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I Am Not Your Sister

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They had not been accepting of him. They hated him for it. How could his Father have made such a big mistake when he was originally created? They had always been taught that he as God was perfect in every way and made no errors ever. But then, why did he exist the way he did?

Was his Father just setting him up to be the scapegoat? Did he want someone to blame for all of his other failures? His other siblings had not understood how he could stray so far from the form gifted to him.

But he had to. It didn't feel right. There was such intense feelings of discomfort associated to almost every part or his body: his hair, his chest, his genitals, his shoulders, everything. Why had Father made his brain sex different than his body? Was he trying to make his life a living Hell?

His hands were too small. His shoulders were too small. Everything was out of proportion. His Father made him grow his hair out long like his sisters. Everyone called him "she." How could they not sense the agony he felt when they said "she" or "her" or "sister?"

He was truly trapped in a body that was not his own. The flesh prison soul travel with him wherever he went always.

When he had initially voiced his concerns to his family, they had laughed at him. They assumed he was doing another stunt to get attention from them, but he pressed the issue for eons. He couldn't stand it anymore. Their words were like knives penetrating his body.

The final straw was when he actually took action to correct the mistakes his Father had made. He had taken a weapon from the arsenal of the Silver City and set to work on cutting off arguably one of the most triggering places of his body: his chest. He didn't understand why they had looked at him with such intense fury when he was discovered. Did they not see that he was improving upon God's creation? That he was doing this for his own health?

No, they did not. They saw him destroying what their Father had made, vandalizing his property. Without even asking him what he was doing, he was whisked away to their Father, who questioned him, interrogated him. He took this chance to explain himself, but God would not accept the error he had made when creating him.

Knowing that he would never stop, his Father knew that he had to somehow get rid of his embarrassment. He at first considered simply destroying him, but his Mother had intervened and begged him to merely send him elsewhere. Out of sight, out of mind.

And thus, he was sentenced to be the ruler of Hell. Dragged to the border of the Silver City, he was chained; his wings, broken. Michael was the one to throw him off of the edge, and he tumbled down for what felt like an eternity, his skin literally burning and melting off of his bones.

He landed in Hell as expected. His form was permanently scarred and crippled. He could count every single rib shining white against his bloody, red skin; moving was agony. The demons were not incredibly pleasant either, but to his surprise, they soon accepted him as their lord, not their lady. Not without some violence of course, what else could be expected from those in Hell.

His right hand woman was a demon called Mazikeen. She tried to help him correct God's errors, to fix what had been done, but he couldn't bear to let anyone see his female body. He would do it himself, but as part of his punishment, it seemed to grow back over time. He feared the worst. From this time, he notably dropped the female name of Samael for Lucifer.

Years later, he got his hands on every surgery he could. Humans had truly advanced far to not only accept people like him but also help them get the body they were supposed to have. It wasn't cheap, but luckily, Lucifer had a lot of money in the back.

The first surgery he got was Keyhole, a form of top surgery. This flattened his chest to how it was supposed to be, and for some reason, it never grew back like it used to. Soon after, he started HRT and got testosterone injections. He grew hair in the right places, and his voice finally sounded right. He was more comfortable. The next step was bottom surgery. The testosterone had given him bottom growth, and as he wished to take an active role in sex, he selected phalloplasty. He decided that it looked most convincing when it was mixed with glansplasty, and this gave it the look of a circumsized penis. It did require a skin graft from his arm, but he decided that it was 100% worth it. He also got scrotoplasty to give him the appearance of balls, and a pump was fitted to allow him to grow hard. He had decided that that was the better choice, knowing that the other option would make it look like he half had a boner the entire time. His urethra was lengthened additionally to allow him to stand to use the facilities. Finally, he got his dick tattooed to look more convincing with veins and all.

He had gone stealth almost immediately after. Not one person but Maze knew that he was born in the wrong body, that he was born with gender dysphoria. No one at the LAPD knew, not even Chloe, and she had seen him naked before. In fact, none of his bed partners were any the wiser.

That all changed one day. He should have known that it was too quiet, too boring. Something was definitely about to happen. Dan and Ella were crowded around Chloe's desk, and he was twirling around on the chair.

"Sam? What have you done to yourself?" A very familiar voice was full of anger.

Two of his siblings had grown used to it, accepted him after a while. Azrael and Amenadiel were raised by his Father, but Lucifer knew that he could count on them if need be. Needless to say, his other siblings were not so kind to him.

Lucifer lazily glanced up at the three approaching figures but ignored them, instead choosing to spin around a few more times on his swivel chair.

"Sam, I know you heard us." His other brother, Gabriel, had the same amount of fury in his voice. "What have you done to God's gift?"

Chloe realized that the furious men were talking to her partner and intervened, standing up. "How may I help you? What are your names? I'm Detective Chloe Decker."

Raphael looked at her in disdain. "I'm Raphael. That's Gabriel and Michael. This is a family matter. We just need to talk to our sister."

Sister. The word stabbed him as hard as any blade would.

"What sister?" Ella looked confused.

He gave a sickly smile. "See, Samael? All of the damages you have been doing to the body our Father crafted especially for you have made you unrecognizable?"

Lucifer spinner again, hoping that they would leave if he refused to respond.

Michael cleared his throat loudly. "What is it you go by nowadays, sister? Lucifer? That's such a silly name."

Dan bit his lip, realizing exactly what was going on. "Yeah, I'm going to have to ask you three to leave. We do not tolerate transphobia here."

"This is a family matter." Gabriel growled. "Can you not see that we are doing God's work? Samael destroyed her body, and because of all the arguments she had started in the Silver City, she was sentenced to rule Hell."

Chloe closed her eyes. So that was what had happened to her partner. His father had kicked him out because he was transgender. The entire family was definitely religious, so it was no wonder that he sunk into devilish metaphors.

"Listen here." Ella was furious. "Lucifer is one of the best men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, so I cannot stand here and watch you harass him."

Lucifer groaned. "Leave it, Miss Lopez. I think I'm just going to go back to my penthouse."

"Are you sure?" Chloe looked worried. He never did well on his own when his mental health was suffering.

"I' Linda." Lucifer glared at his brothers. "I am not your sister."

Dan walked over to the three men. "Leave. Now. You've already done enough damage, so go back to your God."


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"You are not leaving, sister. Father wants us to talk." Raphael grabbed Lucifer by the arm.

The Devil stared at it for a moment before pulling it away from his brother in disgust. "No."

"Why must you always be so difficult, Sam?" Gabriel rolled his eyes and ran his hand through his hair.

Chloe watched the situation apprehensively. She desperately wished to intervene, but it could be dangerous due to their close proximity to each other. If only Lucifer would move away a bit, she could interfere safely. 

They were also calling him Sam. Was he originally named Samantha? That didn't really fit with the rest of them; they all had religious names. She supposed that it was none of her business. Lucifer didn't have to reveal his dead name if he didn't want to since it was truly dead to him.

Lucifer crossed his arms and stared at the other three archangels. "Fine, then. What the bloody hell does he want from me?"

"You have been away from your post in Hell for too long, sister. You must return." Michael explained without a single emotion crossing his face. "Amenadiel was tasked with this first, but he has always held a soft spot for you for some reason."

The night club owner let out a short laugh. "I'm not going back there."

"You must. Our Father wills it." Raphael scrunched his nose up in disdain. "We all know that you destroy our Father's creations frequently. It is the least you can do to listen every now and then; besides, there are many ways we can...convince you to return."

Dan had turned bright red from anger throughout the exchange, but he needed to know all the details before he could intervene. Now, it sounded an awful lot like they were threatening to torture him to get him to return to 'Hell.'

"Leave." The male detective stalked up to the three intruders. "We do not tolerate such hate speech here. The LAPD is a safe place."

Gabriel laughed out loud. "Our sister is such a softie that she needs a safe place set aside just so she doesn't have to deal with the truth? Can't you see she is brainwashing today's youth? There had never been a transgender before Sam, and now, the transgenders are everywhere!"

"Don't call them 'transgenders.'" Ella shook her head. "I can't have you insulting Lucifer here. He's a good man, a better man than any of you will ever be."

"Our sister will never be a man." Michael sneered. "In our youth, she would try to get attention by claiming that our Father is imperfect, but we all know that he never makes a mistake. Sam is and always shall be a girl."

Lucifer's cheeks burned bright red as he felt the dysphoria settle in once more. He had been doing well with feeling masculine as of late, but it seemed that his siblings could knock him back to square one with a few measly words. Was he truly that weak? He was suddenly incredibly self-conscious about all of his scars, all of the evidence of his transition. Since he had keyhole surgery, the scars on his chest weren't too bad, but they stung at him right then. He was not born the way he was then. No, he was born wrong and imperfect.

"He is not a girl." Chloe snapped at the three of them. "Now, I want you three to leave. Get out of here. Scram. Now."

"And how exactly do you think you will get us to?" Gabriel leered at the detective. "You are a mere mortal. A miracle perhaps, but powerless."

She ignored the miracle statement, not too sure what it meant. Obviously, these three men thought that they were angels just like how Lucifer thought he was the Devil. Were they raised in a cult? That would certainly explain a lot of things about her partner.

Lucifer looked between his friends and his brothers, yearning to separate them. His siblings were all dangerous; he couldn't afford to lose any of his friends if one of them got violent.

He cleared his throat. "Shouldn't we be having this conversation away from the humans?"

Raphael spared him a short glance before returning to glaring daggers into Chloe's skull. "You have brainwashed so many people. You're manipulative and cruel, and we must fix this."

"There is nothing to fix but your attitude." Ella marched up close to him and stuck her face near his. "You're so hateful, you know that? It is not Christian to judge people and hate on others the way you are now."

Michael let out a short laugh. "This human thinks she can tell us what is and is not Christian! Mortal, we have been in contact with God in as little as an hour ago. We know more about what is Christian than you ever will."

Lucifer bit his lip, still not entirely sure how to get rid of his siblings. If he simply left, would they follow? Or would they kidnap his friends to force him back to Hell? He couldn't be sure with them.

"Leave them out of this." He demanded, yanking on Raphael's arm in an attempt to get him away from Ella. "It's me you want."

Gabriel moved towards the night club owner. "You know, everyone in the Silver City is quite curious about what is going on inside your brain. It couldn't hurt to look at it, right? Using our methods of course, not the silly human machines."

Lucifer gave him a weird look. "I'm bloody well not letting you anywhere near my brain. You don't care about what you would find; you only care about the pain it would cause."

"True," the archangel admitted, smiling a little bit.

Dan had had enough. "I can't allow you to threaten Lucifer like that. Leave, or you'll spend the night in a holding cell."

Raphael laced his fingers together, ready to give an attitude. "And here I thought had free speech."

"This isn't free speech. It's harassment. Now, go." Chloe tacked on.

Michael whispered something into the other two's ears. "We'll see you soon, dearest sister." And just like that, they disappeared before their very eyes.