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Tangibly Frangible

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Chapter 4

It had been a long day, and everyone was bone tired as the group gathered to prepare for the next day. Tomorrow, there would be the press briefing, and JJ was concentrating on that – becoming familiar with the relevant facts and going over the itinerary until she could no longer keep her eyes open. Mac and Emily were discussing tomorrow's visit to the crime scene at the Finger Lakes, while Reid and Morgan prepared to visit the scene in Trafford, and Hotch and Rossi discussed strategies for picking up Mr. Abilene from the lock up in Ohio. No one could remember who started it, but soon a round of yawning erupted – passing from one person to the next, until Agent Hotchner decided to put an end to it.

"I think we can all agree that a good night's rest is the next logical course of action." He watched as each person in the room turned their attention his way. "Let's call it a night. We've all got our assignments for tomorrow, and we'll reconvene in the afternoon for an update."

Murmurs of agreement were quickly followed by a mass exodus – each to their respective rooms and Mac to her home. She was looking forward to some quality time with her lover, having already called Carla during a brief lull earlier in the day to tell her about JJ. Mac had told her long ago about the beautiful blonde girl who had stolen her teenaged heart. She kept nothing from this woman who had been the only one to help her heal. She hoped Carla would be awake when she got home. She needed their connection now more than ever.

When Mac had first arrived at her aunt's home in Arizona, she'd been extremely sullen and introverted. Although her aunt was a favorite family member, Mac had remained in her shell, heart broken and world-weary at the age of seventeen. Almost a year would pass before the redhead would be of legal age, and she'd planned to make her getaway as a birthday gift to herself. When one was so young, a year seemed like an eternity and, although Mac had still longed for JJ, the pain of her absence had gotten a bit easier to bear. And when she'd met a certain brown-eyed blonde, who gave her heart a second chance, she'd decided to stay.

Half an hour later, Mac pulled into her driveway, and wearily, she made her way to the porch, fumbling with her key in the porch light. Finally, she got her slightly trembling hands to cooperate and opened the door. Stepping into the living room, she basked in the familiar surroundings and quickly noticed that her lover was not on the couch. Silence was her only company at the moment, and she sighed as she realized her lover – not expecting her to come home this early – had probably gone to bed. Carla was an ER nurse and made the most of her downtime by catching up on lost sleep, and Mac was loath to wake her. Of course, she knew Carla would welcome the disturbance, and so she made her way to the bedroom.

The room was dark with just a sliver of moonlight casting a stream of silver across the pale blue bedspread. Mac moved slowly into the room, shedding her clothes as quietly as possible, before grabbing a tank top and boxers from her dresser. She stood naked in the moonlit room, gazing at her sleeping lover and wishing with all her heart to see brown eyes peering back at her from the bed. When her wish remained unfulfilled, she turned and entered the bathroom, washing up quickly before joining her sleeping lover.

Mac turned off the light before opening the door and, although her eyes hadn't quite adjusted, made her way quickly to the bed. She wasn't paying attention and was startled when she felt hands grab her hips. "Hey, you're awake," she stated the obvious to her lover, who was now sitting on the edge of the bed.

Carla chuckled and slipped her hands under Mac's tank top. "Uh huh. I watched you undress, and then watched you standing naked in the moonlight." Hands moved up Mac's torso. "I was just about to let you know I was awake when you turned to go into the bathroom. I thought I'd wait for you to come out, maybe get you to stand naked in the moonlight for me again." She lifted the tank top up, and Mac pulled it off, tossing it aside as Carla started to slip her boxers down over her hips. Mac stepped out of the boxers as soon as they hit the floor. "Spread your legs for me." Carla asked, and Mac acquiesced as the blonde slid a hand up Mac's inner thigh and cupped her mound.

"Oh God." Mac moaned as her lover's fingers began dancing over her labia, swirling through the wetness and gently circling her clit. Mac watched as Carla sat back a bit, slid her hand a little lower, and slipped inside her. "Carla." She moaned again, struggling to stay on her feet when, suddenly, her nipple was captured by her lover's mouth, sucking and biting, as fingers surged between her legs. The twin sensations were wreaking havoc on Mac's senses and her legs began to shake uncontrollably. "God, baby, I can't..." Mac swallowed hard as the blonde slipped off the bed to kneel in front of her. As soon as Carla's tongue touched her clit, she fell forward, leaning on the bed as her lover continued her ministrations. Mac's hips surged against the welcomed mouth, her arms trembling from the strain of holding herself up. Within moments, orgasm ripped through her, and she collapsed forward onto the bed.

It took some time for Mac to recover enough to realize she'd somehow ended up under the covers with her lover spooned behind her. "Oh God, baby, what did you do to me?" Mac turned to face the smirking blonde.

"I've still got it, don't I?" Carla said as she brushed a few loose strands of red hair behind Mac's ear. 

"Got it? You never lost it baby!" Mac smiled as she leaned forward to capture her lover's lips. "Now, let me see if I've still got it."


On the other side of the city, JJ keyed the door and entered her hotel room, shedding clothes as soon as the door snicked shut. Making her way to the bathroom, she quickly performed her nightly ablutions and stumbled to the bed. She barely had the strength to lift the covers, and no sooner had her head hit the pillow, she was fast asleep. Being thrust into the midst of unspeakable crimes and coming face to face with the perpetrators of those crimes had always taken a toll on JJ. This case was no different from all the others; as a matter of fact, it was one of the less disturbing cases the blonde had been a part of. The extraneous circumstances, however, were sapping what small amount of energy JJ had, and seeing Mac again was wreaking havoc on her psyche.

For a few hours, JJ slept the sleep of the thoroughly exhausted, and then slowly, she began to dream. Her dream was a disjointed series of snapshots – some of her now, some of her as a teenager, and some with a teenaged Mac. Then suddenly, the dream grew darker – past crime scenes, victims, unsubs, finally culminating in the locker room at East Allegheny High School. JJ walked up to her old locker and opened it, coming face to face with a blue-eyed blonde. She stared at her own image peering back at her from the interior of the locker. She had to get out of there, but it seemed she couldn't move. Just as panic was about to overwhelm her, JJ felt arms wrap around her from behind, but instead of being frightened, she felt a sense of comfort wash over her. She turned into the arms that held her and gazed into grey-blue eyes. Tilting her head slightly, JJ pressed a kiss to the redhead's lips.

"Mac," she murmured against the soft lips of her friend. Mac had always been there for her, they were so right together and she needed her so much. Soon, the scene shifted to JJ's old room in her parent's home. Mac had just locked the door and turned toward her, causing a shiver to run through JJ at the look on the redhead's face. "Mac," she murmured once again as the redhead captured her lips, never losing contact as she lowered her to the bed. Next thing she knew, they were both naked, and Mac was kissing her way down her body – stopping in all the right places along the way. JJ was writhing beneath her lover and moaned loudly when Mac finally tasted her. She was so close to climax, and she knew how much Mac liked to look into her eyes, so with a supreme effort she opened them, expecting to see darkened grey-blue… instead, she was met with the nearly black eyes of Emily Prentiss.

JJ awoke in the throes of her climax, and as she struggled to regain her control, the image of desire-darkened brown eyes burned into her soul. She trembled, and gasped, curling into a ball and sobbing uncontrollably for the love she'd lost and the love she'd never have.