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Oneshots For My AHS Series

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Teddy laid on his back and moaned as Tate thrusted in and out of him at a brutal pace; every time Tate’s cock dragged along his walls he cried out in a mix of pleasure and pain from the over stimulation. Teddy was already sensitive from their previous session which had occurred only a few hours prior.


Tate was rough, a fact that Teddy had learned over time as their relationship continued; Tate could be so sweet toward him about every other aspect of their relationship but when it came to sex it was like a switched had flipped and all of a sudden Tate could be free


Free to do anything he wanted to Teddy, who didn’t mind. Teddy would admit that he enjoyed the pain, would relish in at times, especially when one-or both-would draw blood. 


If Tate bit him to hard and drew blood, Teddy would retaliate with scratches down his back in horrible red lines that would often draw blood. Tate left bruises on his hips from gripping him to hard while fucking? Teddy would leave a hickey the size of Texas on him. Tate didn’t seem to care, he would only thrust harder and faster into the smaller boys body when the other would do this.


It was a claim, a promise . It didn’t matter anymore who was in control or who was manipulating who, and that mattered to them both was each other.

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Kit smiled lovingly at Jamie who smiled back in kind. It had been hard at first for the latter, it was his first time out of the asylum in years. Jamie was still trying to get used to the outside world, to a life without nuns and patients who were crazy. 


Jamie felt like he was going crazy, that something was wrong with him. He missed the simple and easy life that the asylum gave him, he felt guilty every time he thought that, even more when he saw the happy and free expression Kit wore on a daily basis now. Who would miss a place where everything bad that had happened to him-the both of them he correctly silently-was the cause of it. 


The one good thing to come out of any of it was him and Kit. And the small innocent baby girl who would giggle and want to be held by him every time she saw him, the last piece Kit had of his late wife Alma Walker. 


Jamie didn’t hate her or feel jealousy toward the dead woman. Found it hard to when he had never met her. All he felt was sadness; sadness for Kit who missed her deeply, even now, and the sweet girl who would never get to know her mother. That’s why he tried so hard to be good, for the both of them. He got a job at a grocery store, even though it caused his anxiety to sky rocket, and worked to help provide for Kit (who also had a job) and their daughter. 


The first time he heard Kit call her their daughter he had felt so happy-a pang of guilt too-and had kissed the other breathless and had lead him to their bedroom and had spent the whole night making slow and passionate love to one another. 


Now Jamie smiled sadly with watery eyes at his first love who lay in their bed, slowly dying of a disease no one could cure, and for the first time in a long time since he the day he first met Kit Walker that fateful day in Briarcliff, he felt sadness.


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Alec tossed his head back with a pleasured moan as he rode the blonde underneath him’s large cock. Resting his hands on the muscled shoulders of the blonde, that was covered by a frat shirt, he lifted himself up only to slam back down. 


The blonde- Kyle he reminded himself, not that it really mattered-let out a groan and gripped Alec’s pale hips to thrust up in a somewhat rhythmic pace with the dark haired boy currently sitting on his lap and riding. The bass of the music playing outside the bathroom quieted the moans and grunts coming from the two inside. Not that Alec gave a fuck, let them hear he thought, slamming himself viciously on Kyle’s cock at the thought of anyone walking in on them.


At the moment the blonde was his; he had been staring at Alec all night since he, Madison and the new girl Zoe had arrived at the party. And Alec could only take so much of those looking at him in arousal as his dark eyes grew darker in desire for him. After finally having enough of Kyle’s thoughts about what he would like to do to the other boy, Alec grabbed him by hand and dragged him to the first unoccupied room he could find, which was the bathroom. Than preceded to fist his hands in the blonde’s stupid shirt collar and kiss him, hard.


Which led them to now, fucking furiously and loudly in a bathroom, unaware of what was about to happen when they left the room.

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Eli loved Jimmy in a way he had never loved Dandy. This love he felt towards Jimmy was more pure , innocent or as innocent as a man loving another man could be. What he felt for Dandy was more obedience and manipulation, the latter more on Dandy’s part and the former his. Eli knew Dandy saw him as a plaything, something to play with until something new and better came along; the twins who literally shared a body, Bette and Dot. 


He had felt angry and hurt when it had happened at the time but now felt guilt for everything that had transpired afterwards, even if it wasn’t his fault Jimmy and the others had reassured him. Eli knew the deaths of the other ‘freaks’ as others had called them weren’t his fault, but Dandy’s and some man he’d bothered to meet and the woman whom everyone had seen as a leader, a mother figure, family; Elsa Mars. 


But a part of him couldn’t help but think about the what ifs; what if he had loved Dandy more? What if he had stayed away from Jimmy and the others and stayed with Dandy when the other had vocalized his upset toward Jimmy and Eli’s growing relationship, which at the time had been very lacking and just a friendship-at least on Eli’s side. He’d been in love with Dandy at that point in time and never saw anyone besides the other in a romantic way, even sweet and caring Jimmy Darling. 


Now the love he felt for Jimmy was something beautiful . Eli thought he could never love again (he wouldn’t let himself if he was honest) and it was impossible, every time he’d ever been in love it had caused pain and suffering for those around him. But Jimmy, sweet and considerate Jimmy , had made him realize that it was okay to fall in love again. 


And as Eli laid in a pool of his own blood, in the arms of the last man he’d ever truly loved, shot by his first love, who stared in shock at them, dying of bloodlost he couldn’t help but give Jimmy one last kiss (who sobbed horribly, but kissed him back anyway). It was an ‘I’m sorry I never told you how much I truly loved you’ kiss. A promise. A goodbye.

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Blood surrounded the boy as he lay dying in the bathtub, blood poured from him. His naturally pale face was even paler as the life slowly left him. 


James had been fascinated by the boy since he saw him walk in to his hotel, even more when he saw the other murder one of his... clients with no remorse after the man had started to get rough with the boy, James was going to step in and kill the man himself but before he could step forward to stop it the boy had pulled a knife from god knows where and had stabbed the other man with a look of disgust and hatred. 


James knew he had to have the boy after that little show. So he watched the boy, even when he was with another man. He barely restrained himself from murdering each and everyone of them that dared to touch what was his . After weeks of watching and planning he was surprised once more when the boy had called out to him in bemusement, “I know you’re there.” And so James had thrown all his careful planning away and stepped out from the shadows to stand in front of the boy, whose name he learned to be Castiel .


He and his boy started to open up to one another after that, which lead to James inviting him for dinner and when Halloween came around, he took the boy for a night out of Hotel Cortez; dinner and than, to his delight, they had sex. Multiple times, in every position and on every surface in James' room. The boy even allowed him to be as rough as he'd wanted, which James did and left marks and bruises that would take days to fade.


Now James watched as his beloved’s green eyes started to become glassy and his breathing faded as the blood left his body. He noticed something out of the corner of his eye and turned toward it, he glared at her in fury when he saw the way she looked at his boy with something he couldn’t describe but knew wasn’t good nor something he liked, “Go away,” James hissed at his wife, “He’s mine .” 


The countess narrowed her perfectly shaped eyebrows at him before swiftly turning and leaving the room, as if she'd never been there.


Now all James had to do was wait for Castiel to join him.

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The moment he saw the boy he knew he’d have to protect him from the others in the house, to keep him safe. Jasper was innocent and had a habit of rambling which others might have found annoying, but Edward found it charming. 


Jasper was considerate and kind toward everyone, especially his older sister, Shelby. He’d moved in with her and her husband Matt Miller in the their new house in Roanoke. He’d felt bad crashing in on the honeymoon phase of their relationship, but both had assured him it was fine and he was welcome to stay as long as he wanted. 


As he’d gotten moved in he’d notice little things at first; the lights would flicker in his room and it’d suddenly get cold. He just shrugged it off at the time as bad wiring and the fan being on high, until his sister had come to him about the strange happenings of the house tearfully. He’d wanted to pretend nothing was wrong but the look on his sister’s sweet face made him believe her and reevaluate everything that had happened to him in the house. 


Jasper was taking a shower the first time he’d seen him

Edward Mott. 


He’d been so shocked at time he’d just sat in the warm water staring wide eyed at the man. And very naked in front of a strange man who stared back at him nonplussed. After the man-Edward-had explained everything to him 

about the house and the land, Jasper had wanted to grab his sister and run from there far, far away, but considering how much Shelby and Matt had spent of the huge manor he doubted the latter would just move out.


So he’d stayed and Edward had kept him company and protected him from the ghosts who’d tried to harm him. Jasper slowly fell for the charming man. After awhile Jasper had gotten used to everything; it didn’t last long. After the night that changed everything-not just between him and Edward, but also between his sister and Matt-he’d left with his sister and got far away from there. He’d been regretful to leave him behind, but he had to for the sake of his sister’s sanity.


After that Jasper, Shelby and Matt’s story became an overnight internet sensation and was only made more popular after they’d been offered money to do a TV show on their experiences in the house. Jasper was the only one to decline, not wanting to tell the world of his relationship with Edward. He’d been shocked when he’d met the boy who was going to play his ghostly lover (not that anybody knew about that) for the first time. Rory looked exactly like his Edward. But there was a lot of differences to tell them apart; their personality being a huge one. Jasper had been visiting Shelby on the set of her interview about her experience in the house, when the other boy had come up to and started to flirt . Jasper hadn’t been bemused and told him to go and find his fiance, Audrey; Jasper wasn’t going to be someone's other woman or their side piece.


Besides, he was already in a relationship with someone else, who was patiently waiting for him.

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Nico didn’t care much for Winter’s older brother, Kai, he’d given him a weird vibe the first time they’d met. It wasn’t anything the other boy had done exactly, it was just look in his eyes that turned Nico off. It was wild and dangerous . And so every time Nico had come over to hang out with Winter, he’d purposely avoided the other. 


Kai knew too, and it’d excited him. Someone who didn’t fall for his charms or his words? He’d seen it as a challenge, a game , one he was going to win. When Nico would come over he’d crash in on them and bug the boy until the boy finally had enough and, apologizing to Winter, he left. Amused, Kai would watch the boy leave, ignoring his angry sister asking him what was wrong with him and why’d he do that? Kai knew why, but he wasn’t going to tell her that.


The next time Nico had come over Kai had answered the door and told him Winter wasn’t there but he was welcome to wait for her. Nico, against his better instincts, had accepted the invitation to come in to wait for Winter. It started out harmless at first with Kai asking him questions, mostly about his and Winter’s relationship to which a bemused Nico replied, “I’m into dick only , dude.” 


As time went on with no sign of Winter, Nico was about to leave when Kai had offered him a drink. Suspicious, he’d decline only for the blue haired boy to insist and bother him, until finally Nico thought fuck it and accepted just to shut him up. 


Reluctant, Nico took a drink and immediately regretted it as after that everything became blurry. He remembered sitting next to Kai and calling him handsome even with his awful blue hair, petting said blue hair drunkenly; a smiling Kai stared back at him condescendingly and called him pretty, and slyly commented that he looked like a girl with his girly hair and his slender but curvy frame. Nico had glared at him and told him angrily, that he did not and to fuck off. 


After that everything became even more blurry but Nico could tell that they did have sex on that couch and than in Kai’s bed and than later after Nico had woken up dazed and confused about ‘ what the hell happened last night, Kai!’ after explaining that Nico had gotten drunk and came onto him (Nico might not remember much, but he knew that it did not happen that way) they had sex in the shower and than again on the kitchen counter with Winter walking in on them (apparently she’d been at a friend’s for the night) and promptly asking what the hell?! Before leaving when neither payed attention to her and continued to fuck on the kitchen table.

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The first time Gallant met Eliot Godfrey he knew he was a goner. The boy had an aura that just screamed power and demanded respect , everyone looked up to him, even the teachers (especially John Henry Moore). He was one of the most powerful warlocks in the school. At least until Michael came along later. 


Eliot seemed to genuinely like him too, and not because of his money or his grandmothers infamous fame. He listened to him and even let him play with and style his gorgeous black locks. He was strangely protective of him and very possessive . Not that Gallant minded at all-really he did not mind at all ; it was really hot watching the other boy glare at boys from their school who had come up to him to proposition him.


Gallant was just as possessive and jealous as the dark haired boy. Case in point when the new addition to their school, Michael Langdon, had openly expressed his desire for Eliot, very publicly might he add-and right in front of Gallant. If you had asked anyone else they would have told you that Michael had just been talking to the dark haired boy and asking for some private tutoring ( not that he really needed it. Gallant thought), but Gallant knew better. He’d seen the look in those pretty blue eyes, he knew he had the same look whenever he’d see Eliot doing anything; albeit his was probably more adoration than lust, though he was always lustful for him.


Which lead to where the two were now; in their dorm room with Eliot on his back staring hungrily had the platinum blonde who was furiously riding him, the latter trying to erase any sign of Michael from Eliot. He knew it was stupid, but at the moment he didn’t really give a fuck . Gallant wanted Eliot to pay attention to him, he wanted his eyes on him and only him. 


The bottle blonde let out a surprised moan when the other had quickly changed their positions so that Gallant was on his back and Eliot was drilling into him. Harshly gripping his hair, Eliot slotted their mouths together and bit his lip hard enough to draw blood but not quite. Gallant let out a pained groan but secretly enjoyed it and wanted the other to be harsher, rougher to him. 


As if reading his mind (which he probably was) Eliot pulled out all the way and Gallant let out a needy whine reaching for him, only for the dark haired boy to slam back balls deep into him and grip his hair harsher than before. Moaning loudly, Gallant thrust back to meet with his boyfriends furious thrusts and reached down to touch himself only for Eliot to let go of his hair and grip his wrists tightly and pulled his arms behind him to use them as something to hold onto. 


Gallant moaned when Eliot hit that spot deep inside of him. Eliot positioned himself so that he hit that bundle of nerves every time he thrust into his boyfriend he’d hit them dead on. Feeling that pressure build up in him, Gallant pleaded for Eliot to touch him, anywhere, as long as he touched him, Gallant didn’t really care where. Taking pity on him, Eliot reached down to clasp him in hand and jerked him off a few times. Gallant let out a silent scream when he came, dropping face first in their bed boneless. Eliot continued thrusting in his oversensitive body until he came too when Gallant squeezed tightly around him.


After a moment Eliot pulled out and laid down pulling Gallant toward him so that the blonde’s head rested in between his neck and shoulder. Exhausted and half asleep, Gallant almost didn’t hear Eliot. Almost


Smiling sleepily, Gallant kissed his pulse point and said it back. 


“I love you too.”


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Teddy stared at the sleeping boy, known as Michael Langdon, his brother . He wanted to hate the boy for representing the rape of his mother by his boyfriends hands, but he couldn’t. It wasn’t his fault for what happened, he was innocent-or as innocent as a kid who killed his nannies on a near daily basis and had suddenly grown up overnight.


He understood why the other occupants of the murder house didn’t like the boy-especially his mother, Vivian, who saw the boy as evil itself. The devil, She’d said.


Teddy didn’t care if the boy was Lucifer in disguise, he cared about Michael, wanted him. Not like how he wanted Tate or any other boy he’d ever felt attraction for. It was more paternal want; god knows the poor boy needed it with Constance as his guardian. 


The only one who surprisingly understood was his dad, Ben. He said it might be Teddy’s longing for a kid now that he couldn’t have one anymore. Teddy doubted it. He’d never really liked kids when he was alive. He’d tolerated them and would be nice to them, but had never seen himself as a father even when he was alive. 


He didn’t understand it but, after a while, he just ignored the why’s and focused on Michael.


Like he was right now, standing over the boy who lay asleep before him and who radiated so much heat that even Teddy’s cold and dead body could feel. It was the first time in years that he felt anything but the coldness that came with being dead. 


Michael stirred in his sleep and lifted his head to stare tiredly at him, waiting for Teddy to do something. Teddy knew why, he’d watched in shock that his mother who’d never tried to harm anyone before, try to kill the sleeping and defenseless Michael just hours before. He’d seen what the other boy had been about to do to his mother though and was grateful for Tate of all people for saving her. He didn’t want to victim blame but she shouldn’t have done that, regardless of if Michael really was the Antichrist or not, he was her son.


Tate’s son.


Ignoring that thought, he slowly lifted his hand toward Michael’s face in permission. Hesitantly the other nodded, leaning in his palm and letting out a happy sigh when Teddy rested his cold hand on his heated cheek. It broke Teddy’s heart when he came to the realization that this might be the most Michael’s affection he’s had in a long time. 


Sitting carefully behind Michael, Teddy wrapped his arms around him tightly and laid down next to him, protecting him just in case someone else might try something tonight. Michael cuddled up to him sleepily and closed his eyes, feeling safe and protected in his arms. Teddy squeezed him tighter when he looked over his shoulder and saw who was in the room.


He glared at the blonde who stood in the corner staring back at him angrily and with a hint of sadness in his dark eyes; eyes that Teddy still loved, even after everything. But now wasn't the time to deal with the blonde's insecurities. Teddy kept his arms firmly around Michael, a challenge in his green eyes for the blonde to try anything and see what would happen.


Go away, Tate.

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John awoke to a warm mouth on his cock and a hand teasing his balls. Confused, he lifted the covers and was greeted by the sight of short curly dark hair and big green eyes.


“What are you doing?” John asked.


The boy sucking him like it was his job, rolled his green eyes and pulled off for a moment, “What does it look like?” he asked, before going back to what he was doing.


“Does James know your here?” John inquired.


Castiel let out a hum around him, which John took to mean ‘ yes ’. With his question somewhat answered he lent back and enjoyed the mouth around him, letting out a moan when Castiel started to deep-throat him. He left the cover pulled back though so the brunette wouldn’t suffocate- could ghosts even suffocate? John wondered, gripping the boys curls. 


Castiel let out a moan around his cock at the hair pulling, curiously John pulled harder and was rewarded with another moan, this one louder which sent vibrations around his cock making him groan in pleasure.


Hearing a chuckle, his eyes popped back open to look around and when he spotted the figure sitting in a chair in the corner he relaxed. 


James sat relaxed, staring at them, one hand holding a drink (probably bourbon) and the other hand slowly stroking himself to the sight on the bed.


“He’s quite good at it, isn’t he?” James said fondly, giving his long time lover a hungry smirk, before looking directly at John.


“He is.” John replied, starting to fuck Castiel’s throat-who relaxed his throat in a sign of submission, which just made John harder -keeping his eyes locked with James the whole time.


John broke eye contact with him when felt Castiel pull off of his dick. He watched in surprise when he saw the dark haired boy straddle his lap, for the first time taking him in, and what he was wearing . Castiel was wearing a red lingerie bodysuit with matching red heels. It contrasted with his pale skin and dark curly hair perfectly . He had on a red silk kimono over it, which trailed behind him like a wedding veil. 


He looked like seduction; a temptation that John was more than willing to surrender over to. If Castiel asked him to go and murder anyone-even the Countess-he’d willingly and gladly do it, if it meant he got to fuck the little minx. 


Castiel smirked at him amused, before he ran a slender hand down John’s face and stopping at the growing stubble on his cheek to stare curiously at it. He tilted his head, which John found adorable but would never say aloud to the brunette for fear of retaliation, and leaned down to kiss him; licking his way into John’s mouth softly. And then Castiel grabbed John’s hands to rest on his hips and started to rock onto him; John groaned as he felt the lace of the bodysuit rub against his hard on.


Relaxing into the kiss, John was startled when he felt the bed dip and a hand wrap around his cock to slowly guide it toward Castiel’s hole. James teasingly used John’s cock to rub against Castiel’s cheeks and around his hole; John didn’t say anything, just let the other do it as James used it as a sign of power and control-over who exactly, he didn’t really know. 


The brunette whined at the teasing before he let out a shiver when James leaned over to whisper in his ear, “Hold on, sweetheart. We’ll get to the good stuff in a minute.” 


Letting out a huff, Castiel obliged and was rewarded with a finger teasing around his rim. Moaning, he turned his head toward his lover and said impatiently, “I’m already prepped. I did it earlier in the bath, remember ?”


James did remember , thank you very much. He’d been the one to stretch him-not that the other really needed it in the first place. With how much the two had sex on a nearly everyday basis, he was already stretched out all the time. Besides, Castiel enjoyed when James would ram into him with no prep at all; even if it hurt him and made him bleed at times.


Rolling his eyes fondly, he guided John’s member into Castiel’s twitching and ready hole. The bodysuit had a hole in it where Castiel’s hole was,  courtesy of one James Patrick March and a knife. Both John and Castiel groaned when the former’s cock entered the latter. 


When neither moved, James said demanding, “ Move .”


And so they did, John sloppily thrusting into Castiel's smaller body who tried to find a rhythm but quickly gave up at John’s sloppy thrusts. John was already close to coming, and was quickly sent over the edge when Castiel squeezed around hardly and twisted his hips in a way John had never seen anyone do before. Castiel was disappointed when he felt John come, but let out a relieved moan when James wrapped a hand around his member and replaced John’s cock with his own. 


Resting his head in the crook of John’s neck, he thrust back to meet James’ brutal thrusts and let out a high pitched moan when James hit that spot deep inside of him and moaned out for him to ‘ go faster ’ and ‘ harder ’. Letting out a chuckle, James obliged, hitting that spot dead on every time he thrust inside his boy. John watched them with tired eyes and his dick gave a jerk, but ultimately stayed soft. Castiel leaned up to give him a kiss, and he returned it wholeheartedly.


Letting out a moan against John’s lips, Castiel finally came; his cum splattering on James’ hand and on John’s bare stomach. James gave a few more thrusts and came inside of Castiel. He didn’t bother removing himself from the boy and kept himself seated, even as his cock grew soft. 


Rearranging them, James laid on his side with Castiel leaning against him, caged in between him and a sleepy John.

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The first time Michael ever saw Eliot Godfrey he was startled by how much the other looked like his beloved Teddy. The two could be mistaken for twins. They had the same green eyes, pale skin, and curly dark hair-except Eliot's was a few inches longer and was always perfectly styled by his adoring boyfriend, James Gallant.


Michael thought the man was a weak excuse for a warlock and a human being in general. He hated the way the bleach blonde would follow Eliot around like a love struck puppy, always barking for attention and holding onto any scrap of affection he could get from the dark haired boy. Michael knew Eliot deserved better, and so did Gallant.


The blonde wouldn't let Eliot even be near Michael alone and when he had something else to do, he had his friends, and fellow 'It' couple, Stuart and Andre be a buffer for Michael and Eliot.


Which frankly pissed Michael the fuck off.


Who was this pathetic human to dictate who he could be with? 


Michael wasn't going to lie, part of the reason he even noticed the dark haired boy, besides his powerful magic and the way the boy proved himself to be powerful enough to keep up with Michael, was his resemblance to his sweet Teddy.


Teddy was his half brother and the only one who stood beside Michael, except for Ms. Mead of course. Teddy had kept him safe in that house and protected him against his own family and the man he loved more than anything, Michael's own father, Tate Langdon. It was amazing to see caring, considerate Teddy protect him from his father and choose Michael.


Teddy was his first love, and the boy knew that. He'd gently, but firmly, let Michael down in the only way Teddy could; he'd told Michael bluntly that he loved Tate and only Tate, and wasn't really into incest, but it didn't mean that he didn't care about him any less. Which Michael understood, it didn't make him happy about it, but he understood.


Meeting Eliot after all of that-and having to leave Teddy behind-made him believe the other boy was a gift from his father, his real father; Lucifer, or better known as Satan. The only problem standing in his way of his gift was a certain blonde hair stylist. Michael couldn't kill him, no, Eliot would know if he did and it'd be to messy. So he waited and was glad he did a few months later.


The apocalypse hit the world and he finally got Eliot, even if he didn't remember their time together. Which was find with Michael, because it meant he wouldn't have to worry about Eliot's feelings for Gallant.

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Laying relaxed on his bed, Lana Del Rey's 'West Coast' playing softly, a slightly stoned Teddy took another puff off of his joint; after the day he had, he needed it. His blood still boiled at the thought of those bitches and what they did to Violet. He smirked in amusement; even if he got into trouble and one weeks worth of detention and a warning, he got his revenge on those dumb cows for hurting his sister. The look on the girls face-her name was Leah, he learned later from Violet-as she cried out in pain from her broken arm made him feel triumph and satisfaction that he hurt her before she could hurt Violet. 


It was probably wrong to feel this way, Teddy knew that, he really did, but he didn't really care. Violet had enough on her plate, she didn't need some girl and her lackeys fucking with her right now. He knew what she was probably doing right now, in the bathroom. He, unlike his parents, wasn't stupid or in denial. Teddy knew exactly why she wore long sleeves. He tried to help her at first, but he knew the more he tried to force his help onto her, the more she would push him away. And so he left her alone about it. It bothered him, of course it did, but he couldn't exactly judge her for it. Instead of razors and cigarettes that Violet used to numb the pain, he had his pills, cannabis and alcohol. 


Taking another hit from the joint he was startled when a voice spoke up, "Can I have a hit?" 



A boy stood in his doorway, he had dirty blonde hair and he was dressed in a blue stripped sweater, ripped blue jeans and a pair of black converse. He was cute-really cute, Teddy thought giving him a once over-and looked a little like Kurt Cobain with that hair style, which Teddy found ironic as he was currently wearing a Nirvana shirt. He wasn't short, but he wasn't really tall either, he was probably a few inches taller than Teddy. 


Confused as to how this strange and good looking boy got into his house and wandered into his room without anyone noticing, Teddy looked cautiously back at him and noticed the way the other boys brown eyes had darkened a bit when he sat up and his shirt moved to reveal his smooth pale skin. A thought crossed his mind.


"Are you here to see my dad?" Teddy asked.


The blonde smirked and walked towards him, shutting the bedroom door behind him. He held out his hand and gestured to the joint in Teddy's hand, who eyed him carefully before he shrugged and gave it to him. The blonde took a hit and sat on the bed in the unoccupied space next to Teddy. After taking another puff, the boy passed it back to him. 


"Maybe I am." Blondie said, a grin tugging at his lips.


"It's a yes or no question, dude." Teddy said, raising an eyebrow at him, "Either you are here to see my dad, or you aren't. It's not a hard question to answer."


The blonde didn't answer, just got up off of Teddy's bed and started to raid the bookshelf next to his bed where his CD's were. 


"Who are you?" Teddy asked, annoyed at the blonde for not answering his questions and than having the gall to touch his shit. The boy ignored him and continued to go through his CD's.


"Do you have Nirvana?" Blondie asked.


"Yeah, it's in the second to the last shelf." Teddy replied, exasperated at the boy who grinned at his answer, he just let the blonde do as he pleased.


The blonde must have found what he was looking for and turned to take out Teddy's Lana Del Rey CD, who protested, and put in another one. 


Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' started to play and Teddy couldn't help but roll his eyes fondly, because of course blondie liked Nirvana, he looked like a wannabe Kurt Cobain. Not that he really minded, 'Before We Ever Minded' was one of his favorite albums from the band.


Teddy grinned as an idea passed his mind, it was sure to get blondie's attention.


"Hey, Blondie, c'mere." Teddy said, patting the spot next to him.


He waited for the blonde to come back and sit next to him, before he acted. Taking a huge hit off of the joint, he gently-but firmly-grabbed blondie by the back of his head and leaned in. Teddy leaned in so that his mouth was close to the other boys, they were so close to one another that it looked like they were about to kiss. Blondie looked surprised and froze. Teddy smirked at getting the blonde to lose his cool. 


Blondie stared transfixed at Teddy's mouth as he held in the smoke, before Teddy exhaled the smoke in three perfect rings (Like Bilbo did in The Hobbit) at the blonde. Teddy smirked as the blondes eyes turned a darker shade of brown, almost black. He leaned in as if to kiss the blonde and watched in amusement as the blonde leaned in too. Their mouths were closer than before, the blonde's eyes darted to his mouth and than he glanced back up to meet Teddy's own brown eyes, who pulled at his dirty blonde locks, and leaned in even closer the lips inches away from one another's. 


Teddy quickly pulled away and couldn't help but laugh at the angry look the blonde gave him. He stopped laughing when the blonde shot up as if Teddy had just told him that he had ran over his dog or something. Teddy opened his mouth to apologize for making the blonde uncomfortable; maybe the boy didn't like other boys, or he did and was in the closet. You never knew with stuff like this. 


"Hey, I'm sorry." Teddy said guiltily, standing up,"I didn't mean to, like, cross a line or whatever. I'm sorry." 


The blonde shot him an unreadable look, before turning and walking out of the room.


As the blonde walked out, Teddy realized he never got his name. Letting out a huff he threw himself on his bed and groaned when he realized his joint was gone.

Chapter Text

Alec had grown up with a (half) sister who acted more like his mother than his own absent mother. Cordelia was the one person he knew he could trust to always have his back, no matter what.


And she did.


And Alec loved her for it.


When his mother, Fiona, was to busy exploring the world and partying to really look after him, she left him with his older sister at Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. Cordelia was supposed to send him to Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men when he got older, to learn magic there, but Cordelia had politely refused their invitation and instead enrolled him into her school which she was now running.


The head of the school for Hawthorne had been very upset at the news, but since neither Cordelia or his mother was not going to budge on it, he let it go. Alec had never been more relieved and thankful for his mother than when she had agreed to let Alec enroll in Miss Robichaux's.


He had even given her a hug, which had surprised the woman, but Fiona hugged him back with a small smile, while Cordelia looked on a smile on her own face.


Alec had become the first ever male student there. Which was like, a big deal. But whatever.


Anyways, the point is, Alec was raised in an all female school; as the only boy there, he was propositioned to have sex by a lot of very horny teenage girls. Obviously he said, no


Alec was gay, and had known since he was nine and had seen one of the teachers from Hawthorne; John Henry Moore. A very good looking man with black hair and bright blue eyes that had made nine year old Alec swoon. There was only one time in his life he'd regretted staying with Cordelia in her school, and that was when he'd realized he wouldn't get to see the other man. 


Nine year old Alec was very sad to see John go.


Eighteen year old Alec didn't really care; he had a blonde haired, black eyed, frat boy at his every beck and call after all.


Alec met Kyle Spencer at a party hosted by the other boy's frat. He'd arrived fashionably late and in an all black outfit, his hair was brushed back out of his face and his lips tinted red from the lipstick he'd borrowed from Cordelia. 


He went over to the table in the middle of the room looking for a drink, hopefully alcohol, and was sad to find a bottles of beer only, he was hoping for something more strong, but he still picked one up and took a sip of it. He noticed a boy standing next to him out of the corner of his eye, but ignored him and continued to drink the beer staining it with red from his lips. 


When Alec glanced up again his eyes had locked with a pair of dark brown ones. The owner of said eyes was frozen and was just staring at him his eyes dark with something that Alec couldn't explain. The boy was cute with his messy blonde hair and even his frat shirt, and the stupid popped collar.


The thing that startled him was the fact that the blonde had looked memorized to see Alec, which confused him.


Alec raised an eyebrow in question and asked him sarcastically, ''See something you like, blondie?'' 


The blonde didn't even hesitate to answer, ''Yes, very much.''


The blonde's cheeks flushed a pretty shade of red in embarrassment, which Teddy found amusing. Wanting to tease and fuck with the frat boy, Alec licked the outer rim of the beer bottle in a sensual manner, his red lips glistening with the liquid. The blonde's eyes seemed to darken even more and watched Alec's tongue move in arousal.


The boy introduced himself as Kyle Spencer.



Chapter Text

Vivien was giving Hallie water when she heard the front door open and she about jumped out of her skin when she heard her daughter cry out with a scared voice, ''Mom? Dad? Is anyone home!'' Vivien was confused and started to walk toward her daughter's voice concerned that something was wrong.


She started to run when she heard what Violet said next. ''Please someone help, Teddy's hurt really bad!'' Her heart in her throat she ran her way to the living room and about threw up at the sight of her bloodied and bruised son. Holding her hands up to her mouth as tears welled in her eyes, she quickly made her way over toward them.


Vivien's first born, her only son, her baby boy, was being held up by her youngest child and a girl she had never seen before, unconscious, his beautiful face was covered with blood and his nose looked like it was broken. She felt rage boil in her gut, but was silent and helped the two girls carry Teddy over to the couch.


Moving to grab a few throw pillows, she stacked them against each other to help prob him up, so he wouldn't choke on the blood running down his face. Now that she was closer Vivien felt a little relieved when she saw that there wasn't anything serious-besides a broken nose and a swollen cheek. She regretted that thought when she accidentally brushed against his ribs and he cried out in pain, and it broke her heart to see her son in so much pain. The only relief there was for her, was there was nothing life threatening.


Vivien turned and looked at Violet and the other girl-who she noticed had an arm wrapped around her daughter. She stored that in the back of her head to ask later, but right now she had other things to worry about.


''What happened?'' Vivien demanded.


Violet started to cry and mumbled out something that Vivien couldn't quite hear but she caught the words; 'Amber', 'two boys', 'came out of nowhere', and to her horror, 'they tried to kill him, mom'.


Pulling her Violet into a hug, Vivien held onto her daughter tightly. She let her daughter cry into her arms for a few minutes, that felt like hours, before letting go and telling her daughter to go get a first aid kit from the bathroom. When Violet wiped the tears away and walked up the stairs to get it, she couldn't help feel proud of her daughter for being brave and strong.


Turning to the girl standing in her living room, Vivien said with what she hoped was a warm and welcoming tone, ''Thank you for helping my children...'' She paused realizing she didn't know her name.


''My name is Leah.'' The girl said with a small smile. ''I'm Violet's friend.'' Leah paused, a concerned look on her face, ''Um, I think you might want to check his ribs, I think they might be broken.''


Surprised at this, Vivien nodded and smiled back gratefully, ''Thank you, Leah.'' Vivien got on the floor next to Teddy and carefully lifted his shirt up to look and see if there was anything bruised, and she wasn't disappointing. The bruise near his ribs was starting to turn a blue-green color and looked painful. Swallowing, she stood up and turned back to Leah, ''Could you watch him for a moment, please? I need to see if my husband can help us.'' Leah nodded quickly and took the spot where Vivien had been in previously. 


Walking towards Ben's office, she didn't bother knocking and walked right in, uncaring if he was with a patient or not.


Vivien only cared about her baby boy right now, nothing else mattered. Ben was with a patient, a dirty blonde haired teenage boy who had noticed her first and stared unnervingly at her.



Ben stopped talking to Tate when he heard the door open behind him. Ben looked confused toward the door and saw Vivien standing there. He opened his mouth to ask what she was doing in here when he was clearly with a patient, but she interrupted him.


''Teddy's hurt, Ben.'' Vivien's beautiful brown eyes filled with tears, but she didn't cry, ''There's so much blood, oh my god. And he's in so much pain. Our baby is hurt, Ben.''


Startled by his distraught wife and the news of his son, he sat still for a moment, trying to comprehend what she just said.


His son, his baby boy, the son he had taught to ride a bike and who used to love to climb on his shoulders as a kid, was hurt and in pain? And judging by the look on Vivien's face, he knew it was bad. He thought back to their last conversation the night before and felt bile crawl it's way up his throat. The last conversation he had with his son wasn't even a conversation, it was a damn fight.


Said reason he had gotten into a fight with his son in the first place spoke up, a worried look on his face. ''Is Teddy okay? Where is he? Can I see him?''


Ben stood up and walked to his wife putting a comforting arm around her shoulders and ignoring Tate, he asked, ''Is Teddy okay? Where is he?''


''He's in the living room, and he looks bad, Ben.'' Vivien replied, running a hand through her locks nervously, ''He needs to go to the hospital.''


''Okay,'' Ben said, starting to usher his wife out and letting her lead him to where Teddy was, ''I'll grab the car keys and you get Violet, okay?''




Tate was angry at Dr. Harmon for interrupting his progress with Teddy, but, not wanting to ruin his chances at being normal and getting help, he still went to see him the next day for their scheduled appointment. He took delight in seeing Dr. Harmon's face when he saw Tate show up in his office. Dr Harmon looked surprised to see him, but had sat down in his chair and let Tate talk, both ignoring and not talking about yesterday. 


They were in the middle of discussing some new pills for Tate to try and take-not that he actually would-when Mrs. Harmon had walked in, a distraught look on her face. Tate hadn't really cared about the reason she was obviously in distress and just looked at her. He noticed a few red specks of blood on her hands and her shirt but just ignored it, and thought she had probably cut herself cooking or whatever it was housewives did in their spare time.


He felt dread when she said that Teddy was hurt, than angry at the fucker who would dare to hurt sweet, kind, innocent Teddy. After watching the dark haired boy have a break down after Tate had left, he had felt something he hadn't felt in years, or ever really. 


Something strong, but it wasn't love. Tate couldn't quite put his finger on it or find the right word, he just knew it was strong and made his dead heart flutter.


Tate followed silently behind the two upset parents and into the living room where an unconscious Teddy was, bloody and bruised. He felt rage boil in his body and had to hold back an angry scream and a demand to know where the motherfucker who did this to Teddy was so he could kill them. 


Teddy's little sister, Violet, was sitting silently on the floor next to her brother and was wiping up the blood on his face off while holding a bag full of ice on his nose to keep the swelling down. Tate felt satisfaction at that and felt respect for her when he saw she wasn't crying, though her eyes were a little red. Another girl, one who he had never seen before, was sitting next to her on the floor with a cast on.


Tate knew who she was just by the cast, and was surprised to see her there. Her name was Leah, and she was a girl Teddy had told him was bullying Violet and he had broken her wrist on accident when the girl had tried to force Violet to eat a cigarette.

Chapter Text

When Teddy presented as an omega his parents hadn't been thoroughly shocked by it - they were surprised of course as Ben and Vivien were betas. They hadn't been shocked either when Violet, Teddy's sister, presented as an omega too.


The first heat was horrible and painful for fifteen year old Teddy Harmon. He had felt empty and had wanted - at the time Teddy hadn't known what exactly, just that he needed something and he wanted it now.


His mother had later explained afterwards when he told her his feelings, that he had been craving an alphas knot. 


After he presented, Teddy had gotten a lot of unwanted attention from both male betas and the alphas of his school. They would brag about how they could give Teddy what he needed and craved, their knots and how they would fill up his small virgin hole and make a moaning, horny mess of him. 


Teddy hadn't given in and bluntly told them he wasn't into micro small penises, and to fuck off. His teacher had overheard him and sent him to the principals office with a disapproving frown.


The principal had called his parents and Teddy had been taken out of the school that day by his angry and worried parents.


A couple months later his mother had lost her baby and a few months after that his father had been caught having an affair with his student.


A while after that the Harmons moved into the Murder House.





Teddy had fallen asleep awhile ago - finally getting some much needed rest on his tired and aching body. Teddy's heat had unexpectedly started a few days after their move into the new home and his parents had acted quickly; stocking his room with healthy snacks and drinks to dehydrate him when Teddy would manage to compose himself enough to eat and drink.


His mother had handed him the box full of toys specifically designed for an omegas heat, looking nonplussed and unbothered as she did so. Teddy had flushed in embarrassment but had taken them from her awkwardly, placing them on the edge of his bed.


It took a few hours for his heat to truly begin, and his parents had quickly locked the door both from the inside and the outside before leaving him. Teddy was thankful - the last thing he needed was his parents seeing him withering on his bed, begging for an alpha like the knotslut omegas in porn.


After hours of shoving dildos with fake knots and other toys in his ass, Teddy had finally fallen asleep. He had been woken up briefly by his mother who had lead him to the bathroom to do his business quickly and then walking him back to his room. Vivien had tucked him in with a gentle smile, placing a kiss on his sweaty forehead before she left. 


Teddy had a dream about a figure dressed in all black standing at the edge of his bed, staring at him with dark eyes and a hungry look. The figure slowly climbed on top of him when Teddy made no move to scream or defend himself - the boy to exhausted to even move and letting his dream take it's course. 


The figure pulled the blanket off of Teddy in a harsh yank before he began to take off the omegas night clothes - he only wore an over-sized ACDC shirt and nothing underneath, seeing no need to when he would just wake up to his slick soiling his underwear.



Teddy moaned as he felt the figure on top of him slip their index and middle finger in him with no previous warning, he shivered when he felt the rubber material of the suit. The figure - dressed in all black rubber suit - stared down at him with dark lustful eyes, slowly stroking a pink pebbled nipple lazily as he thrust his fingers in roughly.


Teddy arched his back when he felt the figure use his own slick to push deeper into him, adding his ring finger with his other fingers. The man's fingers were long and slender reaching that spot in Teddy that made his toes curl in pleasure. His fingers rubbed against that spot roughly, getting the omega wet and aching for him.


His heat had already started up again, Teddy's eyes going hazy and glassy - the green of his eyes turning a darker color in arousal. He could smell the very alpha male scent of the masked figure and whined at the thought of finally being filled with an alphas knot.


Mine. The omega part of Teddy said possessively. My alpha. He's mine, mine, mine! No other omega gets him but me.


Whining in need and want, Teddy wrapped legs around the figure's - the alpha - waist and pulled him closer. He moaned when he felt the large erection press his against his aching arousal, rubbing against it like a cat in heat. The alpha grunted and shoved Teddy away briefly to reach the zipper that was containing his straining cock - and knot.


Teddy whined again, letting out a distressed scent at the thought of the alpha leaving him now that his heat had started once again and leaving him with a empty and aching hole that wanted to be filled. He didn't even notice the alpha pulling his zipper down and pulling out his huge alpha dick, to busy trying to grab at the figure and rub against him needy.


The feeling of something breaching his twitching hole made Teddy pause and come out of his heat induced mind to notice that it felt real. Not like the other times Teddy had a wet dream about some faceless alpha - no, this felt to real to be a dream. The feel of the rubber suit and the alphas cock felt way to real for Teddy's liking. 


Before he could even begin to feel true fear and demand this figure to get off of him, the alpha moved, his muscles flexing as thrust into the omegas lithe body.


Teddy screamed in both pain and pleasure when he felt the alpha slam balls deep into him, his omega instincts taking over fully and shoving the rational side of his brain to the side, and taking his virginity with that one hard thrust.


The alpha grunted and pulled out until only the tip of his cock was in the omega before shoving back in with a brutal thrust and drawing out another strangled scream from Teddy. The dark haired omega reached up blindly to grab at the alphas shoulders and held on for dear life as the figure continued to thrust away in a brutal and quick pace not stopping.


Teddy scratched at the alphas back with his long nails on accident when a particular thrust made him lost his balance. The alpha moaned loudly and started an even more brutal and quick pace, now slamming against Teddy's sweet spot and stabbing there viciously.


Teddy could feel the pressure in his belly grow and his hole started to leak more slick in both pleasure and want - for the alphas knot to take hold and for the alpha to breed him and to get him pregnant with his pups.


As the alpha continued to thrust away - his hips slowing down a few paces as the alpha neared his own release - Teddy reached up and wrapped his hands around the masked figures neck, and pulled him closer to him - inhaling his scent.


The alpha struggled for a moment as if thinking the omega would pull his mask off but stopped when he felt the omega scenting him. He leaned down and let Teddy sniff away as he continued to move his hips, grabbing Teddy's smaller waist with his hands for leverage.


Teddy could feel his release coming and tried to warn the alpha but a scream got stuck in his throat when he came, his vision going white. Teddy was so out of it that he didn't even notice he had moaned in the alphas ear with a whispered, "Tate."


The masked figure froze as he came at the whispered word, his knot catching and sending his seed deep into the omega. The alpha stayed frozen in shock even when the omega started to drift off sleepily, the figure's knot still deep inside of him.


Teddy didn't worry, after all, this was all a dream right? He couldn't get pregnant from a dream.




Teddy felt like crying as he stared at the plus sign in shock and disbelief, his mind racing. 


He had felt sick for weeks after his heat and had been throwing up everywhere, puking up his breakfast, lunch and dinner. Teddy felt sick and nauseated at even the weakest of smells. After weeks of this and his mother giving him worried looks, his sister had come home one day from a date with her alpha girlfriend, Leah, and silently handed him a pregnancy test as she walked in on him throwing up in the toilet.


"I'm not pregnant." Teddy had told her as he wiped at his mouth with the sleeve of his cardigan, trying to wipe away any vomit that might be there. "I've never even had sex yet, Vi."


"Just-just take the test, please." Violet had pleaded with him as she gave him a worried look, her brown eyes shining, "For me?"


Teddy had looked away with a frown, his green eyes turning blank as he took the box from his sister and ushered her out. He didn't touch the test for a few days, ignoring his sisters questioning looks at dinner and pretending everything was fine. He hung out with Tate - the alpha patient his father was seeing - in secrecy and quickly grew a crush on the dirty blonde. Teddy couldn't help it, the blonde was intriguing and made his heart race and his inner omega preened with delight anytime the alpha would compliment him.


After weeks of him continuing to throw up everything - his father had even began to notice for fucks sake - he finally took the little pink box out of his desk drawer and went to the bathroom upstairs; where he met Tate the first time.


He peed on the stick and set it on the bathroom counter and put a timer on his phone for the exact minutes it would take for the tests results to come back. He paced the room for a few minutes, willing the test to hurry the fuck up already, before giving up and taking a seat on the toilet. 


Teddy rested his head in his hands and thought of what would happen if he was indeed pregnant. Oh god, what if he really was? How had that even happened? Teddy had never had sex and had only done some heavy petting and gave a friend a hand job once, but that was as far as his sexual experience had ever gone.


His mind suddenly went to the dream he had while he was sleeping after his heat. The figure dressed in an all black rubber suit and the distinct smell of alpha - his alpha - the way the alpha had felt so real. Oh god, what did that mean? Did someone break into his house during his heat and take advantage of him?


Before he could even begin to contemplate that - the ringer on his phone went off. Feeling dread, apprehension, and anxiety knot in his stomach, Teddy slowly picked up the white stick and read his results. 


Feeling sick, Teddy stood up quickly and pulled the toilet seat up so he could puke up the contents of his stomach. He continued to retch as tears streamed down his face, falling in big heavy spills. 


Positive the test read in a pink plus sign, taunting him.


Teddy stopped puking and leaned his head against the cool porcelain sink behind him with a sob as one thought ran through his head.


Who was the father?


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-OC's style is based on Ezra Miller's/Ezra's Playboy photo-shoot


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-Names: Castiel Lovell (I really love this one but I don't know...), ECT.

Chapter Text

Castiel admired the young man's features from his black locks that stuck to his slightly sweaty forehead, his pretty blue eyes that stared up at him dazedly as he succumbed to the sweet relief of death caused by his overdose on drugs, and his gorgeous jawline. This man was so handsome, just like his beloved James.


"Are you an angel?" He asked him, his voice soft and has from the drugs and his life slowly, but surely, draining away.


Castiel laughed in amusement and spoke, his fingers running soothingly through the other man's hair, "No. Sadly I am not here to take you to heaven."


"Figures." The man let out a low and mirthful chuckle, "I knew I wasn't ever getting into heaven anyway."


Tilting his head curiously, Castiel ran a finger down his jawline and smiled sweetly, "I understand. I was like you once. Alone, and angry at the world. For all the shit that kept happening to me. All the lies, and the people who sinned constantly." The man's eyes began to flutter shut and his breath began to even out. Castiel's smile grew wider. "I used drugs and alcohol to numb my pain. And it worked. For a while. And then I found something that stopped it completely."


"What was it?"






Donovan curled up to his lover on the silk sheets and hummed blissfully, his eyes fluttering close in contentment. "This is nice."

Chapter Text

Teddy stroked the black marking on his wrist absentmindedly as his parents talked in the front seat of the car. Violet, his sister, sat next to him with a scowl and glared out the window as their father tried to make small talk. If his father thought that would make any of them feel better about this move, he was seriously mistaken. If his father thought this move was going to fix the huge mistake he made in the first place he was very very wrong.


His father Ben had an affair with his student a couple of months ago after his mother Vivien had a brutal miscarriage and it had quite literally broken their family. His mother had been so close to leaving Ben, had packed her, Violet and Teddy's stuff up so they could go stay with Aunt Jo but his father had somehow managed to convince her to stay and work on their martial problems. And to Teddy's surprise, she had stayed and now they were moving from Boston all the way to LA.


He could admit–even if he didn't want to–that LA was pretty and the movies were right, this place was gorgeous and very sunny.


Teddy understood why she would want to work on their marriage in the first place–well besides him and Violet–they were soulmates, a fated pair. Destined to be together forever. And that was why he still couldn't wrap his mind on why his father would do such a thing to his mother if they were supposed to be together forever. They were soulmates, you weren't ever supposed to hurt your soulmate. It was said it was physically impossible to to so. And yet his father had done so.


"Teddy?" His mother asked, looking at him through the rear-view mirror, "You okay?"


"Yeah," He forced a smile and nodded reassuringly at her, "I'm okay. Just a little tired."


"Why don't you take a nap until we get there, sweetheart." She said, giving him a motherly look of concern. "I'll wake you up when we get there."


"Thanks, mom." Teddy told her softly, getting comfortable in his seat and resting his head against the window next to him. His mother gave him a brief smile before turning to look out the window as they road on the express way. Teddy slowly drifted off to sleep.


The house they had arrived at was surprisingly huge for having such a low selling price. Something must be seriously wrong with it. Maybe a death had occurred previously or their was a lot of break ins. Whatever it was, this house was gorgeous. Everything looked brand new and untouched. The inside of it was even more spacious then the outside, the layout impressing even him. It was so vintage but new and it made his inner artist purr in satisfaction at the art and history of the place.


Teddy was already in love with this house. Even the annoying realtor couldn't bring his mood down about this place.


"It’s a classic LA Victorian, built around 1920 by the doctor to all the stars at the time." The realtor, Marcy, ranted off as she lead them down the hallway, "It’s just fabulous. These are real Tiffany fixtures. As you can see, the previous owners really loved this place like a child. They restored everything."


"Gay?" His mother asked curiously.


"What do you think?" Marcy said with a coy smile that had Teddy narrowing his eyes at her.


"Tiffany,” Ben said, bumping shoulders with Violet who rolled her eyes at him, "Wow."


Teddy ignored them all in favor of looking around as they walked down the long hallway. Everything looked well cleaned and polished and new. Something was seriously wrong with this house if it was being sold for such a low price. While he wasn't one for conspiracy's, this house definitely had the feel of one. That and it had that creepy Victorian haunted house vibe.


They were lead into the kitchen by Marcy who allowed them to look around the spacious kitchen before asking his mother, "Do you cook?"


"Viv is a great cook." Ben cut in, taking his hat off and looking around with a grin, "I got her cooking lessons a few years ago, and she ended up teaching the teacher a few things." Teddy rolled his eyes at him in annoyance. His dad really is desperate to get the love of his wife back, isn’t he? Ben was even willing to pretend everything was okay (it really wasn’t) and they were one big happy family.


“Cooking lessons. Romantic.” Marcy replied, ignoring the sudden tension in the room with a falsely cheery smile.


Teddy rolled his eyes at them and walked off to explore the house, ignoring the pleading look his sister shot him as he left. She was on her own with this one.


After a boring week of getting transferred to his new high school and unpacking his load of boxes, Teddy had finally managed to get some alone time in the upstairs bathroom. He'd only been moved in for a week and already so much shit had happened. A girl had hit on him, his sister had gotten into a fight and Teddy may or may not have broken her bully's arm, and his mother had found a weird S&M suit in the attic of their home.


What he needed at the moment was a relief from everything so far. A breather from all the bullshit and chaotic mess that was currently his life now.


He hid himself in the bathroom upstairs, opened his little fill with white pills and crushed them up until they were powder before making them into a straight neat line. He leaned down and snorted up the powder quickly, making sure none fell onto his clothes. His parents would spot the small speck of white a mile away–especially his father who would jump on his ass.


Figuratively not literally.


Teddy paused before he could put up the razor where it belonged and stared a the razor in his hand, a thought crossing his mind.


He'd always wondered why Violet cut herself and seemed to like it-or at the very least it seemed to help her in a way that alcohol and various substances helped him. Curious, Teddy carefully lowered the cool blade on his warm skin, the smooth milky white skin taunting him. He could see the blood now, dripping off of his wrist and on the white tiled floor of the bathroom.


Teddy could feel it, the phantom of the blade cutting into his wrist and, if he cut hard enough, he knew he'd hit an artery and bleed out on the floor of the bathroom. Teddy frowned at the image he had created and quickly pushed the dark thoughts out of head. Besides, even if wanted to do it, he wouldn't do it on the wrist where his soulmark was. He'd never scar it with something so horrific.


Just as he was about to put the razor down, a voice spoke up behind him.


"You're doing it wrong." A voice spoke up behind him in amusement. Teddy jumped in surprise at the unexpected guest and accidentally slid the blade into the skin of his wrist. Right where his soulmark was. Teddy hissed at the pain and turned to the owner of the voice to tell them the fuck off, but froze when he saw the dark brown eyes filled with mirth staring at him. They were so hypnotizing and you could get lost in the dark pool. They darkened when they saw the blood pool out of the cut, right where his soulmates name was bared for all to see.


Tate Langdon


"What the fuck man?" Teddy hissed at the blonde haired boy and clutched at his now bleeding wrist. It really fucking hurt, he had no idea how Violet could deal with this on a daily basis. "Who the hell are you and why are you in my house?"


The boy didn't answer him and seemed to be frozen in shock as he stared at his wrist where his soulmates name was. Teddy eyed the boy in both anger and confusion. What the hell was his problem? First he breaks into his house and seemed to be amused when Teddy cut himself and now he was silent and in shock. Maybe he was one of his dad's patients and was looking for the bathroom?


"Well?" Teddy asked impatiently, grabbing a towel off the hook by the door, "Who the hell are you? Are you one of my dad's patient's?"


No response.


This was starting to get slightly unnerving with the way the boy stared at him and how silent the room was suddenly. Teddy licked his lips nervously and asked the boy one more time, trying to get him to at least talk before he screamed for his father to come here, "Who are you?"


"I'm Tate." The blonde took a step closer to him and Teddy froze both in shock at the name and the sudden movement from the boy. The boy–Tate, now wasn't that the funniest fucking thing ever? He didn't know whether to cry or laugh–reached out to grab his wrist as if was the most precious thing ever and pulled the towel off the bleeding wound gently. An excited grin tugged at Tate's face and he gazed into Teddy's eyes with so much warmth and possessiveness that it made Teddy's heart skip a beat, "Your soulmate."


Teddy will admit it wasn't his finest moment but he had ran away from the boy after the shocking revaluation. After all this time of waiting and day dreaming about his soulmate he finally found him and the first thing he does? He runs away and leaves him in his own bathroom, alone, with a bloody towel.


Yeah. Definitely not his greatest moment–like ever.


Now he felt bad and had no clue how to get a hold of Tate. If Tate was his father's patient then that could cause some problems. One his father would get all bitchy and two if something was wrong with Tate, Teddy did not want to be the reason the blonde couldn't get help. Also it would be slightly awkward to tell your father your soulmate was one of his patients and could I please date him?


While his parents knew he liked boys and his soulmate was one, they never really knew his soulmate's name. Teddy just never told them why, it wasn't because he was ashamed, he just never got around to telling them or showing them the black letters on his wrist.


Maybe he should tell them at dinner tonight? Or wait a few days? Or a few weeks? Maybe in a few months? Yeah that sounded right.