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You're Living in the Past (It's a New Generation)

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Izuku was born to Midoriya Inko and Yagi Toshinori. As you could probably guess, having a family wasn’t great for a hero that made new enemies on the daily, so Inko and Izuku used the family name of Midoriya instead of Yagi.

Izuku had an amazing life. His mother loved him, his father was the greatest hero of all time, and he was going to be just like his dad when he grew up. They had it all planned out. Izuku would begin his training with is quirk when he was four, just after it came in, and his body when he was six. He would have his choice of hero schools and agencies, and he would grow up to be an amazing hero. His dad was even considering giving him his quirk when he got old enough.

This lasted until Izuku was four years and three months old. His quirk hadn’t come in yet, and his family wanted to go to the doctor just to make sure that everything was okay. At the end of the day, Izuku’s life changed for the worse. He was quirkless.

His family told him that he couldn’t be a hero anymore. His father coddled him in hopes of keeping him safe but his job took up too much of his time to be home a lot, and his mother ignored him. The most important thing to his dad was his job, and the most important thing to his mom was his dad.

Izuku went along with this for four years. He did what was told of him and he barely made it by. His parents ignored him so he learned to cook for himself. He got a hefty allowance, as his dad was the number one hero, and he began to shop for himself too. Five months before his tenth birthday, his mother told him he was going to be a big brother. Two days before his birthday, his mom and dad went to the hospital to deliver the baby. On his birthday he decided that he would be a hero no matter what anybody said, especially his absent family. One day after his birthday, his mom and dad came home.

Izuku planned.


-Five Years Later-

Izuku was going home.

Not the home you were probably thinking of, with his mom and his dad and his little brother. No, he was going to Dagobah Beach, where his real family was waiting.

He had met them over the years, being a vigilante, it seemed, was good for meeting new people.

He met Hitoshi when he was trying to run away from his foster family. Seeing a boy his age with a muzzle on his mouth was a concerning sight, and he had helped him to the beach, where he had made his headquarters. Hitoshi never left the beach.

He met Katsuki and Shouto next. They were already friends when he found them, connected over their abusive parents. Katsuki’s claimed to be disciplining him, and Shouto’s said they were training him. They were invited to the beach, now equipped with clean beds, a working fridge and AC system, and a good sized shelter. They came with Shouto’s older brother in tow. He had three siblings, but Natsuo and Fuyumi had good lives in the city. Touya, or Dabi, on the other hand, was a vigilante, just like Izuku.

Tenya, Yaomomo, and Ochako were after that. Tenya and Yaomomo had good families, but the problem with a family of heroes was that they could be a little smothering at times. Izuku’s family used to be like that. They came to the beach to get away, and happened upon their little group. Ochako was just trying to make some extra money for her family when they met up. They all help her find jobs now.

A few months in, Yaomomo showed up with Kyoka, her best friend. They started dating after they turned thirteen. Katsuki brought Hanta, Denki, Eijiro, and Mina. Denki started dating Hitoshi, and Katsuki ended up with Eijiro.

Ochako brought Tsu, they were dating as well, and he met Fumikage and Dark Shadow in the middle of the night during patrol. He showed up a week later with Shouji. Hanta dragged Monoma and Aoyama, his boyfriends, to the dump when they were thirteen, and it sparked a realization in Izuku.

Three days after that he was dating Shouto and Tenya. Score.

Hagakure spooked him out on patrol, but was invited anyways, and Ojiro came along with her after a few months. Hatsume sought them out because they were ‘taking over her beach’, but she quickly joined the group instead of trying to kick them out.

Mina brought Shiozaki, Satou and Kouda showed up together and never left.

Izuku found Eri running from something at three in the morning. She lived with Hitoshi now.

But that’s all besides the point. He was going home.




Shouta was following a vigilante. Things like this happened less often than you’d think. He was okay with the occasional vigilante, but Tsukauchi had asked him to bring this one in so here he was. He would have grabbed him already, but he was clearly going somewhere specific so he was following. Shouta was watching the vigilante from a roof when a phone rang-

-When the vigilante’s phone rang. He pulled it out of one of his many pockets and flipped it open.

“Yamikumo” Was that his name? “Yeah, sure- Yeah, I’ll be right there. I’m literally down the street, Myuto, calm down. Bye.” Wow okay, so they were close to where ever they were going.

The vigilante walked and Shouta followed.

They ended up at a trash filled beach, but Yamikumo just kept on walking in. Eventually they came upon an abandoned clearing.

Shouta jumped as Yamikumo yelled out, “Hey! Guys, I’m back! We’re having a bonfire, it’s time for a celebration!”

He watched in awe as a completely unnecessary amount of kids appeared from the trash.

“Hey, Izuku!”


“Welcome home, fucker.” “Dabi, watch your fucking language.” “Okay, wow, I see how it is.”

“Why are we celebrating?” Everybody stopped and turned towards Izuku.

“My parents decided that, because Hideo is four, and his quirk came in, that now was the time to tell the world All Might has a family. Nevermind their fourteen year old quirkless son. Where’s Katsuki? We need a bonfire.”


Holy shit All Might has another son




Izuku glanced up at where his mysterious stalker was. He followed him all the way through Musatafu, so he was dedicated. Izuku hadn’t gotten a good enough look at him to figure out who it was. He walked over to Hitoshi and Shouto, interrupting their conversation about- the Hero Killer Stain? What ever. This was more important.

“Hey, guys. Some hero followed me back here. I’m not sure on who it is, you guys wanna spread the word, then go take a look?”

Hitoshi grinned, gave him a thumbs up and walked over to Tenya, Ururaka, and Tsuyu. Shouto looked around, then nodded and turned to where Katsuki was talking with Mina, Denki, Eijiro, and Hanta.

It only took them three minutes to make sure everyone knew what was going on and for Izuku and Hitoshi to sneak around behind the hero.

By now they had figured out who it was. Izuku hadn’t ever met Eraserhead personally, but he had a reputation in the Underground. He had done his research. Eraserhead wouldn’t have gone after a vigilante unless someone else told him to, so there’s no chance of him getting out of this.

Oh well.