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The Reunion

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Jimin rolled his eyes in mock exasperation when he received Jennie’s invitation in the mail. He turned the beautiful envelope around in his hands— made of a thick cotton paper, the names and addresses were neatly written in Jennie’s perfect script. Jimin remembered her spending months perfecting her handwriting back in high school, as she practiced writing Namjoon and her name on all her notebooks.



Mr. and  Mrs. Kim Namjoon

Dr. and  Mrs. Kim Namjoon

Dr. and  Dr. Kim Namjoon

Mr. and  Dr. Kim Namjoon


Jimin laughed softly to himself as the memory of Jennie, TaeHyungie, and him having sleepovers together, dressing up in Jennie’s room, wearing her make up, and talking about cute boys came rushing back to him.  

They were 28 now. They were all grown up and life had taken many unexpected turns, but he never did grow out of late night chats about cute boys. Some things never change…