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Explosive Touch [Bakugo Katsuki x OC] – Book 3

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Hey, hey – as promised, I’m back with the long-awaited special chapter celebrating two amazing things! For one, today marks two years since Atsuhi was created (I promise to get into some more sappy talk at the end of the special), but it’s also a way for me to celebrate all the love and support this story has received! As I’ve said many times before – you guys are literally the best and I appreciate everything you do!

A super quick thing before we start! The drawing at the beginning! That’s pretty much it lol It’s a cute drawing because I wanted something super fluffy to celebrate!

Also, if I somehow left something out (even though I triple-checked) – it was NOT on purpose, I swear!

Now here’s the good stuff! (And prepare for my longest single chapter yet! Oof)


Section One – Ask Katsuhi!

Atsuhi’s speech is presented in regular text, Bakugo’s speech is presented in italics.

(This takes place a few months/a year or so after the current chapters of the series! As such, the two are already a couple and Atsuhi refers to Bakugo as Katsuki-kun! Lastly, please do keep in mind that the two’s opinions do not necessarily reflect my own!)

Rebecca Rivera on Quotev asks:

Atsuhi, what was the first thing you loved about Bakugo besides looks?

Huh… Go ahead.

Hm, let's see... He was obviously really strong, so there's that! But that's not necessarily something that makes me fall in love at first sight. So... I think it's his more compassionate side. Like, how he might not look like it, but in his mind he always thinks about saving others! And always has the best interest of those close to him in mind, despite how tough he acts! I think that's what made me fall in love to begin with!


Eh? Katsuki-kun!? Are you okay!? Your face is-



Oh my God, are you-

Shut up!!

(He's blushing!!)

Kirasms on Wattpad asks:

Bakugo, describe your feeling towards Atsuhi in 5 words.



Katsuki-kun! Pleeaaase!

Annoyance, but five times.


Is that so.

Wait, shit, what're you doing?

I guess that's what you really-

Okay, okay, chill.

And don't ever mention this to me ever again.

Here goes nothing.

Respect. Comfort.


Go on...?

Adoration...? Protectiveness. And...


You know what the last one is, goddamn it.

I wanna hear it~

For fuck's sake... love.

Happy? Next question!

No, wait-

Next question!!

Rebecca Rivera on Quotev asks:

What would you say is your best personality trait and what is your worst and why?

Can I answer this one for you?

Eh? You sure?

Yeah, cause you're too damn dense to notice it sometimes.

Um, okay then?

It's actually the same one.


Both your worst and best trait – pretending to be fine.

On one hand, it's not healthy at all and you need to turn to others for help.

Look who's talking.

I'm going to ignore what you just said.

But it's also your best one. Because it's really difficult to smile through the pain and shit. You shouldn't. But the fact that you can, means you're incredibly strong. Of course, I've already said that before.

Aww, you're so sweet.

Don't repeat that sentence, please.

Okay, can I go now?


Your best trait is that you’re so… determined. You don’t back down and you always aim to win, as if you know you will. It’s really admirable. And it’s inspiring to those around you too!

And your worst one should be kinda obvious. You have literally the shortest fuse ever.

What the hell, Atsuhi-

See!? Told ya.


Just kidding though.


It’s actually the fact that you bottle everything up.

That was yours.

No, but like, you do it too. It’s just a little different.

I say I’m fine. You don’t. And it’s obvious you’re not. We try to talk to you but you don’t want to. It’s really difficult to help you sometimes, even if we wanted to.

Though I’m really proud of you because you’ve been talking about what’s been bothering you more and more lately!

What’s bothering me is the fact that you’re still talking about this – next question!

FtfanDessarai (guest) on AO3 asks:

Bakugo, what do you like most about Atsuhi and why? And how would you feel if something bad happened to her?

You already said what my best trait was, didn’t you?

Yeah. That’s obviously something I like. And simultaneously hate. But we already discussed that.

So is there something you like even more?

You’re really… ugh, I have no clue how to put it but like… really goddamn kind. Sometimes too kind but let’s not get into that.

Can you elaborate…?

What I mean is… You say that I’m always there comforting you or some shit like that. But your presence is enough to comfort others, or at least I feel like it is.

You know, you’re constantly smiling and always making sure those around you feel good and are happy, even if you may not be. In a way, it’s a perfect quality for a hero to have.

Now, if you laugh I swear I’ll kill you but… it’s much easier for me not to lose my temper when you’re around.

And what about the other question?

Well, aside from the fact that something bad has already happened to you a few times… It’d be awful. Like, end of the world kind of awful, you know?

First, I’d probably wanna kill the fucking bastard responsible. I’d even gladly spend the rest of my days hunting them down but then I’d probably remember you wouldn’t want that so I’d stop.

Then, I’d wanna be by your side as much as possible. Make sure you’re alright, cheer you up so you don’t have to feel bad. That kinda stuff.

The last thing is… I would feel like shit. For ever letting something bad happen to you in the first place. I’d probably beat myself up over it, wonder how weak I have to be to let you get hurt like that…

Why did you go all quiet like that…?

Ah?! Well… you were… incredibly honest and sentimental just now… Just outta respect for that, I guess.

Huh. Just to get things straight by the way, I ain’t letting you get hurt again, you hear me?

Sure, sure.

Gigi on Quotev asks:

Would you sacrifice yourself for the other?



Um, here's the thing...

The answer's absolutely 'yes'. From both of us.

But when both of us want to, neither can. Like, if Katsuki-kun were to do something like that, I'd want to stop him. Same if I do it.

But if it ever came down to it – yes.

Without hesitation.

Aurora Lilac on Quotev asks:

Have you ever been interested in anyone romantically before?


What are you laughing about now?

Well, okay, here's a story-

Back in Elementary School – you know, when kids fall for anyone who doesn't have a snot hanging off their nose- there was one instance!


Oh, I'm not telling you that, I know you're gonna do something dumb.

But there was this one boy – all girls liked him. Every single girl from our class had had a crush on him at some point. For a child, he was pretty, I guess?

Me and my best friend at the time, Tomo-chan, liked him for a while too. But then he wasn't in the same middle school as us anymore, so we kinda forgot.

Well, when we started High School, I talked to Tomo-chan, and she said he's in the same school as her! I pumped her up to go ask him out on a date or something cause she said he was even hotter now! And you know what he told her?


He was into boys! Pfft, haha! Poor Tomo-chan! Honestly, that's the only thing I can think of. And I was like, 10.



I said – good.

Aurora Lilac on Quotev asks:

What would be your ideal date?

FtfanDessarai (guest) on AO3 asks:

Atsuhi, w hat would your ideal date with Bakugo be like?

Oh. My. God. Katsuki-kun – take notes here!

Shut up.

I am…

So, when I was little, I used to go to lots of places with my parents and just have fun all day. I’d love to spend a day like that with you!

The alternative is something that kind of already happened. Though I doubt either of us would’ve called it a date back then.


I’m talking about the Ennichi Festival. I don’t know about you, but it was really fun for me – just going around the booths, eating some weird food, playing those random games. And the fireworks at the end – oh, the fireworks! It was magical.

That was a while back so we didn’t know anything back then. Plus, we only had about an hour or so and you looked pretty tired.

But I would love, love, love to do that again someday!

Is that so…

What about you, Katsuki-kun?

I don't know, going to climb a mountain together or something.

My body can't take that.

I know, that's why I've never asked you to that before.

Wait, seriously? No, no! I'm gonna try! I promise!

I wanna try your hobby too!

You sure about that…?

Aurora Lilac on Quotev asks:

Bakugo, w hat would you do/think if you saw Atsuhi on a date with another guy?

Kill them.

That’s too harsh though...

Okay but like, why would you even go out with him in the first place!?

Okay, okay, imagine we weren't actually together though! Then what? You can't just say 'That's my girlfriend, back off!', no?

If that was the only difference... I'll be jealous for sure-

You say that as if you don't get jealous now-

Moving on.

I... might scare him a little bit. You know... so he doesn't do it anymore.

So if I weren't dating you, all the boys would've been avoiding me like the plague because of reasons I would've been unable to understand?

Well, when you put it like that...


Okay, I guess if he wasn't a bad person, and if you were happy... I'd just sulk from afar.


Well, good thing that's a hypothetical situation then, hm?

Yeah. I'm glad it is.

Aw, Katsuki-kun!

pokelover on Quotev asks:

Bakugo, d o you see a future between you and Atsuhi as anything from romantic partners to just close friends who do hero work together?

What’re you looking at me like that for?

I’m just… trying not to say something too crazy.

Aw, it’s fine, Katsuki-kun. I’ve told you what I want already, haven’t I?

I guess. We’ve actually talked about it once or twice. It’s still a few years away but…

It sounds stupid.

You don’t wanna say it?


It’s fine – I will. Katsuki-kun wants us to stay together. I do too. You know, get married, live together.

We can… probably open a hero agency. Like the one that Hiyamiku and Lava Floor had. It’d be the best goddamn agency in Japan!

Mhm! It would be a dream come true!

I know Katsuki-kun won’t say it but the point is, all I want from our future is to be together. I think he feels the same!

Stop saying embarrassing shit like that…

FtfanDessarai (guest) on AO3 asks:

What are you hoping to achieve after graduating from UA?

Rebecca Rivera on Quotev asks:

Bakugo, w hen you become the Number 1 Hero, what would be your next plans/dreams/goals? Can you list a few?

Well, honestly, I would, as we already said, love to stay with Katsuki-kun for as long as possible. You know, have a good life together but also become heroes who save lots and lots of people?

Of course, placing high on the top heroes list wouldn’t hurt either, haha~

And you, Katsuki-kun? Anything more specific?

Step number one – stay the number one hero for as long as I'm alive. That's pretty much it.



Well... I guess it'd be nice to get some real cool place to live. As far away from my parents as possible.

Anything else?

Aside from rubbing it into Deku's face, you mean?


I've been thinking... How much is it to renovate an agency and all that, you know?

Eh, why's that?

Well… it'd do your old man a favor, right? Like, fix it up a little, buy some new equipment, maybe attract some new sidekicks as well...

Katsuki-kun, you...

Oi, the hell!? Are you crying!? I'm trying to say something nice, for fuck's sake!!

No, no, I'm okay... Just... Wow, thank you...

Uh... um, yeah, you're... you're welcome, I guess.

Let's just move on.

Aurora Lilac on Quotev asks:

Do you want to have children in the future?

U-um, well, you know... uh, I-I wouldn't really... I wouldn't mind- but I mean, only if you want to, Katsuki-kun!! Like, I'm okay with it if you're okay with it, you know?
Y-yeah, sure. Agreed...

(Iya chiming in here!! Excuse the poor children. Both are still virgins at the time, haha~ The answer is yes !)

Aurora Lilac on Quotev asks:

What do you do in your free time?

Well, sometimes we hang out.

It's called a date, Katsuki-kun.

Right. Whatever. When we aren't though, I mostly chill in my room.

He goes to bed really early.

Like a normal person.

Like a normal person's grandpa.

Shut up, you-

I, on the other hand... Hm, I watch movies when I feel lonely sometimes.

Pro tip – if it's a horror movie, you'll stop feeling lonely pretty soon.


Raegan on Quotev asks:

What's something you've tried, and will never try again?

You go first. Because I know exactly what you are going to say.

You damn well do, cause it was your fault. Kirishima, Dunce Face, and Bug Eyes once challenged me not to swear for an entire day. Of course I wasn't gonna accept. But then they went and fucking told Atsuhi about it too. So then she pestered me to do it for two days straight – probably the worst two days of my life.

But it worked!

Yes. Unfortunately.

Wanna say how long you managed to last?

...An hour.

It was Saturday and we were talking at around 1AM. Katsuki-kun stubbed his toe and swore so hard.

Cool story, no need for details. What's yours?

Well, you were actually with me. You know how Katsuki-kun loves spicy food, and once he was like 'Hey, wanna come to this restaurant with some real spicy stuff?' And being the good girlfriend I was, I didn't have to make him pester me for two days to agree.

Shut up.

I got something a little spicy. Like, lowest level of spice on the menu. That day, I almost cried.

It was memorable.

You can be such a jerk.

Thank you.

In other words, yeah – I'm never going back there.

Aurora Lilac on Quotev asks:

Do you wish you had siblings? If yes, then older or younger and of what gender?

Why would I need someone else to annoy or pester me. That old hag's enough.

Don't talk about your mother like that – she's awesome!

Wha- Ah, shit. Sorry.

Nah, it's cool. She feels like my own by this point!

So I guess Katsuki-kun's answer is 'no'...

I've always wondered if it would have been better to have a sibling?

If it's a younger brother or sister, it would be really fun to watch them grow up and everything! But with Mom gone and Dad away, it would've been difficult to take care of them.

So perhaps, someone older to keep me company after I moved away from our old place to study at UA. It would be really nice to go home and know that you won't be alone for the rest of the evening!

Of course, Katsuki-kun sometimes swings by or at least makes sure to talk over the phone so I'm fine now!

And for gender – I wouldn't mind either way! But it would be funny to see how Katsuki-kun would've reacted if I had an overprotective older brother, haha!
I'm suddenly infinitely grateful you don't…

Aurora Lilac on Quotev asks:

If you could choose your Quirk, what will it be?

pokelover on Quotev asks:

Atsuhi, w ere you happy upon discovering your odd Quirk, and do you ever wish for a different one (if a specific one, then please detail what kinda Quirk if it's a non-existent one in the BNHA verse)?

Oh, you know, I haven’t thought about this all that much! I’ve always loved my Quirk cause it was like a crazy match-up of Mom and Dad’s! I sometimes complain about it, but in reality it’s pretty versatile and super useful in some day-to-day activities.

I’ve literally seen her use it to curl people’s hair.

Exactly! And about having a different Quirk… I talked about how Todoroki-kun’s is a lot stronger than mine, but then Katsuki-kun totally cut me off on that one.

Yeah, because both have their strengths and weaknesses.

Right. So that’s out of the question. The only thing I kinda wish were different would be that I don’t really have a lot of long-range attacks… And that sucks.

So I guess I’d love to be able to retain my current Quirk but also be able to shoot fire and ice like Todoroki-kun, you know? Still fits in with the theme, only it becomes stronger.

Atsuhi, that’s straight-up unstoppable.

Yeah! Could be called ‘Heat Wave’ or something like that!

And what about you, Katsuki-kun?

Honestly? I like mine as is. It’s fucking awesome. Would’ve been real neat if I could make even bigger explosions?

Or perhaps just detonate them at will, without needing to use my sweat for it.

I am incredibly glad your Quirk isn’t that overpowered. You’re much more tame in winter because of this!

I am what-

Moving on~

riceball-girl on Quotev asks:

If you were to swap your Quirk for any of your classmates (or 1-B's students), which one would you pick and why?

Oh, this one's about swapping specifically! I have a few in mind so why don't you go first, Katsuki-kun?

It's gotta be something badass. Nothing's better than mine.

But you have to pick.

Right. I don't know – Hardening or Electrification.

Oh – those do sound kinda like you!

What about you?

Well, I've always wondered what it would've been like to have your Explosion!

God forbid.

Yeah, I knew you'd say something like that. But! Ochaco-chan and Momo have really awesome Quirks! Of course, I hate being nauseous and I'm not smart like Momo, so...

I guess the one best for me might be Copy!


Yeah! I don't have a very good first impression of class B's Monoma-kun. But he does have a very useful and interesting Quirk. Plus, I prefer working in a team anyway so it'd be no problem for me!

Raegan on Quotev asks:

How would you feel if I came up to you, and said I was gonna eat your kneecaps?

What the actual fuck-

Yeah, um, don't do that in front of Katsuki-kun. He'll probably break yours.

What? You won't!?
Well, I mean, I'll probably just laugh nervously and have the memory haunt me for the next few hours. Or weeks. Depends on how serious the threat was.

PheonixBird06 on Quotev asks:

What would you do if a random person walked up to you and asked you for your phone number?

That's the same as the previous person!

What!? You'll still beat them up!?

Well yeah – that's just weird!

Yeah but like – if you plan to be the number one, you are bound to have a bunch of fans! Some girls might even want your phone number!

Eh? That's weird!

Not as weird as you think. I'd say I'd just decline politely. Maybe ask them what they want?

Still beat 'em up.

Katsuki-kun, you can't do that-

Gigi on Quotev asks:

What are your spirit animals?

Okay but like, can I answer this one for you, Katsuki-kun?

The hell?

I know you'll say something like a lion or whatever but hear me out-

You know chihuahuas?

Atsuhi, what the fuck-

No, no, hear me out!
They bark a lot and try to look scary and they probably think they can scare you a lot-


But in reality they're just soooo tiny. Like little mice! Harmless!

I swear to God-

Or – I guess you can also be a cat?

...Do I wanna hear why?

I don't know, you just look like a grumpy cat.

Okay, that's enough-

Wanna know mine?


Cause I once took a quiz!

And apparently I'm a butterfly!

The hell?

It symbolizes something related to change and transformation, but also finding joy in life!


Right? It's pretty accurate. Especially that last part!

(Iya speaking here: I took a quiz, answering as if I were Atsuhi and those were the results!)

Aurora Lilac on Quotev asks:

If you were an animal, which one would you be?

Pft, well, Katsuki-kun-

Shut up. Fucking chihuahua, you serious!?

I meant a cat this time but whatever.

You'd probably be some golden retriever who constantly sticks her nose in the cat's business then!

Oh, that's a good one!

What!? No, it's not-

What's wrong with you!?

Aurora Lilac on Quotev asks:

Do you want a pet? If yes, then what animal?

I'd love to get a dog! Like one of those small fluffy ones! Or even a golden retriever! I'll just have to find one that will get along well with Katsuki-kun!

I don't need another thing to take care of. Atsuhi's plenty.

I can't tell if that was meant to be sweet or an insult.

The latter.

Actually, it was kinda kinky too.


Katsuki-kun...? You okay?

I can't believe the stuff you say sometimes.

Aurora Lilac on Quotev asks:

What kind of movie genre do you like?

Hollywood blockbusters. Action. Guts are fine too. The more explosions, the better.


Why, what do you like?

Hmm... Cheesy romance movies are always great! But!

When I was younger, my parents used to take me to see all the superhero movies! You know – the American ones? Even a few Japanese ones here and there! They were all sooo good!!

Your favorite moves are literally superhero movies...?

I guess, yeah... Oops, haha!

Gigi on Quotev asks:

Out of the two of you, who is most likely to plan an all-nighter and be the first one to fall asleep?

Atsuhi did it once.

Shut up.

She planned it with Kirishima, Dunce Face, and Bug Eyes.

Meaning Kirishima-kun, Kaminari-kun, and Mina.


'Come with us,' they said. 'We'll have fun,' they said.

Literally less than an hour later I had to go carry Atsuhi to her room.

Wait, you did what!?

Wah- you thought you just magically teleported to your bed or something?

I just... never thought about it...


Raegan on Quotev asks:

Would you rather look like a potato, or feel like a potato?

What the hell kinda-

Okay, okay, Katsuki-kun, enough, please. Guess I'm going first on this one.


Let's see now... I mean, I love potatoes but in this context... I guess it's much better to look like one because then you at least feel good about yourself? Though... I'm guilty of kinda feeling like a potato every once in a while...


What is it, Katsuki-kun...?

You don't... look like a potato...



Ahaha, oh my God, Katsuki-kun, that's so adorab-

Don't say it, you-

I won't if you answer!

Hmph. Fine. Feel.

Huh? Why!?

I answered the damn question, let's just move on!!

Rebecca Rivera on Quotev asks:

Bakugo, what would you eat that is extremely spicy? Chicken, Pork, or Fish?

Pork. But like, extra spicy.

You are insane, are you aware of that?

Then you've fallen for an insane person.

I hate it when you're right.

And you're always right.

PheonixBird06 on Quotev asks:

How would you feel and what would you do if Kirishima, Mina, Kaminari, and Sero dumped multiple cans of canned pineapple on your head?

Kill them.

That’s like, the third time today, Katsuki-kun. Chill out a little, will you!?

We're just condoning violence here by this point.

The hell do you want me to do?

Well, sure, that's betrayal on their part.


Don't smile all creepily like that.

You just gotta get it back at them. You know, make them think you don't mind. Then surprise them with it like three weeks later.

Point taken – do not give Atsuhi a reason to hold a grudge.

Raegan on Quotev asks:

What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say cabbage?

Okay, how about we say this one together? On three?


Right. One. Two. Three

Your eyes.../Midoriya-kun!!



Aw, crap.

The hell do you mean Deku!?

W-well, his hair's... you know... it's green. Like a cabbage...?

And here I was, actually saying something nice.

I don't know, Katsuki-kun. Comparing eyes to cabbage isn't the most romantic thing ever.

I'm so done with you. For the record, they're a much closer color than fucking Deku's hair!

Gigi on Quotev asks:

Which of you would be the first to die in a zombie apocalypse?



I love how we're both just immediately writing me off.


Yeah, yeah, you're not that weak and stuff. If you're with me, you might even make it through.

I'm kinda scared of zombies though... Especially after that training exercise with those Isami High students...


Actually... I kinda hate saying this...

But there's a chance Katsuki-kun might... sacrifice himself if it were for me... So...

Ah, shit.

By the way, just in case there is a zombie apocalypse one day!! You are not permitted to do that!!

Atsuhi, what the hell, do you seriously believe this stuff-

Its not impossible, okay!?


Section One – End + A Small Break!

Ever wanted to see some Katsuhi textposts? Well boy, do I have just the thing for you!

(These are all quotes from different shows and whatnot just floating around Tumblr and other social media! I’ve simply changed the character names! With that in mind though – enjoy!)


Mitsuki (Bakugo’s Mom): Atsuhi-chan, will you do me the honor of becoming my daughter-in-law?

Bakugo: Did you just propose to Atsuhi for me?



Atsuhi: I like my men like I like my coffee: hot as hell and stronger than I am.


Kaminari: What's up with Bakugo? He's been lying on the ground for like fifteen minutes.

Kirishima: He's just a little overwhelmed.

Kaminari: Why?

Kirishima: Atsuhi giggled.


Atsuhi: Is it okay if I swear?

Bakugo: Yes, Atsuhi, you can fucking swear.

Atsuhi: F

Bakugo: Yes, go on.

Atsuhi: I'm nervous.

Atsuhi: Oh c'mon, I didn't drink that much last night!

Mina: You were flirting with Bakugo.

Atsuhi: So what? He's my boyfriend.

Mina: You asked if he was single...

Kirishima: Then cried when he said he wasn't.

Ochaco: Hey, Atsuhi-chan, can you give me some dating advice?

Atsuhi: Just because I'm with Katsuki-kun doesn't mean I know how I did it.

(Psst, there will be some more at the end of Section Two!!)


Section Two – Ask Iya!

And – it’s now my turn! There are some really long answers mixed in towards the end so please do keep that in mind! Thank you!

Aurora Lilac on Quotev asks:

What kind of movie genre do you like?

Okay, there might be some weirdly specific details in here but here goes-

I love, love, love mysteries! Horror is great but I don't handle live-action gore too well (whereas I don't mind animated/written depictions of gore) so I guess I prefer something leaning more into thriller territory?

I obviously like romance too and the more fantastical and whimsical a love story is, the more I'll like it. However, if it’s something very down-to-earth but super cheesy? Probably not my cup of tea...

Basically, I prefer movies which aren't dead-set on realism but instead explore a bit of a 'what-if' concept with some mysteries and a good romance!

Aurora Lilac on Quotev asks:

If you were an animal, which one would you be?

Probably a cat, to be honest. First of all – yes, I am a cat person and cats are literally the cutest things. So – I love sleeping and lazying around, but also sometimes want attention, and then I can get very annoying when I'm looking for said attention. Also, I get scared easily. And mood swings. Oh, mood swings.

Actually, I might or might not be three cats sitting on top of each other in a large trench coat to disguise as a human. The world may never know...

Raegan on Quotev asks:

What is the stupidest thing you've done on your own free will?

I wanted to come up with something really funny and irresponsible but then I realized that I'm that one sober friend that makes sure everyone else doesn't do something too stupid. So the story I have is actually from when I was about 6 or 7 – about a few months to a year after my sister was born.

Up until then, I had been an only child and got all the attention I could wish for. Suddenly, there's this small red creature that cries all the time at home with me (I loved her since the moment she was born but that doesn't change the facts). And the worst part was – she took all the attention away from lil’ ol' me, which didn't bode well apparently.

So I thought – what would make them pay more attention to me? You know what I came up with? Taking a pair of scissors and cutting my own bangs myself – very unevenly, mind you! I got attention, I think (I don't really remember, to be honest...) Yeah, I was emo when I was like, seven.

(Getting into competitive maths is probably a close second. This is only partially a joke.)

Aurora Lilac on Quotev asks:

What would be your ideal date?

First and most important – not a place with too many people and not some fancy restaurant either because I'm too anxious for that. Those cliche bookstore dates sound cool except, get this – art/office supply store dates. We go around and look through a bunch of pencils, and pens, and notebooks, and erasers, and sharpeners, and then we get a handful and it's great!

Also, not as specific, but finding a common interest and doing something geeky related to that together would be neat – i.e. found a game both enjoy, read the same series, watch the same show, etc.

Raegan on Quotev asks:

What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say cabbage?

Short answer – Zeref from Fairy Tail.

I swear the long answer makes some semblance of sense.

Basically, Fairy Tail was one of the first anime I ever watched. So one day, I was watching an episode and my sister was in the room with me and I was talking something about Zeref. So she suddenly went 'Zeref is cabbage'. Which makes zero sense. In English.

In my native language on the other hand, the word 'cabbage' is 'zele' (pronounced like the 'Zere' part of Zeref, except with an L instead of an R). We laughed a lot (that was years ago, don't worry – I'm kinda sane now). So yeah.

For some ridiculous reason, that was the first thing that came to mind (if you exclude a mental image of what cabbage actually looks like lol)!

Aurora Lilac on Quotev asks:

If you could choose your Quirk, what will it be?

I mean, there are so many possibilities here!! There would be very obvious ones like flying, teleporting, etc.

There was this character that was introduced in the manga recently whose Quirk is literally powered by stress and I... lowkey want something similar...?

Like, the more stressed out I am, the more motivated I feel to do something lol

(If I have to pick one strictly from canon though? I think it'll be a tie between Kurogiri's, Ochaco's, and Monoma's! Because teleporting sounds awesome, levitating objects is cool, and Monoma’s is because you can essentially have any Quirk in existence!)

Gigi on Quotev asks:

What My Hero Academia character do you relate to the most?

Ah yes, time for me to overshare...

Well, aside from obvious picks like Aizawa or Shinso, weirdly enough, it's probably Momo. I didn't care much for her at the beginning (though I admit, she's gorgeous) but ever since making this connection recently, I feel a little closer to her.

Her struggle during the End of Term Exams Arc was very familiar, though I didn't realize it until recently. She's this prodigy who suddenly loses a fight she should've been able to win if she really is as good as everyone says. She's smart but insecure.

I can't say all that for myself. But I was a "gifted" child (in quotation marks because as I came to realize, once you get to High School, it wasn't "gift" that made a difference, it was hard work). I mentioned competitive maths as a joke earlier. Yeah, I used to do those until a month or two ago.

I had been doing so well for a few years, and everyone had placed pretty high expectations on me (especially my math teacher who has a really wrong way of going about things but doesn't realize she's only doing harm and the entire class collectively hates her both as a teacher and a person but that's a whole other can of worms). Which weren't that difficult to live up to. Until recently.

It was quickly becoming a harder and harder extra-curricular activity, while I was also losing interest in it. Suddenly, it wasn't so easy anymore. Suddenly, there were people better than me. Suddenly, I wasn't that gifted anymore.

I've been meaning to pursue art as a career so it was a matter of time to give up competitive maths. And after a few breakdowns at the most random of times, I did. And I’m glad. The school year hasn't started yet but I'm trying to make it a good one!

(Also, since it kinda fit the question – there are only two quotes from fiction that have ever moved me. And one is All Might's If you compare someone at Level 1 to someone at Level 50, then the pace at which they grow is completely different!” /End of Term Exams/ – I've told myself that, I've said it to other people, and it has actually helped me get through some insecure periods of my life!)

FtfanDessarai (guest) on AO3 asks:

Favorite ships and their moments?

Not sure if you meant HeroAca ships only or just in general so I'll take it as the latter!

From BNHA, I actually don't have a ship that I go out of my way to look for content for and that I ship like crazy but I like just about anything that's popular (and don't mind most other ships too!)

My favorites, in no particular order, are: IzuOcha (OG for sure, loved the scenes they had in the Provisional License Exam! Also, the last school arc in the manga had that one great moment too!); TodoDeku (because come on, those two are so cute any time they're on screen together); KiriBaku (literally wouldn't mind if it became canon lol; 'It has to be you, Kirishima!’ and the following hand grabbing was golden); KamiJiro (again, any time they appear together really, since I love their casual interactions!); Kacchako (blame Tumblr for this one. Their interactions! Adorkable! There's some NEAT fanart for those two as well!! I once thought one of them was actually from the anime! It wasn’t!!) Last one's kinda random but – Kamui Woods and Mt. Lady – they need more screen time together for me to be able to choose a scene though...

In terms of other series, I'll try to keep it brief but-

The first thing I ever really shipped was Allen x Lenalee from D.Gray-man! I've read dozens of fanfcitions for them – actually, it was through that ship that I even discovered fanfiction to begin with! Fave moment is definitely Chapter 205. Like. Yes. So much yes.

This next one's a recent fave – Toru and Kyo from the Fruits Basket Remake! I haven't seen the original adaptation, nor read the manga but that scene where *spoilers for Episode 14* he was feeling all guilty and stuff and then he bent down while she was still asleep – don't you DARE play with my heartstrings like that!! Agh!!!

Yato and Hiyori from Noragami too! Again, OG but! Fave moment is the Capybara Land chapter/OVA! Too. Darn. Cute. Or the end of Season 2 – that was really good too!!

Ymir and Historia from Attack on Titan!! I just- they're the best ship ever!! I can't even. Fave moment? The entire second season, to be honest. Especially when Ymir revealed that something, something to everyone (avoiding spoilers here)...

There’s a few more but since I don’t wanna bore you any further, I’ll just throw in two more: Yumeko and Suzui from Kakegurui, and Mutsuki and Urie from Tokyo Ghoul:re!

Thank you for reading through that madness that were my very strong and passionate feelings about a whole bunch of ships, hehe...

Kirasms on Wattpad asks:

Is it hard to keep up with a consistent update schedule? And do you have a designated time for writing?

Well, as the great Todoroki once said – 'It depends!' (Referring to Kota and what Midoriya should do to help him. I don't know, it was just funny.)

On one hand, having to physically sit down and write something every week does create some frustration. There are weeks when I have zero motivation and it shows. Then there are weeks when I am full of motivation. And it shows. Of course, whenever I need motivation, I scroll through all you guys' kind comments and sometimes when I post a new chapter, I'm absolutely overwhelmed by your support so thank you so, so much

On the other hand, I know that if I weren't posting with a consistent schedule, I'd barely get anything done. I'd only write when I have motivation, but then I'd feel guilty not writing if I have free time. All in all, this is the best option for me, for sure.

And yes – I do have a specific time! I typically write on weekends. Usually, I start outlining (aka planning what's gonna happen in a chapter in a little notebook where I write a brief outline of it) my next chapter on Friday or Saturday, and then write it either on Saturday or Sunday. Sometimes I get lazy and put it off for Monday or Tuesday but I still manage. (By the way, I always write one week ahead so you guys can get a preview – that's the only reason why my deadline to write the chapter is always Tuesday!)

Of course, now that it's summer break, I'm a little more loose with this schedule. I sometimes start earlier, but more often than not, write on Monday because I know I don't have school so I should have enough time.

Pokelover on Quotev asks:

Do you regret any scene with Atsuhi and other characters or any of her backstory?

Hehe, well, if you look closely, there are a few little slip-ups here and there – Atsuhi freezing the melted ice cubes in Chapter 1 of Book 2 when she supposedly can't use her Quirk on liquids is one such example. There's another one or two that I know are there but can’t list off the top of my head. That's stuff I regret but it happens to everyone so I haven't gone back to fix it.

In terms of other scenes, hmmm... This is not exactly a scene, but the sheer amount of time I spent on the Midoriya vs. Shinso and Uraraka vs. Bakugo fights in the Sports Festival bugs me, because I should've just skimmed over them.

Overall – yeah, small regrets here and there but nothing major so far. Also, I absolutely LOVE Atsuhi's backstory (that sounds bad considering its nature) so absolutely none there!

pokelover on Quotev asks:

What was your inspiration for Atsuhi and the story?

FtfanDessarai (guest) on AO3 asks:

What inspired you to create Atsuhi?

PheonixBird06 on Quotev asks :

Was there anything that inspired you to write these books, and if so what was it?

Oh boy – here’s the first ridiculously long one!

First of all, she was my seventh OC and the fourth to be shipped with a canon character (though the others were all from different fandoms). I just had/still have a habit of creating characters for the series I really like and more often than not, shipping them with my favorite character in said series!

That's why, when I was presented with HeroAca, a series that I enjoyed immensely (I watched it while the second season was about 3/4ths done, and the week I finally caught up, the anime was on break so I caved in and read the manga in the one week before the anime returned. It was wild), which just so happened to have a very open world with so many possibilities! I couldn't NOT make a character.

That's how that began. But back then, I still wasn't sure who my favorite character was (I thought it was going to be Todoroki! Cause, you know – he was a super gorgeous Zuko but voiced by Yuki Kaji!! Yuki Kaji, you guys!! So I held off on the idea.

When I was reading the Training Camp and Kamino Arcs though, Bakugo officially became my fave for sure. Also, aside from very loose ideas about the Sports Festival, those were the first arcs where I really thought how to include her! So the stuff you're seeing in this arc are actually about two years old now! And that's how Atsuhi was born! (And apparently her name was going to be Hikari at some point?)

The inspiration for her story on the other hand, was pretty weird. So! I've always wanted to try writing! The first time I seriously thought about it, was when I was obsessed with my Attack on Titan OC (shipped with Levi, go figure)! I tried writing (in my first language) – I wrote the first 6 chapters of her story, though they were about 1000 words each, so a lot shorter than these here. And then I must've lost interest because I stopped.

A year or so later, Atsuhi was created. About half a year after I first thought of her, I was still obsessed with HeroAca so I thought – you know, maybe I'll be into this for a while (sike, it's been 2 years already – I was right!)

This part's kinda cool now. As I said, I'd figured out this current arc here before any other ones. And towards the end of it, there's this really beautiful scene/pretty much whole chapter between Bakugo and Atsuhi. It was my favorite thing I had come up with for her. One day, I thought – why don't I... try writing it?

Though it took a few sittings over a couple of weeks, I did write it in the end! It was about 5000-6000 words and I was so proud of it, I made it into a little physical book(let) to flip through. It was in my first language and I can't read it without cringing anymore but I'm really looking forward to rewriting that in a few weeks!

Anyway, shortly after that, I decided to write Atsuhi's whole story and um... here we are, I guess?

An alternative reason is that there weren't many Bakugo xOC or xReader stories out there that ever reached up to these arcs to begin with, so you know what they say – write what you want to read! (Or – if you want it done right, do it yourself lol)

Gigi asks:

What author (on Quotev or irl) is your biggest role model?

Oooh, yeah, about that – I haven't been reading all that much since I started writing this story for some reason (only reading for new fandoms I get into, when I rediscover my love for a different series, or occasionally rereading an old fave)... But – the two authors that have probably inspired me most are-

LadysDaze (on Wattpad, Quotev, and AO3) – if you haven't read her stuff yet, I totally recommend you do it asap! She writes a few other characters too, but is primarily a Bakugo author as well! Love the way she writes characters and her worldbuilding for her AUs is delightful too! (I totally recommend you check out Blood Bond, by the way – it's my favorite work of hers!)

And CrowsBeforeHoes/Marisandre (only on Quotev) – now, her stuff might not appeal to all of you as she writes Levi x Reader’s. And even though I don't read Levi stories anymore, I'd gladly read anything new she posts (yeah, she’s on a bit of a hiatus at the moment, I guess?) cause it's just that good! Awesome characterisation, super believable dialogue and freaking jaw-dropping AUs. Like, I love them! ('Queenie' is my personal favorite! But ‘Wendigo’ is super intriguing thus far too!)

(There’s a ton of other stories I adore out there but these are the only two authors that I actually look up to a lot! In terms of non-fanfiction type of stuff, I can’t really say as I… am ashamed to admit I barely read anything else… And I definitely haven’t read enough to choose favorites...)

Jennypenny on Quotev asks:

How do you make a good OC that isn't super overpowered or too weak? I want to make sure mine are at least fit for any anime/show I watch.

Strap in, because I can ramble about this for ages. Of course, I'm no expert but I have created a handful of OCs so I'd say I've somehow got the hang of it by now (not to brag, but there's 18 of them. I'm literally not bragging, I need help. That's too many.)

Naturally, your best friend is canon, even though you're trying to create something of your own. Once you've got a good grasp on how that works, I actually recommend reading some fanfiction!

It's not something you'll always feel like doing but I've lost count how many times reading someone else's story has given me inspiration to add a fun concept to a character (I once read a Fullmetal Alchemist story where the main character's name was Elizabeth but everyone called her Liz. I loved the name and later gave it to my Attack on Titan OC!) Of course, you have to make doubly sure you're just taking inspiration and not straight-up ripping off another person's idea! But that’s probably a concern for later!

Reading fanficion is also a good way to gauge what works and what doesn't, at least in your opinion. Did you feel the character seemed overpowered in that one story? Try to compare them to the character of that other story where you felt the character's abilities where extremely well-balanced and find the difference. Is it their number of special moves? Is it their ability (or lack there of) to defeat a certain opponent? It's a good way to see what seems fitting and what's very out of place.

My next piece of advice would be to then also compare it to canon. Duh.

Take the main character. Most of the time, the main character will not be the strongest in their own story – as HeroAca is right now, you could argue that both Todoroki and Bakugo are stronger than Midoriya. But more often than not, there's a reason these characters are stronger. Todoroki is the son of the number two hero, trained under extreme circumstances from a very young age. Bakugo was a natural-born genius who just so happened to get lucky and get a crazy strong Quirk he has continuously trained for years.

Is your character just a timid school girl who claims she's not very good with her Quirk yet can easily beat Midoriya or even Bakugo in a fight? Then something might be fishy here.

Even more important than that though, is how they fare against their opponents. I'd say that's the deciding factor in whether a character is well-balanced or not.

Let's go back to HeroAca for another example.

Nomus are generally pretty strong. But let's focus on the black one from USJ. Your character should not, under any circumstances, be able to defeat that thing at the time of the USJ Arc. Why, you may wonder?

It took All Might 300 punches. Sure, he was weakened. But that was still All Might. (The only other student who even came close was Todoroki, and even then the Nomu regenerated its lost limbs pretty quickly. Heck, it almost killed Bakugo!)

Let's move on to a different villain – Stain. Can your OC defeat him in a 1v1 with no outside help and just the use of their abilities and Quirk? If yes, then that’s probably a red flag too.

While all injured to different extents, it still took the combined efforts of Midoriya, Todoroki, and Ida to immobilize him. A single character being able to defeat them sounds a little too OP.

But let's take a look at the other end of the spectrum – a character that's too weak.

Your character still needs to be able to stand their ground in a fight. By the time they enter UA, they need to be able to defeat the robots from the Entrance Exam (Gimmick could or could not be included in that count – that’s your call). They need to be able to defeat some random small villains who showed up at USJ with Shigaraki and co. as well.

Basically, the point that I'm taking way too long to make is – choose how strong your character is relative to the canon characters. Here's a quick, one-sentence example for Atsuhi:

She's weaker than Bakugo and Todoroki, close in abilities to Midoriya though perhaps a little weaker (especially at the start of the series), and stronger than, say, Aoyama. This could also be visualised like this: Bakugo=Todoroki>Midoriya>=Atsuhi>Aoyama.

And here’s what all of this means! Atsuhi would lose a 1v1 against Todoroki. Meaning, if Todoroki cannot defeat Stain, neither can she. On the other hand, a fight between her and Midoriya would be a close call. So most opponents he can win against, should be a plausible win for her too! Of course, that also means that she should be able to defeat just about anyone Aoyama can as well!

Lastly, in terms of Quirk and other specific abilities!

First of all, come up with a basic concept for them! (Or if you're not making a HeroAca character, this can be their magic, their fantasy weapon, or even their brand of hand-to-hand combat – Atsuhi aside, I've got an OC with magic based on colors, and even one who lives in a regular world with few fantasy elements about it so her 'unique ability' is her nack for swift movements and using a switch-blade whenever she needs an actual weapon.)

Next up – you have to realize that initial concepts are just that – initial concepts! Atsuhi's initial concept means she can set anything on fire and do all sorts of crazy stuff with liquids and gases. They have no apparent weaknesses! Color magic girl can use the power of any (basic) color which essentially grants her more than 10 different kinds of magic. The other girl's so good at dodging, she can easily defeat any opponent as long as she avoids their attacks while closing in on them like the badass that she is.

Third- now break their legs! Or, to sound more humane – give them drawbacks! This is the trickiest part.

On one hand, you have to give them enough drawbacks to prevent them from being able to achieve things which they shouldn't be able to do in the first place. But on the other, you have to make sure they can still fight and don't need someone to save their butt every time.

Atsuhi suddenly has limiters on the temperatures she can achieve and can only control those of solid objects. But she can still use her Quirk on people and the temperatures she can reach are such that she hardly ever needs anything more extreme. Now she has a drawback yes, but it’s a drawback that doesn’t make her abilities completely useless!

Color magic girl suddenly realizes she has to study long and hard about each type of color magic before she can use it. But there are some real easy beginner colors, plus she loves reading about that stuff!

Badass switch-blade girl has some trauma and freezes on the spot if she sees a gun pointed at her. But even then, her self-preservation kicks in, and she can book it if things are looking too bad for her, gun be damned.

To sum this up as best I can – your best bet is to observe what works in both canon and fanon! You essentially have to learn from the masters. In this case however, the masters are simply the people whose work you enjoy most!

All in all, character creation is a tricky subject. The more characters you create, the more you realize they'll vary. Some will turn out very weak and need constant help to get by. Others will be up among some of the strongest characters even among the ones from canon. Few will hit the spot just right.

And that's okay. We make characters to enjoy ourselves. If you wanna write a total badass that kicks butt with their bare hands – go ahead and do it, I'm sure there is a way to make it work.

Then again, I totally understand the struggle of wanting a well-balanced character too... I already gave some pretty generic advice here. But I love talking about this kind of stuff (even if I have a hard time putting my thoughts down properly and end up rambling and constantly jumping to different topics)!

So, if any of you have any further questions about creating characters and whatnot – feel absolutely welcome to drop me a message on any site you're comfortable with (again, I'm Iya5RT literally everywhere except for Instagram) and I'll gladly share any info or opinions I have!


Section Two – End + Another Small Break!

Atsuhi: How's the most handsome hero in the world doing?

Bakugo: *without looking up from the table* I don't know, how are you?

Atsuhi: *voice cracking* I'm fine.


Atsuhi, thinking: I just need someone to be my friend. Maybe send me an angel. The nicest angel you have.

*cut to Bakugo cackling like a demon in the middle of an explosion he created*


Bakugo: What are you doing?

Atsuhi: [standing on a chair]: I live here, you know. I can stand wherever I want, thank you very much.


Bakugo: Where's the spider?

Atsuhi: It's under the table. Please get it for me, please-


Atsuhi: *trips on air*

Bakugo: haha you are so clumsy

[later when Atsuhi is not around]

Bakugo, punching the air: Who do you think you are, who THE FUCK DO YOU THINK-


Section Three – Iya Gets All Sappy. Again

Honestly, I was gonna keep this special short. But screw that. I know some probably didn’t make it all the way here (or didn’t read absolutely everything anyway) – and that’s totally okay! Honestly, the fact that you guys are even here in the first place is so crazy to me!

I’m actually being smart for once, and writing everything a few days before posting it so the reality of it all hasn’t really dawned on me yet. I’ve already thanked you all numerous times for the support, whether it be just by reading the story, or going the extra mile to leave a comment and everything – it’s all meaningful, trust me

But it is… well, crazy. I’ll probably use this word a lot today.

Two years ago, I watched this one show that I liked quite a lot. Soon enough, I was obsessed with it.

One year ago, I was celebrating Atsuhi’s first birthday. I drew this really cool thing in my sketchbook.

BAM – Here it is!

Then I took a sheet of paper from some notebook I found, and I wrote the sappiest thing ever, where I freaked out over how important Atsuhi had ended up being for me.

At the time, I was nearing the end of all my preparations to post ‘Explosive Touch’ - to post my writing for the first time ever! I never realized what an important part of my life that would prove to be! I’m going to write an updated version of that sappy message in my sketchbook today, just for me to read back and reminisce over.

But yeah – seriously crazy. I know few authors go as far and get as wordy with their sappiness so perhaps that’s something I should stop doing too? For now though – here’s 10 000 words purely celebrating my OC’s birthday. Damn. Wild.

Also, I wanted to thank you all one last time – obviously for everything, but specifically for submitting all your questions too! They were a blast to answer, and I’m so honored to know people actually want to learn more about Atsuhi, Katsuhi, or even me! I know some might be shorter than you hoped, I apologize but the chapter’s already long enough as is – I promise, it wasn’t out of spite or anything! Seriously, I wish you guys all the best, please stay awesome, and one last time – thank you!

(See you all next Tuesday for a pretty climactic and dramatic chapter – hope you’re excited!♥♥♥)