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The Reunion

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Jimin age 28

Jimin is a senior associate at a prestigious law firm in Seoul. He is confident, reserved, and serious, but with his friends, he is cute and soft and known for being incredibly thoughtful.  Jimin's an all around amazing man, and his friends wonder why he hasn’t found love. He says that he’s busy focusing on his career, but really, he’s just never fallen in love-or at least he hasn’t fallen in love again. He hasn’t encountered the butterflies-in-his-stomach giddiness that he experienced that summer with JK--everything else just pales in comparison, and somewhere along the way, he decided that he wouldn’t settle for anything less; it just wasn’t worth the effort. He’s not desperate. He’s not in despair. He’s not pessimistic. He knows he will find love, but until then, he’s not bothering with random guys. He will wait. He knows it will be worth it. 

Jeongguk age 28

Jeongguk works with his father at his father’s property development firm. While, it isn’t his passion, he’s currently experiencing a sense of accomplishment since a contract that he has been overseeing since the acquisition of the raw land, to the permits, to the development of a new subdivision is about to be completed. It seems like his life, which he felt has been spent wandering around looking for a dream, is finally settling down.  As for his romantic life, in the last 10 years, he’s mostly dated women. He experimented with men during his college years, but he never had a relationship with any of them...And if he's being honest with himself, he's never really opened himself up enough to even fall in love, never again. Not since Jimin...

Jennie (JK's Twin) age 28 

Like her twin Jeongguk, Jennie has been affluent all her life. While she is warm, welcoming, smart, and strong, she is also willing to sacrifice almost anything for appearances. She met her current husband by interning at his law firm in college. He pursued her and bought her lavish gifts, eventually winning her over. She ended up breaking up with her long-time boyfriend and high school sweetheart, Namjoon, to be with him. Dropping out of college and marrying her husband at 21. He’s much older than her and always traveling. She is certain he cheats, but she acts like she doesn’t know and doesn’t care. In reality she really doesn’t care, she is more in shock that this slime ball can fool other women (including herself) to be with him. Poor things…poor her.

Taehyung (JM's Best Friend) age 28

Taehyung is a photographer who travels to a lot of exotic places. He's in a long term relationship with Yoongi (age 30), a music producer. They met in college when they took an international studies elective together.  They both travel a lot so they have a mutual understanding--exclusive but not established. While they’ve been together a long time and love each other very much, they realize that they are really limited to how far and deep their relationship can go due to their separate lifestyles. Taehyung is incredibly mature and intelligent and lives life with a youthful abandon. Pure of heart and an adventure seeker, he has an amazing ability to find beauty and contentment in his surroundings.

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Jimin rolled his eyes in mock exasperation when he received Jennie’s invitation in the mail. He turned the beautiful envelope around in his hands— made of a thick cotton paper, the names and addresses were neatly written in Jennie’s perfect script. Jimin remembered her spending months perfecting her handwriting back in high school, as she practiced writing Namjoon and her name on all her notebooks.



Mr. and  Mrs. Kim Namjoon

Dr. and  Mrs. Kim Namjoon

Dr. and  Dr. Kim Namjoon

Mr. and  Dr. Kim Namjoon


Jimin laughed softly to himself as the memory of Jennie, TaeHyungie, and him having sleepovers together, dressing up in Jennie’s room, wearing her make up, and talking about cute boys came rushing back to him.  

They were 28 now. They were all grown up and life had taken many unexpected turns, but he never did grow out of late night chats about cute boys. Some things never change…


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“Tae!!!!” Jennie called out from across their old high school gymnasium. “TAE!! Jimin, where’s Tae?!” Jennie glanced down from the stool she was standing on to look at Jimin who was taping blown up throwback pictures from their class’s high school days to the gym wall. 

“I have no idea, Jennie...but now that I’m deaf, what is it that you need?”

“I need to pin these streamers up, but I’m too short to reach even while standing on this stool!” 

“Okay so move over. I’ll do it for you that way you can stop screaming in my ear.” 

“You won’t be able to reach either Jiminie. Just find Tae for me, will you?!”

Jimin rolled his eyes as obnoxiously as he could at Jennie, “I’m 5’8 not 4’8. I literally tower over your 5 foot ZERO ass. Now MOVE.” 



Jimin and Tae had flown in yesterday afternoon from Seoul, and after dropping their luggage off at Jimin’s parent’s house, they quickly met up with Jennie at their old high school to help her set up. The reunion was in 3 hours, and Jimin was finally leaving the gym after spending his entire Friday evening and now most of his Saturday working with Jennie and Tae (well when they could actually find him) getting the gym ready for the reunion that night. 

Jimin sat in the passenger seat of Tae’s car, waiting for his best friend to finally show up so they can go home and get ready for the reunion. Jimin wondered to himself if these types of situations were his punishment for never learning how to drive. Sometimes he dreamed that he was driving down a highway, like Route 66, with cornfields on either side of him. And he’s in one of those old timey convertibles, wearing a scarf around his neck that flaps very dramatically behind him as he cruises down the road. Young and Free. Then he would wake up and remember to grab his bus pass before heading out the door to work at the firm. 


Text: Jimin > Tae

Where. In the hell. Are you?!/?!?!?!

Tae > Jimin

Sorry! I’m coming now. 



“Don’t forget to buckle up!” Tae said in his happy, sing-songy voice to Jimin as he finally entered the driver’s side of his car. Jimin stared at him with narrowed eyes. Jimin and Tae had been best friends since they were 13 years old. After 15 years of best friendship, he knew when something was up with his soulmate, and something was definitely up.

“Taehyung,” Jimin said slowly. “Tell me.” 

“I don’t know what you mean, Jiminssi. Tell you what?”
“I don’t know what it is, but there’s definitely a what . So tell me. What’s the use of holding it in, when you and I both know that I’ll eventually find out.”

Suddenly serious, Taehyung turned to look at Jimin, “Okay, Jiminie, there is something, but can we wait to talk about it? I promise I want to talk to you about this, but this just isn’t the right moment.

“Tae, you’re scaring me. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong, but it isn’t right either. I promise you though, I’m fine. No one’s dying. I just know this is a bigger conversation than we can have right now, and I want to us to be able to cuddle and chat without feeling rushed. Cool?”

“Yeah… okay. It’s cool, TaeHyungie…. You know that I love you right? Forever.” 

“Jiminah, stop! I know you love me! And you know I love you! Forever and without equal.” 

And like that the conversation ended, each of the young men quiet the rest of the ride home. Their minds full of thoughts and worries and excitement for the night ahead.




Finally scrunched together in Jimin’s childhood room, Tae and Jimin dolled themselves up for the reunion. Having acquired successful careers, neither was really worried about facing their old classmates, but still the pressure was on for them to make an impression. This was their chance to show how much they’d matured from the awkward gay kids they were in high school to the successful gay men they were now, and frankly they wanted to look as hot and desirable as possible. 

Being a photographer really allowed Taehyung to express himself in whatever ways he wanted. Blond hair, red hair, blue hair, dangly earrings, lip rings, necklaces, any type of embellishment he desired, he would pursue. But recently Tae had dyed his hair back to black. “I thought it was time to try something a little more ‘classic,” he told Jimin when he surprised him with the new look. Jimin always believed that Taehyung was so naturally handsome that all of his styles and kooky colors could never outshine his beautiful face. Taehyung was striking. From a well defined jaw to a strong nose, big eyes and broad lips, Taehyung was an undeniable beauty. 

And as strong as Tae’s features were so as equally soft were Jimin’s. His large almond eyes that got round and puppy-like when he pouted to sharp and alluring when he focused. His small delicate nose, his round, high cheekbones and most especially his full, pink lips, Jimin’s beauty was beyond beauty--it was ethereal. Jimin’s beauty was universal: male or female, young or old, straight or gay, it would seem that he held universal appeal. And the two of them together were really a juggernaut of charisma and good looks.

And tonight, they were serving looks on looks. 



 Jennie sat staring at herself in front of her vanity--a present her mother gave her when she entered high school, just 6 months before she died. 

Back in her old room, she could feel her old self, her true self, her youthful hopes and dreams, her loves, her laughter, all echoing inside her--a hollow reminder of everything she’d abandoned and convinced herself she could never experience again.

“Jen are you ready to go?” Jennie saw her brother’s reflection in her vanity mirror before she turned around to face him. Plastering a smile on her face, she held her hand out to Jeongguk, silentingly imploring him to help her up. He rolled his eyes at her princess-like behaviour, but nonetheless he shuffled toward her, grabbing her hand gently and helping her to her feet. They took a second to scan each other’s faces. Jeongguk’s broad and masculine. Jennie’s petite and dainty. They had the same big round eyes and, once upon a time, the same strong nose, until their dad gifted Jennie with a nosejob for her 16th birthday. Jeongguk got a car that year. They both felt it was a fair deal.  

“You okay?” Jeongguk asked, bringing them both back from their thoughts, sensing something was wrong with his sister. They were twins afterall, and if anyone could tell that something was off, it would be him. 

“I’m fine...just tired from all the travel and setting up for the reunion tonight. Thanks for all your help, by the way.” Jeongguk grimaced at the veiled reprimand from his sister for him not showing up to help at the school. 

“I’M KIDDING, Ggukie! Relax! I just would have loved to spend a little more time with you that’s all. We see each other so little as it is. And Jiminie and Taehyungie were there too. I know they would have loved to see you.” 

“Yeah, would have been nice...” said Jeongguk, suddenly shy. 

“Oh well! You’ll see them tonight! It’s been so long since we’ve all spent time together.” 

“They were more your friends than mine, Jennie.” he said, barely above a whisper. 

“So what?! We still spent a lot of time together growing up, and I can’t wait for us to be together again tonight. Promise me that you’ll break away from your jock friends for a couple of minutes to say hello to them at least.” 

Jeongguk looked down at his sister’s pouting face, literally trying to look as pathetic as possible to manipulate him, and like always, it worked. “Ugh Jennie, can’t you just ask like a normal person?” 

Jennie increased her pouting to another level causing Jeongguk to relent, “Fine! Yes! I promise!” 

Deep inside the thought of running into Jimin again after all these years, after what they once meant to each other had Jeongguk wishing he could disappear. Why had he agreed to attend this thing again? 

Then he remembered his beloved sister, literally hundreds of miles from her friends and family-- married to that douchebag. He remembered the phone call from her, the first in several weeks, asking-- no begging-- that he attend. He remembered the excitement in her voice as she described how she planned to decorate everything and how they were going to finally be together, and in that moment he couldn’t bring himself to deny her this small joy. So here he was, dressed in a suit, getting ready to potentially face the man who had occupied his dreams for the past 10 years, and hope to whatever god was listening that he didn’t make an ass of himself. 

“How’s Jisoo?” 

Jeongguk was suddenly ripped from his thoughts, “Huh?”

“Jisoo? How are you guys doing?”

“OH! Jisoo yeah! We’re great. She’s visiting her family in Gangnam. We figured since I was heading home that she might as well take this time to visit her folks too” 

“That’s great Ggukie. I’m happy that it seems like you’re finally settling down--maybe even falling in love?”

Jeongguk could feel his stomach turning, but he tried his best to mask it. He thought he saw something flash in his sister’s eyes, but thankfully she let the topic drop and he was able to breathe comfortably again.



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“Namjoon?!” Taehyung and Jimin exclaimed almost at the same time.

They were shocked to see Namjoon of all people here at their 10 year reunion, especially considering that Jennie was the one who organized it! They hadn’t seen him since they graduated from college, almost 6 years ago.

After the way Jennie suddenly broke up with him and the mess and confusion that took place when she dropped out of college to move in and eventually marry some old rich lawyer, it all became much too awkward and sad for them to maintain their friendship. The reality was that everyone was really suffering from a loss-- Taehyung and Jimin had lost their best friend, and Namjoon had lost the love of his life--the woman he envisioned marrying one day. And they each dealt with it in a different way. Jimin and Taehyung clung even closer to one another, maybe too closely, relying on each other for emotional support and barely allowing anyone else into their lives. And Namjoon… well he just focused completely on his studies. Nothing else mattered. All day and all night he studied, eventually earning his way into medical school. Last Tae and Jimin heard, Namjoon was a pediatrician living in Ilsan now. 

But what convinced Namjoon to travel all the way down to Busan for this reunion? Was Jennie here yet? Had they seen each other? But regardless of all those awkward details, Tae and Jimin were ecstatic to be reunited with one of their oldest friends.

Time had been good to Namjoon, developing him from a lanky, moppy-haired kid to a tall, mature, and athletic man with honey skin that accentuated the deep dimples in his cheeks and beautifully straight, white teeth. Yes, Namjoon had always been enigmatic, but now he was breathtaking. After briefly catching up with their old friend, Jimin and Tae turned to each other, and with a kind of telepathic communication that no one could really explain, they both just knew that something was going to happen tonight. 



It wasn’t long until that something came waltzing through the doors of the gymnasium. Well a couple of somethings actually: the twins, Jennie and Jeongguk, BSA’s most famous sibling pair. In high school, these two basically ran the school. Indescribably rich, good looking, and popular, Jennie and Jeongguk were a force to be reckoned with--even though they never really asked for all that attention and the expectations that came along with it. 



While in high school, Jeongguk and Jennie appeared to live perfect lives. 

Jeongguk was the heartthrob of the class of 20xx. Tall, athletic, and mysterious, almost everyone wished he would spare them just a passing glance, which almost never happened. He mostly kept to himself, walking the halls with headphones on and his hands in his pockets. But what came off as coldness was really just a shy boy, who wanted nothing more than to play sports and video games with his friends and draw quietly in his room, as a way to cope with the pressures of teenage life. 

Unlike her brother, Jennie was a social butterfly. She was the president of the Future Business Leaders club, a member of student government, and a member of the dance team. (Which was how she met and befriended Jimin and Taehyung when they were only freshmen. Jimin was a contemporary dance student who quickly rose among the ranks of their dance team, making varsity as a sophomore. And Taehyung's charisma on stage was an invaluable addition to their team. The three of them would perform beautifully together and their shared love of dance propelled them into a lasting friendship.) 

But regardless of how perfect things seemed on the outside, like any family, the Jeon's had their own struggles. And the death of their mother only a few months into their freshman year of high school had completely rocked their small family, not only causing the twins to drift from each other but for their father to drift farther from them, as well.  Jenny and Jeongguk had used different methods to handle their grief-- Jeongguk delved deeper into his sports, while Jennie focused even more of her time and attention on her extracurricular activities, her friends, and her boyfriend, Namjoon.

Yet no matter how much time they spent apart during this time, there was no severing their bond and their love for one another. Even though Jeongguk and Jennie didn’t spend a lot of time together in school or hang out too much in public, they were still twins, who loved each other dearly and who were privately each other's biggest support.



With his sister by his side, Jeongguk entered their old gym, and much to his surprise it looked... nice . The room was smaller than he remembered it all those years ago, but maybe that was because it was so full with all his old classmates. His sister and her friends did a great job decorating the old stinky gym into a really beautiful and festive space. He was reminded again how incredibly talented his sister was. Looking around at the decorations, the DJ booth, the open bar, huge photos of their high school days, and all these people dancing, laughing, and reuniting after so many years, he was overwhelmed with pride of her for putting all of this together, and so he leaned down and kissed her on the top of her head, “It looks great sis. You did a really good job.” 

Jennie scrunched her nose and shyly shooed him away, “Thanks, Ggukie” and quickly sprinted away, her 4” heels clicking and clacking on the gym floor in search of Jimin and Taehyung. Turning back, she shouted over the music, “Don’t forget! You promised me you will come find us!” 

“Yeah Yeah!” he shouted back at her retreating form, as she slipped through all their old classmates in search of her friends. 

It wasn’t long until a lot of his old team mates found him awkwardly standing by the gym doors still, handing him a flask of something bitter, and asking him how he’s been. All the while, his eyes kept scanning the sea of bodies, in search of one. Hoping that he wouldn’t spot him, yet constantly roleplaying in his mind what he would do if he did. 



“JIMINIE! TAEHYUNGIE!” Jennie shouted from a few feet away, waving to her 2 friends once she spotted them among the crowd. She thought by wearing her highest heels that she would be able to see above the crowd of people easier, but that didn’t turn out to be the case. Even with 4” stilettos, she was still only 5’4” and one of the shortest people in attendance. 

Jimin and TaeHyung were shuffling slightly back and forth to the music, Tae’s arm around Jimin’s waist as they laughed and enjoyed the music. They shared a condo in Seoul so it wasn’t like they had too much to catch up on, but being home after such a long time stirred up so many old memories, and they were enjoying recounting funny moments from their past to one another. Jennie easily slipped in between the two men, and they all hugged and complimented each other’s outfits and hair, laughing and gushing over each other as if they hadn’t just spent most of the last 2 days together decorating this damn gymnasium.  

What they didn’t notice, though, was the stares that their small group had received from their former classmates. If this trio was good looking and popular in high school, it in no way compared to how gorgeous and alluring they were now. 

And it was like this that Jeongguk and his group of jocks and Jennie’s close group of over-acheiving socialites huddled on two separate sides of the gym, while all their classmates danced between them, not sure of where to look. 



“Hey guys, my head is starting to hurt...I’ll be right back okay,” Jimin told his friends as they continued to dance. Tae had offered to come along, but Jimin declined. He’d had a long day, he hadn’t eaten, and all this dancing and loud music was starting to make him feel sick. 

He slowly made his way through the crowd of alumni, waving and smiling softly at those he recognized. 

Finally outside, the cool night air enveloped Jimin and he felt like he could breathe again. The tension that had been slowly building, began to dissipate with each breath he took. He could still hear the music bumping against the walls inside, but out here it was easy for him to block out the sounds.

Being on his old campus again brought back so many wonderful (and some awkward and painful) memories from his high school days. He remembered performing in that very gym with the dance team alongside Tae and Jennie. He remembered his first kiss inside the boys bathroom freshman year with some boy named JaeWoo, who the moment their kiss ended completely wigged out and threatened to whoop Jimin’s ass if he told anyone what they had done. But he also had wonderful memories of sitting inside the gazebo with Tae, holding hands and talking about their futures and how they would protect their friendship forever and how successful they were going to be and how good looking and rich and so on and so on…

The gazebo.  Jimin wondered if it was still there. That would be the perfect place to sit and rest away from the party, if only for a few minutes. Making his way deeper into the campus, he passed up their old cafeteria and a row of classrooms before he made his way into the courtyard, where just like it stood 10 years ago, he found the old gazebo. 

But as it turned out, he wasn’t the only one who thought of taking refuge under its thatched roof. As he approached, curious to see who was quietly sitting on its bench, his breath caught in his throat. Even from behind, Jimin knew who this was. His heart nearly stopped as the man, apparently sensing he was no longer alone, turned around and looked him straight in the eyes.



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Jennie was now regretting her decision to wear these obnoxious heels. Her toes and the arches of her feet were killing her. But she would die before she let it show! These heels were the finishing piece of a carefully crafted “look” she had chosen for the night, and sometimes it took a bit of pain to create the perfect aesthetic. 

Tonight she was going for a combination of alluring yet out of reach. Even though she was significantly shorter than most of the people around her, she still glided through the crowd like a princess. She was perfectly warm and charming to all her classmates, while maintaining just the right amount of intrigue.  

But damn did her feet hurt! She figured she could slip away discretely for a couple of minutes to remove her shoes and give her toes a little break from their torture chambers. So she politely unhooked her arm from Tae’s and excused herself to the ladies room. 

Bypassing the restroom she found herself scurrying to hide behind the curtains that acted as the backdrop of the DJ booth. Hobbling around on one foot she aggressively began to rip one shoe off, and then hopping on the bare foot, she removed her other shoe. Slumping down on her bottom with her legs spread in front of her, she leaned back on her hands, let her head fall back and began to bask in the relief, when she heard a gentle, “Jennie?”



Jeongguk honestly couldn’t believe his eyes. He was quite literally struck dumb. Before him stood Jimin. Beautiful Jimin. His Jimin.

The man had matured so much from the 18 year old he’d last seen. His jaw was sharper, his posture straighter and more confident, his hair expertly cut and styled, but despite these developments, the fundamental qualities of Jimin remained: His big, beautiful eyes. His luscious lips. His small frame, but most importantly, his warm smile.



“Gukkie? Jeonggukie?!” Jimin was finding it hard to see--or perhaps he was just finding it hard to believe what was right before his eyes. He had to collect himself before he was able to take it all in--to take in the sight of Jeongguk standing right in front of him. 

Wow had he aged well. Tall, broad, muscular, and masculine about summed up the man before him. And yet Jimin almost giggled at how shocked to see him Jeongguk so obviously was. 

He hadn’t seen Jeongguk arrive at the reunion, and as inconspicuous as it would have been to ask Jennie if Guk had come along, he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. It’s not like anyone knew about their past, but still his summer with Jeongguk was burned so brightly into his soul that he was certain that just by saying Jeongguk's name, his own voice would give him away. 

In the few seconds that they stood looking at each other, Jimin was able to see a plethora of emotions flash in Jeongguk’s handsome face. From shock, to fear, to relief, to...something softer. And it was then that he finally heard Jeongguk’s voice, almost a whisper, “Jimin…”



“Jennie is everything okay? I saw you run back here and you didn’t look well. Are you okay? Are you hurt?” Namjoon rushed to Jennie’s side, his physician instincts kicking in, looking for signs of injury or illness. His eyes clinically scanning her up and down.

Jennie just sat there in shock for a second before she collected herself. A professional at ‘keeping it together,’ she quickly closed her legs that were sprawled out like a V in front of her, neatly tucking them to the side. She ran her hands over her dress, straightening it, and she combed her fingers through her hair to make sure nothing was out of place.

“Uh Yes! Of course,” she cleared her throat, and then in a panic began looking around--behind her and around Namjoon. “Did anyone else see me? Is anyone else here?” 

At those words, Namjoon let out a sigh. Same old Jennie.

“No Jennie. Don’t worry. No one saw.” 

And for the second time that night, Jennie let out a sigh of relief.

“Good. I wouldn’t want anyone else to worry. I was just trying to get a little air is all.” She held out her hand, silently beckoning Namjoon to help her to her feet. He bent down and collected her heels, handing them to her with a knowing smile.

“You know I never understood why you put yourself through this. You always chose the most uncomfortable shoes.”

“No, Namjoon. I always choose the most beautiful shoes, thank you very much.” Jennie quipped, then grimaced as she slipped her heels from hell back on her swollen feet. Straightening her dress and her hair once more, she was finally able to properly look at Namjoon for the first time in over 7 years. Okay she might have stalked his social media accounts once or twice or hundreds of times. She saw when he graduated undergrad. She saw him during his medical school days. And even now she knew that he had become a pediatrician, but he rarely ever posted pictures of himself. Instead his Instagram account was full of pictures of little crabs and trees and artwork. But occasionally he would post a group photo of him with his friends. Jennie lived for those moments. 

Now here they were, awkwardly (and for Jennie, painfully), standing and staring at each other.

It was Namjoon who broke the silence. “How have you been?” He smiled with his lips closed, dimples jutting in his cheeks. He looked adorable

It took Jennie a second to respond; instead she continued staring at his handsome face, until she noticed that she’d taken a little too long and he’d furrowed his brow and tilted his head to the side. Had she not heard him?

“OH! Sorry! I’ve been great, Namjoon. Thank you! How have you been?” 

She hated herself for her completely shallow response, but she honestly didn’t know any other way. Her whole life, she had striven for perfection and when she couldn’t attain it, she settled for the appearance of perfection. Either way, it was nearly impossible for her be vulnerable--at least in front of others. When she was alone in her room, in her 6,000 sqft house, surrounded by expensive furniture and marble floors, she would often break down in raking sobs filled with regret and self-hatred. You’re a phony. 

But that was never what Namjoon saw. Sure she could be a little shallow and superficial, but what stuck out in his mind was how gentle and genuinely kind she was to everyone around her. 

Once back in undergrad, they had decided to meet at a local coffee shop to study, but he was running really late. When he rushed through the doors of the cafe, he saw his darling Jennie sitting beside an old lady, who had to be in her 80’s. Jennie was patiently listening to the older woman tell her story after story about her great grand children. He quietly slipped in next to Jennie as they continued their conversation, and when it was time to go, Jennie held the grandmother’s frail hands in her own, giving the woman the warmest smile and wishing her a wonderful day. 

That was his Jennie. At least until she wasn’t his anymore. 


The night air was perfectly cool with the slightest breeze shuffling the leaves of the trees within the courtyard.

“I thought to come out here to get some fresh air. I didn’t realize you were out here. Actually I wasn’t sure you’d come to the reunion at all.” Jimin said, trying to alleviate some of the awkwardness that had settled between them.

“Yeah, Uh, Jennie and I came together. I didn’t see you in there...Not that I was looking for you or anything. But I also wasn’t avoiding you. I just didn’t see you, you know?” Why was he like this? He was almost 30 years old and still got flustered by cute boys. Please God! Take me now! 

“Jeonggukie it’s cool. I get it. I didn’t see you either.” Jimin responded, slightly amused at how frazzled Jeongguk seemed to be. It’s not like his heart wasn’t pounding in his chest, but years in litigation had really perfected his poker face, and Jimin was working on pure instinct as he kept his panic in check. “Okay, so now that we’ve established that neither of us realized the other was here, would you mind if I joined you? All that music and dancing was making my head hurt, and I was hoping to get a little bit of quiet time.”

“Yes! Please.” Jeongguk responded holding his hand out toward the bench next to him, welcoming Jimin to join him. But then suddenly, his eyes were wide again and he quickly added, “Or I could go, you know, if you’d rather be alone.”

“No, Gukkie. Stay. This is nice.” 

Jimin made his way to the entrance of the gazebo and carefully settled himself on the bench next to Jeongguk. They sat there in silence for a few moments, barely breathing, as each of them tried to figure out what the next move was. 

Jeongguk was a quiet and shy person, at least he was 10 years ago, and Jimin figured if anyone was going to break the ice it would have to be him.

“So. Jeongguk. Tell me how have you been? It’s been so long.”

“Since that summer” Jeongguk whispered to himself, but Jimin heard. His eyes immediately turning to look at Jeongguk, noticing a blush spread across his cheeks and ears. 

“That’s right...since that summer.”

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Next week was graduation, and while technically tonight was a school night, there was no school work left to do. All assignments were turned in, all exams taken, lockers were cleaned out, and most of their text books were returned. So when Jennie texted Tae and Jimin to come over to hang out, none of their parents objected. 

When Jimin arrived, he realized quickly that Jeongguk must have invited friends over as well, as there were many cars in the large curved driveway of the Jeon mansion. Jimin tried to get his heart under control at the thought of seeing Jeongguk. He might have had the smallest, tiniest crush on his friend’s twin brother, but seeing as Jeongguk had barely even spoken 3 sentences to Jimin in all the years they’d known each other, it was pretty clear that he didn’t have a chance. And so his crush stayed just that--although it didn’t stop him from imagining what it would be like to be held by those strong arms or kissed by those perfectly bowed lips. 

Honestly, JM, calm the fuck down. Like you would ever stand a chance with Mr. Straight as a Ruler, Jeongguk Jeon. 

He texted Jennie to unlock the door for him, and quickly made his way inside.  He’d spend countless nights here, having sleepovers with Jennie and Taehyung throughout high school, and he felt just as comfortable here as he did in his own home. 

Before heading directly to Jennie’s room upstairs, Jimin decided to grab something to drink from the mini fridge in the mud room that led outside to the pool area. There was a back stairwell in the room that would bring him closer to Jennie’s room anyway, and he often made this detour when he came over.

But before he could even reach the fridge, he was knocked right off his feet by something big and solid, and soaking wet. After several seconds of processing what just happened, Jimin opened his eyes to see a very startled and apparently naked Jeongguk on top of him. Finding it hard to breathe, Jimin squirmed from underneath Jeongguk’s heavy torso. 

“OH MY GOD! JIMIN! I’M SO SORRY!” Jeongguk was scrambling up to his feet, finding it difficult to catch his bearings considering he’d dripped a puddle of water underneath him and that he was using both of his hands to cover up his privates.

Completely mortified to see Jimin’s stunned body still laying on the floor, Jeongguk reached down to help lift Jimin up, completely oblivious that now his dick and balls were completely exposed and hanging in front of Jimin’s face. Seeing what he could only imagine was a look of horror on Jimin’s face, Jeongguk felt a wave of embarrassment through his body, and he wondered if there was anything worse that could have possibly happened to him in front of his crush. 

“Jesus Christ! I’m sorry...again!” Jeongguk stuttered covering himself back up. 

Jimin would have laughed if he weren’t in so much pain. He’d smacked his elbow really hard as he fell backwards and was feeling pins and needles shooting up his arm. He figured he probably just hit his funny bone really hard, but it still hurt like a son of a bitch. He clutched his elbow close to his body, as he stood himself back up.

“Hey, are you okay? Did I hurt you?” Jeongguk was few inches taller than Jimin, but it was the size of their frames that made the biggest difference. Where Jeongguk was wide and muscular, Jimin was lean and toned. Jeongguk had large, thick muscles, big hands and thick thighs. Jimin had a slender yet athletic dancer’s body, elegant and, in Jeongguk’s opinion, absolutely beautiful. 

Standing only inches apart, Jeongguk and Jimin couldn’t help but be hyper aware of each other. Jimin observing how Jeongguk’s pecs were flexed as his arms were pushing them together while his hands continue to cup and cover his junk. 

Jeongguk stared with a worried expression down at Jimin, noticing his lips had slightly puckered into a pout and his eyes were welling up with tears. Jeongguk felt like the biggest dickhead on the planet for having hurt him--even though it technically wasn’t his fault.

“I-I should probably head upstairs now, Jimin. I’m sorry again. I wasn’t looking where I was going, and if my friends weren’t such FUCKING ASSHOLES (he yelled toward the pool door) hiding my clothes while i was trying to get dressed, I wouldn’t have run you over on my way to my room. You’re okay right? I didn’t hurt you too bad?”

“Yeah I’m okay.” Jimin said still holding on to his arm. He was certain there was nothing seriously wrong with it, but  it would definitely bruise by the morning.

And with a couple of glances over his shoulder back at Jimin, Jeongguk made his way up the stairs toward his room, after having had the longest yet strangest interaction with Jimin he’d ever had in all the years they’d known each other. 


Jimin did his best not to watch Jeongguk’s naked ass, as he shuffled his way upstairs. Finally able to think a little more clearly, Jimin took a couple of seconds to process all that had just happened. Jeon Jeongguk was just on top of him, naked. And then like a bolt lightening, he was struck with the very clear imagine of Jeongguk’s dick. Even soft and fresh out the pool, Jeongguk was massive. No wonder it took both of his hands to cover himself up. Damn, Jimin felt bad for Gukkie’s future girlfriend. And he suddenly felt a sting of jealousy and disappointment, when he realized that he would never experience what it would feel like to have Jeongguk pleasure him with that incredible body. But such is life, he least he would always have this moment of a naked and flustered Gukkie to fuel his nighttime fantasies. Quickly grabbing a coke out of the fridge, Jimin decided to hurry to Jennie’s room, lest he run into someone else. 


Jeongguk stood with his back against the closed door of his room, nearly hyperventilating at what just happened. Holy shit, he’d just made the biggest ass of himself in front of Jimin and worst of all, he’d literally barreled through him, sending the smaller boy careening to the floor. But right now all he could think about was how close his face had been to Jimin’s. How good he had smelled, like fresh laundry and clean skin. How delicate he’d felt under his body, and how delicious his lips had looked when he pouted.

His dick was throbbing in between in legs, and he quickly wrapped his large hand around the thick shaft, squeezing it as the blood rushed to the tip. Engorged and purple, he swiped his thumb across the head, catching the pre-cum that slowly dripped from it. Jeongguk, still completely naked, dropped to his knees, sitting on his feet with his back against the door, he pumped his cock in his hands, adding a slight twist of his wrist when he would reach the top. Hard and fast, he jerked himself off to the vision of Jimin underneath him. He lifted his left hand to flick and pinch his sensitive nipple and with a shudder and a low groan, he came in long, white streaks all over his thighs. 


Chapter Text

Practically the whole senior class had shown up to the Jeon house for Jeongguk and Jennie’s graduation party. Their father had flown out on business right after the ceremony was over, and having the whole house to themselves, the twins were quick to spread the word! 

The house was swarming with people, and naturally little groups had formed. There were people in the kitchen eating and drinking. Others were outside in the pool area. There were those who just lounged on the couches, nuzzling with their significant others. And then there was Jimin’s group, who had gathered in a large circle to play an impromptu game of spin the bottle. 

The rules were simple: spin the bottle, and whoever the bottle landed on, you kissed. No matter what. The group had formed into a circle, in no particular order or pattern--the excitement building in the room. Since TaeHyung had practically set the whole game up, he elected Park Jimin to go first--the amused glint in his eye matching his wide and infectious smile.  Jimin looked around at the faces of all his friends and noticed that Jeongguk, and some of his friends, had joined the circle. They locked eyes for a fraction of a second, then turning away, Jimin spun. After several revolutions the empty beer bottle slowly stopped spinning and as fate would have it, pointed directly at Jeongguk.

Jennie immediately got up. “Yeah right! Like I’m going to sit here and watch my brother make out! Absolutely not! Namjoonah, want to spend 7 minutes in heaven with me?” “HELL YEAH!” was Namjoon’s instant response, and they left the circle to go into the huge laundry room near the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Jimin and Jeongguk were awkwardly staring at each other for the second time in 1 week, while their friends whooped and hollered at this combination of first round kissers. Jimin subconsciously rubbed his elbow that was still a little sore from their last encounter, and Jeongguk being so aware of Jimin's every move, noticed. Just as he was going to ask Jimin how his elbow was doing, he felt a quick shove from behind. His friends were getting impatient and everyone was ready to witness the school’s star athlete and the school’s top male dancer kiss. 


Someone pushed Jimin from behind urging him to approach Jeongguk in the middle of the circle. The same was happening on the other end, and both the boys found themselves inches apart in the middle of a circle of all their friends wondering to themselves if they could even go through with this. 

“Ggukkie… we don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. It’s just a stupid game.” Jimin spoke in a low voice, intended for only Jeongguk to hear. Jeongguk was a handsome and well liked guy at their school, but he was really shy and quiet as well, and as far as Jimin knew, Jeongguk had never been in a relationship before. He was sure this wasn’t his first kiss, but he was almost positive it was the first time Gukkie would kiss another guy, and Jimin didn’t want him to feel pressured or uncomfortable.

Jeongguk’s heart was racing in his chest. This was indeed his first kiss, and staring right across from him was Park Jimin, again! His sister’s best friend, and the love of his life. Like his all consuming crush was literally right across from him and he was supposed to lean in and kiss him. And then what? Die? How was he going to make it through this moment?! He’d never kissed anyone in his life. What if he sucked at it? What if his breath stunk? OMG does my breath stink?? He was just about to try to casually check it when he noticed Jimin say something to him, but it was so low he couldn’t make out what Jimin had said.

“Ggukkie… Jeongguk. We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

“NO!” Jeongguk blurted, and Jimin’s eyes went wide. Jeongguk awkwardly coughed and tried again. “Humphf, no, Jimin it’s fine. No big deal right? It’s totally cool. Just a kiss. Yeah?”

Will you fuckers hurry up and kiss already, you’re holding up the game?!” The distinct baritone voice of Kim Taehyung called out from the crowd.

Jimin snapped his head toward his bestie, “Shut up Tae! We’re getting to it!...Jeongguk, are you sure?” Jeongguk nodded his head as reassuringly as he could while his heart was simultaneously doing summersaults in his chest. His doe eyes melting Jimin’s heart in the process. 

“Alright here goes nothing,” Jimin whispered as he quickly pecked Jeongguk’s lips. Like a nano-second kiss. A blink-and-you’ll-miss-it kiss. Jeongguk didn’t even have time to close his eyes before the kiss was over, and the crowd was not pleased. 

Are you kidding?!

You call that a KISS?!

Do it right!

And other cat calls rang out from the group. 

“FINE! Fine! I’ll do it for real this time.” Jimin told his friends, then turned back to see Jeongguk staring wide-eyed back at him. He’s so gorgeous. I can’t believe I’m about to do this. And Jimin placed both of his hands on Jeongguk’s shoulders. They locked eyes for a moment before Jimin said, “Ggukie, close your eyes for me.” Jeongguk did as he was told, slowly closing his eyes and desperately trying to control his breathing. Jimin looked at him for a couple of seconds more and then he leaned in.

Jeongguk could feel Jimin’s breath against the side of his mouth. He’s close. Jeongguk almost opened his eyes, but before he could, he felt the soft press of Jimin’s full lips against his. Then suddenly Jeongguk’s world stopped turning and all he could hear, feel, and think was Jimin

Jimin’s lips were warm against his and just gently pressing against his mouth, but slowly Jimin began to move. He locked Jeongguk’s top lip in between his, gently sucking it into his mouth. He released Jeongguk’s top lip and moved to his bottom lip, this time nipping it with his teeth. Jeongguk didn’t realize, but he had instinctively opened his mouth a little to give Jimin more access, when finally he felt Jimin glide his tongue into the gap between his lips causing Jeongguk to gasp. Then like an unexpected wave, Jimin’s lips began to rhythmically crash against Jeongguk’s, his left hand moving from Jeongguk’s shoulder to behind his neck, pulling Jeongguk closer to him. Jeongguk was overwhelmed with sensations and felt the shock of Jimin’s kiss begin to transform into a desperate desire to connect deeper with him. To feel him more. To kiss him harder. Grabbing Jimin by the waist, Jeongguk pulled Jimin’s body tightly into his, leaving no space between them. Their hips pressed against each other, Jeongguk not only heard but felt Jimin moan into his mouth. Then just like that it was over. Jimin practically yanked his body from Jeongguk’s hold and looked down toward the floor, wiping his mouth and chin with the back of his hand. Jeongguk just stared dumbly at Jimin, unsure of what just happened, slowly coming back down to reality and acknowledging the group of people surrounding them. 

“Holy shit! What the hell was that?!” Tae broke the shocked silence of the room.

“You told me to kiss him, so I kissed him!” Jimin hissed back, cheeks red.

“Yeah we wanted y’all to kiss, but that was…”

“Stop. We kissed. It’s over. Who’s next?” Jimin said with finality in his tone, and Taehyung, sensing that his best friend was flustered and overwhelmed, moved on quickly.

“Okay you bunch of hornballs, let’s keep the game moving… Uh Jackson, you’re next!” 

And just like that the group moved on. Jimin and Jeongguk went back to their positions in the circle. Neither one of them having to kiss anyone else. Thank God! 


Tae’s and Jimin’s texts after the party/kiss.  | Tae> Jimin [bold] //  J imin > Tae [Italics]


Jimin, did you make it home?

Hey Tae. yeah i’m home. U?

Yeah I actually just got here. 

Wanted to make sure you were okay.

I’m good Tae. no need to worry.

So are we going to talk about it?

Talk about what?

OMG Jimin don’t act dumb with me. The kiss.

You and Jeongguk. I mean what/the/actual/fuck?!

I didn’t even know he was gay. 

What makes you think he’s gay?

UH the way he grabbed you like he wanted

To fuck you in the middle of that circle. Literally 

in front of all our friends. That’s what.

Ngl I was really surprised when he pulled me in.

But as i look back on it, we had

Both been drinking and i think he just got caught

In the moment. 

Well it was some moment...How are you feeling about it? 

I don’t feel anything other than sleepy. 



Alright then. Good night!

Night taetae 


While other couples kissed and many put on a good show for their friends, no one else sparked like Jimin and Jeongguk did that night. 

And that spark stayed glowing within them, kindled only by private fantasies that neither of them dared to pursue or even to utter aloud--that is until a couple of weeks later when the Parks were invited over to the Jeon’s house for a celebration. 


Chapter Text

Jimin rode in the back seat of his parent’s SUV--the windows tinted so dark that it was almost as impossible to see out as it was to see in. So when they finally arrived at the Jeon mansion, Jimin’s eyes had to adjust to the lights nearly blinding him as he made his way out of the car. 

The house looked glorious. The fountain, which always flowed water, was beautifully lit. All of the exterior and garden lights had been turned on, and Jimin was struck by just how magnificent this home truly was. He’d spent so much time there that the home had just blended into the background in his rush to find his friends. 

But tonight things were different. He was different somehow. 

He knew that when he walked in that his friends would no longer be there. He had bid farewell to Jennie almost two weeks ago, just a few days after the graduation party. She was spending the entire summer in Europe, and he wouldn’t see her again until the week they moved into their dorms. Even Tae was gone this summer. He was with his uncle, helping him with his farm. There was barely any cell connection where Taehyung was, and Jimin couldn’t help but feel slightly abandoned by those he had come to rely would always be with him. 

But he would be lying to himself if he said that all he felt was sadness and abandonment because there was another emotion, underlying it all, threatening to overwhelm everything else: anticipation. 

Ever since he kissed Jeongguk at the graduation party a couple of weeks back, Jimin couldn’t get him out of his mind. He found it hard to make it through normal day to day activities without being struck by the memory of Jeongguk’s lips, his strong hands on his hips, his gentle gasps... Fuck it had all be so, arousing. He even had to pull himself away in the middle of their kiss because he could feel his dick getting hard, and he would’ve died if Jeongguk had noticed. 

He spent days wondering if it was all just a figment of his imagination… Had Jeongguk and him really kissed? Did he really get pulled in by Jeongguk’s strong arms? Did all of that really happen in front of all their friends?! But having Tae affirm everything in his text after the party allowed Jimin to nurture tiny seeds of hope that perhaps Jeongguk did have a thing for him? Or if he didn’t already that maybe he could ? He spent the days between that first small spark of hope to today in a state of emotional turmoil. 

What should he do? Was Jeongguk embarrassed? Was Jeongguk just shy? Should he text and ask him to hang out? Or maybe he should arrange a group outing and invite him to come along? He should definitely talk to him about the kiss, right? Nah! What if to Jeongguk it was just a party game and nothing more? Then bringing it up would look so pathetic. AHHH!!

And when he wasn’t imagining what he should say to Jeongguk, he’d imagine what he would do to Jeongguk and what he wanted Jeongguk to do to him. He’d fingered himself so hard the other day to the thought of Jeongguk hammering inside him with that thick, long cock of his that he found it a little uncomfortable to walk the next day. The slight burn and ache on his rim another reminder that he was really falling head over heels. And all it took to unleash all this pent up hope and desire (hope that he had held in for so long) was one silly kiss. 


Jeongguk wasn’t much better, in fact he might have been slightly worse. He’d honestly never jacked off this much in his life. He wondered if perhaps he could break something by how often and how hard he was pumping his dick. The sound of Jimin’s soft moan playing like a record over and over in his mind. 

He couldn’t get over their kiss at the party--every sensation vivid in his mind and body. But that moan! Dear God! He thought about how his composure broke at that point. He remembered his need to possess Jimin, grabbing him and pressing him flush against his body. Had Jimin not pulled away from him, what would he have done? Would he have tried to fuck him right there in the middle of the circle?

But Jimin had pulled away--rather forcefully at that, and Jeongguk could only imagine how unwanted his advances had been. Jimin probably hated his guts now. How could Jeongguk have been so dumb?  He was just so overwhelmed with desire--finally tasting Jimin’s sweet lips, finally feeling his toned body beneath his fingers, hearing his soft breathing and gentle moans. It was more intense than he had ever imagined.


The Parks, running late as usual, had walked in just as Mr. Jeon was gathering everyone together for a toast. Jimin still wasn’t sure what this event was all about, but his parents had asked him to come along explaining that it was expected for the whole family to be there. He stood toward the back of the room as Mr. Jeon wrapped an arm around Jeongguk’s shoulder, drawing him in, receiving coos and aws from all the guests who had gathered around. Jimin did his best not to roll his eyes. He knew better than anyone how absent Mr. Jeon had been in the twins' lives, and it was obvious that Jeongguk didn’t know how to react to this sudden affection from his father. 

“Friends, thank you all so much for coming!” Mr. Jeon began. “As you all know, my children, Jennie and Jeongguk recently graduated from high school and are about to embark into new chapters in their lives--yet just like an author knows where the story ends when he begins, so these chapters in my children’s lives are leading them to one particular end. Jennie has already left to Europe, where she’ll not only get to experience new cultures and languages but will also be interning at firm that Jeon Enterprises is in partnership with. Thus even at this young age, she recognizes that she is an important part of the future success of our family business. Likewise, my son here, Jeongguk, will also follow in my footsteps, eventually... since he’s decided to enlist immediately after completing high school. He leaves for the Army in just a few months, but the two years that he will spend away, doing his duty for his country, will only further prepare him to be the leader that we need him to be. So I’ve called you all here tonight for a night of laughter and well wishes for my family as we move toward the future separately, but always together at heart.” Then he raised his glass of champagne, “To family!” and all the guests did the same, “To family!”

Jimin was shocked in place, barely breathing as Jeongguk’s father basically declared his entire plan for both of his children’s lives in front of all their friends and family, and as close as he was to Jennie (and in a way to Jeongguk) he had never heard them say that this was what they wanted to do or to be. Where was this coming from? It was then that he noticed Jeongguk excuse himself from the crowd with a stiff smile and walk toward the back stairwell that led to the twins' rooms. He hesitated at first, not knowing if Jeongguk would accept his presence, but in the end, he allowed himself to follow his instincts and quickly followed behind. 


Holy Shit! What was that?! Jeongguk had not expected that! He should have known something was up, when his never-there father started trying to spend time together and even organized this whole party. What he thought was going to be a nice congratulatory graduation party with his father’s friends and work buddies, turned out to be some weird proclamation of basically Jeongguk and Jennie’s entire future. He even doubted Jennie knew she was going to be working all summer; she never mentioned it once before she left. 

Jeongguk was swiftly making his way toward his room, taking the stairs two at a time in his rush to be alone. He could already feel the panic rising in his chest, when suddenly he felt someone grab him by the wrist.

“Gukkie.” The soft timber of Jimin’s voice, he could recognize it anywhere. He turned to see Jimin standing just a couple of stairs below him, a worried expression across his soft face, still gripping his wrist. It was only when his vision became blurred that Jeongguk realized he was holding back tears and watched as Jimin made his way up the stairs to stand on the same stair as he was and very slowly cradled Jeongguk’s face with both of his small hands, using his thumbs to gently wipe away the tears that had begun to fall.

“Oh Gukkie. I’m so sorry.” Then as if an invisible force were pulling them together, they each closed the distance between them. Jeongguk looking down at Jimin’s kind and worried eyes, and Jimin tilting his chin up to look into Jeongguk’s dark and watery ones. 

Jeongguk gripped each of Jimin’s wrists that were still cradling his face, surprising Jimin when instead of pulling his hands away, Jeongguk pulled Jimin closer toward him, wrapping Jimin’s arms around his torso, then wrapping his own muscular arms around Jimin’s slender frame. Tucking his face into Jimin’s neck, they stood there for several minutes while Jeongguk took deep breaths, enjoying the smell of Jimin’s skin and the feel of his arms holding him tightly. 


This night felt like some sort of dream, and had Jimin been embracing Jeongguk under any other circumstances, he’d have been in the clouds, giddy with delight, but instead all he felt was this overwhelming need to comfort and protect. 

After a couple of minutes of them hugging each other, Jimin could feel Jeongguk begin to relax, his breath becoming much smoother and calmer, and Jimin took this opportunity to slowly release Jeongguk from his hold, encouraging the larger boy to look at him. 

But just as Jimin was about to ask if Jeongguk wanted to talk somewhere more private, Jeongguk began to blurt out an apology.

“Jimin. I’m so sorry.”

Jimin was shocked. Why was Jeongguk apologizing to him? 

“Why? What do you have to be sorry about?” 

“It’s just that here you were trying to be nice and I pull you toward me, again. Just like last the party… I don’t know why I keep doing that. And I totally understand if you can’t fucking stand me. It’s not that I’m doing it on purpose, it’s just that…”

Jimin placed the tips of his fingers on Jeongguk’s lips, quieting him mid-sentence.

“Shh, Jeongguk. First things first, how could I ever ‘not stand you?” Jimin hesitated, wondering if he had the courage to say what he’d been dying to say for almost 3 years, but at this point, he figured he had been tip-toeing and avoiding this for long enough; what could he lose in speaking up now? And seeing Jeongguk look so crestfallen and nervous in front of him compelled him to at least reassure Jeongguk of his worth. 

“Jeongguk,” he began once more, “I could NEVER not stand you. In fact, I could use to stand you a lot more...Um that didn’t come out right. Let me start over. Jeongguk, you. I’ve liked you for a really long time, and before you say anything, I know you’re not gay and not into me ‘in that way’ so don’t worry, but I just don’t want you spending another second thinking that I can’t stand you or that I would be angry at you for pulling me in tighter to your body because I literally fantasize about you doing that very thing like every fucking day of my life. So… um yeah.” 

And with a youthful confidence, honed through years of learning to walk with his head held high even when he’s hurting or embarrassed inside, Jimin stood still, eyes piercing and serious, waiting for Jeongguk to say something...anything. 

Chapter Text

Jeongguk didn’t know where to start or what to address first. His heart was racing, his thoughts were all over the place, and there was an inner panic that was belied by his completely still and stupefied expression. He’d gone from one bombshell to another. The first brought him nothing but anger and hurt; the second, was hard to describe. It was like a mixture of excitement, shock, confusion, and intense lust. 

“Jimin can I kiss you again?” Was all he said in response to everything Jimin has just told him, but it didn’t seem to bother Jimin too much because it only took a fraction of a second before he began to nod Yes. 

And almost immediately, Jeongguk latched on to his body once again, leaning in until he was tasting Jimin’s lips. How he’d fantasized about kissing Jimin over and over again. He never thought that Jimin would be interested in him. Even after the party, he felt almost devastated at the thought that his forward actions had caused Jimin to hate him or at the very least be turned off by him. 

Although Jeongguk was pretty inexperienced with all things physical and romantic, he was physically adept and intelligent. He knew his body, and his body responded well to his desires. It didn’t take long for Jeongguk to match the rhythm of Jimin’s mouth and tongue that had found its way into his mouth--rubbing against his lips and massaging his tongue with skilled strokes.  

He continued to kiss Jimin deeply while pushing forward so that he had pinned him against the wall of the staircase, careful to hold onto his body so he wouldn’t trip. Finally, with them not wobbling around on the stairs; finally with the reassurance that not only was Jimin NOT upset with him but actually LIKED him; finally with permission to kiss and to claim, Jeongguk was able to let go of all the inhibitions that had prevented him from expressing what he wanted. Gripping Jimin from the back of his neck, he angled his head higher so Jeongguk could taste him deeper and once he was able to hear Jimin panting in between their kisses, he wrapped his other arm around Jimin‘s waist, pulling his hips to meet his own and slowly began to grind into him- his dick getting harder by the second... 




Jimin’s pants and small groans were growing louder and his fear that someone would walk up on them was starting build. Placing both of his hands on Jeongguk’s chest, he pushed him back softly. Once they were finally separated, Jimin could take in Jeongguk’s appearance. His lips were red and swollen from Jimin’s biting and sucking on them, and there was a sheen of saliva that Jeongguk had yet to wipe off from his chin. Fuck, Jeongguk was so sexy. Jimin didn’t want this to end, so before he could lose his nerve, he asked, “Gukkie, would you be okay if we hung out in your room?” Jeongguk nodded yes and turned to lead them further upstairs toward the bedroom. It didn’t escape his notice how Jeongguk was having to adjust his pants, most likely to alleviate the discomfort of his hard-on being in a strange and constricting angle in his slacks. Jimin would know because he was experiencing the same discomfort. He waited until Jeongguk looked away before he quickly put his hand inside his pants, grabbing his dick and angling it up so that the head poked out above the waist band of his slacks, helping him feel a little more comfortable. He pulled his shirt out to cover his still hard and swollen tip, feeling exposed and slightly self-conscious. 

Back in Jeongguk’s room an awkwardness had settled over the two. Just minutes before Jimin had confessed his long held feelings for Jeongguk, all under the assumption that Jeongguk was straight and didn’t like him back. Never would he have imagined that his confession would lead to a full-on make out session with both of them grinding their dicks against each other. 

With his back against the door, Jeongguk couldn’t help but remember his last run in with Park Jimin and how he came all over himself to the thought of Jimin underneath him. The memory only made him hornier, if that was even possible.  

Standing just a few feet in front of him was the most beautiful man Jeongguk had ever laid eyes on. He stood there taking in every inch of Jimin’s face, from the full round cheeks that softened his strong jaw, to his small nose that angeled slightly up at the tip like a doll. His luscious full lips that he couldn’t stop imagining wrapped around his dick, and those eyes! Those big brown eyes. Now that he’d touched Jimin, tasted him, he honestly didn’t think he could live another day without him. This need to touch Jimin again pushed Jeongguk forward. 

But before he could wrap his arms around him again, Jimin stopped him.

“Gukkie, wait.” Jimin ran his fingers through his hair, a habit he had when he was anxious or excited. “Jeongguk, I literally poured my heart out to you a minute ago, and you’ve barely said two words to me since. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m really enjoying kissing you, but I don’t want to keep assuming what you think and how you feel.”

They’d both cooled down from their impulsive makeout session, yet both of their hearts were still racing. Finally, Jimin was about to hear how Jeongguk felt about him, and it was driving him crazy with anticipation. Likewise, Jeongguk who wasn’t a man of many words, was trying to compose himself enough to be able to communicate everything that was in his heart. 

Honestly, he always found it so strange how popular he had become considering how utterly reserved and quiet he was. He always thought that people romanticized the thought of him verses truly knowing and understanding the real him. And deep down he wondered if Jimin were like everyone else. Only liking the thought of him and not the real him. Truthfully, if that were to be the case, he would be completely heartbroken.

But regardless of this fear, he had to at least be fair to Jimin who had been honest to him about his feelings. Jeongguk still wasn’t sure why Jimin felt the way he did, but at least he knew what was in his heart. Now it was Jeongguk’s turn to give Jimin the same courtesy. 

“You’re right, Jimin. I’m sorry. It’s hard to even know where to start...” He made his way over to his bed and sat down, looking to the empty space beside him and silently beckoning Jimin to join him. 

“Jimin, I can’t believe we’re doing this to be honest… I thought I would leave for the Army and leave you and my feelings for you here…” Jimin stayed quiet as Jeongguk looked down at his hands before continuing, “Jimin, I’ve had a crush on you for a very long time. And not just because you have such a beautiful face or such a nice body, its more than that! But you really do have the most beautiful face and your body is so… like when you did that performance at school and you were in these tiny shorts and your shirt was flowy and completely open. But for real though, what kind of costume was that anyway?! you were practically naked. I thought I was going to die, and then your dancing...”

“Jeongguk!” Jimin interrupted Jeongguk’s ramblings, throwing his head back in laughter. It took Jeongguk a second to realize he’d fallen off the rails.

Jimin couldn’t wait any longer. Hearing that Jeongguk had a crush on him as well; seeing Jeongguk get flustered at the thought of his body and his dancing; Discovering that Jeongguk thought he was beautiful filled Jimin’s heart to overflowing. He still wanted to learn more, like when his feelings began, how they came about, and why hadn’t he said anything, but right now all Jimin wanted was to touch Jeongguk again.

So once he composed himself from his giggle attack, he leaned in once more--his smile still on his face naturally causing his eyes to close. He heard Jeongguk’s breath hitch just a moment before their lips connected. This time was slower, more controlled. This time there were less mysteries surrounding how they felt about each other, making this experience all the more enjoyable because each was feeling like his dreams were coming true. 

It was Jimin who gently pushed Jeongguk to lie on his back, crawling on top of him and straddling his hips. Never breaking their kiss, Jeongguk grasped Jimin’s thighs with his large hands--running them up and down, feeling Jimin’s strong muscles beneath his fingers and palms until they finally settled on his hips. 

Then by pure instinct, Jimin began to rhythmically grind himself on Jeongguk’s lap. A grunt escaped Jeongguk’s lips, and that was all it took for the dam of their self control to break. Suddenly both of them were groping, rubbing, and grabbing each other. Running their hands through each other’s hair, grabbing each other by the back of the neck to press their kisses in tighter, but it was Jimin who ran his hand underneath Jeongguk’s shirt, feeling his big pecs under this hand and rubbing Jeongguk’s nipple with his thumb.

“Ah!” Jeongguk arched his back to Jimin’s touch, stilling the smaller man on top of him. Jimin looked down at Jeongguk’s handsome face, studying him as he pressed his thumb into Jeongguk’s nipple once more, causing the larger one to hiss and reflexively buck his hips. Jimin had never been in a position like this before. Sure he’d kissed other guys, hell he’d even made out with a few girls through the years, but he had never been this intimately close to someone before. He was almost overwhelmed by Jeongguk’s response to his touch. Were he and Jeongguk going to have sex right now? Is that where this is going? Was he about to lose his virginity to Jeon Jeongguk? 

They were still breathing heavily when Jimin began to sit up, pulling Jeongguk up with him so that their chests were pressed against each other, Jimin’s legs wrapped about Jeongguk’s waist. Jeongguk was holding Jimin’s torso gently as they sat staring at one another. 

“Gukkie…” he whispered against Jeongguk’s lips. “Jeongguk, I’ve never done this before. I’m not even sure how far you want to take this.”

“Me either, Jiminie. I’ve never been with anyone before, fuck I’d never even really kissed anyone until 2 weeks ago when you kissed me.”

It was like all the air was sucked out of Jimin’s lungs. He couldn’t believe that Jeongguk had never kissed anyone before. Literally every girl in school was constantly falling all over him. How did he make it through all 4 years of high school without ever being kissed.

“Jeongguk… wait. Are you telling me I was your first kiss? At the party. Playing spin the bottle. That was your first kiss? ”

“Uh… Yeah”

“Holy Shit Jeongguk, I would have never thought!” Then Jimin smacked Gukkie’s chest with his small hand.

“What was that for?!” Jeongguk exclaimed.

“How come you were so fucking good at it then?! Jeongguk, I thought I was going to end up cumming in my pants if I didn’t get away from you and that kiss.” 

“Is that why you pulled away? I thought you just didn’t like me.”

“We’re a fucking mess you know that JK?” 

And just like that they were back at it. Jimin was tugging at the bottom of Jeongguk’s shirt trying to pull it up over his head, all while keeping their mouths and tongues pressed against each other’s. Jimin had begun riding Jeongguk’s lap once more. He knew where he wanted this to go, but did Jeongguk feel the same? It was then that he heard JK’s voice speak up, 

“Jiminah, fuck me? I want you to fuck me.”

Chapter Text

“Jiminah, fuck me? I want you to fuck me.”


Was Jimin hearing correctly? Did Jeongguk really just ask him to fuck him? 


“Jeongguk… are you sure you’re ready? Be honest with me.”

Jeongguk hesitated. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to have sex. He absolutely did! Without a doubt, he wanted to have sex, but he had never so much as touched himself down there and after he blurted for Jimin to fuck him the reality of what that entailed began to sink in. 

Jimin could see the internal struggle flashing in Gukkie’s eyes. So, he quickly decided that he was going to be the one getting fucked tonight. 

Jimin would have never imagined something like this was going to happen, but earlier in the day, the thought of seeing JK tonight had excited him to the point that he had cleaned his ass in the shower and then fingered himself open, jerking himself off at the thought of Jeongguk touching him. If anything, he was more than ready for this moment and he would help support Jeongguk both emotionally and physically until he felt 100% comfortable with Jimin being inside him—if ever. 

“Gukkie, let’s start slow okay?” he said while staring into Jeongguk’s big doe eyes that made him look so young and innocent, but then Jimin remembered that huge dick that took two hands to hold and a shiver ran down his spine. 

Jeongguk noticed the change in Jimin’s demeanor immediately, his large almond eyes that had been staring at him like he was a lost puppy just a second ago, narrowed into the most intimidating and sexy glare. 

Pulling Jeongguk’s head closer to his, Jimin brought his lips to Jeongguk’s, whispering into his mouth, “Gukkie, tonight you’re mine. I want you to give it to me . Are you okay with that, bunny? Are you willing to slip that big dick of yours in me?”

Jeongguk was shocked by Jimin’s transformation, but he wasn’t going to lie to himself and act like he didn’t like it. Nodding yes, Jimin guided Gukkie’s hands down to his waist and began to take off his shirt. Then crawling off JK’s lap and kneeling before him, Jimin unbuckled his own belt, undid the button of his slacks and was just about slide the zipper down when Jeongguk placed his large hands over his smaller ones. 

“Let me” was all Gukkie said before he also lifted himself up onto his knees, reaching down to Jimin’s crotch as he slid the zipper of Jimin’s trousers down. The pants falling only to Jimin’s knees as both of the young men were kneeling on JK’s bed still looking into each other’s eyes, trying to take it all in. 

It was Jeongguk who broke the moment, leaning forward to capture Jimin’s thick lips into his mouth all while tracing over his chest with his fingers, sliding them down to feel the ridges of his muscular abs, finally he felt the elastic band of Jimin’s boxer briefs. Jimin’s breath was steadily increasing in intensity. Jeongguk could feel him practically trembling under his touch. Jeongguk was silently trying to comfort Jimin with his kisses, and when he felt Jimin’s hand cover his, he thought he was going to take his hand away from so close to his crotch, but instead Jimin guided Jeongguk’s hand to rest on top of his rock hard dick, squeezing the top of Jeongguk’s hand, willing Jeongguk to squeeze and stroke him back. 

It was all the encouragement Jeongguk needed to begin putting pressure on Jimin’s cock, stroking him over his boxers. So many thoughts were racing through Gukkie’s mind. How good Jimin smelled. How slippery their mouths were after so many minutes of them kissing each other. How hard his dick was and how uncomfortably confined it was in his pants. At this, he brought his hand to his own crotch, trying to adjust himself and provide a little relief to his aching cock. Jimin noticed Jeongguk’s discomfort…

“Gukkie, lets get you out of these pants, yeah?”

“Please” was all Jeongguk managed to say before Jimin gently pushed Jeongguk’s body back down onto the mattress. His small fingers removing his belt and eventually tugging JK’s pants down his legs. Next Jimin began to undo the buttons of Jeongguk’s shirt, carefully removing the cufflinks and placing them on Gukkie’s side table next to his bed. Jeongguk took that brief moment to remove both his dress shirt and the t-shirt underneath, leaving him bare chested in only his tight black briefs. The sight left Jimin breathless. He’d seen Jeongguk completely naked just a couple of weeks ago, but the panic and pain of that experience didn’t really allow him a lot of time to appreciate how incredibly beautiful Jeongguk was. So strong. So muscular. So masculine. God how was he even real? 


Jeongguk didn’t have time to feel embarrassed under Jimin’s intense gaze because he was also completely preoccupied with appreciating Jimin’s beauty. His gorgeous face. His slender frame wrapped in lean and defined muscles. The round nipples adorning his chest. Then just like that, Jeongguk found himself leaning up and pressing his tongue against Jimin’s left nipple before closing lips around it, sucking it...hard!

“Ah!” Jimin called out causing Jeongguk to look up. 

“Did I hurt you Jimin-ah?”

Jimin’s eyes looked dazed causing a small panic to rise in Jeongguk’s stomach, but only for a moment because just as Jeongguk was going to apologize, Jimin spoke up…

“No, bunny. You didn’t hurt me. That was just... intense.”

Jeongguk gave a soft chuckle. Bunny. That  was the second time tonight Jimin had called him by his childhood nickname and it felt so right. He wondered to himself how it took him so long to get to this point with Jimin, who was always such a big part of his life, there during some of his most beautiful and painful times. Why did he wait so long to make this man his? 

“Jeongguk… Would you by any chance have lube?” 

Jimin was staring up at Jeongguk’s face, looking so vulnerable yet so confident and in control. 

Jeongguk nodded once and then made his way over to his bedside table, opening the small drawer and pulling out a red tube of lube. Jimin recognized it right away; it was the same kind he used at home--the one that caused a warming sensation on his skin. He felt a strange sense of comfort in knowing that they were going to use something he was so familiar with. 

Jeongguk made his way toward the bed, extending his arm to Jimin. “Come here” he said, putting the bottle of lube on the bed. Jimin grasped Gukkie’s hand, allowing him to gently pull him to stand in front of him. 

Standing face to face, JK brought his head down to nuzzle Jimin’s neck and shoulder. Kissing and sucking his ear lobe, placing open mouth kisses down his neck, trailing soft pecks across Jimin’s shoulders. He saw Jimin’s head loll backward and both of his hands came up to grasp the back of Jeongguk’s head. Slowly, Jeongguk traveled down Jimin’s chest, continuing his journey across his body--licking and sucking on both of Jimin’s nipples before he finally had to drop to his knees. Jimin’s intense gaze following him all the way down, hands still wrapped in Jeongguk’s hair.

Jimin could feel Jeongguk’s warm tongue tracing his abs and finally making its way to the waistband of his underwear. He’d honestly never been so turned on in all of his life, and he wondered how feeling this good was even possible. 

Then he Jeongguk’s head gazed up at him, their eyes locking together and JK’s fingers at the edge of his boxer briefs, tugging them down his legs. Jimin’s heart was beating so strongly in his chest that he was certain Gukkie could hear it, but it would have been impossible for Jeongguk to hear anything over the loud thumping of his own heart in his ears. 

With one last tug, Jimin’s dick sprang out of his underwear, nearly hitting JK in his face. Jeongguk’s look of surprise when he was finally faced with Jimin’s cock would have made Jimin laugh had he not been so fucking turned on. He kept his left hand on the back of Gukkie’s head, but he wrapped his other hand around the thick column of his really swollen dick. Stroking it up and down in front of Gukkie’s face, they looked at each other one last time before Jeongguk brought his mouth down to wrap his lips around the head, sucking it, and twirling his tongue around the swollen tip. He moved Jimin’s hand, wrapping his left hand around Jimin’s dick and brought his right hand down into his own underwear to wrap around his own throbbing cock. 

Everything was so new to him that he fought with himself not to be embarrassed. Reminding himself that this was new to Jimin too. That they were learning together. And if he could simply manage not to scrape him with his teeth that Jimin was bound to find pleasure in his hand and mouth. And with this new found confidence, he began to move his hand and his mouth up and down Jimin’s dick. 

As if Jimin could read JK’s mind and need for reassurance, he began to moan and mindlessly give Jeongguk praise, “Holy Fuck Jeongguk. God. UH. Yeah” 

Then suddenly Jeongguk pulled off. He was acutely aware that if he didn’t stop now, he would end up cumming all over himself before even making his way inside Jimin. 

Looking back up at Jimin’s face, he wiped the spit and precum from his lips and chin.

“Turn around and bend over the bed.”

Jimin looked at him for only a second before doing what he was told. Now it was Jeongguk’s turn to take off his underwear, stepping out of them and kicking them away. He walked over to stand directly behind Jimin’s body, his luscious ass in full display. He grabbed one cheek in each of his hands, massaging them and pulling them apart, staring at Jimin’s pink hole. He could feel his mouth watering and while it seemed impossible a moment ago, his dick was even harder--bordering on painful. 

“It’s not fair that you get to stare at me, and I don’t even get to look at you.” Jimin said, amusement in his tone. 

“Jiminah life isn’t fair. Take for example your beautiful face, your gorgeous smile, and this amazing ass. The world wishes it could be only half as beautiful as you.” 

Jimin was surprised to hear Jeongguk say something so sappy, but it still made his heart skip a beat. He bashfully hid his face in this arms, as Jeongguk continued to touch him, sliding this hands up his back up to his shoulders and the back of his neck, and then all the way back down to his ass, pulling them apart to catch a glimpse of that perfect hole of his.

“Gukk-ah, I kind of already fingered myself open earlier today. So I’m a little looser than I would normally be.”

“You did, did you? Do you mind if I give it a try anyway?”

“No of course I don’t mind, I just thought I should tell you, in case we do this again one day. I didn’t want you to think it’s always this easy to get in.”
“Hm I understand. But hopefully I’ll be on the receiving end the next time we do this.” 

And with that Jeongguk grabbed the bottle of lube, he pulled open Jimin’s cheek with one hand while squeezing a generous amount directly onto his crack with the other. Then he used his middle finger to spread the lube up and down, teasing Jimin’s hole for a split second, before moving on again.

“As many times as I envisioned you and I doing something like this, Gukkie, I never imagined you being such a fucking tease.” 

That made Jeongguk laugh, and he felt relief that Jimin was the same person he knew him to be: sharp, witty, and so damn sexy.

Then to prove that he wasn’t a tease, Jeongguk stuck his middle finger slowly into Jimin’s hole, pulling it out and then pushing it deeper with each stroke until he was knuckle deep. 

“Are you okay, Jiminah?”

A breathy yes was all he got in response. He could hear Jimin panting on the bed, and once he felt Jimin relax around his finger he decide to feel around a bit. Hooking his finger, he felt Jimin suddenly lunge forward with yell. 


“Holy fuck, Jeongguk. Do that again, but softer this time.”

Then as gently as he could Jeongguk began to move his finger up and down, seeing how this movement was literally making Jimin writhe in pleasure.

“Uh I guess I just found your prostate.”

Jimin was in no place respond, but when he found himself trembling on the bed, he finally huffed out “Hurry Jeongguk. Put another finger in and let’s get started. I don’t think i can take much more.”

And with that Jeongguk put more lube (he always heard you can never have enough) and began pushing his ring finger in alongside his middle. Jimin had never felt this before. Yes he’d fingered himself, but he’d never felt it this deep inside and the stretch on his rim was driving him wild. He was barely hanging on, when he spoke out, “Jeongguk, please. I’m ready. Please.”

And with that, Jeongguk pulled his fingers out of Jimin’s pretty little hole added some lube onto his hand jerking himself off as a way to spread it around, when he suddenly remembered,

“Uh Jimin I don’t have any condoms, but seeing as you’re my first and how we’re both dudes and I doubt I’ll get you pregnant, maybe we can do it anyway?” 

With a small chuckle, Jimin responded “It’s okay Gukkie, you know I haven’t been with anyone either. We’re safe.” 

“Okay, are you ready?”

“Yes, bunny, I’m ready.”

And Jimin felt Jeongguk glide the tip of his penis up and down his crack a few times before beginning to press the head against the rim of his ass. Jeongguk continued to apply a firm but slow pressure occasionally pausing to ask if Jimin were doing okay. Sometimes he was fine and at others he’d ask for a moment to catch his breath or to try to relax. Jeongguk was amazed at Jimin’s strength. He was aware of how big he was and honestly it wasn’t necessarily something he bragged about. He knew that if he wasn’t careful he could really hurt his partner, and right now seeing tears on the edge of Jimin’s eyes as he tried to relax and adjust around Jeongguk’s dick just reminded him of how important it was for him to maintain self-control. Feeling the tight, vice grip of Jimin’s ass was enough to keep him stimulated and aroused. It didn’t matter how slowly or gently he would have to move because Jimin’s pleasure and safety was all that mattered to him.

Jeongguk’s dick was buried about halfway into Jimin’s ass when he decided to add some more lube to help with the glide. Pouring the warming liquid onto their bodies, JK began to ease his cock in and out of Jimin’s hole, marveling at how the skin around his rim would slide along his shaft when he pulled out and then how he could almost feel Jimin’s ass suck him back in when he pushed in--every time taking him in just a little bit more. 

Jimin couldn’t believe how gentle and patient Jeongguk was being with him. Giving him kisses on his neck and shoulders as he waited for Jimin to relax around him enough for him to keep pushing. Massaging his hips and lower back. A constant stream of compliments and affirmations. He couldn’t have asked for a kinder and more attentive lover for his first time. He just knew they were meant for each other, and no matter how long it took for them to come together, Jimin decided in this moment that he would never let him go.  

It was just then that he felt Jeongguk still, their hips pressed against each other’s, that he knew Jeongguk was all the way inside him. He could hear Jeongguk’s breath hitching, the grip on his hips almost painfully strong. 

Jimin called out as he tried to squirm from Jeongguk’s grip, when suddenly he heard a deep groan escape JK’s mouth and his hand gripped the back of Jimin’s neck holding him in place. 

“Don’t. Move.”

Jimin stilled under the command. He could tell that Jeongguk was trying to get himself under control and even though the pain in his body was almost overwhelming, he knew they were in this together. Willing his body to relax, Jimin spoke up, “Gukkie, please. It hurts.”
And just like that the grip on his hip and neck relaxed, and Jeongguk began to slowly pull out of Jimin’s ass allowing him to breathe once again. 

For Jeongguk, the need to thrust was so intense. He felt his control slipping as Jimin instinctively began to squirm and clench his ass around Jeongguk’s dick. It was all he could do from grabbing Jimin’s hips and pounding into him. Instead, he willed himself to remain still. They’d finally done it, and this wasn’t the time to lose all control. It wasn’t long until he heard Jimin speak up.

“Move, Gukkie. Be gentle, but you can move.”

“Jimin, I won’t last long. I can feel it.” 

“Its okay, bunny. This has been amazing. I’m ready for whatever you have left to give me.”

And with that Jeongguk gripped onto Jimin’s hips once again, slowly pulling himself out then thrusting back in. Jimin’s moans were  a constant encouragement to him. His thrusts started out very shallow, just pulling out a couple of inches before pushing back in, but as he got his rhythm, he found himself pushing deeper and deeper, the sound of skin slapping and the feel of his balls smacking against Jimin’s body was turning him on. Add to that the wet sound of all the lube squelching between their thrusts and Jimin’s steady moans, Jeongguk was at his limit.

“Jiminah, I’m gunna cum.”

“Cum, Gukkie. Cum inside me.”

He could feel Jeongguk’s thrusts beginning to slow before Jeongguk slammed into him one final time, emptying himself into Jimin’s ass. An occasional thrust as he milked himself dry. Hearing Jeongguk groan as he came inside him was all it took to push Jimin over the edge. With a few more pumps to his dick, Jimin came all over Jeongguk’s sheets.

Collapsing in exhaustion, Jeongguk laid on top of Jimin’s body, still buried inside of him, as they both tried to catch their breaths. 

“Jimin, you are so beautiful. Thank you.”

Jimin didn’t respond, he simply reached behind him to find Gukkie’s hair, and tilting his head up, caught Jeongguk in a breathless kiss, fueled by overwhelming affection.

“Bunny, I can see myself falling in love with you.”

Jeongguk smiled, “Jimin-ah, I’ve been steadily falling in love with you since we were 14 years old. Having you love me back would be a dream come true.”

And with that the young man pulled himself up, slowly easing himself out of Jimin’s body. He tried to control himself once again as he saw a large glob of his own cum spill out of Jimin’s hole when he pulled his cock out. The thought of him licking Jimin clean flashing in his mind. But instead, he leaned down and gently turned Jimin over, kissing his lips once more before wrapping his arms around his back and legs. Lifting him bridal style and laying him back down onto the pillows at the head of his bed. 

“Stay here okay chickie?” he whispered, covering Jimin’s body with his blanket, before throwing on some sweat pants and making his way to the bathroom to get washcloths and warm water. Guiltily, he was sure Jimin was going to experience some type of discomfort regardless of how gentle he tried to be. 

When he made it back into the room, he could see that Jimin was on the verge of falling asleep. “Let me clean you up really quickly. Then we can fall asleep together.”

“Thank you Jeongguk-ah.”

And with that Jeongguk carefully wiped the sweat from Jimin’s body before gently spreading his ass cheeks and cleaning his hole and crack from any cum and lube that was drying. He could feel Jimin flinch occasionally, but he knew this had to be done. 

Finally, once Jimin was sufficiently cleaned, Jeongguk removed his own sweat pants, preferring to feel Jimin’s body fully next to his--skin on skin. He moved himself under the covers, wrapping his arms around Jimin’s body. Listening to Jimin’s gentle snores, Jeongguk blissfully fell asleep. 


What neither of the young men knew was that once the party was winding down downstairs, Jeongguk’s father had come to his room looking for Jimin-ah because Jimin’s parents were ready to go home. What his father saw came as a total shock. There laying side by side were Jeongguk and Jimin, naked from the waist up, thankfully the blanket kept their bottom halfs covered. Where Jeongguk had had countless sleepovers with his friends, something about this scenario was different. Disregarding the obvious smell of sex in the room, Jeon Jung-ho couldn’t deny the intimacy in the position of the two young men. He didn’t know how to react. He didn’t know what to do. It was as if he suddenly realized that his own son had become a stranger to him. He knew nothing about him. He felt himself getting dizzy and before he could react in a way that would bring shame and humiliation to him in front of his guests, he decided to just remove himself from this situation. He closed the door and made his way back downstairs. The rest of the evening was a daze. He remembered telling the Parks that Jimin and Jeongguk had fallen asleep playing video games and that he would tell him to make his way home first thing in the morning. He doubled up on his drinking, barely remembering saying goodbye to his guests before he made his way to his room, tears slipping down his face as he fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Jimin felt the warm sunlight on his face, causing him to slowly open his eyes. He could feel Jeongguk’s body, warm and broad, cozied up next to him. A constant comforting presence throughout the night.

While Jimin had initally passed out asleep from exhaustion after he and Jeongguk had sex, he found himself waking up often in the night. Either it was being startled awake by an unfamiliar presence next to him or the sharp hiss of pain in his back side when he would try to roll over in his sleep. 

Seemingly attuned to every movement and sound coming from Jimin, Jeongguk would stir awake as well to make sure Jimin was okay. At one point even massaging lazy circles into Jimin’s lower back after a particularly acute jolt of pain caused him to cry out. 

Even now, after finally getting several hours of uninterrupted sleep, Jimin’s body still felt sore and tired. He wanted nothing more than to curl up onto Jeongguk’s chest, but even the slightest movement caused him discomfort. So he settled for resting his hand on Jeongguk’s stomach and listening to the larger boy softly snore beside him. 

It was in the midst of this peaceful moment that the boys were jolted completely awake by a loud banging on the door.

“Jeongguk-ah! Jimin-ah!” BANG BANG “Get up! Jimin’s mother and father expect him home now!” 

“HOLY FUCK” Jeongguk exclaimed as he sat bolt upright in his bed, and when he heard the door knob to his room begin to turn, he practically jumped straight up in the air and ran toward the door.

His father had already swung the door wide open before Jeongguk could get there, so it was that both the men couldn’t hide their embarrassment when a completely butt naked Jeongguk stood face to face with his father as Jimin curled into himself on the bed covering his own naked body with the blankets and all the pillows. There was no use trying to get up because he couldn’t even if he wanted to.

“Jeongguk, what the hell is going on here?!” bellowed Jeon Jung-ho. When neither Jeongguk or Jimin offered an explanation, he asked again, “What is going on!?”

Jeongguk looked behind him, but all he saw was a giant pile of blankets and pillows that was Jimin’s body wrapped in the covers of his bed. He scanned the room for something to wear because standing there naked was becoming too embarrassing for him to bear. 

“Dad...I...Me and Jimin, we…”

“You know what. I don’t want to hear it. I can’t even look at you right now.” And with that Jeon Jung-ho turned on his heel and walked out the door.


Jeongguk rubbed his face with his hands roughly before closing the door shut, making sure to lock it this time. He turned around to see Jimin slowly peeking his head out of the covers, and it brought a brief smile to his face that this lovely man was his. No matter how stressful that moment had been, it honestly could have been worse and yet here was Jimin, no longer a dream or a fantasy, but a real person, whom he cherished and who was probably really scared and embarrassed right now.

He made his way back in the bed, slowly unwrapping the smaller man from his cocoon. 

“Jimin...please baby...come out.” He chuckled softly.

“Gukkah, leave me alone. I feel like I could die right now, I’m so embarrassed.”
“Uh yeah that wasn’t fun, and it definitely wasn’t how I was expecting to wake you in the morning. It’s also not the way I wanted to come out to my dad, and I’m sure the conversation isn’t over yet, but it could have gone so much worse. So please baby come out and let me help you feel better.”

And with that Jimin released his grip on the covers and allowed Jeongguk to slide in next to him. He winced a bit as he attempted to drape himself onto Jeongguk’s chest, but noticing his discomfort, Jeongguk instead softly rolled Jimin onto his side and slid up behind him. Perfectly molding his body around that of the smaller man. 

They ignored Jeongguk’s father’s claim that Jimin’s parents were expecting him home. First of all, there was no way that Jimin was going anywhere today since he could barely move. Secondly, after the intense standoff between Jeongguk and his dad that morning, neither of the boys felt comfortable enough to leave the safety of Jeongguk’s room, at least for a while. 

So they settled in next to each other, kissing and telling stories. Jimin finally got to hear how Jeongguk began to recognize his feelings for him. Telling him of how comforting and calming his presence was to both Jennie and Jeongguk after their mother died. 

“You were here almost every day with my sister. Not pitying her but being there to make her laugh or sitting with her while she cried. I think I’ve liked you since then. I don’t know why I never said anything. I think in the beginning I didn’t realize what those feelings were...You and Tae were always so confident. Everyone knew you were gay, but not because you were shouting it from the rooftops or anything, but because you just never hid who you were. I don’t think I was hiding either, everyone just assumed I only liked girls and no one thought twice about it enough to ask me.”

“It seems we started liking each other around the same time then, Gukkie. I remember seeing how loving you were to Jennie during that time. It was so devastating for you to lose your mom, but it seemed as if your biggest priority was to make sure Jennie was okay. I remember this one time I was hanging out with her and Tae in her room, and suddenly her face just went blank and I noticed the tears welling in her eyes. She just got up suddenly and ran out the door. After a few minutes, Tae and I went to look for her to make sure she was okay, and we found you hugging her in your arms, whispering that everything was going to be okay. Tae and I just slipped back in her room and waited for her to feel better and come back, but that entire time I thought of how strong and kind you were to be able to comfort someone even while you too were grieving. Since then I noticed all the small things. The kind words. The generosity. The strength. Not that you weren’t an annoying little shit at times, Jeongguk, but it was your goodness that outshone it all.” 


The two young men spent the rest of the morning wrapped up like this, until they heard knocking once more on Jeongguk’s bedroom door. This time a soft and gentle rapping on the door, and the initial fear that perhaps Mr. Jeon was back to continue his conversation about his son’s sex life dissipated when Jeongguk opened his door (clothed this time) and saw Sammi, the staff member in charge of the twins’ wing of the home. She made sure that the twins’ area remained clean and tidy and that their fridge at the bottom of the stairs was always full of their favorite snacks. (That was actually just an extra touch on her part because of how much she loved them.) 

She remembered when Mrs. Jeon passed away, and how alone her beautiful babies had become with Mr. Jeon taking on extra work to distract himself from the pain. Sammi became like a second mother to the twins. Giving them little hugs and words of encouragement when she could.  

And it turns out that Mr. Jeon wasn’t the only one to discover the boys in bed together. She had woken up extra early this morning to get a head start on cleaning the house after the big party last night. Before she started, she made her way to the twins’ wing to make sure that everything was taken care of there first, in case Jennie and Jeongguk (and now only Jeongguk) got up and needed something. That’s when she noticed the light on in Gukkie’s room. She cracked the door open slightly just to allow her hand in to turn off the light, but a shifting on the bed caught her eye and that’s when she noticed the two boys curled up next to each other. She was startled but not surprised; she had quickly shut off the light and closed the door behind her. 

Later in the morning she heard Mr. Jeon’s loud banging on the boy’s room upstairs. She heard him loudly ask what was going on. And she put 2 and 2 together rather quickly. She was grateful that the boys had not ventured out of the room all morning, as Mr. Jeon was in a fury. Slamming cabinets, bellowing orders, cursing under his breath. Sammi along with all the staff breathed a sigh of relief once Mr. Jeon packed his briefcase and finally made his way out of the house to work. Who knew when they would see him again, but one thing was for certain, the boys were finally safe to leave the room. So she made her way upstairs and lightly tapped on the door…

“Jeongguk-ah, sweetie, are you and Jiminie hungry?” 

She heard shuffling around before Jeongguk slowly opened the door. 

Jeongguk didn't even bother to think how she knew Jimin was in the room with him before he answered, “Uh...Hi Sammi...we are kind of hungry, but um Jimin is not feeling very well. Is it okay if I go downstairs with you and bring some food back up for us to eat in my room? Also if you could ask everyone to give us some privacy today since he’s sick. He didn’t want to spread it to anyone.”

Sammi could see the bright flush on Jeongguk’s cheeks that had slowly spread to his neck and ears. But she pretended not to notice and cooed at how good of a friend Jeongguk was being by taking care of Jimin while he’s ill.

When Jeongguk came back, he was carrying a tray full of delicious food and Jimin’s stomach automatically began to grumble, but before they could start eating Jeongguk noticed Jimin's cheeks flush a bit before he asked, "Jeonggukie, I kind of have to use the bathroom...would you mind...maybe...lifting"

"Say no more."

And Jeongguk carried Jimin bridal style to the bathroom to wash up and relieve himself. He wondered guiltily how long it would take Jimin to feel better...

Chapter Text

There was an obscene amount of slurping sounds emanating from Jimin’s room. Thank goodness no one was home! It seemed like everyone (well mostly everyone) was abandoning Jimin this summer, but at the moment, he wasn’t complaining.

Jimin was currently straddling Jeongguk’s chest, licking and sucking his huge penis as best he could. He had both his hands wrapped around the thick shaft, helping him pump and pleasure Jeongguk who was currently busy licking and sucking on Jimin’s hole. His entire face was buried in between Jimin’s ass cheeks. He would take turns either spreading Jimin’s cheeks wide so he could take a good look at his pink and puckered hole then squeezing them together with his face squished in between. God how he loved Jimin’s ass! He especially loved Jimin’s reaction when he would fasten his lips on his hole and suck as hard as he could until Jimin would shriek, pop his lips off his cock, sit straight up and gyrate on top of Jeongguk’s face, while grabbing hold of his own neglected penis. The first time Jimin did that Jeongguk thought he would suffocate, but he quickly decided he’d rather die than stop eating Jimin’s ass. 

They were still a little clumsy in their movements, but clumsiness did not equal unpleasurable. And in the following weeks of their first time, both Jimin and Jeongguk delved into their physical relationship with the enthusiasm and the studious attention of 2 young men who just lost their virginity and were eager to learn how to please the other as best they could. 


But their time together wasn’t all spent on sex and learning to pleasure one another. They spent a lot of their time learning more about each other too.

“Why did you decide to enlist so early? Why not go to university with Jennie and the rest of us?” Jimin asked one night, curled up against Jeongguk’s chest. Jeongguk’s enlistment loomed over the pair like a black cloud. 

“I dunno. I mean a lot of our classmates enlist right after graduation. I thought why not just get it over with. Plus my dad is constantly on my case about taking after him and running the company when he retires, and honestly I just wanted some time to breathe. What was he going to say, no? That I shouldn’t serve our country? He couldn't do that. He would look like such an unpatriotic asshole--and that wouldn’t be so great for his “image.” So really it was that or enduring 4 more years of nagging pressure. You should have heard him when I told him I wanted to study cinematography and film making. He almost had an aneurysm. It’s MBA or nothing.”

“Yeah I figured there was some pressure on his part toward you. Especially after that party he held. Damn, I was so shocked.”
“You were shocked?! I thought I was going to stop breathing. He practically planned my entire future for me without any care or concern of what I wanted... I just had to get away at that moment; that was when you found me on the stairs.”
“Yeah I ran after you, Gukkie. I was worried, but we, uh, didn’t get to do much talking that night.”

“Oh you don’t have to worry, Jimin-ssi, you comforted me very well.”

“Shush, you!”

Jimin and Jeongguk both blushed about their first night together after the party. Already a month into this relationship (more like an unspoken understanding between them), and they were revealing things about themselves that they hadn’t to anyone before. It was as if their years of skirting around each other gave them enough comfort and safety to not feel like strangers, but their getting to know each other this intimately was still so fresh and new. 

“Gukkah, have you told anyone about us?” 

Jimin felt Jeongguk’s breath hitch for a moment. 

“Don’t worry...I haven’t either, well not really. I talked to Tae the other day. I told him that I was kind of seeing someone…” at this Jimin paused briefly to assess Jeongguk’s reaction to him saying they were seeing each other, but when he noticed no change in Jeongguk’s demeanor he went on recalling his brief conversation with his best friend:



Tae>Jimin [bold]// Jimin> Tae [italics]

Mini! Can you hear me?! 

Taehyungie, yes I can hear you!

Holy Fuck! It only took me a million tries to get through. 

How is it that you have service?

My uncle and I had to come to town to sell some of his vegetables and buy supplies. Anyways I was able to walk to the cyber cafe here and connect to their wifi. It’s been a bitch, Jimin. I mean I love being on the farm and helping, but I’ve missed you and our friends, you know?

Yeah Tae, of course. I’ve missed you a lot too. So much has happened this summer. I wish you were here so we could talk. 

Well I’m here now, what’s been going on?

So...I’m kind of...seeing someone. 


Tae, are you there? 


[Jimin rolled his eyes at his friend’s sudden dramatic response]

Tell me about him. Do I know him? Did y’all do it? Is he hot? 

Yes you know him. Yes he’s super hot. But honestly, I don’t know if we’re a couple Taehyungie, so l don’t want to say who it is just yet. Because that will just make it all the worse if we’re not really together, you know?

I understand, Jiminie, but don’t think I haven’t realized that you didn’t tell me if you’ve done IT or not!! 

Yes. We’ve done it. [Jimin could feel the blush rushing across his cheeks and down his neck]

WHAAATTTTTT!! [Taehyungie shouted in his deep baritone voice.]



I can’t believe you drop this on me and I don’t have time to hear every single detail. So i’m going to need you to document everything. Write this down...Purchase a journal, ball point pens, at least 3 different colored highlighters. I need a daily log. Coordinated by position and number of ejaculations… you know what. Let’s do a spreadsheet inste…

Tae. I promise you, as your soulmate and best friend forever, that I will give you all the details you want when I see you again. It’s so awkward like this over the phone. Please…

But Minie, I won’t see you again until our trip, and that’s still a month away! 

That’s not so long! And by then I’ll have so many more sordid details to share.

Ah! You know me so well. I love you Minie. Please be careful okay.

You too, Taehyungie. I love you. 

And with that the line cut and Jimin wasn’t sure when the next time he’d talk to his friend would be. 


“So you didn’t tell him about me?”

“Did you want me to?”

“I mean it's up to you Jiminah. But I understand why you didn’t. I’m so comfortable with you when it’s just you and I, but the thought of bringing people in... My sister, My friends…. I can’t imagine their reactions and something about that scares me? It doesn’t help that my father has yet to speak to me. We literally ran into each other when I was going to the kitchen the other day, and he looked at me for a second before turning away and walking out of the room like I was just a coffee table or countertop that he ran into. Not worthy of acknowledgement.  Like what the fuck was that?”

“That’s horrible. I’m sorry he's acting like that toward you. Listen why don’t we just take our time figuring things out? Give your dad time to cool off before we start trying to add more people into this dynamic. Jeongguk, I’ve never been in this type of relationship before either, and honestly I’m kind of enjoying the lack of pressure to share all the details and not having to figure out how to navigate our private relationship in public. So I’m okay with it just being us for a while. There’s no rush and no pressure. I know I told Tae about me seeing someone, but I think it’s best that I keep most of the details to myself for now. Will you be okay with that?

“Yeah baby. I’m okay with that...But now that we’ve sorted that part out, I’ve had this plug inside me for a couple of hours now, and I think I’ve been patient enough...

Chapter Text

“UGH” Jeongguk would grunt or hiss after every bounce of his hips. His head falling back occasionally as he held his body upright by clutching onto Jimin’s chest below him. Nothing but pure pleasure--overwhelming pleasure. Currently, he’d been riding Jimin for so long he’d lost track of time. All he knew was that with every downward thrust of his hips, Jimin would hit that beautiful spot within him. Every *thrust* Single *thrust* Time *thrust, thrust, thrust*

He felt himself tiring, so close to cumming, but no longer able to lift himself and fall back down onto Jimin's throbbing cock. So instead he ground his hips down, allowing his head to fall forward to kiss Jimin’s gorgeous lips. 

Jimin could tell Jeongguk was close, but there’s only so much a man’s thighs can take. Even one as fit as Jeongguk is bound to get tired. So Jimin softly grabbed Jeongguk’s hips, planted his feet onto the mattress and slowly arched his hips up, allowing his thick length to plunge deeper than it had before--hitting Jeongguk exactly where he wanted it, and with that Jeongguk cried out. His own swollen dick shooting out long stripes of white cum onto Jimin’s stomach and chest. His legs trembling as he came down from his orgasm. 

But he knew what was in store for him when he finally opened his eyes and immediately locked onto Jimin’s sharp gaze.

He took a deep breath, when Jimin asked him, “Are you good?” 

Then nodding and bracing himself, he felt Jimin’s hips begin to piston up into him. He never was a very spiritual person, but he found himself crying out to God.

He thanked God that no one was home to hear his moans because there was no way that he could be quiet during this.

He was also thankful that Jimin’s dick was so perfect. Sometimes he felt guilty for how much pleasure Jimin provided him. The perfect length to hit his prostate at every thrust. The perfect girth to give him that satisfying stretch in his ass without too much pain. Just PERFECT. 

And he was especially thankful for an understanding lover who was so open to learning how to do this whole sex and relationship thing with. Never having to feel ashamed or embarrassed. 

It was only when he felt Jimin’s rhythm begin to become erratic that he noticed he’d been moaning “God” over and over like a mantra. 

Jeongguk felt Jimin jerk underneath him. Grunting, Jimin continued to thrust his hips up through his release, reveling in the sloshing and wet sounds that were made when their hips continued to connect. 


Exhausted but fully satisfied, the boys laid next to each other on their backs, staring up at the ceiling, caressing each other’s hands in between them. 

“I’ve been meaning to ask you, Jeonggukie, when is it exactly that you are leaving?”

“August 1st.” he replied with a sigh.

Jimin immediately sat up, the covers falling to his hips and exposing his firm torso. Jeongguk couldn’t help but admire this beautiful man.

“NO GUKKIE! That’s the same day that Taehyungie, your sister and I are leaving for our trip to Japan. I was going to see if you wanted to come with us! Kind of like a going away trip for all of us.” Jimin said this entire sentence with his lips puckered in a pout, his eye brows scrunching together adorably.

Jeongguk sat up and grasped Jimin’s face with his large hand. “Don’t be sad Jimin. We still have a few weeks before then. Let’s just enjoy ourselves without having to worry about the future. At least not yet…” 

He kissed Jimin’s lips slowly, pulling him to lay back down, rolling to his side and throwing his leg over Jimin’s hips. Even though he was bigger than Jimin, there was something really strong and commanding about him that made Jeongguk want to curl up like a kitten on his lap. Jimin made him feel safe and comfortable. Around others Jeongguk was quiet and shy, which others took as mysterious and alluring, but with Jimin he was talkative and silly. He loved hearing Jimin laugh and seeing his big eyes disappear into the beautiful curve of his eyelids. Something inside him came alive when he was with Jimin, and he honestly didn’t want to think about leaving and didn’t think he could bear separating from him. 

“Hey, let’s get washed up and go out to eat somewhere… want to?”

“Are you sure you’re up for that, you did just get your ass poun…”


Giggles from the shameless young man filled the room…

“I don’t want to go for a hike or anything! But I would enjoy having a relaxing meal."


As he laid comfortably on the bed, Jimin watched as Jeongguk walked into his en-suite bathroom. The muscles in Jeongguk’s back, ass, and thighs flexing as he moved. It made Jimin’s heart ache knowing that their time was limited. And no matter how much reassurance Jeongguk gave, Jimin wasn’t naïve! With Jeongguk away doing his military service for almost 2 years and Jimin in college in Seoul, there was a lot that could go wrong with this new relationship they were in. 

It was then that Jimin decided he couldn’t let Jeongguk go just yet. They needed more time. He would have to convince him somehow to stay with him--for at least a little while longer. And with that decided, he got up to join Jeongguk in the shower. 

Chapter Text

Jeongguk found himself staying at Jimin’s house more often than not during the month of July. The desire to avoid awkward interactions with his father being his biggest motivation to stay away from the Jeon mansion and the luxuries within. But it wasn’t like he was really “roughing it” at Jimin’s anyway, with Jimin’s family being almost as wealthy as his own. In a way, their two families had become very intertwined since Jimin’s father moved their family from the Gangnam District of Seoul to the Marine city of Busan to expand his already successful real estate firm. Both of their fathers had worked together closely on several deals through the years, and would often find themselves in the same social circles.

Like Jeongguk, Jimin understood the pressure to succeed, to make a name of himself, but where they differed was in the culture of their families. 

Jimin’s father, Park JungMin was a patient and accepting man. He nurtured the dreams and motivations of his family. Having worked so hard to become rich and successful, he saw his money and influence as assets that he could use to empower and support his loved ones. Jimin never felt stifled or afraid to pursue the things he loved, and that included the men he loved. Not that Jimin had a lot of experience in relationships, but the occasional crushes and dates he had in high school were never hidden, and it only served to help Jimin become more responsible--there being no need to rebel or to settle for less than what he deserved. 

Conversely, Jeongguk, while he knew his father loved him, the loss of his mother had a huge toll on the warmth and affection of their household. There wasn’t a lot of room to express themselves, always feeling compelled to keep it inside and to remain composed and under control. His saving grace was his beautiful sister, but even then, there were walls built up between them. These couple of months with Jimin were life transforming for Jeongguk. Finally feeling safe to share his feelings, his fears, his was all so new and he never wanted it to end.


But time was not on their side and it seemed like the days were passing faster and faster as they approached Jeongguk’s enlistment date. 

Jimin had been feeling the anxiety build within him with each passing day. The thought of losing Jeongguk was unbearable, when it didn’t even have to happen. Why hadn’t he and Jeongguk confessed to each other sooner?! Before Jeongguk made the decision to enlist. They could have had years together before any of that had to happen. It seemed like a cruel joke that fate had played on them, and alongside the feeling of dread of losing Jeongguk, Jimin was beginning to feel resentment mixed in as well. It's not easy being gay in this society. He was lucky that his family was so loving and accepting, but to find another man like Jeongguk, whom he loved so much, Jeongguk, who understood him, who knew him and his family dynamics, who made him feel so loved and safe, who looked at him with so much affection... Why was it all slipping away? It felt so unfair.

But Jimin had a plan, and he desperately hoped that Jeongguk would accept.

See Jimin wasn’t lying when he said that he wanted Jeongguk to join him on the trip to Japan. Actually Jimin had already purchased Jeongguk a ticket on the same flight that they were all taking as a surprise, never imagining that Jeongguk would be leaving for the Army the very same day! He was crushed, hiding the ticket away in his desk drawer, but as the days came and went, Jimin began to wonder why Jeongguk couldn’t join them anyway? What was the worst that could happen? They would be in an entirely different country. If anything, he and Jeongguk never had to come back! That was how committed he was. How in love he was. He would leave it all for Jeongguk. He would turn away from everything that he knew and cared for, if it meant spending the rest of his life with that man. He prayed Jeongguk felt the same for him. 


Chapter Text

Jimin was balls deep in Jeongguk, his long, deep strokes pulling husky moans from the man beneath him. Jimin was holding his body up to allow him to look at Jeongguk’s face as he made love to him. Jeongguk’s eyes were tightly closed, his head tilted back as he tried to control the overwhelming feeling of Jimin inside him. Jimin leaned his head down into the crook between Jeongguk’s neck and shoulder, inhaling his sweet masculine scent and comforting him with kisses up and down his neck and collar bone--slowly kissing his way up Jeongguk’s jaw, encouraging him to lower his head slightly so he could finally latch onto his lips. 

“You’re so fucking beautiful. You know that? You always make me feel so fucking good. Do you feel good?” Jimin whispered into Jeongguk’s mouth as he kissed him.

A simple grunt was all the response he received causing him to smile softly to himself. Tomorrow was their last full day together, and Jimin had yet to ask Jeongguk to come with him. A sudden panic filled him, and he found himself pounding into Jeongguk faster, almost frantically. Jeongguk was surprised by the unexpected change of pace, clutching onto Jimin’s shoulders as his body was thrust higher and higher onto the bed. 

“I’m close. Ji..ah! God…” 

Encouraged by Jeongguk’s moans, Jimin leaned his weight to one side, reached down to grab Jeongguk’s swollen dick in his small hand and stroked it as best he could while continuing to forcefully pump his hips back and forth. It didn’t take more than a minute for Jeongguk to clench around Jimin’s dick, as his orgasm raked through his body. The intensely tight grip around his cock was all it took to push Jimin over the edge as well, spilling himself deep in Jeongguk’s ass. 

Breathing heavily, Jimin lowered himself onto Jeongguk’s body to kiss him more thoroughly. He could feel Jeongguk’s cum stick to his stomach and he relished in knowing that he was the cause of Jeongguk’s pleasure--not wanting to separate just yet, he stayed inside of Jeongguk, allowing his own cum to settle deep inside the taller man.

“Gukkie.” Jimin whispered in between kisses.

“ you.” 

There was barely a pause before Jeongguk was gripping Jimin’s neck, “I love you too, Jimin. So much.”

This was the first time they were saying it outloud to each other, yet neither of them expected it to feel as powerfully as it did. Jimin could feel his cock hardening again inside of Jeongguk and hearing the taller man’s breath hitching was a sign that he was just as impacted as Jimin was. 

But Jimin knew it was now or never. He had waited long enough. Sitting back up, Jimin slowly pulled his half-hard dick out of Jeongguk’s ass, watching a large glob of his own cum spill out of Jeongguk’s hole. He fought the urge to push it back in with his finger, instead he reached over to his bed side table where he had already prepared a towel and a bowl of water to clean Jeongguk’s body after they’d finished having sex. 

Carefully spreading Jeongguk’s legs apart, Jimin began gently cleaning Jeongguk’s body of any lube and cum.

“Gukkah. Baby, I’ve been meaning to ask you something.”
Jeongguk was still trying to catch his breath, he looked exhausted and completely fucked out.

“What is it, Jiminah?” 

“Will you come with me?”

“Go with you where?”

“To Japan. Will you go on the trip with me and your sister and Taehyung?”

“Jimin, what are you talking about? That’s in literally a day and a half, and baby...I’m leaving that day too. I told you. It’s my enlistment date.”

Jimin tried to keep his composure. He stood up and made his way to his desk. Opening the top drawer, he pulled out the ticket he had purchased more than a month before. Walking back, he offered Jeongguk the ticket with his outstretched hand. 

“I bought this for you Gukkah. I know you’re supposed to leave for the Army that day, but I honestly don’t think I can live without you. I love you, Jeongguk. Come with me. Please.”

Reading over the ticket, Jeongguk sat completely up so he could be face to face with Jimin. 

“Jimin, how?...We can’t do thi...”
“Do you love me?”
“Do you love me, Jeongguk?”
“Of course, I love you! But I just don’t know how we coul…”

“Then don’t leave me. Come with me. We can figure things out together. I’m ready to go away with you and literally never come back. You are everything to me. I love you, Jeongguk. I want to be with you forever. Please say you’ll come?”

“Jimin, you realize how serious this is right? If we do this, there’s no coming back from this. I’ll be labeled a traitor. My father would disown me.”

“I will never stop loving you.  I don’t need anyone but you Jeongguk. We can be each other’s everything. Let’s do this! Yeah?”

After a long while, turning the ticket around in his fingers, Jeongguk looked up at his boyfriend. They were boyfriends right? They had already confessed to one another, Fuck, Jimin even wants to run away together. He shouldn’t feel guilty calling Jimin his boyfriend right?! After a second he realized he’d been rambling to himself, and Jimin was still waiting on his response. 

Jimin could see the struggle behind Jeongguk’s big, brown eyes, and he felt so many emotions at once. He felt guilt for springing this on Jeongguk so suddenly. He felt confusion as to why Jeongguk wasn’t saying anything, but he mostly felt heartbreak. Jimin was here baring his entire heart and soul out to Jeongguk, and as the moments passed, it looked more and more like Jeongguk didn’t feel the same. 

Before he could stop himself, Jimin felt tears streaming down his face. There were no sobs or dramatic outbursts, only a constant stream of tears to express his heartbreak.

It was seeing Jimin’s despair that finally broke Jeongguk out of his stupor.

Reaching out to wipe the tears from Jimin’s face, Jeongguk leaned in, “Jiminah, I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you, and I doubt I ever will. I’ve given myself fully to you, and I feel like you literally own my heart. Of course, I’ll go with you. I’ll do anything to be with you.” 

Then in an instant Jeongguk closed the distance between their mouths, gripping Jimin’s head between both of his hands, angling Jimin’s lips to fully conform to his own. Trying to reassure Jimin of his love with every ounce of energy and strength he had left in his body, he found himself straddling Jimin’s lap, leaning down to kiss him. 

“Jiminah, Please don’t cry; just let me show you how much I want you.”

His tears had yet to stop, all of this was just too much for Jimin, but he still found himself nodding yes. He spent the rest of the night getting fucked to within an inch of his life and loving every minute of it. 

Chapter Text

The next morning came sooner than either of them had wanted. Bodies still exhausted from the physical and emotional night they shared. The young men jumped in the shower together, washing off the last remnants of their love making from their bodies, taking their time now that there was no rush. 

Their clocks had been reset. 

Their time together extended to eternity. 

They had decided to run off together, and they were prepared for the consequences as much as two 18 year old, newly graduated former high schoolers could be. 

Once they were all cleaned up, Jeongguk borrowed an outfit from Jimin to wear since he had run out of clean clothes--it being several days since he had gone home. 

Glancing at the clock on Jimin’s bedside table, Jeongguk realized it was only 8:15 in the morning, but regardless of how little rest he got, his excitement over this new adventure ahead had him too jittery to feel tired or sleepy. 

“Hey, Jimin… babe… I’m gunna head home and get things ready. I’ll pack up for tomorrow and try to get things in order as much as I can. 

“Do you think they’ll suspect anything?”

“I doubt it… I mean i’m supposed to be leaving for the Army tomorrow anyway. I’m sure they’re expecting me to pack.”

Jimin walked over to Jeongguk, placing a soft kiss on his tender, pink lips. “Okay, my love. I’ll talk to you later, yeah?”

With an adorably shy smile, Jeongguk left Jimin’s house and made his way home. His phone had died at some point during the night, and Jeongguk was excited to get home to charge it again. Until then, he savored the mindless background noise of his radio, as he made his way through the bustling streets into the more quiet roads leading into his gated community. 

He couldn’t believe he was doing this! He had never done something so reckless in his entire life. But honestly after living so many years for everyone else: to comfort and protect his sister, to make his father proud of his accomplishments, to fit in with his team mates, he figured now was his time to live! It was his turn to live for himself. 


Pulling up to his home was bittersweet. For a long time, probably since his mother died, this gigantic house had become just a cold, hollow shell that housed his clothes and belongings. One that he shared with his twin sister and their servants and occasionally with their father. But now, after this summer he spent with Jimin, he felt like a dam had broken in his heart, and it allowed him to feel more deeply. Gazing at the fountain, he remembered being a little kid with Jennie and jumping in the fountain on hot days. His mother laughing softly at her little twin monsters, as she would affectionately call them. Looking at the large driveway he remembered learning to ride his bike, falling off of it, and hurting his knee. He remembered how Jennie rushed over to him and hugged his little neck, crying with him even though only he had gotten hurt. So many memories and emotions came whipping back at him in an instant. It was hard to believe that after tomorrow, he may never see this place again. 

It was in this emotional state that Jeongguk stepped into the large front doors of his home, only to be bombarded by his father.

“Where the fuck have you been?!”

“Uhh I’ve been at Jim…”

“You know what it doesn’t even fucking matter. Of course, you’ve been over at that boy’s house. Jeongguk, I have been calling you all night and all morning. Get in the fucking car; we’ve got to leave now if you’re going to make it on time.”

“My phone died...but wait a minute! Going where? What are you talking about?”

“Jeongguk, I honestly have no idea what has gotten into you. It’s as if you are purposefully trying to ruin our family! We don’t have time to stand here and chat. I’ve already had Sammi pack all of your things, just get in the car and let’s go.”

“WHERE ARE WE FUCKING GOING?! I don’t understand what is going on!”

“Don’t you dare speak to me that way, do you understand me! Did you lose your damn mind while running around with that boy? You have to be at the recruitment office by 10AM Jeongguk! Did you suddenly forget that you are leaving for the Army today?”

“First of all his name is Jimin and you know that because you have known him since we were 13 years old, father. And secondly I don’t leave until tomorrow, so please get out of my way. I want to be alone in my room now.”

“Jeongguk-ah, tomorrow is your first day, but you leave today. Actually we are leaving right now.”


“Excuse me? What do you mean no?” 

“I’m not going anywhere. I didn’t want to have to tell you like this, but I’m not going into the military anymore. I’m leaving...with Jimin.”

And just like that his father slapped Jeongguk right across the face. His father had never even spoken to Jeongguk long enough in most of his life to even be angry at him, let alone to strike him. The sharp sting on his cheek and jaw drew tears in Jeongguk’s eyes, but he willed them not to fall. 

He squared his jaw and stared right back at his father. The fury and hatred he was feeling in the moment bubbling up inside him, before his father spoke up once again,

“You are a disgrace, Jeongguk. Your mother would be ashamed of the person you’ve become.”

And just like that, all the fury and hatred that he was feeling toward his father was turned right back onto himself. The shame and guilt that he’d grown so accustomed to, the same shame and guilt that Jimin had spent the last 3 months helping him recover from, all returned with a furious vengeance. He was humiliated. 

“Jeongguk, I don’t know what you are thinking, but you will not only ruin your life if you do this. You will ruin my life, your sister’s life, the life of our employees, and honestly, you’re going to ruin Jimin’s life. This little game that you boys have been playing this summer was just that, a game, but this is real life. This has real life consequences. It's time for you to be a man. Get in the car, Jeongguk…” 

Chapter Text

[ Hey it’s Jeongguk. Sorry I can’t come to the phone… ]

Jimin had lost count of how many times he called Jeongguk in the last 24 hours, and all he’d gotten was Jeongguk’s voicemail each and every time. He hadn’t spoken to him since Jeongguk went home to pack yesterday morning. At first, he wasn’t concerned, but now, sitting here at the terminal, a horrible sense of unease had overcome him. 

His phone still in his hands, Jimin startled when it suddenly began to ring and vibrate. Bringing the screen to his face, his stomach fell when he realized it was Taehyung calling.


JIMINAHH!!!!! Where are you?! I’m here at the airport FINALLY!! 

I’m at the terminal, Tae. I’ll see you when you get here. 

And with that, Jimin hung up the phone. 


Taehyung stood at a distance observing his best friend for a couple of minutes before approaching. Jimin’s head was slouched down, his phone clutched in both of his hands. They had spoken briefly the day before, once Taehyung had settled in, and Jimin had sounded so happy. He kept gushing about his new boyfriend and even said that his boyfriend was going to join them on their trip. When Taehyung had asked his boyfriend’s name, Jimin just giggled saying it was a surprise and told him to wait to find out. Taehyung had gone to sleep so peacefully knowing that his soul mate had fallen in love. 

But this Jimin before him now was not the same Jimin. Tae could feel the despair radiating from him, and he had to give himself a couple of minutes to steel himself for this new and unexpected Jimin. Hopefully he was wrong, but Taehyung was preparing himself for a Jimin who was going to need his best friend more than ever. A Jimin who might potentially be getting his heart broken. And perhaps a Jimin who needed a Taehyung who was blissfully “unaware,” who asked no questions, mentioned no names, and yet was obviously open to him if he ever wants to talk. 

“JIMINAH! I’m here!” Taehyung shouted from across the terminal. Jimin looked up with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes.

“Is Jennie here yet?” Tae asked.
“Huh? Oh Jennie… no I haven’t seen her.” A barely perceptible blush crept over Jimin’s cheeks, and Tae could tell he didn’t want to talk anymore, so Taehyung simply reached over and held one of Jimin’s hands that was still clutching onto his phone. And like this, the two best friends sat, silently, until they heard the bustling and shrill voice of panic that could be attributed to none other than Jennie Jeon.  

“Son of a Bitch! I just broke my nail on my luggage just now!” Jennie was ambling about the terminal with her bags all askew, dragging her suitcase behind her like it was a sack of rice, cursing it for being a “piece of shit,” and just being an all around panicked mess.

“Jennie relax and Sit down! Literally everyone is looking at you, and by extension us! And not in a good way, but in the ‘what a hot mess and embarrassment to her friends and family way!’ So sit. The.fuck.down.” Tae scream-whispered. 

Jennie, while being incredibly kind to everyone around her, also tended to be a tad self absorbed, and in reality didn’t notice the tension surrounding Jimin or Taehyung’s subtle hints for her to take notice of their friend… So because of this small defect in her personality, she paid no mind as she continued her rant,

“I’m so sorry I’m late! The house was a wreck when I got home last night. My dad wasn’t even back yet from dropping Gukkie off at the Army or the Army office or whatever its called, and I don’t even know where Sammi went, and I had to lugg my bags and everything up the stairs by myself, and then this morning… don’t even get me started…”
And she would have gotten started, if Jimin hadn’t interrupted her. 

“Gukk left?”

“Yeah he left… remember he enlisted right before we graduated? He wanted to get it out of the way or something like that. Anyway, I only got to talk to him for a second when our dad facetimed me. Thank God I was waiting for my connecting flight and not up in the air, or I wouldn’t have even been able to say goodbye. Honestly I don’t know what possessed him to enlist so early? Especially after the summer I had. I could have really used having my brother here to help me feel better, but instead he just up and left me.”

Tae subtly studied Jimin’s reaction as Jennie spoke and carefully ignored the tears that were pooling in his best friends eyes.


The three friends spent their vacation in Japan shopping, eating, and sightseeing. Then afterward, returned home and prepared for their freshman years. Taehyung was studying liberal arts, Jimin political science, and Jennie and Namjoon, her boyfriend, were studying Biology together with hopes of them both becoming doctors. 

Freshman year passed like a blur. The friends all learning to cope with life away from family all while juggling school, and in Jimin’s case, a broken heart and an insecurity that had settled bone deep. Was he not enough for Jeongguk? Was Jeongguk ashamed to be with him? Had Jeongguk been playing games with him? Did Jeongguk even love him? Everytime Jennie would bring up her family, especially her brother, Jimin would find a way to excuse himself from the conversation. He didn’t travel back home very often, except for major holidays and then only for a couple of days at most. And he avoided any and all conversations about high school, saying he didn’t like to live in the past. 

But like they say, time heals all wounds, and with the years Jimin’s heart and his insecurities began to heal. He began to realize how absurd his plan had been--how life damning for the both of them. Perhaps they could have made the long distance thing work, if Jimin had just tried. 

Yes with maturity, Jimin had begun to see things more objectively, but he couldn’t deny that he felt the slightest amount of relief when Jennie ended up moving away to marry that lawyer she had been interning for. Hearing about Jeongguk even indirectly through one of his best friends was sometimes too much to bear, and all the healing and progress that he had made would come tumbling down. So while his heart hurt so much for Namjoon, he couldn’t help but feel the tiniest amount of relief for himself. 


After undergrad, Taehyung and Jimin served their military service, and were eventually able to move back in with each other in Seoul. Jimin entered law school and Taehyung began his photography business. The best friends had been through many ups and downs through the years, but they remained a constant in each other lives--always respectful of each other’s boundaries and always supportive of each other’s dreams. And because of this, Jimin never criticized Taehyung and Yoongi’s unconventional relationship, and Taehyung never pressured Jimin into relationships or tried to “hook him up--” even though COUNTLESS of his and Yoongi’s friends had badgered him to do so over the years. Yes, these two were soulmates for a reason; they knew each other better than they knew themselves. They could see each other’s blindspots, and that’s why when Jimin walked in from getting the mail that fateful morning, carefully studying the beautiful envelope in his hand that contained the invitation to their high school reunion, Taehyungie didn’t back down from helping Jennie to plan and attend, despite Jimin's protests. He knew it was time. It was time for Jimin to go back home and face whatever (and whoever) it was that he experienced that summer. He knew that this was the final step in Jimin’s healing. Yes, Jimin had had casual relationships and some hookups through the years, but perhaps after this reunion, Jimin would finally allow his heart to fall in love, again.


Chapter Text


“Jeongguk, I don’t know what you are thinking, but you will not only ruin your life if you do this. You will ruin my life, your sister’s life. The life of our employees, and honestly, you’re going to ruin Jimin’s life. This little game that you boys have been playing this summer was just that, a game, but this is real life. This has real life consequences. It’s time for you to be a man. Get in the car, Jeongguk…” 

Jeongguk’s face still stung from where his father had struck him. 

“I can’t just leave him like this!” Jeongguk yelled, still clutching his dead phone in his hands. “Let me speak to him at least. Give me some time. I can’t go just yet…”

Grabbing him by the collar of his shirt, his father yanked Jeongguk’s phone with his other hand, spitting in his face, “You CAN, and YOU WILL. Do you hear me, son?!”

And with that he spiked Jeongguk’s phone into the marble tile of their foyer. 

“What the fuck is wrong with you?!!!” Jeongguk called out.

All the while, Sammi stood behind the stairs watching, holding her hands to her mouth to keep from crying out. She watched as Mr. Jeon began dragging Jeongguk out the door. She couldn’t leave Jeongguk alone with Mr. Jeon, not when he was in this state. Watching her beautiful boy get slapped by his father was too much to bear, and she couldn’t imagine him enduring anymore punishment from his father. So she quickly made a decision,

“Gukkah! Is that you?!” Sammi rushed from her hiding place behind the stairs.

“Oh yes! it is you!” she continued, “I thought I heard your voice. C’mon, Jeonggukah, its time to go; you don’t want to be late… Oh hello, Mr. Jeon. I hope you don’t mind, but I was hoping to tag along…”


Mr. Jeon decided to drive them himself to ensure that Jeongguk showed up and enlisted like he was supposed to.

Jeongguk sat alone in the back seat, having taken Sammi’s place because he wanted to be as far from his father as possible. An oppressive silence filled the car, as Mr. Jeon drove them to the recruit training center for Jeongguk’s recruitment ceremony. 

They arrived just in time for Jeongguk’s ceremony among nearly 2,000 other recruits and their families. The energetic bustle of all those people was just the opportunity Sammi needed, reaching into her purse she pulled out a small notepad and a pen. While Mr. Jeon was distracted speaking to some of the officials, Sammi turned to Jeongguk,

“Gukkah, here.” Handing him the notepad she pleaded for him to understand. “Write to him, and I’ll find a way to get it to him.”

Balancing the notepad in his left hand, he quickly wrote his letter,



I am so sorry. By the time you get this, I’ll have already stood you up. Please know that I never meant to hurt you. There’s nothing I wanted more than to be with you, but I wasn’t strong enough to stand up to my dad. I feel like such a piece of shit right now, but please know that I love you and that I’m sorry. I hope that we can still make us work while I’m away. Please forgive me. I love you!



PS: my dad broke my phone, but I’m going to have Sammi write my address down at the bottom of this letter. Jimin, I hope you can forgive me. I love you. Please write to me.

It was late by the time Sammi and Mr. Jeon arrived back at the Jeon Mansion. She made her way to the twins’ wing, carefully opening Jennie’s room, she saw the young lady asleep in her bed. The room a complete mess, Sammi softly padded toward Jennie’s vanity. She wrote: For Jimin on the outside of the note and placed the note right in the middle, where she was certain Jennie would find it. But to ensure Jennie saw it and gave it to Jimin, Sammi would make sure to talk to Jennie about it in the morning.

The next day, Jennie woke up in a frenzy. She had to be at the airport by 5AM to make it through security in time to meet her friends and catch their 6:45AM flight. Jennie had slept through her alarm. It was already 10 till 5, and she was still trying to get her things ready. Her clothes were strewn all over her bed and the floor, as she unpacked and repacked her bag. She knew she didn’t need to bring much considering one of the main reasons they were traveling to Japan was to shop. 

Next, she dumped all her cosmetics onto her vanity and chose only the most necessary items that were the right size for her trip (she didn’t want to cause anymore trouble going through security with carrying bottles that were too large to fly with). She decided she would just buy more products later. Most of her current lotions and cosmetics were nearly empty anyway, since she used them all summer in Europe. Not wanting to make more work for Sammi and the other housekeepers, she hastily swept all of items on top of her vanity into the small trashcan she kept nearby; she then gathered all the clothes from the bed and the floor into the large hamper in her closet; Finally, Jennie grabbed her bag and ran out the door. 

Jeongguk’s letter now a crumpled mess inside the trashcan, slowly being covered by a leaking lotion bottle. 

It was almost midday and Sammi still hadn’t seen Jennie.  Making her way up the stairs, she knocked on Jennie’s bedroom door. When no one answered, she slowly opened the door herself and peeked inside. Noticing the bed made and the note she placed on the vanity gone, she figured Jennie must have slipped out to speak with Jimin. It was later that she was reminded of Jennie’s trip to Japan, and how she must have left already. 

Regardless, Sammi felt so much relief knowing that she had fulfilled her promise to Jeongguk. With a soft smile on her face, she began to clean up Jennie’s room for her. Washing all the clothes in her hamper, dumping out her trashcan, and vacuuming her floors, Sammi worked diligently in making the room perfect for when Jennie got back, and she looked forward to being able to care for Jennie and spoil her as much as she could before Jennie started university.

The weeks passed with no word from Jimin. Each day brought more and more grief to Jeongguk’s broken heart. The thoughts of how much Jimin must hate him now. How he’s lost him forever. How Jimin would never forgive him for abandoning him like he did. And Jeongguk couldn’t blame him. Who would want to be with a coward like him? 

It took a couple of months before he was able to save up enough money to buy a new phone. The first call he made was to his sister one evening in October.

“Hello! Who’s this?”

There was loud music in the background.

“Jennie! Its me, Jeongguk”
“BUNNYYYYY!” Jennie squealed. “My long lost brother!” Jennie was slurring and obviously drunk.

“Uh if you’re busy I can just call you tomorrow.”
“NO NO! Gukkah, I’ve missed you so much. I couldn’t believe you left without me. Thank God I had TaeTae and Jiminie to help me get through it all.” 

At the mention of Jimin’s name, Jeongguk thought this might be an opportunity to ask about Jimin and his response to his letter. 

“Oh! Right. Speaking of Jimin, actually Jennie I was wond…”

“JIMIN JIMIN JIMINIIEEEEEE!!! Happy Birthday JIMINIE!” Jennie yelled into the phone. “Gukkah, I love you but I’ve got to go. We’re celebrating Jimin’s birthday tonight, and I’m working on getting him laid! I’ll call you tomorrow okay? I love you!”

It was like a punch in the gut. He was barely able to choke out an “I love you” before Jennie hung up.

And just like that, all of Jeongguk’s worst fears were made real. Jimin had moved on. Jimin was already sleeping with other people. No wonder Jimin never wrote, it was obvious that Jimin didn’t love him, after all. 

As a distraction, Jeongguk became single mindedly focused on his military training, receiving promotion after promotion. Each military achievement another feather in his father’s hat to boast to all his friends about.  After his time in the military, Jeongguk studied business, just like his father wanted. Following the path that his father had carved for him, Jeongguk earned his MBA and eventually began to work at his father’s property investment firm.

It seemed clear to his father, that Jeongguk had finally grown out of that rebellious phase and was becoming the man that he was always meant to be--a real man, like himself. 

It also appeared that 10 years after finding his son in bed with another man and after those especially bumpy college years, Jeongguk was finally settling down and was marriage bound to a lovely young woman . His daughter, Jennie, was married to a successful lawyer, and it felt like life was looking safe and secure for the Jeon family for the first time since his wife died so many years ago. 

Jeongguk saw his sister’s name flash on the screen of his phone. He hadn’t heard from Jennie in a while, and he missed her so much that he couldn’t wait to answer.



“How are you, Jennie?”

“I’m good, Gukkie. Listen, I have something so exciting to tell you!”

Before Jeongguk could even ask, “what?” Jennie began to ramble excitedly,

“One of the administrators of BSA called me and asked if I would be willing to organize our class’s 10 year reunion!! Can you believe that?! I’ll be able to come home and spend some time with you and throw this huge celebration! Obviously the budget they gave me is WAY TO SMALL for what I have planned, but I won’t let that stop me...You’ll go, right, Gukkie?”

“Go where, Jennie?”

“To the reunion, Jeongguk! What the hell have I been talking about this whole time?!”

“Oh I don’t know Jennie. I’m really busy with this project dad has me leading, and I don’t know if I can take time away to attend.”

Jennie was suddenly serious.

“Jeongguk. I need you there. Please Bunny, I need you the most. I need to know that someone loves me.”

“Jennie what are you talkin…”

“Nevermind that Jeongguk. Just tell me you’ll go.”

“Yes, Jennie. I’ll go.”

And from that moment on, Jeongguk could only hope that either Jimin wouldn’t attend or that he could successfully avoid him until the end. 

Chapter Text

Taehyung watched as Jennie and Namjoon walked out side by side from behind the large curtained backdrop of the DJ booth. His inner drama queen was practically squealing with delight. He just KNEW something interesting was going to happen tonight! If only Jimin were here so they could be a squealing mess together! Where was Jimin anyway? He left a while ago to get some air, and he hadn’t come back since. 

Taehyung had been catching up with some of his old friends, but if he were being honest with himself, he had no interest in hearing about their boring ass jobs nor their boring ass lives. Standing there listening to them gave him all the reassurance he ever needed that he made the right choice moving away with Jimin to build the life that he always envisioned for himself. A life filled with risk and adventure, with passion and unbridled love. So with a dazzling smile and a wink goodbye, he excused himself to find a semi-private area to text his friend.


Jiminie? Where’d you go? You okay?


After Taehyung finished texting Jimin, he noticed an unread message from Yoongi. 


Have you spoken to Minie yet?

Tae> Yoongi


Slipping his phone back in his pocket, Taehyung leaned his head against the wall. His heart raced while imagining Jimin’s reaction to his news. Yet, he assured himself that this decision was more for Jimin’s benefit than his own. 


Jimin and Jeongguk had been sitting together in the gazebo for a long time now chatting about work and basic life stuff, while their past, their love, and their heartbreak lurked just below the surface. 

Jimin heard about Jeongguk’s subdivision development project that he was finally getting to see successfully completed, and Jimin shared about his law firm and some of the more quirky characters who worked there. Their conversation was light and easy, which belied the turmoil that they were experiencing within. And beyond the pleasantries and small talk, each of the men found himself studying the other’s face--noticing small freckles here and there and attempting to memorize the curves of each other’s chins and cheeks, desperate not to miss a single detail. 

At one point, Jimin nearly melted into the bench when Jeongguk flashed him a full smile, mouth slightly open showing both sets of his beautiful teeth and small wrinkles lining the edges of his gorgeous, brown eyes. It was during one of these spaced out moments that Jimin felt the vibration of his phone from inside his pocket, jolting him back to reality.

He’d received a text from Tae wondering where he’d gone. Damn, he must have really lost track of time. 

“Taehyung’s looking for me. I should probably head back.” Jimin said softly, the screen of his phone lit his face as he typed a quick response to his best friend. 

“Right! Of course. I guess we have been out here for a bit, haven’t we?” Jeongguk replied. His hand rubbing the back of his neck, a habit he had back in high school when feeling shy. Jimin figured he never grew out of that little quirk. 

And funny enough, after years of avoiding even hearing Jeongguk’s name, Jimin found himself not wanting to leave and trying to think of ways for them to stay together for just a little while longer.

“Would you like to walk back with me, Gukkie?” The nickname slipping subconsciously from Jimin’s mouth, and though Jimin hadn’t noticed he said it, Jeongguk sure did and his heart basically fell into his stomach. 

At this point, Jeongguk wasn’t sure his legs would even work if he tried to get up. So not wanting to make an ass of himself by collapsing in front of the man of his dreams, the same man who once held his heart in his hands and crushed it, Jeongguk decided to play it cool.

“Uh, not yet. I think I’m going to sit here just a little longer.” 

“Alright. Well I guess I’ll see you inside then?”

“Yeah I actually promised my sister that I would come find you guys at some point tonight. I’ll be in soon.”

Feeling slightly rejected, Jimin got up and made his way back inside. He wondered to himself, as he walked away, why he felt so sad? It wasn’t like this was the first time he’d been rejected by Jeon Jeongguk...


Seeing Namjoon again after all these years had Jennie completely frazzled. She had felt her composure slipping in the weeks and months leading up to the reunion. Lonely nights living a lonely life, she wasn’t joking when she told her brother that she yearned to feel loved. But one thing was certain, this time away from her family and friends forced Jennie to take a really hard look at herself, her decisions, her attitude, and her treatment of others. And what it revealed shook her to her core more than anything that old bastard she married could ever do. 

After parting ways with Namjoon, Jennie made her way through the crowd in search of Jimin and Tae. She needed a distraction. Where the hell were they?!

As she searched, she noticed her brother’s old friends passing a flask around. B-lining her way toward them, Jennie quickly asked if she could have a sip, and then proceeded to chug most of the (what she learned to be whisky) down her throat...

Chapter Text

By the time Jennie found Jimin and Taehyung, the room was spinning. That whiskey had gone straight to her head, and Jennie was finding it increasingly difficult to see straight. 

Still holding the now empty flask in her hand, Jennie called out, “JIMINIE! TAEHYUNGIE! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” 

Slightly swaying on her feet, she reached out to Taehyung to balance herself.

“Uh Jennie, are you okay?!” Tae leaned in and could smell the liquor on Jennie’s breath. 

“Oof! Okay no need to answer! I literally saw you half an hour ago and you were fine. What the hell did you get yourself into?”

Before she could respond, the music died down and the DJ’s voice was heard booming through the gym.

“Alright Ladies and Gents! I hope you all had a good time tonight!” At this, many cheers rang out among the crowd. “Good! Good! Well it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for...It’s time to announce the king and queen of the ball!”

Jennie tried to stabilize herself long enough to process what was going on. She had completely forgotten about the voting, and she was the one who organized it! Jennie, pull yourself together!

The DJ continued his script, “Can I get a drum roll please?” The classmates began to clap their hands and stomp their feet to mimick the sound of a drum, all of them as excited as school children. 

“And the Queen of the Busan School of the Arts class of 20xx, is… JENNIE JEON!”

Had she just heard her name announced?! Was she the winner?!

Jennie couldn’t believe it! She was overwhelmed with excitement. Squealing with delight, she turned to hug Jimin and Taehyung. “Hold this for me,” Jennie said, shoving the empty flask into Jimin’s hands, then clumsily, she made her way toward the DJ booth, while waving happily to all her old friends.

When Jennie finally made it to the booth, the DJ continued. “Okay and now for the King of the ball, can I get another drum roll please?”

Once again sound began to ring out in the gym, and the DJ announced the winner, “JEONGGUK JEON!” 

The crowd cheered and looked around the room for Jeongguk. Where was he?

“JEON JEONGGUK! Please make your way to the booth to be crowned King of the Ball!”

Still nothing, but Jennie, who always had trouble reading awkward situations, took this brief pause to snatch the mic from the DJ.

“I just want to say thank you so much for voting for me! And for coming tonight! BSA always held such a special place in my heart. *hiccup* Excuse me. My time here was really the best time of my life! I had friends and love and my brother and the dance tea…” here she was rudely interrupted by the room spinning around her again. Annoyed by this she huffed into the mic and reached down to yank her shoes off her aching feet; standing there barefooted, she suddenly brought the mic back to her mouth and yelled, “PARTY AT MY HOUSE!!!” waving her heels above her head with her other arm.

And the room erupted in cheers once again!


Jeongguk was walking toward the gym when he vaguely heard his name being called. Curious, he hurried inside just in time to witness his sister with a mic in her hand, waving her shoes above her head, and shouting at the top of her lungs for everyone to come to a party at their house tonight. 

What in the hell was going on!?

Jimin and Taehyung stood completely dumbfounded at the scene before them. They honestly didn’t know if they should be mortified for Jennie or proud of her. It was very rare to see Jennie let loose like she just had, and something about it seemed slightly real .  It was hard to describe but for a second there, everyone in that room had seen Jennie with her mask off, and it was pretty remarkable! 

When they finally came to their senses, the two men quickly made their way to gather Jennie. The room was already clearing out as many of their classmates decided to head over to the Jeon Mansion for this unexpected afterparty! 

“Jennie! What are you doing?” Jimin asked as he helped to straighten Jennie’s hair that had become unruly as she made her victory walk toward the stage. 

“What do you mean what am I doing?! I’m doing what I do best Jiminie, my dear! I’m throwing a party!”

“Well that’s obvious Jennie! You just invited our entire class to your dad’s house. Won’t your father be upset?”

“Humphf! My father?! He’s not even home! Isn’t that hilarious?! I told his secretary months ago that I was going to be in town this weekend, but did he even bother to come home long enough to say hello? NO! So now I’m going to throw a party at his house and drink all his liquor! Let’s Go!!”

Locking eyes, Jimin and Taehyung realized there was no talking a determined Jennie out of anything she had set her mind to. So each of them held on to her as they made their way through the crowd. 

They were almost to the doors leading out of the gym when Jeongguk found them. 

The car ride home was proving to be very interesting for the twins. After Jimin and Taehyung wrangled the excitedly dancing pixie fairy, Jennie, into Jeongguk’s car, the brother fastened her seatbelt for her and made his way toward their childhood home, as Jennie blared the car radio and scream/sang several songs into Jeongguk’s ear, 

But the ride appeared to have a sobering effect for his sister, as she finally began to settle down. When she had calmed down completely, Jennie methodically began removing her bra. The damn thing had been poking her in her ribs all night, and she was just TIRED OF IT!  Then she hiked up her dress and started to remove her girdle-- that’s when Jeongguk decided to speak up!

“Why are you getting undressed in my car? It’s gross!”

“Chill out! I have underwear under this thing! I could barely breathe all night with these spanx on, and I’m just so tired of being uncomfortable. Aren’t you tired of it too, Jeongguk? Aren’t you so fucking sick and tired of being uncomfortable all the time?” 

“What do you mean?”

“You know exactly what I mean.”

Chapter Text

Jeongguk honestly couldn’t believe his eyes. All his old classmates were drinking and partying at his house while his dad was away-- it was like he was in high school all over again. The music was blaring through the surround sound. His father’s liquor was stacked neatly on the large kitchen island. There were groups of people hanging out in the kitchen and in the living room, some just roaming around the large open space. As he looked around, he took in the scene. He studied the transformation of the faces of his childhood friends.  Time had been kind to some of his classmates and not so kind to others, but honestly he only had eyes for one person in that room. Park Jimin. It was hard to imagine that the man could become even more beautiful over the last 10 years, but he had. 

Namjoon scanned the crowded living room of the Jeon mansion determined to find her. He noticed how off balance she was when she grabbed the mic from the DJ at the reunion and was taken aback by her sudden outburst inviting everyone to her place for a party. He’d only seen Jennie act like that when she drank, and Namjoon was 100% sure that Jennie was D.R.U.N.K. But what the hell? How did that even happen? He was worried. Even though he swore he would have no contact with Jennie, seeing her again brought about more confusion that he ever thought it would. It should be easy! Jennie had no qualms about throwing him away all those years ago. She had no guilt for abandoning their relationship after 7 years together, and he knew he should simply hate her for that...he just couldn’t. 

He wondered for the 100th time that night whether he should ever have attended this damn reunion--afterall, he hadn’t been invited. If it weren’t for running into Jackson while eating out with his family the night before, he wouldn’t have even know there was a reunion.  


“Namjoon?!” Jackson had called out, tapping Namjoon on his shoulder as he sat in the restaurant with his family. “Bro! It’s good to see you!”

“Jackson! My man! Yeah it’s been a while. How’ve you been? Want to sit down?”

“Oh no! No, I’ve actually gotta run. I was just picking up some take out to bring home to the fam. But we can catch up more tomorrow night at the reunion.”

“What reunion?”

Jackson studied Namjoon’s face, taking in his genuine confusion. Oh Shit! He had heard that Jennie and Namjoon had broken up, but seeing Namjoon back in town on this weekend in particular, he just assumed that he was there for the reunion.

“Oh Ummm.” Jackson looked awkwardly around the table at Namjoon’s family who were suddenly trying to look distracted. “So yeah, tomorrow night… We’re holding our class’s 10 year reunion… were you planning on going?” 

“Honestly, I hadn’t heard about probably not, but hey it was good running into you! I actually leave on Monday for basic training.” Noticing Jackson’s look of surprise he continued, “Yeah I know! It took me long enough, but honestly I haven’t had the opportunity to go until now. With undergrad and med school, then establishing my practice, I literally put it off for as long as I could, but times up.”

“I understand, Joon. Well look I’ve gotta run, but here give me your number real quick. We can try to find time to catch up before you leave. Hell, we can even go to the reunion together tomorrow night! I’ll pick you up.” And before Namjoon could even open his mouth to protest, Jackson spoke up again, “And I won’t be taking no for an answer. It starts at 7. You staying at your parents’ place?” Namjoon was so shocked at the turn of events, he simply nodded yes. “OK!” Jackson went on, “I’ll pick you up at your parents around 6:45 or so. See you tomorrow!” 

And just like that Jackson Wang, who had always been like a hurricane of energy and congeniality, was out the door.

Sitting back down, Namjoon’s mouth hung open...What in the world just happened?

And now a day later, he found himself in a place he never thought he would ever visit again: Jennie’s old home. Jackson, not being able to turn down a good party (and a night away from the wife and kids), was adamant on attending Jennie’s afterparty, and Namjoon couldn’t help but agree. He just had to make sure she was okay…

Jennie was hiding out in the pantry drinking out of a bottle of bourbon whiskey she had swiped from her dad’s liquor cabinet before the rest of their guests had a chance to raid it. She had always been a lightweight when it came to holding her liquor and even back in high school she would retreat to this pantry to get away from the noise of the crowd. Like right now, she just wanted to escape. Escape her friends. Escape her family. Escape her own mind. And this bourbon was going to help her do just that. 

Somewhere deep inside she realized she had brought this all on herself. Not just this party but this life she was leading. At the thought of the enormous empty house she shared with her husband, she took another huge swig of the whiskey and coughed as it burned its way down her throat. 

And Namjoon! Fucking Kim Namjoon had shown up to the reunion out of nowhere. Yes she knew it was possible he'd hear about it, but never would she have imagined he’d show up! She had been so embarrassed when he found her sprawled out behind the DJ booth to even think about how he wasn’t even supposed to be there. It was all so overwhelming. Seeing his beautiful caramel skin, his deep dimples, seeing the concern in his eyes when he thought she was ill, all of it acted as a punch to her gut. All the self-hatred and regret she had been tucking away behind a facade of designer clothes and fake smiles bubbled up to the surface and only this bottle of whiskey was keeping her subdued enough not to panic. 

All the drinking was making her lightheaded and she welcomed how slowly her vision got darker. She vaguely remembered the door of the large pantry room opening and being lifted in the air.

Was she flying?

“Let’s play truth or dare!” Taehyung looked around at all his old fuddy duddy school friends and decided to inject a little bit of angst into this otherwise conventional party.

“Gather round everyone!...Hey Hey Hey! Not so fast, Jeon Jeongguk! I see you trying to run away. Get back over here, and just for trying to sneak away like that, you get to go first! Truth or Dare?”

Taehyung was an expert in reading people and situations. His ability to control a room and carefully manipulate the environment was on a genius level. Sometimes he used his powers for good, sometimes for evil. Tonight was a little bit of both.

Jeongguk sighed while making his way into the circle. “Aren’t we too old for these childish games, Taehyung?”

“We’re never too old, Jeongguk. Now answer, Truth or Dare?”

Rolling his head back, he cracked his neck while trying to think of what answer would get the attention off of him the quickest. Bringing his head back down he noticed Jimin settling down next to his best friend right across from him on the other side of the circle. 

Nervously trying to avoid eye contact with Jimin, Jeongguk called out Dare.  

“Ah! You’ve become brave, Ggukie. Okay, I dare you to spin this bottle and kiss whoever it lands on.”

Jimin jerked his head to the side to see Taehyung’s full boxy smile. Memories from their highschool graduation party flashing to the forefront of his mind. Jimin was starting to regret coming to this party. He only agreed to come with Taehyung to ensure that Jennie was alright, but now she was no where to be found and he was stuck here reliving some of his most beautiful and painful memories.

“Did I say dare ? I meant to say truth.”

Their group of friends started groaning in discontentment when Jeongguk changed his mind, but Taehyung didn’t seem phased at all.

“That’s okay!! Truth it is… have you ever been in love Jeongguk?”


A teasing string of OoOoOos began to ring out among his friends.

Taehyung practically squealed with delight, as Jimin squirmed in discomfort right next to him. “WHO?! WHEN!? WHERE?! HOW?!”

“That’s a lot of questions, and I already answered your first question truthfully.”

“Oh come on, Jeongguk! Just give us her name then!!”

“His name.”


“You want to know his name.”

Jimin had heard enough. His big almond eyes locked briefly with Jeongguk’s right before he got up and left the room. 

Chapter Text

Jeongguk couldn’t understand why everyone was sitting there staring at him like that--some of them even had their mouths hanging open. He sat self-consciously wondering what he did that could have garnered this response. Was it because he said he had been in love? Or because he corrected Taehyung when he asked for her name. Was that what made them react like he had just grown two heads?

He honestly thought everyone knew that he had been with men. Yeah he doubted anyone knew what had happened between him and Jimin, but especially once he was in college, he figured everyone had heard the rumors. Hell the way his dad made it seem, his sex life was a scandal of the most epic proportions, like it made it to the front page of the newspaper every time he got his dick wet. 

But he had moved on from that part of his life. He had healed from his past heartbreak, or so he thought, until he saw Jimin again tonight with his own eyes--bringing new life into not only his memories but his fantasies. 

And now the man had run off somewhere. Jeongguk was surprised and confused by Jimin’s reaction to him. Did Jimin think he was going to out them or something? Was Jimin embarrassed by him? Was that why he never heard from him in all these years? 

Jeongguk had honestly had enough! He didn’t even want to come to this damn reunion. He did it for his sister, but now she was only-god-knows-where and he was here hosting a party that she fucking started! Add to that, him feeling like some kind of freak show at a carnival judging by the looks of all his old classmates. Then top it all off with Jimin. Fucking Park Jimin stirring up all these feelings of confusion, and pain, and loneliness, and desire. 

That was the worst part, the desire. 

“Excuse me everyone” was all he said as he stood up and left the circle of friends, making his way to his old room. He didn’t give a damn what happened to the house without his supervision. This was all Jennie’s doing anyway! Let her deal with it! I’m done. 

Bypassing the main staircase in the living room, Jeongguk made his way toward the back staircase that would lead him directly to his old room. And this was where he found Jimin sitting, his head laying in his hands.




Startled, Jimin looked up with red puffy eyes. 

“Jimin, are you crying?” 

Before he could stop himself, Jeongguk had taken several steps closer to the other man reaching out to grasp Jimin’s face in his hands, but once he realized what he was doing, he let his arms fall back down to his sides. 

“Jimin, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. *sniffle* I’m fine…” 

“Did something happen? I saw you just run off when we were all in the circle…” At this, Jeongguk was reminded of Jimin’s sudden look of disgust and his immediate exit from the party a moment ago, and a sour feeling fell into the pit of his stomach. This night was serving as a painful reminder of the love he once had for the man before him and how he lost that love all because he was too scared to stand up to his father. It took years to get over him, and to this day he was aware of the walls he had built around his heart- the barrier between him and feeling that broken hearted ever again. He regretted their earlier time spent together in the gazebo and the ease of their conversation. He hated that his heart raced with excitement at the small smiles and giggles he heard escape from Jimin’s mouth. It all showed just how weak he still was, how easily Jimin rushed to the front of his mind and heart, and how quickly Jeongguk’s heart was willing to betray him even after what they had gone through. 


Jimin wasn’t doing much better. How, after 10 years, could Jimin still feel this level of rejection and hurt from Jeongguk?! He knew he messed up all those years ago trying to force Jeongguk to run away with him, but the radio silence that he received from Jeongguk hurt him to his core. The insecurity that ensued; The heartbreak; The emotional anguish; it all took a toll on him, and seeing him tonight only confirmed that he still hadn’t completely healed. So he’d be damned if he was just going to sit around with a bunch of his old classmates and listen to Jeongguk, literally the only person he’d ever loved, chat about some man he had fallen in love with. That was a level of masochism and torture he just couldn’t bear to put himself through. 

Gazing up at Jeongguk, Jimin finally responded, 

“Uh yeah sorry for not sticking around to hear about your love life, Jeongguk.”

Jeongguk was completely taken aback by Jimin’s response and the obvious anger in this voice.

“My love life? What are you talking about?”

“Listen, I get it. I was your dumb high school crush, or whatnot, and maybe I’m just a loser who never learned how to move on, but Jeongguk, I can’t just sit there and listen to you…” Jimin stopped himself mid-sentence, suddenly humiliated. “What am I saying right now? Wow! I should go.”

Hastily, Jimin sprang to his feet, sprinted down the few steps he’d been sitting on and tried to make his way around Jeongguk’s form that had apparently been frozen still.


“Stop!” Jeongguk called out, catching Jimin by his arm as the man tried to vanish from him for the second time that night. 

Whipping his head around, Jimin was shocked not only by the tone of Jeongguk’s voice but also by his touch upon his arm.

The tears had already begun to form in Jimin’s eyes once more, and this time there was no control over them finally spilling down his cheeks. Embarrassed and ready to leave, Jimin tried to jerk his arm out of Jeongguk’s soft grip, but with pleading eyes, Jeongguk spoke again, “Stop.” 

Turning toward Jeongguk, Jimin lowered his head and brought his hands up to his face, covering his eyes and willing himself to stop crying. That was when he felt Jeongguk’s large body and strong arms wrap around him. He felt Jeongguk rest his head on top of his, and because he had dreamt of one day feeling Jeongguk’s body near his once again, Jimin tucked his head into Jeongguk’s broad chest and listened to his heartbeat for a few moments before he finally spoke,

“ hurts to be near you. It’s like my heart is breaking all over again.”


Chapter Text




“ hurts to see you. It’s like my heart is breaking all over again.”

Jeongguk didn’t know how to respond. He was grateful that Jimin’s head was still nestled in his chest saving him from having to school his expression--not to mention the added benefit of being able to touch and hold this man who had consumed his dreams for half his life. But at the same time, Jeongguk was so thoroughly confused by this whole situation. 

“Jimin...I...don’t understand…”

“Right. Of course, Gukkie...I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking...” Jimin leaned himself back and began pushing his way out of Jeongguk’s hold, attempting to compose himself and avoid further humiliation.

“Jimin, would you please stop pushing me away?!” Jeongguk’s frustration at Jimin trying to run away from him for the third time that night bubbled over, and Jeongguk found himself blurting out the questions he had been struggling with for years. 

“Am I really so horrible that you can’t stand to be around me? I get that I fucked up all those years ago, but did I really deserve never hearing from you again? Was I such a piece of shit that you couldn’t forgive me? You wanna talk about hurt? I don’t think my heart ever healed from that, Jimin.”

“Oh my God Jeongguk. YOU never heard from ME!? Mr. I’ll-Be-Right-Back and then are never seen or heard from again!” 

“What do you mean you never heard from me? Yeah I know I left for the military, and I’m sorry about that! At the time I felt like I didn’t have a choice, but are you just going to ignore the letter I sent you? The letter begging you to forgive me?! Actually I know the answer to that one. You ignored it then, why wouldn’t you ignore it now!”


“What letter?”


They stood staring at each other for what seemed an eternity. Neither of them daring to speak, almost too afraid to breathe. It was Jimin who broke the silence,

“What letter, Jeongguk?!” He was now completely glued in place, the thought of leaving all but forgotten. 

Jeongguk analyzed Jimin’s facial expression. His eyebrows knitted together, his large brown eyes darting anxiously, and his thick lips in a slight pout as he tried to make sense of what was being said. Is he lying to me? How can he not know what letter I’m talking about? How often do people write letters to each other that he doesn’t know what fucking letter I’m talking about?!

“Jimin, the letter I wrote you the day I enlisted. My dad had broken my phone so I wrote you a letter and gave it to Sammi. She said she would get it to you.”

“Jeongguk, I never received a letter from you. The last I heard from you, you were going home to get packed up for our trip...then nothing...ever again.”

“So you mean to tell me that on top of me ditching you at the airport, you also thought I never reached out to you at all?” 

“I thought you were so upset at me trying to force you to run away with me that you never spoke to me again, yes… and I understood because I could have seriously ruined your life. I realized that! To think what would have happened had you left with me… I wouldn’t have been able to forgive mysel...”

Jimin was interrupted mid-sentence when Jeongguk once again closed the distance between them. 

“Jimin please stop. I almost feel like I’m about to throw up.”  Jeongguk took a deep breath, then he brought his hands up to cup Jimin’s face before speaking again,

“There was nothing I wanted more than to be with you, but I didn’t have the strength to defy my dad. He was so angry with disappointed...he said I would ruin not only my life, but Jennie’s life and his and our company and the employees. Fuck, looking back at it now, he made it seem like the fate of all of Korea lay in my hands in that moment. And I couldn’t take the pressure, but all I thought about was you. How you would be waiting for me, and how I would never show up. I couldn’t bear it, so I wrote you that letter. Begging you to forgive me, to give us a chance to make it work while I was away.”

“God Jeongguk and I would have. I don’t know what I was thinking not giving it a chance to begin with. Why I wasn’t courageous enough to even try?! and then to convince you to run away with me. Your dad was right, Gukkie. I would have ruined your life. Damnit just thinking about what I almost made you do… it’s hard to imagine I could have been so stupid and selfish, especially when I loved you so much.”

They looked at each other for only a moment before suddenly, as if they were now of one mind, they collided. Jeongguk’s hands wrapped around Jimin’s face drawing their mouths together, hungry to taste this man once again. He could feel Jimin’s small hands clutching his chest, as their lips and tongues moved in rhythm against each other’s--the soft warmth of Jimin’s mouth driving Jeongguk wild with pleasure. 

They could barely breathe from the intensity of their kiss. Pressing into each other as they made their way up the stairs, toward Jeongguk’s old room, and when Jimin stumbled slightly on one of the stairs, Jeongguk decided to lift him and carry him the rest of the way. Jimin instinctively wrapped his legs around Jeongguk’s waist and began to give warm, open-mouthed kisses up and down Jeongguk’s neck.

Finally in his room, Jeongguk slammed the door closed with his foot and wedged Jimin, who was still tightly coiled around him, against the door and his body, grinding his quickly hardening cock into Jimin’s crotch causing him to unlatch his thick lips from Jeongguk’s neck and moan from the contact. 

“How is it that you’re still so fucking gorgeous, Jimin? How after all this time, do you still turn me on so much?”

Gasping for breath, as it was now Jeongguk’s turn to suck and kiss up and down the thick column of Jimin’s neck, Jimin replied, “Thank you Bunny. You’ve always been so beautiful to me.”

Jeongguk hadn’t stopped the rhythmic grinding of his crotch against Jimin’s, as he sucked on the soft skin of his neck, but when he felt Jimin grab his hair and gently pull his head away, Jeongguk paused, inquiring eyes searching for why Jimin wanted him to stop.

“Gukkie, stop…stop for a second.”

“What’s wrong?”

Staring into Jeongguk’s deep brown eyes, Jimin whispered, “What are we doing, Jeongguk? It's been so long. We barely know each other anymore.”

Latching back on to Jimin’s neck, Jeongguk responded in between kisses, “Don’t worry, Jimin. I’ve fucked plenty of guys I barely knew.”

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?!” Jimin laughed at this poor attempt to help him relax. 

Jeongguk paused, realizing what he just said and how it sounded. Grabbing hold of Jimin once again, he walked them to his bed. Laying Jimin down softly on top of the sheets, Jeongguk lowered himself onto his body and in between his legs. Staring into Jimin’s eyes, hoping that his sincerity would be evident not only in his words but on his face,

“Okay that didn’t come out right. Let me put it this way. In all these years, I have been with people, in and out of relationships, casual encounters and the sorts, yet none of them held even a fraction of the desire that I have for you. None were as beautiful as you are to me. None were as lovely as you are to me. None consumed me so wholly as you do to me. I have literally never wanted someone as much as I have always wanted you. I could only dream of touching you again, and now that you’re in my arms, it actually does feel like a dream. I’m almost afraid I’ll wake up and you’ll be gone. So let me make love to you Jimin. Let me give you a kiss for every day you spent thinking I didn’t want you because all I’ve ever wanted, basically all of my life, is you. Yeah maybe we don’t know each other like we once did, but for tonight, if tonight is all we have, let me love you.” 

Jimin didn’t know what to say. He was literally stunned silent, and barely choked out a breathy, “Okay,” to which Jeongguk repeated, “Okay” and got to work.

With confident fingers, Jeongguk began to unbuckle Jimin’s belt before undoing the button and lowering his zipper. All the while he studied Jimin’s face for any sign that this wasn’t what he wanted, but judging by the deep breaths he was taking and the sharp, predatory eyes, it appeared that he was enjoying himself just fine. 

When finally Jimin’s trousers were undone, Jeongguk began to lower his pants and underwear all together; he was growing impatient to get his hands (and his mouth) on Jimin’s body. He tried to remind himself that he had waited a long time for this moment— a moment he actually never thought would come— and to try to make it last as best he could.

Although, shimmying Jimin out of his pants first probably wasn’t the best idea, considering once his hard cock was out, all Jeongguk wanted to do at that point was deep throat it. He thought he was going to move onto removing Jimin’s shirt next, but his plans changed, as his resolve completely disappeared in the face of this deliciously throbbing dick before him.

“Take your shirt off” was all Jeongguk managed to say before he grabbed Jimin’s shaft and took it completely down his throat.


“Holy shit! Jeongguk!” was Jimin’s response to getting his dick sucked before he even had time to realize what was happening. But he was absolutely not complaining! This was amazing. More than he ever could have dreamed would happen between them. 

He laid back against the pillows and watched as Jeongguk bobbed his head up and down his dick, using his hand to jerk him off as he sucked. Jimin carded his fingers through Jeongguk’s dark, silky hair, pulling it back so he could see his face and gently scratching his scalp as he felt his balls begin to tighten, his orgasm slowly building.

“Gukkie… Jeongguk...Uh! I’m about to cum.”

“Good.” was all Jeongguk said before he went back to sucking Jimin hard and deep into his mouth. Encouraged by his breathy moans, Jeongguk doubled his resolved to give Jimin the best blowjob of his life. Jeongguk’s mission was to give Jimin the best orgasms he’d ever received. His aim was to erase the memory of anyone who wasn’t him and leave himself branded in Jimin’s mind and body. 

He could tell Jimin was close and just like that, Jimin’s hold on his hair tightened right before he came down Jeongguk’s throat. Long streams of warm cum filled Jeongguk’s mouth, and he steadily swallowed each one down. Releasing Jimin’s still semi-hard cock out of his mouth, Jeongguk looked up to see that Jimin was still staring down at him.

“Hmmm… You’ve gotten good at that.”

“That’s not all I’ve gotten good at, Jimin...I thought I told you to take off your shirt.”

“Sorry, I guess I was a bit distracted.”

With a small chuckle, Jeongguk responded, “Well then, allow me” and he straddled Jimin’s naked waist and began undoing the buttons of his shirt, revealing the smooth, porcelain-like skin of his chest, the dark pink of his nipples, and the lean ropes of muscle lining his abs. 

“Damn Jimin, you’re more beautiful than ever.”

“Uh thanks, but don’t you think it's a little unfair that I’m completely naked and you’re still completely dressed.”

“Says the guy who just got his dick sucked, but I think I’ve told you before, Chickie, life isn’t fair.”

And with that Jeongguk latched his lips onto one of Jimin’s nipples, sucking and nibbling it until its small tip was erect and deep red, he flicked it a few times with his tongue before he moved on to the next one, giving it the same amount of attention he gave the first. 

He then trailed soft, feather-like kisses down Jimin’s chest, across his abs, down the v line of muscles on his waist, before finally giving the head of his dick a small peck as well.

With laughter in his voice, Jimin spoke up, “What are you doing?”

“Exactly what I said I was going to do: I’m going to give you a kiss for every day we’ve been apart.”

Bringing his hands up to his face, Jimin gave a small laugh before asking, “So when do I get to give you kisses, Jeongguk?”

“Soon, Chickie, but not yet. It's my turn. Okay?”


With that, Jeongguk lifted both of Jimin’s legs by the knees, spreading Jimin out before him. Taking a moment to admire the man below him, a soft “Beautiful” was all he managed to say before he began trailing kisses down Jimin’s dick, then his balls, then down further so he was kissing that perfectly pink and puckered hole.

“Hold your legs up for me.”

Once Jimin had grabbed hold of his legs, keeping himself spread open, Jeongguk angled Jimin’s hips up toward him so that he could have better access to his ass. 

“So. Fucking. Beautiful” was all Jimin heard before Jeongguk latched onto his hole, drenching him in spit and laving it up with his tongue. Jimin couldn’t help but writhe his hips up into Jeongguk’s face, and Jeongguk took this opportunity to grab Jimin by the back of his hips and push his mouth deeper into his ass, getting him all good and wet with his spit before he began to push one of his fingers inside.

“UGHHH” Jimin called out at the delicious stretch of his rim.

“Are you still okay?”

“I’m great.”

Chuckling, Jeongguk dove back in, sticking his tongue inside Jimin’s hole that he was pulling open with his finger. 

Jimin was almost out of his mind with pleasure, in awe that he would be so turned on so quickly after cumming, but Jeongguk was working him so well— after fucking him with his tongue, he began to ease another finger inside him, gently scissoring his fingers within him, spreading him, prepping him, pleasuring him, it was all getting so intense, especially when Jeongguk’s long fingers found their way deep inside him, hitting him over and over again on that one spot that literally made him see stars.

“Jeongguk please. I’m going to come again. Want you inside me.”

“Are you ready, baby?” Jeongguk asked.

“I’m ready, Please Jeongguk.”

“I actually don’t think you’re ready, Chickie. I think you might have forgotten how thick I am, baby. But don’t worry, I’m going to remind you pretty soon.”

And with that Jeongguk began to slip a third finger inside Jimin’s ass, slowly slipping into his spit soaked hole with care not to hurt him, but he wasn’t lying when he said Jimin wasn’t ready. He could feel how incredibly tight Jimin’s hole was and there was no way his dick would fit in there without getting stretched just a bit more.

Jeongguk was very patient, marveling at the squeaks and moans that escaped from Jimin as he stretched and fucked him with his fingers. It was honestly music to his ears, and if all he did was pleasure Jimin all fucking night to elicit these sounds, he could die a happy man. He didn’t need anything more, but by the way Jimin was literally begging for his dick, he was pretty sure that Jimin wanted more, and who was he not to give it to him?

Slipping his fingers out, Jeongguk sat up. He was still wearing all his clothes (except for his shoes) that he had worn to the reunion, and he would be lying if he said that his pants weren’t confining his junk in a pretty uncomfortable angle. But he wasn’t worried about himself at this moment. No, all he could think about was Jimin and giving him pleasure— his own comfort could wait. He leaned in closer to Jimin and drew his lips into a passionate kiss. Sucking and lightly biting on Jimin’s plump, sweet lips.

Jeongguk whispered “I’ll be right back” against Jimin’s mouth and caught Jimin’s whine in his mouth before he stood up and walked into his bathroom. He didn’t often bring hookups to his father’s house, but he did have a stash of condoms and lube under the sink of his bathroom for the few times he did bring someone over.

Grabbing a handful of condoms and the lube, he placed it all on his bedside table.

Then glancing toward his bed, he saw Jimin leaning up on his elbows staring at him looking so deliciously fucked out. It made Jeongguk’s dick twitch with excitement thinking of how much more pleasure he could pull from the smaller man’s body.

He fixed himself between Jimin’s spread legs once again before slowly undoing the buttons of his shirt, revealing his tanned and muscular body, and he slightly blushed at the looks Jimin was giving him as he took in his naked torso. Next he undid his pants, shimmying out of them and throwing them haphazardly onto the floor. Left in only his boxer briefs, he began to feel his erection over the fabric. He was so turned on. He closed his eyes and his hands made their way into the waistband to tightly squeeze his dick in his fist. Closing his eyes while he stroked himself. He felt a shuffle in the bed and when he opened his eyes, Jimin was kneeling before him, hands reaching out,

“Let me.” was all he said before he tugged Jeongguk’s erection out of his briefs. He leaned down and placed his plump lips around Jeongguk’s thick head, it was a deep purple with arousal, and Jimin made a point to kiss it and suck on it and make it nice and wet with his spit. Finally he placed both his hands at the base of Jeongguk’s cock and began to rhythmically pump it into his mouth. Jeongguk was long and thick, but Jimin’s plump lips wrapped around it so well and watching him take his girth into his mouth was bringing Jeongguk to the edge.

“That’s enough Jimin. Lie back.”

Jimin did what he was told. Lying his head back against the pillows as Jeongguk pulled his underwear completely off and reached over to grab a condom and the bottle of lube.

Jeongguk leaned down once more to take Jimin’s lips into an impassioned kiss.

“Are you sure you want this? It's okay to say no.”

“I want it Jeongguk. I want you.” 

At those words, Jeongguk rolled the condom onto his swollen member and poured a generous amount of lube onto his cock. He angled Jimin’s hips up slightly, and using the excess on his fingers, he spread the lube onto his waiting hole, softly inserting a finger inside to make sure he was still well-prepped before slowly leaning forward and pressing the engorged head of his penis against Jimin’s hole. 

Jeongguk wasn’t wrong about Jimin being tight. 

“Relax for me Chickie...breathe.” Was all he said, but he could feel Jimin’s body relax against his and finally the tip of his penis fit its way inside.

“You’re so fucking big, Jeongguk.” Jimin gasped as he felt Jeongguk work his way inside him.

“I know, baby, want me to pull out?”

“No. Please...Keep going.” 

With long, deep strokes, Jeongguk was able to work himself all the way inside so that their hips were firmly pressed against each others. 

Holding his body up with his arms, Jeongguk began pulling his hips in and out, garnering a deep groan from Jimin every time he bottomed out. Before long he was pistoning his hips with sharp precision, hitting Jimin's sensitive prostate with every thrust. The headboard of his bed banging against the wall.

 Jimin was out of his mind at this point. His hand had wrapped around his own dick and was jacking himself off while Jeongguk fucked him rough and raw. His whole body felt like it was on fire and he knew that Jeongguk was going to pull another orgasm from him soon.

“Jeongguk...I’m gunna...cum”

Moving Jimin’s hands out of the way, Jeongguk grabbed Jimin’s cock in his fist and began pumping it with the same urgent strokes of his hips. Determined to be the one to bring the ultimate pleasure to Jimin’s body. 

“Cum for me baby.”

And with that Jimin blew his load all over his stomach and chest, trembling as each long white stripe landed on his body, while his ass clenched around Jeongguk. The vise grip of Jimin’s ass on Jeongguk’s dick as he climaxed drew Jeongguk’s own orgasm from his body and he lay trembling and exhausted as he emptied himself into the condom. 

Spent, he gingerly slipped out of Jimin’s hole and shuddered as he pulled the condom off his oversensitive dick, tying it and throwing it somewhere on the floor as well. 

He felt Jimin wrap his arms around and pull him to lie on his chest. 

Jeongguk nuzzled in, smelling the combination of sweat, cologne, and sex on Jimin’s skin. God how he missed this man. He could feel himself falling asleep when Jimin spoke up.

“That was amazing Gukkie. Thank you.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed.”

“I hope you enjoyed yourself too, bunny.”

“Uh judging by the mind blowing orgasm I just had, I would say I most certainly did.”

With a gentle laugh, Jimin continued softly, “No but honestly Jeongguk that was like the best sex of my life.”

“Good. That was the goal.”

“The goal ey!? You were always a competitive jock.”

“Yeah that too, but I think it's mostly that I’ve always been in love with you.”

With those final words still ringing out in the silence between them, Jeongguk made himself comfortable on Jimin’s chest and fell asleep.

He wasn’t sure how long he slept before he was eventually woken up by Jimin trailing kisses along his jaw and neck, whispering in his ear, “It’s my turn now.”



Thank God! They’ve finished!

Namjoon thought to himself as the obvious fucking from the room next door, at long last, ended. Now he could finally get some sleep. There was no way he was going to be able to sleep through the moaning and skin slapping and literal banging of furniture against the wall. All the while, Jennie slept like the dead next to him— nestled under the sheets, while he lay above the sheets, fully clothed. He had even hesitated to take off his shoes. 

After finding Jennie passed out drunk in the pantry, he had carried her upstairs to her old room and laid her down on the bed, but she somehow registered his presence and when he went to leave, she basically thrashed and cried until he promised not to leave her alone. So here he was. Laying next to his ex girlfriend, while her brother fucked some dude, quite vigorously, in the room next door. 

He felt like he had just fallen asleep, when he was awoken by what appeared to be round 2 from the men in the other room. 

What a night!

Chapter Text

Jennie woke up bundled under her blankets, unexpectedly comfortable, especially considering she had no idea how or when she made it back to her room. The last thing she remembered about the previous night was curling up in the pantry with a bottle of her dad’s whiskey. 

Now it appeared she was in her old room, in her old bed, completely dressed...laying next to someone! 

She gasped and sat bolt upright. Looking at the sleeping man next to her, she began to piece the night together.

She remembered taking the flask from Gukkie’s old teammates and drinking every last drop of it at the reunion...Then she invited everyone to a party at her house...She was in the pantry...And the last thing she remembered was that she was flying… no... she was carried...and brought to her room...and laid Namjoon.

And it was Namjoon who lay on her bed now— the warm, honey skin of his face peaceful in sleep, and made even more adorable by his mouth hanging slightly open. He must be really exhausted.

Jennie sat for a long time staring at Namjoon as he slept. She studied the way his chest rose and fell with every breath. She listened to his gentle snoring... Actually she remembered his snoring being a lot louder back when they were together! Back when they were a couple—  young and in love. Together since they were freshman in high school, they were each other’s first everything and shared so many new experiences with one another. This man used to be her world. 

As she sat and stared, a slow-burning sense of panic began to grip her. The feelings of fear and regret that seemed always to consume her when she allowed herself to reminisce for too long were beginning to creep into her spirit. 

Why?! Why did I do this? How could I have thrown everything away? How could I have thrown away the love of my life? And for what? For a man who doesn’t love me. Who never loved me. Who sees me as some kind of show pony to parade around his friends. 

But she had grown accustom of this feeling over the years and had steadily built walls around her heart and her mind that she would erect when the panic began to overtake her; breathing heavily, she rolled out the bed as carefully as she could and made her way to her bathroom, closing the door quietly behind her so as to not disturb the man sleeping soundly on her bed. 

Checking herself in the mirror, she examined her face—slightly sweaty and on the verge of a panic attack, makeup slightly smudged below her eyes, lip stick smeared onto her cheek and hair all disheveled. She thought to herself how lucky she was to have awoken before Namjoon could see her like this. Thankfully she didn’t see (or smell) any signs that she’d been sick on herself, and she thanked whatever gods might be listening for that small consolation.

Staring at herself for a moment more, she searched, as she had for many years now, for a glimpse of herself—her true self, the version of herself that she loved. She stared deeply into the reflection of her own eyes in the mirror, the large dark orbs once full of excitement and passion, were now filled with regret and shame.  She wondered how long she could go on like this.

Before, that strange and unrecognizable reflection would cause only a moment’s pause; it was nothing a little mascara and colored lenses couldn’t fix. But now, 7 years later, regardless of how many masks and layers she applied, regardless if no one else noticed, it was all she could see, and she was getting pretty tired of it. 

Pulling herself from the mirror, Jennie made her way to the shower. The least she could do was wash the crud and smeared makeup off herself, and perhaps the hot water would rinse away some of her embarrassment from last night as well. She peeled off her dress and underwear and entered the steaming shower. The hot spray eased her nerves, and she slowly felt the anxiety begin to subside. The fogginess that hung low in her mind after having drunk so much the night before dissipated, and once she felt more in control of herself and her emotions, she made her way out of the shower with a renewed sense of resolve. Wrapping herself in a towel, she headed back into the room to get dressed. 

Namjoon still slept soundly on her bed, and Jennie wanted nothing more than to join him there once more. Even though there would only be a foot of space in between them, she was sure that the years spent apart, the heartbreak, and the betrayal would act as a chasm, but this was the closest she’d been to him outside of her fantasies in many years, and the thought of smelling his skin on her pillow, at the very least, would be like heaven. Being near this beautiful man again had Jennie remembering that it’s possible to live a life filled with joy and love. She didn’t have to keep living the way she had. Today could be a brand new day. It could be the start of something different for her—she just wasn’t sure what yet. 

She tried desperately to be as quiet as possible, but the loud creak of the closet door startled Namjoon awake. Jolting upright, he was totally confused as to where he was, until his eyes locked with Jennie’s. For several seconds, they stayed that way—staring at each other in shock, until finally, Jennie let the towel fall from her wet body.

She crawled toward Namjoon on the bed, silently pleading to him not to reject her. But he surprised them both, when he didn’t give it a second thought. He wrapped his arms around her and gently flipped her over onto her back. Placing himself between her spread legs, he grabbed her small breast in his right hand—squeezing and kneading her nipple in between his fingers. When he heard her gasp, he paused, his gaze searching and studying her face. 

Wide-eyed and staring down at Namjoon wedged on top of her naked body, Jennie couldn’t believe this was really happening. Slowly her gaze made its way up to meet Namjoon’s, and they stared deeply into each other’s eyes once more. Namjoon searching for confirmation and consent. Does she want me? God Jennie, please say yes. And Jennie searching for reason. Trying to remember how and why she ever let him go. I can’t keep living like this—without you. 

“Namjoon” Jennie softly breathed out. Namjoon remained captivated wondering what she meant. What was she thinking, feeling?

Again Jennie spoke, “Namjoon.” 

“What Jennie? Want me to get off?” 

As Namjoon began to disentangle himself from her body, Jennie’s eyes widened with panic, “What! No! Namjoon, please. I want you. I’ve always wanted you. Please forgive me.” 

And with that Jennie closed the distance between their mouths. Kissing his lips frantically, sloppily.

Sloppy. A word rarely used to describe Mrs. Perfect, but seeing Namjoon again—feeling his hands on her body. Feeling the butterfly softness of his breath on her skin had her losing all the control she had built over the last 7 years. The walls she had built around her heart so she wouldn’t feel the pain, so she wouldn’t feel the loneliness, but most especially so she wouldn’t feel the guilt and regret of having chosen some rich asshole over the love of her life began crumbling down. 

Frantically, Jennie attempted to remove Namjoon’s clothes as they continued to kiss. Although, them not wanting to separate for more than a second made it difficult to make progress, so with a growl, Namjoon leaned back and made swift work of removing his clothes, pulling them off and throwing them out of the way. 

Now both of them naked, they took a second to admire the person in front of them—noticing how they’d changed and how they'd stayed the same. Eyes recognizing familiar freckles and the shape of their bodies. Namjoon’s body had filled out with muscle that had transformed him from the long, lanky boy he’d been in high school and college to this indomitable man that stood before her. And Jennie’s petite and slender body was made even more irresistible with age and the physical maturity of a grown woman. 

“You’re even more beautiful than I remembered, Jennie.” Namjoon said as he made his way back onto the bed.

Not knowing what to say, Jennie laid herself back onto the pillows, silently offering herself to him while maintaining eye contact the entire time.

Grabbing her left ankle, Namjoon guided Jennie to rest her leg on his shoulder. He slowly began to run this hands up and down her legs, leaving soft kisses on her calf, then down her thigh, leaning closer to leave open mouthed kisses on her hip, before dipping down to suck her clit into his mouth. 

Jennie cried out at the sudden burst of pleasure that shot through her, and Namjoon began licking and sucking this most sensitive of areas. 

Grabbing Jennie by the back of both of her knees, he brought her legs up and spread them wide, giving him full access to her glistening pussy and that perky pink hole below. 

Diving in with renewed vigor, Namjoon barely gave Jennie a moment to react as she instinctively gyrated her hips to meet the suction and movement of his mouth. Her hands coming down to rake through Namjoon’s dark locks nestled in between her legs. She could barely contain the sounds she was making, as Namjoon freed one of her legs and guided his fingers next to his tongue, plunging them in and out of her wet heat—neglecting his own erection, which was hard and heavy between his legs. 

“Namjoon...please I want you inside of me now…”

Namjoon stopped once he realized what she said and looked up at her, his mouth and chin glistening with a combination of his own spit and Jennie’s creamy wetness.

“Are you sure this is what you want, Jenny?”

“It’s what I've always wanted. If you’ll have me... but we have to be quiet Joonie... My brother is next door.”

With his fingers still deep inside her, Namjoon leaned up and kissed Jennie deeply, letting her taste herself on his lips.

“Of course, I’ll have you, Jennie, and I’m sure your brother is still asleep. Don’t worry.”

But Namjoon couldn’t help but think that Jeongguk fucking owed him after putting him through the loudest and most boisterous fuck session he’d ever listened to in his life last night. Yeah... There was no way he was holding back. And with that he pulled his fingers out of Jennie, licking them clean as he used his other hand to align his cock to her now stretched hole, and filled her to the hilt with one smooth thrust—pulling a loud and guttural moan from the petite woman below him. 

Jeongguk woke up to some strange sounds from his sister’s room. 

Shaking Jimin, “Minie, wake up! Wake up! What the hell is that?”

Slightly disoriented Jimin tried to understand what was going on. 

“What the fuck is that sound?!” Jeongguk repeated

Slightly blushing, Jimin responded, “It kind of sounds like, maybe, perhaps, your sister is getting some in the room next door.”

“What do you mean getting some?!”

“I mean, kind of like you got some last night…” Jimin responded with a small giggle, but Jeongguk wasn’t amused.

“Oh my God, Jimin do you think someone is taking advantage of my sister? You know she’s married! And I doubt that old sonofabitch drove all the way down here.”

Attempting to launch himself from the bed was more difficult than Jeongguk thought it would be, as he winced every time he moved a little too quickly. Last night had been amazing, but it had been a long time since he’d been fucked by another guy (about 10 years actually, since he hadn’t let anyone other than Jimin experience him that intimately) and his body was protesting all these swift movements, as he searched for something to wear. His room was a complete mess of various clothing items, used condoms, and pillows strewn around the room. 

But just as he was about to head to the door, the men heard Jennie’s voice ring out loud and clear, “Ugh YEAH! Ugh! Don’t stop!” 

Holding back his laughter, Jimin spoke up, “Um Gukkie, I don’t think Jennie would appreciate you rushing to her room right now.” Jimin was pretty certain what Jennie was up to and with whom, if his and Taehyungie’s intuition about Namjoon’s presence at the reunion were any indication.

“Come back to bed. Let me distract you…” Jimin whispered in his sultry, gravely voice.

“Yeah fucking right. Like I’m going to let you anywhere near my ass right now. It needs time to rest after last night.”

“Yeah well I’m not doing much better, Mr. Monster Cock... But you know there are other ways I can keep you occupied.”

The moans continued from the room next door, and Jeongguk let his head fall back in exasperation. 

“Okay, Jeonggukie, how about we go take a long, hot bath together and pray they finish up before we get out. If not, we’ll sneak out and get something to eat. I actually don’t have too much time, since Tae and I fly back to Seoul tonight.” 

Jeongguk felt his heart drop at the thought of Jimin leaving so soon, but he wouldn’t pass up the chance to spend more time with him, especially more naked time. So with a soft nod, the men made their way into Jeongguk’s bathroom, both experiencing feelings of excitement at being with one another and dread at wondering what’s to become of them. 

Chapter Text


“Mmm this feels good,” Jimin purred as he settled in between Jeongguk’s spread legs. The large and luxurious tub accommodated them both so comfortably-- the steaming, hot water relaxing their sore bodies and their anxious spirits. 

Jimin couldn’t believe that after so much time apart, he would feel so instantly at ease, so safe, and so cherished by this man, while at the same time be so unclear, so confused, and so unsure about what they were doing and what it all meant.

He leaned his head back against Jeongguk’s shoulder and closed his eyes as he felt Jeongguk wrap his large arms around his waist. The hot water lulling them into a pensive silence, allowing Jimin’s mind to wander off into memories of the night before. 

He remembered the feel of Jeongguk’s strong arms pinning him against the door of the room, the rhythmic grinding of his hips against his own, and the warm, wet kisses that he trailed down his neck.

He thought of how carefully Jeongguk had fingered him open and the burning stretch of his hole once Jeongguk eased himself inside of him, pumping with the perfect balance of force and gentleness. 

Jimin could feel himself heating up as the erotic images of Jeongguk and their night together flashed in his mind. Shifting slightly, he heard Jeongguk give a short grunt against his ear, but Jimin continued to pull up the memories. He replayed how he kissed Jeongguk awake, his dick hard and ready. He remembered how suddenly shy the taller man became as he eased himself between his legs.



“You okay Gukkie?” 

“I’m good. So good; it’s just been a while...ya know?”

“Been a while since what?”

“Since someone’s...been...inside me.”

“Oh yeah?” Jimin said in between kissing Jeongguk up and down his jaw, “How long?””

Jimin had stilled. Taking in what Jeongguk had just said, something in his heart broke and mended at the same time. Could it be that for all these years he wasn’t alone in his inability to move on? Had Jeongguk felt it too? And while it killed him to think that Jeongguk was hurting all this time as well, Jimin wondered in that moment if there really was something about what they shared--something about who they were and what they were to each other that made moving on impossible?

Snapping out of those thoughts, Jimin began to worship Jeongguk’s body. He wanted to make this experience worth the wait. He would kiss, lick, and suck every sensitive inch of this beautiful man until he was writhing beneath him, begging him for his cock. And that’s exactly what he did. He could still hear Jeongguk grunting “Oh Fuck!” every time he would snap his hips up and grind himself deeply into Jeongguk’s ass--occasionally slipping all the way out so he could marvel at Jeongguk’s gaping hole just to quickly fill back up again. 

Jimin didn’t realize he was shifting his hips as these memories rushed in his mind, unwittingly rubbing against Jeongguk’s crotch with his ass and driving him wild. It wasn’t until, Jeongguk ran both his hands up his thighs before one hand clenched his now stiff dick and the other began massaging his balls, that he was snapped back to the present. The evidence of Jeongguk’s arousal pressing against his lower back. 

Throwing his head farther back, Jimin let out a deep moan as he guided his own hands on top of Jeongguk’s, stroking himself alongside the larger man. 

After a few moments of this smooth and slow stroking, Jimin pushed himself up to properly sit on Jeongguk’s lap, rolling his hips to allow his plump ass to stroke Jeongguk’s massive hard-on. 

Jeongguk breathed deeply, while trailing open-mouthed kisses along Jimin’s shoulder and moved both of his hands to Jimin’s hips, helping to guide his gyrations. 

But Jimin was really sore and there was no way he was able to go another round this soon, so he slowly turned his body around, straddling Jeongguk with one leg on each side of him. Slipping his hand down into the water, he gripped both of their now rock-hard dicks as best he could in one of his small hands, while the other reached over and pumped some conditioner. 

Turning back around to give Jeongguk all his attention, Jimin subconsciously bit his thick bottom lip in between in teeth while appreciating the gorgeous man in front of him.

Almost 10 years since they’d last been together, time and age had been so good to him. His face still held that perfect combination of raw masculinity and adorable innocence. Yet right now, he looked more predatory than anything. It was obvious he was working hard to maintain control, and Jimin was tempted to tease him until he snapped, although he wasn’t sure he could handle the consequences just yet. So instead, he brought his lips up to meet Jeongguk’s waiting mouth. Their tongues grazing each other softly, relishing in the warmth and slickness of their mouths. All the while, Jimin continued to use his hands to stroke and massage their dicks together. 

Jimin could tell that Jeongguk was on the edge. He had thrown his head back against the headrest of the tub, his breathing was coming in harsh gasps, and his grip on Jimin’s hips was becoming almost painfully strong. 

Jimin decided to release his own dick so he could concentrate on using both his hands for giving Jeongguk pleasure. 

Soft grunts started to escape Jeongguk’s mouth as Jimin applied pressure to his swollen shaft, up and down, twisting his wrists at the base of his cock. 

Jeongguk felt his orgasm building. He began to thrust up into Jimin’s hands to match the rhythm of his strokes, while his balls got tighter and heavier. Jimin sensed that Jeongguk was close, but could tell that Jeongguk was getting frustrated, desperately chasing his release. While continuing his strong pumping with his right hand, Jimin trailed his left hand down to caress Jeongguk’s tight balls and then farther down to softly rub his puffy hole, pushing Jeongguk beautifully over the edge. Jimin continued the movement of his hands and fingers, while he watched Jeongguk come apart. 

“UGH! Yessss” was all he said as his body tensed up and several long bursts of cum filled the water around them. 

Finally bringing his head down, Jeongguk snapped his eyes open and locked gazes with Jimin who had been studying Jeongguk’s face as he climaxed. 

Jeongguk pulled Jimin’s body completely flush with his own. Smashing their lips together, Jeongguk grabbed both of Jimin’s arms, guiding them to wrap around his neck. Then gripping him by the waist, Jeongguk lifted Jimin’s body and carefully placed him on the edge of the tub. Jimin was so surprised by the sudden placement that he didn’t realize Jeongguk’s intention until he felt Jeongguk’s lips wrap around the swollen head of his dick. 

Jeongguk began hungrily running his tongue around Jimin’s sensitive tip and in his slit, lapping up the tiny beads of clear pre-cum that would appear as Jeongguk jerked Jimin off into his mouth.

Feeding off the rush of his own orgasm and his desperate need to make Jimin cum, Jeongguk began running long, languid kisses down the side of Jimin’s shaft, slicking it with his spit and sucking on the sides, whispering “I can’t get enough of you. I love the way you taste.” Licking a long stripe up the bottom of Jimin’s dick, he spoke again, “Actually... I want more.”

He grabbed one of the fluffy robes out of the basket he had placed nearby, spread it open on the wooden platform that surrounded his tub, and gently pushed Jimin to lay back. 

Jimin was grateful that the steam from the tub had warmed the room, as his body was still soaking wet and drops of water were dripping from his hair, causing goosebumps to rise on his skin and his nipples to perk on his chest. 

Jimin let his legs fall open, remembering how much Jeongguk loved to eat him out and how much the look, feel, and taste of his hole turned Jeongguk on. 

“Mmm” was all he heard before Jeongguk dove in. 



After a short time of cuddling, Namjoon sat on the edge of the bed and began looking for his clothes. Jennie continued to lay against her pillows watching him as he dressed; her heart was still racing after the sex they just had. 

“ Jennie...I hate rushing out like this, but I actually need to head home. I hadn’t planned to stay last night, and I promised my family that I would spen today with them before I leave was great...and it was really good seeing you again...”

Jennie, feeling the awkwardness begin to settle in, sat up quickly,

“Oh! Right! Of course. Thank you for staying with me last night. I got a little carried away and having you here really meant a lot to me.”

Jennie could feel herself blushing, her cheeks impossibly warm with embarrassment. What had she been thinking just throwing herself at Namjoon like that?!

Sensing her discomfort, Namjoon leaned in and kissed Jennie passionately on the lips--slowly caressing her lips with his--willing her to relax. He was already feeling like such an asshole leaving like this, but he didn’t know what else to do. And he wasn’t quite sure what he was feeling in this moment. He felt hurt and relief simultaneously, and it all was just so...confusing.

They stood together. Jennie had quickly put on a pair of pajamas and they were quietly walking out of her room into the hallway, when she turned and saw her brother also leaving his room followed closely behind by Jimin. Her friend Jimin and her brother were hanging out together in his room--and it was so strange to her--such an odd pairing. Her mind couldn’t make sense of it.

“Jeonggukie...Jiminie, what are you guys up to?”

Jeongguk and Jimin looked at each other briefly before Jeongguk turned and waved a hand between Jennie and Namjoon, a mischievous glint in his eyes,

“What are YOU guys up to? Actually don’t bother answering because I could clearly hear what you two were up to from all the way in my room.”

Namjoon couldn’t believe his ears. Was Jeongguk really complaining about him and Jennie being too loud?

With a small chuckle, he responded, “Uh you have room to talk considering you kept me up the entire night listening to you two fucking each other. I’m actually surprised you are both still in 1 piece!”

Jennie turned toward Namjoon in shock, her mouth open in an OH and her eyes wide, “Fucking? Each other?? What... Gukkie's with Jisoo?”

Jimin’s ears perked up, “Who’s Jisoo?” he asked. 

“His girlfriend...” Jennie answered casually.

“Girlfriend?” Stepping away from Jeongguk like he’d just been burned, Jimin glanced at him with such a look of betrayal before running down the hall toward the staircase. 

Jeongguk was stunned silent for a moment before he snapped at his sister, “What the hell, Jennie?!”

“I’m sorry... I didn't know. I didn’t mean…”

“Save it. I have to talk to him. How about you talk to your husband since you seem to have so much to say.” And with that Jeongguk ran off after Jimin-- calling down the hall, “Jimin, wait! Please! I can explain!”



Namjoon turned toward Jennie in the awkward stillness that had descended on them once again after her brother left. 

“So... are you and your husband still... together?”

“Uhh... Technically we are but..”.

“Wow! I thought surely y’all weren’t together anymore especially after everything we just did in there... Goddammit Jennie. How after all these years do you still put me in such shitty situations?!”

“No Namjoon! You don’t understand! I don’t love him. I don’t think I ever loved him.”

“Is that supposed to make me feel any better? You were willing to throw me away for someone you didn’t even love? Did my love and our life together mean nothing to you that you would trash it for what, if not love? Was it for money? Luxury? Prestige?”

“No, Namjoon! It wasn’t like that.”

“Then what was it like?”

“I... I just…”

“Listen Jennie. You were my first love. And I honestly think that a part of me will always love you. Seeing you again after all this time brought back so many feelings. I couldn’t help but feel protective of you, and just now, in your room… seeing your body, feeling you again, it a dream, but tomorrow I leave for my military service and you… well you’re still married, and we are not who we used to be…”

“Namjoon…” Jennie tried to interrupt, but Namjoon gently stopped her. 

“Jennie, please let me finish. I want to feel confident that the person I’m with wants to be with me too and loves me with her whole heart. I think there’s still a lot of uncertainty there for you, and I’m not willing to sit on the side while you figure it out.”

Jennie stayed quiet while Namjoon spoke. She knew she had put him in a terrible position and had made him feel like she was using him. And if she were being honest with herself, maybe she was. She missed how she felt when they were together, but she knew it wasn’t fair to Namjoon for her to use him to make her feel that way again. She had nothing to say except,

“I have missed you, Namjoon. So much.”

“I’ve missed you, too.”

“And I’m so so sorry.”

“I know you are, and I'm sorry too. I should have never let things go as far as... ”

“No please don't...I...I wanted that."

Namjoon simply nodded, and with a kiss to her cheek, he walked away. 



Jeongguk found Jimin outside on his phone. The relief he felt at seeing that Jimin was still there almost made him collapse right there on the spot. Out of breath, he reached out to grab Jimin’s arm, but Jimin pulled away from him,

“Get off of me!”

“Please let me explain.” 

“Please! Explain how you have a girlfriend but just spent the night with me. I’d love to hear it.” Jimin practically snarled. 

“Jimin! I don’t have a girlfriend. Okay?! We broke up!!! I just hadn’t told anyone yet.” Jeongguk’s eyes pleading to be believed.

Still a little skeptical, Jimin continued his questioning, “When did y’all break up?”

“Like a month ago.”

“Only a month? How long were y’all together?”

“I don’t know. Like a year and a half-- two years.”

“2 years! Oh my god! So am I just a fucking rebound hook up to you?”

“No!” Jeongguk said firmly, grabbing hold of Jimin by his shoulders, staring at him straight in the eye, “Don’t you understand?! Everyone I’ve ever been with--be it for a night, a day, a week, a year... They have all been rebounds of you .”

Pulling Jimin into his chest, Jeongguk wrapped his arms around the smaller man, willing him with all his soul to understand, 

“Please don’t leave like this.” Jeongguk whispered into Jimin’s ear. 

Slowly he felt the tension begin to leave Jimin’s body, before finally feeling Jimin wrap his arms around his waist. He honestly thought he could cry. 

“Jeongguk,” Jimin spoke softly. “Jeongguk I have to go still. I already called a taxi.”

“Jimin please. I can’t have you leave thinking that I would use you as a hook up.” He sounded so shaken up that Jimin couldn’t bear it.

“I believe you, Jeongguk. Because that would have been the most fucked up thing to do to me...and to her.”

“I would never, Jimin.” He said with every ounce of sincerity he could muster.

Then just like that Jimin leaned his head up to look at Jeongguk, and pulling up to his tiptoes, he pressed his lips gently to Jeongguk’s. A soft chaste kiss to show him that he believed in him.

They stood there holding each other for a few minutes more before they heard tires driving up the driveway. Looking up they saw Jimin’s taxi approaching. 

“Wait! Jimin, give me your phone!”

Jimin was slightly confused, but handed Jeongguk his phone, which happened to still be unlocked. 

Jeongguk quickly typed in his number and hit dial. 

“Now we have each other’s numbers. Will you call me tonight? I’d love to drive you to the airport and say goodbye before you leave...please?”

Jimin’s plush lips stretched into a shy smile before nodding yes. Waving goodbye, he turned, entered the cab, and left--his heart feeling lighter than it had in a long, long time.


Chapter Text

Namjoon was making his way out of the Jeon mansion, but he paused when he heard heated voices on the other side of the large front doors. He recognized them as Jeongguk and Jimin’s immediately, and while he was shocked seeing them together earlier, it was pretty obvious that there was more to their relationship than just a one night stand. 



"So am I just a fucking rebound hook up to you?”

“No…Don’t you understand. Everyone I’ve ever been with--be it for a night, a day, a week, a year... They have all been rebounds of you.”

He felt stuck. He didn’t want to eavesdrop, but he really had to go home and he also didn’t want to risk running into Jennie again by finding another way out. Plus the home was so vast that trying to navigate the grounds to find another exit was too stressful. So he just stood with his back against the door waiting for the right moment to make his escape--grateful that Jennie didn’t come looking for him. 



“Jimin please. I can’t have you leave thinking that I would use you as a hook up.” 

“I believe you, Jeongguk. Because that would have been the most fucked up thing to do to me...and to her.”

Hearing that last part made Namjoon’s heart stop in his chest. If he ever needed more confirmation that his and Jennie’s hookup was toxic, then this was it. Namjoon could feel himself growing angry that Jennie would have sex with him even though she was still married. But he didn’t feel like what he did was much better. He knew he was leaving the next day. He knew he had no intention of being there for the long run. Yet that didn’t stop him from hooking up with her. 

He also knew deep down that even though Jennie may have missed him, she didn’t love him. And he didn’t love her either. Not that you need to love someone to have sex, but when you had as much history and baggage as he and Jennie did, he knew it was best to leave the physical part of the relationship behind, along with the emotional. 

Finally, he heard the crunch of tires on the pavement outside and figured Jimin was getting picked up. He waited a minute more before making his way outside.

“Hey bro,” Namjoon said as he opened the door. Jeongguk had his back to him, watching Jimin leave in the taxi.

Turning around Jeongguk finally took notice of Namjoon, a blank expression on his face, “Hey.”

And again Namjoon found himself in another awkward silence, “Listen...Jeongguk...I’m sorry about that whole fiasco upstairs with Jimin and all that stuff about hooking up and the girl friend. I realize now that there’s a lot more there…”

“No it’s okay. We sorted it out, and actually I should be the one apologizing. I’m sorry for bringing up you and Jennie and”

“Right.” Namjoon interrupted--not wanting to bring the subject up again. Clearing his throat to ease the tension, he went on, “So, look, I gotta run, but I wanted to wish you the best, Jeongguk. Also, I never got the chance to tell you this before when Jennie and I were together, and I’m honestly not sure when I’ll run into you again, but I always wanted you to know how much I appreciated the way you loved and supported Jennie. You’re a great brother. I always respected that about you.”

Jeongguk was taken aback by this unexpected praise. “Oh. Thanks man. It kind of makes me feel like shit about how I yelled at her upstairs.”

“Well, I think the whole situation was pretty intense, so don’t beat yourself up too much about it. But you may want to go in and check on her. We kind of had a bit of a hard discussion as well, and I think she could use her brother right now.”

“Really? Damn, okay. I’ll go check on her.” 

Reaching out, Jeongguk shook hands with Namjoon and they patted each other on the back, “Take care of yourself.” he said, before each man turned away. One running inside to find his sister, and the other to begin a new chapter in his life, with a new hope now that he felt like he’d finally closed the last one. 

Jeongguk called his sister’s name as he ran up the stairs toward their rooms, “Jen!” 

She was no longer in the hallway, so barely knocking before he threw open the door to her room, he called out “Jennie, you in here?”

No response. 

He even poked his head in his own room for good measure, remembering that his sister used to retreat to his room when she needed comfort. Even though it was a long shot considering they were in a fight, he still called her name, “Jennie?”

Still nothing. 

He decided to make his way back downstairs, feeling a sudden urgency to make up with his sister. But walking through the living room, the sight before him stopped him dead in his tracks. The house was a disaster. There were liquor bottles left everywhere and pillows from the couch all on the floor. It was then that he fully remembered there had been a party at his house the previous night. With reconnecting and spending his night (and his morning) with Jimin, then the run in with his sister and Namjoon, and finally having to work out that horrible misunderstanding with Jimin, the thought of the afterparty was the absolute last thing on his mind.

Thankfully there weren’t any stragglers left sleeping on his floor and nothing looked broken or badly damaged, but they would definitely have to spend hours getting their house back in order, which he definitely wasn’t looking forward to. But all of that would have to wait; first he needed to find his sister. 

He stood in the middle of the messy living room and thought. He thought of his sister, how upset she probably was after not only fighting with him but also Namjoon. He wondered where in this house she would go, if not her room. This house where they grew up together. This house that held so many of their happiest and most painful memories. Then like a bolt of lightning, he knew. 

Opening a very nondescript door toward the back of the kitchen, Jeongguk walked through a small, dark hallway that echoed the sound of his footsteps as he walked until eventually it opened to an enormous, white room with windows that lined the entire wall, letting in the soft yellow light of the mid-morning sun and overlooked one of their gardens.

It had been years since he’d stepped foot in this room; his mother’s sun room. She would spend hours here painting and creating art while listening to music. He and his sister would often sprawl themselves out on the large fluffy couch and watch their mother sit in front of one of her huge canvases, her hair pulled up in a messy bun and her fingers covered in paint or glue or small bits of paper. He remembered how the light from the windows would hit her in such a way that they swore she was a real life angel. 

There was no place in the world they felt more comfortable or more at peace than here with her. But that was back when she was alive. And for Jennie and Jeongguk, it felt like their mother took all the light and all the joy and all the comfort they once felt here away with her when she died, and all that was left was the memory of what they used to be.  

It was here that he found his sister. She was curled into a little ball on their mother’s couch, a pillow over her face as she cried. And any irritation or anger that he felt toward his sister evaporated instantly. In this world, there was no one whose heart and whose soul called out to his own more than his sister’s. Her joy was his joy and her anguish was his anguish, and even when she may not deserve it, he could never and would never withhold his love and grace from her. 

Softly, he made his way over to her and knelt on the floor near her feet. 

“Jennie… Sissy… look at me.”

Jennie only clutched at the pillow tighter, mumbling incoherently as she cried. Jeongguk gently began tugging at the pillow, forcing Jennie to look at him. When finally their eyes met, Jennie latched her arms around Jeongguk’s neck and began crying into his shoulder.

“I’m so so sorry, Gukkie. I didn’t know! I didn’t mean to make you mad, I swear. I was just so shocked to hear Namjoon say that, and...”

“I know, Jennie, I know you didn’t. I’m not mad. And it wasn’t your fault. I’m the one who should be sorry. I was so scared that Jimin would leave me thinking I had cheated on my girlfriend with him or used him somehow that I took it out on you and threw you under the bus with Namjoon. I’m sorry Jennie. Please forgive me. He told me you guys fought. I’m sure it had to do with what I said.”

Jennie had steadily relaxed as Jeongguk spoke. Just hearing that her brother wasn’t angry at her provided instant relief. He was the most important person in her life, and the thought of them not being on good terms was unbearable to her. 

But with the mention of Namjoon’s name, shame began to overtake the relief she felt just a moment ago. “Honestly Gukkie, I don’t want to talk about it. It was a horrible mistake. The fact that I’m still married to SooHyun and yet I put Namjoon in that situation is so shameful. I honestly can’t believe I did something like that.” The tears had begun pooling her in eyes once more and her lip trembled as she tried to hold back her sobs. 

Getting up to sit next to his sister, Jeongguk pulled Jennie close to him, allowing her to lean her head on his shoulder as he wrapped his arms around her small frame.

“I spoke to Namjoon outside before he left, and he didn’t seem angry. Actually he was the one who told me to come find you. He told me that you might need me…”

Jennie tilted her head up to look at her brother’s face, ensuring that he was telling the truth and seeing nothing but sincerity in his eyes, she nuzzled herself deeper into his chest. But it didn’t ease her conscience. It didn’t make her feel any better for having used Namjoon for her own needs and for having cheated on her husband, regardless of how she felt about him. It was becoming so evident that she had a pattern in her life of focusing on attaining what she wanted without giving much regard to how it affected those around her, and seeing Namjoon’s face of betrayal earlier had really shown her how far she’d gone.

“Thank you for trying to make me feel better, bunny, but I don’t think there’s making up for this.”

“I get it Jennie. And again I’m so sorry for how I exposed you like that, but we all make mistakes and its about how you move forward from here.”

“I’m leaving him…”


“SooHyun. I’m leaving him. I think I always knew that once I came down here for the reunion that I wasn’t going back, but after today, I think its pretty clear that I have a lot to learn about myself and a lot of growing up to do, and I’m really tired of constantly dragging people into my mess and hurting them in the process.”

“Damn Jennie. Well I’m here for you no matter what.” Jeongguk kissed the top of her head, “You know that right?”

“Actually, after seeing how mad you were at me earlier, I was afraid I had lost you too.” Her voice, full of emotion, cracked at the end of her sentence, and Jeongguk knew that Jennie needed reassurance. 

“Jennie, we are more than brother and sister. We are twins. We have always been together, literally since before we were born, and we will be together for all of our lives. Nothing will make me not love you, sissy.” Jeongguk was pulling out the big guns by calling her by his childhood nickname for her, but it was the name that linked them to one of the most beautiful times of their lives and really in moments like this, it couldn’t hurt to have a little extra reminder of the love they always shared.

After sitting in comfortable silence for a little while more, it was Jennie’s time to speak up.

“So, are you going to tell me about Jimin and Jisoo? I don’t want to upset you so you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, but I’m here for you too, you know? You can talk to me.”

“Actually, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about Jisoo for a while, but I knew you were going through a lot in your marriage and I didn’t want to burden you with my stuff, but the truth is that Jisoo and I broke up about a month ago...I just...wasn’t in love with her, and it was so unfair to her to stay together when I knew in my heart that our relationship wasn’t going anywhere. If I’m being honest, I think I stayed with her mostly because dad liked her so much and he actually seemed proud of me for once. Like I somehow wasn’t his disappointment of a son anymore all because I had a girl by my side. It honestly makes me so fucking mad when I think about how much of my life I’ve spent miserable just so I can make him proud of me.”

“God, I completely understand, Jeongguk. I felt the same way about me and SooHyun. Dad was so excited for me to finally be an asset to our family, and marrying SooHyun with all his legal connections was enough for him. It didn’t matter if I loved him or if I was happy, all that mattered was that it looked good and worked out for the business. At least you had the decency to break it off with Jisoo, and didn’t end up doing what I did.”

“Jennie...don’t be like that…”

“Shush Gukkie, it's okay. I know what I did. But really, I’m kind of relieved you’re not with her anymore. I could tell you weren’t happy with her. What I am surprised about is Jimin! Where the hell did that come from?”

And for the next few of hours the twins sat huddled together in their mother’s sunroom, surrounded by her old artwork and the memory of her laughter and warmth. Jeongguk shared about the summer he spent with Jimin, how he fell in love, how their father’s wrath and shame of him compelled him to leave, and how he never got over his love for the other man. 

Jennie shared about her relationship with Namjoon, how she had felt suffocated--not because of anything Namjoon had done but because Jennie had never learned who she was or what she wanted. Even her decision to major in medicine in college was because that was what Namjoon had always wanted to do, so she figured she wanted to too. 

They apologized to each other for keeping such huge parts of their lives secret from one another and wondered out loud why they lived with so much shame and embarrassment-- promising to always trust the other with their deepest fears and desires, nothing was off-limit. 

They spent the rest of their time reminiscing about their childhood and funny memories with their parents. Slowly they felt restored and like the heavy burden of unspoken expectations was being lifted from their shoulders. This was the start of a new season of life for the twins. From this point forward they were going to learn to love themselves and seek out those things in life that brought them genuine joy. But they knew it wasn’t going to be easy, especially when their dad learns about Jennie leaving her husband and Jeongguk leaving Jisoo. He also wasn’t sure what his and Jimin’s status was just yet, it was obviously too soon to say, but he was completely certain that his father wouldn’t like hearing about that part of his life either.    

The sun had started setting since the twins left their mother’s room to head back into the main house to clean up. No matter how privileged they had been growing up, there was no way they were going to leave this mess for the staff to take care of. So side by side the twins worked diligently to put things back in order. 

“How are we going to explain all the missing bottles of liquor?” Jeongguk asked from across the room, trying to reorganize their dad’s liquor cabinet in such a way that would mask all the bottles that had disappeared.

Just then, he felt his phone go off. Reaching in his pocket to check who was messaging him, his heart did a flip when he saw that Jimin had texted.

Jimin > JK

Hey Gukkie, I was wondering if you were still willing to bring me to the airport? 

(Jeongguk’s hands were trembling as he texted back, trying to sound calm.)

JK> Jimin

Yes, of course! 

Jimin > JK
Cool :) How about you pick me up in about 30 minutes? I’m staying with my parents; do you remember how to get here?

JK > Jimin

I remember. I’ll see you soon.

Jeongguk’s heart was beating out of his chest, but it was the wide smile on his face that was the give away for his sister.

“Look at that cheese!” Jennie called out to him. “I guess it's safe to assume you just heard from Jimin?”

“Ha! Yeah, he just texted me. I told him I’d take him to the airport later, and he wants me to pick him up in about 30 minutes. I have to go get ready and leave soon.” Then looking around at the still disheveled room, “But there’s still a lot of work you need me to stay and help?”

“Are you fucking kidding me right now, Jeongguk?! No I don’t need you to stay and help! Go get ready! I’ll see you later.”

And placing a big kiss on Jennie’s cheek, he ran upstairs to get ready. 

Jimin sat in the living room of his parents house. Everyone was hustling and bustling about the house, but Jimin just sat still, with a soft smile on his face, his phone still clutched in his hands.

“Earth to Jimin.” His brother said while waving a hand in front of his face.

Jimin looked up and saw his younger brother standing next to him, “Huh?”

“I asked if you were hungry… mom was wondering if she should make you something to eat before you leave.”

“Oh! I hadn’t thought about that. Yeah I should probably eat something, I’m actually getting picked up in a little bit by a friend, and I may just ask him to pick up some food on our way to the airport.”

“A friend, huh? Is this friend the reason you didn’t come home last night?”

Eyes wide in surprise, Jimin exclaimed, “You brat!” and swatting his brother on his arm.

“I’m just messing with you. I love you big bro. I’m happy that I got to see you.”

“Hey, I love you too! I know I was really busy helping with the reunion and all, but I promise I’ll be back down more often, okay? I’m sorry that we didn’t spend as much time as we should have together.”

“It’s okay. Just don’t be a stranger. Talking on the phone is not the same as getting to be together in person.”

Jimin knew that his brother wasn’t trying to make him feel bad, but he still felt a pang of guilt, nonetheless. He vowed to himself to visit more often. His family was so loving and supportive of him, and he wanted to give them more of himself than just his weekly phone calls. 

Pulling his brother in for a tight hug, he put all his love into the embrace. 

“Alright little bro, I’ve gotta go say goodbye to mom and dad. I love you okay?”

“I love you too. Travel safely and call me when you get home.”

It wasn’t too long after he had said goodbye to his mom and dad that Jimin heard a knock on the door followed by the ring of the doorbell.

Making his way to the front of the house, Jimin was surprised to see Jeongguk standing outside his front door. He had expected the other man to simply text him when he arrived, but having him come all the way to the door to get him almost made this seem like they were going on a date. Jimin felt his mom and dad walk up behind him, and before he could even say hello to Jeongguk, his parents had swooped in to welcome Jeongguk into their home.

“Jeongguk Jeon!” His father’s voice boomed, “I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Park. Uh Yeah, I’m actually here to bring Jimin to the airport, but it’s good to see both of you.”

Jimin’s parents observed how Jimin had settled himself tightly to Jeongguk’s side and offered an encouraging squeeze to his arm. Exchanging a brief and knowing glance to one another, the older Parks kissed their son goodbye and thanked Jeongguk for driving him to the airport before quickly shooing the two men out the door.

Settled in Jeongguk’s black SUV, the men were finally on the road.

“Your parents are really sweet.”

“Yeah they are. They’re really supportive too. I don’t know what I would have done without their support all these years.”

“I’m sure I can imagine. My dad has never really been the supportive and loving type.”

Tucking a stray strand of hair behind Jeongguk’s ear, Jimin’s heart hurt for Jeongguk, just thinking of how much pressure Jeongguk lived with to try to please his father.

“I’m sorry Gukkie. I’m sorry it's been so hard for you.”

“Thanks, Minnie. But enough about that. Let’s get you home safely. Where’s Taehyung, by the way?”

“My brother said he left early this morning to go visit some family and friends before we take off tonight. We’re going to meet at the terminal later on... Hey, I wanted to ask if you didn’t mind us stopping to pick up something to eat. My flight isn’t for another 3 hours or so, and I didn’t get a chance to eat after getting home and having to pack up this morning.”

“Sure! That sounds great actually. I didn’t get to eat either. Jennie and I have been cleaning the house all day from the afterparty.”

“Oh God! I completely forgot about the party. Did the house get trashed?”

“It was a huge mess, but at least no one wrecked the place, which was a relief.”

“I’m sorry about that Gukk.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about, Jimin, and honestly I’m happy that it happened...Not the mess obviously, but the party. Because without that party, I wouldn’t have gotten to spend the night with you.”

Jimin turned to look at Jeongguk, who was staring straight ahead as he drove, but Jimin noticed Jeongguk’s ears had turned red from shy embarrassment. Reaching out to take one of Jeongguk’s hands, Jimin squeezed Gukkie’s larger hand in his, “I can’t even begin to express how much last night meant to me, and today too, even though we had a little rough patch in the middle.” He said with a small laugh.

They continued to hold hands as they drove toward a local burger place that worked like a drive in. And after they placed their orders, they parked waiting for the food to arrive. 

Turning to look at each other, Jeongguk spoke up first, “Jimin...things have moved really quickly this weekend. Its crazy how we went from not talking to each other for years and years to spending the night together and sitting here now. But really, this is like a dream come true for me. I know we live really far away from each other, but Jennie and I spoke a lot today, and I’m done letting my life pass me by. So I’m kind of hoping that you’d be willing to keep talking to me and for us to get to know each other again, even from a distance...And listen its okay to say no. I’m not going to lie and say it won’t hurt, but there’s no pressure for you to have to reopen things that are 10 years old… Its okay if this was a one night thing for you…”

Jeongguk couldn’t stop babbling, that was until Jimin took his face in between his two small hands and pressed his luscious lips against his. Jeongguk sighed into the kiss. Leaning his head to the side to give Jimin more access, he soon felt Jimin’s warm, wet tongue slip into his mouth. Moaning into the kiss Jeongguk grabbed Jimin by the back of his neck and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss to impossible levels. Damn this fucking console that separated them. Jeongguk was seconds away from lifting Jimin over the console to place him on his lap, when the men heard a loud tap on the window. Separating, they saw a young guy in a restaurant uniform holding up the bags of their food for them to see. Slightly embarrassed, Jeongguk lowered the window and paid for the food, while Jimin straightened his hair and clothes. 

When the worker had finally walked away, Jeongguk let out a large huff and covered his face in his hands. 

“Well that was embarrassing…”

“Ah! Don’t worry about it! We’ll never see him again anyway.” Jimin said reassuringly but then he went on, “Listen, I didn’t get to answer you before we had our impromptu make out session, but I want you to know that I would love for us to keep talking and getting to know each other again. I’ve honestly never felt about anyone the way I feel about you, and I really want to see where this leads us.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.”

“Well, I was hoping you’d ask.” 

“Oh yeah? And what would have happened if I hadn’t asked?”

“Ah, then I guess I would have left and we would have never spoken again…”


“I’m kidding! Of course I would have asked you instead.”

They ate their food and chatted for a while, their conversation flowing so easily, before finally making their way to the airport. Once they arrived, Jeongguk got out his car quickly to make his way around to open the door for Jimin.  Jimin just smiled shyly as he felt like he was being courted and wooed by this beautiful man, who, if he was being honest with himself, already owned his heart. Next Jeongguk opened the back of his SUV to grab the luggage. Settling everything in front of Jimin in the departure area of the airport, they stared at each other for a long time, before Jimin finally closed the distance between them, hugging Jeongguk tightly around his waist. Jeongguk squeezed him back and placed a soft kiss to the top of his head. 

“We’ll talk soon.” Jimin said against Jeongguk’s chest.

“Yes we will. Safe travels.”

“Thank you, Jeongguk.”

And with that Jimin grabbed his luggage and made his way into the airport--turning around once to wave goodbye before Jeongguk drove away.

Walking to the terminal, Jimin saw Taehyung’s tall form waiting for him. 

Running to give his best friend a hug, he leaned up with a huge smile on his face, his eyes all but disappeared, “I have so much to tell you!”

“I would imagine so, Minnie.” Then nodding toward the front of the airport, Taehyung added,  “And it was nice to see that Jeongguk finally made it to the airport with you after all these years.”

It took Jimin a long moment to realize what Taehyung had just said. Was it possible?

“Taehyungie… you knew?”


Chapter Text

3 months later


“Can you see me?” 

Jimin had set up his iPhone on a stand, and the camera was currently pointing toward his bed. The screen showing a clear and crisp picture of part of his room, but most importantly, his bed. 

Jimin shared a condo with Taehyung in a trendy part of Seoul, and his room while not exceptionally large was subtly luxurious--there were flowing white curtains that framed the large window overlooking the city, his queen sized bed, simple, but dressed in fine linens. 

“Yes I can see,” the deep and husky voice of Jeongguk rang out in the still quiet of Jimin’s room. 

“Good because I have a surprise for you.” 

Jimin and Jeongguk had kept in touch after the reunion starting with shy texts--the first being from Jeongguk hoping Jimin made it home safely. From there it progressed to some “how was your day?” texts. Then they found themselves texting each other “good morning” and reaching out on particularly hard days or to share exciting news from their lives. 

Jimin’s cheeks still flushed when he thought about that first move toward something a little more intimate after their weekend together at the reunion. 





About a month after they’d returned from Busan, Jimin had gone out with Taehyung to celebrate Tae’s new contract with Vanity Fair. The night was spent with all of their friends and many of Tae’s clients and peers. The energy was so happy and celebratory that Jimin drank a little more than he normally would. And without the sound judgement of sobriety, he found himself texting Jeongguk at 2 in the morning from the bar. 

JM>JK [2:07AM]

I miss uyo. I wish you wre here.

JM>JK [2:33AM]

This nasty old guh was tryin to dance on me

So fuking gorss 

Bun ?!@

JM>JK [2:51AM]

Youre so hot now yu know that?!!

I wish   u wer here I would let you wreck me 

Or maybe wyou would letme wreck you?

JM>JK [3:43AM]


Goodnight bunnhy 


Jeongguk hadn’t seen any of Jimin’s messages until he woke up the next morning. His Do Not Disturb feature having kicked on during the night. The messages started out innocent enough, and Jimin was so obviously drunk that Jeongguk found himself chuckling, but as the messages progressed Jeongguk’s heart began to race. Jimin went to a dance club. Damn, I bet guys were hitting on him all night. I hope to God he didn’t hook up with anyone. Then when he read the part about Jimin wanting Jeongguk to wreck him, all his blood rushed straight to his dick. But more than anything, he felt his heart swell that Jimin had gone home and thought of him before falling asleep. It had been a month of them tip toeing around each other, but with each day, Jeongguk felt more and more confident that this was the man he wanted to spend his life with, and he was ready to make their relationship official from here on out.


JK>JM [8:56AM]

Morning chickie. I miss you too. 😘 I’m glad you made it home safely. Call me later.

Hitting send, Jeongguk got out of bed to start his day. A pep in his step knowing that today was the last day he would live in this relationship limbo. He wanted Jimin as his, and hopefully after he told Jimin directly of his feelings and intentions, Jimin would want him too. 

Jimin had woken up late the next morning, still reeling from the night before. He hadn’t drunk that much in such a long time, and his body was feeling sluggish and sore. Eyes still adjusting to the daylight, he reached for his phone, just like he did every morning as of late, to check if Jeongguk had called or texted, and his heart fluttered when he read Jeongguk’s message to him.  Morning chickie. I miss you too. 😘 I’m glad you made it home safely. Call me later.

He opened his messages to reply. That was when he realized that he’d been spamming Jeongguk’s phone all night with drunken texts. He felt his face burn red with embarrassment as he read each of his late night texts. They started out innocent enough but as the night progressed he was getting looser and looser with his words until the icing on the cake, when he told Jeongguk to wreck him! 

If he could have turned to a pile of ashes in that moment, he would have. But Jeongguk hadn’t mentioned any of that in his morning greeting to him. Was it possible JK hadn’t read them?

Jimin quickly called Jeongguk’s phone, hoping to convince him to delete all his messages or, worst case scenario, to apologize for drunk texting him all night. As the phone rang, Jimin begged whatever god could be listening to not let his dumb texts jeopardize his relationship with Jeongguk. Over the last month, Jeongguk had carved an even deeper space in Jimin’s heart, and the thought of losing him was unbearable.



“Hi Gukkie.” Jimin’s voice was small and timid.

“Hi Chickie”

Jimin breathed deeply when he heard Jeongguk call him by his pet name. 

“So...last night...I had a little too much to drink…”

“Uh huh…”

“....Yeah well I may have sent you a bunch of drunk texts, and I was kind of hoping...that if you haven’t read them yet, you could just go ahead and delete them really quickly. WithOUT reading them, please…” 

“I’m sorry, Jimin, no can do.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you see, I’ve already read them and committed them to memory. In fact, I think I may even have them all printed and use them as wallpaper for my room.”

“OH my GOd! Stop being such a dick!”

Jeongguk continued as if Jimin hadn’t said a thing, his voice full of mischievous laughter. 

“I particularly loved the part about you wanting me to wreck you.”

Jimin was silent on the other end, making Jeongguk worry he had gone too far in his teasing.


There was a long pause before he heard, “...I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry I said that to you, Jeongguk.”

Jeongguk scratched the back of his neck to settle his nerves. This moment came faster than he had anticipated, but he was ready for this.

“Jimin, I actually wanted to talk to you about something.”

Jimin’s heart sank at that very moment. He felt the distinct prickling of tears beginning to form in his eyes. This was it. The moment he had been dreading…

Jeongguk spoke up again, breathing deeply to calm his nerves. He didn’t want to scare Jimin off by what he was about to say,

“First of all, chickie, you have nothing to be sorry about, okay? I thought it was funny. And in this weird way I felt kind of flattered that when you were all drunk and needy, that I was the one you thought about…*clearing his throat from nervousness* Chickie, I know we’ve only been reconnected for a month now, but it’s been one of the best months of my life. I fell in love with you when I was 14 years old, and this last month with us talking again only proved to me that I never fell out of love with you, and that... please don’t get weirded out by this, but in my heart I feel like you’re my destiny. Like, I am you and you are me, made for each other type shit…”

Jeongguk shut up after saying all that. He was growing more self-conscious as the seconds passed without hearing a sound from Jimin’s end.


Jimin was speechless, while tears streamed down his face. What a moment ago felt like Jeongguk was going to leave him because of his stupid texts, turned into hearing Jeongguk tell him he loved him, had always loved him. And the breath that he felt he had been holding for almost a decade was finally let go. He was overwhelmed with a sense of relief and joy and comfort and validation, that yes, they were meant for each other. He wasn’t a crazy weirdo for not moving on. It was all for this moment. 


“Jimin?” He heard Jeongguk shyly speak into the phone, and he realized he had left Jeongguk hanging after that dramatic declaration of love. There was nothing he could say that could compare to what Jeongguk had just shared so he went with what he thought was the next best thing,


“I love you, too, Jeongguk. I always have and I know I always will.”

“You love me too?”

“Yes, goofy, I love you too.”

“Since always?”

“Yes Jeongguk. Since always and forever.”

“I love you Jimin.”

“I know, bunny. I love you too.”

“I know, chickie.”

From that moment on, Jimin and Jeongguk were official boyfriends, and they made it a priority to keep in touch and grow in their intimacy even though they lived so far away and led such busy lives. Which led us to this moment, with each man in front of a camera. Jeongguk with a perfect shot of Jimin’s bed, anticipation of seeing his boyfriend sending shivers down his spine. 

“Can you see me?”

“Yes I can see you.”

“Good because I have a surprise for you.” Then just like that Jimin walked off-screen, still talking, “Is Jennie home?” Jennie had moved in with Jeongguk shortly after the reunion, only needing a small amount of time to retrieve her things from her ex-husband’s house. 

“No she left early this morning to work out. I think she’s meeting up with some friends afterwards...What about Tae?"

“He stayed over at Yoongi’s place last night. Yoongi’s getting settled in at the company, and I think they had some welcome get-together for him. So we have some time to ourselves on this beautiful Sunday morning, which leads me to my surprise.

“Oh yeah? I can’t wait.”

Then Jimin was back, this time with a black box held in his hands. He set the box next to him on the bed, and looking into the camera, he gave a big, cheeky grin.

“What’s in the box, chickie?”

Patting the box gingerly, Jimin replied, “It’s your surprise, but I need you to be patient for just a little while longer.”

Standing up, he began to undo his white robe, letting it fall to the floor at his feet. Jimin’s lean, athletic body was exposed except for his form-fitting black boxer shorts. Jeongguk could make out the large bulge, evidence of his boyfriend’s arousal. 

Jeongguk found his breath quickening and his palms sweating at the sight. 

“I’m starting to think it's that type of surprise.”

“Are you excited, bunny?”

“Oh yeah, there’s no words to express how fucking excited I am.”

“Well sit tight, my love.”

And just like that Jimin pulled down his boxer shorts, allowing his already stiff cock to spring free from the tight shorts that confined him. 

Stroking himself lazily, Jimin turned around and opened the box, pulling out a large, and what appeared to be glass, dildo from the box. He couldn’t be certain, but the dildo looked to be about his length but nowhere near his girth, regardless he couldn’t wait to see Jimin stretched out on it and writhing with pleasure. Reaching around his desk, Jeongguk grabbed a small ribbed vibrator that he lubed generously. Slouching down and spreading his legs a bit, Jeongguk brought the vibrator inside his pants, searched for his entrance, and then slowly pushed it inside himself, turning it on to stimulate his prostate as he watched his boyfriend through the computer screen. 

Jimin’s gorgeous milky thighs were now spread wide as he knelt on the bed before him--giving him an incredible view of his tight hole. Lubing up his fingers, Jimin began to circle the pink and puckered hole with his fingers, sighing as he allowed one and then two of his fingers to slip inside.

Jeongguk was beyond hot at this point. It had been three months since they’d been with each other physically, but in just a couple of weeks, Jimin was coming to stay with him for a while. These rare moments of intimacy through web camera was sustaining them until then. 

Jeongguk watched as Jimin began scissoring his fingers in and out of his ass, small gasps and moans escaping as he worked himself up. Finally, after Jimin was certain he’d stretched himself enough, it was time for the new toy.

Turning back toward the camera, Jimin spoke up, his voice still breathy with arousal, 

“Gukkie… ready to see your surprise in action?” he asked.

“Yes baby, I’m ready.” He said as he began to tug his own dick out, which was still nestled in his sweatpants. 

Turning back around, Jimin grabbed the large dildo in his small hand and squeezed lube over it using the other. Spreading the lube around he finally situated himself on the bed--knees and ass spread wide, his head on the mattress. Then rubbing the head of the glass dick up and down his crack, he finally caught the tip of his now-stretched hole.  

Jeongguk was practically writhing in his chair, the vibrator causing intense sparks of pleasure to shoot through him and only the tight grip on his dick was keeping him grounded.

But once Jimin started to properly fuck himself on that large dildo, all of Jeongguk’s self-control was shot. He started gyrating against the vibrator making the sensation even more intense, and his large dick was swollen enough for both of his hands to latch onto--pumping them up and down the silky skin of his thick shaft.

The deep grunts he heard from his speakers as he watched Jimin take that large dick in his ass had him keyed up so high that he found himself grunting as well with the overwhelming stimulation. All he could think about was how fucking sexy Jimin was and how deliciously tight and warm he felt around his dick. The thought of taking Jimin hard and fast from behind was all he needed to let his load spill all over his sweatshirt and his lap. Husky moans escaping every time another stream of warm cum shot from his dick.

“Was that you Gukkie? Did my bunny cum himself?”

Jeongguk was still shooting his load. Damn, he couldn’t remember cumming this much in his life, but if he were being honest, it was probably the longest he’d gone without sex in a long time and with each climax he found his desperation to make love to Jimin grow. He couldn’t even imagine the pleasure that he would feel in just a couple of weeks' time. 

At that thought, he heard rustling coming from his computer. Jimin had turned around and rested his back against the headboard of his bed. The dildo still shoved up his ass, but now Jimin was seeking his own release. Gripping his dick in his right hand, Jimin began jerking himself off in front of the camera while he clumsily fucked himself with the dildo with the other hand. 

“I’m close Gukkie. God, I wish this were you.”

Then not even 2 seconds later, Jeongguk watched his gorgeous boyfriend cum all over himself. Thick white stripes shooting from his dick. How he wished he could be there to swallow all of it down. 

Still panting deeply Jeongguk began to speak, “That was so hot, chickie. I’m so lucky you’re mine. I love you so much.”

Jimin had yet to recover from his orgasm. Slumping his body down, he let the dildo slip out of him as he tried to catch his breath. 

“Love you too bunny...” 

They spent just a couple more minutes coming down from their orgasms before logging off to go clean up and start their days.

Jimin cleaned off his dildo and packed it back up in the box before jumping in the shower. The hot water rinsing off all the dry cum and lube from his body. His mood light and jovial at the thought of his boyfriend finding him sexy and jerking off while watching him pleasure himself. While he missed Jeongguk so much and wished they could be near each other, Jimin also found himself so grateful for the distance as well. They were able to slow down their courtship to work toward something more meaningful. Yes, they had these small moments of phone sex or web cam play, but for the most part, they spent their time simply talking to one another, learning about each other’s lives and supporting each other emotionally. As he grew older, Jimin realized that there was more to a relationship than just sexual chemistry, and he wanted to learn about Jeongguk, his needs and desires, as well as his faults and shortcomings, so that he could be the best partner and support to him possible. There was nothing he wanted more than for them to work, and in his heart of hearts, he knew they would. 

Leaving the shower to get dressed into something comfortable, Jimin stripped the linens from his bed and threw them in his large hamper to get laundered later that day. When he heard his stomach rumbling with hunger, he finally ventured out into the condo toward the kitchen. It was there that he found Taehyung with his headphones on lounging on the couch and watching something on his phone. 

Jimin was shocked to see him, not expecting him home from Yoongi’s this early. 


When he received no response from his friend, he walked up to him and waved his small hand in front of Tae’s face.


“Uh?” Was all he got from Taehyung, who was pulling his headphones down as he stared up at Jimin’s confused face. “Ah! So you’re done, finally!”


“You and who I suspect was Jeongguk…Y’all are done, right?”

Jimin felt his face flush, “Oh. Yeah we’re done now.... I didn’t realize you were home, TaeTae.”

“I’m sorry, I should have texted you, but I promise I didn’t hear much. I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, so I’ve just been watching videos on my phone.” 

Looking around, their condo was filled with boxes and dismantled furniture--even Tae’s bed was dismantled, all its pieces organized against one of the walls. The only comfortable seating in the condo, other than in Jimin’s room, was on the couch, and Taehyung had claimed it as his temporary bed until he was finally moved out. 

“Right. Well thanks.” Jimin replied with a small and shy laugh before continuing, “So what brought you home this early anyway?”

“Well I thought since this is our last week together as roomies and work picks back up for us tomorrow that we could spend today together. Kind of a best friend/soulmate day.” 

Jimin felt the knot in his throat begin to form and the prickle of tears in his eyes. Staring back at his friend, a sad smile spread gently on his lips.

“I’d love that.” And walking over to nestle himself against Taehyung’s shoulder, Jimin laid for a while watching and laughing along to the videos Tae was watching, all while reminiscing their many years together through high school and college and then after their enlistment. Taehyung had been a constant companion for him, a true soul mate, and now they were entering a new season in their friendship. While he was so excited for Tae to finally be taking more serious steps in his relationship with Yoongi, he couldn’t help but feel a deep sadness over the loss of his housemate. 

He remembered the conversation he had with his best friend on the plane ride back to Seoul after leaving the reunion. 





Jimin had been shocked that Tae had known all along about Jeongguk and their relationship. Tae had somehow put all the pieces together, and as the years went on, he noticed Jimin’s subtle habit of bristling every time he heard Jeongguk’s name brought up in conversation, but more importantly he had realized how deep the heartbreak was when year after year, Jimin refused to open his heart to any other man, as if Jeongguk’s rejection had left a Jeongguk shaped hole in Jimin’s heart that only he could fill. 

They spoke about this and more on their trip back home, their conversation lasting deep into the night. It wasn’t until they were cuddled together in Jimin’s bed that Taehyung found the courage to tell Jimin of his news.


“Yes, TaeTae?” Jimin replied behind a yawn.

“I have some news to share with you.”

“Oh that’s right, Taehyungie. I had completely forgotten. I’m so sorry for going on and on about me. I’m all ears.”

“Right. So… Yoongi-hyung has signed a contract with an entertainment company here in Seoul. He starts in a few months and will be moving to the city permanently.”

“What!? That’s amazing! I’m so happy that after all these years you two will finally be in the same city.”

“Yeah so that’s kind of what I wanted to talk to you about…”

And at that point, Jimin just knew. He knew what was coming, and he prepared his soul for the impact. 

...But it never came. He could tell that Taehyung was still awake, but he was rendered silent. Is he nervous to tell me? Is he afraid I’ll be upset?

“ can tell me… it’s alright.”

Suddenly Tae flipped around, and even though he was so much bigger and taller than Jimin, he practically rolled himself into a little ball and nuzzled himself into Jimin’s chest.

“Shhh, TaeTae, what’s wrong, eh? Why are you so suddenly afraid to talk to me? Please believe me, no matter what you say, I won’t be upset.”

“Do you promise?”

“Of course I promise, Taehyung.”

“I’ve just been so nervous that you won’t understand why I'm doing this, but honestly it's for you, Jiminah. I’m doing this because I love you so much.”

“Doing what, Tae? Just tell me please.”

Tae started out slowly and softly, but he quickly gained speed as he felt the urgency to express his heart to his best friend grow, “I’m...going to... move in with Yoongi-hyung once he moves to the city... which won’t be for a few more months! But please just listen to me for a second, okay?” Clearing his throat, he went on, 

“Jimin, this life that we lead is more than enough for me. My living with you here in this beautiful apartment is enough for me. My relationship with Yoongi really is enough for me. I could stay like this and be happy forever. I don’t need anything more. I’ve never wanted to get married, or settle down, or start a family. I’m not looking for the whole Rockwell Painting type of relationship. But I know you are.... And I know that you’ll probably never admit it to yourself, and you sure as hell would never admit it to me, but my soul just knows. It knows that you want something more, something deeper. After talking with you tonight, I wonder if a life with Jeongguk is that something but regardless if it's him or someone else, I know that you would love to have a life partner and to start a family. I know you want to put down roots and devote yourself in that way. But I make you just happy enough to not pursue it as you should.”

At this Jimin began to protest, but he was quickly and gently shushed by his best friend.

“And before you start trying to convince me of how much you love me and cherish our life together, let me just tell you that I know. I know you love me. I know you are happy in the life that we’ve built and in this condo that we purchased together and made a home, but, friend, you don’t love me like you would love a husband. And that’s the kind of love you want and deserve. So I want to give you space to find that. And by hearing all that went down between you and Jeongguk this weekend, I really think it sounds like you want to give being in a relationship with him a try. Which is amazing to me! It literally makes my heart want to burst. I have waited so long for you open up enough to fall in love, and it finally looks like you’re willing to do that. So please let me give you this gift of space and time. Space to give you the freedom to envision what you would like your ideal life to look like and time to turn it into a reality.”

The loud rumbling of his stomach brought Jimin back to the present moment. Back to the half-packed apartment. Back to the realization that for the first time in a long time, he would be on his own, but he’d had a few months to think about it, and he was feeling more prepared and ready than ever to face this new season of his life. In fact, he was so uplifted by how well his relationship with Jeongguk was progressing that the thought of having a space completely his own- that he could share with Jeongguk when he visits was exhilarating. And who knew? Perhaps one day, they could share a home of their own?!

Friday-The Day Before Taehyung's Move

The following week was busier than ever for Jimin and Jeongguk. 

Jimin and Taehyung worked all day with their respective clients, then came home to pack and organize Taehyung’s things--bringing some of the smaller boxes over to Tae and Yoongi’s new apartment and wrapping and labeling Tae’s other belongings to place in the larger moving boxes that would be moved on Saturday. 

The week had flown by and before they knew it, it was already Friday. The two best friends spent their work day in a sad but hopeful blur. They had a moving company scheduled to move the larger boxes and furniture the following morning, and the best friends committed to spend every moment they could with each other that night until they had to go separate ways the next day. They realized they were being very dramatic. They realized that they were only going to be 15 minutes away from each other, but 15 minutes was a 1000x farther than they had been away from each other in years, and this was their way of coping with the change. 

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Jeongguk was very busy as well, in the beginning phases of another development project. This time a large, upscale apartment complex. The Board of Directors of his father’s property development firm was greatly impressed with the young man after his successful neighborhood development, and even though his father was the Owner and CEO, the Board held a significant share of the company and their favor of Jeongguk was highly desirable. 

In all ways, Jeongguk was riding high on life. His sister had moved in with him after the reunion, and having her presence so close to him made him feel so much comfort. She had begun taking classes again to complete her degree, finally choosing a major that suited her desires and not what she thought her father or her significant other wanted of her. And Jeongguk was so proud of her! He was so proud that his sister had the strength to begin again. 

The only thing that could make his life even better was having Jimin with him, preferably in his bed, every morning and every night, and hell, if Jimin could just live in his bed, he’d be in heaven. But in all honesty, this time apart had been really beneficial for their relationship. They had gotten to know each other so much and his love for Jimin had only grown exponentially each day. 

While daydreaming of Jimin at his desk in his office, his secretary buzzed in,

“Mr. Jeon?”

Shaking his head, remembering where he actually was, he quickly replied, “Yes.”

“Your father just called to inform that he’s on his way to your office.”

“Thank you, Hyo-joo.”

Turning back to his work, it was only minutes later that his father walked into his office without a knock. 



Jeongguk watched as his father approached and made himself comfortable in one of the leather chairs in front of his desk.

“I need you to clear your calendar a week from tomorrow.”

“So next Saturday? Okay. May I ask what for?”

“The Board of Directors wants to take us to dinner to celebrate your last project. I think this is a very good step in moving up in your prestige within the company and helping them to see how you would make an exemplary replacement for me in my retirement.”

“Oh I see. Well, let me check my calendar really quickly to see if I have any other obligations that day.”  Checking his calendar, Jeongguk’s face lit up as he noticed that the dinner fell during the first Saturday that Jimin would be visiting. He felt his chest swell with pride at the thought of being congratulated and honored in front of his boyfriend. Of course, he wouldn't make it obvious Jimin was his boyfriend, but still, he could only imagine how proud of him Jimin would be. 

“Whatever you have, cancel it, and make sure to talk to Jisoo so she can arrange her calendar as well.”

“OH. I’m sorry that’s not possible.”

“Why the hell not?”

“Well...because...Jisoo and I broke up. Close to 6 months ago now.”

“What! Why would you do something like that?”

“Uh because I didn’t love her, and I was tired of stringing her along in a relationship that wasn’t going anywhere.”

“What kind of bullshit is that, Jeongguk?! I’ve never heard something so ridiculous in my life! Nevertheless, perhaps if you gave her a call and asked her nicely she would still agree to be your date. It's best to attend these events with a date, as having a partner along makes you appear like a more attractive and competent man.”

Jeongguk laughed without mirth at his father’s old fashioned and out-dated ideals. He honestly didn’t want to get into this with his father at the moment, but he could feel his anger rising and it was making him more impulsive with his speech.

“You don’t have to worry, Father, I’ll definitely have my partner with me.”

“Your partner? Are you already dating someone new?”

“I am.”

“Well are you going to tell me her name or what? Why do I have to ask so many fucking questions, Jeongguk?”

His name is Jimin, Father. I think you know him, actually. He’s Park Jung-min’s oldest son. I think you also can remember that he and I dated briefly many years ago?”

Jeongguk watched as his father’s face quickly turned red with rage. Standing and slamming his fist against Jeongguk’s desk, he yelled out, basically spitting his words in Jeongguk’s face,


At those words, Jeongguk also stood up. He could feel his own face reddening with unbridled anger, but before he could speak up, his father began shouting again pointing his meaty finger in Jeongguk’s face.


“ENOUGH!” Jeongguk shouted back at his father. “HOW FUCKING DARE YOU?! IF ANYONE SHOULD BE ASHAMED IT IS YOU! I LET YOU CONVINCE ME ONCE THAT MY MOTHER WOULD BE ASHAMED OF ME FOR LOVING WHO I LOVED, AND IT LITERALLY BROKE ME FOR YEARS! IT KEPT ME FROM LIVING MY LIFE!” At this, Jeongguk took a deep breath and continued speaking in a more controlled way, “But you want to know something, Father? If mother would be ashamed of anyone, it would be YOU ! She would be ashamed of how you made Jennie and I feel unloved and unwanted. She would be ashamed of how you put your work before your family. She would be ashamed of how you ignored us and made us feel so alone, and she would be ASHAMED at how you called her son a faggot!”

Without a look back, Jeongguk grabbed his coat and briefcase and walked out of his office, resolving in his heart that he would never work for his father’s company ever again. His father could find himself another successor because Jeongguk was done with receiving his abuse. 

Saturday Morning-Taehyung’s Moving Day

Jimin woke up early, the sunlight shining through his curtains cast a warm glow in his room. Turning around he saw Taehyung still curled within the blankets. Jimin grabbed his phone to check the time, 7:33AM. Figuring Gukkie would still be asleep, he almost put off sending him a good morning text, but then figured he'd send it it anyway considering they hadn't spoken the night before. 

JM>JK [7:34AM]

Morning, my love. Sorry we didn’t get a chance to catch up yesterday. Call me later. Xoxo


Setting his phone down, Jimin eased himself out of bed, careful not to wake his friend. He figured he’d give Tae a few more minutes to sleep while he washed his face and brushed his teeth. Then finally feeling refreshed he walked over to Tae and gently nudged his shoulder.

“TaeTae, time to get up. The movers will be here in half an hour.”

All he heard was a grunt in response. Trying again more forcefully, Jimin practically laid his body on top of Tae’s while rolling around and singing “GeT UuuuPp!”

Once he had fully annoyed his friend into wakefulness, the two men started their day, grabbing a quick breakfast together in the kitchen before hearing a knock at the door.

The rest of the day passed by in a frantic blur of movers, dollies, boxes, packing tape, and sharpie markers. When finally the truck had been loaded, the soulmates stood one on either side of the front door of the condo they once shared together-this home holding so many memories for them both. Hugging each other, there were no more words left to say. They knew how much they loved each other. They knew that not living together would have no impact on their friendship. They knew that no one would ever tear them apart--they had vowed this to each other as young kids, and it was an unbreakable vow within their very souls. 

Taehyung was the first to break away from the hug. Grasping Jimin by his shoulders, Tae gave him a small smile, “See ya later, Jimin.”

“See ya, TaeTae.”

Then before he started crying again, Tae turned around and walked away. Jimin watched him leave until he was out of sight before closing the door.

Jimin sat on his couch for a while after Taehyung left. No tv. No phone. No music. He just sat and stared, his heart sad yet hopeful, reminding himself again and again why this was good for them both. After about 30 minutes, he finally had the strength to get up. Walking into his room to find his phone, he checked for any messages from Jeongguk and was confused as to why he hadn’t heard from him at all. No text, no call, nothing. 

Just then there was a knock at his door. Laughing to himself, he figured Tae had either forgotten something or missed him so much he came back.

Opening the door with the largest smile on his face, he was shocked to find Jeongguk standing on the other side--two bags of luggage behind him.

“Jeongguk?? JEONGGUK?!!!!”

Launching himself into his boyfriend’s arms, he peppered kisses all over his neck and face, finally finding this lips. Jimin continued to ask questions in between all his frantic kisses,

“Oh my god! What are you doing here!? How!! Oh my god!! I can’t believe you’re here!”

Jeongguk laughed at his boyfriend’s obvious delight and surprise at seeing him at his door.  

“Well all of those are good questions, chickie. But first can I come in?”

“YES! Of course!!” Stepping aside to let his boyfriend in, he continued, “Oh and sorry for all the mess, today was Taehyungie’s moving day. He actually just left- like less than an hour ago. You just missed him.”

“That’s right! I'd forgotten. I’m sorry chickie. It’s just been a crazy couple of days, which kind of brings me to why I’m here, actually.”

“Honestly, bunny, I can’t believe you’re here! How long have you had this planned?!” 

“Uh… since last ummm...I kind of quit my job yesterday.”

“WHAT!? Are you okay, bunny? Did something happen?”

“Well my dad and I kind of had a fight in my office…”

“Did y’all hit each other!!?”

“No! No, not that kind of fight, but it was bad. He called me a faggot and everything, which is such a shit thing to say especially to your own son, but then he dragged my mom into it, Jimin. Saying how she would be ashamed of me being gay, and I just snapped. I let him convince me of that once and it almost ruined my life. And through the years there’s one thing that I’ve finally realized, and it’s that my mom would have never stop loving me or been ashamed of me. She loved me. I remember her loving me.” 

“Of course she loved you, Jeongguk. You’re absolutely right, baby! She was incredibly loving and kind, there would be no way she would ever think those things about you. I’m so proud you didn’t allow your father to poison your mind like that again. I’m so sorry this happened to you… Is that why you’re here, bunny? You want to stay with me for a while?”

Jeongguk responded with only a shy nod, as tears welled in his eyes.

Grabbing his boyfriend's face with his small hands, Jimin brought his and Jeongguk's lips together in a tender kiss.

“There is nothing I would love more than to have you here with me. For however long you want, my baby. For eternity, if you’d like.” 

Pulling Jeongguk in for a tight hug, Jimin whispered into his hair, “I love you, my bunny.”

And squeezing Jimin back, Jeongguk whispered into his chest, “I love you too, chickie.”

The two lovers finally where they'd always belonged, together and in each other's arms. 

The End

Chapter Text

“I knew you were more cut out to be a housewife than I was!” Jennie teased her brother from across the table, which was surrounded by friends, both old and new, and topped with all kinds of delicious food, drinks, and desserts. 

Jennie was visiting her brother over her New Year’s break from school. She was finally graduating in the spring, after a long and painful journey of self discovery. By her side was her boyfriend of a little over a year, Seokjin, whom she met while working as an assistant at Jimin’s father's real estate company. 

After leaving her husband, Jennie had to swallow her pride and ask her brother to please help her find work, and he was more than willing to place her at their father’s company. She was only there for a few weeks before Jeongguk called to tell her everything their father had said to him in his office. Furious and disgusted, Jennie vowed never to step foot on anything their father owned ever again--not their family home, not his company, not even his fucking grave, if he didn’t apologize to her brother and mean it! It was Jeongguk, of all people, who calmed Jennie down--reminding her that he was still their father, the only parent they had left and had her hope for a day when he would realize his mistakes and finally be the loving father they always needed him to be.  But regardless of her brother’s kind and forgiving nature, Jennie still burned red hot with anger toward their cold and cruel dad. 

Quitting on the spot, Jennie was in dire need of employment. She was already living with Gukkie in his apartment and, even though he insisted he didn't mind, her pride wouldn’t allow her to mooch any more off her brother. 

That’s when Jimin came to her rescue, who called his dad immediately and after putting in a good word for her, Jennie began her new job as an office assistant at Park Realty Inc. the following week. 

But her life wasn’t all sunshine and roses. For the first time, Jennie had to learn to stand on her own two feet. No boyfriend. No husband. No father, and after her brother left to live with Jimin in Seoul, No brother to help her navigate her way. She quickly learned that when she showed up late to work, she would get reprimanded--and it was embarrassing. She learned that 30 minutes meant 30 minutes and not a second more, when she showed up a few minutes late after taking her lunch break. And she learned that she didn’t want to live the rest of her life as an assistant and decided she would go back to school! 

But until then, she needed to make this job work. First of all, no matter how small, it was the only income she had, and secondly, her friend had vouched for her, and she didn’t want to let him down. 

So Jennie vowed to be the best damn office assistant she could be while finishing her degree. She had already completed three years of pre-medical education, but when she searched her heart, she knew she had only pursued that degree because Namjoon had. This time around she was going to study what she wanted to study. Setting her eyes on becoming an interior designer, she began to take evening and online classes at the local university. 

It took about a year of Jennie answering phones, going on coffee runs, and cleaning bathrooms before she was finally able to prove that she had a knack for creating beautiful spaces and cultivating warm atmospheres, after she successfully organized the company’s 1st ever Christmas party. She had transformed their lobby into a beautiful winter wonderland with only the small budget they had given her. Mr. Park was particularly impressed and slowly began asking her advice on staging properties for marketing photos and listings. Jennie was thrilled to finally be able to utilize all that she was learning in school, as well as her natural gifting, at her work--giving her a sense of worth that she’d never experienced before.  And it was through staging a property for sale that she met Seokjin--a talented realtor, who was quickly rising among the ranks of top realtors in the country. 

Jennie was in no way ready to jump into a new relationship, having just finalized her divorce from SooHyun after a year of separation. She’d heard a few months earlier, through some of her old high school friends, that Namjoon had married another doctor he met while doing his military service, and while she was surprised he had met and married so quickly, she was happy for him having found love, and it was just another step in her journey of letting go of her past. 

It took another year of her and Seokjin working together on different properties, attending work functions, and just generally finding excuses to be around each other before they made their relationship official. The two of them made such a beautiful couple who not only valued each other’s strengths but were forgiving toward each other’s weaknesses. Jeongguk couldn’t have asked for a more considerate and perfect man for his sister. 

“Don’t you mean house husband ?!” Taehyung rang out among peals of laughter and innocent teasing from the group of friends.

“’re both so funny!” Jeongguk said--sarcasm dripping from each word.

Wrapping his arm around Jeongguk’s shoulder, Jimin whispered into his lover’s ear, “Don’t listen to them Gukkie…” 

Pressing his lips softly against Jeongguk’s, the room went still with the rare display of public affection between the two men.

After 3 years, Jimin and Jeongguk’s relationship was a symbol of strength and perseverance for their group of friends. After Jeongguk left his father’s company there was a time where he was at a loss for what his next step would be, but Jimin was resolute that he would support Jeongguk in whatever it was he wanted to pursue. It took a few weeks to move Jeongguk completely into his apartment, but once done, it was like the two pieces of an intricate puzzle were finally fit together--two pieces that were made perfectly for the other and took over a decade to finally piece together. 

This didn’t mean that there weren’t trials in their relationship. With Jimin’s workload at the firm there were many late nights at the office that put a real strain in their relationship, especially considering how lonely Jeongguk already felt in this new city. 

Also Jeongguk had begun to establish his own production company, which combined his artistic skills with his business acumen. It took time to build a good reputation and gain clients, but with Yoongi’s connections at Big Hit, he was able to produce some high profile projects. It was only recently that Jeongguk and his company had begun generating a profit and the years of feeling guilty that Jimin had to financially support him made him self-conscious and sensitive-- even though Jimin insisted that he was more than happy to support him because he fully believed that if Jeongguk focused on making his dream a reality that he would succeed!  

And it was beginning to look like Jimin was right in his estimation of Jeongguk's inevitable success, which brought them to this very night. Surrounded by their friends and family, the group was celebrating Jeongguk recently signing a multi-million dollar contract with a top agency. Jeongguk’s company was finally taking off, and he wanted to share the joy with those he loved the most. 

“Jimin! That reminds me. I brought you something that I want you to try on. Let's go to your room.” Taehyung practically shouted completely out of nowhere from across the table.

“Now?!” Yoongi responded, a puzzled look on his face at why his boyfriend suddenly needed to leave the table. 

“YES! Now. Jimin follow me.”

And while it was strange and random, everyone knew that “strange and random” were the norm when Taehyung was around, so after a quick shrug of his shoulders, Yoongi, along with the rest of the party, went back to chattering away… “So Hoseok, how’s the new group of trainees coming along? Any stars?”

“Oh my God Taehyung! Thank you! I kept trying to find a way to excuse the both of us from the table and couldn’t find the right time.”

“I could tell. Anyway, do you have the ring?”

“No, it's in the drawer. I didn’t want to accidentally drop it or do something weird by holding on to it all night.”

“Okay well go get it, and in the meantime let me get these papers organized.”

Jimin had his back turned while digging in his sock drawer for the case that held his and Jeongguk's matching wedding rings. He had wanted to marry this man since he was 14, and it felt like their time had finally come. His entire body was thrumming with excitement, but he’d never felt more confident about anything in his life: Jeongguk was his and he was Jeongguk’s. 

“What papers?”

“I’m signing over my half of the house to you, Minnie”

“You’re what?!” Jimin said swiveling his head around so quickly he almost pulled a muscle.

“This house. I want it to be yours and Gukkie’s.”

“But Taehyungie… we bought this house together…”

“Yes we did, but now I live with Yoongi, and we’ve established our own home. This place is yours. It's for you to start your family in.”

“Well at least let me buy your half!”

“What for? I don’t need the money. Think of this as my engagement present to you.” 

Then holding back tears, the lifelong friends hugged each other tightly, knowing that no matter where life took them that the bond they had would only grow stronger. There were no words to describe the gratitude that Jimin had for his best friend. He only hoped that Taehyung could feel it through this hug and through their bond.

“Thank you, TaeTae...I love you.”

“I know Minnie. I love you too...Now let’s go get you a husband!”

-The End-