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Yukine: Dream

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  "Did you know my favorite time of the year is winter?"

A young girl with a soft and angelic voice spoke up, twirling around in the midst of all the powdery snow slowly raining towards the ground. They were wearing a school uniform that didn't look familiar at all. Their face was blurry and couldn't be distinguished, what was going on? As Yukine stood before them and watched the scene unravel, he noticed a young male who looked quite similar to himself walking up to the young girl with a laugh.

"Of course I did, you tell me this every time it snows. You should just move to a colder place where it snows all day," the male spoke jokingly.

Questions and concerning thoughts began to fill Yukine's head as he continued to watch the scene unravel. Was this him? Why was he having this dream? Maybe it was some sort of flashback of his past but, that was impossible. As the unknown blonde male walked up to her, they both shared a gentle laugh before looking up at each other in loving silence. Soon the boy wrapped his arm around her waist to pull her in for a sensual hug before placing a kiss on their forehead. It was silent, the air drifting snow in their direction. Soon enough they broke apart and the girl with (H/C) hair formed a snowball in their hands, deciding that throwing it at the boy who barely had time to dodge was a good idea. The scene was filled with laughter and happiness but why did he feel so, sad when he saw this? The area around him began to change, the world shifting and warping as the same two people now stood in a classroom talking together; their faces still were hidden by an unknown haze.

"I can't believe you'll be graduating so soon, man you're so lucky I wish I was as smart as you."

The same angelic voice from before spoke up with a gentle laugh. They were gathering their things from their desk while standing together; yet, the blonde didn't appear so happy. After the gathering of their school supplies was finished, they stared at each other for a long time, the once happy attitude that surrounded them had transformed into one of depression. The bag that had just been filled by the unknown girl was dropped and she fell against the blonde's chest while bursting into tears. She clung to the blonde for help as she sobbed into the boy's shirt. Yukine struggled and was unable to hear the girls cries of sadness. Yet the fear, the desperate tears and how wide her mouth was... There was no way she wasn't wailing in sadness. All he could hear was a dull ringing while his chest pounded and his breathing became erratic. Why? Why was he feeling such a way? What did any of this have to do with him? The world shifted once more, colors blurring together to form many different lines before they settled. Trying to calm his racing heart, Yukine looked up and noticed that the scene before him was now that of a hospital room, the unknown blonde from before was sobbing, on his knees beside the bed while grasping the others hand who was laying beside him. He couldn't hear them talking anymore, he couldn't hear anything but the subtle beeps of the machine that watched the pulse of the patient. The subtle beeping noise was growing slower by the second and a feeling of dread seemed to over wash his body. That person was dying, but from what?

"Hang in there please!"

Yukine ran up to the bed and yelled, he was acting on impulse but why? Why was this person so important to him? Of course, the person in the bed didn't look at him and instead looked over at the other boy who was kneeling and crying, calling out the girl which he couldn't hear even though he desperately tried to understand what he was saying.

"Remember that I'll always love you.."

The person laying in the bed finally spoke up, though unintelligible, and then the beeping went flat. Yukine stood there, watching as the other blonde began yelling for you, frantically tugging on your arm as gentle as he could as if trying to wake you up from your slumber but you were gone. As the mixture of emotions finally hit him full force, screaming finally erupted from his throat and he clutched his head, troubled, scared, confused, depressed.. So many emotions and he didn't understand why this was so significant to him.

"Yukine wake up," yelled a different feminine voice. Said boy was jolted awake with a sudden snap of his eyelids open and he began to dart his eyes around the room. Yukine noticed two pairs of people leaning over him, a set of short black hair and long brown hair was the first things he took note of and his body began relaxing. Hiyori and Yato had woken him up from his strange dream. As he sat up, he went to wipe his face free from sleep and realized he had been crying as his fingers became wet with tears he had probably started shedding not too long ago. Sighing, he wiped the tears off onto the pants he was wearing before wiping and drying the rest of his face with his shirt and then proceeded to lay back down and cover his hands with his face, thinking back on his dream with a sigh. Just who were those two?