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Waves of the Sea

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The two sat on a small, cramped futon occupying space in Reigen's also small apartment. In front of them was Reigen's MobTop pro, playing some B-rated, cheaply made and terribly scripted movie. Despite the cringe both of them expressed, Reigen and his other half, Serizawa, were laughing and cracking jokes about how they could tell the "robots from Mars" were just actors in felt and plastic getup. The credits started rolling and their laughter died down after a while, leaving their abdomens sore and cheeks aching.

Reigen scooted closer to Serizawa, wrapping his arms around the larger man and settled his head on his lovers warm chest. Serizawa snuck one hand behind Reigen and smoothed his callused hand down Reigen's back in a calming repetition. Reigen closed the MobBook Pro with his foot and Serizawa layed the comforter and sheets over the both of them with his powers.

Reigen loved when Serizawa used his powers for the little things. Whether it be for grabbing something from a top shelf, or fixing Reigen's tie, it was so simple yet an example of how far he had come. Reigen could remember years ago when he hired the ball of anxiety that was Serizawa- he couldn't even hand patrons cups of tea without shaking like a chiuahua. Now here he was, Reigen thought, at peace with the energy inside of him, something he shouldn't run away from.

"Im proud of you, 'Kat."

"Proud? Why?"

Reigen could feel Serizawa's grin turn up even through his modesty.

"You use your powers so effortlessly now. I remember when you'd shake like a dog even thinking of them."

"Yeah. I... Yeah. I guess."

Reigen turned his head to the side, focusing on Serizawa as he stared at the popcorned ceiling with a plain look. Reigen suspected something astray just by that unmoving expression upon Serizawa's face. Reigen moved to lay on his belly and look deep into Serizawa's eyes.


"Don't 'what' me, young man, I know that look from a mile away."

Serizawa smiled. He could try all he wanted, but Reigen was destined to find a way through him. Maybe that's what he cherished the most about Reigen; his ability to charm his way through Serizawa at any given moment. Being able to smile and love was something he couldn't turn away from, it was something he craved, like a child in a chocolate shop.

Serizawa inhaled audibly through his nose and sat up, the comforter bunching at his waist when he did. Reigen went to the same position and put his hand on Serizawa's knee.

" 'Kat. I know something's up. You have that look on your face, the 'I'm trying to stay tough for Arataka' look. We both know this is the place you don't have to be tough."

Serizawa gave a small, pitiful smile and placed his hands in Reigen's palms. Everytime he'd feel this way, this... Terrible, nasty, wretched way, all he'd want to do is be alone for days and hide in a cocoon of blankets, forgetting that people on the outside have opinions and thoughts. People always seemed to have opinions and thoughts. It was too much sometimes, realizing the onslaught of human interaction and having to calculate those interactions all himself. Even with Reigen, those feelings would bubble up, though rarely, and he never wanted his first love to see him in a darkness as such.

The air between both men was light and calm. Wordless, Reigen brought Serizawa's hand up and pressed a kiss to the knuckles, then shuffled out of the blankets over to his bedside drawer.

"What're you...?"

He was cut off by Reigen putting his pointer finger to his lips. Scrounging around, Reigen had found what he was desperately searching for. Turning on the bedside lamp, Serizawa could see a notepad and pen in Reigen's hands and the soft smile spread on his face. Like a puppy, Serizawa tilted his head, puzzled by his eccentric other's intent.

Reigen wrote something as he arranged himself crisscross across from Serizawa.

Plopping the yellow notepad and pen on the bed, Reigen let Serizawa read the message in his head,

'What's buggin' you, sweets?'

Serizawa looked up at Reigen, a cautious look in his eyes. Reigen nodded his head approvingly, trying to encourage the esper. Even if this felt childish, it wasn't like anyone was watching them, and Serizawa trusted Reigen enough to not question.

Reluctantly picking up the pen in one hand and notepad in the other, Serizawa stared at the blank pages trying to form a coherent thought in his head. Maybe writing wasn't the right way to get his feelings across... No words in any human dictionary could correctly explain how he felt at these times. Waves of incoherent emotions would swell up inside of his head and down to his chest, like the moon pulling the sea out for high tide. He could picture that swell in his head, that aching neutral feeling tugging at him, begging him to go into that cocoon. He could picture... He could picture. Taking up the pen, Serizawa scribbled on the cheap yellow paper with vigor and determination.

Reigen sat across from the scribbling mad man, suprise with a mix of confusion pulled on his face.

Clicking the pen and setting down the pad of paper to face Reigen, Serizawa exhaled through his nose. It was an illustration. Reigen understood now- being able to illustrate one's feelings, no matter the skill they possessed, held more potential than any human language could. Drawn in streaky black ink on yellow paper was a tall wave, intimidating and frightening, standing just above a rocky shoreline. The wave was dark and foamy, a hungry beast unrelenting towards it's next meal. On the shoreline stood a small person, almost a dot in the picture, body slack and neck craned towards something seemingly terrifying, yet inevitable. Looking up at his stubbled and darkened face, Reigen took in how Serizawa sat still taking in what he had just portrayed. An artists work is never done.

Reigen set aside the pad and pen, letting the silence cover both of them softly. He took Serizawa's hands in his own and gently squeezed them, trying to station Serizawa back into reality. Gentle drops of cold fell upon Reigen's slim hands. Head dropped, tears slowly streamed from Serizawa's mournful eyes like a creek in the summer time.


Looking up from his man made puddle, Serizawa was met with Reigen's warm hands on his shoulders, then swaddling him in for an embrace. Reigen was gentle even as Serizawa clung onto his scrawny form audibly sobbing, hiccuping in between.

Like the soft coo of a mourning dove, Reigen spoke into Serizawa's shoulder, tears forming at his eyes as well.

"If there's one thing you ever have to remember, even when you get old and get Alzheimer's or something, it's that I love you and will always be there for you."

Serizawa sniffled as short bubbles of laughter intruded on his crying. They stayed like that for a while, enveloping each other as if to fuse as one. After Serizawa's breathing caught up, Reigen realized he had begun falling asleep on Serizawa's shoulder.

" 'Taka."


"I think it's time for some actual sleep."

Reigen slumped down to Serizawa's chest with that statement. Serizawa moved Reigen's torso with his down onto the bed, once again tucking both of them in with his powers, smiling a little as he did. Getting comfortable, Reigen scooted to up to meet Serizawa's lips in a lengthy good-night kiss, accidentally kicking off the pen and note pad from the bed on his way.

Reigen sighed,

"Wake me up when your chest stops being this comfortable."

Serizawa chuckled, "So... Not anytime soon?"


Intertwining their fingers on Serizawa's chest, the light from fluorescent street lamps bounced as the gold reflected from two wedding rings situated on each of the men's left hands. Serizawa breathed in deeply, making Reigen's head rise, as he fixated on the rings.

Somewhere, at some time, the bashful waves swept back from the shore and let the sea take it's well deserved rest.