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Sunday Six - Small Fandoms

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Phryne loves to dance, for her, it’s a celebration of happiness and what better occasion to dance that dear Dot marrying Hugh?

She spots Jack talking to her dad, takes a glass of champagne, looks around and takes a sip, lips curling upwards at what she sees, Dot and Hugh’s few friends gathered in her house, celebrating the momentous occasion.

A ballad comes from the gramophone, Hugh takes Dot’s hand and they begin to sway in the middle of the room; she takes the chance to approach Jack as her father walks towards the canapes.

“Dance with me Jack,” she says.

Jack Robinson doesn’t hesitate anymore, he takes her hand and places the other at her way and sways gently with her, “Lovely night Miss Fisher, you outdid yourself for Miss Williams and Hugh, and if I may say so, you look wonderful.”

Phryne’s smile is wide and her eyes sparkle under the lights, “They deserve it, may love always keep them warm, thank you Jack.”

Jack smiles in return, “Agreed and you’re most welcome.”