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Cry Baby

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To evaluate the students of UA after the first semester, which was quite the semester considering what it consisted of however what none of the students in class 1A knew was that it wasn’t over quiet yet, the students were given a review of what they needed to improve and what they were excelling at.

As everyone had expected when announced they’d be getting these evaluations cautious eyes gravitated towards Bakugou Katsuki, his anger starting off as a simmer before growing to erupt.


Mr. Aizawa sighed, “you received excellent markings Bakugou, you should be pleased to be almost at the top of the class.”

“FUCK THAT! I am top of the class, the whole fucking school actually. I dont see how this catigorry is relevant to my fucking training!”

Mr Aizawa sighed grabbing his sleeping bag and stepping into it. “How you interact socially especially with a scared hostage or whoever it may be could make or break your career as a hero. To scream at a suvillian that they’re a quote, ‘fucking moron’ for walking home at night and getting in danger or whatever the scenario could get to social media and esentially lead to noone wanting a dangerous hero to rescue them no matter the skill etc. I would suggest working on patience, and your anger issues...maybe smile more.”

Snickering erupted around the class, a single giggle directly behind bakugou was the only one that really irritated him. “Shut the fuck up shitty Deku!”

Bakugou snaps at the green haired boy behind him before turning back to his mostly cocooned teacher, “Aye! I don't see you keeping up appearances for the media ya damn hypocrite!”

Mr. Aizawa paused before looking to bakugou with dead eyes, “I also have no desire to become number one hero. Your stats took into consideration your goals for the future. You want number one hero? Don't be an ass.” Mr. Aizawa flopped onto the ground behind his desk. Bakugou grumbled as the class started moving slowly person by person to their friends a good portion of the class coming to Deku as he muttered about his scores scribbling notes down on his stat sheet. Todoroki hums reading over his shoulder nodding slowly in agreement.

“If you’d like help on you stamina training I'm sure I could help you. My father may be horrible but if there's one thing he knew it was how to train.” Midorya shined a thousand watt smile at Todoroki, “Really?! That sounds amazing Todo, you really don’t mind? I wouldn’t want to burden you.” He shrugs, “I have to train as well so why not just join me.” Midorya jumps up giving the other boy a tight hug.

Bakugou growling and snatching up Deku’s stats. It was basically an entire list stating things he needed to improve his social skills rated at a 94% and critical thinking 97% other than that his physical abilities rated between high twenties and single digit numbers. The scores were snatched back by round face as she looks it over.

“Deku you mental scorings are great, but we could definitely help you raise your confidence levels maybe it’ll even help your physical scores.” Deku smiled, again , bigger and brighter, “you don’t have to Uraraka, but I greatly appreciate the-”

“Nonsense! We’ll all just shower you with compliments Izuku! Like how your a great friend.” She smiled as Todoroki nodded mutely agreeing. Lida speaking up next with an inflated amount of confidence himself, “your also one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting.”

“You’re very kind.” Todoroki said in a monotone voice.

“Oh and your such a cutie pie! Izukuie-pie!” Mina shouts excitedly hugging Deku’s side, the boy was blushing bright red as Bakugou scoffed, “still a useless Deku even with a quirk.” Sparkling green eyes dimmed slightly when they turned to the hot headed blond who glared at him with a single brow lifted, silence buffing the room for just a moment. The room chilling slightly Izuku’s head snapping towards Todoroki placing a hand on his shirt to turn his glare from Bakugou diminishing a fight before it started.

“I-it’s ok, it’s just Kacchan hes- he’s just joking.” Todoroki gave him a confused and doubtful look, “I don’t think-”

Midorya walks to stand beside Bakugou's desk, “How were the rest of your scores Kacchan, I’m sure you did great in everything else!” He smiled brightly at the blond.

“Tch, better than you shitty Deku.” He gestured at his desk where others leaned in some sound vaguely impressed, “you ninety percent and up on everything Kacchan that's amazing! I’m sure by the time we graduate these scores will all be at one hundred percent.” Bakugou didn’t say anything else as Kirishima and a few of the other started congratulating him next. Bakugou smirked accepting the praise like it was his birthright.

“Don’t get to smug though Bakubro, you still got a zero on your social skills.” Bakugou growled at his so called friend, “mind your damn business shitty hair!” Kirishima laughed patting Bakugou on the back, “Relax we’ll all just carry around water bottles and treats to train you.” Bakugou stood and Kirishima laughed loudly ducking from the swing Bakugou through at him. The others laughing as Kirishima grabbed his paper from his desk and lifting it up to show his friend, “says here I score a 100% percent on my social skills, side comment, your score was recently upgraded due to showing your ability to both make light and ease tension within a serious situation while also taking the mission seriously. Hear thahhhhh-”

Bakugou had grabbed his friend tackling him to the ground snatching up the paper the two wrestling on the floor to the amusement of the other classmates.


Now that the students of UA have taken up residence at the school social outings were usually planned and while on a normal day bakugou would reject the invitation momo had actually spritzed him with a water bottle, Kirishima trying to both hold back laughter and his friend. Eventually he conceded to going with the extras to the mall sitting on a bench and refusing to participate in the ‘shopping’ part of their  ‘ adventure ’ Midorya sat beside him scribbling in his notebook something about a buddy system and Deku telling the others he didn’t need anything so he’d be fine babysitting Katsuki it had essentially pissed of the blond so he spent the first five minutes screaming at the green haired boy as he smiled humming occasional to show he was listening.

Eventually bakugou just huffed crossing his arms then huffed again when he seen the food court and his stomach rumbled. Izuku’s head popping up like a gouffer, “hungry Kacchan?”

“None of yer’ damn business.” He mumbled, in reality he was very hungry having forgot in the commotion of the trip to eat this afternoon. But since he hadn’t planned on buying something he didn’t bring his wallet leaving him to stare at the food on the tables in the food court until his gaze broke when he heard a giggle.

“Well I’m hungry so if you want something I can grab you something.”

Katsuki side eye’d Deku then looked away and glared, “I don’t need your damn charity nerd.”

“It’s not charity, I get nervous talking to people so I was hoping you could order and I’d pay you back by buying your food, is that alright Kacchan?” Bakugou's stomach grumbled again and he huffed walking towards the food court Deku beside him smiling like an idiot. “Hey this is a great way for you to practice being patient Kacchan.”

Boy was that an understatement, fifteen minutes later Bakugou's eyebrow is twitching in irritation as they wait directly behind an old man taking his time scanning over everything on the menu. Bakugou snaps, “hurry the fuck up and order your jelly old man!”

“Kacchan! Stop it, you have to be nice.”

“I’ve been nice for the last fifteen minutes babysitting your ass. If you’d just shut the fuck up with all your damn mumbbling.” Deku flinched cowering back eyes growing glossy and wet, “great now your even crying like a fucking child!”

“I-I’m not crying Kacchan.”

The old man was frowning and swings out randomly berating bakugou for his language but bakugou dodges the hit slapping Deku in the face where he blinks in surprise. Bakugou laughs before a spark flicks out of Deku’s hair then his arms and suddenly there's a blinding flash, a murmuring around the mall and when Bakugou's vision returns There's a crying child sitting where Deku’s clothes sit crumpled on the ground.

“What the fuck!”



“Is that-”

The others start running towards the line as a two year old picks up the size 10 shoe hitting it on the ground and in his tantrum, wild green curls wiggling around as the child shakes its head tears trailing down it blotchy red face. Bakugou whips around towards the old man who’s suddenly disappeared then back down at the little Deku. Kirshima kneels by the baby grabbing the all might shirt as he picks up the baby wrapping the shirt around the child shushing him with gentle rocking the crying quieting to whimpers half n’ half grabbed the clothes, wallet, and notebook from the floor. “We must go back to the school and inform one of the professors.”

Baby Deku’s big green eyes  finally open the tears coming to a stop locking on to Katsuki his lip starting to wobble a little, chubby hands reaching for him. When Katsuki steps back with a sneer the baby begins screaming loudly. The students panic Bakugou included Kirishima shoving the baby into Bakugou's arms, he awkwardly grabs the baby holding it out in front of him at arm's length. The crying stops.

“We need to go!” The others agreeing quickly as they all head for the door Deku giggling kicking his legs as Katsuki continues to hold him at arm's length under the armpits. Pinki, weird lobes, 3D printers, and round face are laughing at bakugou. 3D printer stopping Bakugou, “you’ll hurt him like that here-”

She grabs Deku his smile fading slightly looking at Katsuki panicked lip wobbling little fingers clenching and unclenching in his direction, “support his bottom and back and hold him to your chest, there. If the need to move him you could also use your hip if you need to.”

Bakugou pulled his face away from the grabby hands trying to pull at his hands. “Baba, bababa.” Deku erupted in giggles head flopping on Katsukis shoulder,, tiny  arms curling into himself thumb stuck in his mouth. “Stupid Deku.”

“Aww, Bakugou you look kind of nice when you hold baby Izuku.”

“Yeah, it’s like Bakugous and Izuku had a baby and Bakugous a dad now!”

Kirishima snickered, “daddy Bakugou.” The others erupted in laughter, bakugou growling at them, “you assholes, I’ll kill ya!!”

Todoroki was looking at the others confused, “perhaps we should go to assure Midoryas well being.” The girls kept cooing at Dekus sleeping babyface.

Back at the school All might smiled a greeting at everyone as they entered campus, “Hello everyone, I AM HERE to find young midoriya, is he not with you?”

The others step aside showing the sleeping child curled against the explosive blonds chest, “please take him.” The others snicker at bakugous plea, he’d woken the child twice on the walk back to the school resulting in crying and Bakugou having to be taut how to bounce and shush the child back to sleep after yelling ‘shut up, shut up, shut up, go back to sleep stupid deku’ didn’t work, imagine that. Which the others had no problems recording  he glared at them turning his back on the cameras.

“Wh-what happened here.”

“Bakugou pissed someone off and their quirk hit Midoriya instead of Bakugou. But anytime anyone else holds him he starts crying soooo- Bakugou daddys been temporarily in charge.” All Might reaches out the child fitting  across both large hands effortlessly. Deku doesn't wake thumb still in his mouth as he wiggles but stays asleep.

“Young Bakugou come with me to recovery girl in case he wakes and gets upset, the rest of you head back to your dorms until we can update you on Young-er midorya’s state. Bakugou grumbles following the pro hero towards the school arms crossed annoyed. After a few scans recovery girls pulls a needle out pricking Tiny Deku waking him, she quickly takes his blood pulling the needle out as he starts crying loudly. Bakugou covers his ears as All might picks up the child trying to rock him the crying still not stopping. Bakugou growls snapping at the pro hero, “just give him to me!”

All might hesitates before leaning over Katsuki picking up the child and holding him to his chest bouncing as momo had taught him making shushing noises through sounding mildly aggressive. The crying eases to whimpers and sniffles recovery girl putting a bandaid on the needle prick.

It takes fifteen minutes where bakugou and Deku just stare at each other the child occasionally giggling reaching for the blond, “bababa, baaaaaaa.”

“Stop drooling on yourself it’s disgusting.”

The baby gurgles spit flying and trickling down its chin and chest. “Your pathetic.”

The baby bounces babbling and occasionally giggling.

“Alright, the test confirm this is definitely only temporary, it’ll last about a month give or take, then he should be back to his normal reckless self. I’ll call his mother and she can come-”

“NO!” Three heads turn startled towards all might, “I fear if villains get word of his state they’ll attempt to hurt him in his weakened state, to put him and his mother in that kind of danger I can not permit.”

Recovery girl sighs, “and how do you suppose the school is to take care of him when he won't leave this child's side?”

All Might turned his smile towards bakugou who frowned deeply understanding where this was going.

There was already baby supplies in the dorm lounge area when Katsuki and All Might arrived at the dorms, All Might stopped Bakugou with a heavy hand on his shoulder and a serious look directed him, “please take care of young Midorya, ‘ I understand this is not ideal for you but it would be greatly appreciated.” Bakugou huffed glaring at the child, “whatever, I’m use to the idiot being clingy.”

After that All Might coughed turned away saying heroic sounding farewells and disappeared, Bakugou grumbled at Deku as they entered the building.

“Damn nerd always a pain in my ass. Why can’t you cling to that half n’ half bastard since you to like each other so much. Constantly jacking each other off with compliments, bullshit, stupid, dumb, stupid Deku.” The child tilted its head tiny hands landing on backugous cheek, ‘baba” He got an eye roll in reply, “yeah, yeah, I know, ‘i’m sorry Kacchan , whine whine, blah blah.”

The elevator dingged as he stepped into the hall where workers were leaving the boys dorm looking at the baby then murmuring about irrisponsible teensagers as they got into the elevator. Inside the dorm both girls and boys were gathered around play pins they were piecing together and a baby bed, Kirishima came bounding over in excitement, “does this mean we get to keep him?”

“He’s not a pet!” Bakugou snapped, kirishima ignored him wiggling a finger in Deku’s bare tummy, his chubby baby face turning red as he giggles pushing the finger away and hiding his face against bakugou's chest eyeing Kirishima with a small smile from hi supposedly safe cover in the blond shirt.

“He’s so cute, and his freckles and tiny face ahhhh.” Pinki came bounding over with the others following to tickle poke and smile at a baby Deku. “Oh my gosh look at those tiny little toes!” Deku bounced in Katsuki’s arms , from all the attention, making it difficult to hold him.

“Oi! Knock it the fuck off!” Everyone froze Deku’s lip quivering before the shrill sound of a crying child filled the room. Growling Katsuki shoved the child at Uraraka who was wrapped her arms around the crying baby looking at Katsuki with wide eyes as he stomped past everyone towards his room. “Good fucking luck.” He growled stomping up the stairs the slamming his bedroom door closed. The cries could be heard from his room not quieting for hours. Katsuki had shoved headphones in his ears blaring them at max succeffully drowning out the commotion down stairs.

He hadn’t heard multiple knocks to his locked door until it broke down in chunks of ice and wood Kirishima and Todoroki both glaring at him. Katsuki lowered his feet back to the floor from where they curled up to protect his body from the explosion. Todoroki ripped the headphones out throwing them and the phone they were attached to across the room dropping a baby in his arms. Deku continued to cry loudly, bakugou trying hard to control the erratic beat of his heart now that a child was back in his arms.

“What the fuck!”

“Don’t what the fuck us, he’s been crying for an hour and a half because your an asshole he just wants you to hold him Bakugou.” Kirishima kneels beside Bakugou finger rubbing Deku’s tummy no covered in an All Might onsie, “hey big guy, look who it is, yeah, it’s Daddy Bakugou. Yeah, see!” The crying quieted a little but didn’t stop, Todoroki was still glaring at Bakugou, “hold him closer so he feels comfort, and support his bottom.”

Bakugou struggle to arrange the child until Todoroki and Kirishima moved his arms and the child so Deku was held against his chest tightly. The crying turned to whimpers after some rocking the other too sighing as they sit on the floor others standing outside the door looking worried relaxed as well.

“Why is he like this?” Bakugou questioned staring down at the child with angry confusion. Momo sat leaned against the doorway, “if I were to guess it’s because he loves you. When a mother has a child her hormones or the release of it is familiar to the child because it’s been in her body so naturally since Midorya’s known you since childhood much longer than any of us he only feels comfortable with you, I’m sure it’d be the same with his mother and father.”

Katsuki grunted, “Deku’s fathers never been around so I doubt it.” There's silence so he glances up to see sad eyes looking at the baby in Katsukis arms no sleeping with a tiny thumb in his mouth. The tear stained cheeks were still red from his long cry, Bakugou was having trouble looking away a thought running through his head that had his fingers twitching.

‘He’s cute.’

He clears his throat looking at Kirishima, “did you finish the bed thing?” His gaze flattened to annoyance, “I’ve been a bit busy.”

Katsuki looks away a blush covering his cheeks, “you, um, you could just put it in here.” There's a pause and a course of ‘aaaawwww’ that has bakugou growling, “Nevermind one of you assholes can take him.” He moves to hand over the child and everyone's faces cloud with panic as they dart away from the room the girls yelling an excuse about curfew.

“Todoroki and I put him in a diaper and the onesie but he’ll need a bath tomorrow, we’ll go get the bed and set i up by yours.”  

There was a pause the boys walking out the door, “wait you saw his-”

“Shut up!”

“We will not speak of it.”

The two cut him off, Bakugou chuckles standing to rock the child, “oh your going to hide in your room for weeks after all this is over. I can already see you blushing redder than shitty hairs head.” There's a little chirp from Deku as he snuggles closer. “Just cause your cute now doesn’t mean I don't hate you.” He mumbled bouncing his steps when he sees Deku’s curls bouncing as well keeping the baby gently rocked in his arms glaring at him and his hair.

“Your hair is stupid.”

He grumbles Half n’ half and Kirishima carrying in five pices of a bed and screwing them together then setting in a mattess ans putting a blanket down Katsuki lowers the child onto the matress and they all wait with baited breaths until it seemed safe. Bakugou huffed dropping the blanket over the child, “you two should go to bed too.” He grumbbles while half n’ half nod’s Kirishima gives out a night bro half n’ ha;d stops at the door speaking to Kirishima, “daddy Bakugou told us to go to bed.” Kirishima slaps a hand over his mouth face turning red holding in laughter bakugou growled, “you two were the ones to take care of him, maybe your the dads, like some weird gay couple who are complete opposites from one another.”

Kirishima's face was red for a new reason now half n’ half gone quiet Bakugou smirks shooing them away.


Bakugou had managed to fall asleep Deku’s crib beside him. That is until about 12 am when Deku starts crying waking Bakugou with a start his hands coming up ready for an attack. Until his brain registers the sound of a crying baby, “the fuck? Oh, right.” He stands sitting on the edge of his bed rubbing his neck looking at the squirming Deku tears rolling down his face and his squishy little baby face bloched red not for the first time tonight. Baku picks him up holding him to his chest eyes closing in desperate need of sleep.

“C’mon shitty Deku I’m tired.” The crying slowed but little fist and big green eyes held on tightly not letting go when Katsuki went to put him back only getting a few whimpers until he sighed climbing into his bed laying the child on his chest keeping a hand on his back. “Shhhhh s’okay, I got youuuuu.”

The next time he’s wooken up theres wiggling on his chest and a tiny hand playing with his hand. Kasuki grunts ahard soft wet object touching his hand he looks down at his chest to see Deku chewing on his finger while looking around the room completly content to not give a fuck.

Bakugous mind wandered watching deku wobble  holding himself up and continuing to chew on his fingers, “how the fuck am I supposed to take care of you and go to class. Glancing at the clock there two hours till class starts. Two hours to bath and feed deku, no problem.

Sitting up and swinging deku around to dit on the bed between his legs the baby giggles gripping Katsuki pajamas to pull himself up he slips once and Katsuki catches him lifting him to his legs smirking. Deku bounces holding tightly to katsukis finger and pants.

“Your a shitty dancer Deku. First of all twerking is for girls second if you wanna try that again when your grown up, I get to watch the disaster unfold. And third,” he huffs the child up walking towards the drawer with fresh clothes of his own and a child, “your supposed to learn to walk and then run, then dance. Only you would do this shit backwards.”

Deku got three baths in one hour alone, four different changes of clothes but by the time he was ready there was ten minutes left for Katsuki to shower and eat and get ready for school. Deku cried when he had to hand him off for his shower so Katsuki rushed to the bathrooms not letting others see when he did then after being dressed picked Deku backup from Kirishima's room who was still laying in bed but at least now he’s awake. Deku stopped crying the instant Bakugou had him lifted off the bed.

“I swear to god he’s faking it at this point.”

Kirishima snorted rolling out of bed as katsuki went back to the kitchen for oatmeal Deku sitting in the sink playing with a spatula the other students having ate this morning while trying to get Deku ready.

“ gave him a bath…”

“Shut it shitty hair... we’ll never speak of this .”

Kirishima snickered, “you better hurry or we’re going to be late daddy.”

“Shut the fuck up!”

“Watch your language around baby Deku!”

It wouldn’t affect Deku he hasn’t cursed no matter how many times he’s heard  it growing up. He’s just too soft for it.

Kirishima was on the elevator holding the door as Bakugou grabbed his bookbag by the couch and held Deku to his side as he slid into the now closing doors of the elevator. Kirishima snickered poking a finger in Deku’s onesie covered belly cooing at him. Dekus upper body bouncing with joy as he giggled at the antics of the red head.

“I think he’s starting to like me.”

“You dumbass, he’s still Deku, he likes everyone.”

“Your just trying to hog feeling all special.”

Bakugou snorts lifting a brow at his friend, “if he didn’t cry anytime anyone else held him I’d hand him over with a fucking smile on my face.”

Kirishima's smirk had bakugou grating his teeth together, a look obviously asking if the statement were true in which case it was. He was not good with children, they were gross, and fragile, and they cried way to much. It took five minutes to walk to Mr.Aizawas class from the dorms and no surprise they showed up late if it weren’t for Midnight who pushed a cranky Aizawa out of the way to coo closely at Deku and the loud ear splitting screams that came out of him because of it I’m sure, nope, nope we’re definitely in trouble.

“You're late.”

“No shit, everytime I turned around he had something all over him and then he wouldn’t stop crying long enough for me to get ready. Do you know how fucking messy a child is when your trying to fucking feed it and it just spits the food back up like a god damn hose. But if you think you can do better here.”Kasuki sat Deku down on Aizawas desk and steped back crossing his arms the screams from before only getting louder the longer the child sat on the desk wobbling from the lack of support.

Aizawa’s brow furrowed as he looked it over carefully then picked up the child, for a moment his hair lifted up and his gaze was locked on the infant but nothing happened. Kirishima took Deku from Aizawa and the cries got slightly quieter the child's lip wobbling in warning little hands making grabby motions at bakugou big emerald eyes looking from the red head to the blond.

Kirishima nodded confirming aloud to the child that he understood, “I know, I know, daddy bakugou's gonna hold you again cause the scary teachers glared at you and smooshed their boobies and your face. Yeah I see the way you palm him kid your not getting away with anything.” The class erupting in giggles as Kirishima holds Deku out to Bakugou who glares and turns away only to run straight into Todoroki who glared while the room’s temperature dropped. Bakugou's scowl heated. The whimpers started growing louder again and Kirishima stepped around also glaring at Bakugou. “Don’t be an ass man, we all saw you this morning playing with him in the kitchen-”

“He threw his fucking food into my hair.”

“I seriously doubt-”

“I dont give a damn about shitty Deku! Just fucking take care of him your self.”

Bakugou sat at his desk it took all of three seconds for a crying curly haired child to be sat in front of him and two desks pulled to both sides blocking an escape. He growled, glaring at the child who whimpered at him reminding him of when they were kids. The baby wobbled in it’s tears and Bakugou was quick to catch him before he toppled over the cry slowly coming to a stop.

“Lets get on with class shall we.”

Deku would occasionally giggle holding one of Bakugou's fingers and playing with Kirishima. It seemed as long as he had some sort of contact, enough to ensure him that bakugou was still close enough to hold him he was fine.

It wasn’t until halfway through the class that Deku was no longer satisfied with playing with Kirishima and hold Bakugou's finger. No matter how closely bakugou held him the whimpers and crying wouldn’t stop.

“Shut him up!”

“I don't know how!”

Momo made her way over to the three boys trying to shush Deku popping a finger into his mouth first. “Oh…” She mumbled, “he’s teething already thats...thats odd.” there was a pause as she studied Deku then lifted her shirt pulling out a ring with three plastic balls on it.

“It’s called a teething ring it helps with his pain, better used when cold but my body can’t-”

“Give it to me.”

Todoroki held out his left hand chilling the ring instantly careful not to leave any actual ice on the toy then handed it to bakugou who glared at the toy as he took it then pushed it at Deku growling, “he wont-” two small hands latched onto the toy and began chewing on it, the crying going down.

“Usually babies don’t start teething until their six months old maybe, and I could have sworn the other day he didn’t have even a hint of-”

“Shall we get back to class mis.yauyaurozu?”

Momo blushed nodding twice before sitting down at her desk.

When it came to All mights class training was schedualed to be canceled because of Deku, but after a lot of protest and Bakugou finally huffung that he’d sit out for the day to watch stupid Deku the others were able to go about practice. Of course bakugou grumbbled the whole time and had todoroki refreeze the toother thingy.

“Why the fuck are you so obssessed with me anyways, shouldn’t you be clinging to All Might like the pimple on his ass that you are?” The baby shakes the toy at Katsuki hitting him in the face and getting a growel, “YOU LITTLE!” A spark poped off in Katsukis free hand and baby Deku stared at it with wide eyes before clapping with a big toothles smile on his face, “baba. BABAbaBA!” Katauki smirked holding his hand a little farther away and letting off little firecracker pops the baby laughs and flexes the fingers on its hand, “baba.”

“Dumbass.”Bakugou mutters with a soft smile on his face before frowning and looking to make sure nobody saw him looking at Deku with such weakness. Once he saw no-one was around but him and deku on the front steps of training arena gamma he let off a few more sparks Deku giggling, unknowingly the sweet smile and shown backup on Bakugou's face as class 1B strolled down the sidewalk with their teacher in the lead. Watching with intense surprise and curiosity.

“Is that Bakugou?”

“Oh my god he’s smiling.”

“Is he holding a baby?”

“What the hell’s with the kid?”

“Class 1A’s really let themselves go.”

“Wait guys I think that's Midorya that means the rumors are true.”

While they whispered Bakugou was still distracted with distracting Deku when his class came out of the building behind him all exhausted from their training but watched bakugou smile at Dekuand all their sore muscles seemed to lighten as they cooed loudly startling the blond while they gathered around him a red hu beginning to cover his cheeks.

“That’s so cute Kacchan, Deku likes your fireworks.”

“Don’t call me that round face.”

“Cute or Kacchan?” Uraraka deadpans getting a glare from Katsuki, “both.” He growled she shrugged him off pushing back a tangle of curls on Dekus face that he was pulling at. Class 1B gathered around the group as well making faces and shoving their way to give attention to Deku, Katsuki was getting tenser and Kirishima noticed glancing at Todoroki worriedly who met his gaze with agreeance. Before they could establish space that Monoma had to set off the detonator.

“Class 1A has truly fallen it’s such a shame even your most pathetic of classmates can’t even stand on his own. He’s completely useless.” The anger was deadly silent as Bakugou handed over Deku to Kirishima and stood eyes never leaving Monoma in it’s fiery rage. The flamboyant blond looking less confident when faced with a childless Bakugou. The rest of Class 1A just watching with glares on their face or concern for both Monoma and the now crying Deku. Bakugou on the other hand they knew could handle himself.

If it weren't for the very large hand placed on his shoulder and All Mights loud boisterous laugh. Bakugou pushed away the hand grabbing the blond by his shirt leaning in close to speak through his teeth. Something feral and predatory leaking out from beneath the surface, something more terrifying than his usual rage.

Whatever it was that he said was to quiet for the rest of the classes to hear but Monoma was nodding with shaking legs. Bakugou huffed at him then turned to glare at his class, “are we leaving or what?” Shocked they all made their way off the stairs towards the hot headed blond Kirishima handing Deku back over.

The next weak was the same, Bakugou could attend his studies classes but not training he watched Deku every day and woke up squinting at him because every night he ended up in the bed beside him or he just seemed… different.

“Oi icy hot, hair for brains… does he look, bigger to you?” The two sat on the floor with deku who held onto Bakugou's leg bouncing with a wide smile on his face four teeth already sprouted from his mouth. “Maybe I haven’t really been paying attention.” The onsie was to difficult so Bakugou after the first day has resorted to just throwing one of his shirts on Deku’s small frame then using one of the hair ties he borrowed from the girls to keep it from falling off it works much simpler but now as he looks at Deku he wonders if he would even fit in a onesie.

“Go grab one of his baby things…” Kirishima heads to the kitchen pulling one off the counter bakugou had left for emergencies only. Him and Kirishima slipped onto the floor and bakugou pulled the hairtye off slidding it on his wrist and pulling off the t-shirt. He got the legs to the but it stopped not reaching further thanthe middle of his back. “He’s likefive inches taller, what the fuck.”

“He’s growing too fast to be considered normal I thought the quirk would just were off and that bright light would appear again.”

Bakugou huffed in agreeance with Kirishima.

He pulled the outfit back off the child his hair bouncing around. Raking his hands through Dekus hair he pulled it up into a curly poof sliding the hair tie in so it was out of the way, “it’s time for dinner.” He mumbled picking Deku up. Sitting Deku on the counter and setting a hand on his chest to keep him from falling he pulled food from the counter and a small rubber spoon from the drawer Kirishima smiled wide with his phone out and sitting at the island.

“The fuck are you doing?”

“I love watching you feed Deku man, so do the others.” Todoroki nods mutley sitting beside Kirishima. Well aren't they close, assholes.


He pops the lid to the banana baby food and snaps at Deku getting his full attention then takes a bite of the food for himself before getting another spoonful and putting it close to Deku’s mouth. The child watched Bakugou as he opened his mouth mirroring the blond as he made the action with him then closed his mouth continuing to mirror the blond. Bakugou grinned when deku swallowed and he did it again this time a bit of food dripping onto the child's chest from his mouth. Bakugous quick to wipe it away licking his thumb afterwards before continuing to feed the child.

“Oh my god KIRI!” The boys in the room all jump at the shrill voice of pinki as she runs to watch the tail end of the feeding, “why didn’t you tell us it was feeding time!” Bakugou rolled his eyes giving the last bite to Deku, “it's the same time everyday Mina.” Todoroki deadpans and Bakugou grunts in agreement before turning the bowl around to show Deku with a half smile.

“Fuck yeah! No mess this time!”

Deku clapps with a smile, “fk, fck, fuck!” The four teens in the room freeze looking at Deku, Bakugou glanced over at a shocked Kirishima before the red head brow furrowed and he glared at Bakugou.

“I told you to watch your language around him!”



“Shit stop it.’




“Sht! Sht!”

Todoroki watched as Bakugou used Deku as a shield against Mina and Kirishima. Glancing at the red heads phone, now face down on the table, lifting it up then turning it around the video still going but now focused on a toddler yelling curses as the blond behind him got slapped, Todorki grinning from ear to ear as he sent the video out to the rest of the class who started appearing to watch themselves

Chapter Text

To say All Might and Mr. Aizawa were disappointed in Katsukis literature lesson was an understatement the blond got slapped in the back of the head twice. But it was also brought to the adults attention Dekus fast growth rate. It was made obvious within another week when Deku was running around the dorm with an All Might action figure trying to get people to play with him. “Kiri, I don't wanna watch tv no more and Kacchan won't pway with me!” Deku jumped on the couch, “can we pway supa’ hewos again! Peas!!”

“Oi stop yelling inside!”

“You yelling inside!” Deku screamed back, the look Katsuki gave him had his chin tucking into his chest and the boy sinking into the couch tears puddling in his eyes. There was a curse from Bakugou as he moved from his spot on the floor beside Deku pulling him into his lap mumbling an apology.

Kirishima sent the quick video to the others and stood, “I would little dude but Todoroki and I are going out.”

The two boys on the couch turn to look at the red head with similar stairs. “Wait are you guys dating now or something?” Kirishima's face turned redder than his hair and he looked away, “I-I mean no, not really, it’s just, just to bros...uh, hanging out, drinking coffee and um, igottago.” Kirishima was gone before Bakugou could question it.

“What's a date Baba?”

“Hmm? Oh it’s uh, adult stuff, shut up and play with your dolls.”

“I don’t wanna Baba, I wanna play wif you.” Deku was clutching at Bakugou's shirt looking up at him with big green eyes. The little shit knew Bakugou never said no to at this point. As proof the blond growled, “You have a three minute head start before the villain comes to find you!” Deku smiled wide jumping down from the couch and running off in the direction of the elevator probably to head to the girls dorms like usual.

After three minutes Bakugoue lazily makes his way upstairs knocking on doors. “Is Deku in here?” He looks bored having already seen most everyone else, Uraraka smiles, ‘you guys playing hide and seek again?” Bakugou huffs Uraraka just smiles, “nope.” Bakugou rolled his eyes, “common I’ve checked everyone else just tell him I found him.”

Uraraka smile faded slightly, “are you sure you’ve checked everyone else?”

Bakugou frowned looking down the hall at the elevator then back to Uraraka realisation that she wasn’t just playing along for Deku’s sake. He pulls his phone up to the class group chat.

Daddy Baba: Is any1 w/ Deku?

Uncle red: Dude I was gone 5 minutes is he not with you now

Daddy Baba: hide n seek but he’s not in the girls dorms

Uncle Todo: You lost a child

Ribbit: not in the library

Pinki: not in the cafeteria

Earjam: the entire dorm is clear of a child's heart beat so he’s not in the building

Bakugou frowned Uraraka following him towards the elevator, “should we tell All Might, or Mr. Aizawa?”

“Fuck that, Deku just thinks it’s a game we just have to find him.”

Daddy Baba: keep me updated losers

Outside Bakugou looks around at all the green trees and bushes and sighs knowing this could take a while.

And it did it took two hours before a text came into the chat, Uraraka was floating above the trees while Bakugous searched the ground.

Mr.ClassRepresentative: I am next to the custom modification center and Hatsume says she can see Midorya in the class 1-B dorm windows.

Bakugou turns abruptly after reading the text and firing off an explosion flying him over the trees and steering himself toward the dorms to land on the front steps and push his was into the building. The small group in the lounge looks surprised as he glares at them, “wheres Deku?” They look at one another confused and Bakugou huffs.

Daddy Baba: wat flor

Mr.ClassRepresentative: third

Bakugou stomps up the stairs bangging on the doors, “Deku get your ass out here right now!” Silence.

“I said now! Or I’m taking all of your dolls!”There was a squeak from down the hall and bakugou was slamming the door open before anyone had the chance to hide. Deku was being held to Monoma’s chest a hand over his mouth looking unnerved. Monoma looked angry for all of two seconds before his eyes met Bakugou’s and he pushed the kid away from him Deku running across the room to grab onto his leg.

“Deku, go find Uraraka.” Bakugou's voice was chilling his fist clenching and unclenching sparks and pops going off occasionally. Only Deku’s grip didn’t loosen up but did the opposite, “my face hurts Kacchan I wanna go home.” Bakugou paused looking down a red cheek. “What happened?” Deku’s glanced at Monoma before looking at the floor, “nothing.” He mumbled into the pant leg. Bakugou pulled Deku off his leg and sat him in the hall closing the door. Deku watched as he heard the explosions from the other side of the door. A yelp a cry out and another bang this much louder and shaking the building the sound of the wall crashing down on the other side of the door describing exactly how this fight was going. Deku frowned, Kacchans going to hurt him.

Pulling the door back open the room was a mess and as he thought the wall was missing and explosion coming from outside the window as Uraraka landed beside Deku. “Make him stop!” Deku cried watching monoma take blow after blow and only dealing back very little damage.

“Kacchan stop! Stop it! Kacchan!”

The spiky haired blond finally paused looking back at the wall to see a crying Deku aggressively wiping away the tears pouring down his face. His moment of distraction was long enough to be blown into the air in crash into a tree. “Kacchan!” Deku screamed and Uraraka floated them down to the ground Deku tripping a lot running over to the blond now slumped on the ground and wrapping his arms around his neck in a tackling hug.

Sniffling into the blonds neck as the creepy man who’d slapped him and laughed started to walk up to them like he was going to land another blow, the man lifted his fist and it crackled with Kacchans powers, suddenly Deku was on his back Kacchan leaning over him covering his head but nothing came, only the sound of heavy feet hitting the ground. Mr. Aizawa was in a tree scarf wrapped around Monoma and All Might making his way over to the boys huddled together on the ground.

“Young Bakugou, willing to use yourself as a shield for younger Midorya. You’ve really grown over the past few weeks. However you still attacked another stu-”

“He fucking hit Deku, like hell I’m-”

All Mights face turned dark eyes landing heavily on the other teen, and if the scarf around the boys body grew even tighter then nobody seemed to want to point it out. The boy shook in fear looking between the pro heroes and the boys on the ground. “I-I didn’t, right kid tell them I didn’t.”

Bakugou looked at Midoriya pulling gently on the turf of his hair, “tell me what happened Izuku.” Bakugou's voice was gentle but left no room for argument, Midorya’s lip wobble, “I-I snuck in frough the kitchen window c-cause I knew Kacchan would ask va others if they saw me. But he was there and when he s-seen me he looked mean but he said nice tings and told me to come play wif him, he said he had All Might toys in-in his room. Den he started asking me questions about Uncle Todo and Uncle Kiri and you, Kacchan, but I told him I d-didn’t know, but I did know, and he s-slapped me when he got mad and he k-kept-” Bakugou pulled Izuku in for a hug glaring at the other teen.

“You would hurt a child to find out the weaknesses of your classmates. That is not a heroic thing to do.”

“We don’t have jurisdiction over class 1B we should take him to Sekijiro Kan to deal punishment to his student. If it were up to me he’d be expelled, as for Bakugou, you’ll need punished as well for fighting on school grounds with your quirk. Bakugou stood picking Midoriya up, “yeah whatever, tell me about it later.”


Daddy Baba: got Izuku, where's the ice packs?

Uncle Red: freezer behind the peas in the back

Daddy Baba: Thnx

“Go take a shower then meet me back in the kitchen so I can brush your hair before we eat.” Deku nodded sadly going up to his room when he came back the others were already sitting at the table with their plates and Bakugou knelt down drying the fluffy green hair as much as possible with a towel before carefully running a brush through it and pulling the hair up into a tiny ponytail like a green rabbits tail on the top of midoriya's head then setting him down on several school books stolen from Lida’s room so Deku could see over the table putting and ice pack to his cheek.

“Eat as much as you can if it hurts to much just stop and we’ll go see recovery girl.” Deku nodded when Bakugou put a plate down in front of Deku, grabbed a plate of his own sitting beside Deku. The table was loud asking Deku about his adventure today lifting the child's mood as they praised his bravery.

Kirishima forced them into a movie night which really didn’t take much but the fact of the matter is Deku wants to watch a scary movie cause he thinks he’s brave now.

“No, you’ll get nightmares then you won't want to sleep in your own room.”

“Nuh-ah, Uncle red says I’m super brave and manly! I won’t get scared.” He mumbled the last part with a chin tucked to his chest and big green eyes staring Katsuki down.

“Fine.” Katsuki snapped, “but don’t come crying to me when you can’t sleep.”

He stomped off to his room Deku sitting between Kirishima and Todoroki excitedly.

Katsuki of course had been right, by the time everyone else was asleep and he’d woken from a night terror he was wiggling out of his bed his black nightshirt he’d kept from Kasuki hanging off his shoulder as he clutched the bottom and left the eerie darkness of his room quick to make it back to the room with the missing door known as Kacchans.

He stood there in the dark for a moment before walking up to the bed hesitantly. Kacchan said not to bother him, but everyone else's doors were locked and, and Kacchan was the safest person here.


The blond shifted slightly, “Kacchan I had a bad dream, can I sleep with you.”


Tugging gently on the blondes sleeve he stirred, the longer he pulled the more stirring until Katsuki opened his eyes and sighed, “Kacchan, I had a bad-mph.” Katsuki had picked him up pulling him into his chest and rolled over. Deku squirmed getting comfortable holding on to Kacchan before finally going to sleep only waking up two more times from his nightmares. Katsuki instantly lulling him back to sleep with hushed whispers, ‘your ok Deku’, ‘I’ve got you’, ‘you’re safe.’

It's been two days since the incident in which Bakugou was on house arrest and Izuku was grounded which means he was bothering Katsuki since he couldn’t play with his toys or watch t.v.

“Kacchan can we cuddle?”

“Why the fuck would I do that with you?”

“Kacchan will you play with my hair?”

“Fuck off I’m not your mom?”

“Baba can we bake some cookies?”

“... do I look like I fucking bake shitty Deku?”

“Kacchan do you love me?”


“Uncle Kiri says you love me.”

“That stupid fucking, KIRISHIMA!!”

“Stop crying Deku.”

“It huuurts!”

Bakugou sighed curling a leg around the boy and bandaging up his knee, “it’s not going to hurt forever so you don’t need to cry about it.”

Deku sniffled, “do you ever cry Kacchan.”

“Fuck no I’m not a baby.”

“But the other day you looked so sad about something.” Katsuki paused then put a kiss on Deku’s knee pulling him to his chest. “Sometimes I just remember when we were kids, It just makes me upset sometimes.”


Bakugou took in a deep break then breathed it out, “maybe I’ll tell you when your older.”

“Kacchan is it normal to see things that haven’t happened to you?”


Deku squirmed in his seat then moved sitting in Katsukis lap, “I keep getting these weird thoughts in my head all the time, like I understand everything happening and I know who the people are but I’ve never seen them before.”

“Like who?”

“ the woman with the green hair is my mom Inko Midorya, and then there were two boys one with wings and- and you use to be friends with them.”

“Psh I was never friends with those idiots.”

“You didn’t like me very much did you Kacchan?” Izuku asks in a quiet voice, “that’s why you call me Deku, your making fun of me. I’m useless.”

“That's not what Deku means anymore.”


“You’ll figure it out.”

“What about all the memories Kacchan should I go see recovery girl, am I sick?”

“Nah, remember when we tried to explain your the same age as us, but you got hurt?”

He nodded, “that means your getting all your memories back from when we were kids. You’ll probably be back to normal in a few weeks.”

Deku looked down at his lap mumbling then looking up at Katsuki, “I-I don’t want to go back to normal.”

Startled Bakugous brows furrowed in irritation, “why the fuck not?”

He shrunk in on himself a little, “cause then Kacchan wont want me around anymore like when he was a kid.” Katsuki paused then sighed letting the anger defuzz enough to brush Deku’s hair back and lift his head back up, “what if-” He pauses looking into deep sparkling green eyes, “if you turn back to normal Deku who can take care of his fucking self... we can, be friends...or somethin’ stupid like that.’

Deku smiled, “really, you mean it Kacchan!?”

“Yeah sure, whatever nerd.”

He let go of Deku’s hair and the idiot latched on to Bakugous shoulders cuddling against his chest. “What the fuck get off.”

“Please let me stay for just a little while Kacchan. Your so warm.” He turned his eyes back to Katsuki who turned away brows pinched together as he pouted, “whatever.” And that's how the rest of the class found Katsuki reading with Deku sleeping curled up in his lap.

“I think I’m more surprised that you can read Bakubro.”

“Shut the fuck up hair-for-brains and go mack on your boyfriend!” Katsuki snapped, Todoroki blushing slightly and turning away Kirishima scoffed, “maybe I will, what’re you going to do cuddle me to death?”

Katsuki shut his book and Deku whinned shifting to cling to him like a koala. “What the fuck Deku!”

“Be quiet Kacchan my head hurts.”

Katsuki relaxes a hand unconsciously landing on his back, “do you need some ibuprofen?” He asks in a much quieter voice Kirishima snickered as he grabbed Todoroki’s hand leading him away from the others Katsuki standing as well to head to the elevators with them. “I don't know it just hurts a lot Kacchan, let me sleep.”

“Ok, sorry.” Bakugou mumbled opening his book as the elevator moved up towards the dorms. Kirishima and Todoroki looking at Deku with concern catching bakugou's eyes but he simply shrugged holding on to the boy in his arms.

For the rest of Deku’s grounding and Bakugous house arrest Deku was in Katsukis bed with a high fever and when he was awake he moaned in pain, clutching his head. Katsuki had blacked out the windows with newspapers and had taken one of the doors from the spare rooms and blocked out the hallway light cause Deku said it hurt. After the fourth day of Deku like this he called the school to get recovery girl in the dorms.

All Might came with looking worriedly at Izuku, “it’s alright boys nothing to worry about he’s just his puberty stage and all the hormonal imbalance is hitting him at once his mind is also maturing so he’s aching everywhere because of teenage growth. On the bright side it looks like we’ve only got a week left before Midorya’s back to normal.” Bakugou sighed, “is there anything that can dull the pain for now?”

“Maybe an ice bath that should calm his muscles, and prevent any awkwardness from coming about.”


There was silence from the two adults, before all the sex ed classes caught up with him, “oh, right, nevermind. I’ll go start a bath.”

“Young Bakugou.”

All Might stopped him a warm smile on his face, “thank you for keeping your word to take care of young Midorya, he’s needed quite a bit of help and you kept him safe at a vulnerable time. So thank you, you have my deepest gratitude.”

Bakugou nodded leaving to start an ice bath for midoriya. The bathroom lights were turned off and only a nightlight borrowed from Minas room lit one area of the bathroom Deku clung to Bakugou went back upstairs to grab Izuku, the pro’s having already left.

“Deku, recovery girl said an ice bath would help ease some of the pain.”

Deku moaned peaking an eye out from the blanket, “I can’t Kacchan it hurts.”

Kasuki brushed back some of the hair covering his eyes, “the bath’s already drawn you just need to get in.”

Deku pushed the blanket down Bakugou's black shirt looking a little more filled in but still loose around Deku’s shoulders the sleeves falling as he lifted his arms wanting to be held. “Jesus I’ve been carrying your ass for weeks and you can’t even-ugh.” Leaning over and grabbing him Deku wrapped his legs around Katsukis hips arms around his neck. Deku’s face pushed into a strip of pale exposed neck and katsuki shuffled his grip causing Izuku to tense for a moment a puff of hot breath hitting bakugou's neck.


When he didn’t hear a reply he held Deku tighter getting a quiet moan, “Izuku?”

“K-Kacchan.” He moaned and the blond froze as the legs around his hips tightened and this time he felt something. “Fuck deku!” He hissed and Deku nodded, “no I wasn’t asking to-shit.” Katsuki left the room quickly walking down the hall Deku grinding himself against him. “D-Izuku stop.” when the elevator doors closed them in a hot toung Katsukis neck teeth nipping and lips sucking, Katsukis grip on Deku tightened and a moan was realised from the boy clinging to him. Kasuki frowned realising his hands were holding Deku up by his upper thigh and ass.

“Shit.” Kasuki hissed turning to push Deku against the wall of the elevator to reposition his hands Deku only moaned again and each one was stirring something hot in Bakugou's stomach. He didn’t even have to hold onto Deku with how he clung to him now.

“I thought you were in pain how are you-?”

“I want, want you Kacchan, more than anything right now.” Deku pulled back deep green eyes stairing at him desperatly Katsuki closed his eyes turning his head away, “no, stop looking at me like that, this is-it wouldn’t be right- this is just every fucking teenage hormon hitting you at once Deku you don’t- FUCK!” Katsuki panted hand now planted firmly on the wall on either side of Deku. The small green haired heathan was palming at Katsuki and sucking on his neck in the same spot as before.

His hips bucked against his will and if the elevator hadn’t dingged and iron grip and a temporary clean mind giving Katsuki enough strength to carry Deku to the bathroom and drop him into the icy water clothes in all. The screams and curses let out of the boy and the distance gave bakugou a moment to breath. Then scowl, “when your done take care of yourself.” He hisses grabbing an extra towel to dry the water that had splashed onto him and leaving the room.

After his erection had calmed down he was banging on Kirishimas door livid, wet, and confused.” Todoroki opened it looking sleepy, Katsuki pushed him into the room slamming the door shut. “How the fuck did you to realise you were gay, no fuck that how’d you know you were gay for each other, how do you stop someone who’s catching up on everysingle teenage hormon from dry humping you in a fucking elevator!? Why the fuck are you looking at me like that!?”

Todoroki sighed face planting on the bed beside Kirishima then curling around him like a cat. The redhead blinked, reaching for the shirt on the desk beside his bed and pulling it on, it was todoroki’s but he didn’t seem to care.

“You sorta realise your gay when you like someone of the same gender more than as friends.”

“I aint ever seen you two do shit together other than side dad me.” Kirishima shrugged, “I don’t know it’s like when I started noticing then how much Todo cared about Mido. He has like this really big heart for people he cares about and it went from me being proud to be his friend to wanting to be one of the people he cared about. Then since your were away during training I needed a new training buddy and so did Todo without Mido around and like, this boys sexy as fuck without a shirt o-ow oW OW I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Kirishima sooths his boyfriend rubbing his arm absentmindedly, “anyways mental attraction check, physical attraction check, that’s how I knew anyways but I also find girls attractive so that would mean I’m bi or only have a thing for I have no say which means you should ask Todo. Ow! Babe, jesus you know that spots sensitive!” Todoroki sighs sitting up hair sticking out in multiple directions and not a single fuck seemed to be given.

“I’ve never found women attractive, what's even the point of breast other than to feed children and even then it’s not necessary.”

“I told you their like travel pillows.”

“By a fucking pillow then Kiri.”

“Oi! Focus dumbasses!”

Todoroki huffs at his boyfriend pushing his affection away, “It just a preference I suppose on what turns you on by your dick and what turns you on by your heart.”

“Aww thats super poetic babe, a heart erection.”

Todoroki nods once in agreement and Bakugou squints at them both. “Oh my god what has he done to you Todoroki.”

“Heart erection.”

Bakugou shakes his head walking out the door still baffeled as fuck. Does Midorya give me a heart erection? Well earlier he gave me an actual erection does that count. Who here would even know anything about that other than those to fuck clowns. Bakugou found himself standing in front of Mina’s door before hesitantly knocking she opened up almost immediantly.

“Hey Bakubabe what's up?”

Bakugou pushed his way inside the disgustingly pink room ignoring the animal prints decorating almost everything in sight and sat down on her couch. “I need to know if I’m gay.” Mina was quiet for a minute before she shrugged, “ok.” Bakugou looked up to see the pink girl stridding over to him as she ripped her shirt off with ut most confidence and climb into his lap landing a kiss on him taking one of the hands crossed over his chest and placing it on her breast then taking the other and placing it on her ass.

He pulled his mouth back his hands being held to her body, “well?”

“The fuck?”

She kissed him again grinding down on his crotch and squeezed the hand on her breast. He squirmed then pushed her away twitching, “no, nonono, no never do that again. How the fuck do you even fight youre to soft!?” She sighed crossing her legs and leaning back into the couch, “We’ll were you turned on at all?”

“Fuck no but, I also don’t see you-your just a fucking friend you fucking weirdo!”

“That doesn’t matter, friends can turn friends on look at Kiri and Todo they started as friends now they probably fuck like bunnies.”

“Ah, ahahahahah stop! Jesus.”

The door slammed behind him as he left, ‘is everyone in this fucking building a missing mental hospital patient?’ Katsuki flopped onto his bed shoving his face in his pillow the first smell his nose catching was Deku after spending days in his bed his quest to figure this shit out ending in worry, confusion, and disgust.

Well if Mina gives me the opposite of an erection and Deku only had to Moan in my ear to get me started does that mean I’m attracted to guys are is it because of these specific people. Mina’s just a friend, and Deku is, Deku. What does that even mean, Deku is deku. That’s bullshit what the fuck is Deku, a child, a friend, should I be treating him like a shit sybling I never wanted?

Bakugou groaned rolling on to his back and propping a foot up on his bed. He’s to Deku to fucking describe in any type of way specifically. What if he isn’t even gay, what if his hormons had him latching on to the first thing that touched him. Bakugou felt horror build up in his stomach and he turned back over shoving his face in his pillow and screaming.

“What the fuck DEKU!”


Bakugou sat up on his knees looking at the door with wide eyes. Deku was still wearing wet clothes shivering yet still looking confused. “Are you alright Kacchan?”

“What? Of course I’m alright fucking idiot.” Bakugou gulpped looking at Midorya the black shirt forming to his body dripping onto the floor and his shorts did the same. “I wanted to, um, apologise for-for what I did.” Bakugou frowned, “which was?”

Heat boiled in his stomach as Deku shivered again weather from the memory or the cold was to be questioned, “for, um, uh when I, in the elevator I may have-”

May have , may have moaned in my ear? Grabbed my dick? Sucked on my-”

“Yes!” Izuku squeaked covering his face with both hands, there was silence as Izuku shivered again Bakugou sighed stepping off his bed and grabbing a sweater out of his closet and some red shorts joggers from his dresser. He stepped close to deku and tugged at the base of the wet shirt, “take this shit off before you get sick.” Midorya peaked at Bakugou from behind his hands, the blond glaring at him as Midoriya slowly dropped his hands to the base of Katsuki shirt and pulling it up over his head Bakugou took in the boys chest before snatching the shirt away and tossing it on the floor shoving the hoodie over his head.

“Pants too.”

Midorya blushed, “I’m not wearing-”

“Pants Izuku.”

Midorya pushed his shirts down tugging the sweater down to cover himself, Bakugou was slow handing him the joggers but soon Midorya was pulling those on as well. Bakugou huffed grabbing the nerds hand and pulled him gently towards the bed. “Does your head still hurt?”

Midorya nodded sitting on the bed huddled into the oversized sweater, Bakugou filled a cup of water in the bathroom and brought back two pills handing them to Izuku. “We talk about what happened when your back to normal.” He grumbled setting the glass of water back on the nightstand when midoriya was done with it.

“You should try and get more sleep I’ll be back later when dinners ready.”

Bakugou left the room without waiting for a response.

True to his word though when he came back upstairs he woke Deku up, the smaller boy grabbed his shirt brows furrowed where he sat, “I’m not carrying you again.”

“No! No I was just- will you put my hair up?” Bakugou paused then pulled a hair tie from around his wrist putting it between hi teeth then raked his fingers through Deku’s hair until it was just a little rabbits tail on top of his head. Izuku smiled up at him, “thank you Kacchan.” Bakugou grunted grabbing the hand holding onto his shirt and pulling it to follow him back to the kitchen where he let go before the others saw and sat down the others greeted Izuku quietly having been yelled at before Bakugou had went to get him to not worsen his headache.

Midorya sat beside Bakugou the books that were once on his chair now stacked neatly on the counter. Kirishima nudged Deku, “feeling more like your old self Mido?”

Deku smiled, “yep, although I do remember everything and wanted to both thank and apologise to everyone about the whole incident, I can’t even describe how embarrassed I am for how I was.”

They smiled at the boy waving it off, “no worries although we aren't thrilled we all know about that birthmark on your ass in the shape of a heart.” Denki replied Bakugou chucking a piece of asparagus at him. Midorya blushed, “yeah, imagine how middle schoolers reacted when they saw it in the locker room.” The table laughed except Bakugou who frowned into his plate.

He remembered thinking Dekus butt heart was cute in middle school, or maybe it was Deku’s butt. Had he always thought Deku was cute? Glancing over at the boy he was smiling at the others as they talked about the adventures of baby deku. “Oh now that your better you can accept the invite to the class chat, we started it after Bakugou fell asleep on the couch and you started wondering around the dorm. He was flipping out and got pissed he had to text everyone separately so he started yelling at us from down stairs.”

Bakugou found that a lot of these stories seemed to embarrass him more than Deku. So he stood washing his plate and stacking it in the strainer with his glass and fork and walked past the table towards the elevator. He watched the seemingly oblivious table as the doors closed, seems everything was back to normal save for that extra week to get him back to the true Deku.

Katsuki was almost asleep when his door cracked open then shut, his bed dipped and another warm body pressed against his nuzzling into his chest, Bakugou sighed oddly satisfied knowing Dekuk came back to his room. He drops his arm over Deku’s waist holding him tightly to his chest.

“Kacchan,” He whispered fingers gripping tightly to Katsuki’s shirt, Katsuki hummed, “thank you for taking care of me.”

Katsuki didn’t reply merely wrapped a leg around Deku’s legs and pulled his other arm out to settle under Deku’s head and hold him closer.


When Deku’s quirk appeared again All Might took Deku with him for a few days, leaving the others in the dorm slightly confused but shrugging it off nonetheless. When he returned though Recovery girl confirmed the de-aging quirk had finally faded from Midoryas body. Which is why after training when Bakugou returned to their room and Midorya was sitting on the bed with the sweater he’d stolen practically swallowing him while reading one of Katsukis books with furrowed brows and by the looks of the worn cover it was his favorite book too.



“Why is it important for this war to take place if nobody wants it?”

“They want to fight for what they want even if it means hurting people that also believe hurting others is bad. It’s doing the wrong things for the right reasons making it questionable if it’s even the wrong thing even when you know it is.” Deku sighed marking the book with a hair tie and setting it on the bed side table.

Katsuki pulled off his shirt tossing it in the hamper, “so like when a hero hurts a villian, they don’t want to hurt them purse just stop them from hurting others and if they could do that without putting someone in pain then it’d be...good?”

“Villains deserve to be in pain, anyone who takes joy from hurting others...they should get what's coming to them.” Katsuki shucks his pants grabbing a pair of black pajama pants and pulling them on. He sat by Midorya on the bed watching his thoughtful expression as he mumbled to himself his brow wrinkled in deep thought. Katsuki placed his thumb on his forehead rubbing away the lines as Deku’s eyes found him and the confusion vanished followed by something else, something lighter that had bakugou light headed.

He looked away, “we still gotta talk about shit Deku.”

A slight pink took over the boys face and he nodded, “what do you, where should we start?”

Bakugou leaned forward with his elbows on his knees, there were to many questions in his mind to start with just one. “Just, tell me what you were thinking when you did that.” Midorya hummed placing a hand on his chin that wrinkle in his brow again, “When I looked out from the blanket I was thinking how annoyingly bright it was with the door open, then you said you drew a bath to help the ach and I thought it was very sweet of you.”

After that his voice turned into a mumble, “What!? Speak up Deku.”

The boy huffed, “I said then I thought you looked pretty with the light haloed behind you. Then I want you to touch me so I asked you to carry me, but to hold me you grabbed my ass and I liked that a lot, and I was pressed up against you and I liked that even more. And Kacchan said my name and it was all like it hit at the same time and I wanted Kacchan, I didn’t understand until you squeezed my ass on the elevator but I wanted it and then I was pressed against the wall and was waiting for you to kiss me because you never say no when-” Deku was pacing the room now officially ranting. Katsuki just knew that the replay had him on edge want to give Deku what he wanted until he stopped pacing to glare down at Katsuki, “and then you dropped me in ice water!”

Katsuki swallowed the lump in his throat muscles tense and hands clutching his bed restraining himself until he asks the only question on his mind now, “so you don’t want me anymore Deku?” His voice was dark and Deku’s glare intensified, “I just said I want-” Katsuki was off the bed with Deku stumbling back to hit the door when they came into contact chest to chest katsuki was breathing as heavily as Deku now, “do you want me right now Izuku?” Those green eyes were big bouncing over katsukis face stopping at his lips before nodding.

Katsuki was not patient or gentle with Deku like he’d been for the last month and a half, he was rash and greedy. Hungry. He pulled back for a breath he nodded, “good.” His hand was quickly tangled in Deku’s mop of curls mouth taking dekus pushing to search every crevasse with his tongue Deku little gasps and moans were like music his fingers clawing at Bakugou's bare shoulders felt more like bliss than pain.

Slipping a knee between Deku’s shaky legs and pressing closer had Deku breaking away head dropping back against the door to let out a loud wanton moan. Katsukis mouth dropped to the boys neck and pushed at the color of the  sweater that was hiding too much of Deku from him. Pushing a hand under the bottom of the hoodie he growled feeling that Deku hadn’t been wearing a shirt underneath. “Take this off before I destroy it.” Bakugou growled Mydoria whimpered pulling shaky hands away from Bakugou and pushing him away to step away from the door yanking the sweater off then jumping on Bakugou legs instantly wrapping around his waist.

Bakugou fell back onto the bed when his back of his knees hit the matress, turning so Deku was lying on his back instead of straddling his waist, “we can’t, ah! Kacchan! C-can’t go all the way without, ha fuck!”

“Damn Izuku look at that dirty fucking mouth of yours now that your all grown up.” Mydoria let out a filthy moan grinding up against Katsuki. Who bit down on the others lip growling with his eyes closed tightly. I prickle of blood drew from Izukus mouth having Bakugou coming back at him with another wave of hunger. They weren’t even out  of their pants yet and their grinding was becoming more than enough. But maybe it was more than just having something rub against his dick. Sure he had an erection but maybe his heart erection for Izuku is what makes it this good, the sound of his moans the fiery burn of his skin touching mine. The wild look in his eyes when I pull away from a kiss and just stare down at him, the look of utter need.

“Fuck, Izuku, ha.”

“Kacchan! Ka-Katsuki!”

Bakugou groaned his hips stuttered feeling his body shake with his orgasim Deku under him doing the same. Katsuki rolled to the side holding Deku against his chest, littering kisses across the boys freckled cheeks and humming satisfied and for once not giving a damn about a mess.

“Way fucking better than Mina.”