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Sunday Six - Small Fandoms

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You and Trevor had not seen each other since the Belmont mansion had been burnt down, you had always wondered what had happened to your friend, because the Belmonts had not deserved their fate.

And now, here you are, in your home with none other than Trevor Belmont looking awkward, you watched as he threw some looks about your home, almost fidgeting.

“I’m surprised you came back,” you told him gently, “after everything, I figured that you wouldn’t.”

Trevor shrugged, “My work brought me back,” he then took a gulp of the beer you had offered him, “and now I’m here, there is something I want to give you,” he began to look for something in his things, until he opened a pouch he had on his belt and pulled something up and extended his hand to you, “here, for you.”

It was a simple silver chain with a blue stone hanging from it, “I can’t believe you remembered...” you told him, smile forming in your face, “it’s lovely, thank you Trevor.”

“Yeah well,” he looked away, not fast enough that you could see his blush on his cheeks, “it’s your birthday, had to get you something, I’m not that much of an idiot.”