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Sunday Six - Small Fandoms

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Molly wasn’t used to gifts that were due to either Christmas or birthdays, but now, as she held the comfy cat patterned socks that Greg had gifted her, she found herself smiling, “Thank you Greg, they’re nice.”

Greg gave her a smile and to Molly, he seemed relieved, “I’m glad you liked them, I saw them on the store and thought of you.”

On impulse, Molly hugged Greg, “I love them, they look like Toby too and they’re warm! I get cold feet sometimes so these are perfect.”

Greg returned the hug and was about to say something when his phone went off, looking who it was, he frowned, “I think I have to go, Detective Donovan wouldn’t call unless it’s an emergency, enjoy the socks Molly.”

“Take care,” Molly watched as Greg picked the phone and heard a bit about a place Greg was needed, watched him go and then made her way to her kitchen to make herself a cuppa, Toby purring contently around her legs, “how nice of Greg, don’t you think Toby?”

Several hours later, as Molly prepared herself for bed, she opted to wear the socks, they were soft, warm and cozy, just like Greg.