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Decaying, Pt. 2

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“How bad is it, Bubaigawara?”

“He hasn’t come out in eight full days.”


The whole place fell down in just a matter of seconds; the heroes came crashing through the walls, finally having discovered the whereabouts of the warehouse that served as hideout and ready to take down the League or whatever there was of it. You were just chilling on the couch when you felt something that made you feel uneasy, a slight change of atmosphere, and then they came in, ready to fight. Five of them, two whom you recognized clearly as Edgeshot and Gang Orca, along with the police behind them arrived in an attempt to raid the place and take as many prisoners as they could.

As you laid on the ground, the loud sound of bricks breaking all around you leaving you shocked for a moment, you realized you were not afraid of standing up for the ones you loved – in fact, all it took was seeing Shigaraki giving it his all to give you courage to do the same and fight against the corrupted society that surrounded you and the menace that now threatened to destroy your longed peace. He, the man you loved the most, seemed angrier than ever as he fought with Dabi against the tall mutant, his crazed smile showing from below Father, and it was then that you decided to jump into the action as well. You focused with all your strength and using your Quirk, Blindness, you were able to put the heroes’ minds under the illusion that they were all fighting in pure darkness effectively making them miss many of the hits that you supposed would’ve put your friends’ lives in danger.

You weren’t exactly much of an attacker though and everyone knew that, and  you were really proud of the pleased look Shigaraki gave you from under his beloved hand, but you weren’t able to fully enjoy it as one of the uncontrolled attacks hit a window near you and debris flew all around you, glass shards cutting through your skin and pieces of rock and metal hitting your body and making you fall to the ground with a loud scream. Pain rushed through you as you saw the blood starting to trickle down your arms and legs, and in the middle of it all you saw the enemies starting to regain their posture.

With your last bit of consciousness you cursed at yourself for not being strong enough to stand your ground; you saw Shigaraki yelling at Kurogiri but you couldn’t quite figure out what he was saying, and the last thing your eyes caught sight off before drifting off was Edgeshot targeting your lover and a purple portal opening right in front of you.


It had been hard on everyone, with a few losses and many injuries to sustain, but no one thought it would be that way too for their leader.

Kurogiri was able, after a few futile attempts to restrain two heroes and many police officers at once, to warp them all to what he considered a safe place with the help of Shigaraki’s master. It had taken a lot out of him but everyone was thankful, yet gazes were only on the seemingly lifeless body that laid on the middle of the new room and the person kneeling next to it – the first thing he did was check your pulse, and once he was sure it was still there Tomura gave the orders for anyone to find a doctor as soon as possible, if not to bring the one who worked with the Noumu.

It took two days to bring you back to a somewhat stable place and a few blood transfusions to avoid you to go full comatose, and it surprised everyone to see that Shigaraki would not leave your bed’s side for anything. “You should get some rest while they do too,” the doctor said; “you need to recharge energies.” But the only response he’d give to anyone was a short yet rage-filled ‘leave’, and soon hours turned to days, and before anyone knew it a week had passed with no sight of their leader.

The new place, an abandoned house in the outskirts of Saitama (no one was truly sure how Kurogiri knew this place and no one dared to ask), was only big enough for a family of five so it became quite a hassle to get used to the little space. With different civilian clothes, every day one member of the League went out to buy food and medicine if needed, and everyone was careful enough to avoid being seen by too many people at once in fears that their covers would be blown.

They were also careful when going inside your room – the tiny space was occupied by the bed, the machines that kept you breathing correctly and the heart monitor to the left and the saline bag that was almost all finished now was to the right, Shigaraki sitting on a chair next to it. He barely slept and didn’t bother to eat at all as he tried to decipher the reasons as to why leaving you alone hurt him so much, but most importantly he needed to know why he wanted you to wake up, to hear your voice again, to see you smile or in all your glory sleeping next to him after sex…

Unbeknownst to anyone, he cried when night time came and his crew was already sleeping tight. Tears fell silently down his cracked and dry skin, the feeling making his wounds burn slightly as his nails created new ones while he scratched his skin and murmured down low that you couldn’t leave him, that you couldn’t just disappear. He tried countless times to touch you but only recoiled when he was about to do it, afraid he’d take it one step further and hurt you accidentally – all he mustered the courage to do was to wrap his index finger around yours, your body warmth faint against his own. Red eyes were glued to your closed ones, a million prayers going through them until one fateful night after almost ten days when, thanks to the beeping of the heartrate monitor, they slowly closed more and more until he fell asleep next to you.

And then, it all happened so fast.

He wasn’t sure how much time had passed yet the constant beep woke him up again with a jolt as he realized what had happened, and his gaze fell onto the flat line that showed what was happening. A single beep kept ringing through his head as he got lost in his mind, spectral voices mixing together and urging him to take control of the situation no matter what, but as he watched your body just lying there, your chest motionless and your expression as calm as it could be, he only managed to get up of the chair and walk up to one of the little windows ion the room. Outside, birds were happily chirping as they danced together beneath the winter sun. He hated it.

“What happened?” he heard the door open and the voice of the doctor rushing in, dragging something that sounded like a metal cart with possible instruments he could use to bring you back. Shigaraki didn’t answer – words got stuck in his throat as the defibrillator came to life, electricity being applied to your heart in a vain attempt to bring you back. Slowly but surely,  rage filled the young man as he reached out and slowly pressed his open hand against the glass, successfully turning part of it into dust and causing the rest to crumble to pieces. “Tomura, are you okay?”

He turned his head around slowly, face partly covered by his unkempt hair; his eyes shined with a newfound sense of destruction as a twisted smile appeared on his lips, and the desire to murder filled him almost instantly. He’d kill for you, and he would’ve wanted you to know that, but it was too late, he was too late, and he’d never forgive himself.

“I’ll murder them,” he whispered the first words he’d spoken to anyone else in days just loud enough for the tired doctor to hear – he wanted the world to see what he was truly capable of… in the name of love, in your own name. “I’ll unleash hell upon all of them, and they’ll suffer the worst death as they fall apart, piece by piece.”