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Calm Before The Storm

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"Did you get in?"

"Enough to try for the entrance exam." You answer your friend, holding a piece of paper in your hand, shaking lightly as you stared in disbelief.

"You made it."

"I made it."

"YOU MADE IT!" He repeated.

"I MADE IT!" You cheer.

"Eiji!" You cry out and practically jump him, you pounce on him and he lifts you up easily, spinning you around. His black hair flarred out much like your long skirt did. You held onto your friend, his own paper in his hands. He confirmed that he got enough points for the entrance exam a moment ago, but you where more concerned about how you scored on the tests that you were given.

"We made it." You both say in unison, your best friend and you had made it. His quirk, Hardening, would definitely get him into the hero course. And you could only pray that you're own quirk, Storm, would help you along to the hero courses as well.

That was the only thing you remembered in those months before school ended, acceptance to take the entrance exam. Besides two kids getting busted up by a sludge monster and All Might returning. The summer months passed quickly. All Might made more saves, Kirishima still hung out with you and you both trained together.

Kirishima was your only friend really. You got to attached to people for your own good but you did your best to steer clear of making friends. Putting yourself and others in harm's way with your quirk and sickness. But since Kirishima was practically immune to anything all to destructive and dangerous he stuck around and you clung like a tick.

Kirishima Eijirou had bright red eyes that you adored, and black hair that was silky and soft despite his quirk. He had a scar on his right eyelid from when he first developed his quirk and you swore to him it made him look 'tough and manly' when really he just looked cute.

I know what your thinking, that you love each other right? Well, in a way yes, he loved you dearly, as his little sister and best friend. And you loved him just as much, like he was your big brother. He was, really, he was your family.

After your mother died while giving birth to your stillborn baby brother, your father kind of shut down. Your father was the CEO of a lumber and furnishing company, Currently he was working on a large project from the Second Pro Hero: Endeavor, specifics weren't given but your dad was away often, he slept at his office, and sent only a few text messages and calls every month. You can't remember the last time you saw him in person. Or well, alive in person at least, when he did come home on the weekends he was tired and disheveled, usually going straight to bed, only claiming he had dinner at his office already before the door slid shut and the shuffling of clothes were heard, he would stay in bed all weekend working on whatever and you would only bring him food, he would send you away if you wanted to conversate with him.

"I don't have time to talk, I have work to do."

Due to the lack of interest your father held for you, you were raised and looked after by your grandmother instead, or you looked after her.

Kirishima was the one that looked out for you. He was the one who convinced you above everything else that you could be a hero. Kirishima was a bit of a coward, and more pessimistic at the time. It was a dream you two shared, to become heroes. He wanted to be confident, he wanted to be less lackluster. It was when he stood idle by the side, frozen while you fought of a bully. You got a few scrapes and he piggy backed you home afterwards.

Silent as he walked.

He came to you the next day with his plan of action, to study hard and enter UA Academy, the most prestigious highschool in West Japan. And in a flurry of emotion and hand gestures with his plan, he asked you to join him on the journey, knowing that you too wanted to be a hero.

You picked at your food and sneezed, quickly covering your tickled nose before coughing into a napkin. Kirishima paid no mind to your incessant coughing, knowing it was an after affect of your quirk. He nearly offered you another napkin but thought against it and just pushed your tea cup forward.

"Will I see you at the train station tomorrow to walk to the school? Entrance exams are tomorrow, remember?" He said, sipping on his soda. Despite it being Autumn and a chill filling the air he still liked the way cold things felt against his sharp teeth.

You finished your coughing and drank your warm tea, lemon and honey to soothe your burning throat. "Of course, why wouldn't I?"

"Remember or walk with me?" He teases.

"Both." You giggle and stir the warm liquid in your cup. "I wonder what they'll have us do, it can't possibly be more testing."

"Probably something to showcase our quirks right? Oh jeez I hope I do okay, my quirk isn't anything flashy." Kirishima groans and you chuckle.

"I'm not even sure what they'll be doing either but all we have to do is do our best! Your quirk is amazing and we've worked so hard, we can't start doubting ourselves now!" You raise your fist with a proud smile before you sneeze again and groan. Kirishima chuckles and pets your hair.

"Oh, hey can I have more ice please?" He asks. You look up at him and roll your eyes. You hold your hand over his glass and actijvate your quirk.

Your eyes turn pure white from their natural (e/c) color and quarter sized hail begins to fall from your palm into his glass. When the ice fills his glass you deactivate your quirk and your eyes turn (e/c) again.

"Thanks." He grins and picks his glass up.

"No problem-ACHOO!" You sneezed, which initiates a coughing for and a few people look at you as you cover your mouth and pick up your tea cup, your shaking hands brought it to your lips and you took a gulp to soothe your cough.

"Bless you~" Kirishima teases.

"Shut up, Hard-head."


As promised, you meet up with Kirishima at the train station and you both rode and walked to the academy, sharing conversation with one another. Luckily your coughing was minimal today and you were nice and warm in your blue coat, purple scarf and fuzzy white ear muffs. Kirishima was in a zip sweatshirt and some joggers. His black hair was up with a pony tail and his lips were turned up in a smile. He looked around at a few other student who were showing off their quirks.

"Pretty flashy stuff huh?" Kirishima mumbled, stroking his chin between his thumb and forefinger.

"I wouldn't be to worried, we've been training for this. Come on, registration is this way." You point the the entrance and he nods. You take his hand and you both walk forward.

Giving your names, the people who are in front of you stamp something on a card and given to you. "Please go to the observation deck down the hall with the other students. Take a seat anywhere and you'll be given instruction for the entrance exams." A women with black hair and a skin tight, white body suit gestures down the hall. Is it appropriate to wear something like that? It must be a hero costume, this chick is probably a pro hero.

You and Kirishima follow her instruction and go down the hall where other students are flowing into. You see a blonde boy screaming at a green haired boy and roll your eyes. A blue haired boy is directing people into the auditorium and you feel irritated as he screams at you and Kirishima to take a seat in a specific row.

Grabbing Kirishima's hand you tap the side of your earmuffs. Playing that you can't hear him with a fake smile before you pull Kirishima to a seat so he can sit next to you.

You take your earmuffs and scarf off while he takes he jacket off and ties it around his waist. You see a yellow haired guy walk out on stage in sunglasses, the huge wall screen behind him flashes with the school logo and he begins to talk.

"What's up UA high?! Thanks for tuning into me! Your school DJ, lemme hear ya!" He states loud and clear but the entire audience, even you and Kirishima stay silent. "Keepin' it mellow huh? That's fine, I'll skip straight to the main show. Let's talk about how this practical exam is gonna go down, okay?"

The picture on the screen changes to four different robot looking things with numbers on them.

"Are you ready?!?!" He shouts suddenly with a rocker voice that startles you and you cough into your sleeve while Kirishima rubs and pats your back as the guy continues. More silence from the crowd and he clears his throat, explaining the system and how it works.

Basically there will be four types of robots in a ground area. Each robot is labeled a different point from 0-3, what didn't make sense to you was why the biggest one wasn't worth any kind of point. A few people where talking about the cards given to you and once again, the blonde, green, and blue haired boy was causing disrupt and making a vein buldge in your forehead. Screaming how the two were being way to loud and also asking questions about the exam before he turned to you.

"And you!" The guy points at you with a frown and with a chop of his hand he begins to verbally reprimands you. "Stop your coughing! You're disrupting everyone here! If you're sick you shouldn't even be taking this exam!" You gawk at him and try to stand to give a bite back to his words but Kirishima squeezes your hand and you hold your tongue. Lips curling and twitching dangerously as the guy sits down. Present Mic chuckles nervously at the tension and begins to talk again while Kirishima rubs your back again.

"Don't listen to them, (Y/n), he's just being irrarional, focus on the exam." He whispers and you nod.

"The cards given to you by other faculty members were for the sorting process, some of you applied together or from the same schools across Japan and we can't give a risk of two people who work well together dominating the battle field," well shit that sorted you and Kirishima out, "each ground will host a different stage of battle and terrain, everyone do your best and go PLUS ULTRA!"

This time some students cheered and clapped. You bumped your fists with Kirishima's and gave him a quick hug. "Do your best okay, no matter what happens, and don't be afraid, you got this!" You assure him. He smiles and kisses your temple before ruffling your hair.

"Same to you Thunderstorm, go beyond, do your best!" With a smile you both split up to go to your areas.

You arrived at yours a little early it appeared. There was only a few students. A girl with a black pony tail, some kid with a facial scar and white and red hair, a large guy with a buzz cut who was talking someone else's ears off. There weren't many but you shrugged it off and lined up, removing your coat and autumn wear again to stand in your black mid calf skirt and turtle neck, you got a few weird looks from the others but paid no mind, yes you would be battling robots in this.

Present Mic appeared once again and called roll, apparently this was everyone and you shrugged, groups must be smaller than you thought. Which was a little nerve wracking considering how many people were in the auditorium.

You raise your hand when he calls your name and then puts the clipboard he had under his arm pit.

"All right, since your all recommendation students-" wait what? "-you won't be fight robots but instead running a race to see your agility. This is an obstacle course race so be sure to use your quirks to your liking to help you succeed. This isn't about getting first place but more so passing and getting through the obstacles with your quirks." He says and your a little dumbfounded.

Everyone lines up at the start line but your frozen in your place. "Um, step to the line please and thank you!" The blonde adult states, tapping your shoulder.

"I'm sorry but did you say recommendations list?"

"Yes, I did, your a recommendation student right?" He quirks a brow.

"Not that I know of." You admit shyly.

Present Mic pulls the clip board back out and flips a few pages, he finds your name and shows you. "You're (Y/n)(L/n) right?" You nod slowly.

"Yep, you're in the recommended list, how did you not know?"

"I-I guess no one ever told me?"

"Huh, does that mean you took the written tests and exams?" He asks.

You nod again and he laughs, pushing you up to the line next to the multihaired boy. "Well that was a lot of extra work for nothing then, just do your best in this for now and we can discuss the matter later." He pats your shoulder and provides a thumbs up and you nod.

'I was on the recommendations list the entire time, I didn't need to go through months and months of testing and exams, I didnt need to study for days on in.' "Well fuck me side ways." You mutter. A loud air horn goes off above you and you find yourself sprinting. The guy that was next to youb pushes off with a blast off ice behind him. The large one next to him had wind swirl behind him and push him forward.

Right you could use your quirk, getting a running start was good. You activated your quirk and you're lifted off the ground. The wind making you fly and pushing you upward. Your eyes turned a hazy purple as you flew forward to follow the other people racing a head of you. You ducked and dodged in the hair as projectiles where thrown and you watched as everyone used their quirks to zip past one another. You were in third place thanks to your quick reflexes in the air but that didn't mean you could up how much wind was in the air. You were only in third place because you borrowed some of the wind users stuff. It smelled like honey suckle and bread, it reminded you of the large teddy bear in your room.

The multicolored guy was still infirst place until the final stretch when the larger one pushed passed him and one by a single hair. You followed the finish line a few feet behind them and panted as you ran and touched the ground. Nearly tripping as you got further forward before finally stopping. You turned around and saw a horrified look on the larger guys face. You walked over to them and felt a chill scatter across your skin as the red and white haired guy passed you.

"You're in the way." He muttered and you shivered, goosebumps breaking out on your arms as you glared back and walked to the guy who still stared after the other boy.

"Hey, good job!" You smiled up at him and his frown turned upside down and he turned to talk to you.

"Oh hi! Didn't see you, I'm sorry, what did you say?"

You chuckle and hold your hand out. "I said you did a good job, you got first place right? I'm (Y/n)."

He shakes your hand enthusiastically, they're big and warm and you feel the goosebumps on your arms go down.

"Yeah I got first! But only by a few seconds. What place did you get?" He asks with a huge smile.

"I got third, you guys are super fast, I could barely keep up!" You say, your eyes glimmering as you two converse.

"Oh, I'm Inasa Yoarashi, I'm the first person on recommendation, how about you?" He states enthusiastically.

"Oh, well funny story really, I actually had no clue I was on the recommendations list until today. I even took all the written exams and tests for no reason because I didn't know." You say sheepishly.

Inasa laughs a bit, "I admire a girl who goes the extra mile, you're so passionate it's amazing!"

Inasa was about 6'3 with a brown buzz cut and black eyes, though they held a happy shimmer in them, he reminded you of a busy honey bee with how much he talked and a teddy bear with how big and bear like he looked. He seemed like the cuddly type as you both walked towards the exit, he was so passionate about hero's and anything in general, finding a love in anything and everything, he kept going on about how he liked your style and how you moved when you showed him that you could fly granted there was wind. Him being the happy go lucky guy and wanting to see your quirk of course provided you with the power and you flew for him.

"If you don't mind me asking, what was up with that multicolored hair kid earlier? The one with the scar on his left eyes, with red and white hair?" Oh you shouldn't have asked, Inasa's smile faltered and he sighed, his face pulling into a grimace.

"That's Endeavor's kid,"

"The pro hero Endeavor? Like, has fire for a beard, huge, red hair, and angry looking Endeavor?" You halt and he stops to and nods.

"Well, I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the flaming tree huh?" You home and instead of a large belly laugh Inasa just nods and looks down.

"Well, whatever he said to you I hope it wasn't to bad, who needs to listen to that crap anyway? You got first on recommendations so you have more of a right to be here than him." You smile.

He perks up a bit at your assurance and you begin to walk again. Endeavor's kid huh, yet he has an ice quirk, it would make sense considering just how cold her really was. He must have said something to throw Inasa off his game, it seemed as nothing could make the large boy upset. It didn't help that the cold itself made you sicker than you were already.

You sneezed and he said bless you with a cheery smile. You two got back onto the topic of school work but he seemed less interested in that. You retrieve your items from a locker you placed them in and curled up in your coat. He noticed and smiled.

"You really like the warmth huh?"

"Hmm, oh yeah, my quirk is a little upsetting, I'm constantly sick."

"What is your quirk exactly? Just the power of flight?"

"Oh no, it's much more than that," you explain, a smile forming. He asks if he can hear more about it and suddenly your on a full rant. "I have the power of thunder storms, I inherited it from my mom who had a storm quirk, but my dad has a intimidation type quirk, I can control storms and anything to do with them really and my eyes change color based on the powers I use! I can use lightning which gives me the ability to control electricity, I can make thunder sounds by clapping my hands, at a close range that's lethal but it's all about the sound waves, I'm able to create ice with my hands by using hail and sleet, I can make huge hail balls and throw it at people like a baseball for example, I can make it rain in a room depending on the size. When I sing I make soft rain noises that help people get to sleep. I can fly by manipulating wind in the air," Inasa is hanging on every single word your saying, completely enthralled with it.

"It's great and all but the downfall is that I'm constantly sick, I never get over coughing or sneezing and some days I have a fever, it gets worse the colder I get so that's why I like warm clothes. Well, warm anything really." You chuckle and gesture your jacket.

"I guess it doesn't really help with my wind huh?"

"Oh no, I like your wind, I think it's warm, and it smells good too, like honey suckle." You gush before immediately regretting that. He beams down at you and you turn red.

"Well thank you! And if it makes you feel better-" wow he knew you embarrassed yourself, "-I think you smell good too, kinda like fresh rain, like the sky." He grins and your heart flutters.

He stops and you realise your at the gate. "Thank you, for talking to me, it was super nice meet you." You smile.

"Yeah, I hope to see you around." He states, his smile never fading but the shine in his eyes going a bit dim. He suddenly pulls his phone out of pocket and gives it to you. "Can I have your number? I really like talking to you!" He grins.

You smile and punch your number into his contacts list, you hand him your phone and he mimics your actions with his own contact information.

You read the name and raise a brow, "Gale Force?"

Inasa laughs, "yeah, I planned my future hero name out already and that's mine. You can change it if you want-"

"No, I like Gale Force, it's very 'you'." You smile down at your phone screen.

You put your hand out to shake his and he takes yours and pulls you into a hug, his nose going in your hair as he lifts you up, your feet dangling. You wrap your arms around him in surprise before you finally melt against his honey suckle sent. He sets you down and his explanation is, "sorry, I've always been more of a hugger myself, is that okay?"

You laugh and nod, giving him a squeeze before you both let your arms fall flat. "Of course that's okay, in this world it's hug or be hugged, and I'm very emotionally unstable so I'm pretty much down for both." You joke.

He sighs, a smile still playing with his smooth looking lips. "Well I'm here to hug ya any time you need." He catches on to your 'very emotionally unstable' bit before he pulls you into a much more gentle embrace. Your head falls to his chest and you inhale his scent again, knowing that he's inhaling yours too.

"Hey (Y/n)?!" You jump and bump your head against Inasa's chin, making you both stumble away and hold the sore spots. You turn around and see Kirishima rushing after you with a huge, stupid smile on his dumb face and you can't help but laugh when he picks you up and spins you around. He's rambling about how he just knows he passed and that you did too, and you can tell he can't wait to receive his UA letter.

You wave to Inasa, who is laughing as Kirishima carries you off into the distance. He waves back and give you a nod while Kirishima talks and talks.

You both end up going for ice cream to celebrate, you tell him about the whole recommendation thing and then you smack your forehead for forgetting to talk to Present Mic about it. Again, another guy is laughing because of that situation.

Oh well, you'll just have to remember next time, you knew that you would be accepted because of your placing in the race and the recommendation in general so you didn't need to worry about getting into the hero course. Kirishima was able to rack up plenty of points so he didn't have to much concern for it. Until he said something that threw you off for the third, wait no, the blue haired guy, recommendations, what the Endeavor kid said, embarrassing yourself in front of Inasa, fifth, you were thrown off your game for the fifth time that day.

"You want me to help you with what?"


"Ow! That hurts!"

"It's not my fault your hair is so knotted, but I have to brush it out before putting the bleach in, Eiji your hair is pitch black, it's gonna take atleast 3 boxes of bleach to get it to the correct color so I can put the hair dye in it. Just hold still." You smile at him and he pouts, leaning back for you to keep brushing it and you do it more gently so he hopefully stops complaining.


He nods and you smile. You pick up the premixed bottle and begin to squirt the product in the lengths of his hair. You squint at the instructions and massage the bleach into his hair. Tonight would be a night of red hands, celebration, and maybe a beer or two. Kirishima's mom's were out of the house and you had slept here plenty of times without issue. Tonight wasn't gonna be any different.

You stroked his head and he leaned into your touch, almost purring, "Don't fall asleep Kiri, it's gonna get warm and that'll wake you up." You coo, you start humming and gentle rain noises fill his ears, making his eyes droop. In all honesty, him being asleep while you did his hair would help your headache and he wouldn't complain about a single thing.

When Kirishima falls asleep, he's out cold, he sleeps like a dead person, the only signs of life being his breathing and the subtle twitch of his right eye. Now that he's dreaming of God knows what you continue to bleach his hair. Setting a timer on your phone for an hour. Of course the process is repeated and he finally starts to rouse when you rinse his hair our for the final rinse, his head a bright yellow and making him stick out like a sore thumb.

"(Y/n), stopppppp." He whines and you roll your eyes.

"I'm just rinsing your hair you big baby, you've been asleep for four hours. It's 2 in the morning. I've done all the bleaching of your hair." You grin and he sits up. His hair is still a sipping wet mess and he shakes his head and body around like a dog.

You squealed as water splashed on to your skin but he seemed more awake now. He looked in the mirror and gaped like a fish out of water.


"That's what I'm thinking." You cringe, the blonde was reallllllly unflattering on him, you didn't know if it was his face shape or his eyes, or the way it was parted right now. But it looked bad.

"Can we fix it?"

"When we put the colour in yes, not sit down again and hold still. I need to blow dry your hair so I can dye it."

And a box of comic book red hair dye and 20 minutes later Kirishima is playing clean up with you in his bathroom, tossing empty boxes away and munching on a late delivered pizza. You sipped tea out of a straw and sighed, looking at your watch.

"How much time left for this? Wait can we do my eyebrows too?"

You groan. "40 minutes left, and, you psychotic piece of shit why didn't you tell me the first time around!" You laugh and shove his shoulder. Making him start laughing too, sleep deprivation and the smell was kinda getting to you both. "Ughhhh fine but I'm never doing this again,"

You dig a half empty bottle of bleach from the trash and scrub Vaseline on his face while his nose scrunches up and he squirms like a puppy. 2 hours later your scrubbing his eyebrows of red hair dye, having no tolerance to do it three times, you did it once and left it in for a longer time, his eyebrows came out a bit darker than his hair but neither of you could tell a difference.

So, you both said fuck it for the night and you both fell asleep in a pile of pillows, blankets, and limbs.

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You rubbed Kirishima's shoulders, his comic book red hair was pulled back into a pony tail, he was still working on finding a style for it, his letter was in his hands.

"I don't know what I'm so nervous about. I know I'm in."

"Because you still doubt yourself you little shit, just open it." You state, he glares at you and you smile good naturedly.

He hardens the tip of his thumb and slices it down the short end of the letter.

He opened it and a video popped up with all might in a pinstripe yellow suit. Well that freaked you out to say the least and you jumped and held onto the back of the chair as Kirishima's eyes followed upwards as All Might began to speak. Until finally, the kicker.

"-Congratulations Young Kirishima, you have been accepted in the Hero Courses Class 1-A."

The room went quiet as All Might disappeared on the screen and the letter actually turned into a letter. You could hear a pin drop. That was until Kirishima scooped you up and you both pranced happily around the room.


You stuffed another notebook into your back pack and adjusted your blazer. You shivered at the cold air of the room and sneezed. You went with a past knee skirt and long thigh highs with black booties, you also chose the long sleeved shirt instead of a short sleeved one. You rubbed your nose with a handkerchief and got bundled in your coat and walked out of your room.

You paused at your father's door, you could hear him talking on the phone and haphazardly shuffling around.

"I don't give a damn, get it done before I roll your head down a bowling lane."

Why did he have to be so, so cold? You sigh and shiver. Stepping away from his door quietly and walking down the hall, you stop at the kitchen table, your grandmother must still be sleeping. She started to get more and more sleep these past few weeks.

You picked up an envelope off the table that had your name on it and opened it up. Cash was inside of it an a sticky note.

'Taking a few days, do whatever with this.'


You scoff and put it back on the table. You don't need it. You don't want it.

"I'm leaving!" You call before stepping out the door, you didn't expect anyone to call back, and no one did.

The sun was out but it was still a bit chilly to you, you were glad to have the longer skirt and the extra long socks.

You made your way down the street, opting to walk instead taking the train. You could get so sick on trains. They're so fucking disgusting.

Luckily you didn't live that far from campus and you had your student ID on you. You just kept walking until the school was in veiw and other students were walking in. You scanned your ID at the door and walked without much of a word. Ducking and avoiding students to just try and get to your classroom.

You hadn't seen Kirishima yet, you wanted to, he talked real big about his hair style. You knew that he would be one of the first in there. Taking out a map of the building you got from the staff for the recommendation kids you begin to wander the halls in search of your room.

Class 1-A

The top first-year class.

What made it so special? What made you so special? Special enough to get into the hero course based on recomendation. You'll have to dig a little deeper.



"Don't worry about it, hey are you lost too?"

You look up at his question and you nod a few times before you finally step back to take him in. He had black straight hair and dark eyes, it reminded you of Kirishima before he dyed his hair.

He was lanky, tall, and had large elbows. You rose a brow at the bumps of his jacket as he extended his hand, completely unaware of your staring.

"I'm Sero, Sero Hanta, I'm in class 1-A but I can't seem to find the room." He chuckles nervously. You shake his hand and advert your gaze, knowing that your eyes must be dawn coloured at the moment considering it was still early.

"I'm (L/n) (Y/n), I'm in class 1-A too. And actually I think the room is just down the hall."

You point in the direction and follow your finger. You start to walk but you notice he hasn't let go of your hand yet. You look back at him and he laughs nervously.

"Sorry, didn't mean to." Sero claims and let's go of your hand but his gaze holds your colorful one. He can see sirus clouds in your irises, their colour yellow and fading up into sky blue.

"Your eyes-"

"Are oddly colored, I know. Thanks for the update." You state as matter of factly. You turn around and go down the hall again.

"H-Hey that's not what I meant!" He follows after you but you ignore him. You stop at the huge door. 1-A etched in red downward and youh both stopped at it.

Well, it's a better time than never.

You open the door without another moments hesitation and you immediately feel sick with how many voices hit your ears. Why did they have to be so fucking loud.

The guy named Sero stepped in first and you followed wordlessly. Well, not followed, you had no reason to follow him.

You look around the room and spot fiery red hair, in a totally wack up-do. A smile formed immediately and you snickered quietly at his outrageous hair style. You walked over to him, jumping on his back before he got a chance to see you but as soon as he grunted and felt the familiar weight he chuckled and spun around.

You giggled while he let out a deep belly laugh. "Good morning, Thunderstorm."

"Hi Hardhead. What the actual hell is up with your hair?!" You laugh and place your chin on his shoulder. Your fingers begin to stroke the molding of his hard hair do, shit this must've take years to gel-ify! A few people watched at the absurd scene and you got off his back. He turned around and began to converse with you, you brushing his greeting off in favor of teasing him, as a few other students flowed in.

"Everyone take their seats, class will start in fifteen minutes!"

Your smile fades to an annoyed frown, this blue haired bastard, he was so fucking bossy.

You roll your eyes and snort.

"Fuck off four eyes."

"Excuse me?!"

You snicker as he starts to list all the things wrong with you and that sentence.

"Damn, you don't even know me and your saying all that shit? Are you in the right class?"

"I have never-! Hey! Get you're feet off that desk, your ruining the name of this prestigious academy by scuffing school property on the first day!"

You turn your attention to a spike blonde haired guy with his legs and feet propped up on the desk with a deadly smirk adorning his features.

"Did your last school put a stick up your ass, or were you born with it?"

You can see unfriendly amusement in his red eyes and your attention is caught again by a brunette chick and a green haired boy gawking at the door. You look behind them and smirk.

"If I was you two I wouldn't stand in the doorway much longer." You call.

The pair give you a funny look before a voice startles them.

"She's right, and if you're here to make friends then I request that you leave." An adult male in a yellow sleeping bag states from behind them.

"We can take our seats now Kiri." You pat his shoulder. He rolls his eyes at you and you saunter to the back of the class. Loosening your tie. You catch eyes with the blonde briefly and you nod. Your dawn coloured eyes turning (e/c) the moment you do. His raised brow is the only acknowledgment that he gives you before you take a seat two seats behind him.

You recognize the Endeavor kid a few seats away from you. And the girl with the pony tail is someone from the race as well. You catch eyes with a blue and silver one and you feel a chill run up your spine before you turn forward.

The kid who was by the door way is now infront of you but you can't really tell who he is by his face, considering the mop of green hair is blocking half your vision.


You lean to the side to see your teacher begin to introduce himself and explain what the class is. But he catches your attention when he tells everyone to leave the room and put on a gym uniform.

So that is how you ended up outside.

You picked the longer version of the gym clothes of course but it wasn't much different. The jacket simply had longer sleeves and a higher collar.

You stood with Kirishima as Mr. Aizawa threw a ball upwards and caught it in his hand.



Your eyes turned to the blonde that stepped forward. The one that had barely acknowledged you.

"How far could you through a softball last year?"

"About 65 meteres, why?"

"Alright, now try throwing this ball but use your quirk, don't hold back." Aizawa instructs, holding a device in his hand. "Don't leave the circle, just use your quirk and throw the ball."

Bakugou, that's his name apparently, took the ball from Aizawa and took place at the circle. With a wicked smirk the blonde reeled back.



An explosion went off and the ball flew out of the fire and soared through the air. Damn, he literally shot the ball.

Fuck, what the fuck where you going to do?!

"Today, I will be evaluating your quirks in a series of tests. Fail the tests, you'll be expelled. So, I expect everyone to do their bests to avoid being kicked out of my class." Aizawa smiled, evil intent lifting his black eyes.

'Seriously?! Oh my fucking god, there is no way I'm gonna pass!'

You felt something squeeze your hand and you jumped.

"I know what you're thinking. Just breath. Inhale for five, hold for three, exhale for eight, remember? Just breath and let's do our best." Kirishima whispers to you. You nod slowly and squeeze his hand back.

Working through your practiced breathing excersises you proceeded with the tests. You flew in the running portion with 4.3 seconds on the clock, it could've been faster if the wind hadn't insisted on being still that day.

Test, after test. Trial and error. Switching in and out of areas. Until finally it was your turn to throw the God forsaken ball.

It can't be harder than throwing a rock.


"Ms. (L/n)."

"Ah, yes?"

"Please, don't waste anymore time. I know you can do much more than fly, show us." Aizawa said, his voice anything but encouraging despite his words.

"Yes sir." You grip the ball, you needed a plan. Any plan. What could you do?

You knew you could throw a ball of ice further than 70 meters. But you had to beat that.

You looked up. Your mind brewing up a plan. You reared back and your eyes turned pitch black. Holding no pupil or shine in them as you delicately tossed the ball upwards and clapped your hands.

The clap of your hands sent the ball flying away and the ground and air shook as thunder smashed the silence like a wine glass falling from a high place. Shattering.

A few of the students gasp and stance to keep themselves from falling over. Aizawa stands nonchalantly looking at the device as his hair flew from the wind created by the thunder.

"756.3 metres, well done, you can take a step back now."

Further. You sent it further than Bakugou. A few of the students clapped while you stood back. Your heart was pounding in your ears as the blood rushed to your brain.

It wasn't the best score in the class. The brunette, Uraraka, got infinity on the ball throw thanks to her quirk.

That happened.

That really happened.

But nothing prepared you for what happened next.


Well, Bakugou started throwing a temper tantrum after the green haired boy, Deku, was that really his name? Unlikely but you didn't have anything else to call him.

Aizawa used his quirk to stop a murder that would have surely ensued. You just couldn't understand why Bakugou wouldn't shut up about "how Deku did that."

Aizawa was also lying about sending the person with the lowest score home. He had quite a few things to say about everyone and how they didn't have a chance. Or shouldn't have one at all.

You tried not to think about it to much as you changed back into your school uniform. Adjusting your tie while you gather your things to leave.

Bakugou created visible tension and Deku was so jittery the rest of the day. It was awkward. It was weird to watch that.

You left without much word expect for a goodbye to Kiri, you didn't want to interact with anyone else. Making friends would be hard and easy for you at the same time. Hard to want to, easy to get attached.

That's how it was and you really hated it.

Your eyes turned dusk colored. Yellow and orange lining the bottom until shifting into a dusty purple and dark blue on top, your pupils turned white and you could feel yourself become more relaxed as you walked.

You sniffed the air. It would rain tonight. Light, little sprinkles of water dropping from the sky. It was moment like these you enjoyed.

Silent, but not quite. It was still the city. But atleast it wasn't a stinky, cold train.

You were still a few blocks away from your house. You saw a different blonde across the street. You recognized him from class but couldn't remember his name. Only that he had some sort of electrocution quirk. Calamari? Ah, whatever, you could figure it out later.

He walked into his house, unaware that you were staring at him until the door shut and you kept walking.

He didn't live that far from you, yet you had never seen him before.


You walk into your house, tossing your keys into the bowl by the door and taking your boots off. You set your bookbag and jacket by the coat rack and walked a few more steps into the house but you paused at the kitchen.

There at the island, sat your father. Holding the envelope from this morning between his index and middle finger and tapping it against the granite. His eyes where tired and agitated, and angry.

His hair disheveled, his suit tie and jacket on the table. His clean shaven jaw was clenched angrily and his eyes where bloodshot and held no pupil, the underfloor of the red streaky and jagged lines being pure white.

His quirk was called Intimidation, he had the ability to change his eye colour which also leads into how deep his voice goes, or how tall he can seem. But you knew it was more of a complete illusion that what it really was.

A weak and broken man that can't put the money were his mouth is. Oh, it would get the shit beat out of him someday, and you prayed to Gods that you would be there to watch with a bucket of popcorn and your phone recording the entire thing.

"Remind me again, why you didn't take such a gracious gift?"

"I don't need it." You state.

Your father's lips curl, almost snarling. "I don't understand you, you know? Ungrateful, spiteful, rebellious, I've given you everything yet you just can't accept it. Why is that?"

"I don't need it." You repeat, your teeth grinding but you hold your ground.

"What the fuck did I do to deserve such hostility from you?" He stands up and slams the envelope on the counter but you don't move.

"You left." You whisper.

"What?" He grinds.

"I said, you fucking left." You repeat, hands turning into a fist. "You locked yourself in your room, you canceled everything that I planned, you brushed me off like I wasn't your kid, you never came home. You left, you left me alone-"

"Watch your mouth-!"

"You pretended liked I didn't exsist. You left me in the hands of a grandmother I barely knew. And even then I take care of her not the other way around. You forget that you aren't the only one that lost mom!"


Your head twisted to the side and your cheek sindged. Your father's eyes became black as he lowered his hand. Would he use his quirk on you? You wouldn't be surprised if he did. You wouldn't care if he did. You look at the ground. The feeling of a mark forming and the sting in your cheek filling as your father grabbed his things and stormed towards the door.

"Let that be the first of many lessons if you continue to disrespect me." He mutters.

He slapped you. And he threatened to do it again.


You had to get out of there. Maybe, maybe you needed to see Kirishima. Maybe you should text Inasa, he wasn't at school today to wrap you up in a huge hug like the last time. It almost made your heart ache.

You pick up your phone and walk out of your house. Foregoing a jacket for once, still in your school skirt and white blazer. You felt cold enough already, what was a little more going to do to you?

You shiver as you step out the door. The sun was half set already and the gentle clouds were flowing in from the south to deliver the weak showers of the night, it would surely mist over in the morning. Your first day of school was by no means unentertaining, you shake your head, fighting parents, fighting students, tricked by teachers and freaking yourself out by how you displayed your quirk.

"Yep, a perfect first day." You grumble to yourself.

You continue your walk to the park, the sun setting further and people disappearing off the suburban streets. You rubbed your arms and sneezed.

Ah, side effects. Sometimes you hated your quirk, constant sickness and hacking lungs didn't feel great. Your grandmother told you it was a water version of hanahaki disease, you read about flower lungs before. Something that seemed so beautiful causing so much death.

Kinda like hurricanes, tsunamis, floods.



You scowl.

You came upon the park. Your special spot not in view yet but in time it would come into veiw. It was on the other side of the park so it would probably take another twenty minutes to get there if you kept a slow walking pace.

Which is what you decide to do.

It takes you twenty minutes to get to the peak of the hill where three swings sat in a set. You always took the far right one and watched the sunset. But their was no sunset to watch. It got dark, as dark as his eyes.

Your dad. You clench a fist and look up at your long awaited space only to see Bakugou, Fucking Bakugou. (whatever his first name was, Kacchan? You think that's what Deku called him) Bakugou Fucking Kacchan was sitting in the far left swing staring at you with vicious crimson eyes.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" He grunts, you scowl at his harsh town.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" You ask, taking seat in the far right swing, back facing the way he was staring. You gripped the chain and pushed your feet into the gravel. Elevating yourself as your legs locked into place.

"I asked you first." The blonde sneers.

"So fucking what spikes for brains? I asked second."


You smirk, well that escalated quickly.

"Nothing That you aren't, I promise." You sing before your nose tickles and you sneeze. Twice.

He remains silent and begins to push himself off.

"Not gonna say anything?"

"What do I have to say to a fucking thunder bitch like you?"

"Well, a 'bless you' would be nice."

"You can shove that up your ass and go fuck yourself six ways to Sunday."

"It's only Thursday, I'll need a bigger time limit if I want to do that." You smirk.

He snorts and shakes his head.

"You just openly called yourself a slut you know that right?"

"Maybe, wouldn't be the first time anyone has called me that before."

"Oh yeah? Then how about you come over here and suck on my juicy dick?"

"I would but I'm not fond of small things. Especially Starburst candy."

Wow, triple shit. Atleast as Bakugou took it. You called his dick small and candy like, could candy like be a compliment? and then proceeded to make fun of his hair.

Maybe juicy isn't the right word he should've used.

Creamy? No that's definitely not it.

"Shut up, what do you know?"

"That your dick is a small candy because you aren't denying it." You chuckle and he scowls, a vein popping on his forehead and you have to silence yourself before he really does burst.

You both stay silent and you start to swing gently, kicking your legs out and Bakugou follows your lead.

"What the fuck is your quirk anyway? You have a duel quirk like that icy-hot shit for brains don't you?" He asks suddenly.

"Endeavors kid? Nah, I'm much more powerful than that." You claim.

"Doubt it, you're pretty shitty if all you can do is fly and clap your hands like a fucking pixie." He smirks and you stop swinging. Kicking a few rocks you get off and walk over to him, he stops swinging and becomes furious as you touch his shoulder.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

"I'm sucking your dick." You reply sarcastically but his cheeks turn pink and you laugh. "I'm showing you my quirk." You say truthfully and Bakugou physically relaxes.

You inhale and count on your fingers. One. Two. Three. Four. Five.




A drop of water lands on Bakugou's nose and rain starts to fall suddenly in soft pitter patters.

You on the other hand, the rain flows around you like a protective bubble and you watch as Bakugou begins to fume. How come he's the one getting wet?!

You push your hand out and your bubble expands and he's suddenly shielded from the rain to. And incredibly confused.

He also doesn't fail to notice how your eyes shift color from (e/c) to electric teal.

"So you can control rain to, that's not fucking special." He states, crossing his arms and standing up from his swing. He takes notice in how your a head smaller than him too and he snickers.

You clap your hands suddenly and the wave throws him back into his swing. Making him sit down again. Your eyes shift from the teal color into black briefly before shifting back to teal again. That was your thunder thing from earlier, he notes.

Your eyes turn white and you decrease the bubble, the rain falling on him again turns to little pebbles of sleet before quarter sized hail. He throws his arms up and shoots an explosion in the sky to stop the onslaught of ice, it doesn't work as planned. Because now the ice is falling in shattered chunks and dousing his hair with a gentle drizzle of sleet and snow.

He shivers watches you with an angry expression. "Stop it, you damn bitch."

You snicker and reply, "can't handle the cold very well Kachhan?" Well that was ironic since you didn't do well in the cold either.

"What the fuck did you just say to me you crazy slut!? That's not my name!"

"Oh? Deku was calling you that earlier. Sorry." You expand the safe 'bubble' and it stops raining on him and he shakes like a dog. Reminding you that Kirishima does the same thing.

"My name is fucking Bakugou Katsuki, don't forget it because that's all your gonna be screaming when I pound you into the dirt." He growls and you smirk.

"That could be taken so many ways, so which one are you talking about?"

He takes a moment to think about your response and flushes red. "I'LL KILL YOU!"

"With what, your baby cock?"

You laugh as explosions pop off his hands.

The interaction you had with such an explosive boy had you it fitful laughing tears and you forgot all about how cold you felt.

Just for a moment.


"Fuck you."

"I mean, if that's an offer."


'Storm-Warning. Huh. Well that's an interesting little insult.'

Chapter Text

Your encounter with the explosive blonde boy named Bakugou Katsuki was as unexpected as it was hilariously awkward. You two stayed in your dry bubble insulting one another until late into the night. He spent time voicing his crude opinions about the green haired boy, whose name you learned was Izuku Midoriya instead of Deku.

How he would be a better and stronger hero than the rivaling male that had somehow miraculously developed a quirk when it was physically impossible for him to not have one. Katsuki ranted and spewed about how "the broccoli bastard" had some joint issue in his toe that signified he would never develope a quirk. It was a mystery to you how he got one now, especially being so misfortunate to have one that physically destroys your body, especially one that could give nerve damage and permanent disfigured if used to many times. You weren't stupid, if that shy thing kept breaking his bones over and over, relying on others to heal him, he would not only fail as a hero but do more harm and damage rather than helping people.

You clicked your tongue and hummed, well, hopefully he got a handle on his quirk, maybe if if didn't break and shatter his body it would be strong. Powerful beyond belief. Maybe even better than All Might himself? Nah, probably not.

Especially if the guy ranting next to you had any say in it. He wouldn't shut up about surpassing All Might and becoming the number one hero either.

But again, you weren't stupid, with and ego and attitude like Bakugou's, one could only make it so far in the hero world. Half the stiff Bakugou said would probably get him killed. Hell, you wanted to sock him in the jaw a few times for just how he talked down to you. So fucking condescending. You hoped to God he could grow out of that shit and then maybe you and him could have a chance at being acquaintances.

"And then there's the fucking problem of that halfway candy cane, Endeavors kid or some shit, out quirks were briefly explained and I know he ain't using his entire power. I swear to God, he'll have to come at me with everything he has if he even wants to stand a chance-"

riiiiiiinnnnggggg, riiiiiiinnnnggggg, riiiiiiinnn-

"Fuckin' old-ass wench." He growled and answered it.

He got a phone call from who you assumed was his mother. He screamed into the mouth peice of his phone that "he doesn't need to be told what to do by some old hag" and he left without much word of goodbye. You offered to walk him home teasingly, but the explosion he set off next to your head loud enough to make your ears ring was all the answer you needed. Bakugou would rather be soaked to the bone than except help from you.

Which was fine, the direction he was walking in was further away from your place and you were quite literally freezing your ass off. You shivered and finally allowed yourself to feel cold after he stormed off. You sneezed and rubbed your arms. You pulled your phone from hour pocket and sighed.

11:52 pm

Kirishima would most likely be asleep already, you saw no reason to bother him just because you were a little cold. You sigh and unlock your phone, leaning your cheek again the cold metal chains of the swing.

Your thumb hovered over the contact that you had briefly thought about earlier.

Gale Force

Oh well


You pressed the surprisingly warm phone to your cheek and sighed. You could've texted him, just a quick message.

Hey. Hi, how are you. It's that raining chick from the other day. Why weren't you at school? I'm kinda bummed and I miss your hugs.

Okay that last one was too forward.

You sighed, thinking about giving up on the phone call. But as the thought crossed your mind his loud and warm voice filled your ears.

"Hi (Y/n)! Why are you up so late?" You could just imagine him now. Eyes sleepy, a trickle of droll on his strong chin. Muscles achy from all his training but sitting up immediately and trying to rub the fog from his brain.


"What's cute?"

"Shit I said that out loud."

"What's going on? Everything okay?" He's more awake now and you snap out of it.

"Yes, everything is fine, I'm sorry for calling so late, did I wake you up?"

"Not at all!"

You smile softly at the lie.

"Did you need something?"

'I'm so fucking cold.'

"No, nothing in particular, I was actually wondering why you weren't at school today? Are you sick? I could always give you a recipe for soup if you are-"

"Oh, um, I actually withdrew my acceptance when I got my letter. I'm going to Shiketsu High now." You can hear the sheepishness in his voice and your smile falters and you shiver.

"Ah, I see, well that's a bit disappointing, I was hoping to use your wind all to myself."

Inasa chuckles, "you're strong enough to get your own wind, (y/n)." He murmurs softly. The wind blows your hair and a warm sensation washes over you again, you smile down at your lap as a comfortable lull begins in the conversation.

"Why don't we hang out soon? Not now obviously, I know it's late and all and I don't even know where you are but, even though we don't go to the same school I would still like to join you for training if that's okay." Inasa smiles into his end of the phone, laying back down against his pillows after flipping them over. He rubs his hair with one hand and stares up at his ceiling as you answer.

"I'd like that, I'd like that a lot."


2:37 am

You tip toed into your house, the key card of your identification pinging was the only noise you created over your soft shivering, nasally breathing, and water dripping off your hair. You used your quirk to drag the water behind you since it was rainwater. It collected in a ball behind you as you made your way to your room. You peaked into the room next to the bathroom, your dad was still gone, good.

The room next to it wasn't as empty and you watched as your grandmother tossed in her sleep before stilling again. You sighed, bad idea. Your eyes widened as your nose tickled with the warm breath you released. You put both hands over your face and held your breath but alas, that shit didn't work. Yep, you felt it coming and you paced to your room. Hyperventilating into your palm, finally making it to your room you let out a very loud, very thunder like sneeze.

You didn't even use your quirk for that garbage!

The windows and doors of the house rattled and shook and you jumped, not expecting the huge clap of thunder that laced itself in with your sneeze. It made your ears ring and you swore you saw stars, as if someone bopped you one between the eyes. You groaned and blinked a few times, the aftershocks of the thunder from your sneeze knocked a few things off the shelving in your room and you sighed.

The light in your room turned on and you looked up at the light, closing your eyes you shake your head.


"Very busted." Your grandmother replied.


Your grandmother was the kindest, and sweetest old woman you've ever met, and you wouldn't trade her for anything in the world, and you would easily pick her over your father any day. Her easy going and understanding nature made her fun to be around, her jokes are top notch and filled you with achy sides and tears of laughter.

Your grandmother was on your mothers side which made it even better, she had so much to say, so many stories to tell. She was the best and you loved her to pieces. Although she didn t actively participate in you and your father's argument, holy fuck did she have something to say about it later.

The only thing that was a little problematic for you, was that she was very worrisome. Especially over you.

"Where have you been?" She asks softly, you can hear both anger and relief in her voice as she tapped her fingers against her folded arms. Her silver hair is disheveled, both from running her slim fingers through it and tossing and turning in her sleep.

"I just. . . Needed to get away." You smile sadly and she sighs. Your grandmother walks into your room and picks up a towel from the ground, she wraps it around you and brings you into a tight hug. Stroking your damp hair and scratching your scalp, making you relax against her embrace and you hug her back.

"Try to come home a little earlier the next time you need to get away, little cloud." She whispers and kisses your forehead, her bright eyes filled with love as she rubs your arms to warm you up.

"I'll do my best, Gran." You promise with a weak smile.

She nods and let's go of you, you do the same. "Try to get some sleep, it's to early for you to be awake and you have school tomorrow. . . But I don't think a cup of tea will hurt."

The mention of tea made your heart fuzzy and you shiver. Yeah, something warm to drink would surely rid your brain and your heart of all the emotions you didn't want to feel.

"Goodnight pretty (Y/n), I'll see you soon." You hoped that, that was a promise Inasa could keep.

Fuck, he called you pretty.

You blush and follow your grandmother out of the room, only to bust your ass on the ground, slipping on the droplets that you gathered in a ball. Which had dropped to make a puddle on the ground after your thunder sneeze.

'Thunder Sneeze.' You thought, groaning in a pile on the ground.

'Sounds like a band name, I wonder if Eijirou would be into that.'


"I really shouldn't have stayed out so late." You cough out and press your face into Kirishima's back while he rolls his eyes and piggy backs you to school.

"It's your own fault, but you still haven't told me why you were out that late, I mean, I'm not the smartest guy in the world but being in the rain for 6 hours and then being up for another 2 hours in your house in wet clothes can't possibly be healthy. Especially for you miss "I'm-slowly-dying-of-ammonia-and-need-to-be-hauled-everywhere"." He states.

"Hey, you offered to carry me." You whine.

"After you stared at me with puppy eyes and sneezed super loud twelve times." Kirishima counters.

"Speaking of sneezes, something happened with my quirk last night, it was super weird." You begin but him suddenly putting you down made you huff. "Oh, we're here, I guess I can tell you later." You shrug, suddenly aware that you arrived at school.

"I wonder what we'll be doing today." You say, scanning your student ID after Kirishima and walking to campus, luckily Kirishima remembered where your classroom was better that you did you arrived on time. Bakugou was screaming at the shy one. Aizawa was already in the room sorting through papers and he simply told you to take your seats.

Most likely syllabus stuff today, which was great that way it could be rather easy on you. You walked pass the fighting boys that sat infront of you. You activated your quirk and sent a little spark of lighting into Bakugou's hair, your eyes turning yellow as you did so and he jolted as his hair became spikier and he growled, snapping at you being a shit for brains before starting to scream at the few people who started to snicker.

Youh took your seat and prepared for a relatively easy day but you jumped at the booming voice at the head of the class and youh looked up to see All Might hanging off the door.

"I AM HERE, coming through the door like a normal person." He beamed, walking into the classroom after hanging off the door like a five year old.

You groaned, imediantly regretting your choice of fooling yourself into thinking today would be easy. He goes into some speech about hero's and you pay more attention to the trembling boy infront of you. There was something about Midoriya that put you off. He was so. . . something? Definitely timid, but brave when necessary if yesterday said anything.


Lying, and observant.

He always seemed to have his nose in a book. Writing everything and anything down. Bakugou had voiced that he had notebook upon notebook of notes on people, and that he mostly likely started one on all of your classmates. Which included you.

"Without further ado, please grab your hero costumes and we'll meet in the camera room to observe the ground battles!"

Shit maybe you should've listened for once.

You sigh and watch as the wall opened up to reveal cases that undoubtedly had your hero costumes in them. You understand that the case numbers go by row and collumn so it was easy to figure out which case was yours by seat number and suddenly your walkin down the hall with the rest of the girls to the locker rooms to change.

A lot of the girls made idle chit chat and small talk while you got dressed as fast as you could in a dry shower stall instead of out in the open. You put on your navy wet suit first as fast as you could, you needed to not be in that freaking locker room, you didn't want the girls to hear you sneeze and potentially make someone go deaf. Fuck, you already scared the shit out of a baby on the train. You hadn't sneezed yet in school today but you were coughing out the zang.

You slid into your thermal baggy pants, tightening the belt and making sure the tank top was tucked in correctly before sliding on the thermal snug vest made out of leather that held pockets and thermal packets. You pulled on your armoured raincoat and adjusted your hair to fit inside the hood before applying your mask, a full face mask with goggles to keep water out of your face, and from water and dust to fall into your lungs, it hid your face pretty well but it had two half mode features to remove the bottom half of the mask to free your nose and mouth and then the top half to leave your eyes. The bagginess of the pants made it easy for you to move around the raincoat kept you warm, the pockets on your vest kept medicine and anything else you or someone else may need. You sat down on the ground to pull your boots on they were short black and tight to keep water and any other element out but also held built in thermal regulators to keep you warm.

You felt a little uncomfortable in it, it felt like to much but you could always make changes later. It would be better to break it in and test it out before doing anything to drastic. You roll you shoulders and sprint out of the locker room, completely avoiding the other girls and as soon as you make it out the door you stop to pant. You close your eyes and sigh.


You walk briskly, kinda waddling with the pants and you feel exhausted already, battle training.

Well this was gonna fucking suck.

You made your way to the observation deck and took a slip of paper from a box. Team B You raised a brow and shrugged.

Okay you were on team B. You jog up next to Kirishima and slap his shoulder as he holds his own slip of paper and looks around for his partner since it would be teams of two in a two on two battle.

"Nice duds hard head." You smirk at him, poking at the gear looking shoulder armour he adorns, was everyone going for baggy pants? Cause he seemed to be into that too.

"Atleast I don't look like I'm ready for the ice caps, marshmellow." He counters with a laugh.

You pout underneath your mad and lift both pieces to reveal your face.

"I do not."

"That's a lie and you know it."

"Yeah, yeah, which team did you get? I got team B, but I haven't found my partner."

"I got team J, but I can't find my partner either-"

"Hey! You said Team J right?" A helmeted lanky boy comes up to you both, oh, it's the elbow guy from yesterday, great.

Sam? Siam? Santa?

"I'm Sero Hanta, nice to meet you, oh hey nice to see you again to!" He greets you both and removes his helmet to give you both a plain grin.

It kinda reminded you of a semi-shy puppy meeting a new owner for adoption and you begin to snicker at the thought. Sero Hanta, you needed to remember that, something in your gut said that he would be around considering that Kirishima was already buddy-buddy with him.

You looked around to see that everyone was finding their partners quickly and making further introductions or coming up with a battle strategy and plan of attack or deffense. It would be better to plan for both since no one knew if they were fighting on the side of heroes or villains yet.

You laughed inwardly when you saw the pairings of the shy one with the bubbly rosy cheeked brunette from yesterday and then Bakugou with the glasses guy. Wow what a way to play.

Some of the hero costumes in your class were a little questionable. Ponytails was plenty scandalous, but then again her quirk was based to create thing right? The more skin the better. Others where covered fully. Some looked stupid as shit. Such as the brunette, her costume was a little. . . Unflattering? In your opinion atleast it probably suited her pink and bubbly personality, and her quirk but she looked like the byproduct of a pastel astronaut and Jigglypuff.

You chuckle at the thought and shake you head. You pull your hood off and shake your hair with your gloved hands. Sighing, you watch as All Might came in and began to announce teams.

"Team B?"

You raise your hand and look around the room and your lips harden to a thin line as the endeavor kid raises his hand. Now his costume, shit his costume was a piece of work.

"Heroes, vs. Team I. Who will play the villains."

You retain that information and take him in as he walks over to you. His entire left side is encased in an ice like shell. A red viser circle covering his left eye and the rest of the ice curving over his head in a half helmet this armour didn t stop at his face or head. But ran down his chest and his left leg, only stopping at a white snow boot that matched his other foot. The only thing on the ice like material is the gold shoulder straps he wears, also matching his other shoulder over a simple white shirt and matching white pants.

You knew that he had a duel quirk from the quirk assessment tests but that he never used the other side of his quirk. You rolled your eyes at the thought, you couldn't believe you had the shit luck of being paired with him, he was so cold.

Like your father in a way. Distant, uncaring, and angry at the world. Though Todoroki hid it way better than your dad did. He spared you a glance and you two didn t say a word. Standing next to one another silently while you observed the matches that went on before yours.

First up was Bakugou and Glasses vs Izuku and Jigglypuff.

Maybe you should start paying attention to your classmates names. You surely couldn't get attached to someone just from learning there names could you? Yeah, really unlikely.

You look up the screen. And watch as the "villains and heroes" enter their designated areas. You had to double take at Izuku's costume. He looked like a green bunny with those weird top pieces. You stared at it a moment longer before you finally noticed that he was impersonating All Might. You shook your head, he really was trying to hard. Bakugou didn't look half bad, atleast his costume was original and the color scheme matched what he was going for with grenades and explosions. The gauntlets are personally your favorite part of his bold costume.

You watched with interest as Bakugou left the area, blood lust in his eyes, ready for a fight as he began to walk through the labyrinth of hallways and rooms in the building. Taking the initiative and making the first move, hopeful of incapacitating the heroes before they can pinpoint a location on the weapon. Not bad, Bakugou, not bad.

But from what you heard from the explosive blonde about Deku last night, the shy boy was already working on a plan, you were currently wrapping your head around what that could be.

'Surely Deku knows that he would need to save his quirk for when he needed it most. Meaning that the plan would most likely rely on Jigglypuff to capture the weapon. If that was the case they would try tok find the weapon together in order to avoid to much of a fight with Bakugou or avoid him all together. Meaning they would only have to face Glasses to capture the weapon which was a way better idea. But, should Bakugou find them they'll probably split up, Bakugou would single out Deku in order to prokve he's better and disregard JP completely. Giving her chance to sneak off to look for the weapon. A mystery, you didn't know how this would play out but given all that information you couldn't see anything else happening in the beginning. Bakugou's pride would be his downfall if he really did single Deku out. JP doesn't seem like the one to fight back, physically atleast. She would most likely sneak around to find the weapon but keep in touch with her partner through intercoms- and there's the start, shit.'

You watch intently as a large blast is set off and the hero team is set back, Deku's mask is compromised and half his face is showing now. You turn your head to the side as the scenarios replay themselves in your head.

"Don't worry you damn nerd, I won't hurt you bad enough to stop the battle but I'll get you just close enough!" You didn't think Bakugou would waste much time with a monologue for reasoning.

You watch as the blonde launches forward to hit the other but in an amazing and miraculous move. Deku twists his body and grabs the gauntlet, swinging the obviously heavier opponent over his head and on the ground for him to land on his back. Bakugou chokes and Deku is practically trembling.

You aren't cheering for either team but the whole thing that just happened shocked you, and suddenly you want the blonde to be okay, you want the villains to win for the sake of Bakugou to prove that he was better. Even JP seems surprised by the sudden strength that the other holds. You didn't think that Deku even had such combat skills, to be honest you could probably do the same thing but only because you've had years of training your quirk, including physical training such as endurance or using your quirk constantly. Perfecting kicks and punches.

If he was anything that Bakugou said he was last night. Deku shouldn't have been able to do that. Or he certainly couldn't do that a few months ago when Bakugou last saw him. You brought a hand to your chin in thought and placed a hand on your hip as you watched.

Deku stepped back and began to speak. Confidence brimming his system but stumbling over his words. Talking about past events that you didn't know or care about.

"You forget, I've watched you for years. You always start your fights off with a big right hook! I wrote all of it down in my notebook that you burnt and threw away!" The shy one took stance and yelled. "I'm not the same defenseless kid you can beat up, from now on, Deku is the name of a hero!"

Bakugou gets up and smirks evily, a killers intent in his gaze. "That's what I hate about you, stupid Deku, you always want to stay and fight no matter how fucking weak or scared you are!"

Bakugou attacks again, with a kick this time that Izuku blocked, and you realize that he's trying to use the capture tape given to him, that's probably the only reason he's sticking around. Bakugou seems to notice this too and counters with an explosive right hook again. Izuku is lucky enough to dodge that this time around and you watch as the shy one disappeared to regroup with himself while Bakugou becomes infuriated.

"You've been lying to me all these years about your weakness haven't you?! You've been mocking me!"

The enraged blonde begins to walk around the labyrinth of halls again in search of the other. If Shy Boy doesn't do something quick he'll run out of time, or Bakugou will find him and beat the shit out of him, leaving JP to fend for herself against glasses and Bakugou. Game over.

"You're just a bug I can squash under my boot." He pauses, murder in his red eyes, he seems to be getting angrier and angrier by the second. "You always believed that I was beneath you, well now I'm going to prove how much fucking better I am!"

Izuku appears again, looking to capture him but Bakugou blasts him back and triumphantly holds up his clenched fist.

"You remember that I sweat nitroglycerin. I'll let you in on a little secret of my own, these gauntlets aren't just for show, they store and hold my sweat, so when I pull the pin," Bakugou grabs the pin on the side and your eyes widen, "it sets off a huge blast that not even you can dodge!"

"Young Bakugou if you do that you'll kill him!" All Might warns from the front and you tense.

"He won't die if he dodges!" Is all the blonde answers with before the pin is pulled and the screen fills with white light and the noise of a large blast. You flinch and keep your eyes on the screen, waiting for the picture to appear again.

When it does. Bakugou is walking towards Izuku, who seemingly doesn't seem that hurt besides his costume being a little more torn. He must've just narrowly dodged it.

'That means, his reflexes are better and faster than mine. . .' You think poorly and you sneer.

"The more sweat that's stored in my gauntlets, the bigger the explosion will be." Bakugou grins wickedly. "You'll never beat me, no matter what power you have."

"Bakugou, if you release another blast of that proportion your team loses automatically." All Might warns him a second time and you can see an irritation vein pop on Bakugou's face. It doesn't last long as Bakugou shoots forward instead of releasing a blast, instead choosing to engage in hand-to-hand combat with him.

You look towards the other screen and you can tell that JP and Glasses felt the explosion and you snicker. Glasses seems to be buried on is role. Everything in the payload room has been removed besides the big rocket looking weapon itself. JP tried to use the explosion as an opening apparently, because now she's running around the room trying to touch the weapon, but Glasses is keeping her just out of reach by using his speed to move her around the room.

You turn your head back to Bakugou and Izuku, big surprise, Shy Boy isn't doing well. Bakugou is completely annihilating him. You don't think you've seen anyone blast around that fast. Bakugou is flying through the air, sending wave after wave of explosions. Izuku looks like he can barely stand already. Bakugou shoots himself through the air again and sends a blast at the other from behind. Building up speed and momentum as he goes along in the air, Bakugou grabs the others arm and slams him in the ground. Damn, he's so merciless.

'Merciless?' You shiver.

"Use your quirk! Or do you think I'm not worth it?! You feel superior to me don't you now that you're no longer quirkless?!" Bakugou can't seem to shut up about that and you feel a little irritated that he's bringing drama on the battle field. You shake your head as Izuku gets up again.

"You're wrong Kacchan," You snicker briefly at the name that Izuku still uses, "I always felt that you were superior to me, I know it. That's why I want to beat you!" Ah, you can hear the motivational music now.

The shy boy stances and you watch closely. This is wrong, both are way to emotionally unstable, and it's because of thier relationship with eachother. Both lunge at eachother, you look away, you know Izuku can't win against him in hand-to-hand, both are gonna end up killing eachother. The explosion sounds and you sigh, a few loud gasps catch your attention and you look back up, suddenly afraid.

Both are nearly nose to nose, Izuku's fist is pointed up and the building is falling apart. You look at the other screen and your eyes widen as JP takes up a collumn of the building and fucking smacks Glasses with it before grabbing the weapon, screaming something in a cheery voice about a "home run comet".

Hero's win.


Go figure.

Bakugou is clearly shaken, it might not be obvious to anyone else, but it is to you. You know he's freaking the fuck out, because you've worn the same expression. "This was your plan all along, wasn't it!?" He screeched.

Izuku shakes his head, only stating it was a desperate plan, he's loosing focus, loosing consciousnous. Bakugou seems a little shocked with how bad he hurt Izuku as the smoke clears. His face is covered in dirt and grime, his arm that he used to block Bakugou is blackened by smoke and char but looked to be intact. He's shakey on his feet as he does his best to maintain his footing. His arm is an ugly purple and you know it's broken. You glance around the room, your classmates are horrified at the injuries he bares too.

"Hero Team A wins." All Might says, lackluster but it still confirms the victory.

You watch Izuku fall to the ground and fall unconscious due to the obvious plain he's in, the poor guy can't stand anymore. Glasses is checking up on JP, Izuku is being hauled off to the nurses office, and Bakugou is visibly upset about the loss.

"It's a little unsettling that the hero's won if you ask me, they're beat up while the villains barely have a scratch on them." You look next to you, a few metres away is the corn yellow blonde you saw yesterday.

Bakugou is seething as he comes in, clearly flipping his shit over loosing, but a pat on the back from All Might seems to comfort him enough to slow down to talk about the match. You thought about going over to offer some support but you didn't really want to get yelled at so early in the day. You loose interest as everyone begins to chatter about the battle and Ponytail goes into a speech about Glasses adapting to his role.

"-next up is Team B vs Team I. Team B, you're the heroes. Team I, you'll be playing as the villains."


Chapter Text

The battle that starred Deku and Bakugou was interesting to say the least. You didn't know how to feel about it. You watched people become broken in that fight. Emotionally and physically. The thought of your fight made you feel sick. But what All Might announced next nearly made you throw up.

"-next up is Team B vs Team I. Team B, you're the heroes. Team I, you'll be playing as the villains."


What the shit gave you the luck of having to go next and present yourself like a damn show pony? You looked like a burnt marshmallow for fucks sake! You growl into your mask and your shoulders sag.

Kirishima pats your back and you take off your goggles to look at him. The pitiful look of "help me" set deep within your features.

"You'll do great." He promises with an assuring and sharp smile. You feel a burst inside your chest and you nod. Your best friend lighting a little flicker in your stomach and making you stand up straight. You initiate your little handshake with him and Sero watches with mild amusement at the exchange. You look at the door to see Todoroki.

His arms are folded as he waits by the door and his gaze is stern. You fell like your being silently scolded by your father with the glare he's giving you and you frown and walk in his direction.

You shoulder by him in the door way and go to the building you're assigned at Ground Beta.

You watch as the blonde boy and a pair of shoes and gloves walk into the building to get to their weapon and do as they please while the timer kicks down. And you are left alone in an unpleasantly awkward standstill with Todoroki who is silently calculating the move of where you should enter. Whether it's with you or without you, you can't tell. He hadn't said a single fucking word to you and it's making you nervous and pissed off at the same tome.

You wring your hands. Unprepared for the battle ahead. Todoroki stood stoic as ever beside you, a serious expression on the half of his face that showed through his obsurd hero mask.

"Sooooo," you start and he raises a brow in your direcrion. Its the only acknowledgement you recieve and it makes a vein pop on your forehead, "do you have a pl-"

"Just try to stay out of the way." He cut you off and your eyes twitched. The buzzer sounds and you both moved forward.

"Oh I'll stay out of your way daddy's boy." You grumble. He whips his head to the side, his is expression is that of "what-did-you-just-say?" as you use the gentle wind in the area to help you fly.

His face says pure hatred and it radiates off him. You smile, you hit a nerve and that's all you needed.

Note-to-self: bring up his daddy issues more often if you really want to push his buttons.

You move quickly around the building checking each floor and leaving Todoroki to himself. You know you could win this by yourself, you certainly didn't need that brat of a rich boy to hold you back. You clap your hands at a window and thunder snaps through the air and shatters the window.

You sneak in and move slowly, your boots slacking against the tile. You didn't know where they would be but you knew this was floor. The girl had invisibility, the boy had a tail. What match were they to your quirk?

"Gah!" Your pushed back by a punch to your stomach, cushioned by the fabric of your costume. It doesn't hurt much and the pain quickly subsides.

It's the girl, stealthy little chick. You snort and begin to move around but she's still landing weak hits, you can hear her grunting and shuffling as she moves along.

"You're quick, but you certainly aren't as skilled as I am." You activated your quirk and it begins to snow in the hallway you both fight in. Snow begins to litter the ground and the hallways temperature drops. Snow lands on her and outlines her shivering silhouette. You smirk and punch her right in the nose, making her stagger back and land on the ground. The snow crunches beneath her weight and you can tell you knocked her out. Blood pools from her nose to the snow and you begin to hum the lyrics of the white hymnal as you pull some capture tape from your belt and tie it around her hands and ankles.

You gently lift her body and carry her from the hallway. You veer to the side and set her in the opposite hallway that isn't covered in snow. You set her down and take your coat off. Proceeding to wrap her up in the bulky clothing since you are now understanding that she's entirely naked. You set her up and take some heat warmers from your pockets and circle it around her hands and feet. Elevated to the blood can drain easily and swelling can start. Warm enough to keep her from freezing. She should be safe here. She may have been a villain but you aren't cruel enough to leave a classmate in the cold. Especially if you were supposed to be playing the roll of the hero.

"Well done, Young (L/n)." You hear All Might's voice tap into your feed and you give a thumbs up to the camera in the corner of the hallway.

You roll your shoulders. Glad to have your big puffy coat off. You pull your mask down and push your goggles up. Rubbing your eyes as you begin to walk around again.

You shiver.

You could tell the temperature dropped again but you don't know why, it cure as fuck isn't your doing. You can see the soft clouds of your breath and you walk faster in search of the weapon. You take a step and as you try to lift the other leg your boot sticks to the ground and you nearly fall over. You turn around and find that your feet are firmly planted in ice.

This was his fucking plan?! That asshole. You try to wiggle your way out of the ice but to no use and you ear your costume begin to tear as it sticks to the frozen chunks.

"TODOROKI YOU FUCKER." You scream and begin to push and pull at the ice. Trying to escape. You dig around for anything that might help in your pockets as your body begins to chill and freeze. You catch a piece of thread off your sleeve. This was such a bad idea, but it's all you had.

You bring your hand up to your nose. You circle your wrist infront of your nose and the urge to sneeze races towards you as the thread tickles your senses.

You pinch your nose and hold your breath while you continue to flutter the string across your face.

You hold in your sneeze and your ears pop as the huge thunder clap shakes the building. One would think that your in the middle of an earthquake that could knock you on your ass. The ice around you shatters and as your ears ring you launch yourself upwards with the cold wind circulating the building. You begin to fly through the halls in search of that girl from earlier, you remember leaving her on your coat but she could easily be encased by ice right now.

You find the coat shortly and you smile to yourself that it's unloving and shivering. She must be awake. You go down and tap her. She shrieks and you flinch.

"Hey, I'm here to get you out. This isn't any place for a naked girl to be running around if you ask me."

She chuckles and stammers, the cold causing her voice to shake, her bloody broken nose doesn't make it sound any better either. "W-Well. I w-wouldn't say I'm r-r-running."

You grin, refusing to place your feet on the ground you hold your hands out to her she sticks a bit, refusing to unbundled from the coat that is still stuck to the floor. You don't have the capacity to sneeze again as your brain begins to hammer in your head.

You simply plant your feet against the wall and yank her up, ripping the coat and half but keeping her partially bundled. She clings to you, searching for any kind of warmth you have, which isn't much as you begin to fly through the halls again, carrying her bridal style.

"Heroes win!" All Might announced through the P.A. system and you listen to the girl in your arms sigh.

"Don't worry, you'll do better next time." You promise. "How is your nose? I really didn't mean to punch you right there but you know. It's kinda hard to see you."

You feel her shrug in your grasp. "Broken, b-but I'll be okay." She answers nasaly.

You approach the window you entered in and growl.

"Fucking moron."


"Not you, Todoroki, he must have froze the entire building while we were in it. If that was his plan it was stupid as fuck. Now we have to find a way out, I could use a thunder clap and bust out but I would have to set you down. That would risk getting you stuck to the floor again. We could wait for him to melt the building but that could take an hour and we don't have that kind of time. I don't remember which direction the front door is in either."

"What a-about the r-roof?" She chatters.

You smile. "Not bad invisi-girl."

You begin to search for a stairwell, little layers of snowflake and frost begin to coat your cheeks and face, you ignore the feeling of being pricked by needles while the girl shivers. "M-My name is Tooru Hakagure." She corrects.

"Ah, well, I'm (L/n) (Y/n)."


You find your way out through the roof like Hakagure said, kicking the door open easily and you find the tail boy and Todoroki outside melting the building and conversing. You glare at them and lower yourself to the ground. Your flight a little shakey. The cold was really getting to you and your cheeks felt frosted. Your feet hit the ground and your knees buckles forward. You kneeled and set her on the ground.

She scooted away from you. You placed a hand on your knee and pushed yourself up. You glare at Todoroki and he raises a brow.

"That was your idea of a plan?" You growl.

His mismatched eyes narrow. "I told you to stay out of the way."

"How could I have possibly done that if you aren't gonna let me in on your 'master plan' we're supposed to be a fucking team you asshole." You get in his face but he holds his ground.

"I don't need anyone on my team, and I am absolutely not a 'daddy's boy'." Todoroki grits.

Your eyes light up with fire as you dig your heels into the ground. Fatigue suddenly replaced by anger and bitterness that you hold for this boy. You grind your teeth as your lips curl into a snarl, your fists shake at your sides and your chest burns.

You're ready to snap, to fly off the handle and just start a full blown fight. Your breathing picks up and your gaze snaps at him.

"No, you're not a daddy's boy, I stand corrected. You are a fucking little boy who doesn't know how to cope with the fact that he hates his fucking dad for whatever reason. You rebel against him for whatever fucking reason, but it's no use. You know why? Because he probably fucking hates you just as much as you hate him. I'm willing to bet he's the reason that you cover your scar up with this stupid icy shit. 'Aw boo hoo, poor me, my daddy made my childhood so traumatic so I'm gonna act like a fucking asshole to everyone else just to spite him and myself. Because no matter how much I swear and say I'm not, I'M ALWAYS GONNA BE LIKE HIM,' You selfish, little, fucking prick. Grow the fuck up and get over yourself, we're training to be heroes now. So if you're gonna act like a cry baby bitch, THEN GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY WAY." You scream at him, your ears pounding as you steam with anger and ice crawls up your arms over your costume.

Todoroki is taken aback by your sudden outburst and his grimace turns into a frown. He looks away, defeated by your words.

You shoulder check him, making him stumble and walk towards the exit. You don't bother sparing a glance to the other two who are completely shell shocked by your screaming. You yank the com out of your each and throw it to the ground violently.

You walk into the viewing room and look at the faces that stare at you. Everyone's eyes are on you, surprised by your paroxysm and suddenly the room spins. You stumble forward, panting before your body hits the ground. Your ears ring and your vision distorts. The echoing voices make your head hurt and you close your eyes as they begin to produce phosphenes in your veiw before your visions cuts black and you can hear Sero and Kirishima's voice scramble in the distance.


You squeeze your eyes tight before opening them, wincing at the harsh light that suddenly floods your vision and you close your eyes again with a whimper. You toss over to your side and bury your face into your pillow.

"Oh, you're awake."

You let out an ungodly, and unladylike, screech, nearly falling out of bed as the sweetest, tiniest, old lady walks over to you. You groan and look at her, your body feels sore but she helps you out of your multiple tangled blankets. "Try not to move around to much dear. And you, get out of bed both of you need to get back to class."

She snapped her fingers at your right and you look to see Midoriya slowly sitting up, his arm in a sling and some bruises on his face.

"I'm sorry, but, what happened?" You ask, ignoring your classmate.

"Your body temperature got to low and you passed out, kinda like a hybernative effect. You also strained yourself with a huge migraine and I don't think yelling and screaming at Mr.Todoroki made it any better young lady."

You felt like a star just clunked you on the head as if you were in some anime and you sigh. Subtle scolding was the worst scolding in your opinion. Atleast that's what you think since you got it so often from your grandmother, who would no doubt do the same thing when you got home.

You get up, realizing your still in your hero costume you sigh and put your hands into the pocket behind your vest and get up. "You coming or what bean sprout?" You say, kicking Midoriya's ankle as you pass him, making him flinch.

He gets up and follows quickly behind you and you both fall into silence as you walk, you a little ahead of him, and him no doubt studying you.

"Your fight," you start, the hum he gives is acknowledgement that he's listening, "It wasn't bad."

"Ah, thank yo-"

"But you undoubtedly need more practice if you'll ever get a handle on that quirk." You interrupt.

He audibly gulps and you smirk.

"My proposition is that you let me use you as a personal punching bag and we can try training your quirk. You use the power of your punch to create a strong force of whatever kind, this force that you use create wind. And all though your power is strong, there will be others that won't even blink. . ."

You turn around and he nearly bumps into you. "Like me." His eyes widen.

"I won't be your punching bag."

"Right, because you're already 'Kacchan's', I forgot. My mistake." You slow down and walk next to him and he fidgets with the strap of his sling.

You smirk as he glances away, he opens his mouth to say a few things but you ignore it in favor of watching the blonde down the hall walk down a flight of stairs.

"Yeah, yeah. Grab my number from Kirishima if you want to take me up on training." You wave him off. "See ya, Deku."

You start to run slowly down the hall, your boots thudding against the ground as you side step down each stair and jump off the last few steps. Narrowly grabbing Bakugou's sleeve, surprised he grabs your arm and flings you infront of him.

At the realization of your presences he frowns, eyebrows burrowing together as he pushes your arm away rather roughly. "What the fuck do you want?"

"Pfft, jeez who pissed in your cheerios." You chuckle and he tsks.

"You're so disgusting." He says and keeps on walking.

"It's a gift, hey, wait for me." You walk faster to catch up with him and he clenched his fist. He turns around and swings and you dodge to the side.

"What do you want." He repeats and it's not a question this time. You stop the antics and slow down.

"You did a good job on your fight." You state finally. He grits his teeth.

"I lost."

"You still did a good job though. They were nearly out time before the got the weapon. You weren't captured by the tape. You held your own against a shitty stalker that's watched you forever. I would have a hard time doing that." You list off the things on your fingers.

"That's because you're shit. You would've lost. In fact you practically did. And to your own teammate. Now get the fuck out of my sight before I blow you to hell, if you thought that was gonna make me feel better then you were fucking wrong." He shouts. You flinch and sigh.

"No getting through to you, huh? Well, I'm sorry you feel bad, but there isn't a need to take it out on other people." You run a hand through your (h/c) hair and he snorts.

"What, like with what you did with ice guy on the ground?" Bakugou accuses snotily.

"That was different."

"No, it wa-"


You fly upwards out of sight, from shock and from the voice and Bakugou whips around to see Deku running at him. He sneers, turns around, and continues to walk. You watch the interaction as you sit down on the gateway arch.

"Wait up!" Deku calls again and Bakugou stops.

He glares at him from the side. "What."

'Oh, scary.' You hold back a giggle as Deku gasps and halts in his place, he starts to shake, clearly contemplating something. Bakugou turns around fully, sparing a glance to you sitting at the top of the archway before looking back down at his rival.

"I have to tell you something. Maybe then you'll understand what's been going on. I wasn't hiding my quirk from you, it was given to me by someone else, recently."

Bakugou grunts at the admission and turns around fully to face deku, his teeth grinding together as the boy continued talking. Oh how you wish he would shut up, Bakugou looked damn near ready to explode, could Deku not see that?

"But I can't tell you who I got it from so don't ask. It sounds crazy, I know. It's like something out of a comic book, only it's real. The thing is, I don't really have any control over this power yet. I haven't figured out how to make it my own, but I'm trying."

Bakugou, seethes, becoming angrier and angrier by the second as you look back and fourth between them, between Deku talking and Bakugou becoming worked up, you could feel the tension and the confusion I. The air. A borrowed quirk? Was that possible? You stay silent. You have to now. You aren't supposed to be in on this conversation let alone listening to it and watching Deku practically ramble about his new digs.

"That's why, I didn't want to use it against you in the exercise. But in the end it was the only way that I had a chance at winning. I've still got a lot to learn, I know that. That's why I'm here."

"You'll see. I'll work hard until I have full control of this borrowed quirk. And I'll finally beat you with my own power!" Deku gasps and looks away, a bit stunned. Hell, you're stunned. That entire speech was like pouring salt on an open and infected wound. All of you seemed a little shocked at what he said.

Bakugou broke the silence first and you weren't surprised when he didn't believe it. But you on the other hand, looked at the facts, and not at the person. If what Bakugou said was true then Izuku had a Double joint in his pinky toe that meant he wouldn't develope a quirk, he shouldn't have one at all. If this quirk was borrowed it would be from someone powerful. Considering that Deku broke his bones when he did use it meant his body wasn't used to it and he only just gotten it.

"How dumb do you think I am. Borrowed power? Don't talk to me like I'm an idiot. You already made a fool out of me in that damn training exercise. So, did you come here to rub it in?! I lost! And to make matters worse I lost to a nobody! To you!"

"I came in first in the exam but that's not enough! When I was watching that ice guy," his eyes flicker to you, which goes unnoticed by the other boy and your entire body stills, "I realized I couldn't beat him in a head to head fight!"

Was that an insult to you? Since you were watching? But the fact that he admitted he could lose to that child made your throat burn, you wanted to scream at him that he was wrong. You watch Bakugou smacks his face with his left hand, covering his eyes as he yells towards the sky.

"Shit! I even agreed to what that girl said! My attack was so stupid!"

He hunches over a little bit, fist opening and closing as he curses. "Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit! Grah! Enjoy that win Deku."

Bakugou lifts his head and your breath hitches, are those? Tears?

"You won't get another! I'm just getting started! Got that! I'm gonna end up the number one hero no matter what!"

They both stare at one another for a second before Bakugou turns around and walks away, hands in his pockets as he looks forward. "You'll never beat me again you bastard. Don't even try."

Deku gulps and leans forward, relieved that the exchange ends but a new voice scares you both.


You jump, nearly falling off the arch but you hang on as All Might suddenly appears and takes Bakugou by the shoulders from behind.

"BAKU-GOU! I found you!"

Bakugou grunts and wipes his eyes as All Might continues talking.

"Just so you know, pride is an important attribute to have. And while youh certainly have the abilities to become a pro. There's still plenty you have to learn-"

"Let go of me, All Might. Right now." Your eyes widen at Bakugou's request and All Might himself is surprised as well.


"Save your speeches, I'll be more famous than you and I'll do it without your help." He sneers.

All Might let's go of him and chuckles awkwardly. "Um, right."

Bakugou walks away and the three of you watch, you try to stand up on the arch to fly away safely but as soon as your back is turned. All Might's voice is in your ears again. And he's talking to you this time.

"And just where might you be heading off to, Young (L/n)?"

You freeze and sigh. You look down and see All Might staring up at you, Deku suddenly becomes aware of your presence and you look down.

"Home?" You say lamely with an awkward chuckle.

All Might raises a brow and a hand. You take the hint and jump down. Your feet landing in his large hand and with another quick jump your on the ground safely again, arms folded and rubbing your biceps nervously.

"Let's go to the staff room and have some tea, I think we all could use a cup after a slew of emotional outburst today."

You frown and nod. Izuku looks away, and you spare him a glance. Something told you, in the put of your stomach, that this conversation was going to be more or less a little life threatening on your part.

Chapter Text

"How much did you hear?"

"You know All Might, you aren't making the situation look much better. Have you ever heard the saying 'doth think thou protest to much'? If I knew any better you're the one who gave Midoriya his quirk." You take a sip from your tea cup, eyes never leaving the boy and the man infront of you.

Both tense at your words, you cross your legs and set your tea cup aside on the couch. "To answer your question. Everything that Midoriya said from the beginning when he ran out to meet sir bombs-a-lot. His borrowed power. How he wasn't hiding it. But it seems very obvious if you ask me."

Both All Might and Midoriya pale as you scratch your knee. You continue, "with how close both of you are it seems. All Might was very worried during the exercise. Midoriya being a super obsessed fanboy. The power you both seem to share. And now this half assed interrogation that I'm running when in reality you are the one supposed to be questioning me."

All Might raises to his feet and pours you more tea. "And what do you plan to do with this information, Young (L/n)?"

"(Y/n) will do, sir." You begin, taking another drink as he sits back down. "I don't plan to do anything with it, it doesn't serve me much of a purpose and to be fair it's not my business. If anything the more I know about will probably endanger me more. Right?"

Midoriya scratches his head and looks away. "Maybe." He mutters and you chuckle.

"Hey, no hard feelings oh mighty chosen one," you chuckle. "Now, we aren't friends, by no means does this make us frien- All Might would you like to tell me why you're smoking?"

All Might is currently sitting straight up, straining to hold a smile as his body shakes lightly. You raise a brow and as he exhales a puff of smoke, it fills the room and you start coughing. Something splatters your face and you squeeze your eyes shut. When you open them the smoke clears and your eyebrows shoot upwards while your eyes widen. All Might no longer sits infront of you but instead a skeletal and skinny man with messy blonde hair and blood dripping down his chin. He's completely starstruck and staring at you, his hands lifted and you wipe the remnence of liquid off your face.

You look down at your arm and your breath hitches as hot red droplets slide down your face to drip on your pants.

"(L/n) are you okay?!" Midoriya is quick to get up but you raise your hand as All Might apologizes over and over again, trying to hand you towels or napkins. Your lips trembled and you lift yourself off the couch quickly. Sending your tea cup to the ground as you turn around and leave the room.

"I'm sorry, please excuse me for a minute." You say quickly before the door slams shut. You race down the hall way to the bathroom and you wash yourself of the sticky substance, pink water falling down the drain as you do your best to keep calm.

You got sprayed with the blood of all might after he went from this big strong guy to someone who could rival the looks of Jack Skellington. The look reminded you of your mom a few minutes before she died. A little trickle of red slipping down her chin, her hands in yours but still smiling like a fool. You clench the sink you stand at and watch the water go down the drain.

You smack your hand through the water and then turn the faucet off. You shake your hands dry and stuff them in your pockets. You use your boot to open the door and you regret the decision imediantly as a pained yelp echoes through the hall way and the door bounces and shudders.

A body slams to the ground with a groan and you wince. You peak behind the door and your eyebrows shoot up. Sero Hanta is sitting on the floor rubbing his nose and trying to get up, his school bag is a few feet away from him having been tossed away.

"I'm so sorry!" You say quickly, and kneel beside him to look at him closer. He throughs up a hand to wave you off and he stands again.

"It's okay." He promises, "don't worry about it."

"You really shouldn't tell a girl not to do something you know." You pick up his bag and hand it to him, when he reaches for it you grab his other hand and take a look at his nose. Not broken, or even bruised, but red and swelling along with a bump on his forehead that's also flushing a redder color.

He blushes at the close proximity that you are completely unaware of and you touch his forehead. Your hand becomes cold when you activate your quirk, your eyes glowing white and snow beginning to forge itself in your hand, he shivers. "That feels kinda good," Sero admits, a small purring moan rumbling in his chest and you turn slightly pink. His eye close and his smile becoming bigger as you place his bag in his hands.

"Thank you." He says, moving his head away from you to stand up straight and you take some time to observe that he's a healthy few inches taller than you.

"Sero, right?" You ask, pointing at him.

"Yeah, that's me, and you're (L/n)?" He raises a brow, copying your gesture and pointing to you.

"Yep," you confirm.

You both stand in awkward silence for a few seconds. "Hey, um, I really didn't mean to offend you the other day-"

"No, no I shouldn't have snapped you were just being. . . To observant for my liking."

"Ah, right, I've always been a more observant type. I'll try to tone it down, okay?" He scratches the back of his head, his black hair ruffling a bit and you look away after you nod, feeling embarrassed at the situation. You really couldn't hold any small talk?

Then again you rammed a door in his face, was openly rude to him, and brushed him off plenty of times.

"Are you okay from earlier?" His voice rather quiet now, as if talking to a small animal, broke you from your trance and you focus your glare on the ground.

"Yeah, I'm fine," you say, equally quiet and you still can't find it in you to hold his gaze, "please excuse me, I have someone waiting for me."

Sero nods, "I'll see you around then, yeah?"

"Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow." Your voice is almost hopeful to him and he smiles, he steps out of your way and walks around you, whistling as he walks down the hall. When the tune fades you finally begin to walk back to the staff room.


"So let me get this straight, just to some everything up," you begin and lean back on the couch.

"All Might, you were first born quirkless but then someone, this Shimura character gave you a piece of her DNA so you could inherit a quirk that wasn't yours, nor was it hers either. And this quirk, One For All, is a quirk that is passed down from generation to generation, building and growing in power after each user,"

"You had to find a successor to inherit in next and you chose Izuku to be the ninth inheritor because he was also quirkless but showed promise, because even in the face of danger his body moved on his own. You're switching back and forth between forms because of a guy named All For One, who wants to be the most powerful quirk user to date, destroyed your body in a fight a long time ago. And that's why you threw up all over me?"

Both of the guys infront of you nodded, starstruck at how quick you picked up on it, and also how calm you were about it.

"Yes, that's about it." All Might nods.

"Then I don't think I need to hear amymore, I'll keep your secret, may I leave now?"

Izuku gulps as you stand and All Might remains silent. Given that neither answer your question you take your time to get to the door. You don't bother saying goodbye. Just opening the sliding door and pulling it closed behind you. You wanted a shower, and you needed to change out of your hero costume that was still tattered from earlier battles. You would have to work on some design plans to fix the flaws but until then you'd probably be showcasing yourself in tacky equipment and a gym suit for the next few days if you did do a battle excersises again.

The next few hours you spent walking home after changing. You didn't want to eat when you finally strolled through the door. Only gripping the knot of your tie and yanking it free and dropping your bag at the door.

"How was school honey?" Your grandmother called from the kitchen. Followed by a little cough that she provided and you walked into the space. She was already cooking dinner.

"It was fine. We did a battle trial."

"Oh I know, the school called me. Would you like to tell me why you're screaming at the son of the man that your father works for?" As you step into the kitchen you see the pot of soup she's holding and ready to be put on the table. She's smiling warmly.


A vein is popping on her head and her eyes are shut, no doubt hiding how insanely pissed she is.

Okay maybe you forgot that your dad worked for Endeavor. "H-Heh, the school called you, didn't they?"

"You betcha."

"What can I say? He was being so rude. He completly messed up my performance and nearly froze me to death, I didn't even hit him!" You state defensively.

"That's no excuse! Darling you can't go around screaming at everyone all the time. It doesn't do anything for your health or stress levels." Your grandmother says softly, putting the crock pot in her hands on the dinner table. "I don't mean to be so fussy over you, but try to make friends instead of enemies."

You sigh, nodding your head in agreement of her proposal. "I'll. . . Try."

"Good. Now sit down and have something warm before you catch a death of cold. I'll not have a repeat of last week so early in the school year."

Last week being the few days you were bed ridden after receiving your U.A. letter. You slump in your seat, rolling your sleeves up your for arms you pick up the ladle and spoon some of the thick stew into your bowl. And you'd rather not have a repeat so early in the year.

You eat.


You toss and turn in your bed. Your brain thinking up abnormal thoughts of those you saw today. Even those you didn't see that day.

You clench your thighs together and slam your head into your pillow repeatedly.

Why were you thinking about Sero? Why Bakugou? Why Inasa? Why that dunce with a lightning streak for hair?

"UAGH! This is so frustrating!" You whine into the cusion.

Not to mention Kirishima. Though you held no romantic feelings for your best friend you had to admit to yourself that he was hot. He was practically an Adonis living in your world. Tight muscles, deep voice, his searing red eyes. You mind flashes to something that happened between the two of you. It was only once. You've shared an overload amount of hugs, a few kisses, and then a single time of were his sweet tasting tongue did something. Your lips trembled, as if he was there now peppering kisses down your spinal column. You placed a pillow between your legs and imagined his naked heat between you. You started to wonder why you were so hesitant of think about Kirishima's cock slipping inside you. Not that it ever had before. But his tongue certainly did something to you. You flushed red and writhed in your sheets, suddenly becoming way to hot for your comfort despite hating the cold so much.

You couldn't handle this. You shove the thought away and curl the pillow around your head. "Just calm down, think about your favorite poem, spell a word you can't pronounce, anything, just dont think about it, about him."

You take a moment.

"Why did I say that now I can't get him out of my head! Ugh Kirishima why do you do this to me!?"

You looked at your phone. You could call him, you could ask him for help.

Again, it's not like you haven't done that sort of thing before. He would help you cum and ask for nothing in return but you were positive he jacked off to your needy whimpers.

Would he even be awake so early? It was about half an hour after 12, knowing him he was probably asleep. But in an off chance that he was awake playing video games. . .

"For fucks sake I can't take this." You grumble.

You pick up your phone and scroll through your contacts clicking the call button you bite your lip, listening to the dial tone.


Let's just say that Katsuki wasn't prepared for his phone to suddenly ring and draw him away from his book. Had he been in bed right now he wouldn't have picked it up but the days events still made his blood boil with unresolved rage. How dare he, how dare Deku lie to his face like that, had he grown so cocky to do so? He only remembered a cowardess stalker that chased and chased until he turned around and shoved the nerd away again.

Then the little prick followed him to school. He hid his true power from him, all for a personal gain. To give Katsuki a shred of hope before pulling forward again. Not that he even pulled forward, the ashen blonde was just surprised that, that nosy and whiny brat could keep a secret like that for so long. What a fucking disgrace he was to society. Katsuki burned his gaze into his phone.

"Why doesn't he just fucking die already?!" He slammed a fist into his desk and his phone rang a second time. He snorted, picking it up.


His voice was cut off by that of your incessant rambling and his eye twitched as you whine like a crybaby in his ear. He regretted giving you his number that night in the rain, because now you would fucking call him and talk his ears off twenty four seven.

"Kirishima I'm really sorry to bother you but I really need your help, I really need you right now." You pant out, your voice a higher pitch. Katsuki looks at his phone disgusted for a moment at the thought of your words but as he mulls it over he soon realizes that this is an interesting opportunity.

"What the fuck are you going on about you rainy slut, this isn't shitty hair." He listens to you stop breathing and he can picture how big your eyes must be in the realization that it is not that red haired freak you called.


He glares at his phone like you just asked the dumbest fucking question on the world. You kinda did too. "Yeah, why the fuck are you calling me this early you bumfuck?"

"I-I'm sorry, I meant to call Kirishima I didn't want to disturb-"

It's his turn to interrupt now and he plays a little dumb, as if teasing you with the information you spilled to him, like a dirty little secret to tell in the night, that you needed someone. "What the fuck do you need help with? Why do you need him?" Katsuki asks, smirking deviously. He sets his book to the side and gets out of bed. He tip toes to his office chair at his desk and sits in it, leaning back a ways and kicking his feet up on the desk.

"I'm not sure I remember giving you my number." Katsuki hums, yes he fucking did, and he knew that you knew he did, but still, he didn't break character.

"We exchanged numbers in the rain on the first day of school," he listens to you mumble into your phone and he chuckles. The Bakugou Katsuki chuckled right in your ear, he made his voice sound alluring and deep, the exhaustion helped the timbre of his voice carry through to your ears and he can tell you heart skipped a beat by the way you let out a tiny little squeak that you prayed he didn't hear. But he did, and your screwed.

"Oh, right, when you started talking about my dick." He purrs. He thinks he hears you sit up in your bed and he takes a moment for you to situate yourself before he speaks to you again.

"You never answered my question." He growls,

You gasp softly at the noise, "Can you repeat it please?"

Katsuki smirks before he tsks and clicks his tongue as if he's beckoning a cat to him. "What do you need help with this early in the morning. I have a good idea but I'd rather hear it come from you."

Katsuki leans close to his phone to hear you gulp, "I-I feel hot," you admit. He hums, clearly wanting you to continue. "I need a release but I can't do it by myself. I call Kirishima for help sometimes. But I called you instead, by accident."

"Ah, I see, well," he pauses, stripping himself out of his shirt. He was already in his pajamas when you called so all he really had on now was a pair of plaid boxers. He rubs his stomach and sighs through his nose, "if you're so hot, take your clothes off."

And he can tell that your obeying him, his heart beats faster with delight while he strains to hear take your clothing off.

"Does this mean you'll help me?"

"I will, but if you say a word of this to anyone I'll string you up in the girls locker room and leave you. Then all your prissy little bitch friends can see how much of a needy little whore you are." He hisses, the thought of him tying you up in general makes his dick pulsate.

This was only ever going to be a one time thing, he was tired and horny. And you annoyed the fuck out of him with your inability to back off and how you screamed the truth at everyone. This was only a one time thing.

Katsuki has never done this before. But the way he spoke made him seem experienced. Katsuki Bakugou was a fifteen year old teenager, of course he's watched porn, of course he's jerk off, he knew what he liked, he understood what she was talking about. Even before she called him his dick was starting to hurt from ill satisfactory release. Over the past few days his pent up stress and anger was taking a toll on him. Really he didn't think of doing this for you. But more so taking advantage of your personal situation.

But they way you sounded like you were trembling on the other end of the call. How you whimpered his name. Despite this only being a one time thing he could've listened to you for hours.

He ran a hand down his sternum slowly, as if preparing himself mentally.

"Might not be so bad."

Katsuki snorts, letting the hand slide a little lower, down the flat washboard of his midsection. "Of course a slut like you would like the sound of that. Does the thought of me tying you up turn you on? Fucking tell me or I'm hanging up."

You gasp desperately, "I like it! I do, Katsuki, I do like the thought of you tying me up and using me, it turns me on so much."

"Good, that's a good little slut." Katsuki murmurs, he puts a hand in his boxers and thumbs the base of his cock. As he feels along the curl of his blonde hair speckling the skin he wonders briefly if he should shave.

"Hmmm, you're such a little freak, first you say shit to that four-eyes, then that half-face bastard, following me around like a fucking stalker and now you're masturbating to the sound of my voice?"

"Not yet." You admit softly and he raises a brow but his hand doesn't stop.

"Not yet huh, what are you waiting for then?"

"For you to give me permission."

He listens to the steady pant of your voice. Mulling over the words that sent his dick leaking.

"Beg me." He grumbles. His cheeks pink with the slight heat rise as he thumbs the head of his aching cock.

And beg you did, as if you were prepared with a speech of why you wanted to touch yourself. Like a salesman persistently pitching you some higher ups shitty product.

"P-Please Katsuki, please, I need it," you whine. "I need to touch myself, I’m so hot, your voice is making me tremble and sweat and making my pussy all wet, please let me touch myself, please let me play with myself to the sound of your voice! Tell me what to do, tell me what you want from me!"

Wow if you weren't the most shameless little bitch he's ever heard. Katsuki groans at your whining. He pulls his boxers off languidly, allowing his thick cock to bounce freely. He was already hard from your voice. "Fuck. That’s a good girl, begging for my voice like that. Start touching yourself. Slowly. Just spread your legs and spread those pretty pussy lips for me."

Your heavy pants fill his ears, a simple, "O-Ok," is given to him and he starts to imagine. Your hands trailing down your torso, pushing your shaking legs apart. A hand on either side of your body to display your soaked cunt for him as if he could really see you put on your little show. "I-I’m holding it like you said to. What should I do next?"

"Take a finger and feel along your slit." He commanded and he can tell you're eager to obey his every word to the letter. You moan softly as you slide a finger over your velvety wetness.

"F-Fuck," you mumble. "I’m so wet, Katsuki. It’s getting all over my fingers."

"Taste it," he demands, holding his dick in a vice. Your voice is being so fucking sexy right now, he has to control his breathing. He can’t cum before you, after all. That would be like losing. And losing isn't something he did. The blonde hears the wet slurping sounds of your mouth cleaning your tainted finger.

"How do you taste, hmm? I’m sure a slut like you loves tasting her own pussy."

"Yes," you croon, suckling your finger for every last drop of essence. "I love the taste of my pussy, it’s so wet and yummy."

"Does the slut want her fingers in her pussy?" he asks, Katsuki giving his hand a long lick, lubricating it nicely before he slowly pumps his cock.

"Please," you pant, fingers hovering over your hot core. "Please, I’m so empty, I’m so hot."

"Cool yourself off. Give yourself some snow while you put a finger inside." He hisses, he remembers all your little tricks of course. A small winding sound rushes around the mouth piece of your phone and into his ear. He visualized your eyes turning white and snow starting to speckled around your room.

Katsuki imagined that a girl like you, who hated the cold could just as easily fall in love with it of it played with the senses just right. Katsuki, correct as usual relishes in the sound of your breathy moans while you slip a finger into your tight heat while the snow stimulates the rest of you. An audible shiver from the juxtaposition of the temperature on your end makes his breath hitch.

"K-Katsuki!" Your breath puffs. The cold wracking the majority of your body causes your voice to tremble even moreso than before.

"What?" he grunts. His hand lazily pumps his aching cock, palm pressing into the plump reddened tip. It hurts but he refuses to cum, besides, he hasn't had any other sort of stimulation. Katsuki was a guy that needed a little extra on the side. "Does it feel good, or something?"

"Yes," you sigh, swirling your finger inside. "So so good, Katsuki."

"Good slut. I bet you wish it was me, wish it was my finger, my tongue, my fat cock in your tight cunt. You’re just a fuckin tease, I bet you’ve never even fucked before. You just like calling and flirting with all the fuckin guys that give you the time of day. Filthy whore."

"Fuck," you cry out, thumb hovering over your clit. "C-Can I touch myself more?"

"Hmm? What would you like to do?" he asks curiously. "Tell me exactly what you want to do, and maybe I’ll let you."

He visualizes how red you must be, with maybe a few fluffly flakes of snow in your hair and on your cheeks. "I-I want to f-fuck myself on my fingers, thrusting my hips onto them, while my thumb plays with my clit." Katsuki groans loud enough for you to hear him and it triggers another needy whine to sound from your throat.

The ashen blonde tucks the phone between his head and shoulder, his hand never leaving his dick as the other travels into the drawer at his desk. He fishes around in it before his fingers touch a soft rubber, excitement bubbles in his chest as He pulls out a small, black vibrator.

It was a small toy, but stimulated him nicely. Never had he had a dick in his ass before but he found himself curious after one of his late night adventures left him a drooling mess in his bed. He bought this small thing off the internet under the alias of 'All Might limited edition black poster.' It came in the mail in a long skinny tube just like a poster did and he was so grateful for the damn company that no one was even suspicious of it.

"My other hand can grab my chest, and tease my nipple. Please, Katsuki, let me play with myself for you."

Your voice draws him back from the memory and he brings the rubber plug to his lips. He draws a slick tongue over the bud of his vibrator. He was clean, and always used a condom. But would much rather use his own spit as lube than a fake jelly. “Since you begged so nicely, I guess I’ll let you.”

No sooner than he said those words he hears your needy moan as your body is assaulted by your fingers. He chuckles deeply, sending a hot spike up your spine. The boy gets out of his desk chair and walks back over to the bed. He kneels on it and settles back on his heels and calves to give himself some much needed space. Katsuki listens to your moans as he slips the vibrator slowly into the walls of his tight asshole. Not yet on but he groans lowly all the same into the microphone, and you gasp at the sound.

“What are you doing, Katsuki?” you ask between pants.

“F-Fuckin none of your business,” he growls, sliding the vibrator in further. He flicks the switch and he authority in his voice wanes as the vibrator rubs against his prostate, a whiny moan leaving his lips.

“Where are you touching yourself, Katsuki?” You have a grin forming on your face, fingers moving faster at the possibility that pops in your head.

“N-Nowhe-ere~!” His deep voice cuts to another whine as the vibrator kicks up a speed with each click of the button. “J-Just focus on yourself, dumb fuckin slut, take your fingers and fuck yourself on them, tease yourself until you cum.” His hand grasps his painfully hard cock, struggling now not to cum. He hates the anticipation just as much as he loves being edged.

The image of Katsuki possibly doing things to himself sends you into overdrive, fingers fucking and twisting and tweaking until you finally feel the orgasm approach.

“Tell me to cum, Katsuki!” You whine quickly. “Tell me to cum all over my slutty fingers!”

His command comes out gruffly and simply. “Cum, you dumb slut.”

You’re sent crashing over the edge, a twitching moaning mess. Hearing your voice, Katsuki releases the vice grip he has on his cock and is wracked with waves of pleasure, thick strings of white shooting from his cock and splattering on his chest. The soft him of the vibrator disappears as he turns it off before he becomes to stimulated for his own good.

You both listen to the other breath heavily into your phones, Katsuki whining softly as he slips the toy from his twitching asshole.

“Thanks,” you say simply.

“Whatever, this never fucking happened,” he replies, ending the call.

He feels like a dick for hanging up on you but he knew that if he stayed on the call for another minute you both would have to sit through an awkward mess. Not that tomorrow wouldn't be awkward as fuck but he meant what he said.

That never happened.

And it never would ever again.

Bakugou Katsuki would learn that there were plenty of things he was wrong about.

Chapter Text

"Face it, we've only known you a few minutes and we can already tell that your personality is flaming garbage steeped in sewage."

"WHAT KINDA VOCABULARY IS THAT?!" Bakugou shrieked next to you on the bus and you flinched.

Lightning bolts for brains snickered across the bus and you sighed. Why did you have to be right here. Not here on the bus next to Bakugou, but more so, well, yes, why did you have to be next to Bakugou on the bus. Aizawa didn't tell you were you were going, all you knew that it would be some sort training considering you had to put on your costume and get on a shitty bus. When you walked pass Bakugou to sit near the back he snatched your wrist and tugged you into the seat next to his. When you tried to move he held you in place, telling you to stop being a stubborn bitch and just sit with him. You acquiesced but now you had to suffer his indignant screaming.

The past few days went by without much complaint, except for when reporters ultimately stormed the school. You didn't remember much about that day except for that you also elected a class representative. Midoriya one the most votes despite not really being all that great. He made a single rescue. And then multiple times afterwards destroyed his body and bones. You didn't really get why people chose him for such and act. You personally wanted to choose yourself but went for the pony tail girl. Who introduced herself as Momo Yoayoarozu later down the line. You just called her Mo for the sake of your sanity. You came to figure out that she was a recommended student because of how stinking rich her family was. You didn't hold high regards for the snobbish rich kid type but she was oddly different. Or she was just blind to social standing but hey, atleast she wasn't calling people filthy commoners.

You remembered colliding with some guy too. A blue haired guy dressed in black. The only other speck of color on his were his red converse. There was something about his red eyes boring into you. Or maybe the way he held your waist when he caught you. The man was clearly older than you but he said he was a third you, it made sense. He set you on your feet, despite his lanky appearance he was strong as hell, but you also didn't miss how he don't touch you, but kept a pinky lifted, maybe it had something to do with his quirk, you hadn't even known why you noted it down in your brain as he walked away from you, telling you promptly that he'd see you around and then the interaction was over.

You open your eyes again, coming back to the real world and you listened to them scream again, how could Aizawa sleep through this noise? You flicked Bakugou's arm but he shoved the appendage away as he yelled at frog girl.

"Would you guys shut up!" You yell at them but instead Bakugou screaming turns to you.

"Shut the hell up storm warning this doesn't concern you!"

"Don't talk to (Y/n)-chan like that dude it isn't manly!" Your knight in shining red armor spoke up and you chuckled as the blonde attention was turned.

"How about all of you be quiet and get off the bus," Aizawa now stood in the midsection tiredly.

The rest shut their mouths and you move off the bus, glad to be out of the confined space of chatter boxes. When you step out of the bus you're met with someone who looked like a marshmallow. You assume correctly that they're another hero. Mr. Aizawa introduces them as the Space hero: Thirteen. A rescue hero.

"Today you'll each be put through a different type of rescue training based on your quirks. Welcome to the Unforeseen Simulation Joint! Or the USJ for short!" Thirteen explains bubbly.

Uraraka is to busy gushing over the hero and you cock your hip. Suddenly you become aware of the others standing around you. Bakugou and Kirishima standing a bit closer to you than you expect. You guessed it from Kirishima, with him being your best friend but maybe the encounter with Bakugou over the phone made him a bit more possessive.

"Before we begin, I have a couple points to make! So listen carefully! As I'm sure lots you boys and girls are aware, my quirk is called Blackhole! It can suck in anything and tear it apart." They explain.

"And you use it to save people in all sorts of disasters!" Midoriya pipes up excitedly.

"That's true," Thirteen continues. "However, my quirk could easily kill a person, and I haven't a doubt that some of you share the same abilities,"

You shift on your feet and uneasily look at Bakugou, then Midoriya. Kirishima pats your shoulder, probably assuming that you were thinking about your mom but his gesture makes you still either way. You start to space out a bit at the thought as Thirteen rambled on about why so many laws and monitation standards where in place. Quirks killed. They killed people every day.

"That is all I have to say! Thanks for listening kids!" Wow and just like that the Space Hero was finished speaking.

Aizawa leaned against the rail and began to speak, "great, with that all settled let's begin. First off. . ."

Aizawa trails off and he turns around, the students attention. Including yours are drawn to the center near a fountain where a black smoke has start to immerse. And as the smog expands. A man steps out. A man covered in hands, one on his face, another on the back of his head, some on his shoulders. On his arms, under his arms. Choking his neck. All grabbing him viscousily and clinging to him like leeches. And as he steps through, people, large men, and a few women rush out of the black mass like a damn deranged plague.

It doesn't take you long to recognize the man covered in hands- "HUDDLE UP AND MOVE!" Aizawa screams before you can even process what was happening and you felt your knees clack together.

"What is that? More robots like in the exam?" Kirishima peers over the ledge and Aizawa fits his yellow goggles to his face.

"Don't move, those are villains!"

You have to blink as the black mass starts to speak. "Thirteen and Eraserhead. I was sure it said in the staff schedule that All Might would be here too." Is what it says and you don't like the familiar voice paired with the blue haired man.

"Where is he? We've come all this way, and I brought so many friends. Where is All Might?"

You want to throw up, your stomach lurches and you hold onto the bar of the ledge. You hate what he says next, "I wonder if a few dead kids will bring him here?"

The purple bird creature next to him hulks down and drools. You dislike how exposed his brain is. Todoroki and Mo are discussing the sensors but you aren't listening. You aren't moving.

"Thirteen, evacuate the students and call the school! One of thesse villains is jamming the sensor. It's probably one of there electric types causing it! Kaminari," the blonde peaks up, his expression is that of a scared kid, "try using your quirk to send an SOS!"

"Yes sir!"

"Mr. Aizawa you can't fight them alone!" Midoriya interjects, "you can't erase that many quirks! And your fighting style is quick and binding, a head on fight isn't-"

"You can't be a hero if you're just a one-trick pony."

The words don't sit right with you. Your adrenaline spikes as you watch Aizawa leap down and races his way to the front lines after Midoriya calls after him. Your teacher uses his binding tape to knock two villains into eachother and he's quickly beating down bad guys left and right.

He punches a large four armed man in the face and you wince at the loud crack. If you heard it, it was loud enough. The villains head crunches and concaves in on itself and is knocked away. The binding tape wraps around the villains legs and he's flung into another large man.

"Wow, he can hold his own even when he's outnumbered!" Midoriya is in awe of the pro hero while others down below aren't looking to happy.

"This isn't a time to be taking notes this is a time to evacuate!" Iida yells.

Kirishima helps you away from the bar and you both walk quickly to evacuate with the others. The black smog from earlier blasts in your path and you huddle against Kirishima's chest who instinctively shields you.

"I'm afraid I can't let you escape,"


"We are the League of Villains, you must forgive our intrusion but today we've come to the school of hero's to end the life of All Might, the symbol of peace," your heart stops, "we were under the impression that he would be here today but it seems that was false, but no matter. The goal remains unchanged."

The weight against you disappears and you watch in horror as your best friend and Bakugou rushes the smokey figure. An explosion is let off and you throw your hands up in alarm.

"Not if we end you first!" Bakugou snarls.

"Betcha didn't see that coming!" Kirishima adds.

The black mass appears again and you gasp. "Yes, while that was rather close, you're still only students but the best nonetheless."

"Get back!" Thirteen pushes.

"Writhe in torment until you breathe your last breath."

But it's to late, blackness spreads all around you. You run at Kirishima and the last thing you see is his red hair before you land flat on your face in some busted up building and you sob. Tears fall and you slam a fist into the ground.

Where the hell were you?

You get up, and peer out a window. You only see a few bad guys closing in before a knife stabs it's self into the concrete next to your head. You scream and get away from the wall.

"Gotta get out, I have to get out!" When you reached the door and explosion made the next wall over collapse and the tattered building shook. Your fell to the ground with a horrible sounding thud and you felt your stomach be punched and air was expelled.

The entire building was falling and rubble was crushing you. You tried to move the pieces only for more to fall. You shrieked, "HELP ME!"

You watched it happen in slow motion, a huge chunk of building falling and heading straight towards you. Who knew this was how you would go. Maybe god would let you see your mother. Or your baby brother, he was probably growing up in green meadows in a would with out pollution right? Maybe you were ready. Your heart thrummed in your chest and you braced your self.

Warm, you felt warm. You felt weight but not a bone crushing one. A body was on top of you and a heaving grunt escaped it. You peaked an eye open and there he was. Your sunshine happy fucked of a best friend looming over you with a smile like nothing happened. He got up, the rubble slid off his back and you laid wordlessly as he dug you out. And when you lifted yourself up, you crumbled in his arms.

He held you and you sobbed, Kirishima pet your hair and stroked your arms. Cooing gently into your ears, "you're safe, I'm here, you're safe." And you knew he meant it. A promise he would always keep.

You bathe yourself in his orangey smell and suddenly your air ways aren't blocked by dirt and smoke anymore. You old on to what you can of him. Your elbows rest near his neck within the shoulder armor and he keeps a tight grip on your waist. His nose is in your hair and you swear you could feel a kiss on your head but even if it was a ghostly feeling you leave it unsaid. Because honestly you were leaving a tiny trail beneath his chin.

"Enough with the cuddly bullshit, let's fucking move." Bakugou piped up stepping into the trashed room and you sigh. He was safe too. "We need to beat the shit outta that warp gate."

"Forget it man, it's over, you can't be immature and hold a grudge at a time like this."

You spoke before Bakugou could, "but, if we get the warp guy and shut him down, the villains won't have anywhere to run. Right?"

"Smarter than I fucking thought, if you wanna go to the others. Go alone, but I'm getting him. I'm outta here." Bakugou throws you a glance and you see concern in those red hues of his.

You wanna go with him.

So you do.

But you wish you didn't.


Your legs moved on their own. Faster than your lightning. Your eyes flashed yellow, you couldn't really understand why you were running towards your teacher, the one being crushed by the purple hulking creature.

The cries of your companions fell deaf, your ears popped. And you screamed. Sparks flew from your finger tips and lightning lashed out of your hands, the whip like creation flipped around behind you and you saw the horror in your teachers bloody gaze as you leapt up and sliced the lightning across his back. The beast screeched loudly and you landed, your ankles buckle and you roll. Spinning around expertly you race to your teacher who lies helpless and broken on the ground. You watch from the corner of your eye as the thing dashes to a different direction.

His head was bashed but he was still breathing. Both arms were snapped. That thing probably had the same strength as the symbol of peace did. Your positive the only reason the man wasn't here now was because he was at his limit. You pick up Aizawa who groans and you watch in horror as Midoriya is now the source of which the monster will harm.



You close your eyes at the noise, standing up. Your positive the only way you'd be carrying your teacher right now is pure adrenaline alone. The main door blasts off it's hindges and your heart sings at the voice that follows.

The Japanese man with a plan.

"Fear not. . . I AM HERE!"

And boy, did you really fear the face he pulled.

"All Might!"

Monologue in three. Two. One. You sigh in relief as he starts speaking and you lean your teacher against the wall beneath the ledge that isn't as damaged as the rest of the place. He remains unmoving, unconscious, but he breaths, that's all that counts.

The girls above you are sobbing. So are a few of the others. You watch your other teacher loosen his tie before he rips it off with no resistance from the scrap of fabric. Your face drops.

He isn't smiling.

All Might hadn't a single muscle in his face pulled into a confident grin. Oh no. No. All Might, is pissed.

He jumps from the stairs and the wind around you kicks up. Your instincts kick in and you take flight with the wind. Carrying yourself along with him a few meters behind. He knocks incoming villains out of the way no problem before he stands infront of fuckhands mcmike and bird brain.

He pauses. All Might isn't hesitating, he's intimidating you land a few feet behind him before your hair blows back. He runs, separating Midoriya and Asui from the two villains. Or the one villain and his puppet.

"Everyone evacuate, help the injured out, take Aizawa." The hero crouched and you watch as the smaller of the two villains wobbles. He mutters a few words and picks up the hand that had fallen from his face.

"Father. . ." He mumbles, "I'm sorry." He puts the hand back into place on his face and you freeze. "Throwing punches to save lives. Hahaha, that's our standard state-sponsored violence," he scratches himself violently, how hadn't he hurt himself yet? "You're fast, too fast to keep up with. But not as fast as expected. Could it truly be. . . That your getting weaker?" His stare is deadly and you bite your tongue, the taste of blood coating your tastebuds but you couldn't give less of a shit.

You crouch as All Might lunges forward. Making an X with his hands he screams "CAROLINA SMASH" as his hands collide with the large monster. A nomu. Atleast that's what hands-for-days called him.

No effect.

Another punch, to his gut.

Still no effect.

"He won't be effected," the blue haired sicko grins, "he's got shock absorption, if you really wanna damage a Nomu, you're better off ripping him apart piece by piece."

"Thanks for the information! No sweat!" All Might picks the thing up from behind and throws him backwards, hanging onto his middle as his head smashes against the ground.

You grit your teeth and start to run again. You watch as All Might gets clawed by the Nomu as his body permeates through the ground and back up again due to the warp gate. All Might chokes on blood and blue hair praises his friend. Midoriya starts running back again and you clench your jaw, you move faster, your fingers sparking up again but someone else's beats you to the gate before you or Midoriya can.

"GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE DEKU!" Bakugou screams as he explodes his gauntlet clad palm into the gate. Who seems to malfunction as he's slammed to the ground. Did that thing have a body?

A horrid slam sounds through the area and you roll on the ground again before bouncing up. You watch Bakugou put a hand on a metal collar of sorts. The Nomu in the ground starts to crackle as ice cakes his form. You watch Kirishima pop up, swinging a harden fist at blue boy.

"Damn, almost had him!" Kirishima curses as the man backs away.

"You aren't all that you misty fucker." Bakugou growls, a shit eating from on his mug.

You frown a little as Todoroki shows up too. Still in his fuck wit costume. "I heard you people were trying to kill All Might. But scum like you could never kill the symbol of peace."

"Not if we have any say in it." You spit red saliva from your mouth and walk much more calmly towards them.

"Kacchan! Guys!" Midoriya looks like he might break down but you shake your head.

"Midoriya if you start crying I'll fuck you up." You mutter and he nods. Everyone looks to Blue hair. Kirishima, Todoroki, Bakugou, Midoriya, and You. Standing like a fucking team.

All Might smirks at the way the Nomu loosened his grip as the ice froze him over. The hero leaps from the monsters grasp over to the five of you.

"You've pinned down our way out. Well. . . This is a problem." Fuckhands states.

"You slipped up you fucking bastards." Bakugou tenses his grip on the metal piece. "You have some real parts in hear, but your using your mist to cover it up. Fucking half wit, I'm right aren't I!?"

Bakugou let's off a large blast but nothing hits the warp gate. "That was close." He murmurs.

"If your whole body was mist then physical attacks wouldn't work, your never say that it was close!" Bakugou triumphs, "Don't move, you try anything funny and I'll blow your ass up so bad they'll be piecing you back together for weaks!"

"Ha, that's not very heroic dude!" Kirishima laughs nervously.

"Hmm," the villains hands fold together and he sways back and forth in a child like manner, "today's kids really are something special, the league should be ashamed. But for now, I need my way out of here back. Nomu, take out the explosion brat."

On the command, the beast breaks the ice. Todoroki looks shocked by the feat and your eyes widen. The monster pulls himself put of the hole, body falling apart and crumbling with the ice but he continues to move in a zombie like fashion. His arm falls, so does a leg. In icy chunks and parts. The muscle reforms and you want to throw up again. The thing lunges for Bakugou and you gasp.

You jump for him the same time All Might does. But the only difference is that you reach him first. Wind blasts and you feel your hand touch his body, shoving him as hard as you can before your body folds and your back collides with another hard thing and your squished between muscle and force. You throw up.


"I couldn't see a thing. . ." The blonde marvels in surprise.

"I can't believe you dodged that." Midoriya is in shock of the feat.

"I didn't, shut up!"

"(Y/N)!" Kirishima cries. The blonde and green haired boy look in allmights direction and they stop breathing when they find you throwing up blood at All Mights feet, holding your ribs which your positive are broken. You heave against the ground and All Might gets infront of you.

You took a hit for All Might.

You took a hit for Bakugou.

You can't hear much as your ears ring and you crawl to the side, you don't feel any pain and you even stand up. Blood seeping and driveling from your mouth.

"It's six on three you fucker." You smirk at the blue haired man and he speaks but you aren't hearing anythijng. Even your own voice is distorted and echoing in your brain.

"(Y/n)!" You hear your name, sorta. You aren't sure who says it.

All Might lunges again. Him and the Nomu throw punch for punch. The wind that flys off him makes you sway but you step. Everyone seems a little dumbfounded, whether it be that fact you're moving right now. Or the fact that All Might is trading punches with this mutation. You aren't going for them though. Your walking straight towards the blue haired freak.




Yes, you were psychotic.

Then you fall. Something slams the juncture of your neck and shoulder and your breath catches. Everything goes black.

Chapter Text

When you wake up it isn't were you think you'd be. You're laying in a hospital bed with a tube in your nose and an IV in your arm. Atleast you're nice and warm beneath the covers.

"Wha-What the fuck."

You sit up and your brain pounds, immediately forcing you back down into your bed again. You feel panic spike your system. Where were you? In a hospital for sure. It wasn't the point. What hospital? Who took you hear? How long have you been asleep? Where was All Might? What about Kirishima and Bakugou? What if-


You screeched, immediately regretting it as a spike was just nailed into your head. Causing your brain to pound painfully hard as your headache was aggravated. Calloused hands took your own and a soothing voice warmed you.

"It's okay, (Y/n), it's just me, I didn't mean to scare you." Kirishima murmurs softly. He would've been louder if the nurse hadn't specifically told him to be quiet.

"What happened?" You groan, turning to face him and he smiled softly.

"Bakugou knocked you out after you started going towards the guy with the hands." Kirishima squeezed your hand and your soft expression dropped a bit.


"Well, you were injured, adrenaline was one of the things keeping you alive you know. It didn't take much to knock you out. You've been asleep for four days." Kirishima smiles sadly, a slow tear falling down his cheek and you furrow your brows.

"I thought I lost you," he hiccups.

You gasp as he clambers over you and wraps his arms around your waist, bumping his forehead against you own. You feel his tears hit your cheek and you shut your eyes, sitting up a bit more and you wrap your arms around his broad shoulders.

"I'm here, Eijirou, I'm okay."

He sniffles, "god, I'm gonna kill him, he could've seriously hurt you."

"The villain?"

"No, Bakugou, he left a huge scar on your neck from burn damage." He grumbles.

You pull away from him a bit to look up at him. Scar? No time tok think of that now, you could look later. You cup his cheek and brush your thumb against his tears. Something you always did when ever he cried like this. You take in his appearance. His usual spiked up hair was down in a low pony tail despite his few bangs being in all different directions. He looked absolutely exhausted and it made your heart ache. He must have stayed with you all that he could.

"Oh, Eiji." You coo softly, bringing his head back to you, you hug him again. "It was probably for my own good."

"I know," he cries softly, "I know."

"What happened to the others? The last thing I can remember is-"


You nod.

"All Might won the fight, then the bird thing was taken into custody, the villains escaped since Bakugou got knocked out of the way and you were taken here. Mr. Aizawa was injured pretty badly but he went back to school a couple days ago. Other than that, besides a few scraps and bruises, everyone is fine." He explains quickly, swinging his legs over on the bed he sits next to you and you let your head drop to his shoulder.

He strokes your knuckles and brings the appendage up to kiss your fingers. "You fought well."

"Thank you."


You look in the mirror at the strange, discolored scar skin that littered your neck. It starts as a small thing on your jaw before fading lower to stretch across your collar bone and shoulder, it ended at the swell of your breast and your mid upper-arm. You guessed that Bakugou was aiming for concussive damage, not really trying to even hit you, but near you. You couldn't say you appreciated it but you knew that he saved your life. It didn't hurt in the slightest and there wasn't a phantom pain to be found there. Your scar looked a lot like Todoroki's now that you thought of it and you scowl with distaste. What saved your face was your scarves and goggles that you kept that day.

You dab some concealer over the stretching laceration to no avail, it just wasn't heavy duty enough. You sigh and finish getting ready for school which was in an hour, Kirishima was in your kitchen, he spent the night with you after you got out of the hospital nothing happened besides light cuddling and sweet words of appreciation.

Okay, light cuddling was a lie, Kirishima couldn't let go of you until he was fast asleep since he didn't get to offer much affection in your hospital room. Your grandmother, who had watched over your sleepovers many a time, was making breakfast and chatting with the red head while you changed.

You slide the white shirt on over the scar and your bra, taking care of each button with a quiet fondness of the plastic pieces. You slip your skirt on, being sure to tuck in your white dress into the lengthy material. Your tie was already fixed along with your stalkings. All you needed to do was slip your kitten heeled boots on and you could be out your door.

You wandered out of your room, picking up a poptart from the box of Maple Cinnamon Sugar. Kirishima looked up and grinned, finishing off the rest of his tea in one gulp, he stands up and picks up his jacket.

"Thanks for the tea, Nan." He hums to her and your grandmother gives him a smile.

"No problem dear! You already know you're welcome whenever you like so don't be afraid to come knocking on the door." She waves back at him, eyes alight with mischief.

He blushes a little but before following you as you shrug on a coat and scarf, making sure it covered your scar and he sighs at your notion. You open the door and walk out first, brushing off his pensiveness, you had to convince him to let you come to school after you left the hospital. He insisted that you stay home and he could take notes for you but you refused him and dragged yourself to school.

He walked side by side with you all through out your route to the building. You both walk in comfortable silence. Sometimes Kirishima would grab your hand and give it a squeeze, you would smile and squeeze back.

But then, he breaks that comfortable silence.

"I think you should apologize to Todoroki-Kun." He says softly and your smile quickly turns unamused.

"That's not very funny, Kiri."

"I'm not kidding (Y/n), I know you have your reasons to not like him and I'm not saying you need to get along with him. I'm not saying you need to be best friends with him," he brings you to his chest and squishes you in a hug, "that's my job."

You look up at him with a pout and he kisses your forehead, making your face scrunch up and he hums.

"I just want you to cut him a little slack. He helped saved us remember? If you don't want to apologize, then atleast say thank you." He begs, his sharp teeth catching between his lip and you tilt your head.

"Please?" He purrs, carmine gems alight with pleading and you sigh.

"Yes, Kiri." You coo in a day dreamer fashion and he grins.

"Great." All signs of begging dissapears. He takes your hand and stalks off to the school, dragging you along as you try to sort out what just happened.


You saunter into class, well, you're more so dragged into the room by Kirishima and you frown as everyone stops their chatter to look at you. Even Mr. Aizawa sits up and stands as Kirishima takes his seat but you are hesitant.

"Ms. (L/N), may I speak with you?" Mr. Aizawa is quick to walk to the door and your ears burn as you follow him back out, only receiving a sunshine smile from Kirishima and a thumbs up from Sero. Encouragement, yes, encouragement, courses through your system and your steps take a more confident stride out the door.

But it wasn't encouraging when your teacher somehow managed to scowl at you even when his face was draped with bandages. He looked mummified, and angry.

"Just what were you thinking?" He hisses and you flinch, bowing your head as you take in a breath. When you don't give an answer right away he continues, "I told all the students to get out of the building and avoid combat."

"But, sir, the villains were-"

"That's no excuse!" He bites, You gasp, Aizawa was considerably taller than you and you didn't like how much you felt like you were shrinking under his stern gaze.

"You seriously hurt yourself, I know I haven't known either of you very long but please understand that it is my duty as your teacher to keep each of you safe, when I tell you to run, you run. If I tell you to leave, then you need to leave." He puts a hand on your shoulder and you feel like breaking down enough already. He takes your scarf and pulls it down, revealing the scarred tissue to him and your tears spill silently.

"You disobeyed me, gave yourself this. While I know it was Bakugou's doing, you're at fault for this scar." Aizawa pats your shoulder and tucks the fabric back. "But you saved my life. For that, I'll forever be greatful."

You take in a deep breathe, nodding as your tears splash to the ground and suddenly your clinging to him in a hug and he wraps an arm around you, stoic as ever yet calm as he pats your back.

"Just relax okay? I have an announcement to make to the class. So just take it easy for now." Aizawa says, pulling away and you rub your eyes with your scarf. "Go on." He shoos you into the classroom and you walk briskly to your desk.

Bakugou gives you a look, you shoot him one back as you pass his desk and he tsks. You hadn't called him since you woke up, he sent you a single message.

'sorry about your stupid shoulder'

You hadn't returned that either. But you could tell that he would apologize again, more likely with actions or maybe he wouldn't say anything at all. Maybe he would move on like it didn't happen.

He saved you.


He saved you.

So why didn't you feel grateful? Why did you want to tear into him? Why did you grit your teeth when you read his text message?

You took your seat and started to gather your things out of your bag, Yoayoarozu gave you a gentle wave, the grip Todoroki had on his pencil tightened a bit and you put your eyes forward. Only giving them a small 'good morning' before Aizawa called everyone's attention. You listen to him drone for a bit as you ponder the thought of Katsuki's reckless rescue. Until everyone shouts the same thing in rather mock surprise.

"Sports festival?!"

A sports festival? What did that have to do with anything?

"After a villain attack? Is the school sure about this?" Yoayorozu raises her hand, butt lifting out of her seat at her enquiry and you avert your gaze from the silver and blue eyes that seem so persistent in looking at you.

"It's necessary to demonstrate that UA's crisis protocol is foolproof, or that's the idea, but compared to the last few years there will be five times the amount of police but the point being is that this sports festival will be your greatest opportunity. It isn't a small even you can just cancel over a couple of villains." Aizawa is quick to interject all the worries that arouse around you.

"Are we sure we can't cancel this?" You speak up.

Midoriya turns around, a confound look on his face. "(L/n). . . Are you saying you've never scene the UA sports festival?!"

You frown, "well I-"

"The sports festival is one of Japan's biggest events as to date, the sports festival took over the Olympics back in the day when quirks weren't around." Aizawa says.

Yoayorozu perks up. "Which means the top hero's will be watching from all over the world. They'll be scouting us!"

Kaminari leans over to Jirou, looking knowledgeable about his subject, "they'll scout us to take us one as sidekicks when we graduate. That's how it works."

"That is if you actually graduate you dunce." Jirou quips back and you snicker.

"Tch." A loud grunt draws your attention to the first blonde a few seats infront of you. You watch his dandelion hair shift as he moves around in his seat while Aizawa continues talking.

"This only happens once a year, you have three chances to show what you're made of, if you want to be a hero. This is the next step to be one"

You had to take it. That next step. You clench your fist in determination. 'I'll make them proud, mom, baby brother, keep your eyes on me from up there. I'll make sure win'

The rest of the period went by without issue and soon enough it was time for lunch. You eat your katsudon quietly while Kirishima cheers with a few other of your classmates.

"I'm so freaking pumped for this!" Kirishima pumps his fist in the air with a grin. His grin is handsome as it is infectious. It spreads to Sero and, Sato? You can't remember his name yet but Tokoyami, the bird boy, remains plain as he eats his own food. A fist slams onto your table and you nearly jump into Kirishima's lap. It's Jiggly Puff and, well, she doesn't look to happy.

"Everyone! I'm gonna crush this!" She says, voice oozing with determination as she pumps her fist. Sero and Kirishima join her motion with matching sweat marks and you chuckle.

"You aren't looking very 'Uraraka', Uraraka." Mina chimes.

Oooooohhhh that was her name.

Kaminari taps his chin, "maybe it's that ti-" He can't get the sentence out before he's slapped by Asui's tongue.

You shake your head and continue to eat lunch before you feel a shy tap on your shoulder. You sigh through your nose, and swallow your bite of food. Your gazes fixates on green ones and you snort.

"What is it Deku?" God, you just wanted to eat lunch in peace.

"S-Sorry I didn't mean to bother you or anything but All Might wanted to eat lunch with us. So I came to come get you but if you don't want to that's fi-!"

You roll your eyes and stand up and flick his nose, the boy squeaks and blushes, backing off your space and you pick up your bag. "Come on dude, let's go."

"Ah, right!" He carries after you and you feel red eyes follow you. Both belonging to a certain blonde, and a favorable red head.


"Only fifty minutes?!" Both you and Midoriya exclaim as Small Might rubs the back of his head.

"My time limit is getting shorter by the day." He shrugs. "I can barely maintain my muscle form for an hour now."

You lower your head and sigh, "neither of you should look so glum!" Small Might chimes. "I really wanted to speak to you both about the sports Festival. Young Midoriya, I imagine you still can't wield the power of One For All, so what will you do to advance?"

"Well, there was a time at the USJ when I used One For All against that brain villain, it didn't have any set backs and it didn't break my arm." Midoriya looked at his hand with a curious expression and you raised a surprised brow.

You didn't witness this.

"Ah, you mentioned that! So what did you do that was different then?" Small Might leaned forward.

The boy thought about it for a moment, a short silence passing in the room and you sip your tea. "It was the first time I used it against another person."

"A villain." You correct.

"A villain." He parrots.

Small Might nods with a thoughtful expression. "Sounds like you managed to uncounsiously hit the brakes somehow. That's progress, good job,"

"But, this means the the time of the Symbol of Peace. . . Is slowly coming to an end." You state bleakly.

Midoriya nods and his voice mirrors yours, "right."

It almost made your heart ache with how the fanboy was taking the news but you weren't any better off. This was hard for you too, knowing that his successor was unprepared, and he himself was losing time, was hard.

Small Might face suddenly becomes serious and he clenched a fist, his teal eyes becoming determined. Oh boy, an uplifting speech, you snort.

"The villains are quickly becoming aware that I'm getting weaker," he looks to Midoriya, "I granted you my power so you could succeed me. This sports festival is an event the whole country will be watching, and that means that you have to tell all of Japan, as the next symbol of peace, "I am here"!"

And with that he chokes on a bit of blood, Midoriya looks ready to burst into tears and you pick at the buttons on your school blazer.

"Sir, I don't mean to be rude but why am I here?"

Small Might chuckles and brings a napkin to his mouth to clean himself off.

"About that." His nervous laughter and words float in one ear and out the other.

"I'm sorry you want me to what."

"All Might I thought you said that I had to do it!" Midoriya exclaims.

"Young (L/n) It's for both of your safeties, you need to look out for one another in the sports Festival because both of you know of my power, instead of fighting and bickering just try to work together, even if you aren't on the same teams steer clear of another." The man pleads and you glare at Midoriya, the green bean gives you a weak stare and you sigh. You stand up and brush your skirt off before fixing your blazer in a professional manner.

"Alright chosen one, we need a plan." You hold your hand out for him and he smiles, taking it with a firm grip, he shakes it.

"We just need to figure out how I tell the world "I am here" how would I do that?" Midoriya turns to All Might and you sit down again.

"You both know how the UA sports festival works right?"

"Of course!" Midoriya states.

You remain silent and shrug, wrong answer because Midoriya starts to go into a frenzy of how the sports Festival works.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah I get it, quit your chattering, Christ dude." You put a hand over his mouth and he stops talking.

"He's exactly correct though, the first year courses will all compete together in a series of events. It's your chance to gain mass appeal for yourselves."

"Huh. . ." You mumble.

All Might falls back in his chair with laughter and you jump, removing your hand from Midoriya's mouth and his mutterings pick up again. You face palm at the lost progress and All Might huffs from the floor.

"There isn't a soul more dedicated to the world of nonsense than you kid."

With that you start laughing too.


"Woah, what's going on?" Uraraka stands at the door while you pack your stuff up, it was the end of the school day and a crowd had gathered at the door. You pull your bag onto your shoulder and adjust your scarf. You don't approach the door, merely watching the scene play out.

"They're scoping out the competition." Bakugou grumbles as he stalks towards the door with his own bag. "Cuz we survived the villain attack, makes sense they would want to take a peek before the sports festival."

Midoriya slouches over exhaustedly, "and this is him on a good day."

Bakugou stands in the face of a few students and you snicker as he scowl at them. "There isn't a point though. Move out of the fucking way you shitty extras."

Midoriya gasps and Iida chops his hand at the pissy blonde, "You can't go calling people we don't even know "extras"!"

"It's true." A voice in the crowd makes your ears perk up and you make your way to the door, standing next to Bakugou you brush off his grunt as a stalky, and rather attractive, boy with wild purple hair walks towards the front and stands before you.

Where have you seen this guy before?

He gives you glance and a small smile at your sudden appearance but his face returns to one of a frown as he looks back at Bakugou.

"It's true that we came to get a look at all of you," his eyes meet your again, "but you sure are modest." Now he looks at Bakugou again.

"Are all the kids in the hero course like this one?" His indigo gazes follows Bakugou's form up and down. "Gotta say, I'm a little disillusioned if this is what you're offering. You know, those of us who didn't make it in the hero course are stuck in general studies, and there a good lot of us if you didn't know that."

"Depending on the results of the sports festival one of us could easily get transferred into the hero course. And that means it's vise versa too."

'Is he saying that one of us will be transferred out of the course, no way in hell!' You clench a fist and tilt your head at the lavender haired boy.

"Scoping out the competition. . . For a general studies kids like me this will be a perfect opportunity to knock you all down a off a such high pedestal. Consider this war."

The lavanderette nods to you and you nod back, confused as he starts to walk back through the crowd again.

Who was he?

You mull it over as another boy from a different class starts to rant and rave about his own issue with your class. You stock the name 'Tetsutetsu' under file for later as you rub your chin in thought. Bakugou brushes his knuckles against the back of your hand. You look up to see he's started to walk out of the door. As if entranced your feet move to follow him but Kirishima catches your arm and brings you back. . . Protectively?

"Wait you jerk! What are you doing to us?! Thanks to you we have a whole mob of haters on our backs!"

"I don't give a shit." Bakugou shrugs.


"I'm making my way to the top, why the hell would I care?" Bakugou looks at you and you give Kirishima a gentle squeeze.

"Damn, that's so straight forward and manly." Kirishima looks away with trembled embarrassment and you chuckle.

"He has a point." Tokoyami states.

"Don't let him win you over! All he's doing is getting us more enemies!" Kaminari interjects.

Your mind flashes back to the first day of school and you frown.

"I'm gonna end up the number one hero no matter what!"

That was what he said. You smile and stare at the back of Bakugou's head, he was trying for it atleast.

"Kiri, let's go home, we need to start training." You tap his arm.

He straightened up a bit.

"What about Todoroki?"


Chapter Text

Two weeks have gone by since the day Kirishima told you to apologize, and when the indigo general studies student declared war on Class 1-A. Those two weeks you'd spent training to fit yourself to suitable weather. You were confident you could make it to the end of the tournament, and your analytical mind set to figure out that Todoroki and Bakugou would probably make it to the last round too.

Today was the last day, tomorrow would be the tournament, you sat in your room in a lotus sitting position, breathing deeply as snow sprinkled around you. Your main goal was to better regulate your body temperature. As much as you hated to admit, his ice would shut you down if you got to cold. You couldn't risk anything.

"Easy, (Y/n), you got this." You look at your thermometer, you huffed out a breath.

34° Fahrenheit, just a few more and you'd call it quits. You shiver in your position as your warm breath turns to light plumes of air. You trembled badly in the beginning as the temperature seeped in, but until that time you regulated yourself. You found it hard to move around, you swore your bones would creak and break like gym chalk if you did to much. This was probably how Todoroki felt when he used to much of his ice.

"Damn, I'm calling it." You shook the snow out of your hair and turned the lights on. You shrugged your heavy coat on and flipped the space heater switch.

You silently cleaned the snow and ice pebbles into a cold collected heap in the corner. It would melt and then need to be mopped up. You could've done this outside with out the need to clean up, but that included seeing sunshine, and people, and worse: exposure since it was a little windy. You kept your training mainly private from the world, just like you liked.

Your phone chimed with the ringtone of your favorite song and your face lights up as 'Gale Force' swipes across your screen. You pick up the phone and answer it, quickly pressing it to your ear.

"Good Morning (L/n)-Chan!" his big boomy voice entered your brain like honey and you sighed.

"Good Morning Yoarashi-kun. How are you?" You lean against the wall as you watch the pile melt, lip fixed between your teeth as he hums.

"I'm good, just fixing breakfast. How about you?"

"Oh, shit I'm sorry I leave you-"

"No no! That's not what I meant." He promises. "I'm free, talk to me. How's U.A.?"

"It's fine I suppose, the past few weeks have been super crazy. I've been training for the sport festival, will you watch?"

"Yeah I'll watch!" Inasa cheers. You chuckle at how enthusiastic he was.

You slide your feet into the house slippers and exited your room while the snow melted. It was early, your grandmother was still sleeping but she would no doubt be awake to the smell of coffee as you put a cup into your kuerig and turned it on. The water heated up while you found a mug to place into the deposit.

You listened to his excited rambling about Shiketsu, the coffee machine beeped and you picked up your mug, drinking it straight. You chuckle with closed lips as you swallow while he boasts about to great he is in his hero course.

You look out the window while you sipped your coffee but you sputtered. The drink leaving your lips and splashing to the ground as you choke. You set your coffee down and swallow the rest.

"Hey, you okay? What's wrong?"

"Nothing! My drink just went down the wrong pipe! But I gotta go I'll talk to you later I promise!" You set your coffee cup down and fumbled with your slippers.

"Okay. I'll talk to you later (Y/n)!"


You toss your phone and it lands on the sofa. You just saw some blonde hair run by your apartment and you weren't about to miss it. You push your feet into some running shoes and kick your toe against the inner step. You fling the door open and rush out. Jogging down the street to catch up.


He didn't turn around and he kept running.

"BAKUGOU!" You scream, running faster. You had to talk to him, you hadn't spoken to him a the past two weeks due to training and classwork.

He stopped running at the sound of his name and he turned around, yanking an earbud out of his ear he grimaced as his eyes landed on your running form. He surprisingly waited for you to catch up and he sneered at you.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"Dude what are you talking about this is my neighborhood you ran past my house half a block back!" You tossed a thumb over your shoulder and he looked down the street.

"Thanks for warning me I won't run here anymore." He snorted, you frowned and caught his wrist before he could turn around.


He did, he stared at you patiently.

"I want to talk to you." You let go of his wrist and fidgeted, standing awkwardly while Bakugou took you in. Your lips were a little blue and you were in nothing but a tank top and yoga pants. You were panting heavily since you had to sprint to catch up. He folded his arms across his chest while he eyed your body.

Bakugou sighs.

"You said you lived up the street? Let's go back to your place, we can talk." He agreed after a few moments. You breath relief, certain he would say no.

"Come on, it's still pretty early I'll make you some coffee too."

He nods his head and follows behind you, walking instead of running back to your house. Your eyes widen as you continue to walk, your room was a fucking mess and you left half a cup of coffee on the ground in your kitchen.

"Uh- let's go to that park instead? It'll be quieter and I don't want to disturb my grandmother."

"Whatever, make it quick I'm training." He gruffs.

You nod your head.

It doesn't take long for you to reach your home. Bakugou decides to wait outside while you change into something a little more practical. You cleaned up the coffee. Threw a towel on the wet corner of your room.

You changed into a pair of sport leggings and a band t-shirt that you liked. AJ-Fri was one of your favorites. You pick up your phone and dust yourself with a smidge of makeup to make it look like you slept.

You left a note for your grandmother, hoping it wouldn't be too out of place since you stated you were going for a run instead of out with a friend.

A friend.

Could Bakugou be considered a friend?

You would decide it later as you walked out of your house. Bakugou was sitting on the steps bobbing his head to some music on his phone. You patted his shoulder and he stood up.

Bakugou eyed your form again and took note of the band shirt. AJ-Fri was one of his favorites too. He shook it off anyway.

"Let's go, I don't have all day."

"Will we run?" You ask.

"If you can keep up with me, sure." He smirks and you frown. You get up and stretch, he does the same.

"The park?" Bakugou asks.

"The park." You confirm.

You to mark and as if some announcer in the distance fired a shot into the air you both sprinted off at the same time. You could keep up with him. You would keep up with him. You had to take longer strides to keep in time with him since you were shorter than him.

It was easy to take your own direction since not many people were on the sidewalks this early. It was only 6:30 but all the same, the sun had yet to reach it's peak, giving you a gorgeous view of the sunrise as you ran. The adrenaline you had during your early training session started to pump through your veins again and your eyes shown the color of dawn as you and Bakugou ran side by side.


His hand slapped against the side of the swing set just before yours and you ran a couple more feet before stopping. You collapsed in the cool grass, panting and he stood on the other side of you, hands on his knees and he panted too. Bakugou stood up and took place on his designated swing set.

"Oi, get up storm warning, you're over reacting it wasn't even two miles."

"We. . . Were in. . . Full sprint. . . How can you. . . Move?" You say. Panting in between words as you try to catch your breath.

Bakugou snorts and you feel yourself being lifted up. Your butt finds the swing and you hold the chains and Bakugou situated you on your swing. You blush as his hands brush your thighs but you say nothing. You don't say anything about the light pink in Bakugou cheeks too, sure that it's just from the run.

"Thank you."

"Whatever," Bakugou plops down into his own seat again and he pushes off with his feat, the chain creaking under the weight of him swinging back and fourth, you start to kick your feet out and soon your swinging with him.

"What did you wanna talk to me about?" He calls over the chain.

You and Bakugou fall in synch with the swinging and you giggle happily like a child as you lean your head back to look at the Orange sky again.

"It's about my scar."

"Ah, so you finally wanna talk about that shit huh. I already apologized the fuck more do you want?"

You jump of the swing and land gracefully off the ground. Bakugou follows your lead but rolls into his landing instead of purely sticking it. You sit down in the grass next to him, shoving his shoulder playfully. He shoves you back and you laugh a bit, he smiles but quickly hides it as you sit up again.

"I just want to talk about it okay. No particular reason. It's not like I have anything to get off my chest-"

"Besides your bra?"

"Oh my God, shut up!" You give him another shove but he doesn't budge with how light it was. He continues to look at you with playfully lit eyes, face soft but serious at the same time and you pause. You eyes catch dark fabric beneath his gray jacket along with a familiar logo. You take the zipper of his jacket and pull it down. He stiffens as you pull it open. He protests but you look at his AJ-Fri band shirt. The same one you wore. You thumb the material and he looks away.

"You really are a fucking whore, undressing me in a park, who does that." Bakugou grits, looking away so you don't see the flame of his face.

"I didn't know you liked AJ-Fri."

"What the fuck of it?"

"Nothing I just, we have something in common." You shrug and let go of his shirt. He grabs your shoulders and pushes you down in the grass. You yelp as your back his the hound and he swings his leg over, pining you down.

"What are you-!?"

"Shut up, just stay still." He mumbles.

He looks at you beneath him, hair splayed out in all directions, cheeks flushed, sweat on your forehead, almost shaking beneath him as your chest heaved in air. Bakugou eyed you seriously and you kept his gaze some how, getting lost in his blood red gaze. Somehow, your anger left while he looked at you. Everything you wanted to tell at him for about the USJ, about the past week, everything you were missed off at faded and got sucked into his eyes. If you couldn't say "fuck you" anymore. Then you would try to say "thank you" he did save you afterall. More from yourself than from anyone else.

Bakugou let go of your shoulders and brushes a piece of hair from your face. That caused you to look away and he smirked. The sexual tension was killing him, neither of you had said anything of the subject of sex since your rather lewd phonecall. Bakugou didn't understand how much he wanted you beneath him until now. Not even beneath him, on top of him, next to him, legs thrown over his shoulders or around his waist, hands clawing at his back for more, whines and whimpers against his neck. He shook his head and got off you but you laid there on the ground.

Bakugou, realising you wouldn't get up again, laid next to you on the grass. Putting his hands behind his head and you both averted for eachothers gazes.

"Anyway. . . I wanted to say thank you." You rub the scar tissue on your neck and he turns to you. He touches the scar tissue as well and shakes his head.

"Now why the fuck would you thank me," you let his fingers trace the skin but you don't answer, "(Y/n)," he said your name holy fuck, "why?" He asks again.

"Well, all I remember was red. And walking. I remember being so angry and scared and then I-" you pause and he keeps his eyes on you. "I was worried for you guys, you and Kirishima. I had to do more than sit down after a single punch."

"But you didn't just get punched. You got slammed into All Might after you pushed me out of the-" he freezes. His memory flashing his eyes. You were the one who pushed him out of the way. You saved him from something that could've been awful. He could've been killed. But you took it instead. If it had been Deku to take that hit he would've been furious, sure that Midoriya would've looked down on him like he wouldn't be able to take a hit.

But you took it instead.

You almost died.

He nearly killed you twice.

Bakugou felt his throat swell with an unknown emotion, and a growl rumbled through him.

"You pushed me out of the way."

You turn your head towards him, his eyes dark and he looks angry. You bite your lip. "Please don't get angry at me for saving you, I'm not mad at you for saving me."

Your eyes widen as your pulled onto his chest. His arms wrapping around your back to squeeze you into him. Your cheeks squish up against his pectoral and you blush. Is this his version of a hug? You weren't complaining, he practically had D cups and both were muscly pillows you would gladly bury your face in.

"Why are you thanking me?! You should be screaming at me! Hitting me! Tearing me a new one!" Bakugou calls out and you hug him back. He sits up with you in his lap and you shush him as he squeezes the life out of you.

"You idiot! I could've killed you! You could've died, if not for me you wouldn't have this fucking scar, you wouldn't have gotten put in the hospital-"

"Bakugou, you don't know that. You saved my life like I saved yours. I saved your life because I care about you,"

'More than I care about myself.' You continue inwardly.

"I never asked you to care." He grunts, shaking.

"I never needed your permission." You murmur softly.

He shakes his head and his arms leave you. You sit in his lap rubbing his shoulders a little more while he calms down. His red face turning to his pale skin, you hum softly.

"I'm not weak." He mutters.

"I know."

"I don't need saving."

"I know that too."

"I don't need you."

". . . But you want me."

He says nothing more and you both fall silent as the sun rises a little more. You both sit a little longer. The silence is comforting and so is the clammy hands the find your waist. This is the official start of your friendship with Bakugou Katsuki.


You push yourself out of bed and rub your arms. Yesterday you took a day of relaxation with your new friend Bakugou. You spent the day outside in less clothes than normal and you were completely fine for the entire day and night. You didn't sneeze or cough and your limbs didn't ache as you walk to your closet.

Today was the day of the U.A. Sports Festival and your bones shook with excitement.

The smell of coffee drew you into your reality more and more. The only problem was that your grandmother didn't male you coffee, she made you tea. You get dressed into your school uniform and peak of your your room. You see the back of a white shirt that doesn't belong to your grandmother and you frown. Your dad was home again sipping coffee at the kitchen island.

You grimace at the sight but continue to walk, fully intent on ignoring him. You walk into the kitchen, nose high and you pour yourself the rest of the coffee that was left in the pot. Which wasn't much.

'Inconsiderate bastard.' You think to yourself grumbling. You down what was left, not turning around to look at him. The sound off a coffee mug being set down and papers hitting the table made you flinch.

"What happened with your classmate a couple weeks ago?" Your father hisses.

"Remind me what I did a couple weeks ago and maybe I'll tell you." You sass back, knowing fully well he was talking about you yelling at Todoroki. You weren't surprised he was worried about that brat instead of you. Kiri said he visited you in the hospital and left flowers for you but it's not like he talked to you about that.

Anger boiled under your skin, he didn't even stay long enough for you to wake up. He didn't talk to you at all after the experience. He didn't bother to see you either. He didn't ask how school was. Or how you were. Because he didn't give a shit.

He didn't give a fuck.

You slam your coffee cup down and it shatters. Spilling all over yourself, burning your hand, and cutting your fingers. You breath heavily trying to compose yourself. He didn't fucking deserve to see how you felt.

He was talking, he might have even been screaming but you weren't listening. You were sweeping the glass back on the counter and taking off your jacket.


No, you shut him out again. Blocking your ears to a dull ringing. You walk by .him, shaking off the hand that bruises your shoulder. You slap his hands away and step into your flats instead of your boots. You leave as fast as you can. Unaware of the tears that stream down your face. And you walk. Cradling a bleeding hand to your chest and making the white blouse red.

"Hey! (Y/n) is that you?!" A loud voice calls. You turn around since it wasn't the voice of your bastard of a father.

Kaminari runs towards you, a smile on his face but it falls as soon as he sees your tear stained cheeks and your bloody hand.

"Woah, hey what happened?!" He takes your wrist and you yank it back.

"None of your buisness, just leave me alone." You snivel.

"Hey, not when you're hurt, I'm your friend aren't I? Let me help." His voice is calmer and he reaches for your hand again, you let him take it and he makes a quick examination. You guess he wasn't as stupid as he seemed. Then again he tended to spout random information out of no where.

He sighed and took his jacket off. He wrapped it around your hand and you wince. "Let's get to school, you can see Recovery Girl before the tournament starts."

"Alright, thanks." You wipe your eyes with the unbloodied sleeve and Kaminari gets the other eye with his thumb. He offers to hold your bag for you but you decline, more focussed on keeping your hand covered as you walk to the train station.

"I don't usually see you on my route." He notes.

"I always leave much later than this, and sometimes I go to Kirishima's place first."

"How come you're leaving so early then? Is it because of your hand?"

You shake your head before you pause and shrug. "I guess so, I don't really feel like talking about it if you don't mind."

"Yeah that's okay, but, I'm here if you need to rant or vent. Knowing myself I'll forget it right afterwards." He chuckles, enlightening a giggle from you.

Atleast his antics could make you bubble a little bit. You his your hand and shirt well enough on the train. Kaminari let you take a seat while he stood next to you. His flirty jokes and wiggling eyebrows made you smile again.

It didn't take long before both of you were walking into the school ground, pushing past reporters to enter through the gates. He goes to the boys locker room to change and you head straight to Recovery Girl. The interaction you had with him, though small, made your heart not feel as achey as it did when you walked out of your home.

"For heavens sake it's not even the sports festival yet and I already have you in my office? What happened?"

Recovery Girl facepalms and you offer a nervous chuckle as you remove the jacket from your hand and show her your palm.

"Goodness gracious!" She picked up a towel and gauze and began to clean your hand. Much more keen on kissing a clean wound instead of a bloodied lint covered one. You since as she pulls a piece of ceramic from your hand and tosses it in the trash.

"What happened?" She asks again and you sigh.

"I got into a fight with my dad and broke a coffee mug." You grumble.

She slaps you up the back of the head and you yelp. Rubbing the spot as she continues to clean your hand.

"Don't let your anger consume you child. It does nothing but wretch your energy from you. I bet you feel kinda tired huh?"

You look away, "a little."

The white haired women pats your leg and gives you a granola bar.

"What's the point in giving him satisfaction? You getting angry and hurting yourself only does him good. Not you. Emotions are a complex, and unable to be understood to the fullest. Because while you convey one thing," Recovery Girl picks up your wounded hand and you hold it freely, "someone else sees another." She holds up your other hand and you hold it freely.

You nod your head in understanding. "I shouldn't have gotten angry, I'm sorry for coming in so early." You state.

Recovery Girl waves you off. "Nonsense, it's what I'm here for. Though I do wish you'd stay out of my office I have a feeling you'll be sticking around."

You chuckle sheepishly, rubbing the back of your neck, "yes ma'am."

With your stomach full,, hand healed, and spirits lifted you finally change into your U.A. Gym uniform. You took the longer version of the jacket and kept a black t-shirt on instead of a tank top. You drank from a bottle of water as you walked out of the locker room and into the class 1-A prep room, but you sputter at the scene before you.

Midoriya was borderline of a fucking panic attack, patting his chest as he breathed heavily, Iida was screaming like a bat out of hell. And some of the boys were complaining about not wearing their costumes. What really made your eyes wide was the statement that Todoroki started randomly making.

"I'm stronger than you, Midoriya."

Everyone seemed to turn their heads at that. Midoriya, being him of-fucking-course, agreed to the rather heinous statement. You growl, setting your gym bag down to the side you lean against the wall as he continues to speak.

"All Might has his eye on you doesn't he? I won't pry into that, but I'm gonna be the one to come out on top today." He grunts, face void of any sort of emotion and that just pissed you off further.

You try to keep cool.

'Remember what recovery girl said'

"Ooooo, a declaration of war from the strongest in the class?" Kaminari coos, the heat radiating off your body causing him to make a joke. How you appreciated his want to make you calm, it wasn't needed.

Kirishima claps a hand on the bicoloured male, "Hey man, why pick a fight right now? We're about to head out!"

Todoroki wretched his shoulder from your best friends grasp and you sneered, looking away, avoid conflict, don't get tired, fight later, win.

"I really don't care," Todoroki snaps back at Kirishima, the tone made you look back at the pair. "I'm not here to make friends."

"Hey why don't you just take a step back you little-" you begin to walk towards him but Sero grabs tour wrist as Midoriya starts talking.

"Todoroki I'm not really sure why you felt a need to tell me this, you're clearly stronger, and I can't measure up to a lot of people here,"

"Woah Midoriya, you don't need to think so badly of yourself-" Kirishima starts.

"But," The green bean continues, "everyone here is aiming for the top, even students that aren't in the hero course, and I'm not going to fall behind everyone anymore. I'm going at this with everything I've got."

Everyone falls silent for a beat. You look at Bakugou, a pissed frown on his face and Todoroki isn't much different wearing his own frown.


A buzzer sounding off makes everyone stand and Sero let's go of you. You smile at him in a small thanks and he returns the smile. While plain, it's cute in its own way. You follow everyone out into the stadium feild and you recognize your English teacher over the P.A. system.

"ITS THE U.A. SPORTS FESTIVALLLLL!!! The one time each year our fledgling hero's compete in a ruthless and grand battle! FIRST UP! The miraculous rising stars who brushed off a villain attack with their power! THE FIRST YEARS OF THE HERO COURSE, CLASS 1-A!!"

You stick close to Kirishima and Bakugou over the roar of the crowd, feeling shy you wave to the camera that walks confront of you and shows all of your faces on the big screens of the stadium.

"They give us a lot of credit huh? But that's not gonna shake us is it (Y/n)?!" He cheers, eyes wandering the area and waving excitedly.

You chuckle and shrug, "maybe a little?"

"Not for me," Bakugou chimes in, "just gets me hella pumped!" He grunts maliciously.

You smile at him and Bakugou shoves you by the head, wearing a grin. Kirishima catches you and you walked to the center stadium together as the other classes are announced. You recognize wild purple hair from the right. General studies student.

A crack of a whip startled you from your staring and you stare at the podium. Your scandalous looking teacher makes you smack your forehead.

"And now it's time for an athletes oath! Everybody like down now for tour class repisentative, CLASS 1-A's Bakugou Katsuki!"

Everyone else is just as surprised as you.

"It's Kacchan!?" Midoriya yelps.

"He did get first place in the entrance exam." Sero shrugs.

"First in the Hero Course entrance exam you mean." Some random blonde girl stares directly at Sero and you frown. Who put a stick up her ass?

Bakugou walks up the pedestal and stands confront of the mic. You audibly gulp with Midoriya in anticipation.

"I just wanna say," he pauses, silence washing over the crowd, "I'm gonna win."

Oh god, nobody liked that, not even you! The crowd booed him while other students around you yelled profanities at him. Even Kirishima seemed outraged by his words.



Bakugou pushed a downward thumb at the rest of the students.

"Don't get mad you're all gonna be the perfect stepping stones to my victory!" Bakugou called. He wasn't smiling about his self proclaimed victory that had yet to be one.

"OVER CONFIDENT JERK!" Tetsutetsu yells at him as Bakugou steps down from the pedestal. Midoriya looks at him with a calculating gaze but says nothing. Bakugou keeps his eyes on you. Shoving Midoriya with his shoulder as he passes him by, he continues to wear a frown as he saddles up next to you.

"You really aren't gonna lose huh?" You ask and he tsks.

"Not in a million years."

"And taking the rest of the class down with you?" You inquire.

"Like I said, stepping stones."

Midnight picks up the Mic again and showcases the stadium screen. "Now without further delay let's get the events started!" The crowd turns into a flurry of cheers again and you straighten up.

"The fateful first event iiiissss?!!" She turns to the board and it flashes. Your eyes widen.

"An obstacle course race!"

Everyone shuffles to a side of the stadium, luckily your up with Bakugou and Kirishima in the board of students as Midnight explains the course while you strain to hear.

It's a race between every member of the eleven classes of the first year, four kilometers around the stadium. Full ability to use your quirk as long as you stay within the course.

"Racers to your positions!"

You mind suddenly goes blank as your heart pounds in your chest. You habe to win. You have to prove that you're worth something. You have to prove that you can be a hero. A graduate of U.A. The top hero school in all of Japan. In all of the world. You had to give just a little more for it to be enough.

'I have to tell the world. . . That I can be a hero. . . That I am worth something!"

The bell rings.