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Flustered: First Date

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“Oi! Deku!” Katsuki shouted one day, bursting into her room through her window and stomping over to her.


“Wha- Kacchan! What are you doin’ here?” she asked as she craned her neck up to look at him.


“Go out with me!” he shouted, grabbing her by the face and squishing her cheeks. His own face was bright red and far too close for comfort.


“B-bu ‘acchan,” she said as best she could with her cheeks being squished. “We’re alrea’y ‘a’ing.”


“So just go out on a date with me already!” he shouted again, face turning even redder.


“Sure, fine,” she said, giggling as he stopped squishing her face. “I’d love to go on a date with you, Kacchan.”


“Of c-course y-y-you would!” he yelled, letting her face go and refusing to look at her. “I-I’ll pick you up at five on Friday. You better be ready, or I’ll kill you! G-got that!?”


“Yes, of course, Kacchan,” she giggled, enjoying his expression. “Would you like to leave out the front door this time?”


“F-fuck off! Shitty n-nerd!” he retorted, stomping out her room and out of the apartment, slamming the doors behind him. Izuku giggled to herself as she got up to look out the open window, noticing her new boyfriend crouched over with his face in his hands.


“See you Friday, handsome!” she called out, startling the poor boy and causing him to fall back on his bum. “I can’t wait!”


“I-I hate you! F-fuck off!” he shouted back, rushing to his feet and running off. She giggled as she shut her window, and began planning what she was gonna wear.












“Hey! I’m here! Open up already!” Katsuki barked as he pounded on her front door.


“Yep, one moment, Kacchan!” she shouted back, grabbing her bag and shrugging it onto her shoulder. “Bye mom, I’ll be going now! I’ll be back later!”


“Bye sweetie! Have fun, be careful!” her mother called back from the kitchen. “Call if anything happens!”


“I will, bye!” she cried as she stepped out, shutting the door behind her. “Alright, I’m ready. Where are we going?”


“Um,” he said lamely, staring at her with a dazed expression. “W-we, uh...”


“Is something the matter?” she asked, feeling a little amused by the look on his face. She wasn’t wearing anything fancy, just a plain emerald green shirt, blue jeans and a white cardigan. She also had on a white headband and plain white shoes, but she supposed it was ‘dressing up’ in comparison to what she normally wore. ”Kacchan?”


“What?” he asked, his head snapping up to meet hers. “O-oh, um, w-we’ll,” he stuttered, his cheeks turning pink. “We’ll just be g-going to g-get some ice cream. N-nothing major, b-but i-i-it’s one of m-my favorite places. S-so y-you better e-e-enjoy it! Got that!?” he shouted, looking flustered. Izuku giggled and nodded, boldly taking his hand, which only caused him to sputter in embarrassment.


“I’m sure I’ll love it, Kacchan,” she assured him, gently rubbing the back of his hand with her thumb. He sputtered louder before gritting his teeth in irritation.


“C-come on, d-dumbass,” he snapped, pulling her down the stairs and down the road. He refused to look at her, keeping his head down as the red in his ears slowly went away. Oh, no, she couldn’t have that, she thought as an impish smile spread across her face.


“You’re so cute when you’re flustered, Kacchan,” she said in an innocent way, causing the ash blond to jolt in embarrassment, the red in his ears returning.


“F-fuck you! I-I don’t get f-flustered!” he insisted, his grip on her hand tightening.


“Sure, Kacchan,” she teased, giggling to herself. “You’re so cute.”


“I-I’m not cute! Y-you’re cute! Dumbass!” he shouted, looking over at her with an angry and embarrassed blush on his cheeks.


“Kacchan is the cutest,” she remarked, just to see his face pinken. “Kacchan is the cutest of all! And handsome, too. Kacchan is amazing,” she finished with a light laugh as his grip on her hand tightened. His other hand went up to his face, presumably to hide his blush from her.


“I-I’ll k-kill you i-if you d-don’t sh-shut the h-hell up,” he stuttered, barely able to get the words out, to which she just giggled.


“Of course, Kacchan,” she laughed, pulling him back by the arm to kiss his cheek. He let out a strangled noise in the back of his throat as an explosion went off in his palms.


I-I’ll k-k-kill y-you !” he shouted, his entire face red. She merely laughed again as she hugged his arm to her. She heard him grumble to himself but didn’t try to pull away from her as they walked down the street. The sky was turning slightly dark as the sun descended behind the horizon, making it appear pinkish yellow. The clouds were nice and puffy, too, it looked like something straight out of a painting.


“It’s so nice out, huh, Kacchan?” she asked, giving him a warm smile.


“Yeah, I guess it’s okay,” he shrugged.


“You look so pretty in this light,” she added, causing him to choke on his spit.


“Wh-what th-the fuck are you t-t-talking about!?” he asked, his voice hoarse from choking a moment ago.


“You look really pretty,” she repeated, enjoying how his face turned pink. “The light make you look so beautiful, especially in this atmosphere. The sky is such a pretty pinkish yellow colour. You just, you look really nice right now,” she finished with a slightly embarrassed chuckle. “And your cheeks are so cute when you blush.”


“Sh-shut up! Y-you fucking w-weirdo! Wh-who the fuck s-says shit l-like that!? Y-you d-damn nerd!” he sputtered, looking away as he covered his face with his free hand, to which she laughed brightly.


“Sorry, Kacchan,” she apologized, although she wasn’t the least bit sorry. “You just look really cute, and I like telling you that you’re cute,” she explained. “But,” she drew out, smiling impishly to herself, “if it really bothers you, I can stop.”


“.... wh-who said I w-want you to s-stop?” he mumbled under his breath, shoulders slightly hunched in embarrassment.


“You’re so cute,” she beamed, unable to handle how adorable her boyfriend was being. As she suspected, he started sputtering in embarrassment.


“Sh-shut up! S-stupid!” he barked, increasing his pace so he was dragging her along to the park. It was still warm enough out where people wanted to get ice cream, so there was a small line outside the booth.


“I don’t think I’ve ever been here before,” she said aloud, looking around. “I didn’t know this park was so close!”


“W-well, it’s kinda i-in a direction you don’t normally go,” he said, nervously scratching the back of his head. “I... I kinda stumbled on this place by accident, y’know.”


“How fun,” she said, giving his hand a squeeze.


“Y-yeah, I guess,” he huffed, fidgeting in place. “S-sorry....”


“What are you sorry for?” she asked with a smile, which only seemed to make him more embarrassed.


“M-my hands,” he went on, although she was still confused. “Um, b-because of my Quirk, my... my hands are r-really sweaty... s-so, s-sorry,” he said, bowing his head shyly.


“Oh,” she said in realization. “Oh, you don’t need to apologize, Kacchan,” she smiled when he looked up at her. “It’s not like you can help it, plus, I,” she laughed awkwardly, “I kinda like it.”


“Wh-who... w-wh-what kind of w-weirdo likes that their, that their b-b-boyfriend’s hands are s-sweaty?” he asked, hunching his shoulders as his face and ears turned pink. Gosh, he still got flustered over calling himself her boyfriend? How adorable.


“I dunno, it smells good,” she said, to which he gave her a confused look. “Your sweat is pretty close to nitroglycerin, right? Which smells sweet, doesn’t it? Well, your sweat smells sweet, so I like it,” she finished with a beam. “And it lingers for a while, so even when you leave I can still smell you... it makes me feel nice.”


“F-f-fuckin’ weirdo d-dumbass nerd,” he grumbled, although she saw that he was fighting a small smile. “B-but, if it d-doesn’t bother you, th-then I guess it’s okay,” he finished, kicking the ground.


“I’m glad,” she smiled as they stepped up to the counter, next in line to order.


“Wh-what would you like?” he asked, reaching back to pull out his wallet.


“Oh! I can pay for myself, Kacchan,” she said.


“No, you can’t, you forgot your wallet,” he deadpanned.


“No I-!” she tried to argue, but paused when she opened her shoulder bag and saw she had indeed forgotten her wallet. “...oh, whoops. Haha,” she laughed awkwardly. “I-I’ll pay next time, yeah?”


“We’ll see,” he said, side-eying her. “Now just pick your fucking ice cream already.”


“Mmm, I’ll have,” she drawled, looking over the flavors, “I’ll have a small mint with hot fudge, in a cup,” she beamed at him.


“S-sure,” he said as they stepped forward. “I’ll take a small hot pepper on a cone and one small mint with hot fudge in a cup.”


“Sure thing,” the girl behind the cash register said. “That’s $11.54!” Kacchan handed over the money and they stepped back to wait for their orders.


“I haven’t been out for ice cream in ages, thanks for taking me here, Kacchan,” she told him, pecking him on the cheek, which predictably caused him to turn bright pink.


“W-wh-why the f-fuck a-are you th-th-thanking me now!?” he shouted before turning away. “W-we h-haven’t e-even gotten our ice cream y-yet. For all y-you know, it could be u-utter shit.”


“Oh, I don’t really care about that,” she told him, taking his hand in hers. “I’m just glad we get to spend time together.” Again, his face exploded with red and he hid his face in his hand. How adorable.


“F-f-fuck off, s-s-stupid,” he mumbled. She merely laughed at his embarrassment before releasing his hand when their orders got called up.


“Thank you,” she told the woman behind the window, giving her a small bow.


“I hope you and your boyfriend enjoy!” she replied with a smile and a wave. Izuku felt herself blush childishly at that as she took the ice cream back to where Kacchan was standing.


“Here, Kacchan, your spicy ice cream,” she said with a smile as she began taking bites of her own. “Mm! Yummy!” she praised around a mouthful of ice cream. “How’s yours?” she turned to ask, only to find him staring at her again. His eyes were trained on her lips, which caused her to smirk as she leaned over and pecked him on the lips.


“Wh-what the hell w-was that for!?” he balked, face pink.


“You looked like you wanted a taste,” she teased. His face turned even redder at the comment, before he ducked his head down.


“Can... c-can I h-have a-another?” he asked quietly, his voice barely audible. “T-taste, I mean...”


“Of course!” she giggled, taking a nibble of her ice cream and then pulling her boyfriend’s face over to her. She kissed him soundly on the lips and he froze up before melting back against her. “Mm, yummy, right?”


“Y-yeah,” he mumbled, taking a chomp of his ice cream. They began to quietly eat their ice cream, with Izuku just enjoying the company of her boyfriend. As the day got later, she snuggled closer into his side for warmth.


“A-are you cold?” he asked.


“Mmm, a little bit,” she admitted. She was surprised when he suddenly took off his jacket and draped it over her shoulders. “Ah! But, Kacchan, won’t you be cold?”


“Nah, my Quirk makes me run hot. F-figured you’d know that already, s-since you’re such a d-damn nerd,” he told her, taking an angry bite of his cone.


“Thank you, Kacchan,” she said, snuggling into the jacket. She discretely inhaled the scent of her boyfriend as he finished the last of his cone.


“I’m gonna use the bathroom, then we can head back, yeah?” he asked as he got up.


“Sounds good,” she smiled, watching him leave to the park restroom. As Izuku was waiting for Kacchan to come back, she heard laughter coming from behind her. Curious, she turned around and her stomach dropped at who she saw. Standing on the other side of the benches were three of her school bullies, who had clearly spotted her. She whipped back around, even though it was too late. She just hoped they left before Kacchan came back; he staved off most of her bullies, but there were still some that slipped past him.


“Well, well, well,” one of the girls greeted, causing her to hunch her shoulders nervously. “If it isn’t Quirkless little Deku. Where’s your guard dog? Finally realize how pathetic you are and ditch you for better prospects?” she asked, to which her two friends laughed meanly.


“Please, just leave me alone,” she sighed, not wanting to have Kacchan witness her being bullied. She didn’t want him to worry about her problems.


“What did you say, freak?” the ringleader asked, slamming her hand down on the table in front of her. “You don’t deserve someone like him. You’re just dragging him down, don’t you realize that? He could do so much better, and you’re holding him back.”


“Th-that’s not true,” she argued, fixing them with a determined glare. “You don’t know him like I do. Leave me alone.” She gulped as she finished her statement, a little taken aback with herself. The three girls also looked taken aback as well before their faces contorted with anger. The ringleader grabbed her by the hair, seemingly unconcerned by the others around them, and yanked her out of her seat.


“Look here you Quirkless loser!” she spat as Izuku cried out. “You need to learn your place.”


“You need to get the fuck off my girlfriend!” Kacchan’s voice sounded, full of anger. The lead bully let go of her hair as Izuku fell back onto the ground. She heard footsteps on the ground and suddenly he was by her side, gently pulling her to her feet. He fixed their three classmates with a deadly glare, enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine.


“If I see you bothering her again, I’ll fucking kill you! Do you understand, you shitty extras!?” he shouted, small explosions going off in his palms.


“Tch, whatever,” the leader forced out as her two friends cowered behind her. “Enjoy hanging out with a failure. Be careful, you don’t wanna catch her Quirklessness,” she finished and turned to flee the area before anyone could respond. As they left, Izuku burst into tears, extremely upset. Not only was their night ruined, but Kacchan had become involved in her problems.


“Oi, why don’t we head out?” he asked her softly as he hugged her to his chest. She nodded against him and wiped at her tears. Izuku sniffed as he walked her home, still upset by what happened. This was supposed to be a fun night, and it was ruined.


“Hey, Izuku,” Kacchan said quietly, squeezing her shoulder lightly. “You okay?”


“Y-yeah,” she breathed, wiping at her eyes again. “I-I’ll be fine.”


“Really?” he asked, clearly not believing her. “You don’t look fine. I know they’re just damn extras who don’t matter, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t bother you. Why didn’t you tell me you were still getting bullied?”


“I don’t want to burden you with my problems,” she told him, sniffing again. “And I don’t want to depend on you for everything. I can handle things on my own.”


“Yeah, clearly,” he snapped, before sighing. “I’m sorry, I-I didn’t mean that. But, Izuku, you can tell me when you need help... It’s not bothersome to me... I-I want to help you with your problems. I... I want to make sure you’re okay.”


“Thank you, Katsuki,” she said, giving him a watery smile. “You’re a good boyfriend.”


“O-of course I am,” he stuttered, looking away. “I-I’m the best a-a-at everything, after all.”


“You are,” she agreed with a smile. “Kacchan really is the best.”


“C-cut that out!” he snapped, his face pink. “I-I’m supposed to be m-making you feel better! S-so shut up and l-let me help you!”


“I’m sorry, but Kacchan is so sweet, I can’t help it,” she teased, kissing his cheek.


“Grrr, d-damn nerd,” he scowled, his face heating up again. “You’re s-so frustrating, y’know that?”


“Thanks, I try,” she laughed, leaning into his shoulder.


“But, seriously,” he said softly, causing her to look up at him. “You’re r-really amazing, y’know? I-I don’t care what anyone says. Fuck those damn extras, and fuck what they think, they don’t matter. A-all that matters, i-is that you’re happy.”


“You make me very happy, Kacchan,” she assured him.


“W-well, I-I’m glad,” he stuttered, embarrassed. “I-I know you say I-I’m a good b-boyfriend, b-but I want you t-to mean it. I w-want you to be able t-to come to me with your problems, a-and I want t-to make sure you’re okay.”


“I do mean it, Kacchan,” she said, nuzzling into him. “I mean everything I say.”


“Y-yeah, I-I know, sh-shitty nerd,” he huffed, face red. “Wh-what I’m t-trying to say is, d-don’t ever change, okay? I-I like you j-just as you are. Y-you don’t need t-to change for anyone, o-okay?”


“Okay, Kacchan,” she beamed. “Can I kiss you now?”


“Tch, f-fine, n-needy idiot,” he scoffed in embarrassment, face turning even redder before leaning down to give her a tentative kiss on the lips. She firmly grabbed him on either side of his face and kept him there. He jolted in surprise but melted into the kiss nonetheless, letting out a cute little moan in the process. He ripped himself back after the noise escaped him, his face impossibly red, so much so that it was emitting steam.


“Y-y-you d-didn’t hear th-that!” he shouted, pointing at her accusingly. “O-o-okay!? I-if y-you tell a-anyone, I-I-I’ll f-fucking kill you!” She merely giggled fondly at his embarrassed display, hugging him around the chest as he tried to calm down. Once he got himself under control, he walked her back home, stopping awkwardly outside her front door.


“Thank you for taking me out, Kacchan,” she smiled up at him.


“D-don’t mention it,” he mumbled, looking away, cheeks pink.


“I’d really like to do this again, if you don’t mind,” she prompted. “Well, without the bullies, obviously.”


“Y-yeah, r-r-right,” he said, scratching the back of his head. “C-cool, um, I’ll see you later, then... b-bye...” he finished with a wave, walking down her steps and out of sight. Izuku smiled to herself as she stepped inside, sighing happily. Sure, it might have gotten soured a bit, but it still was fun to hang out with Kacchan. And his jacket smelled good, too. She couldn’t wait to do it again.