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Explosive Touch [Bakugo Katsuki x OC] – Book 3

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Run, run, run!

Then touch!

And then back! As far as you can, c'mon!

And when my Quirk deactivates... running again!

To say Atsuhi had been right in assuming training her Quirk was going to involve a lot of running would've been an understatement. Because she had been spot-on.

Not long after Aizawa's initial speech, he had put an official start to the day's training, giving out instructions to each student individually, as all had to practice in a way that would improve their Quirks for such a short period of time.

And, just as Atsuhi had predicted, a Quirk which relied heavily on stamina, endurance, and running, couldn't be improved any other way to begin with. Of course, that didn't mean she enjoyed that fact.

She was stuck with a simple exercise, at least in theory. She had been pointed to a big rocky structure that she had to touch, activating the effects of her Quirk on it. Next, she had to run in the opposite direction (and Aizawa had been very adamant on saying she should be running, at least for the first couple of hours – so, no walking) and go as far as she possibly could, while still using her Quirk on the rocks.

This was supposedly meant to increase the maximum distance Atsuhi could go before she had to touch an object again, in order to use her Quirk on it once more. As of right now, that number was approximately 50 meters. In other words, to put it more simply, her training consisted of running back and forth a fifty meter distance (because she had to return to touch the rock again once she moved too far away), with her Quirk activated half that time.

And the 'best' part? This distance, if all went well, was only going to increase.

It had only been a few hours since the start. But Atsuhi could see she wasn't the only person wishing to just put an end to it already. And it was only day one...

For the first hour or so, she had been quietly giggling every time Ida would run past, shouting like a madman, or whenever she'd hear Bakugo scream when firing off an explosion with this overly-dramatic feeling surrounding him. She had once turned around to witness him with his hands submerged in a barrel and an intense expression on his face, and had been sent in a laughing fit. Which had soon been interrupted by Aizawa calling out for her to focus.

If there was one thing she was glad about, however, it was that her teacher seemed to have at least some compassion for his students. Even though he had made her run like crazy for hours on end after having her wake up much too early for her liking, he'd told her she could finally take a break.

Well, I wouldn't say 'break' is the right word for it...? I mean, I'm not running anymore but...

True enough, after running without a doubt at least a few kilometers, Atsuhi could finally sit and rest. Well, sit. At least.

Aizawa hadn't given her a break. He had given her a different exercise. For Atsuhi now sat in front of the same big rocky structure (which she had already decided was her sworn enemy that she had to defeat by the end of the week), and continued training.

She would use her Quirk on it, trying to push its temperature to as high as she possibly could, then sharply lessen it as far as possible. This was meant to improve a different aspect of her Quirk – the kinds of temperatures she could reach.

Aizawa had instructed her to alternate between high and low, though he had mentioned she could focus on the lower end of the spectrum if she wanted to, as that was the one she struggled with more and had more room to improve upon.

I have to be able to do this. If my Quirk is a combination of my parents', then I could surely do the same things they could.

Not to mention, they improved their Quirks with continuous training like this, no? Granted, it probably wasn't under such extreme circumstances. But surely it was similar enough.

As Atsuhi leaned back, catching her breath and wiping at the sweat forming on the side of her head, she sighed, furrowing her brows at the rock in front of her.

I gotta do it! Be all Plus Ultra, go beyond my limits!


She looked to the side, eyes landing on the blond occupying her thoughts a little too often lately.

Go beyond my limits, huh...?

In more ways that one, I guess...

He's already so strong – stronger than I could ever dream of being... Of course, if he heard me say this, he'd go into a fit and explain how I too am strong and how I shouldn't put myself down like this... He might not show it to others all that often, but he can be really sweet!

Atsuhi giggled to herself, embracing that, at the end of the day, she really was a high-school girl with a crush on a boy.

And yet, Bakugo-kun's still working as hard as ever.

I really hope that, when the time comes, I can be as strong as him.

The clock's ticking. There's what? Two days left now?

The moment will be here before I know it...


"Atsuhi-chan!! Can you help with the fire here real quick!"

"Sure thing!"

"Ah, Atsuhi, can you come tell us if this looks right once you're done there?"

"Yep, just gimme a second!"

The girl walked over to one of the fireplaces where she'd been called by Mina and Ochaco, laying a hand on the piece of wood inside, and using her Quirk to heat it up enough for it to catch fire, leaving the two girls to marvel at it for some reason.

Next, she went over to check up on Kirishima and Kaminari, who were standing with questionable expressions adorning their features in front of a pot full of ingredients. She slipped in between the two of them, eyeing up the contents of said pot.

"Does that look good?" Kirishima asked, confirming if the quantities were sufficient.

"I usually eyeball it but it looks good to me! You can go ahead and add the rest." The girl smiled, watching as Kaminari added in the final ingredients.

"Well, I mean, you told us how much of everything to put in. So I doubt there was much room for error to begin with..." said boy mumbled as he began mixing everything together. Suddenly, Kirishima's face lit up, as if he only just remembered something.

"Oh yeah – by the way, sorry for constantly calling you here or there like this, Atsuhi-chan! It's just – not a lot of people 'round here are good with cooking, so we kinda need someone to help every once in a while..." He made an apologetic smile, but the girl in question simply waved him off.

"Nah, it's fine. I mean, I'm pretty sure you can make something at least edible without any help anyway! Plus, I like cooking. And I like showing other people how it's done! So I don't mind at all – as long as everyone else is having fun!" she smiled, looking around to find each student working on something or other, for once combining all their efforts to make the best dinner ever.

I almost feel like this was an attempt to make this feel more like actual Summer Camp, rather than training. Have the two classes together like this, all doing the same thing. It's nice. I like it!

Atsuhi took a step back, realizing that everyone seemed to have been doing fine, especially after she'd spend the first half an hour or so listing off what needed to be done and instructing people of the individual steps of the process. She almost felt herself take on the teacher's role for that short while.

And now, seeing her 'students' managing all by themselves, she smiled with pride, walking off to the one person she noticed sulking away from the crowd. As she approached him, she made a small wave and smiled, sitting down beside him, back facing the picnic table.

"You still mad you can't light a fire with explosions?" she asked, giggling to herself, much like she had done that same morning. Bakugo didn't even have to look at her, already knowing just about the only person who'd approach him like this. Instead, he huffed, acting nonchalant about it.

"Tch. As if I care."

"Come on – that's just how Quirks are. If you take a second to look around, you'd notice you are only one of many who can't do that." At this, he glanced at the girl for a brief second, though he quickly looked away, uncrossing his arms and leaning back as his brows furrowed further.

"I can’t let that half-'n-half bastard get ahead of me..."

Atsuhi hummed in agreement, knowing there was no point trying to change his mind about that. Though it was ridiculous how Bakugo could link making dinner to his rivalry with said boy.

Once again, the two were engulfed by a comfortable silence. One that had befallen them many times since they'd arrived at Training Camp, but one Atsuhi didn't mind either way.

I wonder if it's obvious? I feel like I've been approaching Bakugo-kun more and more these past few days. Yet he hasn't said anything about it...

I can't believe how nervous I was around him when I first realized this whole crush thing. I kinda get it and I still get shy occasionally but... I can't fathom how I was depriving myself of such nice and peaceful moments with him like these.

I wonder how many people get to spend time with him in peace like this...?

"So-" Bakugo cleared his throat, making Atsuhi look at him with a raised brow. "You cook." The girl stared at him for a few seconds, resisting the urge to laugh at him again before she responded.

"That I do."

Was that his awkward way of starting a conversation?

Did Bakugo-kun really just push himself to talk to me!?


"Is it cause you live alone?"

"Yep! If I wanna eat something other than expensive restaurant dishes or dirt cheap fast food I kinda have to make it myself." she spoke, words spilling out effortlessly, as if she knew she could say anything to him. But perhaps that wasn't all that far off from the truth.

"Huh. It better be good then."


"Atsuhi-chan – this is amazing!!" Mina, one of the few who weren't stuffing their mouths to the point where they wouldn't have been able to speak even if they had wanted to, exclaimed quickly before continuing to munch on the delicious food.

"Yeah! I mean, we made it so it's not like restaurant-quality food or anything but it's so good!" was Kirishima's response.

"What are you talking about – this is delicious!" chimed in Ochaco as well.

"Aw, come on guys, we all made this together! No need to thank me. That's all your hard work too!" Atsuhi retorted, smiling as she too enjoyed her food. Perhaps it was because they were all so tired, but this really was some of the best curry she'd ever had.

Just before having yet another mouthful of food however, Atsuhi suddenly remembered something, turning to Bakugo with a victorious smile, only to find him devouring his own portion just as hungrily as everyone else.

Noticing somebody's gaze on him, the blond looked up at Atsuhi, pausing before giving in and nodding. He was too hungry to try and actually say anything after all.

Haha! I got him! He is enjoying the food!

The girl continued eating, that same victorious smile still plastered on her face.

Told you I can cook!


Huh, I'm really just getting so worked up because Bakugo-kun said (actually, he never actually said it) he liked the food that I literally just explained wasn't made by me specifically...

Is this... also a part of it? I wonder... Everyone else is saying it's good and all and yet it's only when he confirmed it that I truly felt good about it. Is is because that's just how he's like?

What am I saying... Of course it's because it's Bakugo-kun. If I didn't get excited when the person I... I like complimented me, then when am I ever going to get excited about anything?

Speaking of that...

There's only two days left... Scratch that, today is practically over. And once tomorrow ends, it will really be time.

Of course, it's not just me confessing that will happen in two days. It's my birthday, I wanna celebrate, at least a little. With some cake or something? Ah, that sounds nice...

Yeah, I gotta ask everyone what they're up for tomorrow after training.

I can't believe it. We're getting there. We're really getting there.

It's almost time.

Ah, I'm about to get all nervous!

2 days remaining•


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