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Future With You, or No Future at All.

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Defteros is being leashed to a pole,on fours, ankles cuffed to each other, so is his wrists, “dressed” in his “uniform” for their play, the leash and a lot of belts, but the rest of him is bare. His face blushed so red, panting and tongue out, his black, bushy tail wagging with anticipation and his black ears are lowered with submission, almost like a dog. Ironic, since he’s an actual werewolf. His dick is also being so hard. Lube is dripping from his rectum with a dildo still plugging it, certainly Aspros really wanted to minimize his pain as much as he can.


It’s been some time since he had his heat this badly, that he can’t think about anything else other than sex, but it’s exactly the perfect time to do the “proper mating” of the wolves.Aspros had Defteros has his heat so bad he can only think of sex and his arousal sensitivity is at maximum-which, he hopes, means his reception to pain is minimized. Aspros the take out the large dildo from his twin’s ass, and outright inserted his whole hand into his younger brother’s anus, which caused Defteros to whine.


‘Brother…’ Defteros whimpered, eyes cloudy of desire. “Breed me…. Fill me with your cum…’


Aspros takes a lock of Defteros’ long hair and kissed the tips.


“All right. I’ve prepared you long enough…I promise I’ll make you feel good.”


Aspros would be lying if he feels he’s not aroused, but being a werewolf, with rather strict parents to boot, he trained hard to able to partially transform, to fit in with his needs. Part of his self training is to train even his dick into wolf dick even if he’s mostly in human form, so that his cock isn’t erect yet while he is aroused. After fisting his twin for some time, he takes a  long breath ,turns into his wolf form , of his true, humongous size, and penetrates his mate. Defteros jolted because such huge cock filling him. Sure, in his own wolf form true size, he is even larger than his twin. But after all, Aspros is the pack leader.


The younger twin howls when his twin sheathed himself inside him. Since Aspros is such a large wolf to begin with, for such huge dick to be knotted with him… Such bliss, he almost forgot the pain from how his brother’s dick tears his ass, despite all the lube and the  shaft isn’t erect yet. Right when he thinks that, the alpha’s cock swells inside the beta’’s rectum as the pack leader holds him down on his shoulders with his front legs. Being a werewolf himself, Defteros did expect that, but dang, does that feels good . Aspros himself however, as much as he can feel his dick knotted itself inside his brother, he smelled Defteros’ blood, and nuzzled his twin’s nape.


“Brother…” The large white wolf asked with clear human voice, with clear worry in his voice.Of course even using the whole bottle of lube, a large dildo and eve inserting his whole hand into his twins rectum  isn't enough to prepare for his huge knot, but he still hopes Defteros barely felt the pain. “Does it hurt?”


Defteros shook his head, and instead starts moving his hip, ignoring his bleeding asshole. ‘No… Continue, brother, it feels amazing…’


That the alpha speaks in human language in wolf form and his mate speaks in wolf language in human form seems weird, but they enjoy this contrast regardless.


Aspros paused. Was it true that his brother really doesn’t feel the pain? He looks at his own cock, his knot is huge that it caused a bulge in his brother’s stomach, his penetrated ass bleeding….


As if to read his mind, Defteros fucks himself with Aspros’ cock, telling his older brother he wanted this, he enjoyed this, and all is well. Aspros sighed again.


“Well, if you say so..”


So he starts pounding himself into his younger brother, who whimpered in pleasure, and tightened his own ass in response, Defteros’ own claws comes out from both his hands and arms, his back is covered in his black fur but not his nape, and the younger twin starts clawing the floor. The older twin can feel the younger retracts himself underneath him, and he also growls , he tenderly bite his brother’s nape, as much his huge size and cloudy mind allow him to be gentle. Defteros’ own heat blocks both brothers from proper thought, that at such a moment, they can only think of breeding, of sex. Of thrusting and thrusting. Not even changing position even passed their mind.


Beastly noises from howls, groans and whimpers, screeching noises from Defteros clawing the floor, thrusting and squelching sounds fill the room. And from scent aspect, smell of sex filled the chamber.


The heat clouds their mind, until at least they cummed once. They cum and howl  simultaneously despite their differing sizes, and they pant together as they release their loads, Aspros into Defteros’ asshole and Defters on the floor. The beta can feel the alpha’s semen fills him, it’s so much, it almost if he got an enema of pure semen. And the  thought that this is all his love’s semen, the idea of to be bred by him excites him again.


‘It feels great, older brother, to receive an enema purely of your semen, bred me... That’s why we mate like this in the first place…’

This isn’t like Defteros to openly lust, to openly talks dirty, then again, he does talk this lustfully whenever his heat is this bad.  To be honest, Aspros feels uncomfortable with the situation. He doesn’t think his mate is merely fucktoy or baby factory, Defteros is his other half , the love of his life, his trustworthy right hand, and so many more important roles he can name that Defteros fill for him in his life, and when Defteros is driven almost completely of lust like this, he feels like he has lost something in his life, even if he knows he didn’t yet. Still, even with all this feeling he felt, he would still get erect again from his twin’s heat pheromone.


Knowing his brother’s care for him too well, even in the middle of the moans, the beta gives his alpha a piece of his mind.


‘Are you sure…. That we’re ready for our pups?’


Aspros chuckled, Defteros know him too well he always wanted him to stay sober and sane, even in the middle of heat. He confidently states as his claws digs deeper to his brother’s back.


“Of course. With how large our company is now, there is nothing we can’t buy for our pups, and we will never run out of manpower to raise them, either. And I’ve gain enough knowledge about how parenting is.”


‘Then you must be aware…’ Defteros tightened his rectum , one hand playing with Aspros’  fur on his leg as he purred in pleasure. ‘ That it’s not all we need...We need the resolve.. That no matter how hard parenting is, especially for our race, we will always love our pups….That we… Will always be by their side… Will always love them… That we… Can’t just give our pups’ education and nursing to our subordinates,  or else.. They wouldn’t recognize us… As their parents… ‘


Aspros thrust harder as he considered Defteros’ reply, which don’t take him long to reply as well.


“Well, that is true parenting is indeed a challenge, especially for our race. Our  parents keep telling me that they even nearly give up on me because as a pup I was too wild, they once thought I was a  normal wolf, is that the point you want to brought up? “


Aspros laughed, then he smiled. “I’ve inherited not only leadership right over this pack from our parents, I’ve also inherited our parent’s knowledge… And  their love. Like I successfully expands our pack… I will also successfully raise our pups, even better than how they raised us.”


Defteros purred as he contracted himself against the knot again, obviously satisfied with the statement.


Werewolves breed for hours like actual wolves and can reproduce any time like humans, but to breed during the heat was greatly preferable to minimize the bred wolf’s pain, as well as breeding during full moons have higher chances of conceiving pups. So the twins continue to bred for hours, with that form, with that position. Yet they still talk about their puppies’ future with each thrust. They don’t count how many times Aspros poured his semen into Defteros, all they  know he did filled his younger brother to the point the younger brother is bloated from all the older twin’s cum filling him, that he should’ve been successfully bred with so much cum, and the puppies produced from this mating will have carefully planned, loving and bright future.


Aspros howled to summon the subordinate wolves to the  play chamber,and since Aspros already declared his plan to breed, they are already prepared to tie up Defteros’ limbs to Aspros as well. They circle a belt into Aspros’ collarbone and hip, and then linked the cuffs at Defteros’ wrists to the left and right of the belt on Aspros’ collarbone, and does the same to Defteros’ ankles to the belt around Aspros’ hip, then removing his leash from the pole.


The beta is being  suspended with cuffs on his limbs tied to the belts around the pack leader’s torso, and the knot inside his ass. Being a submissive beta he is, he loves to show the world how submissive he is to his alpha, his older twin brother, he loved to be rendered helpless and completely under older brother’s mercy.


“Have all members of the pack informed?”


“Yes, Sir, you did inform the entire pack but they haven’t gathered yet.”


“All right, then I’ll be out for some time. All of you better gather everyone from the pack and wait for us.”


“Yes, sir!”


With that, Aspros set out from the pack’s manor, traversing the vast lands surrounding it, all with Defteros suspended at his knot. Both twins can’t help themselves but feel in awe with  the sight of their beautiful land, thinking of doing various activities around the territory with their beloved pups, in both human and wolf form , thinking which parts should be left as is and should be modified for the pups’ needs as they observe the natural part of their territory.


There is occasional humping and release from both twins, but despite the huge knot, neither twins really think about sex at that point. They are still thinking of the future of their pups, and how said pups affect the pack and vice versa.


Finally they decided to go back to the manor, where their pack has been waiting. The entire pack is present as Aspros demanded. Aspros sit on his hind legs, showing the suspended Defteros to the pack. Aspros coughed once out of formality, and proceeds to his statement.


“Everyone, thank you for gathering here today. As you can see, we are in the middle of the mating process that has the highest probability to conceive. Thus my reason to gather all of you here, is related to the pups that will be produced.


I don’t have any capability to tell what would the pup will be, as sometimes there are cases of offsprings defying the genetics, or suddenly showing traits of generations far above us is also another possibility. Or even if  any of the pups from this gestation period are guaranteed to be the alpha who will succeeding me in leading this pack. Regardless they will be the alpha or not, they are still our pups. Part of this pack, this family. That their presence, presence of the pups of the pack leader, surely could change your life, and vice versa. Thus I ask all of you, to participate in the growth of the pups we will bear. “


Some wolves are not listening to Aspros’ announcement , instead they are focusing on Defteros, who is still knotted to Aspros, suspended to him. Another are thinking does he even need to ask? Every wolf in the pack knows not long after Aspros legally becomes the alpha, the pack’s company grew into a humongous corporate empire that even wolves of the lowest rank of the pack is allowed to breed because food is so abundant, they had vast land to satisfy the needs of their wolf side,and like many alphas, despite sometimes aloof, Aspros respected the elders and cares for the younger wolves. Whenever there is a pair of wolves who bred in the pack, Aspros always ensure the pup would be supplied not only with food, but also education and the other needs of a werewolf . In his rule, alphas do not automatically gain high rank and omegas would stay as the underdog, but he grants his pack-his employee on a wider scale, positions and roles matching the skills they are meant to fill. Alphas, betas, omegas, younger or older, all wolves in the pack loved him back as a family, accepted him as their leader, and even non-wolves employees of the gangster family accepts him as their boss, as a worthy family leader. They are aware that he thinks of them as his family, so they think of him as their godfather in response.


The thought is strengthened when the knotted Defteros, raise his head as well his voice, even if in wolf language and there is some moans and pants, it is still mostly clear all wolves understand what is he trying to say.


‘That is not an order, despite the fact that we are the ruling couple of this pack… That was simply a request. A request of a family member , for a new family member to be accepted , loved and raised within the family…’


A pause, then claps filled the room, as the pack members state their acceptance to the conceived pup, how they will accept their pup as their family member and feel honored to have a hand in the growth of the alpha’s pups even if they are not the new alpha. Aspros  expressed his thanks and then dismissed them, but none of them leave until Defteros thanked them once more.


The twins also returned to their quarters after that announcement. After they reach their bed, Aspros returned to his human form, although his white ears and tail are still present, immediately healed Defteros’ stretched rectum so it’s wrapping his smaller human form knot before his cum can leak from his twin’s ass, removes the belts from his own body and detached it from Defteros’ cuffs, and hugs him from behind as he smelled his beta’s scent.


‘Well, I have to admit that’s earlier than I thought.’


Defteros purrs in the comfort of his brother’s affection, Aspros’ white ears perked as he caught the sass in the purr.


“What’s earlier?”


Defteros turns his position around so he’s facing his brother, but still knotted to him as he strokes his own dick playfully.


‘Oh, you know this is bigger than the one inside me now~ ‘


Aspros pushed Defteros’ temple with his index finger from his annoyance. However, he noticed both of them are still hard. He let out a long breath.


“I know you must be tired from the mating, but I still have one more selfishness…”


‘When I didn’t listen to your selfishness anyway?’


Defteros looks down as he’s currently sitting on Aspros’ lap, and Aspros growled , getting irked again. Trying to ignore the sassy reply, he continued.


“We are still hard, but I think our mating is enough with how much semen I filled you here…” Aspros caressed Defteros’  bloated belly lovingly. “Yet I still want to make love to you …. While we’re in this form.”


Aspros looks up, Defteros petted his own bloated belly with an obviously fake, confused face complete with the head tilt.


‘You’re telling me that we didn’t mate because of love just now?’


“NO!” Aspros finally yelled , he’s so done with his mate playing with his mood for the night. “I mean, we did breed because we want to have pups together, to raise them together and all…. But the process itself… to breed you with me in wolf form and you’re in human form… There is too much contrast for my own comfort….”


Aspros still looks on Defteros, and the beta lovingly caress the alpha’s face.


‘I know. Because… We are twins after all. What is the point of born as twins without the slightest dividuality? And when we mate in differing forms like that, you can’t feel out dividuality and it stresses you. Am I right?’


Aspros nods. Defteros closed his eyes, and Aspros leans closer to savor his twin’s lips. They break the kiss, Defteros opened his eyes, and then snaked his arms around Aspros’ shoulder.


‘Trust me, brother, I feel the same too. And there is no way I would ever reject any form of your love, even better if it’s outright romantic..’


As he finished his sentence, Defteros started to pound  himself into Aspros. And Aspros too, starts thrusting into his brother again. Unlike the previous mating process which the differing forms and cloudy mind barely allow them to be romantic, as violent their sex is, with all the clawing, biting, tail yank, hair pulling and other violent acts, the wolf part of a werewolf, love poems are recited and occasionally gentle caresses , the human part of a werewolf is also prominent in their sex process, making each other sure, they are indeed making love and not fucking solely because of lust or the pack leader’s obligation to breed for the successor. They are obviously having sex and in romantical relationship, yet, the word “brother” is also muttered countless times in said love poems as they are still brothers before they are lovers or mate. The sexual pleasure from mating in different forms can’t make up for the lack of chance to be affectionate for them, moreso for the lack of their dividuality.


It’s a bliss for both of them, to be in the other’s hold, to be by each other’s side. Yet, as loving their sex it, it’s not any less rough. Defteros thought, he’s full, he can’t contain anymore cum, yet he did. Sure, the semen released in human form can’t compare to the amount of cum released in true size wolf form, but it’s still more and he’s still surprised.  Defteros cummed to Aspros’ stomach, which then Aspros wiped and Defteros licked.

Aspros finally removed the pet collar on Defteros’ neck and put it beside the bed.


“Older brother…” With the collar off his neck, Defteros knows it means sex session truly over and he’s allowed to speak in human language again. “I love you…..”


Aspros leans upwards to peck Defteros’ lips, and smiled back at his twin. “I love you too, younger brother.. Always and always…” The older twin lovingly caressed the younger’s bloated belly. “That you even willing to become like this…”


“I am happy, brother.” Defteros caressed his own bloated belly. “To be bred by the  only person I’ll ever loved in my entire life… To raise our pups together with you…. I couldn’t be any happier… I want to spend my future with you, or  I wouldn’t have any future at all.”


“You don’t have to ask like that, I’ll always be by your side no matter what.” Aspros pecked Defteros cheek, and then played with his hair. He then noticed the foods and drinks beside the bed, the dishes are mostly finger foods. He then picked a grape and try to feed it to Defteros. “Then, for said future pups of ours, you need to eat, brother.”


Defteros happily savor the sphere, and then they have their dinner on the bed. Not the healthiest habit, but better than skipping meal itself, and they only do so after mating to the exhaustion after heat. Since most of the dishes are finger foods, they often share it mouth to mouth, kissing as they do so. Both twins know, they have a bright future ahead, and is on their way to make their pups also have a bright future in their own path.