate Hawks because he left us," Raven continued, voice firm and unwavering. Dark and serious, "He left his family... he left me. And for what? A life of fame? Fortune? He got out and I didn't."


Kurai's words left Sora feeling like he was being burned alive. Each point she made, cut deeper and deeper, striking at his heart and leaving the cold pit of guilt in his stomach to grow bigger.


"Our father was an abusive, drunk bastard. That much I remember about him. After the Hero Commission took Sora in? Mom and I suffered," Raven hissed, wings furling and unfurling with her rage. "Sora got out! Sora left us! I spent... I spent seventeen years with nightmares, with hate festering in my heart because he never gave us the time of day! Never a letter! Never a fucking phone call!"


Kurai... Kurai please... Sora thought, cold dread crawling up his throat. I... I never forgot you! You're my sister, how could I ever-


That's a lie.


Sora winced internally as the voice of his conscience rose up in his mind. Not because it was unexpected, but because it was right. There had been a time, where Sora had forgotten his sister, where her memory had been swept away by the multitude of lessons his handlers had pushed on him, where every second of every day had been about training to be the next best hero, to be nothing but a hero...


The guilt in Sora's gut grew, the man's breaths coming sharp and short.


"Sora, Sora, don't listen to her," He heard a voice, but it was faint and muffled to him, barely heard over the rushing of the blood in his ears.


"And then, then he debuts as a hero and with a full agency at his disposal!" Kurai continued, voice rising in pitch. She sounded furious, tears in her eyes, "Almost eightteen years! Not a damn word! He abandoned us! He abandoned me! It took his own goddamn fucking boyfriend for me to even see him again!"


"She's got a point there-"


"Shigaraki I swear to fucking god, I will roast you!"


Kurai whipped around on Sora, and the man jerked back at the pure rage on her expression. Her voice cracked when she spoke, her eyes hard and unforgiving.


"I should have killed you when I had the chance," Kurai snarled.


Several things happened at once.


Lightning flashed across the sky, and the lights flickered, before going out and plunging the room into darkness. Thunder boomed, masking the startled screams of their mother.


The front door slammed open, white mist pouring in. Switchblade yelled in surprise as it wrapped around her ankles, traveled up her legs and consumed her body.


Sora lunged, grabbing his mother's arm and yanking her away before the mist could consume her too.


"Relax, Hawks," Melione soothed. "The mist won't hurt your mother." Her voice turned cold and callous, "It will only hurt the person I wish it too."


Switchblade screeched, the sound assaulting Sora's ears and causing him to wince. The pain in Switchblade's scream set his teeth on edge, and he unknowingly squeezed his mother's arm just a bit too hard. He blinked when she laid her hand over his, and he loosened his grip as Switchblade's screams tapered off.


It didn't stop the sound from ringing in his ears.

The hair on the back of Denki's neck stood on end, everytime lightning cracked across the sky. It called to him, causing his blood to sing at the feeling of the charge in the air. It wouldn't take much for him to pull it to him, to take control and let it go.


Not yet. He couldn't. Not yet.


Not when Shogeki was still at risk.


Dammit, why did his father's quirk have to be Probability of all fucking things?! Tadashi Kaminari was a hard enough opponent without the added aspect of the weather, without the issue of Maru Kaminari, or Crusher, or the hostages.


"Why hasn't Kurogiri warped us away, yet?" Denki heard his mother growl, "We told him, ten minutes! It's been thirty!"


Tadashi didn't answer, distracted in trying to keep away from Sero or Shinsou's capture techniques. White tape and gray binding cloth continuously stretched out towards the older man, but he was just a bit too quick for either of the teenage boys.


Something's not right, Denki thought, pausing. A lot of things aren't right... Why only send three villains to a high school that teaches hero hopefuls? UA of all places? Sure he knew it wouldn't end well...


A lightbulb went off over Denki's head.


Of course! All For One must have figured out his parents had been the ones behind Spinner and Twice's deaths!


(Even if the blood was on Denki's hands.)


(He hadn't wanted to do it. He really hadn't. But Shogeki's life had been at risk.)


(Just like it was now.)


Electricity crackled around him, sparks flying off his body.


His father's quirk was useless here. They were outnumbered, twenty to three. Probability didn't matter, with such odds against them.


Denki felt his lips curl into a wicked smirk. He turned, looking for someone in the gloomy light.


"Momo!" Denki shouted, barely heard over the thunder and the crashes of punches meeting ice. He rushed over to his friend, "Momo! Momo!"


"Denki?" The girl turned, looking bewildered, "What's wrong?"


"I need you to create something for me!" Denki gasped.


Momo blinked, before nodding, "Yes, what do you need?"


People continously thought Denki was stupid. His 'whey' modes were their prime examples. The nicknames, the taunts and occasional insults. What they didn't realize was that Denki was actually incredibly smart, when he had the resources at his disposal.


It seemed, some people forgot the provisional liscense exams, where he had outsmarted Meatball Man.


(Okay, Bakagou had helped, with that grenade. But Denki had played a part in breaking the guy's concentration so that Kirishima and Bakagou could help finish the fight. That had to count, right?!)


"I need a capture weapon like Aizawa-sensei's, but with one small alteration," Denki panted. "I need it to be lined with pure silver."


Momo tilted her head, before they sparked in realization, "Oh! I see! Yes, of course." She held her arm out, her forearm glowing as a gray cloth began to roll out, quickly getting soaked in the downpour, "What else do you need?"


"I need a distraction," Denki muttered. He glanced over his shoulder, at his mother, who was keeping Bakagou and Kirishima at bay, either by using Shogeki as a shield or with her own quirk, "... And I got one."


Momo finished creating the weapon Denki needed, and he snatched it up, wrapping it around his right arm, like a bandage.


Lightning cracked across the sky, and Denki's eyes glowed a bit in reaction.


"Denki," Momo said, worriedly. "You aren't planning on using the storm to your advantage, are you?"


"I'm in my element. Why wouldn't I?" Denki grinned, and gave his friend a two fingered salute, "Thanks mom! Get back to helping Midoriya! We got the parents from hell!"


"Wait, Denki-"


Denki was gone, already tearing off through the rain and towards his mother and sister.


"Shogeki!" He shouted over the howling of the wind.


"Dee!" Shogeki cried, tears streaming down her cheeks.


"Use your quirk!" Denki yelled.


Shogeki's expression morphed into one of terrified confusion.


"Hah!" Tadashi barked a laugh, "Her quirk is as useless as yours, Denki!"


"Denki's not useless, you fucking bastard!" Bakagou snarled.


"For once, I agree with Bakagou," Shinsou deadpanned.


Shogeki was frowning.


That's it, Denki thought, getting closer to his target. The hair on his arms stood on end.


"They both are! They're nothing but failed experiments!" Tadashi continued, apparently having no ounce of self preservation. He traced a circle on his arm, grinning madly, "Yes! I can see it. Neither of them have zero potential in being anything!"


Denki's scowl deepened at the comment, but he bit his tongue. His blood was singing.


Shogeki's expression twisted into anger.


Just a little more...


"Shogeki at least holds promise, and we will exploit that! It's just a matter of her learning control and building a resistance to her power! Denki... you ungrateful brat, you are nothing! You're useless."


"Denki's not useless!" Shogeki screamed, and shoved her hand up in Maru's face. Her quirk flared to life, bright, golden light flooding the sky and blinding anyone who looked directly into it.


Maru screamed in pain.


Denki struck out, the capture weapon flying off of his arm and snatching around Takashi's arms and chest. He held tight, throwing his other arm up into the air and calling upon the elements.


The sky roared, and the biggest jolt of electricity that Denki had ever felt course through him ripped through his body in the the form of a bolt of white lightning. It was, like his own electricity, hot, almost unbearably so, but so... so... powerful.


He heard screams, shouts of surprise, but he grit his teeth and pushed the electricty through his body, sending it through the silver laced cloth. Black spots danced at his vision, all of his senses on overload, like it did every time he overused his quirk.


No! Denki thought, pushing back. Not now! I can't go stupid now! I can't... I can't let my own quirk be the reason to my failure! I refuse to fail...! For my friends... my sister!


The heat began to recede, fading to a pleasant warmth. The spots in Denki's vision faded, his mind becoming sharper. His senses still tingled, all dialed up to eleven, but in a good way, for once.


Something had changed.


For once in his life, Denki had control.

Chapter Text

Well hell yeah they might get knocked down
But everybody loves how they don't stay down for long
Pretty soon they're ten feet tall
From odds stacked, can't win, to the comeback kid
- Underdogs, Chris Young

Kurai stood off to the side, quietly watching as Switchblade was shoved into the high security, heavily armored truck. She had known that Melione wouldn't have been able to destroy Switchblade's spirit, not like had she had with Stain.


Not when Melione had known Minami as well as Kurai had.


Even with everything that had happened, she still held a little bit of hope, that, somehow, Minami could be rescued. With the right help, that maybe, she could be herself again.


Kurai's hands shook, and she shoved them into her jacket pockets. The flashing blue and red lights of the cop cars illuminated her currently red hair. Disgust, hot and heavy, unfurled in Kurai's chest, her words ringing in her ears, her mind's eyes playing over the events of the last few weeks.


She still felt the trickle of her brother's blood flowing through over her fingers, before he dropped lifelessly to the floor.


Kurai turned away, disappearing down the dark street and into the heavy rain. The storm didn't feel as oppressive as it had hours before, but at the same time, there was still a charge in the air, like the other shoe had yet to drop.


She didn't want to find out what that other shoe was, so she settled on going to work. Compress and Overhaul's targets had been the other two Todoroki siblings; she needed to check in with Present Mic, and see what the situation with those two were.


Before another family was torn apart.






Kurai grit her teeth, and continued walking, even as footsteps splashed after her.


She couldn't face them. She couldn't.




Kurai stopped, wings ruffled. She refused to turn around.


A cautious hand slipped around her covered forearm, pulling at her until she turned, the pinkie raised. She was turned, meeting Shigaraki and Toga's gazes.


"You two should get back to the ambulance, and let medical look at you," Kurai said, voice flat.


"Absolutely," Melione's voice crackled through the earpieces. "Raven's right. You kids have been through a lot this evening."


"Where are you going, sensei?" Toga asked.


Kurai kept her expression blank, pulling out of Shigaraki's grip, "There's still work to do. Compress and Overhaul were given their assignments. You can stay with my mom, I'm going to go stop them."


"Who were they assigned to kill again?" Shigaraki edged closer to the hero.


The earpiece crackled again, and, speak of the devil, Present Mic's voice filled the group's ears.


"Even with a quirk called Sparkler, Natsou Todoroki is a man to be feared. I'm in Tokyo, and Overhaul has been taken care of. I don't know how the kid did it, I'm not sure I want to know, but Overhaul is in cuffs and being sent off. Natsou's studying to be a doctor, isn't he? Is this a medical thing? To just, like... obliterate whoever they're facing with spite and wit? Or is it a Todoroki thing?"


"A Todoroki thing," Eraserhead answered, curtly, then continued, "I'm back at UA. I swear, I don't get paid enough for this."


"Do I want to know?" Present Mic sounded wary.


"... No. I got bodies to deal with, I'll talk to you later," the line crackled again.


"Wha- Bodies?!" Present Mic squawked, "Shouta? Shouta!"


"Any word on Fuyumi Todoroki?" Kurai turned away, "I can be on the other side of Musfastu in just a few minutes."


Silence met her question. The line was static for a moment, before Mic coughed.


"She's alive," he answered. "But, ah... Todoroki's also have a temper? Last I heard, she was chewing Endeavor out..."


"Good," Kurai bristled, feeling a wicked grin curl at her lips. "Good girl. I hope she gave him hell."


"Kurai, no," Melione groaned.


"Kurai, yes. I've been trying to get her to do something for months now! Next, Hana Shimura?"


"Still at Hosu Emergency, being closely guarded by myself and Mount Lady," Midnight crooned. "Quite busy from that series of bombings earlier today. It could have been worse though, if you hadn't warned us, Kurai dear."


"You... warned them about All For One's plan for distraction?" Shigaraki asked, "How did you manage that? If I remember right, Switchblade started watching you like a hawk before he said anything about his distraction."


"Don't ask questions you don't want to know the answer to," Kurai answered.


"Raven sensei," Toga bounced forwards. "If the list of targets have been secured, as well as the enemy, perhaps we can all go now. You need to be checked out by medical, too."


"I'm fine," Kurai answered, gruffly.


Shigaraki snorted, "Bullshit. We all need to be checked out by medical, and I'll drag you kicking and screaming if I have to."


"Well then, that's what you're doing, but only if you can catch me," Kurai snorted. "I've got to meet up with Kurogiri and-"


"Kurogiri?!" The duo exclaimed.


Kurai nodded, "Ah. Yeah. He's been helping me from the beginning. He was the only reason I even knew All For One was looking for Switchblade to begin with..."


"What the hell do you have on Kurogiri to make him work for you?!" Toga asked, bewildered.


"His son," Kurai answered. "Shinobu is... one of my... acquaintances."


"Don't act like he's not your friend, dammit," Melione snorted. "We both are, you crazy bird."


"Shut up, Ren," Kurai growled.


"Oh, we're on a first name basis now, are we?"


"Shut. Up,"




"Oh, for God's sake...!" Kurai ran a hand over her face, "Listen, you two just need to go! I'm fine, and I can handle myself!"


"Yes, we know, but we're not going until you go. We will chase you down if we have to," Shigaraki answered.


"Too bad, because you are. I'm going to the police station to meet up with Naomasa, so we can go through with Phase Two of my plan," Kurai grumbled.


"Phase Two?" Melione asked, "What's Phase Two?"


Kurai snorted, "What else? To get rid of One For All for good."

Sora let out a quiet sigh, sitting heavily on the edge of the chair, before flopping backwards with a mental groan. The last thirty six hours had been mentally, emotionally, and physically draining. He felt like he could close his eyes and sleep for the next week.


Currently, he had taken residence up in a hotel room, deciding against going back to his apartment out of the slight paranoia that a) the Hero Commission may or may not be watching it, b) All For One might be expecting him to show up, if he'd gotten word that, hey, Hawks was alive!, and c) simply because Sora didn't feel like flying through the still raging storm outside.


Besides, no one would expect him to be in a hotel tonight, which saved Sora the trouble of anyone he knew tracking him down to try and talk to him.


(Well, almost no one.)


Sora dragged himself into a sitting position, grimacing a bit at the pull in his neck as he did. He knew he should message Hana, maybe try to get her take a quick look at his injuries (other than the obvious one, Sora felt bruises from his fight with Switchblade blooming under his damp clothes), but he didn't have the energy.


He barely had the energy to pull his boots off, letting them fall to the carpet floor with dull thumps. He pulled his gloves off, tossing them to the side. He disconnected his feathers, letting them fall to the floor, before he started wrestling with getting his jacket off. In chill of the room, still wet from the rain, he felt colder than normal, his fingers stiff and the urge to just curl up and go to sleep was pulling more and more at him. He finally managed to get it off, letting it fall to the floor with little grace.


Sora startled as a warm hand settled on his shoulder, and whirled him around. He barely had a moment to process what was happening, before a pair of lips pressed against his, warm hands cupping his jaw.


Sora melted, leaning into the kiss with another sigh. His eyes drooped shut as he wrapped his arms around Touya's neck.


Touya pulled away first, leaning his forehead against Sora's shoulder. His voice cracked when he spoke, "You're alive."


Sora hummed, running a hand through damp, red hair. Idly, he scratched at his boyfriend's scalp with sharp nails, smirking a little when Touya shuddered.


"I don't know weather to hate your sister or love her," Touya muttered.


Sora snorted.


Slowly, Touya pulled away, just far enough that he could look Sora with vivid blue eyes full of worry and relief. He let out a sigh, "God, Sora, I thought I'd lost you."


Sora bit his lower lip, before slowly signing out, You didn't.


Shockingly, Touya seemed to understand. He nodded, and pulled Sora in another hug, and it was then Sora noticed the redhead was trembling slightly. Guilt rose up in his chest, and he returned the hug with equal fervor.


"I'm afraid I'll wake up and this is a dream," Touya admitted, quietly, after a moment of silence. "That you're..." He trailed off, breath hitching.


Clearing his throat, wincing a little, Sora spoke, "I'm here, Touya. It's not a dream."


Touya was quiet. He chuckled, weakly, "You're putting other's well being above your own, as usual."


Sora shrugged, grinning cheekily. He pulled away, just enough so that their foreheads touched. His grin widened into a smile and he leaned up, pressing his lips to Touya's. The other man returned the kiss, before pulling away.


"Come on," Touya murmured. "It's been a long night. Let's get to bed."


Sora abruptly remembered just how exhausted he was, and he groaned softly, nodding.


Sleep. Sleep he could agree with.

"You're not allowed to scare me like that again," Shoto mumbled into his brother's chest, arms locked tight around the older man's waist.


"It's alright, Sho, I'm fine," Touya murmured, running a hand through the student's hair. "I'm not going anywhere, anytime soon. I'm not planning on it, at least, alright?"


"Alright... just know, I'm telling Fuyumi about this," Shoto said, quietly.






"... Alright, fair enough," Touya sighed, as Shoto stepped back. "You okay, though? I heard you went up against some villians here. Crusher, wasn't it? And Denki's parents?"


"Crusher is on his way to Tatarus. Maru Kaminari was severely blinded and burned across her face, and Denki's father was... disposed of," Shoto answered, monotone. "I'm fine. We all are." He tilted his head, looking past Touya and down the steps of the UA dorms, "How did...?"


"Kurai faked his death, Shigaraki's sister is in the process of healing his injury," Touya replied, turning to see what Shoto was staring at. A small smile of his own graced his lips.


Hawks was down on one knee, smiling gently at one Shiro Shimura. The little boy was staring at Hawks with awe in his eyes, while holding a plush toy of said hero. Shigaraki and Hana watched the exchange, Shigaraki occasionally translating whatever it was that Hawks signed out.


Hana seemed to sense the brothers' gazes, and she turned to look at them. She smiled gently, and waved at them. She said something that niether heard to Shigaraki, before gracefully walking up the steps to the duo. She smiled wider, and extended her hand to the older man.


"I'm Tenko's sister, Hana," Hana said, shaking Touya's hand when he took it.


"Touya Todoroki," Touya replied.


"Ah, so you're the one Sora was always talking about. It's nice to meet you, Touya," Hana's dark gaze was brought down to the hand she still held, and she raised it up. She traced thefingers of her free hand over the staples lining Touya's wrist with a frown, "Hm..."


Touya glanced at Shoto, whose own eyebrow had gone up as he watched Hana.


"It's mainly skin damage," Hana muttered, fingers glowing green. "And muscles... All the nerves are still intact... Yes, yes I could heal these burns-" She cut off, and then gave a nervous laugh, releasing Touya's hand, "Ah, well... only if you allow me to, of course!"


"You could heal him?" Shoto asked, curiously, when Touya just stared at her.


"Yes," Hana nodded. "It'd take some time, since there is so much to heal, and my own limitations, but yes. It's doable."


"H-How long would it take?" Touya asked, softly, with thinly veiled hope.


"Hm... a few weeks, to a couple of months, I'd estimate," Hana mused, thoughtfully. "And that is throwing in the possibility of other cases popping up, of course. You wouldn't be my only patient. In fact, I believe All Might is thinking about it, and then my own work, in Hosu..." She glanced up at Touya with an expectant smirk.


"... Yes, yes, please," Touya whispered, eyes wide. "Yes."


Hana chuckled, "Alright then. How about, after everything settles down, you call me to schedule an appointment?"


Touya nodded, furiously.


"Mommy!" A voice cried, "I'm flying!"


Hana chuckled, "I'm sure you are, honey-" She turned to look at her son, assuming he was still grounded, only to see that Shiro was being held in Hawks' arms as the hero circled in the sky, "Wait... SORA FURATIO YOU BRING MY SON BACK DOWN RIGHT THIS MINUTE!"


Both Todoroki's chuckled at the alarmed look on the blonde's face as he landed on the ground. Hana bolted down the steps and snatched her son from the hero's arms, who held his hands up and stepped back in surrender.


"Aw, mommy!" Shiro pouted, "I was having fun!"


"And you, young man, were gonna give me a heart attack! Tenko, why the hell did you let Hawks take my son flying?!"


"Hawks, Touya, Hana, Tenko," A voice called, and the foursome turned to see Eraserhead standing several feet away. "You're needed in the conference room. Raven's back, and she's ready to go over the plan to apprehend All For One."

Sixteen hours later, multiple heroes- plus even a few that weren't heroes- had gathered in one of the many meeting rooms of UA high. Despite having got a total of fourteen hours of sleep, Sora still felt like he could crash at any moment, and the fact that Touya was a literal heater was not helping at all.


"Hawks, could you please maintain some sense of professionalism?" Miruko asked, looking both amused and irritated.


Sora stared her down for a second, before gracefully raising his hand and flipping her off.


Touya snorted in amusement, and Miruko rolled her eyes. Sora curled up futher into Touya's side, wings rustling in contentment. On the other side of Hawks, Toga giggled at the scene.


"Well!" Nedzu exclaimed, clapping his paws together, "Now that we are all here, I believe that our fellow hero, Raven, has a few things she'd like to explain to us!"


Sora perked up just a little bit, as Kurai stepped up to the projector screen. She was decked out in her hero gear, and the figure she cut was an intimidating one. It caught everyone's attention. He noted that her hair, which had been red the last time he saw her, was now back to it's normal blonde.


"As we all know, several weeks ago, the villian known as All For One escaped prison, as well as several others. After last night, Crusher, Compress, Overhaul, Maru and Takashi Kaminari, and Switchblade were all apprehended. Stain was apprehended using deadly force, by the underground hero, Melione. All hostages the League had were safely rescued," Kurai adjusted her visor, clicking something in her hand. "Now, of all the villains, only Kurogiri knows the location of where All For One is, and has thankfully agreed to help us arrange to arrest him."


"How can we trust him, though?" Backdraft asked with a frown, "What does Kurogiri have to gain by helping us?"


"For one, staying alive," Kurai snorted. "For two, a chance to see his son, Shinobu Hiryiun, without having to worry about being arrested."


"Who is-"


"That's me," Shinobu waved at the hero, a smirk on his lips. He sat between Hana Shimura and Melione, his yellow eyes gleaming. His amused look vanished, "My dad won't be any more trouble, now. I assure you, you can trust him."


Backdraft frowned, not looking completely convinced, but Kurai continued on.


"Now, we all know that All For One has a few more identities other than his villian name. In America, he went by the underground hero known as Dragoon, a man with a firebreathing quirk," Kurai said. She paused a moment, consulting her tablet, before continuing in a quieter voice, "And also, for a time here in Musfastu, Midoriya Hisashi."


Hawks perked up at that. So did most of the UA staff.


"Midoriya?" Eraserhead asked, "As in-"


"Izuku Midoriya, yes," Kurai nodded. "Apparently, Hisashi, who was also said to have a firebreathing quirk, is Izuku's dad-"


"Then perhaps we should pull Izuku out and speak to him," Edgeshot said. "Maybe he knows something about All For One."


"Doubtful," Kurai frowned. "Just a few weeks ago, 'Hisashi' called his son to have a family meeting. Up until that moment, Izuku and Inko Midoriya were under the impression that Hisashi was in America on business. Anyways, Inko Midoriya ended up dying in a fire that is believed to have been set by Hisashi. Izuku barely made it out alive, as heroes Hawks and Kamuni Woods will tell you."


Hawks flinched and sank back in his chair. He still remembered that day, as clear as though it had happened yesterday.


"So, young Midoriya doesn't know that his father is...?" All Might asked, looking a bit troubled at this fact.




"If he does, he's not implied or said he does," Eraserhead shook his head. "I don't think we should tell him, at least, not now."


"I agree," Nedzu said, seriously. "The students have gone through enough trauma for now. We can wait a little while longer before we reveal this information to one our students."


"Alright, now that we've established that, moving on," Kurai clicked on her remote, and a series of images popped up on the projection screen. Blueprints, and images of a building that Hawks didn't recognize circled around, "This is the building that All For One is supposedly hunkering down in, in downtown Tokyo."


"How did you get those pictures?" Present Mic asked, looking surprised, "I thought you said no one knew his location, except Kurogiri?"


"He told me, and I told my intern," Kurai replied.


"Intern? Who is your intern?"


"Toga Himiko,"


"Hi!" Toga chirped, waving with a smile.


"A villain as your intern, Raven? Really?" Edgeshot asked, sounding doubtful.


"Toga's proved herself multiple times in the last couple of months, Edge," Kurai leveled the pro with a look. "And she's a former villian, keep in mind, just like Touya Todoroki and Shigaraki Tomura."


Edgeshot sat back in his chair, appropriately chastized.


"Anyways, Toga got the pictures of the building, and because of her quirk and my own day time work as a lawyer, she had the access needed to get the blueprints of the building," Kurai clicked on her remote, and said blueprints popped up on the screen. "That says nothing for the security measures All For One has no doubt gone through though, to ensure his safety and the assistants that reside within the walls with him."


"Security cameras, lasers, motion sensors," Shigaraki spoke up, speaking for the first time since the meeting had begun. Several people startled at his voice, turning to look at him, "He told me, when I returned to his side a couple of weeks ago."


"Don't forget the thermal imaging, and the ID scanners," Touya nodded, frowning as he recalled what he could remember. "Eyes, fingerprints, and the keycards. Not to mention, you'd need the right codes to open the cell doors. Oh, and the guard rotations."


Kurai perked up at that, "Cell doors?"


"... He had a lot of kids, last time we were in there," Touya said, after sharing a look with Shigaraki. "We think they had quirks he was interested in, either to take or use to make more Nomu."


"How many?"


"Couple of dozen, maybe? Different ages, for sure,"


"So we got hostages in the building, and possible Nomu. Noted," Kurai clicked her tongue. She paused, and eyed Touya, "Do you happen to remember where exactly they might be?"


"Hard to say. The few times we were there, they made sure we couldn't figure our way out easily," Touya scowled.


"Hm. We'll figure it out," Kurai muttered. "I'll want Shigaraki and Touya on the recovery mission."


The room instantly erupted into an uproar. Multiple heroes shouted their protests- anywhere from asking Kurai if she was insane, to citing it was a bad idea to let villians in on the mission, that they could turn on them. Kurai attempted to be heard over the shouting, her expression morphing into one of annoyance and anger.




Everyone speaking instantly went quiet at the sudden shout. All eyes were drawn to the person who had spoken.


Hawks stood up slowly, wings flared and bristling with barely contained anger. The number one hero cut an intimidating figure, his presence having been nearly forgotten until that moment.


"Hawks?" Miruko asked, blinking at her friend.


"Raven's right," It was with clear effort that Hawks struggled to speak, without letting his voice crack. He fixed the room with a serious look, "Out of everyone here, that we can possibly trust, Touya and Shigaraki are the only two who have even half of an idea of the layout of the building."


"That's what the blueprints are for," Edgeshot pointed out.


Hawks' golden eyes zeroed in on the other hero, "And the guards? We don't know their quirks, or their patrol route."


"We can't trust them, though! They could turn against us! They're former villains-"


"So am I!" Hawks shut down the other hero before he could finish. For a brief second, his wings sharpened, turning to crimson blades, before returning back to normal, "I could turn against all of you, just as easily as they could! If you'd remember, Edgeshot, I was working with the League for a while!"


"Only because the commission ordered you to!"


"You sure that I wasn't looking for a reason to join anyways?" Hawks asked, quietly, voice dark, "That I didn't get fed up with the way hero society is, now? How things can be swept under the rug so easily, how the commission lies to the public on a daily basis?"


Silence fell over the room as the implications of Hawks' words settled in. A few heroes looked uncomfortable, the more they thought about the number one's words.


"Touya and Shigaraki are going on the mission, end of discussion," Hawks said, firmly. He met Kurai's impressed gaze, "Back to you, sis."


With that, Hawks sat back down, arms crossed and eyes closed.


"Well..." Kurai smirked, "Unless anyone else has anything to say, can we get back to the task at hand?"


No one said another word.

Chapter Text

This night ain't for the holy man with the holy plan
For the promise land
This night we got the evil hand
And the evil hand gonna raise the dead
- Wicked Ones, Dorothy

"Alright, sound off. Team one?"


"In position,"


"Team two?"


"Waiting for the go ahead,"


"Team three?"




"Good," Shinobu muttered. "Ladies and gentlemen, if we play our cards right, we might just live to see another night,"


"I thought the phrase was, 'live to see another day', hon?" Melione asked.


"Hey, the sun's out right now," Shinobu snorted, typing away at the computer in front of him. "It's mid afternoon. Why do you think I changed it?" He glanced at a screen to his right, "Team one, you've got less then three minutes before scheduled move in time."


"Gotcha, UK," Raven replied. She paused, "UK? Oh, that's his hero name- or, the abbreviation of it. Unknown."


Shinobu glanced at the trackers that lit up the map on the computer screen to his left. Team one consisted of Raven, Hawks, Touya, and Melione.


"Why Unknown?" Shigaraki asked; he was on team three, along with Eraserhead, Midnight, and Best Jeanist.


"He's was the wild card, back in our day," Melione said, voice full of nostalgia. "Out of the four of us, you never knew what he was going to do. Even when he transferred schools-"


"Worse decision of my life," Shinobu sighed.


"We still stuck together. At least, until..."


"... Until what?" Miruko asked. She was on team two, with Edgeshot, Snipe, and Kamuni Woods.


"Until Minami..." Melione coughed, sounding uncomfortable as she continued to speak, "After that..."


"We started to fall apart," Raven murmured, sounding upset at stating the fact out loud. Neither Melione nor Shinobu said anything else, both lost in their own thoughts.


High school had been the best time, for the group of four. Then... Minami had supposedly died, and things had begun to shift for the foursome turned threesome. Kurai and Ren had been at each other's throats, and that was part of the reason Shinobu had decided to transfer schools at the end of his first semester at UA.


Before anyone could say anything, Shinobu's computer screen on his left lit up with a red light. He clicked the spacebar, stating, "Team one, timer's run out. You are a go to get inside. Repeat, you are a go."

Kurogiri dropped the group in the control room on the second floor, behind the guards watching the computer screens.


Raven was the first to move. She snuck up behind the biggest guard, snapping his neck before he even knew what was happening. When the one to her left yelled out in surprise, standing and lunging for her, a series of red feathers slammed into his chest, and he dropped to the floor, dead.


"... A bit brutal, don't you think?" Touya asked.


"No," Raven answered, sitting down in the chair the guard she had just killed had been in. Her fingers flew over the keyboards as she pulled up the full views of different cameras.


"All For One deserves no mercy," Melione agreed. She sat in the other chair, pulling her phone from her pocket and inserting the cord that hung from it into the USB jack that was on the other keyboard. "Shinobu, information is being uploaded to your computers."


"I'm getting a lot of intel... Alright, I'm gonna start hacking the system and getting the codes. You guys are going for the kids, right?"


"Confirmed," Raven stated, hyper focused on the screens in front of her. After a moment, she paused, "Touya? You said there were close to two dozen kids, maybe?"


"Yeah," Touya leaned over the chair, looking past Raven's shoulder.


"Good, cause I got thirty kids on the first level of the basement," Raven said. "Shinobu, how quickly can you get us access down there?"


"I can give you the quickest route to the basement," Shinobu answered. "You'll leave the control room and turn to the left, go to the east stairwell. I'll make sure the cameras don't catch you."


"Thanks," Raven replied, and stood up, quick enough that it set the chair to spinning. "Melione, how's it coming on the information download?"


"Probably another five minutes. You three can go on, I can handle myself if trouble comes," Melione said.


"Alright, let's go," Raven said, and like her namesake suggested, silently vanished out the door, Touya and Hawks hot on her heels.

Hawks slammed his elbow into the guard's throat, the man choking in surprise, before Hawks raised his knee into his gut and then slammed him headfirst into the steel and concrete wall with enough force to knock him out.


"Damn," Shinobu said in his ear. "Someone remind me not to get on Hawks' bad side. Forget his quirk, he's badass enough with his combat training!"


"He is the number one hero for a reason," Best Jeanist reasoned. Team three was less than five minutes away from being warped into the building, if Hawks' internal countdown was correct.


"Okay, true, but still. Boss ass bitch," Shinobu sang. "Alright, team one, you're going to want to go down the hallway to your right, and there will be an elevator. No, there is not a stairwell, Raven, don't you know I'd send you down it if I could? The basement is on a whole other level of security than the rest of the building..."


"... Why did I agree to be on the rescue team?" Raven sounded like she was regretting her life's choices, and honestly, Hawks empathized with her.


He didn't do well with elevators, either.


Touya clicked the button when they got to where Shinobu had ordered them to. The doors dinged open, and Hawks didn't even stop the groan of despair upon seeing how small it was.


At least the Aery had bigger, more open elevators! And stairwells to every part of the building! And at least one window open at all times!


"Get in," Touya rolled his eyes, grabbing Hawks and pulling him into the cramped space. Reluctantly, Hawks allowed himself to be manhandled, before the duo looked expectantly at Raven.


"Uh, Raven?" Shinobu asked, "You know you need to get in the elevator, right?"


"I, ah... think I'll stay up here?" Raven said, eyeing the narrow doorway, "You know, in case some more guards show up?"


Hawks leveled his sister with such a done look, that even Touya stepped away from him. He laid one hand on the elevator doors as they began to shut, stopping them, and reached out with the other. His hand curled around Raven's wrist, and he yanked her inside the enclosed space.


Touya slapped the 'doors close' button before Raven could even try to escape.


"I hate you," Raven growled, darkly.


If I have to suffer, so do you, Hawks signed out, still deadpan.


Raven continued to growl.


"Alright, heads up," Shinobu said in the group's ears. "Team three is in the building, but team one, you are about to meet up with with seven security guards armed with guns and quirks pointed at the elevator doors. In t-minus seven..."


The trio glanced at each other.




Hawks and Raven both readied themselves- Hawks with a hardened feather, and Raven with her katana.




Touya's hands begin to smoke, eyes narrowed in anticipation.




The elevator continues to fall, the lights blinking as they descend.




Hawks shifts on his feet, as Raven turned to face the doors.




The trio tensed, ready.




The doors ding open. Quick as a flash, Hawks is in the doorway, wings flared and then folding to block the doorway as the sounds of gunshots reach their ears. They were deflected though, because Hawks' wings were hardened. He shared a glance with Raven as the gunshots paused, and the female nodded.


Hawks unhardened his right wing and raised it. Raven ducked under it, and the sounds of startled guards reached Hawks and Touya's ears. After a moment, silence.


"Okay," Raven called. "You can come out now. People are down."


Hawks lowered his wings, turning to see the seven guards Shinobu had mentioned, on the ground and out cold. He stared in surprise.


"How...?" Touya asked, bewildered.


"That's like... a guard every eight and a half seconds, damn," Shinobu whispered. "Raven, what the hell have you been hiding from me?"


"Underground heroes learn how to be fast and efficient," Raven replied, standing from the crouch she was in. "Now, about those kids?"

"According to the current camera feed, All For One is in his main office on the top floor," Shinobu stated as he typed away at his keyboard. He frowned, "Strange..."


"What is?" Eraserhead asked.


"There's supposed to be Nomu in the building, but... I'm not seeing signs of any," Shinobu mumbled. "At least... Not in the third floor labs or any of the other main levels..."


"Maybe they got rid of them?" Miruko suggested, "That makes our jobs easier, yeah?"


"No... No All For One wouldn't do that," Shinobu muttered, typing faster, eyes scanning, searching, blood pressure rising...


His blood abruptly ran cold.


"... He knows we're here," He whispered, feeling faint.


"What?" Edgeshot asked, sharply.


Shinobu didn't hear him, barking into his headset, "Hawks, Raven, Touya! Get the fuck out of that basement, right now!"


"What?" Raven sounded bewildered, "Why? We're still getting the kids out!"


"Well you're about to be met with a lot more than just traumatized kids! You've got a whole hoard of nomu about to bust through those elevator doors and ready to kill you!"


Shinobu watched the screen in horror as, on cue, the elevator doors opened, and dozens of nomu spilled into the hallway, rushing towards the trio he would call his friends.

"Oh, fuck this!" Hawks snapped in righteous fury, not even caring about his voice. He sent a single feather screaming through the air, the blade hitting its mark and sinking into the nomu's chest.


"Touya, Kurogiri, get the kids out of here!" Raven looked over her shoulder at the duo. Only about half of the cell doors had been opened, the kids watching in wild, wide eyed terror and awe at the fight playing out in the hallway.


"We'll cover you for as long as we can!" Hawks called back, ducking under one Nomu's swipe and sinking his hardened feather into another nomu's ribcage.


"Hawks, don't waste your feathers!" Raven snapped, and she tossed her katana through the air, the other hero catching it in surprise.


"But what about-" Hawks cut off as Raven pulled a kunai from within her jacket and then dove back into the fray, "Nevermind."


A burst of blue fire soared over Hawks' head, and he ducked, watching as a Nomu erupted into flames, screeching in pain and writhing as it fell to the floor. Hawks looked behind him.


"I can multitask," Touya stated, firmly, with flames licking up his arms. His eyes blazed with a protective fury that Hawks had seen multiple times before, "Watch your back."


Hawks grinned, "Just don't burn yourself out, firefly."


Touya met his grin with one of his own smirks, "No promises, pretty bird."




"Better watch yourself, pretty bird," Raven sang, lips curled into a smirk. She dodged a nomu that lunged at her. The creature fell forwards, and Raven jumped on to the beast's shoulder. It straightened with a noise of surprise, and Raven used the momentum to launch off of the nomu and flip through the air. She slammed her feet into another beast's beaked nose. A sickening crack filled the air as the nomu's neck was snapped from the force of impact.


Hawks winced.


"Ouch," Shinobu commented. "That's it, note to self, don't piss off the birbs."


"The birbs?" Midnight asked, amused.


"Hey, you taught Raven! Don't tell me you don't see how much of a threat she is!"


"I won't say a word,"


"How many kids have we got left?" Raven called back.


"Ten left! Shinobu, it'd be nice if you got the doors open, you know!" Touya said.


"I'm working on it! These codes are different though! Whatever kids are in those last few cells, they must have more powerful quirks than the others, cause it's taking me a bit longer to get through the system!"


A nomu dove by Hawks, roaring as it lunged for Touya. With a hissed curse, Hawks turned, and shot up into the air with a flap of his wings, driving the katana in his hand into the creature's skull from above. The creature stopped dead, falling to the ground and spasming.


"He hasn't had a chance to give them impact resistance," Raven mused. "Makes our job easier, thank the gods."


"A small mercy," Shinobu muttered. "Alright, Touya, I'm in. The doors are unlocked."


"About time," Touya grumbled, as he began to open doors. "Kurogiri, you got ten more coming your way."


"And you also got another wave of nomu coming up the elevator," Shinobu cursed. "I'm trying to get into the second level of the basement's security, to see if I can shut their release down."


"Well do it quick!" Raven snapped, "The first round was bad enough and we're still dealing with them!"




"Excuse me?!"




"That's what I thought..."


Raven huffed, blowing a stray hair out of her eyes. Her attention was caught by Touya, who was crouched in front of a little boy, maybe around four or five, speaking gently to him. Even with her earpiece, Raven couldn't hear anything he was saying, but her gaze was fixed firmly on the boy, who looked terrified, edging away from Touya and looking like he was ready to bolt.


The elevator doors opened again. Nomu spilled out into the hallway, Shinobu cursed, Hawks looked completely done, and the boy, did in fact, bolt down a side hallway.


"Dammit, kid!" Touya shouted after him.


"Touya, focus on the other kids-"


"He was the last one!"


"Swap places!" Raven barked, "I'm faster, you can help Hawks! Shinobu, keep a lock on my location, Kurogiri, be ready to warp us out!"


Raven took off running down the hallway after the kid, as the warp gate closed behind her. The hallways were lit up with florescent lights, and Raven was able to catch just glimpses of the kid as he continued to run, panicked. He was faster than Raven expected, and she cursed quietly. She flapped her wings and took to the air, flying after him.


"Kid!" Raven called, and she finally managed to catch up to him. Her hand landed heavily on his shoulder, stopping him.


She startled at the sound of ripping fabric, jerking backwards as feathers exploded in her face. She landed on the ground, watching as the little boy slammed himself against the wall, his wings flared and quivering in fear. He stared up at her in wide eyed terror.


"Hey," Raven said, softly, kneeling down. "It's okay, kid. You're safe now."


The boy continued to stare, not at her, but rather, through her.


A panic attack, Raven reasoned. He doesn't know what's happening. Poor kid...


"It's okay," Raven continued, making sure to keep her voice soft and gentle. "I'm a hero. Do you like heroes?"


The boy blinked, the glassy look in his golden eyes fading a little. Shakily, he shrugged.


"I-I... d-don't k-know w-what h-heroes a-are," The boy stammered out, his voice cracking from disuse.


Raven blinked, "How old are you, kiddo?"


"... I-I d-don't k-know..."


Raven frowned, "Do you have a name?"






The boy nodded, shakily. His eyes were wide, and the closer Raven looked, the easier she could see that the hazy look in them was fading. His hair, dark brown in color, was messy and matted, falling down to his shoulders in tangles. His wings, Raven noted, were gold and brown in color, but dull and ruffled.


"Well, Goruden, my name's Raven," Raven said. She stretched her wings out, slowly, watching as Goruden's eyes locked on to them, going wide in awe, "I think we have something in common, don't you?"


Goruden nodded, leaning forward. He stopped though, looking scared.


"I can get you out of here, Goruden, if you want me to?" Raven murmured. She stretched a gloved hand out towards him, making sure he could see her do it, "I'd bet you'd like that, wouldn't you?"


Goruden lifted his eyes to meet hers, glanced down at her outstretched hand, and then back up to look at her.


"Do you trust me?" Raven asked, softly.


Goruden's hand felt small within her's.

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