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Sunday Six - Small Fandoms

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It was one of the rare nights when Diana shared her mother’s bed, Hippolyta had told her a story and then tucked her in, only to ready herself for bed, she had been falling asleep when she heard Diana’s voice, “Mama, do you think we’ll ever see the Gods?”

“I do not know child,” Hippolyta said, “sleep my love, it’s late and we both must rest.”

Diana did not spoke again and Hippolyta slept, only to be shaken awake again later on, “Mama, do you think aunt Antiope would tell me the story about leading the army again?”

“Diana, sleep, I am sure your aunt will, but now, sleep child.”

Silence fell again in the room and Hippolyta slept again, only to be waken, yet again with a “Mama, do you think that Philippus will teach me to play aprrhaxis*?

Diana, I am all for encouraging to play and share in your interests but child, it’s late, now sleep, else I’ll ground you.”