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The Reunion

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Jimin age 28

Jimin is a senior associate at a prestigious law firm in Seoul. He is confident, reserved, and serious, but with his friends, he is cute and soft and known for being incredibly thoughtful.  Jimin's an all around amazing man, and his friends wonder why he hasn’t found love. He says that he’s busy focusing on his career, but really, he’s just never fallen in love-or at least he hasn’t fallen in love again. He hasn’t encountered the butterflies-in-his-stomach giddiness that he experienced that summer with JK--everything else just pales in comparison, and somewhere along the way, he decided that he wouldn’t settle for anything less; it just wasn’t worth the effort. He’s not desperate. He’s not in despair. He’s not pessimistic. He knows he will find love, but until then, he’s not bothering with random guys. He will wait. He knows it will be worth it. 

Jeongguk age 28

Jeongguk works with his father at his father’s property development firm. While, it isn’t his passion, he’s currently experiencing a sense of accomplishment since a contract that he has been overseeing since the acquisition of the raw land, to the permits, to the development of a new subdivision is about to be completed. It seems like his life, which he felt has been spent wandering around looking for a dream, is finally settling down.  As for his romantic life, in the last 10 years, he’s mostly dated women. He experimented with men during his college years, but he never had a relationship with any of them...And if he's being honest with himself, he's never really opened himself up enough to even fall in love, never again. Not since Jimin...

Jennie (JK's Twin) age 28 

Like her twin Jeongguk, Jennie has been affluent all her life. While she is warm, welcoming, smart, and strong, she is also willing to sacrifice almost anything for appearances. She met her current husband by interning at his law firm in college. He pursued her and bought her lavish gifts, eventually winning her over. She ended up breaking up with her long-time boyfriend and high school sweetheart, Namjoon, to be with him. Dropping out of college and marrying her husband at 21. He’s much older than her and always traveling. She is certain he cheats, but she acts like she doesn’t know and doesn’t care. In reality she really doesn’t care, she is more in shock that this slime ball can fool other women (including herself) to be with him. Poor things…poor her.

Taehyung (JM's Best Friend) age 28

Taehyung is a photographer who travels to a lot of exotic places. He's in a long term relationship with Yoongi (age 30), a music producer. They met in college when they took an international studies elective together.  They both travel a lot so they have a mutual understanding--exclusive but not established. While they’ve been together a long time and love each other very much, they realize that they are really limited to how far and deep their relationship can go due to their separate lifestyles. Taehyung is incredibly mature and intelligent and lives life with a youthful abandon. Pure of heart and an adventure seeker, he has an amazing ability to find beauty and contentment in his surroundings.