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The Dragon of Dojima is an Actual Dragon?

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Majima had heard countless rumors regarding Kiryu. They all varied in believability. Some said he could beat over a hundred men completely unarmed, save for his fists. That one was somewhat believable, Majima had to admit. Some said it would take multiple bullets to finally put him six feet under. Some even said that the man was a monster. A half-dragon, to be more specific. This rumor, in particular, Majima had heard from some of his men, so he more than doubtful. They weren’t the sharpest tools in the shed.

Though he couldn’t help but want to believe the rumors. In all honesty, He would feel pretty badass if he could actually hold his own against a half-dragon. If he really was, Kiryu could transform whenever he wanted to beat Majima to a pulp easily, the mere thought of that turned him on immensely. He could only dream though, the idea of a man able to grow scales, a tail, or even have razor sharp teeth whenever they wanted was improbable.

Majima was completely lost in his thoughts as he wandered his way down the street, hunting Kiryu down. He had no idea where the man was since he hadn’t seen him around town even once today. He let out a small sigh, not wanting to go another minute with even seeing the man. Majima was in no position to try and hide his lust for the man, seeing as how he got hard during every single one of their bouts. He tried so hard to hide it, not wanting to risk rejection from Kiryu. He knew the ladies were all over him, so what reason would he have to want Majima? ...His thoughts were getting depressing very quickly.

It was then that he caught a glimpse of a gray suit in the corner of his eye. He whipped his head around in that direction, his eye landing on Kiryu walking down the sidewalk. It seemed he had just finished a fight, what with the blood adorning his clothes and how disheveled he looked. Kiryu went down another alley, Majima recognizing as the Serena back lot. He smirked and skipped across the street to catch the man before he went inside. Majima was banned from the place thanks to his fight with that Nishikiyama kid all those years back. He rushed behind Kiryu and clapped a hand on his shoulder.

“Heya there, Kiryu-chan!” He greeted, startling the other. Kiryu spun around, fists raised. The man looked like he had been through hell and back.

“What? What do you want?” He questioned in an angry yet exasperated voice. Majima couldn’t help but notice the large bags under his eyes.

“To fight, duh.”

Kiryu sighed. “I’m not in the mood. I just finished a fight and I’m tired, so please, leave me alone for tonight,” He replied, still not letting his guard down. Majima grinned.

“Aw, ya can’t possibly be that tired!” He whined. Majma was glad for his acting skills. He felt guilty for trying to push the man farther than he could take, but he couldn’t let that show. It went against his entire persona.

“Majima-san, please, just leave me be,” Kiryu pleaded, his eyes were somewhat distant.

Majima wouldn’t budge that easily though. “Tell ya what. Why don’t we have a short and sweet fight, I’ll even hold back for ya!” He tried to reason, desperate for his daily fix. Kiryu stared at him for a moment, unsure if he should comply or not.

“If… If I fight you, even if I lose, will you leave me alone?” Kiryu asked.

“Well, if ya lose, I’ll make sure ya regret it later, but sure!” Majima agreed and took on a fighting stance.

“Wait, just what do you mean by that?” Kiryu stopped him.

Majima groaned in impatience. “I mean I’ll bother ya for the rest of the night. It’s what ya get for not gettin’ enough sleep!” He answered. He was lying through his teeth, he’d rather not face the wrath of the Dragon of Dojima when he was back in tip-top shape for his actions. Majima would go through hell if he did.

“Fine, let’s just get this over with.” Kiryu sighed, an even angrier look stretching across his face. Majima was the first to attack with a low kick to the man’s feet. Kiryu staggered but managed to regain his balance quickly. But shit, he wasn’t kidding when he said he was tired. Majima was landing hits left and right on the poor guy. Kiryu was barely able to retaliate or punish Majima’s slower attack style. He couldn’t even move fast enough to block hits correctly. This foreign cycle continued, much to Majima’s disappointment. Although, before the odler man knew it, a large fist landed straight into the square of his gut, sending him to the ground. He didn’t have time to recover before Kiryu landed a hard kick to his ribs. He grunted loudly, not expecting the sudden burst of energy. It wasn’t just that though. Majima swore something was off. The man looked different somehow. He could have sworn he saw sharp fangs when Kiryu clenched his teeth, and his pupils seemed to morph into slits. Hell, his muscles looked bigger too. What the hell was going on?

That was when it hit him. These sudden inhuman traits seemed to correspond with the rumors he was thinking of just ten minutes ago. That would also explain how the man was able to suddenly gain all of his strength back. There was no way in hell that Kiryu was a half-dragon, was what Majima kept telling himself as he was being punched in the stomach again. He landed square on his back, and Kiryu landed a foot right on his sternum, holding him in place.

“Are you done?” Kiryu’s voice was raspy, and no longer sounded tired.

“Woah, hold on. Lemme up,” Majima replied, completely bewildered by his possible finding. Kiryu was hesitant but complied when Majima threw his hands up in surrender. “You win, you win.” He insisted.

“What is it?” Kiryu asked, sounding slightly panicked. When Majima stood up, he went straight into Kiryu’s personal space. He looked the man over, noticing he was even a little taller.

“So I gotta ask. Are those crazy ass rumors true?” Kiryu couldn’t hide the shock on his face but tried to dismiss the man’s question anyway.

“What are you talking about?” Kiryu retorted, backing away from Majima. He wasn’t going to give in that easily though. He followed the other, backing him into the wall.

“The ones about ya bein’ some kinda dragon. They gotta be true, I mean, look at ya right now! Your look screams dragon.” Majima reasoned, placing a hand next to Kiryu’s head, having to lean up slightly now. “You're taller than me now, too!” He added. Kiryu sighed, seeming to finally give in.

“Why do you care? It’s only dangerous for me to be like this. It’s difficult to control my strength in fights. I don’t want to injure you that badly,” Kiryu replied, trying his best to get the other to back down. Majima’s stubbornness was too strong though.

“So fuckin’ what? That’s awesome!” Majima exclaimed, his eye lighting up like a clear night sky. He was giddy with glee, bouncing all around Kiryu, admiring every inch he could. “Transform more!”

“What? No!” Kiryu was shocked at his reaction. Most others were terrified of this form, some even disassociating with him afterward. Majima pouted.

“How come? This is cool as hell!” He insisted. “Oh, I know! If ya don’t wanna be seen, just come back to my place! It ain’t far!” He suggested, tugging on the man’s sleeve like a child. Said man sighed heavily, contemplating his answer. Majima was about to burst with joy when he nodded his head. “C’mon, c’mon!” Majima was dragging him by the wrist now.

Majima led him through back alleys that were deserted at that time of night to an average looking apartment complex, bringing him straight to the second floor. As he was unlocking the door, Kiryu finally piped up.

“Why do you want to see me transform so badly?” He wondered, Majima hummed as he unlocked his door.

“Well, it’s awesome as hell. I wanna see just how big ya get, and I wanna see that dragon!” He explained, shoving Kiryu inside as they removed their shoes.

“What? I’m not an actual dragon,” Kiryu responded, confused by his last listing. Majima smirked.

“You’ll see~!” He said as he led Kiryu into his bedroom. “Okay!” He exclaimed, clapping his hands together. He was surprised the other was so willing to humor him. “Show me! Lemme see ya rip outta those clothes!”

Kiryu huffed but complied. He was probably too exhausted in this form to really argue. As he began to transform, his muscles were bulging out of his day attire, eventually ripping them to shreds. He grew elongated horns from his forehead, he even grew a tail from his tailbone, and he seemed to be even taller. The older man had to cran hi head slightly to look at him. Majima was filled to the brim with excitement, watching him finish his transformation in glee.

“Ya look so goddamn cool! Ya should do this more often!” He yelled. He reminded Kiryu of some kind of fanboy. The smile spread across his face was permanent at this point. Kiryu’s face flushed a deep red, even with the scales that had formed on the bottom of his face, he still looked as handsome as ever.

“Is this really what you wanted?” Kiryu seemed to be observing his own body too. He must not transform often then, Majima noted.

“Well, I already told ya. Ya look cool, and I wanted to see that dragon!” Majima replied, stepping close to the other man, getting back into his space like before.

“Majima-san, just… what do you mean, exactly?” Kiryu wasn’t ever going to get the hint. Majima grinned a toothy grin, and reached a hand out, cupping his crotch. He noticed the nearly invisible slit there earlier, so there had to be something.

“This dragon~,” He answered, leaning up to the other man. Kiryu froze, unsure of what to do in this situation. “Don’t think I never noticed those looks ya give me when we fight. And the way ya stare at my ass when ya think I ain’t payin’ attention.” Kiryu sputtered, unable to form a proper sentence. “But, don’t worry~! I’m here to make your dreams come true!” He exclaimed, jumping up to wrap an arm around the other’s neck, trying to pull him down for a kiss. Though Kiryu wasn’t moving, and that only remind Majima of how much weaker he was.

“I-Majima-san…I don’t-” He tried, making Majima giggle at his expense. “I never knew that-” Majima cut him off.

“Listen. I’ve been hard up for ya ever since I first fought ya. So don’t think this shit is one-sided. Now, show me the damn dragon!” He whined, still trying to pull the man down. Kiryu was hesitant, but relented, not wanting to hear any more of his complaints. The kiss started soft, much softer than Majima would have expected from a literal dragon, but he wasn’t going to complain. He couldn’t resist prodding at the other’s warm lips with his tongue, wanting Kiryu to explore his mouth.

His wish was granted when a long tongue slid into his mouth, surprising him. He had expected some kinky shit, but this was something else. Kiryu’s mouth tasted like a fire would smell, and he could have sworn there was a tinge of ash as well. Majima didn’t have much time to dwell on it though, what with the long appendage violating his mouth. Kiryu was surprisingly skilled with his dragon tongue. He wrapped his tongue around Majima’s and sucked, making the other moan loudly and grind against his groin. Majima felt drool fall out of his mouth as Kiryu continued his onslaught, hugging onto the man’s waist to lift him up off the ground. He held the man close, and pulled away, giving him time to breathe.

“God, that was so, fuck. Just amazin’,” Majima moaned as Kiryu tilted his head down to bite at his jaw. Those sharp fangs were tantalizing, Majima wanted to see how easily they could pierce his skin. “C’mon, on the bed.” He urged, trying to sway Kiryu to the bed. The man placed him on the bed and climbed on top of him, his large frame casting a shadow over him. Kiryu reached down and wrestled Majima’s coat off of him, nearly shredding it in the process, and Majima removed both of his gloves so he could feel the scales properly. He reached up, tracing a calloused hand over the scales on his neck and jaw, marveling in the tough texture. Kiryu stopped his admiration as he leaned down.

Instead of kissing him again, though, Kiryu leaned down, bracing both of his hands next to Majima’s head. He licked at the man’s neck, coating it in saliva. Majima shivered, tangling his hands in the man’s slicked back hair. He couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel without any product in it, soft and slept on. Majima wasn’t allowed to dwell on it though. Kiryu bit down into his skin, drawing blood from his neck. The older man moaned at the feeling and Kiryu lapped at the wound, drinking the blood. It seemed to heal the wound in some kind of way. “Keep-fuck-keep doin’ that, please~!” He begged, squealing as Kiryu bit down again, even harder this time. He kept going, biting and licking the wounds clean as he made his way down the man’s body. He stopped to lick and bite at the man’s hard nipples, finding they were quite sensitive if the other’s whines and small moans were anything to go by. Eventually, Majima’s chest and stomach were covered in sharp bite marks and dark hickeys.

As Kiryu reached the leather pants adorning Majima’s legs, he gave a tentative sniff. Kiryu seemed to have enhanced senses in this form. And when Majima realized that he was smelling the musk around his groin, he couldn’t help but wonder if his smell was a turn on for Kiryu. It was as strange as it was arousing. Majima let out a small groan at the thought, but Kiryu didn’t leave much time for him to dwell on it. The poor guy was struggling with his belt buckle. His hands were too large to remove it properly without any damage. “For fuck’s sake! Just rip that shit off!” Majima pleaded, too impatient to care about replacing his clothes in the future.

Kiryu only grunted in response before ripping the leather off of his body, not surprised at the lack of underwear beneath. Instead of diving right in like Majima wanted, he opted instead for teasing the man. He dragged his large hands across the plane of his thighs, marveling in the hard muscle beneath. Majima’s thighs tensed under his hands, and he tried to squirm out of the other’s grip, try and buck him off to get his way. Kiryu on the other hand, refused to budge, reminding Majima of the power he was at the mercy of now. It was arousing, but a little terrifying at the same time. “We’re going at my pace, Majima-san,” Kiryu said, holding his legs firmly in place.

“If we’re gonna do this shit don’t call me that,” He whined, still struggling. Kiryu wasn’t sure what he meant by that. While the man wasn’t his superior anymore, he still respected him greatly. Plus, Majima was older than him.

“...Majima?” Kiryu tested it on his tongue. Sitting up straight, he looked the other dead in the eye as he said this. Majima visibly flinched, not expecting him to be so quick to comply. “Majima.” He repeated, lowering his head down to said man’s hard cock. He wrapped his hand around it, making sure not to cut him with his long and sharp nails. They weren’t quite claws, but they could definitely cut something or someone clean open. He stroked the appendage slowly but firmly, eliciting a low moan from Majima. He stuck out his impossibly long tongue and took an apprehensive lick at the shaft of Majima’s cock. The man shuddered deeply before releasing a drawn out moan. Encouraged, Kiryu continued to lap at his length, coating it in saliva, it almost looked like he had lubed it up.

“Are ya just-jus’ gonna lick at it like a lollipop, or are ya gonna do somethin’!?” Majima mewled, gripping Kiryu’s head, trying to force him down on his cock. Kiryu stopped his licking, but instead of sucking him off, he gave him something no human could give. A tongue job. He wrapped his long tongue around his cock, drool pouring out of his mouth onto it. He squeezed the appendage with his tongue and watched as Majima thrived on the bed, trying to make sense of what was happening. “Don’t stop don’t stop, please! Please~!” He begged, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. Majima couldn’t help but thrust up into the wet heat of Kiryu’s tongue, teetering on the edge of his climax. He let out a loud moan as he came, the liquid hitting Kiryu square in the face, some going into his mouth. Kiryu pulled away, licking Majima’s cock clean, then his own face. It reminded the older man of some kind of gecko. “God, fuck. That was so good.” Majima commented, panting like he had run a marathon.

“Was it really that great? I’ve never given a… tongue job, before,” Kiryu replied, wiping at his chin for any cum he might have missed.

“Well, I sure as hell couldn’t tell! C’mon, lemme do you next,” Majima said, amazing Kiryu with how much energy he still had. The man seemed to be as insatiable with sex as he was with fighting.

“I-I’ve never gotten… blown like this,” Kiryu covered some of his face with his hand, trying to hide his blush.

“Honestly, I never thought ya never got a blowjob at all,” Majima teased, a joking tone in his voice. But the other seemed dead serious, judging from the tight pursing of his lips and averted gaze. “Wait. Ya gotta be jokin’. Ya never done anything like this before, have ya?” Majima questioned, his delight evident.

“N-No, I…” Kiryu tried to respond, but couldn’t quite form words.

“Holy fuckin’ shit! I get to be your first! In this form no less!” Majima exclaimed, absolutely giddy. Kiryu was somewhat taken aback by the man’s behavior.

“That…doesn’t bother you? At all?” Kiryu questioned.

“Fuck no! Tell ya what, I can show ya the ropes! Here, lie where I am, I’m gonna give ya the good shit,” Majima said, sitting up so the other could take his position. Kiryu complied in silence, letting Majima crawl on top of him. The fact that Kiryu was letting him take control despite the obvious power difference, and could just as easily switch their roles made Majima’s cock twitch despite having just cum. Kiryu’s tail struggled to find a comfortable spot, so he settled with it between his legs, resting between them. Majima noticed that the scales that adorned the tail ended close to the end of it. He knew he could have some real fun with that soon.

In the meantime though, Majima had more important things to take care of. Like Kiryu’s dragon dong for example. He leaned down, face to face with the man’s groin. There was that same small slit he noticed earlier, but this time, there was a gigantic bulge with it. Majima grinned, bringing a hand up to grope at said bulge. Kiryu stifled a groan, much to Majima’s frustration. “C’mon, just let it all out~ I ain’t gonna bite or nothin’,” Majima encouraged, still fondling his encased cock. “Now, how the hell do I get this bad boy out?” He asked himself, trying to distract Kiryu by touching other parts of his body. He wasn’t very experienced in dragon anatomy.

Majima poked a finger in but was immediately met with a fleshy, yet scaly hardness. He jabbed at it a bit, watching Kiryu’s face for reactions, and it was instantaneous. The man’s eyes widened and he moaned louder than Majima had thought was possible. His lips formed into a sly smirk, and he prodded until he managed to bring out the tip of Kiryu’s dick. The damn thing seemed to go on forever, and it was a little thicker than Majima’s wrist. He was amazed at the size of it, but not surprised. When Kiryu’s cock was completely exposed, it went past his navel, dripping precum onto his abdominal muscles, and the guy was panting just from Majima’s curious prodding. The man wrapped his hand around the large appendage and gave a firm stroke upwards, wringing a breathy groan from the man above. He grinned and leaned down to lick at the tip, lapping up any liquid there.

“Hey, ya wanna have some fun with that tail o’ yours before I go to town?” Majima asked, still stroking the dick in front of him. Kiryu looked confused but nodded. Majima made a happy noise in his throat and crawled over to Kiryu’s head. “I’m gonna need a lil’ somethin’ ta lube me up though~!” He exclaimed, kneeling right above Kiryu’s face.

“You… want me to e-eat you out?” Kiryu was good at asking the most obvious questions. Instead of responding, Majima sat down, his entrance right above Kiryu’s mouth. The other caught on right away, licking a strip from his balls down to his hole, prodding it with the tip.

“Shit, c’mon, don’t be a tease,” Majima begged, grinding down on the man’s face. Kiryu refused to listen though and continued to lick at his asshole instead. He brought his hands up to grip Majima’s ass for leverage. “Kiryu-chan~! Please! Just stick it in!” Majima persisted, now unable to move his hips thanks to Kiryu’s hands stopping him. But he complied, letting his impossibly long tongue enter the man, and he was greeted with a tight heat he never thought he’d taste. It was a strange taste, but Majima’s moans of pleasure were enough to keep him going. He slowly let more of the appendage enter him, prodding around for his prostate. Kiryu knew enough about male anatomy to know where that might be, and he knew he found it when the other let out a high-pitched squeal.

Kiryu continued to aim for that same spot as he thrust his tongue in and out, almost as if he was fucking the man. Drool was pouring out of his mouth in waves, and he felt dizzy from the amount of arousal clouding his mind. He never knew giving pleasure could feel so good, and make him feel so powerful. It was something he may become addicted to. Majima continued to grind on his tongue before finally piping up. “Oi, I-I wanna get your damn-fuck, tail in me,” He pleaded, trying to pull off of his tongue. Kiryu was hesitant but allowed the man to finally sit up. Majima looked down at him and laughed breathily. “You’re a damn mess.” He commented.

“You’re not much better,” Kiryu retorted as the other moved to be in front of his hard cock again. Majima chuckled, and gripped the other’s cock and stroke it slowly, looking behind him at Kiryu’s tail. He watched as it moved to position itself at Majima’s entrance, prodding lightly. Majima reached a hand around to encourage him to slip it in, and he did. The tail filled him up just right, stretching him out even more than his tongue. Kiryu continued to push it into the last spike on his tail, and let it sit inside of him for a moment.

“You good, big guy?” Though he wasn’t much better off himself, Majima couldn’t help but tease.

“It’s- It feels great,” Was all Kiryu said. Majima nodded dumbly, thrusting back on the man’s tail, his face smushed against his hip as he licked at the man’s cock. Kiryu took the hint and began thrusting in and out of his ass slowly, making sure to not hurt him. Majima moaned at the feeling, the tip of the tail occasionally prodding at his sweet spot. The appendage sped up, making Majima moan at every thrust. In return, he moved to suckle at the shaft of his cock and licked at it the best he could in his state. It was difficult, but his moans sent vibration down his length, further heightening Kiryu’s pleasure.  

The feeling of the other’s hard tail thrusting in and out of his heat brought Majima closer and closer to his climax. The wet squelching sounds it made him even more aroused. He wasn’t even able to suckle at the cock before him anymore, instead opting to just stroke it the best he could. “Are you close?” He heard the other ask, but he sounded distant. As if he were across the room. Majima let out an affirming moan, feeling the other speed up. He couldn’t help but slip a hand down to stroke at his own cock, trying to stay in pace with the tail’s thrusting. It only took a few tugs of his cock for him to finally release, his cum coating his hand and the sheets below him. Majima felt Kiryu pull his tail out of him gingerly before he was clenching around nothing but air. He lay there panting and drooling on Kiryu’s hip before the other finally lifted him up. Majima didn’t try to stop him as he was placed on the man’s chest.

Their cocks were aligned like this, reminding Majima of how much bigger Kiryu was than him right then. “Gimme a minute, yeah?” Majima asked, more to himself than Kiryu. The other placed his hands on Majima’s waist, holding him gently. The two stayed in the same position for a while, giving the man the rest he needed. But the feeling of Kiryu’s hard cock against his own was tantalizing. Majima couldn’t help but grind down with a moan. He heard a surprised groan from Kiryu as well.

“How can you go so many times?” Kiryu wondered aloud, making Majima laugh.

“I can’t help it, you’re really fuckin’ hot, Kiryu-chan,” Majima replied, continuing his unstructured grinding. “Fuck, I need ya in me,” Majima whined, bracing his hands on Kiryu’s chest to sit up properly. “Don’tcha wanna fuck me?” He asked, looking down at the other with a lustful eye. He spit on his hand to rub spit all over the man’s cock. His insides were still lubed up with Kiryu’s saliva, so he should be fine. Majima rubbed his cock against his asshole, but not quite entering.

“Y-yes…” Kiryu answered, sighing at the feeling of Majima’s entrance butting against the tip of his cock. The man didn’t let him enter him though, instead just grinding the tip against him. Kiryu thrust up, trying to enter him, but Majima just lifted himself away. “Please, Majima.” He pleaded. “I want to be inside of you.” Majima giggled, satisfied with his begging.

“Alrighty then,” He said as he lowered himself down on Kiryu’s large cock, the scales feeling foreign inside of him, but arousing nonetheless. Majima moaned loudly as he fully sank down on his cock, his ass meeting the other’s hips. “You’re a big boy, huh?” He teased, wiggling his hips to help himself adjust. His cock went well past his sweet spot like this, but it didn’t matter. The mere feeling of Kiryu filling him up was more than enough pleasure. Majima felt the man grip his hips tightly, sure to leave bruises in the morning. He lifted himself up slowly and shuddered at the feeling of Kiryu’s curved dick brushing against his prostate. His legs were so shaky, it was hard to hold himself up like this for very long, so he sat back down, piercing himself on Kiryu’s cock. The feeling was overwhelming, making him practically scream and he nearly fall face first into his sweaty, scaly chest. His body was twitching sporadically, completely taken over with pleasure.

“Are you alright?” Kiryu asked, and Majima nodded slowly.

“Move… please, I can’t…” Majima begged, and Kiryu was more than happy to oblige. He grabbed Majima’s ass with both hands, lifting him up slightly. He planted his feet on the bed before thrusting up sharply, hitting his sweet spot with deadly precision. Majima let out a squeal then a moan as Kiryu repeated the action. Majima’s wall clenched down on his cock, further heightening his pleasure as the other thrust in and out at brutally fast pace. The sound of Kiryu’s hips slapping his ass filled the room with Majima’s constant moans. When he snaked a hand down to grip at his own cock, he felt something even better instead. Kiryu’s cock made a distinct small bulge on his skin every time he buried his cock in his ass. It was a surprising turn on for Majima as he left his hand there, opting to feel the other’s cock through his skin instead. Pre from Majima’s dick leaked onto Kiryu’s stomach in small pools. Majima was chanting Kiryu’s name like a mantra at this point, his pleas mixed into it, completely unable to form a proper sentence.

“Majima… I-I’m close,” Kiryu groaned, Majima giggled at the thought of Kiryu’s dragon nut being inside him.

“Harder, please~!” Majima begged, feeling Kiryu thrusting as fast as he possibly could, chasing that high they both so desperately wanted. He completely collapsed on the other’s chest, his eye rolling back and his tongue lolling out of his mouth. He felt like some kind of AV girl at this point. When Majima couldn’t hold it in anymore his vision whitened, and he ended up reaching his peak early, his own cum nearly hit him in the face. It coated both of their abdomens, but he didn’t have much time to dwell in his euphoria. Kiryu was still thrusting, not letting up on his prostate. Majima gasped and whimpered at the overstimulation on his worn body. Sure he was a total horndog, but even he needed a few minutes between orgasms.

Majima was just twitching on him at this point, unable to think properly. His mind was static, clouded with arousal and overstimulation now. “I’m gonna-” Kiryu began but stopped as he thrust inside of him one last time, burying himself as deeply as his cock could go and finally released. His tail thrashing against the bed. Majima couldn’t help but moan at the feeling of the other cumming inside of him, but it felt never-ending. It felt as if there were gallons pouring into his body. Kiryu’s cum filled him to the absolute brim, his cock twitching violently inside of him, some of the liquid spilling out and onto the sheets. Majima sat there, letting the other finish up until he was satisfied.

There was a long stretch of silence between them before Kiryu spoke up. “You okay?” He asked, his voice breathy and worn out. Majima could only nod, his body completely worn out. He was on the verge of fainting at this point. Majima felt the other pull out gingerly, his cum pouring out of Majima in waves, making the older man twitch and spasm at the feeling.

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” was the last thing he heard before passing out.


Majima awoke in Kiryu’s arms the next day, the light from outside nearly blinding him. He was laying with his cheek squished against the other’s chest. He was already back in human form. Kiryu was already awake as he peeled open his eye. “You awake there?”

“Yeah,” Majima replied, his throat scratchy. Probably from the screaming and moaning.

“Your landlord came over to fuss at me. Guess we were a little too loud,” Kiryu said, petting Majima’s hair.

“Fuck em,” Majima groaned, clearing his throat. “Even if I get thrown out, it was so damn worth it,” Majima added, drawing circles into the other’s chest. Kiryu scoffed.

“It couldn’t have been that good,”

“I passed the fuck out, o' course it was. I ain’t ever fainted after sex with anyone before,” Majima retorted. Kiryu sighed.

“Sorry,” He said sheepishly.

“Nah Nah, that’s a good thing. But I gotta admit, felt like a car gettin’ pumped with gas when ya came. The fuck’s with that?” Majima questioned. “Not that I’m complainin’” He added.

“I… I think I have a lot more in me in that form. At least, that’s my guess anyway,” Kiryu answered, unsure of it himself. Majima shrugged but said nothing.

“Let’s get a hotel room next time, I’d rather not lose my place, alright?” Majima said.

“Next time?”

“What, you thought this would be a one-time thing? Fuck no,” Majima laughed. Kiryu chuckled but grunted in agreement.

“Are you only interested in having sex with my dragon form?” Kiryu asked, sounding a little hurt.

“Nah, I’ve been wantin’ to get dicked down by ya for years,” Majima replied, making the other sigh in relief. “But for now, I wanna sleep s’more. Wake me up later, kay?”

“Alright,” Kiryu said as Majima fell back into a deep sleep. Kiryu looked down at the man on his chest, still amazed at last night’s events. “Yeah, I can definitely get used to this,” Kiryu told himself as he also fell asleep.