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Explosive Touch [Bakugo Katsuki x OC] – Book 3

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Oct 30 at 19:43





You know I can see that you've read the messages, right?



Aww, don't be like that

Say, Katsuki-kun

I wanna ask you something

This is precisely why I didn't wanna respond in the first place

Ahaha, you're so funny.


So, Mina and I were talking earlier

And since tomorrow is, you know, Halloween

We thought we should get together and do something fun! To celebrate!

I don't like the sound of that

Oh come ooooon

Pls, pls, pls, pls


Who's going?

Hehe, got you

It's me, Mina, Kaminari-kun, Kirishima-kun, and Sero-kun.

Aaaand potentially you too?


You're being awfully quiet

Not convinced yet?

Not really

Well, Kirishima-kun's advice shall come in handy then!


He said that if you were being stubborn and refusing

I should tell you that we're gonna be watching a horror movie together

There weren't many seats available but we managed to reserve a few that are right in the middle of the room!!!

Not sure why he wanted me to say it.

But I did.

You should be convinced by now, apparently

Is it working?

Let me get this straight

It's you, bug eyes, and the three guys

Yup. They've got names though

There will be a seat on either side of you

That's how seats at a movie theater usually work, yes

And there will be people sitting in them

Katsuki-kun, you are confusing me so much, are you sure you're okay?

So, dunce face, weird hair, or soy sauce face is going to be sitting next to you during a horror movie...?

Well, I guess

Again, that's how this stuff usually works

Katsuki-kun, you could've just told me you weren't coming

I'm coming.

It would've saved us all this weird talk



You are!?



Kirishima-kun is something else alright

How does he always find a way to get you to agree to go with us...

Doesn't matter

Yeah, I guess.




I figured it out!



Ah, no, nothing, don't mind me, haha (*^.^*)

Aaaaaanyway, I'll talk with Mina to figure out when and where we're meeting up and relay the info at school, okay?


Alright!! Good night, Katsuki-kun!!

Sweet dreams!



Sweet dreams to you too, I guess


Awww, Katsuki-kun!!

You know what, I take it back

Too late!!


Oct 31 at 20:32

You leaving soon?

Oct 31 at 20:57

Oh my god, I'm soooo sorry, Katsuki-kun

I was getting ready and didn't see the message until now

I thought we were supposed to meet up at 9.15, why did you text me so early?

Nah, it's fine.

So you're still at home?

Yeah, I'm about to put on my shoes and leave

Don't leave yet


It's already dark out

I'll come to get you

Katsuki-kun, it's literally not even a 10-minute walk from here to where I was supposed to meet up with you, it's fine

Don't inconvenience yourself like that for me

I'm already almost there anyway


Aaaaah, I'm so sorry then

And thank you!!

Sure, sure

Just be ready to leave in a minute


Nov 1 at 00:36

Oi, what're you doing?

I thought you two just went to the bathroom?

You've been gone for like, twenty minutes now?

We're gonna miss our train

Aaah, we are???


You see, we have a bit of a problem here

Um, scratch that, it's a pretty big problem

Remember how we were carrying the two cups of cola we didn't manage to finish during the movie?

Atsuhi, get to the point please

To put it simply, they might or might not be on me right now...


Like, literally covering me

We spilled them

Mina spilled them

On me

I'm covered in cola

What are you still doing in the bathroom then!?

Well excuse me but aside from my dripping hair and face

My clothes are still soaked

If I walk out with my shirt like this, I might as well be walking out in my underwear



Hellooo, you still there??




Haha, don't worry, omg

It's fine, just get me something wear


I don't wanna stay in the bathroom all by myself so Mina's gonna keep me company

Meanwhile, I politely ask you, Kaminari-kun, Kirishima-kun, and Sero-kun to go get the cheapest clothes you could find in the 24/7 supermarket right across the street

Sound good?

You want a group of 4 boys to pick out clothes for you?

Katsuki-kun, I literally just want to wear clothes that aren't stained and soaked, that's all

It doesn't matter what you're gonna get, just get something


I trust you guys, it's fine

I will be forever grateful

Okay, don't worry, I got it

We'll be back in 15

Woah, sure

Just drop it off to Mina, she'll be waiting in front of the bathrooms

And thank you!!

You already said that

I'll say it as many times as I need to (☆ω☆)

Nov 1 at 01:07


You ready?

No, answer my question first

Who picked this out?

I don't know, at some point while looking we must have split up because a few minutes later Kirishima called me and said they found something for 15 bucks

Kirishima-kun, Kaminari-kun, and Sero-kun



Did you just type out a sigh?


Is there a problem then?

Mmmm, yes, a small one.

When I said anything, I didn't exactly mean a Halloween costume...

A what?

You didn't even see what they got?

They never showed me

Oh I know exactly what they're doing...

I sent Mina away already

So, um

Would you come over for a second?

I can't go into the girl's bathroom and you know it

No, stupid, I'm in front of it



Why though?

I wanna know if it looks stupid or not

Why would my opinion matter?

Because usually you're brutally honest

Point taken

Alright, coming

Thank you



Nov 1 at 02:40

Heeey, Katsuki-kun

Are you about to invite me on another stupid 'celebration' that will only end in disaster?

Haha, no

I'd reconsider before agreeing to one anytime soon too

At least one that involves Mina and her clumsy hands

And those three with their obvious intentions

You do realize that leaves practically no one, right?

I mean

It leaves you?


Don't mind that, please

Sorry for troubling you all night

I still had a lot of fun but I feel kinda bad for making you run all over the place

Just because of me

Hope you at least had some fun

Don't be like that

It wasn't too bad

The movie was pretty good too

Plus, seeing you practically make those three idiots piss their pants just by glaring at them was memorable

Okay but, it was their fault I had to go out in public like this

They deserved it

They sure did

Don't worry about it though

And don't apologize either

I vaguely recall telling you that a couple of times already

Ahaha, sure, sure, you got it

Thank you then

That too

Ha, not happening

Well shit

By the way, what'd you do with the weird cat costume thing?

Well, it's brand new and not covered in cola so I'm at least gonna wash it and keep it

Who know, it might come in handy

It feels like a waste to throw it away anyway

Why are you asking?



Yeah, that's a movie but it wasn't the one we watched, silly


I'm sorry, go on

It wasn't that bad


What? The movie? You told me that already

No, I mean

The costume

Well yeah, it's pretty well-made. For 15 bucks, it's surprisingly sturdy too!

For fuck's sake Atsuhi

You are actually gonna make me say it

Say what?

It looked good on you




Oh no


Alright, I'm immediately deleting that message then


Already took a screenshot!!

A screenshot? Okay then


Better keep your phone close to you next time at school


Less somebody steals it