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Male Reader x IT Oneshots

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Requested by: That one Child


Y/N hides in a locker from two of the school bullies, not expecting what was about to come next.


'I can't believe I'm in this smelly locker' Y/N thought to himself as he listened for Henry and Victor.

Y/N had just been packing up when he heard the door open and the familiar voices of Henry and Victor, so he crawled inside his locker as he heard the conversation going on between them.

"You so have a crush on Bill" Victor teased and Henry scolded him.

"So what if I do? He's hot, and cute. And don't act like you don't like guys, Victor. I can see you you and Stan eye fucking each other"Henry smirked, and Victor looked down sheepishly.

Y/N smiles to himself and tries to create a mental picture of Victor and Stan eye fucking each other, trying not to laugh aloud.

"And what about Patrick?" Victor asked.

"What about him?" Henry asked, a sudden curiosity laced in his voice.

Victor scoffs "You haven't noticed it? Patrick is totally crushing on Y/N"

Y/N's eyes widen when he heard the sentence. Patrick, friend of Henry Bowers, was crushing on him?

"Now that you're mentioning it, Patrick does seem to follow him around. He even asked me what it's like to crush on a guy. I just laughed it off "

Victor nods "Well, I should go fuc- Check on Stan" Victor said, as he stumbled slightly on his words.

"I'll come with you. Bill's probably with him" and with that, they left the locker room in search of their future lovers.

Y/N pushed open the locker and stumbled out. Y/N couldn't believe that someone like Patrick could like him.

Y/N gathered his things and quickly left the locker room, hoping that he hasn't missed Patrick's bus.