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Long Term

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Bakugou Katsuki has always been an alpha. Even before he presented, he was taught over and over again about restraint and how to treat omegas and what being an alpha entails. He fucking knows how to exist around omegas.


He’s never even been attracted to any of those whiny little shits, so his alpha screaming at him to mate this one is pretty out of character. He’s lucky he decided to come to this stupid park alone or he would’ve missed his chance to claim his omega.


He doesn’t even understand exactly why he wants this one, maybe it’s the smooth skin or the big red eyes or maybe the pretty smile.. Doesn’t matter. This one is his.


He watches him break off from his group to go to the restroom and Katsuki is thanking every god he can think of for the fact it’s a single room bathroom with a convenient little lock.


Bakugou easily slips in behind him and locks the door. Perfect, he can claim him here. His omega looks so cute when he’s surprised.


“W-Who are you? Where’s Mommy?”



God, he smells so fucking good, even when distressed. Katsuki doesn’t give him time to react before he’s pushed the boy against the wall and ripped his little t-shirt off. His skin really is perfect, with a cute little tummy to match. He wonders if he can make that tummy swell.


His little omega is so sweet, sure he’s maybe over ten years younger than Bakugou, but that doesn’t matter when it comes to fated mates. The kid isn’t even screaming, just whining a little as he starts to cry.


“Stop stressing, it’s fine.”


That distracts him enough for Katsuki to pull off the boy’s shorts before he picks him up. Even at this angle he has to dip down uncomfortably to lick into his small mouth.


He doesn’t pay any mind to the little limbs kicking and pushing against him as he pulls out his cock and rubs it on the tiny slit. Fuck, it’s so small, Bakugou had to check to make sure there even is a slit there.


He has to cover the kid’s mouth when his crying gets too loud when he pushes in. The only thing holding him up is the wall and Katsuki’s hips, he’s still fighting like mad to be let down.


“Omega, stop.”


He hasn’t really gotten the hang of his alpha voice yet, but apparently it’s enough based on how the little boy goes almost completely limp and stares at him with giant wet eyes. Beautiful.


He pulls his hand away so he can go down and kiss his omega as he starts fucking him for the first time. It makes sense that it’s a little uncomfortable, but he didn’t expect the kid to be in that much pain.


His little fists are white-knuckling Katsuki’s hoodie and his face is completely scrunched up in pure agony. Bakugou lets out as much of a calming scent as he can when he shoves his way deeper, past some barrier inside, and the boy looks like he might pass out.


His struggling comes back in earnest as Katsuki’s knot starts to bump his opening with every thrust. Bakugou doesn’t have the state of mind to subdue him, all he can focus on is the suffocatingly tight heat around his cock as he fucks into him violently.


The little boy turns his face away from Katsuki’s mouth to wail while he’s being pounded into the wall, but Bakugou doesn’t mind. In fact, it’s helpful. Now he has a clear view of his small scent gland.


The kid bites through his own lip when the knot he’s much too small to take, finally pops inside of him. The first few inches of Katsuki’s dick push past his cervix even farther as cum is pumped straight into his small womb.


Little guy doesn’t even notice the teeth sinking into his shoulder.


Bakugou basks in the afterglow of claiming his omega and looks down at the beautiful boy, sobbing and wailing on his knot. He’s in love.


But he feels like he’s been splashed with cold water when he hears someone walking near the bathroom. What the fuck did he just do?


He knotted a fucking child, he’s barely even in high school and his life could be ruined because of this. Holy fuck this is bad. He needs to get out of here.


That’s the only thought on his mind as he rips his knot out of the little omega.


Key word, rips.


The kid just stares at him with horrified eyes as they both hear a splat of blood and cum hit the tiled floor. Katsuki drops him like he’s a hot coal and he nearly doubles over. The boy must be in shock, there’s no way he would be this quiet if he was feeling that.


“Y-You broke it.”


He starts grabbing handfuls of toilet paper to try and stop the blood gushing from his torn hole and his whining increases in volume with every handful that comes away soaked.


“Alpha, why?”


The kid is damn near hyperventilating when someone knocks on the door.


“Baby? You’ve been in there a while. You alright?”




Katsuki feels like he’s in a fucking nightmare. Between the little boy freaking out while looking up at him for help, and what’s probably the boy’s mother knocking on the door, this is fucking worse than his nightmares.


“Honey? Answer Mommy please.”


Bakugou acts on instinct for the second time that day. He pulls up his hood, opens the door, shoves past the woman, and runs like his life depends on it.


He runs faster when he hears her shriek.

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His parents ask about the blood stains in his lap and he says something about a nose bleed before locking himself in his bathroom. What. The. Fuck.


He sits on the floor in the shower for probably an hour and then another hour after he turns off the water.


He’s never been more disgusted, conflicted, and content before in his life. He’s fucking horrified more than anything else, at himself and at the prospect of getting caught. But the fact he already misses his little omega makes him sick to his stomach. What the hell is wrong with him?


He has nightmares and wet dreams about the little black haired boy for years.

As time passes, Katsuki gets less worried about anyone finding out, and the boy’s features fade in his memory. He focuses on school and doesn’t participate in any talk of mates or dating.




Katsuki’s changed a lot since he was a teenager. He got a few piercings, bulked up a bit, fucking learned how to use eyeliner, and finally got that undercut everyone had been suggesting for years.


He’s pretty confident in his casual image. Not that he isn’t confident at work without his makeup and piercings. He fucking knows he’s still hot, and if he ever forgets, there are plenty of starstruck men and women to remind him.


Engineering explosives doesn’t sound like a glamorous or high paying job, but he can easily disprove that misconception.


Sure it fucking sucked at the beginning when he got shit materials and had to “work with others”. But once he was able to start up his own company, it was all champagne and high rises (after a few years). So it’s safe to say he’s doing very well financially.


The only “problem” is his lack of a mate. He doesn’t fucking need one, and he definitely doesn’t want one, but everyone who’s ever met him asks about his status and he’s fucking tired of it. He gets as much social contact as he can handle from his needy ass friends and parents.


Of course, he’s had his fair share of one night stands over the years but nothing he’d ever even want to pursue past that.


And it’s not like he goes out anywhere he can meet people, aside from his usual bar. But the fuckers there know to leave him alone. If he wants to interact he’ll fucking initiate it.


He’s definitely going to initiate it tonight.


It’s not rare for him to see a new face in his bar, but it’s definitely rare for any of them to catch his eye. But in all honesty, it’d be hard to keep your gaze off of the mountain of muscle talking to the bartender.


He looks almost like a lion. Of course, if a lions mane was firetruck red. And the lion was pushing 6’5”, easy. And the lion had the body of adonis and a fucking perfect face. Okay, well, he’s definitely more fuckable than a lion.


Shit, he’s laughing at something stupid Sero said. Honestly, Katsuki doesn’t dislike the bartender at all, but right now he’s painfully jealous. Lion man should be smiling at him.


“Who the fuck are you?”


Admittedly, not the best opening line.


The gorgeous shit head turns to him with the remnants of a smile on his face before looking Bakugou up and down. Slowly.


“Hmm, why should I tell you?”


Katsuki would probably be pissed at anyone else giving him attitude, but fuck if that smirk isn’t the sexiest thing he’s ever seen.


“Because I might beat your ass if you don’t.”


“Oooh I’m sure you would.”


Bakugou is about to react to the fucking wink he just got, when he gets hit by the best scent he’s smelled in years. Shit, there’s definitely an omega in here with a very attractive and.. somewhat familiar scent.


“Uh, dude? You okay there?”


He’s apparently been sitting and just sniffing the air for a little too long because redhead’s previously flirty look has turned into one of confusion.


“You telling me you don’t smell that, shitty hair?”


“Hey! My hair is manly. And you’re gonna have to be more specific, man. I’m smelling a lot of things right now.”


He pointedly looks at Bakugou’s scent gland in a way that makes him shiver.


It’s not usual he’s the one being hit on by a guy who’s actually his type, not many alphas are really open to fucking or getting fucked by other alphas.


“Somebody smells like.. sweet, grass or some shit.”


The lion man suddenly looks ridiculously sheepish.


“Uh, I think that might be me, bro.”


“No dumbass, it’s an omega.”


“Hah, yeah..”


Bakugou doesn’t actually think before he’s in the guy’s space, sticking his nose on his neck, and inhaling.


He only realizes what he’s doing when he fucking licks this stranger’s scent gland and hears a needy whine come from him.


“Gonna tell me your name yet, shitty hair?”




It’s probably about two minutes later that he’s making out with Kirishima in the bathroom.


Fuck, this guy’s the hottest thing Katsuki’s ever seen. Ridiculous hair that’s surprisingly soft and actually works for him, softer skin than any beta or alpha he’s had sex with, fucking beautiful face.


But also thick muscles and strong hands and how the fuck is an omega taller than Bakugou?


He’s rutting against Kirishima’s thigh like a horny rabbit while their mouths make lewd noises even louder than the music. He feels like he’s about to pop a knot from kissing alone and he slides his hand down the redhead’s pants.


The second Katsuki’s fingers get anywhere near his prize, he’s shoved away. Hard.


“Fuck, sorry. Just, not in here, alright? We can go to my apartment.”


Well, he does have a point. Fucking in a bar bathroom is pretty gross.


“No. I live a block away, shitty hair. We’ll go to mine.”




The walk to his building is more like a run, and it’s not long before he’s got the fucking ideal specimen in only his boxers on Katsuki’s bed.


“You look so pretty like this.”


Kirishima just mewls and tries to buck his hips even with Bakugou’s hands holding them down. Fuck, aren’t omega dicks supposed to be small? This guy’s packing a beta sized.. at least.




That paired with seeing this beautiful man panting and looking at Katsuki with pure need is enough to make him lose all restraints.


He’s in between a fully naked Kirishima’s legs in no time. But just as soon as he gets down there, he’s pulled right back up.


“Don’t look at it. Just fuck me.”


Well, he’s definitely not going to argue with that, even if he did really want to eat the guy out.


Sinking into Kirishima just feels.. right. He’s never been this excited about anyone he’s brought home and he can easily see why. It’s like he was made for Bakugou. Everything he does is perfect.


His whines and moans coming out far prettier and melodic than his speaking voice, strong legs wrapping around Katsuki’s hips to meet his thrusts, one large hand gripping the sheets by his head while the other leaves claw marks down Bakugou’s back. He looks like a fucking fantasy.


Katsuki is pretty fucking proud that by the time he actually knots him, Kirishima has come at least four times. Maybe he’ll want to come back. Not that Bakugou needs him to come back. He just, wouldn’t be against it.


He maneuvers around so that he’s spooning the omega and tugs a blanket over them as he plants kisses on his neck and Kirishima coos. He’s more comfortable than he’s been in a long time. Wait-


“Are you fucking mated??!”


He feels the redhead tense and whimper a bit before answering.


“No, I was.. I didn’t want them to bite me, they just did.”


Well now Bakugou feels like the biggest asshole in the world. He can’t see Kirishima’s face, but he thinks he might be crying. Nice going, Katsuki.


“Hey, shh.”


He’s admittedly not good at comforting people, but Kirishima seems to put himself together and relax again pretty quick.


Of course, until Bakugou opens his big dumb mouth again.


“Are you on birth control?”


“I’m infertile.”


“You don’t smell infertile.”


“It’s not hormonal it’s fucking scar tissue dude, drop it.”


0-2 pillow talk.


They sit in awkward silence for a bit longer until Bakugou remembers one of the parts of being an alpha that he never uses, the calming aspect.


He nearly fucking purrs as he nuzzles up to reach Kirishima’s scent gland with his own.


“Quit scenting me, asshole.”


Katsuki still can’t see his face but he can hear the smile in his voice as he rubs back.


“I’m sorry I was a dick. Just don’t want my knot in someone who’s got a mate.”


He gets a huff and an accidental near kick in the face.


After Kirishima manages to get them facing each other, he kisses Bakugou in a way that will ruin him for all other kisses.


“It’s not your fault.. I’m just sensitive about it I guess.”


They spend the rest of their time connected, laughing and kissing in ways far too tender to just be a one night stand.


Bakugou (easily) convinces Kirishima to stay the night, and the next morning.


He tries convincing him to quit his job and move in with him but Kirishima just laughs and says he “enjoys” working at a gym.


Luckily, it’s a gym nearby and also luckily, Kirishima doesn’t find it totally creepy that Katsuki shows up every time he’s working. Sometimes he’s even still in his business clothes.


Over the next few weeks Katsuki learns more about Eijirou and somehow ropes the perfect omega into being his boyfriend.


Of course, they still have some issues. Eijirou won’t have sex with the lights on, Bakugou gets too possessive when it comes to other alphas or that one ex of Ei’s that won’t leave him alone.


But overall it’s good, really good. Kirishima was worried at the beginning about how Katsuki would deal with his mating scar long term, but he seems to like it even more as time passes.


“Just pretend I’m the one who bit you, baby.”


The sentiment somehow makes his skin crawl and calms him at the same time. He doesn’t know if he likes when Bakugou says that.




It’s about six months into their relationship, Bakugou catches Kirishima with his pants down. Literally.


His big beautiful boyfriend is undressing for a shower and bends down to pull off his boxers when Katsuki sees it. The gnarly scar trailing between his holes.


He doesn’t mean to gasp, he really doesn’t, but that’s enough to let Eijirou know exactly what he saw. The door is slammed in his face and he has to beg his sobbing boyfriend for thirty minutes before he opens it.


“I’m fucking gross.”


“You aren’t gross. Look at me Eijirou. You’re beautiful.”


He’s got his own self hate burning in his stomach. Is there someone out there comforting their omega partner because of what he did?


He hadn’t really thought about that boy in years, but in a way he’s always in the back of his mind. He did the worst thing he could possibly do, and to a fucking kid.


But right now he needs to comfort the man he loves who is currently shaking on the floor with his head in his hands, his own guilt can wait.


It takes Eijirou so long to stop crying that Katsuki feels like time left them behind. Holding his lover, naked and vulnerable while incoherently wailing “He hurt me. He hurt me so bad Katsuki. I’m ruined.” for hours, felt like actual hell.


Once he gets Eijirou to the bed and he falls asleep in his arms, Bakugou has his own time to cry silently.

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It’s only a few days after their big emotional night when Katsuki wakes up to the sound of someone hacking in their bathroom. He’s out of bed and rubbing his boyfriend’s back in an embarrassingly short amount of time.


“Do you think it’s a stomach bug?”


“I don’t fucking know what it is, Kat. I feel like I’m dying.”


After a day of tending to a bedridden Kirishima who throws up every time he eats, Bakugou takes him to the doctor.


He stays in the waiting room until a dazed Kirishima walks out and requests very quietly that they go home. He doesn’t speak the whole car ride and goes back to bed almost immediately. Katsuki’s fucking worried.


Even more so when he finds Eijirou sobbing in their bed after he gets off the phone with the doctors office.


“I’m fucking pregnant.”


Katsuki’s heart stops for a second. A baby. Fuck, he wants Eijirou carrying his child more than anything, so why is his boyfriend choking on tears like someone died?


“But I thought-“


“I know! They fucking, told me, that sometimes..”


“Just breathe, baby. I can wait.”


He feels a little guilty for how excited he is that Eijirou will be “stuck” with him in a way. He’s not stupid, he knows it’s not always exciting dating someone a decade older than you, and he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t terrified of Ei leaving him for someone his own age.


“Katsu, I’m gonna be sick again.”




It’s a few hours until Kirishima’s calmed down enough Katsuki thinks he’s ready to actually have a conversation.


“So, how did this happen?”


“The doctor said something like, that when someone is knotted and claimed when they’re really young it makes it hard for them to ever get pregnant. Unless they’re knotted over and over again or.. or if it’s the alpha who claimed them.”


Eijirou just sounds so tired, quite a contrast to Bakugou being near giddy at the fact his baby is growing inside his perfect omega, who’s also the love of his life.


“Why didn’t they tell you that before?”


“I don’t fucking know, Katsuki! Maybe they weren’t expecting my future partner to fuck me every night for a whole year!”


He lets out a sob again, but at least it’s only one this time.


“I’m sorry, Katsu, this isn’t your fault. I just can’t do this. I’m twenty four, I’m not ready for a baby!”


“Shh Eijirou, you’ll be an amazing parent. This will be great for us, it’s just scary right now.”


He makes a mental note to ask Eijirou later just how young he was when he was claimed, but a part of him is terrified of the answer.




Kirishima cries for almost a full month. Bakugou calls Eijirou’s gym to tell them he’s quitting and tends to him in bed when he can’t be bothered to get up. Katsuki reminds him every day that it’s only hormones making him feel like this, he’ll be happy about their baby later on.


Bakugou’s never been happier. Taking care of his pregnant omega is more gratifying than anything else he’s ever done. The only problem is Eijirou’s depression and the nagging guilty feeling Katsuki gets whenever he sees his mate’s claiming mark.


He’s kissing Ei’s mark while spooning him when he shrugs him off.


“If you knew what happened when I got that bite, you wouldn’t like it so much.”


Katsuki knows he’s going to regret this.


“So tell me.”


“I was fucking raped, Katsuki. Two days after I presented. Is that what you want to hear?”


He feels sick, but it’s not definitive enough.


“You can talk to me about it, Eiji. I’m here.”


“I left my moms for a second to go to the bathroom and he cornered me. I just remember being so scared and then he was inside me and it was worse than anything I’d ever felt. But he kept kissing me, like he was having sex with me and not raping a little kid in a park bathroom. And when he was done he- he tore me open, nearly bit my shoulder off, and left. There was so much blood. I just remember thinking I was gonna die, naked and fucking violated, with my mom crying and begging me to say something.”


Katsuki is doing his best not to throw up.


But Eijirou isn’t done. No, it wasn’t over for him the way it had been for Bakugou.


“Apparently, at the hospital, I cried for my “Aupha” for a week before I stopped talking. I know I didn’t talk for a long time. And I fucking pissed myself a hundred times because I was scared of the bathroom. Didn’t matter where I was, I just wouldn’t go in there. I remember my moms crying a lot around then. I- I fucking hated being an omega. I hated the mark more than anything. I tried to cover it, but it didn’t always work. And every time an adult saw it, they’d give me this sad look. It was like a flag that I had been raped. Then when I was a teenager, everyone just thought I was some omega slut who got mated too early. I think I sucked dick before I ever kissed anyone. I couldn’t even watch people kiss without getting sick. I was 22 and drunk when I actually had my first kiss.”




“You said you wanted to know.”


He gives a dry laugh before he gasps and makes a choked sob.


“Katsuki, are you hard?”


“Shh Eiji, I’ll make you forget all about it.”


He feels awful about the fact he’s the one who hurt him, he does, but he’s more turned on than he’s been in a long time. Honestly, since the park. He had already claimed Eijirou. He already belonged to Bakugou.


“Katsuki, I don’t want to. Stop, how are you you hard right now?”


He knows Eijirou’s trying to keep his pajama pants up, but he’s not trying hard enough.


“I love you. I want to be the only one.”


“Cut it out, Katsu. I don’t feel good.”


He’s trying to squirm away now that Bakugou’s managed to get his boxers pulled down and snaked a hand between his thighs.


“Stop fighting me Eijirou.”


The thing is, his alpha voice is almost perfect nowadays.


Kirishima goes limp with a whimper and a scrunched up face.


“Why are you doing this? After I told you-“


“Just focus on me. Don’t think about him right now.”


Eijirou cries out when Katsuki pushes in and he doesn’t know if it’s because of physical or emotional pain. Maybe both.


“Katsuki, fucking stop. Please!”


“Shh it’s okay, it’s just me. Don’t worry.”


He has a strong hold on Eijirou’s hip as he thrusts long and deep. It feels so amazing to be inside his pregnant mate that he can almost completely tune out Ei’s crying and begging.


He rubs soothing circles on his stomach when he starts pushing into him harder.


“I love you so much. Always loved you.”


He hopes Eijirou doesn’t read into that too much.


It gets to a point all that can be heard is Katsuki’s grunts and Eijirou’s whimpering. Bakugou reaches around to jerk him off and finds his boyfriend isn’t hard. At all. Well shit, Bakugou is way too close to do anything about that.


Katsuki’s knot feels more swollen than it’s ever been. It makes sense that Eijirou yelps when it finally pops in.


He outright screams when Katsuki leans down and claims his mate for the second time, almost twenty years after the first.

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He comes down from his high and feels fucking disgusted. He just re-traumatized the only fucker he’s ever loved.


“Eijirou? I’m so sorry, Eiji.”


He only gets sniffling for a response.


“Ei? Can you hear me?”


“I hate this baby.”


“That’s not true. I know you must hate me right now, but it’s not the baby’s fault.”


“It’s your baby. I fucking hate it.”


He sounds angrier than Katsuki’s ever heard him, and his words are like a fucking knife, but Eijirou doesn’t pull away from his embrace. Even when his knot releases him.




Kirishima doesn’t speak at all or get out of bed for a full week. Katsuki’s lucky he’s even gotten him to eat a few times. He only hears Ei talking once, on the phone with his mother one day when he gets off work early and he wishes he hadn’t.


“Mom, I just- I just need you to tell me what he looked like, okay? ...... Yes, him. ...... I know I never wanted to talk about it! Just tell me, please. I need to know.”


He’s hovering at the door when he hears Eijirou scream “fuck” and then a crash. He opens the door to find Kirishima standing next to their bed with his head down and his disheveled hair over his face. His phone sits in pieces on the ground by the wall.


“Eiji? Baby, you alright?”


“How’d you find me.”


“What? This is our bedro-“


He barely has time to move before Eijirou’s fist is through the drywall by his head.


“What the fuck Ei?!”


“I asked how you found me, Bakugou. Is it something with the bite?”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Eijirou, how about you just sit down and we talk about th-“


“What, am I easier to subdue when I’m sitting?”


Bakugou Katsuki isn’t afraid of anyone. He fucking isn’t. But his ridiculously strong boyfriend towering over him with his arms spread out and murder in his eyes, is.. unsettling.


“What’s going on, Ei?”


Laughs aren’t supposed to be as threatening as his is right now.


“I’m sure you’d like me to explain everything again. Talk about all the ways you fucked me up just so you can do it again. I asked you a question, Bakugou. How did you find me?”


“I didn’t find you, I met you.”


“Stop fucking lying! I know. I know you’re the one who-“


He cuts himself off by how hard he’s panting, and Katsuki can see blood dripping from his fists clenched so tight his nails must have cut him. He looks like a wild animal.


“Eijirou. Calm down, think about the baby.”


He’s barely finished speaking when Kirishima shoves him to the ground so hard he’s sure he broke something.


“I don’t give a fuck about your baby.”


He slams the bedroom door so hard as he storms out that the handle breaks.




Katsuki sits on the ground for longer than he means to. He’s just fucking shocked. Eijirou knows. Eijirou knows now and he just sca-startled Katsuki so badly he didn’t even go after him.


He picks up the broken parts of Kirishima’s phone as he wracks his brain for any way to handle this situation.


He loves Eijirou. He loves him so fucking much. It’d all be fine right now if he wasn’t such a shit alpha. If would’ve been able to control his alpha enough to keep from raping Eijirou twice.


He fucking knows he can’t blame it all on his biology, but he never would’ve even thought of shit like that otherwise. Even his alpha never wanted that with anyone besides Kirishima. It’s always been him. His Eijirou.


His Eijirou who’s currently pregnant, pissed, and alone with no means of communication.




He calls a few of those fucks Kirishima calls friends but none of them have heard anything from him and Bakugou is getting more frustrated and worried with every call.


He takes to the streets after thirty minutes of nothing. There’s no way Eijirou got far, unless someone picked him up. Katsuki realizes he’s growling alone in his car at the thought of anyone else touching his mate. He hates his alpha.


After another hour Katsuki knows he’s fucking crying. He probably looks like the biggest god damn idiot in the world, driving around with tears running down his cheeks, asking strangers if they’ve seen a large man with long red hair.


He doesn’t even look at the number calling him before he picks up.




“Uh, no, it’s Sero.”


“What do you want? I’m fucking busy. You have my card on file.”


“It’s not about any payments, it’s uh.. Listen, this isn’t my place to say, but I think you should come pick up Kirishima.”


He only gets to feel relieved for a second before his brain catches up with him.


“What’s going on? Is he alright??”


“Yeah he’s fine, just wasted. And this one guy won’t quit trying to chat him up even though he’s blubbering like a baby. Anyway, I just don’t trust him to get home by himself.”


Katsuki is pissed. Some asshole’s trying to hit on his drunk mate?

His drunk mate.

His drunk pregnant mate.


Bakugou breaks the speed limit.




He’s shoving his way into the bar a full ten minutes before google maps thought he’d get there. Sero was fucking right, Eijirou is leaning his head heavily on his hand and some creep’s rubbing his back.


Katsuki throws the guy off his chair so fast it almost knocks Ei off balance.


“Dude, I called you to pick up Kiri, not start a fight in my bar.”


He grunts out a “sorry” before heaving up a deadweight, weeping Eijirou and nearly dragging him to the exit.


“‘ai don you loe me kadsuki?”


“What’d you just say?”




“Ow fuck, right in my ear.”


Eijirou just huff/whines in a way that sounds like he forgot how to cry but it trying to keep going with it.


“I do love you, Eiji. More than anything.”




“What do you mean “why”? Lift your foot.”


Trying to get a giant toddler into the car while answering very loaded questions could be an olympic sport.


“you lefd me las time. ‘ai not now?”


Oh. Does he mean last time after..


“Eijirou, we’ll talk later. When we’re home and you’ve gotten some sleep.”


He just sighs and leans on the window.


“‘s nod my home.”

Chapter Text

Katsuki gets him to drink half a cup of water before he passes out on top of the sheets. He still looks beautiful, drooling on a pillow with dark circles under his eyes and hair tangled to all hell.


Bakugou doesn’t even care how creepy it is that he watches Eijirou sleep for hours. He almost lost him today. He still might lose their child. His only hope is the fact Ei is built like a tank, maybe one night of heavy drinking won’t end it.


Though that’s probably what Eijirou was going for.


Katsuki won’t force his mate to stay with him. Of course, he’s going to fight like hell for it, but he’s /forced/ Eijirou too many times already. He just wants the baby. No, he needs their baby.


He’s not unfamiliar with his instincts when it comes to pups, but he’s never found a suitable omega before Kirishima. This is his only chance for a child, and he’ll be damned if he lets Eijirou kill it.


Katsuki doesn’t sleep, and when his mate wakes up, he’s met with a full breakfast of prenatal nutrients and pregnancy safe painkillers for his hangover. Bakugou doesn’t tell him the little healthy alterations he’s made to the meal.


“Why are you doing this?”


“I love you.”


“Is that a fucking joke? You ra-“


“I know what I did, Eijirou. That.. that wasn’t me.”


“Oh really? Then who was it who looked just like you in that bathroom? Who made me submit while I cried in our bed?”


“That’s not what I meant. I’m fucking sorry, Eiji. It’s not like I /wanted/ to hurt you!”


Kirishima’s demeanor shifts from angry to sad in an instant.


“Then why, Katsuki?”


“I-I don’t know.”


How many times is he going to make Eijirou cry?


“That’s not a good answer!”


There’s nothing he can say to that. Kirishima’s right, it’s a shitty answer.


They sit in silence while Eijirou picks at his food and frowns in a way that shows he wants to say something. Katsuki lets him take his time.


“Were there.. were there other children you hurt?”


“What kind of person do you think I am?”


“I don’t know! I never thought you’d be someone who’s raped a five year old, but I was wrong! I could be wrong again.”


“You fucking aren’t. It was different, It was you.”


Kirishima makes a pained sob again.


“Why me? What did I do to deserve that!”


“Nothing, you know that’s not what I meant. It was just.. you’re the only one for me Eijirou, it’s always had to be you.”


Eijirou cries and pushes his food around some more before whispering.


“I love you so much, Katsuki. Why did you have to make this so hard for me? You’ve ruined my whole life. Again.”


Bakugou hates himself for what he’s done to him, but part of him revels in the fact he’s hurt Eijirou so terribly and the man still loves him. Yeah, Ei isn’t going anywhere.




Katsuki coaxes him back to bed and changes the bandages on Kirishima’s busted knuckles. Punching walls doesn’t agree with him.


Eijirou doesn’t look him in the eye. He just stares at the wall and lets Bakugou take care of him. Except for when he’s changing, he makes Katsuki leave the room. That’s fair, he just needs time.


He starts leaving for long periods of time while Katsuki goes to work. Bakugou uses the opportunity to show Eijirou how much he loves him and doesn’t want to control him.


Of course, he still scents him every morning and smells him when he gets home, and the tracker on Kirishima’s phone helps him keep tabs. But his mate doesn’t need to know about that.


It only becomes a problem when Eijirou starts visiting the same apartment complex every day.




“Where do you go when you leave?”


“I don’t have to tell you anything.”


He sounds like a fucking moody teenager. To be fair, he /is/ moody, and he’s not that far past his teenage years.


“I’m not allowed to be fucking worried about you?”


“That’s bullshit. I’m not doing anything “bad” if you’re worried about that, and I’m not seeing another alpha. Which is probably all you actually care about.”


Katsuki has to admit that he might be a little bit right.


“I’m going to start working out again.”


“Eijirou, you’re five months pregnant. Just because your fucking six pack is being pushed out a bit doesn’t mean you’re gonna lose it.”


“I don’t care what you think I should do. I’m not going to get weak just so you can have the upper hand.”


“That’s not what I’m worried about, Eijirou! The baby-“


“Oh my god, I am so fucking sick of you talking about the god damn baby. I’m the one carrying it, I know how to care for her better than /you/ do.”


Well that’s a new argument. Usually it’s something about how much he doesn’t give a shit about the child, not that he’s already got it covered.


Wait, did he just say “her”?


“How do you know it’s a girl?”


Eijirou pales.


“I don’t have to tell you anything.”


And he walks into the bedroom, closing the door behind him.



They’re laying in bed that night when Eijirou speaks up again.


“My moms would be devastated.”




“If they knew I was living with the person who took my childhood.”


“Are you going to tell them?”


“No. I actually care about the people I claim to love.”


“I know what you’re implying, but I do fucking care about you, Eiji.”


He turns on his side, facing away from Bakugou.


“Could’ve fooled me.”

Chapter Text

It’s a week later when Kirishima is letting Katsuki massage his sore muscles that he brings up “something he can do to make Eijirou hate him less”.


“Let me fuck you.”




“Let me fuck you. It’s pretty simple.”


“Eijirou, I-  Alright.”




Katsuki really never fucking thought he’d ever be laying on his back with a pregnant hunk of an omega positioned between his legs, getting ready to finger him. But here he is.


“I’ll ask you again, are you sure you’re okay with this?”


And every time he asks, it feels like a slap in the face, because of all the times Katsuki didn’t.


“I’m okay with anything you want me to do, Eijirou.”




Bakugou can hear the shakiness in his voice. Kirishima’s obviously into it, if his (impressive) erection is anything to go by, but him being so nervous is the cutest thing Katsuki’s ever seen.


If he’s being honest, he’s probably more nervous than Eijirou. Sure, he’s had sex with other alphas before, but he never fucking bottomed.


The first lubed finger inside of him feels fucking weird, but his mate watching his face for any discomfort makes up for it. Eijirou still cares about him, that’s enough.


He isn’t exactly gentle while opening him up, but he’s not rough or trying to hurt, and that’s the best Katsuki could ask for.


“Okay, do you uh, do you think you’re ready?”


“‘course I’m fucking ready. Get on with it.”


Having a dick pushing inside of him is enough to make him tear up a bit. Not just from the stretch, more from thinking about how awful it’d feel if he was being penetrated while begging not to be. He hates himself.


“Are you alright?? Do you want me to stop?”


“I want you to stop worrying about me. I’ll fucking tell you if I’m not okay.”


“I’m going to believe you on that. Tell me if you want me to stop.”


With that, Eijirou snaps his hips so hard it knocks Bakugou’s breath out of him. He’s really not gonna hold back, huh?


After the first few minutes, Katsuki wonders why they’ve never done this before. His alpha is screaming at him that this is wrong, he shouldn’t be the one getting railed, but his body is really telling him otherwise.


Not to mention how unbelievably hot Eijirou looks, pounding into him with sweat in his brow. Even if it didn’t feel fucking amazing, he’d be willing to do this just for how blissed out Kirishima looks above him.


Katsuki makes a rather embarrassing yelp when Eijirou slams into something inside him. Fuck, so that’s why people bottom.


“You like that? You like when I fuck you into a drooling mess?”


Oh, he didn’t even notice he was drooling. Or the fact he’s literally fucking crying a little from the feeling of Eijirou hitting his prostate with every thrust.


“Yes! Fuck, I love you inside me Daddy.”


He doesn’t think he’s ever seen Eijirou’s eyes get that big.


Honestly, Katsuki isn’t exactly crazy about the whole “daddy” thing, but based on the way his mate’s hips stutter a bit and he whispers “Fuck, that’s hot”, apparently Eijirou is a fan.


No matter how much he didn’t expect to ever be in this position sexually, he expected the next thing Kirishima does even less.


Katsuki actually cries when Eijirou leans down and kisses him for the first time in months. If all it takes is getting his ass railed for him to get a little affection, he’ll gladly pay that price.


“Fuck, Katsu I’m close.”


“Bite me.”




“When you come, I want you to fucking claim me, Eijirou.”


Katsuki would be lying if he said he’d never thought about it before. He’s not a little bitch, obviously, but wearing Eijirou’s bite wouldn’t be the worst. Not that he fantasizes about it sometimes. Definitely not.


It’s not long before the beautiful man above him is moaning loudly and then sinking his teeth into Bakugou’s shoulder. Katsuki can feel his fucking eyes roll back in his head as he comes all over himself during what has to be in the top three orgasms of his life.


One plus of the omega topping is that they don’t have to wait a fucking hour before he can pull out. Katsuki notices the /tiny/ amount of blood on his mate’s dick before Kirishima does and he just knows that’s about to become a big deal.


He watches Eijirou see it and immediately tear up with a horrified look on his face and curl in on himself.


“I- I didn’t mean to do that, Katsu. Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to.”


He knows Eijirou’s only reacting so strongly because of how much it fucked him up when it was the reverse. Katsuki hates himself a little more every time he’s reminded.


“Stop crying, it’s fucking fine. Listen, babe, my asshole’s bled more from taking a giant shit, alright? I’m not pissed at you.”


“I hurt you.”


“I’m not hurt. I fucking loved it, I fucking love you.”


It’s a solid two minutes before he gets a response in the form of a whisper.


“I love you too.”




Good god, Eijirou is fucking moody. He goes from acting like he hates Bakugou with every fiber of his being, to needing cuddles like his life depends on it. His morning sickness stopped a while ago and he’s currently scarfing down anything Katsuki gives him.


He already ate a lot before he was pregnant, but now it’s just an endless stream of hunger. They had to ditch the “no food in the bed” rule months ago.


Katsuki will never tell him, but he really gets a kick out of the fact he still has abs over his baby bump. To be fair, he isn’t even that round at seven months, so it doesn’t look totally ridiculous. Even if it looks a little bit ridiculous.


It’s currently the asscrack of dawn and Eijirou is sitting up against the headboard and crying. God dammit.


“Baby, why didn’t you wake me up?”


“You hate me.”


“What? Eijirou, I would burn down the whole world for you.”


“Yeah, but you’d burn me in it.”


“Ei, stop. You’re not making any sense.”


His face goes from pained to blank as he stares down at his lap.


“Sometimes, I think that after I have this baby, you’ll kill me.”


Bakugou doesn’t know what to say.


“I’d never fucking kill you. If you really think that then why do you stay?”


He laughs a bit but it definitely doesn’t sound happy.


“I don’t know, maybe I just hate me as much as you do.”


He continues crying but doesn’t protest when Bakugou holds him and whispers over and over again about how much he loves him. Ei doesn’t deserve this pain. There’s literally no outcome where Katsuki can avoid hurting him more. Not physically hurting him, but emotionally.


He’d kill himself if he ever even considered physically hurting Eijirou again.


But he doesn’t know how to hurt him the least emotionally. Why the fuck did Katsuki’s alpha ever tell him to do those things?? “Hey, traumatize the only person you’ll ever truly love in the name of mating” isn’t great advice.


The only thing that lightens the guilt a bit is the fact Eijirou doesn’t remember the first time as vividly as Katsuki does. But then he remembers that’s because he was five fucking years old and it reminds him how despicable he is.


He hadn’t even kept up with the news about the little boy attacked at the park. The only thing he heard about it was his mom saying some shit about how lucky he was that he’d come home that day.


A few months ago, after he made the most detrimental realization of his life, he looked up everything he could find about the incident. Apparently, when reading about it and not being around Eijirou, his alpha is silent. Leaving plenty of room for him to be disgusted.


The first time he read about the extent of the boy, no, Eijirou’s injuries, he barely made it to a trash can before he was emptying the contents of his stomach. He fucking knew he hurt him, there was just a lot of little things he didn’t remember doing, that he now remembers.


Like choking him while he ripped off his dinosaur t-shirt, or clawing long cuts down his little legs while he held him up, or smashing him into the wall hard enough for him to get a concussion, or even the hand shaped bruises covering otherwise pristine skin.


Even thinking about it has him gagging a bit, but throwing up on his very emotional and very pregnant mate is probably the worst thing he can do right now.


“I’m gross.”


“You’re so far from gross, Eijirou. You’re fucking beautiful.”


He doesn’t respond, but Bakugou can hear him snoring softly a few minutes later. Maybe once he’s had the baby he won’t be so self deprecating anymore.




Katsuki doesn’t even realize he’d fallen asleep until his phone is ringing and waking him up.




“Katsuki! It’s Aiko, I’ve been trying to get ahold of Eiji all morning, but I just wanted to let you know that Hanami and I are going to be in town this week and we want to see you two! We’re bringing a  lot of baby gifts though, so you might wanna make a spot for that.”


Her laugh is so good natured and kind. Katsuki loves Eijirou’s moms, but he can’t look at them without thinking of how depressed they’d been after he assaulted their son. Especially Aiko, he remembers her face just enough for it to make him especially anxious.


“Yeah, we’ve got the nursery kind of set up.. Ei’s been pretty down though so it’s hard to get anything done.”


“All the more reason for us to visit! I know just how to cheer up my baby boy, don’t worry.”


Oh he’s worried, but for a very different reason than she’s thinking.


Chapter Text



“Hey mom.”


Apparently time goes by fast when you’re stressed with guilt about your mate’s mothers coming to visit.


Of course, Aiko is far ahead of her wife who’s carrying all of their luggage. It’s always interesting to see the dynamic of two betas in a relationship.


Aiko is quite obviously an extrovert with a bright personality, and Hanami’s smiled maybe twice since Bakugou met her. But she does wear a strong look of contentment whenever looking at her son or wife.


Eijirou was adopted as a baby after his birth parents abandoned him. His moms only tell stories of his very early childhood and Katsuki hates the reason now that he knows it.


He’d always thought they just really like baby stories, not that the rest of Ei’s childhood had been ruined by a stranger in a park restroom. No, not a stranger, him.


“Eiji, baby, have you been sleeping?? You look awful, come here.”


“Thanks mom.”


“I’m just worried! Am I not allowed to be concerned about my baby and grandbaby?”


Katsuki helps carry their luggage while Eijirou is hounded with questions about how he’s feeling and what the doctor has said.


“Katsuki treating you right?”


Aiko asks with a smile on her face, but it drops slowly as she takes in Ei’s reaction. It’d be hard not to notice him tensing up and absentmindedly moving a hand to his stomach.


Katsuki’s sweating. He tries to act inconspicuous but he sees the way Eijirou’s mothers share a look at their son’s non-response to a question about how his relationship is going.


He barely gets a second alone with Eijirou the entire day.


“Are you doing alright?”


“Yeah. I just hate lying to them, Katsu.”


“You aren’t lying about anything, don’t worry, baby.”


He feels like a kid about to get caught by his teachers for bullying someone on the playground. Except the teachers are his in-laws and the “bullying someone” is having abused their son.


They’re staying three days, and after two, Eijirou has completely gotten over “lying to them”. He also seems to have gotten much more excited about the baby currently stealing all of his energy.


Katsuki’s pretty sure the full day of Aiko raving about all of the things she’s excited to do with the child helped. Maybe also being reminded of the happy parts of his own time as a kid made him feel a bit better.


The only true scare Bakugou’s gotten is when he was getting ready for a morning jog and Aiko was drinking her coffee in the living room. He turned to say goodbye to her and she gasped like she’d seen a ghost. But she was quick to laugh it off.


He only realized later that he’d had the hood of his jacket pulled up.




He doesn’t like eavesdropping on Eijirou and his mother, but he can’t just not listen when they’re talking about something that important in the next room over.


“Eiji, you know I’m not trying to bring up bad memories, but we’re just worried about how your body will react to having a baby.”


“Because I’m so fucked up.”


“No, because you were hurt. I’ve been worried about you since you called me asking about that man.”


“I’m fine.”


“You don’t seem fine Ei, and Katsuki-“


“Katsuki has nothing to do with this!”


He can hear Eijirou breathing heavy and anxious.


“Does he know?”


“Yeah, he fucking knows.”


“Did.. Did he not react well?”


The sad laugh Eijirou makes feels like a knife in his side.


“You could say that.”


“Eijirou, if he doesn’t respect you-“


“Can we just stop talking about him, please?”


Katsuki can practically feel the awkward silence.


“I can’t ignore the resemblance, and it worries me about what you look for in a person, Eijirou. I know we all thought you’d moved past this, but it’s not healthy if you want your partner to be like him. No matter what your mating bite says, the man who hurt you isn’t your mate.”


The irony of what she’s saying would be funny if it weren’t so sad.


“What happened doesn’t matter, mom. Everything is fine.”




“It’s fine!”


He can hear Ei sigh.


“I’m tired, goodnight. I love you.”




Eijirou’s parents leave the next morning, and Bakugou doesn’t miss the dirty looks sent his way.




Eijirou is two days past his due date when his water breaks.


He whines like a gas leak on the way to the hospital before he starts hyperventilating.


“Eiji, I need you to breathe, baby. It’s alright, we’re gonna see Dr. Tanaka and she’s gonna take good care of you and the baby, alright?”


“I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to tear again, Katsuki. Oh my god, I don’t want to do this.”


“We’re almost there, Ei.”


He’s helping Eijirou out of the car when he sees the blood staining the passenger seat. That’s not supposed to happen, right?




Ei was already unstable on his feet, but by the time they get through the door, he’s nearly collapsed. Katsuki is about to shit himself. A couple of nurses help get Eijirou into a wheelchair and then up to the room he was supposed to give birth in.


But it feels like it might not be happening in the cushy hospital room with how frantic everyone seems to be. Eijirou is nearly passed out in the chair save for the occasional wince or groan at what must be contractions.


By the time his doctor shows up with a forced smile on her face, he’s barely responsive.


“Hey there Eijirou, I’m told you’ve been having a little bleeding and some painful contractions, mind if I get a look down there?”


A little bleeding is a major understatement and Katsuki almost scoffs at it, Eijirou’s completely soaked his pants and the blanket underneath him. But Bakugou knows she’s just trying to keep Ei calm and he’s not going to fault her for that.


“It hurts.”


Well at least he can still talk, even if it’s a little slurred.


“I know, baby.”






“Oh, I just didn’t know where you were.”


He’s hoping Eijirou’s only this loopy because of whatever they’re pumping in his IV. The doctor whispers something to the nurse after listening to Ei’s stomach and poking around down there for a minute.


“Okay, Eijirou? It looks like we’re gonna have to take you into surgery, alright?”


Kirishima only lazily nods his head but Katsuki is not about to just let this happen without getting any answers.


“What the fuck is wrong with him?”


She gives him a bit of a sour expression before pulling it back to a more professional face. What is it with everyone giving him dirty looks lately?


“He’s had previous damage to his cervix and scar tissue that’s preventing him from dilating properly. Birthing the child vaginally is too big of a risk for him.”


“And surgery isn’t?”


“Mr. Bakugou, I need you to remember I have Eijirou’s best interests at heart, I wouldn’t be suggesting this if it wasn’t our only option.”


Katsuki wasn’t planning on arguing with her, but with the way she speaks without paying him much attention, he knows she’s also telling him it’s not his choice to make.




Getting into scrubs so he can hold Eijirou’s hand while he gets his stomach cut open is kind of surreal. He doesn’t want to be in there, he doesn’t want to see what’s happening to his mate, but the thought of Eijirou in there alone makes his heart hurt.


So here he is, trying not to look past the tiny curtain they put up over Ei’s chest, or listen to anything involving the word “scalpel”.


“Eiji? Baby, can you hear me?”


His head flops gracelessly to turn to Bakugou and a drowsy smile makes it’s way onto his face.


“Katsu, what are you doing? It’s bright in here.”


It doesn’t take too long for Eijirou’s drugged up mind to remember his situation and his face drops.


“Am I dying?”


“You aren’t dying, Ei. They just had to get the baby out a different way, okay?”


“Is she dying?”


“No, she’s alright, promise. Just relax, everything’s okay.”


If Bakugou was superstitious, he’d think he had just jinxed it. He’s barely finished his sentence when he hears someone to his right say that

“He’s losing too much blood.”


Eijirou, thankfully, doesn’t hear it. But he does start to lose consciousness again.


“Hey, Eiji, you gotta stay awake for me, alright? You don’t wanna miss the baby being born.”






“That’s her name. Kaida. I chose it myself.”


“I like that name a lot. Do you wanna tell me about how you chose it?”




“Okay, that’s alright. Can you talk to me about anything else?”


“I want my moms.”


“They’ll get here tomorrow morning, I already called them.”


Eijirou practically wails.


“But I’ll be dead then!”


“Stop fucking saying that! You aren’t dying. Nobody’s fucking dying.”


Eijirou doesn’t have time to respond before there’s high pitched shrieking coming from the other side of the curtain.


Katsuki shoots his head up faster than he thought possible and gets a glimpse of the blood covered baby before they pull her away to wipe her off.


Holy shit. That’s their baby.


“Eijirou, look.”


“I can’t see. What’s going on?”


“They’re cleaning her, can you hear her?”




Katsuki’s stomach drops a bit at that. She’s screaming her fucking lungs out, how is Ei not hearing it?




He turns back to him just in time to see his eyes roll back in his head as his hand goes limp. Some machine starts beeping rapidly and it feels like it’s synced up with Katsuki’s heartbeat. He’s never felt so panicked.


One second he’s watching their daughter taking her first breaths and the next he’s being pulled from the operating room without any information on Eijirou’s state.




Eijirou’s still in surgery two hours later while Bakugou sits in the hospital cafeteria staring at his 5 yen coffee. He did this.


He knew this shit was his fault the second the doctor said “previous damage” but he was so caught up in everything, he didn’t let himself really think about it. He’s had plenty of free time to think about it now.


If he could go back to that day in the park with the knowledge he has now, he would’ve just gone home before he could even see Eijirou. That way his alpha wouldn’t ever have gotten the chance to lead him down such an awful path. Or maybe he’d just kill his younger self.


He’d do anything to keep from ever having hurt Eijirou, but there’s nothing he can fucking do now so he has to just sit and wait while the love of his life pays for his fuck ups. Again.


He never thought he’d be so enraged by something being unfair in his favor, but he fucking is. Kirishima is perfect. He’s a goddamn angel and he never deserved to have to go through all the shit Katsuki’s shoved on him.


He was barely fucking sentient the first time Bakugou put him through hell, and just when he was starting to heal, Katsuki threw him back in the fire.


The only reason he’s fighting for his fucking life right now is that he’d been so injured as a child and then the same person who hurt him put a baby in him. A baby he didn’t even ask for. A baby that will never reach her full potential without him.


“Hey man, are you alright? Do you want me to call someone?”


“I’m fucking fine. Just leave me alone.”


Peace and quiet might be too much to ask for when sobbing by yourself in a cafeteria at 2am.

Chapter Text

Ei’s mothers arrive an hour later and opt to stay in the waiting room instead of anywhere near Bakugou. He can understand that. He’d stay as far away from himself as possible if he could.


They also choose to see the healthy baby that Katsuki can’t bring himself to meet without Eijirou there.


If they served alcohol in hospitals he’d be fucking wasted by the time Aiko calls him a bit past five hours.


“The doctor said she wants you here when she goes over Eijirou’s condition.”


“On my way.”


She makes a grunt of confirmation and hangs up.




He gets to the waiting room seconds before Dr. Tanaka walks in.


“I’ll get right to the point, he’s just gotten out of surgery and he’s not in any life threatening condition at this point,”


The tension between the three people she’s speaking to drops immensely.


“The question now is if the damage is to an extent that he won’t be able to have children in the future. It’s still too early to tell, but right now we’re focusing on getting him stabilized.”


His reproductive health feels pretty unimportant in this situation. It seems that the Kirishimas share his sentiment, given how Aiko’s already started crying happy tears as Hanami smiles and whispers to her.


Yeah, all that fucking matters is that Eijirou’s alive.




He doesn’t wake up for another four hours which gives his moms and Bakugou plenty of time to sit in charged silence while waiting.


He knows they don’t fucking like him, but it’s not like they even have a reason. He’d understand if they knew of the things he’d done but they don’t or else they’d do a lot more than frown at him.


He’d probably be in prison if he wasn’t murdered first, and he wouldn’t blame them. He’s been a father for less than a day and he already wants to die when imagining how they must have felt.


Especially how Aiko must’ve felt, checking on her little boy in the bathroom and finding him like that. Bleeding like he’d been shot and violated in the worst way possible. The only way Bakugou is even able to live with himself is by separating him from his teenage self.


If he truly accepted the fact he’s the one who did that to the man he loves, there’s no telling what he’d do. He imagines Eijirou does something similar.


“Katsuki? Where.. Katsuki?”


“I’m right here, Ei. I’m always here.”


Finally seeing his mate conscious after the worst scare of his life is possibly more comforting than anything he’s ever felt.


“Kaida.. Is she okay?”


“She’s perfect.”


It’s obvious his moms want to interject but it seems everyone’s focused on keeping Eijirou calm after everything he just went through.


“I want my baby, Katsu.”


Apparently calm is a lost cause, given the fact tears are already welling up in his eyes.


“I’ll talk to the doctor-“


“No! Don’t leave me. Please don’t leave me.”


He understands that Eijirou would be extra emotional right now, but he wasn’t really expecting the clinginess to jump to a whole new level.


“I won’t go anywhere, I’m just gonna press the button to call the nurse.”




He doesn’t seem to really trust that statement with how his iron grip on Bakugou’s arm doesn’t let up a bit.


“Eijirou I swear I’m not going anywhere, don’t worry.”


“But I want to see my daughter, please!”


Bakugou sends a mayday look at Ei’s moms and Hanami sighs before leaving the room hopefully to get the baby, while Aiko continues glaring at him before moving to Eijirou’s side.


“Eiji, baby, you need to calm down. We’re all here and Mama’s getting Kaida, alright? It’s all okay.”




Bakugou feels sick. Hearing that is too reminiscent of the scared little boy asking for his mom when Katsuki locked him in that bathroom.


“Katsuki, please don’t go!”




He didn’t even realize he’d started trying to pull away.


“Katsuki, I’m sorry, I promise I won’t tell her anything!”


“Tell me what, Eijirou?”



“Nothing! I love him, Katsuki don’t go!”


“I’m not going anywhere, please stop crying.”


“What won’t he tell me, Bakugou?”


He feels like his heart has dropped to his stomach. Leave it to a drugged up Eijirou to throw their lives into chaos.


“He.. We didn’t want to tell you that we’re mated. He thought you wouldn’t approve.”


Katsuki leaves out the fact that they’ve been mated for almost twenty years.


She doesn’t seem convinced, but it’s hard to tell if she’s going to press the issue.


“And why did he think you’d leave if he told me?”


“I don’t fucking know, okay? He’s got some weird thing about his mate mark I don’t understand.”


She only glares at him harder before turning back to her son.


“Eijirou, has he hurt you?”


That’s fucking bold.


“He doesn’t hurt me!”




“I asked if he has not if he does.”


Eijirou’s frantically looking between them before he breaks down into violent sobs. Shit.


“What the fuck did you do to him, Bakugou?”


He’s never heard Aiko curse before.


“I’m fine! I’m not hurt! Please, just bring me my baby, don’t take her.”


Don’t take her? Where’d that come from?


“No one’s taking her, Ei.”


“Did you tell him you’d take his daughter?”


“No! I don’t know what he’s talking about!”


“Katsuki loves me, he does! He didn’t mean to I know it. It’s his alpha!”


“What did he do to you Eijirou!”


“Just, in the bed and-“


Katsuki can’t even hear the rest of his mate’s sentence over the fist making contact with his cheekbone.


“How could you do that to him?! After he told you what happened-“


“I didn’t fucking mean to!”


“Mommy stop, he’s sorry!”


“What the hell is going on in here, Aiko?”


They must look pretty ridiculous all screaming in a hospital room to Hanami, standing in the doorway with a bundle in her arms.


“Please bring her to me, please.”


Eijirou holds his arms out weakly as he begs once again to hold the baby he almost died giving birth to. Luckily, this time someone actually lets him.


Bakugou and Aiko fume at each other silently as Hanami walks over to them, but Katsuki’s anger is exponentially less than hers.


“She looks like you, Katsu.”


She looks like a fucking bean, but alright. At least Eijirou’s crying happy tears now.


Bakugou is grateful Ei is out of it enough not to notice how painfully tense everyone is after his little information spill. He just stares happily at the baby for fifteen minutes before Hanami has to lay her down in the crib because Eijirou is damn near asleep.


“You’re a horrible mate and a sad excuse for a man.”


“Mommy stop, he didn’t mean to. Either time..”




“It happened twice?!”


He makes a confused face that almost distracts Katsuki with how cute he looks.


“You knew that. You were there after the first time. Remember?”


Aiko looks like she’s been shot. The pure shock and hurt on her face nearly makes Katsuki hurl.


“That wasn’t.. Eijirou are you saying he was the one that- Oh god, that’s why you wanted to know.. You had his baby. Eijirou..”


“Aiko, what’s-“


“He’s the one that raped our little boy, Hanami! And he did it again! He claimed him again.. Eiji had that man’s baby, I’m gonna be sick.”


Katsuki just watches his love’s parents fall apart quietly because of him. He did this. He did it once and then came back and broke their hearts again. But what the fuck happens now? Why the fuck is Eijirou screaming?


“I’m sorry! I won’t let it happen again, please! You can’t take him, I’ll die if you take him!”


Bakugou feels like he’s living in slow motion. He can see the exact second Aiko crumbles inside while watching her child begging her to let him stay with his abuser.


“He loves me, he loves our baby! I swear he does. You can’t take him, he’s my family now, please don’t break my family! I can’t do this without him!”


It feels like a small blessing when a nurse finally rushes in due to Eijirou’s wailing and sedates him. He needs the rest.


It seems that Aiko really is gonna get sick with how she darts from the room. Hanami stares at the floor, with an emotionless expression. Katsuki doesn’t get scared, but she’s fucking scary.


Is this how he dies? He knows he deserves it, but what about Eijirou? What will he do then? He knows everyone wants what’s best for Ei, but none of them know what the hell that is.


It’s obvious what he wants, but how is that fucking fair? The person who’s hurt him more than anyone else gets to be a part of his life and have his love? But the baby.. Even if he were to get help from his moms, Eijirou could never raise her alone.


So here they are, letting Katsuki go home to finish preparing the nursery, and letting him pick up Eijirou and Kaida four days later.




He fucking missed them, but he was essentially banned with a death threat when he left the hospital.


But it did give him time to think. Eijirou is his in every sense, he needs to make damn sure he ca- won’t leave.


And that’s why when they’re watching their beautiful baby girl sleeping in their home for the first time, Katsuki drops to one knee.


Eijirou says yes.




Katsuki can’t help but feel a bit smug when Ei’s moms come to drop off more baby supplies and see the pretty little engagement ring on their son’s left hand.


He does feel pretty guilty about how much of a nightmare this must be for them, but he cares more about keeping Eijirou than their happiness with his relationship.


And the way he keeps catching Ei staring happily at his new ring is more than enough to cement that feeling.

Chapter Text


The baby is a bit of a screamer when she’s uncomfortable, but Eijirou doesn’t let Katsuki comfort her. He’s ridiculously overprotective of a child he originally didn’t want, but Bakugou isn’t about to get between them when Ei is so dependent on his time with her.


He gets antsy when they’re separated for ten minutes, and he doesn’t let anyone hold her for more than five. Katsuki tries not to think about why he’s so overprotective of his child after he’d been assaulted when he was one. By the man he’s keeping his baby from.


Katsuki would never fucking hurt his daughter. Certainly not the way he hurt little Eijirou, he’d rather die. But Ei has to know that. He wouldn’t stay if he didn’t. No matter how much Ei would torture himself, he’d leave the second he thought the baby could be in danger.


The idea of that even crossing Eijirou’s mind makes Katsuki sick. He’s never even considered doing what he did to Ei with anyone else. He doesn’t blame him obviously, but it’s because it was Eijirou, not because that’s who Bakugou is.


He doesn’t know why he was so drawn to his mate even days after he presented, but in a way he’s happy he was the one. Hell, if he hadn’t claimed him so early, there’s no doubt he’d have been mated by the time Katsuki met him the second time. He’s perfect.


He’s sorry for hurting him, but he’s glad he ruined Eijirou for anyone else.




Ei agrees to have an impromptu wedding with only them. It’s not like his mothers would want to watch him marry the man who ruined his childhood, and he doesn’t have any friends close enough to invite anymore, Katsuki made sure of that.


Bakugou doesn’t give enough of a shit about his “friends” and coworkers to want them there, so really they only need themselves.


That night Eijirou lets Katsuki fuck him for the first time in months. He cries a bit afterwards, but it’s not nearly as bad as Bakugou would’ve expected, and Ei doesn’t pull away when he pushes for a second round.


After fucking his tearful husband a few more times, Eijirou curls up to him, whispers an “I love you” before he falls asleep.




Everything is perfect. Well, it’s not perfect, but it’s definitely good when Eijirou can look at him. Which is most days at this point.


Katsuki knows his husband is aware of the fact he’s always belonged to him. He has to know no one else will love every bit of him. They might tolerate his scarring and trauma, but none of them would appreciate those flaws the way Katsuki does. He adores them.


He doesn’t protest anymore when Bakugou slips a hand in his pants to run his fingers over the puffy pink scar he created. Eijirou just seems desperate for any form of affection from him. Maybe Katsuki has been holding out a bit, but it’s only to bring them closer.


He knows it’s working when Ei tries to get Katsuki to hold him, and he actually initiates sex even if he doesn’t seem to enjoy it most times. Bakugou even hears Ei cry one night while feeding the baby after Katsuki pulled away from two of the redhead’s kisses.


He hires a nanny for Eijirou a few months in when he asks for one, he seems so fucking tired. His eyes have permanent dark circles and his black roots are starting to grow out.


Katsuki regrets that decision when his husband starts using his free time to leave daily again. He continues silently begging for any sort of intimacy, but at this point Bakugou is a little bitter about his daily ventures.


The problem reaches a head when he comes home with a busted lip and a black eye, reeking of booze.


“What the fuck happened to you?”


He can feel himself fuming. He wants to kill whoever hurt Eijirou. But part of him wants to kill Eijirou, who smells like sex.


“Why’dyu care? ‘S not like you even loVe me.”


“Eijirou you’re wasted. Of course I love you, I fucking married you!”


Crying with a black eye looks kind of gross.


“You’only want me nottoo be with anybody else! You won’t even touch me! I disgi, disc, dis-gust you!”


“You don’t! Fucking tell me what you did!”


His husband pouts at him before turning his head.


 “I wentto a club. Got’n a fight.”


“You know that’s not what I’m asking, Eijirou. Why do you smell like you got fucked?”


“I don’t hav’to tell you anything.”


Katsuki doesn’t mean to hit him. He fucking doesn’t, but he’s basically telling Bakugou that he slept with someone else while he was home with their daughter.


He knows he fucked up, but Eijirou doesn’t have to look at him like he just killed someone. One fucking slap isn’t the end of the god damn world, he wouldn’t have even fallen from it if he wasn’t so wasted.


“I DANCED with someone, Katsuki! I want’d someone to touch me, b’cause my fcking husband won’t!”


 He feels bad about feeling so relieved while watching Eijirou bawl on the living room floor.


 “I’m sorry Ei, fuck, I’m so sorry. You can’t scare me like that. I love you so much, I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you.”


He feels a sick sort of satisfaction when yet again, Eijirou lets himself be comforted by the one who’s made him cry.



Katsuki is gentle as he patches him up, and he ignores the forming bruise on Eijirou’s cheek where he slapped him.


“They hit me because I wouldn’t go home with them.”




“That’s how I got in the fight. I wouldn’t sleep with him. Other people still want me, Katsu.”


That pisses him off. Was it a fucking threat?


“Yeah, Eijirou? What’d happen after you go home with him? You gonna show him that pretty pink scar, think he’ll find that sexy? What about when you cry when his cock’s inside you? You think he’ll still fucking want you?!”


“Stop, Katsu, pl-please.”


 He doesn’t enjoy seeing Eijirou sob, but he wouldn’t be so upset if he didn’t know it was true. Katsuki is the only one for him.


“I’m sorry, Ei. I love you. Look at me, you’re beautiful. You and Kaida are all that matter to me, I’ll always love you. So much.”


 He’s pleased to find Eijirou enthusiastically reciprocating when he kisses him. This is why strategic affection is so important.





He and Eijirou completely ignore his injuries for the month it takes them to heal. Kaida’s past her constant crying phase, but it seems Ei is starting his again. Katsuki hasn’t even said or done anything to him since that night.


In fact, he’s incredibly good to him. Eijirou has gotten everything he’s asked for since then, whether it be items or restaurant reservations or Katsuki’s time. So why the fuck is he pulling this depressed housewife shit again?


It takes three whole months for him to get out of his little mood. Kaida is still healthy and not particularly difficult, but it’s not like Katsuki really even knows with all the barriers Eijirou puts between him and his daughter.


Katsuki surprised Eijirou by converting a room to a home gym for his birthday, and he still gets uncomfortable when he hears his husband angrily screaming while working out and throwing weights everywhere. But if that’s how he copes, so be it.




Kaida is almost two before Katsuki hurts him again. He was in rut for fucks sake! It’s not like he can control himself during that time, Eijirou knows that. So how is it Katsuki’s fault that Ei’s scar gets slightly opened up?


His husband doesn’t speak to him for a week.


Katsuki forgives him when he finally talks again.




Other than the occasional bump in the road, their marriage is perfect. Eijirou relies on him for everything, and they don’t need anyone else. Not even Ei’s moms.


Kaida is perfect too. She’s beautiful, with Eijirou’s features and Katsuki’s hair. And she’s fucking hilarious. All in all, their life’s great.


She’s five when Katsuki catches Eijirou kissing his “workout partner”.



He swears it was only once, he didn’t initiate it, he’d never betray his husband. The fucker had scented him. No, Eijirou let the fucker scent him.


Kaida shrieks that night when she finds Papa and Daddy fighting, with Papa naked on the floor.



Katsuki buys roses for his injured husband and that’s enough. It takes less to successfully apologize these days.




A few months later, Eijirou sneaks out one night to see that bastard again. He tells Katsuki it was only to let him down easy, but he can’t trust that. He can’t trust Eijirou anymore when it comes to being faithful.


He only cries silently the first night Katsuki introduces the cuff. He doesn’t force him to wear it, but Eijirou knows what could happen if he refuses.


So he just allows his husband to chain his wrist to the bed every night like he’s a fucking dog.


After a while, he gets used to it, and after a year, he can’t sleep without it.




Eijirou knows Katsuki is the best he’ll ever get. Of course there’s a part of him that hates his husband, but he loves him a million times more. And he’s such a good father, an amazing one. Kaida is growing up in a “perfect” home and he’ll do anything to keep that.


He’s even become a full fledged masochist, so the fucked up sex life actually gets him off sometimes nowadays. He knows, logically, it’s some coping mechanism, but he doesn’t care.


He’s fucking glad he can come from what used to make him cry so hard he would throw up.




Kaida doesn’t present. She’s obviously an alpha, which quite obviously scares Eijirou, but she’s ten and she hasn’t presented. Her doctor says it’s abnormal but not unhealthy, so the only real harm is to her self esteem.


She’s twelve years old when she’s finally becomes an official alpha. Which means she’s twelve years old when she truly understands the constant distress seeping from her papa.


She always knew he had anxiety, that was obvious, but she never realized it was induced by her dad.




Kaida is fifteen when she sees the real pattern. She had believed her parents were happy when she was little. She would still believe that, if it weren’t for her papa’s miserable scent when around her dad and the harsh bruising around his wrists.


Her nose has also improved enough to realize Papa doesn’t get distressed when her dad gets angry, he gets fucking scared when the bastard gets touchy with him near nighttime.


She’s not fucking stupid. She understands the implications of that fear, and it makes her sick.


She knows her black haired father is an insecure man, so she understands why he’d stay with her dad, but she hates it with every fiber of her being. She always connected with her papa more, but after finding out what she knows, even looking at Bakugou makes her angry.


Now that she’s looking, she can see how miserable Papa is. He’s obviously in pain, but she knows he’d never leave his husband. No matter what he does, Papa will always love him. She doesn’t share that sentiment.




Kaida is seventeen when her house burns down in a horrible freak accident. Tragically, with her Dad inside.


Well, her papa has always said her name means “little dragon”. Seems he was right.