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Sunday Six - Small Fandoms

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“I’ve never felt this strongly about anyone before,” Adrian confessed, looking away from you, “I thought that I could avoid it, but it seems as I can’t.”

You kept your eyes on his back, then sighed and closed your eyes, you understood, he had spoken about the fate of his mother, about his father’s madness and grief, “We are not your parents Adrian,” you reassured him, “their fates don’t dictate ours.”

Silence greeted your statement and you feared that you had messed up, but then “No, indeed, they do not, but still I worry.”

“You are a good man Adrian,” you said firmly, “you are not your father, you are his opposite, you are your mother’s son.”

“Thank you,” his voice was so low you barely caught what he said, “but I am afraid.”

“Of course you are, love makes people both fearful and brave, fearful for loosing the one you love and brave for fighting for them; give us a chance and let’s see where we go.”

Only after your words did he turn and looked at you, gave you a quick smile, “One day at the time.”